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9MM CALIBER Dominates SSC Election - Mayflor F.

Guiyab BSED3

HGBaquiran College conducted the election of the new set of Student Supreme Council on July 25, 2012 and started 8:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. There are three (3) party lists competing, namely: FREEDOM TO THE 9TH POWER leaded by Mr. Melvin Bucu BSHRM4; STAND PARTYLIST with Mr. Reymundo Welba Jr. as the acting president; and also the 9MM CALIBER leaded by Mr. Jomar Allapitan BSCrim4. When the counting of votes started, all the candidates with their classmates as their supporters had crossed their fingers and catching their breaths upon hearing the names voted by the students. The moment got more in tensed because the tally of each of the candidates vote are very close to each other, but in the end, only one of them will shine among the rest, and it was the 9MM CALIBER party list who dominated the election, since only three (3) of their members were defeated. Names of the new SSC Officers of the school year 2012-2013 are listed below, with their total number of votes:
President: Jomar Allapitan BSCrim4 – 97 votes Vice President: Mayflor Guiyab BSED3 – 103 votes Secretary: Beverly Joy Ancheta BSCrim3 – 100 votes Treasurer: Celeste Capelo BSED3 – 107 votes Auditor: Jocel Caranto BSCrim4 – 89 votes Business Manager: Beverly Ruiz BSBA4 – 96 votes Press Relation Officer: Jackielyn Pua BSCrim4 – 117 votes Sergeant-at-Arms: Joseph Laman BSCrim4 – 108 votes Edward Canay BSCrim4 – 107 votes

Education Department Soars High...
One of the most successful programs in Honorato Guzman Baquiran College was the celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” held on August ____, 2012 with the theme “_________________________________________________________________________.” At the beginning of the program, Dr. Romeo Z. Tarun gave a message to all the students regarding the theme of the said event. After which was the different contested activities done, and the winners are listed below: Poster Making – Shermy Mabborang BEED3 Slogan Making – Reymar Balucas BSED3 Talumpati – Mark Roldan Tamang BEED3 Philippine History Quiz Bee – Jenifer Sanchez BSED3 & Joice Guiquing BSED3 Balagtasan – Abigail Laman (BSED3), Mayflor Guiyab (BSED3), Joyce Malayao (BEED3), and Reymar Balucas (BSED3) Sabayang Pagbigkas – Education Department (different year level) Cartooning – BSIT Dept. Folk Dance – BSHRM Dept. Education Department proved that they have the guts in winning six (6) out of eight (8) contested activities, and they are quoted saying, “Earn some confidence, hard work, and patience and that’s how you work through it.” The event was finished successfully and peacefully because of the cooperation of all the students in HGB College, and through the love and support of the instructors concerned.

& Ms. BSCrim Department and BSBA Department. The new set of officers that will serve for the school year 2012-2013 are listed below: President: Jomar Allapitan BSCrim4 Vice President: Mayflor Guiyab BSED3 Secretary: Beverly Joy Ancheta BSCrim3 Treasurer: Celeste Capelo BSED3 Auditor: Jocel Caranto BSCrim4 Business Manager: Beverly Ruiz BSBA4 Press Relation Officer: Jackielyn Pua BSCrim4 Sergeant-at-Arms: Joseph Laman BSCrim4 Edward Canay BSCrim4 MS. Tarun acted as the inducting officer and with the theme. Instructor) as the Master of ceremony. Intramurals 2012 and was competed by the different departments namely: Education Department. BSIT Department. RAMOS: BEAUTY & WIT Last ______________. Romeo Z. “Transforming Potentials into Real Strength and Growth. All the candidates showed their stunning beauty. Our very own College President. celebration of School Intramurals 2012 was held at HGBaquiran College Compound with the theme “____________________________________________. and after which was the meaningful message of the guest speaker Sangguniang Bayan Florentino Arribay. 2013 at exactly 3 o’clock p.m until 8 o’clock in the evening.” one of the high lights of the event was the search for Mr.” he gave an inspiring message dedicated to all student leaders present in the program. A small program was held with Ms. Binalay. but only one shined among the rest and that was Beverly Ramos of the Education Department that got the awards of Best in Sports Wear and Ms. Dr. Gisela L. BSHRM Department. talent and knowledge in front of the judges. Criselda Saccuan (Educ. Mrs. . then followed by the presentation of the officers by the Student Affairs Director.NEW SET OF OFFICERS INDUCTED Induction of the new set of Student Supreme Council and Department Officers of HGBaquiran was held on August 03. Wit and also crowned as Miss Intramurals 2012. Dept.