Your audience (and potential audience) are there Your audience expects you to be there

Brand exposure/awareness
Humanizes your organization 21st century “Word of mouth” marketing Google counts it (SEO) Customer feedback/insights

Aids Customer Service

…not even a question

Content is what drives people to subscribe to blogs, search on YouTube and play on Facebook

“Content” Explosion
Users want content that: Informs Educates Solves problems Entertains

Use text, images, and video to create content that informs, educates, solve problems and/or entertains
Popular Types of Content

Promotional Informational Questions/Polls/Giveaways Calls to Action Facts/Statistics Photos / Videos Quotes/Inspirational Sayings Behind-the-scenes Just for FUN

Scarcity of resources, especially human (time)

Copyright concerns/restrictions

Preserving the “sanctity” of the object and the museum experience

Create an accordion allotting your resources

• •

Consult a lawyer Work with your registrars
• Can social media be included in loan request contracts?

• Can we contact the artists, photographers and other copyright holders to secure social media permissions to have on file?

Work directly with artists to “create” special imagery/content Be creative

53,700,000 # of results when you GOOGLE “Mona Lisa”

500,000 # of Mona Lisa items sold by the Louvre gift shop each year

7,000,000 # of people who come the Louvre each year to see the painting in person {{{ That’s more than 1500 per hour }}}

almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world

75 million users / Each user has an average of 1858 photos


Fast beautiful photo sharing

90 million registered users / 4 billion photos
50% users are under 35 years old

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard

25 million users / 78% users are female / Evenly split among age groups

Effortlessly share anything

150 Million Users / 300 Million Visits Per Month/42.9 Billion posts 53% users are UNDER 34 years old

Collages Panoramas Lenses Filters Textures

More than 300 free photo & video apps for iPhone and another 300+ paid apps

MoMA Film Benefit Jérôme Bel's "The Show Must Go On" @MuseumModernArt #somesweetday

Capture your world in 3D

Turn your iPhone into a real-time fisheye lens camera!

best iPhone app for adding realistic looking flares and optical effects

Digital photography never looked so analog.

Multiple frames/images displayed in succession

Content is what drives people to subscribe to blogs, search on YouTube and play on Facebook

“Content” Explosion
Users want content that: Informs Educates Solves problems Entertains

Industry favorites #MuseumMonday #EduTues #TriviaTuesday #throwbackthurs #FollowFriday #FashionFriday #FunFriday Specialty Hashtags


Search for yourself

Search your artists

Search “trusted” sources

Young Architects Program

A meeting of the music minds: the Warm Up curators planning #WarmUp2013. We can’t wait for the summer! #warmuped M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1

Night at the museum @momaps1 MoMA PS1 Contemporary Art Center

Late night install/arts & crafts time @momaps1 MoMA PS1 Contemporary Art Center

MoMA / MoMA PS1 Staff go Gangnam Style in Support of Ai Weiwei

Promote others

Qualitative Analysis (Feedback): LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN

Quantitative Analysis (Metrics):
Two core measurements in all social metrics:
1) 2)

Awareness: any measurement that relates to the actual viewers or potential viewers of your content Engagement: any measurement that relates to any action taken on a piece of your content (E.g. comment / like / share / play / click)

Fans, Reach Sum of comments, likes & shares “Engaged Users” Source: Insights Panel

Followers Sum of @replies, favorites and retweets Reach, exposure Source: Tweetreach

Followers Sum of comments and likes

Followers Sum of comments, hearts, and reblogs



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