END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT OF KINGSOFT Please read and understand all rights and limitations stated in this

END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT OF KINGSOFT ("the EULA") carefully. Before installing the "Product" that accompanies the EULA, you need to read all the terms of the EULA and decide whether to agree with the terms or not. Unless you agree all the terms of the EULA, the "Product" shall not be installed in your computer. As a reference, you may print out the text of the EULA from this page now. You may also read the copy of the EULA in the HELP part of the "Product". The EULA is a legal agreement entered into between you and Kingsoft regarding the "Product". The "Product" includes computer software and any associated documents and printed materials. Before installing the "Product", you shall agree to all the terms of the EULA. If there is any disagreement, please do not install or use the "Product". The "Product" is protected by copyright laws, international copyright treaties and other related laws and treaties. The "Product" is licensed, not sold. 1. Kingsoft grants you a nonexclusive license to the "Product" in the country or area where you are located when you download the "Product",You are entitled to: 1) Install, use, display and run (collectively referred as to "run") a copy of the "Product" on one computer; the "Product" is a personal edition software, it shall be used only in personal computers, and shall not be used in the computers of legal persons or other organizations (including but not limited to government agencies, companies, enterprises, other organizations, etc.; regardless of the organization is an economic organization or not; regardless of the organization's usage is for profitable purpose or not). If a personal computer has served legal persons or other organizations as longterm, it will be regarded as the computer of the "legal persons or other organizations", and it shall not be granted this authority. Any usage in excess of this authorization will be regarded as an illegal reproduction piracy behavior; Kingsoft reserves the right to request relevant persons to bear the corresponding legal responsibility, including but not limited to civil responsibility, administrative responsibility and criminal responsibility. 2) Make back-up reproductions to prevent any damage to the reproductions. Such back-up reproductions may not be made available to others by any means, and you shall be responsible for destroying the back-up reproductions when you lose the ownership of the legal reproductions; and 3) Make necessary modifications to the "Product" in order to use it in the actual computer application environment or to improve its functions and performance. Unless otherwise agreed in the EULA, the modified Product shall not be provided to any third party without the permission of Kingsoft. 2. You shall abide by the following obligations: 1) Do not use, copy, revise and/or assign the "Product", as a whole or part, beyond the scope authorized by the EULA. 2) Only run the "Product" on one computer. 3) Run the "Product" in a multi-users circumstance or network system only under the following conditions being wholly satisfied: a. It is expressly authorized by Kingsoft that the "Product" may be used in a multi-users circumstance or network system; and b. Users of each node and terminal have purchased the license.

2) Any assignment comprises all former editions of the "Product". Reworking and Upgrading 1) Kingsoft reserves the rights to replace. If you will not accept the replaced. revise and upgrade the "Product". please contact Kingsoft's customer services center within 10 working days after your receipt of the replaced. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" by prior announcement to you (including without limitation to the client POP. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" and the new version of EULA attached (if any). revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product". as well as the rights to charge fees for such replaced. if the "Product" is an upgraded edition. provided that the following conditions shall be wholly satisfied: 1) The whole and complete "Product" (including but not limited to computer software and any associated documents and printed materials) are assigned. Reservation of Rights Any rights not expressly and clearly granted in the EULA shall be reserved by Kingsoft. 6. rent. transmit by information network and/or translate the "Product". 5. Kingsoft can use the technical information you provided (if any) for business purpose. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product": a) You shall not use the replaced. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product". 7. 4) Your license is terminated upon the assignment. the "Product" support service shall be provided by Kingsoft subject to the policies and programs described in such documents. unless it is necessary to provide you with product support services. Product Support Services 1) Provided that Kingsoft expressly agrees and covenants in the user manual or in other associated documents and printed materials that Kingsoft may provide you with certain product support services related to the "Product". 5) Do not distribute. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product". and shall be governed by the EULA. 4. 3) If Kingsoft provides a replaced. 6) Make sure that all the copies of the "Product" comprise all the copyright marks. 3) You retain no copies of the "Product". unless the EULA is replaced by another agreement attached to the replaced. including but not limited to product supporting and researching.4) Do not reverse engineer. de-compile. At this time. the "Product" official website and the email address you provided) at any time. it shall be deemed that you wholly and completely accept the replaced. Copyright . revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product"until you fully agree with the replaced. and b) The license to the former edition shall be terminated. or disassemble the "Product" or attempt to gain access to the source code for the "Product" by any means. unless separate terms are provided by Kingsoft. You may make a one-time permanent assignment of the "Product" accompanied by the EULA to a third party. 2) Any add-on software codes provided by Kingsoft as a part of the support services (if any) shall be deemed to be a part of the "Product" and be governed by the EULA. 3. if you do not contact Kingsoft's customer services center within the pre-mentioned 10 working days. Kingsoft will not mention you in an individual way. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" so that you can continue to use the prior edition. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" provided to you will be deemed as a part of the "Product". 5) The third party receiving the"Product" agrees to all the terms of the EULA. 3) You express assent that. Replacing. 2) Any replaced.

record. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws. INCIDENTAL. 5) You agree to prevent any pirates of the "Product" and its documents. 8. meanwhile you shall make the copyright mark exactly as is on all the copies of the "Product" to duly announce Kingsoft's copyright. The express warranties provided for in the EULA are the only warranties made to you. DIRECT. COMPUTER FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION OR LOST COMMERCIAL INFORMATION. 3) Copyright and any other rights in the "Product" and its documents are protected under the local and international Laws and treaties. WORK STOPPAGE. EXEMPLARY OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY RELATING TO USING OR NON-USING THE PRODUCT. AFFILIATES. and the provision of or failure to provide support or other services as for the "Product". misuse or wrongful application. flash. Export Restrictions You agree not to export or transit the "Product". video. DAMAGES CAUSE BY NEGLIGENCE. AGENTS OR RESELLERS (COLLECTIVELY. in the event of normal usage.2) Kingsoft own the copyright of the "Product" (including but not limited to any image. word and add-program). 10. but not limited to. and hereby disclaim all other assurance and warranties. BUT NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGES CAUSED BY PERSONAL INJURIES OR PROPERTY LOSSES. accuracy of responses. Kingsoft and its suppliers provide the "Product" and support services (if any) AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS. printing material attached and any copies of the "Product". any part of it and any program or service which is the direct production of the "Product" to any country and territory except the country or area where you are located when you download the "Product". DISTRIBUTORS. free of viruses and negligence with regard to the "Product". DIRECTORS. 4) You shall not remove or destroy any copyright mark regarding the "Product". DAMAGES CUASED BY DISCLOSURE OF PRIVACY DUE TO FAILURE TO PERFORM GOOD-WILL OR PROPER CARE OR ANY OTHER LIABILITY. INCLUDING. 11.1) You shall not remove any copyright mark from the "Product". EMPLOYEES. IN NO EVENT WILL KINGSOFT. OR ANY AND . picture. Disclaimer of Warranties. implied or statutory. Kingsoft will not be responsible for it. SPECIAL. Limited Liability TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY THE APPLICABLE LAWS. Kingsoft's sole and exclusive liability is to replace a new disk as the whole compensation to you. that the media of the "Product" will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the purchase date. 6) You shall not copy the printing material attached to the "Product". 3) There is no other after-sale assurance besides the assurances above. THE "KINGSOFT" ) BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT. 9. CONSEQUENTIAL. . Warranties: 1) Kingsoft warrants. music. DAMAGES CAUSED BY LOST PROFITS. 2) If this defect is caused by accident. including. SUPPLIERS. whether express. any (if any) implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. LOST DATA. You guarantee that you shall also copy this copyright declaration in all copies of the "Product" (whether in whole or part). In the event that the media of the "Product" is defective which is confirmed by Kingsoft. completeness of results.

R. Kingsoft may terminate the original EULA. AS DETERMINED AT KINGSOFT'S SOLE DISCRETION TO THE EXTENT APPLICABLE LAW PROHIBITS THE LIMITATION OF DAMAGES IN SUCH CASES.C. 2) Provided that Kingsoft offers you any replaced. such as your name. you shall destroy or return to Kingsoft all the copies and all the associated documents and printed materials of the "Product". The information collected does not contain any personal information. acknowledged the operation of Kingsoft. Kingsoft could only distinguish and collect the information based on its own capability of judgment. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" under the condition that you accept the replacement of the EULA. AND REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL OR EQUITABLE THEORY (CONTRACT. Admission You acknowledge that you have now read and understood the EULA and have expressly agreed to be bound by all the terms and conditions of it. Termination of License 1) Kingsoft is entitled to terminate the EULA at any time. . including but not limited to functional deletion. address and contact information. etc. The criterion of the scope of the information collection in this article relies on the technical level of Kingsoft from time to time. 13. Any dispute. THE KINGSOFT'S ENTIRE COLLECTIVE LIABILITY UNDER ANY PROVISION OF THE EULA SHALL NOT EXCEED IN THE AGGREGATE THE SUM OF THE FEES YOU PAID FOR the "Product" (IF ANY) AND REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE MEDIA OR PROVISION OF A REASONABLY SIMILAR PRODUCT. Upon the termination. ADDITIONALLY. so that better functions and services of the "Product" can be provided. if any terms or conditions in the EULA are violated. 3) Kingsoft has the right to amend the policies on the "Product" by a 15-natural-day prior notice on the official website (www. Kingsoft shall keep confidential of any and all information collected from you. You have been fully and clearly informed of the content mentioned above. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the performance of the EULA shall be resolved through friendly negotiation between parties. the basic information about your usage of the "Product" will be collected. TORT OR OTHERWISE) UPON WHICH THE CLAIM IS BASED. Important Notice: In order to improve the quality of the "Product" and relevant services.ALL OTHER COMMERCIAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES. application. shall be submitted to the people's court having jurisdiction in the place where Kingsoft has its domicile. if failed to be solved by the above consultation. 14. IN ANY CASE. Provided however. Kingsoft will provide you with feedbacks aperiodically. set of usage time. revised and/or upgraded edition of the "Product" attached with a replacement of the EULA which stipulates that you can use the replaced. that limited by the factual technical level and so on. The execution. and you are willing to bear any loss and damage caused by this. interpretation and resolution of disputes with respect to the EULA shall be governed by the laws of the P.com). license termination.kingsoftstore. EVEN IF SUCH PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY THEREOF. KINGSOFT SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS OR DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF CONTENT PROVIDED BY LICENSEEOR A THIRD PARTY THAT IS ACCESSED THROUGH OR USED WITH the "Product" AND/OR ANY MATERIAL LINKED THROUGH SUCH CONTENT. Such information shall only be used for marketing analysis. and files related to information security. Kingsoft will make its every endeavor to pursue the accuracy of the judgment. 12. Accordingly..