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Local Business Simply Fresh Laundry

Description of business Enterprises that run the laundry, the products offered in this business is laundry kiloan. What makes this special is Laundry kiloan an affordable price, good quality, which separated the washing process of separation of each consumer, with transport services, consumers are also used to select the fragrance that is used according to taste, business locations accessible by consumers, have the appearance different, giving kemudahn transaction for consumers, and to provide services one day service. Laundry kiloan increasingly flourishing business because this business has a promising future pembisnis interesting enough for beginners. To know the market share for the laundry business is like propesi residents around the location, age, average income, education, consumer characteristics. With so can be seen how much market share the location. after the survey was held, it is known that the market target laundry service dimembutuhkan this kiloan such as students, civil-peagai office, and the wider community. Marketing locations suitable for this business is located near the location where the residential population, such as site area housing complex or a boarding student dormitories, offices, shops or are dipinggiran main road. So with that location and appropriate marketing to this laundry business is in the town of Singaraja, namely the protocol, such as road seputaran Jln. Dipenogoro, Jln. A. Yani or Jln. Udayana. Because the road-this road there are many shops, campuses and rooming-boarding students. So well placed to establish this business especially if the laundry business is providing more services than other laundryLaundry is a competitor in this business.

With a capital of Rp. Besides laundry business has a market share of a relatively broad. How to Manage of the Business 1. boarding-lodging house. Supply of raw materials with suppliers who guaranteed. Production "Simply Fresh Laundry" to give maximum service in the wash. and materials panghilang washer and high-quality stain so that extend the useful laundry.000. employees and housewives who do not have time to wash their clothes.00 profit. Changes and demands of busy lifestyles for students. Marketing This laundry business to market their business by distributing brochures to offices. colleges.500. This capital not only from the owner. With so many partners who worked with Simply Fresh Laundry has established this business as a bona fide and laundry business can be trusted as a laundry mengutamakn quality at affordable prices. From the results of such capital gain Rp.7.00 businesses were able to run with the BOP in the period of 6 months (assuming 100 kg of laundry per day). 2. such as during the rainy season resulted in dirty clothes easier when washed with a manual would be difficult to dry because of the many who give up their dirty clothes to the laundry-laundry. but could be from the Bank loan. Financial Laundry Business kiloan increasingly mushrooming in fact have a fairly attractive business prospect for the business beginner. because the trend laundry has become a part of the lifestyle community. performed with the system good and proper procedures.Reason opening kiloan laundry business is other than washing is a basic requirement of all people. hostels lodging in Singaraja. 50. Weather conditions is also a reason to wash clothes in the laundry. which uses kiloan laundry services from Simply Fresh. residential areas and by making advertising on Thunder Radio 104 Fm.000. Supported by a fragrant perfume hotel standards and durable . 00 per month 3. Washing process using a front loading washing machines. Besides this laundry also has a partnership with several hotels. relatively low investment costs in the most rapid period of 6 months has been getting results.

softener. . plastic and plastic presses that enhance the best quality. for example. Simply Fresh had a special supplier for the supply of raw materials Laundry. So in this business Simply Fresh takes 7 employees. because it can improve employee morale to give their best. Wash facility lightning 4 hours which is helpful to consumers who pursued the time. Providing the best service to consumers. Full Delivery Service provide service (pickup) to the laundry amount to much. To improve performance by giving employees a fair salary and according to the workload and give a bonus if the turnover increases. There are 10 deodorizer that can be chosen by the consumer. System packaging is wrapped neatly with a special plastic laundry in order to maintain the cleanliness and neatness of clothing. Warranty for consumers in washing clothes is not clean and neat can not be washed and in the iron without additional charge. 4. ranging from detergents. resistance 3-7 days seharum deodorant perfume. stain remover.providing its own color in washing. Thus. Plastic in the press using a special tool (Siller) so that the impression of an exclusive stay awake. 4 people in the production of washing 1 person in the delivery and 1 person in the bookkeeping. 1 person as the recipient of a cashier order and concurrently. Human of Resources In an effort of employees is one factor that greatly influenced the success of a business. recruit competent employees by conducting training to improve the quality of your business. perfume.