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Technical Writing

1.1 Introduction A technical writing conveys specific information about a technical subject to specific audience for a specific purpose. The words and graphics of technical writing are meant to be practical. That is to communicate a body of factual information that will help an audience understand a subject or carry out a task.

1.2 Attributes
Degree of formality. To make something happen or sharing useful information or knowledge. It pertains to the technical subject. Has a purpose. Has an objective.

1.3 Functions
1.3.1 To Pass an Information When we have to pass information of some work or incident or any other development the notice from the concerned authorities has been issued or displayed in media or notice boards in institutions so that everyone must know what happens or what is today’s plan or work. 1.3.2 To Persuade People to Buy a Product Usually in marketing we have to persuade people to buy the product. For this purpose different letters with product specifications are written to different industries and public sectors so that the customers can purchase according to his requirements. Different templates in the newspapers are the best example of persuading people towards their product.

1.3.3 To Discuss an Issue When there is a problem in a firm or any other institution the meeting is called upon for the discussion of the problem. This gathering is done by issuing letters to the board of governors containing the subject of the meeting. For example: in Pakistan when army combined meeting is called the complete process was done that is issuing of letters, media briefing, news reports which all comprises of technical writings.

1.3.4 To Recommend the Course of Action This includes the writing that’s recommend the action. For example: when a person is called for an interview or when someone receives the appointment letter. These letters recommends the words into actions. This all process includes technical writing. 1.3.5 To Make/Answer a Request When we have to do some work or want the approval of something we make requests to our high authorities, commonly known as applications. For example: we want to go for a tour and for the approval of this tour we write a request letter to the Rector of the university. This request letter includes the technical writing. Similarly, the response of our request letter given by Rector in a written form is the answer of our request which also includes the technical writing skills. 1.3.6 To Make/Answer a Complaint Sometimes we have to make complaints for this purpose we write complaint letter to the concerned authorities. For example: we have to complaint about th electricity theft in our town, for this purpose we write a complaint letter to the SDO of WAPDA of that area. Similarly, when we receive a complaint letter of a person under our department the answer letter written that contains the necessary actions against that person. This all process includes the technical writings. 1.3.7 To Keep a Record Usually in institutions and in industries the complete record of everyday work is kept. In university there is a complete file of every student that contains his all time developments and all the documents which he submitted at the time of admission. When we send official letters we made their carbon copy and keep it safe for time of need. This all process includes different steps of technical writing. 1.3.8 To Explain or Clarify a Situation When we have to clarify some situation we write memorandums to different authorities of institutions depends upon the type of situation. For example: after the air crash the civil aviation, the representative company of the plane release different press documents for the clarification of the situation created due to the accident. The press release usually contains the documents that include the clarifying statements, fact and figures.

1.3.9 To Give an Instruction The process of giving instructions also includes the technical writing. For example: the complete code of conduct of an industry is given to their employees that includes the policies, working principles, timing, and security essentials that are must for the employees. This all includes the technical writing. The Holy Qur’an is also the master piece of technical writing includes instructions for all humanity in every aspect of life. 1.3.10 To Report The reporting procedure also includes technical writing. For example: we have to make the report of internship done in an industry, for this purpose we write the brief work experience we gained in the training, we give them the assignment of the working principle of the industry. This all includes skills of technical writing. 1.3.11 To Propose When in the work we give tenders for the buying of equipments then we receive different persuasive letters from the equipment manufacturing firms that have the complete specifications of their product. Then the manager or other concerned authorities wrote proposal letter to the equipment manufacturing firm if they want to purchase their product. Another example is the research proposal that includes some new developments in the field. These processes includes the vast skills of technical writing.