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101 Websites for Science Teachers Tw eet
Posted by Erik Schreefel in Educational Technology, Web 2.0 Tools on Jul 25, 2012. 17 Comments


Boldly go where no science teacher has gone before! Your continuing mission: to discover useful new sites, to integrate them into your lesson plans and to giggle at this corny Star Trek reference. Silliness aside, my love for science grew from watching the crew of the starship Enterprise warp around the galaxy as they encountered previously unknown phenomena, worlds and civilizations. I thought the notion of discovery was really fitting for this post—so, with that said, I hope you come across something that excites your students about science.


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Now, set a course for the end of this list—warp factor 9. Engage!

General Science (Covers Multiple Areas)
1. Exploratorium The official website of the Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco. It includes materials and activities for a variety of things from astronomy and space to the human body. 2. How Stuff Works How Stuff Works explains how things … work. (Imagine that!) Learn about everything from black holes to the Dyson Bladeless Fan. 3. Extreme Science What is the largest ocean carnivore? How big is the world’s largest tarantula? Just how cold does the Antarctic actually get? Learn all about the extreme animals and places around the world. 4. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Free science resources from the U.S. Department of Education. Find materials for the Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Space Sciences and more. 5. Nova Watch informational preview videos from the highest rated science series on television categorized by the following topics: Ancient Worlds, Body and Brain, Evolution, Military and Espionage, Nature, Physics and Math, Planet Earth, Space and Flight, Tech and Engineering. 6. BBC Science View preview videos for some of BBC Science’s top documentaries. 7. MadSciNet Use the search engine or archives to find answers to over 36,000 science-related questions. 8. Science Learning Network The Science Learning Network is a website for a consortium of museums that provides teaching materials on structures, oceans, weather, pH, atoms and more. 9. Khan Academy Watch free science lessons on biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, healthcare and medicine, physics, cosmology and astronomy, computer science and more.
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101 Websites for Science Teachers
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10. Great Thinkers and Visionaries Find detailed biographies for scientists, inventors and theorists like Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. 11. Frank Potter’s Science Gems There are over 14,000 online science resources listed on this website that are separated and categorized by topic and grade level. 12. Learner Interactives Learner provides really neat interactive lessons and activities that cover amusement park physics, DNA, garbage, the periodic table, the rock cycle and more. 13. McREL’s Accessible Science Series Check out these 20 super-cool and super-easy science experiments that have been aligned with the National Science Education Standards. 14. Why Files Classroom Activities Why Files has tons of neat classroom activities that correlate to relevant real-world topics and big issues in the news. 15. Science Dictionary Science Dictionary is the leading source for definitions of science terms. Each term is separate by field. 16. Scirus Scirus is an advanced search engine for science-specific information. 17. The Internet Encyclopedia of Science David Darling’s online encyclopedia of science is a lot like Wikipedia. There are thousands of detailed entries for different science-related words. 18. Scanning Electron Microscope The Museum of Science in Boston’s Scanning Electron Microscope website is neat because it provides you with close-up images of diatoms, toilet paper, deer ticks and more, without needing access to an electron microscope.
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101 Websites for Science Teachers (Jul 25, 2012)

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19. 125 Great Science Videos A gaggle of great videos for science teachers ranging from astronomy and space travel to biology and chemistry.

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20. National Science Teachers Association The official website for the National Science Teachers Association is full of resources for elementary, middle, high school and college science. 21. Science Clips Check out dozens of interactive science games and activities for ages 5-11 on the BBC’s Science Clips website. 22. Scientists @ the Smithsonian Do your students want to be scientists? Visit Scientists @ the Smithsonian to show them interviews with actual scientists who discuss their own personal experiences and what they do. 23. MythBusters: Myth or Fact? Spark your students’ curiosity at the beginning of each class period by taking a MythBusters: Myth or

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101 Websites for Science Teachers

Fact? quiz. It’s a great warm up activity to get their wheels turning! 24. SciScho YouTube Channel Hank, an eccentric science teacher, posts educational and explanatory videos to YouTube. They’re not your average YouTube videos, though. They’re very well done and relatively humorous. Some of the topics (and content) may not be suitable for younger children, so make sure you view each video before you show it to your class.
Sample Invasive Species video from SciShow:

25. GoEd Online Science Materials Find hundreds of science eBooks, videos and games for astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and more. If you teach elementary, check out our elementary science eBooks .

Science News
26. Scientific American 27. National Geographic 28. Nature 29. PopSci 30. NY Times Science 31. CNN Science and Technology

Physical Science
32. The Atoms Family This fun website teaches about energy, light, atoms and conservation by using mummies, vampires and other monsters. 33. PhysLink Reference Check out PhysLink’s Reference section for easy-to-use information on astrophysical constants, coefficients of friction, nuclear and particle data, unit conversion and more. 34. Atomic Orbitals Interactive This Atomic Orbitals Interactive gives your students a visual representation of the first four energy levels of an atom. 35. States of Matter This interactive demonstration shows your students the difference in movement between particles in different states of matter. 36. Rube Goldberg The official website of Rube Goldberg is a great place to get ideas for this year’s Rube Goldberg project. You can even have students participate in the national machine contest by submitting their work!




101 Websites for Science Teachers

37. Amino Acids Guide A detailed resource for information about amino acids such as Glycine, Lysine, Tryptophan and more. 38. ChemGame Rescue the top 12 scientists in chemistry by playing fun interactive games about matter and energy, atomic theory, naming, reactions, thermodynamics and equilibrium, acids and bases, electrochemistry and organic chemistry. 39. Royal Society of Chemistry Visit the Royal Society of Chemistry website for a virtual periodic table and other resources for teaching chemistry. 40. The Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements View pages from comic books that mention each element. Some of the elements are mentioned in the context of how they are used, which is great for teaching about the properties of different elements. 41. Chemical Week Give your students an idea about how chemistry can affect their everyday life with articles from Chemical Week. 42. WebElements WebElements provides teachers with a really neat online periodic table of elements. 43. Sheffield ChemPuter Use the advanced online calculators for isotope patterns, element percentages, reaction yields and more. 44. The Periodic Table of Videos The Periodic Table of Videos provides the symbol, atomic number and a short clip for each element that demonstrates what it’s used for. 45. ChemiCool - Interactive Periodic Table ChemiCool is a really awesome interactive periodic table! 46. LennTech Periodic Table of Elements Each element on the LennTech Periodic Table has a link to its chemical properties, health effects, environmental impact and information about the individual(s) who discovered/created it. 47. Chemical Elements While a little less aesthetically pleasing than the other periodic tables mentioned, the Chemical Elements periodic table is very information-based. BONUS: Ptable (added 8/20/2012) Another neat online periodic table that includes information on each element's properties, orbitals, isotopes and more.

Earth Science
48. Exploring Earth 30 digital chapters and 8 units explore the world of Earth science, including the water cycle, plate tectonics, atmosphere, oceans and more. 49. National Ocean Services The National Ocean Services website provides lesson plans and classroom ideas that emphasize hands-on activities and problem-based learning. 50. Oceans Alive! This website provides a detailed look at our world’s oceans and its most abundant resource, water. You can also find additional materials for teaching about the water cycle, the web of life, water currents and more on the “resources” page. 51. Secrets of the Ice! Learn about Antarctica, a three year American expedition there, the ice core research that scientists performed and why their research is important to modern-day science.
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101 Websites for Science Teachers

52. Earthquakes for Kids The U.S. Geological Survey website provides students with information about earthquakes. They can learn about the latest quakes, watch animations, get ideas for science fairs or play earthquake-related puzzles and games. 53. Voyage to the Deep Learn about the submarine Alvin’s deep sea exploration of hydrothermal vent sites in the Sea of Cortes. Find out how these vents form on the seafloor, what creatures live there and what toxic chemicals the vents produce. 54. Water Cycle Diagram – Earthguide The interactive Earthguide Water Cycle Diagram provides a visual representation of the different parts of the water cycle including precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, evapotranspiration, freezing and more. 55. Plate Tectonics Animations The University of California Berkeley’s plate tectonics animations demonstrate how the continents have shifted over the course of time.

56. EPA Teaching Center Learn about environmental issues like air quality, climate change, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, waste and more. The EPA Teaching Center also includes games and quizzes that are labeled by grade level, lesson plans, teacher guides and other online resources. 57. Household Carbon Footprint Calculator Learn how much of an impact your household has on the environment with the Household Carbon Footprint Calculator tool. 58. Free Carbon Footprint Calculator Calculate your carbon footprint.

Life Science
Animals and Wildlife
59. ARKive The ultimate resource for breathtaking photos and videos of the world’s endangered species. Each entry also includes a description of the species and information about its range, habitat, biology, threats, conservation and more. 60. Animal Planet Watch preview videos for some of Animal Planet’s renowned programming on the Earth’s naturals resources, wildlife and more. 61. Infrared Zoo Gallery Use the Infrared Zoo Gallery to “see” the difference between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. It also allows you to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate different animals. Very cool! 62. National Aquarium Take a 360 degree tour of the National Aquarium, located in Baltimore. The official website has tons of resources on the marine animals that are showcased in their habitats. 63. eNature Use eNature’s Endangered and Threatened species engine to enter your zip code and learn about highly-threatened animals near you. There are also animal-related games, quizzes and other freebies available. 64. Bagheera Learn about endangered and already-extinct species from around the world at Bagheera. Classroom activities and resources are also available for additional learning opportunities. 65. Life of Birds The Life of Birds website is a great resource for learning about Earth’s most adaptable creatures. 66. Animal Diversity Web The University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification and conservation.
www.goedonline.com/101-websites-for-science-teachers 5/12


101 Websites for Science Teachers

67. Invasive Species Use this website to learn all about invasive species and their impact in ecosystems around the world.

Human Anatomy and Physiology
68. Inner Body An interactive guide to 12 different systems in the human body including the digestive system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal system and more. 69. Atlas of the Human Body Use the American Medical Association’s free Atlas of the Human Body to help your students learn about the various regions of the human body. 70. Neuroscience for Kids Use Neuroscience for Kids to explore how the brain works. It discusses everything from the higher brain functions, to the spinal cord, to neurological effects and mental disorders. 71. eSkeletons Use the University of Texas at Austin’s interactive eSkeletons website to learn about human bones and compare them to the bones of non-human primates.
Interactive Dissectibles: The Heart

72. Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body – Bartleby Bartleby’s online edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn.

DNA, Genetics and Evolution
73. Human Genome Project Find resources for both teachers and students about the Human Genome Project that was completed in 2003. 74. Learn.Genetics The University of Utah’s Learn.Genetics website is full of great material for teaching DNA, protein synthesis, heredity, variation and more. There’s also a really nifty “Build a DNA Molecule” activity that you should check out! 75. DNA From the Beginning DNA From the Beginning provides great resources and animations for 75 different experiments that made modern genetics. 76. DNA Zoom Help your students discover the building blocks of our DNA by zooming in to microscopic levels! This cool interactive activity is available in 2D and 3D formats. 77. Issues in Genetics Use this site to stimulate class discussion about controversial issues in genetics like gene patenting, gene testing and gene discrimination. 78. Understanding Evolution A one-stop shop for teaching materials and resources on evolution. BONUS: (added 8/10/2012) As I'm sure you can guess from the title, this game is about natural selection. Play it as a class and see if your students can create a species that survives for a million years. This game is a hoot!
Darw in: Who Wants to Live a Million Years? Gam e




101 Websites for Science Teachers

79. Online Biology Book 59 “chapters” on specific biology topics including cell division, protein synthesis, plants and their structure, the digestive system (and other body systems), population ecology and more. 80. Strange Science Strange Science is one of my personal favorites on this list. It highlights science’s rocky road to modern biology and paleontology. You’ll never believe some of the things that were published as “fact!” 81. BioIntereactive Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s (HHMI) BioInteractive is a comprehensive website that contains videos, animations, lectures and interactive presentations on topics ranging from DNA, to infectious diseases, to biodiversity. 82. Cells Alive! Cells Alive! has interactive animations of cells, viruses, bacteria and their interactions with each other. There are also animations of processes like mitosis, meiosis and the cell cycle. 83. Biology in Motion Biology in Motion brings science to life with fun interactive activities, labs and mini-lectures that can be enlarged and paused. 84. Cow Eye Dissection Watch the Exploratorium’s Cow Eye Dissection videos to give your students the experience without the mess (or formaldehyde)! 85. Cell Craft Play this free interactive game and build a cell, fight off viruses, survive in harsh worlds and save the Platypus species! Students learn about cells as they play. 86. Label the Cells Let your students try their hand at this self-checking interactive activity! They complete the plant and animal cell diagrams by moving the correct labels to the corresponding cell parts. 87. Cell Biology Animation Virtual animations of cells and cell functions including cell anatomy, cell membranes, meiosis, mitosis, photosynthesis and more. 88. The Biology Corner The Biology Corner is a great resource site that contains a variety of labs, quizzes, lessons and web quests on ecology, genetics, anatomy, cells, evolution and the scientific method. 89. Action Bioscience The American Institute of Biological Sciences’ Action Bioscience website is a great place to learn about biodiversity, the environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution and science policy. It provides great resources for teachers including lesson plans. 90. Tree of Life The Tree of Life presents information about thousands of organisms and their evolutionary roots. It also includes compelling images and videos for many of the different types of organisms. 91. Virtual Cell Animation Collection This website is an online collection of images and videos that walk students through complex cellular processes.

Space Science
92. Astronomy Picture of the Day A new picture of a celestial body and detailed description written by a professional astronomer are featured every day. 93. Space.com Get the latest space and science-related news, NASA information and watch educational video clips. 94. NASA Television With almost 33 million views on its 1900 videos, NASA Television is
www.goedonline.com/101-websites-for-science-teachers 7/12


101 Websites for Science Teachers

one of the most watched channels on YouTube. 95. Windows to the Universe Windows to the Universe includes information about Earth and space sciences including the atmosphere, magnetosphere, poles, space weather, formation of planets and more. 96. Astrobiology This website features breaking news about discoveries that astronomers have made regarding the possibility of finding life in space.

Neighbors in Space: Planets eBook

97. NASA PlanetQuest NASA PlanetQuest site has multimedia resources including links, videos, photos and more that are related to NASA’s search for new planets. 98. Planet Size Comparison This super cool website lets you pick two planets in our solar system and visually compare them. It’s great for a unit on space!

Web 2.0 Tools
99. Calculator.com Project one of the free online calculators on your interactive whiteboard. Choose from a scientific calculator, graphing calculator, unit converter and more. 100. Web 2.0 Calc This fancy calculator can do all sorts of advanced scientific and mathematic equations. 101. Online Conversion Online Conversion can convert 5,000 different units and perform 50,000 different conversions for area, acceleration, force, temperature and more. Now that you’ve completed your journey to the end of this list, I hope you discovered something that will help you “energize” your lesson plans!

Before you go, you have one final assignment. Please take a moment to leave me some love and/or share any websites for science teachers that I left out! After you have completed your assignment, you may return to the holodeck for some well-deserved R&R. Dismissed! Signing out,
Erik Schreefel

Last update: Oct 08, 2012



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101 Websites for Science Teachers

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17 Com m ents (8 Replies)

M. Wells Jan 04, 2013 06:38 pm Thanks! This is great. Like the fact some of my favorites are here as w ell as some new ones. You rock! Reply

Dan Fullerton Jan 02, 2013 03:34 am APlusPhysics.com is a free resource for high school physics students to help make physics fun, straightforw ard, and engaging. The site features w eb tutorials of full physics curricula, videos lessons, animations, interactive quizzes, projects, activities, discussion forums, blogs, a physics w iki, and even educator resources! Reply

George Viebranz Dec 13, 2012 12:08 pm Examines the possible future of the Great Lakes ecosystems if Asian Carp breech the barrier at the mouth of Lake Michigan. Good science video and activities "on the spot". Reply

SciFairLady Nov 01, 2012 10:04 am If you are interested in teacher's resources for science fair projects you can find them on this site. There are things related to STEM as w ell as free sites, sites teachers can use in the classroom w ith their students, and links to teacher's programs. http://w w w .super-science-fair-projects.com/ Reply

Paul Wolstenholme-Hogg Oct 27, 2012 05:12 am Hi, I've just set up a free video tutorial site called Epistemeo w hich covers pre-GCSE to beyond PhD in chemistry, physics, biology and maths. As w ell as videos there are dow nloadable w orksheets, problem sessions and graphics. For chemistry w e also include 3D models using jmol to aid teaching and every video has an associated e-notepad so that you can take notes w ith each video. The notes w ill remain w ith the video for you to review the next time you return to that video. The site has only been active for a few months and I'm looking for contributors and feedback at this stage. All comments w elcome. Reply

Mike Walley




101 Websites for Science Teachers
Oct 27, 2012 12:19 am http://blog.everythingdinosaur.co.uk based in the UK this w ebsite is w ritten by a science teacher it w rites articles about dinosaur discoveries, updetes on fossil finds and provides articles related to how dinosaur information can be used in schools. Articles appear every day and it is w ell laid out w ith simple explanations and provides a reference source about prehistoric animals. Reply

Akw a Ibom Oct 13, 2012 06:21 pm Thanks for this - w ill recommend to colleagues. Sites offering pow erful simulations, such as PhET, w ould be a useful addition to the list. Reply

L. Claiborne Aug 26, 2012 12:50 am I bookmarked this w ebsite and w as sorry I couldn't get your free new sletter. Reply

Doc Aug 25, 2012 04:28 pm Thank you for sharing. I'm teaching Rf circuits. Would be interesting to see some more specific sites. Reply

Donia Aug 17, 2012 03:10 pm I w as glad to see lots of my favs and many new ones as w ell! One of my favorite periodic table sites is ptable.com for its properties tab...so much to see there! Thanks for putting this together. Great resource. Reply

Erik S. Aug 20, 2012 09:45 am Wow , Donia! Ptable.com is great! Thanks for sharing. I've added it to the list.

e d barber Aug 13, 2012 04:42 pm Eric, nice job. There is a terrific w ebsite for genetics ( the Biology category) called w w w .DNAi.org It covers RNA and DNA, building proteins, chromosome configurations and best of all is a section about the Romanovs....is Anna Anderson Anastasia or not. I put off the final answ er and the kids w ere all on time to class. Couldn't w ait to find out. concordia.org also has a terrific w ebsite for more advanced biology users. Their molecular w orkbench is new and exciting. Reply

Julie Chankow Aug 08, 2012 06:07 pm Thanks, Eric. I teach Earth Science and Physical Science in Middle School and have little time to search for interesting sites for my students. This has saved me a lot of searching time. Thanks again. Julie Reply

Erik Schreefel Aug 09, 2012 06:45 am My pleasure! Are there any other Earth Science or Physical Science sites you w ould suggest? -- Erik

Beebuzzers Aug 10, 2012 11:54 pm Hi Julie and Erik! I am a science and math middle school teacher. My w ebsite has hundreds of resources that might help!



(http://w w w .beebuzzers.com) Let me know ! Beebuzzers :)

101 Websites for Science Teachers

L J King Jul 31, 2012 09:58 pm Bill Moyers interview w ith Jane Goodall about her life's w ork and interesting discussions of biodiversity and extinction. The last half really makes some good points. I used it in Envioronmental Science and Honors Biology. http://w w w .pbs.org/moyers/journal/11272009/w atch.html Reply

Erik S. Aug 02, 2012 01:24 pm Thanks for sharing, L.J.! Are there any other little-know n resources on the internet that you have used? You seem to be a w ealth of information!

L J King Aug 02, 2012 09:20 pm Well Eric, I've used a lot of the ones you have here and gained some great new ones from you. I w as blessed to w ork w ith 4 science teachers w ho w ere each 30 year veterans w hile I w as finishing my master's degree last year-as a result I have about 6 gigs of stuff on a flash drive. I managed to sort through it and organize it this summer. Here's one my Honors Bio kids liked-about natural selection. Who w ants to live a million years? (take-off on w ho w ants to be a millionaire) It seems easy but w e played it as a class w ith students taking turns and they played several rounds trying to beat the game and see w ho w ould make better selections to survive a million years. Darw in's odd but funny in this. http://science.discovery.com/interactives/literacy/darw in/darw in.html

Erik Schreefel Aug 10, 2012 07:43 am That is a hoot! I'm definitely going to add this to the list. Oh, and you're right about Darw in...he is a little odd! :D

L J King Jul 31, 2012 09:53 pm Video The Periodic Table Ferocious Elements 14 min- Narrator has British accent, but excellent for engaging students- intro to periodic table. Other teaching materials and videos available,too, at this site. w w w .teachingchannel.org/videos/periodic-table Reply

Erik S. Aug 02, 2012 01:26 pm Everyone loves a British accent, right?! I'm also a big fan of The Teaching Channel. I'll have to use this resource in the future.

Elizabeth Jul 31, 2012 09:58 am Thanks for the list...I recognize some excellent w ebsites and the others should be very helpful! Reply

Doe New iger Jul 26, 2012 07:49 am Great list w ith helpful descriptors. Liked the referenced to Star Trek. I teach 7th life science- I w ill also be teaching a new elective environmental Ed. I am putting together a 12 w eek curriculum and appreciate any related resources, especially if they include ideas for making models and doing investigations and experiments. Thanks, Doe New iger Reply



Erik S. Jul 27, 2012 07:09 am Doe,

101 Websites for Science Teachers

Thank you for the kind w ords! I'm so glad to have provided you w ith a useful resource. If you happen to come across any useful Environmental Ed w ebsites in your search, please feel free to come back and share them w ith us all! Best, Erik

Ryan Duques Jul 26, 2012 07:22 am Erik, Thanks for sharing! Science educators seeking a supplemental STEM program for girls can check out Byron Academy, a STEM initaitive for girls w ith an interest in a science, technology, engineering and math. The program exposes girls to role models, engages them in projects and supports them academically. http://w w w .byronacademy.org Reply Show ing 1 to 17 of 17 (1 Pages) Leave a Com m ent Leave a Reply

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