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Should Housewives in India be Paid a Salary?

– The Feminine Presence: Part I

W hen India’s Minister for Women and Child Development, Krishna Tirath recently proposed a bill that would require husbands to legally compensate their wives for house work, she probably had the best intentions in mind. She is quoted in the Indian media as having said, “The socially accepted behaviour (of women doing household chores) becomes a tragedy when a woman gets divorced or widowed and she is left with nothing for survival.” While it does make sense that women with no income of their own must be well provided for by their husbands, does this need to be mandated by law?

Ever since the news of this bill was reported. if a woman is paid for the chores that she does at home. fire her tomorrow morning. The sanctity of what it means to be a family will disappear. as opposed to dishing up the usual dal chawal?” Activist Maya John provides a different solution in her opinion piece in The Hindu. It is nobody’s business to enter a family and say how it should be run. The next day you can hire somebody else. all this will be ruined and she will be reduced to a paid-for maid. “Does she get paid extra for cooking up an elaborate birthday dinner.” When the topic was brought forward during Sadhguru’s Darshan at the Isha Yoga Center. she can also be fired. An article in a popular online newspaper questioned how one could put a price tag on household work. because they know they will mess it up. he was quick to provide his insights on the issue. keep their hands off the family. the government has had the wisdom to stay away. Below is an excerpt from his talk. the sanctity of being a mother. The laws are on the street and not inside one’s home. No divorce is needed. That is a place where nobody should meddle except the people who live there. it has faced criticism from several quarters of the Indian society. You need to understand one thing. even the children will ask. why are you not doing this?” The sanctity of being a wife. you are being paid. Sadhguru: The most basic structure of the social unit is the family. She is not cooking properly. Fortunately so far. The worst possible vocabulary could be used in this scenario. . But it looks like now they want to enter your family in the guise of giving justice to women. “Well. the sanctity of being a feminine presence in the family. “Instead of asking a man to pay his wife for her domestic work. Not just the husband. women included. the state must create jobs for women outside the home in order to truly empower them.

in the concluding part of The Feminine Presence. we saw what Sadhguru had to say about housewives being paid a salary by their husbands. Today. next week. through Sadhguru’s words. Sadhguru: .In today’s society. we take a deeper look at the role of the feminine in the home as well as society. Will the mere payment of a salary elevate the role of the housewife and make it more worthy of social recognition? Stay tuned for answers to these questions and more through Sadhguru’s words. The Feminine Presence: Part II L ast week. in the concluding part of the series: The Feminine Presence. it has been observed that the title of “housewife” is inadvertently less valued than that of a “working woman”.

when a caveman got up in the morning he would wonder. So should a woman not be the caretaker? Yes. There is a shift in today’s society. is a wrong perception that has seeped into society. Women took care of cooking. Only masculine is power. the feminine is absorbing. love and gentleness. These are the two aspects fulfilled by masculine and feminine. In today’s society. it creates an ambience of a certain beauty. men took care of food and shelter. But if the feminine was absent from the world. the basic survival process. From here on. Feminine is not weak.Let’s look at this fundamentally. nurturing and creating a better ambience for life. she can. The tendencies of the masculine have become universal. when I say masculine and feminine. it is just fulfilling a different aspect of life… . “Should I go out hunting today?” Because he had a wife and a child. masculine ideals are becoming the most important. but it is not just about that anymore. Without the woman’s contribution. A woman may seek a career. but we would wonder. I want you to disengage these from being male and female. The natural tendency of the feminine is not like that. “Why are we here?” I’m not talking about male or female. I’m talking about masculine and feminine qualities. The natural tendency of the masculine is outgoing. it wants to take care of the survival process. there was a reason for him to go out and do something. Even women have started to understand it this way. So the man fuelled the survival process and the woman fuelled that which makes living worthwhile. everybody would wonder. it wants to take care of somebody. It doesn’t feel fulfilled unless it takes care of something. or the right way to be. During the time of the caveman. a lot of money. “Why are we here?” We would all be very successful. we would have a lot of food.

but because the survival process has become the ideal. When economy becomes the only important thing on the planet. not by a stranger. Women will be mauled. she is considered weak. it is just fulfilling a different aspect of life. The conflict is not happening because they are pursuing a career. Rather than trying to create a man’s world and fit a woman into it. music. you would see that the feminine would naturally play a significant role in the world. Right now. dance. She should not fit into a man’s world. love. If she acts like a woman. Without that aspect. which would twist her out of shape. If aesthetics. The day feminine is completely banished from this planet. art and craft were as important as money. We need to see that feminine is not weak. life will not seem worth living anymore in spite of every convenience. but the very system will maul them. This is fundamentally a wrong way to structure a society. business and the stock market. today there is very little role for the feminine. The masculine is bound to be dominant and in this system. Even if a woman comes out of the house. Half the world should anyway be hers. life is not complete. I think a lot of women are going through this and some of them are trying to find a balance between the two. Without the ambience of the feminine. One of the reasons is that the world is driven by the economic engine. a woman is trying to fit into the man’s world. Unfortunately. it is . women will suffer. masculine will feel meaningless. You may make laws for their protection. the survival process is automatically being put into a divine position.A systematic obliteration of the feminine has happened in recent times. this is not a good thing. she has to act like a man and only then she is successful.

.best that we understand what is needed – a society where both masculine and feminine have equal roles to play. you would see that the feminine would be more dominant than the masculine. For that. If spirituality became the most significant part of society. our values of what is important in life have to change and our minds need to grow beyond the survival process.