College Board AP Physics B Free-Response Index

B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8

Interpreting v & a Graphs; Force; Work; Power

Solid conducting sphere; electric potential; electric field

Single Slit Interference; Experimental Design

Archimedes’ Principle; buoyant force

Potential Difference; Magnetic Field

Electron Transitions; Wavelength; Emission/Absorbtion Spectra


Force Diagram; Kinetic Friction; Work

Experimentally determine magnitude and direction of magnetic field


Double Slit Interference

Hydrostatics; Buoyant Force; Force Diagram

Mass Spectrometer; Rotational Motion; Electric and Magnetic Fields

Electron Transitions; Wavelength; Emission/Spectra ; deBroglie Wavelength


Springs; Kinematics; Energy;

Fluid Statics; Force Diagram; Graphing

Electrostatics; Electric Field; Force Diagram

Efficiency; Power; Heat; pV Diagram;

Snell’s Law; Total Internal Reflection; Thin Films

Magnetic Field; Lenz’s Law; Induced Current; Forces

Photoelectric Effect; Work Function; Stopping Potential; Momentum and KE of electron


Rotational Motion; Force Diagram; Conservation of Energy

Experimentally determine frequency of pendulum;

Electrostatics; Electric Field; Newton’s Laws; Graphing

DC Circuits; Magnetic Field produced by wires; Magnetic Forces

Young’s Double Slit; Index of Refraction

Archimedes’ Principle; Buoyant Force; Density; Pressure

Photoelectric Effect; Work Function; Stopping Potential; Momentum and KE of electron

Springs; Kinematics; Graphing;

Electrostatics; Electric Field: Electric Potential; Force Diagram

Rail Gun; Magnetic Field; Kinematics

Gas Laws; Thermodynamics

Archimedes Principle; Buoyancy; Density

Young’s Double Slit; Frequency; Index of Refraction

Work function of electron; Kinetic Energy of an electron; Energy Transitions of Electrons


Electric Circuit. Force Diagram. Thermodynamics Work function of electron. Kinematics. Resistivity. Graphing Electron/positron annihilation. field and potential Snell’s Law. Thermodynamics. Fluid Dynamics. Kinematics Gas Laws. Magnetic Field & Force. Electric Circuit & Power Fluid Dynamics. Friction Magnetic Field & Force. Conservation of Momentum. Gravitational acceleration. Ray Diagrams Gas Laws. momentum of photon. Thermodynamics Experimentally determine focal length of converging lens. Ray Diagrams Gas Laws. Electric Field. Work Electric Circuits. Energy Transitions of Electrons Kinematics. modified Atwood’s w/ spring Experiment: World class runner – 100 m dash Electrostatics. Kinematics. Kinematics Gas Laws. PV diagram6 Energy of photon. Momentum of a photon. energy of positron. Thin Film Interference. graphical derivation of n. Conservation of Momentum 2008b Kinematics. momentum of photon.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 2009b Rotational Motion. Electric Field. Graphing Electrostatics. Kinematics Geometric Optics. Springs. Conservation of Momentum. Capacitance Fluid Dynamics. Thermodynamics Graphing. Projectile Motion Gas Laws. Mass Spectrometer Electric Circuits Fluid Dynamics. Electric Field: Electric Force. deBroglie wavelength of photon. wave properties of an electron 2006 . Index of Refraction Work function of electron. Springs. deBroglie wavelength of photon. Thin film interference Thermo. Kinetic Energy & Momentum of an electron 2008 Kinematics. Magnetic Field Fluid Dynamics. Projectile Motion Geometric Optics. Friction Magnetic Field. energy of electron. Collisions. Mass Spectrometer Magnetic Field. 2007 Kinematics. Force Diagram. Index of Refraction Pair production. 2007b Dynamics. Collisions. Thermodynamics deBroglie wavelength.

kinematics circuit to power motor single & double lens E in capacitor. accel. energy Bernoulli’s princ. Double slit interf. PV diagram. dynamics & graphs pendulum Electrostatics – point charges LAB: double slit interference buoyancy PV=nRT graph 2005b LAB: two source interference Kinematics. circles Pressure and depth. PV diagram. momentum conservation. R and C in circuit Rail Gun: FB. thermo Photoelectric effect 2004b Energy conservation. FN. vector motion of electron. Newton’s laws Standing waves in tube Faraday’s Law PV-diagram. fluid flow Atomic energy diagram.. PV diagram 2005 Kinematic. range of visible light . F = ma. dynamics. workenergy concave mirror image expt. circles Pressure and depth. 2003 atomic energy diag. Electron/positron annilihation B7 B8 2006b Experiment: graphical derivation of g Energy.. graphs pendulum Electrostatics – point charges Fluid flow: Torricelli’s theorem PV=nRT graph 2004 Energy conservation. Newton’s laws Faraday’s Law Two source interference PV-diagram. power. gauge pressure. Archimedes’s Princ. rollercoaster. thermo Compton scattering Atwood’s Machine. rollercoaster. Thermo. energy Fluids: pressuredepth. friction dynamics Electrostatics Reflection/refraction.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 deBroglie wavelength. HeNe laser 2003b F = ma.

induction radioactive decay. energy. Two light bulbs. dielectric refraction. energy Canister of gas: nc∆t.motion.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 F=ma. Photoelectric effect 2000 Elec. experiment to determine specific heat of liquid. 146 B forces on wire and particle. Specific heat 142 – bulbs in circuit. projectile Incline. C. B field Energy on hill. concave mirror. half life centripetal force on a turntable Refraction and diffraction experiments – design 1999 Gas cycle. en. impulse. experimental Double slit interference Hook up specific circuit. (2000) kinematics graph. forces. V. electron projectile in E field. RC circuit. fields. projectile momentum. Centripetal force experiment Spring. etc. projectile electrical forces. kinematics U vs. friction CRT. mass defect. Ohms law. projectiles force on charged particle in E field. Bohr level. electron released: find F. energies. Ohm’s law alpha decay.types of processes. proj. in series and parallel 2002 converging lens with virtual image then with real image B and E fields on proton Experiment with spring and Archimedes’ Principle photon-electron collision 2002b collision with impulse kinematics and energy conical pendulum. draw and calculate A – discuss experiment. projectile motion light bulbs in series and parallel submarine window as mirror. Mass spectrometer. En transfer by GPE. 1997 – F vs D – find work. 1999 – kinematics. work.circular motion. Standing waves on a string. ht. pick from 3. friction. PV=nRT. do calculations convex lens. moles . x. ball swinging directions of V and a diff grating interference. of fusion deBroglie wavelengths. rated in Watts. lens capacitor E. Mag field on particle. momentum Millikan experiment gas in a can. use resistors to heat water – draw circuit. force on current in B field. heat engine 1998 acceleration on table. 1997 energy levels M M B 1996 A 1996 .elastic and inelastic collision on air track Hooke’s law.temp dependent resistor used as thermometer nuclear reaction. gas thermo . Drawing. thin film. potential wavelength dependent refraction lab . atomic energy diagrams 2001 2001 . mc∆t.

draw circuit 2 slit interf. fusion. centripetal motion conservation of momentum. energy in spring toaster circuit. B. centripetal accel control of charge with E & B fields. R-C circuit. 1994 1994 . induced E. projectile. work and heat in cycle (mistake) X ray tube.helicopter vertical acceleration. control by B field path of light in water. energy. 1992 En level diagram. Resulting e-m waves. CRT. energy. equation. B force on electron. En level diagram. hooking up. de Broglie resonance in a tube. new medium Photoelectric effect. potential. a graphs for motion 1993 E fields & Potential of point charge control chgd particle with B & E fields refraction in glass and λ dependence gas process. ohm’s law. efficiency accelerated elect. heat absorption by water. refraction. concave mirror. work done in various processes 1989 Nuclear decay. energy ideas. work electrical – mechanical energy equivalence. energy lost. arc track. energy 1990 reflection. tension. tension. diagram & calc’s 1991 1991 – monkey static equilibrium. during collision and separation. photoelectric effect graph & relativistic motion. transitions elec power. Acceleration on a roller coaster. friction work work to acc electrons. battery. crit angle.inelastic collision projectile chg particle doing projectile path betw charged plates ohm’s law. force on moving charged particle refraction. calculations . photoelectric work function 1990 . power. Heat engine. specific heat. kinematics 1988 ball bounce. motional emf. eff.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 1995 1995 – air track. v. heat flow Heat engine. lens under water. image formation. power gas cycle. de Broglie λ. electric force. 1989 -Centripetal motion. Ohm Thermo – PV diagram. Compton scattering 1992 – vertical circle. beginning & end B field of wire. rest mass. thin film interference. crit ang. E. convex lens. Carnot efficiency. energy. Rutherford scattering convex lens. Lenz’s Law 1993 – elevator. graph di vs do 1988 . two parts. inelastic collision. constructing d. work done.kick soccer ball over fence – proj. field on electron Nuclear alpha decay. get intern resistance.

change of state. Q=It refraction. tension in cables swing on rope. field. ht flow. 1985 1986 1985 – ballistic pendulum static equil.vertical circle. calculations of h.Atwood’s mach. time. forces heating water. work function . refraction. work. tension at lowest point. energy. energy. shm. ohm’s law. acceleration on incline. 1983 1982 1982 (left) sprinter. Heat movement. kinematics graph. critical angle Photoelectric effect. . potential of point charges. projectiles Circuits.static equilibrium circuits and connections photoelectric eff. work. energy in spring. Data and graph Using one graph. specific heat Ohm’s law. power. momentum cons in explosion stat equil of charged particle in electric field circuits – power. thin film interference radioactive decay. forces on wire in B field Carnot cycle. Concave and convex lenses – diagrams and calculations. 1980 . induction convex lens four modern phys experiments – choose 1 and explain 1981 1981 – friction. tension. angles e – m forces on chg part. flux. 1980 . half life. elastic coll. upward acceleration. alpha 1983 – friction. ohm’s law convex lenses. resulting P-V dia double slit interference in air and water. speed. calc of energy kin theory. energy conv e field. forces. ohm’s law Induction. energy level transitions. spec ht. circuit thermo processes work concave mirror Photoelectric eff. projectile momentum cons. tension. accel. press. acceleration En in spring. specific heat. ray diagrams Energy absorption.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 1987 1987 – F = ma. tipping inelast coll. graphical calc 1986 . F = ma. energy Hookup of clock and radio. change of state. . photons 1984 1984 . energy springs. frict. ohms law. sketch its companion Nuclear decay. cons of momentum.

elec forces. photons electrical work. lines of equipotential Thermo.B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 1979 1979 – potential & Kinetic energy of projectile F = ma muons. fields Ohm’s law. banked road. 1974 Electron moving in a B field Pendulum. modern physics. dynamics Converging lens Ray diagram Electrostatics. energy. ray diagram Photon collision with mass Bohr model. spec ht. deBroglie wavelength 1977 work-energy. mass spectrometer. 2 pt sources Relativity and modern physics – sketching graphs 1977 Elevator. gas laws single and double slit interference Experiment: determine # of photons/sec in a light beam energy levels. kinematics centripetal force. p-v diagram. thermo Interference of sound waves. pendulum. work. relativity electric & magnetic forces on charged particles gas laws. transitions. work refraction Charged spheres. centripetal motion. energy. centripetal. e-m forces. kinematics electric field. inelastic collision capacitor Induced emf Concave mirror. bullet block combo circuits Waterfall: Grav pot energy converted to thermal energy Mass spectrometer 1976 Converging lens Ray diagram Photoelectric effect 1975 1975-friction. PV diagram Mechanical power of ski lift . work Thermo processes. Atwood’s machine Cons of momentum. power. 1978 Vertical circular motion Projectile. shm.