Frequency Planning (GSM) CELL Definition: Area Coverage of Radio Base of Station.

Type : Sectored Cell, Omni Cell, etc Coverage measure: MacroCell (>5 km), MicroCell (3 – <5km), PicoCell (<1km) Wide range of rates :

Segmentation of the area into cells :

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Use of the several carrier frequencies Not the same frequencies in adjoining cells Cell sizes vary from some 100 m up to 35 km depending on user density, geography, transceiver power, etc. Hexagonal shape of cell is idealized (Cell overlap) If a mobile user changes cells : handover of the connection to the neighbour cell.

GSM Frequency Reuse:

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Reuse factor Tighter Reuse : + higher capacity ; – Interference between cells.

Design Frequency Reuse:

Basic Parameters:

C/I = Measure of signal quality

* FDMA (AMPS) : C/I > 18 dB




: C/I > 12 dB ===> : Quality evaluated from Eb/Io


Cluster (K) = Frequency grouping

* Measure of Cluster depended from C/I system condition.

N ( Total Frequency Spare)

Example : Frequency Reuse pattern with N = 6 so that: K = 4


1. Consider closest co-channel cells (SIRmin)

2. Measure of Cluster (N)

3. Co-Channel reuse distance ratio

CELL SPILTTING Is needed at the time of :

1. Overload traffic on cell mount. 2. TCH Congestion
To increase the capacity, the operator performs cell splittings:

Strategy Frequency Reuse pattern for cell splitting

Posted in 2G RF PLANNING | Leave a Comment » Interference Type of Interference :

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Co Channel Interference Adjacent Channel Interference

Reasons is:

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Poor frequency plan No dominant cell –> low C/I —> increased Rxqual Frequency Hopping is off External interference e.g. jammer

Analysis : Identify areas with Rxqual > 5 =>> Identify source using Map and STS =>> New drive test around problem area? Solution:

Enable Frequency Hopping or add frequencies to Hopping group.

• • • • •

Enable BTS Power Control, MS power control and make it less aggressive. Change frequency of interferer or interfered cell (Possible to find new frequency by using TEMS Scanning). Down tilt or change antenna of interferer. Redo frequency plan. Add new site.