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IT Trends :
Introduction to the terms:
Information Technology (IT) is defined as the design, development, implementation and management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Today, it has grown to cover most aspects of computing and technology. The largest firms globally include IBM, HP, Dell and Microsoft. The Information Technology-Enabled Services (ITES) industry provides services that are delivered over telecom or data network to a range of external business areas. Examples of such business process outsourcing (BPO) include customer service, web-content development, back office management and network consultancy etc.

Employment trends As per the Economic Survey 2011-12, the IT/ITeS industries has added 7.96 lakh jobs in one year, in the period ending September 2011. According to NASSCOM, employee base in the rural areas is expected to increase by over 10 times by 2013-14, compared to 5000 in 2009-10. According to a customer poll conducted by Booz and Co, India is the most preferred destination for engineering offshoring, which are encouraging foreign companies to offshore complete product responsibility to Indian ITeS companies. Hyderabad is fast becoming the IT/ITes hub of India with new players hankering to get a foothold here, and existing players continuing to hire aggressively. Large companies such as Infosys, TCS, Genpact, Deloitte, Facebook, Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, Amazon, Google, Cognizant, Franklin Templeton among others, are growing their presence in the state. Internet trends More recently, online retailing, cloud computing and e-commerce are leading to rapid growth in the IT industry. Online shopping is fast gaining popularity with the emergence of internet retailing and e-commerce. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) the number of Internet users in the country is more than 121 million, out of which 17 million are online shoppers. Increasing internet penetration and affordability for personal computers has led to this rapid numbers, and these are expected to triple by 2015. According to IAMAI, online sales of branded apparel almost doubled in volume to 4.99 million pieces during April 2012, as against 2.54 million in the same month a year ago. Also, E-ticketing continued to grow with recording 5.56 million bookings in April, 2012, as compared to 2.26 million bookings in April 2011. Government Initiatives In the twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17), the Department of Information Technology proposes to strengthen and extend the existing core infrastructure projects to provide more horizontal connectivity, build redundancy connectivity, undertake energy audits of State Data Centers (SDCs) etc. The core infrastructure including fibre optic based connectivity will be leveraged and additional 150,000 Common Service Centres (CSCs) will be setup to create the right Governance and service delivery ecosystem at the Panchayats.

Manufacturing and BFSI. media and utilities. Company Profile: . Rapid adoption of IT technologies in major sectors as Telecom. Favourable government policies.• • • • • Factors leading to growth in the IT/ITes sector are: Low operating costs and tax advantage. Strong growth in export demand from new verticals and non-traditional sectors as public sector. Technically qualified personnel easily available in the country.

food processing. inspiration and skills to compete effectively in today's demanding commercial environment. healthcare.Unicom Infotel Pvt. The dedication found within every department of Unicom is the key to realizing our ultimate goal. dyes and power generation. . Unicom is a part of progressive group of companies having diverse operations ranging from design. from consulting and system integration to IT infrastructure management in the areas of telecommunications. manufacturing. To position Unicom as India's leading enterprise systems and solutions provider. chemicals. At Unicom we follow a policy of providing superior service. It is People who drive our business growth forward-providing the innovation. Alliances: The companies alliances are as follows: Siemens We provide software solutions across the IT service chain. utilities & government. Ltd. We offer a comprehensive range of technologies that meets the highest standarts and optimizes evolving workplaces to attain the desired results. Our dedicated and specialized team of professionals undertands and attends to your requirements. development and manufacturing of complex engineering goods to vast segments of pharmaceuticals. public sector. was formed in September 1996 by a group of Young Professional from the field of telecommunications and information technology from India's leading universities and Private industries. to name a few.

people connect and collaborate from their desktops. These include photocopiers. is a world leader in digital printing solutions. and reduce costs. inkjet and laser printers. and mobile settings. video. scanners. Inc. class rooms. with award winning printing technologies that are at the forefront of the printing equipment industry. and countries to increase productivity. and voice solutions and services. Inc. software. RISO printers help improve productivity.Cisco Cisco Systems. Using Polycom telepresence. All-in-ones and more. Canon Canon is a world leader in imaging technologies and markets 140 comprehensive range of sophisticated and contemporary digital imaging products in the country. and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals. Riso RISO. multifunctional peripherals. companies. . Cisco hardware. improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. meeting rooms. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Polycom Companies choose Polycom for solutions that enable their geographically dispersed workforces to communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively over distances. increase versatility. fax-machines.

Unicom Infotel Pvt Ltd named as Incom office automation. The range of products offered by Unicom is extremely diverse and includes Risography Digital Duplicator. Late 2006 it is renamed as Unicom Infotel Pvt Ltd.BACKGROUND : In 1995.its products are built on convergence of technologies to offer multi-functionality at exceptionally high resolution. Unicom Infotel is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company having highly skilled sales and services force across the country and its USP is the sales and after sales service. CANON (Digital copier:. Unicom has grown in strength to become one of India’s leading player in the areas of document management and imaging solutions. Today.MISSION AND QUALITY POLICY : VisionTo position Unicom as India's leading enterprise systems and solutions provider & also to establish Unicom as a Respectable Organization in the field of Telecommunication.Was setup in the country. High Speed In-house Heavy Duty automatic master printers and networking solutions. IT and OA space Mission To Provide a Synergy of Technology & Solutions for Evolving Workplaces PRODUCT/SERVICE PROFILE : Products: Office automation products: 1. Canon Copiers/ Printers/ Facsimile Machines/ Scanners/ Multifunctional Device.colour and B/W) . Networking and Projectors. Network Solutions. Consumables. NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED : VISION. A hallmark of Unicom’s product portfolio is that. RISO (Digital duplicator)  Master  Ink 2. CISCO (Networking)  Switches  Cables  Raoters 3. Telecommunication Systems. Siemens Digital Communication Systems. Since then. Polycom Video Conferencing Systems.

help-desk or telemarketing. enhances agent productivity and customer satisfaction. That's where communication technology takes over to increase productivity and improve corporate communications. We offer an advanced. Drums Toners Mono Cartridges SIEMENS ( EPPBX) LENOVA Services: 1. misunderstood or lost message could mean a further loss of business. Significant advances in technology have fueled an urgent need for enhanced communication. scalable voice-processing platform that proivdes a package of AutoAttendant Voice Mail & Fax Mail Facility. For integrating voice.     Automatic Call Distribution Interactive Voice Response System Management Information System Call Management Services While less than 25% of all telephone calls connect with the intended call recipient. It provides open standards for both pure Internet Protocol (IP) and Hybrid Systems. support center. preserving maximum choice. A contact center dramatically improves call service levels. provide better service and in turn gain customer loyalty.   4. It integrates with the existing telephone system to . the consequence of slow message returns. Our solutions are ideal for organizations handling any kind of calls be it customer care. The sucess of a business directly depends upon its responsiveness to the increasingly demending customer. We offer all the component of a contact center on a single platform. 5. clear. minimizing integrating issue and reducing cost of ownership. decision and actions. Implementing a Contact Center helps increase efficiency. Communication: Digital Telecom Solutions In today's globally connected society. at significantly lower cost. accurate and timely communication has become increasingly important in driving knowledge. data and video solutions we offer technically advanced communication servers built on an IP-ready platform enabling your business to adopt a practical approach to convergence.

We are committed to provide adequate internet bandwidth to our customers. & channel music. that will bear the load and distribute vital inforamtion. Today the IT departments are facing tremendous challenges to ensure high availability.the supporting infrastructure. Unicom's working model encompasses staging.deliver an impressive array of messaging solutions We offer complete solution for residential & commercial complexes in terms of security. With the right infrastructure and the right amount of bandwidth.This platform is developed indigenously with ICE (Information Communication Entertainment) application using the latest modular architecture. infrastructure and processes that enterprises need to successfully deploy highly integrated voice. Organizations expect their IT investment to strike their bottom line. multi-media and IP networks. intercom. project management and implementation of all major network releated components such as:      Network Design Structured Cabling Hardware Integration & Management Asset Identification & Management Conversing with colleague across the globe right from your PC over an IP based communication network needs the right setup. personalized communication throughout the complex and reccuring economy to budget conscious societies. 2. Our Network Assessment and Optimization Services provide a proven accurate method to design and improve performances across the full range of network operational areas. Managing all the steps involved in "customized convergence" can be a daunting proposition. Our network of strategic partners enable us to provide clients with a portfolio of network solutions and services which are unmatched by any other single organization. paging. the possiblities and endless. to increase sales. Networking: Focusing on your Specifications Today business need to focus on the IT basis. data. decrease operational costs and imporve product quality. We provide all resources. It all comes in one-sleek robust package that offers security form the front gate to each doorstep. reliable. .

we offer multiple solutions for your specific needs through our Customized Facility and Asset .They are ideal for high volume jobs that are too big for copiers or laser printers and too small to be sent to an outside offset printing company.scalable & performance based networks (voice+data) that should have minimum downtime. envelopes. Thus we put the best tecnology to work for our customers. You can count on us for everything from personal desk-top printers to high-speed copiers and get superior performance at a lower cost. For managing your high volume documentation and image production. Impressive color graphics and unforgetable color images are often just the edge you need to increase productivity in bussiness. Printing & Copying: Photocopies From state-of-the-art digital imaging technology and the latest software solutions. we offer solutions apart from purchase of assets. Color can make all the difference in presentation. printing and copying systems and respond with a specific plan for streamlining and integrating these processes. high performance multi-function machines that will put the power of colour to work for you. to high volume production printing systems. Our maintenance services address all the technologies in your network. 3. We offer services that meet your unique maintenance requirements starting with providing back end technical support to your in house staff. Unicom offers today's most innovative and enduring Solutions. to outsourcing your entire maintenance solutions. Printing through this method can save upto 80% as compared to copying costs. Whether the best solution for you is to purchase. We offer color-printing solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises and corporate houses with affordable. etc at speeds of upto 130 copies per minute. We analyze the document workflow. The focus is on critically important cabling infrastructure and its maintenance. These canl print on paper. lease or rent. Digital printers with computer interfaces offer a low cost alternative to expensive printing machines without affecting the print quality or reliability. with or without manpower. Unicom brings you the full range of the world's most dependable copiers and digital multifunctional office systems. thereby avoiding impact on productivity and disrupting business operations. from legacy systems to voice/data convergence.

Working in or out of the office is now more secure. Mobility & security: Wireless Communication The process of going mobile has come a long way since the advent of technology. Our digital lifestyle devices provides state-of-the-art new generation LCD Monitors based on your needs. exhibitions. electronic white boards. 4. and customized solutions. In the world of conference/boardrooms. With the click of a mouse. more efficient and more cost-effective than many business may realize. conference rooms. You can also share or exchange documents and messages. hotel rooms. We can offer customized solutions where. the need is to meet the ongoing requirements in board/conference rooms. With mobility solutions installed in the workplace. As new technology enters the market constantly. business presentations. centralized. single room or a large corporate house that has a different seating capacity conference rooms. Integrating them with other systems like advanced control system.Management Program. we explore every option for our customers. product lauches. Whether it is entry level. and malls or public area. wireless laptops and cell phones. you'll make timely. important decisions and plans by holding face-to-face video meetings or crystal-clear conference calls. 5. and intuitive touch panels with dynamic lighting etc. entertainment venues etc. gives you professional. anytime between office. screens. enhanced video conferencing. projectors are the medium professionals are inclined to use every time. educational training centers. employees have the freedom to . Considering factors such as size. we offer solutions that maximize these applications and make them look simple and professional. With gradually expanding organizations. Audio Visual Integration: Video Conferencing Think of it as a virtual office that provides mission-critical business communications on multiple networks anywhere. either by video or over the web. aesthetic looks and multimedia can make all the difference in finding the right display for the high-profile application. We offer the latest range of projector models that suits the individual as well as corporates to be able to present the cases in the most persuasive manner. Also you can expertise perfect digital sensory immersion Display Panels at home. The technology and solutions requires managing and delivering information in terms of multi-media presentations and remote meetings.

anywhere. increased mobility is something any business could use to its advantage. flexible solution. 6. increasing threats to security disrupt business operations. We have the expertise to offer solutions in work-places where both the above platform can be independently and seamlessly integrated over existing private as well as public networks. expanding organizations use their Internet & network applications to reach their existing as well as potential customers quickly & cost-efficiently. Our security helps keep system up-to-date with configurations and virus definitions and protects the company's personnel and clientele records. Wireless Local Area Network solution enables enterprises to offer wireless connectivity anytime. Also the wireless LAN can be seamlessly integrated with IP infrastructure so as to give the user the freeedom to roam throughout the work-place while providing all the features and functionality of IP desk from anywhere in the office which can increase their efficiency. There are mainly two categories into which mobility can be classified. We offer voice based wireless solutions that can be integrated within the building/campus allowing mobile users to stay in touch when away from desk or when visiting other departments/locations. Information security is a concern for all organizations. Today. The customers get benefits not only from "no air time charge" for secure mobile communication but also reduced cell phone expenses as customer can run voice over existing data network. While each business has unique communication challenges. which delivers good performance with resilience for high sound quality over the wireless network. Hence it is important to have a network that is reliable and secure. This will eventually provide thorough protection to all parts of the organizationals infrastructure. It is equally important that the network be flexible & scalable to accommodate future growth. it will not only have control over thre security threats but will also impart tighter integration with the network. The technology provides a cost-effective. By integrating security policies along with the network. This in turn afffects productivity & impacts customer relationship. Customer support: . At the same time. Therefore security acts as an investment. reducing potential losses. We offer technologies that proivide secure access to information from security policies compliant systems regardless of where and how the user accesses the network.

Becoming the Partner of Choice By forging the right alliance and managing strategic relationships with the technology partners. Total Quality Management We are dedicate to total quality management. Technical Expertise Our support team recieves extensive ongoing technical training to stay on top of industry trends and products. the business that revolves around the customer has the edge over others. We too believe in the same and conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to keep ourselves updated . An example is our daily operations reports.Customer Relationship Management In today's clustered competition. BIDAR and RAICHUR they also handle the southern branch companies. sudden changes in demand and resources and fulfill customers needs. It is essential to be skilled at market engineering and not just product engineering. AREA OF OPERATION : Nationally. In addition. allowing our customers the competitive edge while they enjoy our umcompromising service. Unicom Infotel Pvt. we have developed the expertise to put today's technology to work. we invest on skill development and program management resources to verify the service levels being provided to our clients. technical call per day & post service equipment performance. The major area which they cover are ANDHRA PRADESH (80%).These help us to keep a tab on the needs. The following are the branches located in different areas allover the nation: Head office – Mumbai Tel:+912240073000/28575677 Fax:+912228575637 Email: info@unicominfotel. Ltd services are undertaken from the head office located in MUMBAI. which tracks critical day-to-day qualities of response .

Ghanshyam Super Market. Ishaq Colony.  Bureau Veritas  Orinoco Marine Consultancy  CKB Shipping  P & O Ports  CRISIL  Parekh Marine Agency  DHL Excel Logistics  Ramee Group Of Hotels  Dr.Raheja Corporation  Kuoni Travels OWNERSHIP PATTERN : Unicom infotel Pvt ltd’s ownership pattern : They are into partnership form. Mr.R. CEO: Mr. Secunderabad – 15 Tel.Reddy's Laboratories  Sharekhan SSKI  Edelweiss Capital  Singhad Technical Education Society  Express Cargo  State Bank Of India  General Atlantic  State Bank Of Hyderabad  Glaxo Smithkline  Talati & Panthaky  Hindustan Times  Tata Strategic Management Group  Hutch Telecom  TCG Software Services  Hyundai Marine  The Cleaning Corporation Of India  ICICI Bank  Thai Airways International  Indian Institute Of Planning  UHDE India Management  ZIM Integrated Shipping  Invensys  Joyce Myer Ministries  K. Mr. the following are the names of patners: 1.: + 91 40 40354035 Pune Coimbatore Cochin Ahmedabad A glimpse of the companies esteemed clients from the various sectors :  Air India  Links International  Arvind Mafatlal Group  Malaysian Airlines  Blackstone Advisors  Navneet Publication Ltd. Bharath Thakkar 2.T.Vaidyanathan ( Director.Kolkata Delhi Bangalore Chennai Mumbai Bhubaneswar Hyderabad No. West Marredpally.Near AOC Kirkee Gate.Vasudevan . 14. Hyd-South Area) 3. Mr. Vinod(North-East) 4.

Mr. RISO:  RICOH  HCL(duplo) 3. SIEMENS:  PANASONIC  CRYSTAL  NEC  ALCATEL  AVYA 4. Mr.5. the important competitors are as follows: 1. LENOVA:  HP  SONY  DELL .Sathyam COMPETITORS INFORMATION : There are many more numbers of competitors in automation sector. CANON:  RICOH  XEROX  SHARP  KYCERAMITA 2.Jay Thakkar 6. CISCO: 5.

INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES : Unicom infotel pvt ltd is a company which is not only aims to achieve greater profits. Claims ( Accidents)  Transpotation: Petrol and Deasel.1 PC Brand in India for the JFM Quarter 3. The facilities like:  Medical facility  Insurance. Accomodation charges (travelling for official work)  Desktops with internet connection  Dress codes are also provided .1 R3 Channel partner (Machine. CANON: . RISO:     No1 position in Bangkok Bonanza 2005-06 No. ACHIEVEMENTS/AWARDS : 1.Consumables units & value) Recognized Reseller 4**** 2. LENOVA:  Valued Corporated Business Patners   Certificate of Appriciation in 2012 for making No.Below are the names of few of the facilities to name a few. but also to takes into consideration the comfort level of its employees by providing at most facility.  Child education.1 position for Consumables FY2009-10 Recognized Reseller 2010-11 Rewards and Recognition No.

4.  Certificate of Achievements.Top Revenue-2011 award National award 2010 for highest achievement in OIS Consumable Sales. CISCO:  0 Major Patner for sales & services WORKFLOW MODEL : .

SALES WORKFLOW MODEL : Sales persons Customer Requirements Order Carried by A/C section Check availability of stock On nonavailability Arrangement of products from dealers On available Direct Billing Raise Invoice Product Installati Stored on logistics Stock registered Inwards Of the material Product verificatio n Products are handed over to customers by sales persons Payme nt .

Go to Site visit and rectify FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTUS : .n SERVICES WORKFLOW MODEL : Customer Complaint Call cordinator Record the complaint s Pass the message to service engg.

Continuous sharing of information. Takes inputs from employees in decision making.• To achieve growth. 31 are at executive level and remaining 3 are at lower level. through new business tieup’s. We will need to rise up to the new challenges and put in dedicated efforts toward providing more and more of end-to-end solutions to the clients to keep the momentum going. partnerships and transformation. Top management emphasizes on Open door policy. • MCKENSY’S 7S FRAME WORK : Style : Style: Unicom infotel pvt ltd believes that leadership is one of the most essential ingredients of organizational success Leadership is based on high business vision and predominantly supportive styles . and High level of learn ability. global companies. it emphasizes on Selecting candidates who find the company's meritocratic culture satisfying. Technical skills. 7 are at managerial position. it focuses on the quality of the human resources At the entry level. The company emphasizes on training and development of its employees on continuous basis There are 42 number of total employee among which 1 director. the sector has to continue to re-invent itself and strive for that extra mile. & Builds personal rapport with employees Staff : Staff : Unicom infotel pvt ltd is in knowledge-based industry. The company emphasizes on training and development of its employees on continuous basis Strategy: : Strategy: Unicom infotel pvt ltd .

Bharath Thakkar(CEO) CEO Mr. Organizational Structure : Organizational Structure: Everyone is known as associates irrespective of his position in the company. Honesty and Decipline.Vasude van Mr.Jay Thakkar Mr.T.has adopted a client-focused and customer satisfaction strategy to achieve growth in the present office automation company and driven model rather than cost-differentiating model Increase business from existing and new clients Shared Values : Shared Values: Values are important part of Unicom infotel pvt ltds organizational culture Customer Delight Leadership by Example Integrity and Transparency Fairness Pursuit of Excellence. Vinod(NorthEast) Mr.R.Sathyam Mr.Vaidyanath an (South) . Mr. Sales and services is undertaken through teams and the constitution of teams is based on the principle of flexibility and efficiency.

The current employees are expertize in approaching customers properly and giving efficient Services. skill may be defined as what the company does best. knowledge. The company sales are trained to deal in their specifiad task. ]System : Director Sales & services Dept Senior Manager Finance Manager HR Manager Manager Territory Mgr Senior Executive Junior Executive . the distinctive copability and competencies that reside in the organisation. understanding and judgement to accomplish a task.Skills : Skill is the ability.

Youth potential in the domestic market. THREATS : • Increase in the cost of human capital.SWOT ANALYSIS : STRENGTHS : The company is recruited with youth technical and skilled staff Impressive list of clientents.  Delivery capabilities and client satisfaction.  Retention of the manpower is best in the industry. OPPORTUNITIES : • • • The company due to the consultancy area. .  Sound Market share  Pricing WEEKNESSES : • • . Domestic market is huge but underdeveloped. The emerging technologies like cloud computing and telecommunication services.

Slowdown in the market of financial service sector. Low explosure to telecom or technical sector (only 30%).• • • • • Slowdown in the economy. Presence of big companies in the nation and global market. Competition by local companies in the domestic market. ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT : .