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Our Mission: To glorify God by sharing Jesus Christ and both sides of His cross so people may experience intimacy with God and life transformation.

Simply Said We Share the Gospel with Christians Partnership! Dear Team Maulding, Here is what God is doing through your praying and financial giving. As the President of GLI, I love seeing the creative ways God is "Sharing the Gospel with Christians through us. Here are a few. We recently began what we call WOG which stands for Women of Grace. They meet every Tuesday morning from 9-noon for a female version of our Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT). It is wildly successful and our conference room is packed! Next? MUG Men Under Grace as an all male ADT class. Let me know if you are interested. Participate in our training through technology. We are hoping to simulcast some of our ADT classes over the internet this year and are looking for the right technology to use. If you have ideas, let me know. Prayer Requests Pray for God to speak through me clearly in the power of the Spirit and to turn the spiritual light on in the hearts of those who hear during this opportunity! February 28 March 21-23 April 18-20 Grace and Body: Taking Care of Ourselves Physically as an Expression of Who We are in Christ for our staff Feb.28. National AELM Conference OKC March 21-23) Foundation4Transformation (Romans 5-8) in our GLI Conference room. (More indepth than our Grace Life Conference as it is much more comprehensive.)

Family Matters (for Praise and Prayer) Ellen just completed her 50 K! 12 people dropped out but she made it all the way! Thanks for praying! She did have a Stage 2 calf tear near the end of the race. Please pray for a speedy recovery for her. She is slowly improving but must stay off of it for at least 10 days to 2 weeks. The good part is she does not have to do the dishes or clean house but her husband does. Ben, who turns 23 this month, needs a summer internship with an investment firm for his Finance Degree at The Citadel. Please pray for God to open the right door. Andrew needs UPR to approve his research assistantship for next fall semester, his last one. Pray that will be approved since this pays for his education, housing and food. Join us in believing God will provide. Bekah is making wonderful progress in her studies at the University of South Carolina and loves her job in the Recreation Department. She is also taking an art class this semester and loving it. All praises! Christopher is trying to discern Gods plan and will in some major decisions. Pray this will be clear to him.

Three Choices When Your Marriage Struggles (From My February 7 Blog at Hundreds of couples have come to us at Grace Life International since our 1995 inception. It usually goes something like this. The wife shares all of the things that her husband has been doing that are hurting her and the marriage. The husband reciprocates and shares about all of his unmet needs and how she is hurting the marriage. In most cases, their marriage is a mess and they are tired of cycling back around to the same old arguments. They often begin to wonder if they love their spouse anymore and some will go so far as to believe that they may have married the wrong person. When a couple comes to us struggling in their marriage, they have three choices. I call it LEAVE, CLEAVE OR WEAVE. 1. LEAVE - They can leave the marriage. At GLI, we trust God to work through us so this will not happen, but it is still a choice they have. 2. CLEAVE - They can continue doing the same things they have been doing and be miserable. They usually don't like this option very much or they wouldn't have come to us for counseling. 3. WEAVE - They can allow God to do for them what they have been unable to do for themselves, which is to heal their marriage. For God to heal a marriage, each spouse must be willing for God to reveal why they are miserable. In the beginning, they believe that their spouse is the problem and if he or she would just change, everything would be fine. However, that is not the problem. The true underlying problem is that each person in the marriage is trying to get their spouse to meet the deepest needs of their heart, which they cannot do. He's only a man and she is only a woman. Those needs can only be met through a deep intimacy with God arising from an understanding of the complete Gospel. This is not to say that the other spouse is not hurting us. They probably are and it needs to be addressed, but that is still not the underlying problem. Attempting to meet our deep heart needs such as love, acceptance, worth and security, our way instead of God's way, is the real issue. God calls this living according to the flesh. Romans 8:6 tells us that "the mind set on the flesh is death". Death includes conflict, frustration and being miserable. Whether single or married, our understanding of the Gospel should be leading us into an even deeper intimacy with God. Is it? If not, it's possible we need to realize that the Gospel is better news than maybe we have understood so far. BTW, if your marriage is struggling and you want effective Christian counseling that actually helps, please call us at 704-522-9026. We offer local counseling in four locations, intensive 3-5 day counseling for those traveling a long distance and Skype counseling regardless of where you live geographically. There is always hope in Christ! You are loved! Believe it. Receive it. Live in it, To partner with me in sharing this gospel of freedom in Christ, go to Click About Us, Our Staff, Mark Maulding. Thanks for all of you who already do!