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er Jayalalithaa drops three ministers from her cabinet Breaking News:

Economic Survey highlights
PT I | Feb 2 7 , 2 0 1 3 , 0 1 .3 1 PM IST

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NEW DELHI: Following are the highlights of the Economic Survey 2012-13 presented in Parliament on Wednesday by finance minister P Chidambaram: *Economic growth pegged at 6.1-6.7% in 201314 *March 2013 inflation estimated at 6.2-6.6% *Priority will be to rein in high inflation
Finance minister P Chidambaram

Economy to grow at 6.1-6.75% in 2013-14: Economic Survey Rail Budget 2013: I cannot afford to be impractical, Pawan Bansal says Rail Budget 2013: Air fares out of reach, trains back in favour Rail Budget 2013: Coach PM gets Bansal to keep it on track Rail Budget 2013: Bansal scores with berth of a Economic Surv e y new idea


*FDI in retail to pave the way for investment in new technology and marketing of agriculture produce

*Survey calls for widening of tax base and prioritising expenditure to
Economic Survey against hike in tax rates, calls for w idening base Economy to grow at 6.16.75% in 2013-14: Survey Special: Union Budget 201314

bridge fiscal deficit *Calls for curbing gold imports to contain current account deficit *Aadhaar-based direct cash transfer scheme can help plug leakages in subsidies *With subsidies bill increasing, danger of missing fiscal targets is real in FY 13

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*Survey pitches for hike in prices of diesel and LPG to cut subsidy burden. *Foreign Exchange reserves remains steady at $295.6 billion at December, 2012-end *At present, overall energy deficit is about 8.6 pc and peak shortage of power is about 9 pc. *Infrastructure bottlenecks affecting industrial sector performance *Prospects for world trade as well as of India are still uncertain. *Pitches for further opening of sectors for FDI Budget 2013 > Rail Budget 2013 > Economic Survey 2013
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Film Delegation more to meet Finance Minister
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2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights .000 jobs Rupee gains 19 paise against dollar Petronet notches record 1k LNG cargo Follow the Times of India . EPFO to pay 8..75% in 2013-14: Survey 18 killed.Business section Like 5. Pune koltepatil.Pune 4 BHK Lux urious Spacious Hom es at Aundh Annex by Kolte-Patil. US dollar ends sharply dearer .5% in current fiscal...6k Search for News Search 'Corus asset sale to lift Tata Steel earnings' Link patented drug prices to per capita income: Panel Small companies's big business Share your views .25% Gold futures drop below 30000 level Ranbaxy posts Rs 492 crore net..The Times of India 4 BHK Homes @ 1. BlackBerry Z10 launched in Ind. free car. UPA's contribution to infra is not as that of ABV.000 crore Economic Survey to prescribe steps to arrest declining growth Economy to grow at 5.>TAX ALL TRUSTS PARTY FUNDS PERKS more Across Tim es of India Ind vs Aus: Australia survive to reach 232/9 at stumps on Day /24k-Glitterati-Pune : A ds by Googl e FEATURED TODAY IN BUSINESS ALSO ON TOI Sensex up 192 points on growth outlook SBI raises fixed deposit rates by 0. houses on minimum rents..5 Cr.cms We are in for a tough year ahead followed by two more financially critical 2/10 . he is a visionary and statesman whose thinking went beyond party and votes COLRANBIRLAMBA (PTA) 27 mins ago Platinum : 45.7% in 2013-14: Montek 7 2 6 what ever benefits industry achieved today was due to the infra activites that NDA under vajpayee achieved. many injured in devastating Kolkata market fire Jailed Indian Mujahideen operative may shed light on Hyderabad blasts Cognizant to cut bonuses this year Share this Comment: Post t o Fa cebook Post t o T w it t er Please answ er this sim ple m ath question.5% interest on Free air travel. free telephones. tons of security must be with drawn at state and center level. lead by 40 runs Manisha Koirala's friends turn their backs on her Visw anath Narasandra Sanjeevarao (Bangalore) 29 mins ago Silver: 417 1 2 3 Dhoni breaks Sachin's record of highest score by Indian skipper Agree (0) timesofindia. JPMorgan to cut up to 17. SC refuses to grant m ore tim e .post your comment below GDP growth to have slowed in December quarter more Your comment Characters remaining (3000 ) Log in to post this comment Indiatim es Netw ork or Fill in your details: Name Will be displayed Email Will not be displayed TOP STORIES Location Will be displayed Economy to grow at 6.. MNS activists clash over Raj remarks more MOST POPULAR Murali (chennai) 22 mins ago Gold: 5254 Agree (0) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive 5 4 3 Read | Com m ented | Shared From Business Finance ministry cuts market borrowing by Rs 12.4K Economic Survey: Asset-price bubble rises to the surface Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive STOP ALL SUBSIDY & FREE>The subsidy to our ministers should be stopped with immediate effect.indiatimes..1-6... 9+4= Sort by: Newest | Oldest | Recommended (5) | Most Discussed | Agree | Disagree | Logged in Comments New! NCP..

hearth & home & no one else. HOW WE CAN GO FORWARD IN CONCRETE TERMS.Action oriented budget proposals with efficient management of money & product markets coupled with deft handling of expenditure. THANKS! . INSIGHTS. WE MUST START USING OUR UNIQUE COMPETENCES. REGIONAL. credible. security & welfare of each & every NRI & OCI & therefore must be neutralized 100% by whatever it takes. Some are only more/less discriminated than others. Most of us would not have migrated at all. LOCAL. all migrants get discriminated in one way or another. resulting in a 100% democratic. WE ESTABLISH AN IMMEDIATE EMAIL & TELEPHONE CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER. NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL LAWS. By plundering systematically. 2.indiatimes. IT IS NOT ONLY OUR FUNDAMENTAL DEMOCRATIC & HUMAN RIGHT. It is a must for a bright future for all of us. thanks! Agree (4) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive Know m ore about Tim es Points Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 1 hr ago A DYNAMIC. Only a second & real independence & an entirely new breed of good.Srikumar Hariharan. BRAND NEW VISION & STRATEGY TO MAKE OUR INDIA THE RICHEST. ALL OF US MUST START TO ORGANIZE OURSELVES IMMEDIATELY & THUS SAFEGUARD ALL OUR VITAL COMMON INTERESTS. Indo-Swedish Association. we were forced to migrate. passenger trains introduced in Rail Budget 2013 more All Today Last 7 Days TOI Last 30 Days My Profile All Tim e Nikhil Mathur Points: 164 1 2 3 4 5 G S PATI (Bhubanesw ar) 1 hr ago SURENDRA NATH Points: 154 "Infrastructure bottlenecks affecting industrial sector performance" If you have realised it right now only! Do we have any clear cut. After time has come for the people to exercise their prudence to make providence work through them. interactive & ruling group asap.common programme must not be affected by a change in the Government. We are thus the biggest losers & casuality of the corrupt & we suffer more than anyone else due to it. honest. TO BEGIN WITH. 4. proactive. modern & progressive Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive timesofindia. SUPER POWER NO1 & BEST WELFARE NATION: INDIA NEEDS NOW A NEW NATIONAL AWAKENING & AN IMMEDIATE ALLIANCE OF THE GOOD AGAINST THE EVIL. CLOUT & ALL MODERN FACILITIES & POSSIBILITIES AT HOME & ABROAD TO OUR ADVANTAGE. enlightened. FOR THAT PURPOSE. our interests. President & Chief Negotiator. That is the real truth. via their innumerable wanton acts of omissions & commissions. instead of promoting traders to import goods from China? Agree (4) Disagree (0) Recommend (4) Offensive Debojyoty Ganguly Points: 151 Aarupadaiappan Points: 151 Jnm22 Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 1 hr ago Points: 147 DEAR NRI & OCI SISTERS & BROTHERS! The corrupt & criminal politicians of India 1947-2013.Shall we expect our political Masters who are Nation Builders to take cognizance of the situation we are in? List of new express. lunatic asylum & wasteland fit only for thugs to live in. I PROPOSE THAT 1. transparant and effective policy for the issue? Do we have any effective and satisfactory rehabilitation policy yet? Do we have any effective infrastracture policy for the displaced and the real loosers of industrialisation? Do you really wish to creat an environment of industrialasion. if this interests you. convergent & critical base programmes to facilitate & sustain growth momentum? What ever be political decisions are or may be.cms 3/10 . dynamic.Can we not arrive at & trade will see India pass through this difficult phase ease through. are the ones who have driven us away from our beloved ones.The Times of India Agree (0) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive We are in for a tough year ahead followed by two more financially critical years. they reduced our once richest nation into an oligarchic kleptocracy. BY USING ALL MODERN PROACTIVE & INTERACTIVE FACILITIES. People in the same boat have a whole lot to gain by pooling their resources together. Modersmalslararforbundet (National Union of Sweden's Mother Tongue Teachers & Trainers) & President. Please contact me.2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights . BUT ALSO A SOLEMN RESPONSIBILITY. LET US START BY COLLECTING EMAIL ADDRESSES & TELEPHONE NUMBERS OF ALL OUR LIKE-MINDED KITH & KIN ALL OVER THE WORLD & DISCUSSING IT! Long live unity & solidarity among all NRI & OCI! Long live the fight against the corrupt. However. Even the value of the money we earn by the sweat of our brows abroad is substantially destroyed by the trillions in black money generated 24x7 by our looting politicians now & the subsequent sky-high real inflation it actually creates. START DISCUSSING WAYS & MEANS OF SAFEGUARDING OUR VITAL INTERESTS IN INDIA & ABROAD. problems & possibilities are exactly the same. who are enemy no 1 of our India & all Indians in general & NRI & OCI in particular! PLEASE SEE INDOSWEDISHASSOCIATION'S WEBSITE FOR MY WHEREABOUTS. HENCE. We need a thorough metamorhosis & complete makeover to bid goodbye to the murky past & welcome a glorious future. To escape that living hell on earth & get better returns for our skills. if we have had the same good opportunities back at home.The people may dictate to elect those leaders/parties who would not obstruct economic growth rate irrespective of who the leaders are or parties are. NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL LEVEL ARRANGEMENTS ARE A MUST IN THIS CONTEXT. mother country & our present country of residence. RULES & REGULATIONS & 3. both at home & abroad.The Economic Survey is a pointer to the lack of political will amongst all political parties ruling us. They are thus an extremely serious direct threat to the personal safety. our progeny.

reform to save all 4 sick pillars of democracy & agriculture. Strategic alliances with lesser evils may also be needed to annihilate the main ones. dimension. IT MUST START BY JAILING ALL THE CORRUPT & RETRIEVING THE TRILLIONS THEY HAVE STOLEN & STASHED AWAY AT HOME & ABROAD. food. small & big industries. FROM ALL ACCORDING TO ABILITY & TO ALL ACCORDING TO NECESSITY MUST BECOME OUR NEW NATIONAL MOTTO. 5 Modern billing system with a chip connected to the ITD in the cash register of all businesses. leaders of all parties. 30 Clean-India drive. IT MUST CAPTURE POWER AT THE CENTRE & IN THE STATES ASAP. commitment etc to engineer a reverse brain & resource drain & signal a 100% necessary moral rearmament & complete & thorough system changes. 21 0 tolerance to crimes. children & old. ideology. standardized laws for all. criminal. as we see in all refined & welfare nations.14 Total welfare. 26 Promote national unity. We must engineer a polarization between the good & the evil & annihilate the latter. tatha praja. quality. 29 Build 500 m low-cost houses & toilets. 7 Liberalize economy à la Sweden. prosecute the guilty in a new anticorruption court in every state. culture. art etc. transport. objective. can give our grand Indian aspirations an entirely good & different direction. incl the 4 pillars of our democracy. most powerful & best welfare nation! Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 1 hr ago WHY THIS PROBLEM? Our criminal anti-India & anti-Indian politicians 19472013 have corrupted India to the core ("Yatha raja. quality of air. peace & fight terrorism. jail all with wealth disproportionate to known sources & amnesty for volunteers. 20 Reverse brain & resource-drain & save farmers. top bureaucrats & their kith & kin.17 Build1 school & library per1k residents. It must undo meticulously all the harm done to India & Indians by the totally corrupt. anti-India & anti-Indian politicians 1947-2013. make India greener & stop pollution. leisure centers for children & youth & homes for seniors & destitutes. 2 Give all citizens & residents 3 weeks to declare assets & incomes. jobs. railways.100% accountability & transparency must be ensured & power decentralized. planning.our natural allies .2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights .& one of them has Agree (2) Disagree (0) Recommend (2) The new leaders must change our politics from the present primitive. inventions. 22 Ban bandhs etc causing production-loss.13 New social security for the disabled. cured & put in foolproof working condition again. fair land reforms. A national & international talent hunt is a must.procure good & powerful friends & a permanent seat in UNSC. EMPLOYMENT & WELFARE GENERATION. social justice. health scheme & insurance for all. housing.10 State funding of parties based on the no of seats won at panchayat. to reform working of politicians. completely hollow & hero-based to a serious. free & compulsory. By rewriting the outdated Indian Constitution. IT MUST BE INVESTED INSTANTLY IN POVERTY & ILLITERACY ELIMINATION. Let's thus make our India the richest. medicines & consumer-rights. join NATO . 6 Rewrite the Constitution to ensure full transparency. integrity. All our corrupted & destroyed systems. infrastructure incl IT & environment-cleaning in general & electricity & clean water & other essential services to all 24x7 in particular. All our dynasties must be democratically exterminated & all other main problems identified & solved thoroughly & systematically. film.16 Make education modern. value. Wake up! Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 1 hr ago SOLUTIONS:1 Run a corruption-check on all Indian ministers.30-77% bpl now . accountability & modern.19 Microloan to the deserving.cms 4/10 . communal harmony. mass-media. 27 Modernize defence & make its industry no1 in the world to create jobs & deter & India must join NATO & UNSC. IT. anachronistic. minimum wages. borders. A holistic & scientific national agenda for progress & welfare based on the superb Swedish model ought to be worked out with a national consensus & made our sole guiding star. totally committed to the nation & its citizens & equipped with an adequate agenda. content & impetus & also firmly lead us into the 21st century. 25 Improve R&D. multiple IT-checks. 23 New laws to improve democracy. storage. work culture & safety & security for all. sustainable growth & via monogamy & fp stop population explosion.18 Make the ratio of the lowest & highest salaries in the public sector1:5. literature. modern.12 New laws to ensure100% equality & protection for women. 28 New premium for tax-payers & whistleblowers for a100% system-change.11 A 2-term ceiling for PM & P. 9 Laws for 0 discrimination. producers & retailers from FDI-aftermath & justice to Sikhs & others for all genocides since1947. new ID system & salaries only via banks.15 New day & nightcares. 8 Lifetime bar for all convicted for 6 m/more from all elections.The Times of India politicians. 24 New export. election system. INFRASTRUCTURE INCL IT IN GENERAL & ELECTRICITY & CLEAN WATER TO ALL IN PARTICULAR & THUS GIVE A NEW HOPE TO OUR HOPELESS CITIZENS. 4 New laws & independent agencies to kill corruption incl nepotism & retrieve black money. import & foreign policies to secure welfare. parties & bureaucrats. must be saved. 3 Confiscate assets from 1 & 2 & invest it in a new poverty & illiteracy-eradication program. FOR THAT VITAL NATIONAL MISSION. We must flush our hitherto failed foreign policy. All good Indians must now enter politics to help unseat the criminal ones in it today. Our totally derailed India must thus be put on tracks. principle & agenda-based one. A clear premium must be placed on all real merits. environment-friendly.indiatimes. water. case settlement within1 month per court. honesty.") & created the world's largest poverty .100% tranparency for donations. municipal. state & LS elections.

NDM-1 etc & serious law & order problems incl mafias & syndicates terrorizing citizens. asthma. education. Via all world records in corruption & regressive laws.. healthcare. almost 100% criminalized & paralyzed politics. towns & villages lack enough electricity. IT.indiatimes. bad plannings. These financial terrorists are now striving to destroy our economy even further & thereby also our nation. repelling investors & resulting in almost 0 production. sky-high inflation. values. integration. They're doing nothing that politicians must & everything they shouldn't. tarnishing our image. Via omissions & commissions. We cannot prosper via only services. Reason: thier endless looting & related crimes 24X7. very poor standards of life. other essential services etc even now. They're thus a direct threat to the personal safety. R&D. Economic Survey highlights .30-77% bpl now . good roads. lunatic asylum & wasteland fit only for thugs to live in. Nothing in India works now as it ought to. security & welfare of all Indians. incl all 4 pillars of democracy. clean water.UPA: 1 Jeep Scandal 2 Haridas Mundhra Scandal 3 K D Malaviya Oil Scandal 4 1971 Nagarwala Scandal 5 Sukhna Land Scandal 6 Oil for Food Programme Scam 7 Palmolein Oil Scam 8 IPO Scam 9 Mining Scams 10 Bitumen Scam 11 Cement Scandal 12 IPL Scam 13 Animal Husbandry Scam 14 Satyam Software Services Scam 15 Tansi Land Scam 16 ULIP Insurance Scam 17 Cash For Votes Scandal 18 RBG Resources Scam 19 Bangalore Mysore Infra Corridor Fraud 20 Bofors Scam 21 Haji Scams 22 Animal Fodder Scam 23 Human Trafficking Scam 24 Churhat Lottery Scam 25 Telgi Stamp Papers Scam 26 Urea Scam27 St Kitts Forgery 28 Anantnag Transport Subsidy Scam 29 Yugoslav Dinar Scam 30 Uday Goyal Agrotech Scam 31 Emaar Scam 32 Spiritual Guru Scams 33 HDW Submarine Scandal 34 Kashmir Sex Racket Scam 35 Land Acqu Scams on name of SEZ with harassment false cases 36 Pro Fund Scam with 37 Ketan Parek Stock Market Scam 38 Bansali Scam 39 Cobbler and Shoes Scam 40 Nagarjuna Finance Scam 41 Dalmia DSQ Software Scam 42 UTI Scam 43 Uday Goyal Scam 44 Letter of Credit (LOC) Scam 45 Sanjay Agrawal Home Trade Scam.. SO. communalism.Scam 46 LIC Insurance Scam 47 Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam 48 Suflam Sujalam Scam 49 Madhavpura Mercantile Co Bank (MMCB) Scam 50 Hawala Transaction Scams 51 Global Trust Bank Scam 52 Charminar Co Urban Bank (CCUB) Scam 53 Vasavi Bank Scam 54 Krushi Co Urban Bank (KCUB) Scam 55 Prud Bank Scam 56 Nagpur District Central Co Bank (NDCCB) Scam 57 2010 housing loan scam 58 Sugar Import Scam 59 Preferential Allotment Scam 60 Meghalaya Forest Scam 61 Fertiliser Import Scam 62 Telecom Scam 63 SNC Lavalin Power Project Scam 64 Teak Plantation Swindle Scam 65 Scorpene Submarine Scam 66 Taj Corridor Scam 67 Army Ration Pilferage Scam 68 State Bank of Saurashtra Scam 69 Flood Relief Scam 70 Rice Export Scam 71 Bulletproof Jackets Scam 72 MCD Pension Scam 73 AICTE Scam 74 Medical Council of India(MCI) Scam 75 Rail Recruitment Scam 76 NREGA Scam 77 Siachen Scam 78 J & K Milk Scam 79 Gorshkov Scam 80 MPLAD Scam 81 Public Distribution System(PDS) Scam 82 Rajya Sabha Vote Scam 83 Cash for Questions in Parliament Scam 84 City Limouzine & Realcom Scam 85 CWG SCAM 86 Adarsh Housing Society Scam 87 2G spectrum scam 88 Tax Evasion Scam 89 KG Basin AIR INDIA Scam 90 ISRO Devas S band Devas Antrix deal 91 Madhu Koda laundering money 4000 Cr 92 Enron power project Maharashtra 93 Petrol pump and gas agencies scam 94 Feb 2012 National Solar Plan Scam 13000 CR. It's the root cause of all our problems today. they've reduced our once richest nation into a poor oligarchic kleptocracy.& one of them has simultaneously become the 4th richest politician in the world! They're responsible for all forms of corruption incl nepotism. water & adulterated food causing cancer.. They've created history's biggest brain & resource drain. Most cities. lack of opportunities for a decent life. extremely poor infrastructure etc. WAKE UP & DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO STOP IT NOW! Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive timesofindia. agriculture. We're thus facing unprecedented extreme dangers of all kinds. No nation can survive the ongoing steady & sure decline. The fact that a foreigner is ruling India today proves how 100% useless & destroyed our country & all its systems really are. very poor defence. Our national interests are being sacrificed & vital natural resources plundered. bureaucracy. national unity. illiteracy. Corruption & oppression are the only things they are good at. they've made sure that there is no child & seniorcare worth the name. neglected our culture. India is a victim of their conspiracy to keep it permanently problem-riddled & thereby poor. They've caused all environmental issues incl polluted air. almost 0 achievement in sports & games.The Times of India Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 1 hr ago WORK IN PROGRESS . Lawlessness. born & live for. terrorism.cms 5/10 . NDA: 1 Kargil Coffin scam 2 Barak Missile 3 Balekeri Port scam (Karnataka) 4 Banglore Land scam 5 Bellary Scam 6 Ekal Vidyalaya Scam 1999 7 Chattisgarh Corruption Scandal 2003 8 Development Fund (MPLADS Scheme) Scam 9 Petrol pump and gas agencies scam 10 Cattle feed fraud 11 Scam in Anganwadi centres 12 Rs 500 crore SSY scam 13 Indigold Refinery land scam. Hence the immediate necessity to devise an adequate national strategy for holistic leadership & system changes & thus save the nation.. IT etc. industry.2/27/13 the world's largest poverty . extremism etc. All our systems. all kinds of socio-ecomnomic & political problems like casteism.REMEMBER IT IS OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY THAT HAS BEEN LOOTED! CORRUPTING A NATION IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY OF DESTROYING IT. stand almost 100% corrupted & destroyed now. unemployment. anarchy & mayhem prevail. Nepotistic & malevolent dynasties have been & are our biggest corruptors & destroyers. All our politicians & parties've completely failed

39 billion(FC) Maharashtra stamp duty scam = $126 million(FC) Highway scam = $13.1948) Obsolete French Fighter Jets = $11 billion(FC) NHRM = $2 billion(BC) Goa mining scam = $700 million(FC) Noida Corporation farm land scandal = $40 million(SC) Bellary mines scandal = $3.2 billion(FC) BL Kashyap EPFO Scam = $118 million(FC) Hasan Ali Khan = $8 billion(MC) ISRO-Devas = $300 million(FC) Cash-for-votes = $715.Scam_46_LIC_Insurance_Scam_ 47_Harshad_Mehta_Stock_Market_Scam_48_Suflam_Sujalam_Scam_ 49_Madhavpura_Mercantile_Co_Bank_(MMCB)_Scam_50_Hawala_Transacti on_Scams_ 51_Global_Trust_Bank_Scam_ 53_Charminar_Co_Urban_Bank_(CCUB)_Scam_ 53_Vasavi_Bank_Scam_54_Krushi_Co_Urban_Bank_(KCUB)_Scam_ 55_Prud_Bank_Scam_56_Nagpur_District_Central_Co_Bank_(NDCCB)_Sca m_ 57_2010_housing_loan_scam_58_Sugar_Import_Scam_ 59_Preferential_Allotment_Scam_60_Meghalaya_Forest_Scam_ 61_Fertiliser_Import_Scam_62_Telecom_Scam_ 63_SNC_Lavalin_Power_Project_Scam_64_Teak_Plantation_Swindle_Scam _ 66_Scorpene_Submarine_Scam_66_Taj_Corridor_Scam_ 67_Army_Ration_Pilferage_Scam_68_State_Bank_of_Saurashtra_Scam_ 69_Flood_Relief_Scam_70_Rice_Export_Scam_ 70_Bulletproof_Jackets_Scam_71_MCD_Pension_Scam_ 73_AICTE_Scam_74_Medical_Council_of_India(MCI)_Scam_ 75_Rail_Recruitment_Scam_76_NREGA_Scam_ 77_Siachen_Scam_79_J_&_K_Milk_Scam_80_Gorshkov_Scam_81_MPLAD _Scam_ 81_Public_Distribution_System(PDS)_Scam_82_Rajya_Sabha_Vote_Scam_ 83_Cash_for_Questions_in_Parliament_Scam_ 84_City_Limouzine_&_Realcom_Scam__85_CWG_SCAM_ 86_Adarsh_Housing_Society_Scam__87_2G_spectrum_scam 88_Tax_Evasion_Scam_ 89_KG_Basin_AIR_INDIA_Scam 90_ISRO_Devas_S_band_Devas_Antrix_deal__ 91_Madhu_Koda_laundering_money_4000_Cr 92_Enron_power_project_Maharashtra 93_Petrol_pump_and_gas_agencies_scam 94_Feb_2012_NATIONAL_SOLAR_PLAN_SCAM_13000CR NDA:1_Kargil_Coffin_scam_2_Barak_Missile__3_Balekeri_Port_scam(Karna taka)_ 4_Banglore_Land_scam__5_Bellary_Scam__ 6_Ekal_Vidyalaya_Scam_1999__7_Chattisgarh_Corruption_Scandal_2003 8_Development_Fund_(MPLADS_Scheme)_Scam 9_Petrol_pump_and_gas_agencies_scam 10_Cattle_feed_fraud 11_Scam_in_Anganwadi_centres 12_Rs500_crore_SSY_scam other tax havens & invested abroad 1947-2012: about $100 trillion (FC).5 billion(FC) LIC Housing Loan scam = $200 million(FC) Belekeri port = $12 billion(FC) Lavasa = $80 million(FC) Uttar Pradesh Food Grain = $44 billion(BC) APIIIC = $2 billion(FC) IPL Cricket = $8 billion(FC) Madhu Koda = $800 million(SC) UIDAI = $1 billion(FC) Vasundhara Raje land Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive timesofindia.98 million(FC) (2011 ..000/month(FC) Flying Club fraud = $38 million(FC) Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association scam = $10 million (MC) Punjab paddy scam = $3.UPA: 1_Jeep_Scandal_2_Haridas_Mundhra_Scandal_ 3_K_D_Malaviya_Oil_Scandal_4_1971_Nagarwala_Scandal_ 5_Sukhna_Land_Scandal_6_Oil_for_Food_Programme_Scam_ 7_Palmolein_Oil_Scam_ 8_IPO_Scam_9_Mining_Scams_ 10_Bitumen_Scam_11_Cement_Scandal_12_IPL_Scam_ 13_Animal_Husbandry_Scam_14_Satyam_Software_Services_Scam 15_Tansi_Land_Scam_16_ULIP_Insurance_Scam_ 17_Cash_For_Votes_Scandal_18_RBG_Resources_Scam_ 19_Bangalore__Mysore_Infra_Corridor_Fraud_20_Bofors_Scam_ 21_Haji_Scams_22_Animal_Fodder_Scam_23_Human_Trafficking_Scam_24 _Churhat_Lottery_Scam_ 25_Telgi_Stamp_Papers_Scam_26_Urea_Scam_ 27_St_Kitts_Forgery_28_Anantnag_Transport_Subsidy_Scam_ 29_Yugoslav_Dinar_Scam_30_Uday_Goyal_Agrotech_Scam_ 31_Emaar_Scam_32_Spiritual_Guru_Scams_ 33_HDW_Submarine_Scandal_34_Kashmir_Sex_Racket_Scam_ 35_Land_Acqu_Scams_on_name_of_SEZ_with_harassment_false_cases_ 36_Pro_Fund_Scam_with 37_Ketan_Parek_Stock_Market_Scam_38_Bansali_Scam_ 39_Cobbler_and_Shoes_Scam_40_Nagarjuna_Finance_Scam_ 41_Dalmia_DSQ_Software_Scam_42_UTI_Scam_ 43_Uday_Goyal_Scam_44_Letter_of_Credit_(LOC)_Scam_ 45 _Sanjay_Agrawal_Home_Trade_Scam.cms 6/10 .2/27/13 Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago Economic Survey highlights . shares.97 million(FC) Ministry of External Affairs gift scam = $100. businesses etc by our corrupt politicians & their kith & kin: about 100 trillion USD.indiatimes.59 million(FC) Arvind Joshi and Tinu Joshi = $50 million(FC) Uttar Pradesh seed scam = $9.SOLUTION: A COMPLETE LEADERSHIP & SYSTEM CHANGE..000(FC) Himachal Pradesh pulse scam = $200.9 billion(BC) Adarsh Housing Society(FC) Commonwealth Games = $15. Looted money invested in India in real estate.82 billion(FC) Gujarat PSU financial irregularities = $3. WAKE UP! Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago LOOTED INDIAN MONEY in Swiss banks.The Times of India SEE THE FOUNTAIN-HEAD & ROOT CAUSE OF THIS & ALL OTHER PROBLEMS IN INDIA! PROGRESS REPORT .000(FC) 2G spectrum scam/Radia Tapes = $6. " IGI Airport scam = $32 billion(FC) Coal Mining Scam = $213 billion(FC) Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam = $39 billion(FC) Andhra Pradesh land scam = $20 billion(FC) Service Tax and Central Excise Duty fraud = $3.

5 billion (FC). Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago SEE WHO ALL ARE ON THIS NOTORIOUS LIST PUBLISHED BY WIKILEAKS ON 02-08-2011! "Name Amount [INR cr] Name of Bank Number of Accounts 1 Prabodh Mehta 28000 LGT bank of Leichenstein 2 Main (5 sub) 2 Chintan Gandhi 1956 LGT bank of Leichenstein 1 Main (3 sub) 3 Arun Mehta 2500 LGT bank of Leichenstein 1 Main 4 Ramdev Paswan 3500 Union Bankaire Privee UBP 1 Main 5 Neera Radiya 289990 UBS 4 Main (13 sub) 6 Rajeev Gandhi 198000 UBS 7 Main (25 sub) 7 Naresh Goyal 145600 Bank CA THE WIDESPREAD CORRUPTION IN OUR INDIA 1947-2013. "more than 985 names" that have swindled trillions. HENCE. NOTHING REALLY EFFECTIVE.000(FC) Teja loans = $5 million(FC) BHU = $100. HOWEVER. Especially in a country like ours. AG 1 Main (25 sub) 17 CP Krishnan Nair 4520 B I Di Investimenti 1 Main 18 Laloo Prasad Yadav 29800 AKB P Bank. SYSTEMATIC. WE ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHY & ALSO WHO ALL ARE BEHIND IT." Google & see Wikipedia's "List of scandals in India".The Times of India Madhu Koda = $800 million(SC) UIDAI = $1 billion(FC) Vasundhara Raje land scam = $4. THANKS! Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago timesofindia. WHEN A PROBLEM ARISES. probed yet? Letting them escape.CORRUPTION. my dear sisters & brothers! PLEASE SPREAD THIS AMONG ALL YOUR KITH & KIN. who were exposed as early as 02-082011. BESIDES. Gallen AG 25 Main (3 sub) 8 M K Stalin 10500 Alternative Bank ABS 10 Main (5 sub) 9 Manoj Dhupelia 9850 LGT Bank of Leichestein 2 Main 95 sub) 10 A Raja 7800 Aareal Bank AG 1 Main (3 sub) 11 Harshad Mehta (D) 135800 UBS AG 13 sub 12 SS Palanimanickam 4800 Rothschild Bank AG 1 Main (4 sub) 13 Ketan Parekh 8200 Bank COOP AG 5 Main (2 sub) 14 Paban Singh Ghatowar 3908 Bank aek Genossenschaft 2 Main (1 sub) 15 Rendezvous Sports World 29800 Aargauische Kantonal Bank 5 Main (17 sub) 16 HD Kumaraswamy 14500 Bank Frei & Co." Besides these. 5.000(FC) Coal-Gate Scam 36$ billion(FC) Granite Minint Tamil Nadu =$3. Zurich AG 2 Main (1 sub) 19 J M Scindia 9000 Bank EEK AG 5 Main (3 sub) 20 Kalanidhi Maran 15000 Clariden Leu AG 15 sub 21 Karunanidhi 35000 Baloise Bank Soba 8 Main (sub) 22 Sarath Pawar 28000 Alternative Bank ABS 4 Main (7 sub) 23 Suresh Kalmadi 5900 UBS 4 Main (5 sub) 24 Chithambaram 32000 Rothschild AG 19 sub 25 Raj Foundation 189008 LGT Bank of Leichestein 1 Main (45 sub) 26 Urvashi Foundation 289745 LGT Bank of Leichestein 2 Main (95 sub) 27 Ambrunova Trust 17658 LGT Bank of Leichestein 1 Main (13 sub) 28 Arun Kochar 15450 LGT Bank of Leichestein 14 sub 29 Prabodh Mehta 1480 LGT Bank of Leichestein 1 Main. BASIC & CONCRETE IS BEING DONE BY ANYBODY TO STOP IT IN INDIA EVEN TODAY.indiatimes.The only rational conclusion: they &/their kith & kin are on those lists & therefore they are suppressing it for fear of what the people will do to them. THE REST OF THE PROBLEMS & CRIMES WILL DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY & AUTOMATICALLY.. THE EXISTING EXTREMELY PATHETIC REALITIES IN INDIA ARE ITS CRYSTAL-CLEAR & IRREFUTABLE PROOF. This & other corruptions prove that India today is in fact an oligarchic kleptocracy & not at all any refined democracy.4 billion(FC) Satyam = $1 billion(FC) Scorpene Deal = $10 million(FC) Oil-for-food programme (Natwar Singh) = $10 billion(FC) Gegong Apang PDS = $200 million(ST) Taj corridor = $44 million(SC) Ketan Parekh = $200 million(FC) Barak Missile = $200 million(FC) Calcutta Stock Exchange = $2 million(FC) Cobbler scam = $214 million(FC) Sukh Ram = $5 million(FC) SNC Lavalin = $10 million(FC) Advani Hawala = $18 million(FC) Bihar fodder = $211 million(BC) C R Bhansali = $200 million(FC) Pickle bribes = $20. COMPLETE LEADERSHIP & SYSTEM CHANGE! So. with all the existing world records in corruption & graft. 2.46 billion(MC) JMM bribes = $59. there are. ONCE CORRUPTION IS STOPPED.. unlike all our other politicians. Why are not even these 29 suspected financial terrorists. IF YOU WANT ANY IMPROVEMENT WHATSOEVER IN THE OVERALL SITUATION IN INDIA TODAY.1. according to WikiLeaks. CORRUPTION HAS TO BE STOPPED FIRST. ITS Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive 7/10 . How come UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. if guilty. pm Man Mohan Singh & fm Chidambaram are hiding the HSBC list & the list of "more than 985 names" from us. How come SG. OUR POLITICIANS 1947-2013 ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT. FROM TOP TO TOE. the citizens? 4. SIDE REACTION & BYPRODUCT OF THE NO 1 & MOST DANGEROUS PROBLEM .2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights . wake up while you still may. REFLECTION. if it came out. add the latest ones & spread it among all voters. IS THE FOUNTAIN-HEAD & ROOT CAUSE OF THIS & ALL MAIN PROBLEMS IN THE COUNTRY TODAY.000(FC) Sugar import = $130 miillion(MC) Harshad Mehta = $800 million(FC) Indian Bank = $260 million(FC) Bofors = $400 million(FC) HDW commissions = $4 million(FC) Antulay = $6 million(FC) Nagarwala = $1 million(FC) Haridas Mundhra = $10 million(FC) Kuo oil scandal = $440.000(FC) Telgi scam = $4. THE ONE & ONLY REAL SOLUTION: A DEMOCRATICALLY CORRECT. THE ONGOING & ENDLESS PROBLEMS OF THESE KINDS ARE ONLY A MANIFESTATION. thanks! REMEMBER THAT IT IS OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY THAT CAN HAVE BEEN LOOTED! SOLUTION: LEADERSHIP & SYSTEM CHANGE. is itself a crime. who incurs our tax payers 2 times (INR 5 bn) Queen Elizabeth's expenditure. there is bound to be corruption. 3.5 billion(FC) Maharastra irrigation Scam = $7. is refusing to declare her incomes & assets? Wherever there is opacity.000(FC) Jeep scandal = $160. THE MOST CORRUPT & DANGEROUS POLITICIANS ARE STILL GOING SCOT FREE & CONTINUING TO RAVISH OUR NATION & CITIZENS.

THE IMMEDIATE NECESSITY FOR A COMPLETE & THOROUGH LEADERSHIP & SYSTEM CHANGE IN OUR INDIA. ROGUES. the immediate necessity to engineer a democratically correct & peaceful INDIAN SPRING & unseat each & everyone of the antiIndia & anti-Indian bums. BOUNDERS & BUCCANEERS AS LEADERS: THEY MESS EVERYTHING UP IN ALL POSSIBLE WAYS & MANNERS THAT ONLY A 100% SICK & IDIOTIC MIND CAN CONTRIVE. Mind! When elected servants of the citizens turn corrupt & criminal tyrants. for which they can be held 100% accountable & punished sooner or later. The extremely pathetic realities in India today are its crystal-clear & irrefutable proof. IT IS AGAINST ALL NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL LAWS. MOST POWERFUL & BEST WELFARE NATION ON EARTH. The citizens have the inalienable & exclusive right to decide the democratic means & methods thereof. MY DEAR COMPATRIOTS! Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A NATION ELECTS TOTALLY CORRUPT. they have instantly forfeited the constitutional & legal right to rule & therefore must be unseated forthwith." OUR COUNTRY & COUNTRYMEN ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY & THOROUGHLY RAVISHED. WE ARE SOON FINISHED AS A NATION & PEOPLE. REALIZE & ADMIT THIS FACT & TRUTH! ALL OF US HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW. OTHERWISE. It is not only our Fundamental Democratic & Human Right.indiatimes. who are enemy no 1 of India & all Indians! Bharat Mata ki jai! Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago timesofindia. 5TH RATE POLITICIANS 1947-2013 NOW & NOTHING WORKS AS IT OUGHT TO. HENCE.however high & mighty they might be . RASCALS & FREEBOOTERS WILL TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE TO DUPE YOU. No nation has ever survived . "YATHA RAJA. Wake up. THE MOMENT THEY ARE OBLITERATED. Our Agree (2) Disagree (0) 8/10 . HENCE. WHEN A PROBLEM ARISES. POWER HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED FROM THE BRITISH TO SOME CRIMINAL INDIAN POLITICIANS & INDIA & INDIANS 2013 ARE NOT AT ALL REALLY FREE IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE TERM. as their job is to serve the nation & its citizens & no one else. my dear compatriots & patriots! Down with the corrupt. WAKE UP WHILE YOU STILL MAY. but also a solemn responsibility. HAVE CREATED THIS & ALL OTHER MAJOR PROBLEMS IN OUR COUNTRY TODAY. ANTI-INDIA & ANTI-INDIAN HYPOCRITES. Army & police have no rights whatsoever to interfere then. BESIDES. THERE ARE UMPTEEN MODERN & SCIENTIFIC MEANS & WAYS OF HANDLING IT EFFECTIVELY.are committing an extremely serious crime.2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights .the ongoing sure & steady decline that they are causing now. Those who take unconstitutional & illegal orders & execute them . Those who have not understood this truth & fact have not understood anything at all. SWINDLED & FLAYED ALIVE 24X7 BY A BUNCH OF CRIMINAL. A DEMOCRATICALLY CORRECT & PEACEFUL INDIAN SPRING IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR IT. THAT IS WHY ALL REFINED DEMOCRACIES IN GENERAL & WELFARE NATIONS IN PARTICULAR DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IN THEIR POWER TO STOP IT. except at their own peril of being charged for severe dereliction of duty. AS WE TRULY DESERVE. bounders & buccaneers. MY DEAR COMPATRIOTS & PATRIOTS! Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive Srikum ar Hariharan (Stockholm) 2 hrs ago OUR 100% CORRUPT & CRIMINAL POLITICIANS 1947-2013. NOTHING LESS WILL SUFFICE NOW. COMPARE INDIA WITH ANY WELFARE NATION & GET SHOCKED BY THE EXTREMELY STRIKING DIFFERENCES! NO NATION HAS EVER SURVIVED NOR WILL SURVIVE THE ONGOING SURE & STEADY DECLINE. BESIDES. TATHA PRAJA. AND NOTHING LESS WILL SUFFICE NOW. MIND! THOSE WHO HAVEN'T UNDERSTOOD THIS FACT HAVEN'T UNDERSTOOD ANYTHING AT ALL. SLAVES & KNAVES. NB! THE ONE & ONLY REAL SOLUTION TO THIS MALADY: A COMPLETE & THOROUGH LEADERSHIP & SYSTEM CHANGE. BUT ALSO A SOLEMN RESPONSIBILITY. THEREFORE. WHEN A DISEASE ERUPTS. Hence. VIA THEIR INNUMERABLE WANTON ACTS OF OMISSIONS & COMMISSIONS.. RIGHT! SO. traitors & oppressors. AND ONLY UNSCRUPULOUS. INDIA WILL START ITS RIGHTFUL ASCEND & BECOME UNDOUBTEDLY THE RICHEST. RULES & REGULATIONS. ALMOST EVERYTHING IN INDIA IS CORRUPTED & DESTROYED BY OUR COMPLETELY USELESS. too. ITS HEAD ITSELF MUST BE CUT OFF. IT MUST BE TREATED. CRIMINAL & COMPLETELY USELESS BUMS.The Times of India IRREFUTABLE PROOF. IT IS NOT ONLY A FUNDAMENTAL DEMOCRATIC & HUMAN OUR INDIA IS THE COUNTRY THAT HAS BEEN THE RICHEST DURING THE LONGEST STRETCH OF TIME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. ANTI-INDIA & ANTI-INDIAN POLITICIANS & THEIR MAFIAS & SYNDICATES. AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE DONE 1947-2013. while you still may. NOT JUST THE SYMPTOMS. if they dare to do it. CORRUPTING A COUNTRY IS THE BEST & MOST EFFECTIVE WAY OF DESTROYING IT. WE INDIANS MUST DO IT ASAP. as unequivocally enshrined in the UN Charter thereof.nor will survive . LET US ALL REALIZE THIS TRUTH NOW & ACT ACCORDINGLY! WAKE UP WHILE YOU STILL MAY. NOT THE TAIL.

considerably reducing the health hazardous air pollution and peace disturbing sound pollution. Wake up while you still may.. com/watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU [Remove the Spaces] Agree (0) Disagree (2) Recommend (0) Offensive John DSouza (Mangalore) 3 hrs ago Silver: 2942 1 4 3 Mobile revolution (excellent solutions) and auto-mobile evolution (only problems) Therefore.Al-Umar-Mujahideen.indiatimes. A concept change in vehicles can make a revolutionary change in the land transport sector. Peoples Demoratic Party (PDP).2/27/13 Economic Survey highlights . But please kill the Termites of India first namely Al Badr. criminal.9 9 0 Yahoo abolishes work-athom e policy . 6 : Drav id AIBA denies approv ing IABF constitution India m ov e to 4 th spot in Test rankings Hay den feels a tiger resides inside Sachin » MORE FROM SPORTS timesofindia.. All India Majlis-e Ittihad alMuslimin. the land transport revolution is essential.cms 9/10 . husband goes m issing » MORE FROM CITY INDIA Varun Gandhi acquitted in 2 009 hate speech case Abducted Power Grid engineer released in Assam Accountability m ust for rights v iolations in Sri Lanka: Gov t Mum bai cops probe threat letter to Mukesh Am bani for 'supporting Modi' » MORE FROM INDIA WORLD Parties m ay struggle to form gov t in Italy UN deletes Osam a's nam e from sanctions list 2 police officers shot dead in US Pakistan court dism isses petition against Zardari » MORE FROM WORLD TECH Sam sung Galaxy S IV: 8 likely features LG launching Optim us G @ Rs 3 0.. my dear compatriots & patriots! Yogesh (Hyderabad) 2 hrs ago The government should think to control the extra expenses made for MP's and MLA for travel and other amenities which would help to reduce Deficit more than increasing the diesel price. Perhaps we can expect a world of difference.This is just an endorsement to prove that UPA is doing everything right but the fact of the situation is we are declining as a potential powerhouse economy by every day. No nation has ever survived nor will survive the ongoing sure & steady decline & fast approaching doom. Jaish-e-Mohammad / Tahrik-e-Furqan. self-seeking. syndicates. thugs. bounders & buccaneers we have had & still have the misfortune to have as politicians 1947-2013. Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DEM)Harkat-ulMujahideen / Harkat-ul-Ansar / Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-IslamiHizb-ul-Mujahideen / Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Pir Panjal Regiment]]. by affecting society. Hence the immediate necessity for a complete & thorough leadership & system change in our India.Economic Surveys and all are all good. Agree (1) Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive w orldpeace2020 (Kafirstan) 2 hrs ago Gold: 5029 5 4 2 Dear Narendra Modi. via their innumerable wanton acts of omissions & commissions. have extremely pathetic & globally notorious oligarchic kleptocracy... Agree (3) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive More inside The Times of India CITY Bangalore gets 7 new express trains Ahm edabad tops all-India list of highest I-T seizures Nehru Place Delhi's IT piracy hub Teacher killed. Agree (3) Disagree (0) Recommend (0) Offensive prashant (delhi) 3 hrs ago Nothing new what chidu has not talked about before.The Times of India Disagree (0) Recommend (1) Offensive THE LONGEST STRETCH OF TIME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. economy and the environment. to meet increasing demand and solve mounting drawbacks.. Nothing less will suffice. ignorant & completely incompetent & useless anti-India & anti-Indian bums. Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI). Jamiat-ul-MujahideenJammu and Kashmir Islamic FrontLashkar-e-Taiba/ Pasban-e-Ahle Hadis. Our totally corrupt. Indian Mujahideen and all its formations and front organisations. After that MODI shall start Concentration Camps to save India from Satan Allah Terrorism and Caliphate. faces flak Why Facebook CEO wants kids to learn coding » MORE FROM TECH SPORTS India needs MS Dhoni at No. youtube .com/business/budget-2013/economic-survey/Economic-Survey-highlights/articleshow/18708788.. by saving huge amount on fuel expenditure. lunatic asylum & wasteland fit only for mafias.etc. thieves & rapists to live in. For Humanity sake see the Video of PASSIVE JIHAD ----------> www ... Al-Qaida.

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