MINI Projects List(ECE

Project based on Smart Card (EEPROM & I2C) S.No SM1 Projects Prepaid card for petrol bunk system Description
In this project smart card contains some amount which has to be used in petrol bunks. The amount is deducted from this card depend upon the petrol we take. This same card can be recharged always when the amount is over. Whenever we insert this smart card in ticket vending machine, the amount is deducted depends upon the destination we choose and issues the ticket. The amount is deducted according with vehicle we park and it gives the information about parking availability.


Metro rail ticketing syste


Smart Card based Automated parking system

Hospital Management System using In this, the smart card contains the previous check up details of the Smart Card Security access control system with smart card. Prepaid card for shopping Prepaid Energy Meter with Smart Card
patient like medicines given, bp, heartbeat etc…. In this each authorized user is given one card with his details. then the authorized persons only allowed by checking the authentication The amount is deducted from the smartcard depends upon shopping.




Prepaid card for bus fare system

In this project the smart card contains some units depends upon the amount we paid for that card. Then this card can be used in houses, offices or industries to get power. Once the units are used then we can recharge the same card. Whenever we insert this smart card in ticket vending machine, the amount is deducted depends upon the destination we choose and issues the ticket.

Projects Based on Robotic Applications

fire etc… the over This robot gives the alert when it detects over temperature changes its path to avoid the obstacle. robot direction is controlled by RF remote In this.No RB1 RB2 RB3 RB4 RB5 RB6 RB7 RB8 RB9 RB10 RB11 Projects Industrial robot Temperature monitoring robot Obstacle robot detection & Description This robot detects temperature.No DT1 DT2 DT3 DT4 DT5 Projects DTMF Based Door Locking System. robot direction is controlled by IR remote This robot follows predefined path and it also gives alert when it detects metal or fire Avoidance When the obstacle detects the robot Mobile Based Robot Gas Leakage Detection Robot Bomb detection robot Fire Sensing Robot Line follower robot Robot Controlling Using RF IR Controlled Robot Autonomous Robot Project based on DTMF S. This robot follows predefined path In this. This robot gives alert when it detects fire. In this we will control the robot direction through mobile. This robot gives alert when it detects any bomb or metal. confirmation through beep Industrial devices Operating System Industrial loads are operated . This robot gives alert when it detects any gas leakage.S. The agriculture field motor is controlled by mobile Home appliances are controlled by mobile DTMF Based Device Control System In this appliances are controlled by mobile and we will get with confirmation through beep. Agriculture motor control using mobile Home automation using Mobile Description In this project the door is controlled by mobile.

This system provides security using RF. DT6 DT8 Controlling Robot using mobile This is not available Marks announcement system through mobile The robot direction is controlled by mobile This system tells the marks through mobile whenever we call to this system Projects Based on RF Communication S. two system with encoding. New Generation Polling Method using In this polling system developed using RF. Traffic Light Priority Emergency Vehicles Control for Whenever RF7 RF8 RF9 RF10 RF11 Frequency Jammer For Remote Controlled Bomb Blasting System Accident Identification using RF Automatic Station Indication System for Railways the emergency vehicles are in traffic jam then this system clear the traffic for that vehicle It avoids the bomb blasting This system gives the information to nearest control room whenever accident occurs This system gives the name of forthcoming station in trains Data transferring cum encoding system In this data can be sent between for army applications using RF module. RF. so that others cannot understand it Simple Messenger Development without It is a simple messenger between two systems using RF Internet.using mobile. We can send the information to be displayed on notice boards from office itself.No RF1 RF2 RF3 RF4 RF5 RF6 Projects Description Wireless (RF) Industrial Automation Industrial loads are controlled through RF system Vehicle access authentication system control and In this project only authorized vehicles are allowed. is Wireless electronic notice board Advance security system using RF. .

In this project we will control the motor ac or dc through RF using RF. of objects in production industries . Projects Based on IR Communication S.No IR1 IR2 IR3 IR4 Projects Auditorium power saving Controlling system using IR Advanced Car Parking System. IR Based Appliance Control System. In this car is controlled through IR remote. Shopping Malls Security & Power Management System Using IR’s Embedded CAR Control System Using IR Description and In this the lights and fans are controlled in accordance with the persons present In this car is detected through IR and gives the information about parking space availability In this project electrical appliances are controlled by IR remote It gives alert whenever anybody enters into security zone and it also controlling the lights depends upon the light intensity. This system monitors the driver to avoid accidents and also control the railway gate through RF. Wireless based motor monitor &control system (without ac motor) In this the communication is Pc To Pc Communication using RF established between two systems (two way communication) Intelligent train engines avoid accidents and controlling the railway gate This system measures voltage temperature and sends to receiver. This system gives alert when someone enters into security rooms This system counts the no.RF12 RF13 RF14 RF15 Automated Remote Data Logger. IR5 IR6 IR7 IR8 IR9 IR10 Bank Security System with IR Automatic Railway Gate Control system IR Based Remote Control Anti-Theft Alarm System Intelligent Object Counting System In this the security is provided for banks using IR pairs In this railway gate is automatically controls whenever train is about to reach the gate In this we will control the loads using IR remote.

Description The street lights are controlled on time basis.No RTC1 RTC2 RTC3 RTC4 RTC5 RTC6 Projects Automatic street light controller with RTC Traffic controller with real time clock Automatic College Bell System. saving . RTC7 Microcontroller based Electronic In this we will develop electronic calendar using Real time clock and colander using RTC ds1307 I2C protocol Water Scheduling for Municipalities The water is controlled for different areas on time basis RTC8 RTC9 Designing of smart refrigerator to alert This system gives the information about the medicines to be taken at the patient using RTC that time RTC10 Implementation of sleeping timer for This system automatically switches TVs and music systems for power off the music system or TV after the set time is over. The traffic lights are controlled on time basis The college bell is ring on desired times Time Management for sterilization The water for plants is controlled on time basis plants Time Scheduling Plants for Agricultural The agricultural field motor is controlled on time basis Automatic Power Management System In this project the different loads in industry are operated for different For Industries Using RTC times.IR11 Time Measurement System for Athletics This system detects the winner in running races very accurately Projects Based on RTC (I2C) S.

No Projects Description We can send the information to be displayed on notice boards from office itself.No PC1 PC2 PC3 PC5 PC6 Projects Description PC based device control system in The loads in industry are controlled using PC industries The voltage . (two way communication) Projects Based on PC (Wired) S. PCW2 Wireless encryption and decryption. PCW5 Wireless Based Electrical Device Control PCW6 Wireless Dc Motor Speed And The speed and direction of dc motor is controlled through RF from PC Direction Control (PWM Technique). is PCW7 Wireless based PC-to-PC In this the communication established between two systems communication using RF. Industrial loads are controlled through RF from PC PCW1 Wireless electronic notice board. In this data can be sent between two system with encoding. so that others cannot understand it This system provides security using RF In this project we will control the stepper motor using RF from PC itself. PCW3 Wireless secured home using RF PCW4 Wireless Stepper Motor Controller.current and PC based data logger system Implementation of hi tech home using pc.PROJECTS BASED ON PC (Wireless) S. The robot direction is controlled by PC based robot PC temperature are measured and displayed on PC In this we can control the home just by sitting in front of PC Hotel power through PC management system In hotels all the lights and fans are controlled through PC itself .

milk. This dice contains numbers from 1 to 6 depends upon the count we get .etc.. Ga2 Ga3 Ga4 Ga5 future telling machine Shooting Using IR LED Ladder Electronic Dice Ga6 Ga7 Quiz Master Number guesser Voice Play Back S.No VC1 VC2 VC3 VC4 VC5 Projects Token Announcement sys Theft Alert sys Automatic Station Announcement Sys Touch Me Not by voice Voice Guider patients For Aged People / Description This system announces the next token number to be served This system gives voice alert when theft occurs This system announces the name of forthcoming station The game status will be indicated through voice This system announces the name of the thing requested by aged people like water. .No Ga1 Projects Touch Me Not Description It is a fun and interesting game to improve the concentration.Games S. it displays one message about your future.prizes will be given This system automatically gives chance to answer who press the switch first and also gives the scores In this we have to guess the number to be displayed after we press the switch. We need to make the green led glow to win the game using IR remote To win this game we need glow all same color LEDS. in this we need to move the one ring from one to other end through wire Whenever we insert one rupee coin in this system.

MC3 MC4 Bank token system Advanced street light controlling This system saves the maximum power wasted in street lights using LDR and RTC system using LDR and RTC MC5 Patient monitoring system This system gives alert whenever the temperature or heartbeat of patient exceeds Advanced This system is designed to eliminate the rigging. MC6 Implementation of Electronic Voting machine MC7 Weather monitoring system In this we will measure the temperature and light intensity to MC8 give the weather report.No MC1 MC2 Projects Automatic plant irrigation sys Over system /under voltage controlling Description the motor for the plants is controlled automatically depends upon humidity level This system controls the loads automatically whenever the voltage increase or decreases to abnormal values This system issues the tokens in the bank.Microcontroller Based Projects S. Microcontroller based max and min This system store the max and min temperature recorder MC9 Implementation ZCD MC10 Embedded unreeling statue control of temperature in industry between each predefined time intervals Temperature Depends upon the temperature the using speed of fan is controlled based Fan Speed Control In this we will control the statue cover or cloth by IR remote at MC11 inaugurations light Advanced Indoor room light control Room is controlled automatically depends upon sun light .

of vehicle at each side light controlling system MC13 MC14 Gas leakage detection system This system gives alert signal when gas leakage detects Embedded power Saver for AC and Depends upon the temperature the Refrigerator intensity of AC is set MC15 MC16 MC17 metal detector Lift access control system Green house monitoring This system detects the metal and gives the indication Lift is accessed by only authorized persons and According to temperature and light intensity the lights and coolers are controlled to maintain the constant controlling MC18 weather condition in green houses Implementation of I2C protocol in In this we will write the data to and between external memory to read the data from external memory eeprom by using I2C protocol microcontroller MC19 Substation controlling monitoring and We will measure the voltage.MC12 Advanced Density based Traffic Traffic lights are controlled depend upon the no. The put side lights are controlled depends upon sunlight MC20 Fire detection system MC21 MC22 Night light saver Bank security system using In this we will provide the security to banks by using different sensors microcontroller MC23 Can protocol implementation Implanting the very useful advanced CAN protocol between two controllers . This system detects the fire and switch on the fire blows automatically. current and temperature at substation and control it according with these values.

MC24 MC25 Electronic eye with security Dial-up MMC card interfacing In this if anything goes wrong then we will get a call through landline to Interfacing with advanced memory card with controller microcontroller MC26 Multichannel display door alarm with This gives the alarm and door number which is opened Without controller projects A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 Intelligent Fire Detector with automatic water sprinkler system to avoid fire Accidents High Sensitive LDR based Automatic night lamp Diamond security system in museums with loud 60dB siren Intelligent Automatic Street Light Control System using high sensitivity LDR Over / Under Line Voltage Protection for Electrical Appliances IR based intelligent Automatic washbasin / mirror lamp controller Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System with water pump control H.Bridge implementation for DC motor Whenever fire is detected the sprinkler is on The light is controlled using LDR If anybody tries to steal the diamond then the siren is activated The street lights are controlled depends upon sunlight The load is protected from abnormal voltages The wash basin lamp is operated only if someone uses it The water pump is controlled depend upon the soil condition. Implementing the h A8 .

direction control for robotic applications A9 A10 Alcohol detector Smoke detector bridge driver transistors using A11 Over temperature detector to control the process PWM based Dc motor speed controller using 555 timer Musical lights A12 A13 It detects the alcohol and gives the alert It detects the smoke in industries whenever fire accidents occurs and gives alert This system detects over temperature and control the process accordingly We can change the speed of dc motor using 555 timer The lights are glow in attractive way according with music .