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Royal International School, Inc.

NAME:_________________________________ SCORE: TEACHER: MS. MYKA ANDREA P. GARCIA _________

Lot 9 & 10 Blk. B Ramon Dizon St., Corner Rd. A and B, Diamond Subd. Balibago, Angeles City


I. READ THE FOLLOWING SELECTION and answer the succeeding questions based on the paragraphs you have read. A. Reading Comprehension People need to be active to be healthy. Our modern lifestyle and all the conveniences we’ve become used to have made us inactive – and that’s dangerous for our health. Sitting around in front of the TV or the computer, riding in the car for even a short trip to the store and using elevators instead of stairs or ramps all contribute to our inactivity. Physical inactivity is as dangerous to our health as smoking! Scientists say that you should accumulate 60 minutes of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve your health. The time needed depends on effort – as you progress to moderate activities, you can cut down to thirty minutes, four days a week. Physical activity doesn’t have to be very hard to improve your health. This goal can be reached by building physical activities into your daily routine. Just add in periods of at least ten minutes each day. After three months of regular physical activity, you will notice a difference – people often say getting started is the hardest part.

Letters A-F (6 points) Write “True” for a correct statement and “False” for an incorrect statement a. Smoking is less dangerous than physical inactivity. b. You do not need more than sixty minutes a day to be fit. c. Nowadays people are more active than in the past. d. The time needed for physical activity depends on money. e. You can improve your health by relaxing and keeping cool. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

f. People say that getting into physical activity is not so difficult. _____

no! I forgot __________ (send) Nick’s birthday card. _____________________________________________________________ . Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets Example: Do you want to go (go) for a drink later? 1. _____________________________________________________________ 3.Royal International School. Passive: The bread is kept in the fridge. Why is physical activity so important for people? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 2. Mum promised __________ (take) us to Disneyland after exams. Mother prepares dinner every night. Do you play any sports? Give two reasons why you do or why you don’t. I’d love __________ (do) more exercise. Inc. Do you remember __________ (let) the dog out this morning? 7. I enjoy __________ (get) up early. 2. 8. Diamond Subd. A and B. 3. Rewrite the sentences FROM ACTIVE TO PASSIVE Example: Active: I keep the bread in the fridge. 1. 6. 9. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. Doctors cure patients. My children are interested in __________ (make) models. Balibago. 10. IV. Thank you for __________ (tell) me the truth. B Ramon Dizon St. Jason is fed up with __________ (drive) his old car. They don’t teach Spanish at my school. 4. Corner Rd. How can you include physical activity in your life? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3. She can’t keep a secret. _____________________________________________________________ 2. Oh.. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ III. Are you thinking of __________ (transfer) to a new school? 5. I regret __________ (tell) her about my problems. Angeles City II. Answer the following questions using your own words (3 points each) 1.

. ______________________________________________________________ V. I get __________ very well with my cousin. 7. Inc. politicians / elected / wisely / in the upcoming election _____________________________________________________________ VI. We have never fought over toys or argued about anything. Garcia ™ . Jenny is interested __________ taking a course in Italian. 1. Then you’ll get the taste of SUCCESS in the end  ” --. Angeles City 4. the house / clean / every day _____________________________________________________________ 2. A and B. write / this song / my sister _____________________________________________________________ 3. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. My wife always wanted a little place __________ the sea. 8. I do wish you’d make __________ your mind.A. The postman only delivers letters on Mondays in this village. Tony never lies __________ anything. 5. Example: tea / grow / in India Tea is grown in India. 10. I’ll keep it __________ mind. What do you do __________ a living? 6. cars / not / repair / here _____________________________________________________________ 4.. He always tells the truth.. Write complete sentences using the words/compound words/phrases in each number. Thanks __________ all your help on the project. 4. They were married __________ July. Balibago.. Why don’t you agree __________ me? 9. 2. That’s good advice. B Ramon Dizon St. “Life is a CHOCOLATE full of thumbtacks and marshmallows. Corner Rd.Royal International School.M. Choose the add-ons you can chew well. 3.. Diamond Subd. Juliet meets Romeo in the balcony that midsummer night. pollution / cause / irresponsible citizens _____________________________________________________________ 5. _____________________________________________________________ 5. Jessie. Complete the sentences with suitable PREPOSITIONS 1.

Royal International School. frightening. 5. you (meet) _will meet_ Amy’s sister. Jenny was very _______________ when she failed her driving test. Most children are _______________ in animals. 2. A and B. GARCIA _________ I. relaxing. fascinated. I feel _______________ now. Don’t bet on your luck! 3. fascinating 1. he (pass) __________. disappointing. 4. . confusing. The film was _______________. Corner Rd. II. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (15 points) Example: If you (go) _go_ to the party. Diamond Subd. 7. Balibago. My bath was _______________. The scenes in the movie ‘Haunted House’ were _______________. you (get) __________ purple. frightened. If you (mix) __________ red and blue. Choose the correct word to complete the following sentences /55 DATE: (10 points) Relaxed. It won many awards at the Academy Awards last year. confused.. If he (study) __________ for his exam. B Ramon Dizon St. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. Interested. You (not / do) __________ well in the test if you (not / learn) __________ your vocabulary. He’s a really clever boy. I was _______________ by the movie. _______________ words are words that are very similar and commonly _______________ e. We were all _______________ to hear about his travels in Turkey. affect and effect. MYKA ANDREA P. Inc. Angeles City FINAL EXAMINATION in 5th GRADE ENGLISH NAME:_________________________________ SCORE: TEACHER: MS. 6. 3.g. interesting. disappointed. 2. 1.

HF. When my sister (have) __________ a cold. we’re just friends” ___________ 10.Royal International School.Sports LF-Local/Foreign ___________1. Egyptian Hot Air Balloon Show Kills 19 Including Tourists ___________ 6. Identify which part of the Newspaper each of the following news items belongs.Business SP. III.m. Peso to Dollar Soar High Says Philippine Stock Exchange. they (not / exchange) __________ it for another. 6. I usually (catch) __________ it. ___________ 4. Maja Salvador: “I don’t need to explain myself.. A and B. ___________ 8. PARTS of a NEWSPAPER. ___________3. Donaire the Next Manny Pacquiao? ___________ 5. Corner Rd. Balibago.Opinion Page ET-Entertainment BS. I believe that every Filipino must choose the honest. ELECTION 2013 READY OR NOT? .. PRESIDENT NOYNOY SIGNS THE RH BILL ___________2. Typhoon Utoy to hit Philippine Area of Responsibility on Friday says PAG-ASA ___________ 9. B Ramon Dizon St.Headline/Front-page OP. and credible leader for our country. 5. Angeles City 4. Inc. Plants (die) __________ if they (not / get) __________enough water. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. We (not / want) __________ dinner if we (have) __________ a meal on the plane. simple. Beautiful Creatures not to surpass the Twilight Saga ___________ 7. If you (not / take) __________ the CD back to the shop by 8 p. The people had spoken and hailed Solenn Heusaff the “Sexiest Woman in the Philippines”. Diamond Subd. 7.

Identify the ADVERB by UNDERLINING it once and draw an ARROW to the word/group of words it modifies. Balibago. Anastasia went upstairs to change clothing for her first date with Christian Grey. one step at a time is better Than leaping through success with inexperiences. MANNER. Troy lives somewhere in Brooklyn. ADVERBS. “Living a life full of lessons. _________ 7.Royal International School. PLACE. Angeles City IV. The chauffeur was driving slowly when the drunken truck driver hit the car. I will buy a computer tomorrow. _________ 3. _________ 6. Write the type of Adverb on the blank.. (20 points) _________ 1. Inc. Corner Rd. New York for more than 10 years. B Ramon Dizon St. A and B. _________ 2.Garcia ™  . _________ 8. _________ 10. _________ 9. The employees are paid monthly. _________ 4. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. The guest came yesterday afternoon at home. Barking dogs seldom bite. You replied correctly to my given question.. FREQUENCY. They were happily flying kites on the top of hill. Students solved the complicated Math problem easily.A. Determine if it is an ADVERB OF: TIME. _________ 5. Diamond Subd.” ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! ---M..

Diamond Subd. Balibago. Mahinahon niyang sinagot ang mga akusa sa kanya. _____ 9. PAKSA o PANAGURI? Tukuyin kung ano ang nawawalang bahagi ng pangungusap ang kailangan punan sa bawat sugnay/parirala. Sadyang masigla ang pananaw sa buhay ng lola niya. ___________ 3. GARCIA _________ /65 DATE: I. Tumira siya sa gubat ng labimpitong taon. Ikakasal ka na pala sa kamakalawa.Pang-abay na Pamanahon PL .. Taimtim na nagdasal ang mga tao nang magkalindol sa Japan. _____ 3.Royal International School. Ako ay magtitinda ng halo-halo sa darating na bakasyon _____ 8. Si Anna ay nagpunta na sa simbahan kahapon. ___________ 2. _____ 2. ___________ 5.Pang-abay na Panlunan PR. Kanino ko ba puwedeng hiramin _________________________. May mga pulubi na nakatayo sa silong ng aming bahay. . _____ 6. ___________ 4. Angeles City FINAL EXAMINATION in 6th GRADE Filipino NAME:_________________________________ SCORE: TEACHER: MS. _____ 5. MYKA ANDREA P. PM. Lot 9 & 10 Blk. Siya ay mabilis kumain ng kanyang hapunan at tanghalian. Inc. Isulat sa patlang kung anong uri ng PANG-ABAY ang nakasalungguhit sa bawat bilang.Pang-abay na Pamaraan _____ 1. __________________________ an gaming munting bahay. _____ 4. Nagbigay ng takdang aralin ___________________________. II. Myka Andrea Garcia ay isang ______________________. (20 points) ___________ 1. Si Bb. _____ 10. Corner Rd. Nanatili siyang nakatira roon. B Ramon Dizon St. Sila _______________________ ay Masaya sa aking balita. A and B. _____ 7.

Lot 9 & 10 Blk. Corner Rd. A and B. Diamond Subd. Angeles City ___________ 6. Halika na at ________________________ ng taguan sa may madilim na kagubatan ___________ 10. Gamitin ang mga balloon box upang maisulat ang inyong sagot. III. Ano kaya ________________________ sa darating na Mahal na Araw? ___________ 9.Royal International School. _________________________ay sumulat ng dulang pangteatro. ___________ 8. Bigyan ng angkop na pamagat ang usapan sa telepono (20 points) __________________________________ PAMAGAT .. Ang ale ay ________________ sa kalye araw at gabi. B Ramon Dizon St. Punan ng wastong mga pangungusap ang usapan sa telepono. Maglilinis ng bahay sa bakasyon _________________________. Balibago. Inc. ___________ 7.

Pinakamasayang araw ng aking buhay C.. (15 points) A. Inc. Ang Aking Paaralan _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ . Lot 9 & 10 Blk. Ang Taong aking hinahangaan D. Diamond Subd. IV.Royal International School. Ang aking mga paboritong bagay B. PUMILI NG ISANG PAKSA MULA SA IBABA AT SUMULAT NG ISANG MAIKLING SANAYSAY NA MAY 3 TALATA. Angeles City . Corner Rd. A and B. PAGSULAT NG SANAYSAY 1. B Ramon Dizon St. Isulat ang inyong sanaysay sa mga patlang na nakalaan. Balibago.

9) Kalihim ng Kagawaran ng Kapaligiran at likas na yaman ( 2 words ) Q. C Kongreso Mataas at Mababang Kapulungan Senado . C Pederal Dalisay Presidensyal . Inc. A . B Ramon Dizon St. B . Q.8) Uri ng Korupsiyon na naganap noong panahon ng Dating Administrasyong Marcos. Q. B . Q. 2011 ( 3 words or 2 words ) Q. B .3) mga uri ng pamahalaan kung saan namumuno ang Punong Ministro A . A and B. Q. ( 2 words or 5 words or 3 words ) Q.7) Ang dating AFP Chief of staff na nagpakamatay noong Pebrero 8 . B . Q. Q. Diamond Subd. C Demokrasya Byurukrasya Diktatoryal . C Monarkiyang Konstitusyonal at Parlyamentaryong Demokrasya Presidensyal Pederal . C Hudikatura Ehekutibo Lehislatibo / Lehislatura . Corner Rd. Angeles City Q. A .6) Kasalukuyang Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas. B .1) Uri ng pamahalaan kung saan isang partido ang namumuno rito . Lot 9 & 10 Blk.10) Kalihim ng Kagawaran ng Katarungan .2) Uri ng pamahalaang demokratiko kung saan walang namumuno puro tao lamang . Balibago. A . A ..4) Sangay ng pamahalaan kung saan namumuno ang Pangulo .Royal International School.5) Ang tawag sa dalawang kapulungan .

Lot 9 & 10 Blk.20) ang 2 uri ng Kinatawan sa loob ng Mababang Kapulungan ( 4 words ) Q.13) Ispiker ng Kamara sa kasalukuyan ( 2 words ) Q.18) ang Executive Secretary ( 2 words ) Q. B Ramon Dizon St. ( 3 words ) Q.Royal International School. Corner Rd.16) ang Hukom kung saan nanumpa si P-Noy noong kanyang Inaugurasyon niya sa Quirino Grand stand ( 3 words or 2 words ) Q. Diamond Subd. Angeles City ( 3 words ) Q.21) ang bilang ng mga Kongresista sa Lehislatibo .11) Ugaling Pilipino na kung saan hindi marunong tumupad sa oras na napag-usapan . ( 2 words ) Q.14) Bise Presidente ng Pilipinas sa kasalukuyan . Inc.19) Uri ng Pamahalaan kung saan namumuno ang Oligark / oligarko Q.17) ang Spokeperson ng Ating pangulo ngayon ( 2 words ) Q. ( 2 words ) Q. A and B. Balibago.. ( 3 words ) .12) Ang Pangulo ng Senado sa kasalukuyan. ( 2 words ) Q.15) ang Punong Mahistrado ngayon .