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Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012


Busitema satellite
Namasagali campus

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Vol.1 issue 2

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Parties rise from the dead

Dabos see the blues

News bites
Discussion taken to mosquito nets Internship hots up

the word namasagali is a lusoga word that means going to check the fares of the train gali so come 14th feb the day of lovers, it was one of the activities of the day that lovdrs enjoyed. valentine at the nile was not as commercialised as the increased availability of red rose flowers today. It was not about public display as synonymous with the lovers today. Those days their were no red flowers in the Indian shops that dotted the golden brown that covered namasagali. Instead they went with their lovers to buy endabada that were the trend of the time. The male youth wore bell bottoms with matching afros cuts. There was emphasis on the bell covering the full length of the shoes. These were complemented with silk vinyl shirts that were flowered to catch the eyes of the saucy females. In the evening the boys came creeping at the gals home since the gals parents were synonymous with toughness at the time. For the sharp ones who managed to sneak around it was a time of fairy tale.

The nobles
Zambia the chiplolopolo

Docking station

Year 2‟s cowards

A ferry on river nile

Who is supposed to market the course

I dig you like a farmer

Your life and God

And others proved the love for their darlings by giving them brewed cups of malwa

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Lecture block bringing smiles
The new block finally taking shape from the advance toilets whose foundation was dug into the ground just a couple of weeks ago to an eye catching iron sheet designed building with running glass all around it. We can‟t wait for its unveiling like happened with the iron sheet bathroom when the vc failed to show up to official open them.

Internship hots up as students completely forget their research topics.
This happened when the assistant faculty dean who also doubles as the department Mr. Taako Edema head made it mandatory that internship placement was a course unit contributing to the students final Internship hots up as students completely forget their research topics. This happened when the assistant faculty dean who also doubles as the department head made it mandatory that internship placement was a course unit contributing to the student‟s final transcript. This got many fumbling and flying onto boda bodas to head to their respective homes in search of placement. Those who thought they would dodge were disappointed when the head told them that you not worth to be a university student if you don‟t have enough connections to get you an internship place. But luckily for them NECI has come to their rescue and giving out internship placements if you are willing to dig. Coupled with this made most forget their research topics since many had been concocted at last minute.

Discussion groups taken to the mosquito nets
With ever increasing complication of math oriented course units like kakungulu's econometrics with confusing b1 with a cap, many people have turned to writing out application letters inviting their potential targets to be their discussants. Those with already got discussant have been seen hiding under mosquito nets as they don‟t want to be over heard transferring poison to their UN suspecting partners.
Neci take sensitisation to radio

Parties arise from the dead
With the next elections slowly but steadly moving close, it has seen the resurrection of defunct associations/political parties. This was with the reappearance of eresa after a long time out of the limelight not after the miserable collapse of their garden to the monkeys. To the unknowing eresa is the association for all students coming from the east of the Nile. The other group was the final stamping of bankosa in namasagali after a long time of rumours and promises. Their re-emergence so they elect their executive body. This makes them join the list of existing associations like banyakore kwetarana a group of all westerners especially banyakore, the discussants boka who specialise in issues of nagongera and chopping math numbers full time. Even the fresher‟s have the lets boycott freshers ball group with their own structures in place. So don‟t be surprised if the next election is contested along those lines.

on Saturday 25th a local association took environmental awareness to the next level by taking their „bukugu‟ to kamuli broadcasting services KBSfm to educate the public. These were butaleja, ahabwe Raymond, mabirizi Julius, miss kateme Martha and me the writer sema nare. Get the excepts of what transpired I the follow up pages

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Who is supposed to market the course?????

quoting the then faculty dean “ the course has been on going in Europe and other developed countries………..the jobs are available on an international scale and locally in environment related organisa- quoting on of the students “people I have been in the tions like the NEMA and others” field…………….interacted with those peoBut then how do those doing similarly reple………..they can‟t wait to receive us stulated course like B.Sc. Environmental scidents to explain to them some of the techence and other environmental conscious nicalities to these politicians……….” courses that don‟t come to mind right away. Does this imply that those who are comShould we say we in the game for the fittest because how you expect us to compete plaining about the course just don‟t understand the field they signed up for from the globally if we don‟t even know our stand very beginning or is it the case them being locally? pioneers they can‟t stand the weight of expectation hovering their shoulders. Also Quoting one of the lecturers, the fact that the course was availed on “I even don‟t know what is supposed to teach because what‟s in the course outline scholarship would it be a factor for the has no documented material and is not easy confusion. In these hard economic conditions any one would take up courses that to find. What‟s available is irrelevant to free of charge then complain later when Uganda as a case study” the going gets tough. Are the students beSo if those who are meant to be the light ing short sited in their demands because at the end of the dark tunnel don‟t also country wide the jobs are un available. So seem to know what they feeding us, then should they stick to forming their associawhom should we trust to guide us along the tions like NECI, EREAS with the goal of meandering journey. Are we supposed to seeking funding form already established make up what to present to potential emNGO‟s that seek to partner with them. ployers. Should we simply pick up the document and file it with hope of finding greener pastures elsewhere like furthering The debate is thrown back to your court our studies I other alluring fields and dump and it runs across many other courses with the whole dream of being Uganda‟s first their fancy names……………… bunch of professional resource economists. Quoting another lecturer during one of those heated moments in class during an argument “been hearing this debate about a missing lecturer………………the institution will go on even if one person leaves” Could it be that the students are fore seeing a bleak future now that the pioneering

lectures they started with are out of the system hence the collapse if the institution is downright inevitable. Have the lecturers lost the respect of the students and are now looked at as jokers moving around with files for quack books.

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Abakugu ku_radio
The show kicked off with the team meeting the programme‟s director To clarify our identity and signing the visitor books. The show was organised and bank rolled by the area Mp hon. Andrew Allen.

Moderator; introduces the wrong institution namasagali college university and Spells out names Julius; speaks welcoming people into the new year in February giving brief back ground of neci and that he is the speaker. Martha; talks in lusoga as the only woman Interaction with the programmes manager showed butaleja thanks kbsfm thanks listeners for buying that he had complaints about leaders not sensitis- battery cells for radio to listen to environmental ing the locals. Stories people cutting down even issues and sustainable development. mango trees for charcoal trade. To make an extra buck that they even dip charcoal in water to make it heavy urban dwellers were weighing the charcoal they bought. There were also multiple cases of corruption even in society. That‟s why he was even dismayed at the absence of technical who don‟t show up for the talk shows because they have got environmental talk show on Monday but will be changing to Sunday at 8;30pm to 11pm. On another level the district has no money and he admitted to have been a leader but doesn‟t understand how budget got no allocation for the environment. He assumed that maybe no pushers bsc. nre qualify then will there be technical peoAhabwe; in english explains that he is the neci ple in the field. external project coordinator From the previous shows he summarised afew main areas of contention. That callers are as the show proceeds divided into two groups; those who keep calling are wholly and Julius; explains Obutonde bwensi resources like against mainly animal kips want swamps to land, air but keeps tabs on agriculture remain for water, feed Resource as god given hence the need for man to Other groups want land to grow food but that remove one resource remain the same. wetland govt owned. In envt is holistic gives wetland not stop but hw People think of own life not future kids you use them No patriots Sustainable devt explains it in lusoga as enkosa Others don‟t associate with it (natural enviette aba endo okukosa ronment) Marth; supplements in lusoga our reasonably to let future after one hour of brushing and screening Ahawe; land forest water envt works in system our voices , the show was ready t start.
Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

wetland survive minus lake, tree go down

butaleja; personal initiative even small land plant banana ebigogo leave make manure mulching

How you use evnt minus destroying it


how u use wetland plant tree afta cuttin fertilizer upland rice ngo like vedco

Forest as water catching don‟t get water for swamps dry Julius; give eg busoga govt vs mabira kira water reduce hence no umeme leads to A4C riot eg a body minus arm but julius say a head minus body equal useless. Butaleja; gives flood rainfall grass Bunyole equal flood frequency due to rice in wetland drought echeya bush burnin olwiyila then make us public awareness ie leader to explain to the masses. Martha; people got to man ie chain eg radio minus wire Ahabwe; talk envt in nxt hr as they head for a commercial break galimaka programme moderator: mwino kyakuwa Martha; how tree keep water? Morning dew keep water and butaleja eg tree plant near house, wind water blow house talks about people who kuloga rain to fall or not evaporate from lake ahabwe eg mabira river originate the nile water.

What happen if we destroy envt?

Julius; fene got 2 season and in Namasagali each bears 30 sell each at 2k each yr makes an average of 200k charcoal urn the tree once and forget. The est way is to plant na d don‟t burn trees when thay are standing. Plant others at the boundary of your land. Also explains to a caller that neci goin to other place so they will be in his area any time from now.

How about those who burn mango tree for charcoal

obwavu obutu sibyeko akayumba

How you know envt destroyd tutegera li ndi ent eyonönera

kwocha empira wind blow ash to atmospher to contaminatim the disease Rice no wetland agric on river banks lead to river to fill soil then flood River absorb waste ie buchaff ie assimilative ie mango even being burnt take tabs for medicine All fruits being bought agric yield reduce 10bags increase but fall later need fertilizer kill soil structure make soil fragmented

Butaleja; when cutting tree feels sympathy for it. Ahabwe;policy implemdnt policy mp bugabtla fo support other stakehold dean Martha; urged the people to come together for the sake of the environment Julius; mp kumali to take a personal initiative and students at nanmasagali campus Sema; urged the people to cut a tree but plant one after comparing digital photos of today and 5oyears ago special thanks go to kbs fm and callers like the rcc.

In summary final remarks

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

pick a successor from the NRM carders in the remaining 3 regions of central, Northern and Eastern?”. Does it mean that they are less experienced than the Muhozis of yesterday? Or don‟t bear any military credentials as the above two? For the case of Mbabazi the little time UGANDA COULD BE EITHER that he has spent in the office of the A FAMILY OR premier has manifested to us what we should expect of him if he happens to be REGIONAL AS- a president of this already economically SET dwindling state. Cases like the Temangalo saga, oil-contracts saga etc still freshly the rate at which Ugandans are getting linger in the minds of Ugandans, who worried as a result of the exasperating mark you, are the 2016 eligible voters. autocratic rule, if measurents are to be taken should be more than expectations. For the case of the oil deals, I can‟t in any way vehemently declare that he is Ignoring the way Uganda is being govguilty because I lack concrete evidence. I erned and considering the form of succession that is being orchestrated by the can only add my voice to that of the false liberators of this already economi- other people that he might be guilty because only him out of the three implically crippled country one would be convinced to think that the future of Ugan- cated in this scandalous issues practically refused to step aside and pave way for dans is in stupor. the investigations. I am expendably sure What is already cooking in the head of that if he had stepped aside and facts president Museveni is about instituting were unearthed, indeed he might have either Amama Mbabazi or Muhozi Kainbeen found guilty, and this could contaerugaba as his successor and this is like giously taint his I mage, and hence he adding salt onto an injury. By all means couldn‟t sell to many Ugandan electorates unless the heavens intervene, if any of who have vowed to totally fight corrupthe above names surfaces for presidention. tial elections, it can go through though each of them is already stale in the minds For the case of Muhozi, yes he is a youth and hence a would be darling to them the of each and every concerned Ugandan‟s youth, but the much autocratic record mind. Not forgetting NRM‟s tactful mathat his dad has already set wouldn‟t play chineries of winning elections fraudulently either through rigging, torturing of good for him and the much intended dyvoters and opponents etc., I foresee the nasty wouldn‟t go through. I understand that apart from the above two names, poor Ugandan voters still languishing in Janet Museveni is also warming up for the hands of these self proclaimed libthe same calling in case things don‟t go as erators. planned. If I critically analyze this lady, If I may pose a question to any conshe could make a good and appealing Mincerned Ugandan, “why doesn‟t Museveni
Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

ister for Gender and Cultural development other than a president. Talk of the likes of Mrs. Kibaki, Mrs. Gba-gbo and the rest given the influence posed on their husbands in terms of running their countries can make better presidents than this Bweranyangi O.G.

trying to show that the prowess of FDC only lies in his genealogies. At this point I can‟t now get surprised when I hear him utter that if we don‟t endorse Byanyima then we should consider the twice beaten Mugisha Muntu or even Amanya Mushega. If such happens as the trend is already showing, then my sane mind tells me that Moving away from the ruling party and reflecting on the major opposition politi- the difference between Museveni and cal party in which many helpless Ugandans Byesigye is their similarity and therefore we ought to consider none of them. have always placed their forlorn hope, the disease of dynastism has also started If Byesigye confesses that he still has eating it up. The recent pronouncement the party at heart and is deeply conof its party president while on a certain cerned about its future in Uganda‟s poliradio station in the Western region that tics, then he better advices Winnie to his wife Winnie Byanyima is ready and in dare not contest for the party card, and capability to lead this country as presiinstead leave the race to the highly popudent left me flabbergasted and in a state larly rising Nandala Mafabi, the intellecof pandemonium. This is the man whom I tual Abdu Katuntu and the Aggressive have always regarded as non-sectarian; Salam musumba. If possible, let the conhowever, he left me astonished when he test for the party presidency be left to showed that his full weight is behind his only the central, northern and eastern wife if she dares to show interest. Think region as this will leave the party concreabout a situation where for whichever tized and Byesigye and his wife Winnie reason she becomes the president of should play it elderly by remaining neuUganda, would you get surprised to hear tral. If not, I foresee a lot of camps and that after her it is Anselm she has proinfighting in FDC , more so among the big wigs and at the end they will get divided, posed to succeed her?. Many people have always idolized Besigye weakened and hence giving NRM chance to sail over them. Byesigye should be rewhether publically or privately not beminded that the support that FDC enjoys cause he is a presidential material, but now has been garnered partly by these because he has always preached what looks like solutions to Uganda‟s problems. cadres from these regions and not enHe has always appeared as someone who tirely on him and his ever abroad Byanyis carrying solutions other than problems ima, and for that reason let chance be for Ugandans, whoever if he has started given to any of these regioners to try ,if not, Uganda could be viewed as either a to evident signs and symptoms that he can only deliver his solutions through his family or regional asset. ever abroad wife Byanyima other than the potential FDC Carders like the likes of Nandala Mafabi, Salaam Musumba, Abdu Katuntu and the rest, then he is
Bwire Moses 2nd yr Natural Resource EconomicsBusitema University

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012


Floods and drought are going to become more intense and frequent according to the current human practices. Climate change is bound to get worse and at the stake is the livelihood of million s of people particularly in sub Saharan Africa who depend on rain fed agriculture, which calls for affirmative action to minimize the impact of climate change. Some of the brilliant preventive polices such as green technology, resource substitution the urban wetlands that should be conserved in order to drain away storm water in case of flooding are being reclaimed yet a policy on wards has been in place for over two decades so every person needs to start adapting to changes that will help them survive the tough times ahead. However, this requires mass awareness drivers, which can only happen if the policy on climate change is completed and implemented.

As we move towards industrialization, we need to learn from the European Union and pursue the growth model of development to harness power from wind, solar, water and use it efficiently. My simple advice to developing countries is not to repeat the mistakes of developed countries whose industrial revolution thrived from burning fossil fuels, releasing massive quantities of carbon dioxide that finally resulted into the current global warming dilemma.

By: LWETUTTE SAMUEL SENIOR KIBUUKA. +256775638676/ +256754020667

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

It is profound pleasure that I welcome you to this converted issue of the Namasagali campus satellite and fun in our leisure pages .I commend the editorial team for their tireless efforts towards the successful publication of this issue of the satellite .I am so proud to have worked with a team of such devoted men and women. A word of thanks goes to our beloved dean of students in charge of welfare, AA in charge of guild affairs, campus guild representative council ,the faculty dean and his faculty staff .Thank you for embracing our ideas and guiding us to this achievement. . We hope that the contents of this magazine will be informative and inspiring to make a difference in your knowledge, perceptions and attitudes towards the various concerns addressed within. Finally, the efforts of my fellow students cannot go unnoticed, thank you for contributing articles to this satellite. Your contributions have helped us produce a formidable magazine that will surely enrich and entertain whoever reads it. Busitema University Pursuing excellence, for God and my country.

Image from the past

This is an image taken before these two developed the campus aura and swell. Compare them today and in the past……………………..

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

The cage steams to dirt
The gals hostels commonly known as the cage has fallen below even ghetto sanitation and is now on the countdown to the first cholera outbreak in namasagali after the flooding that took father grimes back to England. The cage drainage system can only be compared to that of bwaise in the rainy season as its always flooding with showering water that even the smell has fermented into that of a poultry farm. Its so bad that even the strongest fragrance has deemed useless and even the bulbs in there have requested for leave until further notice since they can‟t stand the bad stench so the place is pitch black. Makin bye standers wonder how the gals mange to clean those secret parts and corners on their body parts. Other gals have opted to increase the amount of make-up they use to the extent that if you greet them your hands remain with residues of make either oils or lotions. So we calling on the concerned parties to please come thru with the needed changes.

Tanks decorate the compound
At the beginning of the semester the campus procured a batch of huge 10k litre water tanks numbering to 3 and i guess the plan according to how they were dumped round campus were meant to have each hosted with a reserve tank but to the dismay of many students the tanks still lie un used and on the ground. Despite that the area rarely has power; the huge tank if installed would at least help hold water until electricity paid namasagali its usual visits after 3days. So the question many have been asking themselves is whether the campus had plans of decorating the compound with these huge plans or they really have a plan for then because the innovative students of namasagali have turned the huge tanks in boxer and nicker hangings‟ to dry their inner garments. Others have turned them in a certain kind of gym where they meant there frustration after disappointment from their lover. To those who are financially down they have organised bets of up to 3k if one can lift the huge tank upright thus relieving the kayasi as the days countdown to allowances.

Fenne substitutes food
Students have been listening to their health doctors and have mended the advice by munching away huge chunks of fene nearly every day that it passes by their hostels. Those who can‟t afford the meagre coins have opted the middle man role where they carry it to their moneyed friends who buy the whole fenne and the middle man in turn gets commission in form of fenne. Some have buy the whole fene and store it in their rooms so they can eat it for breakfast, lunch, supper and even breakfast on the next day. Some have even got wives using fene as bait thanks t6 the song amasanda

ganemeseza kulya fene.

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

I dig you like a farmer…

Fashion bites

heard some one sometime back rap a line that caught my ear………….. ”………………….am not a farmer but i dig you like a farmer.” this gave me the thought that if a gal and you single and were not mingling but had singled a farmer what would you expect in that package…………. farmers are normally think in past tested and stick to the tried and tested path even when enjoying the little dirty things in life so don't expect them to go probably stick to missionary….ing styling those sex and wont be breaking their backs digging up dusted copies of Kama sutra trying out all those cool styles with their slutty names like wheel barrow and so forth cause farmers work in seasons don't expect them to hit you up when you are in your P‟s cause they know when it rains it pours and some times hits like hurricane “wish i knew………” a crude farmer knows Darwin's law of competition of the fittest and stresses the point of working and preparing his ground to streaking clean so he probably will be shaving your plot just to make sure everything go to plan bit lest you can with stand his tinkling cause his tools be crude thanks to global warming he will knows the rules of irrigation and he be spreading that magic water to feed and that's go keep you for at least 9months with no complains but on your reserves farmers are conscious bout the effect of toxic waste in their environment and how it go affect their yield so don't expect to eat fast food garbage accumulating waste in your tummy and go round farting around like a toad crushed by an all dirty gum boot

ladies if planning on wrapping your beautiful thighs up in a long pair of trousers please don’t wear high heels or you risk moving around with a kabawo for ebintu esp. if you not well endowed in that department the other male thing that gives off colour is a christmas tree so boys please limit your cloth colour combinations to 3 or below or u risk being called gay or homo coz biologically it‟s the female who attract their mate with colour
Of course a number of gals once in a while what to walk around with their curves oozing in these flowing party dresses but please i don’t what to see your panty demarcated and standing out of that smooth dress. I want to imagine how it looks not to begin drawing it out your body and even weigh it using my imaginary weights Then there are those who feel are fashionably adapt with the times and want to wear those tiny lingerie and G-strings but please don’t match that with low cut jeans because your buttocks don’t look fan to the eye from the rear view esp. if you once suffered from those skin diseases

Lastly those if you to wear suit and you size 14 please don’t wear size 20 or you risk being reduced to person when inherited it from his grandparent and playing mwana akula

and if your gifts are not complete with out fragrance then worry not cause the farmer need not to buy cause his clothes are the master mix and his feet are the jewelled fingers to work their magic in his gum boots is the well rounded shaped bottle to package his shit cause the stench in their is multi million dollar.

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

When love sucks
At campus have seen many humans drown in the allure of falling in love scoring the chance of having someone to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, be patient with you one of those days when you suck to the fullest, laugh at even your lamest attempt at cracking a joke and at the end of the night wish you sweet dreams after along tight squeeze. At this stage no one cares about the moment coming to an end and we dread the moment the winding love road comes to a dead end under the unfamiliar of all circumstances and the most childish and lamest of excuses. Quite a number of reasons prop up when the end is finally flashed on the silver screen and the cinema doors are shut closed till further notice. Have compiled some below feel free to relate with one;

“we were young and didn‟t know what we were doing”
Why go into a realationshit well knowing you below the age to consume it in all its colours. And what age are we talking about here; is it that‟s constitutionally accepted in this case 18 or does the age here refer to a mental state of the mind and not the figures that pop every time you flash your birth certificate. “we wanted to give each other some space” Who said In love you are tied to each other like a rope to a tree or a hand bag to a girls arm with all the consumables that come along within it. Is this space imaginary that you can‟t really geolocate it on the earth may be am going to Karamoja in search of my space. So why did you realise now that your space has been encroached on and besides why didn‟t you demarcate it at the beginning of the raltionshit in the first place like we used to do it in primary school by telling our then girlfriends our do‟s and don‟ts like we were taking them to a prison.

“our time was done”
So you initailly came into the relationshit with a time frame in mind. What happened to the fairy tales about anfd they lived happily their after and if you willingly entered a relationshit with a time why you soaking your pillow tears and disgusted every time a love song plays on radio.

“ am done with the opposite sex women and men till firther notice”
now that you done with them have you finally learnt how to love yourself. Why did you stop loving yourself and thught the whole world gives you what you can‟t give yourself? Because true happiness starts with loving you………………I mean you. So are you turning to gay/lesbian or the whole species? “we shall be just friends” what makes you think it‟s as easy as done and heard of the adage we can share a bed but not the dreams how sure are you that that person thinks the same as you and will simply switch off the button and everything will be normal like nothing ever happened. I know you thinking about loving maturely and things come and go but why must you as a person go and not others and what if you meant the whole world to them.

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Over nite
With the dry climate and weather has triggered the need for a higher power to and as the adage goes/ where there is a will there is a way. This has perfectly to Namasagali fledglings are fast turning to the holy grail to see them through their mounting problems like hiding form their discussants in Bagdad, struggling to get girlfriends if you can‟t afford a cool laptop complemented by a cooler bicycle or some heavenly facing sharp shooter for shoes. The trend has been pioneered by the like of mr. Bagdad in the company of other serial believers who on Friday night can be seen trekking to the holy place to meet blessings from their maker. Even the politicians have not been left behind on the overnight trend and hoped onto the band wagon thanks to the fact that the elections are seemingly drawing closer and so is the demand for a Jesus clean image demanded for by the electorate who won‟t think twice to bundle you out in a blinker of an eye. Those in public offices like church committees have also taken the opportunity to clean their images to wipe themselves of Saturday‟s transgression with the daughters of eve. Others seek the almighty to guide them along the temptation filled road they will be trekking come Saturday night.

Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2


Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

London clubs fail ivory coast
First it was asamoah gyan formerly of Sunderland who followed up his world cup miss with another penalty taken miserably that was saved by the a candidate for player of the tourney mweene. Next at the final stage that had been laid out for ivory coast to steal the trophy the representatives of the Londoners still did their magic to fail ivory coast. Step up first was Chelsea's Didier drogba who after being awarded a cheap penalty showed the world why they did deserve any favours from karma when he took a goal kick instead of a spot blasting the ball over the bar and out of the stadium. Next up after Zambia had given ivory coast the mother of all chances when they missed the game killing penalty. The stage had been set for arsenals flying winger to steal the spoils and win it for ivory coast but alas the London curse was hovering over his head. And he kicked his spot kick super wide past the goal posts and into a by standing camera man. With all these errors its not surprising their clubs lie in mid table mediocrity.

Strongest man in bagdad

1The tank

snugly says you wont carry me!!!

2 Testing one two

3 Applying the wushu

4 Imagine what I

can do to a gal

5 Some body tell

papa’s joke In pictures……..i want my money papa recorded some guy angrily demanding for his money and goes around fooling his friends to explain to this debtor that he will pay back. Initially you believe it’s a genuine phone call yet its recorded

mununa to send that amukeke



Hello I want my money I want to speak to the owner of the phone

Who is this speaking sir??? He answers shut up your being used……..i said I want my money …..stupid

3. Fuck…… the whole thing was ajoke papa recorded some who wanted his money so keeps playing the joke on his unsuspecting friends

4. Those around bust into laughter

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Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Congratulations!!! mwa mwa
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Lovers issue

Monday, 20 february 2012

Dabos o-3 singles
February 14th turned from a red to a blue heart break show down as the team dubbed the dabos aka those with wives and girlfriends was white washed by the singles aka the gamblers and disappointed and minus wives and girlfriends either.

all full of energy and was burning to perform thanks to the fact that he won‟t be performing any of that energy consuming nocturnal duties until further notice in the fore see able future. Special stats are awarded to the rcc for finally showing his true colours that his now a dabo and so don‟t ask too many questions when he comes

The match kicked off miss officiated by the cam- along with something beautiful on his re-election pus head coach who also doubles as the sports bid. Sentebe for showing there is love in church secretary with heavy dominance from the dabos as too. they showed the skill on the Namasagali turf that helped them sweep the ladies off their feet and into their muscular arms. However the singles popularly known as numberless drivers in reference to the vehicles form Mombasa that have no number plates cruised back into the game with kickbacks from the flying singles. Obuto Solomon crushed in when katikwe spilled a screaming short form Kijali back into play making many neutrals wonder our dear goal keeper will manage to keep that mama of his from the hungry hyenas patrolling Namasagali. The dabos tried to pull back into the game but showed all signs of the wear and tear of their nightly shift duties working in the cage. B_wire then smashed in after a clean one two touch from his team mates making the neutrals wonder what his doing on the singles team yet he possesses such a superb short on target. Obuto the chief tormentor then added salt to the dripping wounds of the dabos when he pulled off a Messi like run leaving Sentebbes and church brother in his dust to round off a 3nil routing of the DE shelved dabos team. Gerald popped in with a last minute sucker punch but as usual he was offside. The match then took a another twist when the dabos goalie packed his bags and left the playing field living many believing that he probably leave his partner yearning on those days he fails to dully perform those demanding night push ups. The man of the match was Nka_shiela who looked
Busitema satellite vol1, issue 2

game of the month

Matatu was once a game fo low lives and gamblers who were living on lifes edge. Back then draught and ludo wher the games to play if life had given you a raw deal at convincin the fairer sex to be your lovdr. Bt with the number of couples standin at a record low and the singlds sky rockettin due to hard times. Every one is sharpenin his skill at the game of die,spade. Flowers. Its played esp in the morning as members munch over fene, with a bunch of supporters gunnin behind their favorite stars like bwire, ojanji and my mun among others…..