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Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

This year, we are pleased to offer several new learning initiatives. For the first time ever at BRS, learn to become a literate Jew in only one year with our “People of the Book” course. This course, with depth and scope, allows participants to be introduced to some of the most influential Jewish books written over the last two thousand years, what made them unique, and what’s their lasting impact. From the Talmud to the Zohar to Abarbanel, each week discover a fundamental and monumental work, the story behind it, its author, and its importance to Jewish tradition. This course has a high level of quality and content and will be meaningful for both the seasoned student and newcomers to Jewish learning. In our attempts to educate and enrich our community with both the knowledge and passion to be effective Israel advocates, we are thrilled to be hosting a weeklong seminar in Modern Israeli History with visiting scholar Mr. Moshe ben Baruch. This intensive one week seminar will review the history of modern Israel from the inception of Zionism to the present, and is a great opportunity both for those just beginning to learn and those with a deep understanding of Israeli history. And lastly, we continue to offer a wide array of daytime and nighttime classes throughout the week. From weekly Parsha classes to Daf Yomi classes and, of course, our Distinguished Scholars Lunch and Learn Series, we encourage everyone to make the time to delve deeper into our rich tradition and anchor your week with Torah study. At Boca Raton Synagogue, there is truly something for everyone. We look forward to learning together with you this year. Dean Director
About Us Weekly Shiurim Scholars in Residence Partnership Weekends People of the Book Distinguished Scholars Series BRS Film Series Women’s Learning Program Eye on Israel Seminar in Modern Israeli History Men’s Club/Sisterhood Youth and Teen Programs Chevras BRS Minyan Menu Boca Raton Jewish Experience Year at a Glance Week and a Glance 3 4 6 9 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 29 30 32 33

TheBocaRatonSynagogueAdultEducationProgramhasbeenendowedby ShelleyandElliotLoewensterninlovingmemoryofElliot’sbelovedgrandparents, HelenandJuliusReiter.TheReiterswereactiveleadersintheAmericanJewish community.TheyprovidedlayleadershiptotheYoungIsraelMovement,andwere activeinsupportingtheneedsoftheStateofIsraelthroughtheireffortsinMizrachi andAMITWomenintheFarRockawayJewishcommunity.Theirmemoryis eternalizedthroughthehundredswhostudyandparticipateinouradulteducation program. TheBocaRatonSynagogueAdultEducationProgramhasalsobeenendowed byShelleyandElliotLoewensterninlovingmemoryofShelley’sparents, MarilynandAbrahamRosenburg.Throughthisgift,BocaRatonSynagogue isempoweredtocontinueitsoutreachprograms.MarilynandAbraham Rosenburg’smemorywillcontinuetobeblessedfor,throughtheirchildren, manywillhavetheopportunitytolearnmoreabouttheirJewishheritage.
7900 Montoya Circle North, Boca Raton FL 33433-4912 tel 561.394.0394 • fax 561.394.0180 • •

Eternal Memory

Boca Raton Synagogue • Hahn Judaic Campus


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


















Senior Rabbi




Contacts David Wolgin, Ph.D, President Rabbi Kenneth Brander Rabbi Emeritus Linda Gordon, Administrative Assistant Kerry Purcell, Office Manager Amy Downs, Bookkeeper Women’s Mikvah (Leave message) 561.394.5854 Shabbat Hospitality 561.394.0394 Chevra Kadisha: Yvette Kaweblum 561.573.8996 or BRS office 561.394.0394 Rabbi Kenneth Brander Rabbi Emeritus Directions From the North/ South/ East

Take I-95 to the Palmetto Park Road exit. Proceed west on Palmetto Park Road to the first traffic signal after Powerline Road, which is Boca Del Mar Drive. Make a left turn. Go one block to Montoya Circle North. Make a right turn at the stop sign, and follow the road 0.5 miles to the Synagogue on your left. Take Palmetto Park Road to the traffic signal just east of the Florida Turnpike overpass, which is Boca Del Mar Drive. Make a right turn. Go one block to Montoya Circle North. Make a right turn turn at the stop sign, and follow the road 0.5 miles to the Synagogue on your left.

From the West

Synagogue Office Hours Monday-Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(closed for lunch 12:30-1:30 pm)

Friday 9:00 am–3:00 pm
BRS West Minyan meets at Hillel Community Day School, located at 21011 95th Avenue South, Boca Raton. Enter via Glades Road at 2nd traffic light east of Routes 7/441.

BRS West Minyan


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure













Parsha Potpourri: A Textual Analysis of the Parsha
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 am
Join Rabbi Efrem Goldberg for a text-based study of Parashat Ha’Shavua. The class will examine and contrast the approaches of different commentaries to sections of the weekly portion. Please bring a Mikra’ot Gedolot.


Rabbi Dr. Zvi A. Yehuda Sundays 10:00 - 11:00 am

Parsha for Parents

An in-depth study of the Tehillim (Psalms) that are part of the daily prayers. Classes will be held on Sundays, with dates and times to be announced in the Weekly.

Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Mondays 8:15 -9:00 am • Hillel Day School Conference Room

A review of parenting techniques and issues using the weekly Parsha as a starting point. In conjunction with Hillel Day School PTA.

Caffeine for the Soul
Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Tuesdays 8:15 - 9:15 am
This class will focus on Judaism’s timeless teachings and maxims devoted to piety, humility, kindness, and ethics. Please note: This class will be held at the Board Room at Hillel Day School, 21011 95th Avenue South, Boca Raton, FL.

Parashat Hashavua

Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Shabbat Morning • 8:45 am • BRS West

Satellite Learning with Rabbi Yisrael Reisman
Saturday nights 9:00 - 10:00 pm
Rabbi Reisman’s inspiring Motzei Shabbat Navi Shiur has become a phenomenon. Initiated in 1987 with an audience of 20 participants, the Shiur currently attracts many hundreds of avid listeners each week. Rabbi Reisman, a Musmach of Hagaon Rav Avraham Pam, Zt”l, is a Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, Brooklyn, NY and is Rov of Agudath Israel Zichron Chaim Tzvi.

Satellite Learning with Rabbi Yissocher Frand
Thursdays 9:00 - 10:00 pm
Rabbi Yissocher Frand is a Magid Shiur at Ner Israel Yeshiva in Baltimore. Rabbi Frand has gained wide recognition for his popular weekly Shiur. For one hour each Thursday evening, his lively, thought-provoking Shiur attracts a diverse group, representing numerous points on the religious spectrum. Sponsored in memory of Dr. Herbert Rosenkranz.

The Haftorah Club

Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00 am

The Ins and Outs of Tefillah

Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Shabbat afternoons through the summer months. Classes meet at different homes in the BRS West community

Join Rabbi Moskowitz as he explores the oftentimes overlooked weekly Haftorah read every Shabbat. Gain new appreciation into the eternal teachings of our Prophets and glean meaningful life lessons for our everyday lives

Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Parashat HaShavua: Midei Shabbat B’Shabbato

Rabbi Samuel Levine Shabbat 8:30 am • Shteibel Beit Midrash (in Yiddish).

Rabbi Dr. Zvi A. Yehuda Shabbat after Hashkama Minyan

Teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov

The class examines the structural and literary aspects of the text, and explores the pertinent lessons of the weekly Torah reading in light of Rashi and Chazal.

Bentzion Melcer Shabbat 9:00 am • Shteibel Beit Midrash


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

The Rabbinic Mind

Rabbi Dr. Zvi A. Yehuda Monday - Friday 7:45 - 8:45 am

Explore the uniqueness of Jewish jurisprudence through textual study of Tur Choshen Mishpat: The Laws of Judges and Witnesses, with the commentary of the Beit Yosef.

Tefillah Insights

Rabbi Josh Broide Shabbat 8:30 - 8:55 am

Explore the breadth and depth of the Talmud through daily study. The novel idea of uniting Jews throughout the world through participation in completing the entire Talmud together was put forth at the First World Congress of the World Agudath Israel in Vienna in 1923 by Rabbi Meir Shapiro. On the first day of Rosh Hashanah 5684 (1923), the first cycle began. Thousands of Jews worldwide participate in the Daf Yomi program, which has a strong uniting factor among Jews. With 2,711 pages in the Talmud, one cycle takes about 7 years, 5 months. Daf Yomi started its thirteenth cycle of study on August 3, 2012 and will conclude with a Siyum Hashas on January 4, 2020

Learn the relevant and practical laws that pertain to both daily and Shabbat prayers. In addition, time is dedicated to reviewing the basic translation and meaning of the text. The class meets from 8:40 - 9:00 am every Shabbat morning in the Rand Sanctuary.

Modern Day Halachik Issues

Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Wednesday Nights 8:00 PM • BRS West

BRS Rabbinate (English) Monday – Thursday 8:40-9:30pm Rabbi Ben Sugerman (English) Sunday - Friday 7:00 - 8:00 am | Shabbat afternoons after Mincha Asher Essebag (Hebrew) Before or after Sephardic Mincha/Ma’ariv (call office)

Rabbi Sugerman’s Daf Yomi class can also be heard any time of day at www.

Taharat Hamishpacha Refresher Course
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg for men Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg for women
Judaism views the institution of marriage with great sanctity. The Laws of Family Purity help guarantee that the relationship between husband and wife is filled with meaning and mutual respect. Men are invited to join Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and women are invited to join Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg as we review these laws and renew these values. To schedule a private class, call 561.394.0394.

Insights into Today’s Daf

BRS Rabbinate Sunday – Thursday between Mincha and Ma’ariv

Enrich every day with a 5 minute study of timely and intriguing topics.

Kosher Supermarket Walk

Rabbi Pesach Weitz November 26, 2012 and February 18, 2013

Children’s Mishnayot Class
Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Shabbat Afternoon, 45 minutes before Mincha BRS West Mrs. Hadassah Smolarcik Shabbat Afternoon, 45 Minutes before Mincha BRS West

Learn Kosher shopping the best way, at the supermarket. Tour Winn-Dixie with Rabbi Pesach Weitz, Rabbinic Administrator of the ORB, and get answers to all your product questions. Registration required. Call 561.394.0394.

Navi for Middle School Age Girls Kollel Pilpul Chaveirim
Rosh Kollel Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovici Sundays 8:00 am
We are proud to announce a new year of high level Torah study. This year, Rabbi Rabinovici will be giving shiur on sugyot in Ketuvot. The class takes place bi-weekly on Sunday mornings after the 8:00 am Minyan. As in the past, Rabbi Rabinovici will make an effort to prepare Shiurim that people can follow even if they are not learning the Gemara. To join the Kollel Pilpul Chaveirim or for more information, contact Dr. Avram Belizon at

Mishnah Club

David Feldan Shabbat Afternoon after Mincha

Kids Hashkama Chabura
Rabbi Gershon Eisenberger Shabbat Mornings 9:30 am

Teen Learning

Night Beit Midrash Program For Men

Rabbi Uri Pilichowski Shabbat Mornings after Teen Minyan

Sunday - Thursday at 8:00 - 9:30 pm, followed by late Ma’ariv

Chavruta style learning in the Senders Library. Bring your own chavruta and learn whatever interests you. We aim to create a Kol Torah and serious Beit Midrash within our Shul. If you are interested in getting a study partner, please contact Rabbi Ben Gonsher at


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure



Born into a secular Jewish family, and faced with R a traumatic childhood, Penina Taylor embraced Christianity while in High School. However, after 17 years in leadership in the Christian and HebrewOctober 20 Christian communities, Penina’s search for truth brought her to a revelation that turned her world upside down. In 2000, she embraced the faith of her forefathers by returning to Judaism. Now, as a Jew who has “come home”, Penina talks to Jewish audiences across the religious spectrum in the hopes of giving strength and encouragement, empowering the Jewish community in its fight against influences that spiritually threaten the Jewish people and inspiring individuals towards a more meaningful Jewish experience.





David G. Dalin, a widely published scholar of American Jewish history, had taught Jewish studies at several universities. He has been the Taube Research Fellow in History at the Hoover November 3 Institution of Stanford University and a visiting Fellow at Princeton University’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. He is the author or co-author of ten books, including “Religion and State in the American Jewish Experience” and “The Presidents of the United States and the Jews.” Dr. Dalin and his wife Miriam are BRS members and attend BRS West.
V I D DA L I N , P A D

Shabbat with our Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Kenneth Brander is Rabbi Emeritus of Boca Raton Synagogue. Rabbi Brander was named Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) in October 2004. CJF is the nexus of Yeshiva University’s efforts to shape and effectively impact Jewish life and the Jewish future. Collaborating with YU’s colleges, schools, and affiliates, CJF helps to build programs and initiatives which actively develop future Jewish lay and professional leadership. CJF also focuses on using Yeshiva University’s vast academic, rabbinic, and student resources to help shape Jewish public policy, leadership and partnership strategies, and community strengthening in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.




Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure








Sgt. Benjamin Anthony (IDF Res.) is a veteran and combat reservist in the Israel Defense Forces. Sgt. Anthony is the founder of Our Soldiers Speak- a non-for-profitNovember 30 non-governmental organization that brings the proud truth of Israel’s soldiers from the front lines of combat to the campuses, audiences, and communities of the English-speaking world. A graduate of the University of Manchester, UK, Sgt. Anthony convenes lectures for the pro., anti, and undecided elements of both student and professional bodies.


E .B



Baruch Sterman is cofounder of the Ptil Tekhelet Association, which has succeeded in restoring the ancient biblical blue dye, and is devoted to promoting educational December 21-23 programs and awareness of the topic. Today, hundreds of thousands of Jews around the globe wear tzitzit produced by Ptil Tekhelet. Baruch has lectured throughout the world on the subject of Tekhelet. He writes extensively on the topic of science and religion, and his articles have appeared in numerous prominent journals.

A .B




Often described as the Jewish synthesis of Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins, Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf of Australia, has been a spiritual mentor and a worldwide teacher December 8 of spirituality for a generation. His expertise blends contemporary positive psychology with ancient Kabbalah to facilitate a ‘behavioural’ approach to life training. Laibl’s teachings utilize meditation and consciousness training techniques to enable personal growth and emotional mastery. He has adapted the deep Kabbalistic insights providing an insightful training program with practical application to the minutiae of everyday life.
Sponsored by Marty and Ileana Flics in loving memory of Amparo Terrero A”H 7
Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure







Rabbi Seth Farber is a rabbi and historian in Israel, best known for his work helping Jews navigate the Israeli religious bureaucracy. Rabbi Farber is the founder and director of February 9 ITIM: Resources and Advocacy for Jewish Life, an organization that aims to assist Israelis with the legal intricacies of personal status— marriage, divorce, conversion, and burial—which are administered in a manner that often leaves families bewildered, overwhelmed, and resentful. Farber is often cited in the press on the politically fraught issues of personal status among Jews in Israel. He currently lives in Raanana with his wife and five children. He serves as the pulpit rabbi of Congregation Kehillat Netivot.



Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure



Jonathan Rosenblum J is a regular columnist with the Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha Magazine, and Yated Ne’eman. In that capacity, he has been called “arguably the most widely read March 2 and influential hareidi writer in English” (Dr. Yoel Finkelman, Kosher Reading). He is also the author of seven biographies of modern Jewish leaders and a work on theodicy, “Making Sense of Suffering.” Rosenblum is a graduate of the University of Chicago and Yale Law School.




Alan Kadish, M.D. is president and chief executive officer of Touro College and Touro University. A distinguished scholar, academic, and administrator, Dr. Kadish joined Touro March 16 in September 2009 as senior provost and chief operating officer from Northwestern University, where he was a prominent cardiologist on the national stage. A prolific researcher and writer, he has written extensively in his field, authoring over 300 peerreviewed papers and contributing to several textbooks.
. DR



Jeffrey R. Woolf, a native of Boston, is a Senior Lecturer in the Talmud Department at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, specializing in the History of Halachah and the inter-action April 20 between Judaism and other cultures and religions. For the past four years, he has directed the University’s Institute for the Study of PostTalmudic Halachah. Rabbi Dr. Woolf is active in the public arena where he has been a leading advocate and spokesman for the development of Modern Orthodoxy, in both the United States and Israel.







Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure




Sponsored by Bar Ilan University

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag, founder of The Tanach Study Center [], is one of the pioneers of Jewish Education on the internet. He is internationally known May 11 for his weekly essays on Parshat ha’Shavua and his audio podcasts on the books of Neviim. Rabbi Leibtag has been a ‘rebbe’ at Yeshivat Har Etzion for over thirty years. He also teaches at Yeshivat Shaalavim and Midreshet Lindenbaum.




BRS Partnership Weekends

AIPAC Partnership Weekend

Gil Hoffman, Chief Political Correspondent and Analyst for The Jerusalem Post and Ed Miller, National Deputy Political Director LL I L H O F FMA D MI ER

November 9-10


Gil Hoffman is the chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. Well-connected to Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Hoffman has interviewed every major figure across the Israeli political spectrum, has been interviewed by top media on six continents and is a regular analyst on CNN, Al-Jazeera, and other news outlets. Called “The most optimistic man November 9-10 November 9-10 in Israel” by Israel Television, Hoffman’s writing and TV appearances provide a behind-the-scenes look at both the intrigue and humor in the Israeli political arena. Ed Miller began his political career conducting public opinion polling for candidates across the United States and Israel. During that time, he wrote for many national and international publications and spoke on behalf of the Jewish Federations of North America, analyzing political events in the U.S. and Israel. For the past four years, he has served as AIPAC’s National Deputy Political Director. In this capacity, he travels the country meeting with candidates for federal office to enhance their understanding of issues in the Middle East and the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship. He is also responsible for keeping AIPAC’s political activists updated on races and events across the country.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that advocates for pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. As an independent, not-for-profit entity, AIPAC is funded entirely through contributions from its members. Describing itself as “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,” AIPAC is a mass-membership organization whose members include Democrats, Republicans, and independents.The New York Times calls it “the most important organization affecting America’s relationship with Israel.” It has been described as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington, DC. AIPAC’s pro-Israel activists influence policy, strengthen the bond between the United States and Israel, and ensure that Israel remains strong, vibrant, and free.
To learn more about AIPAC, contact Sheri Zvi at or 954.382.6110


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


BRS Partnership Weekends

OU Weekend

Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, one of the foremost leaders in Jewish life in North America and worldwide, is Executive Vice President, Emeritus of the Orthodox Union, following more than seven years as Executive Vice President. In that role, he combined the skills of pulpit rabbi, scholar, and clinical psychologist to provide extraordinary leadership to the organization and to Orthodox Judaism worldwide.


Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb Executive Vice President Emeritus

December 15
T R.



December 15

Rabbi Weinreb served as spiritual leader of Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Baltimore for 13 years, building the congregation from 160 to more than 400 families, before coming to the OU. In addition, he has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland and served as a psychotherapist for mental health organizations for many years while also maintaining a private practice.

Boca Raton Synagogue is tremendously proud of our partnership and affiliation with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, more popularly known as the Orthodox Union (OU). The Orthodox Union is the umbrella organization for hundreds of Orthodox synagogues in the United States and Canada. It is a world leader in community and synagogue services, outreach, youth work through NCSY, adult education, political action, and advocacy for persons with disabilities. Its kosher certification label is the world’s most recognized kosher symbol. The OU’s mission—providing services, religious instruction, and outreach programs to the broader Jewish community—is our mission. The OU is investing great resources in our area, including Rabbis Eli Zians, Todd Cohn, and Ben Gonsher of NCSY. It, therefore, gives us great pleasure to dedicate a weekend at our Synagogue annually to the OU.
To learn more about the OU, contact Rabbi Judah Isaacs at or 212.613.8336


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

BRS Partnership Weekends

YU Weekend

Rabbi Dr. Meir Y. Soloveichik Director, Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western at Yeshiva University

February 2


. DR





Rabbi Dr. Meir Y. Soloveichik is director of the Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University and associate rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan. Rabbi Soloveichik has lectured throughout the United States, in Europe, and in Israel to both February 2 Jewish and non-Jewish audiences on topics relating to Jewish theology, bioethics, wartime ethics, and Jewish- Christian relations. His essays on these subjects have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Commentary, First Things, Azure, Tradition, and the Torah U-Madda Journal.

Boca Raton Synagogue has been influenced by the mission and personalities of Yeshiva University arguably more than any other institution. The vast majority of Rabbis and educators in the community are YU graduates. Many students in our community attend the undergraduate schools of YU—Yeshiva College, Stern College for Women, and Sy Syms School of Business. These schools offer a unique dual curriculum, inspired by the Modern Orthodox philosophy of Torah U-madda (Torah and secular knowledge), combining the finest academic education with the timeless teachings of Torah. Boca Raton Synagogue shares Yeshiva University’s ideals of producing educated and ethical people, sharing their own special talents and wisdom with society.
To learn more about YU, contact Andrew Goldsmith at or 212.960.0852

Friends of the IDF

Boca Raton Synagogue’s commitment to supporting our IDF soldiers is ironclad. Friends of the Israel Defence Forces initiates and helps support educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and facilities for the young men and women soldiers of Israel who defend the Jewish homeland. In addition, FIDF also supports the families of fallen soldiers. The Shabbat Ha’Chayal at BRS is a way for us to show our support and appreciation for these precious and heroic soldiers for their efforts to secure our beloved homeland, and reminds us that there are young men and women who risk their lives daily so that the Jewish people can enjoy a unified homeland.
To learn more about the FIDF, contact or 561.483.2771
Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

April 13


People of the Book
Explore the Words of Judaism’s Greatest Authors, Discover their Monumental Works, the Story Behind them, and Their Lasting Impact, One book at a Time in One Year!
This groundbreaking curriculum-based course introduces participants to some of the most influential Jewish books writtenoverthelasttwothousandyears,whatmadethemunique,andabouttheirlastingimpact. Carefullydeveloped in consultation with Dr. Lawrence Schiffman, Vice-Provost of Undergraduate Education at Yeshiva University and renownedProfessorofJewishStudies,thiscourse,withitshighlevelofqualityandcontent,isanexcellentopportunityto explore Judaism through the many authors and books which continue to shape our tradition.

Outstanding Teachers


Course Fee and Registration

The course fee is $75 for Boca Raton Synagogue members and $100 for non-members.There is a special student rate of $50 per person.The cost covers weekly classes, source materials, refreshments, and make-up CD’s.The course fee is payable by credit card or by check (payable to BRS). To register for the BRS People of the Book course, or to find out more information, please contact Rabbi Philip Moskowitz at 561.394.0394 or Register by November 1 and receive a $10 discount. *Nobody is turned away due to lack of funds

Time and Location Course Highlights
• • • •

People of the Book classes take place at Boca Raton Synagogue on Tuesday evenings from November 20 – March 19 at 8:00 – 9:30 pm in the Social Hall. Each weekly session covers one or more essential Jewish books. Every session is accompanied by a handout that includes a class outline and other relevant materials. Classes are all recorded and can be sent to participants upon request. Each class will feature an actual textual study from that week’s book, an introduction to its structure and use, authorship information, and its historical significance.


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Term 1: Chazal/Foundations November 20 Midrash Halacha

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

November 27 Midrash Aggada Rabbi Philip Moskowitz December 4 Mishna/Tosefta Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik December 11 Talmud Bavli/Yerushalmi Rabbi Philip Moskowitz

Term 2: Parshanut/Narrative December 18 Rashi/Rashbam/Ibn Ezra
Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik December 25 Ramban/Abarbanel Rabbi Philip Moskowitz January 1 Kli Yakar/Seforno Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik January 8 Hirsch/Malbim Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Term 3: Machshava/Philosophy January 15 Kuzari
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg January 22 January 29 February 5 February 12

Moreh Nevuchim - Rambam Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Tanya
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Mesilat Yesharim/Mussar
Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Rabbi Chaim Lanner

R Soloveitchik: Ish Hahalacha & Lonely Man of Faith

Term 4: Halacha/Law February 19 Rashi/Tosafot
February 26 March 5 March 12 March 19

Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik


Rabbi Philip Moskowitz

Mishne Torah - Rambam
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Tur/Shulchan Aruch/Rama
Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Aruch Hashulchan/Mishna Berurah and Others

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Explore the contemporary relevance and timeless beauty of Torah and discover how the Torah contains the guidance and answers to today’s challenges.


This series is completely free of charge and open to the public.

Time and location

The Distinguished Scholars Series takes place at Boca Raton Synagogue on Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm beginning November 21.


Asmalllunchwillbeprovidedfreeofchargetoparticipants. Pleaseconsidersponsoringlunchone week in memory of a loved one’sYahrzeit, in honor of a family celebration, or in appreciation to a friend. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Shul office at 561.394.0394 or at rpm@


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

November 21 December 26 January 30

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Boca Raton Syngagogue

Rabbi Josh Flug
Yeshiva University

Ellen Weiss
Chai Lifeline

Ayin Hara: Force to be Reckoned With or Figment of Our Imagination? November 28

A More Perfect Union: Are Halacha and Democracy Compatible? January 2

It Takes a Village February 6

Rabbi Moishe Scheiner
Palm Beach Synagogue

Mr. Scott Brockman

Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach

Rabbi Avrohom Stolik
Jerusalem Uncovered

What We Talk About When We Talk About Young People December 5

The Archaeological Claim to Jerusalem January 9

Conflict in the Talmud: The Power of Speech February 13

Dr. Avigail Rock
Guest Lecturer, Israel

Mr. Moshe ben Baruch
Guest Lecturer, Israel

Dr. Henry Abramson
Touro College

The Biblical and Modern Borders of Israel December 12

Two Jews, Three Opinions: The Eastern European Origins of Modern Jewish Politics January 16

Happily Ever After: Does the Megilla Have a Happy Ending? February 20

Dr. Jon Greenberg

Mr. Matt Levin

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

Mr. Joseph Sebag
Israel: In Our Hands January 23

Topic To Be Announced December 19

Zionist Organization of America

Botany, Prophecy, and Theology: Jeremiah and the Mystery of the Arar   February 27

Dr. Deena Grant
Barry University

Rabbi Simcha Freedman
Boca Raton Syngagogue

Dr. Aaron Kawelblum
Boca Raton Synagogue

Understanding Noah and the Flood in Light of Ancient Near Eastern Flood Accounts

This is My God

Crystoppers: A Guide to Wise Parenting

BRS Golf Tournament April 22nd, 2013

Boca Raton Synagogue hosts a Golf Tournament each year that is an exciting day of golf, food, prizes, and friends. The tournament is a large fundraiser for the Shul and allows us to continue our important work in the community. For sponsorship opportunities, contact the Synagogue Administrator Matthew Hocherman at


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

Saturday night, December 22 Examines the 100 year history of Saturday night, November 24 Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust Israel’s Kibbutz movement, one of survivor who lost 89 family the world’s longest running and members, helped track down over most successful experiments in 1,100 Nazi war criminals and spent pure socialism. Recreating its six decades fighting anti-Semitism glorious past and chronicling its and prejudice against all people. Watching the early recent decline, Inventing Our Life focuses on the efforts of the US government to prosecute Nazi war heartbreak and hope of the modern Kibbutz, as a criminals, he realized, “There is no freedom without new generation struggles to ensure its survival. justice,” and initially decided to dedicate a few years to that quest. A few years turned into the rest of his Jewish Soldiers in Blue and Gray life. Saturday night, January 12

I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal

Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment

Cosponsored by Boca Raton Synagogue, Temple Beth-El of Boca Raton, and The Women’s Zionist Organization.

A first-of-its-kind film that reveals the little-known struggles facing American Jews, both in battle and on the home Thursday night, November 29 front, during the nation’s deadliest The story of Yonatan Netanyahu, war. This documentary reveals commander of an elite Israeli an unknown chapter in American army commando unit who was history when allegiances during the killed during Operation Entebbe, War Between the States deeply a hostage-rescue mission split the Jewish community. The carried out at Entebbe Airport film exposes General Ulysses in Uganda on July 4, 1976, after Grant’s controversial decision to expel all Jews from members of the Popular Front for his territory, tells the stories of President Lincoln’s the Liberation of Palestine and Jewish doctor serving as a spy in the South, and the German Revolutionary Cells tells how five Union Jewish soldiers received the hijacked an Air France plane with Congressional Medal of Honor. 248 passengers aboard

Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story

Hosted at Temple Beth-El of Boca Raton, 333 SW 4th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33432
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Wednesday night, January 30 “Ominous Skies” is the newest segment of a 13-part documentary series Faith and Fate - The Story of the Jewish People in the 20th Century. Covering the period of 1930-1939, “Ominous Skies” covers in depth the extraordinary rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany and the effect on the world. This film differs from other Pre-Holocaust films by answering “often asked” questions from Jews and non-Jews alike. Presented by Rabbi Berel Wein, Ominous Skies explores the roots of Hitler’s anti-Semitic and militaristic agenda, and shows how his psychological techniques swayed the German people to accept and support his views. Saturday night, February 9 On September 5, 1972, eight Palestinian terrorists killed two Israeli athletes and took nine others hostage at the Munich Olympic Village. The event stopped the games, gripped the world, and perhaps for the first time fully illustrated the volatile state of affairs in the Mideast to the world. This Academy Award winning documentary painstakingly reconstructs the events, shedding light on what the world saw on television with the exasperating revelation of behind-thescenes blunders.

Ominous Skies

Making the Crooked Straight

One Day in September

Saturday night, March 9 Making the Crooked Straight is a short documentary film about one man’s journey to save the world by saving one child at a time. Born in Long Island, New York and educated at John Hopkins, Dr. Rick Hodes has dedicated his life to helping heal the sick and poor of Ethiopia over the past 20 years. Driven by his devotion to Orthodox Judaism and its belief that “He who saves one life, saves an entire world,” Hodes provides these patients with hospital care, arranges for complex overseas surgeries (often paying for these out of his own pocket), and has, thus far, fostered seventeen children in order to provide them with, not only proper medical care, but a home and an education.


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Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Women’s Learning Program

Mrs. Shira Smiles Bi-Monthly Broadcast
Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30 pm
Join our broadcast with Mrs. Shira Smiles for chizuk and inspiration. Mrs. Smiles is a sought-after lecturer, popular seminary teacher, and experienced curriculum developer. She brings understanding of Torah texts through analysis of relevant sources while making the lessons relevant to her students’ lives. Mrs. Smiles teaches at Darchei Bina Seminary, leads women’s study group classes in Israel, and trains teachers all over the world.

Taharat Hamishpacha Refresher Course

Judaism views the institution of marriage with great sanctity. The Laws of Family Purity help guarantee that the relationship between husband and wife is filled with meaning and mutual respect. Women are invited to join Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg individually or in small groups to review these laws and renew these values. To schedule a time to learn email

For more information, contact Rabbi Moskowitz at

Wednesday, April 10 at 8:00 pm

The Book of Judges with Mrs. Malka Morris

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: The Wisdom of Mikvah

Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:30 am
An in-depth study of Sefer Shoftim utilizing traditional, medieval commentaries as well as several of the more modern traditional Biblical scholars. To enhance our study we will utilize, maps, photographs, as well as extracts from the latest in archaeological discoveries. Come join us as we begin out exciting journey with B’nai Yisrael as they settle in the Land of Israel and adjust to periods of instability, foreign intervention, and political upheaval.

Wednesday, April 17 at 8:00 pm Wednesday, April 24 at 8:00 pm

Mikvah: Calming Water for a Chaotic Life The Secret Victoria Still Doesn’t Know: The Torah’s Prescription for Marital Intimacy

Weekly Video Conference Shiur with Rabbanit Avigail Rock

Women’s Shabbat Class
For women, by women

The challenges facing the nation and its leader Moshe upon the conquering and division of the land Each week, hear Rabbanit Rock teach, live from Israel, via telephone in the BRS Board Room. Explore the Tanach with one of our extended community’s most accomplished and loved teachers. The cost for this class is $100 per semester.

Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30 am Sefer Bamidbar - Divide and Conquer

Shabbat afternoons 2 hours before Mincha Begins Spring 2013
Each week in the spring and summer, a different speaker will teach an inspiring and challenging class. Join the women of our community in committing time on Shabbat afternoon to learning.


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The Rosh Chodesh Women’s Inspirational Lecture Series 5773

Going Against The Tide
September 12/Elul

Words with Friends

With Rebbetzins Yocheved Goldberg and Arielle Moskowitz October 14/Cheshvon Mrs. Ora Lee Kanner Weinbaum Yeshiva High School November 18/Kislev Mrs. Leah Rosen Boca Raton Synagogue

December 16/Teves Mrs. Elisheva Green Boca Raton Synagogue January 13/ Shevat Mrs. Gita Gutman Torah Academy of Boca Raton February 10/Adar Dr. Avigail Rock, Ph.D. Visiting Scholar, Israel

March 17/Nissan Mrs. Amy Horowitz Weinbaum Yeshiva High School April 14/Iyar Mrs. Rina Lanner Hillel Day School of Boca Raton May 5/ Sivan Mrs. Fay Greene Boca Raton Synagogue




Week of Learning with Rabbanit Avigail Rock

February 10-16

Rabbanit Avigail Rock was formerly leader of the Women’s Division of the Boca Raton Community Kollel. Dr. Rock will be returning for a week of intensive and inspiring Torah study. Dr. Rock earned a Ph.D. in Tanach at Bar Ilan University, and is certified as a Bet Din Advocate. Dr. Rock’s Shiurim create a true dialogue between teacher and student, challenging students to develop and use their creativity and skills at the highest level to find the deeper meaning in Tanach, Midrash, and Meforshim.


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Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

AIPAC Policy Conference


Caroline Glick is the Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post, where she writes regularly syndicated columns. She is a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC and she is October 25 published regularly in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and National Review. She also appears regularly on MSNBC and FOX News. She is author of “Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad”
*Sponsored by the Social Action Committee of BRS





Caroline Glick

Thursday, October 25

Join the BRS delegation and AIPAC at the 2013 AIPAC Policy Conference Sunday - Tuesday, March 3-5, 2013 • Washington, D.C. The annual AIPAC Policy Conference is the largest gathering of the pro-Israel movement. Thousands of participants come from all 50 states to take part in “three of the most important days affecting Israel’s future.” Last year, over 150 BRS members of BRS attended Policy Conference and this year we look forward to increasing that number. Don’t miss out on this truly remarkable experience to be in our nation’s capital with thousands of fellow pro-Israel supporters. To join the BRS AIPAC delegation, register online at or contact

Guest Speaker, Ambassador Brad Gordon


AIPAC Director of Policy and Government Affairs Shabbat, January 5 BR DOR AD G Ambassador Gordon has been SA

AIPAC Partnership Weekend
Friday-Shabbat, November 9-10 See page 9 for more information

An Intimate Evening with Ambassador Yehuda Avner


Ambassador Yehuda Avner was born in Manchester, England in 1928, and arrived in pre-State Israel in 1947. During a lengthy diplomatic career, he served in positions at the Israeli December 8 Consulate in New York and the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC, and as Israeli Ambassador to Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia. Ambassador Avner served as Speechwriter and Secretary to Prime Ministers Levi Eshkol and Golda Meir, and Adviser to Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres.

Saturday night, December 8 at 7:30 pm Exclusive event open only to BRS members who are also AIPAC Club Members. O R YE H U D D To become a Club Member or A SA for more information, contact

AIPAC’s Director of Policy and Government Affairs since 2005, and was previously AIPAC’s Legislative Director from 1995 through 2005. Before working at AIPAC, Brad was Staff Director of the International Operations Subcommittee of the House January 5 Foreign Affairs Committee. He was the Assistant Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency for Nonproliferation Policy and was also U.S. Ambassador to the Fourth Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) held in Geneva in 1990.




Boca Raton Pro-Israel Teens

The BRS Pro-Israel group is made up of teenagers who care deeply about the US-Israel relationship. They attend a weekly class in political advocacy where they learn the history and skills to advocate for a strong US-Israel relationship. They frequently have an opportunity to hear from experts about current events in Israel. Students are encouraged and given opportunities to meet with members of Congress, the Senate, and the Administration to lobby on behalf of a strong US-Israel relationship. For more information, contact BRS Teen Rabbi, Rabbi Uri Pilichowski at


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November 30 – December 7 Boca Raton Synagogue With Moshe ben Baruch

Do you know...
the real difference between Labor and Likud? • the difference between the Irgun and the Hagana? • about every Israeli Prime Minister? • about every Israeli war? • about the geography of the land and its impact on the peace process? • why water is so important to Israel’s security? • how to respond to people who challenge the Jewish claim to the land? • the difference between the biblical borders of Israel and the modern borders? • that Ben Gurion is not just an airport?

Course Fee and Registration

The course fee is $30 for all 7 weekday lectures or $5 per individual lecture. To register for this incredible opportunity or to find out more information, please contact Rabbi Philip Moskowitz at 561.394.0394 or *Nobody is turned away due to lack of funds

Course Highlights

Join this intensive, one week seminar that will review the history of modern Israel from the inception of Zionism to the present. We will study the ideological formations and Zionist nation-building (to 1949), the problems and successes of sovereignty (to 1979), and the quest for identity and normalization (to the present). This unique seminar is geared to both those with a deep understanding of Israeli history and those just beginning their learning.




Nov 30 - Dec 7

Moshe ben Baruch lives in Israel and has worked for many years as an educator both in Israel and abroad. He holds a B.A in Bible and History and a Masters degree in Israel Studies from Bar-Ilan University. He has served as a paratrooper and captain in the Israel Defense Forces and gives entertaining, engaging, and inspirational tours of Israel. Moshe most recently served as the tour guide for a trip that Rabbi Goldberg led.

Then this weeklong seminar is for you!
“Spending time with Moshe was like re-living history. His passion is infectious and his knowledge incomparable.” Sal Abady

“Moshe’s love of Israel, his expansive “Imagine a living, breathing, encyclopedia knowledge of Israeli history and geography of modern, medieval, and ancient Jewish (and so many other subjects), and his History, not to mention most anything excellent presentation style virtually guarantee else. His depth of knowledge: mindclasses that you do not want to miss!” blowing; his delivery: theatrical.” Steven Lenoff Dr. David Kay

Sponsored in loving memory of Joseph Silverman
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The Sephardic Minyan at Boca Raton Synagogue

The Sephardic Minyan at the Boca Raton Synagogue is a proud part of this community and is pleased to showcase our uniqueandextraordinarySephardicheritage. Featuringdaily Minyanim, daily gemara shiur in Hebrew, tefilot, shiurim on Shabbatandholidays,anincredibleLagB’omerprogramand much more!

Yom Hashoah Program
Sunday. April 7 • 6:30 pm Mr. Norman Frajman

Mr. Norman Frajman is a Holocaust survivor with an inspirational story. After living in the Warsaw Ghetto, Norman was deported to a death camp in Majdanek. His mother and sisters were murdered and he, at the age of twelve, was sent alone to furthercampsinSkarzysko,Buchenwald,andSchlieben. When he was liberated by the Russian Army during the death march in Germany on May 8, 1945, he was still only fifteen years old. He worked for a year as an interpreter from Russian to German. He then went to Berlin to the Schlachtensee DP camp followed by Bamberg in Bavaria, Neu Freimann, and finally the Children’s Emigration Centres in Landshut and Prien. Soon after, hefoundanunclewholivedintheUnitedStatesand,in1948,managedtoemigrate.Now82,Normanhaswatchedthe number of Holocaust survivors decline, but the importance of bearing witness to these atrocities remains.
Sponsored by the BRS K.A.D.D.I.S.H Committee. For more information contact Alan Berger at


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Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Opening Event October 2012

Boca Raton Synagogue Social Hall 5th Annual BRS Hodu Bowl

NFL Superbowl Party Sunday, February 3 (30 Minutes before Kick-off ) Monkey Joe’s May 2013


Boca Raton Synagogue Social Hall

2012/13 Calendar

Thursday, November 22 at 9:00 am Single Malt & Scotch Whisky Extravaganza Thursday, December 6 at 7:00 pm
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Veteran’s Park (off of Palmetto Park Road between Lyons and 441)

NBA Finals BBQ June 2013 (Directly after Maariv)
Boca Raton Synagogue Social Hall

Florida Panthers Hockey Tuesday, December 11 at 6:00 pm Paintball January 2013

Location: Bank Atlantic Center

Hot Shots Paintball

The BRS Men’s Club invites you to join the BRS Rabbis for an incredible 36 hours in NY filled with Torah learning, great food, good friends, and lots of fun. Experience the vibrancy of Yeshiva learning with a two day Yarchei Kallah at Yeshiva University, including private Shiurim with YU Roshei Yeshiva, lectures by renowned professors, and the liveliness of the YU Beit Midrash. To unwind after a long day of learning, enjoy elite access to the YU Seforim Sale, an unforgettable dinner at the Kosher Food and Wine Festival, and an after-dinner Shiur hosted at the notorious Grand Havana Room. Dates TBD For more information and to register, contact Eric Pinkis at or 561.635.0441 or Rabbi Philip Moskowitz at

Yarchei Kallah in New York City
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BRS SISTERHOOD 2012/13 Calendar

As always, the Sisterhood will provide ample opportunities for women of all ages to come together for learning, spiritual growth, community service, friendship, and fun. Our warm and dynamic group boasts a multitude of diverse interests and talents. This year, we hope to channel your passions into new and exciting programming, while bringing back our tried and true projects. Please join us as we embark on a collective journey of enrichment. From fitness activities to book clubs to cooking/baking to evenings out on the town, and much more...there will something for everyone! Keep an eye out for notifications of our upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there!
Events Rosh Hashana Cards, Shalach Manot, S.W.E.E.T (Sisterhood Welcomes Each and Every Tot) Treats, Road Rally/Scavenger Hunt

Backbypopulardemand,BRSisexcitedtoonceagainhostthreeexcitingclasses exploringtherichnessofJewishlifearoundtheglobe.Eachclasswillfeaturealecture examiningthemajoreventsandpersonalitiesthattookplaceinthatlocationtogether with a sampling of Kosher wines or beers from that region.

Wednesday, December 19 The Jews of France Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Wednesday, January 15 The Jews of Germany Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Monday, February 18 Pharaoh’s Beer vs. Noach’s Wine: The Culture War and Barroom Brawl that Shaped the Jewish People Dr. Jon Greenberg

25 Sponsored by Gabe Lasry / Royal Wines

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

Dr.JonGreenbergreceivedhisBachelor’sdegree withhonorsinbiologyfromBrownUniversityandhis Master’sandDoctorateinagronomyfromCornell University.HehasalsostudiedwithRabbiChaim BrovenderatIsrael’sYeshivatHamivtarandconducted researchoncorn,alfalfa,andsoybeansatCornell,the USDepartmentofAgriculture,andtheUniversityof Pennsylvania’sInstituteforCancerResearch.Since 1989,hehasbeenascienceteacherandeducational consultant.Dr.GreenbergwasSeniorEditorofscience textbooksatPrenticeHallPublishingCo.Previously onthefacultyofYeshivatOhrYosef,theSchoolof EducationatIndianaUniversity,andtheUniversityof Phoenix,hecurrentlyteachesattheHeschelSchool.

Dear BRS Community, Itiswithgreatexcitementthatweembarkonanotheryearofgrowthfortheyouthdepartment.Weareproudof ourphysicalandspiritualstridesthatwehavetakenthisyear.WiththeBRSthemeof“Decision”,weareproud tobeonboardbycreatinga“choice”ofprogramming.Asnationalleaderswithprogrammingandinclusion,weare committedtocreatinganindividualizedprogramforchildrenwithmanylevelsofspecificneedsandprogramming thatinvitesJewsfromeverybackground.Weinvitealltomeaningfulandmemorableprogramming.Enjoythese memories from last year and join us this year for our exciting events.
Wishing you and your family a year of good “choices” filled with Torah, excitement, giving, and growth,

Rabbi Uri and Aliza Pilichowski and your favorite group leaders

Jr. Chabura 8:30 am Shabbat Mornings
This shiur is geared for boys in grades 2-6. They explore different Masechtot in Mishnayot and have made several Siyumim!

Shalshelet Mother/Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program

Teen Minyan

9:45 am Shabbat mornings with Rabbi Uri Pilichowski

Parsha Shabbat Mornings

Join groups for an exciting journey through the Parsha every Shabbat morning in groups.

BRS presents the 8th year of the Shalshelet Bat Mitzvah program, an incredible opportunity for mothers and daughters to explore our heritage through text based learning. Program begins Sunday morning, October 14 and is for all Bat Mitzvah age girls and their mothers. Classes are taught by Mrs. Michal Schochet and Mrs. Rina Lanner. For more information and to register, email Rebbetzin Yocheved Goldberg at

Mishnah Club Shabbat Afternoons

Veshinantam Levanecha

Join David Feldan on Shabbat afternoon after Mincha for a taste of Mishna and Gemarah learning

Live from Boca Raton, its Motzai Shabbat with Rabbi Broide, Big Dov and your parents! Great Parent/ Child Learning followed by an inspirational kumzits, prizes and pizza


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

2012-2013 Youth and Teen Events
BRS Youth & Teen Dept

Labor Day Outing and Youth Kickoff Family Event Rosh HaShana Childcare and Education Yom Kippur Childcare and Education Sukka Decorating Sukka Hop Sukkot Baking Parashat Noach Animal Show Hodu Bowl Chanuka Pajamika Makkot Madness Purim Carnival Children’s Megila and Childcare Red Carpet Purim Fashion Show Pre-Pesach Fun Day (No parents allowed) Lag BaOmer Family Bonfire Yom Yerushalayim Shavuot Magic Show Shavuot Ice Cream Party

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


The Musical Chevra

The Musical Chevra began three years ago, with the ideatoformsmallgroupsoflike-mindedindividuals, enjoying similar activities. Webeganwithclassicalmusic,buthavesuccessfuly branchedouttoopera,Chazzonut,oldtimepopular songs, and music from the movies. In December, we will be celebrating our 4th anniversaryofthesethrivingevents,whichhasover 60 members, and is still growing. For more information and to join, contact Moshe Leib Stuart at

Empty Nest Chevra

The Empty Nest Chevra is an awesome group of fun-loving adults who just want to have a great time withfriendsand,atthesametime,meetnewpeople! Thispastyear,wehadadeliciousFridaynightdinner with a thought-provoking speaker, as well as a funfilled Purim Seudah with an outstanding DJ and a scrumptiousmeal.Ourupcomingyearisgoingtobe the best ever!
For more information please call: Sylvia Broide 561.859.6953 or Rita Rubin 561.372.5706

Social Action Committee

The BRS Social Action Committee is devoted to inspiring our synagogue membership and the community at large to advocate and lobby on behalf of Israel and the Jewish community. OurgoalistomotivateBRSmembersandthecommunityto take action on issues that will contribute to bringing peace, justice, and security to our homeland, Israel. Our programs haveincludedprominentguestspeakers,ralliestocondemn Iran’sintentionstodestroyIsrael,aletterwritingworkshopin cooperation with CAMERA, “Buy Israeli Goods” days, and letterwritingandpetitioncampaignsaddressedtoelected officials.Weareproudtohost CarolineGlickasourfirstguest speaker this year.

Please email the shul office at for the exact monthly schedule

OntheFridaybeforetheblessing ofeachnewHebrewmonth,BRS hosts a sunrise Minyan at the beach. Join us at the gazebo at theendofPalmettoParkRoadforaninspirational experience that is guaranteed to touch your soul and leave you uplifted.

Sunrise Minyan Chevra


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

BRS Minyan Menu

With a diverse membership of over 650 families, BRS believes in the mantra of “something for everyone.” Whether you are a beginner just learning how to pray or well-versed in the daily and Shabbat Davening, Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Chabad and anything in between, we have a service for you.

The starting time of this Minyan fluctuates, allowing the Minyan to reach the Amida exactly at sunrise. Davening Neitz is highly virtuous and our Rabbis extolled the praises of one who prays with the rising of the sun. This small Minyan uses the Sephardic Nusach and is held in the Sephardic Beit Midrash.

Shtiebel Minyan

Held in the Shtiebel Beit Midrash at 9:30 am, this Nusach Ari Minyan is characterized by lots of spirited singing and a small, warm atmosphere.


Teen Minyan

Beginning at 9:45 am, teens are invited to join our Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, our Teen Rabbi, for a teen-appropriate Davening followed by a Kiddush.

Hashkama Minyan

This diverse Ashkenaz Minyan begins at 7:25 am in the BRS Social Hall and usually finishes around 9:15 am, allowing its attendees to still fill their morning with learning and/or time with the family.

Explanatory Service

Sephardic Minyan

Beginning at 9:00 am in the Sephardic Beit Midrash, this Minyan uses the Sephardic Nusach and is led weekly by Chazzan Moshe Nadav. The Minyan is composed of Sephardim primarily from Morocco, but with many from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, and other places as well.

From 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Rabbi Josh Broide, our Outreach Rabbi, provides a warm, unintimidating atmosphere where Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge can gather for study and prayer. The service is timed so that its attendees can join the Rand Sanctuary Service for the Sermon and Mussaf.

Sunday: 6:25, 7:15, 8:00 and 9:00 am - Social Hall Monday and Thursday: 6:15, 7:00 and 8:00 am - Social Hall Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 6:25, 7:00 and 8:00 am - Social Hall Monday through Friday - 7:45 am Senders Library

Sephardic Minyan (Shacharit)
Sunday through Friday – 6:10 and 8:00 am in the Sephardic Beit Midrash

Mincha/Ma’ariv Minyanim

Carlebach Minyan

We are currently reconstituting the Carlebach Minyan which will begin at 9:15 am and will employ Reb Shlomo’s spirited Nusach and Niggunim.

Ashkenaz: Sunday – Thursday Approximately 15 minutes before Sunset in the BRS Social Hall Sephardic: Sunday – Thursday Approximately 20 minutes before Sunset

Late Ma’ariv

Rand Sanctuary Minyan

Sunday – Thursday – 9:30 pm in the Senders Library (Does not meet in the summer months)


This Ashkenaz Minyan begins at 9:00 am in the Rand Sanctuary and is the largest Minyan at BRS. Many weekends, this Minyan is hosting the celebration of a Bar or Bat mitzvah. Additionally, our visiting Scholars-in-Residence throughout the winter months often 5773 • Boca Raton speak at Decision the conclusion of this Synagogue Minyan. Community Brochure

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Boca Raton Jewish Experience

The Boca Raton Jewish Experience’s (BRJE) mission is to inspire and enrich the life of every Jew in Boca Raton by utilizing the existing resources and infrastructure of the community. BRJE reaches out and engages Jews by creating meaningful opportunities to interact in Jewish Communal activities and through dynamic and transformative educational person’s Jewish choices.


TESTIMONIALS “ I can’t begin to thank you for all you do for us. These
have been the best High Holidays in many years, thanks to you and the whole family of Boca Raton Synagogue. I feel part of the family; everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. I know this is going to be a good year. The outreach movement will grow thank to your efforts. You give 100% and your dedication and enthusiasm will pay off. ”

BRJE is a pioneer in synthesizing nationallydeveloped educational programs, that are designed to deepen an appreciation and understanding of Jewish history, heritage, and spirituality, and providing ways that people can interact meaningfully in Jewish communal experiences. Now you can get connected in a way that allows you to partake at your own pace. BRJE classes are offered in Boca Raton for Jewish people of all ages and backgrounds.


“ Thank you for helping me and my daughters find

BRJE recognizes that knowing something about Judaism does not require an all or nothing commitment. It is an individual journey to be pursued at one’s own pace and interest. Judaism is an opportunity for personal growth, to be tried, examined, and understood. We search our heritage for the wisdom that can enrich our lives, and seek to share that knowledge with all humanity. Through a variety of exciting programs, BRJE reaches out offering positive, joyous, and authentic Jewish experiences and meaningful educational and spiritual opportunities to people of all ages. BRJE programs convey the vibrancy of Judaism and the importance of Jewish community.


a way into Judaism here. If I ever wonder what I am doing in Boca Raton, I only have to think of my Jewish experience. As involved as I was in my synagogue in Boise, it is like I am hearing my Jewish soul for the first time. Thank you for connecting with us in where we are in our lives now. ”

BRJE Open House
Sunday, October 14 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Free classes, preview semester course offerings, register for all courses and learn about all BRJE has to offer
Baby Sitting and Refreshments Available


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure




Designed specifically for the novice worshiper, these free explanatory prayer services are conducted in both Hebrew and English, and provide a comfortable non-judgmental venue for those with little synagogue experience to participate in traditional synagogue services. Discussions, questions, and curiosities are encouraged in this “unorthodox, traditional” service, which has been praised for its widespread appeal and congenial approach to synagogue education.



Friday Night Live Explanatory Service Hebrew Reading Jewish History Basic Judaism Judaism A - Z Kabbalah Partners in Torah Chai Mitzvah Lunch n’ Learn Coffee with the Rabbi

Rosh Hashana Beginner Service Yom Kippur Beginner Service Sukkot Dinner *A Night of Inspiration* Chanukah Program Purim Megilah Reading and BBQ Shabbat Across America Bar / Bat Mitzvah Program Passover Seder Friday Night Dinners March of the Living

For more information about all of the beginner programs and outreach efforts at the Boca Raton Synagogue, please contact Rabbi Josh Broide (561) 702-3864 or visit the Boca Raton Jewish Experience website at
Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure




Oct 20: Scholar in Residence: Penina Taylor Oct 25 Speaker: Caroline Glick Nov 3 Scholar in Residence: Dr. David Dalin Nov 4 Daylight Savings Time ends Nov 10 AIPAC Partnership Weekend Nov 16 “People of the Book” begins Nov 21 Distinguished Scholars Lunch and Learn begins Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day Hodu Bowl Nov 24 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi David Fohrman Nov 24 Film Series: I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal Nov 29 Film Series: Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story Nov 30 Scholar in Residence: Sgt. Benjamin Anthony Dec 1-7 Seminar in Modern Israeli History with Moshe ben Baruch

Dec 1 Veshinantam Levanecha Begins Dec 8 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Laibl Wolf Speaker: Ambassador Yehuda Avner Dec 8 1st night of Chanuka (nightfall) Dec 15 OU Partnership Weekend: Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb Dec 21 Scholar in Residence: Dr. Baruch Sterman Dec 22 Film Series: Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment Dec 23 Fast of Tenth of Tevet


Jan 5 Guest Speaker: Ambassador Brad Gordon Jan 12 Film Series: Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray Jan 26 Tu B’Shvat Jan 30 Film Series: Ominous Skies Feb 2 YU Partnership Weekend: Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik Feb 9 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Seth Farber Feb 9 Film Series: One day in September Feb 10 Visiting Scholar Week with Rabbanit Avigail Rock Feb 17 Purim Carnival Feb 17 Chevra Kadisha Zayin Adar Dinner Feb 18 Botanical Garden Biblical and Talmudic Ethnobotany Tour Feb 21 Fast of Ta’anit Esther

Feb 24 Purim March 2 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum March 3 AIPAC Policy Conference 2012 begins March 9 Film Series: Making the Crooked Straight March 10 Daylight Savings Time begins March 16 Scholar in Residence: Dr. Alan Kadish March 17 Pre-Pesach Workshop with Rabbi Goldberg March 23 Shabbat Hagadol Derasha March 25 Pesach Begins (at sunset) April 7 Yom Hashoah Lecture: Mr. Norman Frajman April 13 FIDF Partnership Weekend April 15 Yom Hazikaron / Israel Memorial Day April 16 Yom Ha’atzmaut / Israel Independence Day April 20 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf April 22 BRS Golf Tournament April 28 Lag Baomer May 8 Yom Yerushalayim / Jerusalem Reunification Day May 11 Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Menachem Leibtag May 14 Shavuot Begins (at sunset)

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times 2012-2013 (Boca Raton, Forida 33433)
October 12, 2012 October 19, 2012 October 26, 2012 November 2, 2012 November 9, 2012 November 16, 2012 November 23, 2012 November 30, 2012 December 7, 2012 December 14, 2012 December 21, 2012 December 28, 2012 January 4, 2013 January 11, 2013 6:37pm 6:30 pm 6:24 pm 6:19 pm 5:15 pm 5:12 pm 5:10 pm 5:10 pm 5:10 pm 5:12 pm 5:15 pm 5:19 pm 5:24 pm 5:29 pm January 18, 2013 January 25, 2013 February 1, 2013 February 8, 2013 February 15, 2013 February 22, 2013 March 1, 2013 March 8, 2013 March 15, 2013 March 22, 2013 March 29, 2013 April 5, 2013 April 12, 2013 April 19, 2013 5:34 pm 5:40 pm 5:45 pm 5:50 pm 5:55 pm 6:00 pm 6:04 pm 6:07 pm 7:11 pm 7:14 pm 7:18 pm 7:21 pm 7:25 pm 7:28 pm April 26, 2013 May 3, 2013 May 10, 2013 May 17, 2013 May 24, 2013 May 31, 2013 June 7, 2013 June 14, 2013 June 21, 2013 June 28, 2013 July 5, 2013 July 12, 2013 July 19, 2013 July 26, 2013 7:32 pm 7:35 pm 7:39 pm 7:43 pm 7:47 pm 7:50 pm 7:53 pm 7:56 pm 7:58 pm 7:59 pm 7:59 pm 7:58 pm 7:56 pm 7:52 pm


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

7:00 – 8:00 am Rabbi Ben Sugerman Daf Yomi / English Room 207 7:45 – 9:15 am Rabbi Dr. Zvi Yehuda The Rabbinic Mind Board Room Fifteen Minutes Before Mincha BRS Rabbis Mishnah Berurah Yomi Social Hall Before / After Mincha Mr. Asher Essebag Daf Yomi / Hebrew Sephardic Beit Midrash Between Mincha / Maariv Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Insights into Today’s Daf Social Hall 8:00 – 9:30 pm Night Beit Midrash Program for Men Senders Library 8:40 – 9:30pm BRS Rabbinate Nighttime Daf Yomi / English Board Room

8:15 – 9:00 am Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Parsha for Parents Hillel Day School

8:30 – 9:30 am Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Practical Halacha Board Room 9:30 – 10:30 am Rabbanit Avigail Rock Weekly Telephone Conference Call Board Room 8:35 – 9:35 pm Sensei Allen Girnun Shotokan Karate Kiddush Room 9:00 – 10:00 pm Rabbi Yissocher Frand Satellite Lectures Board Room


After Teen Minyan Rabbi Uri Pilichowski Teen Learning 11:30 am – 12:00 pm Sephardic Kiddush Class Sephardic Beit Midrash 2 hours before Mincha Educational Staff Women’s Shabbat Afternoon Class Rand Sanctuary 1 hour before Mincha Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Rabbi’s Shabbat Afternoon Class Rand Sanctuary 45 minutes before Mincha Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Children’s Mishnayot Class BRS West 45 minutes before Mincha Mrs. Hadassah Smolarcik Navi for Middle School Age Girls BRS West Shabbat afternoon after Mincha Rabbi Yaakov Drang Gemara for Beginners (for boys in grades 5–7) 9:00 – 10:00 pm NEW! Rabbi Yisrael Reisman Satellite Lectures Board Room

8:15 – 9:15 am Rabbi Philip Moskowitz Caffeine for the Soul Hillel Day School 9:00 – 10:00 am Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Parsha Potpourri Social Hall 10:00 – 11:00 am Rabbi Philip Moskowitz The Haftorah Club Social Hall 8:00 – 9:30 pm Educational Staff People of the Book Social Hall 8:30 – 9:30 pm Mrs. Shira Smiles Bi–Monthly Broadcast Board Room 8:30 – 9:30 pm Sensei Allen Girnun Shotokan Karate Kiddush Room

8:30 am Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe 9:00 am Teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov 8:30 – 8:55 am Rabbi Josh Broide Tefillah Insights Rand Sanctuary 8:45 – 9:30 am Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Parshat HaShavua BRS West 9:15 – 10:15 am Rabbi Dr. Zvi A. Yehuda Parashat Hashavua: Midei Shabbat B’Shabbato Board Room 9:30 – 10:00 am Educational Staff Advanced Gemara Chabura Senders Library 9:30 am Rabbi Gershon Eisenberger Kids Hashkama Chabura

9:30 – 10:30 am Mrs. Malka Morris In–Depth Study of Sefer Shoftim for Women Board Room 12:00 – 1:00 pm Educational Staff Distinguished Scholars Lunch and Learn Social Hall 8:00 – 9:00 pm Rabbi Mordechai Smolarcik Modern Day Halachic Issues BRS West

8:45 – 9:30 am Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovici Bi–Weekly Kollel Pilpul Chaveirim Senders Library 10:00 – 11:30 am Shalshelet Bat Mitzvah Program Social Hall 10:00 – 11:00 am Rabbi Dr. Zvi A. Yehuda Tehillim Sephardic Beit Midrash

Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


The Boca Raton Synagogue Network. Built with dedication and love.
Boca Raton Synagogue would like to thank all of our donors for their generous support. While lack of space precludes us from acknowledging every contribution here, we would like to give special mention to the following individuals for their dedications. A gift to BRS is a thoughtful way to honor a friend or family member. Your contributions enable us to continue to provide dynamic ways to learn and serve the Almighty. Additional giving opportunities are listed where available.
CIRCLE OF HONOR* Jerome & Lynn Hahn Drs. Craig & Judy Herman Merv & Elaine Jacobs Joseph & Amy Kodsi Dr. William & Debbie Rand Leonard & Sima Rubin Howard & Elaine Trachtenberg *In recognition of contributions above $100,000 to any area of the campus BENEFACTORS Hahn Judaic Campus Dedicated by Jerome & Lynn Hahn MAIN SANCTUARY Dedicated by Dr. William & Debbie Rand in honor of our children Allison & David Rand SOCIAL HALL Available $200,000 Please notify the office of errors or omissions YOUTH & SENIOR CENTER Dedicated by Merv & Elaine Jacobs and Leonard & Sima Rubin EDUCATION CENTER / SECOND FLOOR EAST WING Dedicated by Merv & Elaine Jacobs in honor of our children & grandchildren EDUCATION CENTER / SECOND FLOOR WEST WING Available $75,000 SEPHARDIC BEIT MIDRASH Dedicated by Howard & Elaine Trachtenberg BERDUGO BEIT MIDRASH Dedicated by Elie & Guila Berdugo in memory of his beloved sister Simona Berdugo-Anava SHECHET BEIT MIDRASH Dedicated by David Shechet in loving memory of his wife Jean, a true Aishes Chayil SHTIEBEL BEIT MIDRASH Dedicated by Mort & Judy Zemel in loving memory of Gabriella Michal Zemel & by the 8 founding families of the Shtiebel Minyan Ken Bender, Alan & Susie Berger, Alan & Mona Fisher, Joel & Fay Green, Levi & Miriam Grunhaus, Lex & Revital Levinrad, Chaim & Leah Rosen, Charles & Raquel Trachtenberg 2 Available @ $3,750 MOGEN DAVID SKYLIGHT Dedicated by Jack Berkowitz in honor of Ruda & Jack Berkowitz STAINED GLASS WINDOW Dedicated by Mr. & Mrs. David Shechet in honor of the Shechet Family GRAND MENORAH Dedicated by Nachman & Jamie Feig in memory of Menachem Mendel Feig, Rivka Feig and Muriel Glenn MAIN SANCTUARY HOLY ARK Dedicated by Joseph & Amy Kodsi in memory of Rachel Balassiano Kodsi ORIGINAL BEIT MIDRASH HOLY ARK Dedicated by Trudi Sponder Sol & Marcia Feldman HASHKOMAH MINYAN HOLY ARK & PAROCHET Dedicated by Nachman & Jamie Feig in memory of their beloved parents Menachem Mendel & Rivkah Feig & Robert & Muriel Glenn SEPHARDIC BEIT MIDRASH HOLY ARK Available $36,000 SHTIEBEL BEIT MIDRASH HOLY ARK Available $25,000 MAIN SANCTUARY NER TAMID Dedicated by Jerome & Lynn Hahn SEPHARDIC BEIT MIDRASH NER TAMID Dedicated by the Friends & Family of Leonard Sponder In memory of Leonard Sponder HASHKOMA MINYAN NER TAMID Dedicated by the Fineberg Family, Miriam, Saul, Louis, Libo, Haley, Justin, Erin & David BERDUGO BEIT MIDRASH NER TAMID Dedicated by Dr. David & Marissa Levinson in memory of Chaim ben Yosef Halevi SHTIEBEL BEIT MIDRASH NER TAMID Dedicated by Gerald Kanter in loving memory of his wife, Rochelle Lee MAIN SANCTUARY, SOCIAL HALL, & BEIT MIDRASH PAROCHET Dedicated by Sol & Marcia Feldman in memory of David & Anna Feldman Irving & Lena Konick BERDUGO BEIT MIDRASH PAROCHET Dedicated by Nachman & Jamie Feig and Robert Glen in memory of beloved parents Menachem and Rivka Feig and beloved wife Muriel Glenn MAIN SANCTUARY TORAH HOLDER Dedicated by Dr. Jerry & Gail Herbst in honor of the Boca Raton Synagogue BEIT MIDRASH SHULCHAN Dedicated by Dr. Matthew & Lynette Zaltzman SHTIEBEL BEIT MIDRASH SHULCHAN Dedicated in memory of all the Jewish souls that were not privileged to have kaddish recited on their behalf AMUD LECTURN Dedicated by Joe & Sarah Blumenthal in memory of George H. Blumenthal MAIN SANCTUARY TALIT HOLDER Dedicated by Dr. David & Reena Makover in honor of our children MAIN SANCTUARY MEZUZOT Dedicated by Marta Herman in memory of Frank Herman WALL SCONCE Dedicated by Dick & Trudy Adler in memory of our parents Louis & Sarah Ivaz and David & Lena Adler 5 Available @ $5,000 YAHRZEIT DISPLAY BOARD Dedicated by Leonard & Sima Rubin in memory of Mates & Rose Wallach and Abraham & Charlotte Rubin YAHRZEIT DISPLAY BOARD Dedicated by Jacob & Leah Herbst and children in memory of Jacob & Leah Herbst YAHRZEIT DISPLAY BOARD Dedicated by Mervin & Elaine Jacobs in memory of Samuel & Bella Wolfson and Charles & Sylvia Jacobs YAHRZEIT DISPLAY BOARD Dedicated by Allan & Iris Weiss and Children in memory of Morris & Fay Weiss and Julius & Julia Mollach WOMEN’S MIKVAH Dedicated by Drs. Craig & Judy Herman MIKVAH LOBBY Dedicated by Dr. Albert & Evelyn Begas In honor of their children MIKVAH PREPARATION ROOM Dedicated by Drs. Stuart & Hindy Rubin in memory of Chava ben Moshe Chaim z”l MIKVAH BRIDAL ROOM Dedicated by Dr. Stuart & Debbie Goldman in honor of Rabbi Haskel & Friedel Wachsmann MEN’S MIKVAH Dedicated by Yaakov & Ruchie Lyons in memory of all of those who perished Al Kiddush Hashem KEILIM MIKVAH Dedicated by Rosa & Glen Golish in honor of their children, Ariella, Leora, Shoshanna and Yosef RABBI’S STUDY Dedicated by Dr. Jaimy & Rachel Bensimon in memory of Raphael Bensimon SHUL OFFICE Dedicated by Stan & Marla Frohlinger in honor of Alex & Barbara Frohlinger and Sidney & Ida Corush ASSISTANT RABBI’S OFFICE OUTREACH RABBI’S OFFICE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S OFFICE YOUTH DIRECTOR’S OFFICE Available $15,000 each PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE Dedicated by Dr. Michael & Dana Petrover in honor of their children, David, Zachary, Kayla & Rachel SENDERS LIBRARY Dedicated by Michael & Peppy Senders EDUCATION CENTER LIBRARY Dedicated by Daniel & Caroline Katz and family in loving memory of Michael Samuel Tree LIBRARY BOOKCASES Dedicated by Agenta, Kimberly & Jennifer Stengel in loving memory of Mark A. Stengel SCIENCE LAB Dedicated by his wife, children and grandchildren in loving memory of Albert Haar z’l CLASSROOM 101 Dedicated by Larry & Barbara Ellberger in honor of their children, Eytan, Ruven and Shai CLASSROOM 102 Dedicated by Merv & Elaine Jacobs in honor of our children, Rhonda, Larry, Marlene, David, Marla & Gary and our grandchildren Bryan, Jessica, Jonathan, Spencer, Robert, Samuel & David CLASSROOM 103 CLASSROOM 106 Available $25,000 each CLASSROOM 203 Dedicated by Lynn Hahn in loving memory of her dear husband Jerome S. Hahn CLASSROOM 204 Dedicated by Larry & Barbara Ellberger in honor of Rabbi Kenneth & Ruchie Brander & Family ORIGINAL SUKKAH Dedicated by Israel & Sarah Margolies in loving memory of their parents Rabbi Joseph & Malka Margolies and Meir & Miriam Fain NEW SUKKAH Available $25,000 THE ROSENKRANZ TORAH CONFERENCING NETWORK Dedicated by Deanna Rosenkranz in memory of Dr. Herbert Rosenkranz PLAYGROUND Dedicated by Rabbi Kenneth & Ruchie Brander and Barry & Debbie Kupfer In loving memory of their parents Izak & Miriam Tambour Contribution by Dr. Bernie & Melanie Kaminetsky MAIN ENTRANCE GARDEN Dedicated by Dr. Larry & Phyllis Charme in memory of Claire Charme, Donn Charme & Sumner Lyon TREE OF LIFE Dedicated by Merv & Elaine Jacobs in honor of our children & grandchildren PRESIDENT’S CHAIR Dedicated by Elizabeth Reicher in memory of her loving husband Morris Reicher THE ANNUAL TESHUVA LECTURE SERIES Dedicated by Yossi & Gilda Mandel and Julius & Lauren Reicher in memory of Morris & Elizabeth Reicher THE PAUL IJAC TORAH TAPE & CD LIBRARY Dedicated by the Ijac Family in memory of Paul Ijac RABBI’S CHAIR ASSISTANT RABBI’S CHAIR ELIJAH’S CHAIR Available $10,000 each BIMA CHAIR Dedicated by Dr. David & Ronit Neuman in honor of their children, Elan, Danielle & Gabrielle BIMA CHAIR Dedicated by the Loeffler Family in loving memory of Leo Lieberman BIMA CHAIR Dedicated by Dr. Sam, Barbara, Joshua and Lauren Leibowitz in memory of Joseph Lesser & Moses Lebovits BIMA CHAIR Available $5,000 PULPIT LECTERN RABBI’S LECTERN ASSISTANT RABBI’S LECTERN OUTREACH RABBIS’S LECTERN PRESIDENT’S LECTERN Available $10,000 each LECTERN Donated by Rabbi Meyer & Ruth Strassfeld In honor of our children & grandchildren AMERICAN FLAG & ISRAELI FLAG Dedicated by Jeff & Carla Klein THREE EXTERIOR FLAGPOLES WITH FLAGS Available $18,000 WATER FOUNTAIN Dedicated by Bradley & Marla Gross in honor of their daughters Gabby & Lilly WATER FOUNTAIN Dedicated Anonymously MAIN SANCTUARY PEWS Dedicated by Anna Cohen Dedicated by Dr. Mervyn & Melanie Hurwitz Dedicated by Martin & Helen Judovits (2) Dedicated by Rabbi Gene & Elka Klein Dedicated by Martin & Cynthia Miller Dedicated by Larry & Dorothy Perkins Dedicated by Mitchell & Lorys Stiel and family INTERIOR SANCTUARY LOBBY BOOKCASES Dedicated by Rabinowitz Family in loving memory of Ruth Rabinowitz


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure


Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure

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Decision 5773 • Boca Raton Synagogue Community Brochure