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Leap2 is an elegant icon that adds a functional and contemporary showpiece to the emerging cultural center of Dubai. Approaching the city along its major axes, the proposed structure frames Dubais attractive skyline, establishing a prominent entrance to the modern city. The materials, Glass and Titanium, transform through the day in the way it reflects the surrounding environment. The metal and glass skin exhibit a warped form evocative of the valleys and peaks of the surrounding desert. Leap2 represents the future of a country that continues to astonish the world with its bold and creative development.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award - Dubai 2009

Competition entry to the ThyssenKrupp Annual Architecture Award. The project was a collaboration with Virginia architect, Bauer Dermel. The icon is located in a large city park of Dubai. The form represents a leaping, kinetic motion, similar to a galloping horse -- pointing to Dubais future as well as reminiscent of Dubais cultural past. The project was developed first by hand, and physical models, followed by computer models created in sketchup, Rhino, and the final model created in Luxology Modo, and rendered in 3ds MAX with Vray. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign were used to finalize the presentation, along with AutoDesk AutoCAD to generate the elevations, sections, site plan, and floor plans.

Upper Observation Deck

Mid Observation Deck Lower Observation Deck Transfer

Two Story: Visitors Center Gift Store Conference Center



Below Grade Parking

Two Story: Childrens Library Vertical Circulation BASE 01 Moving Ramp Structure Sight Lines

Childrens Museum on Narodni Prague, CZ

Studio project at the NCSU Prague Institute. An empty lot on a prominent street in downtown Prague provided the challenge to create a building that would fit into the streets rich context, whether that became a contrasting object building or seamless contextual building. As a childrens museum, protection & openness became key goals for this project. Thick walls that wrap the site and a sunken first floor play area provide protection from the street. The interior is then hollowed out and split down the middle providing views throughout the interior space. The split levels and central circulation provide a community space for gathering, views both interior and exterior, and playful circulation exposed to the public on the street. Sketchup w/ Vray & Adobe Photoshop were the tools used for the entirety of the project.


vital organs

rib structure


Urban TREEHouse Prague, CZ

Studio project at the NCSU Prague Institute. A sliver of sidewalk wrapping around to an abandoned water tower along the Vltava River in Prague. The challenge was to fix an important corner at a major entry point along the river into downtown Prague. The current corner is made up of blank facades appearing like jagged teeth. Given the tight site constraints, we decided to lift our building off the floor. Condos are raised above the existing buildings allowing for natural light/ ventilation and views to the river and back to downtown Prague. Offices/restaurants/ amenities are boxes staggered through the structure lifted above the sidewalk. Two main circulation points are within the abandoned water tower (also containing condo amenities on the upper floors) and a major entry at the front corner along the sidewalk. The structure and units are wrapped by perforated metal or a cloth material to create privacy for the tenants, and a dynamic statement on the outside as activity from the inside is visible from the street.


Competition Entry with JS Architects & JDavis Architects of Raleigh, NC Ideation competition entry for Crosland, a development company, to generate ideas for a sustainable Mixed-use project located in Durham, NC. Our main goals and ideas were to create a surrounding Greenway/Bio-swale, a living wall/buffer at the parking deck, Density planning, and an innovative PV array roof to also provide shade for the upper level of the parking deck and a roof for upper level circulation.


Competition Entry through NCSU, 2008 Sustainable design competition entry for a duplex on a lot within the Carolina Meadows Retirement Community. In addition to the design, the competition required cost estimating, LEED score calculations, energy efficiency calculations, and the creation of an owners manual. The design utilizes passive solar strategies, finishes to promote good indoor air quality, a high performance building envelope, and water conservation methods. The layout of the two homes allows of a dynamic arrangement of outdoor spaces including a richly landscaped front courtyard taking advantage of a drought tolerant xeriscaping layout. The courtyard is defined by the public living spaces, which are designed to take advantage of three sides of light and good southern exposure, maximizing the usefullness of the polished concrete thermal mass floor in those spaces.

Southern Literature Hall of Fame Raleigh, NC

Studio Project at NCSU, 2008 Infill site in downtown Raleigh, NC, corner lot adjacent to Childrens Museum and large public park. Created a public building conceptually emphasizing the underlying tension found in southern literature. The important multi-use gathering/circulation space rotates off the buildings rigid grid pushing the skin over the sidewalk. This also creates interesting space between the regular and rotated pieces. The role of a tight knitted community in Southern society played a major role in the design of the interior spaces. Seeking to create an interactive and open space with areas for groups of all sizes to gather, engage one another, or relax in a protected and comfortable environment. The buildings skin allows for framed views in and out of the building. The center precious room glows through the skin at night, enticing visitors to enter through the front porch, and experience the Wall of Fame extending through the three story space. The model physical model was plaster printed from the 3d AutoCAD model and the skin was laser cut and etched from the CAD elevations. The renderings were done using 3ds MAX w/ its built in Mental Ray renderer.

Laundromat on Hillsborough Street Raleigh, NC

Studio Project at NCSU, 2007 Empty lot on Hillsborough Street, adjacent to NCSU campus, is the site for a laundromat and community gathering space. Natural light and ventilation, open industrial interior contrasted with a public terraced green roof are the main ideas forming this building. Operable windows and louvers wrap the exterior of the building allowing for complete ventilation and three sides of glass allow for excellent natural light. A side porch and the green roof create a perfect escape from the industrial interior of the laundromat. Spaces for air drying clothes, seating, and relaxing outside while the interior works like the machine it is. The first floor is sunken and houses the wet cycle, made of glazed brick walls, and polished concrete, where the upstairs holds the dryers on slat wood floors creating a warm airy feel.

Black Box Theater and Cinema Raleigh, NC

Studio Project at NCSU, 2006 Currently an empty small parking lot in downtown Raleigh, we used this corner lot for our exploration of a Theater in Raleigh. Exploring different ways to generate a form, I took the idea of carving and inserting to generate this form. The two insertions are the main program elements, the Theater is the glowing box at the top, and the cinema is the dark box sunk into the ground. The solid piece has been carved to receive the two boxes and to allow circulation through the site. The remaining solid piece is hollowed out for the support areas of this facility. The skin of the black cinema box is a polished metal placed at ground level to add interest to the street, while the theater above is a glowing beacon which can be seen all around the city.

Gomes + Staub Architects

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Programs used include: Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Piranesi.

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Intern architect with over 8 years experience in all facets of architectural practice, specializing in design and representation. Proficient in Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, among others. Has also been a successful freelance graphic/web designer for 6 years. Recently graduated with a Masters of Architecture degree from North Carolina State University.

JS Architecture, PLLC Architectural Intern, CAD Manager, IT Supervisor, Illustrator Raleigh, NC : 2007-2008 J Davis Architects Architectural Intern, Illustrator, Animator Raleigh, NC : 2005-2007 Gresham, Smith & Partners Architectural Intern Richmond, VA : 2004-2005 CMSS Architects Architectural Intern, Freelance Illustrator Reston, VA : 2002-2004 SmithGroup, INC Architectural Intern, Freelance Illustrator/drafting Washington, DC : 2000-2002 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary (Spanish Speaking) Phoenix, AZ : 1998-2000

North Carolina State University Masters of Architecture graduation: December 2008 Virginia Commonwealth University Bachelors of Fine Arts - Kinetic Imaging graduation: May 2005

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award Dubai Tall Emblem Structure Competition Entrant Winning entry announced in May 2009 2008 NCSU Prague Institute Study Abroad Honors Scholarship ACSA Poster Competition Accepted 2006 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Juried Show 2005 VCU Kinetic Imaging Student of the Year VCU Technology Grant 02-05 School of the Arts Deans List Personal art displayed - Anderson Art Gallery 2009