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Amway is one of the biggest multi-level marketing programs in the world. Officially launched in 1959, the company has a range of products, including products for home care, health, beauty, jewelry, electronics and insurance. The company main office are stationed in Michigan, USA, while its distributor network truly symbolizes a global business. Amway has significant presence in the United States, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Russia and India. The company was founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos and does business through several sister companies that have operations in more than 90 countries. The company has fought several lawsuits worldwide. The Jan 2012 sales numbers for the company exceeded $8 billion. Multi-level marketing companies often are considered bogus

companies which are trying to sell their bogus product by means of giving a customer an offer of good commission. But Amway is other case, its products are ranked as world’s best product also Amway is biggest MLM company of world and rank one in India among its competitors like RCM, Modicare, RMP etc.,

So I . This project deals with various prospects of MLM Marketing and brand position of AMWAY in Sitapur. find the project motivating and so is a part of my research. Malaysia etc. But in India the scenario is just different. and Amway enjoys its global presence with a list of world’s most admired FMCG range and Nutrition Product range..My project title is Brand position of Amway in Sitapur. This project will make us to understand the concept of MLM marketing and help us to acknowledge those companies who sell bogus goods or sell services as product. Motivation MLM marketing is base of economy of many companies like Philippines. many small companies on name of MLM marketing fool innocent people of our city Sitapur.

Objective of the Project Main Objective • To survey brand position of Amway in Sitapur Sub Objectives • • • • • • • • • To study product line of Amway To unravel the concepts of MLM marketing To analyze the basic facts of MLM Marketing To analyze consumer perception towards Amway To analyze the customer preference towards MLM To analyze merits and demerits of MLM Marketing To know about major players of MLM Marketing in Sitapur To know recent trends and product profile To explore the future of MLM Marketing. Scope This project will give insight of MLM marketing and brand position of AMWAY in Sitapur. thus helping the Company official to understand the market in better manner to approach customer in better manner to increase their Brand growth. .

Description of Project Research Problem A research problem is the situation that causes the researcher to feel apprehensive. It is the demarcation of a problem area within a certain context involving the WHO or WHAT. Theories could be a third source. Time and money are main constraints of my research. A second source could be scientific literature. There are many problem situations that may give rise to research. also the preference of people of Sitapur cannot be applied or considered as preference of country as many factor can effect choice of people. You may read about certain findings and notice that a certain field was not covered. the WHEN and the WHY of the problem situation. . the WHERE. Own experience or the experience of others may be a source of problem supply. Three sources usually contribute to problem identification. This could lead to a research problem. confused and ill at ease. Shortcomings in theories could be researched.

The research process provides a systematic.Methodology of the Project A project process consists of stages or steps that guide the project from its conception through the final analysis. Internet and Books of BBA for research methodology. SECONDARY DATA Secondary data was collected from magazines. Journals. recommendations and ultimate actions. Broachers of Different MLM Companies. planned approach to the research project and ensures that all aspects of the research project are consistent with each other. . Project studies evolve through a series of steps. each representing the answer to a key question. The method I used for exploratory research was   Primary Data Secondary data PRIMARY DATA Primary data is basically collected by getting questionnaire filled by the respondents.

 Design of procedure for information collection  Collection of information  Analysis of information  Generalizations and/or predictions DATA COLLECTION Data collection took place with the help of filling of questionnaires. written or oral. The questionnaire method has come to the more widely used and economical means of data collection. I found it essential to make sure the questionnaire was easy to read and understand to all spectrums of people in the sample. The common factor in all varieties of the questionnaire method is this reliance on verbal responses to questions. It was also important as researcher to respect the samples time and energy hence the questionnaire .DESCRIPTIVE STEPS FOR FINDINGS AND PREPRATION OF PROJECT STEPS  Statement of the problem  Identification of information needed to solve the problem  Selection or development of instruments for gathering the information  Identification of target population and determination of sampling Plan.

The details of our sample are explained in chapter named primary research where the divisions are explained in demographics section. The target population represents the Sitapur regions. . SAMPLE SIZE I have targeted 100 people in the age group above 21 years for the purpose of the research.was designed in such a way. The people were from different professional backgrounds. . These questionnaires were personally administered. The sample size is influenced by the target population. that its administration would not exceed 4-5 mins.

and by consistently refining our existing product line. has enabled us to become one of the industry's technological leaders. If you're looking for high quality products and solid customer support at rock-bottom prices. . Through they continued pursuit of new product ideas. They are made up of natural a thing that’s why they are good for health and environment. and its willingness to act upon it. Health care. and daily use products etc. The products of Amway are world class product quality. then choosing Amway really does make sense. they pride it selves on knowledge of the dynamic networking market that is quickly becoming central to modern business. Successful business today depends upon a company's ability to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace.Conclusion Amway is which is one of the largest direct selling company in the world. The main objectives of Amway are to profit there distributers by eliminating the middlemen and provide the products to the distributers in cheaper price. they have become one of the top providers of cuttingedge networking products in the global market. Amway covers a wide range of products from beauty care. At Amway. the products are costly as compared to other branded products available in market but if we compare the quantity while using the products require less amount and thus can be used for longer time. to clothing. This knowledge.

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If you are not member still are you planning to join? Que 6. Profession ………………………………………………… Que1. What do you feel about the company which you have joined? Que 8. Qualification………………………………………………. What is your opinion about MLM Marketing? Que 3. What is your opinion about the future of MLM Marketing ? . Age…………………………………………………………. Do you know about MLM (Multi Level Marketing)? Yes It is good and beneficial Do not know about it Yes Que 4.Questionnaire Name………………………………………………………. How did you come to know about the company? Que 7. If yes please select one of below? Amway Modicare Yes From News Paper TV Commercials Very Good Moderate Very good Scope Very Long Way to Go RMP RCM Business No Magazine Word to Mouth Good Poor No Scope No It is fake and useless No Opinion No Que2. Are you member of any MLM Marketing Company? Que 5..

Which of the following product line of Amway you have used or No Que12. Have you ever been recommended or recommend yourself to Good Poor No Que11.Que9. Any Suggestion? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Date : No Que13.14 What are the basic merits and demerits of the MLM marketing or the Company which you have joined ? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Que 15. What is your opinion about Amway? Very Good Moderate Amway product personally? Yes someone to use Amway Product? Yes know about? Health care & Nutrition Cosmetics FMCG Que. Whether you are member of Amway or not. Have you ever been cheated or misguided by any of the MLM Company ? Yes Que10. have you ever used Signature .