Group Discussion What is the purpose and style of fight songs and cheers at a sporting event?

Consider that such chants are rhythmical, direct, emotional, repetitive, and chauvinistic in order to rouse the spirits of spectators and to elicit response from them. How is the relevant to the structure of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’? According to stanza 2, why do the men of Light Brigade charge when they know the order is a mistake? According to stanza 5, what is the outcome of the battle? In the last stanza, how does the poet urge us to regard the Light Brigade? What effect does the repetition of words and lines have on the story of the battle? List some of the verbs used in stanzas 1,3, and 5. What effect do these verbs have on the effect on the plot of the poem? What specific details suggest that very few members of the Light Brigade survived the famous charge? After reading a newspaper account of the battle, Tennyson composed the poem in just a few minutes, but the poem was an instant and lasting success. Soldiers considered the poem "a fine rolling warchant". In what ways do you think the poem is a "war chant"? What do you think made the poem popular with soldiers? Literary elements: a) What is the meaning of the metaphor--"jaw of death" "mouth of hell" ? b) Why did the poet use "half the league" in the first stanza and " Rode the six hundred" in the first three stanzas repetitiously? C) What is the plot and setting? Who are the characters? What is the rising action and falling action? What is the climax and resolution of the story? What is the theme? Why wase brigade in the poem called " the Light Brigade"? The brigade may best be described as-In stanza 2, the soldier knows that some one has -What theme is implied in the title “The Charge of the Light Brigade" ? Narrative: Narrative is the recounting of a succession of events. Many narratives are fictional, including epics and novels, but narrative can include nonfiction such as history and autobiography. Narratives needn't be in prose: epics, for instance, are narrative verse. Narratives are not always told in sequence. Many stories start in medias res and jump about chronologically. (In medias res is Latin for "in the middle of things." It usually describes a narrative that begins, not at the beginning of a story, but somewhere in the middle -- usually at some crucial point). Create a poster about ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ – make sure all of your information relates to AF3 and AF4.

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