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The Charge of the Light Brigade


Discuss and make detailed notes with supporting evidence on

the question(s) assigned to your group. You will be peer teaching
your response to other members of the class.

How does Tennyson bring a Christian element to the poem?

What do you think is the significance of having the Light Brigade

temporarily victorious in stanza 4? Does it add to the story’s
tension? Does it make these brave soldiers more admirable? How?

What themes are explored in the poem? Consider loyalty, pride …

How might the rhythm of the poem be ‘militaristic’? What sound

might it be trying to replicate?

Is it fair to suggest that ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ is ‘pictures

with words’? Consider the poet’s use of figurative language,
manipulation of colour and sound.

What specific details suggest that very few members of the Light
Brigade survived the famous charge?

The repetition of words and lines stresses the Brigade's a) action,

weakness, fear, and defeat b) reaction, violence, marching, and
surrender c) charge, cannon fire, bloodshed, and victory d) action,
determination, losses, and honour. Discuss.

Homework Extension Reading

In 1854, Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled ‘The Last of the Light
Brigade’. Read and research this poem – how are they linked? What
is Kipling’s message?