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1. Upon arrival at the Naia Airport – present your e-ticket to the guard to allow you to enter the airport; 2. You and your belongings will undergo the airport X-ray machine; 3. Once inside the airport – a. Proceed to the lane of your airlines ( e.g. Flight UO/Hong Kong express), then present your e-ticket and passport to the counter; b. The passport and your e-ticket will return to you, together with your boarding pass; c. Check-in your luggage – a STAB will be given to you for your check – in luggage; d. If you wish – ask the counter staff to have a seat beside your companion; 4. Next, go to LANE – for payment of TERMINAL FEE – P 750.00; 5. Look for the arrow a. Present your PASSPORT, or the entrance sign; BOARDING PASS, and, the 6. Look for the Lane – IMMIGRATION FOR FILIPINO NATIONALS;

EMBARKATION CARD to the immigration – the immigration officer will stamp your passport “DEPARTURE;” b. Afterwards, the Immigration officer will return to you your PASSPORT with stamped “DEPARTURE” and your BOARDING PASS.

by the immigration officer. your passport with stamped “ARRIVAL. Before arrival and while at the airplane. will tear – off your boarding pass. Present to the stewardess your boarding pass – the stewardess. 13. upon receipt of your boarding pass. the flight attendant will distribute the DISEMBARKATION FORM. Fly and eat( if included). Your PASSPORT. proceed to the its immigration ( e. read and watch the TV monitor very discreetly to know the number of your conveyor/carousel for your check in luggage. Listen. 14. on the other hand. in which it is specified – then proceed to the said gate. Upon entry.up DISEMBARKATION form – WARNING: a brief interview is usually conducted by the immigration officer – such as: Your purpose and companion( if necessary present your package). which has to be filled – up before unboarding. wait at the lounge area for the announcement and call of departure – WARNING: be alert and attentive.7.g. 10. 12. Hong Kong airport).destination(e. one copy of which will be returned to you by the said stewardess – REMINDER: do not loose or misplace it as it is your proof of your seat#. Check on your boarding pass your GATE #. Upon announcement or call of departure proceed to the tube ( boarding time). Hong Kong Immigration) – present your passport and you duly filled . Upon arrival to your airport. 11.” 15. .g. TICKET and BOARDING PASS will be returned to you. 8. 9.

Be at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight. get your luggage. and go to the meeting place. Do your foreign exchange at the airport for security purposes. Indicate IDENTIFYING MARKS on your baggage/luggage for easy recognition to avoid any future inconvenience. D. C. RIBBON.16. YOUR PHILIPPINE AND . COMPLETE NAME & HONG KONG ADDRESS B. such as: a. Upon obtaining your conveyor/carousel number. REMINDER: A. proceed to your designated conveyor. Bring at least two Government IDs.

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