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Nor Ariff Ayyie Bin Daud


A very good morning to all fellow audiences. Today, with me Nor Ariff

Ayyie bin Daud the chairperson of this forum which entitled “There is a lot of pollution happened nowadays. It is caused by natural factors and not unnatural factors?” On my left side is Professor Mr. Haziq from Environmental Health Advisor, Regional Office for South East Asia, World Health Organization. On my right side is student from the University of Iceland, Mr Ronney Hilton Abidin and beside him is Mr. Jerry representative from United States World Health Organization. Ladies and gentlemen, before we go any further let me tell you briefly about our topic today. There are many kind of pollution like air, noise, light, water, land and visual pollution happened around the world. Both nature and nurture made the pollution happened on our mother earth. For examples, the human activities like burning the rubbish, throwing the rubbish into the river and illegal logging made the pollution happened. Burning the rubbish will produce a lot of smoke which will pollute the air, throwing the rubbish into the river will make the river dirty and pollute the water river. Besides, for some natural factors, tsunami will cause pollution. A disaster of tsunami, will cause a lot of water creatures like fish and prawns died and cause air and water pollution because of the dead body. So, let us start our forum with the first panelist‟s Mr Ronney Hilton Abidin, what is your opinion about the topic of this forum? Do you think the pollution is caused by natural or unnatural factors?

Mr. Ronney Hilton: Thank you, Mr. moderator. Actually, I agree with the topic being raise in this forum, that is pollution is caused by natural factors, and not unnatural factors. For example, some of the more prominent natural factors are Forest Fires, volcanoes eruption, Wind Erosion, Methane Expulsion, as well as comets and meteorites. Let‟s take volcano eruptions specifically. When a volcano erupted, lava and volcanic ash will be release. Nowadays, there are several active volcanoes that are found around the planet, and along with the air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution that they cause, they can also be a source of danger to life forms. Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide are the primary gases that are released during volcanic eruptions, and these lead to direct consequences to the earth's atmosphere and to all

the life forms that reside here. is the eruption of Iceland volcane. Water flow through soil is important for agriculture as it affects the distribution of nutrients. With such a reduction in permeability of the soil. and the volcanic ash that follows disrupts air travel and many other activities For example. from what I have heard from you just now. According to article written by Liz Kalaugher at EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly in Vienna (capital of Austria). She also stated. Nor Ariff Ayyie bin Daud: Thank you for your opinion Mr. it is hugely detrimental of the well-draining of soils in Iceland. another concern for soil is the presence of fluoride in the ash. the Eyjafjallajökull volcano on 14 April 2010. which can harm plants. and soil moisture is a key factor for healthy plant growth. halocarbons and some metal chlorides are also released into the atmosphere in smaller traces.9mm/s while soil with fine ash which that incorporated sulphates and fluorides. There are potential harm of humans who ingest those animals which have been exposed to fluoride poisoning. what do you . The usual measure with which water can flow through ordinary soil is around 0. I want to ask you some more about. However. however. Pierre Delmelle from the University of York. UK. hydrogen fluoride. which corrodes the intestines and causing internal bleeding. livestock and people when it gets into the food chain. Fluoride in the ash is said to create acids in the stomach. was just 0. Ronney. she reported that as the Iceland volcano erupted. and thus cause a sequences of pollution.25 mm/s. the farmland 15 km south of the volcano was coated with an ash layer more than 10 cm deep. The materials released also lead to acid rain in many parts. hydrogen chloride. Therefore volcanic eruption is a serious matter to be concern which can cause pollution. found that when fine ash was ploughed into the soil. it is true that natural factors did cause a pollution to our environment. Other gases like hydrogen sulfide. Besides. with regards to chemical effects. the soil permeability to water decreased. carbon monoxide.

water pollution is divided into three which are water pollution. The project only just start on 1st October 2011. Nor Ariff Ayyie bin Daud : Thank you very much to Mr. Mexico and Ecuodor. it seems like this Earth is poisoning itself. Jerry : Thank you. what can you say about.Jerry. Move on to Mr. Ronney Hilton: Actually there are not much the government can do after the eruptions. The project main objective is to significantly improve our understanding of the process behind volcanic unrest and the ability to forecast its outcome aiding decision –making and management in an unrest situation. at least the risk of exposingand endangering the health of the population can be reduce to a minimum level. ground water pollution and ocean . According to The Common Sense Environmental Fund. According to the research and the data that we had received from country around the world on the natural factors of pollutions. does the natural factors will also be the causes for land and water pollution? Could you give some explanation and provide some example so that we can have a better view about it? Mr. but there is still initiatives by the government. moderator. other than air pollution. that is the VUELCO project. With this. but with our government participate. With this project. the West Indies. Not many of us knows those pollutions are also causes by natural factors. which stand for “Volcanic unrest in Europe and Latin America”. Actually there are a lot more natural factors that contribute to land and water pollutions. we can plan and manage the population which situated near the volcano before the real volcanic eruptions occur. Spain. thus the project can include the monitoring the volcanoes in Iceland. people always see unnatural factors or manmade factors as the causes of pollutions. Ronney for the explanation. Even though the project is now only monitoring those volcanoes in Italy. to the Mr.think the government can do to reduce the risk of this pollution caused by this volcano eruptions? Mr. as it can be seen clearly. This is because.

When there‟s a heavy rain all minerals from the land gets washed into rivers and then to the ocean. When acid rain pollutes marine habitats such as rivers and lakes. One of the natural factors that can pollute water is heavy rain. deforestation and farming.pollution. aquatic life is harmed. The loss of topsoil due to erosion results in a loss of soil fertility and a decrease in the . When it rains the water is polluted with these gases. Now we move on land pollution. This is the way water gets polluted naturally. toxic inorganic. such as wind. This can result in great damage to coral reefs and subsequently. This is because. Atmosphearic is also natural factor for water pollution. The major water pollutants are organic nutrients. water. sediment and heat. Soil erosion occurs when topsoil moves from one place to another as a result of various natural and man-made factors.. inorganic nutrients. According to the reseach that had been conducted by Wisconsin Department of Health. A research conducted by Unites State Department of Agriculture had found that. global warming makes the Earth‟s water temperature rises. This is when the coral expels the microorganisms of which it is dependent on. atmospheric deposition is the pollution of water caused by air pollution. For example. a rise in water temperatures causes coral bleaching of reefs around the world. all the marine life that depends on it. An increase in water temperature can result in the death of many aquatic organisms and disrupt many marine habitats. water particles mix with carbon dioxide. In the atmosphere. According to UK Water Pollution Organisation. Air pollution means that water vapour absorbs more of these gases and becomes even more acidic. global warming is also one of the natural factors of water pollution. soil erosion and salty water are the main natural factors that cause land pollution. This can cause water organisms to choke from the lack of oxygen as these minerals help water weeds and sea weeds grow at an alarming rate leaving less O2 in the water for fishes and other organisms which in turn die. infectious agents. sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and forms a weak acid. this is called acid rain. toxic organics.

result in damage to material property. Based on the researched that been proposed by Holdgate in 1979. Jerry and Mr. While water is one of the most essential ingredients that is required for the normal growth of crops. adversely affects the soil as well as the crop growth. I would like to start my word with the definition of the pollution. what can you say about the nurture pollution that happened nowadays? Mr. vibration. In my word. Thats all of my points. many incident about pollution in this world is done by man-made activity. resulting in decreased growth of crops and decreased yields. I‟m saying this because. heat or noise into air. Nor Ariff Ayyie bin Daud : Thank you so much to both Mr. that is. Now I want to ask Professor Haziq. the use of water with a high salinity. We can clearly see what have happen to our environment. Ronney for such a useful explanation that successfully opened up our eyes about natural factors that can cause a pollution to our environment. In your own word. . and ultimately making the soil and the land unfit for crop yielding and other agricultural practices. or impair or interfere with amenities and other legitimate of the environment. The salts present in the water accumulate in the top layer of the soil.soil's capacity to retain water. Haziq : Thank you to our chair person Mr Ariff. pollution shall mean the direct or indirect introduction as a result of human activity of substances. water or land which may be harmful to human health or the quality of the environment. water that contains higher amounts of salts such as sodium chloride [NaCl]. Thank you. thus ultimately causing the soil left behind after erosion to be rendered unfit to produce crops. I can say that the pollution that happen in our world is basically being factor by human activity.

Mr. I would like to stress on a pollution that rarely catch people attention which is noise pollution. moderator. locomotive drivers. 90% of which is situated outside Greater London. The outdoor noise pollution is the noise emanating from factories. Without we realize about it. Urban waste disposal may also generate global pollution problem. namely municipal waste. Noise pollution in our oceans is constantly increasing because of the increased ship traffic and also because of offshore oil drilling. Deafness. There are several sources that contribute to indoor and outdoor noise pollution. temporary or permanent. Mechanics. and playing of loudspeakers during various festivals. The main sources of noise pollution are construction and transportation. 72% of London‟s municipal waste goes to landfill. Then for the indoor noise pollution. The root cause of pollution is the tension between our rising global population. This research had been done by AEA Teachnology on 2002) . For example. form example 25% of the UK‟S methane emissions that come form landfill. so we must aware about the condition to our pollution today. that is physical damage to the ear and the temporary or permanent hearing loss often called a 'temporary threshold shift' (TIS). Actually this pollution that made by human activity often cause the excessive noise. In this context. telephone operators all have their hearing impairment. vehicles. is one of the most prevalent effects of noise pollution. and other electronic gadgets. We can see clearly from here that the main sources of this noise pollution is come from the human activity. our 21st-century urban lifestyle poses a major challenge. is like the loudly played radio or music systems. and our rising expectation in terms of living standard. and our failure to pay proper attention to the ideas encapsuled in „Tragedy of the commons‟ by Hardin in 1968. Their residents consume and dispose of the materials locally for at least in the first instance. Basically any form of noise which has potential to disrupt the normal functioning of any natural ecosystem or some human community. As by-product the cause pollution of the local atmosphere and water course. We ourselves cause this pollution. Actually this type of pollution is come from human activity itself which is naturally cause by the unnatural factors. this pollution can give such a big impact to us. In particular they generate household and small commercial waste. Cities import resources from across the globe.

damage to structure or amenity or interference with legitimate uses of the environment. With that I thank you. are very important. So. from what I understand here. from what we have heard just now. this awareness will lead to the love of human nature and understanding of the fragility of the natural system if disturbed by humans at will. thank you very much for coming here and it is honored to have all of you attendance. harm to living resources and ecological systems. I may say that the introduction by man into the environment of substances or energy liable to cause hazards to human health. . Thank you to our panelists for willing to spend their time for coming to our forum today. weather. Moreover. climate and all the elements. human consciousness to protect the environment involving air. Also to all the audience.Nor Ariff Ayyie: Thank you to professor. Man must preserve to protect and preserve the natural state of the atmosphere and all the elements contained therein. I guess that is all for our forum today. that I have stated earlier? So.