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Laura Boucher

Title of my magazine
I think that the title of my magazine is going to be ‘lively’. I think this because it’s representative of the genre POP- this is because POP music is often quite upbeat and fast and often the artists liven up the audience which provides a lively atmosphere. I think that it could also have connotations of Loud which could represent the style in which I am planning on making my magazine, quite loud and bold in order to stand out amongst the rest. I think that the title “lively” will set the tone for the rest of my magazine.

Choice of genre
My choice of genre is pop music. This is because this is a genre in which I have a major interest in. I think I will find it easy to relate to the target audience and also the artists in which I portray in my magazine. This music is music in which up to date and is current. Therefore it is the most popular kind of music therefore interests the most people so will have the most chance of selling within a shop.

Choice of target audience
I have chosen my target audience to be within 16-21. This is because I feel the main interest within this genre is in this age range. I chose to start it around 16 because this is the same age as me so therefore I am able to relate to the target audience and would be looking for the same features within a pop magazine that a typical 16 year old would be. I chose to go up to age 21 because most pop artists are young therefore if it relates to the younger age of people they could possibly see the artists as role models and look up to them.

Ideas for my front cover
I am planning to use a 16/17 year old artist on the cover. This is because she will be relatable to the target audience. I am planning to use a female because my target audience contains both male and female however more so focuses upon female. I plan to use a medium close up because since my research into magazines I have noticed it is a typical convention of magazines to use a medium close up on the front cover. I also plan for her to be making eye contact with the readers to make them feel included. She will be wearing fashionable clothes. I have decided this because I have found from my audience research that most people who listen to POP music also have an interest in keeping up to date with the latest trends. Moreover I plan to use a color scheme of pink black and white. This is because the pink will highlight the title lively and stand out amongst the other moderate colors. The pink is also a bright color which I feel fits in with the genre of POP and is loud which connotes POP music. I plan to situate my coverlines around my main image. I plan to have them in both black and white. I want them to be about pop music and typical things in which would interest my target audience such as: concerts, typical pop artists and gossip.

Ideas for my contents page
I plan to use the rule of thirds on my contents page to make it look professional and ensure everything is in proportion. In the top row of thirds I plan to situate my masthead and have it quite big so it covers all 3. I plan to have a fairly image based contents page. This is because I plan to use my images to represent what’s inside the magazine. I plan to number them in a bold black font. I think the main use of fonts will be stencil std and minion. The images I plan to use are a two shot a long shot and maybe a close up. I will use my contents page to advertise certain bands which will interest my target audience and also other things which I have found out from my audience research will interest them such asgossip.

Laura Boucher

Ideas for my double page spread
I have decided that on my double page spread I will have one side the article and the other side an image. This is because from my research into looking at magazines I have noticed this is a typical convention. I plan for my image to be of the artist in whom I am writing the article about. Therefore the main attraction of my magazine from the cover page. I plan to do an interview for my article. I plan to ask the artist questions in a question and answer format and then write it up. I feel this will interest my readers because I feel by using an upcoming POP star it would be something they’d have an interest in reading about.