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Volunteer Experiences

Ashley Walter (Last edited 2/27/13)

Middle School and High School Involvement in Community Activities:
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Served at Trinity Lutheran Church as an Acolyte (2007 – 2012) Served as Trinity Lutheran Church as a craft volunteer for Vacation Bible School (summer 2011 & 2012) Involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters to mentor a 6th grade “Little” at York Avenue Elementary School (spring 2011) Helped raise money for Relay For Life; designed T-shirts and sold henna as a team member of Knights For Life (summer 2012) Sold feather hair extensions at craft fairs and community events (2011 – 2012) Sold art commissions such as portraits (2011 – 2012) Employed as a babysitter and dogsitter (2009 -2012) Student and assistant at Corsello’s Kenpo Karate School with a rank of Jr. black belt (2001 – 2012) Member of my middle school track team; ran the 800 meter race and 400 meter relay at Bucks Mounts (2006 – 2008) Member of Environmental Action club; weeded my high school’s flower beds (2009 – 2010) Member of Creative Writer’s Club at my high school (2009 – 2010) Member of Art Club at my middle and high school (2008 – 2012) Member of the Youth Education Association; volunteered to help out with the events and activities open to children (2011 – 2012) Member of Troubadour, the literary magazine club at my high school (2010 – 2012) Member of National Art Honor Society, where we painted murals and sold clay projects to raise money for the art scholarship (2010 – 2012) Member of National Junior Honor Society to do volunteer work through my middle school (2008 – 2009) Member of National Honor Society to do volunteer work through my high school, such as Special Olympics my junior year and the For Pete’s Sake, Walk my senior year (2010 – 2012) Volunteered at the Lower Marion Vocational Center, helping developmentally disabled adults with their art projects (Summer 2012) Undergrad Involvement in Community Activities:

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Involved in Arcadia’s Honors Program Mentee of the Mentor Program Member of For the Women; on the Self-Defense Committee (2012) Member of American Sign Language Club (2012) Member of Skyward Rock Climbing Club (2012) Member of Martial Arts Club (2012) Member of Arcadia Special Athletes Association; weekly meetings involve driving to a gym and helping the Rotary Special Athletes train for volleyball (2012) Crafted bowls for the annual Empty Bowl Dinner and later attended the event (2012) Participated in the Waste Repurposing Event on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day of Service (2013) Participated in the Pack-a-Thon on the Martin Luther King Day of Service (2013) Attended Leadership Conference at Scranton University (2013) Face painted for Dr. Seuss Day (2013) Relay For Life

Arcadia Special Athletes Association

Waste Repurposing Event

on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day of Service