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Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FTSM) had organised a seminar during the minggu mesra fakulti teknologi & sains maklumat (MMFTSM) on 25 February 2013. This seminar has two sessions which is a forum session and a job sharing session. There are three panel invited to the forum on the first session. They are Kapten Ab Manan Bin Mansor (Ketua Eksekutif KPP), En. Azhari Omar (Pengurus Kanan Kumpulan ICT Proton Holdings Berhad) and En. Mirza Safri Bin Sufian (Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif UKM Pakarunding). The first thing that has been put up into issues is how to choose a suitable career. To find the right job, interest should be figured out first. After that, the salary, benefits and chances offer by the company should be considered also. Try to match all of these with a position that is most suitable for you. Environment is the biggest effect that affects a person to choose his career. However, it makes perfect sense to choose that is related with interest. To get a job, an interview is inevitable. Applicants should be well prepared before going an interview to make a good first impression. The preparation may be start by looking into the company’s profile and background. Applicants should also able to talk about the position that he applying and also the company’s future. Besides that, it is best to prepare some questions. Interview is not an interrogation. So, feel free to ask some question that shows your understand about the job and company needs. It shows the interviewer that you are proactive and also help to convince an employer that you are the right person. In addition, keep practice about the questions that interviewers might ask before go to the interview. Practices make prefect. The more you practice, the more confidence you will be, and hence, the fewer mistakes you will do. Interaction skills also very important since communication cannot be avoided in a company. Same as the relationship skill, it is important to build good relationship with colleagues and manager. There are some suggestions from the three panels to all students. Never fear, never stop to learn. They encourage students to take the opportunity to stand there and ask. Never stop asking question and do not keep your mouth shut. Try to be an explorer. It helps to make a person knowledgeable.

For the second session, the job sharing session, two companies are invited to give a talk about their company. The first company is Fusionex. Fusionex is an established multi-award winning IT group that specialises in software products and solutions delivery, coupled with management and consulting services. The presenter, James mentions three criteria for students to find a job. The first criterion is experience, which refers to internship. An experienced applicant will be first considered than a newbie. Skills such as language, soft, technical, communication and writing skills are also considered in the qualifications. However, the most important criterion is attitude. Although the applicant has many experience and skills but has a poor attitude, he still will be excluded in hire list. Next job sharing session is presented by Tan Chong Group. Tan Chong Group has been in the automotive industry for more than 50 years in Malaysia and is a well-established conglomerate. The Group is also aggressively expanding its business interests overseas, particularly in the ASEAN region. As an established home-grown conglomerate, Tan Chong committed in realising the full potential of their employees in a nurturing, learning working environment. Tan Chong have established a structured internship programme to enable participating students to discover their potential. In this programme, the participating students have the opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real business project, gain exposure to a unique local corporate environment and also gain hands-on working experience.