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Customer Satisfaction towards Maruti Swift

Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement For the award of


(Upperpalli, ‘X’ Roads, Rajendra nagar, Hyderguda post office, Hyderabad-500048) 2009-2011

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I would like to thank “Saboo R.K.S Motors Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad” for giving me the opportunity to do the project with them. Thanks to Mr. Suhail Kachavaha D.G.M. and Ms. Reethu Koyal, Manager-customer care of Saboo group my project guide who was a very helpful & informative person to work under. For his continuous supervision and direction, I am very grateful for him. I thank to Ms. Sai Prasanna, Faculty – institute of Computer & Business ManagementSchool of Business Excellence (ICBM-SBE) who is guide me for making this project, and not only has this project helped me in learning about Management Services but also enlightened me on the overall aspects of Marketing. I also wish to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Ritu Zarar (chair Person) Prof. Mr. S. Zarar (Principal) & Prof. Jitendra Govindani (Director) of Institute of Computer & Business Management-School of Business Excellence (ICBM-SBE) for giving me the opportunity to leading this work in the company. This has given me the insight of how the various theoretical concepts are applied in an organization. I got the opportunity to do a challenging project in the “Maruti Udyog Limited”. The project is the important part of my study and gives me a real practical exposure to the corporate world.

Date Place - Hyderabad

Ranjeet Singh 09/100

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I hereby declare that the project report entitled “Customer satisfaction Towards Maruti Swift” is a work undertaken by me for “Maruti Suzuki India Limited” during the academic year 2009-2011 and submitted to the Institute of Computer and Business management partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) taking Marketing as my specialization. It is also an Original and bonafied work undertaken by me in partial fulfillment of the Requirement of Post Graduate Diploma in Management, AICTE

The result embodied in this dissertation has not been submitted to any other University or Institute for any award of degree or diploma, and this is a result of my own effort and that has not been copied from any one.

Place……………… Date:- Hyderabad

Ranjeet Singh


interpretations were drawn for the questions and on the basis of those interpretations conclusion and suggestions were drawn. On the basis of the secondary data analysis and the extensive analysis of the primary data. automobile magazines and other reliable sources. Primary data was collected through a well framed questionnaire. The previous highest monthly exports were in August 2009 at 14. 22 to 26% customers wanted to buy Getz but after launching the Swift they changed their decision.Page |5 Maruti Suzuki is market leader in multi utility vehicles in the India from 2003. The total sales numbers in 2009-10 market a growth of 29 per cent over last financial year.700 Crore for expansion of the production facilities by 2. where there is a needs to focus more to improve the efficiency of the marketing team of Maruti Suzuki automotives.593 units.123 units. from which a detailed analysis was done using various statistical I.167units. its product. Maruti Suzuki's total sale in 2009-10 was 792. The survey involved gathering wide information about the company. Maruti Suzuki sold total of 95. The main objective of the study is to know the “Customer satisfaction toward the Maruti Swift” a heart car launched by Maruti Suzuki.000 units (1. tools.25 million) by 2012. . During March 2010. The research was conducted through collection of the primary and secondary data.T. various aspects were identified by the company. 50. Hyundai Getz is the major competitor of the Maruti Swift. From the information collected.5 lakh units at its Manesar plant. customer satisfaction toward Swift and impact of various competitive firms on the company. Secondary data was collected through visiting various web sites.669 units). The March 2010 numbers include domestic sales of 79. Maruti Suzuki is now expanding its production capacity to reach 12. the company announced an investment of Rs 1.847 units. growing 11 percent over March 2009 (85.530 units and the highest ever monthly exports of 15. Because 22% to 26% customers have changed their decision from GETZ to SWIF. In March 2010.

The customers are ready to pay their money on the Swift for better satisfaction . Maruti Suzuki automotive has to increase its market share in the A2 segment car and in the defense purpose and also in MPVs. . And mileage of swift is also major part of customer’s satisfaction. INTRODUCTION Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a publicly listed automaker in INDIA.Page |6 Customers are highly satisfied with the Swift Diesel model . It was the first company in India to mass-produce and sell more than a million cars. Customer is emotionally attachment with the swift due to their safety features of the swift. Customers are in very enthusiastic mood to see the new change in the Swift. It is largely credited for having brought in an automobile revolution to India.Now the present time the swift is going on the advance booking before 5 to 6 months. It is a leading fourwheeler automaker manufacturer in south a Asia. Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan holds a majority stake in the company. In the survey we found that customers are not happy with the Swift back glass because they are unable to clear visibility in the back side when they have to need of back gear due to the very small size of back glass. The customers believe that the Swift is not costly according to their features.

000 cars and has an extremely large domestic market in India selling over 730. HISTORY OF AUTOMOBILES . was the India's largest selling compact car ever since it was launched in 1983.Page |7 It is the market leader in India and on 17 September 2007. Haryana. based on the SUZUKI Alto kei car. the product range has widened. Maruti Suzuki is one of India's leading automobile manufacturers and the market leader in the car segment. though the actual production commenced in 1983 with the Maruti 800. it’s only competitors. Till recently the term "Maruti". Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was established in February 1981. Maruti has produced over 5 Million vehicles. Over the years. depending upon export orders. VISION . with Suzuki as a minor partner to make a people's car for middle class India.Creating customer delight and shareholders wealth. in popular Indian culture.the Hindustan Ambassador and premier Padmini were both around 25 years out of date at that point Through 2004. MISSION-To provides maximum value for money to their customers through continuous improvement of products and services. till 2004. Maruti 800. The company annually exports more than 50. which at the time was the only modern car available in India. the term "Maruti" is commonly used to refer to this compact car model. The company headquarter is in Gurgoan. ownership has changed hands and the customer has evolved. Maruti Udyog was renamed Maruti Suzuki India Limited. was associated to the Maruti 800 model. Maruti are sold in India and various several other countries. both in terms of volume of vehicles sold and revenue earned. Models similar to Maruti (but not manufactured by Maruti Udyog) are sold by Suzuki and manufactured in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Due to the large number of Maruti 800s sold in the Indian market.000 cars annually. More than a million units of this car have been sold worldwide so far. Maruti Suzuki was born as a government company.

Japanese manufacturers entered the Indian market ultimately leading to the establishment of Maruti Udyog.Page |8 In 1953. the government of India and the Indian private sector initiated manufacturing processes to help develop the automobile industry. Foster of M/s Crompton Greaves Company.Mr. the automobile industry continued to grow at a slow pace due to the many government restrictions. A number of Indian manufactures appeared between 1970-1980.Mrs. which had emerged by the 1940s in a nascent form. Between 1970 to the economic liberalization of 1991. A number of foreign firms initiated joint ventures with Indian companies. Suzanne RD Tata · 1905 Fiat Motors · 1911 First Taxi in India · 1924 Formation of traffic police · 1928 Chevrolet Motors · 1942 Hindustan Motors · 1944 Premier Auto Limited · 1945 Tata Motors · 1947 Mahindra Motors · 1948 Ashok Motors · 1948 Standard Motors · 1974 Sipani Motors · 1981 Maruti Udyog · 1994 Rover Motors · 1994 Mercedes Benz · 1994 Opel · 1995 Ford Motors .Jamshedji Tata · 1905 First Woman to drive a car in India . Mumbai · 1901 First Indian to own a car in India . Timeline of Indian automobile industry: · 1897 First Person to own a car in India .

which it also exports to over 60 other countries. Increased presence of multiple automobile manufacturers has led to market competitiveness and availability of options at competitive costs. the overall contribution of automobile industry in India to the world remains low as of 2007. the automobile section underwent deli censing and opened up for 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment. which includes direct and indirect employment.93. The export sector grew at a rate of 30% per year during early 21st century.07. which grew at a rate of 17% on an average since the economic reforms of 1991. However.000/. when it produced 2. The industry provided employment to a total of 13. India was one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world in 2005-06. India is also largely self-sufficient in tyres production.Page |9 · 1995 Honda SIEL · 1995 Reva Electric Car Company · 1995 Daewoo Motors · 1996 Hyundai Motors · 1997 Toyota Kirloskar Motors · 1997 Fiat Motors (Re-Entry) · 1998 San Motors · 1998 Mitsubishi Motors · 2001 Skoda Auto · 2003 Chevrolet Motors (Re-Entry) Following the economic reforms of 1991. India produced 72 million tyres . A surge in economic growth rate and purchasing power led to growth in the Indian automobile industry.1 million people as of 2006.units.

Out of 400 Indian suppliers. Tiku (2008) predicts a sale of 4. the auto sector’s drive to lower costs will push outsourcing. The number of cars sold domestically is projected to double by 2010. Several Indian Manufacturers also export a diverse variety of auto components. up from $65 billion in 2002.000 in 2006 to 500. 2010 OVERVIEW India’s car market has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the world.2 million four wheeler automobiles in India by 2015. The production of automobiles in India is largely aimed at local consumers. The auto sector could be worth $375 billion by 2015. . Fig. Indian passenger vehicle exports are also expected to rise from 170. According to McKinsey. showing the the market share of automotive company of India.000 in 2010. McKinsey thinks India could capture $25 billion of this amount.P a g e | 10 in 2010. 80 percent have the ISO 9000 certificate—the international standard for quality management. and domestic production is skyrocketing as foreign makers are setting up their own production plants in India. The government’s 10-year plan aims to create a $145 billion auto industry by 2016. Indian automobile companies.

8 per cent while in the A3 segment the sales growth was 30. the highest ever by the company in a fiscal. as compared to 2008-09 The export numbers in the year were led by A-star.365 vehicles in 2009-10. 70. Maruti Suzuki sold total of 95. Chile. France. The March 2010 numbers include domestic sales of 79.593 units. This is the first time in Indian automobile history that a car company has sold over a million units in a financial year. The export sales of 1. Italy. Netherlands etc. This fuel efficient compact car clocked over 1.530 units and the highest ever monthly exports of 15. Indonesia and neighboring countries. The domestic sales in the fiscal.669 units). March 2010 Sales During March 2010. Germany. The sales numbers for March 2010 and the fiscal 2009-10 are as under: . 18. Australia and Norway were new markets where Maruti Suzuki cars were exported during the year. This included 8.P a g e | 11 MARUTI SUZUKI SALES IN 2009-2010 (MILSTONE) Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 10. A-star was exported across Europe including United Kingdom. growing 11 percent over March 2009 (85.790 units sold in the domestic market.8 per cent. The previous highest monthly exports were in August 2009 at 14.847 units.27 lakh export sales in the fiscal. in A2 segment grew by 23.575 units in the year were the highest ever annual exports by the company. The total sales numbers in 2009-10 mark a growth of 29 per cent over last financial year. South Africa.167units. The major non-European export markets are Algeria. 47. Maruti Suzuki's total sale in 2008-09 was 792.123 units. Hong Kong.

6% 8. the company announced an investment of Rs 1. 2010. Ritz* SX4. Estilo. 50.700 Crore for expansion of the production facilities by 2.1% 30. Grand Vitara launched July 2009 and Eeco launched in January 2010 On March 23. 54763 10453 78853 79530 15593 95123 Total Passenger Cars Gypsy.P a g e | 12 Segment Models A1 C A2 A3 MUV Domestic Export Total Sales M800 Omni.0% 23. In March 2010 2762 10875 2009 2430 6021 55415 8595 72461 1394 73855 11814 85669 13.8% 28.7% 80. Maruti Suzuki rolled out the one millionth car of the year 2009-10. Maruti Suzuki is now expanding its production capacity to reach 12. new Estilo with K-series engine (Aug'09). Versa. A spate of new launches and product refreshments during 2009-10 helped the company to clock sterling performance in the fiscal. MARUTI SUZUKI SALES IN MAY 2010 The sales figures for May 2010 are given below: .8% -51.6% A-Star. all-new Grand Vitara (July'09).0% Till March % Change 2009-10 33028 101325 633190 99315 866858 3932 870790 147575 1018365 2008-09 49383 77948 511396 75928 714655 7489 722144 70023 792167 % Change -33.5% 20.0% 11. Eeco* Alto.4% 7.2% 21.6% -1. DZire Swift. new SX4 with VVT engine and SX4 with automatic transmission (Oct'09) and Eeco (January 2010). Wagon-R.8% 21. In March 2010.3% -47.8% 30.25 million) by 2012.6% 110.5 lakh units at its Manesar plant. These included Maruti Suzuki Ritz (May 2009). Grand Vitara 677 *Ritz launched in May 2009.7% 32. This feat takes the company into a very select group of global automakers with such volumes.000 units (1.

Vitara* Grand Total Passenger Cars MUV Domestic Export Total Sales 168395 134449 1680 1193 170075 135642 25158 15978 195233 151620 102175 79872 AWARDS Indian award No. 62679 10883 89073 968 90041 12134 53760 6782 70497 288 70785 9087 16.9% April'09 March'10 33028 101325 119095 100577 20877 13848 18.TNS Study Car of the Year .4% 50. Wagon-R.6% 60.0% Till May 2010-11 2009-10 4816 23607 4681 15343 % Change 2. Swift.5% 26.4% 236.5% 28. A-Star SX4. 1 in Initial Quality Study .5% 27.2% 40.5% 70. A2 A3 Estilo.JD Power Total Customer Satisfaction .4% 57. D'zire Gypsy.P a g e | 13 In May Segment Models A1 C M800 Omni.8% 633190 99315 866858 3932 870790 147575 1018365 Ritz*.BS Motoring .1% 27.8% 25.9% 53. Eeco* Alto.2% 33.9% versa. 2010 2558 12953 2009 2336 7619 % Change 9.8% 25.

CNBC Autocar Best Design and Styling .CNBC Autocar Viewer's Choice .P a g e | 14 Car of the Year .CNBC Autocar Best Value for Money Car .The National Business Review Australia: • 2005 Cars guide Car of the Year .BIBD the Association of Automotive Journalists Ireland: • Samper it Irish Car of the Year 2006 .Cars guide United Kingdom: • 2005 Car of the Year .AUTOCAR National Business Review Small Car of the Year .Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization Car view of the Year 2005-2006 .CAR (Automobile Magazine) .CNBC Autocar Small Car of the Year .NDTV Profit Design Car of the Year .COTY Goof Design Award .JD POWER INDIA APEAL STUDY 2007 International Awards Japan: • • • • RJC Car of the Year .Car view Iceland: • Car of the Year 2006 .Automotive Researchers' & Journalists' Conference 2005-2006 Car of the Year Japan "Most Fun" .BBC Top Gear Car of the Year – Overdrive Number one premium compact car in .Irish Motoring Writers Association New Zealand: • • Fairfax AMI Small Car of the Year .

4th Changchun Motor Show 2005 Shenzhen Market Car Ranking "Best Design" .46 billion@ 1USD=Rs. Japan. We now aim at selling 750. a subsidiary of SMC.000 units in 2009-10.P a g e | 15 Malaysia: • China: • • • • • NST MasterCard Car of the Year 2005 "Small Car" .The first car was rolled out from its Gurgaon facility on 14 Dec 1983. 214. at Maruti Suzuki. is the leader in passenger cars and multipurpose vehicle (MPVs) in India. . the company sold 722.Since then. it has produced and sold over seven million cars .The total income of the company for 2009-10 stood at Rs. The company formerly known as Maruti Udyog limited was incorporated as a joint venture (JV) between government of India and SMC.144 cars in the domestic market and exported 70. accounting for almost 55% of the total industry sales. In 2009-10. We. 1981.New Strait Times 2005 CTV COTY "Economical Car" .Chengdu Economic Daily COMPANY PROFILE Maruti Suzuki India limited. Having achieved manufacturing excellence in India.023 cars .Cumulatively.Shenzhen Daily 2005 Chengdu Market Car Ranking "Best Design" .48).2005 Shanghai International Motor Show Most Popular Hatchback Car .000 units in the domestic market and exporting 130. celebrated 26 years of car manufacturing in India 2009-10.538 million (USD4. we are now in the process of enhancing our R&D capabilities to design and develop cars.CCTV Motor Show COTY "Hatchback" . it has sustained its leadership position in the Indian car market. Japan on 24th February.

2009. 2010.767 service workshops in 1. The car park of the company is in excess of seven million vehicles and to service this car park . Africa and Oceania. DOMESTIC SALES AND SERVICE NETWORK TOTAL SERVICE NETWORK--------------2767 TOTAL SALES NETWORK-------------681 REGIONAL OFFICES--------------------16 AREA OFFICES----------------------09 ZONAL OFFICES------------------04 DELHI CORPORATE OFFICE The company has the largest sales and service network amongst car manufacture in India .000 cars so far.the company has 2. The company has exported over 500.P a g e | 16 Maruti Suzuki has a strong balance sheet with Reserves and Surplus of Rs. 1987. Asia.It had 681 sales outlets in 454 cities as on 31 st March.In2008-09. Besides selling and servicing vehicles. Latin America. Maruti Authorized services stations (MASs). 2009.The service network of Maruti Suzuki includes Dealer workshop.314 cities . 004 million & debt equity ratio of 0. EXPORTS Maruti Suzuki exported the first lot of 500 car to Hungary in September.Maruti service masters (MSM)and Maruti service Zones (MSZ). the company provides its customers with “one stop-shop” experience such as automobile Finance.92. the company launched a new model A-Star that meets stringent European safety and emission regulation. PORT FACILITIES FOR EXPORT . Automobile insurance. Maruti Genuine Parts and Accessories.07 as on 31st March. Extended warranty and Maruti Certified pre-owned car outlets in 181 cities as on 31st March. we are exporting to over 100 markets in Europe.Presently.

in association with Mundra Port SEZ Limited.Auto Card brings the customer all the advantages of an international credit card in addition to bringing the customer an opportunity. Roll Off”(RORO) berth . MARUTI AND CRM: Maruti created a land-mark in CRM by launching a website for the customers in the year 1998. The company also has a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Centre at Mundra. in partnership with Indian Railways. has developed double Decker rail wagons for transporting export cars Mundra. the company.  Maruti Auto Card-. the company had set up the company had set up the state-of -the art facilities at Mundra Port .P a g e | 17 In 2009-10. Lesser diesel models in the market compare to others Global image is not that big . In a first of its kind initiative.Gujarat for Export terminal offers a “Roll On. is the market leader for more than two decade. • Has a great dealership chain in the market. • Better after sales service • Low maintenance cost of vehicle WEAKNESSES • • • Exports are not that good.which speeds up the loading process and minimizes the chance of damage to cars. SWOT ANALYSIS OF MARUTI SUZUKI STRENGHS • Bigger name in the market • Trust of People • Maruti Udyog Ltd.

as many big names are coming in the industry There is hardly any diesel models Rs. The diesel car segment is growing. 1 lakh – Rs. Swift. WagonR. As per the classification by the society of Indian Automobile manufacturers (SIAM). ranging from the people’s car Maruti 800 to the stylish hatch – back. To the market share. A-star.5 lakh car COMPANY PRODUCT The company offers a portfolio of 13 brands. Grand Vitara. 1. Ritz. SX4 sedan and luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV). Maruti Suzuki models are categorized under the following heads: A1 Segment (up to 3400 mm) : Maruti 800 A2 Segment (3400 mm to 4000 mm): Alto. Swift A3 Segment (4000mm to 4500 mm): Dzire & SX4 Multy utility Vehicle (MUA) Segment: Gypsy & Grand Vitara . so a bigger threat from MNCs. More than half the cars sold in India wear a Maruti Suzuki badge. Opportunity to grow bigger by entering into bigger car markets Already a market leader so great opportunity to be the king of market in every stage of industry • • THREATS • • • • Foreign companies entering market.P a g e | 18 OPPORTUNITIES • • Great opportunities to go global with success of Swift and SX4All over Introduction of more diesel models. Estilo.

(3)Dzire-The heart car: .Maruti 800 has gone beyond just being a car .world class “drive by wire” technology.This is testified by the 24 hr endurance record set by covering 3.quality & reliability in a compact car. (2)Alto-Let’s go:. most spacious in its class. it’s sure to steal many a heart.Revolutionary European design . beginning with yours.082 kms in 24 hrs at an average speed of 128 kmph. These a attributes make it the largest selling car in Indian automobile market . by bringing the joy of motoring to million across the length and breadth of the country. steering mounted audio . It exemplifies the benchmark in build .A car that has everything you ever desired. practicality & styling.P a g e | 19 Multi Purpose vehicle (MPV) Segment: Omni & Versa (1)Maruti 800 -change your life: . (4) SX4.Men are back:. striking looks. It has transformed the lives of countless people.Alto is a great combination of economy. l luxurious interiors & enough power to capture your heart just slide in the DZire & take it for a spin.

the third generation Grand Vitara takes three decades of Suzuki SUV heritage to the next level. The Vitara model first hit the road in Japan in 1988 as a 3-door part –time four wheel drive (4WD). In its second avatar. Launched in India on 1st July. the Vitara came armed with a stylish design. maximum ground clearance in its class .Experience the joy of travelling together. In spite of being so spacious.Distinctively styled.P a g e | 20 that’s based on a fresh approach to design and development. superior engineering and a new name. (7) SWIFT –You are the fuel: A new kind of computer car . large sliding doors and flexible seating. Swift delivers the kind of driver and passenger experience that places it in a class of its own and has true worldwide appeal. its design allows for easy maneuverability in the city. 2009 (6) VERSA –The joy of travelling together:. . the Versa encourages family and friend to enjoy long drives and getaways together. the Grand Vitara. Equipped with twin –ACs.high on safety with dual airbags. (5) GRAND VITARA*-2. Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) & Electronic rack force Distribution (EBD) feature.

Ambulance & liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG).It meets diverse needs across different user segments & can double up both as a people carrier and a goods carrier . 8 seater. maneuverability.whether ploughing through the dirk tracks.Maruti Suzuki is proud to support the operations of our country’s defense services with the tailor made Gypsy King .it is easy on the pocket. yet tough on the job. Wearing new vibrant colors. Cargo.Drive with complete peace of mind .Today it as available in five variants-5 seater.P a g e | 21 (8) OMNI –Ab Kamyabi se hai sirf Omni bhar ka faasla Omni is truly India’s original MPA . (9) WAGONR-For the smarter race:.The world class safety charged up and always ready to go. always.With superb maneuverability. . climbing formidable terrain or making way through the city traffic . the Gypsy King is the real adventure MUV . the new WagonR is full of freshness and energy to keep you (10) GYPSY KING –There is a Gypsy in everyone:. smooth handling and raw energy packed in to a sleek yet rugged frame.Gypsy has proved its mettle during defense operation in the Himalayas and Thar desert. features of the WagonR keeps you safe and secure.

2009 (12) A-STAR. with its all new aerodynamic design .A-Star has taken over the world. It is expected to many European and NonEuropean countries under the brand name of Suzuki alto and Suzuki Celerio respectively. .Pune .P a g e | 22 (11)ESTILO*-Take a fresh view of life:.India’s premier automotive research agency.59 kmpl.Designed to perfection . the car symbolizes the beginning of a revolution with its unique aerodynamic stylish . it has the best in class pick-up and segment beating mileage of 19.*Launched in August.Complementing its stylish looks are new .What’s more . As tested by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).the all new Estilo with its advance K-series engine gives you incredible power each time you turn on the ignition. Made in India to meet European standards.Powered by the latest state –of-art .Stop @ Nothing:.The all new ESTILO is a new landmark in terms of design and technology.light weight K-series petrol engine. Estilo sets the benchmark and makes each drive a fresh new experience .driven only to succeed .classy and elegant interiors that redefine comfort .

Swift.The Ritz combines modern European design.*launched on 15th May.D ZiRE.The K12M petrol engine and 1. the sportiness of the swift. the latest in engine technology and Suzuki’s globally acclaimed expertise in compact cars. Zen. Sx4 SUV---. A-star A3------. Versa PRODUCT PROFILE . Gypsy C . Product Line Products A1------.2009. Ritz is an exceptional blend of modern design & practicality .3 liter DDiS diesel engine powering the Ritz are supremely refined & silent with best in class fuel efficiency.Vitara.P a g e | 23 (13) RITZ*-live the moment:.----Class Omani.The interior of the car are smartly styled providing a very comfortable space to all the people in the cabin . WagonR.Alto.800 A2------.

Auto India The Swift is really peppy in city traffic/conditions… The torque comes into action in truly linear motion. It's a perfect complement to your evolved tastes and lifestyle.6 kmpl.P a g e | 24 The all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift is fully loaded with a range of exciting new features. This means that handling and feedback…are brilliant. Car India Average mileage of 15. and leave the rest to the system. Japanese Engineering Dream-Like Handling. its one-and-a-half box. and gearbox and rear engine mounting to be attached to a suspension frame. And the best way to take your driving pleasure to a brand-new high European Styling. Car India The suspension is tuned to be taut and sporty. Reviews of swift Car India The Swift has more than its fair share of silicon livery under its hood…This intricate network of processors controls everything on the Swift. You get lower road noise and a greater feeling of stability as you sail over our roads with feather-touch ease. aggressive form makes for a look of stability. . New chassis systems allow for the front suspension lower arms. this one also boasts an Automatic Climate Control System… You just set the specific temperature you want. a sense that it is packed with energy and ready to deliver a dynamic drive. Auto India Unlike other hatchbacks on the road. Its solid look is complemented by an equally rooted road presence and class defining ride quality. Styled with a clear sense of muscularity. steering. The new Swift is a generation different from Suzuki design.

All of these make the Swift amongst the safest set of wheels on the road today. A collapsible steering column Front seatbelt pre-tensioners with load limiters. Active safety technologies include dual front airbags*. that minimize driving hazards. ON COLLISION. So we got an over-protective bunch of detail-obsessed engineers to pack the Swift with preservatives. Like a highly crashworthy structure that keeps you safe.P a g e | 25 Car India The Swift leads the charge in the occupant safety stakes by being the first hatchback in the country to have front air bags in its specification sheet. And you can be sure that’s not by accident. and energy absorbing trim all around. PRODUCT FEATURES:SUZUKI SURROUND PROTECTION (SSP) THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN SHE ASKS FOR PROTECTION What? You worry? We wouldn’t want that. NO IMPACT . Antilock Braking (ABS)* with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)* and a brake-assist function.

P a g e | 26

Dual front airbags* deploy in an instant to shield you from harm. iCAT IS ON GUARD

Extra security for the car is provided by iCATs, which make the car theft-proof. Hi-tech features —like a built-in RF Transponder in the key and an electronic authentication system—add up to peace of mind. EYES ON THE ROAD. LIGHT ALSO

Headlamp leveling allows four levels of beam adjustment, depending on how packed your car is. It ensures optimum visibility for the driver and glare-less driving for oncoming vehicles.


P a g e | 27

Without headlamp leveling device reduced remote visibility and increased glare onto oncoming vehicles. With headlamp leveling device Optimum remote visibility and reduced glare onto oncoming vehicles. BRAKES THAT STOP, NOT LOCK.

The Swift’s Antilock Braking System, together with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, allows you to maintain directional control over the wheels in the event of sudden braking. The Antilock System prevents the car from veering off the road.

DDIS 1.3L DDiS Diesel Engine

P a g e | 28

TURBO CHARGER AND INTER COOLER COMBINATION • Efficient combustion. • Higher torque. • Cleaner emission. 5-STEP MULTI INJECTION COMMON RAIL SYSTEM@ 1400 BAR • Better fuel combustion.
• Optimized NVH.

DOUBLE OVER HEADCAMSHAST (DOHC) • Precise & quick valve operation. CHAIN DRIVE TIMING SYSTEM WITH AUTO TENSIONER • Maintenance-free for the entire engine life. • Precise valve timing.

16-VALUE CYLINDER HEAD • Improves breathing. • • Better fuel combustion. Cleaner emissions.

COOLED EGR SYSTEM • • Cooled exhaust gas recirculation. Cleaner emissions.


• Minimum noise.2L K-Series Petrol Engine 1.P a g e | 29 • Reduced engine vibration. What you get is constant temperature. • Responsive And powerful-advanced 1. which keeps you comfortable at all times.2 litre.2L K-Series petrol. 1. AUTO TEMP Automatic Climate Control WEATHER ? WHAT WEATHER! Automatic Climate Control handles the MET department without you ever intervening.2L K – SERIES 1.16-valve K-Series engine . • GREEN OIL FILTER • Environmentally friendly • Easy to maintain.

A more silent engine with reduced vibrations. gearbox and rear engine mounting to a suspension frame (and not to the body). • Lower Emission Levels . Lower NVH (noise. the new engine has improved compression ratios and delivers better initial and passing acceleration in city driving conditions for zippier overtaking. HERE WE COME. the Swift is greener and eco-friendly.BS IV compliant. DYNAMIC EUROPEAN STYLING WOLF IN WOLF’S CLOTHING! .P a g e | 30 • Great Performer . • Highly Fuel-Efficient .94 kmpl** • More Comfortable Drives . • Low Maintenance Cost – The new K-Series engine means longer oil change intervals and improved spark plug life.the 16-valve lightweight DOHC engine reduces friction and improves durability and fuel economy to be best-in-class at 17. steering. vibrations and harshness) provide an enhanced drive feel with lesser driver fatigue. thus raising handling and comfort to a new high. RBSS ALLY BASED SUSPENTION SYSTEM BAD 85 ps @ 6000 rpm and 113 Nm @ 4500 rpm. The MacPherson strut in front attaches the suspension lower arms.

Haughty Impatient. more eyecatching.P a g e | 31 Slightly European. Radical. Manic. more refine. Not only a generation different from Suzuki design. “Why didn’t we think of that?” So we did. but also the shape of things to come. When we put together the new Maruti Suzuki Swift. with a clear sense of muscularity. And gave you a car that’s more spacious. WITH AN ULTRA –WIDE STANCE The Swift announces its presence. Chic. It’s cheeky. Pronounced by chunky wheels. Chunky Pumped-up Chiseled. A compact car that makes all others looks like Mama’s boys. boldly flared wheel arches and tires sitting squat at four corners of the car. NEVER IN DRAG . Tantalizing. more user-friendly. And sinfully good looking. It’s you THE SWIFT’S PROFILE IS ITS SIGNATURE. Unabashedly stylish. We wanted to build a car that made car-makers whack their designers and say. This stance allows the Swift to hug the road for classdefining handling. Somewhat Japanese. It also makes a roomy interior. we made sure we did nothing we had ever done before.

Lamps that extend from the shoulder lines. . Spoiler-type tailgate. ADVANCED P-EPS STEERING Provides more assist. Airflow-smoothing door mirrors. oh-so-wide bumper.P a g e | 32 Aerodynamic front air dam. SERIOUSLY A curvy. reduces cabin noise and aids fuel efficiency. It cuts like a knife. BUTT. All reduce drag and wind noise. Shapely hatch. Makes Everything looks packed-in.

A 35mm height adjustment and a 240mm fore-aft slide range are at your service*. And cutting-edge suspension. HANDLE WITHOUT CARE A strong underbody structure. Reach the pedals without cramping. SIR? Get into your most comfortable driving position. . SIR ? LOWER. All allow you to handle the Swift with feather-touch ease.P a g e | 33 HIGHER. SEAT. LOVE. Letting you cruise over Indian roads in comfort. Class-defining body rigidity.

A spherical shift knob. knobs. THE SWIFT CABIN WRAPS AROUND YOU . An updated short-stroke design. SHIFT WITH PLEASURE.P a g e | 34 There’s so much pleasure here. gives you a firm. It’s sporty all over. A three-spoke steering. And so the outside doesn’t get inside. for better visibility as you cover miles. An invisible ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to the world outside. An illuminated-ring speedometer. Seats you can adjust so you can travel in style and luxury. there are as many as 17 noise-reducing features. So you can interact better with the dash. it’s almost hedonistic. with enhanced shift linkages. panels and the whole car! An easy-on-the-eye instrument cluster. A mobike-style tachometer. A glasshouse cabin that wraps around you. quick shift feel.

bring the mountains back. And get superb all-round visibility Coupled with a smooth driving experience. Even your little dark secrets. Feel. PUT IT HERE For all that you can remember — and everything you can’t. OPEN WIDE The boot accommodates plenty. So when you drive up into the mountains. OPEN HATCH EASILY.P a g e | 35 So it’s easier to touch. .

Diesel Technology . A giant shopping basket. during those long drives. Or maybe just her. A delivery truck.P a g e | 36 An electronic tailgate opener is ideal when your hands are full with her luggage. XXXL It’s a car that becomes a party table. A deck chair. Perfect to shack-up in. Or a comfortable bed for two.

It is the lightest engine in its segment*. low noise and cleaner exhaust. It is perfect both for city and highway driving. SUPERB PERFORMANCE This next generation DDiS engine has a 16 valve cylinder head for more power and higher engine response leading to a smoother ride. light-weight and refined engine with an Aluminum Bed Plate to ensure low noise and vibration. ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY The combination of a 16 valve cylinder head and a 5 Step Multi Injection System gives efficient combustion leading to cleaner emissions. which is maintenance-free for the entire life of the engine. It boasts of a combination of Turbocharger and Intercooler for high performance. It has Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC) for precise control of valves . generates a class beating 190 Nm of torque and has an amazing power of 75 BHP for a superior drive. #In A2 diesel segment BEBEFITS OF DEISEL SWIFT .another first that delivers better fuel efficiency. It is a compact. This refined engine is the first in India# to have a 5 Step Multi Injection Technology for smoother running. This future-ready engine is highly compact and incredibly fuel efficient.P a g e | 37 SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY The DDiS engine has won the ‘International Engine of the Year Award*’ in Europe. DDiS is the superior Common Rail Direct Injection Technology that powers Maruti Swift Diesel. It is the only engine with a Chain Drive Timing System.

00 which is the lowest offer on road. But it is lacking behind its competitors in segment C. Maruti gets 70% business from repeat buyers who earlier had owned a Maruti car. .000. 87. D & E PRICING STRATEGY . Here is how every price point is covered. It has a car priced at Rs.1.P a g e | 38 Silent Minimum Vibration Class Beating Power Environment Friendly Great Mileage Maintenance Free ALL SEGMENTS PRICE Table shows that the Maruti Suzuki has larger number of variety in the segment A&B so the sales must be good in these segments.CATERING TO ALL SEGMENTS Maruti caters to all segments and has a product offering at all price points. Their sole motive of having so many product offering is to be in the consideration set of every passenger car customer in India. Their pricing strategy is to provide an option to every customer looking for up gradation in his car.

P a g e | 39 SNO. BRAND VARIANTS PRICE IN HYDERABAD 1749373 1884001 708761 819964 852542 1 GRAND VITARA 2 MARUTI SX4 MT AT VXI ZXI MT ZXI 3 SWIFT DEZIRE LDI ZDI VDI LXI ZXI VXI 567142 701497 616336 478426 625207 530429 475899 422544 539147 492643 548773 338670 363399 350286 4 SWIFT VXI LXI ZXI LDI VDI 5 WAGON R LX LXI LX Duo .

P a g e | 40 VXI VXI ABS 6 GYPSY ST(Soft Tob) HT(Hard Tob) 7 OMNI Cargo Cargo LPG 5 Seater 8 MARUTI 800 STD MPI A/C MTI 387197 418492 532537 551711 214324 209160 244002 193568 215880 9 ESTILO LXI VXI LX 357144 413577 331162 306248 282028 318225 358970 424185 386894 10 EECO 7 STR 5 STR STR with A/C 11 A STAR LXI ZXI VXI 12 RITZ IDI VDI LXI ZXI VXI 482794 537236 404557 500723 436478 231099 13 ALTO STANDERD .


61sec 0-100kph 14.85 (overall) For Styling. has a good boot and many user-friendly touches. people would buy it — and that’s because of its outrageous concept-car looks.45(overall) For Space and practicality Against Interior quality . value for money Against Small boot and rear seat HYUNDAI GETZ List price (ex-showroom. comfortable.47sec Kpl 12.’ ‘The Getz scores highly on practicality: it is spacious. Hyderabad) Rs 4.36 lakh Top speed 144kph 0-60kph 5.29sec Kpl 13.07 lakh Top speed 174kph 0-60kph 5.22sec 0-100kph 12.’ MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT List price (ex-showroom. Hyderabad) Rs 4.74-5.04-5.P a g e | 42 COPMPETITOR OF MARUTI SWIFT MARUTI SWIFT Vs HYUNDAI GETZ ‘Even if the Swift had no engine.

52kgm at 4500rpm 11. its refinement and sophistication. And no question about it. along came Maruti with the jazzy little Swift. front-wheel drive All aluminum drive Alloy head and cast iron block Layout Max power Max torque Specific output Power to weight Torque to weight Installation Construction . Hyundai has been pulling its hair out trying to get people to notice a car good enough to be our Car of the Year 2005 — and hasn't had that much success. here. however. naturally aspirated petrol aspirated petrol 87. but sales remained lukewarm. primarily because it was the first of a kind.45kgm per tone 11.0 lakh car without a boot.9bhp at 5500rpm 11. the Rs 5.41bhp per liter 61. called Darwin a heretic. called Hyundai forgetful for leaving out the boot on the Getz. transverse. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ENGINE MARUTI SWIFT HYUNDAI GETZ 4-cylinder.5bhp at 6000rpm 82. the Swift is always about 1. they mean everything. its space and practicality.4kpl in the city. For the Getz's 10. we say efficiency figures aren't too big a deal. 1341cc.000 bookings within a week. the Maruti gives 16.95bhp per tone 11.8kgm at 3200rpm 67.5kpl better than the Getz in every environment.5kpl on the highway from the Hyundai.23kgm per tone Front. 1298cc. Then. Hyundai’s tried extolling the car's virtues: its neither-too-big-nor-too-small size. and got 21. front-wheel Front. And then it hiked the price.63bhp per tone 76.2.81bhp per liter 86. naturally 4-cylinder. transverse. FUEL EFFICIENCY LONG-LEGGED SWIFT MUCH MORE FRUGAL In many of our luxury car tests.5kpl. for 14. partly due to the longer gearing.P a g e | 43 Pioneers always have it tough: people called Columbus mad. the Swift returns 11.

Power assisted rack and pinion 3.90/14.54/7.5/83.1 5.4 4th 8.2 3.0 4.3 11.2 4.9 12.2 10.39 1.P a g e | 44 Bore/stroke Valve gear Compression ratio Ignition and fuel 74.4 7.45 0.6 3.2 3.0/75.4 14.37 0.58 1.6 5.4 3rd 5.15 SUSPENSION Macpherson strut with and ion 3.0 .1 6.37 1. SOHC 9.02 4.2 5th 10. torsion beam axle Torsion bean and coil spring Gas-filled dampers MAXIMUM SPEEDS (kph/rpm) 169/4700 165/5680* 174/6100 150/6700 146/6800 118/6800 97/6800 83/6800 54/6900 45/6800 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st *estimated kph 20-40 40-60 60-80 ACCELERATION THROUGH GEARS (secs) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2nd 3.105:1 point petrol injection Gear 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Final drive Type: 5-speed automatic Ratios/kph per 1000rpm 3.37/17.056:1 Type Turns lock to lock STEERING Power assisted rack and pin.82/29.0 7.3 5.3 5.20 1.75/36.7 3.8 5.2 5.5 7.95/12.0 Front Rear Independent with Macpher- coil spring son struts.5 3.28/21.2 7.8 7.5 mm 4 per cylinder.61/6.5 mm 71.06/22.3 10.1:1 Spark ignition and multi-pointSpark ignition and multipetrol injection GEARBOX Type: 5-speed manual Ratios/kph per 1000rpm 3.0:1 10.4 10. SOHC 3 per cylinder.41 0.96/28.73 1.

5 Wheel size Made of Tyres 6.0J x 15-inch Steel 195/65 R15 radial Front Rear ABS BRAKES 211mm Ventilated discs Ventilated discs 200mm drums Drums Standard with EBD (only in ZXi) Optional with GLS variant DIMENSIONS MARUTI SWIFT HYUNDAI GETZ .5-inch Alloy 185/70 R14 tubeless 10.2 WHEELS & TYRES 14J x 5.5 16.P a g e | 45 80-100 Fuel Economy City (kpl) Highway (kpl) 11.4 14.

Variant Model : Swift VDi Model : Swift LDi Model : Swift Zxi Model : Swift Vxi (ABS) Model : Swift Vxi Model : Swift Lxi Discontinued HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA. Variants Model : Getz GLX Model : Getz GLS Model : Getz GVS .P a g e | 46 CURRENT MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD .

it took Mr. the Tata-Fiat tie-up will be going full throttle. RKS Motor was established in the year 1997. Managing Director. since then the growth has been phenomenal. Tata will borrow engines from Fiat with.3 MULTIJET: By the time the larger new Indica is out.3 liter Multijet being the engine of choice. Vinay Saboo was one of the Team Member of group . Saboo just three short years to set up this dealership.P a g e | 47 TATA INDICA 1. the business is managed under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. it will give the new Indica/ Indigo family a huge leap forward as far as overall ability is concerned. With an experience of over three decades in retail sales and service. It is also authorized to service & repair all Maruti cars and also deal in spare parts of Maruti cars.Vinay Saboo. The dealership has also won many awards and accolades under the leadership of Mr. Saboo. it has also got ISO 9001 certification. Thoroughly localized. the 1. THE COMPANY DEALER’s PROFILE The company is an authorized dealer of Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) for sale of its entire range of motor vehicles. you guessed it. cheaply assembled and very capable.

they have till date sold a whopping 50. We anticipate our customers' need and deliver innovative and outstanding products and services to their delight. He strongly believes that achieving customer delight is the single most important focus of the group. hassle free automobile purchase and ownership experience for our customers.. INFRASTRUCTURE At present the group operates 2 (two) state of the art showrooms located in the heart of the cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.P a g e | 48 of 6 Delegates who visited Japan on study tour of used car business in Japan. And the most cost effective and attractive financial services packages to all our customers. Our mission statement to provide a convenient. The group enjoys very high status in the society and business world.. .000 cars! The group has 5 full fledged Maruti Authorized workshops spread in all four points of the city The Uppal workshop has won the award as the best marketed workshop while the Somajiguda showroom was adjudged as the best Maruti showroom in India. in all the markets we operate in. OURPHILOSOPHY RKS has a strong base of 1 lakh satisfied customers from all walks of life.

P a g e | 49 TEAM. Sameer . looking after Strategic Marketing activities. Ravi Mantri The General Manager Sales: Mr. All employees are encouraged to give suggestions to improve the efficiency or working conditions. • • • General manager (Spares): Mr. Sales Awards: · Best new product launch . looking after over all administration and operation. Chartered Accountant. The company takes maximum care to ensure stability of employment and strives to improve working conditions. TEAM SABOO A dedicated fully professionally managed organization with independence of working. Maruti Driving School. It has as many as 500 professionals working directly & indirectly at all levels.WORKFORCE RKS firmly believes that employees are one of the main source of strength for the organization. Bhargav. • Executive Director: Pramod Manudhania. FCA. Thus RKS seeks to progress b empowering its employees.True Value Business.STAFF. The human resources management at RKS seeks to create a corporate culture where values such as "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People" are fully reflected in all activities. They are also appropriately rewarded for the same. new Projects. •Vice President (Projects): Anand Choadhry taking care of new Projects. N K Patel looking after all the five workshops servicing about 4000 cars a montGenera • Manager (Projects): Mr. • Senior General Manager Service: Mr.

.  To know the customers opinion about various cars in Hyderabad city.P a g e | 50 · · Overall product mix sales Best marketing for workshop facility  To analyze the customer satisfaction towards the Maruti Swift in Hyderabad with a special reference to the Marti Suzuki Motors.  To know the strengths and weaknesses of the Maruti “Swift”. offers to buy Maruti Suzuki products.  To know the perception towards the Brands about the sales. services.

P a g e | 51 .

In experiment research. Although research design may be classified by many criteria. For descriptive studies and also casual studied. On the basis. They are – experimental research or Non experimental research. It provides a scientific frame work for conducting a research. In Non experimental research . If no formal design or structure questionnaire are used. RESEARCH DESIGN:A research design is a statement is a statement or specification of the method and producers used for acquiring the information needed for the solution of some specific problems. or is conducting the research for some specific purpose using structure questionnaire to gather information. there is control over the extraneous variable and manipulation of at least one variable investigation. research design can be classified into three classes –Exploratory. the most useful one concern the major purpose of the investigation.P a g e | 52 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Two broad research methodologies can be used to answer any research question. data analysis and project output are critical aspects of research planning.If a person is conversant with the problem environment. . Descriptive and Casual. this study uses descriptive design. the research design is descriptive casual research design is used to establish cause and affect relationship. there is no intervention beyond that needed for the purpose of measurement . exploratory design is used .

The data collected are both Quantitative and Qualitative. who are interviewed. The respondents are the owners of the four wheeler. Selection of appropriate information collection method. The data required from this study is collected from primary and secondary sources. Identification of the source from where they can be available. PRIMARY SOURCES:The primary used for gathering data required for this survey is – Survey method In the survey method a survey of the consumer’s satisfaction toward four wheeler is done. are chosen using non probability sampling method. A planned effort is made using structured questionnaire to interview the respondents.P a g e | 53 DATA COLLECTION METHOD The following steps are involved in the data collection process:• • • • Finding out the type of information required in the investigation. . Establishing the facts that are available at present and the additional facts required.

Business dailies like – The Economic Times. cost. 1.Internal Sources: Company’s Reports.  Company’s Employees. DEFINING THE POPULATION:- . and Business World & Business Today. to devote more time and energy to ensure that the information collected from them is more accurate. Car Bazaar.  Company Strategy. Apart from this information was also taken from internet. Business Standard & The Corporate Times. External Sources:Information was gathered from Magazines like –Auto Expo. SAMPLING PROCESS:Taking into account the practical considerations ( Such as time limit. A sample survey allows a reason to concentrate his attention upon a relatively small number of people and hence.  Company’s Publications. SECONDARY SOURCES:The secondary sources used for collecting data are:1.In this study respondent are interviewed personally so that the errors involved in gathering primary data are minimized. The Business Line etc News Paper like – The Hindustan Times. etc ) the study a sample survey as the means of means of gathering primary information.P a g e | 54 The survey can be done through personal interviews .

The population chosen for the study. It is that which is actually chosen by the sampling process. Hence they had to be replaced by other customers. SAMPLE SIZE:The sample consist of 50 customer selected from the Hyderabad using convenience sampling method. taking in to consideration the objective of the study is defined as. business people and others. convenience sampling method is used in this study rather than using a table of random number as in probability sampling .P a g e | 55 The first thing that a sample plan must include is the definition of the population to be investigation. and the sample size. convenient and easy to measure. SAMPLE DESIGN:Sample design is the heart of the sample planning process. government employees. The population should be defined as clearly as possible. some did not own four –wheeler and some had not responded well. TYPE OF SAMPLE:The study use non –probability sampling most of the sampling in marketing research is non – probability in nature of the various non probability methods . convenience sampling means that the sampling unit are accessible. Out of the customers selected for the study. SAMPLING UNIT:The sampling unit forms the basis of the entire sampling procedure. A sample design involves specifications of the type of sample used. all the customer of four – wheeler. the appropriate sampling unit. The sampling unit may contain one or more population elements. The sampling unit in the study consists of the private employees. . The advantage of choosing a non -probability sampling methods is that the sampling error will be when compared to probability sampling.

P a g e | 56 LIMITATIONS:-  Taking the market conditions into consideration the survey. but it was minimal. which include a sample of 50.  Scientific methods of post testing could not be conducted.  The geographic region covered for the survey was limited to the boundaries of the Hyderabad city.  Since the survey was conducted at the market localities and the person who has owns a “Maruti Swift”  Improper response from customers and buyers. was a respective one.  The reaction and attitudes are subjected to changes according to their needs and time.  Due to the limitation of span of time and limited resources survey was conducted for a period of 6 weeks. .  Minimal possible bias in administrating the questions at the survey conducted area.

P a g e | 57 1. Selection of Maruti swift Model. .

Influencing features for the purchasing power of the customer. Now in present time customer prefers more Swift Diesel model. Particulars No. of respondents Percentage (%) . 2.P a g e | 58 Particulars Petrol Diesel Total No. of respondants Petrol Diesel 36% 64% Analysis:Here we have to find out that maximum value of Diesel model in the market that is 64% out of total sample size so we can say that current scenario of the market maximum captured by Diesel model compare to Petrol model. of Respondents 18 32 50 Percentage (%) 36 64 100 Source: Primary Data No.

3. So this is showing that % of product feature is more than compare to others i. selling of swift car is depending upon the product quality. Hence. of respondents Percentage (%) Through Advertisement Dealer 12 18 24 36 .P a g e | 59 Price Product Features Brand Service Total 15 20 7 8 50 30 40 14 16 100 Analysis: Here we found that the product feature of swift car is more influencing factor to purchase power of the consumers.e. Different sources of purchasing pre-owned car Particulars No. In this chart it is clear that product feature is very important factor for the consumption level of the product. 40%.

Where a dealer provides different warranties. So dealer is important mediator for delivering the goods and services to the consumers. 4.e. availability and other facilities to the consumers whatever he wants. Here. dealer’s percentage is greater than to others i. services. Particulars Very Good Good Average Not Good Can’t Say 10 16 5 11 8 No. Important suggestions towards the Maruti Swift engine.P a g e | 60 Showroom Durability Total 10 10 50 20 20 100 Analysis: Above diagram shows the highest value of dealer. convenience. of respondents 20 32 10 22 16 Percentage (%) . 36%.

of respondents 30 20 50 Percentage (%) 60 40 100 . On the other hand.Customer satisfaction toward mileage of Maruti Swift. 32%. Most of the suggestions are good. most of the consumers are satisfied from it’s engine capability. Hence.P a g e | 61 Total 50 100 Analysis: This chart shows the various suggestions towards the maruti swift engine. 5. we can say that % various feedbacks of the consumers regarding good is higher than compare to others i.e. Particulars Yes No Total No.

Particulars Very Good Good Average Can’t say Total No. of respondents 10 17 12 11 50 Percentage (%) 20 34 24 22 100 .This chart showing the majority of satisfied customers.Customer opinion on Maruti Swift related to safety features.P a g e | 62 Analysis:Here we found that 60% customers are satisfied with the mileage of swift and other 40% customers are not satisfied with the mileage of Swift they have diffirent perception regarding the mileage of swift . so we can say that customers are satisfied with mileage of swift. 6.

So here 34% customers are satiesfied with safety features of swift and only 20% are most satisfied with the safety and 24% average satisfied with the safety features remaining 22% are unable to say about the safety features of the Swift.P a g e | 63 Analysis:This chart is showing that just customer satisfied with the safety features of swift because when customer expect more safety then cost of swift beccome high.Customer opinion about good competitor of maruti swift. Particulers i 20 i 10 Ritz Getz Indica Total No. of respondents 13 9 11 11 6 50 Percentage (%) 26 18 22 22 12 100 . 7.

repondents 19 15 16 50 Percentage (%) 38 30 32 100 .after that Getz and Ritz are good competitors of Swift. In this chart i10 got the 18 % so it indicate the i10 is also competitor of Swift. Price maintain by the Maruti Suzuki in the future : Particulers Yes No Can’t say Total No. Now Indica has come in market with diffirent features and luxurious model so it is also a good competitor of Maruti Swift.P a g e | 64 Analysis: Here we found that 26% is the highest value so its indicate that i20 is the best competitors of the Swift . 8. From the consumer point of view.

P a g e | 65 Analysis:Here we can see in chart that is 38% customers opinions that company will be able to maintan the price in the future but 32% customers opinion that no. Other 30% customers are unable to say anythings they are depend on the company decision.of respondents 26 13 11 50 Percentage (%) 52 26 22 100 . 9. Costomers Satisfaction towards the changes in the Swift car. Particulers Yes No Can’t say Total No. company will be increase the price of swift because it is necessary for maintenance the cost of company .

22% customers are unable to say that will be change in the swift .P a g e | 66 Analysis:Here we found the costomers are very enthusiastic to want change in the swift for their better satisfaction i. . Here majority is saying that customers want to change in the Swift as mostely customers want to change in the “Back Glass” of the Swift due to no clear visible in back side when driver apply back gear. So customers want little bit improvement in the Swift car. And 26 % customers don’t want to change in the Swift .e. because back glass size is small.52% response by the customers.

FINDINGS . Because changing any product is depend upon the money as well as time factor. Hence we can say that consumers can not chang their car less than 1-3 years.P a g e | 67 10. Particulers 1-3 Years 3-5 Years 5-10 Years More than 10 Years Total No. Customers frequently change their car.of respondents 18 11 15 6 50 Percentage (%) 36 22 30 12 100 Analysis:Here we found that most of the customers are changing their car between 1-3 year.

That’s why costomers has fully satisfied . They are fully satisfied by product with the deffirent features of Swift .  Costomers are fully enthusiastic to saw some new changes in the future swift . it will be able to maintain the price of the swift . So now this time market mostely captured by the swift and booking of swift advance going on .  Majority of the customers preffering the i20 and Getz as the good competitors of the Swift. Majority of customers want to some change in the future . which was analyzed .They are saying that if we want very good safety feature then car price will be also high. the following observations are made. Some of the customers has hope that when cost of raw material will hike then price will also hike . SUGGESTIONS .  Mostely customers hope that maruti will be not hike the price in the future.  Here customers gave the good value for the Swift engine they have no any doubt regarding swift engine.  Here majority of the customers will be buy pre-owned car by the dealers due to they want to true value of the car.  Majority of the customers said that we are satisfied with the safety features of the Swift so they gave only good response .  Here we found that the customers are fully satisfied with the Diesel model of Swift.  Majority of the customers preffering the swift due to the product features.  We found that majority of the customers are fully satisfied with the mileage of Swift car. As back side glass.  Mostely customers changing there car between 1-3 years.P a g e | 68 Basing on the data gathered from the customers .

 Improve in the size of back glass for clear visibility in back side .  Introduce low instalment and low down payment schemes to attract more people . so the supply has to be improved to meet the demand of the customers .  In every organization employee behavior should be great. as this is the key factor for customers satisfaction towards Swift .  Try to maintain reasonable price of the swift.P a g e | 69 After analyzing the findings .Great care has been taken in the making these suggestions for improvement of the customer satisfaction :  A constant urge to upgrade and keep pace with the changing times gives organization the competitive advantages or cutting over the competition .  The service centre must be ready with all type of spare part all over the time .  All the cars of Maruti Suzuki Must be available in the each and every showroom. CONCLUSION .  Inspect the servicing centrs continuosly so that they try to follow rule and regulations strictly .and will serve the car on time .  Company must try to tap the rural area with the help of print media and hoarding .the following suggestions have been prepared .  There is heavy demand for Maruti Swift in the market .  Satisfy existing customers by giving more value and offers. for providing better customer satisfaction .  Some costomer want to change in the swift back light as round shape .

The company is the known to providing the good service and quality.customers are emotionally attached with Maruti Suzuki Brand . During my survey. Maruti suzuki is providing the cutomer satisfaction not only selling the cars. Customers are not happy with the back glass of Swift due to very small size they can’t see easely in back side on back gear. Maruti Suzuki is giving very tough competition to its competitors like Tata Motor. BIBLIOGRAPHY . I found that . I found that Swift mostly preffering by young age people in A2 segment car . Hyundai Motor etc. Gypsy and Grand Vitara has power gear. Most of customers are highly satisfied with Maruti Swift.P a g e | 70 After analyzing the interpretation and finding the following conclusion were made: - After interacting with the customers. I found in my survey that Maruti Suzuki product is first preffering by the defence as Gypsy. and it want to beat their competitors . They are fully satisfied towards Swift.


......................... through which source you would like to buy? Through advertisement  Dealers  Showroom  Durability Q 4...P a g e | 72 Name ……………………………............... Which feature influenced you the most while Considering your Swift purchase?  Price  Product feature  Brand  Service Q3...................7........ Are you happy with the mileage of your swift? a) Yes b) No..................5............. Your valuable suggestion/Comments on Maruti Swift Engine? …..... Q1.......... which model is a good competition to Swift & Why? .................. Q...................................................................... Which Model of Maruti Swift do you own? a) Petrol b) Diesel Mobile No……………………………… Profession……………………………............................................................................................. Q.......... …..........2.............. Q............................... Email…………………………….... Q........... If you plan to buy a pre-owned car........................................... According to you.....6 What is your opinion on Maruti Swift related to safety features? …...................................

Yes ... ........................How frequently you change your car?  1-3 years  3-5 years  5-10 years  More than 10 years............................................................................ Q............................................................. ..... No....................................................... ...P a g e | 73 .....................................................................................................................................................................................................8...............................10........................................................... ............... Can’t say Q9Are you looking for any changes in Swift for better Customer satisfaction.. THANK YOU DATE…………… SIGNATURE ............................................. .......... Do you think Maruti Suzuki will be able to maintain the price of Swift in future if there is hike in cost of raw materials? . …....................... Q...................