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NGMSAT ‘2013

(13th & 14th February – 2013)


Thanjavur-613006, Tamil Nadu, India. (Affiliated to Bharathidasan University) [Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) & 12(B)]


Ms. Jamal Mohammed College. Manickavasagam Registrar. PG Department of CS. Tonic Raja Valan Technical Leader. : Dr. Thanjavur. Chair Person : : : : 1. : Mr. Multimedia and Multicast Services. T. K. Sivakumar Consultant. Anusuya Head.15 am – 4. UG Departments of BCA & IT Cordially invite you for the International Conference On “Next Generation of Mobile Services. TCS. A. Florence Dayana Head. of CS.00 am – 11. of Language Studies.00 pm 11. Mrs. J. C. C.15 am – 4. Jamal Mohammed College. : Mr. Thanjavur. Abdul Razak Associate Professor. of CS. Dept. Sr. SriLanka.9. Tonic Raja Valan Technical Leader.00 pm – 2. Royal Bank of Scotland.The Heads. Dept.1 Wednesday . Bon Secours College. Mariammal. Abdul Razak Associate Professor. Staff and Students. Dept. FBS Principal.I Topic : 11. of BCA. Chennai. Faculty of Humanities & Social Science. T. Mobile Broadband Services in India and Mr.15 am Plenary Talk Technical Session Session . Tea Break : 11. Chennai. Trichy. of IT. Thanjavur. Thanjavur. Bon Secours College. V.30 am : Mrs. Dept. Alagappa University. 2. Jule Eckelmann Research Scholar.30 am . Conference Note : Sr. T. Bon Secours College.00 pm : Femtocells Network.00 pm Energy Conservation Technologies. Vote of Thanks : Mrs.13th February – 2013 Registration Welcome Address : 8. Dept. J. Kalawally Chandramohan Lunch Session . Applications and Technologies” Senior Lecturer. Dept. Colombo. : 1. Australia. M. FBS Head. Trichy. Germany. Day . Karaikudi. V. Bon Secours College. Presidential Address Inaugural Address Chair Person : Dr. The Open University of SriLanka. : Dr. of CS. : Dr. Amali Pushpam. Royal Bank of Scotland. Key Note Address Special Address Felicitation .II Topic its future.

Seethalakshmi Ramasamy College. K. Trichy. Dept. Dept.00 pm : Fuzzy Sets and Mobile Applications. Baskaran Lunch : 1. 3. V. Panel Discussion 2. SIP-based VOIP and video over IP Applications. Virudhunagar.Day -2 Thursday . SIP-based VOIP and video over IP : Mrs.00 pm Panel List 1. of CS.N. Dept.H. : 09. D. of CS. Fuzzy Sets and Mobile Applications. S.00 pm – 4. Dr.N. Dr. Chair Person : Mr. Mrs.30 am – 1. Trichy.S. Femtocells Network. Baskaran Head.00 pm : Resource Allocation and Management Hydrogen Technology in Mobile & Portable Applications Chair Person : Dr. S. Anna University. M-Banking Security and its Applications. Christopher Durairaj. S. Trichy. Thanjavur. Multimedia and Multicast Services. Head. Session . Associate Professor.14th February – 2013 Session .III Topic Strategies. L.V Topic : 09. Energy Conservation Technologies. Tamil University. Anna University. College. Resource Allocation and Management Strategies.30 am – 1.Professor.IV Topic Applications. Mrs. Janova Asst. Session . Trichy. of Management Studies. Rathnamala Head. G. Hydrogen Technology in Mobile & Portable Applications. Seethalakshmi Ramasamy College. Mr. Thanjavur. Professor. Chair Person : 09. G. Dept of CS & Research Centre. 2. Mobile Broadband Services in India and its future.00 pm : Android Mobile Applications. Rathnamala Head. 4. Dept. of CS.00 pm . Dept.00 pm – 2. K. Balamurugan Asst. S. Tamil University. Dept. of Commerce. of Management Studies. Holy Cross College.30 am – 1. Dept. Madurai. Trichy. 5.Professor. M-Banking Security and its Applications. of CS. Android Mobile Applications. Balamurugan Asst.

. Professor. Professor.. Anitha M. Hemalatha M. Dept. D. A.C.. M. of BCA. A.C..A. Bon Secours College. M. Department of IT Co-Convenor Special Address Engg.A. D..Sc. Head. A.Phil. Mrs. Department of BCA Convenor Valedictory Address : Dr..Phil.M.. Asst.Phil. Anusuya M. Mrs. Registration Fee Students UG & PG Rev. Rajamanikam Vice-Chancellor. R. Pushpam College. M.c om Mobile No: 9894500877. T. Dept. For Further Information Please Contact: The Organizing Secretary NGMSAT ‘2013 Bon Secours College For Women. Thanjavur. Bon Secours College. Mrs.Phil) Mrs.A. (M... Fathima Mohsina M.A. Thanjavur-613006. Plenary Talk : Dr. M..Phil) Ms. FBS Principal. Manochitra Asst. Head. J. Sripriya M. Saritha M.Phil.V.Phil. Professor. Dr. A. Mrs.(M.30 pm Welcome Address : Mrs. of CS. Thanjavur. Bon Secours College. M.Sc. Satheeskumar Asst. K. Sr.C. M. Thanjavur. Department of IT National Anthem Email:ngmsat2013.Professor. Manochitra M. (M. FBS Secretary Patron Conference Report : Mrs.M. M. 9487553189 9940827449 . Vijayalakshmi M. India. Dept. Mrs. Dept. Periyar Maniammai University. V. M. Ms.Phil) Spot Registration can be done for the participants.Phil. 250 350 500 350 Faculty members Industrial Delegates Research Scholars Foreign Delegates US Sr. : Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Periyar Maniammai University..Sc.C. V.Tech. M.. Mother.. G.cscait@gmail. N. : Dr. C. P. V. Thanjavur. M. M...A.C.A. C.Sc. Vote of Thanks : Ms. Mariammal..C. School Of Computer Science & Bharathiar University. Kavitha B.Phil. P.E. Saritha Asst. M. Department of CS Organizing Secretary $50 Distribution of Certificate Thanjavur. Mrs.M. Mrs.30 pm – 5.. Sivakumar Thanjavur... Florence Dayana Head.Valediction 4.C.Phil. K. Thanjavur.A. Bon Secours College. Mrs. Saranya M. Renuka Devi.A. Ms. Jeyarani. M..Phil Ms. of BCA. Coimbatore. FBS Head.V... Head.Phil. Organizing Committee Chief Patron Organizing Members Ms.. Sr.. V. Mariammal. G.Sc. Florence Dayana M. A. Amali Pushpam.. of IT. Santhi M.C.. FBS Principal Conference Director Presidential Address : Dr.Tech... C. M. Mahalakshmi M. Tamil Nadu. IEEE Member.