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Executive Summary

Operations management has emerged as a lucrative career option among the youth in today's world. There are a wide variety of career options in the field of operations management. And the main target of this paper is to analyze career in operations management based on other alternative careers through identifying the prospects and challenges of building career in Operations Management. For the above purpose we collect data secondary data as a methodology mainly and the limitation of the report is that it is conducted in a very short time so we were not able to collect more information. In the part, Literature review, we try to give an idea about relevant career opportunities in
Operations Management, challenges in building career in operations management challenges

facing by global managers to build career in OM. The present conditions of choosing career in OM along with other areas, vacancies in those positions, pay scale have been presented in Current Scenario. And we try to elucidate the trends of career in OM in the part Analysis and findings. Finally based on our findings we supply some recommendations such as Operation managers should equip him or her with various issues and knowledge, understand the whole business flows, the products, the customers, the operation, the people and the technology, improve the process and operations productivity and efficiency to the next level, should position their products better with distinctive values against others in the market and in the appendix we provide some necessary table for better considerate

The tremendous prospects of building career in the area of Operations Management (OM) over the last decade have surpassed the most optimistic expectations. Today multi-billiondollar manufacturing and and service industry have OM departments. The overall impact of building career in the area of Operations Management (OM) certainly is one of the most significant social and economic developments in contemporary Bangladesh. With over one and a half million workers employed in careers relevant to OM. Purpose of the Study The report is required course for the students completing BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program of Jagannath University under the course titled Operations Management (OM) Objectives of the Study The main objective of this study is to analyze career opportunities based on prospects & challenges of building career in operations management Sources of Data and Methodology The report was fully investigative in nature. Data have been collected from secondary sources (such as internet, reports). Ms-Word and other required computer program were used to process the Quantitative data on which final report was prepared. The theoretical part of this report has been collected from text that we studied in our program. Most of the parts are collected from internet in different website. Scope of the study This study has focused upon the various prospects and challenges building career in operations management. Limitations of the Report Since our study is based on secondary data mostly, there is a possibility of getting fake information. If the information has been updated then the report findings may be erroneous. Above all, this study is weak in some points. Above all, this study is weak in some points. The notable ones is that -The report is conducted in a very short time so we were not able to collect more information.

Literature Review
Career Prospects After earning an MBA in Operations Management, a persons career opportunities are set to broaden. Many supply chain specialists are now part of the team that works in product development, forecasting, and strategic planning. Most companies have become global both in their manufacturing and in their sales and this trend has made the work of operations managers more significant than ever. Supply chain and logistics MBA graduates get to work as general operations managers, responsible for budgets, hiring and training employees as well as equipment procurement and policy development. A may also end up working in manufacturing development and operations managing in production planning, forecasting, quality control and process analysis or in service operations, working as internal consultants and quality analysts. In short operations management is a rapidly evolving field ripe with new opportunities. Some other fields are shown in the Appendix Table A Operations management (OM) deals with wide range of responsibilities related to decision making such as product designing, maintenance, quality management, technology to be implemented, and management of the supply chain process, inventory and forecasting. Career Opportunities in Operations Management There are a wide variety of career options in the field of operations management. Some key opportunity areas are: Operations Manager The operations manager is focused on optimizing general corporate infrastructure by monitoring and changing the work environment, vendor selection, supply chain management, real estate and budgets. Facilities Coordinator Designs the physical environment of a company; Work on building design, furniture and associated equipment.

Materials Manager The material manager stores a product through all phases from production to finished goods, shipping between departments, transportation to distribution centers, warehouses, and customers. Materials mangers must insure that the firm has the right item, at the right time, for the right price. This holds for both goods and services. For services, the emphasis is on ordering, receiving, storing and distributing any resources required to perform the service. Jobs include: traffic manager, warehouse manager, logistics manager, materials manager. Purchasing Manager Buys the goods and services, raw materials, and supplies required by the firm for its operation. They coordinate the quantity, quality, price, and timing delivery appropriate for the firm's needs. Basically every sector deals with purchasing: public and private. Purchasing people spend on average, half of the income of the firm for which they work. Jobs include: expediter, buyer, purchasing agent, purchasing manager. Industrial Production Manager The industrial manager coordinates the activities of production departments of manufacturing firms. They are responsible for the production scheduling, staffing, quality control, equipment operation and maintenance, inventory control, and coordinating the unit's activities with that of the other departments. Jobs include: line supervisor, manufacturing manager, production planner, production manager. Operations Research Analyst Decides on the best allocation of resources within an organization or system. Resources include time, money, people, space, and raw materials. They might also compare competing research projects to determine what one performs best on time, results, and cost given a fixed set of resources and recommend what project to keep and what project to drop. Jobs include: industrial engineer, systems analyst, office manager, and forecaster. Logistics Manager Responsible for supply chain management in a key area of the corporation; Focused on efficiency and accuracy in receiving and shipping goods. Highly process focused.

Quality Assurance Manager Works on the prevention of product deficiencies through prevention, detection, and correction. They ensure that production goals and quality are met. They might sample, inspect, and test operations and set standards. With the advent of the Malcolm Baldridge Award many of these managers are part of a firm's total quality management strategic initiatives. Jobs include: quality assurance manager, inspector, and technician.

Challenges in Building Career in Operations Management A person who is eager to build a career in this field must be competitive at national and international level. He/she must have leadership qualities, decision making abilities, and problem-solving skills and good communication skills, better understanding of computers and responsibility are the prerequisites for this job. Core Required Skills: 1. Quality assurance managers must be able to work with employees at all levels in the firm from assembly workers to top executives. 2. Purchasing managers, buyers, and agents spend half of the income produced by an organization. They are under enormous pressure to skim off the top, bend the rules, and even take kickbacks. Thus they must have complete integrity and ethics. 3. Production managers and systems analysts must be interested in the flow of work, the relationships between inputs and outputs, and be able to solve problems and be analytical. Courses Required 1. Certificate course in Operations Management 2. Advanced Certificate in Operations Management 3. Bachelor of Science in Operations Management 4. Post Graduate Diploma in Production & Operation Management 5. Master of Business Administration in Operations Management 6. Master of Science in Operations Management Other necessary skills according to their preferences in the organizations are given in the appendix Table B

Operational Challenges Facing Global Managers A global manager must use technology to connect with workers worldwide. A global manager faces many challenges in developing employees. He/she must encourage and develop talents of workers in different countries. Because her workers belong to diverse cultures and have different needs, she must provide as many tools as she can. Her job is to use creative approaches to helping her workers solve operational challenges in their respective markets. 1. Common Goals A strategic challenge is how to develop the company through a central strategy. 2. Global Collaboration It is not enough to organize people into international or regional project teams so they can develop strategic direction for the company or even share operational strategies. A manager must find ways to get people in all parts of the world to collaborate by breaking down geographic boundaries. Without sharing ideas in a creative and supportive environment, even if this occurs in the virtual world, a global manager cannot help the global firm successfully handle challenges in its different markets. 3. Sustainable Business Strategy A global manager must organize employee talents to create a sustainable competitive advantage. A company first develops a business strategy that works so that it can provide the same product to people around the world. The challenge is in developing successful business practices that will keep the costs of producing a product in line and help the company maintain its competitive advantage. 4. Core Competencies A global manager must also help a company face operational challenges associated with maintaining core competencies. These are strategically-developed competencies that give it an advantage in each market. If these competencies are weakened over time, a company will lose some of its market share to competitors. One way that a manager does this is by helping the company to guard its knowledge of how to operate and to protect this knowledge from being shared with competitors.

Challenges faced by the operational managers

1. Financial Management Controls

Operational managers must ensure that financial accounting and reporting mechanisms are adequate and functional. Dysfunctional mechanisms typically cause a company to report inaccurate financial statements, including balance sheets, statements of profit and loss, cash flow statements and statements of retained earnings.

2. Information Technology
A sound operational management policy helps manufacturing department heads and segment chiefs ensure that a company possesses adequate computer software and hardware to meet business requirements.

3. Regulatory Compliance
Operational managers generally must ensure that corporate policies and operating guidelines adhere to top leadership's stipulations, human resources procedures and professional standards.

4. Safety Management
Safety management is a key challenge that operational managers must confront when performing duties.

Current Scenario
There are numerous employment sectors mainly in service sector industries which offer Operations Management jobs for fresher. Apart from these sectors, there are other industries also where an individual can apply for operations management jobs at the entry level. At present jobs offered by an operations management graduate in the following posts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Retail Operations Manager Operations Manager Operations Executive Assistant Manager Operations General Operations Managers Plant Manager Area Operations Manager Process re-engineering Managers IT Operations Administrators Deputy Manager - Cinema Operations Manufacturing consulting Managers Channel Manager for GSM operations

Pay package Pay scale for operations managers depends on factors such as qualification, efficiency, job profile, knowledge, skills and experience. For a fresher in this field he/she can earn a salary of Tk.25, 000 to Tk.30, 000 per month, whereas for a person with 2-3 years of experience can earn even higher. But there are many challenges faced by operation managers in the field of operation management today. Recent vacancies along with their number of positions in different types of areas in different organizations shows the evidence.

Functional Department Accounting/Finance Bank/Insurance/Leasing Commercial/Supply Chain Education/Training Engineer/Architects (210) Garments/Textile (398) HR/Org. Development (70) Gen Mgt/Admin
Design/Creative IT & Telecommunication Marketing/Sales Customer Support/Call Centre Advertisement/Event Mgt.

No. of Vacancies 149 38 88 400 210 398 70 420 32 248 313 46 11

Relative areas like HRM, AIS, and Marketing also offer career opportunities given in appendix Table B And Recent vacancies in area of OM

Job Title

Education (Challenges) Graduate/ BBA/ Masters/ MBA You should possess a Masters/ Graduate degree from a recognized University. Bachelor's degree. Tertiary education in related subject, preferably

Manager (Delivery) Sr. Executive/ Executive Compliance Associate - Procurement

Executive, Compliance

with MBA, With PGDHRM The candidate should be MBA/Masters MBA (major in HRM)/ Masters in any

Manager (Export) Deputy Manager/ In-Charge,

HR & Compliance

Discipline with PGDHRM MBA/ Masters in Commerce from any Public

Manager/ Sr. Manager

University. Graduate in Logistics and Supply Chain

Deputy Logistics Manager

Management or from relevant Discipline Minimum Graduate (Commerce Preferred) from any recognized Institution. Masters in any discipline from a reputed

Executive, Commercial (Export)

AGM/ Manager - Procurement

university (MBA is preferred). Bachelor or Masters Degree

Jr. Executive, Commercial

(Commerce background will give preference) Graduate in any discipline (S.S.C Science

Inventory In Charge

background is must). Graduate (or Master) in related field (Science background up to HSC is preferred).

Executive - Commercial

Educational qualification may be relaxed for experience.

Manager (Supply Chain Management)

Graduate in any discipline. O Level/ A Level and Graduate from any

Executive - Foreign Desk

discipline. Graduate from English will get preference.

Commercial Manager Executive/ Sr. Executive (Commercial)

MBA/ Minimum Graduate with related subject. Must have Bachelor/ Masters degree in any discipline. Masters/ MBA in any discipline from reputed

GM/ DGM of Purchase

public or private university.


Job Title Merchandiser Merchandiser (Home & Terry items) Manager HR & Compliance Pattern Master cum sample Incharge Sr. Merchandiser Merchandiser Manager

Education Masters in any discipline Graduation in Textile Technology/ Fashion Technology will be preferred. MBA (major in HRM)/ Masters in any Discipline with PGDHRM S.S.C/H.S.C/GRADUATE Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline.

Assistant Officer Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Production Planning Officer - Production Planning Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Assistant Manager Production Planning Manager - Warehouse Cutting Manager Asst. Officer (QA) Sr. Officer (QA) Quality Manager Industrial Engineer Sr. Production Officer Social Auditor Production Manger Asst. Merchandiser (Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka) Senior Position (Production) Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Master degree in any discipline Minimum Graduate from any discipline. Masters in any discipline from recognized university (Science & Business Studies will be given preference) Graduate in Engineering


Analysis & Findings

Today almost every organization are looking for personnel qualified in operations management. And most of the departments select people for operational activates. Careers in Operations Management Facts and Trends 1. Jobs in Every Sector Including Services Opportunities for operations careers exist in every industry, from manufacturing and service organizations, government institutions, to education, and retail companies. 2. Total Focus on Supply Chain Management Increased efficiency in product flow is called for in industry after industry, from clothes and cars, to computers and chemicals, executives placed logistics/distribution (getting the right goods to the right place at the right time) near the top of the corporate agenda. Supply chain management / logistics has become the focal point of operations, the process by which firms move parts, materials & products to customers. 3. Hot growth industries Bustling activity in manufacturing centers include: robotics, fiber optics, computer software, hardware, and peripherals, laser technology, commercial printing, medical technology, and telecommunications. 4. Environmental Innovations come to the forefront Manufacturers are finding that "green" or environmental solutions are no longer just a government regulation to suffer through, but are becoming an important characteristic of competition. Firms are searching for innovative ways to lower emission releases and new ways to reduce costs for dealing with these releases as a way to gain an edge on the competition. 5. Determining future need and filling it Forecasting is becoming an increasingly important tool for goods-producing and serviceproducing firms. In response to intense global competition U.S. companies have adopted a variety of management practices to improve their competitiveness: just-in-time, total quality management, worker empowerment, design for manufacturability, outsourcing, etc.


Recommendation & Conclusion

1. Operation managers should equip him or her with various issues and knowledge cross all the business function, not just the operation. 2. To be a good operation Manager, they must be able to understand the whole business flows, the products, the customers, the operation, the people and the technology. 3. Understanding of various issue can made them deal better with various support group to improve the process and operations productivity and efficiency to the next level, understand problem-solving from technical point of view and able to discuss intellectually with technical parties for various operation issue and being participative. 4. Experience in the field is important especially a good operation manager should have at least 5 to 10 years of experience. 5. Another challenge that operation managers will face now is dynamic business environments and be able to adapt to the changes. 6. As customers are the most important variables in the business, manager should understand them and react to fulfill what they expect constantly. Customers now are more demanding with better knowledge on product, quality requirement and pricing. 7. Managers should position their products better with distinctive values against others in the market 8. Operation manager should think and act globally. 9. Sustainability is coming, and operations leaders need to understand how to implement it within their organization in a manner that pays for itself. Good corporate citizenship is nice, but they have got to be able to sharpen their operation with their sustainability efforts as well.

To recapitulate in short we can conclude that career in OM has a tremendous in recent years and will expand the opportunity if individuals are competent and able to overcome all the challenges



Books Operations Management 8/e by Krajewski, Ritzman, Malhotra Operations Management 8/e by William J. Stevenson

Websites (links)
1. 2. 3. he_scope_of_operations_management.html 4. 5. 6.



Table A Suitable Fields

o o o o o o o o o o o

Manufacturing Hospitality Consulting Firms Financial Institutions ITES Construction Insurance KPO companies Retail Information Technology Transportation and Logistics

Table B
Skill Required Communication Skills Flexible and Adaptable Energy Level Ability to Synthesize Work Ethic Honesty and Integrity Initiative Business Judgment Self Confidence Technical Skills Leadership Ability Decisiveness Problem Solving Ability Medium Medium High High High High Medium Medium Medium Very High High High Very High


Table C Finance & Accounting

Job Title Manager-VAT & Tax GM-VAT & Tax DGM (A&F) for Monno Group Executive/ Senior Executive - Accounts & Finance Executive/ Senior Executive - Finance & Accounts DGM (Internal Audit) Commercial cum Finance Manager Executive - Internal Audit Manager - Revenue Assurance Education(Challenges) M.Com/MBA major in Accounting and Finance with CACC/CA Intermediate. M.Com/MBA major in Accounting and Finance with CACC/CA Intermediate. Minimum Post Graduate in Accounting with CA (CC) or ICMA and Banking working experiences Graduate/ Post Graduate with Commerce Background M.Com/ MBA in Accounting. CA Intermediate will be preferable. M.Com/ MBA in Accounting. CA Intermediate will be preferable. Candidate must have Masters in accounting and CA/ ICMA (Inter) Minimum Masters/ MBA in Accounting/ Finance or equivalent from any recognized university with a good academic result. Bachelors in finance and Accounting or BBA/MBA major in finance from a recognized University. preferably P-1, or P-2 With Post Graduate/ MBA in finance/ accounting as major from IBA or any international university will be given preference preferably P-1, or P-2 With Post Graduate / MBA in finance / accounting as major from IBA or any international university will be given preference M. Com/ MBA in Accounting or finance CMA (partly) will be preferred Masters in Accounting

Manager - Revenue Assurance

Factory Accountant Senior Officer -


Admin & Accounts Assistant General Manager Finance Officer Executive / Sr. Executive General Manager, Revenue Assurance In-charge, Internal Audit M.Com/ MBA (Must be expert in Computer & Good in Speaking English) . Masters in Accounting/ Finance preferably CA CC. MBA/ M. Com (Accounting or Finance) with CA (CC) from a reputed university ACA/FCA or ACMA/FCMA or ACCA or Masters in Finance / Accounting from any reputed public university; DU & IBA will be preferred At least CA Knowledge Level/PE-I/CA Inter/CMA PL-II qualified. Master in Accounting from any reputed University Head of Internal Audit with minimum 2nd class or equivalent result in all academic examinations. CA (Inter Completed). Account Manager Graduate, preferably in business administration/marketing Graduate/ Post Graduate with Commerce Accounts Executive Background Fresh Graduates can also apply

Table D Marketing
Job Title Branch Manager (Show Room Incharge) for Monno Ceramic Manager (Merchandising & Marketing) Business Development Officer Graduation from a reputed University. Bachelors/ Masters degree in Business, Engineering or relevant field. At least Graduate with Computer Knowledge Education


Area Manager, Sales (Assistant Manager/ Senior Executive) Sales Executive (For Chittagong) Executive - Business Development Business Development Executive Passenger Guide (PG) Sales Representative (SR) Assistant Manager, Sales (Tyre, Lubricant & Automobile Spare Parts) Executive- Sales (Tyre, Lubricant & Automobile Spare Parts)

M.B.A or Masters preferably in Marketing. This may be compromised for exceptionally potential candidates. MBA/ Masters Graduation from any reputed University. Bachelors/ Masters degree in Business, Engineering or relevant field. B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ag, Biotechnologist, Animal Husbendry, Agriculturist Minimum HSC. Minimum Graduate (Preference will be given to Commerce graduate). M.Com/ MBA/ Highly experienced Graduate

Graduate Graduate from any Discipline,

Executive, Sales & Marketing

BBA in Marketing / Diploma in Engineering Educational qualification can be considered for highly skilled marketer`s BBA or Graduation in Marketing. A business graduate in any discipline but

Sales Executive

Relationship Executive

preference will be given to those specializing in Marketing or Management. Master degree in any discipline with science

Business Development Executive

background up to H.S.C. level is a must. (Experienced in pharmaceuticals sales are encourage to apply) BBA/ Honars from any reputed Universities Candidates with Major in Marketing will get

Marketing Exicutive


preference. Undergraduate or Graduate from reputed Marketing Manager university, students having classes in the evening and may attend office from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm may apply also. Master's degree major in Marketing from any Deputy General Manager, Sales reputed University. MBA major in Marketing from IBA is preferred. MBA with a marketing major; for candidates Executive - Business Development with prior experience in field in pharmaceutical or medical equipment sales, educational requirement can be relaxed. Strategic Planners MBA/ BBA from reputed universities in the country.

Table E HRM
Job Title Education

Commercial Officer Sr. Officer/ OfficerProcurement & Development Assistant Manager, Compliance AGM/ Sr. Manager HR & Compliance Commercial cum Finance Manager Senior Executive

Graduation from any reputed university. Master Degree in any discipline. Graduate/ Post Graduate from any reputed University. You should possess a Masters/ Graduate degree from a recognized University. Minimum Masters/ MBA in Accounting/ Finance or equivalent from any recognized university with a good academic result. Business Graduate/B.Sc Engineering in


Industrial Ecology Assistant/ Deputy Manager, Supply Management Import Executive, Commercial Executive Procurement Senior Executive International Marketing Strategic Buyer Senior Executive, International Procurement

Environmental Sciences or relevant field Masters/ Bachelor`s degree in Business Studies/ Economics/ Statistics/ Supply Management from any reputed University. Must have M.Sc or M.Com from a reputed University. Bachelor/ Master Degree/ BBA/ MBA Minimum Graduate with Marketing/International Marketing Bachelors in Business Administration Minimum Graduate with training in Supply Chain Management. BBA from any reputed University

Officer - Logistic

Most Preferable MBA/ Masters degree from any reputed university

Cargo Officer (Cathay Pacific & Dragonair Airlines)

Minimum graduate from any reputed university. Must have MBA/ Masters degree from any

Assistant Manager Transport

reputed University Most Preferable if have Experience in Supply Chain. Bachelors Degree. Graduate in Any discipline MBA/ Masters in any discipline from any recognized & reputed University/ Institutions. Masters/ MBA from any recognized & reputed Institutions/ University PGDSCM will be given preferences

Jr. Officer - Transport Assistant Manager, Operation Deputy Manager/ Assistant Manager Assistant General Manager (AGM)/ Manager