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[Episode 41] Why Awakening? with Sidra Jafri

Why Awakening? with Sidra Jafri [Episode 41] Wired For Success TV [0:00:11] Melanie: Welcome to another episode of http://www.wiredforsuccess. I’m Mel Gabriel and with me is my co-host, Beryl Thomas. Say hi, Beryl. Beryl: Hi everyone. Melanie: And as always, we are here to encourage each and every one of you to tap into that part of you that’s already programmed for greatness. Of course, one of the ways we do this is to bring you guests who can inspire you and help you to accelerate that process no matter what’s your creed or culture so that you can start living the life of your dreams right away. Today’s guest is most definitely playing her part in the world as an awakening facilitator in encouraging others to wake up to what is possible. She is a shining example of how no matter what your culture says about the way you should lead your life, you do have a choice. Like each of us, this lady has innate wisdom about how life really is and she recognizes that we are in a time as never before when this message needs to be shared and that each of us needs to embody the change we want to see in the world. Today, she is going to share with us her own story of courage and how she’s helping individuals to recognize what is the underlying cause of their stuckness. We are delighted to welcome the shining and rising star, Sidra Jafri. Welcome Sidra. We are looking forward to this interview. Sidra: Thank you. Melanie: So Sidra, can we begin by asking you about your own journey and how – what actually was your wake-up call and how has it led you to what you’re sharing with the world today? Sidra: Yes, most definitely. Firstly, I would like to thank you both for inviting me for the show. It’s my absolute pleasure to be here and share my message. My awakening was organic. And to be honest, when I was going through it, I didn’t realize what was happening. I don’t know about you but that’s usually the case. When you’re going through it, you don’t know
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what’s happening until other people start saying, “Oh my God! What has actually happened?” Melanie: So, it was spontaneous then? Sidra: Very spontaneous and very organic. So it took me about a few years. I was – quick recap of my life is I was born in Pakistan. I lived there until I was 19 and then I got married and came to this country, London. And life moved on physically but there was something not right so I was – I have two beautiful children. I had an amazing husband, a reasonably good life like I ticked all the boxes in the material plain, if you know what that means. So I had – but what was missing was me. And I felt this constant sense of anxiety and depression and nothing was shifting it. And my ex-husband was supporting me at that time so he said, “Go and educate yourself.” And I decided to do a law degree. And in my final year, I took up criminology psychology and then I realized my passion for human behavior. And the more I got into this stuff, the more I realized that I’m somebody’s wife, I’m somebody’s mom, I’m somebody’s daughter-in-law, somebody’s sister-in-law and where is me? And the lights were on and there was nobody home. And one day, I decided, I said to him, “Look, I really appreciate what’s happened and I can’t live this way. I need to find me. I’m going.” And he said, “You can’t leave.” I said, “Watch me.” And I just left my entire family and I left my two young boys there as well. And it’s not something I would have done if I was in the same state of mind but I really needed to figure out what’s truly happening. And then I realized, all the depression, all the anxiety, what I was going through, is just other people’s programming in my space where I was feeling really repressed. And the minute I let go and I unplugged from my religion, from my teachers, from my parents, from my society, I felt the sense of liberation. I felt I could breath and the minute I did that, my whole life shifted and something just started flowing. I started attracting amazing people in my life, my business started flying, my finances got sorted, all the physical illnesses I’m going through suddenly seems to be vanished because I’ve been working on releasing all the stuck energies. Most of us who are stuck now in relationships or health or finances, believe it or not, the problems are not current. The problems are from way before
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they’re known. It’s the undercurrent. And once you go in there and release it, then your life becomes a lot more free and in the present. And that’s how I feel my mission in life is just to helping people realize that 98 percent of how you’re behaving is not who you are. It’s other people. It’s your mom, it’s your dad, your relationships issues are not truly yours, it’s how you picked up when you’re young and we don’t even know that. So I help people to actually live in their present and I believe that it’s in the present where the power is. And that’s my message. Beryl: So how – I was going to ask you, you refer to this knowledge, this great knowledge you have, where did – how did you get this knowledge? Sidra: That’s a very good question. And as I said, it’s organic and I look back and I can’t give you one specific cause that actually that shifted me. I think it’s the series of – as I said, the law degree was my second degree and then when I took up criminology psychology, I decided, who wants to save the criminals? I want to fix their minds. And I went on this other quest of personal development. I did a diploma in counseling psychotherapy. I did hypnotherapy. I did EFT and NLP and Reiki. And there’s a time in my life where if you could name a course, I’ve either done a course on it, read a book on it or heard about it. That’s usually the case when we go through this journey of finding ourselves. And I think that that’s how I found me in a way of – on this quest. Beryl: So, this is something you’ve kind of made your own, isn’t it? In a way, it’s something you’ve kind of loving crafted and you’re now sharing with the world because it’s worked for you. Sidra: What I say to people when we do these 2-day workshops for the awakenings and hundreds of people come to us and what I say to them, whatever I’m saying is nothing new. All we’re doing is visiting and rediscovering and revalidating, reinstating, relearning. And it’s the same stuff, different pile. We’re all saying the same thing. It’s the packaging that’s different. And I say to people, the hardest part to understand is the simplicity of it. And that’s what we missed, the simplicity of things. Everything is energy and energy follows thought, things you think about, you bring about. And



we missed it. So that’s one of my key things. And I say, it’s a “Sidradized” version of things. So what I’ve done is I’ve “Sidradized” all of the latest tools and techniques I’ve picked up along the ways and created my own system and simplified it and that’s what I teach. And I say, OK, you have an issue. You identify it. You accept it. You release it. Job done. Melanie: So I’m interested here that you say you’ve “Sidradized” a lot of these tools because all of these tools, I’m familiar with them. Like you, I’ve lost track of the number of trainings I’ve done over the years. And the truth is that whilst these tools do work, they don’t always go all the way for everyone. And I’m wondering, having “Sidradized” it because I’ve heard stories of miraculous transformations – I haven’t been to one of your awakenings yet but I’ve heard stories, very good stories and I’m wondering, what is it that you do differently that means that people really begin to discover who they are whereas with these tools when they’re just use in isolation, people spend years and years and years going back for top ups and never quite getting there. Sidra: I feel – basically, everything works in accordance to its relevance and I feel all these tools work. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but there are four types of bodies I just found in this earth. There’s your physical body, the body you can see. There’s your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. So when someone – when people start this quest, let’s say, in the beginning of their journey, if someone like me who feels something is missing and they start feeling – they’re going to depression or anxiety or fear or anything, so they know that something is missing and they open up. So they hit on a tool called let’s say, NLP which is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. That works beautifully on the mind – mental body. So it helps to reprogram the mindset, the unconscious mind. So it works to a certain degree and it’s important on the journey. And then they realized, “No matter how much I shift my mind, I still have shit. So how do I address it?” And then we evolve and then we go through the emotional body where the EFT or Matrix Reimprinting or other techniques who address the emotional body and release the charge around the trauma or the event that’s creating stuckness.
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And then we’re realizing that the tools are great but still I haven’t created the structural changes that I required in my life to actually fly. That’s where I come in as coach to address the spiritual body where I specialize in helping people realize their sole plans, what is there – I specialize in your unfulfilled promises, vows, contracts, agreements, any plot you made which you are still living because you are validating the reality. That’s where the structural changes come. So you have to go through these tools and techniques in order to come to the spirit body. And my key gift is by the grace of God, I can just see people’s timeline so I can tap into someone’s energy and tell them exactly what vow is happening, what agreements they have or what promises they have that are stopping them. So people who are, for example, classic case in awakenings are people who are stuck in finances or in their relationships. So I tap into them and I say, “OK. You made this promise that you’ll never be more rich than your dad.” So they spend their entire life making money, losing money because they’re validating their dad’s reality. And once we go through the process, we shift it, they are offered like nine grand pay rise within two days or bonuses or extra stuff because we shifted that from the spirit body. So we do a clearing of those interferences. Beryl: So, this seems like it’s in unconscious space within people. They don’t know that they’ve got this going on. So how do they find out that that’s what’s happening? Sidra: The key – the first thing that people become aware of is the symptom. So mostly, people come with the problem and they say, “OK. I have a backache or I seem to attract abusive partners.” So they don’t know that the reason why they’re attracting abusive partners is because of the decision they’ve made in their childhood or to their mom that because you suffered, I will always suffer. Melanie: So, I get the point, Sidra, about the body eavesdropping on what we’re saying and we need to be really careful about what we say. But I’m wondering whether some of the things we say are passed down generationally? So for example, there are certain phrases my grandmother would make repeatedly. For example, there’s no reward in it or she would
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say things which will imply that we are contributing for the fraying of her nerves. And then I learned later – at her funeral actually, that these were phrases that were prevalent in the rest of the family. And I’m wondering, could she have just been repeating these because that’s what she learned and her body had already taken on that form? Sidra: Yes, definitely because we say what we learn. And one of the key things at the awakening is to question everything. And this reminds me of a beautiful story. I don’t know if you’ve heard it. It’s about that there’s a family feast going on at Christmas time in a big family house and the mom was making lobster. And the minute she puts the lobster on the pan, she cut the lobster’s tail. And there was a little girl, she asked her mom, she said, “Mommy, why did you cut the lobster’s tail?” She goes, “I don’t know. My mom used to do it.” And the granny was there. So she went to granny and said, “Granny, granny, tell me why do we cut the lobster’s tail?” Granny said, “I don’t know. My mom used to do it.” And the great granny, she was frail and she was lying down in her bed and the little girl went to her and said, “Great granny, please, please, please solve this mystery and tell me why do you cut the lobster’s tail?” Granny stopped and thought and she said, “Don’t tell me they’re still doing it? My pan was too small.” So they keep using the same phrase or the same – without questioning, why are we cutting the lobster’s tail? Or in my culture, the used to say, “Don’t cut your nail at night.” And I said, of course, you shouldn’t cut your nails hundred years ago because there was no electricity. Beryl: OK. So this is interesting because I’m thinking about your culture and I’m thinking about a family I know where they’re of your culture and the daughters are in their 20’s now and their mother had an arranged marriage. But they don’t want an arranged marriage. They want – well, they want to meet someone. They don’t necessarily want to marry within their culture. And yet, they’ve also got a little bit of them that doesn’t feel – well, it feels a little bit guilty, feels uncomfortable with their decisions. Sidra: It’s not easy to break free or it’s not easy to go out of norm because you’re born in a certain society, you’re born in a certain culture, certain religion, and you’re programmed in a certain way. And suddenly, you decide, actually, I don’t want to be a part of that culture anymore or of that
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system anymore. It’s a huge step. And in the soul’s language, we call it on a journey of evolution, there are different stages a soul goes through and this is a classic stage three journey. I’ll quickly brief you the journey if that’s OK. The stage one of the journey of the soul is when you decide to incarnate on this earth plain and you test the boundaries of this earth. So most of the murderers, the serial killers, or the thieves, they are actually testing this earth plain usually on the stage one, 85 percent I think of humanity is in the survival mode where still, they live in the hunter or gatherer energy where they kill to survive. And then the soul evolves and stage two happen. They incarnate in a religion where there’s a good, there’s bad, there’s right, there’s wrong, if you do this, you go to hell, if you do that, you’ll end up in heaven. And that’s really important for the soul in the stage two to realize actually, killing is not on and there’s consequences that karma kicks in. And when the soul evolves and realizing, actually, I’m not my religion. I’m not my society. I’m not my teachers. That’s where the stage three and that’s where the soul decides to break free from the norm, from the culture, from the religion. That’s where usually ego is born. So most souls who are very ambitious, wants to make a mark, musicians, celebrities, if you look at the soldiers, they’re usually soul three – stage three because they want to make a difference. They say, “Hang on. Don’t cut me as my religion. I am someone different. I am someone unique. I am someone special.” The special program kicks in. And when soul evolves from that stage, stage four, is where – I call it true awakening where the classic symptoms of awakening is depression, suicidal, self-worth issues. When the soul starts questioning its validity on this planet saying, ”Hang on, I thought I was really different. I thought I was not my religion. I was someone special. But the real you is the real me and I’m not really different. So what’s the point of being here?” And those are the classic souls I attract in my vibration at the awakenings, people who go through that. And when someone is going through depression and in the awakening they say, “I am going – I have suicidal thoughts.” I said, “Brilliant! You’re just awakening to the truth of who you are. You are realizing that actually, even though the real you is the real me,



I have my unique puzzle, piece of the puzzle to do on this earth, being of pure love and assistance.” Beryl: Well, it’s very encouraging because what most of us will see as something negative and something had to be fixed is actually – is part of your healing. It’s a transition stage, isn’t it? There is this kind of one fourth in both cups almost and it seems like patterning which is your neurology, it’s embedded in your neurology, isn’t it? That programming, there’s this kind of push me, pull you thing going on, isn’t there? This is what you’re saying. And of course, there are lots of other factors I imagine because many people we talked to, they go – they get up to this point where all this stuff seem to be tumbling down around their ears and they feel this longing to kind of move forward and yet, there’s this stuckness which I think is where you come in and you help them clear these last bits that are holding them back. Am I explaining that in a … Sidra: Yes, beautifully explaining. That’s exactly what happens where the whole life as they know it is crumbling down especially this time where marriages of 25 years, of 26 years are breaking down, people are losing their jobs, children are not the way they were before and things are shifting and that’s where the time is where we look inside and saying, “Hang on, what is truly happening here?” They say, when you lost everything, that’s when you’re home. Beryl: So, you refer to this time, we’re at the beginning of 2013 as we record this, can you say a little bit more about that? Sidra: Yes. In what way? Beryl: Well, why is it happening now? Why didn’t it happen 20 years ago, 50 years ago? Sidra: Because humanity is evolving and the journey of consciousness is now at that stage where in my book, which is in process now, we talk about why awakening. And society evolves. And I say that shifts happen as much as our human psyche can handle and we’ve been here for millions of years and when we first started on this planet, we were in the – called the



physical quotient, the PQ where again, it was in the survival of the fittest, the hunter or gatherer age. We would kill to survive. And then they realized that actually no matter how much physical strength you have, it’s not enough. And then the era of IQ came where they realized actually, there is something in your head called your mind which strategizes, which plans, which envisions stuff. And that’s where the power is. And everybody went on about IQ and IQ and IQ. And then what they realized after a few decades or hundreds of years, no matter how many – how much intelligence you have, if you’re emotionally unstable, you will end up making bad decisions because when emotions go high, intelligence go low. And then the era of EQ came, emotional quotient. We realized actually, cool head, warm heart. Make decisions with warm heart and energy management, it’s the emotional quotient that matters. And now, the humanity has evolved again and realized, actually, no matter how much emotionally stable you think you are, everything is shifting, everything is collapsing and that’s where the SQ, which is the spiritual quotient, comes in. And now, everyone is questioning their existence and their purpose. And for the last few years, I’ve been hearing more people questioning their purpose in life than ever before. And even my friends, when I started this journey, they thought I was completely [indiscernible] [0:21:44] and lost the plot. Now, they’re coming and saying, “Hang on Sidra, you know the thing we did. What was that?” And even they are questioning. So it’s in the collective consciousness when people are realizing actually, there’s more to life than we’re living and that’s why awakening is more important than ever before. Beryl: So, you used a term there which not everyone will be familiar with which is consciousness. Could you give us your interpretation of consciousness, Sidra? Sidra: Yes. When I say consciousness, all I mean is awareness. All I mean is your – something that you are aware of or you know of. And what you don’t know, you don’t know. So it’s the awareness of things. That’s all consciousness is. It’s your expansion of your knowledge.



Beryl: So, when you talk about collective consciousness, people talk about it’s in the collective consciousness, so they’re talking about all of this new knowledge that’s coming in that – so like free energy for example. All this new ways of thinking, new ways of looking at things, questioning, all this is now in this invisible field. Sidra: Yes, invisible. When I say collective consciousness, what I mean is it’s in the group energy of society. For example, let’s say lame example, Valentine’s Day. Whether you believe in it or don’t believe in it, it is in the collective consciousness. It is in your awareness. And that’s what I mean by collective consciousness. That even though you might not consciously be aware of it or believe in it, it is in the collective consciousness and it does affect you or impact you in some shape or form. Beryl: OK. So then I’m thinking, going back to the family story you’re talking about, in the ancestral story, it’s in the consciousness of the culture or the consciousness of that particular family line, would you say that? Sidra: Yes. Beryl: And you’re just picking up that energy. OK. Because – OK. So I’m trying to just liken it to other things so that I can understand and people then can understand a bit better. Say you walked into a room full of people and you just picked up an energy, you’re perfectly happy until you got in there and you thought something is going wrong here and you might find then there’s being an argument or something going on there. And even though you don’t know, you’re picking up that energy. Sidra: It’s in the collective consciousness, yes. Beryl: OK. Sidra: One of the key principles of awakening, we covered that. The first one is asking quality questions. So the minute you picked up an energy, the minute you picked up a thought, always question it and say, who does this belong to? Who is this thought? Because most of the time, we react without thinking. That is our emotion. That’s why road rage happens. People – usually, even a calm person when they’re on the road, they feel really anxious or angry for no apparent reason because they’re picking up the anger on that collective consciousness of that road.
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Beryl: And some people are more sensitive to these things than others. Is that true? Sidra: Yes, it’s because they’re more aware. Melanie: OK. Sidra: One of my beliefs is, and again, we cover this at the awakening, is takes one to see one which means that if you’re feeling – if only if the energy resonates with you at some level or you can identify it, then you will feel it. So if for example, if you say to me, “Sidra, you’re an amazing person and you have a heart of gold.” You wouldn’t know what a golden heart is unless you resonate with that frequency or you recognize a golden heart. And on the other hand, if you say, ”Sidra, you’re arrogant and you’re snob or you’re whatever.” You won’t know what arrogance is unless you recognize it, unless you have that energy. Beryl: Oh, OK. So that’s interesting. So there was a time when I had some anxiety and to be around other people that were anxious, even if I was feeling OK, their anxiety would trigger mine. Sidra: Yes, which means, at some level, it was ringing true to you otherwise you wouldn’t react to it. Beryl: Yeah. Sidra: And that’s what we teach. As I said, the “Sidradized” version of picking it up and saying, actually, identification is the key. So you identify and saying, actually, where in life am I feeling this way? One of my core beliefs, people only respond to what you emanate. Beryl: People only respond to what you – sorry. Sidra: What you emanate. Melanie: What you’re emanating yourself.



Beryl: OK. Yeah, yeah. Sidra: I take my personal example, so when I walked out on my marriage and I left my kids with my ex-husband because they had a quite reasonably good life and I didn’t want to disturb them, people started saying, “Sidra, you’re a bad mother and you’re a bad mother.” And I used to cry and I used to say, “But I’m not a bad mother.” And one of my teachers said to me, “Hang on Sidra, you must believe at some level that you are a bad mother because that’s where they’re creating a charge in you.” And once I integrated that little piece in me and I made peace with it, something magical happened. Suddenly, people started saying, “What a courageous mother you are. What a shining example of your kids on how to live their lives.” Nothing shifted externally but that little piece inside of me that was feeling guilty for leaving the kids and being a bad mother. And once I made peace with it, people stopped saying it. Beryl: So actually, it was a gift to the outside world that might seem like a harsh criticism but actually, it was a gift to you because you transmuted that. You are the alchemist. Sidra: Yes, exactly. So once we live life from that point of view, that whoever shows up in my vibration in my life is just a gift. If someone upsets you like, “Wow! Thank you so much. I’m just about to shift something.” So you actually use that anger or that anxiety as an energy to integrate, life becomes much more easier because you know there’s a reason why they have showed up. Beryl: So actually, you can look at every – in any event, comes bad thing that happens as actually an opportunity for empowerment, can’t you? Sidra: Yes, totally, totally. And that’s one of the other principles which is nothing is missing and everything is perfect. So every experience that had to happen has happened in order for us to be here right here right now. So it sums up all our experiences for me to be here right now to express my story or share my message because that’s made me who I am. Melanie: So leading off the bad mother, courageous mother story, there was a statement you made in the previous conversation I was going to ask
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you about and I’m just sort of wondering – I wonder if it’s the same kind of thing as a bad mother, courageous mother story because the statement you made was, well, one of the things that’s in our conscious awareness is the way we’ve been conditioned to think about money and to think money as some signal of success and it sort of consciously or unconsciously represents power. Now, you did make a statement when I spoke to you previously, I never had a chance to explore it and I think you said something like once you shift the issues around money, everything else shifts. It’s like the rest of your life comes into balance. Is that what you meant? Or … Sidra: Well, what I said was, money is a core energy and money is one of our – money defines who we are. So if we earn let’s say, a grand a month, that defines where we live, where we shop, who we hang out with. If we earn five grand a month, that means we live there, we shop there, we hang out with certain type of people. And if we earn fifty grand a month, that means we won’t live there, we won’t shop there, and we hang out with certain – different type of people. So it’s a defining energy. So once you address money and recently, we’ve been addressing a lot of financial interferences and what my perception is money is usually a masculine energy. So if you – if people who are having issues especially women have issues with money, they need to check in with their relationship with men and their relationship with man because money is a man. The energy is very masculine, it’s a doing energy. It’s supportive energy. It’s a protection energy because money is a tool to give you freedom to be do and have, right? And from a woman’s point of view, as again, in a collective consciousness, it’s a man’s job to protect, to provide, to take care of us. And if that relationship is interfered and we’ve made certain decisions around it, money flow will stop. So that’s one vibration. The other, which what I said was once you shift your identity around money and you’re comfortable because when you change your financial income, you change your social circle by default because it’s not – and out of experience, it’s something you can’t control or they can’t control so you have to make peace with the change.



Most people limit themselves because they want to keep the same friends, live in the same area, and have shitloads of money. It’s not possible. And that’s why they keep themselves in a certain vibration because they’re too afraid of losing what they have. They want everything the same but better. Melanie: So, are you saying that if one were to even to start from the angle of just cleaning up one’s relationship, not necessarily with people but with yourself and how you relate to your job and so on, that working from that angle, money could start flowing even better. Sidra: Yes, yes, yes. It’s your – I say to people, I say, all of life is relationship. If your health is not working, your relationship with your health requires attention. If your money is not working, your relationship with money requires attention. If your relationship with others is not working, your relationship with others requires attention because all of life is relationship, your ability to relate to things. And because everything is energy, everything is consciousness, so even money has its consciousness. Even your health has, your body has its own consciousness. So what requires attention is your relationship with that. And most people, what they do is because it’s in the collective consciousness, they abuse money. They say, “Oh, money is an idiot or money …” They don’t respect money. And money is just like a friend. So if you abuse your friend, would your friend hang out with you? No, they wouldn’t. So, how can we expect money to hang out with us if we disrespect it, if we abuse it, if we don’t treat it with love? It’s the same energy. Beryl: That’s interesting. Sidra: So, one of the exercises we do at the awakenings is befriend money. Money is your best friend. And we write a letter to money so we clear all the programming, all the genetic, all the ancestral beliefs, fears around money because what happens is what sometimes – in the past, what children have seen that because of money, relationships fall part, because of money, abuse is happening. So they make a decision that money – having money is not safe. So consciously, they want lots and lots of money and they do everything to want money but there’s an undercurrent saying, “Hang on, don’t have too
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much. You lose love. Or remember last time mom had lots of money and dad did this?” So what we do is we reprogram the cellular memory and befriending money and creating new relationship with money. So my kids – I taught my kids so when we give money to somebody, we say, “Thank you universe for allowing us to contribute in someone’s prosperity.” And when we receive money, we say, “Thank you for contributing towards our prosperity.” So when – at shops at one time, my son was buying a lollipop and he gave the money, he goes, “Bye money. See you soon.” So it’s educating them of befriending it. Everything is your friend. And then once you feel safe around it, once you feel safe around success, around money, around love, everything flows. It’s the safety mechanism that kicks in when we feel unsafe and start sabotaging. Melanie: So, when you say money is a masculine energy, we’re talking more along the lines of yang rather than – because it’s so easy depending on the culture you’re in to start associating money with how males are seen, the masculine is seen. OK. Sidra: But it is a doing energy. If you perceive the energy of money, you will know that it’s masculine because what it does, it provides, it protects, it gives you freedom, it’s an ambitious, it’s an action-taking energy. On the other hand, the feminine are more chilled, more laidback, more receiving, more flexible, more flowing. Beryl: So that’s interesting because now, we’re in a time where I think we’re in the age of Aquarius which is a female energy, and research, predictions say that there are shortly going to be more female millionaires, would be billionaires than there are men. So what is that saying about the male-female energies there and its relationship to money now? Sidra: When I say masculine energy, what I mean is we – no matter what body we have like a female body or masculine body, we both have a feminine side and a masculine side. So in the age of Aquarius, it feels to me that more females will activate their masculine energy and be comfortable with it. So previously conventionally, it wasn’t safe for women to be masculine and be comfortable. So now, they will marry the masculine and the feminine and become whole.
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Beryl: How interesting. Because this causes big shifts in relationships, doesn’t it? Sidra: Yes. Beryl: Or can do when the woman maybe starts to become very successful financially, more financially successful than the man in the relationship. It can cause all kinds of other problems. Sidra: Exactly. It depends on the man how much activated he is because a conscious man will accept it. And the man who’s not that conscious, a man who’s still living in ego and power struggle will find it really challenging. Beryl: How interesting. Gosh, we could talk for hours with you, Sidra. However, I’m aware that you have another life apart from being an interviewee of ours, is there any last little juicy bit of wisdom that you want to share? Sidra: Yes. One of my key things which I am absolutely passionate about is knowledge in itself is nothing. It’s applied knowledge that is power. And visualization without action is delusion. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. The last – if I could give you one gift, I would give you the gift of applying the information you have and start living it. So just quickly, when one-on-one, I was collecting all these certificates, doing all the processes and all that stuff, my life, I had a huge debt and nothing else. My life didn’t really shift until I started living the principles, until I started living EFT, started living NLP, only then my life shift. Tools work should you work. Melanie: So, it’s knowing how to work along with these tools. Sidra: Yes, yes, 100 percent. And take action. Do something. When you’re going through hell, just keep going. Beryl: So, one of the actions that people could do is actually to come to one of your workshops. Sidra: That would be a divine option.
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Beryl: So you’ve run them regularly in London, don’t you? Every six weeks or so in London. If people want to attend, where would they find – how would they contact you? Sidra: They can visit my website, SidraJafri.com. They can find me on Facebook, SidraJafriLive. They can follow me on Twitter, which is at SidraJafriLive. And they can drop us an email at info@SidraJafri.com. Beryl: Many ways to get hold of an amazing woman. Thank you so much, Sidra. It’s been an absolute delight. And please, will you come back and talk to us again? Sidra: Yes, most definitely. Beryl: Because we’ve really only scratched the surface with you, haven’t we Mel? There is so much more. Melanie: There is so much more I’m curious about. Beryl: Indeed. Melanie: And especially what happens beyond the awakening. Beryl: Yeah. And actually, let’s just mention that you’ve agreed to come and speak at our workshop in April, Living Without Limits. You’ve agreed to come and present to our audience. So that’s going to be a very exciting time. Melanie: Absolutely. Sidra: My absolute pleasure. And I look forward to seeing you at the awakening as well. Melanie: Yes. Beryl: Yes, we are coming along very soon. We are coming along very soon. Let me see if I can drag my sons along to awaken them a bit. Sidra: That’s brilliant.
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