open letter to mohamed mohamud, while i have enjoyed the old fashioned letter writing, i think it will be best

if all our correspondence, at least from my side, is public. if you would like me to publish your letters to me here at braingarbage or elsewhere, i will try. in the last letter you indicated that the "Bureau" photocopies all letters causing a delay in delivery. since i have nothing to hide from the "Bureau" or the public, it might make their job of reading my letters to you a little more easy, if they are typed and printed, as my handwriting is messy. one thing i want the Bureau to know about Future Trap Trials is that the anti-internet mentality of the courts is truly backwards and medieval. the best way to inspire confidence in the judiciary or the Bureau would be a policy of open-ness. It was hard for me not to notice that Judge Garr M. King claimed not to understand what Twitter is or that our Laptops were Confiscated at the Door of courtroom 12A. Given the way the Bureau took apart your computer, it is unreasonable for the public to trust the Bureau with Technology Confiscation programs. It was also hard for me to not notice the way there was no publicly accessible internet signal available at the US District Court in Portland.

The closed signal only available to the US Attorneys reinforced this feeling that the court expects us, the peasants, to be digitally illiterate. What would have been better, is to allow us access to the internet signal, and allow us to bring smartphones and laptops into the courtroom the way they do in her Majesty's London. So we could Live Tweet, type notes, and write articles, and type notes. My hand hurt so much from hand written notes. the additional cost of scanning my court notes for the was an unfortunate economic consequence of Anti-internet-ness as a courtroom policy. Now truly, the internet revolution had roots in the American West Coast, and overall, this can be a tech friendly place to be. As the FBI's new media secret recordings made up the bulk of their "evidence" i found it interesting that all their home movies were considered legitimate e-evidence in a courtroom so opposed to basic democratic technologies. What i don't understand is how the courts can put their head in the sand and act like the internet doesn't exist. The FBI propagandist reporter for the Oregonian, had to bring in his own portable internet device, as did I. One day i was tweeting court updates during the morning break, via Laptop and my Verizon* Portable Internet device, hereafter known as "dongle" on the elevator when your lawyer Sady got on for a ride, with the cute court marshall who was consistently rude to me.

Sady said "i like your suit" to him. The Court Marshall explained something about "menswear." Now, if the Garr King elder was aware of how critical twitter has become in global communications he would have allowed us to use smart phones and dongles or wifi in court. Not letting internet devices in the courtroom, and furthermore not having sufficient wall outlets to support judicial tweeting and mobile computing's electricity needs---reminded me of other backwater problems in Portland, Oregon. Illiteracy, Poverty, meth addiction, homelessness, murders, rapes. I have recently become extremely aware of the Christmas 2012 homicide of Jaime Larson on the south side of PSU campus. The bashing of a PSU woman on the head November 2012, to knock her unconscious for a Portland State university Rape---has reaffirmed to me the extreme dangers involved with women attempting to obtain an education in a city without respect for women. I would be much more impressed with the FBI if they chose to eradicate Violence against Women, instead of giving Fake Bombs to Suicidal Refugee Male Teenagers from Africa. I tried very hard to get through to many levels of salaried officials at the Portland City police and Campus Security levels about the shocking violence against women at Portland State University. What I actually liked about attending the trial, was the high level of security.

While true it was time consuming to get through two levels of security to get in to the courtroom, i never felt safer in a public place. One day the Security harassed me about my pepper spray, which i had to check downstairs. I called this in to their boss, to be sure Rape Victims are not harassed about self-defense measures by US District Court Elderly Male Security in a city with so much street violence and violence against women. I told them: make a world safe for women--and i'll stop carrying the pepper spray. one of the USDC security officers told me to get a XXX. Another told me a woman was raped and bludgeoned to death in her dorm at Portland State university years ago. While the cute rude court marshall's subtle picking on me made me feel vulnerable and harassed---especially on the day he harassed me as i was speaking to your mother about law---i felt less vulnerable than i do attending american colleges or universities, where so many horrible crimes occur these days. Reed College is famous for trying to suppress Criminal Rape Investigations. Lewis and Clark has also tried to suppress a Criminal Rape Investigations. _____ but to look at the bright side---

Nicholas Kristof has done so much work for the Global Empowerment of women. i gave your mother a copy of the book Half the Sky. i recently found out that Selma Hayek, a beautiful Mexican actress is involved with a huge foundation campaign for microfinance and empowerment of women. ____ so if the US District Court had nothing to hide, they would let in laptops and smart phones. they would then televise the Trial if they had nothing to hide. If only the World could know what we know---that Garr M. King suddenly became very rude to the Defense, very Rude to Stephen Sady, Lisa Hay, and Steven Wax---and that their objections to the FBI's manufactured fake "evidence"---were treated with disdain, that their cautionary statements, objections, evidence and witness were excluded---the World might become more skeptical about Financing more FBI Trap Trials, at least in Oregon. The World might become skeptical of the All-White Jury whose Jury Selection Process revealed their Racist and Pr-law Enforcement and Pro-military Biases. FBI's home movies made me ill---watching them was like enduring self-inflicted torture: witnessing the atrocity of their abduction of you, their implicit threats to you, and their kidnapping of you, and hostage taking of you, complete with their murderous overtures. the recent FBI Trap Trial set-up in Oakland bears these notes. In Oakland the FBI made the smooth move of at least not choosing someone as Young as You Mohamed Mohamud.

The victim is 28, which at least saves the FBI the dangerous problem of the PR crisis of fielding accusations of Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Corruption of Youth, Predatory Stalking of a Teenager, Kidnapping, and such charges. even Adrian Lamo @6 retweeted my tweet about the FBI's PR messiness with Racial Profiling and harassment of Refugee Families. The FBI due to poor leadership has become synonymous with Racist Hate Crime and Racial Profiling. And now: Child Abuse. see FBI In Loco Parentis. sometimes---when you can't convince people to act ethically---you can encourage them to keep their bad behavior closeted and concealed for PR reasons. Even some racists know racism is not socially acceptable. But where the FBI went wrong in the Oakland case is in choosing a Guy with such a pronounced history of mental Disturbances---as to leave a clear trail for the Sigmund Freuds of the World to note that FBI Bomb Therapy may qualify as Medical Malpractice. Now i know the FBI is not trained Medically. if they were---they would never emotionally abuse and stalk and harass Emotionally Vulnerable people---especially with such clear and concrete medical records. They would never expect such Medical Malpractice to get the Judicial Rubber-stamp.

At the Very Most---if the FBI were properly trained they would refer their current FBI Trap Trial Candidates for medical evaluations and rehabilitation and suicide watch. Oh boy--talk about putting the carriage for the horse, or rather the horseburger before the FBI. So i wrote this funny little piece the last day of the Trial called "cheeseburgers for the FBI" based on the canteen experience of seeing the FBI order a cheeseburger during a court break. I realized two days ago i needed to make a whole series based on this pro-vegetarian comedy theme. It was a riff on a previous theme about McJustice and McLaw. to be clear---i am not attempting to make any demeaning remarks against Irish People by using the term Mc- to explain the FBI's idea of McJustice. (Mc means "son of") As a partially Irish Person, i feel entitled to use the referent which now more strongly connotes the corporate brand experience known as McWorld. So it's like the McFBI industrialized the McJustice Effect by concocting this "Just Add Water" approach to this McTrap Happy Meal. So they do this same thing over and over---and then they get McShock and McAwe. They Super-Size it.

The public---who are very uneducated in civil liberties or Magna Carta and such things---gasp with horror as the FBI co-opts the courts and the media for their Repetitive Cliche-ed McLaw Extravaganza---which is really more about McDollars than anything. then the FBI re-runs: "play it again Sam." First things first, you have to understand how America feels about International Law. For one thing, we try to disrespect it when we need to, and invoke it if helpful. So the whole Convention on the Rights of the Child which the USA refuses to accept----might have provided a secure basis on why the FBI training you to be a Suicide-Bomber Child Soldier for their McDollars agenda would be a clear violation of international law. Or the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, might have pre-empted the way they railroaded your mother as your legal representative. They should have respected your mother: fully informed her of the reconnaissance of your emails. They didn't BECAUSE they are sexist. Deception and the creation of Child Soldiers are clear violations of your rights as a youth. If anything, the FBI should have gone after the people who were harassing you and inciting you. Dah!

Since the McFBI can get away with training and coaching Suicidal Trap Sting Victims without any Federal Oversight or medical Supervision---we can see that neither the Federal nor the International Community cares enough about this clear case of Child Abuse that is embodied in the FBI's mistreatment of You. Clearly this was a racially motivated Hate Crime against you and your family. I cherish the free speech rights which allow me to say so. I am very willing to explain this to the local or national FBI so they can get a better reputation and stop with the baloney. I even tried to get through to them about the famous Somali Dutch woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali. i contacted her foundation---and she immediately wrote back that she would love to help the Portland FBI with cultural sensitivity training. now your mom said she disagrees with Ayaan Hirsi Ali's stance on Islam---and i somewhat agree---Ayaan is very burned from a bad experience. But what would be helpful is someone who understands Somalia, grew up in Islam, and is a world renowned expert in honor killing, and Female Genital mutilation was consulted prior to your Entrapment by the Bomb Bullies at FBI. When the FBI chose to isolate alienate and stigmatize the Islamic Community of Portland---they chose to burn our connections so we can get in and help women who are in danger due to the misunderstanding the threat of Honor Violence.

But the FBI is deeply missing a long term strategy---which has to include the women, mothers, and the care of the youth into the picture. The FBI should become concerned about the lawsuits they will face for Racial Profiling, or the Restraining Orders put on them to stop their Stalking and Bullying. here is what i guess Ayaan would say: --you cannot alienate the Islamic community of Portland by predating their children --you must speak to the women in Islam --you must respect Medical Needs before Budgetary Fundraising Concerns --you must respect the Rights of Mothers (if the FBI had spoken to your Mother about the emails they were basing their stalking emails on---before they started cyberharassing you via the "Bill Smith" emails---the situation could have been de-escalated with appropriate drug and alcohol rehabilitation and a full informational consultation on why it was important for you not to email these people overseas. How were you to know??? you were just 17!!!!) so when i spoke to the FBI last summer trying to assess their understanding of the problems of honor killing and honor violence for my City Council Presentation---they seemed instantly out-ofrange and ill-equipped to deal with such problems.

Ken Whattam---then head of Sex Crimes for the portland police--was really also not super informed and helpful in explaining a strategy on this issue. he agreed that the Portland Police is not able to do much in this area. His successor Mulala explained how strained the local Portland Police are in the Sex Crimes unit. Now truly, if the FBI cared about women in Islam---they would not risk alienating the entire community with such harsh treatment of Male Somali Refugee teenagers. The Portland Police would also do well to stop killing people and then having to pay-off the families---as well as to Remove that Famous Nazi Cop Kruger---nothing like a Nazi on the Police Force to make people feel very Unsafe! So in my estimation---the FBI has been really short-sided about Domestic Security. You could have got the counseling or alcohol or refugee transitional counseling you needed. FBI could have used their time and money catching "real" threats. Your case could have had an Everybody Wins outcome. Instead, the FBI has chosen to shoot themselves in the foot again, metaphorically speaking, causing a loss of Reputation for an Organization not completely without merit. Wasting money, time, and lives.

Not only do Non-Islamic women face extreme violence, rape, murder, and mutilation in Portland, but also do women in Islam--who if from other languages and cultures, may not have as much knowledge of the available resources such as RAINN hotline or Domestic Violence Gateway center in Portland. It has taken a long time for me to process all this---and i still have many points left to say---but i will take a break now and we'll see if this mail gets through the Jail Censors. Disclaimer: Criticism of the FBI's taxpayer abuse, hate crimes against Islam, predation of Refugee teenagers is inspired as performance of my duty to the American people and all persons of the World who deserve Excellence in Law Enforcement and an End to the abuse of Persons who display Emotional Vulnerability. Our National Security is put at risk and International Representatives face deadly Consequences in Retaliation relational to the FBI's unprofessional Unamerican and malfeasant misconduct and medical malpractice and Racial and Religious Profiling. It is wrong-headed Imperative that this course of action be abandoned, as terrorizing the Islamic Community in America may lead to more retaliatory violence overseas. Violence is never justified, but we can bring certain risk factors down, by demanding federal Oversight for Racialized Harassment via FBI. FBI must decide to recognize their contribution to the Benghazi Effect, by inciting suffering and misunderstanding in the Global Islamic Community.

We must inspire Good Will and Reconciliation--So we can begin our Global Project to inspire Rule of Law and the end of FBI Vigilante Justice and Lynchmob Witch Trials in lieu of Justice. Love, mary eng *(please note Verizon's horrible record of Labor Abuse)

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