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THE REVOLT OF THE PAWNS: A POWER PLAY IN THREE ACTS Dedication This play, placed freely in the public

domain/creative commons, is dedicated to all of the peoples of the earth, that they might finally know genuine freedom through truth. Plot Summary A versatile operative of the New World Order is invited to attend the annual meeting of its elite inner core, where she is compelled -- as are we all during this time of unprecedented planetary crisis -- to make a choice. There is an ancient Greek saying that to publicly proclaim the name of a god gives one command over the powers of that god; this is true of demonic powers as well. Literary Genre Political Science Fiction Request Please take this work and use it and/or forward it to as many as you deem appropriate. This is the only way, during this time of globally corporate-controlled communications media and arts funding, that it will ever see the light of day. Thank you in advance for your support. If you decide to produce this play, please let the playwright know who you are. It could readily be produced as a staged reading or radio play, as well as a full production. If you have any financial resources you can spare over the already much-reduced production costs, please share some with the playwright! Many thanks! Contact Information for Playwright Rebecca Em Campbell (206) 926-3962

________________________________________________________________________________ Cast of Characters Alethea Seymour - (sometimes called Lethe) a multifaceted communications expert, first seen as an agent of the globalist elite. She is fairly tall, elegant, extraordinarily articulate, jaded, with prematurely silver hair, and, when first seen, exhibits a preternaturally calm demeanor and a perpetual enigmatic smile, not necessarily of good will, but of self-satisfaction. Lieutenant General Harold Soaring Eagle (sometimes called Harry) - The youngest and only Native American general of this rank in the US military, about to take early retirement. He is broadshouldered, of medium height with glossy black hair flecked with silver, a dignified bearing and a pock-marked face with a searing, highly observant, but usually kindly gaze. Senator Pauline McKinley-Dennis - A bodacious, eloquent, but earthy African American senator who forcefully and vocally dissents from the authoritarian measures clandestinely being put in place by the corporate-controlled US government under the current presidential administration. She is a woman whose body is as large as her soul, for which she is as often mocked, as much as for her sex 1

and race, in an image-obsessed, still-racist and sexist global society. Darwin Rockshield - Founding Director Emeritus of the Foundation for International Association and Trade (FIAT), the inner network of the global elite. He is of advanced age, tall, slightly stooped, with a notable mane of white hair framing his chevron-shaped face, as well as possessing sharp cunning and a twisted, thin smile denoting a subtly sadistic sense of humor, all of which he uses to devastating effect. Helga Runes - Long-suffering life partner of Alethea Seymour, a government translator of Northern European origin. She is young, short, blonde-bobbed, attractive, animated, outspoken, idealistic and real. Her honesty and cosmopolitan outlook put her in conflict with current American values -- or the lack thereof. Joan Beth - a viciously abused Asian child, about ten years of age. She is precociously street-smart, understandably solemn, pretty, and grittily courageous, being willing to expose her own and other children's tragic plight. Senator Joe McRath - The hand-picked neoconservative US presidential candidate of the globalist elite, who will provide a foil for those designated to win the campaign. With a military background, he is short, with a bull neck, cleft chin and wispy red hair combed forward concealing his baldness, if not his vanity. He is aggressive in his expression; this is often mistaken for his being forthright. Senator Sonorio Djembe -The hand-picked neoliberal black US presidential candidate of the elite. He is a very tall, lean, erudite, light-skinned mustachioed former basketball star with an elite education. When first seen, he is quietly charismatic, but seems cautious and insecure, therefore malleable, and always posturing to appear statesmanlike; this changes as the play progresses. Senator Melanie Bankraft Morton - Another hand-picked neoliberal US presidential candidate of the globalist elite, designated sparring partner to Sonorio Djembe during the US national election season. She is supremely opportunistic and controlling, with an ill-concealed shadow side, running largely on her "first woman" status. She is a stocky, porcelain-skinned brunette doing a reasonable imitation of a southern lady with an edge. Rev. Mr. Phil Myers - A respected "progressive" journalist and minister who has secretly been a director of FIAT for many years. He is quietly compelling speaker, an absolute master at projecting a folksily authoritative but open image of high integrity, when, behind the scenes, he seeks to undermine the very causes he publicly promotes. He is of medium stature, with a round, bespectacled face topped with center-parted silver-blond hair and wears a clerical collar. Aide to Rockshield - He is young, ruddy-complexioned, dark-haired, black-suited, slender, chiquely bespectacled, brisk in manner but fair and astute, with more to him than initially meets the eye. Heavensent - The mysterious master machinist/technician of the Bluestar Ecovillage; he is slender and nearly seven feet tall with a large bald-domed head, shining blue eyes like deeply set sapphires, wears white coveralls and possesses a masterful mind cloaked with a sweetly humorous demeanor. Dr. Avram Goldman/Sheikh Faisal Abdullah/Wi Gung Ho - Prominent international professionals who are new inductees into FIAT. Four Congressmen-attending the closed Joint US Senate/House Homeland Security Hearing 2

Various Unnamed Attendees-in the Audience at the annual FIAT Conference

ACT I Scene 1 A well-known corporate-franchise coffee house in the Georgetown district of Washington, DC early one late winter morning. Two people are sitting downstage talking: Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security Alethea Seymour and Air Force Lt. Gen. Harold Soaring Eagle. SOARING EAGLE: Im glad I had one last chance to talk with you, Alethea, before I leave this stinking swamp on the Potomac. Im sick and tired of its quicksands. They pull you under if you make just one false move. This place here is another example. Looks innocent enough, dont you think? A swank coffee bar like so many others in Georgetown ALETHEA SEYMOUR: But appearances can deceive. SOARING EAGLE: As in your case. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (Smiling wryly) I know. Most people are shocked to hear I work for Homeland Security. That conjures up the Gestapo and jackboots, when I actually tend to wear sensible shoes. But what happened in this place? You havent told me. SOARING EAGLE: This is the place where that White House intern was murdered in December. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Murdered right here?! SOARING EAGLE: Murdered execution-style with two of her young colleagues. She was a part-time manager on the evening shift. Conveniently, they never found the killers. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: And to think I once knew nearly everything that went on here in Washington DC SOARING EAGLE: Who can now, especially in cases where government itself is the likely criminal? There was no real investigation. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (politely stifling a yawn) Sorry, Harold -- Im not yet awake. SOARING EAGLE: I know. May I buy you some coffee, Alethea? Smelling the coffee may help you wake up to put it backwards. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: You do have it backwards, Harold you know I prefer tea. You know I always drink tea in the morning, and like to look at the tea leaves for patterns, for signs of the future SOARING EAGLE: Do you find them there? 3

ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (smiling mischievously while deftly changing the subject) Yes -- just like you and other conspiracy theorists! I see a deeper meaning in the smallest thing! I want to look at the tea leaves today to see your future, now that youre retired from the Air Force. I find it intriguing that, not only are you the militarys youngest general ever, but also its quickest retired on reaching that rank. SOARING EAGLE: Thats because I also found it intriguing, shall we say. Too intriguing. Im a straight-shooting warrior -- not a sniper. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: You are also my oldest friend. You will be much missed, at least by me, Harold. SOARING EAGLE: But I will not much miss working as one of the guardians of the American empire now destroying the people of the world. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (playfully) I guess that you have indeed become one of the conspiracy theorists that we in Homeland Security find so very vexing! I am going to rename you "Boring Eagle" instead of Soaring Eagle if you keep it up, Harold! SOARING EAGLE: (half-smiling) Fine, and I will call you Lethe. Yes Ill torture you with that old nickname you hate! It's actually very apt: Lethe that oh-so-calm river of forgetful denial that flowed through the Greeks underworld. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Thats the Geeks underworld, Harry and I thought the river of denial was in Egypt not in Hades. Like most Americans, you have no sense of geography! SOARING EAGLE: Or history. But this has no relevance to me, Lethe. You forget, I am not an American. I am a Native American. I will be even less an American when, after my early separation from the military, I rejoin my tribe. Ill tell you something you haven't heard in the corporate media busy keeping us all diverted from the real news in our world. My tribe just reasserted our sovereignty. We have effectively seceded from the American Empire. This is what the American people now need to do: secede from a national government that seceded from them long ago. The underground river of forgetful denial that presently flows beneath the white mans world crests in mainstream America . ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (drily) If you keep this up, Harold, I will leave without drinking my tea and that will be a shame. I will not listen to treason, particularly if it is so minor that the mainstream media has not seen fit to mention it. I am also one who actively supports this evil empire, as you see it, as an official of Homeland Security. SOARING EAGLE: The white mans patriarchal pyramid scam still rules your world. It uses smart women like you as its handmaidens. There are many things these money-stopped mainstream media mouthpieces do not say. News going unreported right now proves nothing but its possible truth. To insist on humanity and decency as a standard for national union is not treason. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Lets change the subject, Harry, before the subject changes us from being what we have always been devoted childhood friends. Such rigid righteousness may keep us from experiencing the better things that life can offer those more flexible in their approach. SOARING EAGLE: I will do all that conscience may command, but then no more. If that is deemed a fault, so be it. Complicity with corruption is to me the greatest fault. And the truest treason. Even more 4

so, when it infects those who would otherwise do right and makes them do wrong. Or worse, do nothing. Like those who silently serve your shadow government. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: My shadow government, Harold? And should we respect those who live their truth only in their retirement? I will ignore for the moment your years of military service to the very government you are now so critical of. And Ill overlook your betrayal of state secrets liberally mixed with fantasy. Your status as a native shaman and a soon-to-be-retired general gives you a certain leeway, a poetic license if you will, Harold; if I were to talk like you, Id be considered insane, as well as disloyal and suspect. SOARING EAGLE: No more insane or treacherous than those who rule the shadow government of this world. I have heard that you are going to meet with many of them in secret this weekend. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: I dont know what youre talking about, Harold, any more than you do. I think I need to be going or Ill be late for the hearing SOARING EAGLE: You know very well what I am saying, Alethea. No, you dont need to go. You may choose to go. You may choose to go away from me and go to them. You may choose to travel toward the light. You may choose to travel toward the darkness. But it is always your choice. Please choose to flee this unimaginable evil. Please do so before it consumes you, as it now seeks to consume the earth. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (archly) Heavens, Harold would you, of the air force high command, forbid my use of frequent flyer miles and long-accrued vacation time this weekend because of such forbidding ancient myths? SOARING EAGLE: (with equal archness) No Lethe but I would certainly advise you to avoid airport security. You would then be subjected to what your own Homeland Security department has put in place to harass most innocent travelers. (Shifting to a somber tone) These are not ancient myths, Lethe. We all need to wake up from the evil spell the dark ones have cast over the earth. Together we need to stand up strong. Together we need to speak truth to power. We as citizens of this planet need to be willing to sacrifice our lives not our principles. Only then can the power of the spirit descend to save us. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (swiftly rising and seizing her briefcase) The truth is, I need to stand and go, so as not to be late for an extremely important congressional hearing that speaks to power truth or not or I will be in trouble. Much is tolerated in Washington, but being late for a congressional hearing is not one of them. This in my view would be sufficient sacrifice of burnt offerings to principle, as I would then be toast! You might consider visiting one of those free community mental health clinics on the reservation after you get there, Harold. Go with God if He indeed exists although Great Spirit may just now be more politically correct. SOARING EAGLE: (also rising and extending his hand) If not more politically expedient. I see you have for the moment chosen other company than mine. If you should ever reconsider, you and your lady would be welcome in Indian country. Please give her my warm regards. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (placing two twenty dollar bills in his outstretched hand) I dont know what youre talking about, any more than you do, Harold. Please see that the counter help is paid generously for their services. SOARING EAGLE: (raising a palm in refusal and handing the money back) I see you would substitute 5

money for relationship. This is often done in your world. Keep your money for those easier tempted, Alethea. I will take care of it. I only wish you would take tips as well as you give them. Then there would be no hell to pay. ALETHEA SEYMOUR : If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride as well as plains-dwelling Indians whose wishes like them no longer fly. (She lifts her teacup in a mock toast) Best wishes for a retirement better grounded in reality, Harold. SOARING EAGLE: (giving her the Nazi salute) Even better wishes for your continued rise to power, Alethea. May you eventually return to Mother Earth. There you may find the long-buried remnants of your own integrity. (Alethea Seymour hastily exits, followed by Soaring Eagles searing gaze.)

Scene 2 A congressional hearing room in the United States Capitol building. A closed hearing of the Joint US Senate/House Committee on Homeland Security is in session. Senator Joe McRath, Chair, presides, flanked by Senators Sonorio Djembe, Melanie Bankraft Morton and Pauline McKinley-Dennis, who sits nearest the audience at one table at stage right; four congressmen are also present on the opposite table at stage left. Alethea Seymour sits at a center table with microphones facing the audience. SEN. McRATH: (banging gavel) This closed meeting of the Joint US Senate/House Committee on Homeland Security will now come to order. Alethea Seymour, Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security will be our only scheduled witness today. Please proceed with your testimony, Secretary Seymour. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (slipping on her spectacles) I wish to thank the chairman and members of this committee for so readily consenting to hold a closed session today in order to hear this testimony dealing with grave issues of national security. We would also like to thank you for keeping these hearings out of the mainstream media and The Congressional Record with the help, of course, of our widespread, well-organized network of media associates. I will begin by summarizing what the testimony of the past several days has told us, followed by vital new information and your questions and comments. Our American homeland is, as you know, presently being besieged by foreign terrorists. This became most evident from the events of September 11, 2001 and afterward. We are also equally endangered by domestic terrorists being targeted by the Domestic Terrorism Preemption Act being considered by this committee. These domestic terrorist groups have spread hate speech and vicious disinformation, particularly on the internet, concerning the present presidential administration and the present Congress. These grassroots groups are ideological terrorists who would undermine the security of the United States government and those who serve it, and they must therefore be more closely controlled or eliminated to maintain America as we have known it as it fights a long-term war on terror throughout the world. We have in the bill before you proposed a number of provisions that may facilitate this end. Most importantly, it includes provisions for indefinite military detention and enhanced interrogation of those deemed domestic terrorists by federal security agencies. 6

As you know, the US House of Representatives has already passed the Domestic Terrorism Preemption Act by a lop-sided margin; this shows the patriotism and statesmanship of this august body. However, as you also know, the progress of this much-needed legislation in the Senate is now being impeded by the misguided will of millions of your constituents who, unfortunately, now know about it, despite our mainstream media blackout, and are presently acting against their own best interests, in which you and the majority of your congressional colleagues are attempting to act. This is due to demagoguery by agents of the aforementioned grassroots domestic terrorist movements who misinformed and then mobilized their members via the internet to oppose it. I would therefore suggest to you that this bill be temporarily buried in the Senate Homeland Security Committee, so that we can bring it out of that committee onto the Senate floor to be approved at a more opportune time, accompanied by companion legislation to more tightly control the internet through progressive privatization of its services. Such an opportune time will doubtless soon occur, due to the classified material concerning continuity of government that I am about to present to you, with the full approval of the US Department Homeland Security and the White House: The United States government is about to declare bankruptcy accompanied by a bank holiday, while providing massive bailout monies to large transnational corporations. This will likely be followed by a national disaster that may wipe out a large percentage of the US population. Federal efforts to help in these crises will likely be irrationally resisted by the ill-informed general public, particularly the domestic terrorist movements that I have just mentioned, including large, continual, ubiquitous political demonstrations and disruptive nonviolent civil disobedience that erodes morale in our homeland and makes its defense that much more difficult to successfully sustain. It is therefore likely that the president will be forced to declare martial law, calling upon, not only US military forces, as allowed under the US Constitution, and state national guards, as now allowed under the Military Commissions Act, but private security contractors, as allowed by many no-bid corporate contracts discreetly finalized by Homeland Security, as well as foreign forces provided under the North American Continental Consolidation Compact secretly signed last month by our federal government with those of Canada and Mexico. It is also likely that we will be forced to activate the 800 secret detention camps with appropriate transport thereto discreetly contracted by Homeland Security in recent years to contain and control indefinitely all identified domestic terrorists by all means necessary. This will include, if deemed essential by the president, mass executions for treason as ordered. I, as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, want to personally assure you and your congressional colleagues on behalf of the president and secretary, that you, your families and designated associates will be immune from these unfortunate though absolutely essential official actions and will be afforded safe places for you and yours to comfortably reside should the need arise. You will also continue to receive your congressional salaries and benefits, including protection of your persons and your personal assets during this period. We would appreciate your waiting to discuss with your congressional colleagues the information just presented until we are able to definitely arrange an historic closed joint session of Congress only the fourth in American history with congressional leaders, tentatively scheduled for next week. We apologize for any discomfort that this statement may cause, but thought that you would want to be informed of these measures prior to their possible implementation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I will now entertain any questions or comments you might have. (There is a long, shocked silence, then Senator Pauline McKinley-Dennis speaks.) 7

SEN. McKINLEY-DENNIS: (defiantly) I for one am feeling some discomfort. So let me get this straight: after officials of the executive branch of the federal government commit treason against the American people and international law by twice in the past decade illegally engaging in preemptive war based on lies, and declaring martial law to eliminate anybody who objects to this, we of the federal legislative branch will be accommodated, if we accommodate your treason by secretly passing this faux-patriotic bill supposedly justifying it. So let me get this straight: this will save our fat assets our fat assets being, not only massive campaign contributions from corporate war profiteers, but the current congressional millionaire majority being able to preserve their quarter-billion dollars in personal investments in military and homeland security contractors, making war hugely profitable for them if not for most of the American people at whose expense both financial and personal this comes particularly people of color: whose children, instead of theirs, will fight and die in yet another illegal, immoral war against other poor people in other poor lands, bankrupting our country and theirs materially and morally for many future generations. So let me get this straight: the current Congress will not pursue impeachment or any other form of investigation that might reveal their own complicity in the crimes against humanity and nature perpetrated by the current administration, and in recent times by covert elements of the United States government throughout the world. So let me get this straight: homeland security, a term that was not heard in this country before the current regime, but heard only before in Nazi Germany and its short-lived but ruthless reich, is now more important than human freedom, as well as truth and human rights that ensure that freedom. So let me get this straight: our republic and its constitution are dead, like that of ancient Rome when it became an empire, and the vision of our founders, however limited it was and it was very limited, leaving out the rights of women and minorities, as well as the notion of real grassroots democracy though with constructive corrective process in its constitution this great vision has been blinded by writing implements in the hands of highly placed psychopaths who also use them to sign secret executive orders as weapons of mass destruction, endangering the very existence of our nation and others throughout the planet. So let me get this straight: libertys lamp has now been put out in America, no more to be seen as a light to the world. SEN. McRATH: (banging his gavel) The senator is out of order! SEN. MCKINLEY-DENNIS: What was there a line? With Homeland Security speaking, I guess there was some sort of line, but of what I wont say! It is entirely appropriate to call this proposed legislation an act of Congress, since it exists to gang-rape the American people! (angrily picking up her papers and slipping them into a file) Im not only walking out on this evil proposal right now Im going to expose it to my constituents and the world! SEN. MORTON: Good luck, Pauline I dont think youll get the media to cover it! SEN. McKINLEY-DENNIS: Probably not, with them already covering so many of your fat white assets! SEN. DJEMBE: (smirking) I object my assets are not white, any more than yours are! 8

SEN. DENNIS: They may as well be, when your liver is, Son-OREO! Unlike you all, my assets are nonexistent, other than my salary, my home and my own integrity. SEN. McRATH (sharply beating his gavel) Youre out of order, Senator Dennis! SEN. DENNIS: Is that New World Order, Senator McRath?! Then thats just where, for the sake of my soul, I want to be! Goodbye to all you folks if you choose to remain in so dark a place as this takes us! (Senator Dennis exits, stage right.) SEN. MORTON: (calling after her mockingly) Are you sure its politically correct to use the term dark, Pauline? Thanks for flaring! SEN. DJEMBE: We apologize for her rude behavior, Secretary Seymour. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Its to be expected; Ive dealt with those of her ilk many times before. (She yawns and stretches.) Are there any other questions as opposed to rants? (There is laughter, then loud silence.) SEN. McRATH: (quickly banging his gavel) Then this closed meeting of the Joint US Senate/House Homeland Security Committee is adjourned! Thank you for your attendance! (McRath quietly approaches Seymour as she snaps her briefcase shut and puts away her spectacles.) I heard that youre meeting with His Preeminence this evening. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: You heard right, Joe, though you shouldnt have heard at all. SEN. McRATH: Congratulations on your upcoming induction this weekend! You need to tell him about McKinley-Dennis tantrum here; she could create a lot of trouble for us. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: He has probably already heard. Fortunately, loose cannons often misfire, and when they do, misfire loudly. But Ill make sure this meeting here today does not make the news. Thank you, Joe congratulations to you as well. See you this weekend! (Seymour exits, stage left, leaving McRath looking quickly after her, then to his papers and briefcase on the table.)

Scene 3 The penthouse of a five-star hotel in Washington DC. Alethea Seymour is ushered in from stage right by a male Aide to meet Darwin Rockshield, President Emeritus of the Foundation for International Association and Trade (FIAT). Rockshield remains sitting at stage left as he greets her; he does not extend his hand but only nods in her general direction, as his Aide exits. ROCKSHIELD: Good evening, Ms. Seymour. Your reputation exceeds you. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (wryly) Good evening, Mr. Rockshield your reputation so far seems accurate. ROCKSHIELD: I am not certain I want to know just what that means, but thank you for coming here at such short notice. Dont just stand there sit down, girl! ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (wryly) Yes sir, Mr. Rockshield! 9

ROCKSHIELD: We of the FIAT Directorate have long noted your outstanding service to our cause, particularly as a brilliant multilingual speechwriter for our political candidates internationally, your highly effective lobbying and your brilliant public relations and document-drafting abilities. Your prescient first drafts of our sponsored legislation have anticipated and preempted any attempts by proponents of radical populism to rein in private enterprise in the international media and political markets, or our plans for full spectrum dominance globally. Accordingly, we would like to reward your many years of outstanding service by offering you a directorship of FIAT, one of the few ever offered to a woman, at our upcoming annual meeting this weekend. I assume you will accept this honor. I also assume that you will be glad to be assigned as such to work on our Information Control and Population Control Working Groups. The Population Control Working Group will be meeting this weekend just after the plenary. It is our most diverse group, both member- and tactics-wise, so I am certain you will find it fascinating. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Do I have a choice? ROCKSHIELD: There is always a choice. You could choose not to accept this honor and its attendant responsibilities; this might result in your premature exit from power at Homeland Security; or you could choose to accept it, which might result in your being a full member of the cabinet of the next American presidential administration we install in DC. Do you know what DC stands for, Ms. Seymour? ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (wryly) From my experience, it doesnt stand for anything at all! ROCKSHIELD: (his thin lips twisting into the semblance of a closed-mouth smile) Thats very true as well but I was going to say, Dykes Closet. I understand that youve been living in DC for quite some time now, and want to remain there. So I urge you to accept our generous offer. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (visibly struggling to contain her agitation) I accept but do you? ROCKSHIELD (sardonically): I accept without prejudice any tool we can use to maintain our advantage even if it has a hole in it. (He takes an envelope from the side table and hands it to her) Here is a token of our appreciation, to make sure you and your girlfriend can continue living in DC: a check in the amount of $2 million to retire what you both still owe on your adjoining luxury condominiums -- also without prejudice. Do you accept? ALETHEA SEYMOUR: I beg to differ, sir: you certainly do have prejudice. And I really do not have much choice, because I have a secret control file of blackmailable blots off my record like you have on most high-level government officials. Is this correct? ROCKSHIELD: You are not only correct, but you are also very wise. You would be even wiser if you would avoid any further contact with your childhood playmate, outgoing Air Force Lt. Gen. Harold Soaring Eagle, whom you saw this morning in the coffeehouse before going to so authoritatively testify at the joint congressional committee hearing earlier today. You and he can thereby better extend your lifespans. Also, please be aware that we are soon going to box up the supersized buns of Aunt Jemima who acted out in the committee room today. Shes one of the few in Congress who managed to slip in without us having such a file on her. This is rare, but occasionally happens, even with the best of our many precautions. So, Ms. Seymour, are we on the same page? 10

ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (drily) I believe so, sir the one that can be ripped out at any time. What else will this new honor conferred by FIAT involve besides these working groups? (Rockshields telephone rings; he picks it up. Rockshield waves her away dismissively, picking up his phone while remaining seated.) ROCKSHIELD: (his hand over the receiver) Good day, Ms. Seymour so good of you to come here this evening. Well see you at our convocation this weekend for your installation into FIATs directorate, as well as for fun and games that were sure you will enjoy! (Rolling her eyes as she turns away, Alethea Seymour exits stage right, glaring at the envelope just given her, as Rockshield proceeds with his obviously more important telephone conversation.)

Scene 4 A well-known office/residential complex in the Foggy Bottom section of Washington , DC . Alethea Seymour is confronted by her irate life partner, Helga Runes, who emerges in her house robe from the back of her condominium as Alethea is entering as quietly as possible. She rebuffs Aletheas attempted embrace. HELGA: Why do you enter here, Secretary Seymour you might be outed! Were you as an important official too busy to call to let me know youd be late this evening or were your phone calls intercepted by domestic terrorists?! This has happened every day this week! Im sick and tired of it, Alethea! Not only do we have to live in separate places to perpetuate a lie about our relationship, you make our relationship a lie by never being here, as well as not even having the common courtesy to call me when youll be late! I also just heard from a source close to Senator McKinley-Dennis about what you said in that secret joint committee meeting today. You called American citizens who speak out against this neo-Nazi regime on behalf of human and natural rights as domestic terrorists you want to imprison and execute them! You also said that members of Congress would be spared such a fate if they betray their country and allow this treason against the American people to stand! ALETHEA: Let me explain, Helga those people are destroying America with their lies! HELGA: Who're those people and who's actually telling the lies?! No one but privileged white Americans like you and some others you have brainwashed believes that those people who speak out against this evil empire are liars if you even do yourselves! The rest of the world knows that they speak the truth and applaud their courage in the face of such tyranny! (Helga gently grabs Alethea by the shoulders, gently shaking her.) You're a human being capable of the greatest things, Alethea, with one of the most brilliant minds, most abundant talents and biggest souls on earth. What manner of person have you become, that you only see your fellow human beings as objects to manipulate for personal gain?! What manner of person have you become, that I no longer see a human face, but only see an empty mask made up of mirrors?! (Helga extends her arms out.) Do you even see me or am I simply an interior decoration? ALETHEA: (seizing her wrists and drawing Helga to her) You are not simply an interior decoration, Helga, but my centerpiece!


HELGA: Then please dont go to that conference this weekend, Alethea, no matter how they tempt you! As a Northern European, I know what such a dictatorship once did to our people. As a translator for your federal government, I have observed with my own eyes and ears evidence of what they are doing! I have seen a change in you ever since you got involved with this wicked business, and it has not been for the better! It is the heart of darkness on this earth into which you are going please dont go, or you will break mine! (She begins to weep.) ALETHEA: (quickly dropping Helgas wrists, lowering her eyes and turning away) Im sorry, Helga, but I will not be here this weekend. HELGA: (wiping her tears and looking straight through Aletheas back) Then I will not be here when you return. ALETHEA: We all have our priorities. HELGA: But all of us may not have principles! ALETHEA: (slowly exiting stage right) I am going to go sleep at my place tonight. Goodnight Helga. HELGA: (again beginning to weep) Goodbye, Alethea. (Alethea hastily exits out the door, leaving Helga sobbing on the sofa, alone.)

ACT II Scene 1 The large ballroom of the Grand Alpine Ski Resort. Darwin Rockshield opens the plenary session of the annual convocation of the Foundation for International Association and Trade (FIAT). Senators Sonorio Djembe, Melanie Bankraft Morton and Joe McRath, along with Alethea Seymour, an Arab sheikh, a Jewish professional man in a yarmulke and an Asian man in a business suit sit in chairs at front downstage with their backs to the audience. ROCKSHIELD: Good morning, token ladies and predominant gentlemen, to the plenary session of the annual convocation for the Foundation for International Association and Trade, unpopularly known as FIAT where, as the radical populists illegally demonstrating outside with some justification say, the elite meet! (Laughter) We wish to say that we feel welcome at the Grand Alpine Ski Resort Hotel: since FIAT long ago went down the proverbial slippery slope, it should be all downhill from here! (Laughter) At todays opening session, we are going to feature our usual warm welcome, an introduction of new inductees, and a demonstration of a useful new technology, followed by a few announcements. First, our welcome: We of the governing council of FIAT thank the luminaries of all nations and peoples in attendance for so faithfully pursuing in highly disciplined unison for so many years the long-range mission of this secret society: the selective genetic perfection and control of the human race guided by those who are its enlightened elite.


This secret society, with ancient origins elsewhere, has operated in secrecy for many centuries. It dates back in its current form to the end of the nineteenth century, when corporations and their more advanced technologies became viable entities through which our long-planned planetary empire could finally be realized through corporate-controlled national governments and their technologically centralized economic, information and energy systems. We have patiently operated through various empires and their ongoing wars throughout the ages, which we have used as clinical laboratories to perfect our methods of genetic selection and control. We have secretly written the history of these great empires through their war-based, hierarchical cultures we have covertly designed and cunningly imposed. We have also been behind most of the revolutions that have apparently opposed our empires, controlling the masses by giving them at various brief intervals throughout recent centuries the illusion of freedom. Make no mistake: since the end of the Second World War, we have been engaged in World War III a covert guerrilla war we are waging on many fronts against the billions of anarchistic enemy combatants opposing our efforts to install a centralized world government. Our goal is a population reduction of ninety percent by 2025, with the remaining ten percent of earths population tightly controlled under our enlightened governance. We would especially like to thank those in the communications and education fields, particularly the media arts and humanities here today, for shielding throughout the last century our long-term plans and their quiet implementation from the premature scrutiny of a quickly multiplying, ignorant populace incapable of understanding such noble endeavors on their behalf. We are now within reach of finally perfecting the process of human evolution through our secret control of agencies, both corporate and governmental, their international associations and corporateand government-funded institutions of all types. We point with pride to Nazi Germany as an example of a great experiment in the recent past that almost succeeded, and will certainly succeed now that it has been transplanted to America, whose model of spiritually-based freedom for the masses needs to be decimated once and for all to ensure the victory of those of us who seek the perfection of the human race under more selective, scientifically enlightened leadership. Speaking of which (Rockshield beckons toward some in the front row sitting downstage. Senators Sonorio Djembe, Melanie Bankraft Morton and Joe McRath rise and stand center stage with Rockshield to enthusiastic applause from the assembly. Rockshield motions salutatively in their direction.) Your help is needed now more than ever to help elect FIAT-selected neoliberal candidate Senator Sonorio Djembe as the first black president of the United States. We also commend his worthy colleague and opponent during the primaries, Senator Melanie Bankraft Morton, to be appointed as at least a member of his cabinet in return for her services as his primary sparring partner during the most recent primaries season. We would also like to thank Sen. Joe McGrath and whomever he chooses for his vice presidential running mate for putting on a continuing show of opposition during this campaign season in America. I would now like to introduce several other FIAT inductees, all well-known to you: (Sitting in the front row with FIATs US presidential candidates, these stand and face both the implied FIAT and actual theater audience, bowing slightly to applause.) His Excellency, UN Ambassador Sheikh Faisal Abdullah, as well as the eminent economist and former Chairman of Israels National 13

Economic Commission, the Honorable Dr. Avram Goldstein, international Asian financier extraordinaire Wi Gung Ho, and finally, Assistant Secretary of US Homeland Security, overall communications genius and long-time FIAT operative, Alethea Seymour. Ms. Seymour is so effective, most of you probably dont even know who she is; so effective, even she doesnt even know who she is! These worthies will be inducted during the closing ceremony on the last day of our convocation. (Rockshield beckons for all FIAT inductees to sit down, except Senator McRath, who remains standing.) I would now like to turn the program over to Senator and Ret. US Army Major Joe McRath, whose military background well suits him to host this portion of our presentation today. (Rockshield takes a seat at stage left facing the audience, as McRath, wearing an earpiece, takes the lectern.) SEN. McRATH: Thank you, Mr. Rockshield, for your usual entertaining and edifying introduction. Now, for your edification and amusement, I would like to direct your attention out the large picture window to my right, where radical populist demonstrators with bullhorns can be seen in the distance attempting to disrupt our meeting. We have provided to all of you the low-tech option of many sets of binoculars that can be passed around. I am told that the demonstrators are currently chanting, This is what democracy looks like!, and The people united will never be defeated! (Laughter; McRath looks through a set of binoculars that Rockshields aide has handed him.) You will notice that the humvee approaching the demonstrators on the road is mounted with a small radar-like device with a protruding spout in the center. This is the nonlethal electromagnetic weapon called Active Denial that our private security service, Fortunes Forces, Inc. has covertly borrowed from the Pentagon for the weekend. As recently seen on TV, it uses a low-frequency invisible, inaudible but readily tactile scalar beam that hits the nerves of the skin in such a way as they feel like they are being seared; this creates an immediate flight reaction in anyone within range. This will be Active Denials first use during an actual demonstration. I am now going to give the signal for it to be activated; watch what happens. (McRath pushes a button on a small black box on the lectern, then looks out the implied window at stage left through his binoculars.) Look theyre screaming and scattering like cockroaches! (Gleeful laughter) As you can see, this device has great potential for crowd control in the years just ahead as we of FIAT wage our final global campaign. SEN. DJEMBE: So why is this non-lethal weapon called Active Denial, if its existence is now so publicly revealed to the world? McRATH: Active Denial does not so much refer to the Pentagons reticence in revealing this weapons existence, as it does its ability for active denial of demonstrators presumed entitlements to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Obviously, this device will come in handy when we soon have to disabuse them of this illusion! (More laughter with applause; Rockshield rises from his seat and retakes the lectern as McRath retakes his front row seat. Rockshields Aide approaches from stage right and hands him a note, which Rockshield pauses to read.) ROCKSHIELD: This just in: Senator Pauline McKinley-Dennis has been found dead, hanging by the neck in a woodshed outside her family home in Biggersville, Mississippi , an apparent suicide. (Loud silence) SEN. DJEMBE: Is this a joke? 14

ROCKSHIELD: I was deadly serious, though you may not feel so after hearing it, any more than I do! SEN. McRATH: This is really good noose someone finally took her to the woodshed! (Laughter) SEN. MORTON: (Mockingly) Was it a lynching party? (Laughter) ROCKSHIELD: Probably; they were likely celebrating as much as we are! (Laughter, applause, whistling) And I dont see how else you could get a rope thick enough or a rafter high enough for her to hang from! Private lynching parties are historically far more easy to swing; those thrown in public take years of preparation, like some of those we arranged for prominent progressives in the 1960s (More laughter and applause) SEN. MORTON: Biggersville Denise came from such an appropriately named hometown! SEN. McRATH: Rhymes with (More laughter and applause) SEN. DJEMBE: Did she leave a note? ROCKSHIELD: The news report didnt say, but, being such a noted not to mention larger-than-life public figure (Laughter) she probably did! But whether or not she herself actually wrote it is another matter entirely! (More Laughter) SEN. McRATH: It now has been duly noted here: thus be it ever to the demagogues of dumbocracy! (Still more laughter) ROCKSHIELD: In closing, I wanted to say that I never speak before a more distinguished sellout crowd than when I open these convocations! (More laughter) I actually prefer FIATs annual convocations to its all-male summer solstice gatherings at the Promethean Cove, because this annual conference features the novelty of women as attendees, rather than in their more familiar role as attendants! (Still more laughter, but pointedly, not from Melanie Bankraft Morton and Alethea Seymour, who sit in stony silence) On this happy note, we will now adjourn for lunch, then move on to meetings of our various working groups throughout the afternoon into the early evening. Your presence is also irrespectively requested at a gala celebration in the penthouse suite going into the night featuring some special young guests whose talents will doubtlessly delight you! May all of you forming the All-Seeing Eye atop the Pyramid of the New World Order have a most profitable as well as a most pleasurable convocation! (Applause) Scene 2 A conference room in the Grand Alpine Resort Hotel. Senators Sonorio Djembe, Melanie Bankraft Morton, Joe McRath, along with Sheikh Abdul Faisal, Dr. Avram Goldman, Wi Gung Ho, Alethea Seymour, and two other male attendees, sit at two long conference tables facing a lectern in back of which stands Rev. Mr. Phil Myers, who is wearing his clerical collar. REV. MYERS: Good afternoon, esteemed colleagues. This is actually a briefing for inductees rather than a full meeting of the full Population Control Working Group, which will meet tomorrow morning. I was asked, as the chairman of the Information Control Working Group, to speak here today, with your chairman, Viscount Downs, chairing the ICWG in my stead today. 15

They evidently thought that I perhaps because of my ministerial background would make a good novice master. (Laughter) The material I am going to present today is also an overview of both information and population control, hence my supposed relevant expertise. Please feel free to interrupt with questions and comments at any time. My subject today is Utilizing Electromagnetic Technologies for Elegant Socioenvironmental Engineering and Population Control. First, a brief history: Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor since Leonardo Da Vinci, was a century ago experimenting in America with advanced electromagnetic technologies that were taken and appropriated by what is today the beyond top-secret black budget operations section of the Pentagon, with Mr. Tesla dying in poverty under mysterious circumstances on his way to a meeting with President Roosevelt during the Second World War. (Laughter) There have since been independent inventors in this field from many nations, as well as extraterrestrial visitors to our planet whose lives and technologies have since met the same fate as Mr. Tesla. All of the above could not be worked with because they were naive enough to believe that most of the human race could be trusted to wisely use what they wanted to give it free, limitless, nonpolluting, decentralized energy that could not be carefully controlled by those of us most qualified to do so. However, as Mr. Rockshield mentioned this morning, the US shadow government in its wisdom did, after World War II, secretly import with our help and that of our Vatican allies, many of the most advanced Nazi scientists and engineers, many of whom were well-versed in these technologies. These individuals core values were obviously more compatible with our own, with the result that these weaponized electromagnetic technologies have during the past sixty-some years been more appropriately perfected and applied, greatly enhancing the work of FIAT in the area of socioenvironmental engineering, and its resultant information/population control. This has resulted in a number of recent spectacular breakthroughs that I am happily going to recount here today. While some of these already may be familiar to you, their overall pattern of operation may not be; hence, the need for my comments today. This one piece about how we have ingeniously leveraged electromagnetic radiation for both information and population control will give you some idea of how we operate in many fields on many levels and our magnitude of control. Starting with the massacres in the central African nations of Rwanda and Burundi in 1994, we have been able to quietly eliminate 6-7 million human units of population in Central Africa by funding and organizing armed guerrilla forces to dispose of whole regions of indigenous tribes blocking our communications corporations' mining for precious stones and rare earth materials. It is from these minerals that personal electromagnetic devices in developed world markets are made. We consider this collateral damage a loss leader for profits to be made in first world consumer markets, both financial and eugenic, and I am happy to report that our vigorous war-based population control measures in Africa have been almost universally blacked out worldwide by our mainstream media associates, for which we heartily thank them. (Applause) SEN. McGRATH: You certainly deserve some credit for that, Phil! Youve been our most effective public media operative for years therere even people here who think youre a radical populist! (Laughter with applause) REV. MYERS: I dont know about that Joe, but I do know that when I go from here that I will be keynoting the liberals Open Media conference! Every year, they welcome me with open media, open arms and oblivious minds! (Applause and laughter) Your kind words almost made me forget my topic! 16

ALETHEA SEYMOUR: I assume, Rev. Mr. Myers, that one human unit indicates an individual human soul. REV. MYERS: Yes, insofar as the human herd has souls. One human individual as a unit, in the context of collateral damage. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (drily) Collateral insofar as it guarantees our supremacy or the massive karmic debt incurred by the killings we are making? (Laughter) REV. MR. MYERS: Our obvious supremacy; karma is yet another religious fable for the masses. There is no God there are only agendas that we control on behalf of certain secret forces. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: Even more secret than those secret forces here assembled? REV. MR. MYERS: Yes. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: And even less godly? REV. MR. MYERS (smiling mysteriously): Many might say that, yes. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (drily) I see. Thanks for clarifying, Reverend Mister Myers. (Laughter) REV. MR. MYERS: But we digress. Since 1990, daily personal use of electromagnetic devices such as mobile phones and microwave ovens has multiplied exponentially throughout the world, particularly among the children and youth of the masses most susceptible to its extremely damaging biomimetic, DNA-damaging, low-frequency signals. This promises to be far more effective than nicotine addiction as a population control device, particularly since it also equally affects those not directly using these inescapable technologies. The ovens most associated with Nazi Germany are the crematoria ovens used to burn alive as human sacrifices many of those rendered paralyzed by their gas chambers. A much greater hidden holocaust is happening today in plain sight that was also secretly developed by Nazi engineers: a large percentage of the populations of most major nations are now preparing their food in microwave ovens, turning it to toxic plastic that they regularly ingest to poison themselves and their children, with this being actively promoted by our corporate advertising. Residents of metropolitan areas throughout the world are now constantly bathed in physically imperceptible but highly destructive electromagnetic radiation from personal electromagnetic devices, antennas and towers, to such an extent, that in the next decade we can hope to see a global pandemic of brain and other cancers, Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases, autism and other neurological disorders, clinical depression, and other mental disorders, as well as general systemic toxicity of the physical body unable to deal with such an unabated environmental toxic overload. This should work to make the public far less resistant to what we have planned for them, as well as shutting down the subtler psychic centers in the human body from which individual intuition, innovation, initiative and integrity come. That will greatly expand our centuries-old control of human spirituality by our control of the most powerful hierophants and orders of all organized religions. And the beauty of this is, the US Telecommunications Act has been written in such a way as to forbid any government environmental or public health investigation, regulation or citizen-generated lawsuits curbing the siting and use of these extremely dangerous electromagnetic devices. 17

In addition, all research funding potentially dealing with their negative public health and environmental effects is now controlled, not by government, but by telecommunications corporations and their exclusive funding of academic research in this area. For all of this, we can thank our astute legislative architect and lobbyist, as well as new FIAT director inductee, Alethea Seymour, presently sitting in our midst! (All turn, applauding, toward Alethea Seymour, who smiles wanly and waves weakly.) Further, cellphones, the most ubiquitous and insidious of electromagnetic technologies now in daily use, can be easily used as surveillance devices, whether turned on or off. When on, they can not only be electronically eavesdropped, but used for their GPS tracking signals. When off, they can, with minor adjustments made for both upgrading and surveillance, be used as microphones to overhear their users conversations 24/7. You may have heard that we also have in the works universal microchips derived from this technology whose installation we are working to make mandatory through alleged public healthcare, welfare and security programs in all animal and human populations, not only greatly increasing our surveillance and mind control capabilities, but also our ability to induce epidemics of cancer in all life caused by incessant interior irradiation -- and, eventually, being able to stop summarily the social, financial and bodily functions of any who would dare disobey us. This technology also figures in the ongoing extinction of widely-pollinating insect species that will further diminish world food supplies and greatly increase levels of malnutrition and starvation for at least four billion human units. It also figures in toxic exposure for millions of human units in the Third World, where the radioactive remains of personal electromagnetic devices are recycled without proper protective equipment, further meeting our goal of ninety percent population reduction by 2025. This morning you saw the capabilities of Active Denial, the supposedly non-lethal mobile electromagnetic weapon. That small mobile electromagnetic weapon is only non-lethal at the frequency for which they were using it; it has higher frequencies. The numerous stationary microwave towers and antennas that we have installed throughout the world are actually far more versatile and lethal. They can be made to broadcast frequencies that can not only induce mass disorientation and psychosis, but can also be made to target individuals by suggestion for customized mind control. We are in the process of perfecting devices hooked to them that can pick up on individual thoughts and counter them, as well as project a subjects dream images and thoughts onscreen to infiltrate them and project our own. These ubiquitous electromagnetic towers and antennas can also be networked to broadcast high electromagnetic frequencies capable of vaporizing whole buildings and their populations, as has been demonstrated recently on a limited basis during the past decade in New York City and Iraq, and some larger versions have been covertly carried into space by shuttle, and installed on our orbiting space stations for future military use against any extraterrestrial or terrestrial-based challenges to our full spectrum dominance. And I have not even mentioned HAARP. It is in its top-secret mode a multiuse scalar weapon consisting of over 100 electromagnetic antennas each standing over 68 feet high that continuously zap the ionosphere of the planet with powerful waves of electromagnetic energy. Its range and intensity has been amplified by aerosol spraying of the infamous chemtrails of radioactive heavy metals, nanoparticles and toxic microorganisms being constantly left in the atmosphere by highspeed unmarked military and commercial aircraft in many areas of the world. 18

This allows us the god-like power to create designer disasters: precisely targeted geoseismic and bioweaponized catastrophes throughout the world, from which we can derive elegantly multilayered benefits, including fulfilling religious and environmental fundamentalists prophecies about the last days, thus gaining their political support! (Laughter) Through our fully operative secret global geoengineering programs -- billed to the masses as being merely proposed -- we also actually create artificial clouds that can better trap sunlight to increase the supposed global warming that these toxic clouds are supposed to eliminate, while destroying the environment they are supposed to protect and seeding the masses with mental and physical disease. We can also induce seasonal affective disorder and mass situational depression, thus increasing suicide rates, by keeping constant cloud covers over areas whose populations are particularly annoying, like the radical populist-infected Pacific Northwest and New England areas of North America and the Nordic nations of Northern Europe! (Laughter) SENATOR MORTON (cattily) : Did someone recently dispatch such a cloud cover to Biggersville, Mississippi? (Laughter) SENATOR McRATH: No, Melanie -- they more likely sent in some covert storm troopers! SENATOR MORTON: For some truly black operations! (More laughter) REV. MYERS: (Smiling and clearing his throat in bemused protest) Salient examples of our handiwork are the rash of huge, deadly anomalous storms, tsunamis and earthquakes throughout the world. These disasters have been able to dispose of several million human units in these countries, with more to come exponentially, since such disasters create floods and droughts, which also can engender mass starvation. All of these aforementioned designer disasters have also rendered local populations and governments too feeble to resist our offers of corporate development and profit-based relief, from which we and our corporate entities have also benefited greatly. All of these government-neglected disasters also destroy community and create the perceived need for greater security, which in turn creates more potential profit centers for our allied security and military contractor corporations. We can also hugely profit from them by insider trading on weather derivatives in financial markets worldwide. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: We are by now getting the idea of how this practice of wreckonomics works so elegantly on many levels. The key seems to be media-induced mass hypnosis inducing the gullible masses to blame themselves as individuals, rather than to look at systemic causes. It also allows the quiet substitution of private for-profit government corporations controlled by our international banking cartel for original organic governments created by the people in all nations. Is this correct? REV. MR. MYERS: Exactly. A recent superb example of this is our international campaign to convince the masses that they were primarily responsible for global warming and earth changes, actually caused primarily by natural universal solar cycles amplified by our secret scalar weapons technology that they will never discover. We have turned this into huge personal profits and acclaim for our primary public operatives in this environmental project, as well as the creation of new financial markets trading carbon futures and weather derivatives, that not only officially permit ongoing pollution, but make many of us huge profits from this greenwashed shell game as well. This also locks the global economy further into the socalled fossil fuels that we control. 19

The masses are so thoroughly programmed that they think that directed energy weapons are mere conspiracy theories, even though they have already seen with their own eyes Active Denial, recently revealed on national television and framed as some sort of cute military toy. This is to begin conditioning them to accept ever-greater government control using these supposedly non-existent directed-energy technologies that we have been using for years on a smaller scale to eliminate enemies of our work through air and automobile, as well as cardiovascular accidents. And I have not even mentioned any of our many other systemic efforts integrated into all major human institutions in virtually every region of the world to attain the full spectrum dominance needed for our long-planned global government by FIAT. Yes, friends, we have had spectacular success with our electromagnetic-based population/information control programs over the past sixty years. The anesthesized frogs are broiling ever more rapidly in our microwave ovens, and our feast and their famine will be ready very soon or at least by 2025! Thank you very much. (Laughter with applause) SEN. McRATH: Thank you, Phil! That brought it all together for me! ALETHEA SEYMOUR: It certainly did for me, too, but perhaps in a different way. I wish to compliment you as a consummate player, Reverend Mister Myers. However do you manage to keep up such a convincing a media image so totally different from what you really are, and still live with yourself? REV. MYERS: I dont live with myself; I remain singularly multiple. Its like my TV show: Ive learned to live with guests who come and go. (Laughter) ALETHEA SEYMOUR: (drily) Perhaps that is my problem: I am too singularly private a person. (Laughter) REV. MYERS: I look at it this way: Im simply engaging in outer theater to use information in such a way as to guide the ignorant masses of humanity into a global society that will ultimately work best for them. ALETHEA SEYMOUR: For them, Reverend Mister Myers or for us -- or for whom? Please excuse me I am not feeling well. I am presently feeling like one of those broiling frogs in your microwave ovens. I do now so wish that I, Seymour, saw less. Good day to all. (Sen. Djembe, sitting next to Alethea Seymour, glances at her, briefly brushing her shoulder with his, as she quickly rises from her seat and exits, stage right, leaving the Reverend Mister Myers and the rest looking on.) SENATOR MORTON: (cattily) Seymour suddenly seemed sick to her stomach. Perhaps she is losing her appetite for career advancement; perhaps she may not have the guts! SENATOR McGRATH: We need to report this to the council; she may not be as good a candidate for a FIAT directorship as they thought. REV. MYERS: We need to return to our topic. I will take care of this, if there is anything to take care of. (Blackout; curtain.)


Scene 3 Alethea, clad in her bathrobe, sits by night in her hotel room facing stage left with her laptop computer on a table with a lamp. She is blearily gazing out an implied window, smoking a cigarette and tossing shots of vodka down from a decanter on a tray with shot glasses also on the table. The clock on the mantle strikes 1 AM. ALETHEA: (slightly slurring her words) How can such magnificent white-covered mountains as I see before me conceal such blackness?! (She pauses to exhale smoke, then continues.) So I am so effective, that even I dont even know who I am! (She pauses again to exhale) Life is like a window: you cant see through it as long as you are looking at yourself! (Alethea drains the shot glass. She puts out her cigarette, tosses it into the shot glass, then throws her shot glass against the implied window, smashing the shot glass. She takes another shot glass and pours more liquor. She opens her laptop computer and begins to write an email, speaking the words for the audience to hear.) My Dearest Helga, I am sending you this encrypted email from the Grand Alpine Resort Hotel, site of this year's annual convocation of FIAT, where the elite meet. After hobnobbing with said elite for the past two days, I feel that your and Harolds warnings to me concerning them and their agenda were justified, and I humbly apologize for blindly ignoring your warnings and coming here anyway for this weekend meeting. I have thereby forfeited your respect as well as my own, and endangered us both by the compromises I have made of myself to remain in this powerful, wealthy but unimaginably evil company. I can only say that I now repent of these compromises, perhaps too late to save myself, but perhaps not for you and many others, if I dare speak out about how the myriad machinations of empire form a plot against the people of this planet that needs be exposed before it is too late for all life upon it. I am planning on secretly departing from here soon, much before the meeting concludes, and will call you when I land somewhere stateside. I urge you to vacate our space as you said you planned to do until then. I feel somewhat hopeful about our prospects, despite the obvious personal danger to you, me and our relationship, as well as my secret financial dealings being exposed: it is because we have been offered sanctuary if we need it. We also have a number of options due to the many cordial international contacts we have developed over the years. I beg your forgiveness and ask the same of God, if such a being exists, so that I might be protected long enough to expiate my sins by exposing them to the many in this world who have been so much endangered by them. Despite everything, I love you, Helga; I love you so much, I dont see how such love could be condemned by anyone, no matter what form it may take in a world that knows so little of love so limitless that it fills the universe, despite the tragic efforts throughout the ages of deeply wounded beings on this earth to destroy it. Regardless of whether I ever see you again, I am honored that I knew you, and that we so deeply shared as one a portion of our two lives. With all my love, Alethea 21

(Alethea begins to cry. Suddenly, there is a soft knock at the door. Alethea, wiping her tears, asks who it is. There is no answer. She begins rereading her email to Helga. There is another soft knock at the door. Alethea rises, goes to the door and opens it. There is no one there. She sits back down, again rereading her email. There is another soft knock at the door. Alethea goes back and slowly opens it. Standing there is a little Asian girl clad only in a bloodied sheet, silently sobbing and quaking.) LITTLE GIRL: Please help me! ALETHEA: (beckoning) Come in, little one I wont hurt you. LITTLE GIRL: (Shuddering and shrinking away) Thats what the man with the white hair in the penthouse told us! (The little girl comes in and Alethea carefully looks up and down the hall before she quietly shuts the door behind them) ALETHEA: (motioning to the sofa) Please sit down. (The little girl does so, taking a seat on the couch.) What is your name? LITTLE GIRL: Joan Beth ALETHEA: Very well, Joan Beth. You look like you have been hurt. (The little girl lowers her eyes and nods.) May I look? (The little girl nods; Alethea opens the bloody sheet she wears and looks. She quickly recoils, shutting the sheet.) My God who has done this to you?! Your whole body below the waist is a pool of blood, and youve got bloody stripes and bruises all over your upper body! What happened to you?! (Alethea, shaking with fear and anger, covers the little girl in a blanket and sits on the couch beside her.) JOAN BETH: (shuddering and shaking in tears) My name is Joan Beth. I am one of the child models from a big church orphanage in the US. We are often brought to parties of the rich people to have fun with us. The man in the penthouse with the white hair said that a pinch of snow and a pinch of snuff adds life to his parties. He gave orders. They gave me and the other children drinks and drugs. A man beat me with a whip, then stuck his wiener in me hard! The other men badly beat and took turns sticking their wieners in one of the little boys. They taped his mouth shut, cut his balls and wiener off; they slit his throat as he cried for help. All the people standing there naked just watched and laughed. Some of the men were shooting pictures of him with a video camera and cellphones while he died. ALETHEA: My God why dont the other children escape like you have and tell whats happening to them?! JOAN BETH: (sobbing) Most of us are too scared or doped up and the man with the white hair said they would sacrifice us like they did the people in the towers! ALETHEA: (beginning to sob and bending over at the waist, holding her stomach as if she has been kicked) Pardon me I need to run to the bathroom! (Alethea runs offstage, stage left. Retching sounds and sobs come from the implied bathroom offstage. Alethea reemerges with red-rimmed eyes, shaking, pale but resolute, wiping her eyes with a kleenex. She sits back down on the couch and turns to the little girl.) Im sorry I asked you such a seemingly insensitive question as that, Joan Beth. But Im very glad you were kind enough to answer it. You see, I also had something really horrible like this happen to me when I was your age. But I never told anyone, and never got help. I am going to see that you dont have to wait that long. (Alethea again begins to cry.) My name is Alethea. 22

JOAN BETH: Thats a pretty name. Whats it mean? ALETHEA: (hesitantly) Its Greek for One who speaks truth. I havent lived up to it for a very long time, but I just decided to do so again. Would you like some hot chocolate with nothing in it but cocoa and milk? (Joan Beth smiles and nods.) Then Ill order you some. Would you like a hug with nothing in it but love? (Joan Beth smiles and nods vigorously, as Alethea hugs her for a few moments. This has an evident healing effect on them both.) You are a clever, as well as a brave and lovely little girl, Joan Beth. How did you know that you could trust me after you knocked at my door? JOAN BETH: (smiling through her tears) You didnt go to the old mans party! ALETHEA: I guess you see why I didnt want to you shouldnt have been there either! (Joan Beth nods solemnly in agreement. Alethea gently touches Joan Beths shoulder.) If you could bear it, Joan Beth, I would greatly appreciate it if you would just keep this bloody sheet on and wrap yourself in blankets till I get you a houserobe. It is important that we get you to a hospital to be taken care of, and we need to have evidence of what happened to help you and the other children. Why dont you lie here on the couch and get some sleep while I order us some breakfast, and you some hot chocolate and a robe, and make arrangements to get us out of here as soon as possible.? JOAN BETH: OK, Alethea thank you. (She lies down, her head on a cushion and Alethea covers her with a blanket) ALETHEA: After we make our escape, would you possibly like to go with me and a close friend of mine to stay with some Indians? JOAN BETH: Wow cool! ALETHEA: (tucking Joan Beth in and gently kissing her forehead) Then let me make some calls while you sleep, and write something to the old man with the white hair! (Alethea begins to write, thinking aloud to herself.) With wounds concealed, we will continue wounding; with wounds revealed we can begin to heal, not only our own wounds, but the ancient wounds of the world. Small efforts, well-timed and -aimed, can leverage great power: like little David with the sling, like little Frodo with the ring, I will help take out the All-Seeing Evil Eye s tall tower of terror with its base built of lies.

Scene 4 The Penthouse Suite of the Grand Alpine Resort Hotel. Darwin Rockshields momentary reverie by the fire is interrupted by urgent knock at the door. ROCKSHIELD: Come in. (His Aide enters.) AIDE: Sir, pardon me for troubling you, but when we attempted to reach Secretary Seymour as instructed, we were told that she had checked out of the hotel several hours ago. She was last seen entering a taxi with one of our female child models very early this morning. When the hotel manager entered to check her room per your instructions, he found this small dictaphone CD laying on her desk addressed to you. ROCKSHIELD: Put this in the dictaphone then leave me. 23

AIDE: And one thing more, sir a transcript of this piece and Ms. Seymours letter of resignation as Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security as well as her weekly blog discussing a satanic child snuff pornography ring operating in the highest reaches of a heretofore secret society of a genocidal global elite has been found in the email boxes of FIAT members and internet news sites throughout the world. (Rockshield drops into his chair, visibly shaken. The aide does as instructed and leaves the room. Rockshield sits and listens intently, as the tape plays Alethea Seymours voice declaiming the following speech that she has this time written for herself, as her image, reading the speech, is projected on the wall for the audience to see.) THIS IS THE PUREST EVIL: AN ADDRESS TO THE BUILDERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER BY FORMER US ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY ALETHEA I. SEYMOUR We who would compromise anything to become something will create nothing and destroy everything. Our calculations will miscalculate, negating all our numbers into nothingness. The greatest crimes have not been committed in the heat of passion, but in the coldness of none, by those who to the gods of greed and power would sacrifice humanity. This is the purest evil as sterile and as hollow as a treated corpse untainted by the good on which it fed, and dying as its fodder is consumed: we will be rulers of an underworld whose empty triumph will be filled with darkness, disorder and death finally our own. In our dark theater of psychic warfare, I was a puppet in our shadow plays, our planetary power plays against humanity the people of the world our captive audience, the slaves, not of their passions, but their passiveness. I woke from this grave nightmare of gray numbness, in which great nations sleepwalk to their doom, while those entrusted with their leadership betray them, this thought dispelling all my well-taught ignorance: that all of the power and wealth of the world is not worth the price of one human life. What this gravely endangered world urgently needs is those who think for themselves, not those who would think for them; not those who would appear to have all of the right answers, but those who would ask the right questions, and have the courage to keep on asking the right questions, including of themselves, until their lives have become the right answer, sacrificing their lives if necessary, but their principles never. I have finally chosen to join with those who ask of themselves what they ask of others until the answers, long present although severely suppressed, are not only spoken but enacted in our daily lives upon this planet, free from the fear of death that war-based empires have used for many centuries to enslave the peoples of the earth so that we, for the first time in human history might know real freedom through seeking truth, no matter where it leads us. It is in such a spirit that I have so abruptly abandoned the corrupted corridors of power that are but the hidden tunnels to annihilation. To your demand, therefore, that I conceal this vicious plot planned out by corporate-based elites, in which we would inter the body of the human race or else join them in death, I give reply: The cost of living is too great, when, were it paid, it would destroy all quality of life; I would rather serve in heaven than reign in hell. (Rockshield, again visibly shaken, removes and smashes the small CD to the floor, then rings for his aide, who enters.) ROCKSHIELD: It is a pity that so eloquent a speech as she has made shall go unheard, soon to be buried with the one who has so rashly written it. We will soon send her to heaven where she can 24

better serve, and let that wretched waif whom she so hastily adopts be her attendant in the afterlife. Get me the phone numbers of the CEOs of all major internet service providers; I know that one of them is here with us. The glaring torch of truth, when uncontrolled, too readily reveals and then consumes the great work we have done by night. It must be wrested from the hand of liberty, contained, and finally put out. AIDE: But harder to put out, sir, if her version of events is the first put out before the public. Still harder to put out, sir, if finally the people of the earth the greatest superpower are finally aroused, like we so long have been, to conscious, constant and coherent action. (The Aide exits, leaving Rockshield to ponder the suddenly flaring flames in his fireplace.) THE BEGINNING -- OF THE END

ACT III Scene 1 Several months later. The meeting room of the rustic common house in the Blue Star Ecovillage with an outside door upstage. Helga sits waiting on a simple wooden chair, her hands folded, her expression a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Suddenly, Soaring Eagle and Alethea, accompanied by Joan Beth, walk briskly through the door. SOARING EAGLE: Here's Helga awaiting us! ALETHEA: Your wait has not been in vain; we are here at last! (Helga rises to greet them.) HELGA (extending her arms): No waitings in vain for those you love! (Helga and Alethea embrace.) ALETHEA: No love is in vain if one finds someone willing to wait for it! Helga, I would like you to meet Joan Beth, whom I met on my recent eventful trip to Europe! HELGA: Howd you do, Joan Beth? (Helga walks over to Joan Beth and warmly extends her hand; Joan Beth smiles shyly and nods, deferentially looking down at the floor; her own hands crossed, she does not accept Helgas) JOAN BETH (still looking down at the ground): Much better, Ms. Helga, thanks to Alethea! Im very hungry now, (looking up) General Soaring Eagle may I have something to eat? SOARING EAGLE: Im very hungry, too, Joan Beth! Since we warriors are men of action, I propose we do something about it, and leave these two ladies to partake of each others company! ALETHEA: Thank you, Harry I really appreciate that. Please make sure as a man of action that all of your actions are proper toward this extremely sensitive young lady! Please leave us some food, Joan Beth! Through you I have seen how growing girls eat! Well see you a little later!


JOAN BETH (smiling): I will, Alethea thank you! (Soaring Eagle and Joan Beth exit to the common house kitchen, stage right, leaving Alethea and Helga sitting to converse privately downstage. Alethea moves her chair next to Helgas, facing her and seizing her hands.) ALETHEA (beginning to weep): I humbly beg your forgiveness, Helga. Thank you for standing on your principles to call me on my lack of them. I hope with all my heart that my past has not destroyed our future. (Alethea lays her head on Helgas shoulder weeping; Helga, now weeping also, caresses her hair.) I hope that we together might help create a better way of life for all of us, so good that we would be willing to live for it as well as die for it! HELGA (playfully): For which do I need to forgive you more, Alethea: your past decision to cooperate with forces of the evil empire -- or your recent decision to break with them? Both have brought much trouble into our lives. I forgive you as much as I love you, Alethea; and, as much as you have done overall to disrupt our lives one way or the other, that should mean a lot! ALETHEA (smiling through her tears): It does indeed thank you, Helga. HELGA: I'd be willing to spend the rest of my life in hiding as long as it could be with you. And I'd not mind staying here in this community, even if it were in secret. The people here and the lives they lead are what those of the future need to be if the human race is to survive. ALETHEA: Would you be willing to have Joan Beth stay with us part of the time then? That child has suffered such horrible abuse, she needs a place of stability and some people who really love her. HELGA: That place's with us; we have a second bedroom that I would like to see used often. If, as seems likely, this village decides they want to collectively raise a child, we'd our guest room back! If we have to disappear, there're many loving, hospitable people in this village who'd care for her. (Alethea lifts her head to look at Helga lovingly. Helga rises and helps her to her feet, putting her arm around Alethea, tucking her head fondly into the far taller Aletheas shoulder.) ALETHEA: I am fortunate that I am now intimately bound to one of them; let us go use the first bedroom, as I am just now extremely tired, not hungry. HELGA (winking): And Im just now extremely hungry, not tired. But Ive learned to fast! ALETHEA (mischievously): I hope that this does not indicate you are a fast woman, except insofar as you are bound! (She kisses Helgas forehead.) HELGA: If I am, youre lucky, given what you have put me through! ALETHEA: I would be luckier still, if I were into such practices! HELGA: Given the vicious circles you ran in until recently, Im amazed you arent! ALETHEA: And to think I am now instead running from them! (Alethea and Helga exit laughing, arm in arm.)


Scene 2 The master suite of a luxury hotel in Washington DC . Darwin Rockshield sits magisterially at stage left. His Aide enters, escorting Sen. Sonorio Djembe into his presence. ROCKSHIELD: Hail to the Thief! Hello President Sonorio Djembe, first FIAT-anointed, politically correct African-American President of the United States! Please have a seat! Care for a contraband Cuban cigar? (Rockshields Aide offers Djembe a fancy cigar box; Djembe removes a cigar, which the Aide lights for him. Rockshield motions for his Aide to exit, which he does, stage left.) Im sure you will make better use of it than one of your immediate predecessors! DJEMBE: (chuckling) I will Ill actually inhale, although I would breathe easier if it werent from Cuba! Semper Fidel is! ROCKSHIELD: True he has lasted far longer than any US president in more ways than one! DJEMBE: We US presidents would do well to emulate him ROCKSHIELD: the better for us through you to screw all of those who would stop our great work! Speaking of which, we are readying our bioweaponized flu virus ready to unleash on the unsuspecting common sheep of the world, soon to be extinct. We will also soon need a provocation for a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran; our previous American regime failed to smuggle out of the country the nuclear missiles we needed to do so earlier. That self-righteous now-retired redskin, Soaring Eagle, and his loyal officers were directly responsible for that. Speaking of which: after betraying our elite network, Alethea Seymour and the child she kidnapped from the FIAT meeting have been seen with Soaring Eagle in that utopian community on the Native American Confederation tribal lands. They Soaring Eagle, his family, Seymour, her lady love, the child and all in this particular community need to be eliminated, and the rest of their newly sovereign native rebellion put down and put in the secret detention camps up near the Canadian border for our disposal and eventually, theirs. We will need a total news blackout from our media affiliates. DJEMBE: Why do we need to kill the rest, if we can do a surgical strike on our potentially talkative targets? Seymour, ironically, ghost-wrote the executive order that could imprison herself and all other dissidents in America for life or death without a trial before she disappeared. ROCKSHIELD: The slightest rebellion violent or nonviolent against our empire must be immediately decimated; extreme violence is preferable to inspire the fear we wish to instill by making this example. We need to engineer another Jonestown, another Ruby Ridge, another Waco, another American family-style holocaust for this decade.We, who unseen, play the endgame on this global chessboard, who move the kings, the queens, the bishops, as well as knights to fame as well as ruin, who made the very board of play whose public squares define these pieces and their parts; we who also play upon their fear, have only one ourselves: we fear the countless pawns we have so many centuries kept separate, once in communion with each others plights, will turn on us who have so long deceived them and overturn the very board itself to find the earth we have portrayed for them is not so flat and limited as they have thought. These many weaker pieces might then together move to redesign the game itself to benefit themselves, not us. We, the grand masters of the global endgame do not fear their single moves, but singular mass movements; we fear, in short, the revolt of the pawns.


We therefore need a larger holocaust in the Middle East to enact our multiple well-hidden agendas there, satisfy our valuable allies and keep peak pandemonium throughout the world. We want an immediate destabilization of Iran, preferably from a preemptive nuclear strike from submarines in the Persian Gulf. Then, if, between that and the imminent global economic collapse we have planned, massive resistance begins in the US, we will have the pretext we need to activate martial law and our secret network of concentration camps to finalize both our retaking of our North American colonies and our plans for continent-wide depopulation. Besides, these idiots in America demonstrating against our wars of empire do not realize that most of the global economy is now based on war, and will all the sooner collapse without it. DJEMBE: If I am to seek a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran with all that it implies, I am going to need access to the sealed above top-secret files on the increasing extraterrestrial presence in America. I am now getting all too many reports that alien spacecraft have been increasingly interfering with military activation of our nuclear launch silos, and recent attempted launches of our above top-secret nuclear and electromagnetic space weapons. They are now even breaching the security of our network of deep underground military bases that has seemed till now invulnerable. I would be willing to carry out what you have asked concerning Seymour, her lover, Soaring Eagle, the child and Native American Confederation, but I will need access to these above top-secret files in return before I do this. ROCKSHIELD: That is proprietary information now belonging to our aerospace corporations, not the US government corporation. DJEMBE: I am fully aware of that, Mr. Rockshield; that is why I am mentioning this to you, who sit upon the hidden throne a chair not seen in my cabinet. ROCKSHIELD: Or closet. Mr. President, do you know what DC stands for? DJEMBE (chuckling): Last time I heard, Dominant Corruption! ROCKSHIELD: How about Disputed Citizenship? We of FIAT have done a full court press, so to speak, with reams of cash for judicial bribes to halt any serious grand jury investigation of your allegedly exotic origins. Its no wonder youre so interested in an alien presence, whether its in outer space, on the US borders or in the White House! DJEMBE: Mr. Rockshield, I am going to need full disclosure on this if I am to do what you request and not be blindsided like some of my predecessors have been. ROCKSHIELD: I am here to see that this does not happen, Mr. President. Do you know what else DC stands for? DJEMBE: You obviously think it stands for whatever you wish it to, Mr. Rockshield. ROCKSHIELD: You are quite correct, Mr. President. This time it stands for Doing Cocaine, DownLow Cruising and the second half of AC/DC, as in frequently switching ones sexual circuitry between two different polarities as desired. We have already sealed those lips who, with their opening could, besides having possibly given you much pleasure, have done much harm to your personal plans and our larger plans through you. 28

DJEMBE (quickly rising to squarely face Rockshield): Mr. Rockshield, former Assistant DHS Secretary Seymour was very effective in her public defection from FIAT, connecting all of the dots and using all of her intelligence connections, both interior and exterior, in the process: we also now have in our possession videos and photos of your penthouse party at the Grand Alpine Resort. If released publicly, they could be the shots heard round the world. I greatly respect your mastery of current street slang, electrical engineering, US government acronyms, lip service and blackmail, Mr. Rockshield. I also see that your own definition of DC, is Dominant Control. I will take this under advisement and meet with you again next week, if that would be acceptable to you. ROCKSHIELD: I will let you know when I again have an opening in my calendar, Mr. President. Meanwhile, I would strongly suggest that you do as we have requested you to do as soon as possible. That way you can be more completely assured that you will not be blindsided in any possible manner like some of your predecessors who did not do so. DJEMBE (nodding towards Rockshield curtly): I will, again, take this under advisement, Mr. Rockshield. Far from being blind-sided, I have now seen from this exchange with you what clearly lies ahead. Thank you for your valuable time. (Rockshield angrily picks up the phone on the side table to make a call, as President Djembe smartly turns on his heel and strides off stage right.)

Scene 3 Soaring Eagle, Helga, Alethea and Joan Beth enter the meeting room of the Blue Star Ecovillage They move to a nearby cart to help themselves to some coffee, tea or cocoa with condiments, then take a seats around the table downstage facing the audience. HELGA: This ecovillage uses all of the best features of the cohousing communities I have seen in Northern Europe, and takes them to perfection. I see it all here (Helga enthusiastically uses her fingers to list the particulars, like beads of an abacus): You have permaculture on a protected land trust governed by participatory democracy in all aspects of your friendly community! I never thought I would like any place in America until I came here! ALETHEA: I second Helga: you are doing here on the practical plane what many green types liberally discuss but never do, and its magnificent a combination of both past and present that shows us how we can all have a positive future! (She pauses thoughtfully.) I have only one question: whats the villages energy source? I only see a few scattered solar panels that dont seem to me connected to anything; this does not appear to be enough for such a large-scale green endeavor! SOARING EAGLE (chuckling while clearing his throat): We foresaw this probing question from you, Alethea! So I need to fetch someone who can better answer it! (Soaring Eagle walks to the outside door to the community room upstage, sticks his head out and beckons to someone outside. In walks a slender bald man in white coveralls nearly seven feet tall with a huge, dome-shaped forehead set with shining, sapphire-like blue eyes. He smiles sweetly and sits down with Soaring Eagle and his party of female visitors at the head of the table. Joan Beth moves closer to sit down next to him. Soaring Eagle motions in the direction of the visitors.) Heavensent, this is Alethea, Helga and Joan Beth. This, ladies, is Heavensent, our mysterious village engineer, master machinist and maintenance technician. From his far more elevated perspective, he can better answer your question. 29

ALETHEA: I cannot imagine you even having a last name, the first is such a tough act to follow! You also dont seem very native! SOARING EAGLE: That depends upon of where. His full adopted tribal name, translated, is Sentfrom-the-Stars. ALETHEA: You cant be serious! HEAVENSENT (smiling sweetly): Thats true; I be Pleiades! ALETHEA: I dont even know how to respond to that. HEAVENSENT: Then why not respond by listening? I guarantee you, my explanation is out of this world, and does not sound that much more far-fetched than if you told me what happened at the FIAT meeting you recently attended. In fact, it will more fully explain what you experienced there. ALETHEA: Ive never yet told anyone except Helga about that experience. I am, for once in my life, speechless. All right, Mr. Heavensent, please proceed! SOARING EAGLE (mischievously): Good we have just experienced a cosmic victory already! (Alethea reaches across the table to playfully bat Soaring Eagle.) You are all about to hear a bit of hidden history; I must say, however, you are very special guests; this is definitely not part of our regular community tour! (Heavensent stands, showing his impressive height, to address them.) HEAVENSENT: The Blue Star Ecovillage is a pilot field project of the Galactic Federation, whose great armada of millions of interdimensional starships now orbit Earth during her time of great transition from many millennia of darkness into an eternity of light. Earth, the jewel of this particular universe, is also by far its most blemished: many thousands of years ago, it was forcibly colonized by a powerfully aggressive space empire from another galaxy, from which the Lucifer Rebellion myths recorded in your ancient scriptures derive. This planet's richly diverse peoples, seeded from many star nations throughout this galaxy, have ever since been brutally enslaved and held hostage by this aggressive space empire and their human agents. This began to change several thousand years ago, when several of our greatest representatives physically incarnated on Earth to deliver our message of universal love to this worlds captive peoples. This was so that they could begin again to find and use the spark of our Creators light within themselves to find their way home and bring others with them as they returned. The peoples of Earth have ever since been on an upward spiral of consciousness, to the point where, in the last few centuries they have as a whole come to consciously resist their ancient captivity by concealed cosmic controllers, particularly since the founding of America as an experiment in freedom created from all of the worlds peoples. Our federation has been more active on your planet since your controllers, in great fear of their losing their global empire, recently recreated nuclear weapons capable of decimating the fabric of creation -whole solar systems and planets, as well as great past civilizations on your world, and eventually this universe itself -- as it has been used to do by these dark entities in the past.


The Creator of this universe has heard the prayers of Earths peoples for peace, and has sent the hosts of heaven celestial, extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial to help them during this longprophesied period of unprecedented planetary crisis. With official disclosure of our presence, we will bring much that has been deliberately kept from you especially who you really are and your hidden history to light. We will also bring advanced teachings and technologies that have been deliberately withheld from you in order to help you make informed decisions about your future during this transition; Blue Star Ecovillage is just the first of these efforts. Since the indigenous peoples of this world have been the most faithful in maintaining stewardship of the earth and contact with the ancient wisdom and with us who gave it, as well as having sovereign settlements the most removed from the empires population centers and their temptations, we approached them first as possible partners, and they approved. Blue Star Ecovillage is our first pilot project. This community is completely powered by the same free, zero-point energy that powers our federations spacecraft, far more advanced than any other sustainable power sources now being presented to you. That is why we right now need to keep this secret by using solar panel decoys: if the controllers knew what we were doing here, they would not hesitate to destroy this ecovillage and its people, as they have inventors using zero-point energy many times before in the past century. We have also had to create a special electromagnetic barrier around this ecovillage so they cannot use their relatively advanced sensors to detect our use of this energy to protect this ecovillage and its residents. HELGA: So these other alternative forms of energy being publicly presented to us right now as being real answers to our environmental crisis are also in a sense decoys as well! HEAVENSENT: Your controllers want free zero-point energy to be used only for top-secret weapons to be directed against anyone who challenges their evil empire, which they would now extend into outer space. On Earth itself, they want to continue using their well-named fossil fuels to maintain the centralized advantage long afforded by their enormous wealth. They do this by destabilizing your environment to continue controlling and drastically lessening your present population. Those remaining they intend to render dehumanized robots to serve them as slaves. ALETHEA: I can vouch for the truth of much of what you say, Heavensent. This is what I heard from those who spoke for FIAT at that meeting, but what you have said here adds quite literally many more dimensions to the story. HELGA: Then when will official disclosure come? HEAVENSENT: When more are at the level of this community in their consciousness, creating the needed critical mass for acceptance of our presence without fear. This may be sooner than you think, as a significant threshold was just passed in recent years. Unlike those forces that have long controlled you, we of the hosts of heaven are not here in these last days of this dark age on Earth to engineer a planetary holocaust, but rather, to mentor a planetary pentecost. HELGA: Why do they call it free zero-point energy?


HEAVENSENT: (smiling sweetly but mischievously) Because if you use it, you get zero points from your concealed cosmic corporate controllers, who then seek to destroy you. As profit-oriented as they are, it is the only thing they do to you for free! (Laughter) HELGA: As a language translator I wonder, how do you know English far better than most Americans? ALETHEA: (drily) That wouldnt be very hard to do for any alien terrestrial or extraterrestrial! (All laugh.) HEAVENSENT: Weve been monitoring your corporate media broadcasts for many years, then running them through our supercomputers and their instantaneous translation programs! The hardest part was to tell your corporate media broadcasts from your abundant orbiting space garbage, but we managed! Your internet is far more informative and literate! (All laugh.) SOARING EAGLE: Lets move the discussion to the dining room; I think we need to chew on this, as well as on some food! (All exit stage right.)

Scene 4 An office in the White House. President Sonorio Djembe rises from his desk to greet Rockshields Aide and shake his hand; Djembe sits downstage stage left at his desk, the Aide to his right, across the desk from him. DJEMBE: Thank you for coming here today; I know you are risking your life in doing this, just as you have been consistently in keeping us apprised of FIATs plans and liabilities. That video of their penthouse party may save many lives, including mine, considering what I must do. I would also like to thank you for alerting us to the danger to myself and to those at the Blue Star Ecovillage. Something that you and I have in common is being misunderstood: of being often forced to stand in the shadow of evil while acting in the light of higher duty, as we are both now doing. I would greatly appreciate it if you would deliver this message to our agent assigned to the Blue Star Ecovillage. He can put the military and law enforcement veterans loyal to Soaring Eagle on alert those who have taken oaths to uphold the constitution to allow no harm to the American people by treasonous military or police action. AIDE: These are my brothers and sisters; I have also taken such an oath. DJEMBE: As now have I to myself. AIDE: I now feel some justified hope, now that we see hundreds of millions of people in the streets all over the world and finally all over America occupying public places and government, corporate and media centers demanding all current FIAT-controlled officials resign and their entire heritage as human beings rightfully returned. And to think it all originated through a series of anonymous text messages urging them into the streets after Secretary Seymour's revelations!


DJEMBE (smiling knowingly): At the same time, we need to alert our allies in the Galactic Federation; the time may be drawing closer for disclosure, to finally bring true freedom to the earth, beyond what the American vision of freedom was able to inspire in the past, both in our own people and the people of the world. I hope to see real direct democracy not its malevolently manipulated counterfeit for all of the people of this planet particularly our children in my lifetime. AIDE: Thank you, Mr. President. I share your vision of freedom for the world, to the point that, as you have seen, I would gladly give my life for it if necessary. I consider it an honor and a privilege to do as you have asked. I must say, for quite a while, we could not tell which way you would choose to go, but are relieved to see that you have chosen to take the higher road. It will be the only one that does not ultimately end in disaster, as was prophesied long ago. (President Djembe rises and comes from around the desk; the Aide rises with him. Djembe again offers his hand, which the Aide takes into his warmly.) DJEMBE: My mission in this lifetime is as a turnaround expert; I finally decided to practice my profession on myself, as well as on this corrupted government! May the Force be with you! AIDE: (smiling wryly) And also with you, let us pray! The Aide exits, leaving President Djembe alone. He smiles as he retakes his seat at his desk, pulls out the PDA he has hidden in his desk drawer, and begins texting a message.

Scene 5 The curtain opens to total blackness. Suddenly, there is a woman's scream in the darkness. The lights come on, showing Alethea and Helga in bed in their night gowns, with the flat end of double platform bed facing downstage. Alethea is sitting up visibly shaking and sobbing. She sits sideways at the left side of the bed, her face in her hands. Helga, after turning on the bedside lamp, also sits up, embracing her from the back while trying to comfort her. HELGA: Alethea, what's wrong?! ALETHEA: (keening in a banshee-like wail) I was sacrificed to Satan! My family sacrificed me to Satan! An innocent little girl sacrificed to Satan ! Now I remember! They are sacrificing as many children as they can to Satan! Though they did not kill me, they may as well have! They tortured me, they raped me repeatedly, they made me kill my humanity by killing other helpless little beings, they fractured my soul so that demons could possess it! They not only placed me on their horrific altar -they made me one! They wanted to use me as one of their pawns, and they did! They are attempting to sacrifice the life-giving goddess within each of us and within Mother Earth to Satan! They feed on our fear and dominate us through our denial of death! (Shaking and sobbing) They have destroyed human souls while denying the existence of evil until we deny it ourselves, allowing evil to reign in this world! HELGA: But you -- we -- aren't denying it! That's why you're so hurting right now -- you're letting it go!


ALETHEA: (Shouting with furious bitterness while shaking and sobbing) Why do bad things happen to good people?! Because the corrupted rulers of the world are controlled by demons they worship in a secret satanic cult! All good people deny its existence, so giving it infinite power over them all! And our mighty controllers, who, in their arrogance bethink themselves the rulers of this wretched realm, are thereby themselves the most controlled! HELGA (pressing Alethea's tear-soaked face to her heart): You're wakening from a terrible nightmare, Alethea -- so're we all on this planet! There's no way back to full awareness, but remembering, then releasing these past horrors! We need forgiveness -- of both ourselves and others! Please forgive yourself, then them! Unless they repent of their crimes as you've done, they face from cosmic law a fate far worse than any you've seen, no matter how bad that was! ALETHEA: (lurching back from Helga) I don't want to forgive them -- I want to destroy them! HELGA: (embracing Alethea) I understand you feel that way, Alethea! But don't seek to destroy the darkness, my love; seek to displace it! Displace it like I just did in turning on that bedside lamp out of love for you! We all now need to let our lights shine as brightly as possible to displace the darkness during this time, just before the new day on earth begins! Evil can't forever destroy goodness, any more than night can stop the day from finally breaking, or the sun finally shining through the storm! Don't fear, my love -- after untold centuries of darkness, dawn is finally about to break on earth! (Blackout)

Scene 6 The meeting room of the Blue Star Ecovillage by night. Alethea, Helga, Soaring Eagle, and Heavensent are sitting quietly in prayer downstage facing the audience. SOARING EAGLE (in native ceremonial garb standing with arms upraised and extended, facing the audience): We pray, Great Spirit, for your guidance and protection as our world goes through its ascension into your light. May your light, life and love permeate our Mother Earth and all life upon her, as well as the universe around us, causing the darkness so long oppressing us to be taken away where it can harm no more. We thank you, for we know that this is now being done. Aho and Amen. (Suddenly, the outside door behind them upstage is kicked open by two black-clad assassins in ski masks who enter brandishing machine guns. Heavensent quickly rises to face them, followed by the rest. Heavensent extends his large hands toward them. The assailants, dropping their weapons, seem paralyzed, as the area just outside the door fills with brilliant rays of light from above.) MULTIPLE MALE VOICES: Run for your lives alien attack! Alien attack from the skies! (Heavensent lowers his hands. The two black-clad assassins inside regain their power of movement and do as their colleagues outside suggest: run for their lives out the door. Heavensent follows them slowly outside. Alethea and Helga look at each other; then, holding hands, also slowly step outside into the brilliant light.) SOARING EAGLE (facing the audience, his upraised arms again extended to the audience): Thank you, Great Spirit: we who have so long sat in such great darkness are now arising to see the great light of a new day on Earth. The ancient prophecies of your return are now being fulfilled. 34

(Soaring Eagle then lowers his arms, slowly turns and also walks out the door into the light, which then fills the stage as the curtain falls.

Scene 7 The curtain opens to the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC. President Sonorio Djembe sits at his desk solemnly facing the television cameras, radio microphones nearby, as cameras flash like large fireflies around him. PRESIDENT DJEMBE: Good evening my fellow citizens, whether of America or of other nations of the world. This is an historic occasion, perhaps the most historic in all of human history. I have asked you here tonight to speak of something that has long been hidden from most of humanity. It nevertheless has secretly determined the course of events on our planet for many thousands of years, particularly since the mid-twentieth century. I am speaking of extraterrestrial presence above, on and within our earth. This is a reality which has long been suppressed by national corporate-controlled governments, media and militaries. They have done this on behalf of a criminal shadow government of global scope. It is under this shadow government that these corporate-controlled governments and their militaries have been deceptively operating. This includes secretly installing a global system of private for-profit government corporations operating at all levels within the United States. These private for-profit corporations masquerading as governments have long been operating within all of the other major nations of the world as well. There is much that needs to be and will be revealed to you about this illegitimate global shadow government. It has caused continuous catastrophes to take place throughout human history, to the point of almost ending all life on this planet. However, we have tonight only enough time for me to make these three important announcements: First, the power of this global criminal shadow government has now been broken. Constitutional mass resignations and arrests of its agents in all nations are now quietly taking place. This has been facilitated by principled legal and other activists, supported by principled law enforcement and military, as well as having support from coordinated space and underground forces. Second, these international law enforcement actions will be followed by international truth and reconciliation tribunals. These tribunals will be convened to determine who has been responsible for these crimes against nature and humanity. They will also seek to reveal exactly the ways in which these crimes were committed. All of us will determine, along with those charged, how we have all contributed to these crimes. For all human beings on this planet are responsible for them. We are all responsible either actively, by enabling or committing them, or passively, by willful ignorance or denial of them. Third, these constitutional enforcement actions have allowed us to invite representatives of our benevolent extraterrestrial allies to make public appearances throughout our world. They will do so in person and on their own broadcast media channels during the next few months. They will introduce themselves as our long-time though little-acknowledged family and mentors. Now is the time when we must all work together to heal this planet and ourselves.


We must do this in order to receive the gift of accelerated higher evolution -- often called the ascension, illumination or apocalypse. This gift has been long foretold in the spiritual traditions of many peoples. This cosmic gift has also long been withheld from us by the illegitimate global shadow government. Now it is being offered freely to all of us on earth by our universal Creator. Those who have come from the heavens are here to help us accept this gift if we ourselves freely choose to do so. During this time of planetary transition, you will see new, honest governmental and financial systems installed to serve you. You will also see new alternative energy systems providing clean, unlimited energy. This is the same energy that the star nations use to provide power for their own advanced civilizations. This alternative energy could have long ago transformed our world for the better. It instead was used for above top secret military and intelligence operations over the past century by the criminal global shadow government. This was to advance the capacity of this globalist cabal to enslave all of the peoples of the world. These abuses will no longer be allowed to continue. This time of transition on earth will be marked by the people of the world -- particularly America -- actually redesigning and executing their own forms of real direct democratic governance. This will be done in all human systems of every society. This includes redesigning political, communications, educational, cultural, economic and religious systems at the local and bioregional levels. Together we will positively transform all of the human systems used in the past to criminally subvert, rather than honorably sustain human freedom. We have agreed for the star nations to broadcast directly to you at this same time each evening on television, radio and the internet until further notice. They will be broadcasting from their spacecraft, gathered in a vast armada around our world. They wait in excited anticipation of Earth's people joining their galactic federation as the newest star nation in this universe. Officials from national governments of various countries, including myself, will also appear during the coming months to discuss with you proposed systemic changes. We want to discuss with you what you want to see happen with the interim governments that we together are going to create. We will do this during this planetary transition period using a new interactive technology given to us by our space relatives that we will soon explain. (Smiling) I suspect, my friends, that I have now said enough to keep you thinking for quite awhile. I know I will be doing so for many days to come. I, as your servant, ask for your prayers. I now also ask for the blessings of our Creator and His/Her heavenly host upon us all. May God bless America and her people. May God bless as well the peoples of all nations on this earth and throughout all creation. Thank you and good evening. THE END OF THE BEGINNING



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