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Our Shifting Sense of Time – Welcoming Both Samsara & Nirvana
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Video Journal
How are things going for you? How aware are you of just how much your attitude is in charge of that? And that you are in charge of your attitude? It's an interesting, powerful cycle that's easy to change – once you decide to do so, of course. Taking our power back in all ways is – or can be – fun. It's a choice. We talk about how very different time seems to be experienced on the “other side,” or in higher dimensions – yet having the direct experience of that seems to be out of our reach. Well, it isn't – not really. Only, this being the backwards realm, it turns out the belief has to be changed before the experience will shift. Of course, that's not logical to mind, who wants to say, “Show me the evidence, the proof! Show me how it works 'over there.' Only then will I change my belief.” Thus, they demonstrate their ignorance that this is the backwards kingdom. We must first let the old belief go to make room for the new. There is the story of the Chinese fellow – I think he was a businessman – who wanted to visit the elderly sage. He was quite

happy to be given a time to come, which wasn't something that always happened. When he arrived they sat down to “chat” while the old gentleman heated water and set cups out for tea. When the water was hot the sage poured the tea in the visitor's cup. Looking intently at him, he kept pouring until the tea was running over and onto the floor. Finally, the man said, “Stop! Don't you see you're over-pouring my cup?” to which the old man said, “Your cup is already full. Come back when you are empty.” The visitor was so full of himself that, with a head full of ideas and opinions he was unable to take in what was offered. He was too full of tightly held beliefs. This is how we all are during our sheeple or sleeple stage – every one of us. Thus, there is more than adequate room for mercy and compassion in every breast. We've all been there and done that, as they say. We know what that's like – yet we're often too full of ourself – of our thoughts and opinions – to prevent judgment and harsh words from being spoken at times. We just forget. We're coming from head and not Heart. Speaking of judgments and beliefs, let's look at time. We hear it said that we are entering, are on our way into the no-time. We wonder about that. What is it like? How can such a condition as something called the no-time even exist? What is the experience of that like? In all of these questions, see mind in action, first. Now, let's slip down and enter Heart. Anytime you want to see or sense something as accurately as possible, do it from your focus within Heart. Head deals with the truth of the lower-case “t;” while in Heart we encounter the upper-case “T” Truth – a very big difference. Back to looking at time. Look outside – is it light or dark? Is it day or night? It will be one or the other, guaranteed. This is a very simple condition, a cycle on whose regular repetition rests the continuation of life on this planet. We share this light-darklight-dark experience with all of life. It's a very simple thing. It's also something that keeps us in Now, quite present where we are. Seldom do we leave the NowHere awareness except perhaps to plan for a hunt or a gathering of some sort. We tell time by the dark-light cycles and by the Moon's phases – we count in cycles of

the full Moon. It works. We also go by the stars, even being able to navigate by them when it's dark. This is, I think you can see, a very present sort of life to lead. By that I mean it supports a life lived in the Now – in Presence. Days don't really have names, you know. It's something we invented. There's just dark and light – no more. It's either dark or it's light. Notice if you have any inner resistance to making room for this simple concept. If so, your mind is too full. Loosen your grip on what you think you know – on what you believe. Monday and Tuesday and December and April are all inventions – they are not real. The same for 10 a.m. - or 1300 (i.e., 1 pm) – nothing real about them. They are conventions – nothing more. Yet look at their effect on us – how easily they pull us out of being Present – being centered in Now. They give us an easy facility to wander all over the place – anywhere outside of NowHere. How are you doing at making room for the simplicity of what is, versus the complexity designed into our way of thought? Mind invents things, then overlays them on his/her experience of life – pretty soon coming to believe them so thoroughly s/he even has trouble imagining a life lived without them. It's been a couple of years, now, that I've had no watch or clocks on the walls. Some have a clock in every room – reinforcing the illusion of structure we've placed over the light-dark cycles. It's all very strange – if you're empty enough to even get close to letting go of your current beliefs enough so that you're able to get a sense of this. This isn't the no-time that I'm sharing, here – it's just an unwinding of at least some of our current views around time. Since they're all false, we might as well start this way as any, it seems to me. We would have a whole different sense of reality if we dropped our immersion in our false sense of time. We'd be more present in Now, at the least. We'd be more Here, instead of spread out over the false panorama we've designed and adopted, hook, line, and sinker. So, if we can loosen our tight hold on our beliefs that our naming of days, months, and hours has any reality of its own, that would

be very nice. It would begin to create openings, to empty us out a bit, so that we move closer to being able to present the empty cup, making room for the experience of new ideas. How does this feel, so far, to you? You can learn much just from your response to this. You can see how hung-up or how loose you are – how tight your grip is on your beliefs – because that's all we have when it comes to time is beliefs – none of them real. Do you experience fear – any discomfort at all? That's good to know. There's hardly anything more precious during our sojourn in 3D than self-knowledge, so do self-observe. If you're watching, you'll learn much by your reaction to such things. As you compare the reaction to the thing you're reacting to, you'll gain insight on your hidden beliefs, your subconscious self. In something I heard recently by NDEer (Near-Death Experiencer) Nanci Danison, she explained how, once on the other side (“dead”) she saw how a human life is about one second long – from that perspective. I believe she has died three different times. In the most recent one she was told that, if she chose to come back to 3D again, she would come back to a life of physical pain and challenges. In making her choice, she obviously opted to return, and some wondered why she would do that, to which she responded that, if she can do any good at all, help lift anyone's burdens or shift their beliefs, then that is surely worth “one second” of her time. This makes it clear just how relative time is, doesn't it? One second equal 80 years. Food for pondering, isn't it? It is for me. Actually, there isn't time at all – not the way we conceive of it. There is only Now. We life all of our many, if not endless, lifetimes only Now. Perhaps they can all be seen as the different ways we are choosing to experience this Now moment – different aspects of our Now. Well, why not? Time doesn't flow. Time just is, or rather, Now just is. Just as in space there are infinite facets, endless elements of matter, so in time there are infinite facets, too. People, or rather, beings are also infinite facets – they are infinite perspectives on the NowHere – different views of the same thing. This is why every one's truth is their own, and it's valid for them.

To the extent we don't share their particular conglomeration of beliefs we don't see through their eyes. And even if we exactly duplicated their beliefs and opinions in this amgodiment, what of all those other lifetimes we don't share? Truly, each being is a unique work of art. It's not up to us to pass any sort of judgment on what they see – since clearly we don't know what that is. It's not one's business to tell another one how to think, how to live, how to be. I like what Byron Katie says on this. She says there are precisely three kinds of business – yours, mine, and God's. Of those three we need only be concerned with our own, and let the others two take care of themselves. Anything else is simply not appropriate. If our cup is sufficiently empty, this is easy to see. How are you doing with all of this? Are you at all uncomfortable? That would be a sign, perhaps, of beliefs too tightly held. I don't see how we can get away from holding some sort of beliefs while we're here (in 3D). However, my joy is to hold onto them every so delicately, maintaining the ability to table what I believe anytime I want to check out a new belief. There's no pain in that – in contrast to the agony of maintaining a strangle hold on our set of beliefs. No fun, there. Hold your self delicately, too. It's part of Loving you – being delicate and respectful. Hey, if you don't respect yourself, don't expect anyone else to do so. You take the lead, you set the example for us all by how you handle your self. If you allow the mind to be unkind , to boss you around, serving up all sorts of criticism and judgment, look at your life to see the reflection of that. When will we all wake up to the fact that we create our own reality – and that it starts inside? This is such critical information, yet we've all been programmed to resist it with all we've got. We'll put up every sort of argument – our cup is quite full. Most of us allow the mind to keep us quite outwardly focused. In trying to make changes, we put the acne cream on the mirror – the “outside” - instead of on the face. We're all misled. Well, you can wake up from this anytime – at the time of your choosing. You will discover – if you make the choice – that by removing old programmed beliefs you gain breathing room – an increase of freedom and peace. This is perhaps the most impor-

tant way to take your power back. Choose your own beliefs. Drop belief in all you've been taught and told – even by me. It's really important to find your way deep inside. Call it Heart or center or whatever you will – call it nothing – just find your way in. This is your spot of empowerment. Things are just different, here, and you're more empowered to both see yourself and gain selfknowledge. The more old beliefs you eliminate, the greater the clarity of your vision – the broader its expanse. If you don't know what new beliefs to choose, then spend time watching yourself – from Heart, not mind, of course. An empty cup is priceless, and not necessarily hard to come by, either. It all depends on your beliefs. Try on new ones “for size.” What's to lose? How can you know what the change will be unless you experience it? When you're in Heart, then you can understand – eventually, if not right away – that there simply is no right or wrong. That's a judgment – right and wrong. Ideally, what you'll eventually find is preferences – gently held desires. There is desirable and not desirable behavior and thought. This is HUGELY different from seeing things as black or white, right or wrong. We're leaving dualism behind, friends. Maybe, while you're selfobserving, keep an eye peeled for the appearance of duality in your beliefs. If you're judging anything – anything at all – you're in duality – guaranteed. Get the sense of the distinction between discernment and judgment. They're hugely different, though to mind that distinction is less plain. You can take small steps from judgment into discernment. At some point you'll be pleasantly surprised at the change it makes in your experience of life. Friends, this 3D realm is both samsara and nirvana – take your pick. Realize that it has literally everything to do with how you SEE it – with your attitudes and beliefs. You have far more charge over that than you may know – but it's something that must be acted on. Life is not a spectator sport. Your exercise of choice and free will have everything to do with your experience of it all. Take your power back, friends. We all had it stripped from us due to the beliefs and understandings we were taught and programmed with. We all started out that way, so we can all find an ultimate sort of compassion for others, within. They are not

experiencing anything we haven't been through, ourselves. So rather than be critical and damning and judgmental, let us find and act from this interior realm where Compassion reigns – where Love is truly without conditions of any kind. It exists, so you Love it – just that simple. It doesn't matter if it's an axe murderer or a new-born child – it's all the same, on this level – all parts or aspects of you. Even if you've made it thus far through life being a goody-twoshoes, you're not that in all of your amgodiments. Dear one, you're an axe murderer, too! Get down off of that pedestal you've put yourself on and recognize that you don't really know a tenth, a hundredth of who you are. It's time for a great infusion of humility, my dears. There's literally nothing being done that you haven't done at some time – whether in this life or another makes little difference – it's still you. Once we eliminate enough of the blocking beliefs, we are able to walk a mile in another one's moccasins. We can expand out, not only into the subconscious and unconscious aspects of our mind, but into those other amgodiments, as well. Little flashes of them will begin to come through to those with a sufficiently empty cup. They will come both in dreams and in our waking life – but that's if we make the choices that lead there. Stop empowering the world with the ability to run or ruin your life. As you self-observe you will also see, when you set off in complaint about this or that, how you've made yourself powerless, there. Without even knowing it (consciously), you've made yourself into a victim – one being oppressed. That's a choice you can make. Life won't rob you of the ability to experience victimhood – if that's your choice. What you may not see or realize is just how much life is in support of you – of your choices. Your subconscious takes its orders from you – from your attitudes and beliefs – without judgment or discernment of any kind. That's why the subconscious is so easy to program – it doesn't judge. If you believe it, if you say it, your belief and words are taken literally by the subconscious mind, which sets out immediately to deliver just what you've ordered. One way this works that's easy to see is with the little saying, “What you resist persists.” So by fighting something – by resisting

– with the conscious mind, you set up the duality with the subconscious which will keep you tightly linked with whatever you're trying to escape. The subconscious doesn't play by the conscious mind's rules – it's a different creature, entirely. It pays to learn a bit about it – more of that precious self-knowledge. Whatever you currently fear, go into that, dear ones. Fear of any sort is a big red flag saying, “I gave my power away, here.” There is no successful way around what you fear – only straight through. It always turns out – yes always – that what is feared is an idea. Only the mind can generate fear. While I can't do it for you, you are more than able to take back all the power you've given away throughout time. It just takes some good self-observing to be shown by your own Inner Self where those places are. It won't be comfortable, but that's actually a good thing. How is that? That very discomfort is Source, trying to get your attention. You didn't pay attention to the gentle messages, so the ante keeps getting upped. What will it take? That's up to you. Most of us are so distanced from both the self and the Now that we're truly inattentive to the messages that arise, within. Our beliefs may get in the way of us realizing that, yes, Source does speak to us, individually. Our mind's hamster-wheeling distracts us from the still, small voice. Yet all of that is within our power to shift. We will make these decisions when we are ready. Decisiveness is required, but it's the decisiveness that originates in Heart, not in the mind. If you're not sure what you're ready for at this point, I'd suggest a program of simply watching the self. By doing that, in addition to keeping some focus within Heart, you're on a productive path. You will be shown. The reality is that we're each being shown, quite literally, all the time. The still, small voice isn't silent – just quiet. Any shouting that's done is via those things that make us uncomfortable, those things that we don't like. These can all eventually be seen to be the voice of Source speaking directly to us. We are actively Loved, my friends – Source isn't passive at all. It takes Heart vision, however. Even though mind may be able to

see evidence of this, it won't be able to enter into the experience of it. Mind only knows about things. Heart knows things. The difference is not subtle. There are those who talk about life, and there are those who live life, and with gusto – even when they seem to make a mistake. These are the fearless ones. Mind is the source of all of your fears. Self-observe each one as you go about plucking those weeds. On the other side you will find greater and greater empowerment, and a great sense of freedom and space in which to unfurl those wings you may not even know you have. If you are like most of us, you have long forgotten that you are divine. Yet that doesn't change who you are – just your experience of that. Know that you have it in your power to reverse a lot of – though not all – of what plagues you, today. There is a shift that must be made – yes, from head to Heart experience of these things – before you can get a more accurate sense of the use of your power – what that entails. At some point you will be the Master of Form. At that point you'll be able to walk through walls and levitate and alter many outer circumstances of your life at will. Don't hold your breath while you wait – just be in Now. The more fully Present you are, the more you will observe and the more of the guidance you receive every day of your life will be perceived. Until that day comes (when you are Master of Form), see to it that you stick with Now and Here and self – only these. Only these are your business, anyway – the rest belong either to other beings or to Source. Besides, the Master of Form title isn't something you strive for or give any concern. It comes quite naturally while you are about your own business. As we live from integrity and ethics with honor – as we truly Love Truth – things are so easily seen to just take care of themselves. All outer change starts within, so this sticking to self is also quite productive – but don't go into anything seeking a particular result. Hold no expectations at all. Integrity is a thing of the Now moment – not something for which we plan. The only bit of time you need to know for this trek is whether it is dark or light outside. Everything else is just a mental overlay on what is. Keep it simple, my friends. Mind not only complicates

things, generally unnecessarily, but also is the source of our difficulties and fears. If it's uncomfortable, whatever it is, look to mind for its origin and take your power back. Your happiness is in your own Heart. Namaste ~♥~


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