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. CCL projects are located at Nashik and Jalgaon site in which Prashant Lakhera and Gagan Vedi are appointed for the project as the financial analysts from CRA and Deepak Ghoshis as the project lead from CDB. The CRA and CDB have got a new project to grade the company based on all construction entities. They should work on a report that has to be submitted within the few days. Deepak intervened by putting a very sensible topic which should not be asked. Prashant and Vedi managed the situation by reacting aptly. Later they stopped meeting and discussing about project. . Gagan Vedi from CRA Company and another employee Deepak Ghosh from CDB Company. Ghosh made individual visits to sites without informing the team. They never discussed the deadline of project completion. they didn’t spent time to know each other. He wants to pull up the attention towards him. The same is repeated for the other site (Jalgaon). The Credit Rating Agency Limited (CRA) and Construction Development Board (CDB) make an agreement that the CRA would provide grading services for the construction entities and analyses the financial statements. The team has only four hours to submit their report to the Grading Committee what are the ways in which Prashant could handle the situation.SYNOPSIS The case is about the employees Prashant Lakhera. When they visited the Nashik project site. Ghosh communicated native language with the workers and when Prashant and Gagan intervened for explanation he says that it is all under his control and showed his dominant nature. which allowed frustration to buildup. From the starting day of the project. constructs roads and bridges in India. BACKGROUND Continent Construction Limited (CCL) is the construction company which has many project sites. Rather most of the time was spent for explaining the CRAs rating methodology. Ghosh gave update and gave feedback to his Boss without involving Prashant and Vedi. Since Ghosh has experience in construction sector so the team relied on him for the information. For Dinner with the client. During the meeting with CFO. He tries to take the credit and Prashant and Vedi missed the opportunity talking to Boss. Prashant and Vedi constrained themselves from asking pertinent questions. Ghosh arrived late and also he didn’t greet other team members and he is not a team player. Since Ghosh is a government employee he thinks that he has more knowledge than private employees and showed his overconfidence in him. CDB would provide technical person to know about the operational analysis of the construction. The case depicts all about team work qualities and perception of people based on various fields.

Emotional Stability Openness to experience OBJECTIVES 1. 3. To develop and maintain one to one relationship so that it can result in successful interaction and completion of the project. friendly with the team. . violently. To enable Prashant as a decision maker rather than being passive analyst. Prashant Lakhera He tries to intervene in the matters.In the evening. his work. To understand the Ghosh behaviour so that Prashant can adjust to his behaviour. Vedi and Prashant complete their report but when Prashant asked Ghosh for his contribution to the report. 2. He is not so adjustable in any He is adjustable to part of team and shows interest in any environment. Ghosh showed his rudeness and walked away from the team. So Prashant has to decide what to do to complete the report within the deadline. He is not so flexible and He tries to be calm and can reacts to the situations handle the situations. Conscientiousness He does not complete his He is responsible and task and does not work with completes his work on time the team. 4. He tries to participate in all meetings and discussions. Personality Traits Big Five Personality Model Personality Extraversion Deepak Ghosh He is an extravert and interacts with the people (local workers and site engineer). and well organised. and Agreeableness He is not so cooperative and He is cooperative responsive. To make Ghosh realise that completion of the report to the client within the timeline is priority.

They could not organise properly and have delayed the work till the peak time.  Pros: The team spirit increases and improves one to one relationship with his team members.     3.  2. He can resolve the issue by speaking to him indirectly or make Ghosh realise about the importance of the project.ISSUES 1. Ghosh irregular behaviour and his over confidence delayed the project submission. Ghosh would work and coordinate with the team. Prashant and Vedi became calm and did not show interest in the construction site due to Ghosh. SOLUTIONS 1. Team/Group Dynamics: Since Ghosh is doing the task without involving the team so by focusing him on team building exercises knows about his team members each other better. He would complete the report on time. Check point/Status Calls: Ghosh and other team members should go for the check point conference calls on the status of the work and progress of the project for every two days with all team members and including their boss. Pros: Prashant will improve his working strengths. Cons: He might get to open up with them and become more rude and straight forward. It would lead to cancellation of agreement between CRA and CDB. 2. Cons: Ghosh thinks he is pinpointed so this would lead to his resignation. He might feel good to be with his colleagues in an informal way and have better terms with them formally too. so that can improve transference of the . It also results in a productive work and they can submit the report on timeline. Prashant should be assertive: Prashant should have taken the initiative and some action to report to his manager Amol Phadnis about the Ghosh attitude and his performance. who did not respond properly to them. 3.

 Pros: Ghosh will share the status and the knowledge on the construction filed. He can also request to help him out by sending brief report or he can request Ghosh's boss to come down to office along with Ghosh so that both of them can complete the work in given time. Extension of Submission of Report: Prashant with the help of his supervisor should plead the authority of the Grading Committee to extend the timeline of submission of the report. I would have organise the work and allot time line for completing the work so that my team would complete work well before official dead line and avoid last moment tensions. .  Pros: By doing this way. Cons: Ghosh is asymmetrical and he might not attend the checkpoint calls for every two days and share the status with other team members. Also they can plan for the next action items and issues that were reported in previous calls. 5. Cons: The companies would lose their reputation and the client company might sue the grading committee for non-compliance. Pros:   Co-ordination and Co-operation will be developed within work and status of the project. What would you do if you were in Lakhera’s shoes?   I would understand his behaviour and develop one to one relation with each other. Intimating to Ghosh’s Supervisor: Lakhera’s boss Amol Phadnis can call up Ghosh's boss Pavneet Arora and tell the incident which happened during meeting. So there is a chance that other team members also will become skilled at construction field. they can submit the report to the grading committee on time. As Ghosh use to inform about daily report to his boss. They should try to make Ghosh to prepare his operational analysis report. They should also request them to ask the client company CCL to accept the same. 6. They can submit an accurate report to the client. Amol can request Arora for details of those information.  4.

capable and control of their environment. To understand the importance of the employee and ability to open up communication channels with others. The case also refers to the concept of Narcissism who has grandiose sense of self importance. To actively take the initiative or challenge to improve the circumstances based on the situation. he tried to grab the attention.  MANEGERIAL LEARINGS FROM THE CASE STUDY     To understand how to manage and work effectively in a team.BEST PROPOSED SOLUTION RELATIONSHIP WITH THEORITICAL CONCEPTS  Core Self Evaluation relates to individual who likes or dislikes themselves as effective. Ghosh don't want others to involve in his work as he thinks that he is effective enough to complete his given work. requires excessive admiration and arrogant. And was arrogant as he left the meeting without completing his work. Ghosh by intervening in the meeting with CFO. He always wants to control the work place without informing Prashant about work progress. Improving Ethical Behaviour: To know how to behave with the higher officials in the work place and to identify the right and wrong conduct. .

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