1.Note: Pathan are Belong From the first Civilized Nations of the world called as "Alian-Civilizations". 2.

might be 20,000 years ago Allah or God send the Adam down to earth then from the ribs of Hazarat Adam [A.S] there is the Birth of Hazarat Eva A.S done then with time the humans get increase in number with out and proper education they [ humans ] were look wild, but the have the sence of mutal respect and living in a group as a family. 3.about 7000 years ago , there were first two civilizations created in world, known as "Alian-Civilizations in Egypt its also called as BlueBlood or color[Blue]-eye nations near river-Neal " and "Non-AlianCivilizations in India near river Indus " and the rest of world were remained Non-Civilized . 4.as we know that the Alian-civilizations in Egypt were more advanced as compare to Non-Alian-Civilizations in india, because they invent the way to use Horse to travel for long distance . 5.then "Alian-Civilizations" divided in to many nations including at present state you can see the nations "Germans, Some Arabs, Some-Jews , And all true Pathan " these nations collectively have the link with "AlianCivilizations-Back-ground" so mathematically we can re-present this as "Germans + Some Arabs + Some-Jews + all true Pathan = AlianCivilizations " , and on the other hand the "Non-Alian-Civilizations" in India were divided into many sub-small groups with in india . 6.then about 5000 years ago , the Prophet-Ibraham [A.S] came , ProphetIbraham A.S has the family back ground from "Alian-Civilizations" , he got two wife , from one wife the Prophet-Ismaiel A.S was born, and from another wife the Prophet-Isaaq A.S was born , and from ProphetIsmaiel A.S descendants only one prophet was born he called as "Prophet-Mohammad [P.B.U.H ] , and from the descendants of prophetIsmaiel A.S , there were so many prophet born some of them are namely Moses[A.S], Jeses or Isa [A.S] , Samsung [A.S] , Solaman [A.S] , David or Dawood [A.S] , and so on . 7. so, near about 5000 years ago from now, after the creations of "Childern-Of-Israiel " and before the birth of any prophet from the childern of Israiel family including all prophet in Childern-of-israiel , there was a general called as "Afghana" [Afghana is belong from the family of "Childern-Of-Israiel " ] of an "Childern-Of-Israiely people Army" under the "Childern-Of-Israiely-people-king [ i do not know the name of that king] " rule in Egypt , so, once upon a time near to 5000 years ago from now the General-Afghana lose a war with an "enemy of childern-of-Israiely-people army" after that, the General-Afghana left

the Army , and he [ re-tired General-Afghana ] take his family and left the Childern-Of-Israiel nations and he [ re-tired General-Afghana ] move with his family towards Saudia-Arab then he drop some members of his family in Sauida-Arab and then he [ re-tired GeneralAfghana ] with his remaining other family members he [ re-tired General-Afghana ] reach to an un-named part of Khorasan [ that part of khorasan later get the name as Afghistan by expiring the quality of "re-tired General-Afghana" ] from the near by other peoples , where he [ re-tired General-Afghana ] with his remaining family members lived there life, and on the other hand the other member of his family who were living in Sauida-Arab they were living there [in sauida-Arab ] continuitly up-till the Last Prophet Mohammad [P.B.U.H] come as a prophet in Madina [ city of sauida-Arab] . 8.after that , in Afghistan, near about 2300 years ago from now [before the birth of Hazarat Jeses or Isa A.S ] the "Alexzander [ or Sikandar ] the Great" try to rule on over the "People-Of-Afghan" [or the descendants of "re-tired General-Afghana" ] and also the "Alexzander [or Sikandar ] the great" also try to attack on Jews , Hundues in india and so many other places . 9.After that, near about 2013 years ago the birth of Jeses or Isa A.S take place then hazarat jeses or Isa A.S become a prophet. 10.after that , near about 1400 years ago the Birth of Last Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H take place , then prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H become the prophet , and near about 1434 years ago from now the Prophet-Mohammad P.B.U.H with his followers got migrated from Makkah to Madina , then one of the followers of Islam his name is "Khalaid-Bin-Waleed R.A" { his family back ground is --> he ( KhalaidBin-Waleed R.A ) is belong from the one part of the family of "re-tired General-Afghana", who he [ re-tired General-Afghana] were droped his a part of his family in Sauida-Arab about 5000 years ago from now } call to the tribes leaders of Afghinistan called as "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " to come to Madina and Accept the Islam from the last prophet Mohammad [ P.B.U.H ] , After that call "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " with his four son's [ namely 1.Afridi - Khan 2. Lodhi - khan 3. Yousaf-zai - khan 4. Nazai - khan ] and with his all tribes reached to Madina from Afghinistan . 11.after that , "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " meet with Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H in Madina then "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " accept Islam , then after accept Islam , Prophet-Mohammad P.B.U.H get hug with "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " for congulations then during huging Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H got experience by touching the back of

"Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " then prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H gave the title to the nations of "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " that the word "Pathan" [ which mean , the Pathan is called the Back bone of a Boat , so its mean the Pathan which is the back bone of a boat is so strong part of a boat so that it balance and hold the boat ] , so its all the story of the pathan , that is all. 12.after that, now i like to introduce the family history of the Lodhi family , we all know that the "Abdul-Qais [or kais ] Khan " had four son's [ namely 1.Afridi - Khan 2. Lodhi - khan 3. Yousaf-zai - khan 4. Nazai - khan ] , then when the Lodhi's Ruled over India might be 600 years ago from now [2013] , the lodhi's three kings [Sikandar-Lodhi, Ibrahaiem-lodhi and one more lodhi's king i do not remember his name ] ruled over India up-till might be 200 years long then the Mughals [ family back ground relates from turks or arabs ] take over india from Lodhi's 3rd king called as Ibrahaiem-lodhi , then the lodhi's family still lived in India among the people of india and they get into the Army of the kindom of Mughals , after that the British ruled over india then the lodhi's family still living in india among the indian people and lodhi's totally adopated the indian life style and there languages , then in 1947 when the Pakistan was created then lodhi's family migrated to Pakistan, that is all about the pathans and lodhi family, lodhi's are also Pathan but they do not speak the language of Pathans called as Pashtoo , but they speak those languages from where they belongs from so many years like those lodhi's who lived among the urdu speaking people so there fore they speek urdu language only and those lodhi's familyes who lived among the punjabi speaking people they speak Punjabi language only .

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