EFFECT OF 12TH HOUSE LORD IN VARIOUS HOUSES: 1st: The person may have weak constitution and lack

vitality. Health may not be good. Endeavors undertaken may not yield much success. Phlegmatic ailments such as breathing problems and lung disorders may affect the health. The person may have little confidence or low self-esteem. Happiness in conjugal life is not well indicated. He may be of spiritual nature. 2nd: The person may be religious, tactful and sweet of speech. Expenses on auspicious deeds are indicated. He would be endowed with happiness. On the contrary, if 12th lord is afflicted, he may use foul language and may indulge in gossips and quarreling. This signature disturbs the happiness in domestic life. Expenses are high. 3rd: This signature indicates the person is highly individualistic and may possess a strong sense of intuition. He or she would be steadfast and triumphant in accomplishments. He may be selfcentered and efforts may not bring success if 12th lord is weak. He may be devoid of fraternal bliss. This is not a good signature for siblings. 4th: This signature is favorable for gaining education in foreign land as well as for foreign residence. There may be many changes of residence. In case there is association of a malefic planet, the native may incur losses in respect of land, conveyances and houses. In extreme cases, he may suffer constant harassment from landlord. 5th: The astrological signature is indicative of little happiness from children. This signature denotes little peace of mind. The native may suffer from tensions. Education may be disturbed. Success in speculative activities is not well indicated. It is bad for matters related to love. 6th: This signature is favorable for gaining success in matters related to litigation also. Trik lord in 6th house gives rise to harsha yoga, which is favorable for gaining material wealth if there is association of benefic planets. The person may be happy, prosperous and enjoys long life as well as comforts. However if 12th lord is weak, this may not be in effect and the person may lose temper easily and incur enmity with own men. Feelings of jealousy may also empower the person. 7th: This signature may indicate spouse from a different cast and creed. There may be less conjugal happiness. The native may be weak in health and strength. He may not be very well educated. He may associate himself with the world of spiritualism in later life. 8th: The placement of Moksha lord in Moksha house indicates strong spiritual nature. The native may have interest in occult subjects. The person may get gains through legacies and enjoys comfortable life. However, there may not be much success in life due to lack of resources. Longevity may be less.

The person may be inimical even to spouse. friends and preceptor. 10th: This person may face troubles on account of superiors or government. There may be success in acquiring property in foreign land. However. There will be material comforts in lifetime. Journeys may be tedious. Luck may not favor and there may be no easy solutions to problems. . The native may be restless and fond of traveling. In case. There may be expenditure through royal persons. He may not enjoy happiness or physical comforts from children. Debts or expenses on account of friends are a possibility also. generous and large hearted. Any subject within astrology is full of ‘ifs and buts’. 12th: The person may spend money on religious and righteous purposes. There may be few opportunities in life or few profits/gain. He may be persecuted from persons in authority. facing karmic punishments and ending up as victims of temptation and miss-judged communication.then one can know the pot holes and become careful. There is an indication for financial losses. however the prime issue that appears to be the forefront must be kept in mind. there may be more concern about achieving selfish gains. then the native may experience fortunes from/through father.9th: If 12th lord is strong. The person will be honest. 11th: The native may experience difficulties in fulfilling desires. there is association of a malefic planet. So. Otherwise The horoscope can limp along the lines of its potentially danger ground often taking wrong turns. this signature indicates unhappiness from progeny. Relationship with eldest sibling may not be very harmonious. This signature is unfavorable for investments and progeny bliss. It is good for material prosperity but bad for health. This signature is good for people living away from homeland. he may experience difficulties in profession.

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