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7 Fat Buring Kettlebell Workouts Forest Vance, MS Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor http://kettlebellbasics.net/

Strenuous physical exercise can be a dangerous activity. There are inherent risks in any physical activity, intense fitness training is no exception. The use of professional instruction is recommended before entering into any type of sport or physical exercise. You should become knowledgeable about the risks involved and assume personal responsibility for your actions. The information contained within this manual may or may not be accurate and is open to interpretation.

Blogger. He is also a Personal Trainer. and for some reason you missed signing up for my email newsletter. Gym Owner. From the author: This short report will show you how to use kettlebells – my favorite training tool – for extreme cardio conditioning and rapid fat loss. Author and Fitness Entrepreneur based out of Sacramento. Master of Science. CA.About Forest Vance & The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning Program Forest Vance has a Master of Science in Human Movement and is a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor. videos. KettlebellBasics.net. Level II Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor . If you like these workouts. you'll want to make sure to do so … I send out tons of free kettlebell workouts. Forest Vance. and more on a weekly basis … you can sign up at my main kettlebell training site.

and do it for a continuous period of time. utilize large muscles of the body.. And if we work at a high – but sustainable – intensity with them for a continuous period. Kettlebells happen to be a great tool to elevate the heart rate quickly. So my goal with this kettlebell cardio program is to PERMANENTLY change the way you think about cardio … Let’s start with some defining facts about cardio from healthstatus. keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level … You need a minimum of 20 minutes of continued elevated pulse to get the best results … So – if we elevate the heart rate.com: Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises your heart rate … Cardio exercise uses large muscle movement over a sustained period of time.Defined Before we get into all of the Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning program details. catching up on the latest E! channel celeb gossip … Or you might think of running or biking outdoors … But odds are you probably DON’T think of cardio and lifting weights of any kind as one in the same.“Cardio” . we get a killer kettlebell cardio workout .. . we’re good to go – no matter our implements/training tools of choice. work at a reasonable and sustained intensity. a quick question: how do you define “cardio”? It might conjure up images of folks pedaling away on recumbent stationary bikes at the health club.

sustained effort training is the type the individual on the left does for his sport. That’s why I was excited when I found out that LSD (long-slow-distance cardio) is not the best way to lose fat … 2) It’s unfavorable for “positive” changes in body composition Perfectly evidenced by the pic above … high-intensity.Why Interval Cardio Is A Better Solution For Fat Loss Now that we've defined what “cardio” is … and established that kettlebells are a viable and useful tool for doing it … we're going to talk about the best way to set up your cardio workouts – interval-style! Here are three quick reasons why I hate traditional. and why intervals are superior for fat loss and super-human conditioning: 1) LSD cardio is mind-numbing Doing 45 minutes of low-to-medium intensity cardio on a stationary bike or treadmill is seriously boring. interval-based cardio is the type of training the individual on the right does on a regular basis … low-intensity. long/slow cardio. 3) Humans aren’t designed to work this way . Which physique would you rather have? I rest my case.

. the last draft of which was completed well over 10. Our evolutionary blueprint.To quote Mark Sission of the Primal Blueprint: Humans were just not designed to work for extended periods of time at 80-90% VO2max. set us up as great slow-movers and occasional fast sprinters.000 years ago.

respectively) Increasing or decreasing the number of intervals per workout Increasing or decreasing the rest time between intervals And so. Three ways you can switch up your cardio interval workouts include: • • • Increasing or decreasing the length of the interval (while decreasing or increasing the intensity.com.. we're going to incorporate all of these methods into the Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning program for maximum results in minimum time . through some unique and fun programming strategies.Interval Cardio Programming According to an article from Craig Ballentyne (fat loss expert and author of the famous Turbulence Training program on ArticleClick. variety is one of the main keys in your interval program that prevents you from hitting a fat loss plateau.. .

Perform prescribed reps of exercise. Knee push ups) and use lighter weights. warm-up and static stretch cool down. Take your time to follow the recommended progression and learn them properly. Rest period is from the time the set is finished until timer goes off for the next 60 second period. Complete entire workout in this fashion. Set your timer for sixty second intervals. Other Tips/Guidelines • These workouts all about intensity. For example. Windmills are a tricky exercise. especially at the beginning … so if they're too easy for you. Do three (beginner) to five (advanced) rounds total of each day's exercise sequence. (Meaning you'll end up doing three to five sets total of each exercise) Make sure to perform a SMR/joint mobility/dynamic stretching/etc.7 Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning Workouts Notes • • • • Do all workouts circuit-style – perform the first exercise. just regress the exercises (ex. you need to pick harder exercise variations and/or heavier weights. start over. move on to the next. They're very low volume. rest the allotted time. • • • • . repeat for sequence. if you want to make the workout easier. five sets of 15 handstand push ups and 25 swings with the beast with minimal rest is tough no matter who you are :) On the other hand. If you can't do regular pull ups yet. do body rows (see exercise description section) and double the prescribed reps.

7 Fat Burning Kettlebell Cardio Workouts (beginner level workouts) 1 12 push ups 20 swings 2 6 rack squats/side 6 pull ups (intermediate level workouts) 3 10 push ups 15 swings 4 windmills/side 4 4 rack squats/side 4 pull ups 1 TGU/side .

(advanced level workouts) 5 10 push ups 15 swings 4 windmills/side 6 lunges/side 6 6 6 2 6 rack squats/side pull ups TGU's/side burpees (extreme level workout) 7 2 TGU's/side 20 swings 4 windmills/side 6 rack squats/side 6 burpees .

the hip snap is just more powerful and the 'bell should swing up to about shoulder height. The mechanics of this movement are the same as the half swing. Then. Your back should stay completely flat and you should feel a stretch in the back of the legs if you're doing the movement properly. . 2. Try to get the bottom of the kettlebell to face the wall behind you as you hike pass it back. Two things to think about: make sure you're 'hike passing' the weight back between the legs on the downswing. you can progress to the full swing. The knees lock out and the hips come all the way through – the force is then efficiently transferred to the upper body. It's not a squat and front raise. The deadlift and the squat are two very distinct and different movements. Focus on pulling your butt back behind you with your hip flexors and moving through the hips instead of squatting. this movement is like a deadlift. If you're doing it right. it's a hip snap. This is the movement you need to get down before you move on to a full blown swing. the arms are loose and the legs are doing the job of lifting the weight. When you feel comfortable with the ½ swing. Once you have the deadlift down. Start by performing a simple sumo deadlift with the kettlebell between the feet. snap the hips and swing the weight up. 3. you can try a ½ swing. not a squat. again.Exercise Descriptions The Swing 1.

Your shoulder blades are pinched together and the chest is 'high'. Grab the 'bell. and back – now we're hitting most of the muscle groups in the front. . so I'll break it down into steps for you: 1. 'Punch' up towards the ceiling while rolling on to the elbow at the same time. clean. Start by lying on the ground with the kettlebell at your side. with no weight to start. fast. and roll to your back. 3. pull it into your body. You'll want to learn the movement by getting this part down first. Make sure your wrist is straight and you have a firm grip on the kettlebell handle. As a frame of reference. This is a highly complex movement. and snatch are considered 'ballistics'. We worked the back of the body with the swing – the hams. glutes. This is not only something to practice. 2. This is the first 'half' of the movement. the get-up is a slow and controlled movement – it's considered a 'grind'. Press the single kettlebell straight up to the sky.Turkish Get Up In contrast to the swing. explosive movements like the swing. and then with weight added as you get better at it.

take a deep breath. and stand up. Slowly reverse the motion and return to the ground. . which involves standing all the way up.but a viable exercise. Next. Squeeze the glute and come up to a lunge position. bring the knee 'through' your hips and to about six inches away from the same hand. I use the ½ get-up in personal training sessions and group classes all of the time. it's time to progress to doing the complete movement. hold it. Once you have the ½ get-up down. 4.

To perform the Beginner Pull-up. Start with arms fully extended. lead with the chest. You can perform this exercise with your palms facing away or palms facing towards you. the hips and shoulders should stay down and back. Shift your body underneath the bar so that the exercise is challenging for you but not impossible. but your feet stay on the ground. The movement is just like a Pull-Up.Pull-Up/Body Row The pull-up is your basic upper body pull. You’ll have to play with your body position a little to get it just right. drive the elbows towards the ground. start by finding a bar about chest high. Drive the elbows down towards the ground. and keep the shoulders down and back through the top of the movement. A railing outside would work – I found a perfect bar at a playground for our photo shoot. .

chest is tall. Weight is back through the heels. and your toes pointed straight ahead or slightly out. The lower legs should stay completely vertical. and shoulder blades are pushed down and back. . this adds a unique core and stabilization challenge to the exercise. Sit back as if you’re sitting on a chair. In the rack squat. Imagine that you are stuck in cement up to your knees. start with your feet between hip and shoulder width apart.Rack Squat To perform the squat. the kettlebell is simply racked on one side.

Push Up The basic version of the push-up is performed from the toes. Starting from the ground. your chest. and your glutes are squeezed. . hip. and thighs should all be in the same plane. abs are engaged. Your shoulders are pushed down and back. the body is nice and straight.

Do a push-up. it works nearly every muscle in your body and requires very little space. Start the burpee in a standing position. but your own body weight. it can be performed with nothing. jump your feet forward and jump in the air. Repeat for reps! . Jump your feet back and land in a push-up position.Burpee The burpee is one of the greatest total-body conditioning exercises of all time.

The lower leg position is very similar to that of a squat. and your knee should be tracking over the toe. your weight should still be through the heel. Make sure the knee doesn’t come out over the toe.Lunge To perform the lunge. . take a giant step out.

for “unlocking” the hips. Your feet should be pointed to the side at approximately 45 degrees. The movement in this exercise is coming from the hip and not the torso.Windmill The windmill is an awesome exercise for building core strength.) . (You're imagining you have a kettlebell in your top hand throughout the movement here. Follow this progression to learn the exercise: Weightless Windmill Start with a ketttlebell at the instep of your foot. Poke your hip out to the side. and a whole lot more … however. it's a bit tricky to master. Let the hand slide down the leg. tap the 'bell and stand up. shoulder stability and mobility.

Bottom-Hand Windmill Same exact movement. . now you're simply picking up the 'bell with your bottom hand.

Standard Windmill Same movement – only now the KB is overhead. . Arm is locked. shoulder is “packed” .same principles as the TGU. Make sure you tense the glute and engage the core to stand up.

com/watch?v=IMQfULpYr3k&feature=plcp Kettlebell basics combo #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v3nJWp2x7c&feature=plcp 10 minute kettlebell swing + snatch cardio workout: http://www. How to fix your kettlebell swing: http://www.com/watch?v=xbTQiAcoOvY&feature=plcp Turkish Get Up Progression.youtube.youtube.youtube.youtube.com/watch?v=HhSUfds0z3w&feature=plcp Body weight and kettlebell circuit workout: http://www.com/watch?v=-3AM0w4bN7c&feature=plcp Best kettlebell Tabata exercises: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvcS5lrW8x8&feature=plcp Kettlebell Basics Combo #1: http://www.com/watch?v=z7335soWe8w&feature=plcp Body weight and kettlebell 300 workout: http://www.Bonus Section Three .com/watch?v=Jy5KPMfe5io&feature=plcp .youtube.youtube.youtube.youtube.FV's Top 10 Kettlebell Videos Here are my top ten kettlebell videos … these are the most popular videos and ones I've gotten the most positive feedback on.The Half Get Up: http://www.com/watch?v=DfyH74XK-fI&feature=plcp How to do a kettlebell swing: http://www. I thought they would be of help to you in your kettlebell fat loss journey.com/watch?v=2Fk9ogwfJpc&feature=plcp How to do a Turkish Get Up: http://www.

and 10 weeks to transform your body.net – Forest's KB blog with weekly updated workouts. meal planning guides. http://kettlebellswingsforfatloss. videos.net Premium Workouts mega-bundle. videos. and more for one low price. 10 workouts. http://kettlebellswingsforfatloss.com – 10 exercises.net/ .Learn the basics of kettlebell training and become a HardStyle kettlebell swing master.com – Learn how to lose as much fat as humanly possible in 30 days – with kettlebells! http://10x10kettlebells. http://30daykettlebellfatloss.The KettlebellBasics.com/ . training tips.com – The FULL Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning program that this report is based on. http://fvtcoachingclub.Additional Resources http://kettlebellbasics.Get ALL of Forest's kettlebell workout programs. .net/premiumworkouts/ . and much more. http://kettlebell-circuits. body weight training resources.

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