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Rights and privileges: Immunity from Criminal Conspiracy in Trade Disputes (Sec 17) No office-bearer or member of a registered trade

Union shall be liable to punishment under sub- sec (1) of sec 120-B of IPC 1860, in respect of any agreement made between the members or the purpose of furthering any such object of the trade union as specified under sec 15, unless the agreement is an agreement to commit an offence. Immunity cannot invoked in case of violent strikes. Immunity from Tortuous Act(Section18(2)) A registered trade union shall not be liable in any suit or other legal proceeding in any civil court in respect of any tortuous act done in contemplation or furtherance of a trade dispute by an agent of the trade union, if it is provides that such person acted without the knowledge of, or contrary to express instruction given by, the executive of the trade union Proportion of Officers to be Connected with industry(Section22) Not less than one-half in unorganized sector of the total number of the office-bearers of every registered trade union must be persons actually engaged or employed in an industry with which trade union is connected. The appropriate government may, however, by special or general order, exempt a trade union from the application of this provision. (2) Save as otherwise provided in sub-section (1),all office-bearers of a registered trade union, expect not more than one-third of the total number of the office-bearers or five, whichever is less, shall be persons actually engaged or employed in the establishment or industry with which the trade union is connected. (3) No member of the council of ministers or a person holding an office of profit in the union or a state, shall be a member of the executive or other office-bearer of a registered Trade Union. Effects of changes of name and of Amalgamation (Section26) The changes in the name of a registered trade union does not affect its rights or obligations; nor does it render defective any legal proceeding by or against the trade union. Therefore, any legal proceeding which might have been commenced or continued by or against the trade union in its former name may be so commenced or continued in its new name. Similarly , an

amalgamation of two or more registered trade union does not prejudice any right of any such trade unions or any right of a creditor or any of them. Failure to submit Returns (Sec 31) If default is made on the part of any registered trade union in giving any notice or sending any statement or any other documents or any other document as required under the provision of the act. If he fails than every member of the executive of TU shall be punishable by a fine of Rs 5 and if continued that Rs 5 for each Week and total fine should not exceed Rs 50. Supply of false information regarding trade Union (Sec 32) Any person who with intent to deceive gives to any member of a registred trade union or to any person intending or applying to become the member of such trade union any documents supporting