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-4- . Some are ready to defend their side but some are still deciding on what they are fighting for. armies have grown and lines have been drawn.Summary Takes place 11 years or so after "The Healer. Over the years." Leah's POV.

Chapter 1
A/N: Hello, Everyone! I hope you enjoy this next story as much as the last one. Just an FYI, this story is not beta so I apologize in advance. I'm sure there are tons of mistakes and I'm sure there are many of you that have an urge to print this off and shower it with red marks and send it back to me, but I wanted to post it anyways. Hopefully you can get past it and enjoy Leah's story in spite of the bad grammar. There I stood on the dance floor, a little shocked but more irritated than anything else, with a bouquet of flowers mocking me in my hands. The surrounding single ladies that I stood next to on the dance floor slowly walked back to their tables in defeat…looking longingly at the flowers that I was grasping. I sighed, as I realized that they still had a far better shot than I did at ever getting married in the future. It was pretty pathetic, that I was even up here. As the crowed cheered and clapped, I fought the urge to fling them on the floor and proceed to stomp on them. What an awful wedding ritual. The only thing stopping me was the look on Nessie's face. She squealed and clapped while she nodded her head as if to tell me that she was right and the possibility of love was still out there for me. I looked at her suspiciously as I had a crazy notion that she had been aiming for me all along. Before I could roll my eyes, she gave me a big hug, followed by the many flashes of cameras. I smiled for the picture and made my way back to the table. I sighed as I sat down on my seat placing the flowers delicately on the table. They were absolutely beautiful; each flower…each petal on this arrangement was perfect; Swarovski crystal's danced on to several petals as they were wrapped together by a dark blue satin bow. It was a pretty extravagant bouquet…actually; it was a pretty extravagant wedding. It was probably the most extravagant wedding in the whole world. I couldn't fathom the amount of money was spent. We had all arrived to this private island, at this recently built private resort, on private jets that apparently all owned by the Cullen Family. Island Esme was heavenly. It was absolutely beautiful and every view on the island looked like it belonged on a postcard. The ceremony had taken place on the beach, just before twilight. If I hadn't thought that the sparkling that came off of the guests who were vampires as the sun was setting was so freaky, made the scenery all that more stunning. It was unreal and I'm sure Alice had planned it that way. Sam was officiating. He had decided to get ordained as it was becoming a necessity with the amount of weddings that were taking place every year.

I looked back out on the dance floor and watched Jacob hold Nessie close to him, his hand laid protectively on her back, as they danced on the dance floor. Her loosely curled unusual bronze hair, identical to her father's hair, gently sway across her shoulders. She looked spectacular, an absolute perfect bride. Though her dress was the most beautiful I had ever seen, worth the 11 years of design and handwork that had crafted it, it only complimented her, never out showing her beauty. I watched enviously as they looked longingly at each other as if there was no one else in the room. Jacob had that same goofy grin that hadn't seemed to leave his face, not even for a second, which had been plastered all week and now miraculously grew even bigger today. I continued to watch as more couples made it out on to the dance floor. Times like this I had wished I had brought a date, but that was not even an option for me. I grabbed my empty glass of water and began chewing on the ice that was let. As my eyes grazed across the dance floor, they landed on Edward who was dancing with his wife Bella. An involuntary smile formed on my lips that I couldn't help. I could no longer look at him the same way again…not after I knew what happened at the Bachelor party. The vision of him, courtesy of Jacob, being almost mauled by that drag queen flashed in my mind. It was a scavenger hunt mission gone bad. His eyes immediately narrowed at me and I mouthed an apology. He rolled his eyes and looked back to smile at Bella who was looking at him suspiciously. I was ordered by Jacob that I was to keep my mouth shut about the incident and I was in no way allowed to tell Nessie, though I had been dying to. But because he was the Alpha and I respected his effort on making sure he kept things on good terms with his new father-in-law (which was weird for me to imagine since Edward looked so much younger than Jake) I had to comply. I couldn't help that it sometimes popped in my head, especially when I needed a good laugh. After Jacob's bachelor party, I looked at all of the Cullen men differently. I always thought of them slightly uptight, so overly proper, well maybe not so much Emmett but the rest of them were so serious all of the time. So being part of the pack, secrets of what they did at the bachelor party was something that they just couldn't keep from me. I would have been a bit smug about being the only girl to know what happened at this top secret testosterone induced outing that they were making it out to be if I hadn't wanted to tell someone what they did so badly. It was too hilarious to keep a secret. While Emmett and Seth planned the elaborate scavenger hunt, Jasper and Edward had planned an even more elaborate game of capture the flag. Which in itself is not that funny but what was, is how into it they all got. Imagine all of them, even Dr. Cullen, in all cameos from head to toe, even their face was painted in cameo. I quickly glanced over to him as he was dancing with his wife Esme. God, it was so weird.

Ten years ago, such a game between vampires and us wolves would have been hard to imagine without someone losing their temper or possibly a fatal casualty. But the tie that bonded us all together, Jacob and Nessie, had made us much like family over the years. And though, I still sometimes resent the vampires for coming, being the catalyst that turned me into what I was today and losing Sam, was completely overshadowed at the peace I saw fall on all of us and the love that we all had for each other that seemed to grow over the years. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, had seemed to be my life motto. This was my 15th wedding this year alone that I was a bridesmaid in. But this wedding was different, since it was a wedding of my two closest friends. Everyone else had put me in their wedding party just because it was a great honor to have an Alpha and a Beta to be apart of your wedding. Jake had been in just as many weddings as I. I tried to date; I really gave it my best effort. But it was useless. Any connection that I might have made with someone from the opposite sex could never be as strong and nearly as satisfying as a relationship with an imprint would be. How I wished for blissful ignorance. It is unfortunate that I, being part of the pack, knew exactly how it felt. I had seen it and felt it through my pack brothers. As much as I wanted to just settle for something second best, I just couldn't. I looked back at the bouquet of flowers that I had caught that was still sitting on the table. I bit my bottom lip as I admitted to myself that deep down I still did have a small glimmer of hope that it would still happen for me. No matter how cynical I was, no matter how much I tried to convince myself, I could be happy with just myself, I still allowed myself to hoped. One day, it would be me dancing with my new husband on that dance floor. One day, I would be just as happy and in love as everyone else was. I looked up to find Claire, who was moving not very successfully in the same brides maid dress as I, stumbling in her heels, making her way to our table balancing two plates stacked with an array of different types of deserts. Usually she moved with more grace, this was just a clear sign that she had a lot to drink tonight. Quil would be having a good time in the bedroom tonight. Tipsy Claire was always a huge turn on to him…she had less inhibitions. It's sick that I know that. "My diet officially starts tomorrow," she said as she sat down next to me, immediately picking up a chocolate covered strawberry and shoving it into her mouth. "Claire, you look great. There is no reason why you would need to go on a diet," I said to her as I picked up a chocolate truffle off of one of her plates. She did look

She waved back and turned back to me. " I laughed as she said this with such a very serious face as if she was seriously considering it. really hate all of you. That was a big bonus of this life I had acquired. Nessie flopped down on the chair. You couldn't help it but compare. I suppose.good. It's not in my nature to lie and honestly. Because my body's heat ran a lot hotter than normal. I would take that chocolate fountain. Nessie's arm was Annabel's shoulders and Annabel was pulling her forward. Sometimes I felt that way being standing beside Annabel or Nessie. "Are you kidding me? Do you know how hard it is to have best friends who all have amazing bodies? If I didn't love you all so much. She took another piece of dessert and took a bite. no matter what size you were. "How I wish I had your metabolism. "and I would make Quil install it in our foyer and I would keep it on constantly. and shifting seemed to burn a lot of calories. But I was secretly pleased that she had put me in the same category as them. Leah. If I did. "You know you look good and either way Quil would still be obsessed with you." she said with her mouth still full but still grabbing for the next piece to put in her mouth. -8- . Chocolate deliciousness anytime I want. he looked over to her a flashed a smile." she said pointing to the corner where the desserts and the over the top wedding cake was displayed. I'd really. "You're probably right." I smiled at her. whose beauty was out of this world. Small price to pay for love. I'm just blunt like that. It would be awesome. making their way to our table. I'd hate you all. I guess. I turned around to find my two other best friends. As if he sensed she was staring at him. it's the nature of women." I watched her look across the room to Quil who was talking with Emmett. could eat whatever I wanted and never gain an ounce of fat. "These are sooo good!" I heard two giggling girls coming up from behind me. I was always hungry. I would have told her if she didn't. I watched her chew slowly and then sighed.

chatting and goofing off like we always do when the four of us are together. "He only waited 11 years for tonight. they would be so sick of having sex they couldn't even think about it. "I can't wait for the honeymoon." Claire said as she picked at the piece of cake on her plate. My wish being granted seemed very unlikely. in the exact same way her father does. in my own amazing town home. I internally groaned. They would be gone for a few weeks and then would return back to New York City to start school with all of us. Jacob with be disappointed. 15 more hours!" I smirked at her. Each of us was so different from one another. Hopefully they would do it so often. It had been near unbearable shifting with Jacob who seemed to find it impossible to keep his fantasies to himself over the past year. We sat for a while. I just hoped the three weeks would be enough to get it out of their system. I watched as Jake made his way to our table. a half-vampire. But we all found common ground within each other and loved one another as sisters. whispering something in Nessie's ear and gently caressing his lips to her neck and then walked away. Nessie rolled her eyes. getting to go to college this year…for fun. But as the end of the night was drawing near. especially Jacob. "You better not be too worn out. I waited 11 years too!" she said laughing. my best friends left with their husbands. and one by one. "I defiantly won't be too tired for that. Jacob was taking her across Europe. She had been counting down since last year to her honeymoon. I would have probably been just as excited if I had a father as strict as hers and one that could unfortunately read minds. I should be happy with what I have. a trip that he had saved and planned since he proposed. I had amazing friends and amazing family. a shifter and a human. not just in personalities but in species as well: a vampire."I am worn out!" she said as she tried to put her feet up on another chair but was slightly awkward by her big white dress. It's funny how a day can start out just like any normal day but ends up being one -9- . I liked our tight group that we formed together. I was living in New York City. I should be happy." Annabel said teasingly. The wedding was just an obstacle to get through to get to the honeymoon to her. I couldn't help but feel utterly sad and so utterly alone as I made my way by myself to my room. All that suppressed sexual frustration was just dying to come out.

Unfortunately this was my 3rd time I would be starting my freshman year. It hit me like a wreaking ball. Her thick black glasses danced on her face as she repeatedly pushed them back up on her nose as she droned on and on about nothing. that would have been nice. Instantly my world was shifted and he became the center.that alters your life forever. I glanced at the clock that sat high on the wall behind me. I almost fell out of my seat when I saw him. enough for me to grasp the edge of the desk. carefully making it through the aisle. It was the first day of my economics class at New York University. I smiled. He was as tall as my pack brothers and maybe just as wide. I was content with the friends I have and it was really unrealistic to let anyone in my circle. doing your typical routine of waking up. He stepped aside. I sighed as I pulled out my planner out and was doodling on it to pass the time. I sat there in shock. Like getting the wind knocked out of you. I just wanted her to shut up. my legs frozen and unable to move. taking a shower going throughout your day completely oblivious to what is about to come. As I looked back to the front of the classroom. Everything starts out normal. I smiled and nodded my head to be polite. It was hard to miss the first guy. someone to tell you to enjoy the last few hours of your life because soon your world will be turned upside down. I wanted to march over to him and say. I looked up from my planner and looked at the clock behind me. I couldn't remember. It didn't take as long to get there as I anticipate. All I did was sit there and stare at the back of his head. Jenny or Penny went on and on about how excited she was to finally be in college. "Where the hell have you been?" But instead. when he came into view. It would be safest for them to keep my distance. It hit me hard when it finally happened. praying that time somehow moved faster. I made it early to class purely by accident. and Ps in word September. I was sitting in a large lecture room waiting for class to begin. It would have been nice to have a warning of sorts to let you know what was to come. I kept my eyes on my planner. Yes. skillfully coloring in all of the Es. To be honest. I had no interest in making friends. Our eyes met for a brief second and I was taken . I couldn't make it out of my seat. Bs. lied and said I felt just as excited starting my first year as well. A girl with dark brown bob that outlined her face sat down next to me and introduced herself as Jenny or Penny. I silently wondered how he would fit in the seat. But really.10 - . I was in my 30s pretending to be 19 years old. my eyes caught sight of two guys coming into the classroom and walking up the steps to find their seats.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I immediately wanted to get up and sit next to him. even if it was impolite. but this color was unique." the big guy joked. "I . I watch him slightly nod his head. I just sat there and continued to stare at the back of his head. Where have I heard that before? "As in Westcott Hotels and Condominiums. I gazed at the perfect profile of his face and decided that he was probably right. I looked back over to him and I saw his ears slightly perk up. "No one is out of my league. "Did you see that hot brunette back there?" the big guy whispered to him. I could see his muscles press against his white t-shirt. I looked to see Jenny or Penny smiling back at me. If I could give the color a name it would be silver bullet blue. Westcott Enterprises and Westcott Tower. I watched him make his way through the aisle and sit down next to the big guy he came in with. His name is Lucas Westcott. some lighter than others." she continued to whisper. It was bright blue color that had a touch of silver in them. hoping that they were talking about me." I heard him say. I saw a few pretty brunette's in the class and started to wonder who they had been talking about." she said. They were a color I had never seen before. I watched the big guy lean into him. "What?" I whispered back. "That's who you are staring at." A whisper said next to me. I quickly took inventory of other brunettes behind me. I couldn't imagine any girl saying no to him. "Too bad she is out of your league. I had never been more thankful for my superior hearing than I was now. He was tall and lean. If I wanted I could listen to the lecture down the hall. a little taken aback at how serious he sounded.11 - . But like a coward. It stood prominently against his tan skin and dark brown hair that I desperately wanted to run my hands through.aback at the color of them. It was nice to eavesdrop. I have seen many blue eyes before. "Lucas Westcott. His family basically owns all of New York City. Westcott? I thought. I could hear my desk legs squeak against the floor as I unconsciously moved forward as if there was a tight elastic rope pulling me to him.

The word beautiful didn't describe him well enough.12 - ." I said trying to sound nonchalant about it. She raised her eyebrow to me in disbelief. right?" she asked. I nodded. I heard that he was trying to pass as his cousin or something. I tried to think of what my . "Extremely hot. "I highly doubt he has a choice. I quickly looked back at her to find her practically jumping of anticipation to tell me. but rumor is that it's his body guard. Though I'm sure my body language said otherwise. She was excited to share the gossip with me. His look was far too dangerous for that. With those piercing eyes and body. "He is always with him. I'm sure he is just going to take over the family business from his father. "See that big guy next to him?" Jenny or Penny said." I smirked at her comment. "He's… cute. who was supposed to take over the business. Lucas is the only one left to take over. he is as cocky as he is hot. he won't let him go out without a bodyguard." I said softly." "Bodyguard? Why would he need a bodyguard?" "His older brother." I frowned wondering if Lucas was unhappy. Especially with the crime rate in this city continues to sky rocketing." I started to analyze Lucas even more. my eyes still focused on the back of his head." "Maybe he doesn't want to take over the family business. The teacher strolled in and finally started class. I didn't pay much attention to the lecture as I was still completely enthralled with Lucas. was murdered a few years ago. "Well. He definitely didn't look like a man who needed a body to take care of him.don't even know why he is going to school. I heard his father is so afraid of loosing another son. he looked more like a threat than someone who was vulnerable.

13 - . I wanted everyone to know how miserable I was those first years I was in his pack. Was it possible for the person you imprint on not feel the same way you do? Everyone one of my pack brothers that imprinted on someone. I spent a lot of time hating him for it. I couldn't help but feel a bit self-righteous about it. My track record in the love department had never gone well. She said I was cute. His first kiss. Lucas.unique and one of a kind. So. I knew what he had with Emily been something he couldn't deny. I took pride in being the only female shape shifter between both packs. I knew everything about his new relationship. She seemed just as taken aback as Seth was. telling all those smart ass pack brothers what to do. It was then I began to accept the cards that were placed in front of me. destined to be alone and miserable. The cynical side started coming out. same with Quil. It was a constant reminder that of what I never would be to him…what I never really was. there was no big introduction there. Jacob imprinted on Nessie when she was just a baby. didn't seem that interested at all. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if they never came back to that rainy town called Forks. . And I hated him and I hated the Cullens for taking my piece of happiness that I had. Whenever I though I might just have a slice of what true happiness of what love was like. Would I be happily married to Sam? Would I have been happy? Breaking away from Sam's pack was the best thing that ever happened to me. But could you blame me? Being part of his pack made everything even that much worse. it is quickly snatched away from me before I ever had time to enjoy it. remember? I was Leah. I tried to think of how my pack brothers did this when they first imprinted. I especially loved being Jacob's beta. I could just introduce myself. He never turned back to look at me. "I told you she wasn't out of my league. trying to find ways to punish him for it too. Nothing goes as you want it to. he had gone to see her at her house. Seth imprinted on Annabel when she had come over to the Cullen's house for dinner so many years ago. It made me feel special…. I could exactly how he felt when he looked at Emily. After that dinner. That sounds a lot better. It is life's crazy way of laughing at you. even though his back was facing me. Should I try and catch him after class? What would I say to him? I love you and we are soul mates? No. A flash of worry shot through me. the first touch. I cherished being second in command. All of their imprints were just as obsessed with them as they were. All he had to do was pick her up and play peak-a-boo for an hour and she was in love. everything worked out beautifully. that would be too soon. everything." Lucas whispered to the big guy. He seemed relaxed and completely unaware I was even in the move would be. My feelings for Sam had changed over the years. Of course it wouldn't work out for you.

But just before the car would be lost in the traffic. Lucas snorted at him. I didn't know what to do. I could have planned ahead to what I would say to my imprint for the first time. There were never any men at my place. I shifted my bag on my shoulder and decided it was best just to go home. I was thankful that I did not patrol as often as I used to.14 - . It was the first night that Jake hadn't put me on patrol. I was upset at myself for not just going up to him and at the very least introducing myself. but it was nearly impossible with so many people walking down the aisle way. Apparently the extravagant Cullen gift giving had rubbed off on him. I loved my home. I don't know how long I stood there. with I'm sure a dopy look on my face looking like an idiot. My attention was brought back for a second as I watched Lucas get up from his seat and walk out of the classroom. I saw him turn around and look out the back window. I walked into my kitchen to find Claire. I wanted to follow. As I walked in I heard voices in my kitchen. I could have sworn he was looking right at me. Before I caught up to the car." the big guy said. This is what I mean when I said some warning would have been nice. Puppies are cute…babies are cute."She only said cute. I almost lived a normal life. As I walked in . I never allowed any of the pack at my place. deciding that I would be treading on crazy if I were to run up to the car and start knocking on the window. I felt a wave of excitement when I realized that I was the hot brunette they were talking about. I would have rehearsed it and our first meeting would have been perfect. All I wanted to do was take a bath or lounge around and watch TV. staring down the street at the path that his car took off in. I wasn't complaining. With our numbers growing. Instead. I decided not to take the subway and walk the many blocks to my townhouse. As I made it out of the building I was looking all around for him. I walked. They always escaped to my place when they needed time some girl time away from the husbands. I didn't realize class had ended. I tried to slide through everyone as fast as I could trying not to be rude about it. I just stood there on the sidewalk. Before I knew it. they are complete slobs and they eat all your food. lost in my head. The driver was holding the door for him. It was given to me by Jake as a birthday present. the door was shut. How could he have heard me from all the way here? But before I could grasp that concept. thinking about Lucas and how I would have handled the whole situation a lot differently. I was at home. I stood there as the car started to drive away. I got up quickly trying to gather my things as fast as I could to catch up to him. My stomach dropped. I sighed as I really didn't want company. My eyes caught him getting into the back seat of an expensive town car. Annabel and Nessie talking at the table.

they all stopped talking and turned to look at me. "It happened." Claire said as her eyebrows furrowed and she squinted at me as if a closer look would help her figure it out." Nessie said. "You imprinted." I gave her a questioning look. I hoped that maybe they would get the idea that I just wanted to be alone and leave." A/N: Thanks again for reading. I bit my bottom lip. "Really?" I said trying to act nonchalant. I laughed nervously. Can they tell? "There is something different about you. pulling my sweats and quickly changing into them. Annabel on my left and Claire by my feet. Reviews are appreciated! . I laid on my bed with my arm covering my eyes. I thought. I raided your bathroom when I got here. but I could hear them coming…well I could hear Claire coming and only assumed the other two were right there with her.15 - . "I bought some new makeup." I said walking out of the kitchen as fast as I could. I made it to my bedroom. "You guys are crazy. setting my bag on the floor. They were all sitting on my bed looking at me. I didn't bother going back into the kitchen. "So if you lied about buying new makeup then…you must be hiding something. didn't it?" Nessie said her eyes wide. "You always find really nice lip glosses. "And you didn't get new makeup. I sighed and opened my eyes. Oh god. I'm going to change into some sweat pants. I picked up Nessie's scent to my right." Annabel said." "No…that's not it." she said shrugging her shoulder.the kitchen.

I raised my eyebrow at her. Annabel was lying on her stomach. they couldn't make fun of her that long. banks." Claire said as she took another scoop of her ice cream. If anything. the spoon still in her mouth.16 - .. Courtney for beta-ing this chapter! You are awesome! If you get a moment. It is a Bella and Edward story. please check out my newest story called Life After. remembering just yesterday when she told me she was going to start her diet today. "Not just Westcott Hotels. Quil and the rest of the pack had a good laugh about that. she got into a yoga. His family basically owns all of New York City. She made her way across the room and sat next to me on my bed. Thank goodness I had a king size bed so we could all fit. . She didn't need to lose weight. She just always had to have a cause or goal to strive for. They dabble in just about everything: restaurants.Chapter 2 A/N: Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews. "I'll start again next week. Unfortunately for them. The list goes on and on. "Hmm…Westcott. you said? Like in Westcott Hotels?" Nessie said. "I googled him. Let me know what you think! Claire came back into my room balancing my laptop in one hand and a pint of ice cream in the other. she only lasted 2 days. she decided she wanted to be a vegetarian. Quil had spent a lot of money on a membership to a very exclusive yoga center that she had used only twice. despite the fact that she hates vegetables. The year before." I rolled my eyes and began shifting through the many pages she had opened up about him. it was entertaining to see what new kick she would dream up next. flipping through a magazine. "He's pretty hot. A few months ago." Claire said as she put the computer in my lap. It was the Big Mac that did her in. near the foot of my bed while Nessie rested her head on her back." she mumbled.. Thank you. He totally has this 'rebel without a cause' thing going for him. clubs. Like she had said 2 weeks ago and a month before that. Hope you like the next chapter.

Or they assumed he was. like she did when she was deep in thought. "I feel like there is something more to this guy. near him. His face was serious and he was standing there awkwardly. "Had?" Annabel said. I remembered what that girl in my class had said about his brother and decided to see if I could find any information on his murder. I stopped at one picture of him at a red carpet event last month. I let out a sigh of relief. There was a small picture of him and his brother together. but there wasn't a ransom note and none of his belongings were touched. It never crossed my mind that he might be in a relationship. It was as if they were laughing at some private joke." I told the girls." I looked up to see Nessie's eyebrows furrow together. He looked amazing. I enlarged the picture to find the same large guy that he attended the economics class with standing in the background." she said. "He had an older brother. No human had that kind of . There was definitely something more to Lucas. I probably should have mentioned that he had a bodyguard or that he could hear what I said in class today despite I was rows behind him and had spoken in a quiet whisper. It was one of the only pictures that I had found where Lucas was actually smiling. They found traces of his blood but no body was ever found. "Yeah. I guess it's one of those unsolved mysteries. he was murdered 3 years ago. My heart sank. his brother's arm swung lazily around his shoulder. keeping a watchful eye. as if he couldn't wait to get away from it all. as I was reading the article I found on him.17 - . "Not that I saw." "Do they know who did it?" "No. The only motive they have contemplated is money." Claire said. only of him at different events. His hands were shoved in to the pockets of his black tie suit."Does it say anything about his social life?" Annabel said. jerking me out of my private reverie. I found it odd that there were no pictures of his family. I surfed through the pages about his family and their many different businesses.

hoping luck was on my side. "You're not going to start stalking him." "Are you sure you're going to be able to wait till then to see him again?" Nessie said as she cocked her eyebrow at me.18 - . breaking me out of my daze. I wanted to find out more about him on my own." Nessie said sarcastically as she started to get up from the bed and followed me out to the kitchen. "Of course not." I said shutting the fridge door before Seth completely emptied it out. . I sighed as I found Jake already in my cabinets and Seth in my fridge. Before I could dwell on it anymore. My only bet would be to roam around the city. Who and what was I turning into? I was making myself look desperate.super hearing. if it isn't the three stooges. but when they came with Jake. I thought about it and finally admitted to myself that I couldn't wait." I said using my best poker face. are you?" Annabel said. "I should probably introduce myself first. The thought of that scared me. Then again. "When do you see him next?" "I have that class again on Thursday. I really didn't have a choice. I'm a pretty stealthy girl. Quil was sitting at the kitchen table already with a bag of chips and a can of pop in his hand. I highly doubted he would know if I was there. But I didn't even know where he lived. I wondered briefly what the rest of his school schedule was. I wasn't necessarily lying. "So what are you going to do?" Annabel asked. I heard my front door open. I just really didn't have all the information. I shut my computer. I know I said that the pack wasn't allowed in my home. to properly stalk him. I never caught his scent either. like an address." I said. "Well. Quil and Seth talking as they strolled into the apartment. I wanted to stalk him. I got up immediately hoping they weren't already rummaging through my fridge. I heard Jake. "Sure your not.

"That's not the point. lemme have a taste. It's not like you can't afford to get more groceries. Thanks guys. all I knew was that we never had to want for anything anymore. living on my own and I still have to buy food in bulk. Alice and the rest of the Cullen family helped us with investments and such. I was going to have to go grocery shopping all over again. Leah. When we all lived on the reservation we made do with what we had. We never had any luxury or brand new items. Now I have to go again. Now. Ever since they got back. "So anything exciting happen today?" Quil asked ignoring me. Nessie bent down and began nuzzling him on his neck. Ugh. Immediately Claire. Do you realize that I have to shop at Costco? I'm a single girl. Claire always brought food over that she cooked. Seth looked at the girls and then looked at me. Some guidelines had to be enforced by Sam and Jacob. "I just went shopping this past weekend. I glared at the boys. "Chill out. "Anything you'd like to tell us?" he asked. It was fine having just the girls over.19 - . Billy and Charlie managed most of the pack's expenses back in Forks. there had been some issues with the younger pack members and their frivolous spending. they could not keep their hands off each other. "Claire." Money had become a non-issue these past 10 years. Though. I didn't know exactly how much all of us were worth. money was a complete non-issue for everyone. All you could hear was Seth chewing loudly on his chips. newlyweds. It's hard to save the world when you're trying to keep a job and worrying about paying rent. None of the boys ever did that." I said as I sat down next to Seth at the kitchen table grabbing a handful of chips from the bag Seth was holding." I said as I tried to think of something else to change the conversation. Annabel and Nessie looked at me." She groaned and handed it over to him." Jake said as he picked Nessie up and set her on my kitchen counter. but we didn't know any different. "Not particularly. It made things a lot easier."Hey!" Seth whined. Claire and I were the only ones who really ate. I could feel all eyes on me but I refused to look at anywhere else but the table. There was a slight awkward silence the fell upon us. then leaned up against her. He looked over at Claire who was strolling in with Annabel still holding her ice cream. . I thought sarcastically. Plus.

"So…when did this happen?" . Just as well.. "Well. She looked at him with her eyebrows arched trying to stress that he should have already got it by now. She imprinted on his son.Westcott." she paused for dramatic effect "…. They sat and thought about it for a second. Claire couldn't keep a secret to save her life. "The only time I've ever heard the name Westcott is in like." The guys were silently giving each other confused looks. "Should we know who you are talking about?" Quil asked. Seth's brows furrowed together. especially any information pertaining to her mother. The heir to the Westcott fortune. My eyes shot up and gave her a death glare. "You mean Leah imprinted on some old millionaire geezer?" Seth said. if I were Nessie. no. you didn't end up imprinting on some teen heartthrob did you?" Jacob said his face full of pity." Annabel said. "It's Lucas…." Claire continued. I felt my temper starting to fume within me. I was really questioning if my brother and I were really truly related. "Who is the lucky guy?" I shot him a glare. "Come on guys. "That's the interesting part. It took everything I had not to pick her up and throw her out the door." I heard Claire say."Leah imprinted today. "Oh Nessie. This was a complete lie considering that I knew Jacob didn't tell everything to Nessie. I really had no interest in continuing this conversation. "Huh…" Jacob said not knowing what else to say. well. She claimed it was because she was Quil's imprint and she just couldn't keep secrets from him. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like she couldn't help it." Seth said with a big grin on his face.20 - . Don't tell me you haven't heard the name Westcott before. well…big sis." Seth said as he looked at Annabel. "Ugh…Seth. Apparently I inherited all of the smarts in the family. By now. I put my hands underneath the table so that no one could see them starting to shake. Westcott Hotel. I would prefer to remain in blissful ignorance about that whole situation." Annabel told him exasperatedly.

"Sure.I sighed. Seth is my baby brother." I said. I almost forgot. "Well. One. Though it was rumored that they ." Jake said.21 - . why is he bothering with school?" Quil asked. It was pathetic for so many reasons. I'm far stronger than any human male. This meant something big was coming up. I saw him in class this afternoon. "Was there a reason to you guys coming over?" "Yeah. human or not." I leaned forward on the table. I was too embarrassed to mention that I had been a complete coward." I said hoping that it was the end of the topic. we all know I can take care of myself. I looked at him and gave him my favorite 'your acting like an idiot' look that I knew he hated. This was interesting. keep us updated okay Leah?" Jacob said. "He has economics with me. I'd probably win if we had to wrestle. "There is going to be a big meeting this Saturday afternoon." "What's going on?" I asked. I kept my eyes back on the table and shook my head slightly. Meetings were rarely mandatory. "Really?" None of us have come across a werewolf before." Seth said slyly as he cracked his knuckles. I had a feeling Lucas was not someone who got intimidated easily. "I think Carlisle and Edward may have gotten into contact with some of the werewolves in the city. I hated it when Seth pretended to play 'older brother protecting vulnerable sister' role. It's mandatory. Two. "If he is an heir. And three. "So have you talked to him?" Jacob asked. "I can't wait to meet him. I shrugged my shoulders.

I started to worry if he was even coming at all. He looked far better then what I had initially imagined. He made his way slowly up the steps. I looked around the classroom as I . "Did you hear anything else?" I asked. Unfortunately it was not. I instantly smiled. Why didn't he sit next to me? I thought. my eyes quickly roaming trying to find if he was sitting somewhere. His eyes met mine for a second and I saw the side of his mouth curl. A wave of disappointment would roll over me when the person walking through the door wasn't the one who I really wanted to see. my heart just about stopped. This is pretty big. I made my way to the middle center aisle. Unfortunately he had not shown up yet. I sat down and took out my computer trying to make myself look busy. walking to class while I kept rehearsing it in my head.a buffer seat. Every time I saw the door open. I desperately wanted to get up and press myself against his body. I guess we will all find out on Saturday. Even so. I felt my body gravitate automatically to him. I glanced several times at the door waiting for him to walk through. they kept themselves and were very well disguised. So when Thursday rolled around. the man I had been fixated on for at least 48 hours and he had come alone. What's your name?' over and over again. So as I tried to steady my pace.22 - . I came up with various first lines but the one that I thought would work best was: "Hi. walking around just hoping good fortune was on my side and that I would bump into him. I tried to look straight ahead so I wouldn't be caught staring at him. I spent the whole morning in the mirror rehearsing what I was going to say. He pushed his long sleeve shirt over his fore arms as he made his way towards my aisle. I'm Leah.were living in New York City. My heart beat even harder as I opened the door to the room. Some other vampires from different clans are all sending a representative to come. There he was. What's your name?" I know… genius. I looked up at the seats. please just let him sit next to me. I picked my spot hoping that he would see me easily and choose an empty seat by me. I had it down pat." I spent the rest of the next day trying to dig up any information on Lucas Westcott on the internet and came up short. By the time I got to the classroom. I spent all day after classes. I was practically jumping with excitement and my heart was beating nervously as I walked to class. I thought I could possibly find an address or a phone number… anything indicating where he might be. I'm Leah. God. I heard the door open again and I looked up. I watched him as he sat down. "Nope. But before I could start to dwell on that horrible thought. 'Hi. I thought. This city was huge and the chances of me stumbling upon him were pretty slim. leaving just one open desk between us….

At this rate." More people piled into the room and before I knew it class had already begun. Max was with him." the large man said as he turned to Lucas. "What?" he interrogated. I had something I had wanted to do. I pushed for something… anything to come out. I guess it wouldn't be the correct social norm if you sat right next to someone you didn't know when there were so many other seats available. All anxiety suddenly slipped away. shapeshift into a wolf." he said quietly.noticed that there really wasn't anyone here yet. You were in such a rush to get here. you'd think they were handing out Victoria's Secret models like they hand out candy on Halloween. trying to make his way around my desk. I was flooded with disappointment. "Yeah. "Excuse me. Too embarrassed I turned back to the front of the room. As I turned my body to look at him. I inwardly groaned. You always left a buffer one in between. I was a little taken aback that he was already looking at me with an amused expression on his face. why didn't you wait for me? I practically had to jog to keep up with you. I yelled at myself to just suck it up and talk to him. Kind of like that bathroom rule Seth told me once about never using a urinal right next to someone who was using." I heard him sigh. go on a suicide mission to Italy but for the life of me I could not talk to this guy. I tried to look at him again. I was never going to talk to him. drop it. my mouth half open just waiting to say that stupid line I rehearsed all morning but nothing came out. "Max. I smiled and he returned the expression. but even then. I took a deep breath and decided to try again. Do I .23 - . My only hope would be after class. It made things more… comfortable. "Sorr." he said as he decided to sit in the buffer seat. something like that. man. "H-" I started to say but was interrupted by a huge man. I looked over at him." "Fine. attempting to be sly about it but Max was so big he blocked out everything. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I do this? I could fight vampires. "Lucas. Lucas's body guard or cousin. I'm just saying.

I felt frustration and anger at myself over take my body. I finally made it back to my home still carrying my backpack and an order of shrimp fried rice and orange chicken. If I had been human. I don't know how far or how long I walked. I tried to concentrate on what he was saying but I kept trying different positions in my chair to try and get a quick view of Lucas. I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down.24 - . I didn't go home right away. All attempts failed. Max followed him down the steps." Lucas muttered as he got up and walked out of the classroom. But the irony of it was that I just couldn't talk to him. I spent the rest of the day trying to walk off my anger. The teacher made it a point to give them both a dirty looks but continue on to the lecture. My hair was a frazzled mess. I picked up on an unusual scent. Thankfully the professor cut the lecture short and we all left early. That old man has the worst timing. I watched as Max uncomfortably shifted in his chair to pull the phone out of pocket. "You don't have a choice. Only it seemed that I was walking in circles." Max whispered back. nudged Lucas to look at the message. I stopped at the Chinese restaurant on my way home to get some take out. He quickly flipped his phone over. I would not have been able to hear. Max was just too big. A series of obscenities rolled into my head. I imprint. one that . "Fuck. The sun was setting by the time I decided to make my way back home. I sat there impatiently tapping my pencil on the desk." "That old man is your father. I took a minute trying to comb it out with my fingers. By some crazy miracle. "Dammit." They sat for a couple of minutes. I quickly checked my reflection in the mirror of the hallway as I set my keys on the table. I couldn't believe I missed my chance again. I couldn't wait for class to be over. While I stared at myself.introduce myself to both of them? The teacher came in and started the lecture. Halfway through class I heard a buzzing sound of a vibrating phone. I unlocked the door and set my backpack on the floor as I made my way into my home. I could feel the tension rolling off them both. I'm sure I passed the same stores twice. "Now?" I heard Lucas whisper so quietly.

" "How would they of even gotten in? Don't you lock your windows and doors?" . I offered some to Nessie but she just made a face. "Human? Did you have a burglar?" Nessie asked. "Um…nope. reminded of my latest failure. "So did you talk to him today?" she asked as she took a seat at my kitchen. It was a human scent and it smelled good. Well. Jake came back into the kitchen and leaned against the counter." I said shoving another piece of chicken in my mouth.shouldn't be in my home. Nothing was stolen. I followed it all throughout my house." he said." "Like what? Everything is exactly where I left it. Had I been a normal human. It made her look so much like her father: cocky and a little smug. Maybe they were looking for something. "Sure. I met them at the door with my orange chicken in one hand and chopsticks in another. It lingered more in my bed room than any place in the house. It smelled like a man. Jake immediately got started on following the scent while Nessie followed me back to the kitchen. Nothing has been moved or disappeared." I said trying to should nonchalant about it.25 - . I inwardly groaned again. I checked my drawers and jewelry box and everything were accounted for. "Are you planning on talking to him?" She said as she cocked her eyebrow. He had sat on my bed. I was a little taken aback at how a human could have broken into my house or why they would." "Hmm… I wonder why they broke in. "It's definitely human. Actually. Hopefully she would just drop it. nothing was out of place. Nothing was stolen as far as I could tell. "Nope. I hated it when she did that. I would never have known someone had been here. Who was here and why? Immediately I called Jake. I don't think so. Jake and Nessie showed up ten minutes later.

absolutely not." Jake said." I sat there chewing on that bit of information for a moment.26 - ." "Would a human been able to do that?" "No. I had them put in new locks when we renovated this place for you. I looked up at him waiting for him to continue." I said.I rolled my eyes at her. "Apparently by breaking your bedroom window's lock. I'm not that careless. "I didn't realize those locks were so old. "They're not. A/N: Please review! Thanks again for reading! ." he continued. "The metal on the lock…it's broken in half.

"Hey beautiful." he said as licked his lips and smiled again. I was surprised that he hadn't attacked me yet. The sound of my heels tapping against the pavement echoed off the buildings as I walked slowly. I know there were some complaints." I said sarcastically. men still can't resist a girl in a short plaid skirt. "I can help you find your way. He took a few more steps forward while I continued to take a few more steps back. His hair was just as pale as his skin but his eyes smoldered a deep crimson red. It was funny how that even after death.27 - . He was close and I smiled. I had played this part before. So I will do my hardest to post as soon as I can. "Oh?" ." "I'm sure you could. I could feel him following me. "I promise I won't hurt you. without life getting in the way. I wanted to say thanks to Courtney for looking over this chapter. Anyways. a gorgeous smile on his face. I turned around and saw that he stood a few yards behind me.Chapter 3 A/N: Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews already. wishing he would attack already. You're great! Hope you all enjoy the next chapter! The dark alleyway was empty. His pale skin glowed under the moonlight." he said. I made sure to keep a constant distance between us. with only two street lights illuminating the block. I nodded and took one step back. I could see the hunger in his eyes. Too hungry to realize I smelled different than a normal human. "Are you lost?" he asked taking a couple steps forward. You guys are awesome! I'm trying my hardest to try and post new chapters as fast as possible. They were all predictable. He must be a little bit older than a year. especially the men.

He stood there in shock as he glanced at the arm that was now missing. I saw Embry and Paul jump down from the building and onto him. Before he could react. a small growl ripped from his chest. I lit the limbs on fire as I waited for them. you're done for. I think that only took 10 minutes. My tongue wagging out as I was just tickled pink about what I just did. I called to them in my mind. You always aim for their arms first. ready to pounce.28 - . Embry said."Well…I promise it will be fast. huh boys? I said to them a bit smug. Newborns are far too strong. I picked up my pieces of clothing with my mouth and carried them over to the dark corner near the dumpster. a big improvement from sitting at home pitying myself about today's failure. I pounced off the side wall and then sunk my teeth into his arm as I ripped it out. I thought. We had clothing hidden everywhere in the city. This was there fifth child.. Quick! Pile the pieces. I felt my body start to shake with excitement. Finally! I thought. As I spit out the limb. This was a good idea. "How's Rachel doing?" I asked Paul. He stood there in complete shock. If they ever get both arms around you. Before he could pounce again. She usually popped out one every couple . Two more months. I looked over at him. tearing him apart and finishing the job. "She's good. just like all the others did when I played this game. I was feeling considerably better. I smiled." he said." He then crouched down. I ran towards him tearing my tank top and skirt off and phased in front of him. Whatever Leah. He was a little bit taken aback by my expression but before he could think about it. I quickly changed and brought the extra two extra jeans I had stashed for them in the corner. Soon there were just scattered pieces of vampire everywhere. Sometimes they were always there and sometimes we would see them on a bum the next day. I grinned widely and I could feel the anticipation in my eyes. We usually waited until everything had burned before leaving. New record.

" I shrugged my shoulders. I made my way back home. Tate was watching him till he got back from patrolling but Pay was known for his temper. The house was uncomfortably full. I picked up that scent in my room again. maybe even more than even their own spouses. was showing some early signs of shifting. "I needed to blow off some steam. It would be easier for me to fall asleep. "So why did you want to patrol with us tonight?" Embry asked as he finished zipping up his jeans. I nodded to them and leaned up against the wall to watch the flames. Pay. I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep. He wasn't really comfortable. leaving him alone. As soon as the fire burned out and only ashes were left. I wouldn't worry about it. I was thankful I had such heavy curtains for my bedroom. The city was starting to slowly wake up. feared and worst of all what they were ashamed of. Thank God Paul imprinted on Rachel. we'll see you at the Cullens this weekend. My eyebrows furrowed together when I noticed that the lock on my window was now fixed. I'll finish up here. I made it home 30 minutes later. His older son. "You guys can take off if you'd like. We knew everything about each other. I had enough time for a nice long snooze before the big meeting tonight.years. Whenever there were large amounts of shifters and vampires in the room. I knew what everyone loved. Usually shifters stayed on . As I made my way back to my room in a towel." I saw the sun slowly starting to rise. I looked up at the sky and realized what a sunny day it was going to be. His youngest son. He had been pretty tame since then. I knew it was suppose to be a bright and sunny day so the city would be pretty safe for now. I trailed to my window. I quickly peeled off my clothes and took a quick shower.29 - ." Embry spoke as he and Paul took off. It was almost as bad as what Paul's use to be. "Thanks Leah. I hated that we had no secrets. I'm sure you'll finally talk to Lucas." "Ah. it couldn't help but be tense. I knew Embry was anxious to get back.

I shook my head and turned my attention back to what was being discussed in the room. We don't have much of a choice. "No. Annabel and Claire shot me a curious look. they are still on the fence. "Yes. they are all related some how. "We just have to have faith. then we have to respect their wishes. "What about shape shifters? Would they be willing to talk to us?" Jake asked. Caius almost completely wiped them out.30 - . I stifled a giggle when my thoughts continued onto more outrageous paths as I considered if Santa and the Easter bunny was real. It seems to be that they are just as divided as we are." "Family?" Amun asked. Witches? I thought. "I just don't understand why the werewolves refuse to communicate with us directly." Garrett said as he stepped forward towards Carlisle. He doesn't want to go against his family but I ." "So the pack in England…?" "The head of the pack in England is distant cousin of the head of the pack here in the U. "You have to understand that they still hold a lot of prejudice against us vampires." "So what now? Are the willing to join our side?" Nahuel side of the room and vampires on the other. That pack seems to be talking to the Romanians unfortunately. Carlisle shook his head. There is another large werewolf pack in England." Edward said. They are all family. still holding Kate's hand. I shouldn't have been that surprised. They reproduce like humans. "They are uncomfortable about dealing with anyone who has an alliance to us.S. If they want to use the witches as a middle person." "What makes the witches so trustworthy?" I asked. Only the Cullen family would take up the space in the middle. The pack here is well…torn. considering that I was a shape shifter and I existed. I couldn't help my thoughts wander a bit as I contemplated if fairies existed too. The American pack is not sure if they want to go against them.

It's supposed to be a big opening. "Um…the usual. I had ridden with them here and was waiting for my ride back. your enemies closer? They seem to be on secret agenda." Carlisle spoke very carefully. I could always tell when she had an alternative plan. She rolled her eyes at me as I continued to stare at her still speculating. I looked up at the sky and was happy to see a few stars tonight. I knew Nessie would be awhile. Renting a movie and a pint of ice cream. My dad got us on the list. Someone he invested with owed him a favor. I heard footsteps from behind me and the person took a seat beside me. That was one of the drawbacks about living in the city…too many lights to see the stars. "Hey." I smiled at her. people began to file out of the house slowly. "The Romanians keep building armies all over the world." As the main conversation died out. But I figured that the fact that Lucas might be there would be worth going. "The Westcott's are opening a new club downtown." she said. "And you want to go?" "Well. I sat on the steps as I waved goodbye to Annabel and Seth. We all know how difficult it has been to try and keep their numbers down. "Our best bet in winning this war is to convince the werewolves here to be on our side." Edward said. since she was talking to her parents. It is our only hope. Keep your friends close. . "We don't know. it might be fun. I eyed her suspiciously." "You want to go out? Just you and me?" she asked. red carpet and everything." "Why would the pack from England want to have an alliance with the Romanians?" Zafrina asked.31 - . What are you doing tonight?" I turned my head to find Nessie sitting next to me. I waited for Jake and Nessie outside on the porch.get the sense he does not agree with them.

It seemed as though they were having a successful opening. It was very upscale and modern. It showed off his glowing tanned skin perfectly." Nessie said as she handed me my drink. VIP I assumed. It's worth a shot. Instantly they made room and offered to buy us drinks. I glanced up in the balcony. Leah."Yeah. The Westcotts sure knew what they were doing. My heart just about stopped and I almost fell of the platform. I was having fun dancing with Nessie. with the sleeves rolled up looked amazing. My eyes were closed as I swayed my body to the beat. She was getting a little crazy and I laughed as I wondered if Jacob ever witnessed her like this. The sound of the bass was so loud I could feel it pumping through my chest." The club was dark and crowded. Immediately my eyes set on Lucas.sure.32 - . checking out the new club. amongst all these people who were standing so close. I felt lost in the moment. As we waited for the bartender to mix our drinks. I couldn't imagine Lucas being here. "Eh. I made a mental note to do it again. I couldn't help but join in. I looked at the people dancing on the dance floor. I tried to keep dancing. I suddenly realized that we hardly ever went out together. I stopped being on constant alert for him and just started to enjoy myself. She found a group of guys standing waiting for a drink and flashed her best smile.. I took my drink and took a sip. Alcohol doesn't really affect me. After a bit we decided to dance. pressed up against each other. Nessie grabbed my hand and led me to the bar. She grabbed my hand and trying to get me to dance with her. why do people drink this?" she said. "Here you go. I took the opportunity to scope out the crowd. A bouncer came up to us asked if we wanted to dances together on the platform near by the DJ booth. I looked at Nessie who attempted a sip of hers but ended up making a face. "I don't know. When I opened them. I was happy to find that I was starting to have fun despite being so nervous about coming here tonight. "I love this song!" she squealed as she twirled around. His white button down shirt. This was nice. He looked amazing. We laughed and danced with each other which seemed like for hours. It was getting late in the night and it seemed that Lucas was not going to make an appearance. leaning forward against the . He was in a roped off area." We walked a bit more. He was staring right at me. Maybe the feeling of being drunk is worth the awful taste. just me and her. taking not to take my eyes off of him. It was exciting to have the spotlight on us.

as I could feel his warm breath on my skin." Nessie spoke in my ear behind me. grazing his nose lightly on the skin of my jaw. I shuddered with delight. He leaned down. staring right back at me.railing. I bit my lip hard as I felt his lips press down at the edge of my shoulder. I looked back up just to see if he was still staring…he was. I saw . I can do this. The act of it shocked me. my body was yanked into a dark cramped space. But he was no where to be seen. I gasped as I felt his hand on my lower back as he pressed himself a closer against me. I couldn't believe it. The first thing I noticed was the person's scent. Suddenly. It was wonderful and distinctly familiar. Instantly. I found myself slightly fearful of it. I recovered as fast as I could. I stood there completely still. He paused there and I could feel him thinking. Leah. As I made my way to the top.33 - . I made my way to the stairs and climbed them as quickly as I could. I would not miss out on my opportunity to speak to him again. The worst he could do is turning you away. afraid to move but finding I had no desire to either." Nessie waved down the bouncer and before I knew it the large man was picking me up and setting me carefully onto the floor. He can't stop staring. I found myself pressed up tightly between the wall and Lucas. I remembered it as the same scent that I found in my house. repeatedly turning down every girl who tried to talk to Lucas. I was thanking my lucky stars that I decided to wear a strapless dress tonight. All too fast. What was he doing in my home? I looked up to find Lucas staring intensely back at me. I stood there stunned. This is stupid! Just go up there and talk to him. I'm going to push you off. a bouncer of some sort. His silver blue eyes glowed as he stared at me as if I was something that he was hunting. I looked over to the VIP area. my stomach dropped at the thought. I took a breath trying to psyche myself up. With his other hand he slowly pushed all of my hair to my opposite shoulder. I kept chanting in my head. near him. Seize the moment! "If you stay on this platform any longer. I took a deep breath. He just stood completely still. It's so obvious he is completely enthralled with you. I saw a large man. His nose trailed down my neck then to the curve of my shoulder. He wasn't there anymore. he pushed himself off me and I found myself alone in the dark space. Now I was determined. It's not like you've never been rejected before. I was in complete shock. I turned around to make my way back downstairs. Furious with myself. as I scrambled out of the corner and tried to follow him. My heart plummeted. I had missed my opportunity three times! I walked a little further into the floor to check and be sure that he wasn't up there. "Go. He was moving so fast and I couldn't catch up. Before I could make it down. I thought.

" I spent the rest of the night. I was looking for a book on knitting. The way his eyes stared at me was so…predatory." I heard Nessie say behind me. I was functioning on 3 hours of sleep. Why did he leave? Why hadn't he at least talked to me? By morning.him turn into another room and I ran after him. I couldn't believe he had so much effect on me already. I couldn't even begin to comprehend it. I poked my head out. replaying the events of what happened at the club over and over in my head. I walked around the room. I saw down below was an empty alleyway. I made my way through the aisles stopping at the art books. walking slowly through the book shelves. letting the idea of him jumping out the window dance in my head. A window was open. wondering if I should buy one to put on my coffee table. I had never been that afraid and that turned on in my life and definitely not at the same time. I decided to get out of my townhouse and do something. I turned around to find her at the door. I kept thinking of how it felt to be pressed up tightly against him. I spotted him in the philosophy section. I couldn't make sense of it. How he had skimmed his nose along my neck down to my shoulders. just a dumpster sitting on the side of the wall. I thought. Shopping seemed like my best choice.34 - . Not too warm. I was becoming pathetic. "So. I . I played over and over again in my head. I was thumbing through when someone walked by giving off a slight breeze and I caught a familiar scent. I followed the scent. The automatic doors opened as I stepped inside the bookstore. I didn't seem him anywhere. "Hey. That was my only other guess. I found it was completely empty. I was almost certain he was human. I couldn't understand it. There is no way a human could have jumped out of the window and survived. "Um…not exactly. As I reached the room. the light curtains blowing around from the breeze coming in. I put the book back in the shelves and looked around. and definitely not too cold. It was Sunday and I decided to find something that would keep me busy. the way his hand pressed against my back. He's human. It was him. I needed to prove to myself that I could still function normally. But I was disappointed to find nothing. letting my fingers graze the wall. It was perfect. He smelled so much like one and his touch…his soft lovely touch was warm. It was Claire's new kick and her birthday was coming up. did you finally talk to him?" she asked. I got out of bed and finally put some jeans on. I shook my head at myself. hoping to find a trapped door.

it seemed silly to go through introductions after such an intense and intimate moment. making sure I was at a good distance. . Fifteen minutes later he got up to throw out his trash and left. I took a step back.I wasn't…" I tried to lie. I continued watching him as he made his way to the checkout counter. I was terrified of him again. As he made his way out the door. He wasn't expecting me to know. The way he would study the cover before decided to pick it up. resting his hand on the back on the neck. flipped through it casually and replaced it back on the shelf. He was waiting for me.35 - . My heart skipped a beat every time he smiled at some humorous passage he must have read. I fell in love with the way he picked up each book. "I. So I simply watched him. "What are you?" he asked slowly taking a closer step towards me. I kept getting caught by people stepping into my view. I didn't know how to tell him and this certainly was not the place to do so either way. He was moving slightly faster now and it was becoming harder to follow. The way his hand fell casually by his side and the way he would drum his fingers against the side of his leg. Everything he did. But then I remembered his scent and I felt my eyes glare back at him. or by the crowds of people who were looking at a sidewalk vendor's products. using his index finger to pull the book out by the top ever so slightly. I adored the way he would intensely study a page. "Why were you in my home?" A slight flash of surprise appeared in his eyes.hid myself behind a large post.. making note that he must come here often. I saw him turn down an alley-way. I was memorized by. I picked up my pace faster and rounded the corner. After the night at the club. His jaw tightened and the glare in his eyes threw me off a little. "Why are you following me?" he said sharply. watching as he picked each book up. He stopped by a bagel shop. I felt awkward going up to him now and introducing myself. taking a seat outside and read while drinking his coffee. following him throughout the store. I smiled when I overhead the cashier call him by his first name as they exchanged greetings. I stopped abruptly in my tracks as I realized he stood there with his arms crossed. I wondered if this was how he spent most of his Sunday mornings. Before I could lose his scent among the crowds of people. I continued to follow behind. For a fleeting moment. so he wouldn't know I was following.

I sighed as I realized how romantic it would have sounded if there wasn't so much hatred behind his words. "Are you kidding me? What kind of spell do you think I put on you?" I said defensively. But I turned around and look back at him. In less than a blink of an eye.36 - . I started to laugh. His eyes still furiously narrowed at me. Not exactly.Lucas. he was in front of me again. It was like he couldn't stand what he was feeling and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. "I can't stop thinking about you. It's like you've taken over my head." I said his name like I'd known him forever. My eyes stared at the small pieces of rock that were falling to the floor. He stepped even closer to me and I could feel his warm breath on my face. He was a bit taken back by my strength as he stumbled a bit. His words were so angry and he spoke as if he couldn't believe that someone like me could possibly have that effect on him."I'm tired of playing these games…. I've become obsessed. "A love spell. I was upset and had intended on just walking away. I dream about you every night. but his face was frightening. He must be joking and I should still be laughing. "Are you a witch? Have you put a spell on me?" he spat out. "Clearly you're not either." My eyebrow rose at him. I don't obsess about anything…especially about a girl." he said harshly. I thought. I was crushed. . I pushed his arm with as much strength as I could to let me through. He was dead serious. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to try and walk by him but his arm shot out in flash blocking my path and leaving a nice hand imprint in the brick wall." I said mockingly. "I'm not like this. I took a deep breath and turned on my heel to leave." he spat. "You're not human. are you?" he asked suspiciously.

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tap… I fantasized about breaking each of his fingers. Max following right behind him. I desperately wanted to know if he planned on talking to me and whether he would bring up what happened on Sunday but he never said a thing. I had reached my breaking point with his constant tapping. right? But instead I sat there being tortured by his relentless tapping. This time I was ready pull out my hair. Classes with him were even more interesting. Close enough to feel his presence and catch a random glance here or there. tap. he again showed up five minutes after the lecture had started but without Max. But never close enough for me to actually talk to him. I started to get angry when I came to the conclusion that he was doing it just to annoy me. tap. The subtlety of my attempts was apparently lost on him. Tap. Ten minutes before class was up. maybe even a bit louder.38 - . It was relentless. the tapping began again. Ten minutes into class. It was an odd week. knowing he was somewhere out there watching me. tap…. He would lean back in his chair.Chapter 4 A/N: Yay! looks like everything is up and working! Thank you again for all of the wonderful reviews. The teacher glared at him again as he walked out the door. Without thinking I reached over and placed my hand . slightly angled towards me while anxiously tapping his fingers on the corner of the desk. I tried a few attempts to catch him. I was surprised that Max didn't say anything. He never even gave me the slightest glance. He must have known how absolutely annoying it was. Tap. On Tuesday he showed up five minutes after the lecture started and took a seat right next to me. That would make him stop. I was thrilled to walk down the city streets and during a slight change of the wind. I was surprised and curious. he'd heal quickly enough. tap… I played with the idea of driving my pencil into the back of his hand. I had expected Lucas to avoid me like the plague but he seemed to be everywhere. I caught a few angry glares from the students. On Thursday's class. I couldn't help but smile. It was obvious he was supernatural. You guys are great. I tried to sigh loudly but he continued. It seemed sort of silly when I thought about the boy who I had been so obsessed over was now conveniently stalking me. Hope you like the next chapter. Tap. tap. He would tap all through the lecture. but he always managed to disappear. He walked up the steps with determination and took a seat right next to me. wondering why he chose to sit by me. to catch his scent. I glared at his hand willing his fingers to stop. he got up and walked out of the classroom. It drove me nuts.

I had never really attempted to make amends. we would probably be really good friends. I must have had the silliest grin throughout the whole lecture. I even tossed up the idea of him being a fairy. Throughout the rest of the week. "So you think he is a werewolf?" Carlisle asked. he invited Carlisle over that morning. to be sitting here in class. The only mythical creatures that I was well versed on were shape shifters and vampires. Although. On Saturday morning. holding hands. I told Nessie and Jacob about my suspicions and they both seemed very interested in finding out if my theory was true. ten minutes before class was over. I liked to think if the whole Edward and Jacob love triangle never happened. Suddenly he flipped his hand over. They hoped that maybe I would be the one to help convince them to join our side. I checked his ears and they didn't seem pointy at all. I even turned to Wikipedia. he gave my hand a light squeeze before he got up and walked out. To be honest. Either way. entwining his fingers with mine and he held my hand. It was the happiest I had ever been. holding hands with the mysterious man I loved so much. This time the teacher just ignored him. Considering the only time I got close enough to him was during class. That thought got me especially excited.39 - . which she did every Saturday morning. I tried to find some answers or come up with some plausible theories of what Lucas could be.on top of his hand to get him to stop. I was curious to see what they knew. I tried research but nothing I found was that helpful. But again. All of them were excited at the possibility that I had made contact with a 'real' werewolf. When Jacob told Edward. We were all convened in the kitchen where Bella was making us a fairly large breakfast for just Jacob and me. I knew Carlisle and Esme lived in the same neighborhood and I wanted to see if I could get more information about werewolves. not even wasting the effort in shooting him a glare. which suggested identify a werewolf I should stab him and see if I could see fur in the wound. I had hit a brick wall. She thought I was still mad at her for playing Jacob all those years ago. I decided to accompany Jacob and Nessie to the suburbs to visit her parents. jabbing him seemed out the question. And that is how we stayed the rest of class. My best guess was that he was a real werewolf. especially with Nessie in the picture. especially . Obviously I was well over it. But it's nice to have someone feel like they need to get on your good side. "Well he is definitely not human." I said as I stabbed a piece of bacon with my fork. She was always trying something to get on my good side. but it was in the past. I still thought she could have gone about things a bit differently. I wasn't even sure if fairies had pointy ears.

I smiled at him when I realized he had heard what I was thinking. I looked back at Edward who was now rolling his eyes. from other vampires who are old enough to remember. They were almost wiped out completely. That may be their greatest defense. I played a stream of memories in my head. So I just never really bothered to say anything. "Thank you Bella.when they make good food to do so. redirecting my thoughts. I'd be real upset if someone were to ruin a good thing I've got going over here. I rarely complimented anyone for anything. they look and smell just like humans. There really isn't a stand out characteristic that would help identify a werewolf. Bella came to the table and set down a stack of French toast in front of Jacob and me. The only rumor is that they all have blue eyes…. "It's pretty hard to identify them. But that is something I heard from a friend of mine . especially considering they have been in hiding for such a long time. What I have heard." I said to say as sincerely as I could. Yum! This is such good food.40 - . I didn't really feel like going through all the evidence. "What makes you think he is something else?" Edward asked. Edward nodded at me." She looked a little taken aback by my compliment. Do you know any characteristics of werewolves? Anything that would help me identify one?" I asked Carlisle. I thought. I looked over to Edward who was looking at me with eyebrow cocked. "You always make the best breakfast. so I can understand their hesitancy to even come forward in our mythical world. when he refused to let me pass and the broken window in my bedroom. I shrugged and took another bite of my bacon. The way his eyes looked so predatory when he stared at me in the dark corner of the club. the moment he confronted me in the alley-way where his hand had made a nice imprint in the brick wall." she said hesitantly as she sat down with us at the almost silver blue. That's what I am drawing my conclusions on. Couldn't they just take my word on this and my suspicions about him? "He accused me of being a witch. I remembered what you said about werewolves being involved with witches last Saturday. "Um…you're welcome.

" I said leaning forward on the table.41 - . "Lucas smells just like a human and he has those same blue eyes you are talking about. It could have been just that one with blue eyes." Nessie said in my defense. "I'll just pass him a note in class: Are you a werewolf? Check yes. I ." Carlisle said shifting his gaze from Edward and then to Jacob. Edward and Bella. I don't know if I would really have the guts to ask. Maybe your ancestors were on to something." He shrugged his shoulders. "What a super idea Jake!" I said sarcastically. "Turn the news on. "Have you thought about being upfront and asking him?" Jacob said with his mouth full of French toast. even though he is trying. I walked quickly to my living room and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV. What if I was way off the mark? What if he had only asked me if he was a witch because he was watching The Craft and identified himself with Skeet Ulrich's character? I thought him accusing me as a witch would be more believable than me accusing him of being a werewolf. "He seems to be avoiding her yet stalking her at the same time." Jacob said as he pulled Nessie into his arms and kissed her on her cheek. It seems like he can't stay away from Leah. Maybe he thought I dabbled in Wicca! "Leah has been having trouble keep a consistent dialogue between them. "This imprint between Lucas and Leah may be the miracle we are looking for. "I think it would be best if we let him move at his own pace and not confront him." Annabel said as soon as I picked up the phone." I groaned." I wished it was that easy.who was fortunate to only see one. It's kind of strange that our greatest alliance was formed due to an imprint. It's all pretty confusing. Jacob." "All you need is love. If I ever got a chance to be alone with him. "It was only a suggestion. I really wasn't up to discussing my relationship problems…especially with Carlisle." My heart started beating faster. He'll break…they always do. no or maybe.

But there was no light in them…. I was coming off the train. Alice didn't see it in time. There was no explosion but the cause of the fire is still unknown. He wouldn't let me go down. "A horrific incident took place today down in the Brooklyn subway. I tried…I tried to go down and help but a man stopped me." she continued and you could see the tears streaming down her face. They have already found too many drained bodies. at my stop and that was it. I can't figure out what could have happened. absolutely nothing.42 - . "I didn't see anything suspicious. "We were too late. The demonic cult excuse can only last so long. it was too late for any of them to be saved. I didn't. who got off the subway just before this tragic incident occurred. As I made my way up the stairs I heard loud. I was with Nessie and the Cullens. horrific screams and I tried to turn back and help. There are just too many holes with all the different species now. still trying to put out a large and terrifying fire. I can't imagine what happened. it won't be long until they speculate anything further. We had to start the fire. They drank from everyone on the train." I couldn't watch. It was just screams…loud screams. It would have looked too suspicious. We just stood in silence." She paused trying to compose herself. We couldn't let the public see the bodies…all drained of blood. "If I just got there a bit sooner…I could have at least saved a few. She was probably just coming to terms with how close she had come to death. Some onlookers have been suggesting that this may have been another terrorist attack but we have no evidence to confirm this theory. "The causes of the incident so far unknown but firefighters are working hard. We ran as fast as we could. By the time I got there. I could hear them all the way above ground. "This city just isn't safe anymore. "What happened?" I whispered." . I turned it off. There must have been ten of them. I can't bare to live here anymore.had been spending the rest of my Sunday lounging around my home. I am standing here with Jane White. I don't know what could have possible caused them. Those poor people. doing laundry and getting ready for Monday. Can you give us any insight in to what you saw or what you think may have happened?" The reporter said turning to a woman who was visibly shaken." "Did you see anyone suspicious get on the train while you were getting off?" "No." the news reporter said. no one was alive. Everyone could hear them.

I gasped when I saw a little boy with curly dark hair. "I'm not going to hurt you." I had been walking around the city for about three hours trying to pick up on something. laying in the middle of the room. He didn't stir and continued crying. "Hello?" I called softly to him. I missed patrolling in my wolf form. I was walking by an abandoned building when I heard a very soft crying coming from inside. We had split up into pairs while I set off on my own. taking the stairs lightly so as not to make a sound." I moved cautiously. whether or not they had anything to do with the subway incident. I gently stroked his shoulder trying to calm him down. We had to patrol in human form because the possibility of being seen as a wolf was obviously much higher living in the city. he must have been 8 or so. Slowly he turned his head to me and I gasped when I gazed into his crimson eyes. "Do you have a name?" I asked. "Leah…there were families…children on that train.The tears dropped from my eyes and I watched them hit my thighs as I sat on the couch clinging to my phone in my ear. . I made my way to him and knelt on the floor. "Sweetie? What happened? Where are your parents?" I tried to ask questions hoping I could get him to respond. It's getting harder and harder to stop them. It was three in the morning the last time I had checked my watch." "What happens now?" "We find them. "Everyone is going on patrol tonight. It was horrible. It sounded like a child.43 - ." she said definitely. hugging his knees to his chest. He was curled up in a little ball. I felt more connected with the pack. trying not to frighten him. "Are you okay?" I made my way closer to him. The only time we shifted was when we were going to fight. I wanted to murder every single newborn I saw. It was worse than the ferry incident. I made my way through the building.

I looked up to find the gleaming red eyes of five newborns." he said with great remorse.44 - . I felt some of my bones crack. Soon there were more people in my head. Seth and Paul were already in my head as I shifted. Then he threw me out the window. I let out a huge growl and began to lung at her. I knew instantly I would not make it out of this alive. Keep fighting. One of the newborns came a bit too close to my mouth and I took the opportunity to grab her hand with my teeth. But before I could get an answer I was thrown up against the wall. I heard myself whimper as I realized that my shoulder was broken. I ripped it off with one quick bite. I felt my jaw crack. He picked me up and squeezed. She screamed and with the other hand she back handed me."I'm sorry. Maybe we'll let you live a bit longer. "Who?" I asked my mind slipping in to panic mode." It was trap. I felt my body hit the window hard as the glass shattered around . Fury over took my body and I started to feel myself violent shake. "They made me do it." The little boy quickly got up and scurried out of the building. I looked up to see a woman with dark purple hair. I heard a loud howl and I knew it was Seth. She turned to the little boy. "Ughh…" I moaned. I tried to attack another newborn but one of them got me from my side. Shit! There were too many for me to fight. I could feel death was hovering over me. Before I knew it I was gripped from behind by someone else and thrown against the other wall. They were currently fighting other vampires across town. He was trying to get all the others in the pack to shift and to help out. I howled at the pain. "Good job Romeo. Leah!We are coming to help you! I heard Seth yell to me. I just hope that they would make it quick. A bright smile appeared on her face. My clothes ripped from my body as I shifted to a wolf form. She stood there and laughed. Leah… You can't give up… We are coming to get you… I tried hard to push myself up from the ground supporting most of my weight on my good paw.

Leah! Jacob screamed with him. I'm so sorry. "Aww… poor puppy!" he said mockingly. I thought lucidly. Then I then lost all consciousness. Please…please just let it be fast. The pain was starting to overtake my body. I closed my eyes as I fell two floors down and landed with a large thump on the pavement. I felt a chill run through me. Suddenly just his face morphed into a large wolf head as he bit down on the male's neck and tore him apart. I prayed to God. "Leah? Can you hear me?" There were still many voices in my head. Don't say that! Quil yelled at me. I was too scared to look down to see what damaged was done. He quickly glanced into my eyes and I saw his eyes turn into that predatory stare again. I could feel my eyes starting to feel very heaving. I promise you it will be slow and as painful as possible. The male newborn who threw me out the window was standing above me laughing. I closed my eyes again and waited for death.45 - . I opened one eye and there I saw Lucas. His arm around his chest and the other one pull his head to the side. There was the sound of faint shuffling and then there was a painful groan…but it wasn't my own. At least if I die. I laid there on the pavement with my eyes closed and tears starting to stream down my face. I couldn't help but smile. Hah!I was right. I felt the shattered glass from the window stinging in my body as it imbedded itself underneath my fur and into my skin. I heard a soft landing of feet in front of me. They were all screaming my name." I was losing consciousness. Is that Lucas? Are you okay? .me. I thought. "Leah?" A whisper said near my ear. He was holding the newborn from behind. "I'm going to enjoy killing you. I know that I had died much loved. No! Leah…no! Seth screamed.

The pain was severe and thankfully I slipped back into unconsciousness again. I tried to concentrate and shift back. Slowly I watched my paws slowly transform into my hand. staring at each other as he pushed my wet hair out of my face. My eyes were still shut tightly." I heard Lucas say. trying hard to concentrate on anything else but the intense pain. or 'embarrassed to be here naked' tears or 'so thankful I'm still alive' tears. I didn't know what to say. fall on my cheek. "Leah… I need you to phase back. The next time I woke up.46 - . They all said but I was too weak to respond. I sniffled and the hand that was cleaning me up suddenly became very still. I just looked up at him with eyes that hopefully read how thankful I was that he had come to save me. "Of course dear. I saw my paw in front of me. A pretty blue tile surrounded the whole shower. It took me a bit to finally register that I was being cradled in someone's lap.We are trying to find you." . Mom. Then he continued on to wipe the blood away as I drifted back to sleep again. He held me tightly to him while sitting in the shower. I noticed the feeling all of the groves and small rocks of the cement on all five of my fingers. I wanted to just be left there. "Leah?" he asked as I looked up at him. I was laying in a large bed. I was still in a lot of pain. I recognized immediately that it was Lucas holding me. his completely soaked jeans and shirt cling to his body. My body was still. I looked up to find two shower heads raining down on me. I woke up to warm water hitting my body and the sound of water drumming against the tile floor. Tears started to slowly fall down my face. I cringed as I became aware of that I was very much naked and he very much was not. "Thank you for your help. He rested his lips on my forehead for a moment and I felt a tear. I heard voices talking near me. I whimpered as I felt my body being picked up. I didn't know how if they were 'happy I'm finally in Lucas's arms' finally tears. I looked down to the pavement that my body was now hugging. I couldn't move at all. He was picking the glass out of my thigh and wiping the blood away. I felt his cheek rest on top of my head. I opened my eyes slightly and found myself in some sort of very big shower. Everything hurt…everything was so painful. not one of my own." the voice said again. We sat there in silence. I moaned as I tried to change. I could hear the shattered glass fall off my body as it hit the pavement. It hurt too much to be moved.

"Oh Lucas. I started to feel myself slip back into unconsciousness. I slowly opened my eyes to find a beautiful woman with the same blue eyes as Lucas staring at me. "Lucas took good care of you. "A female one at that. This time don't let her go. Love . Her body seems to be very much like our own." I felt her warm hand brushing my hair off my face. She may be one of a kind. I felt his mother get up from the bed and heard her make her way towards him." Lucas whispered. "I know. "She's a beautiful girl." I heard her say. she should be okay." "I thought I lost her. I couldn't fight my eyes from closing.I felt someone sit beside me." she mused. "She will be fine." she said quietly. You got a second chance. "This is just a little something to help with the pain while you heal. "Well. honey." She took out a needle from her bag and I watched as she filled the syringe." I could hear him sigh." I could feel her pull the sheets up as she tucked me further into bed." "When are you going to tell your father?" "I don't know. "Wow…a shifter. "You're going to be just fine." "She is. I started to miss my own mother. Don't worry so much about your father.47 - . I was too weak to protest. She'll heal fast. Lucas. Everything will be fine." she said as she put the needle in my arm. She caressed my face lovingly.

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I wasn't in my room. I'm asking you to please read the next couple of chapters (more so in chapter 6) as I explain what I think werewolves are like. Yes. the pit of my stomach turned as I remembered and wished with all my heart to forget that Lucas had seen me naked. Marching? Why did I hear marching? I thought. This is my interpretation of what was said in those last chapters. I looked over myself but only found healing cuts all over my arms and legs. I looked around the room somewhat relieved to find myself alone. relieved to see I had something on now. I would have preferred some sweat pants and a t-shirt instead.Chapter 5 A/N: Hello Everyone! Thanks again for the wonderful reviews. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at my body. "Oh. but frowned when I realized it wasn't much. My eyes shot open. I slowly rolled over back to my back and pulled the sheets down to try and sit up. Hope you enjoy this next chapter! Let me know what you think! I groaned as I rolled over to my stomach and stuck my head underneath the pillows. I remembered Lucas pulling out the glass from it.everything. The sound of faint marching had woken me up. Last night's events streamed through my head at rapid fire. I was shocked . I was in someone else's room. Had I left my TV on? Couldn't be…I don't have a TV in my room. It would have been nice to have had one normal conversation with the guy before he saw…. I cringed and hoped that I wasn't wearing something of an ex-girlfriend's. You are super! I also wanted to mention that I have gotten a few reviews stating that my werewolf mythology is different than what was stated in Breaking Dawn. I pushed the pillow tightly against my ears trying to drown out the sound. I know that a werewolf can change a human into a werewolf by biting or that they only change at night. My body was still very sore. thank God. just a blue silk nightgown. I shuddered at the thought of the revealing shower scene. It's CrAzY! Thanks again to Courtney for looking over this chapter. Ugh…how embarrassing. I really enjoy reading them! I can't believe how many I have already received for only 4 chapters. I've read what was written in breaking dawn." I whispered.49 - . Even after everything that had happened. I squeezed my eyes shut as I willed myself to forget. but it wasn't working. My finger lightly touched the small pink line on my thigh.

this wasn't what I imagined Lucas's room to look like. I felt a hand slowly graze down my back and then held lightly to the side of my waist. I could feel a breath on my neck. I cautiously placed my feet on the marble floor. Below were hundreds of werewolves in complete form marching. The sun was coming down. What I saw below was a city . "Where am I?" my voice trembling." I heard a soft voice say close to my ear say." . My muscles ached as I tried to push myself to stand up. were. I realized how beautiful the room was. bracing the cold chill of the floor since I didn't have socks on but was pleasantly surprised when I found it quite warm. someone who would merely have just a bed and maybe a TV. my fingers lightly grazing the elaborate carvings of the large four post bed. Gorgeous paintings hung perfectly over all the walls. I couldn't put that much weight on my right foot without a shooting pain coursing through my leg. My breath hitched and I remained perfectly still. I gasped at the sight. There was a stunning crystal chandelier that hung in the center of the room.50 - . I slowly pushed the covers and carefully swung my legs over. I could still hear the faint sound of marching which seemed to be coming from outside. They were perfectly lined up and completely in sync when they marched to the beat. I held my hand over my mouth. down the street. For some reason. Where the hell was I? It was as if I walked into a completely alternative universe.. I hobbled slowly to the French doors. Finally I reached the gold handles of the door and pressed down to open the door. I was in a large and lavish room with high ceilings. "War is upon us. How odd it was to only hear…marching. I had pictured him for a minimalist. Each held a spear in one hand as the marched down the street. I noticed the intricate designs on the large stain glassed French doors. "My home. so frequently heard by the streets of New York City. I stepped on my tip toes trying to lean over the stone wall. I made my way out onto the large stone balcony. I wondered where the sounds of cars honking their horns and the screech of brakes from the buses. My right hip still felt very sore. I felt the heat sunny day and wondered briefly what time it was. It was the twilight zone.. a thunderous sound erupting when they hit the ground with them. shinning perfectly through the colorful glass that reflected off the chandelier and into the rest of the room. I let out a soft groan as I stretched them out. on two legs. It was an army.but not New York it was heated. The marching sound was louder.

The stars were so bright and seemed so close. What a fairy tale place this was. Long ago we signed an alliance with them." I looked up at the dark sky. There were so many questions I wanted to ask and I needed a sober state of mind to ask them. "When my brother was born. It was unbelievably beautiful. I wanted to reach my hand up to the sky. the most powerful clan in the world. Chills went down my spin. very unusual for a city sky. He bent his head slightly down as his lips and his nose swept my cheek. He was unhappy with the distance that I had created. The stars seemed close enough to touch . they sprinkled the sky with stars as a gift to me. "But you have a sky." I tilted my head up towards the sky. we allowed them to live in our secret city to keep them safe and as a gift of their gratitude they gave us a sky. I tried to hold on to my thoughts before they become completely incoherent. the tip of his tongue tasting my skin. trying to fight how unbelievably good it felt. His intoxicating scent surrounded me and there was a warmth growing in the pit of my stomach. I closed my eyes. the stars began to appear as if someone had thrown glitter up in the air and each one stuck to the sky. I couldn't think with him doing that to me. "It was a gift." I said." he said as he took a step towards me." "A gift?" "Yes.51 - . Slowly. "Far below the city. . I couldn't imagine that even a desert sky could look as spectacular as this one." he whispered as his lips skimmed behind my ear. The wall of the balcony prevented me from stepping any further away. "A gift from whom?" "The Salem Witches. now that the sun has set. I spun myself around and took a couple steps back. they created the moon for him and when I was born. "What…where is home?" I stammered out. A bright half moon appeared out of no where.I felt him press himself closer up against me. His eyes narrowed to me. When he touched me it was like my thoughts became fireflies and it was impossible to catch them with my net.

" Immediately my gaze shot down and I looked directly at him. I was fighting the urge to tell him I was the beta in my pack. we have kingdoms. I assumed that he would be king in the future. "No. I wanted to see those strikingly beautiful blue eyes. I don't know how long I stood there in shock or in contemplation of the bombshell he had just dropped on me. "So warm…" I let my hand move up to his neck and let my fingers lightly touch behind his neck. . "That would make me the prince. With my other hand I cupped his face and lightly pulled face to look into mine. but I didn't want to bring up painful memories of his brother. or at least the politics of it. then dropped down to my shoulder. but I found myself close against him." "Oh. but I didn't think that would come close to being a prince. "You heal fast…just like me. but this is the largest here. with both of his arms wrapped around my waist. I wanted to ask if he was to be king. Especially considering that his brother was no longer alive. only sons of the king."Does everyone get amazing gifts like this when they are born?" I said. smiling still looking at the sky." he murmured against my shoulder. There are many smaller kingdoms throughout the country. "You don't have packs?" I was surprised to hear that these wolves did not run in packs. He slowly leaned down to me. not entirely sure how to respond to that." he finished with a cocky smirk on his face. He took his finger and lightly traced the fine pink line of a cut from last night that hadn't healed just yet." he said. The only other that comes close to us is in Europe. He slowly pressed his lips against my skin where his finger had been. "What a beautiful creature you are.52 - . His eyes met mine for a few moments." I trailed off. I was speechless. just to one up him. So if your father is the king….. "No. I assumed that maybe they would be somewhat like shape shifters. not sure if the truth was something I could really believe. Bragging about being a beta seemed slightly silly in comparison.

Words could not express the gratitude I felt for him. Immediately he picked me up carefully and placed me on the bathroom counter. My brother…the pack must be so worried about me.53 - . I hated to look weak.resting his forehead against mine. "My mother gave them to me last night to give to you if you were still in pain when you woke up." I said. You won't feel a thing after you take them. "Thank you…for last night. washing them down with a sip of water. This was the first time I actually made reference that I wasn't normal. I limped my way towards him. I shrugged and tossed them in my mouth." "I sent word. but you get pretty drowsy after a few minutes. "Tylenol really isn't going to cut it for me. "Stay with me tonight. He handed few a few pills from his pocket and poured a glass of water from the sink." I said as I bit my lip. since he had pretty . They know your okay. I felt the heat creep up against my cheeks as I noted that I didn't know why I was embarrassed for him to see everything." I looked down at the pills in my hand.." He stepped away and motioned me to follow him back into his room. I realized how short this night gown was and nervously tried to pull at the bottom of it hoping it would magically become longer. "Are you still in pain?" "It will pass." he asked. "They know you are okay and you're safe with me." "Do they know where I am?" I couldn't have imagined him telling them about this place. "They usually don't do anything for me either. I owed him my life. "I can't. I looked back at him and caught his eyes grazing my body.. Technically I was still in the city." I said." he said trying to sound reassuring. I need to go home.

She brought it over last night. their hair messy hair sticking up everywhere from the wind. I could feel his eyes on me as they followed me around the room. as well as a hair brush in there. so I got a few choices. There wascharming one of him as a young boy with his mother. I stepped out of the bathroom feeling much better and found Lucas sitting on the edge of the bed. Hopefully he could just return all the rest." I looked at each one. Where would you like the nightgown?" I could have simply put it in the bag as well." He sat them on the counter and stepped out of the bathroom while closing the door behind him. You can just leave it on top of the bag." I was relieved.54 - . testing out my hip and was impressed the pain was gone. "May I?" I asked. "It's my mother's. I was ecstatic to find a toothbrush. I walked slowly around his room. I dressed as quickly as I could and put the rest of the bags in the corner of the bathroom. I didn't know what you liked. with a small smile forming on my lips. "I put the bag on the floor of your bathroom." He nodded his head. . "Please tell her I said thank you. I brushed my teeth and carefully combed my hair. "Please. "I had clothes sent for you while you were sleeping. There were still small bruises on my head. I shuffled through the bags looking finally finding the sweat pants I was hoping for and a long sleeved t-shirt. but part of me was dying to know whose it was. There was another one of him and his brother on a beach.much seen it all last night. The pictures on his desk caught my eye as I made my way to them. She was kissing the side of his forehead. He stepped out of the bathroom quickly but before I could follow him out he came back in with a bag of clothes.

" he said. "I'd be angrier if it wasn't such a good picture of me. I felt my heart skip a bit as I realized that this was probably the first time I had actually seen him smile. the day that Lucas accused me of following him." I left the subject at that."Your brother?" I asked him carefully. but on top of the covers. I felt his fingers lightly stroke my hair as I buried my face in his chest. A yawn escaped from me and I could feel my eyes feel a bit heavy. I looked back towards him. my eyelids were super heavy. His smile widened further revealing a set of perfect white teeth. trying to lighten up the mood. I didn't recognize the picture and tried to figure out where he could have got it. Well…well. The background was blurry and I was the only thing in focus. I held the picture up to him. I turned my attention back to the other photos.55 - . I studied the photo. This was the day I had been in the book store. Lucas laid next to me. I tried so hard to fight the drowsiness. I was looking at a book of some sort. He motioned to come to him and I obeyed. "Yes. "You must think I'm the biggest hypocrite. it was the sound of many voices. I wasn't winning the fight. My eyes grew a bit wide when I noticed that there was one of me." "Close?" "We were. Why were there so many people in Lucas's room? "What time do you think she got back?" I heard a voice I recognized: Nessie's. tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. As my head hit the pillow. He lifted the bed sheets while I crawled in. ." I said jokingly. I nodded my head at him. when I felt him wrap his arms around me and bring me close to his chest. It was the most pleasant way I had ever fallen asleep. I picked it up slowly and let my fingers trace my face. I thought. Then it came to me suddenly when I recognized my shirt. He had a slight smirk on his lips. I wasn't ready to fall asleep just yet. looks like he had been following me first. Yeah pretty much. Instead of the sound of marching waking me up.

Seth." "I thought he may have kidnapped her or something. We found a note tapped to our door yesterday morning saying that Leah was fine. Everyone was in my room: Claire." Seth said as he was next to pull me in his arms. I slowly pulled the covers down from my face and opened my eyes. They were never going to leave me alone. Everything was starting to feel like a dream. I felt the poking again. That was it. "I've been going crazy not knowing where you were or if you were okay." Who was that? Annabel? I thought. Annabel all of a sudden ambushed me with a tight hug. He hugged me very tightly. "We thought we had lost you for good. I hugged her back but was taken aback as I saw Claire and Nessie with tears falling down their cheeks. all of the looking at me with curious eyes. "Is she awake?" My eyebrows furrowed together. I looked around. I decided to just check this morning. Seth? "So you think she was with Lucas this whole time?" "I guess so. "You awake?" I groaned and tried to hide underneath my covers." another voice I recognized said. I could feel my familiar bed sheets as I tried to hide further into the bed. I smiled. "Would it hurt to tell us where she was? Like the vague note was going to make us feel any better." Seth said. "Leah?" I heard Claire say. I looked down at my clothes and I was still in the ones that Lucas had gotten for me. I refused to open my eyes. She was gone all day yesterday. Clearly I was not in Lucas's room anymore."I don't know.56 - . not sure how I got back here. Annabel and Nessie were sitting on my bed while Jacob and Quil were standing close by. hoping that she was back and I found her sleeping in her bed. How come you didn't call when you got back?" . How did I get back home? I felt someone poking me in the shoulder. "Oh thank God your okay!" she said. I was relieved: it proved that yesterday really did happen.

He walked over to the bed and sat down next to me while Annabel made room. When I found him." I insisted. I wasn't expecting someone so young to have been a vampire. "They are prepared.57 - . He was forced to be apart of the trap. "There was a boy that I found in a building crying." "This doesn't sound good. I nodded my head. I started to wonder when the next time I would see Lucas. But then I saw his eyes and he apologized. The image of Lucas's head turning into a wolf as he tore into that vampire's neck was one that was permanently burned in my brain now. "Do you remember what happened that night?" Seth asked. I should have been more careful. I found out many things but that only gave me more questions than answers. They are starting to set traps for us. He could probably give us some insight into what they are planning. trying to wake the last bit of clarity he had left." Seth said. "They are starting to hunt for us as we hunt for them." Quil added quietly. Nessie moved closer to him. . I don't know why I hadn't caught his scent first…maybe they switched his clothes with a human's or maybe I was just so concerned for the boy I didn't notice." I looked up at Jacob's face who seemed very distressed. I could tell he hadn't slept while I was missing. He rubbed his face with his hand. He is not with them out of his own free will." I simply stated. Then I was attacked from behind. I wasn't sure how to respond. "Did you get any information about the werewolves?" Jake asked."The last thing I remember was I was with Lucas. There were so many things I wanted to ask. rubbing his arm in comfort." he stated. "We need to find the boy. he was laying on the floor. I should have known it was a set up. I'm sure that was one of the last images the pack saw before I lost consciousness. I took a deep breath. "He is a werewolf." Annabel said. "We need to save him. He gave me something for the pain and I fell asleep and I woke up here.

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My eyebrows furrowed as I paused to deliberate whether to answer it. Feeling too lazy to cook I started to lean towards getting take out. I tried as best as I could to describe what I saw of Lucas's underground world. "It's Princess Leia. No one ever knocked on my door. I heard a knock on my door. "So does that mean that when you get married you would be a princess? Like Princess Leah? Just like from Star Wars?" she asked excitedly. Hope you enjoy this next chapter. Where was it? they asked. Chinese? Pizza? I couldn't decide. The only time I got up was to take a shower and to change into a different pair of sweats. Claire's face lit up when I mentioned the fact that he happened to be a prince. After the constant drilling of questions by everyone. As I opened the door. I was getting pretty hungry and started to debate on whether or not to order out or if I should cook.Chapter 6 A/N: Wow thank you so much for your wonderful reviews! You guys are great. well…look who decided to use the front door. right?" Claire said with a confused expression. Curiosity got the best of me and I turned towards the door. I made it there easily as I was now one hundred percent recovered. I couldn't even comprehend that far ahead. I was glad to finally get some time to myself." I said. Everyone just walked right in.59 - . well." Quil said chuckling while he messed up her hair. Why did only his head shift while the rest stayed human? I have no idea. I was delightfully surprised to see who I saw standing there. . honey." I said with a smirk on my face. I continued to shift through the TV channels finding nothing could capture my attention for more than 2 minutes. I didn't know. Thanks again to Courtney! I lounged on the couch all day after everyone had left. wanting to change the subject. As I pushed myself off the couch to head over to the kitchen where my many take out menus lived. "Well. "Same thing. Now it was a debate on what to order. "Um…I think you're getting ahead of yourself.

" I closed the door and looked back at him. I placed them on the counter and found Lucas leaning against sink with his arms crossed." Lucas said with crooked smile on his face. He walked through my home as if he had been here many times. but I think you know where everything is. "I thought I'd bring you dinner." Without another word he made his way to the kitchen. It was the most casual I had ever seen him. the other nonchalantly tucked in his pocket. in his slightly distressed jeans and a dark blue zip-up sweater with a white t-shirt peaking out. with a smirk on his face. "So how did you know I was here?" he asked. "Is Mountain Dew okay?" "Yep. Figured you would be staying in tonight and decided to invite myself over.friend to come in?" I asked not really knowing what to refer to Max as. As he stepped inside I looked out the door to find Max sitting in a running car staring up the path at us. He stood there. he's fine out there. "Is he your bodyguard or something?" "Something like that.60 - . which I was sure he probably had. "I'd give you a tour."Wanted to change things up a bit. with a large pizza in one hand. I bit my lip. casually leaning on my doorframe." I placed the cans on the counter top while Lucas put a couple of pieces of pizza on . "Nah." I shrugged making my way over to the fridge." he said. "Your scent…of course. I'd like some privacy with you. I held the door wider for him. signaling with a wave of my hand for him to come in. trying to contain my extreme happiness that Lucas was in my house." I said as I fished for plates and napkins. He placed the pizza on the kitchen island. "Um…did you want your….

my plate. "I figured you'd be a meat lovers girl. Was I right?" he said with a flirty smile. I nodded my head as I made my way over to the kitchen table. I sat down and took a bite. I watch him take his seat and he also took a bit into his piece. We sat there for a moment just looking at each other across the table; both with curiosity in our eyes. There were so many questions I wanted to ask him. I just didn't know where to begin. I studied him intently as he took a drink of his pop and set it back down on the table. "Are there any other female shape shifters like you?" he said, breaking the silence. "No…well, not that I know of." I took another bite of my pizza. I chewed slowly still staring back at him. When I swallowed I asked, "Are there many female werewolves?" "Yes." He thought for a moment. "Can you shift as often as you like?" "When the mood strikes," I said as casually as I could. "You?" "Only fully during a full moon. Otherwise, just um… parts. Only pure bloods can change in the daylight." "But I saw your army in the daylight. They were in full form." "Well, if you remember the sky down there is artificial. Also, rules run differently in our underworld." "Why?" "Let's just say the air is a bit different down there." I looked at him suspiciously, wanting him to explain further but as he took another bite of his pizza I realized he wasn't going to say anymore on the subject. "Pure bloods?" I asked. "They are werewolves by birth - not by being infected." "Infected?"
- 61 -

"Yes." "Are you a pure blood?" "Yes, we are pretty rare. Only when two mates carry the werewolf gene can they produce an offspring. A human could not carry a were-baby, it would be fatal for both parties. How about you?" "We can't infect anyone, it is only inherited," I said shaking my head. "Interesting," he mused to himself. The same question kept running through my mind. I tried to let it go but I decided that I just couldn't. I had to ask. I stared at the pizza in my hand. Why would they bite someone? What would be the motivation? "Do you…crave blood?" I said in a whisper. I slowly raised my head and looked at him. His eyes pierced through me as if it that was the most ridiculous question and held up the piece of pizza in his hand. He took a large bite and chewed slowly then swallowed. "Obviously not," he said sharply. "But what would be the motivation to bite someone?" "Leah, a long time ago, when there were many of us, 90% were an inherited race. We were very strong and fast. Each generation grew stronger than the rest. When there is more werewolf lineage in that person, the stronger he is. But during the attempted genocide of my people, we went into hiding. That's when we went underground. Our numbers were so small that the only way to sustain our kind was to infect others." "Did those people want to be…infected?" I asked timidly. His eyes narrowed at me and they became very dark. "I am not always proud of my kind's history," he said slowly. "But we had to do what we did to ensure the survival of our species." I nodded my head trying to think of anything to divert the conversation from going any darker. I drank my pop and set it down.
- 62 -

"What is your lineage like?" I was thankful that I found a different topic and hoping that this would make the mood a bit lighter. "My family has the longest and the oldest lineage. We were one of the few blue blood families that survived the genocide. We are descendents of Valeria." "Valeria?" "Yes, she was the witch, part of the Salem clan. She is the reason why magic runs through our blood and it was she who started the war of vampires and werewolves." My eyes went wide and I leaned into the table. I very much wanted to hear this story. I motioned for him to continue and he chucked at my enthusiasm. "A very, very….very long time ago there was a beautiful woman. Most witches are beautiful, the aura that surrounds them is hard for anyone to ignore, though Valeria was particularly so. A vampire had fallen in love with her, his name was Caius." My heart stuttered as I recognized the name. Suddenly a memory flashed in my brain. Of Annabel who held him up in the air as he struggled during the last few minutes of his life. "A werewolf, King Ariston had also fallen madly in love with her as well," he continued with a curious look towards me. I knew he had probably sensed the erratic beating of my heart. "King Ariston was my father's Grandfather. Now there was a time, where wolves and vampires lived amongst each other without bitter hatred. We stayed as far away from them as we could, though their venom is not poisonous to us and we cannot change from a bite, we still appeal to them like any normal human and they can drain us entirely if we are not strong enough to fight back. Long story short, Valeria chose Ariston which ignited the first war. Caius was enraged that she had chosen a werewolf over a vampire. He had come to the castle to sway Valeria to run off with him. But his jealousy reached considerable heights when he had found out that Ariston had changed Valeria to a werewolf and she had given birth to their first child. Caius challenged King Ariston to a battle. Just one on one. King Ariston met him outside the palace gates, this was when our palace was above ground. Though Valeria begged him not fight, King Ariston was a very proud man and would not back down from the challenge. It was a fight that lasted for 3 days and on the last day, it was Caius who won...barely. Of course Valeria was completely destroyed by the loss of her true love. She ran out and killed herself in front of Caius, as she spat to him that she hated him. It was then that Caius made a promise that he would destroy every last werewolf he could find."
- 63 -

" "Wait a minute…you decided when you're going to die?" . afraid that they would use them for their powers. He could see a person and know if they were a werewolf. " The mental flash of Caius's death popped into my head again. "Caius would have succeeded. An alliance was made between us and we promised to protect them and let them live underground with us." "The witches?" "They were afraid of the vampires. looking at the table. He paused for a moment. a fairy or a witch.64 - ." I watched him as he took a sip of his drink. "So what is your…. especially as the only heir to throne." "Silver bullets are fatal to you?" "No. biting my bottom lip flirtatiously. It has only been till last 10 years we felt it was safe to come up to the surface. It was both sides duty to protect the child. That is why we hid underneath the city before we became extinct. Caius seemed to have a gift of knowing exactly what you were."How did she kill herself?" I asked softly. till I decided to pass over to the other…lifespan? Are you immortal?" I asked not knowing exactly how to word it. "Yes. "I may have a few magic tricks up my sleeve. I felt the need to tell him ." I smiled back at him.ask him if he knew of Caius's demise but I felt that would lead into more questions I wasn't quite ready to answer just yet. Now we are very difficult to find as we tend to blend pretty easily with the human race. but a baby had been born. silver bullets that are laced with a spell are. "With a silver bullet and a gun that she held to her head. "And the magic in your blood? Does it make you very different from most?" "Stronger…" he trailed then flashed his gorgeous smile. The witch community had not been happy about Valeria's choice to become a werewolf.

As I talked. "I'll send a car for you at 9?" "Yes. Usually they just send me." he said as his lips curled into a smile." "Are you asking me to meet your parents?" I said with a smirk on my face. I went described as best as I could the history of our tribe. "Let's just say you are practically a baby compared to me. "Well…should our paths cross during the night. one of the biggest my family throws. "Oh?" He leaned over the table to quickly pull out an envelope out of his back pocket." I snorted. "There was another reason why I came by today. I don't know how long I talked but soon there was no pizza left. I wasn't sure how to bring it up. "It's to a charity event. My parents will be attending. which is a rare event in itself. I didn't mention the Cullen's or our strong ties with them." he said suddenly. The card was decorated in gold and blue trim." .65 - . He slid it across the table."Yes. I wanted to ask you to accompany me as my date. I could have forever with him. How about you?" "Immortal till I stop shifting for a length of time." I quickly fantasized about spending centuries upon centuries with him. admiring the beautiful invitation. I had also avoided the whole topic of imprinting as well. "How old are you?" I couldn't help but ask. yes I would introduce you to them. then we begin to age. nodding his head as he took everything in. the theory that it was the presence of vampires that seemed to spark the shape shifter gene to reappear after a few generations of showing no sign of transformation. he looked at me with wide eyes. I picked it up. "What about you? What is the history of your kind?" he asked.

I was terrified that once he knew. A face with memories and feelings I did not own.66 - ." I followed his lead hoping that my disappointment wasn't that obvious. How weird it was to of had a prince in my house. he would be angry . I tried to look away. I walked as slow as I could hoping to prolong his stay as long as I could. When he smiled. He lifted my chin and looked me straight in the eye. I saw Max look up at Lucas and start the car. light brush of his lips on my cheek and headed out the door to the waiting car. I had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. It was coming from the white bassinet next to my bed. Tonight was the most times I had seen him smile." I nodded my head. A soft cry caught my attention. he seemed warmer and not so dangerous. I closed the door behind me thinking about tonight. "What is it about you that makes me never want to leave your side?" he asked silently. "Okay.His smile became more pronounced and I saw the glimmer of his perfect white teeth. "Just promise me that you won't disappear. My eyes were a bright silver blue and my black hair fell down my back in loose curls. I watched him step into his car and waited from him to drive off. "You know why.if he felt as if he had no choice. I felt his lips brush against the top of my head and slowly lead themselves to kiss the corner of my eye. He gave me a small. His fingers lightly stroked the side of my arm. I knew exactly what it was but I wasn't ready to share that information. I hadn't wanted him to leave yet…or ever." he said standing up slowly. I walked over to find the cutest child with bright blue eyes. I looked into the mirror and I didn't recognize the face that looked back. "Well. I wasn't ready yet. I should go and let you get some sleep. my eyes said to him. don't you?" I looked back at him with sad eyes. His eyes seemed a bit brighter. My lips were full and my light olive skin seemed to shimmer as the light through the windows reflected against me. I picked up the . He headed for the door and opened it up before turning back at me. I wanted to enjoy the present bliss before it could possibly be taken away.

"So what changed now? Why are you fighting for me now?" I could feel my body getting angrier. My body did not tremble like usual when I felt this emotion. "Yes…" I trailed." his voice became more distressed. Valeria." he said in a very dark voice in my ear. Anger replaced the sad look in his eyes. I could hear my baby starting to cry. I recognized the man and I instantly wanted to turn around and I spun around the find the man looking at me with painfully sad eyes. speaking without my consent. I felt my body resisting the urge to run my fingers through it as I had seemed to have done so many times before. "I hate you! Let me go!" He pulled me tighter against him. "You've chosen?" he said softly. "I was going to give up everything…for you!" I screamed. My heart was beating faster and my face was feeling hot. "I have no more feelings for you. pressing himself against me." I spat. "Because you left and because he was the one who saved me from myself. Soon enough. but my body wouldn't let me. I felt my body move towards to him. It was moving against my will." "I had to leave. I took a step back. I did it to save you from me. As I place the baby back in its cradle I looked up to find a reflection of a handsome man in the mirror looking at me. the love I had for you became replaced with hate. For every day…every hour that you were gone. "Caius?" I spoke. "Because I don't have it in me to stay away anymore. I didn't do it to because I wanted to. His hair was unusually light for the color blonde and it laid beautifully down to his shoulders. the child was fast asleep in my arms. "I won't let you go." He reached out for me but I flinched away. This body didn't belong to me. I gasped as he grabbed my arms and pulled my close to him in remarkable speed. cradling him in my arms and lightly rubbing his back trying to sooth him.67 - . . I was merely a visitor along for the ride in this body.

trying hard to catch my breath. I felt myself shove him forcefully off of me. "La tua cantante…" he murmured in my ear. It was immense pain and anger tearing inside her. "No! Not anymore!" I shouted at him. It was 4:37am. She hated Caius as much as she loved him. A/N: Please leave a review and let me know what you think! Also if you're looking for something else to read please read my new story Life After. The faint sound of cars driving by my home made me feel a slight bit of comfort. especially my new strength. I tried to shake off the dream but it seemed too real. I watch him straighten himself out. panting. Maybe resentment rang much deeper in him then what we were aware of. His words angered me instantly. I wondered if Caius had identified with Edward and Bella's relationship – it was truer to his own than I would have thought possible. I apparently was not use to my new body. I could feel myself fighting against it. I woke up sweaty and my heart beating out of my chest. It was as if I had just relived exactly what had happened so long ago.68 - . Only that time she had chosen the wolf. It had been a dream. He too was surprised by my strength. I couldn't get over at how identical her story seemed to be to Bella's. I had always been much physically weaker than him. I slid back down into the covers. I couldn't shake the emotions that I had felt through Valeria. I watched him fly back and hit the wall. I sat up on my bed. Immediately I was molded against him. I stood there surprised. pulling them tightly against me." my voice growled sounding very shaky and very resentful.His arms encircled around my waist and I felt my body involuntarily react to him. I looked at my clock. It was tearing my insides up. Thanks again! . reassuring myself that what I dreamt wasn't my life and wasn't real. "It no longer sings for you. trying not to feel what I did towards this man.

walking carefully. "You can't keep avoiding him. I looked at my watched. sunny day today. There was a definite skip to my step.Ian Somerhalder Leah Clearwater . I was walking on air as I made my way to my class." I heard him say. "I know. I found a twenty dollar bill left in my jean pocket and the homeless man that I pass every day said I was looking good instead of asking for spare change. So here is my list so far: Lucas Westcott . my ears perked up when they picked up on Lucas' voice. "No.69 - . A smile couldn't help but form on my lips." I heard Max say. Please forgive me! I will try not to post so late this time. I made my way up the steps of the building that held my class. I'm sure most of you may think of someone else as Lucas or Leah so feel free to imagine them as whoever you would like. happy to see he had beaten me there. I was having one of those rare days where everything went right: no line at Starbucks. I never really mean to eavesdrop on conversations but it's near impossible when you have my good hearing.Yvonne Strahovski's– 18 year old version Annabel . The weather matched my mood perfectly.Chapter 7 A/N: So some have asked if The War was cast who the actors would be. Max. noticing that I had arrived to class a bit earlier than what I expected.Kristin Kreuk What do you think? This is my cast but by all means. Walking down the hall. I made my decision. He has been requesting you all week. Thanks again for following this story. Immediately I slowed down my steps. It was a beautiful.Jordana Brewster Tabatha . trying not to make a sound. I apologize for the lateness of this next chapter." .

I waited for a minute but when I realized that Lucas wasn't going to respond." he urged. It seemed that my sun wasn't going anywhere today after all. I mean…what is it about this girl?" "Please…just drop it. I decided to open the door and stepped in. I made my way towards him and took a seat at the desk." Lucas said. "Hey. Students started to filter into the classroom. I looked up at the seats and saw Lucas smiling. I'm just trying to understand. "Really? Economics is that interesting?" he said as he spoke quietly to me. "Um…this is Max.70 - . so brightly at me. Lucas noticed my attention to his friend." he said to me as I sat down. I took out one of my notebooks and started doodling in the corner. I started to fidget a bit with my pencil as the silence was making me nervous. I looked over to Max who was eyeing both of us with very concern and confused eyes. I gave him a timid smile back. I reached over Lucas's desk and held out my hand to shake. I wasn't letting him get his way that easily. "Hey. I started to feel the forecast of rain coming in on my great day. He gave it a small shake back and slightly nodded to me without saying a word. He reached over and wrote on the corner of my notebook. I felt a set of eyes on me and I slowly turned my head towards Lucas to find him staring back at me. chatting amongst themselves. "What about your people? What about your duty to them?" I stopped by the door waiting for him to respond. I grinned back. Was he avoiding his father because of me? The last thing I wanted was to be the one creating a rift in his family or his obligations." I responded back. It was obvious that he had some sort of reservation about Lucas and me."Lucas. Skip? I shook my head. . Max this is Leah. My heart slowly began to drop and guilt started to wash over me. gesturing towards the empty chair next to him. leaning his body towards me.

I'm sure no one had ever told him no before." "Really?" I causally said as I turned the page of my book. that'll be the day. "Sure you do. trying to look at least slightly interested in what I was reading. "I'm not joking. "We're ditching. I reached down and pulled out my economics book. Before I knew it I was picked up and hanging over Lucas's shoulder as he made his way down the stairs.71 - . I slowly put it on my desk and opened it up. I looked back and gave him a challenging smile. I cocked my eyebrow to him." he stated. hitting his back with my hands. It was Max." I lied flashing him a flirty grin. I placed my hands over my face trying to hang on the least bit of decency I had left. some annoyed and maybe a few were jealous. my eyes still very much focused on my book. He sighed and turned back to me. He looked back at me with a look of madness in his eyes. "Yeah. I bit my lip to prevent myself from forming a full on smile. I groaned when I felt him tug my hands away . I went back to my book. Either leave with me now willingly or… I'll drag you out. "Lucas! Let me down. "Yeah… I don't think so. I inclined my ear to him ever so slightly. One face in particular caught my attention for a moment as Lucas just about made it out the door with me."I find it incredibly fascinating. "Leah…" he said very quietly." I snorted." No one told me want to do." I looked up to a classroom of students watching this scene." I yelled. his face mixed with disappointment and worry." He turned back to the front of the classroom with a cute frustrated look on his face. Some were amused. cementing the decision that I planned on staying for class. "Oh?" "Yes. I kept my face hidden even when I felt him place me back on my feet.

more than beautiful…he was dangerously sexy. I turned around to him." ." He struggled.from my face. "You're not upset are you?" he asked. The way his jeans hung just right ever so slightly below his hips. "Max will get them." I wasn't." he charmingly said as he leaned down into my ear. "Just…come and spend with day with me. I knew very well I would have done anything he asked. "Are you still mad?" he mumbled against my neck as he tickled the sides of my waist. "Slightly. He looked so delicious today.72 - . his arms never letting go. I pushed him away and leaned up against the wall of the school hallway. "What about my books and my bag?" I asked. His eyes got tense again." I bit my lip and looked up at him. He was more than gorgeous. I gave you warning. "I don't…I'm not use to…. easily erasing why I had been upset in the first place. "I can't believe you just did that. to look at him. It was just much more fun to put up a fight. it was hard to stay mad. He pulled me closer to his body and a kiss on my cheek and then on my neck. He shoved his hand in his pocket with the other scratching the back of his neck. He walked over to me and tried to wiggle his way closer to me but I pushed him back away. "Yes." I said." "I only wanted to have you for myself today. I saw his beautiful smile. I shook my head and turned my back to him." I felt him come up from behind me and wrap his arm around my waist. that seemed to only be held there by a belt and the way his preppy green Ralph Lauren sweater snug tightly against his chest. "In all fairness Leah.

but they let us through with a polite nod to Lucas. I watched him press a series of numbers and then felt the elevator pull us down." I tried to act nonchalant. I was holding his hand." "Well…one I wasn't planning on taking you TRL. "Today will be the best day of your life. I slightly paused at the security guards as we made our way pass the bank of elevator doors. I stopped abruptly when I realized I was standing outside of the Viacom building. We walked through the revolving doors and rode up the escalators. ninja turtle style?" I shrugged my shoulders. He gently tugged my hand urging me to follow. "Well." "Ridiculous?" "Yes. "You have to be kidding me. "This is utterly ridiculous. also known as the home of MTV.I paused for a moment to keep him sweating. It was actually exactly what I was thinking. An empty elevator door opened and Lucas led me in with his hand on my back. A silent few ." he said as I placed my hand in his. "Something wrong?" he asked. You're telling me that the way to get to your secret underground world is through the elevators in the Viacom building?" "I don't really see how this is ridiculous. I was wondering if he was going to stop us. As Lucas felt me tug his hand he turned around with a confused expression. trying to keep up as he pulled me along as he walked with determination." I found myself in Time Square following Lucas through the crowded sidewalks. What did you expect? Jumping down a sewer. "Taking me to TRL wasn't what I imagined being part of my best day ever. two TRL has been cancelled for quiet some time and thirdly…any day with me is your best day ever." He shot me a cocky smile while I rolled my eyes. if I'm skipping class. It was then I figured out then where he was taking me. "I promise it'll be good. It better be for something good.73 - . My favorite smile returned as he held out his hand out for me to take it." I said leaning against the side of the wall with my arms across my chest.

no Walgreens or Best Buys. It looked like any other small city I might have visited." he said with a grin." I smiled awkwardly. but somehow.minutes passed and I was wondering when this ride was going to stop." he said to them and turned back to me. "Prince Lucas!" They ran underneath our hands that were still holding. jumping in front of us." "Nice to meet you. each smiling and nodding their head towards Lucas and in turn he did the same to them. "Lucas!" I heard two giggling children running towards us.74 - . I only knew that Prince William could never just walk to streets of downtown London without causing some sort of hysteria." Lucas said with an apologetic smile as his eyes met mine briefly. Rather than cars filling the streets. restaurants and stores." he stated proudly." Jet said as he slightly nudged him in the arm. "You're such a liar. The streets were lines with different types of boutiques. "Hey guys. saying hi as if he was just another one their friends. "Almost there. does not make you an awesome soccer player." "I'm awesome at it. and I couldn't place it. "Leah. Everyone here was cool. The doors of the elevator opened into the streets of a downtown city. Brax! Just because the ball accidentally ricocheted off your head and into the goal. . Before I could ask how much longer it was going to be I felt the elevator falling faster. It was beautiful. "This is Leah. I'm not sure what I had expected. I watched the people walk by us as. do you like soccer?" Braxton asked without missing a beat. bikes and Vespas rode through them. I held my breath as I heard the quiet ring announce that we arrived at our destination. different…wonderfully different. "And this is Braxton and Jet. "Who's your friend?" the blonde hair boy said. only golf carts. "Yeah… who's your friend Lucas?" the red hair boy with freckles repeated. There were no big box retailers…no Target. "Um… sure. I was taken aback at how everyone treated Lucas. I took in the sight for a moment before I felt Lucas reach for my hand to pull me along.

It was wicked awesome!" "Sure it was. Jet. especially when you just met her right?" Lucas asked. just before he took off running again. "So where are we going?" I asked. But then Braxton punched Jet in the arm again and took off running down the street laughing." Jet rolled his eyes. "Eww! Gross!" Braxton moaned loudly as he wiped his face with his arm and took off running to catch Jet." "A best friend?" . "Wow…that just…caught me off guard. "To meet a really good friend of mine. "It was!" Braxton yelled and punched him in the arm." he stated trying to reassure me. I head butted it in there!" Braxton nudged him back. I laughed as my heart began a steady beat."It wasn't by accident. I watched Lucas laughed at the exchange that was taking place.75 - . I gasped thinking he was going to hurt Braxton. I looked back to the two boys to find Jet licking the side of Braxton's face. I watched as Jet caught up and before he pounced on him his head and his hands shifted into a werewolf." Not knowing exactly how to word what I wanted to say. "Guys. Especially if your emotions help ignite the shift. My heart just about stopped." Jet said apologetically as they both nodded their head. "Usually when I shift it means I'm ready to fight… like seriously tear someone apart fight. "Punch me again and you're going to be sorry!" Jet yelled back. "Right Lucas. you wouldn't want to get into a fight in front of Leah." "I guess I can see that. Just horsing around. "Prince Lucas. I heard Lucas laughing and I turned to find him looking at me. you should have been there. "They're fine." Lucas said as he pulled my hand to follow him. Leah.

He sighed when he realized I wasn't going to let this go. His eyes got very dark and stood closer to me. even other Kings from different clans. "Are you going to come with me willingly now?" . There are many packs who want control in this area. "Let's just say that the war against the vampires would not be the only war my people would have to worry about. Anyone can challenge for the spot." I nodded my head in understanding and let his arm wrap around my shoulders. I mean. If something should happen to me…. I didn't understand and I needed him to explain more. I raised both eyebrows at him waiting for an answer. But really he was just hired help in the beginning. "Who else would you be at war with?" I said trying to hold my ground." "Is Max a best friend too?" "Um…no." he sighed. There are not many who are as large." "So why do you need a bodyguard?" I tugged his hand wanting him to answer me honestly this time. "I'm the last heir to the thrown. wealthy and secure like ours."Of sorts. We have an alliance with the witches and we have a whole city underground. I shook my head." I looked at him waiting for him to continue. He stopped to turn around and looked at me. "Anymore questions before we continue?" he asked. that begins the fight to the death for which leader will take over.76 - . When the royal line becomes eliminated." He turned around and started to pull me along again but I wouldn't move. "Leah. he is a friend…now. "Other werewolf packs.

I wonder if they ever make it rain down here sometimes. "Are witches immortal?" I asked. A small amusement park could be seen in the far corner of the park. "Leah. It opened up to a large park. She looked busy as she tried to push her stray hairs that were falling out of her ponytail behind her ear while mixing and pouring drinks at the same time. The fake sun beamed brightly down on everyone as the enjoyed the afternoon. We continued to walk through the streets and rounded the corner. It would drive me nuts if the weather was the same day after day.' A pretty girl was working hard behind the bar.77 - ." he said gesturing to me. "So who is this best friend of yours?" I asked. "Tabatha." He continued to shuffle me along while I mused for a while that the name Tabatha seemed like pretty perfect name for a witch. "Tabatha. She had a sort of glow . their lifespan is the same as a human. "Hey Lucas. "No. We took our seats at the far end of the bar waiting for her to finish with her customers. There were restaurants and cafés that surrounded this small park. There were many people who were enjoying this area. all of them out in the open. Lucas continued to lead me around the large fountain that kids were playing at and the mothers trying desperately to keep dry. This is Tabatha." I didn't say anymore as I we approach an outdoor café/bar of sorts with a sign that hung above that said 'The Cauldron. This is Leah." I said as I smiled at her as she smiled brightly back. She's a witch." "Hi. with only a few awnings. "Is she… like you?" "Nope." she said as she made her way over.I nodded my head. When she spotted Lucas she gave him a quick wave and held her finger up to tell him it would be a minute." A girl? I thought.

" She leaned forward to ask. "I've never met a shape shifter before. curious at what types of spells one might cast. "So can you change it to anything you want?" "Um…yes. Usually it takes me quite some time before I can get comfortable with someone. It drew you in. like I wanted her to be my new best friend.around her." I felt my eyebrows rise. I usually tend to stick with just one." "Like what?" she prodded even more." Her eyes lit up as she nodded her head. "Do you want to see a magic trick?" she asked with a smirk on her face. I nodded my head as she reached her hand to shake mine. "Usually I'm comfortable with as a wolf but I did a panther once and a bear. She shrugged her shoulders. "Do you cast spells?" I countered. I was surprised to find myself instantly liking her…very much. "On occasion. urging her to continue. making your body unconsciously lean into her." she said. nodding my head. I couldn't help the frown that formed on my face when she "magically" pulled a shiny coin out of my ear. "I never met a witch. "So this is Leah? The shape shifter?" she asked. I watched as she rubbed her hands together fast. I looked back. I don't shift into many different kinds of animals that often. "That would be amazing to see!" Hoping that she wasn't going to ask if I could show her. I tried to change the conversation to her. It must have been the witch aura that Lucas had talked about.78 - . She blew on her right hand and then reached behind my ear. The same magic trick my father would perform when I was . I turned to Lucas who was nodded his head at me with encouragement.

I bit the side of my mouth trying hard not to crack up. She looked back up on me. "She'll have a full moon." he said.not really." she said turning to Lucas laughing. A drink to celebrate?" I looked at Lucas. The puddle began to boil on the bar surface and then began to form. She pressed her finger on the coin and I watched it slowly melt into a small puddle. "Probably the first magic trick I have ever truly been impressed with." "Yeah.79 - . I like her Lucas. "Impressed?" Tabatha asked. "This place is…" trying to think of the best word. Really? The Cauldron? A drink called a Full Moon? I thought. I could hear Lucas laughing." I said. the usual?" she asked." I said as they both laughed. not sure what to order. She placed the coin on the bar as she laid her finger on it. "Honest. The danced across the table and then back to us before melting back into a coin." "Well today seems like a day of firsts. "…amazing. it's a great place to live. "Ready?" she asked." I nodded my head for her to continue. "Um…. only 5 inches in height. He smiled as he took my hand giving it a light squeeze. manipulating itself into two small dancers. "Watch closely.young." . That was pretty cool." I couldn't help but be frank. "You guys sure know how to cheese it up here. "One Full Moon coming up and Lucas. "What's kind of life is it if you can't make fun of yourself?" he said. Lucas nodded his head and turned back to me.

" I watched Tabatha coming back with drinks." A man down on the other side of the bar called for her raising his empty glass in the air. a bit sour but with a strong alcoholic after taste. But now I felt whole and complete." "Actually. setting them down in front of us." I said. It was tasted like candy."Why would you even want to go to the surface? I would be just fine staying down here forever. I grinned widely at him. . remember things are a bit different down here. Out of nowhere I started to giggle. All of those years I had felt so alone…the blackest sheep amongst the black sheep. "She's this giggly? After one drink?" She mused to herself. It was pretty but didn't look at all that appetizing. All of sudden I felt this wave of contentment and happiness was over me. I looked at Lucas who joined in on the laughing as he was finding my uncharacteristic behavior amusing.80 - . Like I found a place where I fit and absolutely tickled that it was with next to Lucas. I had never tasted anything this strong before. not many people down here have actually ever been to the surface. Alcohol doesn't affect me at all. I held the martini glass up taking a closer look. "Tabatha. It's pretty strong. The harder I tried to stop giggling the more I started to laugh." Lucas said a bit cautious now as if he wasn't sure if that was the best idea to order me that drink. I didn't know if it was because I was just so unbelievably happy or if it was because of my drink. don't worry. "Leah. I had never felt this happy before. She rolled her eyes and went over to fill his drink. "Oh. I rolled my eyes and took a larger sip this time. "I told you it was pretty strong. I could feel my insides getting a bit warmer and I could feel my cheeks flush a bit. Lucas had some sort of beer that I had never heard of and my drink was blue with a cloudy clear liquid swirling around. Tabatha being one of them. "Um…you should be careful with that drink." Tabatha said as she observed my hesitancy towards drinking it. Unfortunately for me. I looked back at Lucas whose excited eyes were glued on me. I shrugged it off and took a sip. My lips puckered up and I could hear Lucas chuckling." Tabatha said laughing as well. All of a sudden I was absolutely pleased that I was with him and relished the fact that he seemed to want me here with him too. what happens on the surface unfortunately affects what happens down here.

she sat down with us and relayed some embarrassing stories of Lucas. Tabatha tried to put a smile back on her face. until Julian came in. We talked and laughed. "Just warning her." I looked at both of them as their expressions instantly changed to sadness and longingly. his brother. "You know. I spent nearly every day of my childhood here. Lucas?" "Vaguely. Don't let him anywhere near a microphone." "Julian?" I questioned. it was turning out to be one of the best days ever." Lucas interjected and I laughed. when you know…you know. "We use to have karaoke night here and well I'm sorry to tell you this but Lucas is a horrid singer. enjoying each other's company.81 - . while we drank and eventually ate." "Hey. After Tabatha's shift had ended. "Undeniably so. Even though he claims he is better after a few drinks." "Me too. you were 9. don't believe him. my family owns it. "Tabatha. when I was a little girl I had the biggest crush on Lucas." Lucas said looking at her as if he was trying to remember the time that Tabatha was a little girl." she said. "My older brother. Leah."Are you happy?" he asked. Do you remember all the stories you use to tell me. he was amazing!" . "I still remember the night I knew he was the one for me. When he did he would pick me up and prop me right up on this bar." "Thanks Tabatha." She turned back to me. I watched Lucas cock his eyebrow at her." The rest of the day went on with us hanging out at The Cauldron. I observed the people around us. all of them in high spirits. "I grew up in this bar. every day I would hope that Lucas would come in." she said while shaking her head and Lucas laughed along with her. Lucas. Julian got up there and let me tell you. "That crush only lasted for a month. Lucas was right. It's just awful. Anyways. Anyways.

After that night." "Always trust you instincts." I said as saw Lucas coming back. They were very close and well…Lucas hasn't been the same since. Maybe its just useless and pathetic hope. We sat lazily on the steps next to each other on the steps of the fountain in the center of the park. "And that was when I fell in love. "I have no doubt in my mind that if he was here now. I just wanted to let you know that since you came into Lucas's life. Somehow I just know he is alive. "What happened to Lucas's brother?" "Murdered by a vampire. We watched the magic sky slowly turn from day into night. This may seem weird but in my heart I feel like he is still out there. "Leah. I saw a few kids run around playing flashlight tag with no qualms about their parents . I was no longer your favorite. it's the first time I've really seen him smile since his brother's death. playing old 40s big band music." she said." he said as he got up and made his way still chuckling all the way there. I guess I never grieved… never really believed he was gone." Tabatha simply shrugged her shoulders." I could hear Lucas chuckling. "I remember that night.82 - ." "How did you handle it?" "I don't know. She reached for my hand and gave it a light squeeze. "I'm going to run to the bathroom. The stars once again sprinkling the night like glitter dust thrown in the air. he would have fallen madly in love with me eventually. He would have never been able to resist me now that I'm older." she said softly. Lucas saw the whole thing.I laughed as I watched her eyes danced excitedly as she told her story. I looked back at Tabatha. Lucas laughed a bit more. You were bouncing in your seat as if you were teeny bopper worshiping their teen idol. thankful for Lucas giving me some time with her alone so I could ask her the questions I was too afraid to ask Lucas. I could still hear the faint music coming from the band.

even at night without any worry. "I love how kids can run freely here. "I would love nothing more but to stay here forever. It was the most endearing thing I had ever seen as he seemed to lean down and brush his lips on her knee trying to make her feel better.worrying about them being alone or strangers snatching them away. "One day. "There is no crime here. I didn't argue as I wished with all I had that he was right.83 - . He handed her back the frog as he inspected the knee that she had scrapped. I watched Lucas sit up and turn to face me. His face suddenly became very serious." I nodded my head. I was grateful to learn . I could stay here forever. Kids can play freely. resting against my arms. There is nothing to worry about." The little girl with frog tripped." "It's perfect. "This place…is just… wow. My smile faltered a bit when reality set in the first time tonight. forcing her to let go of the frog that quickly leaped away from her and left her crying after she fell to the ground." I said as I leaned back. "Could you? Stay here forever?" he asked." He nodded in understanding. grazing his finger on my arm sending shivers through me. I was surprised how easily he picked her up and carrying her away with no struggle at all. But unfortunately I have obligations up on the surface… to my pack. I watched the little boy turn around to run after the frog catching quickly then making his way back to her with a serious concern in his eyes as he bent down to check if she was okay. Most were-kids are stronger than human adults. Today had been a day of learning." I said as I watched a little girl with pig tails chasing a boy trying keep her pet frog in her hand and a flashlight in the other. A parent's only worry is their children's first love getting out of hand." he said absolutely sure of himself. "He has werewolf blood.

No fear of evil lurking around dark corners. listening to the man who sounded very much like him. I daydreamed of what it would be like to live down here forever. I opened my eyes and saw Lucas hovering over me. wanting to taste him. He wrapped my waist with his arm and pulled me a little closer to him. I was satisfied that I at least found this bit of happiness for myself. I closed my eyes." he whispered into my neck as he paused for my reaction. My hands ran up his arms grabbing his biceps to pull myself even closer to him.84 - ." I said. Right now…right at this very moment…this very second – life was perfect. "Oh?" "Yes. "Stay with me tonight.anything about Lucas and his kind. A familiar Frank Sinatra song started to be played by the band. only this time kissing me a bit harder. Though I didn't know if I would ever be that blessed. "Okay." He bent down again. "I'm falling for you Leah. Unexpectedly. I felt his lips move from mine down my face and leading to the side of my neck. I felt warm lips touch mine lightly and all too suddenly pull away. A/N: Thanks again to Courtney! Please review and let me know what you think! ." he said as he brushed my hair lightly from my shoulders. I couldn't help but lightly lick the tip of his lip. silently wishing that I could be so lucky to see kids of my own playing so freely and innocently in this type of world.

Sorry again for the delay of posting this new chapter. Absolutely frightened that one day he may stop existing and horribly afraid knowing for sure that that would be the end for me. Not only did I have to know how blissfully happy he was with her but I had to feel and relive it through his own thoughts and feelings. I had spent the majority of my life watching an ex-boyfriend get married to my cousin who was like a sister. I looked at the man who I had almost given up on ever existing. I don't know what I had expected to feel when this happened but fear was definitely not an emotion I was expecting. I just never expected it to be this powerful.Chapter 8 A/N: Thank you so much again for the wonderful reviews.85 - . Although I had experienced imprinting through my pack brothers. My fate and future were now too tightly intertwined with his. I lay there next to him. Hundreds of questions crossed my mind as he slept. his hand held it there as he softly kissed it. wanting so badly to kiss him again but not wanting to wake him. Then when I thought I was finally free of it when I joined Jacob's pack. he smiled and let my finger go. that it was terrible irresponsible of me not to think about my obligations such as school or my patrols but I couldn't bring myself to care. reaching for my waist and sliding me closer to him. memorizing his face while he peacefully slept. You guys are great. I was now subjected to be amongst perfectly matched couples on a daily basis. There was no reason why I should be panicking. With his eyes still closed. hugging me tightly against his chest. I stayed with Lucas for three nights. He was the center of my everything and I was terrified. I never expected to be this consumed by anyone before. follow me on Twitter! My name is Ellarose00 I had never loved this hard…this passionately before. I think for most people it would have driven them crazy but I was pretty proud of myself for handling it so well. Thanks again to Courtney as well! If you're not already. I reached out and lightly traced his lips with my finger. Could he feel the same way? Could he leave? Would he ever want to? Would I let him? I had to keep telling myself to take deep breaths to calm down. hidden away from the rest of the world underneath his bed sheets. I bit my lip. I felt his lips move and before I could move my finger away. I knew I should have at least called someone. seeing it through their thoughts and feeling their feelings. despite my moments of .

but he only briefly mentioned his brother and how Julian use to take care of him. I got down on the floor. . I felt his eyes on me as I slowly picked at the food around the cart. I felt my eyes begin to get heavy and his hand that had been twirling my hair through his fingers lay still against my back." he said tossing the bagel over to me. I pulled a piece of the bagel off and popping it in my mouth. I sat up. 4:15pm. while he talked about his parents. eyeing every item. I deserved this time with Lucas. sharing our lives and talking about our family. "I have to. slowly chewing as I looked back up at him. I was completely convinced that not even heaven could be this wonderful. As the light began to break through his room announcing the new day. A laugh caught my attention and I sat up to find him leaning against the footboard with a bagel in his hand.extreme bitchiness. "I should get going." I said as I reached for another piece of fruit.86 - . placed in a time that was so long ago it was hard for me to imagine. I told him what it was like growing up on an Indian reservation and always having to look after my little brother. I almost choked when I saw the time. Immediately I started to look around for my shoes. People are probably wondering where I am. I smiled. I spotted one sitting on his desk in the corner. only to frown when I came up short. I deserved my moment of absolute bliss. Everything looked delicious. I listened intently as he spoke of his childhood. My arm instantly reached out to find Lucas. The first night we stayed awake. looking underneath the bed hoping they had accidentally gotten pushed under there. "I was wondering when you were going to wake up. trying to quickly comb my hair to at least tame whatever messy state my hair was in. I watched as his eyebrows furrowed together and shook his head. I took a bite of the strawberry. "By all means…" he said motioning towards the cart." I said while looking around his room for a clock. I stretched and smiled when I remember where I was. I woke in the late afternoon to the wonderful smell of baked goods in the air. I started to eye the cart full of food that was sitting beside the bed. For the time I spent with Lucas. pushing myself off the bed and walking over to the cart. I unconsciously licked my lips.

Going further with him intimately just seemed wrong. making his way towards me. Any resolve I had for leaving was starting to fly out the window. so it really wouldn't matter if I stayed. I really need to get home. eating away. I had been timid about how far we would take our relationship physically. I hid them. I probably would have stayed there forever but it was the night of his family's charity event and I needed to get ready." I pushed myself back up and looked back at Lucas who was still casually sitting on the bed. simply laying with each other and holding each other tight. I had been staring at myself in the mirror for over an hour. I ended up staying that night as well as the next. I was a bit surprised that he also seemed cautious of how far we were taking things. It made me wonder if he was hiding something as well. "One more day. He showed me more of his city and the parts he loved as a child. "As much as I would love to stay here…Lucas. I wasn't supposed to be patrol tonight either. I had too many secrets. His lips moved from mine to my cheek and down to my neck. Have you seen them?" "Yeah. The other times were spent in his bed. I half-heartedly tried one more time to push myself away again." He sighed and pushed himself off the bed. but his grip held me too tightly. carefully looking to see . If I was going to give him myself. it would be with no secrets and no ties attached." he whispered and then kissed me a bit longer the second time. He immediately wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me up to his face and placing a soft kiss on the lips."What are you looking for?" he asked." he said as he shrugged his shoulders. Would it be so bad if I stayed one more day? No one would call me today…they had no reason to. Those few days we spent together were like a dream. "My shoes.87 - . I wasn't ready just yet to go that far. I tried to push myself away and shake my head. but he held me even tighter and I sighed at defeat. too many things I hadn't told him yet. no. "Why?" "I don't want you to go home just yet.

I turned around once more looking at myself from the back. Due to my disappearance with Lucas I was unable to go shopping for a dress." Annabel said. The adult thing to do would be to tell him from the beginning the alliance we had with the Cullens and the vampires that were on their side. I could see his fists tighten by his sides as the started to shake. There is nothing to worry about. When I had finally arrived home. Every hair seemed to be in its right place. leaving the nape of my neck bare." I grimaced. taking a seat on the bed. I had never worn something this nice before and was thankful for Annabel bringing it over for me to borrow. "Um…I'd just avoid him for the next few days. I moved my head to the left and then to the right. I carefully placed a couple of drops of perfume there." Annabel said. Immediately I felt an ambush of guilt. I shook my head and pleaded with her in my head to stop asking. Tonight I was to meet Lucas' parents. My stomach dropped. She was starting to pack my small clutch with lipstick and other necessities when she held up my cell phone before placing in the bag. "Leah…um…have you told him about us?" she hesitantly asked. "Please use this if you decided to disappear with Lucas again. I was a bit worried about how long he had been there.88 - . I looked over myself for what seemed the thousandth time. "Do you know if Jacob is still mad?" I asked. "No big deal. I found Jacob fuming on my porch. I wanted – no. needed to look perfect tonight. he had been waiting for me. as I looked at her through the reflection in the mirror. I just didn't think he . He only said he was glad to see I was not dead and then stormed off. I touched the curls that were softly pinned the side of my head. I loved the gold beading that had delicately been hand stitched along one shoulder. My eyes traced the way my dark blue Grecian silk gown hugged my body." I said. "Thanks for letting me borrow the dress. trying to calm my nerves. you look perfect. "Leah." I sighed.if anything was out of place or looking for anything that looked wrong. it was my favorite part of the dress. I took a deep breath.

She was squeezing too hard. If the werewolves don't side with us. you need to tell him. "Sorry. She got up and walked over to me and took my arms in her hands as if she wanted to shake me some sense into me. "He doesn't know about the alliance?" she prodded further. I shut my eyes and turned away. I couldn't look at her. "Leah. "Please promise you won't wait till it's too late?" "Yes…I promise." she said quietly. "I…." She stared into my eyes and started to shake her head. I knew without a doubt that I would fight against anyone who attacked Lucas…no matter who they were. I couldn't even . have you thought of how your imprint has complicated things? It is imperative that he is on our side. thankful that she loosened her grip on my arms. Her ice cold hands were beginning to hurt. "Leah! What are you thinking? Why haven't you brought it up?" she demanded. The imprint between Jacob and Nessie won't matter anymore. I started to rub feeling back into them." I was a coward. I looked at her through the mirror not knowing what to say. it completely puts us at a disadvantage. None of the pack can fight Lucas and if one of the Cullen's or vampires on our side kill him…well the treaty between the vampires and the pack will be destroyed. "Leah." I nodded my head. "When were you going to bring it up? When we were on the battlefield so he could see you fighting on a different side?" Her caramel eyes bore into mine. "Think about it Leah." "Complicated?" I asked hasn't come up.89 - . Her eyes went wide as she realized that my silence meant that I had not said a word about the alliance." Different scenarios played out in my head.would stay by me if he knew and I just couldn't deal if he decided to leave.

"Good luck.90 - . Hopefully this makes up for it. "But I wanted to. I heard a honk coming from outside. "Do you like your gift?" he asked as he placed his other hand around my waist to lead me onto the red carpet. I held up the bracelet up to the light. I turned back to Annabel. I looked out the window to find a limo waiting. Lines we become blurry. But before I could feel the handle the door opened and there stood Lucas. I stepped in to find a small box with a red bow sitting on the seat. A wave of relief swept over me as I placed my hand in his. "Yes." he simply stated." was all she said.let myself think what would happen if someone from our side killed Lucas. She stared at me as if there was more that she wanted to say. My apologies for not properly escorting you. I took a deep breath and reached for the handle. I opened it up to find a diamond tennis bracelet with a note. He looked breathtaking in his tux. I grabbed my clutch and made my way out the door before I felt a pull of my arm. I almost giggled as he reminded me of a young James Bond. his hand extended to me." I said breathlessly. Finally she took a deep breath and let go of my arm. but you shouldn't have. What if there are photographers? Do I pose for them? What am I thinking? They don't know who I am. For you said the small gift tag. why would they want to take pictures of m? Before I could completely bail out and ask the driver to turn around we were in front of the Westcott Hotel…and yes there was a red carpet and yes…many photographers. I've never been given gifts before and not nearly of this magnitude. I sat in the limo alone a bit peeved at having to arrive at this event alone. He kissed my hand and took note of the bracelet on my wrist. What if his parents didn't like me? What do I do when I get there? Do I look around for him? I don't want to look like an idiot standing alone. I could see the struggle in her eyes. Nervousness crept in my stomach. . even if to defend themselves. – Lucas I would rather have him escorting me but it was a nice surprise. no one would know what side they were on. I quickly put it on my wrist and slid back into my seat. It must have cost a fortune.

It's not a palace or anything. Lucas simply smiled.. held me closer to him and placed a small kiss on my cheek which made the bulbs flash wildly. asking who I was. "Will you stay with me again tonight?" he asked. letting my fingers tangle themselves up in his hair." he said as he reached for my hand again. He led me around the party. He took my hand and moved with determination through the crowds till I realized we were in one of the empty ballrooms. ".missed you…desperately. My hands made their way around his neck and the back of his head." His fingers lightly grazed the side of my arm. I smiled and nodded my head at the appropriate parts of conversation. if I was his new girlfriend.91 - . "Thank you. I looked around trying to decipher who . All of them shouting.He led me through the photographers as they called for him and snapped our pictures. Immediately he pressed me up against the wall. Both of us catching our breath." I said as I raked my eyes over him. I felt his hands reach for my face and pull me close to his lips. I was relieved when we finally made into the hotel. "I've…. I saw his smile fall as he nodded and took my hand to lead me back into the party. introducing me to so many people I hardly could remember their names or their relationship to him. "I can't…my family was really worried…again. All too soon he let go and slightly pulled himself away from me." He flashed that beautiful smile of his as he leaned into give me a small kiss on the lips. "You look beautiful tonight. I moaned as he pressed himself even harder against me." he said in between kisses. He kissed me feverishly and even more passionately as he reached down around my waist to hold me tighter against him." "I'd love to. I bit my lip." I said only wishing with all I had that I could say yes. "You clean up well yourself. "But…" I said as he turned around to give me a curious could stay with me…at my place. I couldn't disappear again.

especially here. I was devastated that it was so obvious that his father wanted Lucas to have nothing to do with me. He was built tall and very muscular. "I've made my decision and my decision in final. How could he immediately not like me? His eyes were focused on his father and he gave me a light squeeze of the hand. "I will not talk about this Lucas.92 - . sir. trying to calm myself down. "I'll be right back. His smile was almost exactly like Lucas'.Lucas's parents were. I watched as he met up with him and they began having a very heated discussion. "Father. All of a sudden I felt Lucas tug at my arm." he muttered to himself. He still looked very young. He simply nodded at me and then walked away." he said as I watched him chase down his father. "It's an honor to meet you. I watched his father again try to walk away while Lucas followed him out of the room. I could see the guests who interacted with him immediately sparked up as they conversed with him. who I assumed was his father. I've been looking for him all day. I was left confounded with my hand awkwardly still held up from offering to shake his hand. I watched as he interacted with everyone with such authority but rare charisma. "This is Leah. I took deep breaths as we made our way closer to them. I wanted to know why. wondering if I should have referred to him as 'your majesty." he angrily spat. "She is who I've chosen." I said nervously. I looked back at Lucas with worried eyes. "There he is. Was I not good enough? I wondered if .' Immediately his happy demeanor became frustrated and annoyed." Lucas said as he moved me forward." I heard his father say to him in a low angry voice. As we wove through the party. I looked up to see the woman I recognized as his mother and a large man standing next to her." Lucas countered back. only the small laugh lines formed from his brilliant blue eyes aged him." I put on my best smile and put my hand out to shake.

"Leah." I nodded my head. He shook head and ran his hand nervously through his hair." I felt a soft hand touch the side of my arm. Before we could make it any further a beautiful woman came up to us. "I have to tell you something. dear." he said harshly to her as he tried to make his way around her but she put her hand on his chest as if to hold him there." she whispered into my ear. He looked completely distressed and upset. "Lucas! There you are.93 - . If you'll excuse us. I walked around a bit. not sure what to do with myself. I saw a waiter pass me with a tray of champagne.Lucas would go against his father's word because I knew with all my heart. I stood there awkwardly. All of sudden she took me in her arms and gave me tight hug." he quietly said. I looked back to see Lucas's mother trying to put on a brave smile." "Sorry. No matter what happens? Almost as quickly as she embraced me. "I've been looking for you everywhere." she said with a large smile on her face. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?" she said with the same . blocking our path. I looked back at her and saw the same breathtaking eyes that Lucas had. I was still a bit in shock over the interaction that I had had with Lucas's father. she abruptly turned and left me standing there all alone. "What happened? Are you okay?" I asked. His face was consumed with worry and most of all defeat. "It's so wonderful to see you again. He opened his lips as if to start to stay something but closed them again. He looked around and placed his hand on my back as if to guide me to someplace more private. Finally I caught eyes with Lucas who was making his way back to me. there would be no way I could stay away from him. "No matter what happens…know that." I looked back at her with curious eyes. I quickly grabbed one and took a nervous sip. not sure what to do or where to go. "He loves you…with all of his heart.

With his other hand he urgently grabbed for my face pressing our foreheads together. where I caught 3 more pale faces standing in the shadows of the party. The farther he walked away from me the more anxiety came over me. They wouldn't have made it this long without attacking. A clinking of glasses caught our attention and I watched as Lucas's father standing on the balcony staring at him as if they were having a silent conversation. He kissed me as if it was going to be the last time. "Attendez mon signal. Their eyes looked controlled rather than consumed with frenzy that newborns have. shaking her hand. Something wasn't right…something was terribly wrong. These weren't newborns from what I could tell so far." I said warily." the pale face said in an almost silent whisper. The crowd began to become silent and moved towards the balcony to listen to the speech. I didn't bother to pick up as I heard Lucas's father start to speak." She smiled even brighter as she tried to take his hand. My heart start to beat loud but at a steady slow beat as if it was waiting for in anticipation or bracing itself from a crash. I watched her pull him away as they moved slowly through the crowd. As they passed the large pillar." he said as he gently pressed his lips against mine. I watched as they continued up the stairs and to the balcony where I saw his parents waiting for them." she said without missing a beat and holding her hand out for me to shake. "Excuse us. Few moments in your life play out in slow motion and this was one of them. I felt Vivienne pull Lucas away. With my champagne glass still in my hand. "I'm Vivienne. "Leah. Alice. I looked back at his family to see if they heard it but they seemed to consume with the announcement they were going to make. My eyes darted around the room." Lucas said again trying urgently to move around her. I tried to break away from the . All were focused on Lucas and his family. "But Lucas…your father is going to make the announcement soon. "I'm sorry…so sorry. As if to verify my suspicions my cell phone rang.94 - .cheerfulness as if Lucas's sharp attitude didn't affect her. "Thank you for coming tonight to the Westcott Children Foundation Charity Ball!" his father boomed at the top of the balcony to the guests. I felt his hand slip out of mine and I tilted my head in confusion for when I met his eyes I saw that they filled with sadness and had remorseful glaze. a pale face caught my attention.

"Leah. A/N: Reviews are much appreciated! Let me know what you thought of this . I was in disbelief wondering how this could happen to me… again. As he felt that I was not going to fight. We are thrilled to announce the engagement of our son." a calm voice attached to the cold arms said in my ear. As I felt strong cold arms wrap around me. His eyes kept their stare on me. Everything became blurry. He stood there surrounded by his guards. I didn't fight them off. A fight had broken out and there was a mad rush to the exits. Some guests turned around to stare oddly at me but I couldn't move and my thoughts became a panicked mess. I felt the tears run down my face. I saw one of the uninvited vampires fall to the floor withering in pain. I'll take her. you cannot phase here. I turned back to the fight. "Leah!" I heard Lucas scream. apparently watching the exchange that had taken place between Annabel. trying to get his attention. She put her arm around my waist and began to lead towards the exit quickly. I stood there in complete and utter shock. through my tear stained vision. He stood there so still. If anything. its okay. no longer fighting against them. Look at me… lift your head and look at me. His eyes were furrowed together in confusion and then in anger. Carlisle and I. I turned away and left.95 - . his eyes focused intensely to the floor. I looked up at Lucas to see if it was true. having to see if Lucas was okay. looking up at Lucas. I didn't care anymore. I watched Vivienne take her hand to his face as she leaned closer to give him a kiss on the cheek to confirm. Nessie must be here somewhere. his hold began to weaken. the screaming started to begin. "Today is a very special day for our family. "Carlisle." My champagne glass shattered against the marble floor. Lucas to the lovely Vivienne Fitzroy." I looked down to find Annabel. we just need to get her out of here. I watched him fight against the guards that were trying to hold him back.crowd. I wished they would just kill me hoping that maybe death would give me some sort of peace. I kept chanting in my head.

.chapter.96 - .

glad to see he was back safe and thankfully still in love with me. "I'd believe you more if you told me where you were that time you were away. This was how we always spent our Sunday afternoons. "Don't believe me?" he asked. So please bare with me. not this again. I've still writing the next chapter but haven't had the time I use to. I wish I could say it may let up in the summer but it's not looking like it. Leah." I said in an effort to sound casual but came out as interrogation.97 - . If I could tell . Below I've included a bit of the next chapter (unedited). A smile danced onto my face. I've apologized a million times. as it always does when he says these things. Unfortunately the ritual had been broken a month ago. Sam has told every day that we had started dating that he was going to marry me. Good busy but…. I chanted in my head. but I thought at this point. feeling the sun on my face. it would be rude of me not to. I don't know when the whole chapter is going to be posted but I just want to reassure you all that I have not stop writing it.busy. His unexpected absence still stung but I promised myself I would get over it. I have not given up on the story…just SUPER busy. Immediately his sighed and his smile completely disappeared. I turned my head and opened my one eye keeping the other closed off from the sun. but I was happy now that things were getting back to normal. I had to keep trying to forgive and forget. All of you are awesome. "Please Leah. just let it go. But I couldn't…I just couldn't. Hopefully this will hold you over till I post next. He grinned as he shielded his eyes with his hands." I kept my eyes closed.Author's Note So I promised myself I would never put up an author's note. Let it go. sitting on top of his car parked towards the edge of the cliff off of La Push beach. He even told me on our first date. one day I'm going to marry you. About 25 years ago… "Leah. My boyfriend. Thanks again for all your support. His face was close as he turned towards me. watching the sun go down.

It was easy to do when he flashed me that favorite smile of mine at me. "It had nothing to do with you. I heard him sigh and shift himself back down on his car. We had to take it a day at a time. I snorted and turned my face back to the sun. "I just…had to get a way. I thought we didn't have secrets between us. His skin always ran hotter than I remembered.98 - . I couldn't understand." "We don't…" "Obviously we do. I found that I couldn't live without you. . My hand reached out to his hand that was tracing my face and held it closer to my…you know I would. "Well did you? Find yourself? Or are you still lost?" I said as sarcastically as I could. I'll always wonder if it was something that I did. The once solid relationship that I had felt with him was now a shaky one." Sam said. "I just don't understand what you're hiding…why you can't tell me. I just needed to…find myself. Normal people don't just take off and disappear for a month and then come back to never wanting to discuss what happened." I could help but roll my eyes. I had asked him about it a few times." I countered right back. "Yes. I looked up at him to find myself without reason of why I wanted to continue being upset or angry. worried that he was getting sick but he always shrugged it off as if it was nothing." he finally started. I needed to know why he left and if he never told me I would always assume to that it was because of me. A moment of silence passed and I refused to be the first one to break." he said. Now I just relished at the warmth. He turned again towards me as he reached over to trace the side of my face with his finger. That I'm going to need your forever. I didn't want to have another fight about this again but it was eating away at me. "You promise?" I said softly.

"I promise that I will always love you.99 - ." . I promise that we will always be together…and I promise I will never let you go.

I didn't want to have another fight about this again but it was eating away at me. sitting on top of his car parked towards the edge of the cliff off La Push beach.Chapter 9 Hello! I know it's been a while but I'm still alive! I apologize that it has been a while since the last time I posted but I have to admit only wonderful things have kept me away. starting on our first date. feeling the sun on my face. not this again. I couldn't understand. "Please Leah. I've apologized a million times. "Don't believe me?" he asked. I chanted in my head. He grinned as he shielded his eyes with his hands. as it always did when he said that." I said in an effort to sound casual but it came out as interrogation. This was how we always spent our Sunday afternoons. But I couldn't…I just couldn't." Sam said. just let it go. I'll always wonder if it was .100 - . Normal people don't just take off and disappear for a month and then come back to never wanting to discuss what happened. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Sam. His unexpected absence still stung but I promised myself I would get over it. but I was happy now that things were getting back to normal. just glad to see he was back safe and thankfully still in love with me. His face was close as he turned towards me. Leah. Let it go. A smile danced on my face. one day I'm going to marry you. I turned my head and opened one eye. told me every day that we had dated that he was going to marry me. I needed to know why he left and if he never told me I would always assume that it was because of me. I had to keep trying to forgive and forget. Unfortunately the ritual had been broken a month ago. My boyfriend. So here is the next chapter…enjoy! About 25 years ago… "Leah. just watching the sun go down. "I'd believe you more if you told me where you were last month." I kept my eyes closed. I snorted and turned my face back to the sun. keeping the other closed off from the sun. Immediately he sighed and his smile completely disappeared. If I could tell you…you know I would.

something that I did. We had to take it one day at a time. The once solid relationship that I had felt with him was now a shaky one. A moment of silence passed and I refused to be the first one to break. "Well did you? Find yourself?" I said as sarcastically as I could. I had asked him about it a few times. I promise that we will always be together…and I promise I will never let you go." Present Day… My hair was damp from the sprinkle of rain that was cast down on the city. I found that I couldn't live without you. His skin always ran hotter than I remembered. My hand reached out to his hand that was tracing my face and held it closer to my cheek. "I just…had to get a way. "Or are you still lost?" He turned again towards me as he reached over to trace the side of my face with his finger." he said. It was easy to do when he flashed me that favorite smile of mine. worried that he was getting sick but he always shrugged it off as if it was nothing." he finally started. I just needed to…find myself.101 - . Now I just relished at the warmth." "We don't…" "Obviously we do. "Yes. I looked up at him to find myself without reason of why I wanted to continue being upset or angry. That I'm going to need you forever." I countered right back. I heard him sigh and shift himself back down on his car. "It had nothing to do with you. "You promise?" I said softly. "I just don't understand what you're hiding…why you can't tell me. I thought we didn't have secrets between us. The . "I promise that I will always love you." I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

once beautiful gown was now ruined and clung to my skin. He wasn't looking at me. I sniffled as I wiped the tears away from my eyes that were making it difficult to see. staring at him as he dropped his head in his hands. My feelings were confused and conflicting. I refused to have a break down on the streets of New York. The lock clicked easily and I pushed opened my door. only cursing the few that escaped during my walk. I held my tears for the most part. He dipped his head closer to my face and I cowered in front of him turning my face to the side. I wanted the privacy of my bed and the sanctuary of my blankets to cover me up. I just had to make it to my bed. His hands frustratingly ran through his hair. I wanted to yell at him for lying to me…for never mentioning he promised himself to someone else. praying that somehow everything would turn out okay in the end. My feet were heavy as I took the steps slowly to my door. his eyes focus on the floor. As I relocked my door. "I told my father he was wrong…I didn't believe him. I didn't know what to say. As much as I wanted to push him out of my bedroom window and tell him I never wanted to see him. I told him that there was no way you could be on the side of those bloodsuckers. A nod of my head was all I could do to say goodbye. I made it to my home and didn't say a word to Annabel who had silently walked beside me all the way home. I waited for him to speak first. where I could lose myself emotionally to what just happened. I just needed to get home. I heard Annabel's steps move away when she saw that I had made it inside safely. "How could you not tell me?" Lucas finally spat out. His anger so strong. his arms stretched out on either side of me. I couldn't look at him and the words seemed to be . I closed my eyes and leant my body against the wall. We stared at each other for a moment. that my heart started to beat faster with fear." his voice so low and frightening. I flipped the light switch and my heart stammered harder when I found him sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me. I despised this control he had on me.102 - . My eyes shot open to find him towering above me. I hated feeling this way. I quickly covered it up with my hand trying with everything I had to hold it in. I wanted to hold him close and beg him to never leave me even more. His eyes glared furiously down at me. Very quickly I dropped my handbag on the table of my entrance way and made my way to my bedroom. I felt a gush of wind and a sudden warm breath near my face. a sudden choke of a cry escaped my mouth. I didn't speak. I remained silent.

my heart beating harder in my chest. I reluctantly looked up at him. Now it was just a contest to see who would break first and speak." he spat once more." I said as shoved him away from me so he could no longer tower over me. "Dammit. The tension in the air was so thick I could choke on it. I had to know. "Do you love her?" I choked out. He stumbled. to find his eyes boaring into mine." he whispered sounding defeated. My tears started to stream down my face. "Answer me. He leaned his head down and I could feel his breath on the side of my face.caught in my throat when I tried to open my mouth to defend myself. "Tonight was the first time I met her. He grabbed my face roughly. Leah! Answer me!" he yelled at me. "I can't believe I was so stupid to fall for your games. "Was making me the fool your plan all along? Was it your mission to get close to me to learn all our secrets so you could expose us to your friends?" I didn't answer. You lied too." he growled low in my ear. "Look at me. In all of the time we had spent together you never mentioned you were engaged! What were your intentions all along? What was I to you? Was I just one last fling before your wedding?" We glared angrily in silence to one another. "Is this some victory you want to claim? I bet you and your bloodsucker friends think it's hilarious that I was tricked into falling for you!" "I'm not the only guilty one here Lucas." he demanded. "Why Leah? Why would it matter? Is this some game to you?" he growled at me. "Does it matter?" "Yes. I was trying everything I could do to stop it. "It was arranged.103 - . Everything was slowly starting to make sense. The . His body was tense. I was at a complete loss for words. I looked him straight in the eye as he looked back at me as if he was trying to search for something inside me. surprised by my strength. almost shaking with fury." I didn't know what to say. I felt relieved that this marriage wasn't his choice and that he had been trying to stop it.

I watched as he shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way out of my room." "Why didn't you tell me. "Everything…all of it… was real to me. I love you.moment was becoming uncomfortable with deafening silence. I continued." My eyes became wide as I realized what had just left my mouth. "No…no Lucas. In a shaky voice. "…please listen to me. . not willing to let him go. "So did you get all the secrets you needed to tell your vampire friends?" he seethed. "Please. Instinctively I reached out again." I choked out. "Please Lucas. Leah? What is that you want from me?" "Nothing…I just wanted you. His shoulders hunched over." He snorted and took a step back. his whole body language screamed defeat. but I do." I took a step towards him and reached out to touch his chest but he flinched away from me." I stepped towards him trying desperately to figure out how to make him understand that my feelings were real.104 - . His fury seemed to grow as I kept talking and couldn't stop." He held his shaky hand up as if he couldn't say the words to tell me to stop. "Why…why didn't you tell me?" I finally asked him. I've waited for you for so long and I can't let this go…not now. I know you don't believe me. I stared at him and watched as I could have sworn I saw his face soften. it was gone – replaced with even more fury. But as quick as I saw it. "What would that have achieved?" "I don't know. "Don't…Do-" "Lucas…" I cut him off before he could finish.

But at this point. Lucas. I gasped. probably Nessie climb in. just praying that she would just go away. Quickly. My room was still dark and I was thankful for the heavy curtain Claire had insisted on buying. Monday "Leah?" I heard Nessie whisper. "Listen to me very closely Leah. You don't exist anymore to me. My tears flowed heavily now down my face and I watched them make marks on my floor. I felt a finger poke at my nose. without a trace that he had even been here."I know I should be wishing what I feel for you to go away or wish that I never met you. My bed shifted as I felt someone." she said. not of the pain but the absolute shock. "Leah. But I just can't." I opened my eyes. please…I know you feel it too…I love y-" Before I could finish I felt his hands grip my shoulders and I felt my back slam into the wall. to find Nessie lying in my bed with me. "Do not ever say that to me!" he growled. I hated when people felt sorry for me. wanting to keep in whatever I could of him. hidden safely underneath my covers. Only a faint scent lingered on. you haven't gotten out of bed for two days. but it was quickly evading me out the open window. I found myself alone in my room. I felt him bend down. I scowled and continued to refuse to open my eyes. terrified that the most important person was starting to slip away from me and I couldn't do anything about it again. weak and all I wanted was to just disappear.105 - . I should kill you right now for what you have done…for what I allowed you to know…" I could hear the strain in his voice come through. I closed my eyes tighter. I just didn't ." As soon as I felt the pressure of my arms being released and I had the courage to open my eyes. I stared down at the floor. Scared to look up at the man who was hovering over me again. I felt dead. I quickly bit my bottom lip trying to hold what ever I could in." A sob escaped my lips and I squeezed my eyes tight so that the tears would stop coming. "I forbid you to ever say those words to me. "Stay away from me. Nessie's overly concerned face would have made me instantly angry. his warm breath on my ear. I ran to close it. "You should at the very least get out of bed to take a bath.

care. "You want me to start the bath?" she asked. I took a deep breath and exhaled before I nodded slowly. She was right, I could use a bath. My head was hurting from either sleeping to much or maybe not enough. I must have sat in the tub for hours. I could faintly hear people talking in my family room. It seemed like I had a full house. Claire, Quil, Jacob, Nessie, Seth and Annabel were all in my home. I slipped out of the bath, quickly dried off and put back my pajamas before slipping back into bed right after I shut my bedroom door. I kept my phone right on my nightstand and my window open…just in case. Past… I watched my boyfriend tremble in fury. He stood there very still, focusing only on the floor with his tight fists shaking at his sides. Instinct told me to get out of the house, but I stood my ground refusing to be scared of him. His temper had never risen so quickly before…he also had never been this big. He claimed he was spending more at the time in the gym, but the speed of his growth was not normal. "Are you on steroids?" I asked. His eyes shot up at me. "No," Sam said obviously annoyed that I even asked. "Why would you even think that?" "I dunno… maybe this new temper. You're so quick to get upset. Or maybe it's your sudden weird growth spurt." I heard him grumble something as he went to walk to the kitchen. "What was that?" I followed behind him. "Nothing, Leah. I told you – I've been hitting up the gym a lot lately." I cocked my eyebrow at him. "I can't believe you are this upset about something so small," I started again. "It's not something small."
- 106 -

"Yes it is." "Leah, I specifically told you to stay away from the Cullens. I just don't understand why you can't just do one thing that I ask you to do." "Sam, I fell in the parking lot. If I could have avoided it, I would have. It's not my fault that Dr. Cullen was there when it happened. He just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt myself. What would have like me to do? Yell at him to stay away? If I knew you would react this way, I would have never of mentioned it." "Was any of his family members there?" "No. What is the big deal? I thought you didn't believe those old legends. You used to make fun of all of them." "Leah, just stay away from them." "Why?" "Leah, please!" he shouted at me. I stood there, silent. He had never yelled at me before. I looked at the man in front of me wondering where the boy I loved had gone. The Sam who was gentle, funny and light-hearted. I was supposed to be the one with the temper and he was supposed to always be the one to calm me down…make me feel better. "What's happening to us?" I said softly. I felt Sam's warm arms wrapped around me as he tucked my head underneath his chin. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose it," he said as he rubbed my back. "I'm just going through a difficult time right now." "Maybe you just need to get out of the reservation. You could go away to school next semester. We can go together," I said, with hope and desperation radiating in my voice. "I can't," he said simply. "You know Leah, you could still go. We could do the long distance relationship thing." I wrapped my arms around his waist and shook my head in his chest.
- 107 -

"No, I just want to be where you are." I heard him take a deep breath as if to say something else but instead tilted his head down to kiss me on the cheek. "Alright." I stood there for a moment but then remembered why I made the trip to his house to begin with. A smile formed on my face when I remembered the party tonight. Today could only get better, right? I thought. "So are you ready to go?" I asked him. "Yeah, just let me get my jacket." I grabbed my keys out of my purse and we made our way out the door. "I can't wait for you to meet my cousin Emily. You are going to love her!" Tuesday I walked out of my classroom 20 minutes after it began. I waited those 20 minutes hoping that he would show. Maybe he was just late, I told myself after 10 minutes. I never pulled out my notebook to take notes and had no interest in what the professor was saying. I just sat and waited. Before the tears came down and I realized he wouldn't come, I simply got up and left in the middle of the lecture. I made it out to the steps outside, where I found my brother Seth alone sitting on the steps. He turned to look back at me and gave me a sympathetic smile. "I figured you'd be here," he started as he got up to greet me, "to see if he would come." It was obvious that Lucas hadn't come. I just looked back at Seth with a composed blank face. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked. I shook my head. I was annoyed that he had come here. I just wanted to be left alone. But when I looked up at him, I couldn't help but see the little brother I had babysat so often. The little boy who would want to go where I did and I'd do my best to fiercely
- 108 -

protect. I could see he was worried for me and wanted to make things better but didn't see how. "Will you take a walk with me?" I nodded my head, knowing it would hurt him if I said no. We walked around in silence till we made it to Central Park. I watched as people walked by and observed them interacted with one another. I began to feel the need to look away. I was envious of their ignorance of the world around them. They would never know of a world that exists in their same world. I heard Seth clear his throat. "Remember when Dad used to take us fishing?" he asked. I smiled for the very first time in the past few days. "Yeah, I hated it," I recalled. "He would sing all the time." "He said it would help catch the fish." "Maybe…if he had a better singing voice." I remembered sitting with Seth on the boat with our father. Dad singing holding his fish pole, while I sat there with my Teen Beat magazine in hand and Seth with his game boy, clearly disinterested in the activity. It was nice to remember my childhood. Sometimes I wonder if maybe my childhood was too good and maybe that my life right now was punishment for never realizing how good I had it. I looked up at my brother. "I miss him a lot," I said softly. "Me too." It was silent for a moment as we made are way around the park. Seth paused before turning to me. I waited till he formulated what he wanted to say to me in his head. "Some things happened when you left that night at the party," he said. My curiosity peaked. I hadn't really thought of what happened after…only what
- 109 -

those vampires knew of Lucas's family. We need to go to the Cullen's house. you need to calm down.fiancé…belongs to. But also. Sam and I still would have been perfectly happy but I guess I could argue that I never would have met Lucas. I had to protect him. Though I knew it wasn't directly their fault. I'm not about to unleash all their secrets just so that we can win this war. "Look Leah." My eyes got wide and I stared at him wanting him to go on. I know Lucas is pretty much done with me. but you need to come to the meeting tonight." "How would they of even known of them? We didn't even know who they were till recently. I couldn't help but feel resentment towards them again. I felt Seth grab my arm before I realized that I had been shaking." "That's not what I'm asking. but I'm not about to turn on him. We need your help. "What other werewolf family?" "The one that Lucas's…." "I-" I started. They tipped the vampires off. "I know they are not your favorite people. I guess there was another werewolf family there. "Dr.had happened to me. It's . "This is why I came to see you. There are things that his pack doesn't know. it was because of them that he was keeping away from me. According to Edward. especially now. You of all people should know that. I knew I had to find Lucas. You're the only one who knows anything about their kind. There are things that happened that night…things that only Edward could hear and apparently only Bella could see. Cullen tried to talk with the…uhm…king…." "Seth." "That's the thing.110 - ." he cut me off. I really wasn't in the mood to be anywhere near the Cullens. They were targeted." I immediately stopped and turned to him." he said very quietly as he lead me to an area that not a lot of people were around. If it wasn't for them. "Leah.Lucas's father after everything calmed down.

I knew what was coming. Things have just changed. Not anymore. I said. "No…he's not going to. "I'm so sorry. Everything had been planned.obvious they are not going to listen to us but they may listen to you. Lucas will listen. I turned back to look at him. Or rather." "What happened? What did I do?" "Nothing." He started again but then didn't finish. It's the only thing that is going to save all of us. "You're breaking up with me. "Sam. "No. "I'm not…. my constant and now I had no idea where the direction of my life was headed. only staring cautiously back at me. "You need to fight for him. The faster they came down the more upset I became." He didn't say anything. You did nothing. Leah." I tried to walk away but I felt him grab my arm. He paused for a moment before trying again." he said so quietly I could barely hear him. He was my sure thing. "So everything…all of your promises…was lies?" I choked out." I could feel the tears running down my face. Not at the time." Past "This isn't…" Sam started but apparently couldn't finish. "Then what is it?" my voice rising a little louder. Defeated. they weren't. And now I was just watching it all fall apart. I didn't go away to school .111 - . His silence told me that I was right. I felt as though I could feel my world crashing all around me." I shook my head. I knew what he had been trying to say.

My world was spinning and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. My eyes went wide. "My cousin Emily?" He simply nodded his head. I started to feel sick. "For how long?" "Since I met her. "Is there someone else?" I looked up at him and I could tell with the look in his eyes that there was. absolutely nauseous. "Emily?" I choked out. "What happened? What changed?" I asked him again. "Who?" I demanded. "Leah…" Sam said as he took a step closer to me but I took a step back away from him. slightly hysterically. My hands were started to shake violently. His silence said even more. He said nothing again. I haven't told her yet.112 - ." "So is that why you came over today? To break up with me and then get my blessing?" . None of it matters anymore?" He didn't say be with you. "Emily." He reached out for me but I shrugged him away. Everything up till now has revolved around you and our plans to be together." he whispered. I took a deep breath and asked the one question I had been dreading. "She doesn't know how I feel about her. I began to feel like I was out of control. "Who?" I screamed. We were supposed to get married next year.

I shut my eyes tight. "I didn't plan for this to happen. "Don't touch me."Leah…" I felt his warm hand touch my arm." "Just get out. Leah…" "Get the fuck out!" I screamed at him.113 - . I fell to my knees and broke down. It wasn't till I heard the door close." "Please. Let me know what you think…reviews are appreciated! ." I growled. trying to will the world away and keep my tears in.

"As some of you will know. " There were nods and murmurs around the room as everyone agreed quietly. "Thank you all for coming tonight. no matter how large that house may be and even if I was one of said mythical creatures. I avoided the stares as I made my way into the large living room. "Edward and Bella. She has couple of great reviews of young adult books. again. which now also meant that everyone knew that I had been dumped. my talent allowed me to hear some interesting things. as if he didn't know what to call the single worst day of my life. Courtney. The soft murmurs of private conversations created a low buzz as everyone took their place inside Esme and Carlisle's home. Unfortunately.114 - . Lucas and the Fitzroy pack's princess. his hand securely set on the small on her back. irritable and not in the mood to be in a house full of mythical creatures. I tried to find comfort in the growing numbers on our side but all I could find was despair. namely the European vampires." Carlisle asked with a slight pause at the end. if you have a moment. I always go to her to find which book I should read next! I was tired. please visit my friend's journal page. "As you know. Please review and let me know what you thought of it! Thanks again to my beta." Edward started. Also. next to Nessie. I'm sure all of you have heard the latest and are aware of what has happened at the Westcott Charity Event. the Westcott Werewolf pack were under the impression that a marriage between their prince.Chapter 10 Hello! I have finally posted! Hope you like this next chapter. "During the event. The link to the website is found on my homepage. taking a seat near the front. I looked up at the front of the room to find most of the Cullens congregating there." "Why? That doesn't make sense. would you please share your insights on the… Westcott incident. As I looked up I saw Edward lead Bella to the center of the room. I internally groaned and slouched in my chair. there is a lot to discuss tonight." Carlisle started as everyone began to quiet down. the Fitzroy's have somehow formed an alliance with those very same enemies. Don't the Fitzroy's know that the European vampires will turn on them?" I recognized as Zafrina calling out from the back of the . Vivienne will form an alliance . The stares told me that everyone knew of my relationship with Lucas.a union that they believe will make them both stronger against their enemies. The room was filled with familiar and some not so familiar faces.

" I could almost hear everyone's mind clicking over. They plan to eliminate the current king and queen. "Leah." I could feel my body start to shake violently." Edward continued. Unfortunately. "They have been able to flourish over many centuries and have extended their friendship to other species.115 - . fairies and so on. trying to put all the missing pieces together. "How can that pack form an alliance with the Romanian vampires when the Westcott pack refuses to form an alliance with us?" another voice called out from beside me. "It is their pack that other pack's look to for guidance. while Jake moved to sit next to me and place his hand on my arm. Most will follow the Westcott's lead. They believe that their place is at the top. They believe it is their right to be the most powerful. obviously knowing of their existence but some sat with their brows furrowed as they tried to comprehend Edward's words. "The Westcott pack is the largest." I shot him a glare and I could feel my lip slowly itch over my teeth as if I was in my wolf form. The Fitzroy's are the second largest and have become power hungry. The marriage will merge the two packs into one. her parents at her side." I looked around the room watching the vampire's reactions to the news of other mythical creatures in existence other than them. especially here. finally they will eliminate Lucas too." Jake whispered in my . "This is why the upcoming nuptials are so important to the Fitzroys. "You can't lose control. "I promise you. that friendship was never extended to vampires. such as witches. most powerful and also the most peaceful amongst the werewolf species. not only of their own kind but over all other We won't let anything happen to him. I looked over to see Jasper staring at me intently. so that Lucas and Vivienne can rise to power and then. Leah. This would allow Vivienne to be the sole ruler. ready to growl at him. Some nodded. As soon as the shaking began it ended. you have to calm down." Jake quietly spoke to me.

." "And the Fitzroy pack feels the same way? As soon as we are defeated they will turn on the Romanians?" someone called out. With that Edward started to speak again. as if they were waiting for me to lose it. "I don't know.ear. "Both are consumed with power and greed. Before I could say anything I heard Jake speak. I am willing to bet that once they get rid of us. how could we make the Westcott pack side with us and how we could show them who the Fitzroy pack really was. while clutching my seat. "it seems as though I was the only one who could see him. "There was another vampire there.116 - . I looked back up at Edward who eyed me cautiously before he began again. It is a temporary alliance on both sides." "Only you could see him?" someone in the crowd asked. One that wasn't on our side. I looked up at Bella and remembered that she had something to say. I could hear questions of what we were to do now with this information. "The Fitzroy's made the alliance with the Romanians because they need them to do their dirty work." Edward said as he nodded his head. at least I don't believe he was and he didn't seem to be on the Romanian's side either. My best guess is that they feel that they will have better advantage to get rid of us with a werewolf alliance." "Why would the Romanian clan even bother?" asked Emmett. "Yes. "Bella? Didn't you also have something else you wanted to share?" he asked. Just get on with it. they will turn on the Fitzroy pack." A few conversations began amongst the crowd. in front of witnesses so that everyone would see the vampires had committed the murder. They were hoping it would have been done last Friday." she said. I thought. And. I removed my arm from underneath his hand and tried to take deep breaths. I'm fine. The room became uncomfortably silent as I realized that everyone was watching me. "Exactly. I felt the room grow quieter as they waited for her to speak. If they were to have done the deed themselves well… that could be a whole other war." she said taking a deep breath.

It would be impossible for another vampire to make them invisible to us." Quil said." she said with complete certainty. There was too much to think about. I couldn't help but feel happy about the weather. "Tabitha?" I asked worriedly. We would have been able to catch a scent. The thunder erupted around me. Jasper shook his head. We would have viewed him as a possible threat but no one else saw this vampire." I was exhausted as I made my way home. "He looked very similar to Lucas. how do you even know where I live?" She stepped aside and I saw a couple of glowing foot marks on my doorstep. She paused for a moment and looked up at all of us and then zeroed in on me.117 - . too many things to occupy my mind. sunny evening." "That doesn't make sense. "What are you doing here? Better yet. I was not in the mood for a bright. "There was another vampire there. especially if he was standing close Lucas. pressing a few fingers to her forehead. with only a hooded sweatshirt to protect them from the rain. I was surprised to find Tabitha sitting there with a nervous smile as she tried to give me a small awkward wave. I watched Bella as she shook her head. I opened my umbrella and made my way to my steps. It had been down pouring since I left the meeting. apparently I was the only one who saw him. She looked haggard and completely worn out. As the cab pulled up to my home. a complete 180 from the last time I saw . as she tried to contain her frustration. squeezing her eyes shut. like he was protecting him. next to all of his guards. The meeting only increased my worry and desperation for Lucas."Yes. Whoever it was. "No. so loud that a few car alarms went off. had decided to sit there shivering. I saw a figure sitting down on my porch steps. a sound of their movement…something would have brought our attention to the other vampire. there is no way we wouldn't have known another vampire was there. I tipped the driver and slowly made my way out of the car. like they could be related. as I tried to open my door and get the poor drenched girl inside quickly. I watched him as he stood close to Lucas." "Do you think that maybe everyone else just didn't notice?" Seth asked.

118 - ." she immediately said as she looked around my kitchen." I tried to get her to begin." I said as I tried to make sense of her words. I quickly ran to my room to find clothes that would fit her so that she wouldn't get sick. "Um…this is a nice place you've got. "Is this the first time you have been to the surface?" ." she said as she took the clothes I gave her. I watched her look around quickly as if she was afraid someone was watching her. indicating she should take a seat. "Tabitha?" I asked. at the same time knowing that he could only be reason why she could have wanted to see me right now. waiting for her to start explaining herself. As I placed the mugs on the counter she made her way back. "Um…I've never really experience rained before…well. I desperately wanted to ask about Lucas but didn't want to be too forward. "This is good." she said softly. her hands still shaking. Her carefree face was consumed with fear and worry. "So…. Her hands were shaking uncontrollably as she tried to bring the mug to her lips with both her hands. "Why didn't you have an umbrella? Don't you know you could get sick?" I called out to her from my room." I nodded my head again. I pulled out a chair. I made us some hot chocolate while I waited for her to come back. "Will you invite me inside?" I motioned for her come inside and I led her into my kitchen. "The bathroom is down the hall to the right. drops of hot chocolate spilled on to the table. I saw her hesitantly bite her lip. As I rushed back with some yoga pants and one of Seth's large sweatshirts to keep her warm. As she put it back on the table.her. Her shaky hand tried to push her wet matted down hair off of her face." I nodded my head as I watched her take a sip. "It's a sort of a…GPS spell. "Thanks. at least not rain where you can get wet.

you know. "Really? You've never left the. "It's called Ouranos. I took a sip as I waited through the awkward silence. "You can tell me. ." she said suddenly. "Please Tabitha.not sure what I should say next." I begged her. "We are in grave danger. uh. They were murdered." It was a fitting name for such a place. "Yep. avoiding eye contact with me. "I don't know why I came here." I cocked my head at her." she whispered. a devastating reminder that Lucas wanted nothing to do with me. Whatever I could do to help Lucas." she nodded and took another shaky sip and looked up at me. I simply sat there with a blank expression. "It has a name. Her eyes began to water and I watched each tear drop from her face and make a soft splash as they hit the table. "He'll be furious when he finds out. as if her thoughts all of a sudden consumed her and she was trying to figure out where to begin.She merely nodded her head. Tabitha?" She stared at me with her watered eyes as if she was debating within herself to go any further. underground?" I said not even sure what to call it." "What happened." Her comment was like a quick stab to my stomach. She took a deep breath and said." "It's Lucas's parents. I was at a loss for words. I was determined to do.119 - . I watched her as she stared out into space." "What does?" "The place you prefer to call the underground.

The castle was always heavily guarded. Planning their next move. there's no way that can be. He is upset that he wasn't there. "Nobody knows. "He comes to see me every day. "Is he around now?" I looked out through my windows.120 - . "So he's been following me?" . I would have known. It was vampire. Her skin became pale and suddenly she looked very sick." "If you did."How did…How could that have possibly happened?" I asked softly. I'm sure." I was furious. they were killed at night in their bedroom…completely sucked dry. But if he decided to show himself in front of you then you'd see him. My spells don't usually last that long. He thinks he could have stopped them. "No. Maybe 18 hours at most. "Lucas is a complete mess." I said." she said simply. What right did he have to spy on me? I couldn't wait to get my hands on him so I could throttle him. "No. I couldn't believe it. he is at the castle in Ouranos. You won't be able to catch his scent. I couldn't imagine just anyone having access to them. I'd be a pretty shitty witch. "I don't understand. He was the one who told me I didn't exist. The spell basically dulls your senses of him." I sighed. "Following me?" I shook my head at her." "Where was he?" "Following you. or see him in the distance." she mumbled out. It was completely not fair for him to be able to see me whenever he chose when I would have given my right arm just to get a glimpse of him. or hear the sounds he makes." "Spells?" "He makes me cast a sort of invisibility spell." I gave her a curious look.

I realized." . I felt her hand on my mine. "He isn't marrying her out of love. No one can understand how a vampire was able to gain access to our kingdom. I held my breath. I held onto my tears as best as I could. Leah. He was the only thing in the way before the Fitzroy pack could completely take over. like everything in my world revolved around him. If he felt as though he couldn't stay away." I knew how. Leah. He sent word and is giving all the people who will not be participating in the war an opportunity to go to a safe haven. He is marrying to save his kingdom. "He is shutting down access to his kingdom in two days. could it mean that I affected him the same way that he affected me? Would the imprint feel the same on both sides? The feeling of not being able to live without the other. I knew exactly who could have given them access. "Why?" I started to shake my head." she said quietly. "Why is he following me? Does he think I'm going to betray him? That I'm going to tell the world your secrets?" She was silent. he would most certainly be the next target for the royal murderer. "No. "Yes. as if she was trying to formulate how she was going to respond. like I did when we were apart." I took a sharp breath. "That may be the excuse he is making to himself but it seems he just can't stay away from you. If he was king. "Is he still planning on marrying Vivienne?" I asked quietly.She nodded her head. "He is king now." I looked down at my kitchen table." she said suddenly. not sure why Lucas becoming king took me by surprise. "But you and I both know that it's a mistake for him to do so. his people. you must know that. "He is the only heir left to the throne.121 - ." she said quietly." I turned my face away from here trying to gaze off into the distance. All of the entrances are now heavily guarded.

It had to be someone she knew. I looked out the window to find the rain slowing down to a drizzle. slightly bouncing to test the mattress and running her fingers over the old quilt my mother had made me from so long ago." "Unless someone saw the three of us when Lucas and I visited you at work. how do they know not to trust the Fitzroy's?" I shrugged my shoulders. "No. of course not. "You don't have any idea who might have sent you the message?" I asked. I mean…I don't know anyone who would send me a text message about something like this. Even if someone saw us there." she said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone." "A text message?" "Yes. making sure that she had everything she needed. do you?" "No. ." I led her to the guest room. "You don't mind. that Lucas was in danger and only you could save him." she said before I could even ask. Why wouldn't they just come and talk to me? I just don't get it. "It was a private number." She shook her head." I said bluntly." She held up her phone screen for me to verify. "I know. Everyone I know lives in Ouranos. I took our empty mugs and placed them in the sink. "Nothing makes sense. "The Fitzroy's aren't who you think they are. one that told me not to trust the Fitzroy's. It has to be someone who knows that I know you and the only person that could be is Lucas. I watched her as she sat on the bed. "Someone sent me a text.I quickly glanced back at her.122 - . "Would you like to stay the night here?" I asked. I heard Tabitha yawn behind me.

I had to take the chance. "Yeah?" "He comes every night to listen to you sleep. I looked around the other buildings hoping to see a movement or something to reassure me that I wasn't crazy for believing in something that seemed so unfathomable to me. by myself." I stood uncomfortably on top of the roof of my home.123 - . in the middle of the night. He can see you best up there. My chest inexplicably tightened." I softly said. who my family is. I know you watching me. about to try and talk to someone who I wasn't sure would even be listening to me. my glass half empty outlook on life had ruined any chance of me being optimistic about the idea that Lucas couldn't stay away from me. I cleared my throat nervously. Though I believe what Tabitha said." I awkwardly said as I made my way out the door."Well…I guess I'll see you in the morning. but everything about this situation told me that he wasn't there at all." . if he could hear me." she said suddenly. I knew that if he did watch me. I kept my eyes closed. Not knowing what else to say. "I'm sorry I lied. "Hey Leah. I turned back and peered into the room. It was a weird feeling to know that he could be watching me. I began again with the first thing that popped into my head. it would make me feel like talking to the quiet night was a little less crazy. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. hoping that if I could pretend he was there. "Lucas. you should go out on the roof. "I'm sorry. but when all I got was silence I continued." I said trying to make my voice as even as I could." I waited for a moment as if I really expected him to respond. "And I know you can hear me. "If you wanted to talk to him." she said softly. that I never who I told you the truth of who I was. Even if I felt utterly stupid standing on top of my roof. you know.

my imprint. it's not a spell and it isn't something I chose willingly. "Lucas. I'll always fight to keep you safe. using the word family." I choked out. I felt desperate. and even the Cullens. The voice. And to be perfectly honest. you are in grave danger and I can't keep you safe if you won't let me. It wasn't until then that I realized that was what how I thought of the pack. even though keeping this secret did just that. I finally gave up. even though I wished I could deny it. I walked by the guest room and could hear Tabitha's steady breaths as she slept. the one that my whole world would revolve around. We were all family. It was so fast. I loved them all. which roused me. fighting desperately to contain the sobs that caused my chest to convulse violently." Almost immediately I was overcome with the thought. the good and the bad. "I have waited so long for you. just like any normal family member would do. I came to my room and when I noticed that the door was unusually closed. The Fitzroy's aren't who you think they are and their loyalties are not with you and your people. I owe you an explanation. the possibility of losing him. I didn't remember closing my door and I paused. there were just too many ties to hold us together. it doesn't matter if we are on different sides. whoever it was. I didn't tell you because I was too scared of losing you. I felt an impact so strong it could have been a bus crashing into me. hesitantly reached out for the handle. eyes still tightly shut. Please understand. "Please Lucas…believe me. sunk to the ground and slipped out of consciousness.124 - . Lucas. They are only using you. It was becoming more and more likely if he didn't believe me. It was the yelling. The voice was familiar but the throbbing in my head was making it hard for me to recognize the name of who it belonged to. so I headed back down into my home. It was nice to know that at least someone would be getting their full night's rest. even if he was listening. There was no sign that Lucas was going to make contact with me. it just happens and no one understands why." I took a deep breath. listening to the city noise.I surprised myself. Almost as soon as I opened the door. even if it means I have to fight against my own family to do so. Disappointed and defeated. no matter how distressing . My kind imprints. someone pleading my name. There wasn't else left that I could say and I stood out there. I slammed against the side wall.

I desperately tried to blink heavy liquid away as it was preventing me from seeing anything.and terrified it sounded. It wasn't until I slipped into complete unconsciousness that I realized that the voice calling me was Lucas. was digging into my temple. only a blur of the struggle taking place in front of me. Someone was on top of me holding me down. I could feel my blood trickle over my eyes. claw-like. "Don't let her gain consciousness!" Someone shouted across the room. gave me an unexpected great comfort. "Leah!" the voice yelled again. Please review and let me know what you think of this chapter! Thanks again to everyone who reviewed the last chapter. my face pressed onto my carpeted floor. something. "We can't allow her to shift!" I felt a stab of a needle in my arm and a deep sleep began to envelope me.125 - . I was still on the ground. You guys are the best! .

I changed things up a bit. The clicking of heels made my heart stop. I couldn't. An IV was stuck into my vein. I recognized it as Vivienne. hopefully somewhere still in the city. I felt my muscles tightened as I wanted to turn my head. My arm was positioned limply in front of me with my wrist turned up. Frustration took over me multiple times and the only action my body would allow was crying helpless hot tears." The sound of her impatiently tapping her foot near my head was deafening loud as . pumping a drug that was obviously keeping me sedated. but my paralyzed body just wouldn't let me. I didn't know where I was. My best guess was that I was in an abandoned building. noting each pause that signified the number of flights it took them to reach me. I lay there. I hadn't a clue of how long I had been here. I had been alone. 12 flights. imagine what the purpose could be. I heard the creak of the door as someone entered in. Thank you to my beta Courtney…you are awesome! I watched the drops of water fall down from the leaky roof and hit the puddle that was beginning to form in front of me. I lay there hopelessly.126 - . I could feel a light breeze behind me. I had been coming in and out consciousness ever since I had been attacked. "And she is still alive. coming from an unknown open source. The heels stopped behind me and a woman sighed dramatically. and didn't want to. faster than a normal human. lightly pushing my hair in my face. The only hope I could hold on to was that whoever kidnapped me wanted to keep me alive for a purpose. Each time I awoke. I listened as they made their way quickly. so I hope you all don't mind. up the stairs. paralyzed on the uneven wooden floor. "I'm here Lucas. maybe a day.Chapter 11 Hope you all like this next chapter. a week or a month. Every time I awoke I found a new ache in my body that wouldn't go away. My skin felt tight around where the old tears had dried." the irritated voice said. My skin was covered in bruises and cuts that didn't seem to be healing as fast as they should. I don't know what you are worried about. knowing that no one knew where I was and the possibilities of my surviving this ordeal were slim. but the smell of mildew and rotten garbage was overpowering.

"See. "Say something!" she yelled irritatingly to me. can we now?" Vivienne said as she held my hand down with foot as she searched her handbag. Almost ear was pressed to the wooden floor. I heard her groan as she shoved the phone into my face. Impatiently she launched a hard kick to my stomach. I will be the one dressed in white. Just the sound of her voice ignited something in me. I wondered how I could have lost everyone I loved so easily. "And if you want to make sure she stays alive. I could feel the adrenaline start to run through my body. trying to pretend I was unconscious. I tried in vain to fathom reasons why I should hate her. Very quickly. "What do you mean you need proof?" I heard her say into the phone. Staying angry was starting to become a challenge and it was a painful struggle just to keep my distance. "Can't have you morphing now. I kept silent. I could feel whatever drug that was paralyzing my body quickly fading. sitting on top of her roof. I looked up at her and shuddered as I watch her face light up in a bright smile. their well wishes and anything that reminded me that I was now alone…the last one. I was losing this battle. I could feel my body get heavier as if it would take all my strength to just move a finger." I listened to her phone snap shut and the clicking of her heels make way down the stairs. I will see you Saturday. I lay as still as I could with my eyes closed. not wanting to do anything she asked. just listening to her movements below. I prayed I wouldn't wake up as I let myself fall into the oblivion of unconsciousness. I choked out a cry as she placed the phone near my mouth. I desperately wanted to hurt her…crush her with all of my strength. I watched as she pulled out a syringe and bent down to inject me with whatever drug she was using into the IV. The same 'if . My arm with the IV began involuntarily shaking. surrounded by the broken pieces of my family. I was tired of all the sympathetic faces. The death of my parents only increased my need to be near her. to touch her. as if nothing else would give her more pleasure than seeing me in pain. still balancing the phone between her cheek and her shoulder." she said back into her phone. I struggled to stay awake as the drugs began to drag me into a deep sleep. to protect her.127 - . I told you she was still alive. Every night I visited. Lucas' POV I couldn't stay away from her. Unable to hold it in.

I arrived in the late evening. She lied. just the sound of her voice made me want to encase her in my arms. annoying voice piqued up in my head. I stood still so I could listen to the conversation down below. "And I know you can hear me. I watched as she walked out in front of me as the wind pushed her hair back. She looked tired." I could feel the hard scowl now forming on my face when I heard her reveal my secret. He can see you best up there. just as they had when my brother passed away. I listened in closely to see if it was one of the many people who consistently visited Leah. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry I lied. Did I want her to see me? I didn't know. I saw a quick glimpse of her face as I turned my head to look at her. "You should go out onto the roof. that I never told you the truth about who I am…who my family is." she said. she considered them her family? I had heard their concern for her as she locked herself up in her room . "Lucas. I could hear voices chatting below. To be honest." I desperately tried to hold my ground. Various thoughts of revenge popped into my mind when I suddenly heard footsteps make their way up the stairs." Family? I questioned myself. After being apart for so long that strange pull that I always felt towards her was stronger than ever.128 - . I didn't know what I was expecting. I could just imagine the smirk that was forming on her face. Tabitha? "If you want to talk to him. I held my breath as I heard the door open and her step outside. I quickly moved the side of the entrance of the roof. her friends would be able to sense that I was around. stressed and so beautiful. But you did too. pressing my back against the brick wall. I repeated to myself." I could hear Tabitha saying. I could feel my body lean towards her automatically. I would have to be more careful as the spell I had made Tabitha cast was only good on Leah. I was beyond surprised when I discovered a voice I recognized. Surprised. Those people who visited her. If I wasn't careful. quickly scaling her fire escape and jumping to pull myself up to roof. I hadn't expected her to actually make her way up here. said a tiny.only' statements returned to cloud my head. I know you're watching me.

she could not tell how close I was to her. the one that my whole world would revolve around. I watched her take a deep breath as she kept her eyes closed. I stood there just watching her. "Lucas. I saw her lying on the floor. I was walking closer to her. I wanted to let her know I was here and that whatever this was…it was too strong for me to ignore." It took all my strength not to reach out and hold her. I knew that there was no way I would be able to fight against her. not knowing how I should proceed. My body reacted immediately. Slowly." she begged. I swung myself. I moved to her side. next to the wall. telling her that she didn't exist anymore to me when all along I've been spying on her day and night. even if it means I have to fight against my own side to do so. Tabitha's spell must have worked too well. or let anyone else as well. just almost in her peripheral view. even though it seems keeping this secret did just that. If she just opened her eyes and looked to her side. Leah! It cried out. The Fitzroy's aren't who you think they are and their loyalties are not with you and your people. Perched on the branch. throwing my body into her bedroom window feet first. she turned away from me and walked back into her home. it just happens and no one understands why. I had been so harsh with her. Please understand no matter if we are on different sides I'll always fight to keep you safe. Who else would their loyalties lay with? Before I could reach out to her. They are only using you. I didn't tell you because I just was too scared to lose you. I was surprised to see so many different types of species convene peacefully together.129 - . I had seen this often in my kingdom but never with vampires. Before I knew it. Jumping to another branch. she would see me. The broken ." she started again Soon. A large crash came from downstairs and broke my thoughts. I felt her long strands tickle my face. "My kind imprints. Because of the spell. I had to find out what she meant about the Fitzroy's. Please Lucas…believe me.over the past couple of days. questions that only she had answers to. Her senses couldn't pick up on me at all. I was so close that as the wind picked up and blew into her hair. you are in grave danger and I can't keep you safe if you won't let me. I leapt off the roof and caught myself on the tree next to her room. Though we were on different sides. There were just too many questions I had. it's not a spell and it isn't something I choose willingly. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I have waited so long for you…my imprint. begging her to turn around. What did the Fitzroy's have to do with anything? I thought.

"You know. I've missed you. I first thought you were just a typical male. Another guard in full werewolf form was holding an unconscious Leah down." I glared at her as she sauntered over back to Leah's bed. "I wish I could. As she looked back at me she flashed me a bright. Why am I not surprised to see you here?" She said not once looking up from her magazine." she said as she leaned closely into me. one of them said. First it was with our engagement. Lucas. Lucas. "I'd stop struggling if I were you. I looked over to Vivienne as she sat there lazily on her bed. I struggled against them but just as I was about to break free. I watched in horror as a drop of blood began to fall from her temple and run down her eyes. "I just kept wondering and wondering why you would want to postpone the wedding. too scared to make a commitment." "You can't?" She sighed and put the magazine down. you kept withdrawing from me. leaning back on her arms. "What are you doing?" Two of her guards immediately took me by the arms. repulsed by the women standing in front of me." I leaned away from splattered through the room as I landed perfectly on my feet." as he nodded his head towards Leah. and . "Ah. "Vivienne?" I choked out. "I think it does. I watched as she swung her legs over to the side of the bed and made her way to me. I seem to have found my answer. "This is really your fault. honey. But unfortunately…I just can't. She flopped down facing me." "This has nothing to do with her. sweetie. thumbing through some magazines.130 - . smiling sinisterly as his claw began to break her skin." She leaned forward and placed a small kiss on my cheek. "Let her go. "It's so good to see you. wicked smile. My stomach dropped when I found who was there in Leah's room her. you know." I growled.

I thought our nuptials would happen very soon. exasperated. what is the reason Lucas?" I didn't answer her. I couldn't let Leah go and if I could. "Could you. Even more so with your parent's murder. trying to will her to wake up. Just let her go. I'll marry you right now. if marrying Vivienne meant saving the one I loved the most. But now. I needed her to shift. if it's not her." A small moan came from Leah and without a thought I struggled against the guards to break free to make my way to her "Leah!" I yelled." She sighed as she crossed her legs." I said. "So. "I know where you go every night! I know you can't stay away from her!" "Fine. "Don't let her gain consciousness. "We can't allow her to shift!" I watched her throw a needle to the werewolf that was holding her down. "Are you sure it couldn't possibly be this werewolf wannabe?" she asked. She immediately stood up and walked over to me. I would do it. she became quiet again. Lucas? Be honest with yourself. "What did you do? What did you give her?" I screamed at Vivienne. directed towards me. . I needed her to wake up. But you just kept pushing it back. "Is that what this is all about? Marrying you?" Her face immediately morphed into a hateful scowl. "Yes. this is exactly what it's about!" she yelled. But as soon as the needle was stabbed viciously into her arm. I'll marry you today. "This is exactly how I know you won't go through with this marriage!" She yelled back. "What is it about her? Why can't you let her go? She fights on the other side…she is our enemy!" I was defeated and she was right. I just kept my glare. Vivienne. I would never marry our wedding." Vivienne barked as she dug in her purse. I kept yelling Leah's name.131 - .

She motioned for the guards to let me go and their hard grips on my arms loosened. "There isn't lock on this door. but before I could one of the guards picked her up and carried her out of the room." "Perfect." "I'm not lying. "I know. "You have my word. "She's collateral. "How? Did they hurt you too?" "Who?" she said and then shaking her head no. I couldn't believe what just happened." I looked down at the door knob. Her eyes were wide and her hair was matted to her face. "Are you okay?" I asked immediately. As soon as they were out the door. till I realized it wasn't coming from my head rather someone was banging on the door. my voice defeated. Tabitha! I had completely forgotten she was still here.132 - . "I gave you my word. "I think I broke my arm. . I wanted to run over to Leah. her voice sickly sweet. How could I have so easily lost Leah? And what was Vivienne capable of? The pounding in my head became louder and louder." she shrugged." she said. I heard the commotion in the other room. I rubbed my temples with the bottom of my palms." I said. I rushed to the door."You win Viv. but I couldn't get the door open to help. Tabitha stood there cradling her bloody arm in her hand. easily opening it. I collapsed to the ground. Tabitha." she said with a happy smile. honey. Let her go. "What are you doing? I gave you my word. I watched her walk out as she blew me a kiss goodbye." Vivienne said. but love makes you do crazy things. by the end of the week we will have our wedding." I said. "I was locked in the room." I could feel the frustration roll off of her." I repeated.

" I snorted. Her brows furrowed in confusion. frustrated. putting my head in my hands. I swear it was. She took my silence as confirmation. I ran my fingers through my hair. "It was locked. "I couldn't even turn the knob. She is not a man-chaser." ." "Is that why Vivienne took her?" "Collateral." she said. It wasn't so much about finding her and more about what I had to do to get her back. "Leah said something about not trusting the Fitzroy's." she said quietly. apparently." I gave her a ridiculous look. "So what do we do now?" she asked."Then how would you have been able to get locked in?" I watched her as she shut the door and open it a few times. You go home and I plan to be married on Saturday." I muttered. "Do you know who took her?" "Vivienne. Everything was sounding more and more strange. "Someone also text me the same message. that doesn't make sense." "Lucas. "Texted you?" She nodded her head. I promise. "Is she gone? Did they take her?" she asked quietly as she sat next to me.133 - . I could feel her hesitantly place her hand on my shoulder." I gave her a skeptical look and went to go sit on the bed. Why is she so desperate to marry you? That's not how that girl works. "We'll find her. "We do nothing.

And you managed to hurt yourself in the process of trying to get out." "You can't marry her. I studied her face and saw the same determination that would only surface when my brother was still alive and she wanted his attention." She scowled angrily. "Leah is my friend. you need me Lucas. you need to go home." I looked down at her noticing that she was still cradling her arm." she pleaded. I need to stop postponing this wedding. Leah and I…well. Maybe she is helping me do what I apparently can't but need to do." "That still doesn't make sense." She shook her head." "Help? It's looking like your more of a liability. She knows how important our marriage is for this upcoming war. women's ." "You've met her twice. I've known her for a long time. Let's go get your arm taken care of. "Don't be ridiculous Tabitha." I looked at her arm as it was starting to get black and blue. Vivienne is right." she sharply put." "No. I guess I just needed this push. "Come on."I don't know. My arm is fine. "I know you don't believe me but that door was locked. I just need to wrap it. there can never be a Leah and I. The kingdom is closing and I won't have you above ground any longer." "Regardless. "Call it whatever you want. "There is nothing we can do. I knew the only way of taking her home would be nothing short of dragging her there kicking and screaming. I need to do what is right. That girl is a bitch and she is always looking out for herself first. You got locked in a room that has no lock. I can help. I protect my friends.134 - . Your hurt. War is almost upon us.

" Hope you enjoyed! Reviews are much appreciated and make me post new chapters faster ." With that I knew Tabitha was right. My instincts…my whole being kept telling me that marrying Vivienne was wrong. I just know there will be extremely bad consequences. "We call her family.135 - . my optimism rising slightly. I started to get up but felt Tabitha's good hand hold me back. "You love her. I just couldn't logically explain to myself that I was right." To push me further more on the side that I thought was so wrong she said. "Trust your heart. It was because somehow I knew I was wrong. "Do you really think Vivienne will keep Leah alive once you are married? Can you trust 100% that she'd let her go? She knows how much you care for Leah. "So what do you propose we do now?" I asked.intuition…but if you marry her." I couldn't argue about this anymore and not because I was determined that I was right." she said. It wouldn't lead you down the wrong path. She will never allow herself to come second.

"Who?" I asked. I truly do appreciate everyone who still waits and checks in every so often for the next chapter to appear.Chapter 12 Sorry for the late update." she said. I looked at the clock. "What's his name?" "Seth. "Go on. Courtney. remembering the people who had come to visit her while I was …stalking her. Thank you again to my beta. "Give someone a call." she said trying to be encouraging. who was giving me an odd look. I felt I invading her privacy in some way. I felt slightly awkward as I went through her phone." I turned her phone on. I am seriously trying to get better! Thank you to you all who have stuck around with this story. It was nearing 2 in the morning." I said.136 - . scrolling through the names recognizing only a few. "I think she has a brother. "Didn't she ever mention someone she is close to?" I shook my head. I felt reassured as I made a deal with myself that I would find out everything there was to know about her as soon as I got her back. I took a deep breath and pressed call. During our limited time together. You are the best! Lucas's POV Tabitha grabbed the phone that Leah had left on her nightstand and placed it in my hand. we never really got into the personal stuff. I winced slightly and looked up at Tabitha. It was obvious that there were many things I didn't know about Leah. ." "Well then…call him.

she was tak-. "Is he coming here?" Tabitha asked. "Yes. Tabitha." he said. I stared at the phone. snapping me out of my brief daze. followed by an immediate click of an end call."Hello?" said a low voice on the other end. I looked up at Tabitha who was nervously biting her lip." I finally got out. A wave of guilt washed over me. I could hear keys jingling in the background and a door slamming. Dread crept into my stomach. "Yes. "No.137 - . "At her house." I had to try once more." "Where is Leah? Did something happen to her?" he said as his voice became frantic. I hadn't exactly treated his sister all that well and to be perfectly honest. I didn't know what to expect . silently wincing as she touched a sensitive spot. I looked at her as she was examining her arm again. If he was going to fight me. I was afraid Tabitha may try to defend me and I could risk her getting hurt." "I'll be right there. I was the reason she was kidnapped in the first place. Was he going to try and fight me? Would I even fight back? No. "Yes. I deserved whatever punishment I was going to get. silently cursing her stubborn personality and went to look in the bathroom for something that would clean her wound. "Lucas? Lucas Westcott?" he asked with a tad bit more energy.especially with her brother coming to visit. I hadn't expected him to pick up so quickly. "This is Lucas. I was going to have to meet her brother. I really think you should go home. "Leah?" he repeated groggily. I thought." "Where are you?" he asked immediately cutting me off. I sighed. I had failed to protect his sister and now I had to admit it to him." she said irritably. . I froze.

" the vampire spoke quietly. "It'll stop bleeding eventually. "It's fine Lucas. All my past memories bringing fresh anger that began to fill my body. She tried to take a step forward but I pushed her back. his eyes intense . She let out a small cry. I frowned at her as I could still see the blood seeping through bandages." With her good arm she pushed me out of the bathroom to meet Leah's brother. Its more like death I hear. I should go. they knocked me unconscious." the vampire said to me. "Turning her into a vampire isn't exactly what I call healing. Acting on instinct. I could barely hear her. "Please.." she said so softly. no compassion when they killed him. destroy liv-" . "That is all your species knows how to do.. They held me down. Seth. Tabitha was still bleeding. I glared at the vampire who was now slowing making her way behind who I can only assume was Leah's brother. accidentally touching her damaged arm. "How exactly do you plan on doing that?" I growled. "I'm sure.I was happy to find a first aid kit underneath the bathroom sink and was just about done wrapping Tabitha's arm in a sling when I heard the front door open. it would be more for me than for her. I had woken up alone in an empty alley way. She followed behind me as I made my way to the kitchen. but it did no good. He begged for them to let me go. "I can heal her." I watched her wince at my words. "He needs to get used to vampires. Almost immediately a sickly sweet scent hit me." Seth said sharply. The vampires I knew showed my brother no mercy." I said sarcastically. how would this vampire ever resist her? "Seth. I pushed Tabitha behind me as a low growl vibrated in my chest. She won't hurt me.138 - . I thought frantically. When they were finished." Tabitha said behind me. I watched his body vibrate. "maybe it wasn't a good idea that I came.hurt." Tabitha said. kill. made me watch as they laughed and slowly killed him." "Please Lucas. "I wouldn't hurt her." "No." she explained as I watched as her nose if he was trying to calm himself down. The pain of the memory was as fresh as if it happened just yesterday.

Just like that. I watched as he turned to his evil companion as if to comfort her from my harsh words. that was exactly was he doing. I could hear Tabitha starting to giggle as she tried unsuccessfully to hide by with a cough behind me and watched the three girls eyes brighten up as they all began to smile. now noticing the obvious of connection they had towards each other.139 - . "What's going on here?" one of the large men said. I watched as he bent down and whispered in her ear words of comfort. but the other creature looked almost softer. Vampires didn't have souls and weren't capable of… feelings. Seth completely took me off guard as he casually strolled up to me at put his arm around my shoulders as if we were long time friends. Just know that if you hurt her again. There was a long moment of silence I continued to glare at Seth and he in turned glared back at me." Seth said sarcastically. I will personally hunt you down and kill you myself. I stood there.' He couldn't possibly be referring to me. I could feel the tension in the room start to dissolve. . I watched this creature stand next to the vampire. Two more extremely large men looking like they could be Seth's brothers walk in with. I heard the front door open again and watched as more people shuffled into Leah's home. a human girl and…some sort of other creature."Enough. he didn't even know me. To my surprise. both strikingly beautiful as vampires tended to be." Seth cut me off. I stared at astonishment. but I stood rigid. I compared their similarities. sort of shocked. still wondering when my much deserved beat down would begin. slightly more human. but I know you had your reasons to act the way you did. you and I both know I should be kicking your ass right now for what you did to my sister. And you wouldn't have called me and we all wouldn't be here if you didn't love her. "Look. getting more irritated at this apparent inside joke that everyone but me seemed to understand. bit her lip and glance up at me." I was completely out of my element with absolutely nothing to say. But I couldn't take my eyes away from them. My eyes went wide at the words 'future brother in law. from what I could tell. I was just waiting for him to make the first move at me but suddenly his eyes got soft and he took a deep breath as if he made some decision with himself. not believing what I was seeing. And I continued to watch her as she nodded her head. Being an imprint isn't something you can fight. "Just trying to prevent my future brother-in-law from killing my wife.

"I've never met a vampire before." she said not even looking at me. I started to make my way over to her to pull her out of the way but she turned around holding her good arm out to me. then I believe her." she said as sternly as she could. "and this is Tabitha. "Not a step further. I watched her as she stood in awe of the vampire before her. I'm letting her know you were this close to attacking her best friend." "I beg to differ. "Tabitha. Tabitha brushed past me as she headed directly towards Annabel. holding her arm in front of her." I said. "I'm Jacob. Before I could get a word out. "I'm Lucas." I said trying to keep my voice steady." . we find her. I don't need your protection. but everyone calls her Nessie and this is Quil and his wife Claire.140 - . "Leah's wrath will be more then enough punishment for you." He said as he pinched his two fingers close together. She rolled her eyes at me. I nervously nodded my head in return. I cautiously shook his hand." They all waved and said their hellos. "This is my choice. ready to remind her of her recent episode of getting locked behind a door that had no lock. not if." she said to her. Lucas." said the other tall dark man as he held out his hand for me to shake.He gave me a quick pat on the shoulder." I growled but she only gave me a small wave to brush me off. "Why don't you have Annabel fix her arm?" she asked me." I watched as everyone's faces turned up into playful smirks as if they all agreed with him. "I'm in pain and if she said she can heal me. "This is my wife Renesemee. "I'm not a little girl." I watched as Nessie's eyes looked straight at Tabitha's broken arm and frown. "And when.

There was no sign of injury to be seen.I stepped a bit closer. Her eyes began to close as if she was concentrating hard on something. She looked up at me cautiously as if to get my approval and I simply sighed and nodded my head for her to go ahead. A second later. Immediately my mind's eye was flooded with images. "Would you like the long version or the short?" Nessie said as she stepped forward to me. I've always been able to do this." she said with a small smile." "When did you change?" I asked hesitantly." "Or?" "I could show you. She quickly unraveled her bandages and we both stared at her arm in wonder. "Your hands are cold. "No. remembering all the legends that some vampires had certain talents. "Really? You could heal people when you were human?" "Yes. or me for that matter. "Is this one of your vampire powers?" I asked Annabel.141 - . especially considering I had vital information to Leah's whereabouts. somehow she was able to wordlessly convey . she removed her hand. at least not one that I gained when I became a vampire. I watched as Annabel cautiously put her hand on top of Tabitha's broken arm. There wasn't anything I could do to stop Tabitha when she made up her mind and I highly doubted they would hurt Tabitha. "What is the difference?" "The long version would be for us to explain to you how our family came to be." Tabitha whispered. Annabel smiled and nodded her head. not sure if it was appropriate to ask." She smiled brightly as she reached out to touch my arm. Annabel would not hurt Tabitha. Tabitha looked at her arm as she began to move it around as if it had never been hurt at all. It was like watching a movie and as each new character popped up. just to be sure that this vampire.

never leaving her side and always as her guardian. Quickly the scenes began to move rapidly. Jasper and Emmett. a human and her vampire grandfather teaching her about science and then her grandmother gardening in the backyard. one that was considered almost a myth amongst mythical creatures. She was always alone. With that. The images she was showing me were both very personal and painful. I was looking through her eyes as her mother. Flashes of her favorite memories came at as introductions to her family at me. Immediately I could feel her pull towards Jacob as she watched him as long as she could before Rosalie had taken her downstairs. She quickly went through the pack. frozen at age 18. her aunt Rosalie took me away as she got one last look of her father trying to save her with his venom and Jacob feverishly trying to keep her mother's heart beating. I watched her as she entered a new school and instantly became friends with Annabel who I saw as a human with a special gift. Destroy her and her family. I shuddered. I saw her aunt Alice save the day with a boy named Nahul who was also a half human and half vampire. she spoke in my head. I watched in awe as I saw vampires and the shapeshifters come together as either fighters or witnesses to show the Volturi that she was not an immortal child and should not be destroyed. who would toss her wildly in the air and catch her as she squealed in delight. How could a vampire have that much control? What was it about her mother that her father desired so much to keep her? Love. the vampires. There were others like her? I asked myself. Images began to slow down. . slowing down as she came to Leah. as she helped me understand that the imprint between her and Jacob was what forged the union between Jacob's pack and her family. She aged rapidly but soon it stopped as she looked now.their relation to her. Rosalie and Alice. I saw that it was this that had stopped the Volturi. Next were her aunts. Charlie. the leader of the vampire species at the time. Her father singing lullabies before she fell asleep and her mother reading her favorite novels out aloud to her as she swung on her swing outside. near death called for her before she took her last breath. I saw a blonde vampire. I watched as she fished with her grandfather. from finishing what they set out to do. letting her picture linger a little longer than the others. constantly with a camera and a new pair of clothes for her to try on. Both of her uncles. She gave me glimpse of Leah throughout her life and the common theme that appeared to me was her isolation. Images of her life began to fast forward again with Jacob always in the background. I realized what Nessie was…a half vampire and half human. I saw as her friendship to Annabel grew almost as rapidly as her close friendship with Jacob started to become something. It was impossible for me to fathom.142 - . Though she had family.

I winced as I saw Annabel suffer through the torture of vampire venom and how it changed her gift as a healer. "Our species is ever in debt to you. I saw how each of her pack members began to quickly imprint on others while she remained unmoved by anyone. refusing to ever let go. I walked over to Annabel as she stared cautiously back at me. I nodded my head and looked back at Tabitha. only to remember that these images were just memories. The image of Caius being held. The image was as clear as if I was actually in the moment and I took a step forward to her." "You're fiancé?" Claire asked as she folded her arms across her chest and glaring as hard as she could at me." she said plainly. I saw that she genuinely believed she would always be alone. crying out pain under the control a little girl was burned in my head. . "Yes." She looked at me shocked and turned her head to Seth who simply shrugged his shoulders. It was exactly something Tabitha would have done." she said simply. it was Vivienne. I took a huge breath as if I had been holding it all this time. Nessie fast forwarded quickly through Annabel's capturing by the Volturi. He was the one who forced us to go underground and nearly succeeded in causing the extinction of our kind.143 - . "Do you know who took Leah?" Seth asked. I watched the day that Seth first met Annabel and the way it reminded Leah of her difference. Then all too quickly I saw the Volturi destroyed by them. I saw more of Nessie's gift as she actually took her power so that the transformation could occur. As she let go of my arm. "Yes. I watched as everyone came to rescue her and a stubborn Nessie travel alone when she was told she couldn't come.there was no particular female friend amongst the pack and no one to understand where she was coming from. "You are the one who killed Caius?" I asked. as if to tell me calling her family had been the right move. She gave me a reassuring smile. "Help us find Leah and it will be considered even.

That makes no sense. our side. Her life documented quickly all the way till she looked the same age as her parents. who was pictured here first as a baby. It may be this upcoming war." Seth said as I looked up. I felt like I needed to catch up to the things that were quickly happening around me. except Nessie. Vampires…all bad. then as a toddler and so on. "The Fitzroy's have an alliance with the Romanian vampires." "Why do they care about your side? What is it about you that they would view as a threat?" I asked him. it was arranged. "If I knew she was like this…I would have never of let this happen. everything was in black and white. I looked at all them. too much of a coward to look at her brother. Their main goal is to destroy us.I nodded. Why would they align themselves with them now?" "Power. I should have listened to my father. even if it was just for a moment.144 - . ashamed. I stared at the floor. Half-breeds. The marriage would have only ensured your people fought on their side." Quil said. I told them I needed to use the bathroom when really all I wanted was to get away. How did my life get so out of control? I thought to myself as I wondered around the large home. The atmosphere downstairs was ." "I don't believe you. When did all the lines get blurred? When did it all get so confusing? I walked down a large hall pausing every so often to look at the framed pictures. She may just want to ensure our alliance with their pack.. All of them were frozen in time.don't exist. proudly displayed on the walls as family portraits." I started to rambled and couldn't find myself stopping. "I didn't know she was capable of this. Vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies.. She never showed me any particular interest growing up. greed…it really is only a temporary alliance. "Once we are out of the picture." "Marrying Vivienne would have been the worst thing you could have done. It seemed like only days ago. I'm sure the alliance will dissolve and it's every man for themselves. I didn't think she was so desperate to marry me. I should have just done my duty. It wasn't a union of love. werewolves… good. waiting for them to explain further. "Nessie and Annabel are not the only ones with unique powers in our family." Jacob said.

" I snorted and made my way down the stairs trying to move quickly past him. leaning against the wall watching me." he continued. I continued walking down the hall and before I made it to the stairs I eyed the window that screamed for my easy escape. "She blamed us for a lot of things. He chuckled. Everyone was perfectly paired up with their other half. I'd figure it out. Leave me alone. I glared at him. mostly for being the catalyst that made her who she is. I could rescue her again." he started again. I wanted to leave." a voice called from the stairs. "She hated us for quite a while. will be quite upset if you leave her here by herself. to take off and rescue Leah on my own. It took all my energy not to throw him against the wall." You made her a shapeshifter? I thought.suffocating and unnerving for me. I looked down the stairs to find the reddish-brown hair and apparently a mind reader vampire. which annoyed me even more. "Sure you weren't. I imagined how easily I could slip away. To hear that she had a hard time as well was somewhat comforting. I could find Leah on my own. "You two are a lot alike.145 - . I had done it before. except it took her quite a while just to even make it through the front door of our home. "I wasn't planning on leaving. Edward." I stared at him not speaking a word but still desperately wanting to hear anything about Leah. At least we agreed on a mutual dislike of these vampires. "Tabitha. . I growled as he blocked my path. The morning sun was slowly making itself known almost as a reminder that it had been a while since I last slept. "It took a while for Leah to trust us." he said to me. while Tabitha and I awkwardly stood around separate and disjointed from the group. "You won't be able to rescue Leah on your own. I thought." I lied.

I didn't really need to ask." He didn't say anything after that. maybe Sam would never have begun shifting or Leah for that matter." . But our presence in their small town may have caused things to set in motion for her. I turned my head from the sun to find a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring back at me.. Leah's POV "Is this a dream?" I asked. "Are you coming to save me?" I asked him. His smile faltered a bit but he reached over with his finger to trace my cheek."No one really knows how it works. you'd find you may be able to as well. But then you would never have met her.this seems to be the case for you as well. ready to rescue the one I loved. she was very much in love with a man named Sam. I'm just hoping that if Leah of all people found some way to trust us. "Yes. I needed Leah back and I knew working with these vampires were the only way I was going to accomplish this successfully. When we showed up he began to go through some changes.146 - ." Why are you telling me this? "If we never moved to Forks. lying paralyzed on that wooden floor again." Lucas said sadly. I headed downstairs. he couldn't deny his love for Emily. He felt so real. He was beginning to shift and with shifting comes imprinting. Waking up was terrifying. The imprint is unchangeable. he imprinted. It broke Leah's heart. I felt almost ashamed that I had wanted to bail out earlier. I didn't want to wake up and cause this dream to end. Part of me just wanted him to lie. I sighed as his hand cupped my face and I leaned into him. Her cousin Emily came to visit her and when Sam set eyes on her. I'm telling you this because she hated us for a long time. only turned away and began walking down the stairs. I knew it was a dream. Maybe she and Sam would have lived happily ever after.. I would find myself in more pain. as I'm sure you are aware and as much as Sam felt awful about it. She blamed us for taking someone she loved very much away from her and well. "Soon. Before we came to her small town.

. "Keep fighting us?" "Yes." I said honestly.147 - . "I'll find you soon. I was awake and back in my nightmare. His image was starting to fade and the tears began to fall from my eyes again." he said. Thanks again for reading! Please leave a review and let me know what you thought of this chapter! ." "Then I will save you. Every time I woke. I wished for death. I could feel myself slipping away and my body starting to give up. I closed them as he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips." When I opened them. "Do you have faith in me." I nodded my head."I don't know how much longer I can stay alive.

thank you. I took a deep breath to calm myself down and made my way to the door. Thank you. You rock! Please let me know what you think of it. Lucas's POV I must have been standing here. I wanted proof.. Here is chapter 13. Knowing I was only prolonging the evitable. "This wasn't how I imagined your wedding. there was no turning back.. I only got the latter and my chest tightened with immense pain when it was very clear that she wasn't alright. I had called Vivienne this morning.148 - . But yet. I glared at reflection. particularly at the offending tie strung itself loosely around my neck. I was actually going through with this. I knew with absolute certainty that if she didn't make it out of this alive. This overwhelming dread of what I was about to do was never how I imagined I would feel on my wedding day. not moving and hands trembling at my sides. thank you. barely audible. It hung there.Chapter 13 Thank you everyone for being so patient and the readers who have been sticking with me for this long. I needed to hear Leah's voice." Tabitha said as soon as I opened the door. gained my attention as I gave myself one last good look in the mirror. It was then that I realized how close our two lives seemed to intertwine now. daring me to tie it up. As I heard her choke out in pain. please follow me on Twitter at EllaRose00. taunting me. gripping the side of the table. to make sure that she was still alive and that she was okay. It's presence reminding me that this was really happening. A soft knock.can't say it enough. neither would I. . I've been getting much better about my updates! Also.. here I was.. My demands of Vivienne had only seemed to result in more pain for Leah. I usually post some New Moon merchandise that I'm selling if you're interested. I tied the damn tie. It felt as though a ton of bricks were pressing against my chest. I had made it this far and now. I had keeled over. in front of the mirror for 15 minutes.finally! Thank you Courtney. What have I done? Her pain was too much for me to take and I thought I would die from it. Unfortunately. Also.

I have this feeling. "Something is going to happen. particularly Vivienne's guards and the rest of the guests. they're fine." "Leah doesn't seem like the Pepto Bismal pink kind of girl. I've never been wrong about my intuition. It's not that. Lucas. "I figured." she said as she fisted the fabric of her skirt in her hands like she wanted to rip the whole thing off before taking a deep breath and smoothing out the wrinkles she created.. Please." I shot her an ridiculous look. I definitely didn't imagine me looking like a Pepto Bismal bottle on your wedding day either. for obvious reasons would not be welcomed here." I said." "Are the blocks you set up not working?" I asked her." Tabitha said as she broke the silence. "But I guess this is a small price to pay for being your best man. She looked uncomfortable in her unflattering pink bridesmaid dress. I'm planning on killing my bride at my wedding. both of us still and completely lost in our own thoughts." . stepping aside to let her by and shutting the door quietly. The loud sounds of fabric rustling against each other as she made her way to sit on the couch." I said softly.just be careful.. Vampires." "Something's not right. "Of course something is not right. She bit her lower lip and looked at her watch.." she trailed.149 - . "No. I feel like we are missing something." I looked at Tabitha."I don't think any groom imagines killing his bride on his wedding day. "Well. Certain senses needed to blocked off for us to successfully carry out our plan. Lucas. Maybe we were each saying our own prayers in what was to come in the next hours. I took a seat next to her..something very important. her eyes far away. But please promise me that when you do this for real. "It's not that. "She's heavily guarded.. shaking her head. to save a girl who's family and friends are our sworn enemies.. I will not be subjected to this god awful color again. hoping that I would get my chance at a real wedding.

wish you luck?" "Luck seems appropriate enough. I know she hadn't meant to make me anxious but I looked down at my hands and realized that they had nervously started shake again." Edward said. Generations of my family have been married. We need to ensure we have that information before we make any moves.I nodded my head. The first down the aisle was Tabitha. "I'm looking forward to your real wedding. my old friend and personal guard . I turned my head up to her. Her words caused me to worry even more. His voice carrying softly from above me. The temple was large and ornate. "I just came here to." she said as she stood up. this was where my brother and I had played numerous games with each other when we were young. I stood at the altar. where I knew all the ins and outs and secret passageways that no one else knew anything about. while the large archers and overwhelmingly high vaulted ceiling gave a sense of intimidation and history." A small smirk formed on my face. She uncomfortably made her way down with Max." she murmured. it had the same old. I was very blessed to have her on my side.150 - . baptized and frequently sought forgiveness here. The emerald stain glass windows reflected colorful patterns against the marble walls. my ears poised to those very same hidden spots Julian and I had found as boys. shrugging her shoulders and bent down to place a small kiss on my head. I was uncomfortable at the anticipate bloodshed in such a holy place. But I had done everything I could to make sure that this ceremony occurred on my turf. "They didn't hear anything. I stood watching as everyone was taking their seats and the wedding procession ballad started to play. "I have to go. I nodded to her to let her know that I wouldn't let . Thought it is this place that my people considered most sacred. Attached to the castle that I had grown up in." She sighed. Yes. The wedding is going to start soon. "Tabitha is pretty talented. Lucas. The church music began and I closed my eyes just as I heard the door closed. I don't know. I looked at Viviane's guards to see if they heard his quite voice. much to my parents disapproval. It'll happen someday. gothic architecture." I heard Edward chuckle. her hand gripping his arm and eyes filled with worry. "Find out where Leah is first. I began to clench and unclench my hands in a failed attempt to calm myself down.

my uncontrollable temper over took me. She bit her lip and nodded back. "Your doing the right thing." he said. Not when the person who knew where Leah was so close to me now. As she held her hand out for me to take. Lucas. I wouldn't wait any longer.151 - . as I closed my eyes. I kept my face emotionless and kept my gaze straight ahead. The doors shut. Her long hair loose against her shoulder and that bright smile I had only unfortunately seen a few times. wondering if anyone noticed. I found a girl who was Leah's opposite. Lucas." I heard Edward whisper. Her hair was pulled back tightly and her body stuffed into a gaudy dress. as she took her place at the altar while Max came to stand beside me. I watched her with such distaste and hatred as she made her way down to me. But as I opened my eyes." I growled at her. She knew where Leah was and if I had to beat it out of her. I grabbed her wrist. clearly embarrassed by my actions.anything happen to her. A victorious smile plastered on her face as if she thought she already won. The rest of the wedding party made their way down the aisle and then the music switched to announce the bride. It had been a while since I had talked to Max. I would. ." she whispered with a fake smile. all was forgiven in his eyes as put his hand on my shoulder. in preparation for the bride. but I ignored him. Our disagreements over my actions these past few weeks had caused a slight rift in our friendship. they way she would look angelic in a simple white dress and felt a small smile lift on the sides of my mouth. She looked around. what it would be like to see those doors open and watch Leah come down this aisle. I wanted my answer now. She stepped closer to me. I could almost imagine it perfectly. I imagined for just a second. He must have thought this wedding was me finally coming to my senses. The priest cleared his throat to get my attention so he could start the ceremony. Without another thought. He looked at me with a smile. "Tell me where she is. "No. trying to cover up my actions as lustful eagerness. "Ow!" she protested softly. "That hurts.

" I heard Edward suddenly say. "Let her go." Relief was overwhelming but before I could do anything about it I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. "Lucas. looking at me with venomous eyes. If she did.152 - . "She thought of the building where they are keeping her. "Tell me. you're hurting me. She stepped closer to me and leaned into my ear. Vivienne. If I have to force you to do the right thing. what are you doing?" I heard Max say trying to diffused the situation. Lucas." "No." she whispered." "Hardly."This isn't the plan." I heard Seth say from the far corner that he was hiding. Lucas. I know where she is. Lucas." "Lucas. "You interests are only gaining power." . My patience running thin." Vivienne said trying to keep her voice light but quiet. She rubbed her wrists. "Tell me now. "I know where she is." Max growled in my ear." I brought her closer to me as I glared into her eyes." She began to panic and I watched her eyes dart around the room. I grasped her wrists tighter and shook her. "Let go of me. "You know the deal Lucas. I promised myself that maybe I would consider sparing her life." she growled back trying to wretch herself free from my grasp." I said no longer willing to keep up pretenses that our people were her number one concern. She tried to turn her face from me." she complained. "Tell me were Leah is. "Marry me now or she dies. so be it. but I grabbed her chin and made her look at me. "Once we are done with ceremony. I let her go and I took a step back. I could hear the worry whispers from our guests. I gave her one last chance to redeem herself and to tell me where Leah was. "One day you will see I am doing you a favor. I am protecting our people." My voice came out louder and sharper than I even expected.

"He doesn't know what he is talking about. The blonde vampire. The whispers were no more as the seated guests began to talk amongst themselves and shouts of outrage filled the church. . A cry came from the opposite side of the church. Lucas." Vivienne said scoffing at me." she said. "Ask her. my voice strong as I made sure that everyone could hear. I watched her cautiously as she walked up down the aisle. I heard the worries of our people sitting in the pews." I glared at her."You're being ridiculous. It was the vampire I knew as Alice. Carlisle stepped forward so that he stood by me." Vivienne said trembling. Vivienne." "You have no idea what you're talking about." "No." "That's where you're wrong. "He's lying. trying quickly to make their way out of the temple. "What are you talking about Lucas?" Max said. Did you let the rest of your clan know you have aligned yourselves with the vampires?" I taunted her. "I believe I do. Your choices were foolish. Some of the men were preparing to fight and the women were tucking their children in their arms protectively behind them. her mate Jasper protectively following behind her. Soon all of the other vampires from the Cullen clan made their way out of the shadows. waiting for her to back pedal her way out of this. "you are wrong." "Ridiculous? I suspect you have plans to kill me after this wedding is over. The whole church simultaneously turned around to look at the small girl. for you think that you are deceiving them when in fact they have been deceiving you.153 - . hair black as ink and eyes filled with fear step out of the shadows." I said sharply. "Why would the Fitzroy's align themselves with our enemy?" I watched the faces of her family become pale and uncharacteristically quiet. I raised my hands in a peaceful gesture to the men to show that these strangers had not come to fight.

That is how she is seeing it much clearer.154 - . a reminder that I had taken over my father's reign and that he was gone. whispering to herself repeatedly "too late. "We are too late. "The war. "Too late?" I asked looking at her but she stood there in shock her eyes trained to the floor. "The Romanian vampires had no intention of including you in their great reveal. I looked at her." My chest ached when I heard his words. They used the Fitzroy werewolves so Alice couldn't see what they were planning and now it's too late to stop it." "Revealing themselves?" I said in disbelief. We only came as an aide to your King. especially the werewolves. You were just a pawn in their game. not believing that she wanted to be part of this great reveal." Vivienne said sharply to Edward." Edward said for her. "Yes.." Alice said to me shaking her head in disbelief. you are lying." "No! You are lying!" Vivienne's face was red and flushed." he said simply. they are planning to show the world that vampires do indeed exist." "Distraction?" "Alice can only see the future for vampires and humans. Her anger became .. "What did you see Alice?" Carlisle asked. My eyes found Edward who was wearing the same look of shock and fear." I looked at her other family members. trying to decipher what was going on. "I am's already starting.."We do not mean any harm to anyone. It was only to serve as a distraction.this wedding wasn't the catalyst. ignoring Vivienne. barely any of us survive. "You are going to accuse me of an alliance when you have obviously made one with these bloodsuckers!" Vivienne screamed. Decision has been made." "No. What she is seeing is glimpses of the future and right now. "This marriage. all vampires have been contacted and received the message. Her head shaking. In an hour they are planning on revealing themselves to the world.

But just as Vivienne reached her destination. "Tabitha!" I yelled. . "You!" she screamed at her." "I asked her. Her white dress exploding from her enlarging form as the scrapes and torn pieces fell all over the floor. "Did you cast a spell?" I asked again. Her eyes closed tight and holding her hands over her face as she braced herself for the attack. your okay!" I took her in my arms. Looking up at her. running to her defense. "Tabitha?" I grabbed at her shoulders shaking her. "You have been hiding yourself long enough. "Did you do that? Was that magic?" "Wha-?" Tabitha said opening only one eye. Her breaths heavy as she turned her sharp eyes back at Tabitha. Vivienne's head turned sharply to me. I watched in horror as Tabitha fell to the floor as she turned to escape. I stared at her with the same bewilderment. her breathing becoming harder she looked around the room. I couldn't lose anyone else. wincing in pain.155 - .uncontrollable." she looked up at me in confusion. "It's because of your witchcraft that these vile creatures were allowed here without notice. An invisible wall that had thrown her across the room." I stated. Without wasting another second she hurtled herself at Tabitha. her eyes still closed tightly. her body made a bone crushing impact in an invisible wall. Vivienne laid still on the marble floor. In a blink of an eye." I heard Bella say. more for my own reassurance than her comfort. "It is her that will pay." Vivienne growled. I rushed over to Tabitha. Emmett and Jasper making sure she stayed on the ground. "No. "Am okay?" "Yes. My eyes widened in fear as I watched Vivienne shift to a werewolf. Soon her glare descended upon Tabitha who looked back at her with fearful eyes. What just happened? I looked around to find everyone else with the same expression as I. I was close but Vivienne was closer.

but only found empty space." Tabitha said as she pressed her cheek to his. In those few moments I could blink open my eyes.. on my ancestor's land. It was only here that I felt safe and free from pain. His eyes were sad but his face familiar." I felt his hand brush my hair across my face.. No.." He set her down on the floor but Tabitha couldn't take her eyes off of him. my voice barely a whisper. I stared at him.he wasn't real.a vampire standing still looking straight at Tabitha and I. I wanted to tell you. I saw my wounds were no longer healing and my body felt heavy. In my dreams that he was always with me.." he told her. my body still paralyzed to the ground.." he whispered. It couldn't be.. "Lucas. I . "I could never leave you.. Those times I was unfortunate enough to open my eyes. tears streaming down her face. I slowly stood up. Leah POV "I'm dying. "It is you. I watched as the empty space became a man. "Is it really you?" "Yes. It had been a while since I last shifted and to be honest. I could smell the ocean and hear the crash of the waves. You came back to me. "Different.I followed my eyes to who she was talking to. I had watched it with my own eyes. I was sleeping a lot more and I could tell that my body was slowly shutting down. the temple silent with me. I was back in my dream. She quickly pushed herself out of my arms." he said but I shook my head.. He gave her a small kiss on the forehead and then turned to me. "Why?" Was the only thing I could manage to say. "I've never left.. "Julian?" Tabitha choked out. but it's still you.." I told Lucas. I'm slipping away. This wasn't real.I couldn't let myself believe.156 - . His hesitant arms enclosed her and his eyes closed as if to savor this moment. My brother had died. I didn't remember the last time I was awake." He cupped her face as to look into her eyes. "Brother. my head in his lap. leaving me kneeling on the ground as I watched her run to the man and jump in his arms." he trailed. "I can feel it.

" he said. "I'm not letting you go. "Even if it was only for a little while. "Please." he whispered in my ear. I reached up and caressed his cheek. trying to commit every detail to memory but he was starting to fade away. Leah. "Hold on. My eyes shot open.157 - . please check out my new story called An Innocent Evil. I knew it was the end.watched the cuts and bruises on my arm become darker and deeper. I didn't want to forget." I could feel myself ironically falling asleep in my dream." I looked up at him one last time. It was blinding my eyes and I had to place my hand over my eyes.. A blood curdling scream. expecting to see hell but was met with a pair of red eyes belonging to a familiar little boy. "I don't think I can anymore. His voice strained. The sun behind me was shinning stronger and stronger. "I'm glad I found you. I willed them to heal but I was fighting a lost cause. I couldn't understand this pain or where it was coming from. rang in my ears. when you have a moment. It was in these dreams with Lucas. I was ready for whatever would happen in the afterlife." I said. I recognized as my own." Lucas said as he brought me tighter against his chest. My eyelids became heavy and everything around us was becoming hazy.. willing me to stay. "I've come to save you. don't leave. Thank you! Also. "Leah. It's a Bella & Edward . And then. Wherever I was going. the pain that had been mudded out for so long came back with a vengeance. But now." he begged me. I would start to hope. I tried to hold close to all my happy memories. Reviews are much appreciated." I closed my eyes.

. :-) Trying something new.158 - .story.

who stood there shocked. I was the one who could cause the most pain. But I let myself fall back and looked out to Lucas. "Go. looking at him as he surveyed the scene waiting to see if a fight would break out. His worry was almost laughable." I heard him say quietly. He was unwilling to leave without answers but his desire to make sure that Leah was found overwhelmed him.Chapter 14 Nessie's POV Everything moved like a dream. "You are the traitor!" And that's when I felt Jacob take my hand and quickly lead me out of there. Lucas looked back to his brother. I remembered the surprised shouts and the chaos that had begun in the church when Julian appeared. now a vampire. Out of everyone there. following my father." Julian said to him. I watched the yellow cars pass. hurt and suddenly terribly broken. Standing in the middle of Times Square. letting my tears fall down my face. The guests who were content earlier to watch the drama unfold up the altar suddenly became restless when they saw their beloved Prince they believed met his death at the hands of a vampire. tourists taking pictures and the people bustling by without a clue that the world would be forever changes in a matter of minutes. "Lucas! You can't do this!" Vivienne screamed at Lucas who was already out of the church. I watched my father began to pull Lucas away. Just minutes ago. But there he stood before them. I stood still and quiet in the shadows behind Jacob's protective stance. Soon the church erupted as the guards began to take the Fiztroy's family into custody. cold. How many would not survive this war? I couldn't remember how I had even gotten here. Max and Seth. watching a wedding that was never meant to be. pale and alive. sunny day seemed to have lifted everyone's spirits but I stood among them. his best man. "We need to get Leah. The bright. I felt his strong arm push me farther back against the wall.159 - . I was underground. With a quick nod. Lucas made his way out. And .

.. "What do you mean she wasn't there?" Jacob growled." I heard Seth say on the other line. "How much longer?" I asked Jacob. Nothing can happen to him. Someone took her.." I nodded. "She wasn't there. He was just frustrated.160 - ." Jacob hung up the phone and put it in his pocket. took her? "We are going to try and follow the scent." Seth continued." "Of course. praying to see a sign of hope on his face. There were no words of encouragement. He looked at his watch. I could feel his heart beat hard and fast. "Yes?" he Dread or anxious may be good words for my anticipation of the big event but all I felt was numb and my heart hurt with overwhelming sadness. I knew I had to be . I cringed at his mis-directed anger. I looked up at him. his hand still grasping mine tightly. "She's gone." "Stay with him. "One more minute." Seth responded back sharply.smells like vampire. no reassurances that things would be okay because he wouldn't lie. What are the chances that a good vampire. with good intentions. "it's pretty much faded and well. Jacob's phone rang and he quickly answered it. I cringed. above ground in Times Square I found myself now waiting. There are no words to describe this feeling.." "Are you still with Lucas?" "Yes.there isn't much time but we are still going to follow it. Warm arms grabbed a hold of me and pulling me tightly against Jacob's chest.

Look with your eyes and you will know that all is true. Today is a great day. Then the screams began. you. we will show you has been real all along. Dear People of the World. Save the ones you can. will know of your predator.161 - . What was once just a mythical legend. closing my eyes to regain my bearings and my courage. One that you will remember for all of eternity. Twitter: EllaRose00 . remembering my mother's words from earlier that day. It is now that we. Tonight is one of a great affair and a great reveal. We are the creatures that go bump in the night and the shiver that creeps up behind your neck. rightfully claim our position on the top of the food chain. As the lamb knows of the lion. We will stride purposefully into the day. our prey. vampires of the world. I took a deep breath. Today will change history. Where us vampires will no longer hide in the shadows.strong.

nose crinkled and carefully slipped the straw into my mouth. Whatever drugs that were placed into my body.Chapter 15 Without a beta this time. making me paralyzed and forcing my body's instincts to heal were all out of my system. He leaned into me. "It makes me not want to eat you. thankful for that fact. building themselves back together. Happy that the pain was slowly decreasing and my ability to know focus on my environment around me. Barely anything came up as my ." the boy said without remorse. I nodded my head as best as I could and in a flash he was back with a glass of water and a straw. I had thrown up twice already. Sweat beaded at my forehead and slipped into my eyes making it difficult to see." He nodded and smiled. Worried red eyes watched me as I grasped the bed sheets and cried out in pain. a bucket placed diligently next to my bed. There were floral bedspread. the deep gashes on my skin and the deep purple bruises were now begin the shift and heal. "You smell bad.. the numerous broken and crushed bones. recognizing that I must have been moved. My wreaked bones were now moving slowly and painfully to their proper place. floral wallpaper and floral engravings all over the furniture. wanting desperately to be of some help. What a smart and thoughtful boy. the little boy placed the bucket underneath my chin as I heaved into it.162 - . The side of my mouth curved upwards and I tried to nod back. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched my cuts begin to heal. I thought despite my pained daze I had been in for the past 3 hours. He pulled the straw away and placed the water on the night stand. with all the damaged done to my nice. I briefly looked around. "Would you like me to get you some water?" He asked. It was nauseating and with that thought. I didn't have a doctor here to quickly set the bones straight and the process felt like it was taking forever to complete. my cheeks puffed out and with vampire speed. I was thankful because I was finally healing. I was in someone's bedroom…someone who had a sick floral fetish. practically bouncing in his seat in anticipation.. But now. I knew what was happening to me and while this was the most pain I had ever been in. The anxious vampire boy looked at me.

" I cocked my eyebrow at him.163 - . he pulled his hand away but still watching my body with such intensity. They forced me to do it. I opened my eye. I nodded my head." I mumbled and closed my eyes. I groaned as I looked down to see that the bones had finally connected to each other and beginning to heal." "Leah. "It looks like your healing fast. "That's really cool!" The shooting pain in my leg increased and I grinded my teeth against the pain. "Do you remember me?" he asked. "Clearwater. But I was thankful the little boy had not felt the need to clean me up and fortunate to have dodged any awkwardness that may have occurred. This was the worse of it.Jace Spencer.stomach had been empty for some time." He smiled brightly and continued to ignore any social consciousness as he continued to talk. Quickly. waiting for the pain to subside. oblivious to the amount of pain coursing through me. "You can turn into a wolf. "Thanks." I nodded again. . "It wasn't my idea." the boy said as he reached over tracing my almost healed scar on my arm with his burning cold touch. to look at him. I was still dirty and very grimy in the same clothes I had been wearing for god only knows how long. It no longer had that gruesome bended look to it." My voice horse." Jace continued on. Seconds later my body now just felt a throb of pain rather than the piercing agony. The healing was speeding up more quickly. "I'm sorry that I tricked you that night. wincing in pain. "My name is Jace…. He was that brown haired boy who was feigning a frightened child when I had come to save him only to find myself in a trap.

I was surprised to see a picture of his mother and Jace.164 - . bloody clothes. noting his red eyes and trying to see how dangerous he may be.human Jace in the frame." He grabbed the water glass again and put the straw in my mouth. I was so tired. in Jace's care." "Sometimes you fail?" I questioned him. This must have been his home." "I forgive you. only to find out the only land line had been disconnected. The really mean ones. sometimes I'm just too thirsty. My energy had returned and all I wanted to do was get to my apartment. Noticing the pictures on the nightstand." His eyes searching mine for forgiveness. I'm trying….really hard. looking down at my worn through. "Why are you saving me now?" I asked ignoring the Olivia comment temporarily. He said if I didn't. he would hurt Olivia and he wouldn't change her for me anymore. . I blissfully fell asleep. And with that.. "I thought if I could save you that maybe you would forgive me." Jace said softly. I stepped out of bed."The other vampires that were there that night. I was finally able to get out of bed and was in the process of looking for a phone. find Lucas and my family who were probably out of their minds worried about me. I don't want to kill people. "Sometimes I can't help it." He sighed taking the straw out of my mouth and placing the glass on the night stand again. "I…I don't want to be like them. My ratty hair and clothes made me look like I was homeless. to show me." I mumbled. I saw my reflection in the mirror and winced at the sight." I turned to see Jace standing in the doorway. "Rick said I had to do it. picking them up.. "And maybe you could help me. sitting on the edge of the bed now. really sorry. I curled deeper into the sheets carefully. I had never seen myself look so bad. "You could borrow my mother's clothes if you'd like. "I'm really. even before he was made into a vampire." My eyes began to get heavy as the pain was now starting subside. I watched him as he opened the closet. By the third day.

somewhat presentable. She tried to fight them but they were too strong. I found Jace sitting on top of the kitchen island reading a very thick book. "Are you leaving?" he asked. "come back?" . Finally." "She was a model. "She's very beautiful." "Jace. Blonde hair and gorgeous smile. I made it through the apartment.165 - . She looked like someone out of a high end fashion magazine. "Will you. what happened to your parents?" I asked with caution. She held on to him with such love and bright smile as they posed for the camera. He looked at my clothes longingly as I'm sure with me wearing them had brought memories of his mother.. The warm water had never felt so good." he trailed walked over to the nightstand and looking at her. I stared at the door." he trailed for a moment. Jace must of have gotten his brown curls from his father. like I had seen her before. deep in thought and biting his bottom lip. but thought a shower was very much needed. "they killed her. I need to find my family and let them know I'm okay. I took care as I diligently scrubbed all the grime and dried blood off my body. His mother looked familiar. "What happened Jace? Why did they hurt your mother?" I asked. debating on following. "Yes." His mother was very stunning and was surprised how young she looked. "They wanted me." I knelt down to look into the small boys eyes. "I never knew my father but my mother... I watched as he gracefully. His eyes rose to me and he quickly shut the book. They said I was special.." He nodded. leaped off the counter in front of me."Jace. do you have a special gift?" He nodded and stepped out of the room quickly as if to avoid answering further questions.

I leaped at him as he stumbled back into the far wall. My jaws clamped down on his neck and snapped his head as I dislodged it from his body before he could scream.I hesitated for a moment." he said. my body exploded and the shredded clothes throughout the kitchen went off like a firecracker." Just as I blinked. He bent down to look Jace in the eye. watching me cautiously "Leah?" I heard a frantic voice in my head. I glared back at him. "And someone is going to be in very big trouble. but before I could say anymore. I began breaking him down to pieces. still hovering over the vampire pieces and eyeing the damaged I had done to Jace's Kitchen. "Seth!" I shouted in my head. "Jace. my hands starting to shake. I looked at Jace.166 - . the man was now painfully close to me. Not a second later." I heard a man growl." he said as if he was absolutely delighted that it was him that had found me." the man waved his finger in front of Jace's face. I looked over at Jace. Without warning. My body remembered and going on autopilot. I couldn't stop till he completely in crumbs. I was panting by the time I was done. with ripped clothes and matted down hair. his eyes wild with fear as he looked up to me. Protectively. I ushered him behind me. his face dangerously close to mine. I was looking a disheveled man. fresh from a recent kill dripped down his mouth and down his neck. my body shifted . who was pressed up against the wall on the complete other side of the room. but before I could give him my answer I heard the door break open. All the hate and anger that had been consumed inside since my capture boiled out into this evil man. His bloody finger traced my cheek softly and I could feel the trail it left behind. "I could smell her stench from down the hall. "I should have guessed it was you who took her. "Everyone has been looking for you. He smiled at me. His appearance frightening as his eyes glowed a bright crimson and blood.

"On the roof. He sat with eyes closed almost enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face." I grumbled. I walked over to the edge of the building hoping no one would notice the smoke coming up from this building. his hand over his eyes. bars over windows pulled apart.167 - . "We need to burn these. "Here. He didn't move away and hide in the shadows. Tears poured out my eyes and I cried because I was so unbelievably homesick and emotionally tired." I looked back at him wanting a further explanation. We worked methodically. It was the aftermath of a war zone. I had no control over it. making sure that the erratic shifting was over." Jace said as he handed me bags to put the pieces in. my body shifted into its wolf form and not a second later I changed again into my human form. I could smell death in the air as bodies laid carelessly among the sidewalk. "The world has become a different place since you've been healing. It seemed like a good 10 minutes of in and out shifting before I just laid on the floor of Jace's kitchen panting. It was almost like when I first began to phase only more chaotic. I needed to find my family. making sure that we weren't leaving any body parts behind.back without my consent. The atmosphere was quiet as I'm sure we were both thinking about what just happened and where to go from here. The weather was cold and the sky was gloomy. I felt Jace step beside me. large crosses nailed to buildings. It was early morning in the city. Without warning again." I said trying to focus on the task and push what just happened away from my mind for the time being. Frustrated I punched the floor. I needed to find Lucas. His little body sat on the edge of the building and a break through the clouds had the sun shinning brightly on his skin as the light reflected off of him in a beautiful crystal prism. "Thanks. I thought for a moment that it was almost too quiet for a city. I leaned over and gasped at what I saw. My body was violently vibrating out of control. . Something was wrong and I was terribly frightened." Jace whispered as he pushed a pile of clothes at me. I changed quickly and began gathering the man's body. As we made it to the roof. we set the bags on fire. The city had changed into a terrifying place. I looked to see war tanks turned over.

I watched the fire blaze brightly in the street. The broken crosses. "Everyone knows now. She had been there. It had been two days since TV News Channels had completely shut down." he said. "Its okay. I heard a howl in the distance and turned to look down the worn down street. I was force to make a compromise. he pulled his shorts on through mid-shift. I had observed what an excellent fighter he was. Carlisle had appointed me guards so to speak.168 - . As he caught up to us. I trembled at the thought of where she was now. But I couldn't stand on the sidelines and as selfish as it seems. I was so close and had missed her in what seemed like only hours. still somewhat fresh. I watched as a wolf race towards us fast. A vampire had been here. I looked over at Nessie who stared off in the distance. We had been fighting non-stop and there was no signs of it stopping. I had become somewhat close to the Cullen family and the wolf pack. The fight for blood had much higher stakes now as it started to seem the human race was dwindling fast. Emmett stood close to me. He made a great combination with Max. humans taking refuge into any hiding spaces they could find. They had said it was too risky and I was too much of a target. . pack and kingdom. stained in the area she had laid. it wasn't entirely for my people but the desperate need to find her." Luca's POV I clutched to the piece of fabric I found on the floor of the abandoned building.He turned to me and said. The red-eyed vampires didn't come close to us before Nessie had them on their knees withering in pain. They argued that should I die. They were my only hope in finding Leah. Now that there was no need to keep kills secret. Our enemies were running in chaos as when they weren't fighting with us they were fighting with each other. It still faintly smelled of her. It had been over a week and we still have not found her. wondering if she was still alive. Their size alone was enough to detour any challengers. Most of the major cities have been abandoned. they had glutton themselves. then this war would have no hope of ending. Her blood. In a short time. I was the link that was forming the alliance between the clan. her mind somewhere else. Carlisle and Jacob had argued with me to fall back and go into hiding. tacked up garlic and abandoned wooden stakes were reminders of helpless the human race was against these enemies.

trying to catch his breath. his eyes wild and filled with hope. Nessie ran over to us." Reviews are nice. not wanting to believe or get my hopes up but silently praying that he had finally had news. I looked back at him. Something I hadn't seen for a while. "What is it Seth?" she demanded. "I saw Leah.169 - ."Lucas. her eyes imploring him just as much as mine were. She shifted…. He took another deep breath and smiled at me." Seth said panting. :-) .she's alive.

I was in a rush. I made my way to my room. I was the hot tempered one. The ability to not have to sleep is something I was becoming envious of the vampires. "You're losing your edge. playing with the shirt I had been looking for. one of many throughout the city. "that a vampire was here. I hope you like this tid-bit of a chapter. As I stood there rotating the faucet to first cold then back to hot then back again. I needed a good cold shower to wake me up. I just needed to shower. "Looking for this. change into cleaner clothes before heading out to patrol again. I heard my brother's voice as he stood outside the door. I groaned in frustration as I couldn't seem to find it. I walked over and grabbed it out of his hands. He was always the leveled headed one. I hadn't really talked to him since everything went to hell. I never thought that would happen. I was so tired but I knew I was so close to finding her. To be honest. casually laying on my bed." I grumbled something and headed to the shower. heading straight for the drawers. I had been going for two days straight combing the city in the constant search. the one who always acted on my emotions.170 - . Thank you to all the people who have stuck around and have been patiently waiting for the next chapter. Lucas. I couldn't stop now. You didn't even catch that I was here…. He was suppose to be king. I wasn't made for this responsibility. little bro?" a voice said behind me. I couldn't help but feel left behind or abandoned by my big brother all those years ago. I was in no mood to deal with him. I shuffled through them looking for my black long sleeve shirt. I spun around to find Julian smirking. I wanted to post something to get you interested in The War again. Lucas's POV I walked quickly into my apartment. I still didn't truly believe he was alive and apparently a vampire. the responsible one.Chapter 16 Hello again! It's been awhile! I'm trying to get back into writing and even though this is a short chapter." he paused. not me. You need to sleep. .

" he said with a sigh. I had to leave or I would have put everyone in danger. But Father couldn't do that to me. I know you've been avoiding me. I had come to see dad. This wasn't a conversation I wanted to have right now. "He had no choice. It was the only way he could of saved me. I was only . I realized that though I had become something evil. He cleared his throat. "But with my gift.. Should it happen. "It was so bad. It was reassuring to know 9 times out of 10. Instead he said I wasn't welcome to Oranious anymore. listening to my brother. "There are things that father never told us. He would never turn away his own son. The thirst. But there are things we need to talk about. I know that now.." he trailed. For years we were told that this couldn't happen…a werewolf becoming a vampire."Lucas. It was only the honorable thing to do. I disobeyed orders. he couldn't order my death. Things that we both know you've been avoiding. as the pivotal person in question was still missing. I closed my eyes and rested my forehead on the tiled wall. "I didn't mean to abandon you all those years ago." His footsteps stopped and I heard him slide to the floor. I stared at the drain. Lucas." my voice harsh and barely loud enough over the sound of water hitting the tile floor. watching the water circle down. to show him. Please understand that I did what I thought was best. I became more able to control it and learned on my own that there were other ways to sedate the thirst rather than use humans. our people just hadn't allowed it. Up until now. I was able to stay but be unseen. I knew where his head was at. "I know it must be hard to come to terms with what I've become.171 - . that I had been exiled." I heard him sigh as I heard his steps pace back and forth in front of the bathroom door. Lucas. it would mean certain death. It seemed pre-mature.. there was still good inside in me. things he wasn't very truthful about. I didn't answer. One of them obviously being me. my brother and I have always been close enough for me to know what he was referring to." Vampire or not." "Father would never have done that. Over the years.

"This is hardly the time for courting. she shouldn't exist…a female shape shifter.planning on staying for a little while. "I was concerned so I sought her out. or at least as strong." I shut the faucet off. "Then certain things started to set in motion. They should only be carried in the male chromosome. She had grown up and I just couldn't turn my attention away from her. Taking her out on more dates isn't going to change what you already know what you feel for her. "I learned that these shape shifters run in packs very much like we do. Just long enough to make sure you were alright and safe. head in his hands. I knew she had said I was her imprint. trying to figure who she was and where she came from. I put my shirt on and leaned against the wall across the room watching him. The powers they have are phenomenal. trying to dig up any information that I could find. Julian" I said. they had eyes that were gold like mine. You know that. I researched shape shifters. These vampires were not like the ones I knew. she hasn't . I watched you fall in love with Leah. I would do anything to have her as my wife but I didn't want to assume that she felt the same way about me. civilized and not motivated by their thirst. "I haven't known her that long. They are strong Lucas. But what was most interesting I had found that they had become allies to a coven a vampires. But I really didn't know what that all entailed. I turned away from his gaze. The only way the human race can survive this is if the people of Oranious align themselves with them. How can you be so consumed with finding her but don't know if you want to make the commitment of spending the rest of your life with her?" I know how I felt but I also didn't want to inadvertently push her away. It was impossible for me to leave." he continued still not looking up. Lucas. Julian had moved and now was sitting on the edge of my bed. But then I notice Tabitha and she wasn't the little girl who followed me around anymore. I watched her. His stillness was uncomfortable even more so of what he was implying." He looked up at me. I put my jeans back on and made my way out the bathroom. starting to dry myself and get dressed.172 - . followed her and fell in love. In all texts and research that I found. They were peaceful. I needed to know that the vampire who had done this to me wouldn't come after you. "This is hardly a conversation that needs to be had. She isn't even here.

"I have to go. I knew my mother had loved Leah. He dropped it in my palm and I held the ring." I began to push past him but felt his cold hand on my shoulder. I looked at the clock. Reviews are delightful! . With new resolve I slipped the ring on my the chain of my necklace. Leah and I would find each other. His hand stood out in front of me. Tonight we find her. Tonight. Not just because Julian had said so. We need this alliance.been found. even during the short time she knew her.173 - . "Are you coming?" Julian called from the hallway. Lucas. "Let's not waste anymore time. I could feel it. Tonight was different. but I had never felt such certainty within myself. I don't know how long things will keep holding together." I grabbed my shoes as I slipped my sweatshirt on." It was him who started past me and made his way out the door. Lucas. holding our mother's wedding ring." "The kingdom is starting to divide. I tucked the necklace under my shirt." Julian said. staring at in fear. "You're going to need this soon.

a tall and dark man outfitted in blood stained army fatigues. Though. Some updates: I just started a young adult book review EllaRosesLiteraryQuest(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I was one of the lucky ones. We were walking through large tunneled hallways with long hanging florescent lights every 15 feet. Please check it out! I just started but I've already posted a few book reviews. to experience what this immortal life had gifted me with. I had all the time in the world and I had him. Compared to the others. When time seemed so expansive and infinite now seemed to be ticking by quickly. To see it change so quickly was something I couldn't comprehend. General Tower. What would this world become when humans cist to exist? Would we all still be here to see the future? I watched as Edward talked with General-in-Chief. It's so GOOD! I also will be running contests to win free books. I hope you enjoy! Bella's POV The world was dark and desperate. A daughter. I was still young. I am loving writing it! It is a Bella and Edward center story but it involves angels. wary of his company looked at my love with caution and hesitation. my soul mate Edward. his defenses against us were just as alert as the first day. a miracle was gifted to me so rare that no other vampire female could ever have. refusing to be held down. it had been weeks since we have first met. His unshaven face was old and worn though by the terrors that no one could have ever imagined. We were in a secret compound that had been built by the . And from the very beginning of this new life and from our love. barely a blimp on the life span on this earth. Let me know what you think! Thanks again for being oh so loyal to this story. So if you into winning free books and like some good recommendations of great books.174 - . One on a book Variant by Robinson Wells that comes out next month. I had been ready to see decades roll by. His bright blue eyes.Chapter 17 A/N: Hello Again! Hope all is well and that everyone enjoyed their summers. please check out my blog and sign up to follow! Another thing I'd love to call out is my new story called Hidden Graced.

"Bella?" Edward called. even though it was us who provided their shelter and safety. while the men stood protectively in front of them. "How fast can we produce them?" the general asked. I must have stopped to stare without me realizing it. "How is this weapon different from any of the others we tried?" the general asked. this was an amazing feat of underground architecture. were not allowed down in here. besides the Cullen family. "With our speed and ability to work around the clock. the president. "Sorry. I watched as Edward stood in front of a camera.Cullen's more than 100 years ago. as a red laser scanned his whole body." Edward said. Dazed. People always stop to stare when we walked by. in anticipation that an apocalypse was bound to happen sometime in the future. I walked behind Edward as he continued his conversation with the general. The general and I followed him through another long corridor. Vampires. Edward was trying to make the best of the situation for him. We were walking through many of the hallways.their blood.175 - . I watched as mothers quickly grabbed the young ones in their arms. about 100 a night. his hand held out for me. I didn't blame them for the lack of trust. I quickly made my way over to him. ." the computer stated. The high security and maze of tunnels wound indefinitely made it the perfect safe house for the humans and unarguably the safest place to hide the country's most powerful man. taking his hand in mine. We turned the corner to an even more secure area. I looked over to him realizing how far ahead they had gotten from me. "Access granted. then with Edward. Started by Carlisle.. We passed large gymnasium sized rooms lined with rows and rows of cots. lit up by the bright florescent lights.. He spoke gently and avoiding direct eye contact hearing how uncomfortable the general felt in his presence. Emmett and Jasper by his side. They knew exactly what we were capable of and what we craved." I said.

176 - . Always the solider. She was my daughter's best friend as well as second command to my best friend. "No. he took his past experiences and became a great leader for us during this war that we had seemingly ambushed us. Though they tried very much to discourage this behavior from the survivors. They made sure each individual had clothing. including their heavenly good looks. I saw Carlisle standing there with Jasper. cots to sleep on and any other human necessities that they needed. his counterpoint Alice and Esme were helping the humans here round the clock." "With Lucas?" "Of course. Carlisle continued. Annabel and Tabitha were great assistants as well. . She was the key to what could end this war. Which proved to be very difficult considering most were frozen in fear by us. Carlisle's assistance towards humans was difficult and he was grateful to have Annabel and Tabitha by his side."Your bodies are completely indestructible. they were referred to as Saint Annabel and Saint Tabitha. With Annabel's healing powers and Tabitha's ability to use her witchcraft to help heal as well. We are filming this demonstrating. along with other human doctors that were saved." "It's pretty complicated and technology that has never been used before. not any new ones." I sadly reported. he was able to have more downtime. On the other side of the window was a shooting range." Into another white door. Jacob. It was his missions that had the best efforts of getting as many humans as we did in this safe compound." "Any updates?" Carlisle asked. the two were regarding as angels sent from Heaven to save them. Jasper nodded. "Where is Nessie?" Jasper asked as he looked up and saw me. staring behind a window. We had to find Leah. I loved her very much. it's easier if you just watched. Carlisle and Jasper were conferring with each other over a digital tablet that Carlisle was holding. which was spent frequently with Edward and their research of this new technology that were preparing to demonstrate. "She's back with the search party. Because of this. to attend the medical needs of the survivors. While Jasper was strategizing our next moves. Despite our differences.

Always my protector. Her power were yet to be challenged by another vampire and therefore was Lucas's greatest protector now. we are ready. I made sure I was always busy." Edward turned to me. not that I don't trust Emmett's strength. Whether it was search the city to help our stock pile of supplies or helping out with the many missions lead by Jasper. "You won't want to see this. Only Nessie's abilities were widely known as they were greatly feared.177 - . The large monitors above the window snapped on displaying to same room. he sighed and took my hand in his." he stated in the speaker. what is one more?" I strained to make light of our situation. Carlisle pressed the button on the wall. I felt reassured for their safety as they were protected by Sam's pack. I helped out were I was needed. He had locked himself in the lab as much as he could. He fought and yelled his nearly silent screams as they held him tightly bringing him to the opposite of the wall. when he was not helping us figure out which vampires were on our side and who were against us. The General nodded his head. I've already seen too many horrible things. I watched as Emmett and Jasper hauled out a disheveled red eyed vampire. "Too late and I told you I wanted to come. I kept tabs with the pack back home in Forks from my father and their leader Sam. "You may want to help him. He kissed my temple and turned his attention to the room on the other side of the window. "Emmett. We were lucky that most vampires did not realize his capabilities or mine. Why don't you help Esme and Alice?" His over protectiveness still had not weaned. I shook my head. .Edward was working round the clock on what he stated would help level the playing field for the humans. She was turning out to be our best weapon against the red eyed vampires. He was essential to us winning the war and we could not afford his lost or Leah's for that matter. Bella. My daughter had been instructed to keep close to Lucas. but he's a wiggler. his face suddenly uncomfortable. taking my face in his hand. It was their love that kept our fate hanging in the balance. "Are you ready for the demonstration?" Edward asked. Bald and skin grimed with centuries of dirt he never cleaned. he was nearly as large as Emmett. I was grateful that my mother and Phil had took safe housing back in Forks. He turned to Jasper. I would text updates to Jacob while he was out with Nessie as she guarded Lucas or when he was running patrols with other's in his pack.

a small bomb of sorts was implanted in his body.. we were sound proof room." Edward argued." Carlisle rubbed his face. Edward could hear the vampire's screams in his head. Carlisle looked back at Edward.. his eyebrow cocked in question." Carlisle stated. an muffled explosion went off. knowing that he would always think that everyone was redeemable." stated the computer voice overhead. I watched as the gun on the opposite side of the room adjusted and aimed forward.." The laser on his chest began growing thicker. gray and frightening. The general nodded putting the plugs down to hang across his neck.. but I could not make myself turn away. "Ten second count down beginning.178 - ." Leah's POV The world had changed. It was desolate. Carlisle.. I felt Edward's hand tightened against mine.. a red dot visible on the bald vampire's chest as Emmett and Jasper held him forward." Carlisle stated as he watched the General begin to prepare to put in his ear plugs. Almost without warning. "This weapon will do just that. Though.782 deaths. "The only way to save the human race is to level the playing field. their faces turned away. I turned to look at the general who stood there silent. "Ten. He held the tablet and began typing on it. Through this hole. I wanted to turn my face and bury myself in Edward's chest. The laser that was on the vampire's chest created a hole in his body. eyes shut painfully tight. I watched as the vampire being executed burst into pieces right before our eyes."Sound proof. The streets smelled . The red eyed vampire's screams became impossibly louder.nine. Jasper and Emmett continued to hold him down. as vampires we could hear the muffle sounds that the General could not and unfortunately. I watched as slowly cracks started to appear on his arms and face. "1. clearly under moral distressed. He knows the exact number of his victims. mouth slightly open watching the monitors above replayed the execution in slow motion in a loop. exploding the second the laser was gone. I could see Carlisle disgust in having to do this.eight. "And these were not quick deaths. a split second after the computer counted down to one.

We had been walking for about an hour. they couldn't save as many as they wanted to. where did everyone go?" I tried again. The automatic doors were smashed in but Jace lifted them effortlessly. I guess the humans who are surviving are hiding.of death and fire. "Even with the good vampires and werewolves. Abandoned cars and broken benches were strewn across the entrance. I need to find them." Soon we were standing in front of a hospital. sucked dry bodies lined the streets and Jace and I walked carefully around them.." he continued. dark and trashed. "No. it would have been very difficult to see where we were going." My head snapped at him as my heart jumped in surprise at his words. "These good vampires and werewolves…have you talked to them? Do you know where they are?" He shook his head. It was unsettling to see the city so deserted with no sign of life. The lifeless. Not even the emergency exit lights were giving off any red illumination. "There wasn't any time or warning. I've just watch them. my eyes taking in quickly all the destruction that surrounded us. His cold hand painfully gripped mine as he lead me somewhere…some place he said he needed to show me. He sighed. "The humans…" he started. I grabbed Jace's shoulder and he finally turned around to look back at me. "Jace. So I let him pull me quickly down the streets of New York City. If we had been human. ushering me inside and then letting the doors fall back in their same position." "Jace. So they just attacked and. I think those people you've seen are my friends…my family. I stay hidden. still not looking back at me and still pulling me along." . The hospital was deserted.179 - . A sense of urgency flowed through his steps as he hurried us along.there isn't many humans alive. When the vampires revealed themselves to the world. "Jace?" I called to him. "The army and lots of men with guns tried to fight them but they couldn't win. "Where are you taking me?" He didn't look back at me and didn't answer me. there wasn't any reason for them to hide anymore or their eating habits.

a young beautiful girl slept still on a hospital bed. He opened the door and I looked hesitantly inside curious to see what I would find." he said with a panicked voice. holding the straps of his backpack and staring at the elevator doors. The walls were painted with colorful doodles and pictures hung from the ceiling and twirled around above her head like a baby's mobile. I let my finger trail down her arm. with a soft pink scarf that wrapped around her bald head. We stepped inside the pitch black box and I watched as he placed his hand once again the elevator wall. As the elevator doors finally opened. When we approached the elevators he looked up at me. pulling down the dark hall. Pale and fragile. His eyes unsure but resolved at the same time. . stepping to bed and sitting gently next to her. I stood their impatient and anxious to see where Jace was taking me. I'm not going t-" "I want you to meet Olivia." he whispered "How do you know?" I asked him. He looked up towards me. Jace pressed his hand on the monitor. It was a quiet ride as I felt the elevator drop. "She doesn't have that much time left. Soon we came to an unmarked door with a soft light seeping through the bottom. None of the floor number lights lit up as we traveled. The hum of machines and the quiet beep of the monitors hooked all around her. "Jace. keeping her alive.180 - . I looked down at him and watched him stand eerily still. he reached for my hand again. I didn't say anything but just watched in confusion."You can't leave me yet. trying to convince myself that this was real. He closed his eyes and the elevator shut. I watched as he placed his hand on the button and closed his eyes." he cut me off. His brows furrowed and then his face became pained." "You mean she's here?" He turned away and pulled me down the hall way. Neither of the buttons lit up but soon I could hear the elevator shaft working and soon the doors dinged open. "Wha-? Who's Olivia?" "You'll see.

make her like me and then I can keep her forever. He was asking to exchange one death sentence with another. I told them to keep her alive but there is only so much they can do. She was as young as Jace when he had been changed. how he can stand being so close to her. A/N: Reviews are much appreciated! Please follow me on Twitter: EllaRose00! ."The machines told me." "This is your gift?" He nodded. They'll change her." I saw the hope in his eyes and the pain when he saw my hesitancy. where her family was. I don't think he understood what he was asking. I looked at her. And how he had kept her hidden for so long. "Please Leah." I had so many questions: how he found her.181 - . "You have to take her to your friends." he begged. taking her hand in mine. "I can tell machines to do things and they can talk back to me.

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