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A story about wannabe hipsters. Girl's friend throws up on Boy's shoes. awkward moments.Summary Boy meets Girl. and soul mates. -5- .

I walked into the kitchen and opened a cabinet to grab a bottle of cheap scotch. "That's because you drank it all last night. dude. but I think we need to start the night off at The Cellar." -6- . "I'm legitimately nervous right now. The same grin that lit up his face when he handed Jasper and me our fake ID's freshman year in college." I ran a hand over my face.m. Blinking a few times.. as he puts it.fuck. You owe me.November 11 9:08 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." "Nice. man. "Here." he commended. "Where's Jasper? Are we meeting him somewhere?" "Nah. then glanced at the clock. cursing the fact that I fell asleep." "You've lived here your entire life. The same stupid grin he had when he was sitting in the back of a cop car last year after trying to buy coke from. You choose tonight to leave your mark?" I questioned with a laugh. "Better late than never. "He's not answering." He shrugged. I hated that grin." Ben replied before chugging the scotch straight from the bottle." Ben scoffed. "You know tonight has to be epic. borderline pouted. giving me a devious grin and. noting that I needed to shave. "Sup. November 11 9:08 p. "You want my last night to be a failure? I have to leave my mark. fucker? You're out of beer!" Ben hollered from the kitchen. right?" "The last time you said that you wound up in jail and Jasper broke his arm.. an "unreliable source"." I groaned as I rubbed my eyes. It was the same grin he shot my way before we snuck out of the house to get high when we were sixteen. Maybe reaching levels of epicness for your last night in Austin is a stretch.

" "Hipsters generally don't refer to themselves as 'hipsters'." he yelled as he walked down the hall towards my room. anyway." I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. how hipster do I look?" Ben asked seriously. my friend. Compromise. "Don't ever ask me that again." "I'm a hipster. "I can't go to Rain anymore. "On a scale from one to Michael Cera." Ben handed me the bottle of scotch and I took a lengthy swig as he whined. And that place is too fucking upscale. "Can I borrow one of your ties?" "Yeah. I get hit on nonstop. do they?" Ben shrugged. sarcasm and preferably an outdoor patio." -7- . "there are plenty of straight girls for you at the gay bars he likes to hang out at." I snorted and resisted the urge to roll my eyes." "Because?" "Because the gays love me. we're doing shots then heading out!" I sat back on the couch and dropped my head into my hands. Won't that go against your hipster ways?" "It's fine." I pointed out. "Right." Ben said with a dramatic sigh. "He doesn't like it because there aren't enough gay dudes there for him. I grabbed my hooded jacket and keys and waited for Ben by the front door. A few minutes later." "Good one. This cardigan is from J Crew. but it's not from a thrift store. "I need canned beer."Jasper hates that place. Edward. "After I figure out how to tie this fucker." "But." "Jasper's a fag.

Check out her mad skills & be sure to check out her stories! Thanks for reading! -8- . It will take place over a 12-hour period. it will have banter & awkward moments. However. My apologies if I offend any hipsters. It's located on my profile & on my FB page.A/N: This story has no real point and zero angst. KitKat681 created a nice ole banner for this story.

" I said." he explained in a low voice. Sorry I have a job that requires me to wake up before noon. You don't have brush your teeth or even leave your fucking house. when I was feeling adventurous. but that didn't mean he didn't catch it." I drawled sarcastically. I could already imagine the grimace on his face once he read our whereabouts. Bear. "What the hell? How are you already slurring your words?" "Ah." Ben slurred. I nodded once at the bouncer and Ben struck up a conversation with him as he leaned against the brick to finish his cigarette. "Besides. On our walk to the bar. You're a blogger for Gorilla vs. whatever." Okay. Checking my phone once more. "She didn't mention you. I somehow maneuvered around a small group of people that decided the best place to stand was at the bottom of the stairs. "Dude. so that was all true. I'd even floss. I sent Jasper a text to let him know where we'd be.m.9:56 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I shoved it in my pocket before taking the stairs down into the bar. pulling my hood over my head." I was pretty sure I had hardly winced as he mentioned Heidi's name. He's been all MIA ever since he started dating that new dude. "I met up with Alec and Heidi for happy hour earlier. "Jasper's not gonna show. 9:56 p." "Yeah. My eyes were very -9- . "I'll meet you down there. you were busy napping like an infant when I called you." He laughed and pulled out a pack of American Spirit's. I still brushed my teeth though and sometimes.

. It was quick.." I shrugged and swiveled on the stool to face the ever-growing crowd. That was the most disgusting way I've ever described someone's laugh.. so. I took in my surroundings: a sea of deep V-neck shirts. stumble and drop her phone again within five seconds. brightly colored lace-up Vans and canned PBR." I muttered when I saw the cracked screen. "You owe me a new fucking phone. "Hey. buddy." she said and cocked an eyebrow. "She's lying. In other words. I don't know. Hadn't I seen or met her before? "Blue Scarf looks familiar. It was weird. so quick that it could've been shrugged off as nothing. "No!" The blonde managed to slur the lone word.close to rolling as I bumped into a blonde I'd seen around here a few times." I joked. I was in Hipster Hell." A burly dude interrupted. "Fuck." Her laugh was." "What the fuck?" he snorted. "Yeah.sloppy. . In the midst of our collision. I had muttered some or maybe all of this out loud to Ben before I looked up and caught her eye." I mumbled to Ben. nodding in her general direction. grabbing his friend's arm.don't worry about it. "She cracked her screen last week. but it was true..10 - . I turned back around to face the bar. She reached down to grab her iPhone and examined the damage. But something was bugging me. there's a girl here whose drunk enough to hook up with you." The guy let out an exasperated laugh before pulling his friend away. but I knew he wasn't opposed to it at all. she managed to drop her phone and choke on her gum at the same time. "She was already slurring and tried to tell me I broke her phone. I watched them disappear near the bathrooms before I settled myself at the bar. Ben appeared next to me a few minutes later and after he ordered a beer I decided to tell him all about the little collision. "Shit. Fucking hipsters.

"Jasper better fucking show up. that's the best part. "I'm amazed that you're amazed. Therefore. Not at all *hangs head* Thank you so very much for reading this silly story." Ben reminded me." I said loudly and stared down into my beer. And honestly. Doggie style. I definitely haven't broken 3 in my lifetime. huh? 'Hey. . interrupting my thoughts. "Doggie style. "That's a great way to start a conversation.His eyes scanned the bar searching for a blue scarf before popping open his second can of PBR. "I'm amazed that you've never had a successful relationship. I ordered another Blue Moon and attempted to reach Jasper again.." Ben said." I muttered to myself. Don't forget. For now I will say once a day. Just saying." I mused and looked back up to see Blue Scarf was no longer in sight.. I think my friend fucked your friend on a couch'. On a couch. Blue Scarf and I were practically friends.meh.11 - . A/N: iPhones break too easily. so. I kind of suck at sticking to schedules. I'm not sure what the update schedule will be. I refrained from rolling my eyes as he affirmed that Blue Scarf was a mutual friend of a friend of a girl he once fucked.

"Benjamin!" I yelled loudly. Ben pushed the whiskey shot my way and I gladly accepted. she'd magically reappeared and was walking with a few people to the other side of the bar. Very fucking possible. he didn't actually say those exact words. He slid off the stool. man.12 - . I picked up the pack of cigarettes he'd forgotten on the bar and threw them his way. which happened to be in my direct line of sight." Ben droned on." I mumbled before laughing into my beer. Alec just texted and said he's heading over with Heidi. Setting my elbows on the bar. I'm assuming." I mocked him. winked at the bartender and said he was going outside for a smoke. hey. Before I turned back around. It was possible I'd met or seen her here before. "Sweet. ran a hand through my disastrous hair." I agreed with whatever he said. causing him to pause by the stairs. okay. I let my forehead rest against my palms so I could . I pulled the hood off my head and. Or. It still bugged me that I couldn't put my finger on how I knew her.m. "Yeah." "Hey." he deadpanned. calling him 'Benjamin' then walked up the stairs. "That's because I am. but he might as well have. He flipped me off for. "I can't wait to live in Brooklyn and become ultimate hipster status. 10:38 p.10:38 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. But I was pretty sure I would've remembered meeting her. You know what? You sound like you're super excited. in a feeble attempt. He mentioned a few bars we'd go to closer to midnight because 'that's when the interesting people are out'. I can't contain it. "Sweet. someone caught my eye. "I'm super excited." Ben said excitedly as the bartender set two whiskey shots in front of us. I realized Blue Scarf hadn't left.

This couldn't have been the first time she and I had met. Ten minutes later. needing to grab her attention. Or maybe they didn't see me as a threat.13 - . "I think I've met you before. Or maybe they just hadn't seen me yet. I knew she wore a blue scarf that complemented her skin. I knew the chances of her questioning my sexuality would be high. But. but it was a chance I was willing to take. She knew I was standing next to her. Turning my attention to the bartender. Neither of the guys she was standing with noticed me right away which led me to believe neither were her boyfriend. I knew she drank beer that wasn't PBR. I knew she had an easy smile. I was caught off guard when I realized she was staring directly at me. . so I started making a mental list of the things I already knew about Blue Scarf. She hadn't turned to look at me yet.sneak a glance her way. if anything. I swiveled on the stool." she replied seriously. even in the shitty dim lighting of the basement turned bar. but definitely the first time we would remember. My eyes were immediately focused on her lips and I involuntarily smiled as I watched her smile at her friend. we both looked away and I picked up my pint to chug the remaining beer. I kept the conversation light as I ordered another Blue Moon. the alcohol was making me warm and I wanted to talk to her. Quickly. watching her. I definitely wanted to avoid as many awkward moments tonight if possible. even if only for stimulating conversation. I confidently walked over to where she was standing and cleared my throat. Momentarily hesitating. I could say I came over to ask where she bought her scarf. I knew she was just as bad as I was with trying to being discreet with her staring." I yelled a little too loud. I wondered if one of the guys was her boyfriend. I was bored and Ben was still outside. She finally flicked her eyes towards me with narrowed curiosity. "You do look familiar. but I knew she could feel my presence. one of the guys being the burly dude who helped me save a couple hundred bucks on an already broken iPhone. I think you fucked my friend on a couch last month. Now that I stood a mere two feet away from her. I realized it wasn't a lie or even a line. I gauged the situation and realized she was surrounded by two guys and one girl. grabbed my pint and took one step in her direction.

You have the wrong guy.14 - . let out an awful burp then promptly puked on my shoes. she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and looked questioningly at her friend." Blondie pointed in my direction." "Huge. "She did say it was doggie style. But she also said he came too soon. It was going to be a long night. huh?" Blue Scarf asked with a tilt of her head. How embarrassing." I paused to shake my head. "What's the misunderstanding? It wasn't doggie style?" "Oh. apparently there's been a huge misunderstanding. "But it wasn't me. not sounding the least bit embarrassed. "I'm pretty sure Jane said it was doggie style. "Whoa." "I apologize. Thanks for reading. it was definitely doggie style. I'm disgusting. but you know you agree. yeah. So. A/N: I'm going to bet he still looks good even with puke on his shoes. right Kate?" Blondie AKA Kate shrugged. "Wait. wobbled and gave me a devious grin."Yeah. "Prematurely ejaculating is very embarrassing. what?" Handing her drink to Blondie AKA the iPhone destroyer." I choked on my beer. ." I explained with a sarcastic grin." Blue Scarf said.

huh?" "I'm very impressed with her aim." Bella groaned. Nice to meet you.10:59 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." Some random guy in the bathroom felt the need to state the obvious. less impressed with her tolerance. "I didn't even notice. Hopping onto the counter. We need your assistance not your attitude. I pulled off my shoes and attempted to clean them. I'm Bella and my friend likes to puke on people's shoes. helping Blondie AKA Shoe Destroyer to her feet. Kate really got you good. you got puke on your shoes. Thanks for that. "Again? Bella. the bathroom door flung open and a very amused Blue Scarf Bella walked in and shut the door behind her." Kate assured everyone as the two guys held on to both of her arms." . "Bro. said and handed me her drink so she could tend to her friend. Bella. "Emmett? Not now. help your girlfriend. "Hi. 10:59 p.m. please?" "Ex-girlfriend." the burly dude said in exasperation. "Damn. "I'm pretty sure you're not allowed in here. "Holy crap!" I stared down at my shoes before reaching for the paper towels." "No prob.15 - ." Blue Scarf." he replied before walking out of the bathroom. but I feel so much better. And that's so sucky. then Bella again before I tossed the drinks into a nearby trashcan and nearly ran to the bathroom." I claimed as I held my shoe under the faucet. Minutes later. I stared incredulously at Bella. "Riley. my shoes. I thought you cut her off.

"Yeah." "What? No way. to make up for the whole puke thing. I'm going to make fun of you the rest of the night. Thanks for reading.16 - . That stuff is the worst. You know. Millions upon millions. "I bet you want to buy me a drink now. make sure they get puked on." She sighed and handed me more paper towels. A/N: Romance is blooming in the presence of puke shoes & urinals. it's cool." "I'd also bet you're a liar." "I bet you make a lot of money doing that." I said before I could stop myself from blurting out the ridiculousness. step on a few cigarettes then sell them to thrift stores." She raised her eyebrows. . you know. That's actually disgusting." "Fine." "Hey. Worst nickname ever. anyway. Precious." I agreed before genuinely laughing at the face she made." I groaned as she slammed the door." "That's actually my job." "I'd hope you'd make fun of me. "Right. "Not to brag but. But if you order any of that shitty PBR. I'm sorry. yeah." I began with a smirk and watched her cross her arms."At least she didn't puke in your purse. That's happened before and I didn't find it until the next day. Premature Ejaculator. Finish cleaning up and meet me out there. Hipsters love 'em. "These shoes were new and I wanted to wear them in. wear them out to bars. "See you out there." I smiled and held her gaze for a beat too long. They were missing a little puke stench and stain. I do. But. "What is?" "I buy new shoes. anyway." she snorted with laughter.

"I'm not sure I appreciate the nickname you've given me." "Hi. "To pukey shoes. because I still wasn't going to let that shit go. remember? Take pity. you should be thanking me. extremely too soon for jokes." . "And I really didn't sleep with your friend." "I'm pretty sure we've met before." "Psh. but then I remembered you're a millionaire and can purchase the expensive alcohol yourself." She pushed a Coors Light my way accompanied with a whiskey shot. Edward." I clinked my shot glass against hers then brought it to my lips.17 - . I mean." "God." was the first thing I said as I sat next to Bella at the bar. "So. but those pukey shoes help you acquire millions so. "You got me there." I hissed out laughter. Here. "Yeah. "I was going to buy you a more expensive beer. Actually." I nervously drummed my fingers on the bar." I took a swig of the beer as she glanced down between us. just so you know. her knees fit between the space of my open thighs. Too soon for pukey shoe jokes?" "If my shoes are still wet then yes. Pukey shoes." I groaned." "Damn.." She winced. really. Swiveling on the stool so she could face me.m. "You don't like the nickname? Well. 11:16 p. "So. if the shoe fits." she trailed off and gave me a small smile. "Fine. as you already know. fine. by the way. To pukey shoes. "I'm Edward. you should be thanking Kate. staring at my shoes." I started. keeping my eyes on her the entire time.11:16 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.." Bella's look was one of satisfaction as she lifted her shot glass. this is for you. what? Don't skimp on me. My name is Bella. "Okay.

"and I don't have any issues such as doing anything prematurely. "And if it weren't entirely inappropriate. feigning shock." "Nice to meet you." she sipped her beer. And you still use the word 'diss'."Yeah." I insisted. that sounded like a great fucking idea. I'd go and show you just how much of a premature ejaculator I am not. and I lied." "She goes for guys with great hair and. yeah." "Oh." I reached out my hand to shake hers. Premature ejaculation cannot be a strike because it's not true. "I lied. I'm not?" I leaned a little closer. "Maybe she's not my type." I laughed and pushed her knee." Bella scolded and scanned the bar. too." Bella hummed and thew her head back with laughter. "First you call me a premature ejaculator and now you're dissing my hair?" "You're just sensitive. I'm glad everything is out in the . "Hi." "Maybe we should just start over. Except maybe the punchline for jokes. I'm Edward. I believe you. You're not Jane's type. And yes. "your locks definitely don't fall into that category." "I'm wounded. "Well." Bella stared at me for a moment before pulling her hand out of mine. "I'm serious.18 - ." Bella suggested. anyway. No. running a hand through my hair. heads up. That's three strikes against you already. I'm Bella and. laughing when her eyes landed on her friend Kate grinding against some guy I hadn't seen before. "I'm not a millionaire." "So then you really are a premature-" "God." "What!" Bella shrieked. "Three strikes? No. Oh." I insisted." "About?" "Your hair. my friend likes to puke on shoes.

Thank you for reading! ." "Me too." A/N: I vote for him showing her that he isn't a then.19 - .

" she replied. fine. what's your story?" I asked. then.m. still trying to place how and if I knew her. emphasizing the the word 'crack'. You caught me. "Yes. I brought the longneck to my lips and finished off my beer. "I guess that is pretty interesting. "Whichever is more interesting. You know.20 - ." I answered." ." I deadpanned. barely blinking. "I knit. "My real story or the one I use to impress people?" Tilting my head back." "Like crack? I bet you deal with a lot of crack." I thought for a moment. I narrowed my eyes to stare her down in an unofficial staring contest until she looked away with a chuckle." "Oh. setting the empty bottle on the bar. "Perks? Like free drugs." I said. I'm not a drug dealer. but also highly dangerous.11:34 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. 11:34 p." Bella explained in a serious manner." I quipped with a sly smile. per your request. It has its perks." She sighed dramatically before blurting out. I wouldn't have it any other way. anyway "I decided to take over the family business. yes. "Okay. "I'm a drug dealer. like free drugs. How did you become a drug dealer. pretty certain she wasn't actually a drug dealer. "So. "Tons of crack is involved. "Is that the real story or the impressive story?" "It's the interesting story." She paused. "Okay. other than Ben's rendezvous with her friend who was follicularly judgmental.

And sometimes really warm. Scarves. hey." "You're very thoughtful. "No. stop. I know. "I'll knit you a beanie to hide that hair of yours. Okay. actually.21 - ." I said. so you have that going for you. "Oh. it's not very cold here. or something like that. "You should knit me something someday. A twofer. tugging on the scarf around her neck." Ben suddenly appeared out of no where. I think. feigning confusion. causing her to shake with laughter. genuinely interested." "Ah. My grandmother thought it necessary for me to learn the essentials of being a lady. You're one of those mockers. "Yeah." "I like it. "Well." "That actually sounds more interesting than being a drug dealer. poking my shoulder. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Drugs are bad and that was silly of me to even joke about. nodding a 'thanks' to the bartender and sliding a beer in front of Bella. reaching between Bella and me to grab my beer. thanks." "I have the perfect idea for you." "Winter?" I asked." "And is that how you also found your calling to become a drug dealer?" I asked and mimed shooting up." I paused." I laughed as she rolled her eyes. It will be a gift for you and others. and it turned out I wasn't so bad with a needle in my hand. aren't you?" She accused. is this one of your products?" I asked. I knew it. "It is." I admitted. you reeled Blue . wool socks."You knit?" I tapped the bar and motioned for two more beers but never took my eyes away from hers. Well. "Yep." "Dude's outside with coke if you want a bump. "and talented. in fact." "Ugh. "So. now that that's cleared up. I've only read about it in books. "And I guess living in Texas. there's a high demand in winter accessories. "What is that?" "It's this really obscure season." Bella cleared her throat and looked away." said said animatedly. I actually sell most of my stuff online and ship it to people who live in places that actually have a season called 'winter'. And mittens.

" "Bella. "And by 'know' I mean 'fucked'. fully knowing exactly which nickname she was about to call him. That's me. yes. handing me my beer. staring at Ben with deep concentration.uh. what? Thanks for reading. Exactly. So you're the pre-" "Pretty cool guy." A/N: Uh. flicking her eyes in my direction.. "Ah. . "I know your friend Jane." I interrupted." he beamed." I said in a low voice.Scarf in." Bella pursed her lips.. "Good to know." Bella mused. but it's also good to SHOW. "Good to know. Ben. Nice. this is Ben.22 - ." he explained with a cheesy smile. It is good to know. "Yep. this is Bella.

'Oh. receiving an eye roll and shoulder bump from Bella. he's harmless. Besides. please?" I shuddered and wiped all traces of condensation from my glass." Bella warned." "Hip thrusting is my favorite romance tactic. "I'm just saying if Ben tries to charm Kate I will have to interfere. it's okay you've been bitten. trying her hardest to look intimidating. "He's harmless." I choked on my beer at the disgusting mental image she'd provided me with. I'd rather not spend all tomorrow listening to Kate wallow about how she thought she found 'The One' only to find 'The One' missing when she wakes up in the morning.m. I laughed at her deliberate lie. She was drunk and thought it was romantic.he's a spider or something.11:47 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. she went home with a guy who hip thrusted his way into her pants..." "Can you not use spiders to prove your point. you'll still live !'." I gasped.. what is all of this about? Did you get fucked over by a guy or something?" .. I assure you. "But what if they're. so. "I love how you say that as if he's." Bella mused as Ben walked away to 'find the drunkest girl here to take home'. I've had to shorten the umbilical cord she's attached to.charming." "Harmless?" She laughed a little too high-pitched for my ears' liking. 11:47 p. "Yeah. "Your friend is. "Okay. causing me and every dog around town to wince. "soul mates. she's been out of control." I added. You really want to have that on your conscience?" "The shoe puker and the premature ejaculator? Doesn't exactly sound like a fairy tale.23 - . Ever since her breakup with Riley. Last week. well.

Regardless. but was genuinely interested in why she seemed so guarded." she hummed." "That's a shame. They strolled over here.." I clicked my tongue.your words have very hip lingo?" "I really want to keep this going.Bella looked taken aback by my nonchalance. no." "Okay. yo'." "Not exactly." "Cheers to impressive parents. "You're not getting off this easy. I had no idea what I was saying. "So.24 - ." she drawled before side eying me. "I was using creative license to describe what your words conveyed. My parents are still married." I trailed off with a blank stare because. as far as I can smell. each remarried three times and cheated on their current spouse with each other?" I questioned.. "That's impressive. "I'm intrigued." I joked. but no." She clinked her pint glass against mine." Bella scoffed. so then they they're still married but cheat on each other all the time. My folks are still happily married as well. "That was a very detailed guess.. "Apparently my words have very hip lingo. She released a small laugh and I reveled at the sound. "Who said I'm cynical?" "Your words did. It was quiet for a full minute before I turned to her and shook her thigh." I whispered. but now I'm just extremely confused. You're cynical for no good reason?" Her eyes softened for half a second before I removed my hand." "Your parents divorced.. "What's the story behind the . really. I raised my eyebrows in awe. tapped me on the shoulder and were like 'hey man. "They're happily married. I watched her for a second as she wrapped her lips around the rim of the glass. this chick is cynical. I smell a loveless marriage. "Actually. it seemed to make her laugh.

Or maybe you are and you're just better at hiding it. which caused me to laugh. I'd rather Kate leave tonight with some self respect intact." "Please don't tell me you've seen every Zac Efron movie. . especially since we all know about Ben's rendezvous with Jane.." Bella finished with a sigh and I pointed in Kate's direction.what?" "Like.25 - ." I thought for a moment.." "Like." she pleaded. "My cynicism is more or less just concern for my friend. and more than likely half of the females in this bar.. I'd spent the past hour flirting with her and here she was questioning if I had a girlfriend. "Nope.." "Do you have a girlfriend?" Bella suddenly asked. bent her over at the waist and proceeded to grind against her ass." I suggested as some beefy guy turned Kate around. so she's fine. I don't want her to get hurt." "I'm not cynical because there are things in life." she explained and turned her body to face mine." I said emphatically. "Like the shelf life of canned goods.cynicism?" "Fine. yeah.. And. "So.every movie Zac Efron is in." "I'll keep my eye on the beefy guy. I guess. "You might want to start yanking that umbilical cord then." I promised. "All of her clothes are still on. For now. I'll indulge you for a second and pretend I was somehow cynical during our conversation.." My thoughts drifted to Heidi and I shifted uncomfortably as I felt Bella's gaze burn into me. "I'm just wondering why you're not cynical. to be cynical about. "He looks like one of those pesky romantic hip thrusters." Bella stated. right?" "Well. "But you've had a serious relationship before. you've had a serious relationship which obviously didn't work out. other than relationships.

dramatically dropping her head in her hands." she insisted." "Gah! The torture." she shrieked. I've never seen every Zac Efron movie. if tonight were a movie or even one of those horribly written fan fiction stories. So." A/N:I hope I didn't offend any Zac Efron fanfiction readers or writers!I'm . "I put my foot down before being forced to watch High School Musical 3. Was that you owning up to your cynicism?" "I'm not cynical. no. "I completely agree. "Jasper reads Zac Efron fan fiction and it legitimately scares me. I don't buy into all of that Hollywood bullshit. "Do you want me to shank him for you?" "You'd do that for me?" "Of course! You deserve justice." I answered and watched her head lift as she visibly relaxed.26 - . pressed my lips against her ear and whispered." "No." Bella whistled before saying. "Was shanking one of the tests you had to pass before becoming a drug dealer?" "Wouldn't you like to know." "Justice in the form of shanking my friend?" My lips curled into a smirk and I added." I watched her cheeks slightly flush at her last statement. I leaned over. With a smirk. "I've never seen every Zac Efron movie. "Who did that to you?" "My friend Jasper." she replied with a shaky voice. who happens to be a huge Zac Efron fan. you and I would be expected to fall in love." "Then it's surprising he hasn't already been shanked. patting my shoulder as some sort of comfort. "I'm realistic. What I really want to know is why you said I'm better at hiding being cynical. See.

.sure your stories are lovely.27 - . Thanks for reading.

" He let out a dramatic sigh and ordered three Jägerbombs." she quipped with attitude. not the least bit affected. "Don't look at me like that." "Maybe they're boning. There's definitely no way I'm interested. "Heidi is ole Eddie's ex." he trailed off. leaning a little too close to Bella for my liking. where the fuck are Heidi and Alec?" Ben asked as he stacked our empty shot glasses." Ben scolded. "Maybe I'll see someone I like at the next bar. "So. 11:58 p. We'd been drinking for a while. "To worthy boning. to which she shrugged and drank the shot. resting ." Ben shrugged." Bella tilted her head towards me with narrowed eyes. He ignored the open seat next to me and sat on the other side of Bella. I gave Bella an I know he's an ass but go along with it look.. please. "I don't really see anyone here that's boneworthy." I shrugged. "Do tell. "I thought their asses would be here by now.m." Bella pushed forward.." he said loudly before drinking his shot. especially now." Bella offered jokingly.28 - . and distributed the Jägerbombs between the three of us. "No prospects.11:58 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. "We're not allowed to joke like that. but this was the first time she resembled anything that made me assume she was drunk. all pink cheeks and slightly rocking on her bar stool. lifted his glasses and gave Bella a once-over. Or maybe. "You just used 'boneworthy' as an adjective. What happened? I want details. huh?" I questioned Ben as he stalked back over to the bar wearing a pair of plastic neon green glasses. "Is that so?" "It is so.

"Thanks. she pretty much fucked you over. man. Bella turned back to Ben since he was apparently one gossipy motherfucker." "How are you not cynical after that?" Bella asked me quietly. wasn't it? "And then she started fucking our buddy Alec while they were 'on a break'. "We dated and it ended. A real keeper. it was an epic love story?" "Hardly. "Not exactly. "The wounds are still fresh. a month ago.her elbows on the bar. I'm not going to change my views or waste my time because someone wanted to treat me like shit." I coughed." I watched Ben disappear before I groaned loudly. there are other things to be cynical about." Ben revealed to Bella. "I mean. "When did all of this happen?" "Oh. Ed. you know?" I noticed her eyebrows disappear into her hairline. pushing her bangs out of her face." I interrupted because it was my break up story to tell. "Wow. I'm gonna go drain the snake then we can head the fuck out.29 - ." he snorted. not catching on to Bella's sarcasm." Bella said in an overly nice tone. vying for her attention again. Ben stared incredulously." Bella mumbled." "That's not exactly true." Ben spoke again and I really wanted him to shut the fuck up. Now. "That was awkward. "Heidi was so fucking needy and she whined for 'attention." "That's actually really shitty. "So. "Heidi dumped his ass. No epic love story and no scandalous break up." Ben finished." "Like I said. if you'll excuse me." Ben spoke up. ignoring Bella's curious stare. more attention!' and when E couldn't give it to her-" "She said she wanted to take a break. if you will. which loosely translates to 'I wanna fuck around but not get in trouble'. no. like. staring down into her drink before . She sounds like a super nice person.

He's moving tomorrow.something. We both turned on our stools to look behind us as a stranger snapped a photo of us with a classic instant Polaroid camera. really." "Ha. staring at her flushed cheeks and my lazy smile." she teased and safely placed the photo in her wallet. then back at me. "Sure." I teased. "It is. so they want to say bye or. I guess. you aren't supposed to shake a Polaroid picture. down at the photo." "Bella. he's-" "Harmless?" Bella interrupted.30 - . teasing or not. "So. I popped my knuckles before rubbing the back of my neck because..meeting my eyes. "Despite what OutKast claims. Would you wanna come with us?" Bella stared at me. I'll go. "it's fine." I assured her.. "I was actually going to say 'moving'. I'm sorry about my 'they're boning' comment. I didn't know. Faint silhouettes of our bodies came into focus and Bella began shaking the photo before I immediately snatched it from her hands. "It's totally all your fault." I explained as I dried the bar with my sleeve and set the photo on the wood so we could wait for it to fully develop. really? He invites them to hang out with you? Isn't that weird?" "Ah. too. It's a real picture.." "As you should be. I mean. we had our photo taken together. Like. "we're going to some bar a few blocks over." I cleared my throat. But it doesn't help when your friend is such a douche about it all. really. "Well. too. I'm invested now." she pointed out with a giggle. But he's harmless.." "Smile for the camera!" Someone called out. But. ha." "Yeah. The girl eyed us and waited for the photo to develop before handing it to Bella and telling us to enjoy our night. look at that. I think I was invested. hitting her shoe with mine. "I'm sorry. ." I smiled down at the photo.

us/img202/6796/cellar .31 - . blogspot . com/p/voting . this little story was nominated for The Short 'N Sweet Awards! Voting starts November 17 and it'd be very sweet if you voted! Tons of great authors & drabble stories were nominated. imageshack . so please check it out! shortnsweetawards . jpg Thanks for reading! .A/N: So.img202 . html E & B's photo.

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12:08 a.m. After Ben returned from the bathroom, he closed out his tab and I closed mine as well, adding the drinks Bella had ordered earlier to my tab. "No you don't, buddy. I'm paying for those, remember? Puke shoes?" she reminded me, as if I could forget. My shoes were still fucking damp. "Yeah, yeah. It's not a big deal, really," I promised and handed the bartender my card, ignoring her protests. "Fine, but I'm getting the drinks at the next bar." "Sure," I patronized with a smile. Like I'd actually make her pay for my drinks. "Bella. Bella," Kate whined as she stumbled over to us. "Riley got mad and left because I let some guy grind his bulging peen against my ass." "Hi." Ben raised his eyebrows and waved. "Well, did you expect him not to get mad?" Bella questioned and steadied her friend by grabbing onto her shoulders. "He's not my boyfriend! He's not allowed to care! I should be able to rub all the peen in my face and he shouldn't be allowed to care!" "Hi," Ben said again, trying to grab her attention. "Why do you do that, especially when he's here? Do you really have to rub all the peen that's in your face in his face?" Bella questioned before scrunching her face up. "That came out wrong. I think." "It sounded pretty right to me," Ben said quickly. "What the fuck?" Kate suddenly blurted out, staring at me expectantly. "You," she
- 32 -

jabbed my chest with her finger, "smell like puke." I swatted her hand away and asked Bella, "Is she serious?" "Unfortunately," Bella replied with a small shrug. "So, Riley left and Emmett is...where is Emmett?" "Outside trying to talk Riley into staying. Whatever, let him go home and watch his shitty shows on shitty USA." Kate cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Shitty USA! Not the country, but the television station. Nobody likes Monk! Nobody likes-" "A hot mess." Bella laughed and pulled Kate's purse from her shoulder. "I'm drunk," Kate burped, causing me to jump about ten feet backward. "Nice. At least you learned your lesson," Bella appraised me then pointed towards the bathrooms. "We'll be right back. Wait for me?" she asked and I smiled an 'okay'. "She's hot, right?" Ben asked while we watched Bella to wrangle Kate into the bathroom. "Uh, yeah, I guess in that sloppy drunk sort of way..." I trailed off, checking the time on my cell. "Huh? No, I'm talking about Bella," he snorted, slapping my chest. "But her friend is hot, too. And you really do kind of smell like puke, man." "Yeah. Thanks." I cleared my throat and scanned the bar, shoving my hands in my pockets. "Finally, you fuckers show up!" Ben screamed, staring over my shoulder. "Sorry we're not sorry because we didn't want to spend most of our night in a basement," Heidi replied with her arms crossed over her chest. "Shut the fuck up. We're leaving now," Ben spat. Heidi smirked. "Thank God." "I'll meet y'all there," I said as they turned and stared questioningly at me. "I'm waiting on someone."
- 33 -

Ben shrugged and pulled out his cigarettes, Heidi narrowed her eyes my way and Alec, well, he didn't really respond at all. "The night's just beginning, my friends," Ben announced before walking up the stairs. The scary thing was, he was right.

A/N: The new format for my author's note will be: "I hope I didn't offend anyone who _", and then I'll list whatever I made fun of in the chapter. So, in this case, the blank would read "watches Monk". Now I run & hide & hope you all know that I'm joking, & that I thank you & squeeze your cheeks for reading this! O.o

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can we grab some food on the way to the next bar? I'm going to need something in my stomach for the next time I puke." I turned to Bella. so you remember?" I asked and very carefully shook her hand. 12:15 a. all too pleased with herself. Kate." Bella scoffed and I almost believed her until she very ungracefully changed the subject. Cue the full on grin. . holding out her hand. Bella and Kate finally exited the bathroom." "Oh." I accused with a satisfied grin. that's right. "Ah. "But Bella told me what I did to you earlier and that I needed to apologize because you're cute. "Hey. if I had to guess. A few minutes after Ben. "I'm Kate. I sincerely apologize for puking on your shoes earlier. I'd say she puked yet again." Kate said.12:15 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. "You called me cute?" "No. "Kittens are cute. Please forgive me. "No. "Week old puppies with closed eyes are cute. sounding a little too rehearsed." she admitted before yawning. "Hello. "Bummer she already has a soul mate though. huh?" "Ah. remember that one time I sliced my tongue while licking peanut butter off a butter knife? That was hilarious. Kate looked a little more put together so. The amusing thing was that Bella somehow looked slightly more drunk. She said you were sexy and that your scruff was borderline lickable." "Holy crap. ha! You definitely think I'm cute.35 - . wait." she said." Bella muttered before sneaking a glance up at me. the proud stage mother. I've never heard you speak so much in my life. You are not cute. noting how I towered over her. I flicked my eyes towards Bella. Edward. Alec and Heidi left." Kate addressed me." Bella countered.m. Hey.

uh." I quickly blurted out. I mean.. trying to lighten the mood because. but I mean. "Where'd Ben go?" Bella asked quietly." Bella's eyes lowered in understanding. "already at the bar with Heidi and Alec. Since I . "Okay. That's cool. I don't want your soul mate or whatever to be upset with you. The east sixth crowd was always a little rowdier than west sixth but. I want to hang out with you. I was pretty sure none of us cared. I said we'd meet them there. And." I joked." she explained and pointed back at Kate. You can do it."It seems your friend has been infected not only with real vomit." I wiped a hand over my mouth. I'll text him the address of the bar we're going to so he can stop by and pick up this one. That works. by this point." I let out a humorless chuckle. I want to go." "If I want?" Bella stopped walking and stared up at me in confusion.36 - . weirdly cute girl who completely got me had a soul mate? Bella had a soul mate? I cleared my head and tried to look unaffected as the three of us walked up the stairs and into the cool night. causing Kate to curse loudly at one guy and claim he had a small dick. I pointed out The Jackalope and we crossed the street which was blocked off from traffic. How much further?" Kate whined and walked between Bella and me. A few people bumped into us. really? Cynical Cindy had a soul mate? This quirky. but also word vomit. "I mean. fuck it. I called Emmett when we were in the bathroom and he's dropping Riley off at their apartment. "you don't have to come with if you don't want to." "You guys. I started in the direction of the next bar we were heading to and Kate trailed behind us while yapping on her phone. if you want. We showed the bouncer our ID's and walked into the overcrowded bar. I have faith in you." "Oh. this sucks. "It's fine. linking their arms together. funny." I shrugged about five times in the matter of ten seconds. Walking over to east sixth. "He's actually. I was the guy with puke shoes. "Two more blocks. "Didn't you invite me?" "Yeah..

Alec waved us over with a beer in his hand and Heidi immediately gave Bella and me a small." Heidi greeted. Heidi. I looked back. . I was still confused about that. I led the way and maneuvered myself through the crowd.knew which area of the bar Ben would be in. especially not to me. I'm Bella. "You made it. her eyes slightly landing on our hands. just to ensure it really was her. His fiancee. he noticed Bella's hand in mine and immediately began talking up Kate. Nope. "Hey. thank you. thank you for reading (and for not making fun of me for slicing my tongue with a freaking butter knife). especially when her hand was still in mine. Not that it really mattered since Bella apparently already had a soul mate.37 - . "It's so nice to meet you. Yeah. Bella nodded in agreement before saying. Ben and Kate walked over to the nearest pool table and that's when I saw Alec and Heidi standing near the pool cues. Thank you. seemingly genuine smile. Has definitely never happened before. what's up? We got a table over there. Once Ben saw we'd arrived." I said casually and felt Bella's hand squeeze mine. this is Bella. "This is who you were waiting for?" "Yeah." A/N: The whole butter knife thing was completely made up for this story." Alec pointed to a booth in the corner. then gave her a small smile before reaching back and entwining our fingers. feeling Bella's hand slide up under my hoodie and grab onto the lower hem of my shirt.

right? "I didn't even know you were dating anyone. . fucking beaming and. no. "I'm kind of speechless. I stepped in. It feels like we met just a few hours ago. "I'm sorry. To be married. "No. Nothing like that." Heidi's laugh was a little too animated. letting his hand on Heidi's shoulder.." "I know you didn't want to say anything yet. Fiancée means we're engaged." I was pretty sure that was the exact moment Heidi stopped breathing... never once faltering. That must be the summer I spent abroad shining though.." Bella went on to say.. I sometimes forget most people don't know how to speak french.38 - .can't wait any longer?" I offered lamely. but I couldn't be sure since I couldn't tear my eyes away from Bella.. "I'm sorry. Edward. Before she could announce that we were having twins or something as ridiculous as a demon child. yeah. Because.'s just all so new. I still had no idea what the hell Bella was doing." I admitted with a shaky laugh. I mean. no." Alec suggested while tugging on Heidi's elbow. but fuck if it wasn't entertaining.m. Baby. 12:37 a. "Wow. right? The wedding is in a month so we kind of need to start telling people." Alec replied. "Let's move this conversation to the booth before Mullet Fucker over there tries to steal it know.12:37 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. fake fiancées can beam. Shotgun wedding or what?" Alec chuckled and Bella glanced down at her stomach and smirked. She looked up at me and met my eyes. It's just. "you're his what. "Yeah.our love is so strong... but now or never. We. looking exactly how a fiancée would look. now?" Bella mocked her laugh and squeezed my hand twice before explaining.

"You're the sweetest lover ever.. for some reason. I'm fine with whatever. "Thanks. "Ah." I replied.39 - ." Heidi repeated and stared intently. "Nah. ." "So?" Heidi pushed for information while squeezing a lemon slice into her glass." "Three weeks ago. she pounced.nuts?" Bella asked in a sickeningly sweet tone. Alec drummed his hands on the table and looked over at Heidi. whatever. laying it on a little thick. "We actually met three weeks ago. "maybe you can start it. noting how both Alec and Heidi couldn't tear their eyes away.. Once he walked away." Bella said. uh. slide it in just like that. "That's it. "So. I didn't feel like it was awkward. You're a natural. Bella unwrapped the scarf around her neck and set it next to her in the booth." I chimed in as Alec set the pitcher of beer on the table and handed Bella and me each a glass.We passed by where Ben and Kate were doing a horrible job at playing pool. I guess this was a pretty awkward situation but. I know how much you love telling stories. right?" "Right. "She definitely regrets fucking you over. It was pretty fucking amusing. Baby Honey Puffer." I laughed a little too loud before ushering Bella into the booth. "You want to answer this one. Any preferences?" Alec asked.. "Yeah. "Yeah. Sugar Belly Bottom. "Y'all want a drink? I think I'm gonna go get a pitcher." she said with a sigh." I coughed out a laugh. "Vodka tonic. it's not like Bella was much better than I was with the pet names. anyway?" she asked with a wide smile plastered on her face. how did you two meet." Bella leaned into me and I moved my hand to the small of her back as she whispered.Love?" Okay." Bella easily agreed. and overheard Ben saying..

" I added. Bounced. stared at Bella and waited for her to take the lead." I trailed off. but what matters is what was said. staring at me then Bella." "We were sippin' on coke and rum and I was like 'so what? I'm drunk'." Bella nuzzled into my side. "Bounced. I mean. 'Now I'm not tryin' to be rude." she began seriously. Then we bounced. "He was like. causing Bella to nod animatedly. . "It all happened very organically. "Pretty much. The way you do the things you do reminds me of my Lexus coup'. looking entirely too pleased with herself. "You said all of that? To her? The first time y'all met?" Heidi asked. I walked over to her and the first thing I said was. I watched her lips twitch and she bumped my shoe with hers. "That's why I was all up in her grill tryin' to get her to a hotel?" I asked with a grin." A/N:Are y'all creeped out yet? Thanks for reading.." she said conversationally. "I remember exactly what he said. Then it hit me: lyrics.. An extremely catchy R Kelly song." Bella finished.40 - .. "I thought she was a football coach the way she had me playing the field." Bella explained as I poured her a glass of beer. She was fucking quoting an R Kelly song." I let out a sigh.." "It was the freaking weekend and we had fun. Bounced. "What can I say? Dude's got good game. "Yeah."It doesn't matter so much where we met. but hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you. The lack of reaction from Heidi and Alec gave me time to wrack my brain to figure out why the hell what Bella had just said sounded so familiar.

41 - . and I love it when you do that.12:59 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." "I do know what you mean." I replied instantly. "Definitely not a premature ejaculator. petting my cheek twice before she dropped her hand to sip her beer." I leaned back and let my arm rest across the back of the booth as I asked. I realized this was about seeing how much bullshit Bella and I could come up with to amuse ourselves. I wasn't trying to make her jealous or angry. "I think it was when you stuck your key in my ignition." "I ooze sex appeal. Heidi and Alec didn't get a word in edgewise during the twenty minutes Bella and I spent spewing bullshit. "I can't help it. 12:59 a. "Oh. sounding choked up." I pointed at her while she wiped her nose and mouth." Bella directed towards Heidi. "Yeah. "When was the first time you fell in love with me?" Bella pretended to wipe a tear from the corner of her eye. It was right after you sliced your tongue while licking a butter knife." Alec shifted uncomfortably and it was silent before Bella gasped rather loudly. "Do you remember the first time you knew I was The One?" Bella asked." Heidi replied coolly. "It's very attractive. but this wasn't for her anymore and maybe it never was to begin with. yeah." she said. It was probably rude of me to play along like this in front of Heidi.m. if ya know what I mean. She'd ask ridiculous questions and I'd come up with even more ridiculous answers. . "We did used to date." Bella shrugged then smiled at Heidi. "Really? Shouldn't you have known you loved me before revving the engine?" "Probably. but I needed to test out the ride beforehand. causing her to snort beer out of her nose.

"Do you hear that." "Your song is 'You Make My Dreams'?" Heidi deadpanned and shot a glance at Alec who was being entertained by his phone. Puffy Nuts? They're playing our song." "So?" I followed a persistent Bella over to the jukebox and stared blankly as she broke out into a dance." she pleaded and pulled my hand. how awkward is this? I apologize.wait a second. "You know that I don't care. And I use the term 'dance' very loosely..42 - . "What the hell are you doing?" I blurted out and ran a hand through my hair. "No one else is dancing." I groaned and chugged the rest of my beer before sliding out of the booth with a scowl. grabbed her arm and pulled her against me. "That is most definitely our song. "I didn't even get to the good part yet! Besides. this isn't a slow dancing type of . I really didn't. "Let me finish this beer." Bella insisted and practically crawled over me to get out of the booth. I listened for a second and couldn't help but laugh as she removed her finger from my lips." Bella pressed her finger to my lips despite the fact that I wasn't speaking. C'mon.. Belly Bottom." she explained while shaking her hips and miming squirting toothpaste on a toothbrush." "But then the song will be over! You can't not dance to our song! It's blasphemous!" "Strong choice of words while speaking about Hall & Oates. "I'm doin' 'The Toothbrush'."You two used to date? Peanut Brittle." I stepped forward. you never told me that! Oh my God." "Let's dance. "No way in hell I'm letting my fiancee do a dance based on oral hygiene." I snickered before playfully smacking her ass. "You know I'm a horrible dancer.

Thanks. "Fine. what does that say about my choice in women?" "Well." I murmured while staring down at her. I would've stayed out of it. "If it were me. I'm kind of over all of that shit. "Not that it really matters. you would've done the same for me." I explained in a low voice as she grudgingly wrapped her arms around my neck. I'm pretty sure the look on her face held more of shock than belief. Puffy Nuts." "Yeah. "Ha. You may be over it but it's still shitty. as if I didn't already know that.43 - . "Who cares? This will keep you from embarrassing yourself. "Because coming from you. the weirdest person I've ever met. but still." "Whatever. it feels like one." Bella pointed out. you have nothing to worry about. but if she believed all of that. "you're drunk." "You're weird. I'm really hoping Heidi didn't believe any of what just happened. I could use a break from embarrassing myself anyway. Besides. It was fun." I mumbled as she played with the back of my hair." "Well. "How can you take that as a compliment?" I asked in awe." "You're fun." I paused and pulled her closer to my body. "Thanks for doing that. "I know." "Probably not. actually." she replied with a grin. No." "Why? You gonna try to win her back or what?" Bella asked while trying to sound casual." ." "It was fun but." Bella said." I laughed as she narrowed her eyes. those pet names were a bit much.

"The french kissing is more for your benefit. You know. You told Kate you want to lick my scruff." Bella explained in a serious tone. "Actually." . Now that that's cleared up." I scoffed and tightened my grip around her waist. but I had a feeling she was holding back laughter. so this is kind of like my way of giving back to the community. You can't fool me. I snuck a glance over at the booth and realized Heidi and Alec had left. I don't really do a lot of volunteer work. then. knowing she could hear the smirk in my voice." "You want to french kiss me?" I asked."Ah. go all out. they-" "Cause if she is." "First. right." I cleared my throat. I'm a really good kisser so it's win/win for you." "Yeah. Second.." "I do what I can. alright." "Oh. and you'd get absolutely nothing from kissing me?" "Exactly. "Kissing in a bar is considered giving back to the community?" "French kissing in a bar." I chuckled before trailing off. "I want to tell you something. It's a little more work than just puckering your lips.." "Oh. You offered to shank my best friend and now offering to use your kissing skills to make my ex jealous. you have no proof I actually said that." I breathed out and gave her a small smile. "Is she staring over here?" Bella asked before resting her head against my chest. "Yeah." "Yeah. not that I wanted to lick it. I said that your scruff was borderline lickable. is it? You're very kind. "Oh. we should totally kiss. Well. I promise.44 - ." "Besides.

" "What? Why?" "You just stated that being a con artist would be fun."Go for it. "I think I'll pass. You know. "Oh." I said quickly." "You're just going to have to take my word. right?" "Is your definition of 'fun' the same as 'illegal'?" "Point taken. We work well together. What if you're conning me into thinking you're a good kisser and then all of a sudden." I continued to say while running a hand over the scruff on my jaw. right?" "Wrong. So." "You're the funniest scarf knitter I know. "Hilarious. "I don't know if that's a risk I'm willing to take. mid-kiss. just to really fuck with her. "I don't even want to kiss you anyway. "Seriously?" I nodded furiously. You are." "Stop being so frugal with your kisses. "Stop being so demanding." I dropped my hands from her waist. about that kiss. Bella." she disagreed with a sigh." "Yeah.45 - . Edward. I know. I find out that you're really awful." "You're really not going to kiss me?" she asked in exasperation." . Bella lifted her head from my chest and stared up at me." I promised. you know? Maybe we should become con artists." Bella crossed her arms with a huff. I see what you're doing. "I'm not that funny." she demanded. You're a terrible kisser so you're trying to spare me. "I think I feed off your energy." "Taking your word could be ultimately scarring. wait." "Yeah. That'd be so fun. I guess.

" Bella sputtered. Because that always works out. fuckface." "Annoying in a sexy kind of way. Y'all wanna go grab a bite to eat?" Bella sighed and turned her glare on Ben before pushing past me. "You're just mad I won't kiss you.." "Ooh. "No. "You're really killin' me with the comebacks.." "Hey.reverse psychology always works." "Fine. right?" I goaded.. You know what? Fine." I joked as she stalked over to the booth to grab her purse and scarf. "Wrong. Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out Livie79's new story A Beautiful Mess. "Blondie just got kicked out of the bar. just like she is! :) . is that a 'no'?" A/N: I don't know what Edward is talking about. "So. It's real and good and lovely.being all dumb over there with your dumb face. I lifted my brows in response before saying. seriously." Ben interrupted as he tripped over to us."Reverse psychology?" I asked while breaking out into a grin." "And you're just.46 - ." she said this time as she wrapped the scarf around her neck. "Who still says 'burn'? You're kind of annoying. burn. " that a 'no'?" Ben asked as I groaned and walked after Bella.

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1:27 a.m. "Where is she?" Bella asked Ben once we were outside the bar. "She was right here, I swear," he replied and pointed down at the sidewalk. "It's fine, we'll find her," I said evenly, grabbing Bella's shoulder. "Hey, call her cell." Bella nodded, dialed a number and we heard a ringtone before she brought the phone to her ear. I walked around the corner to find Kate sitting on the ground against the building with her knees pulled up to her chest. "Come on, get up," Bella demanded as she reached down to help Kate up on her feet. I stepped around Bella and grabbed onto Kate's other arm. "Thanks," Bella murmured before giving me a tiny smile. "You still smell like puke, man." Kate breathed in my face and I refrained from replying with 'so does your breath'. "Kate," Bella scolded and mouthed 'sorry' to me. "It's true though. I probably do smell like puke," I agreed with a laugh as we walked closer to the curb. "I called Emmett and he has a sausage in his mouth right now." Kate half said, half cried. I may have said a silent prayer that she not be one of those weeping drunks. "That's why he isn't here. But he always drops me off at home and makes me frozen pizza and now he's not here because he loves sausage and I just want my frozen pizza." "Dude's got a sausage in his mouth," Ben repeated Kate's words. "Shut the fuck up, Ben," I snapped as Kate held on to my shoulder.
- 47 -

"What?" Ben had the audacity to look shocked. "I'm just saying it'd be nice to have a sausage in my mouth as well. I'm starving." "She's referring to the bratwurst stand," Bella said to Ben who snickered in response. "Food. Everything in my life would be perfect if I had a pancake in my face right now. Please, Bella. Eat a pancake with me," Kate pleaded. "I can walk with y'all or whatever," I offered with a small smile. "Okay, yeah. She probably does need to eat. So, the nearest place with pancakes would be..." "Actually, we should take a cab to Kerbey Lane," I suggested and everyone agreed, meaning Bella nodded, Kate burped and Ben fist-pumped. It took about five minutes for an empty cab to drive by. Ben called shotgun and I helped Kate into the backseat of the car. I refused to be blamed for her hitting her head while getting in after I mentioned twice for her to watch her head. Bella crawled in next, putting her in the middle seat. "Kerbey Lane and step on it sucka," Ben told the cab driver who didn't react whatsoever. "I'm going to nap and then wake me up when my pancakes are here, okay?" Kate yawned and let her head fall against the window. "Is she going to live?" I jokingly asked as Kate immediately began to snore softly. "Oh, this is nothing. Trust me," Bella said, finally turning towards me. I stared at her lips before licking mine. "I'm used to it." "That's kind of shitty, huh?" "She's not so bad," Bella insisted before looking away. "When she's sober." "You mean she doesn't normally use the word 'peen' when she's sober?" "Excuse me, but your pal Ben used the word 'boneworthy' in a sentence and I'd bet money that word is in his vocabulary while sober," Bella countered and bumped my shoulder.
- 48 -

"Touche." "Someone say my name?" Ben asked and struggled to turn around in his seat. "No," Bella and I lied simultaneously, causing us to both laugh. I squeezed her thigh before turning to look out the window, keeping my hand on her leg. "Hey, I'm sorry about that back there," she whispered. "I was just joking around. It's actually a shame you're a terrible kisser and I feel sorry for you." "There you go again, being hilarious," I said with half a smirk. "Maybe I just don't want to kiss you." "If that's true then stop staring at my lips while you talk to me," she said quietly looking all too amused. "No." I leaned closer. Bella laughed and leaned away. "You had your chance, you blew it." "Why are you quoting Kelly Clarkson?" I questioned seriously. She raised an eyebrow. "I'm not." "Yeah you are. 'Since U Been Gone'," I answered as she burst out laughing. "Quality song, I tell you. Quality." "Aw, shit," she muttered, covering her face. "Of course, I'd want to kiss the guy who is a Kelly Clarkson fan. Why me, God? Why me?" "I'm not a Kelly Clarkson fan, but I know the song. Everyone knows the song. So, do you still want to kiss me?" "Well, I did until you brought Kelly Clarkson into this. Now all I can think about is American Idol and that doesn't exactly put me in the mood to kiss." I sighed dramatically. "I see your dilemma." "Yeah. So. Good job with that." "Maybe next time I want to kiss you, I'll keep Kelly Clarkson out of it."
- 49 -

before Ben walked over. "Of course I would. I really did. you hear me. her purse. "I think it's safe to say you've surpassed my level of weirdness. Puffy Nuts?" "I hear you. Really sloppy. the cab driver dropped us off in front of Kerbey Lane."I think that'd be best. Lots of tongue. "Duly noted. . towering over her." she shook with laughter as I stepped closer. just the way you like it. By the way. Just not in the middle of a crowded bar and not in the back of a cab with Shoe Puker." "You'd do that for me?" I teased and handed her Kate's purse." I told her as I entwined our fingers. "God. Ben paid the driver as Bella and I attempted to help a groggy Kate out of the cab. He didn't like that very much and used a few choice words. "Pancake face time?" She asked as I shut the door behind her. Surprisingly." she replied evenly while staring straight ahead." I smiled as she turned her head to stare at my expression. I did want to kiss you. "Shit." I looked back as the cab pulled away from the curb then ran the few feet after the cab before pounding my first on the back window to catch his attention. and that silly nickname better not stick. Exactly. Just add it to the list. That was very heroic of me and no one saw?" I asked as I noticed Bella standing alone. right after shanking your friend. She smelled of barley and mint and Bella and I did want to kiss her. A few minutes later. Belly Bottom." "French kiss?" "Of course. Oh. breathing on my face. but I grabbed the purse and jogged back over to the parking lot. I'll be sure to announce to the restaurant that you're brave and deserve a medal though. "Back in the bar. "Yes.50 - ." Bella laughed and walked ahead with Kate before looking around. "They just walked inside." I whispered in her ear.

Now maybe they'll order french toast and then later Bella can french braid his belly hair. and she pulled on my hoodie." "Yeah. smiling at the redness around her mouth and chin from my scruff. "So. people.. Her hands suddenly found my hair and I groaned as I moved one hand down to her hip." A/N:French kiss for the win. I'm already here so I might as well follow through. "Yeah. that is good. "Alright." I said and pushed my lips against hers.. lips hovering over hers. "Yes.pancake face time?" I asked.. . Her lips were soft. chapstick soft." she admitted and I kissed her once more. Here goes. "If that's okay. "I can't even lie right now." "So. the tongue was good?" "The tongue was amazing. You're not terrible at all. Pancake face time." she said as her chest heaved with anticipation. "Is this the part when you kiss me?" she asked as I leaned down closer to her mouth. O. bringing her closer to me. She was the first to pull away and I stared down at her with hooded eyes."Hey. releasing a small moan." I laughed quietly. Thanks for reading..51 - . so that's good. And I remembered not to mention Kelly Clarkson. grabbed her hand and pointed towards the restaurant.o Just keeping with the theme here. We stayed still for a moment before our lips began to move together frantically." I whispered and brought both hands to her face.

" I said with a nod. After the shit they've been playing recently at The Cellar. "All of those wannabe hipsters pretend to love obscure music. "That. You're usually too busy spitting game to notice things like that. "I guess it's better than humming Taylor Swift. "Yeah. ." "To be honest. "What's a Devendra?" "Just. "Right. 1:53 a." he said. I don't think they've ever played shit at The Cellar. I'm with you on that. "Quality. "is actually true. Earlier they played Devendra Banhart and he's not shit. it's no wonder you've resorted to singing Kelly Clarkson. but when an artist they've never heard of is played it's automatically considered shit to them!" "I don't know what the fuck y'all are saying. Kate sighed and grabbed a piece of pancake with her hand." Ben scoffed. rubbing my hands over my face. "Why are you humming a Kelly Clarkson song?" Kate asked in disgust. receiving a knowing smile from Bella. "Just because most people are ignorant of the music played there doesn't mean it's all shit. He's fucking quality in my book.52 - .never mind." Kate ordered before resting her head on the table." "Stop saying 'quality'." Bella agreed while staring at me with the faintest of smiles." I replied with a roll of my eyes." Bella added seriously. Like you pay attention to the music played." I groaned. forking pancakes into his mouth.m." Ben snorted while pouring half the bottle of syrup over everything on his plate." I replied cryptically.1:53 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.." "Dude.. "Yes! Exactly.

"I swear to god if I hear 'Pumped Up Kicks' one more time I'm going to puke in someone's face," Bella said as she pushed the food around on her plate with her fork. "It's so ridiculous. 'Oh, hey, I'm such a hipster because I love Foster The People'. Uh, no you're not and please comb your hair. Thanks." "Whats wrong with Foster The People?" Ben questioned. "What isn't wrong with Foster The People?" I exclaimed as Bella fist-bumped me. "See? Edward understands." She laughed and pushed her plate towards me. "For that, you can have a piece of my bacon." "Sweet." "Ew. Aren't y'all cute. If you didn't already have a soul mate, I'd say he's The One, Bell," Kate mumbled while slightly lifting her head before dropping it against the table again. "What the fuck is a soul mate and can I have her hash browns?" Ben asked and reached over to grab Kate's plate. "Bella's in love with this dorky blogger on some stupid website," Kate explained, cheek still pressed against the dirty table. "It's so lame and creepy. She even has a file on her laptop with most of the articles he's written. Sometimes I feel sorry for her." "I think I prefer your real vomit to your word vomit," Bella groaned before staring down at her hands. I watcher her for a second, trying to work out what Kate had just said. "Whatever. You know what? I don't care. It might sound weird, but he gets me." "You mean he gets you...wet," Kate snorted. "Now you're just being obnoxious." Bella crossed her arms before looking up at me. "I literally agree with everything he says about the bands he writes about. He's so spot on and passionate and witty and..." she trailed off before letting out a half laugh, half scoff. "I'm pretty sure he lives in Dallas because that's where the site started up. And, God, you're looking at me like I'm a freak," Bella muttered as my jaw went slack. "What website?" I recovered quickly.
- 53 -

"Huh?" "The blogger. Which website does he write for?" I asked again as my pulse raced. "Gorilla vs. Bear," Bella replied casually and holy shit. "Holy shit, that's-" Ben began to say. "A quality blog," I interrupted, hoping Ben would keep his mouth shut for once. "Who's the blogger? Maybe I've read some of his stuff." "Anthony Masen," Kate blurted out before closing her eyes. I broke out into a grin before reining it in. "Bella looked him up on Facebook but couldn't find him." "Well, there were a few Anthony Masens on Facebook, but I refuse to believe that my music soul mate is four-hundred pounds and makes a pouty face for the camera." "Yeah, but he is a blogger. Those guys can be weird," I said with a smirk. I ran both hands through my hair and added, "He might even be four hundred pounds." "I guess I'll never know." Bella sighed. "I bet he has an ugly goatee," Kate mumbled. "I bet he doesn't brush his teeth," Ben added with a sly smile. "I bet he likes R Kelly," I offered, gauging Bella's reaction. "Some soul mate, huh?" Bella grumbled. "I also bet he'd really like you if he ever met you," I said softly before Bella excused herself to the bathroom with Kate stumbling behind her. "Holy fuck," Ben breathed out. "That's some funny shit, right?" "I guess so. Yeah," I replied in shock. "Why didn't you just tell Blue Scarf it's you?" "I don't know...fuck," I mumbled. "Maybe that's not something I should mention around your scrub ass and Kate's vomit breath."
- 54 -

"That's respectable, man." I was thinking of a way to tell Bella it was me, that I was the dorky blogger on the stupid website, when my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and scoffed as I looked at the screen. "It's Jasper," I said to Ben who yelled 'faggot fuck' as I answered and put it on speakerphone. "Open bar. Get your asses over here now," Jasper yelled then hung up. "Fuck yes!" Ben exclaimed before throwing a few dollar bills on the table. "Let's go."

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"The last part doesn't really pertain to you and me. take the escalator to the second floor. "Nope. "What the hell are you talking about?" I questioned before Jasper even answered with 'hello'. right?" "Yes." "God. staring at the selection of candy in front of me before using one quarter for a handful of M&M's and the other for Reese's Pieces." Jasper admitted with a chuckle. and what you don't realize is that this reception is rockin'." Ben mumbled as he left the table. "Hurry the hell up. Walk in. Open bar. "Gonna piss. I grabbed Bella's scarf from the back of her chair and walked closer to the exit. 2:02 a. Drunk bitches." I groaned. Just get your asses over here. digging through my pockets for two quarters. "You just said 'rockin''." ." Standing from the table.2:02 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. and the eighties music should lead you to the correct ballroom." "You realize it's past two in the morning. smoke. "Am I supposed to know what you're talking about?" I asked." he explained in exasperation. but I know Ben will appreciate it. "Coworkers wedding.m. bromosexual. then meet y'all out front.56 - . didn't you? How much jäger have you consumed?" "Not enough if I'm still able to stand and speak. I nodded and dialed Jasper's number as I watched Ben stroll towards the back of the diner. "I'm at the Hilton." Jasper demanded. But I don't know how I feel about crashing a wedding reception." "Okay.

57 - ."Open bar. no one will even notice y'all. wrapping the scarf around her neck. Jasper whistled. But I don't even know the couple that just got married." Jasper said in his 'what I'm about to say will force you into changing your mind' voice. "Reese's Pieces." Bella thought for a moment. "I'm bringing someone. fully knowing I wasn't going to win this. "Okay." I popped the handful of M&M's into my mouth and stared down at her." "Okay. is that cool?" I asked in a low voice. "Right now." I argued. "Female?" I choked out a laugh. "The bride just attempted to be lifted a la Dirty Dancing and face planted on the ballroom floor. "M&M's or Reeses Pieces?" I asked and held out both hands. No one gives a fuck if you're here. of course." "Oh. blocking her path. "What did you have in mind?" ." Jasper blurted out. laughing when she tugged on her scarf resting around my neck. "So. "Gross." I hesitated and glanced up the same moment Bella and Kate walked out of the bathroom. "Open bar. But I don't know-" "Listen. Thanks.." I joked before hanging up. Bella caught my eye and smiled before Kate walked to an empty table and grabbed a piece of leftover bacon from a random plate." I trailed off. Kate attempted to moonwalk past me and I stepped in front of Bella. Bella's face broke out into a grin as she pointed to the handful she wanted. "Are you busy?" "When?" I glanced at my non-existent watch. I hope not. Hm..

" "No!" Bella gasped in feigned shock. "The friend who is supposed to get shanked. "So. "Blame it on the Goose." I chuckled and wrapped my fingers around her wrist." Bella stated after she recovered. do you want to go? To the reception? With me?" I asked in a choppy sentence. covering my lips with a finger. Bella eyed me for a second."Wedding reception. right?" "Right. Well. poking my side. "Exactly. "I hate to break your heart. They're at the Hilton right now and the. Oh. raising my eyebrows when she started choking on her candy from laughter. I wasn't talking about our wedding reception. "Yes." I answered and watched her face go from playful to confused. and there's an open bar. just to really get my point across. I quote. But then I was informed that the bride just face planted on the ballroom floor. got him feeling loose?" "You're cute. 'reception is rockin''." Bella replied. too. "He used that word?" "Blame it on the alcohol. It could be fun." "You're biased because I'm a great kisser." "Say no more. but it's a bit weird showing up to a reception when you don't even know the bride or groom." she snipped." "Whose wedding?" "You remember the Zac Efron fan fiction reader?" I asked. "I realize that." . "Hm. it's one of his coworkers.58 - ." I deadpanned. but you realize I was joking about all of that fiancée stuff. right?" she asked. "You had me at 'the bride just face planted'. that's what I thought.

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draping my arm over Bella's shoulder. "Hurry the hell up." Emmett replied. huh? Y'all move fast. so it's your turn to babysit Kate. Puke Shoes.60 - . kicking his shoe with hers. "This is so good. "Emmett. "We're dropping you off with the babysitting. Bella crossed her arms as she said. "We like him because he didn't yell at Kate for throwing up on his shoes. pulling her into my side. devouring a bratwurst. causing her to pout. hooking their arms." "Well. not looking up from the bratwurst." Bella said. 2:14 a. "Do you think they'll play 'Shout'?" Kate asked. . This is so good." she pointed to Emmett who was sitting on the curb. "Where are we going?" Kate hiccuped. "There he is." Emmett raised his eyebrows and gave me a look. "The Hilton. we are engaged. "We're going to the Hilton. "It's not a wedding if you don't dance to 'Shout'.2:14 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. This is so good." Bella told her.m." "You aren't coming with us. I waved while Kate sat on the curb next to him." I heard him chanting over and over again." I answered. I ducked back into the cab to let the driver and Ben know we'd be right back. eying the sausage. completely disregarding the fact we were standing in front of him. this is Edward." "Yo." I heard Ben yell after I slammed the door shut." Bella said. stumbling as we exited the cab.

"I promise not to kill or rape." Emmett said while eying me. "Nah." he scolded." she instructed and I gave her my best grin." "Will do. "You trust him?" he asked.Bella laughed and wrapped her arms around my waist before saying. looking at Bella. "Why?" "Gonna crash a wedding reception. "He's the sweetest fiance I've ever had." "Does he?" Bella asked and looked up at me. "If that makes you feel any better about her leaving with me.61 - . "He has a creepy smile. use the 'bows." I butted in. the Hilton?" "Yes." I answered this time. if he tries to rape you. "Yep. Now's not the time to joke with me. Bell." Bella sighed and walked closer to Kate. taking another large bite." I said. "Well." "Do you get a serial killer vibe from him?" Emmett asked seriously." "Will do. "Watch her." he said as he waved goodbye." Bella answered. "Well." "I don't know." Emmett said. "Smile. I get a serial killer vibe. "He hasn't drugged me yet. so that's good. I think he's okay. not reacting to our claims of being engaged. Those things are killer. Bella. I'd hope he's a serial killer!" Bella gasped. "So. "You know I only tend to hang out with serial killers and rapists." "Thanks. ." "Right." "I have a sausage in my mouth. Emmett let out a sigh. resting my hand on her head." She nodded furiously and added.

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So. Don't be such a stickler for my choice of words. causing Bella to jokingly gasp at his statement.m. 2:33 a. As if I were going to just pull out a condom right here and place it in his palm." "Whatever." I groaned. "Can I borrow a condom?" Ben asked me the moment we pulled in front of the hotel. "I'm a virgin and refuse to let you take my virtue. you got one I can borrow?" "That word is making me cringe. "Cock sock? Love glove? Willy wrap?" "I was talking about 'borrow' when used in front of 'condom'." Bella began with a nod. anyway. I laughed loudly as I leaned over Bella to open the door for her before paying the driver." I joked and stared at . "You were being serious?" "Well. I'm pretty sure Blue Scarf isn't going to put out." Ben explained. you moron. Safe sex is serious." "Good to know because I only like to hang out with virgins. "So. "I'd prefer if you didn't have the intention of returning a condom to me. "And don't hold out on me.2:33 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. "What word would you rather me use other than 'condom'?" he asked with a grin.63 - . "Oh. cough up the cock sock for your pal. You know what I meant. It's not like you need a condom." "He's right. and I'm pretty sure he was about to hold out his hand." he replied as we stepped onto the escalator." I shuddered as we walked through the sliding doors of the hotel. yeah." I paused and looked over at Bella who shrugged. Ben waited outside the cab and stared expectantly.

turned around and flipped me off. It's alright. pointing out Jasper. patting my cheek." Ben pouted. "Aren't you glad you don't have a drink yet? You know you would've snorted it through your nose. "Stop with the back and forth shit y'all do." she said. We definitely aren't going to play this song at our wedding. "We're gonna have a good time tonight. "What am I supposed to if I'm propositioned to bone in the bathroom?" "You tell him you aren't that kind of guy and you need to get to know him first. interrupting his conversation with Ben." I teased as Bella snorted. Keep your puke smelling shoes away from me. did that sound as creepy as it did in my head?" "Pretty much. "Especially when I shove it in your face.Bella's blank expression." I argued and kept bobbing my head." I groaned as Bella laughed next to me. Bella." she answered." "You know me so well." "We definitely are playing it at our wedding!" I said in both amusement and shock. "Quote it all you want." "I'll refrain from saying 'I have something I'll shove in your face' because that's just not something you say to a virgin." she mused with a smirk. huh?" Bella said loudly over the music." She stared incredulously at me before cracking a smile. "I'm wearing a suit. "Shit. I smiled down at her before nodding towards the bar." Jasper yelled. eliciting a 'fuck you' from Ben as he stormed off the escalator. "So." I replied. "It's mandatory for 'Celebration' to be played at weddings. "What's next? No wedding cake allowed at our wedding?" "Cake is fine. We walked down the hall towards the music and I bobbed my head as we walked into the ballroom. "This song is a bit cliche. I danced my way over in his direction and kicked the back of his leg. walking ahead of us. .64 - . Let's celebrate.

fine." "Let's go impress all these fuckers. Edward's favorite fiancee." Bella replied. So. Belly?" I leaned down and whispered in her ear. eliciting an eye roll "They're playing our song." I concurred as Bella waved." "How did you imagine it'd look?" Jasper asked with an amused smirk. "I'm good with not face planting like the bride. do you want some champagne?" I asked nudging Bella's shoulder. Let me have my fun. "Hey." I suggested with a nod towards the dance floor. "It's blasphemous not to dance to our song. You can't not dance. tugging on her arm. "Hey. this is the someone. "Really? 'At Last' is our song? Cliche. "Uh." Bella playfully narrowed her eyes at me and dropped her head. "Yes." she admitted. "Awful. "Can I just say your hair looks better than I imagined." Jasper explained and I gave him a 'what the fuck are you talking about' face." I argued. "Do you hear that."Is this the 'someone' you mentioned on the phone?" he asked." "I use conditioner like a motherfucker. Thanks though. you deemed 'You Make My Dreams' our song earlier. but I am impressed. "Fine. I'm Jasper. I'm Bella. noticing Bella. shoves pancakes in her face and hates Pabst Blue Ribbon beer." she coughed out. "We like her because she knits.65 - ." he greeted." "C'mon." "Hi. you win. Come on. "I've never met anyone named Jasper before and I wasn't sure what to expect." ." "Fine. Seduce me with your moves. Edward's favorite friend. She nodded and I ordered two glasses from the bartender while she made small talk with Jasper. Ben walked away when he saw someone he wanted to 'get to know'." Bella gave me a tiny smile before draining her champagne glass.

I'm the blogger and you're probably in love with me'?. Or maybe I could just drop hints because that seemed like the best way to not embarrass myself. She was pretty smart. watching it fall for a second. He's nice and I can't let myself shank someone who conditions their hair like a motherfucker. maybe she would figure it out. You don't have to shank him." She took a deep breath. wondering how exactly I should tell her I was the blogger. "So do I." "Okay." "Don't you worry. "You ready to get your dip on?" I asked and felt her body shake with laughter. holding my hands out in front of my chest." "You've definitely got something. staring up at me." I responded. whoa. "What's going on in there?" she asked in confusion. "Do I still have to shank Jasper? Because I really don't want to." she laughed before we fell silent." "Oh.66 - ." I promised and tightened my grip on her waist." I whispered against her temple. I won't let you face plant. pulling her against me in one fluid move.. "I also have something I want to ask you." I said. searching her face. So.put it off for a little longer because my plans were shit. Or maybe I could just. "We need to discuss the music that will be played at our wedding. Could I just straight up say 'hey. laughing at how serious she sounded. whoa." "Thank you." I trailed off and stopped myself.. "Don't get ahead of yourself here.. I said nothing about seducing." she replied softly. leaning over to dip her." I began. "Dip away. "You go first." "You don't have faith that your moves are seductive?" "Oh. I have faith in my moves. what were you going to ask?" she questioned."Whoa. "I need to make sure you know ." We stopped swaying and I pulled back. "Fine. "We need to discuss. She let her head fall back with a squeal and I pulled her back up. yo. You're off the hook.. "See? I got skills.

Maybe she'd catch on." "Okay." "What do you think about the latest album?" "I'm still deciding." A/N: This chapter was a bit longer to make up for not posting over the past 2 days! Hope everyone had a great time stuffing their faces with ." I agreed with a sly smile "He really is. maybe she wouldn't. "Breaking into the pool.. quoting one of my latest blogs about the album. all of the albums are so different.. feeling self conscious at the way she was staring at me. "What was what?" "I don't know. You probably don't know that band.what you're doing since you claim you'll be in charge. "And I'm skinny dipping. bitches. I mean. but that's not necessarily a bad thing. That sounded familiar.. Except he was wearing pants and for that I was thankful. I cleared my throat.67 - . What about you?" "The new album is bit more esoteric. Bella. "What was that?" she asked quietly. Kevin Barnes is a genius. "It's probably not something everyone is going to like and the songs are definitely more intimate and confessional." she replied. I shrugged and smiled at the ground just as Ben slid over to us a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business." Ben interrupted. "I really like Of Montreal." I finished. no. You're welcome." "Yeah." "Do you have a favorite singer or band?" "Besides R Kelly and Hall & Oates?" she joked then fell silent as she thought. Bella was silent as she searched my face. shaking her head." I spoke lowly. I do..

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"Lame. Jasper looked between Bella and me before turning to Ben and ushering him away. ." Ben pouted.m. let's go back to the reception." Bella said once they were gone. "Shit. I'm not about to skinny dip with you two fuckers while Bella watches." I rubbed my face and laughed humorlessly at his effort to get Bella naked." "Screw that. Besides. "Have you ever been kicked out of a hotel before?" I asked Bella before she sighed and pushed my shoulder "What? I'm just saying we're probably going to get in trouble for coming up here. We took the elevator to the roof and walked down the eerily silent hall. "Where is everyone?" I asked.2:58 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. looking like fucking idiots. "I thought there'd be more people up here.69 - ." "Be adventurous. kicking Ben's shoe towards him. "This is everyone. Edward and Jas swimming around naked in a pool." "You have to. I pushed the door open and kicked his shoe along with us as we walked out to find Jasper and Ben standing off to the side. Bella ignored my comments about The Shining and pointed to the door at the end of the hall. "Let's get down to business." I gave Jasper an appreciative look as he and Ben walked back inside the hotel. Try new things. It can't just be me." he scoffed. which was slightly ajar thanks to Ben's shoe. Bella. 2:58 a." I whined. I can't afford to be arrested. you can strip first. but whatever. I never said I'd skinny dip. Even I know this is gay." she argued." "I'm going to have to think that way once I get hauled off to jail. "Dude.

" she pointed out before grabbing onto the rail to get out of the pool." "Then take them off. "I don't know. . "The pool is closed. She removed her scarf and tossed it on the plastic chair. I don't exactly feel like walking around with wet clothes later. "I would be doing this if I were sober.. and probably with chlorine. Get in. but I'm think I'm going to pass." "Would you be doing this if were you sober?" I questioned. "Yes.70 - ." she gasped." she said again. "It's warm. then began unbuttoning her jeans to reveal a tiny pair of boy shorts." I shook my head." she pushed as she swam backward towards the middle of the pool. "Okay. I took mine off. Jasper was obviously doing us a favor by taking Ben back to the reception. I looked away then immediately looked back as she walked over to the edge of the pool and slowly dipped herself in. She dipped her head underwater and disappeared for a second before breaking the surface. so you like to do illegal things?" "Swimming isn't illegal." "Oh." I argued.but then I'm going to have to trip you to make you fall into the pool and that might be a little awkward." I said and took a step away from her as she gave me an evil smirk. "As much as these jeans do need to be washed. pulling off her shoes." "That might be awkward?" "Come on.. Come on. just get in. wiping her eyes. "Would you rather jump in or have me push you in?" "I appreciate the offer."What?" I asked with a confused smirk. stepping back as she walked closer to me. I watched with raised eyebrows as she pulled her long sleeved shirt over her head to reveal a tank top. really.

" I pulled off my shoes.." I tried to give her my best blank stare before I failed and laughed.71 - ."We aren't going to go to jail for swimming in a pool. You get into the pool. I'll turn around or something until you get into the pool if you don't want me to look." "You won't want to be my friend anymore. "It's a compromise. "But now you owe me a kiss. "What? Are you wearing some really embarrassing underwear right now or something?" "No." "Don't threaten me with your kisses. "This might fall under the 'worse' category. I'm not going to kiss you again unless you get into the pool." she ordered and reached for my belt as I pulled back. "They may or may not have Batman on them. just. now this I gotta see." "What do you have on?" she asked through a fit of laughter. "Keep in mind if I would've known I was going to be swimming." she teased." I started as she doubled over in laughter." I paused. ten holes in them." "No. unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans before letting them fall to the ground. "Edward. "Boxers or briefs?" I dropped my head. 'For better or worse'. . And then Bella frowned in confusion." I scolded her as I stared at her lips. I promise. "And they may or may not have. I would've chosen some sexier boxers to wear tonight. Take off your jeans.. Edward. In fact." I said with a shake of my head. Maybe." She stood there." "Whatever. realizing I was embarrassed of my boxers." "Coercion." "Alright. "I won't laugh at your stupid boxers. like. dripping wet and crossed her arms over the tank top that was clinging to her's fine." I conceded with a sigh. but I'll stick around. you'll get a kiss. I don't know. "Listen.

"What?" I asked as I pulled my shirt over my head. "You had me at 'you fucked my friend on a couch'."Dammit. "You're too cute to not save. "Go ahead. It worked." She laughed and I leaned my head back. "How the hell do you make Batman boxers look good? Holey Batman boxers.72 - . But I can't." "It was the Batman boxers. I stayed underwater longer than necessary." She smiled and wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. God!" she groaned in embarrassment." "Right. thanks for not letting me drown." I lifted my head and shook my hair out. really. causing her to shriek as water hit her face. I shot back up and playfully narrowed my eyes as I grabbed her waist before she tried swimming away. you can laugh. right? Once you saw those you knew you just couldn't live another day without me. you had me at. "Well. "So. She pulled me up by my shoulders and I gasped. at that!" "Shut up." "No." I laughed at her annoyed glare then proceeded to cannonball myself into the pool. I opened my eyes underwater and saw her swimming towards me before I felt her hands in my hair. waiting for her to get back in and rescue me." "My holey Batman boxers are about to make you cry? That's a first. didn't I?" "Don't be embarrassed. "You had me at holey Batman boxers. "I did say that to you." "Oh." she cursed lowly. I actually just want to cry now. I want to laugh. pretending to be out of breath before she dunked my head underwater." I thought back to the ridiculous conversations we had tonight.. dipping my hair in the water." I laughed and kicked my clothes over to where hers were." "Yeah? How so?" .. so bad.

"Well. her hands moved to my hair." I have me half naked in a pool right now. "If Ben can say boneworthy. I did well tonight." I said and watched her try so hard not to react to my words. Your boxers turn me on so much. "Uncalled for splashage!" she shrieked. planting my lips softly onto hers. I wonder how well I'll do next weekend." she breathed." "Yes. so there's that. "Dang." "And I'm about to kiss you again. I walked us backward toward the edge of the pool and stopped when the back of my heels hit the bottom stair. She . I groaned out a laugh. Water splashed between us and she joked about me getting her wet as I laughed against her lips. covering my mouth with hers. Our lips moved together slowly at first until she pushed her hips against me and tightened her legs around my waist. "That's not a word.. grabbing her ass to lift her higher against my chest." "Shut up." I laughed and splashed her face with water. grazing my teeth across her neck." "Fine." I moaned." I sighed." I said again with a grin. "Can we kiss now so I'll stop making up words?" "Fine. "Fuck.. I do.73 - . "I know. I pulled back. Yes. Her fingers played with the back of my hair as I closed the short distance between us. causing her to grind her hips against me. staring at her before she leaned in again. My hands moved to her ass." I whispered. I sat my ass down on one of the stairs. keeping her legs around me." she panted as I moved my lips to her neck. "I know. huh? Two kisses and a half naked guy in a pool. I can say splashage. "Stop making fun of me.

great story & she's nice because she kept me drunk for four days." Bella finished for me and nodded towards the exit. tangled hair out of her face just as a security guard busted us. "So. A/N: Manips of (wet) Rob in (wet) Batman boxers are better than reviews. "Uh." I started as Bella gathered our things. we'll just go back down there and tell our friends we're leaving. The security guard eyed my boxers and said nothing more.moaned and frantically kissed my neck and my chest and I pushed her wet. sorry. .74 - . JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE." I lied. We pulled apart and smiled sheepishly as we did as we were told and got out of the pool. Make sure to check out A Beautiful Mess by Livie79. "We're with the wedding party. Thanks for reading. I tried my best to block his view of Bella as I handed her my shirt to pull on over her wet clothes.

3:23 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." I glared.75 - . "She's the one in white. "You're nervous about the bride finding out we crashed her reception? You just swam in a closed pool. "Why don't you go tell Jasper we're leaving and I'll go use the bathroom in the lobby. that's the bride?" "Hey. I . No one ever wants to hear that they'd be a bitch in jail. We ignored Ben's comment and began walking over towards Jasper until Bella grabbed my arm. We had managed to somehow pull our jeans on over our wet legs. "Jasper's talking to the bride. then changed into our respective shirts before walking into the ballroom. You looked confused." Ben snickered as we stood in front of him in our wet clothes." "Okay. "I'll meet you downstairs in a second." Bella whispered loudly and I stared blankly at her statement. You got her wet. "Should we really go over there? She'll know we weren't invited to the wedding. refusing to thank her even if that was some kind of backhanded compliment. I was just trying to help. you're too pretty. "Yeah." Bella dropped her hand from my arm before saying. then practically shooed me away once I told him she was waiting for me downstairs." I broke out into a grin. 3:23 a. risking jail and my asshole!" She crossed her arms and gave me a once-over." "No shit.m. I glanced down at our damp clothing. Jasper tried convincing me to stay when he didn't see Bella nearby. "Nice." She nodded and slipped out of the ballroom. stopping me in place. No one." I agreed.

I walked to the front desk like I owned the place and booked the room. standing and kissing my cheek. linking our arms together. Taking the escalator down to the lobby. We were both ready for Ben to be in New York. "Yep. Or maybe bride and groom are staying somewhere else. "I may or may not have just booked the honeymoon suite.. and is also known as a buster.. glancing around the lobby. "Aren't the bride and groom staying in the honeymoon suite?" "Maybe the hotel has more than one honeymoon suite. Or maybe-" "Hey. I spotted Bella in one of the chairs off to the side. feeling exhaustion taking over.let you do that?" I stared at her wet clothes and damp hair and smeared makeup." "Right. Or maybe they are immediately flying out to some private island after the reception. "Okay. looking incredibly up to no good with the smile that was playing with her lips.thanked him for distracting Ben earlier and he gave me a look of understanding. "Anyway.76 - ." "And they just." . "To put it nicely. What did you do?" I questioned." "Whatever! A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly." she said emphatically. "'The part' being. I do not look like a scrub." "Blushing bride." Bella shook her head and started over as I watched in amusement." she blurted out. holding out a card key.." "Alright. it went without saying. you look like a scrub. What's with the smile and the kiss?" "Just playing the part. "Are you fucking serious?" I half laughed.. half choked. Focus. "You ready to go?" I asked." she giggled.

You'll get the side boob when I want something from you.. "What! No." Bella started with." . "Okay. letting my hand slide down her shoulder. kind sir. fuck. really? Bruce Wayne?" "I was channeling his butler. I looked super sophisticated.." "I think I have some Tic Tacs in my pocket. I pulled her closer and mumbled."Come on. "Your services have been superb. so there were these drunk ladies in the restroom and I may or may not have stolen one of their hats. shaking her hip." I wiggled my eyebrows. fully knowing she was bullshitting. "Yeah.and then.. Bella bit the inside of her cheek.. How'd you get the room?" I pushed." "And that worked. "You. "That's where the accent came from. You have nothing I want. "Thank you. We stepped into the elevator and I waited until the doors closed to cover my face. Spill. don't freak out because we're in a very confined space. "Apparently I give good side boob." I murmured.the accent. flashed the front desk dude side boob?" She shrugged. "You.. my bride.77 - ." "Seriously.ole chap." a voice called out and we turned around. pressing the button to the floor we needed." I nodded towards the man and speed walked my ass to the elevators before I pissed my pants or had to hear the accent again. Cheerio. but I think I love you.." Draping my arm over her shoulder. and Mrs. not going to lie. Whichever would come English accent." she noted. going on about how I needed to reserve the room in advance. I wasn't sure. "Mr.." I stated with a smirk." "I wanna see. Wayne? Your room is ready.. you detail pusher! I flashed the guy at the front desk some side boob because he got pissy when I requested chilled champagne.

. well I'd hope so. "Uh. You did marry me.Bella smiled at the floor. ten minutes once I finish it. like. mate. Thanks for reading. And also for indulging me (with minimal side eye) as we spoke with British accentsto strangers. Props to Livie79 for inspiring the TLC lyrics." A/N: I'm such a bloke.78 - . Posting the second part of this chapter in.

"Right. She stepped closer and I reached out. "I'd like some side boob now." "Let's hope not. "I bet you do this all the time. grabbing her waist and lifting her in my arms. eying the tank top that clung to her chest. She looked over at me." . "Wait a second. I need that side boob. 3:36 a. I chased after her and threw myself on the bed then kicked off my shoes. I set her on her feet and we had a moment of silence as we looked around the room. "Oh my you want to jump on the bed now or later?" I asked seriously." she mumbled as the door slammed behind us. What the hell was I thinking?" I laughed and held the door open with my foot." "You need to carry me over the threshold. Heaven. throwing her scarf and wet shirt onto the floor. "What? Don't back out on me now. "this bed. staring expectantly." she said between bounces. tapping her foot." she commented. Bella jumped around me..m. She hissed in response and threw her shoes across the room. smiled and started running towards the bed." she said. huh?" "Of course." she said.. I tell you.3:36 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I followed her down the hall to the room and she handed me the card key to open the door. She squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck as I walked through the doorway. "You're really good at this. "So. Heaven." I announced. Carrying women over thresholds is my big move.79 - .

"You're making me all jealous with the front desk dude getting to sneak a peek.." "And get decapitated by the ceiling fan? Uh.. you know you want to. I'll pass.." I retorted." I spotted the bottle of chilled champagne across the room and left the bed. I flashed side boob to get that shit and I want you to make. "But you might think it's weird." "Yeah. "Boobs. "Wanna make it rain?" "Come again?" I asked. "No. Make it champagne rain.absolutely ." she commanded. no thanks." "Oh." "Yeah. trust me." Bella hesitated for a moment. it. "You know. "Jump. I had another idea for it. "Please. rain.80 - . pop the cork and spray it around the room." I sighed then yelped when she hit my shin with her heel. "Jump.I laid with my arms under my head." "Understandable. breathlessly dropping herself against the mattress." "This marriage isn't going to work if you keep holding the side boob over my head. but I bet that accent I used killed the attraction for him. you're probably right." She paused.. "Do you actually want any of this?" I eyed her. I'm pretty sure there's nothing you can say that would weird me out." She grinned widely and hopped off the bed as I popped the cork and. she started begging. I'm just saying. eying the bottle in my hand. smiling as she bounced around me singing 'Ignition'. not really." When I didn't react.

" I sighed. you perv!" she shrieked with laughter. " breathing warm air on my neck. ." she said once I was comfortable. "I want to lick it. causing her to narrow her eyes. "Would you have done that if you were sober?" "What." "No." she commanded and hopped over my legs." I shrugged and set the bottle on the table. "That was a little anticlimactic. "No! I want to lick your scruffy jaw. throwing my hands in the air. "Come on." I said.." I teased. "You're nice. "I can throw those in the air for you. So.nothing happened. "Okay. in school they don't teach you how to make it champagne rain.. moving back to rest against the headboard. I hope not. Just one lick" "Are you sure you'll be able to stop yourself?" I teased. well. Lick away. "Yeah. "I have some Tic Tacs in my pocket.81 - . I glanced down at my crotch then back up at her." she complained. running my hands down her back." I swallowed and nodded then felt her tongue glide across my jaw." I mused. She pulled back looking all too satisfied and I couldn't help the laughter that escaped. keeping her spot in my lap. "You know I'm never going to let you live that down. I figured. "No joke. "Lowest of lows. and how exactly am I the perv?" "Don't question it. "Are you ready?" "Uh. right?" "Yeah." "You got me..don't know how to make it rain." she mumbled and straddled me on the bed. lick your jaw?" she questioned and I gave her a nod." "Sorry." I said again. "God. leaning down.. I mean." I walked back over towards the bed and sat down. I have a different request.

. YES I DO. Thanks for reading." A/N: Yeahhh. You know you'd ask to lick the jaw. OH WAIT.That'd be embarrassing.82 - . I have no words right now.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to stop yourself." "It's just sitting there. "You owe me side boob since I let you lick my jaw." . She didn't cease to one up my banter. claims of being engaged and holey Batman boxers. I couldn't let myself care that the jaw licking might have been considered odd. Tit. Maybe for our friends and the poor. There'd been puke shoes and talk of drug dealers. stopping too short and causing her to shiver in response." My voice was strained as my hands ran down her back." I whispered. My turn. Not weird for me. "Yes." I squeezed her side. teasing and taunting with my statement. "I don't have a scruffy jaw for you to lick. "Okay. below her breast. "for tat. begging me to lick it. 3:51 a. now?" she asked with snark. you do. But not once was there an awkward silence.3:51 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. unsuspecting strangers we involved with our antics. gauging her reaction.83 - . and that'd never happened before with anyone." I let out a soft chuckle as my hands moved down to her waist and up her stomach.m. but not weird for us. do I. Because nothing tonight had been weird." she said in a serious tone. She glared for a split second. "Oh. My face immediately broke out into a grin when Bella pulled back after licking my jaw for a second time. Not with an attractive female that snorted every beverage out her nose and gave amazing side boob to strangers. making no apology.

"Don't be silly. ha. but I leaned in for more and grabbed the back of her head with one hand. "Ah." I deadpanned. and not wanting to assume that was the case. She walked out of the bathroom and tossed one of the robes on my face." she said quietly and vaguely. like she had a secret and found something all too amusing. just a peck. swinging my legs off the bed. Give in to your urge to flash the side boob. although I'm pretty sure I got the message.84 - . "I refuse to make it rain with this. and I felt a bottle hit my stomach. playfully. maybe it was the alcohol screwing with my head. "I also found this in the bathroom. just letting you know that right now." "Perfect. Bella. "So. Don't hold back." she suggested. I inspected the bottle of bubble bath she'd tossed on my stomach and stared questioningly at her." "That's not the only urge I want to give into.She tried so hard not to roll her eyes and laugh at my joke. what am I supposed to do while you're bathing?" I asked. "We should get out of these wet clothes. somehow managing to pull away from my lips and hop off the bed. but in the end she did." I joked and smiled to myself. because what's a honeymoon without a little terrycloth?" she asked and I stared at her ass before she disappeared into the bathroom. "What's a honeymoon without a bubble bath?" I tossed it back to her. She stared at me knowingly. causing me to groan in response." I let out a breath and hit my palms against the mattress. "There might be some robes in the bathroom. Or maybe not. Pulling the robe off my face. not knowing if she was inviting me to join her. "I can see it written all over your face. "The same as one without jaw licking: boring. Bella adjusted herself on my lap. "The Batman boxers could've been a ." she said. She leaned closer to kiss me." she replied with heavy eyes.

85 - ." A/N: Manips of Rob with a bubble mohawk are greatly appreciated. Spoiler alert: THERE WILL BE BUBBLE BEARDS.hoax. even with a bubble mohawk. Thanks for rec'ing and tweeting and not booking me a room at the asylum. . One more update later tonight. And thanks to Livie79 for prereading this & telling me she'll shank me. I need to make sure you're still hot.

and voila.86 - . She set both robes on the counter and stared rather blankly. The remnants of the alcohol were slowly wearing off and I still had yet to tell Bella about my identity.4:01 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. pointing towards the tub. "No. tossing it to the floor. She'd distracted me with the swimming and the side boob and the speaking in English accents. Or-" She cut me off with. I was totally over thinking it and I couldn't help it. "It's not a science. "How is what going to work?" "What am I doing?" I asked." She smirked." And." . how is this going to work?" I asked. "So. I'm not. poking my side. Maybe I should tell her before she takes off her clothesShe pulled her tank top over her head.m. And maybe I'll just tell her when she's already in the tub. 4:01 a." "Yes." "What?" "You're over thinking this!" she accused. Bubble bath. maybe she was right. okay. rubbing the back of my neck. There hadn't be a good time to tell her. you are. Bella pulled off her jeans. "You pour the bubbles into the water. pulling me out of my thoughts. "I know exactly what you're doing. leaving them on the floor before I followed her into the bathroom. "Am I in charge of turning on the faucet? Testing the water temperature? Maybe I can pour the bubbles. but maybe now was a good time.

causing me to hiss out laughter. "So. splashing her face with water." she laughed and reached underwater for the bottle. And then bring said water in here. "It's kind of cute." I scoffed. leaning over to turn on the faucet. hairy ass." she teased.." "Am I?" I chuckled." I mumbled.get out of these clothes now. I'll just. please do your over thinking out there. you are being awkwardly cute. "So." "Smooth. . So." she said bluntly. Sorry." she said. by the way. causing me to cough. "I brought you some water." "Figures." I kicked off my jeans and pulled my shirt over my head. I slipped them off and stepped into the tub before sitting closest to the running faucet." We locked eyes and I unbuttoned my jeans. Her hand rubbed against my foot. "Nice. And after you gave me such a hard time about not showing me any side boob. you do your thing and I'm going to go get us a drink. I took my time raiding the mini bar.already naked body. "Shit! Uh. And then she tossed me her bottle of water so I could take a sip. "Thanks though. yeah.I glanced at her boy shorts and bra on the floor . and then you'll already be in the tub-" "Yes.."Whatever.. "Yeah." I scoffed and lowered my eyes from her chest. You just hit me in the face with an eight dollar bottle of water. "I totally peeked. Of water." "That did happen.. Except she wasn't looking my way and the bottle hit her in the face before creating a splash. eying my boxers before closing her eyes. I shuffled into the bathroom and noticed she was already in the tub. "I won't look. thankfully managing not to trip over my own fucking feet in the process. which then turned into me choking on my spit. bubbles covering her ." she blurted out. tossing her the bottle. deciding on two bottles of overpriced fucking water." "You're being awkward. It was silent for a few minutes as we just stared and smiled and let the tub fill with water. You would.87 - .

if I could see her face. "The bubble bath was your idea. remembering her words from earlier when she was straddling me in the pool. Didn't you know?" . "Bubble beards are an aphrodisiac. Not that her body was visible. Maybe. I'd bet she was rolling her eyes. quote Titanic?" she asked. turning off the faucet once the bubbles were so high I could hardly see her. "May have?" I yelled. wiping her face." I admitted sheepishly." I pointed out.fuck. Voila." I added. "Accidents happen. "Is there anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?" I mock yelled. "Speaking of. some now spilling over the tub. adding more bubbles." I repeated her words with a chuckle. wondering why it wasn't my idea.but just the fact of knowing she was naked was making it hard for me to think. how much of that bubble bath did you use?" I questioned and realized the bubbles kept growing higher. And then there was more silence." She gathered a handful of bubbles and moved closer to me. "Bubble beards turn you on. "That's good because Titanic quotes really turn me on. It was quiet and I felt like a fucking schmuck for not telling her about the blogger thing before she got naked."And now I'm naked in the tub. "Seriously? The entire bottle?" "That may have happened. "I thought it was a science." "As do holey Batman boxers." She sighed and.. You did well. so I did what I did best. and placed a bubble beard on my face.88 - ." she admitted. our slick bodies touching. huh?" She covered her mouth." she deadpanned. "Yes and this. she wasn't even visible thanks to the bubbles. swatting the bubbles away and onto the floor so she could see my face. shaking with laughter. "Did you just. When I didn't hear Bella reply.. "Uh. I knew I had my answer.

I knew it had to be now. "What about this?" I grabbed bubbles of my own and placed them on top of my head. but I wanted to thank Livie79 for prereading & Mshavisham79 for letting me tell her shit. yeah." I groaned. "You don't have to go back over there. fuck. Fuck. creating some type of mohawk." I mumbled as bubbles fell off my face. How do I look?" "You're super fine. "Just. "You wanted to see me with a mohawk. until I grabbed her shoulder. "What are you over thinking now?" she whispered. Because.89 - . I liked her. knocking the bubbles off my head and began to move back to her side of the tub. A/N: And this is when I hide.) . I wasn't that big of an asshole and. fuck. maybe she should move back to her side of the tub. dropping my head against the back of the tub. She nodded and said nothing and smiled and moved her body so she was leaning against my chest and. Now. gauging my expression."I do now. fully knowing I needed to tell her." I told her quietly. And since I definitely fucking liked the way her body felt against mine. Her breaths were labored and her fingers tangled with the back of my hair and I knew she could feel me growing against her stomach. (I'm still hiding. wiping a hand over my mouth to rid the bubbles. if I was going to do anything with her without her knowing everything." she teased.

wishing I could prove her wrong." . so wrong. suddenly." I managed to say in a strained voice. "You look kind of sick. "Can it wait?" She pushed herself closer. staring at the bathroom ceiling. for some reason." I blurted out louder than necessary.m "Are you about to puke or something?" "No. Instead.90 - . a little too close to my mouth and"I have to tell you something. forcing me to move my hand further down her back. "No. "It can't wait." I replied and opened my eyes. it made me smile." she whispered. pun intended because I had to keep my sanity somehow and puns seemed like the way to go. I gave her a look." Her gaze lingered. causing her to flinch. 4:17 a. "What was with all the groaning?" she asked. Then. I found a minuscule amount of strength and I was pushing her away like a seventeen year old virgin who enjoyed wearing a peacoat. "Does this have to do with the premature ejaculation thing?" she asked bluntly. It can't. And then her lips were on my neck and her soft breasts were still pressed against my skin and she was making it so hard. "Maybe it's the fluorescent lighting. eliciting another groan from me. She stared at me through her lashes and"No." I answered lamely. and I laughed humorlessly. skin on skin. sounding alert and partially amused. fingers tangled in my hair again. My only reply was to finally lift my head to meet her eyes.4:17 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." Bella poked my cheek and. "Hey.

" "Yeah. Bella. but I'm pretty sure I would've raped you by now. yet kept her body against mine.. "But it's okay. the skin of a maybe killer. "Come on. She eyed me for a long second. But that didn't seem to deter her because she cracked a smile and opened her mouth to speak as I cut her off. "Most days." I affirmed." "That's good.I seriously am sorry for hitting you in the face with the water bottle. That wasn't cool. And despite the fact that I'm rambling and have never talked this fast before in my life.wasn't cool. My cousin is anemic and. No. Bear.. just-" "Rapist?" "Not to completely freak you the hell out. I am not drunk nor making this up. don't you think?" And."Girlfriend?" I gave her a look that said are you kidding me?. funny story. pulled her fingers from my hair. most likely replaying my rambling admittance. "I know that sounds crazy. even though your friend puked on my shoes." she agreed in a tone I couldn't quite figure out. that really. but keeping her spot between my legs. "You should also know that I've never made a pouty face for the camera.91 - . "I'm the dorky blogger who writes for Gorilla vs. I swear to God." I nodded furiously.. "because anemia is really awful." I paused. wanting to look away from her eyes. never had an ugly goatee and. And now you're naked and I really do like you. but it's fucking true." she stated." "Serial killer. I couldn't have said anything more creepy. I also didn't want to completely freak you the fuck out. I do brush my teeth every day. her boss once called her into his office because he thought her husband was beating her. "No. but you were being cute and quirky and distracted me. Bella blinked. using one breath. despite what Ben says." I blurted out. I gave her a look that said are you fucking kidding me?. And. but not letting myself. and moved from her position against my chest to sit up. and-" . I have a really hard head and I don't bruise easily. And maybe I should've told you earlier..

"Me." I made a face because my eloquence had been knocked down a notch or two. I find it hard to believe that you didn't have any idea it was me." I said seriously." I cut her off again." she deadpanned. because this couldn't have been awkward enough. you know?" "I'm over this joke. "Yeah. right? I bet you get that all the time. Shut up. trying to get her to understand and accept what I was saying."Edward. and I'm pretty sure her cheeks weren't flushed because of the warm water." "Good idea.. "Since Kate said you have a file of my-" "I know what Kate said. ." I agreed easily. "What you quoted sounded familiar." She sighed.." I swallowed and looked away. I read me." "Not 'the blogger'. "I didn't tell you about this earlier because. "All the time. "I knew something was up. Thank you." I emphasized with a small smile." Bella fidgeted and looked down until. but then I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe you were a fan of the blogger as well.92 - . I didn't want you to get all crazy-eyed fan on me." "So. Let's go back to the part where you claim you're the blogger and didn't tell me until now." "I was quoting myself in hopes that you'd catch on. I guess that makes sense. after the soul mate thing." I interrupted. You were quoting him-" "I was quoting myself. "So. "To be honest.and for a second there I was going to call your ass out. Well. just a little. "I just want to live my life in peace. pushing bubbles off her shoulder to focus on something. You didn't want me to bug you for an autograph. "." I trailed off. And then I had a brilliant idea to crack a joke. my chest was bare yet covered in hair.. and I was fucking thinking in rhymes because she still hadn't looked up at me. she realized she was staring at my bare chest." "Yeah. claiming plagiarism. I'm guessing." She scoffed and may have glared..

Although. I still. but her gaze was soft and I had to fight my urge to kiss her." I joked. until my laughter mixed with her laughter. I wouldn't go so far as to call it fate. rubbing a hand over my eyes." she explained in a very factual tone. Maybe coincidences like this don't happen outside of fan fiction." "Words are your job." I chastised.I don't know. half smiling. That's what this entire night felt like." I sighed and tried not to laugh because.. somehow. I would never admit that out loud because I had a feeling the serial killer thought was still in the back of her mind. back in the diner when half your face was covered in syrup. "You're giving me side eye! Do you really not believe me?" "Coincidences like this don't happen outside of Zac Efron fan fiction. Her side eye never faltered. And maybe I'm not so great with my words." she agreed. it did happen.. receiving a nice splash of water to the face.." And then I was shaking with laughter." I mumbled. dropping my voice. but that's what it kind of felt like. now sitting in lukewarm water." she said softly. Because now that she knew the truth. "Okay. They're your life. and we were both probably losing our minds. "Yes. "Don't hate on my grammar. Because maybe she was right. "I should have told you earlier. But I didn't because. I was having fun with you. for some reason. placing both hands on either side of her face and trying to ignore the fact that I could see her breasts. even when we were both agitated and naked. found her unbearably cute."What? Is that grammatically correct?" she questioned. I don't know. "How do I know you're not just fucking with me to get into my pants?" "Spoiler alert: your pants are already on the floor. And then Bella opened her mouth and the moment was gone.93 - . You did. "Is that.. "They just don't. pointing at her face. and I realized that maybe .are you side eying me?" I accused. But. "This is just. "I deserved that." I said." she trailed off and bit her thumb nail before glancing at me. "That just sounds weird. Look. pulling my knees up a little to lock her in place.. she wasn't going anywhere..

resting her chin on my chest. in a good way." I said with feigned disgust. She rolled her eyes. rubbing my thumb over her cheek. staring at the freckles that covered her nose." "Hey. then chuckled.she did believe me after all. It doesn't smell at all like strawberries. full knowing that's not what she meant.. "So." she snorted. "This bubble bath didn't turn out how I expected.. "Honestly. "Hi. is it?" "Anthony is my middle name and Masen is my mother's maiden name." "And maybe a tad more pretentious? Anthony's writing is a little pretentious. even if I weren't the blogger you were pining for." I teased. "Me? Awkward? Never. Strong. you're the soul mate. Silence took over as we stared at one another. "So. Neat." she mused with the tiniest smirk.." I replied in a low" I asked. Don't get awkward on me now. I thought you'd be taller. "At least wait until we're clothed. "I just wanted you to know that.94 - . looking up at me. "Hey." "Thank... "Did you just say 'pining'?" . confused at how to answer that.. keeping our eyes locked. Anthony Masen." I whispered." "Really? I'm actually really tall." I agreed. "They kind of It was quiet for half a second before she blurted out." "Ah.. but you're actually kind of down to earth. letting herself lean against me again.." I trailed off and hoped this feeling wasn't just fueled by our excessive consumption of alcohol." "I know. you can't deny there's something between us. She was quiet and breathing erratically before blurting out." she mumbled.

That could've really gotten out of hand.95 - ."I did. Shut up." I smiled down at her and grabbed the back of her neck. Livie79 preread (& she updated A Beautiful Mess!) . tweets." I said with a stiff nod. There are tons of people out there every day who never get to use that word. I'm glad I could help you out." "I'm glad I could help you out. repeating her words. A/N: Thanks to everyone who reads. She cleared her throat and mumbled. "Thanks. "I've never actually had a chance to use that word before and I jumped at the opportunity." "Well. Next chapter will be posted tomorrow. I truly appreciate it. & recs this story with their pretty faces." I teased. But you were able to and-" "Bella.

moving my hand from her neck slowly down her back. "Who cares." "Fine.m. making a very good point. you're a romantic?" "Definitely. 4:30 a. what's your last name?" This seemed to make her laugh and I smiled. What's wrong with that?" "Quoting Bruno Mars while clothed is bad enough." I interrupted to call her ass out. "but only because I want to get to the good stuff." Bella pulled back and surveyed me for a second. "Swan. Like." "Cullen. "You did not just quote Bruno Mars in the nude!" "I think I just did. trying my hardest to sound sincere. I mean.4:30 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Sup?" She made a face and ungracefully recovered. wait a second. "Well. "We can overlook that." she accused. baby? I think I want to marry you. "So. momentarily dazed at the lines that formed around her eyes and mouth. I'm kind of partial to the idea now. "You wanna tie the knot. we have been joking about that all night. Yo. "Cullen?" . "So.96 - ." I agreed. or what?" Bella asked jokingly with her chin still on my chest. letting her lips touch my skin as she spoke. is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice?" I asked." I admitted. "Are we going comment on the fact you knew I was quoting Bruno Mars?" "Nope." she replied emphatically.

that's good. trying to ignore how fucking good she felt as she rubbed herself against me. "Nothing. "Fuck. digging my thumbs into her hips. yes. but hell if I was going to be the one who suggested we get out of this position." "Can we stop talking now and touch each other?" she asked and. I quote myself while I-" "You probably shouldn't finish that joke. anyway. mildly offended." I said. kissing her back. I know. and I slid my hands down. go. best fucking idea ever." she explained with an infectious grin." she muttered and finally kissed me. "That's my big move. yeah. The water was lukewarm and the bubbles had mostly disintegrated." she insisted. I can work with that. "That's the only way I'll be able to get off. go. ducking my head to meet her lips. "'So. "We'll go." I rolled my eyes as both of her arms wrapped around my neck. But now that song is stuck in my head. go. I'll never understand." "My breasts get you harder than Bruno Mars lyrics?" She looked down then smirked up at me. "But apparently your breasts affect me more than anything I'm saying right now. If you're ready like I'm ready. "We better at least agree on the cake. I don't know how it will sound with my name." I suggested with a feigned dramatic sigh. I've just never actually met anyone with the last name Cullen before. sitting upright so her knees could rest on either side of my waist. only to have her pull away." I droned on." I groaned in annoyance." "You can hyphenate. and we should probably seal the deal. .97 - . "I'll take it. So. kissing along my jaw and neck. "C'mere. save for a few random piles that had survived." I breathed. "How you can quote that song and still be hard." "That's fine. I'm gonna need you to quote your blog."What's wrong with my last name?" I questioned. go.

He's probably just calling to make sure I'm still alive. I'm not risking my own death because you want a little bump n' grind. I'm not leaving this tub until your key is in my ignition. pulled back and eyed me suspiciously." We breathed out at the same time. Capiche?" She didn't react for a moment and pulled away from my neck to stare up at me. and I smiled as she moaned from my scruff working its way across her chest. I saw the size of his biceps." I demanded. "I'll take it. "Do you-" I dug my nails into her back. placing her lips on my Adam's apple. and she nodded furiously. "Ignore. dropping my head against the back of the tub as she stepped out in a . now."If I'm not allowed to mention He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Quoted-Whilst-Naked." I groaned and pushed her away. "Go." And then the phone began ringing again. What if he thinks I've hacked you up into little pieces and distributed said pieces into different dumpsters around town?" Bella stilled. Then I heard music playing in the other room. ignore." "Shit. smiling." "God." I sighed and pulled my face away from her breasts. "need to answer that?" "No. closing her eyes. "It's so fucking weird that I just swooned over you saying 'capiche'. The water is getting cold anyway and. "What is that? Your phone?" "Yes. "That's Emmett's ring tone." "I just made you swoon?" I asked. answer that damn phone. honestly.98 - . "Surprisingly. "C'mon." she muttered." she chanted. ignore. Screw that." she panted. I still want to have sex with you despite that very detailed 'what if'." "Uh. "You need to go answer it. you're not allowed to say 'seal the deal'.

"Well." Her phone began ringing for a third time and I grabbed her elbow as we exited the bathroom to make sure she didn't slip again. I was joking about anal.." she whispered and I felt the warmth of her naked body through the robe." I joked as she blinked. "Anal. but." " just hit your head. "Fuck. Yes. so maybe I shouldn't make jokes. "Are you okay?" I asked lowly.hurry. And then I heard the sound of her wet body making contact with the tiled floor. wrapping the robe around her before covering myself. peeking over the edge of the tub and tried to contain my laughter.. "He hasn't done anything incriminating yet." She cried out and lifted her head. "Shit. I got it. thanks." I muttered into the pillow. Except quote Bruno Mars lyrics." She paused as I chuckled. "You're naked again?" . I helped her up and grabbed both of the robes from the counter. even if you didn't slip on the floor. Wake up. Emmett. "Hi. "My ass hurts. so I'll probably forgive him. I stepped out of the tub. feeling the mattress dip as Bella maneuvered to lie on my back. "Hi. Yep. "Woman. Reaching down. I'm still with Puke Shoes. it's cold. but he has a big dick. thanks." she confessed with a soft laugh." she screeched. Bye." It was quiet and I laid still on the bed. throwing myself on the bed face first. I immediately sat up. I just clothed you.99 - . careful not to slip in the water that was created from our splashing. your ass would be hurting at some point tonight.

but fuck if I wasn't going to prove to her that there was nothing premature about this ejaculator. I . "Must. She sat up and I watched. I laid there for a second." I warned and she moved to the side before we faced one another." I hissed as I landed on my side." I fucking growled and she frantically straddled my lap. "Are you okay?" I heard Bella call out. And I swear to God I could've come right then and there." "Rolling over now. grinding herself against my dick. And then I busted my ass on the bathroom floor. tossing the damn robe to the floor. but just her and I fucking died a little. She wasn't perfect. leave. bed. never taking my eyes off her."I am. and I opted against answering because I'm pretty sure anything I said would've made me sound like a pussy. "Wha-" She pulled back and stared. and thought of how good she'd feel under me. allowing me to swing my legs around the bed. "There's something I need to grab real quick. then pulled myself off the floor to dig through my jeans. "Seriously. I ran across the room and into the bathroom to grab my jeans. I grabbed the back of her hair and nipped at her neck and breathed her in as she moaned. "Fuck. She stared at my lips through her lashes. letting me know she wanted it off. "Get over here. covering my mouth with hers. I complied and sat up. gorgeous. now. Tucking her feet underneath her. Her chest was heaving as I licked my lips and watched her expression switch from nervous to certain in a matter of seconds.100 - ." I explained." I said as she moved off of me. but she was so confident that she was flawless. covered with beard burn and disappointment. kissing her and then laughing when she tried to deepen the kiss. while I still have the strength. I gazed at her body. wearing a smile and nothing else. I leaned my back against the headboard and focused on how fucking good she looked straddling me. not soaked in bubbles or dripping with water or covered with clothes. don't move." I hissed out. she pulled at the robe I was wearing. despite seconds ago she was busting her ass on the bathroom floor.

" I groaned and wrapped my arm around her. "I blame you. "It hurts." "I was going to say you came along and I realized I didn't need game because." I agreed with a yawn. Have you ever heard of a position called 'missionary'? Not many people have tried it. huh?" "Yeah. right?" she teased." "I like you. stealing my words from earlier. "It's a good thing we're not ever going to have sex. "Go ahead. "Ha." I mumbled." She yawned this time before adding. I do.101 - . right?" she asked in a sympathetic tone. "My game is always so on. "We kind of suck at this. shut up! I don't believe that for one were already mine? I didn't need game to get you?" She snickered. and then you came along." "Oh. ha. "But your ass would've hurt anyway.. "Nice save.angrily snatched the condom from my wallet and grabbed a towel to wipe the water from my body.. rubbing my hand down her arm. Freaky shit. I might just scare you away." "Do you also kiss on the lips while doing this so-called missionary position?" "Yes. under a blanket with the lights off." I said in defeat as Bella immediately shook with laughter. It's insane. I was drowsy and lazy and liked the way Bella felt tucked under my arm. weirdo." I insisted. "I'm into some really freaky shit. I'm not into that. "Now go to . you can laugh." "Freaky shit. "I told you. closing my eyes. Despite what you may have heard.. Now that I was in a bed. huh?" she whispered before pulling the blanket over us." I felt her nod against my chest." "I thought so.. Bella quietly watched as I turned off each lamp in the room before crawling onto the bed with a sigh. running her hand through my hair.

She stirred again and slightly pushed her back against my chest. I don't want you to watch me sleep. causing her to stir and roll over on her side. resting my arm over her hip and placing my hand on her stomach. I laid there for a second. surprise. Goodnight. Thanks for reading. Surprise. I don't regret using that word. facing away from me. I poked her because my arm was fucking asleep." Not even ten minutes later. Penetration will take place in the next chapter and. I lazily smiled and flexed my arms. A/N: I know. because she didn't move nor crack a joke." "I'm waiting for you to fall asleep first. squeezing her body to mine before relaxing back into the pillows and drifting off to sleep.102 - .sleep. staring at the ceiling before I molded my front against her back. a drowsy attempt at getting closer." "Fine. And apparently so was she. no. . Looks like we've got ourselves a few h00rs in the Fandom. I moved my arm from under her. I'm a cockblock.

Then she let out a soft sigh and I immediately wanted to know what she looked like underneath my body. and why.5:56 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. and Bella snored. I was still thirsty. And I might have been dreaming when I thought she whispered my name. I wanted to know how. really wanting to get up to grab some water. too. I found the latter pretty amusing and hoped I'd remember to make fun of her about it later when we were both awake and pumped with copious amounts of caffeine. and the way her body was wrapped around mine. I wanted to know what she looked like while she was knitting. but maybe she was dreaming. and I didn't really care. Her head was nuzzled against my neck. That thought alone was enough to put me back to sleep.m. Chlorine would make sense. I pushed some of her hair away that was covering my face until I realized it was a feeble attempt. I found her sleeping position all too amusing. but not really wanting to move because it seemed Bella liked to take advantage of people in their sleep. Her hair wasn't going anywhere. her hair smelled like cinnamon. I didn't know the hour when I woke up for the second time. neither was she.m. as creepy as it was. arm was resting a little below my waist. But cinnamon? All too suddenly. and legs tangled with mine. I groaned. All I knew was it was freezing in the room. . I startled awake with a slight jump. I inhaled and was immediately assaulted with some sort of cinnamon scent. and.103 - . 5:56 a. taking a second to get my bearings and figure out why the fuck I was dreaming about R Kelly pissing on Bruno Mars. and maybe a little bit of a turn on. or even strawberry from the bubble bath. 6:43 a. I wanted to know what she looked like in the morning before she got ready for the day.

even behind closed eyes.m. "Are you wearing my boxers?" I asked. turning her body to face mine." she murmured. "What's this?" I asked. Even though my eyes were closed." "More sleep? We should get back to the sex. I peeked at her through one eye and grabbed the water bottle she must've retrieved from the bathroom. A few minutes later. leaving her lips in place. her hand lightly trailing over my back. "More sleep. I kept my eyes closed and felt the mattress move when she left the bed. I could feel her cheek against mine and I knew she was smiling. "I'd rather be a snuggler than a snorer. "Thanks. shivering her way over to the warmth of my body." I mumbled in strained voice against her neck. I heard her trip over something and curse softly on her way back to the bed. "Do you want some water?" she whispered. "You blew my-" Before I could crack a joke." "You blew my mind. causing me to wake as she slowly sat up. Her arm slipped between my elbow and waist." she admitted with a yawn. because that was kind of fucking hot. "You're a snuggler. wrapping my arms around her.104 - ." I mumbled as some water trickled down my chin and onto my chest. her lips were suddenly over my mouth to shut me up.6:58a. "Cold?" I asked in gravelly voice. Bella groaned softly. along with the blanket." I countered. . breathing deep as she kissed my jaw and neck before stopping. "Because the first time was so awesome. She set the bottle on the table next to the bed and laid back down. and I listened to her quiet movements before seeing the soft glow of the bathroom light. You know I love me some holey batman. "Yes. The curtains were still closed. causing me to drowsily smile. so the room was still dark." she teased once we pulled away. feeling material covering her lower half as I ran my hand over her hip.

105 - . At all. so I ignored her with a kiss.m. Don't. "If we wake up. They were present because I was starting to wonder how long I would really last. just above her collarbone. growing hard as she let out a small moan. I tugged at the boxers she was wearing. ." 7:36 a." I said again. letting my lips brush against some part of her head." I mumbled." I pleaded. "Hi. And then something took over. "Hey. "You started it. My nerves weren't from anxiety. We were still for a moment and I thought seriously about falling back asleep. and you wanna break up that's cool." She let out a sigh and I closed my eyes again. "Hi. We didn't move. I ignored her by letting my mouth cover the spot just beneath her ear. It's bad enough you had to watch me go through it." she repeated. "Hey. turning my head slightly. until I felt her lips on my neck. I let my hand slide down her hip and over her holey-Batman-covered ass.. lazily shaking her before pulling her against me.." she breathed. slowly slipping them down her hips and over her ass until they were halfway down her thighs." "No! I refuse to let you do this to yourself. My hands were slightly shaking and I know I heard her laugh softly. not really. "Don't quote Bruno Mars. It was when Bella's hand slipped between us and wrapped around my dick that I had my answer: not fucking long. didn't breathe. and I could hear the smile in her voice. They were fueled by something other than over thinking if we should do this or not.It was quiet before I heard her utter. didn't speak.

even . but she'd been teasing me all night. In turn. but definitely not the last. You just don't. Those tiny boy shorts that barely covered her ass as we made out in the pool. slipping the boxers down as far and as slow as I could before she became impatient and kicked them off herself.The past ten hours with her had been foreplay. staring at her.106 - . My mouth was on her shoulder. not kissing. She stared down at me then closed her eyes as I placed a second kiss on her body. and that was something I could never comprehend. There's definitely no way this would be the last time. but also something else that hooded her eyes. Bella said my name quietly and my attention snapped back to what I had been doing before I focused on how good her hand felt. watching the way her chest heaved. It was something that let me know that this was going to be the first time. fuck. I laughed because she sounded so cute. I let my lips linger on her stomach for longer than necessary before her fingers tangled in my hair. the way her hips slightly lifted from the mattress. the moan that escaped as she licked my jaw. and I knew if I didn't pace myself that this would be over before I wanted it to be. the way her naked body felt against mine in the tub. pulling my face up to meet hers. I'd never thought anything like that before when in this position with a female and it struck me as odd while somehow making complete sense. of course there was lust. I leaned forward and placed a kiss on her thigh before looking up at her. The mattress dipped as I moved to my knees. I didn't lower myself down. and. letting me know exactly what I was doing to her. My smile was wide as I stared down at her. I realized my grin had faded and I was just sitting there on my knees. the way she was watching me watch her. I finally hovered over her body. before I sat up to pull away. and I wasn't nervous. And maybe I was teasing her. She was cute even when she was being sexy. I laughed and thought back to her persistence of wanting to be out of her clothes every chance she was presented with. Hesitantly. just lingering. I swallowed and tried to refrain from running my hand through my hair because it was a nervous habit. I stopped when I reached her hipbone because she laughed when my hair brushed against her stomach. each time higher than the last. There was lust. I had to fucking pull away because it was all too much. I knew my expression mirrored hers because you don't look at someone like that when it's purely physical. forearms on either side keeping my weight off her. Until now. I blew warm air on her stomach and she groaned.

I wanted to make her feel good and I wanted to make her laugh and I wanted to make her smile. I kissed her and searched her eyes one last time.. Her fingernails dug into my shoulder. Her nod meant that she didn't want to be my friend. Then she slowly nodded and I knew what she was saying. And when I found the spot. So I added another finger. she gasped. wanted to be. I inhaled then exhaled. I wanted her to be as certain as I was. We couldn't go catch a fucking matinee because I knew after this. It was all I needed to hear and more. ever caught a matinee. Bella pushed the hair away from my forehead and I searched her eyes for hesitance before this happened. She was squirming and pouting. She whispered my name along with 'hey' and 'I want you' and 'now'. down her body. I'd want everything because I was selfish and I wanted to be the only one to make her snort beer out of her nose. Then she grabbed the back of my neck. and that's when I knew she was close. I watched her face when I did this. pulling her against me. I couldn't care. finding the place they needed.m. and I knew she wanted to feel my body on hers. she didn't gasp nor breathe. I watched in . And then I gave in because there's no way I could keep anything from her. what words couldn't convey. trying to figure out what she liked and what she didn't like. then placed her lips on mine in an attempt to let me know that she really. She only peeked at me once the entire time. but I didn't care. and she never. We couldn't casually go out for drinks. breathing on her neck. really liked when I did that. And maybe I was nervous after all. When I found the spot. Then she writhed against the bed.though I knew that's what she wanted. But I'd start with making her feel good. either. I'd want everything. We couldn't be friends after this. She didn't care for casual drinks before six p. My fingers dug into her skin before I let them travel across her body. My name started rolling off her lips. So I became a little more frantic when I rubbed her clit. I ungracefully rolled off to the side with an oomph before snaking my hand over her waist. and I watched her face when I did that.107 - . So.

letting my hand linger on her cheek. stroking it a few times as she kissed my neck. together. I was about to call her 'baby'. and I forgot everything again. rocking us against each other. It wasn't long. ever so slowly. Lifting my hips so she'd fall to the side. and I'd be lame if I said she wasn't. But I couldn't speak and I couldn't tell her no. losing and gaining her breath in a matter of seconds. I wanted to tell her to stop because. I tightened my jaw in concentration as she tightened her thighs around my waist to reach over to grab what we needed from the bedside table. finally realizing that I had a part to play and I could play it well. too soon. again. I silently groaned and opened my eyes as she slowly slid down.108 - . keeping myself in . I grabbed both her hips. all I wanted to think about. It was too much. and I stopped her. I silently groaned and kept my eyes closed as she rubbed my head against herself. I'd be lame if I said she was the best. because suddenly Bella ran her hand down my chest and grabbed my dick. too good. I rolled on top of her. but it was all I could think of until I suddenly breathed out 'Bell'. She smiled and I reached up. When she started saying my name again. Bella leaned forward. I silently groaned and had to close my eyes as she rolled it on for me. She laid there as I licked my lips. Then she moved up and down and up again. wondering how long it'd take for her to catch her breath until I could touch her again.fascination as she moaned in sync with my fingers. too fucking silent. and she planted small kisses along my chest. I bucked my hips against hers. Instead. I grabbed her hips and slowed her to a complete stop. which was cheap. She caught her breath and I pushed the hair out of her face. Her hips began moving again. And then everything stopped. letting her chest hit mine. I smiled when she let out a small giggle as I grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of me. but it'd never felt this right and she was all I could think of. ever so quickly. I knew needed to slow down. watching her get off was enough for me to come right there. grabbing her breasts and watching how the roughness of my touch made her move faster. really. It was silent. She sat up.

fuck. "I don't want to be your friend. well. Bella kissed me and nodded. losing control of all my senses. breathing out as I cursed lowly. "Though we're tethered to the story we must tell. I knew we'd tell it well. when I saw you. and maybe she didn't want me to because she lifted her knees so I'd push deeper.the entire time. I thrust twice more before I dropped my head against her shoulder. She seemed to like this move as she whispered 'good job' and I laughed against her lips. It was like she was giving me a sticker with a smiley face and it was funny. "At least we agree on something. pushed into her and closed my eyes because." A/N:Thanks for patiently waiting and reading. Her fingers trailed down my back and I opened my eyes.109 - . When my laughter died down and turned breathless. I couldn't hold back. because no one had ever complimented me with a 'good job' before. still lying on top of her as I caught my breath and found my voice." I admitted." . I pushed. watching her watch me.

"That's not fair. "I am." "I don't approve." I slightly lifted my head to look over my shoulder." she laughed. But still. I patted the side of her thigh to let her know I was rolling over on my back. "What's in it for me if you're clothed?" . Give 'em up.m." "I didn't think you would. I need something to wear. 8:38 a. You need to at least give up the boxers. "As if you'll ever get these back. "You're wearing my shirt." I demanded." "I don't know. She rubbed my shoulders and I groaned at the pressure of her cold hands. smiling when she felt me growing hard. straddling my bare ass. too?" "I am.110 - . She stood then resumed her straddling position once I was comfortable.8:38 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. wiggling around on my hips." I dropped my head and smiled against the pillow because there was no way I could explain how good it felt knowing she was wearing my clothes. I was sprawled out on the king-sized mattress. And there was no way I could explain how good it felt seeing her wearing my clothes. lying face down when I heard Bella walk out of the bathroom. "C'mon. But still." I muttered sadly into the pillow. glancing at her from my peripheral. She let out a small yelp as she jumped on the bed before crawling on me." she began to say. "You're wearing clothes.

"If I remember correctly. covering my mouth with her hand. "Remember the time when I didn't want to kiss you in front of a bunch of drunk strangers?" She sighed and pecked me once more. That you quoted Kelly Clarkson and I still wanted to sleep with you?" I frowned. "Too late for that. She was trying to distract me from the boxers conversation. you quoted Kelly Clarkson and I merely brought it to your attention. tightening my grip so she couldn't pull away. I was pretty sure she felt the same way. noting how it made her tense then relax. "Remember the time when you wouldn't kiss me?" she asked with her lips still touching mine. You're kind of cute. Now that I knew her."What's in it for me if you're clothed?" I asked with a loud chuckle. that much was obvious. I grabbed the back of her neck. I laid beside her and lifted the shirt to peek. She leaned down so we were chest to chest and kissed my chin. I stared at the goosebumps that immediately covered her body as she laughed from my rough beard on her soft skin. It was all too familiar as she laid on her back. "Fine. I turned my torso and rolled to the side. kissing her stomach. I moaned as her hips slightly rolled against mine and I really fucking wished there was no clothing between us." I quipped. breasts while I grabbed the elastic of the boxers and slipped them off. lips. My focus was locked on her eyes.111 - . causing her to lie next to me." I gasped." she chided. this had to be an always kind of thing. I knew right then I'd never want to spend my time doing anything other than making her laugh. "Hm. "You know what's funny?" I mumbled against her stomach. trying to deepen the kiss before she spoke. waiting for me to hover over her body. then my lips." . Her sly smile let me know I'd have to retrieve them myself. That was nice. "Kind of?" "I don't want you to get a big head.

. "I was fine living my life unaware I was quoting Kelly Clarkson."Which is something I'll bring up and make you regret every day of your life. loving the way her ass felt against me. that's all." she confessed without looking the least bit mortified. "Because you're dying to roll your hot self over here and attack me. I slowly smiled because this felt so good and so easy and so unlike anything else. but I made sure to admit it after I already knew you were hooked." she stated. .. My warm breath hit the back of her neck the same time my hand ran down her hip. causing her to squirm to the opposite side of the bed just out of my reach. I'm just aware of them and can quote their shit. rolling over on her stomach and resting on her elbows." "Kelly and Bruno? Now you're on a first name basis?" she scoffed. I narrowed my eyes at her lame attempt at distancing herself before I sat up on my knees and went after her." I pointed out." I added with a satisfied grin." she trailed off with a lingering gaze. shaking her head. but that much was obvious. "Yeah. I placed my lips on her hip with a playful scowl. "Whatever! I wasn't quoting Bruno Mars. maybe she was right. I was hooked. I was quoting the cast of Glee covering a Bruno Mars song. I pulled myself up and let my teeth scraped against the skin just below her breast. She thought for a moment and I focused on how fucking sexy she was even while wearing one of my old. "It's not like I enjoy listening to Kelly and Bruno." she conceded. "You quoted Bruno Mars earlier." she promised." she explained. reveling at the way her body shook with laughter. faded shirts. "How do you know I'm hooked?" I asked playfully. squeezing her thigh just above her knee. keeping the distance she'd created. and then you came along.112 - . She shrieked when I grabbed her waist and she laughed when I pulled her to the middle of the bed and she sighed when I held her against me. "You know I'm going to make you regret admitting you watch Glee. And yes. all on your own. "You're a great spooner.

What were you going to say a minute ago?" she asked with a shaky breath. afraid to move. loving how her body reacted to my touch. I'm sure anyone else would've taken offense to that statement." "It's a good thing I'm not just anyone." she said seriously. The accent got us this room. I slid back in and stayed still." I pushed back against her. "Right. who else would put up with your odd love for R Kelly?" A grin spread across my face. the way her back arched and the way her hips rolled against . it was either too good or not enough. loving the way she quietly hummed. There was no medium." "I thought it was the side boob?" I asked with a cheeky smirk. I inhaled a shaky breath as I slowly slid into her. "It's a great thing." My chin rested over her shoulder as I deliberately lowered my voice." I corrected her. "It's funny because I said that as if being your friend was an option. "distraction. but not before I rolled my eyes."You're a great. moving even closer to her body." "That's not funny. reaching around and grabbing her breast. if it weren't for me." I breathed out." she whispered. hoping she needed this as much as I did. "Together. She slightly opened her thighs and I reached between us. "It's funny that I told you I didn't want to be your friend. And who would tolerate that awful English accent?" "Don't hate on the accent." "That's not a bad thing. "You asked if I knew what was funny.113 - ." I replied softly. then hissed as I slowly pulled out. "Hey. "I mean. before she hooked her calve around mine. I looked between us. the accent and the side boob are an unstoppable force. kissing the back of her neck. She squirmed and slightly pushed back against me.

"don't stop. to watch her face. closing my eyes and then opening them because it was too good to not watch. even though this felt fucking fantastic. "If you keep moving like that. forgetting everything except her. maybe I'd never want to." She grabbed my hand and placed it where she needed it. It was her way of saying she'd forgive me for not lasting too long because she wouldn't last long either." she panted. we laid next to each other in silence. And maybe I'd never be able to change that." she groaned out." she breathed out as I rubbed her clit and I knew. "Oh." I hissed. it didn't beat being able to look at her. I frantically thrust against her. "I want you. "Oh.. placing my lips on the warm skin of her back as I breathed heavily." She thought for a moment before grinning widely. It was her way of saying she was hooked. You know. every movement feeling better than the last.. Only for the rest of your life?" I mumbled sheepishly. "I'm not going to last long. feeling her nails gliding over my neck. where I fucking wanted it. too. "What did you have . I whispered in a strained voice that I wanted her. "Edward. "No. I knew she was holding back the 'always' that I held back earlier. Who the hell makes declarations like that to a person they've only known for ten hours? I tried clearing my head so I wouldn't say anything that would make me sound silly. I kissed her shoulder as she lifted her arm. never stilling her movements. I gripped her hip with a groan. I slowed my movements because. I couldn't." So I didn't.114 - . Hm." I trailed off with a lazy smile. but all I could think of was her. After we caught our breath and pulled apart. catching myself off guard when I almost ended the sentence with 'always'. "Are you busy?" "When?" I glanced at my non-existent watch and I kissed her Her head rested on my shoulder with her hand lazily pushing the hair away from my forehead. "So.

and rec'd this silly story! Not only do you guys make me heart happy. Thanks to everyone who read. but I'm writing a fluffy Christmas future shot of these mind?" A/N: Hopefully y'all had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Everyone else is a LIAR. tweeted. I'm sure everyone says that. but you make me sad to see this story end :') Super thanks to Liv & Jules for pre-reading some of these chapters and for putting up with me in general. reviewed.115 - . but I'm being sincere. (I'd say THE END. Should be posted on Saturday!) .

" I pinched the side of her upper thigh." "No. you are." She cracked a smile and pulled back.. "I'm hurting. I need to tell you something. Comic relief." I teased as she shook her head. running my lips along her jaw." "Yes. "You might want to end things after I admit this." she explained with a sigh. "it's pathetic. wiggling my eyebrows. December 9 8:49 p. "You're coming with me tomorrow night. but it's best that you know. not the least bit worried at what she was about to say. And that's saying something because she was used to receiving side eye from others on the daily. Less people get hurt. "Go ice skating with your coworkers and I'll be here catching up on Parks and Recreation. "Busting my ass while attempting to ice skate is not comic relief. It's best this way.m. We had been together for only a month." "I'll just embarrass you. I'm not." "That's not true." she argued. reaching for her glass of wine on the coffee table." "Do you not trust my strength? You know I wouldn't let you bust your ass. "I only trust your strength when you don't have blades on the bottom of your boots. but nothing she'd said or done had scared me in the least.." "Okay?" I mumbled.December 9 8:49 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." I scolded. . "Look." she said quickly. "That's why you need to come with.116 - . avoiding my eyes." she trailed off.

He's a genius. "Yeah? Was it the 'Vernon's voice is an instrument that feels personal and close and warm regardless of setting' line?" "That was good. I smirked and rest my head back against my couch." "Stroking his ego?" I quipped. I'm aware." "No."I'm. He doesn't need help. people will start to think I'm gay. seductive voice right before she sneezed." she whispered the word." "He's a fine motherfucker. If it changes your mind. that was a good and bothered. . nice to meet you. and if I bring Jasper to any more work events with me." She jokingly perked up. "Wait. pinching the bridge of her nose." "His blog last week about Bon Iver got me all.... lifting my hips.clumsy. You're not gay?" "Now's not the time to make jokes." she whispered in a low. "It's not like we actually have to ice skate. poking her side. holding out my hand to shake hers. "Now's not the time to make jokes!" "Now is the perfect time. I heard Anthony Masen is going to be there." "Yeah. but what really got me was the 'he evokes the mythological echoes of folk along with the grain and expression of soul music' line." I agreed." Bella blinked. "I bet the bloggers girlfriend helped him come up with that." I said." She nodded enthusiastically before straddling my lap. "It's going to be boring without you. I grabbed the glass from her and set it on the table next to me as she squeaked.117 - . "No shit! Is he really?" "Yes. "So I've heard.." I argued. humming against her lips. practically spilling her wine on her shirt.." I scoffed as she giggled next to me. "Hi..

.m.She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. uh. fine. I get to be the beard this year." "The things I do for you." Bella sighed contently as I rubbed my warm hands up and down her back." She leaned closer to kiss below my ear. "Stroking. He eventually dropped his claims of me being a serial killer once he realized Bella was safe with me. but it should be fun.." I trailed off. Edward. right?" "Right.118 - . Irina from the Dallas office walked over with her husband. James. And then I saw Bella walk through the doors and my eyes immediately locked with hers. I schmoozed with a few of my colleagues while I waited for Bella to show up after her dinner with Emmett.. You two met at the party last year. "This is my husband." Irina said with a friendly smile. "Always good to see you." "These days.. It didn't matter if we spent only an hour apart or two days apart. "The skating rink on the roof of Whole Foods. Jasper can pout all he wants. kindness like that is unheard of.something. glancing around at my coworkers who were not wearing anything close to resembling an ugly Christmas sweater. Although I'm pretty sure I saw him outside of my apartment once. "If it'll keep people from thinking you're gay. Before she could explain herself. but I decided I wouldn't bring that up. took a swig of my beer and promptly cried with laughter. I ordered two beers from the bartender and stood next to one of the high top tables under the patio heater." "Well. Jasper's going to be pissed he's not going since there's an open bar. standing on the street corner." "So? You'll go?" "Fine. "Ugly Christmas sweater?" Bella nodded." . Ever. And then my smile slowly faltered when I noticed what she was wearing. This'll be the first year they rent it out. "What's with the. I'll go with you." December 10 7:28 p. I'd never not smile when seeing her. No need to make things awkward.

As are sequins." I added. looking unaffected. hilarious sweater. "Oh." "Nice to meet you. It's. oh my God. poor Jasper?" I asked in shock. shaking hands while Irina stared expectantly at Bella. And. glancing at James. Actually. "You just convinced someone that tasseled fringe was back in style."Hey. "We should have worn the ugly Christmas sweaters your mom gave us last year. "She's with me. Such a riot. Because I'm introducing you to her. yes. I kind of fucking hate Jasper right now!" Bella hissed. And. Who are you?" I asked in awe. Utterly confused. rubbing Bella's side. still partially caught off guard at what she was wearing." Irina smiled. perching myself on one of the stools. man. So." Bella replied. Obviously. and went on to say. "I'm with him." Irina laughed good-naturedly." Even though I had no idea why she showed up wearing the hideous sweater.119 - ." Irina stated. I stared at her calm profile and bit the inside of my cheek to keep from erupting with laughter.. for one. Jimmy. I think I did read in a magazine that tasseled fringe is the new thing. It's so funny how certain styles make a comeback. this isn't my ugly Christmas sweater. James waved goodbye. they were gone." she looked down at her sweater." "Hi. "He stopped by earlier and asked if I could knit some mittens for his dog-" .not supposed to be a joke. no doubt. am super happy about the tasseled fringe. "Well. "This is Bella. and.. "Reindeer sweaters are actually coming back into style. Obviously. shit. Merry Christmas." Bella licked her lips and smiled. holding out her hand. how's it going?" I greeted him." "I. it was nice meeting you and. "Oh. So. grabbing the beer I handed to her. I knew she was joking. "How on earth are you going to blame your wardrobe choice on poor." She shrugged. "hems with tasseled fringe. "Actually. "Okay. just like that." I said. Of course I knew she was fucking joking.

it's you. "Alright." "That means. then died with laughter." "Oh." "Maybe I didn't think that one through either. wiping her eye. "but if anyone can rock tasseled fringe. "Bell." I nodded. Exactly what I was thinking.." "Yep.120 - . grabbing her hip and pulling her between my thighs. kissing the side of her head. You're right." I said." "You're welcome. grabbing the back of her neck. Fine. gulped my beer. well. She definitely doesn't think you're an idiot. because that's so unheard of?" "Don't you think I would've mentioned if this were an Ugly Christmas Sweater party?" "I. "everything to me. you believed that?" I questioned with a wide grin. Bella pulled back and sighed. "Oh." I pointed out. That's the last time I listen to someone who wants mittens for their dog. just someone who has horrible taste in clothes." .don't know. "I didn't want to feel like an idiot.. good job." she paused. Well. dropping my voice. dropping her head against my chest." she groaned. Thank you."What the fuck?" I interrupted as she kept talking." "I don't know if this means anything. Looks like I'm going to have to get super drunk and make a fool of myself to take the attention away from you. "And he casually mentioned this was going to be an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!" I blinked twice. "There shouldn't have been a first time. "Why didn't you just admit to Irina and James this was a joke or something?" I asked seriously.

A/N: So.121 - . hi. Thanks for reading. There will be two more little Christmas chapters. .

I would've settled for a pair of re-gifted trouser socks." I called out. "It's your Christmas gift. December 13 8:46 a. . she walked into the small spare bedroom I claimed as my office and set a medium-sized box down on the floor. Bella shrugged and my eyes flicked towards the box again. too." she said. "Did you miss me or something?" I grinned widely. You. ignoring my question before disappearing down the hallway. "I brought you something. forced smile. I wearily eyed the box until she walked back into the room and handed me a"Fruitcake. My eyes flicked to the framed Polaroid on my desk and I smiled. knowing who had walked in before actually knowing who had walked in.m." "Neat. "You just left an hour ago.122 - . Because if Seven taught me anything it's that you always question the contents of a box.shouldn't have?" "Merry Christmas.. Wrapped in saran wrap." "Why would I have a pair of trouser socks to re-gift?" "Why would you have a fruitcake to gift?" I quipped with a pointed stare.December 13 8:46 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." she replied with an odd. Always. Thanks. just in case Bella somehow got lost trying to find me. staring at her concerned face. "What's in the box?" was the first thing I asked. but this works. Back so soon?" I asked. I heard my front door open and close. Moments later. "I'm back here..

" "The worst part is that my poor Uggs fell victim to the flooding. Was this flooding in any way your fault?" "That's understandable. I should have never left them alone. Those things needed to go. My apartment flooded.. I'd say." she grumbled. "Can you at least pretend to like the Uggs? They're going through a really hard time right now. asshole." I groaned." she agreed.123 - ."Yeah. what? Would you rather me lie and say I love your Uggs. including the times we have sex?" "Yes." "You're speaking about shoes as if they were a pet or a child." she began to say as she walked towards me. You know the couple who live above me. "A pipe burst in their apartment which flooded my apartment. the ones that planned to have the home water birth?" "Oh my god." . "An act of God." "Point taken. funny story. Maybe. I rolled my eyes at her dilemma of wet suede." She sighed a little too dramatically for a sentence that dealt with Uggs. dropped my head in my hands then looked back up at her.." "Well. "The placenta water flooded your apartment?" "What? No! You're disgusting. I can't handle this. No." "I'm disgusting? I'm not the one with neighbors who want to have a home water birth. begging for you to wear them everyday. "but no. scrunching her face with disgust." she nodded." "Damn. They're going to resent me forever. especially after the dishwasher incident. "I need a little more information before I can crack any jokes." "Reel me back in please? I think I drifted away after you mentioned 'placenta water'." "Hey! Asshole! Handsome. It wasn't my fault.

" I nodded furiously. conversation-wise. too." I mumbled. as if not knowing how to do such a thing made her anything less than perfect in my eyes."I should have known better.124 - . "What's in the box?" "The only reason why I haven't answered your question yet is because I like seeing you get so worked up over wondering what's in the box. but two people?" "Once you behead one person." I paused and replayed her words. but my mind cannot handle if there is a head in that box." "You think I'd be capable of beheading not one." "Fine. "That box is entirely too large for a head. reaching out my hand and pulling her into my lap. I might have to think twice about crashing with you until after Christmas. what?" "So." "That's rude." I chuckled. That'd be wasted space. resting an arm across her lap." "But I wouldn't even know where to start with beheadding a person. "Wait. I opened my mouth to speak and she cut me off with. I'm pretty sure you'd get the hang of it and have no problem with a second beheadment. "Is it probable that there's a head in the box?" "It's possible. "I meant figuratively reel me in. I'll shut up." "The Uggs can handle my distaste for them." ." "I knew what you meant. Come here." she mumbled. trying not to laugh. "And if you proceed to tell me the most effective way to behead someone. "So is speaking ill of my Uggs." She was quiet for a beat too long. "Maybe there are two heads in there. I don't know." I kept my eyes on the box as I uttered. But this works." I scoffed. I have to move out of my place for a bit while they fix the damage that was done from the flood.

pulling away from the fruitcake. Bella looked down before blurting out. "That's silly." I pointed out.125 - ." "Yet you had time to bake a fruitcake." Bella randomly pointed out. so I stole the fruitcake. I was going to build a Gingerbread house. look. "I know what that is! The fruitcake is not a Christmas gift. fine." She stopped again to laugh. It's a bribe!" "Ha. No." She dropped her hand from my cheek and stared in confusion." I trailed off." I gasped with feigned shock. Who bribes with fruitcake?" I tilted my head and gave her a look that said she was busted." She laughed all high-pitched and squeaky. eying her. but there are only so many things one can do when the apartment floor is flooded with non-placenta water. I shouldn't have used the fruitcake like that. "And you want to stay here with me?" "Hey." "I would've gone with a female fruitcake rather than male. He deserves better. "Wait a second. grabbed the cake and pushed it against my cheek." "I'm ashamed.." "I'm the briber. I can deem the fruitcake whatever sex I'd like. no.I tried not smirking." "Why did you feel the need to bribe me so you can crash here? You know me better than to think I wouldn't allow you to stay unless you provided me with awful Christmas dessert. but whatever.. "It's not?" "Nope." "Who the hell gave you a fruitcake?" "Okay. "Okay. That's just. fine! I do! I bribe with fruitcake!" "I knew it. "That's. allow it to cool. and cover it with saran wrap." "You see right through me. "I re-gifted the fruitcake. "You're telling me I have stolen fruitcake in my . Fruitcake.

" "And the fact never crossed your mind that maybe she died? Maybe she was in the midst of making homemade eggnog before she heard a knock. Maybe halfway to the door she fell. dropping her head against my shoulder. I did the fruitcake a favor! He was being shunned. . the fruitcake you stole.126 - . do they? Normal people don't spend fifteen minutes talking about placenta water." "Why did you have to bring eggnog into this?" Bella groaned. you're moving in with me?" I asked with a wide smile. "So. The answer to both of those questions was nothing. I'm just crashing here for an undetermined amount of time." "You should just move in with me. pretending like I was calm and casual and not freaking the fuck out. therefore she knew nothing about the fruitcake. Normal people don't ask their girlfriend of a month to move in. But then. "All she wanted was the fruitcake. She clearly didn't want him. It had been sitting outside her door for a week. broke her hip and then starved to death. She didn't make it to the door. "Maybe we should veer back on topic." I suggested." "I call bullshit. she got me there." "Right. And that doesn't fit the definition of 'moving in'?" "My definitions for words aren't generally considered common." I suggested. bringing most of my things and stealing half of your closet space." And damn.apartment?" "It was sitting outside the door of the elderly lady who lives down the hall from me. fruitcakes and dead elderly women. Her fingers weaved through the back of my hair. "No. You can't make me feel bad for taking fruitcake that she never knew existed. knowing this conversation could last for at least an hour. what about my relationship with Bella was determined by time? What about our relationship was normal? Nothing. She died for the fruitcake.

We both knew I wouldn't need that information for future reference because she'd be the first and last girl I'd ask to move in with me." "For future reference. anyway. "Alright. you're out of conditioner." she laughed and I patted the top of her thigh. and we'll figure it out. leave placenta out of it." "So is Jasper." "If you decide you don't want to move in. too?" I ignored her question.127 - . yeah. Thanks for reading. ." I said. "Hey." "Yeah. By the way. It's only fair you allow me to use your conditioner. scratching my head. the first time we met." "Alright." "I knew you were using it!" she hissed before sniffing my hair. You can go back and live in the same building with the dead elderly lady and the placenta family. "Just think about it." I replied. kissing me twice." "Yes. "Your shampoo is in my shower. when you ask a girl to move in with you. even though you claimed you were joking. She'd be the first and last everything."You don't know what you're asking. I'll help you move some of your things over for the 'undetermined amount of time' you'll be staying here. and fruitcake. you gave me a complex about my hair. Uggs. okay?" "Duly noted. I do. kissing her and ignoring her bullshit. "You're here most of the time. A/N:I think I successfully covered all my bases in this chapter: placenta. Thanks to Julie for pre-reading this mother. You're going to ask him to move in. It makes sense." she finally said. you can leave once your place is ready.

rolling to lie on her stomach." "You? Yes. This is about to get serious." "It was worth a try. I gasped and rubbed her knee." I pushed. Bella let out a loud. December 13 9:12 p.128 - . I shut my laptop and set it on the table next to the bed. "Playing footsie is not going to convince me to move in with you." "Enlighten me. I was sure you'd say yes while in a love-induced food coma." she announced. "You didn't even take an entire day to think about it.December 13 9:12 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended." I teased as she sat up." I pointed out. She smiled and propped herself up on her elbows. rubbing my foot up and down her leg. I eyed her before turning my attention back to the rival music blog that had just released their list of top fifty albums of the year. You're sitting cross-legged." . "I just can't live with you. Without blinking. C'mon." "I can't move in with you because you're a Scrooge. "I'm thinking of your safety. "You could've at least waited until after my famous omelet breakfast tomorrow. letting it fall to the floor with a thud. You don't even have a Christmas tree!" "Lots of people don't have Christmas trees. what's your deal? I know you think I'm cute. "Uh oh." I accused. So many fire hazards." she blurted out.m. rolling my eyes." Bella said in a serious tone." "Don't let my decision stop you from spreading your omelet love all over me. "I don't think I can move in with you. dramatic sigh and closed the book she was reading. "Me? No.

the only thing I can think of is that you're just losing your mind.what? A shilling? Do you feel okay?" I questioned with concern. Yeah. Better than losing my son to renal failure. so." "It's not a choice." I shrugged." "I. so there's a point to all of this?" I jokingly asked before she tossed a pillow at my head.and some weirdo who shows up in an ugly Christmas sweater. "You attended your work Christmas party.129 - . ." she deadpanned. "I just don't. but you didn't give a shilling to the Salvation Army Santa yesterday when we were leaving the store. "Yes.. there is a point... getting worked up because I didn't make a big deal over a holiday. "No fever. "Uh. crippled Tiny Tim with his vitamin D deficiency.. That's doing Christmas." I side eyed the wall before looking back at this crazy. causing me to laugh at her outburst. "Not only do you not have a tree.." "Well." "Look.." "I'm okay with losing my mind. Kind of." " Christmas.. "I feel fine! Unlike poor. It's not a big deal." I admitted before chuckling at her scowl. "I only attend those parties because there's usually an open bar. You just assumed kidney failure?" "Whatever. I think it is a choice." "What in the world?" I felt Bella's forehead with the back of my hand. "Are you bringing up Tiny Tim for a second time?" I asked and she nodded. The point is that I can't live with a Scrooge.She pulled the elastic band out of her hair as she said. resting my hands behind my head. gorgeous girl sitting on my bed. "Dickens was very vague regarding Tiny Tim's illness. you're choosing the wrong choice!" she shrieked.. I don't think it was ever revealed what was wrong with him." she said with crossed arms.

" "Christmas aside. You know what? If Christmas is that big of a deal to you. Thanks for reading. smiling as I held out my arms. And who doesn't like the mental image of Edward handling roasted nuts? Sigh. I really like your fine ass. "Yep. Blame the Christmas spirit." She laughed.130 - . (& yes. baby." Bella sighed." I said with seriousness. You'll see. burying her head against my chest. "You won't regret it. I tugged at the hem of her shirt and she peeked through her hands. this is getting odd."You drank eggnog last night. pinching my side. trying not to laugh at how fucking ridiculous this was. "Scrooge aside. dropping her head in her hands. "Okay." "Don't even get me started on what I'm gonna do to the chestnuts that are roasting on an open fire. but I can't wait. eggnog is delicious and anyone who denies it is a fool." I grinned as she giggled." "I'll do Christmas for you. kissing the side of her head. That's the spirit." I let out a throaty laugh at her statement. I'm gonna rock around the Christmas tree. "Fine. "Hell yeah. You'll see. I'm going to post a few more updates of him smothering her with Christmas spirit. I'm going to smother you with Christmas spirit for the next twelve days." "Really?" she asked excitedly. She curled next to me as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.) ." "I'm gonna deck the halls with boughs of holly." A/N: I'm spreading my omelet love all over y'all for not giving me side eye because I'm clearly not done with these two yet.

but it never seemed like a big deal to me. Again. The one year I actually did buy a tree. And then one day it just magically disappeared. but maybe I'd learn today.. December 14 6:37 a. I woke half an hour early. Either she'd open it. I was hoping for the former. I'd never actually tried making an omelet before. I just found it more of a hassle than anything. a hoodie. although I wasn't sure what he did with it. and threw on a pair of jeans. But I knew I'd eventually figure out what was in the box.well. I drove to the store to grab eggs and other omelety ingredients for the breakfast I'd promised Bella. I was back home and in the midst of attempting to cook breakfast when I heard Bella's early morning groans. I'd be a dabbler. or it'd start smelling. I'd have to keep that in mind.December 14 6:37 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. to make matters worse. but would be prepared for the latter. So. Jasper claimed he disposed of it for me. Forty-five minutes later. Jasper was apparently good at disposing of things.. hoping not to wake her. the thing ended up dying before Christmas day. I decided I'd indulge her and would dabble in the Christmas spirit. . I slipped out of bed. I was too lazy and kept it up until February. I found it entirely too funny that Bella gave me such a hard time about not being into Christmas.131 - . and my Nike's. and I didn't ask. It's not that I was against celebrating the holiday. I sent a small glare in its direction. But since Bella so eloquently expressed her interest in Christmas by using Tiny Tim to make her point. Maybe I didn't bother getting amped up for Christmas because. I could dabble. I'd be a dabbler. Then.m. Not that I'd never had a girlfriend during the holidays. Walking past the box Bella brought over yesterday morning. She wasn't opening it on purpose because she knew it was bugging me. insistent on going to the store to grab a few things before Bella woke up. because I was usually alone. maybe I'd exaggerated about my omelet making skills with all the 'love-induced food coma' talk.

" I pulled out two plates and filled them with our... You're getting it. "Oh. "It's like you're drinking Christmas. that old thing?" I adjusted the reindeer antlers headband that I'd put on her head while she was sleeping. I ignored the rolling movement of her eyes and darted over to the fridge." "Christmas spirit is here to stay. You're kind of creeping me out." I nodded enthusiastically before leaning down to kiss her cheek. "It's a good thing you're cute." Bella blinked.. I wasn't sure what it was turning out to be. You wanted this.. isn't it?" I smirked. breakfast. wide . She nodded. "Oh. and I use this term loosely."What on earth is on my head?" she asked groggily as she shuffled into the kitchen . raising my eyebrows at a ridiculously enthusiastic speed. I was going to buy a Santa hat." I explained. I bought it when I went to the store a little while ago. leaving the headband in place while pouring herself a cup of coffee. feigning pain as she slapped my chest." "It's a little early for bestiality. "And the reindeer antlers are. "Oh." "Christmas spirit. and Salvation Army Santa wasn't outside the store. then turned my attention back to the. This is happening. but I couldn't find one in the grocery store." She yawned. and felt my forehead with the back of her hand. Bella pretended not to eye the plate of food before giving me a nice. Belly." I warned as she nodded in realization. "You can't stop it now. I grabbed her waist and pulled her against me." "Right. sipped her coffee.132 - . warily grabbing the bottle I'd handed to her." "Eggnog latte creamer?" she questioned. but I shan't refuse him a shilling when I see him on the morrow. "You had a reindeer antler headband just lying around?" "Nah. stifling a laugh as she pulled the headband off. Don't forget this.well. She smiled sleepily then kissed my chin. I wouldn't necessarily call it an omelet. "Hottest reindeer ever. placing it on my head.

"So? Is it. probably.." She grabbed the coffee cup from me. I noted that she had yet to swallow." "Am I supposed to swallow?" "You usually do.soggy. People who are in love usually feel queasy. and then it's." "Rubbery?" I questioned.. We walked into the living room. She chewed. Then she chewed again. that makes sense because that's my special ingredient." she admitted. How could you not. "I feel queasy. Bella poked my side and I held her plate in front of her so she could spit out the food.. Or maybe it tastes kind of like tar. You have no room to judge..." I said cheekily. knowing smile.. needing her to critique the food before I chanced trying it myself. But then there's. I've seen you eat a bagel after dropping it in the street." she trailed off with her mouth still full.chewy.. Bella shrugged and patted my arm. sat on the couch. but the word 'tire' is coming to mind. especially after a breakfast like that?" I hummed against her neck before I sat back against the couch "But. Tar. "Well.edible?" I asked. apparently being filled with Christmas cheer doesn't improve culinary skills. "And stop giving me that look. how do you feel? Are you in love with me yet? Did I win you over?" I asked with a dramatic sigh.. raising my eyebrows. "Yeah. She looked thoughtful. "At least you're pretty?" "Well.133 - .grin... you totally love me. "It's like. giving me a small.." I deadpanned. pulling at my hair." .I don't know why. "That's a good sign. biting her lip.tar? Seriously? Tar?" I questioned in awe that I was able to take edible ingredients and make them taste like something rather poisonous. and I watched as she hesitantly took a bite.. stealing her cup of coffee. "God. "Well.

m. pulling the blanket off her head. "Nah. "So." "Fake trees are just so." I squeezed her hip. one real. but my eyes will.. "Only you. This is kind of fun though. "I can't sleep. Edward. scooting closer and draping my arm over her waist." I shrugged. "I thought we were getting a real tree. "Well put. do you have a color preference for the tree?" "They usually just have the one shade.." "Wait. "We can't have two Christmas trees." she wholeheartedly agreed. what?" She opened her eyes." . Jasper's tree is silver." she stated sadly. I just figured we'd get a fake one. quieter this time." she lamely pointed out. You'll never know the difference.134 - . "I'll even get you one of those pine scented air fresheners. She waited a minute before giving in." "My nose might not know the difference. Bella." "Oh." I teased. one fake. rolling over on her side to face me. "How do I do what?" "Sleep with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head?" Bella snorted before groaning." I insisted." she quipped." "You asked for it. "There's nothing wrong with a fake Christmas tree though. I say two Christmas trees is the way to go.fake. December 15 1:06 a. Only you. Seems easier. "Shh."Afraid not." I groaned out loud as I felt Bella shift next to me. pulling the blanket over her head. Then everyone is happy. "If we can't come to an agreement." "How do you do it?" I asked.

"Fine. "We're going to string popcorn and. but I bet before I came along." I mumbled.. loving how she merely rolled her eyes and readied herself to quip a response. I'd be a Scrooge if I didn't want a tree at all. Thanks for reading though." I warned." I teased. you were one of those awkward people who thought the creepy dude at the mall who wears a Santa suit and smells like queso was one of Santa's helpers. cutting her off.and maybe that the guy at the mall actually does smell like queso. Y'all make me smile :') For more Christmas spirit. you were one of those awkward people who told children there's no such thing as Santa." "I wouldn't have it any other way." "I knew I liked you for a reason.. check out Twilly's new story The Naughty Elf." I replied dryly." "No." I pointed out." A/N: I can't sleep. and it's not because those pesky sugarplums are dancing in my head. "The only truth to both of those statements is that we are both awkward people." she said with a little too much emotion. "if it makes you happy. I guess Christmas is going to be based on a lie this year." We both laughed and I finally yawned as she rolled over to be spooned..135 - . "I have a feeling before I came along. She updates on the daily. ." "You're being a Scr-" "No. Puffy.." "But we're going all out."Says who?" "The square footage of my living room. we can get a real Christmas tree. "You're being silly. "Fine.make other homemade ornaments that I can't think of right now.

....because she's beautiful and a mess. .and going to side eye me when she reads this in the morning. don't forget to check out Livie79's A Beautiful Mess.Also.136 - .

opening both eyes. "What are you doing to me. slightly shifting. but. "Coffee. not really wanting her to move off of me. even in my sleepy state. December 15 6:43 a. pointing at the Santa hat on her head." It was true.m. where'd you get that?" I asked groggily. "You can't wake me up wearing nothing but a Santa hat and expect to get off that easily.December 15 6:43 am Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. She brought her lips to mine. closing my eyes again. "You're never the first to wake up. I squeezed her hip. Bella laid back and pulled the Santa hat off her head before placing it on mine." she whispered. causing me to groan in response. "That's not true. "Oh. "Hey. I yanked them off. "Ah. She foolishly attempted to move to leave the bed. tossing them across the room. only wearing a smirk and.a Santa hat." I gave her a smirk and patted her thigh. woman?" I grumbled as I opened one eye to see Bella straddling me. then mumbled something incoherent about making coffee.. I held her in place." she said cryptically." she argued. "Bella. and would've rolled my eyes if they were open. but I always do get off so easily. "I have my ways... ." I laughed.. kissing my chest. but not really needing to be wearing these boxers.137 - ." She raised her eyebrows and leaned down." I whispered back.

and then pulled out and pushed back in. making me groan with frustration. But. throaty laugh. She breathed out a laugh and wrapped her legs around my shoulders." I smiled against her lips because she was right. because this didn't need to be fast. her whimpers only egging me on.138 - ." I teasingly explained. Slowly. I . lowly cursing because she felt so goddamn good. only for a moment. loving the way her hips lifted with anticipation. I added another finger and worked my tongue a little faster. You look hot. which only made her moan again. she wrapped her legs around my waist. slowly added a finger. surprised that the Santa hat was still on my head. I kissed the inside of her thigh. I slowly flicked my tongue. She gave me a confused glare. watching as she broke out into a seductive smile. her pleading tone going straight to my dick. She breathed my name. She was always so. really. Feeling and hearing how fucking close she was." she scraped her teeth against my neck. I couldn't have that. so good. sucking on her neck. We had time. "Oh. She usually pulled at my hair. letting out a small gasp. She was trying to be quiet. "Yes. Lowering myself. needing to make her feel good. She moaned my name again and again. so I breathed warm air and hummed against her delicate skin. baby. And then her mumbles turned to pants as I scooted down the bed and replaced my hands with my mouth. I stayed between her legs until she caught her breath." she mumbled as my needy hands trailed over her body. "Fuck. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.. I exhaled. I let out a small. Nothing was ever this good. I stilled for a moment." she whimpered. faster. and nothing had ever sounded so good. then kissed her thigh before she shakily unwrapped them I pulled away and sat up. She smiled lazily and opened her eyes as I leaned down to bury my face in her chest.. fuck. letting my scruff rub against her soft skin. tangling her fingers through the strands when it was all about her. which only made me work harder. I pushed into her as she scraped her nails against my shoulders. too quiet." I panted. "Please."Really?" I asked with a chuckle. "so good. already breathless because I knew this would be fast. "You'll be on the naughty list now. She cried out as her body shook. but I'm going to be so.

.why?" she asked and I grabbed the grocery bags from her hands. probably expecting me to say something about breakfast or coffee or omelets that tastes like tar. And then I smiled to myself again because I hoped that kiss conveyed what I wasn't sure she was ready to hear just yet. let me get this straight. We laid there for a second to catch our breath. okay?" I pulled off the Santa hat and nodded as she walked out of the room. "Wow. I waited for Bella to get back home so we could go pick out a Christmas tree. "Why? Just.." she said. giving me a quick peck before crawling over me to leave the bed. She looked at me. "You actually thought we were going to cut down a tree?" . I pulled her to sit on the bed as I sat up and placed my hands on either side of her face and gave her a deep kiss. December 16 11:12 a. I stared intensely as she mumbled. But since when was a heart able to tell time? I was so in love with her. carrying a few grocery bags and immediately began laughing as she stared at my attire. After I was able to get some work done in the morning. "What?" I asked. needing to tell her how much I wanted her.139 - . and I smiled to myself that the hat was still on my fucking head... trying not to react to her reaction. "Don't worry.m. Everything slowed and I kissed her before I rolled over." she breathed once we pulled away. feeling sated as exhaustion quickly took over. Timewise. it didn't make sense. I'm not going to make omelets. "Hey.dropped my head against her shoulder as I thrusted and grunted incoherently." I grabbed her arm as her feet planted on the floor. "Coffee. "I thought we were going to go get a Christmas tree today?" "Now you're a lumberjack? So. Instead. She walked in." Bella trailed off as she gave me another once over.

" Bella stared appreciatively for only a moment. unwrapping her scarf and following me into the kitchen." "Alright.with what. ." she trailed off in confusion.140 - . but you might have something of use. you were going to cut down a tree. alright. I'm not following. "Well. "For the first time since I've met you." She nodded.but.. right?" she questioned.." I assured with a sly smile. "But we don't have an axe. crossing my flannel-covered arms.." She furrowed her brows then added. "What tool did you use for the beheadings?" I questioned as she doubled over with laughter." she deadpanned. watching as she tried not to smile." "You're aware we live in Texas. "You look like Al from Home Improvement. she was right." I pouted. "And isn't chopping down your own tree half the fun?" "But." I said warily. "You were wanting a fake tree for convenience. your bare hands?" "An axe usually does the trick. "I'm aware. "I don't have an axe. I think that'd be our best bet. setting the bags on the floor..I nodded. "But. "You really need to get over that." I answered dryly.. Fuck. cutting my eyes over to the box near the couch." she tried pointing out. But I'm still wearing this lumberjack getup." "I'm over it once you open the box. and now you want to cut down your own tree. then again. no.." I cryptically insisted. when does anything we say or do make sense?" "Point taken. there's a place in Oak Hill with pre-cut trees. I don't know. "That was the plan. "So." "I suppose it doesn't make sense.

"I'm going to hug you and pretend you didn't just say that."Yeah. Instead. "Smart girl. but who doesn't have a thing for Al? Am I right?" I held my hand up in the air for her to high five. burying her face against my plaid-covered chest. she walked closer and wrapped her arms around my waist." A/N: But. really.who doesn't have a thing for Al? Thanks for reading! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & yours! ...141 - ." she mumbled.

she responded with 'as if you could outrun me'." "Your seriousness when it comes to Uggs scares me." I admitted as she covered my face with a hand. "Undead?" he questioned.December 27 8:58 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.m." I warned Jasper. "As if you could make us wear them. "I'd find a way. okay.142 - . "Both of you can shut up." Bella said immediately as she walked over to where Jasper and I sat at the bar. Jasper and I exchanged a look. December 27 8:58 p. "Okay." Jasper argued. and I ran into the undead elderly lady in the hallway. "Last time I said that. "Careful. ." she explained animatedly. I scoffed and lightly tugged on her hair as she stepped closer and stood between my thighs. "You wear Uggs?" Jasper asked seriously. or that's what y'all are getting for Christmas next year. spinning the stool around to face her. "Your poor Uggs weren't salvageable?" I quipped with a grin. What's the good news?" "I stopped by my apartment earlier to grab a few things. then kissed me. lowering her voice. and I knew from that point on he'd never look at her the same. "I've got good news." she snipped." Bella raised an eyebrow in challenge.

like."So.which is in my stomach. "Okay." she hissed. She frowned in confusion. stealing my beer. "Maybe. actually." Bella trailed off. I gulped my beer. "What? No." "Non-dead." "Or maybe she is. I nodded. That's the good news." Again with the blank stare. regretting absolutely nothing. "Waste not.. "I meant 'undead' as in. biting her lip. I saw her. then lazily shrugged at her repulsion. "The point is that she's not dead.. Maybe she was looking for the fruitcake. "You actually ate the fruitcake?" she asked." I pointed out as Bella narrowed her eyes. "Says the person who stole a fruitcake from a ghost. But that's almost a smile. want not. it was more like a grimace... "What did you think happened to it?" "I don't know. scrunching her nose in disgust. "That phrase never applies to fruitcake! Now you're just being ridiculous..143 - . right?" "Did it look like this?" I tried my best at giving her a grimace. the good news is that she's a zombie?" I asked this time. "Okay." Bella pointed out. "And what the fuck." Bella and Jasper stared blankly and simultaneously said 'ew'. She smiled!" She fell silent then added." Jasper added and I grinned widely. I assumed you threw it way!" she shrieked. she isn't even a ghost. I can see why you'd think that. maybe?" I jokingly offered as Jasper snorted. 'Undead' wasn't the right word. "My head hurts.. "Maybe that was just her ghost roaming the halls. She can't rest until she finds the fruitcake." I pointed out in an all too serious tone." She handed me the beer before her hands were suddenly on my ." "I don't understand how seeing a zombie in a hallway could be considered good news." she complained. "She wasn't a ghost before I stole the fruitcake.

"First of all.." she said in awe. "it's not Zac Efron fan fiction. If you're going to call someone out." She moved my lips with her fingers. Reading fiction stories based off a real person would freak me the fuck out." A/N: Just some random. "So. okay? Troy. trying not to change my expression. "I would never read Zefron fan fiction. pushing the skin together. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Thanks for reading. "And then. I slid off the stool and looked expectantly at Bella.. I turned and caught Jasper staring. and my sweet friend Julie (twitter name: mshavisham79) just moved from Australia to Seattle! If you're in the area. I thought-" "It's High School Musical fan fiction. "Better?" I asked. looking all too amused." Bella blurted out." And with that embarrassing bit of information information. "What can I say? I'm talented.. Oh.forehead. And Livie79 updated A Beautiful Mess! You don't need to take her out for .144 - . I smiled sincerely and used my thighs to pull her closer. "I can't even be disgusted that you ate the entire fruitcake because you give hot grimace." "But. shaking his head either in disgust for himself or annoyance for us. causing me to ready to go home?" "Yep. make sure you have the correct information. "Y'all are fucking weird." I shrugged like it wasn't odd in the least that Bella had just complimented my grimace." "Says the guy who reads Zac Efron fan fiction. lowering his voice. Instead. Gabriella." he admitted. send her a tweet and take her out for drinks! She's nice." Jasper started.. the whole gang.

145 - . .drinks because she has a liquor closet in her house. I've seen it with my own eyes.

" She laughed. keeping my eyes closed. running a hand over my face." "Are very important?" "Yes and we forgot to brush them." I groaned into the pillow. I pulled off the sheet. "Come on." she sang." I said. 11:57 p. "Whatever. grabbing my toothbrush that she'd left on the counter. Nice try." I said smugly. ." "I don't want to get up. forcing her to step aside. She yelped as I lightly pinched her side. blinding me. "I'll have you know I've never had a cavity a day in my life." she mumbled." She flipped on the bathroom light. I gave her a cheeky grin and stared at her breasts as she brushed her teeth. I kicked off the blanket and left the bed. "Cavities. "Thanks.146 - . "I was imitating you. trying not to laugh as she rolled her eyes and walked back into the bathroom. wearing only a pair of boy shorts. "Did you really just brag about never having a cavity?" "Wouldn't you?" I yawned. I immediately pretended to be asleep by snoring loudly. I'll even put the toothpaste on the brush for you.11:57 pm Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. opening my eyes. "Teeth.m. She stopped brushing. I heard the water turn on then off before she appeared in the doorway. covering my face with the sheet before I felt her leave the bed.

"You'll get a big head if I say it too often. I laughed. laughing. . not bothering to move..." she said with a mouthful of toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth and grabbed the floss. "Did I? No." "You say it in Polish. "Te amo.147 - . She let out a small gasp and I looked up at her reflection in the mirror to catch her expression." I instructed." I confessed in Spanish for no reason other than I wasn't sure how she would react to hearing it in English. "But I do." I lied. eying me suspiciously." "What? Have a thing for flossers?" she asked." she said in a teasing manner. "You didn't even want to brush your teeth and now you're hogging the sink. "Whatever. "What?" I asked in confusion. "You tore off a piece of floss for me. It's always best to confess things in a different language. I leaned over.. "Ha." I said." She rolled her eyes and I smiled sheepishly.. ha." she insisted with a satisfied grin." she warned as she pulled down one side of my boxers. I thought I was saying that. and then I'll say it again in English. turning and staring down at her. watching her grow frustrated. softening my gaze at the way she narrowed her eyes. tearing off a string and handing it to her. you know. You totally love me. I really love people who floss.I." "Say it in English." "Once was enough. "Always trying to get me naked."I need to spit. giving in to my need to kiss her. That's true love right there." I mumbled before kissing her again. "You just said that you love me in to roller blade. Move it or lose it. "Well. shaking my head and stepping aside." I stated." I pretended to look deep in thought. "Say it again. Bella.

." I explained with a satisfied smirk." she admitted. tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. We had a very deep conversation about frozen burritos. "That's not how this works." she hissed." "So. you said it like. Edward. "It was cute. yeah. "Que?" "Yeah." I laughed as she narrowed her "No." I admitted as she gasped and covered her face.two nights ago in your sleep." "Are you making this up?" I grabbed her wrists." "No? And you're a professional at telling people you love them." "Embarrassed that you talk in your sleep.. "Yeah. who have I said 'I love you' to?" "Me. Apparently you're partial to them. forcing her to uncover her face. or embarrassed that you love soggy . even though they are soggy when you use a microwave.148 - . "Trust me." I shot back." "It's cute in a creepy way. so I guess I should listen to you."That's. "Really? Do tell." "Damn. "Yes you have. I just said 'I love you' and that was it? I stopped talking?" she questioned warily. "You're right. I'm legitimately embarrassed. "I talked to you about frozen burritos?" she mumbled from behind her hands." "I've never told anyone that I love them before. "I couldn't make this up even if I tried." "I talk in my sleep? That's creepy." She frowned..." "I-" She stopped talking and pursed her lips.

"I beg to differ. "Oh well. I wanted to laugh. Maybe this is just a crush. "If my DVR says I love you." Thanks for reading! ." "Bella." I scoffed. too. looking skeptical." "Are you sure? There's still hope for you. really love me because I'm pretty sure I recorded The Bachelor the other night. pulling her in for a kiss. And people say we're not a charming couple.149 - ." she admitted." she said sincerely. not looking the least bit apologetic. then I must love you.burritos?" I asked. You're right. "Ha." "Well. "You realize we just confessed we love each other in the bathroom. I don't have a DVR to determine the level of my affection. but you know that I love you. right?" she asked. "Of course it does." I said. "my DVR is filled with episodes of Glee." I hissed this time. All I could do was shrug. "I'm embarrassed for you! You're the one who loves a soggy burrito lover. I grinned back at her and grabbed the back of her neck. smiling slowly." "Damn. trying to look disappointed. pulling away. shaking my head. I can't help it. You should know by now that this isn't a crush." "Having episodes of a shitty show on your DVR determines if you love someone or not?" she questioned. but I held it back and gave her a playful look. You didn't know that?" "Then you must really.

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