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Summary 1. Bingo 2. Q and A 3. The early bird catches the worm 4. And then there were 6 5. Feelings 6. Damaged goods 7. Step it up 8. Trippin' 9. Fate 10. Drink and Drunk 11. Goodbye Sky Harbor 12. A walk in the park 13. Let the games begin 14. Everyone's a winner 15. Thunder and Lightning 16. Xerocide 17. Surprise 18. Protectiveness? 19. Klutz 20. Floor 1 Bella 0 21. E&A 22. Morning sunshine 23. Happy Family 24. Bear, Beer, Bare 25. Some sense of security 26. Love Hearts 27. Love Sick Fools 28. Threats, Declarations and Debates

29. Fin 30. Sequel


Alice, Bella and Rose move into a rented house... but they need a couple more flatmates to fill the empty rooms and pay the rent... All human. OVER 300,000 HITS! Sequal chapter added- 16th May 09


A/N: Hello everyone! I'm back. Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer created these beautiful characters, but this being my story, I can make them do what I want. Thank you to the twin for the name of the story… again.

Bingo (Bella POV) "Alice, the usual in half an hour… okay good… yeah… with cream or without? Haha, I know stupid question! See you soon." I hung up the phone, dialling Rose's number next; this was one hell of an emergency. "Yo Rose, can you get off work in half an hour for a bit... Uh huh… pixie's on the way, yeah… sweet! Double? Okay. See you soon!" I turned the corner and my eyes fall upon mine, Rose and Alice's favourite coffee shop. Thank god! I needed to fix this mess and I know my girls will be able to help me out. [20mins later "Hey ho's! Over here!" I called out as they walk into the coffee shop. They make they're way over to our usual spot, comfy big sofas in the corner where we could chill out. "What's the emergency this time? They kill your fishy?" Alice giggled as she sat down in front of the steaming large mug of hot chocolate, topped with squirty cream and chocolate shavings that I ordered for her. "No... no wait! Cockroaches in the bathtub?" Rose laughs as she sits in front of her usual double espresso.

"Damn pixie you're good!" smiling her dazzling smile. That was Rose: even dressed as she was in a boiler suit covered in car oil and other icky stuff." Alice tells us as she licks the cream off her spoon. I was suffering from sleep deprivation. Time was up for her quick break from work and she had to get back "Let me know when you want to go flat hunting and I'll take the day off work okay?" she called as she made her way to the door. "Oh my God! I've just had a vision or premonition thingy… what ever they're called anyway… why don't we three live together? It'd solve all our problems!" Alice bounced from the sofa next to me. I'm gona give in my 2weeks notice straight after work and I'm getting outa there!" Rose announced as she checked her watch and got up."Worse… they're party animals. but now I'd had enough. I glance up from my coffee to look at Rose and Alice… why hadn't we thought about this already? It made perfect sense. Although that probably just spurred they're fantasies into action… -7- . taken or gay were staring at her as she made her way out. gawping at Alice. Living in the same place would just save us the extra travelling costs. being single. I've had enough with those hippies. I've been living with them for 4months. Rose sat back on the sofa. I want out. almost making me spill some of my latte. "Same old same old" I chirp in. "I'm with you on that one.nutters. the bunch I'm living with… no fashion sense and they are sooobo-ring! They suck. men drooled over her. "I live with a bunch of 'tree hugging-lets not shower for a week to save the environment. It was obvious that all the male population in the café. I can't stand it anymore! Why can't I get flat mates like you guys?" Rose pouts as she adds to our little bitching rant on where we're suffering to live at the moment. you know… nothing special" Alice shrugged as if it were nothing. showing off her perfect white teeth "Tell us what else you've seen in these freaky little visions of yours? Haha" "Well were going to get a fabulous new flat together… and fall in love. stress and they were just pure bitches. starting to get excited about the prospect of actually being able to live with my two best friends! "Seriously. I wanted out. We met each other almost every other night after work to keep sane anyway. they don't clean… and I hate them!" I cry as I describe the buffoons I share a flat with.

Alice bought me out of my little side tracking thoughts "I've got to get back to work now too. A few days later… (Alice POV) We were now on our way to the last viewing… all these viewings were worse than a day's shopping trip to Paris. it was only fit for vermin! We finally pulled up to the last viewing. I couldn't wait to get this one over and done with. Bella had told us on the way that this one was a house rather than your normal flat. like this one would be the one. I thought there would be about 4 decently sized bedrooms inside. a little glimmer in her eyes as she caught up with her breath. "I'll get on to it now capt'n" I saluted her as we both went our separate ways. I knew it.. This should be fun I couldn't help but think to myself. Judging by its size. without having to take it to the garage where she worked. but I had a feeling. The owner had told her that he and his wife wanted to move away. the rest were filthy or crumbling down and one even had a mouse trap on the kitchen counter. Rose is going to love that I thought. I shivered as I remembered that excuse of a living place. The house was white. I looked up to the window in the attic. it had a little wall running around the front with a patch of grass on each side of the pathway which lead up to the front doors. for the right price. Most were too small.. garden for you and a big living room for movie nights okay" She smiled. all the rest had been so crappy that this one would shine. I could see a little garage to the left of the house and enough space to fit 2 cars easily. She'd have her own place to fix up her car. can you go find some places for us to view? We could all go Wednesday? Try to find somewhere in a… 10mile radius… parking space. The last bunch of flats had been horrible. Knowing Alice she was probably already fantasising about how she could decorate the whole place. I heard Rose gasp from behind me in the car as she took it in. I scanned the front of the house again. It -8- . her to work and me off hunting for the perfect place for us to live. but seeing as you have the day off. right outside a beautiful Victorian style house. to someplace quieter and so was willing to rent it out.

and I wondered if perhaps there would be a usable room up there too. you wont be disappointed. We made our way towards the voice. But. At least we would probably be able to choose who we'd want to live with. we would probably need one or two people to live with us to fill the space and help pay the rent.looked quite clean. Bella will so love this I thought as I looked it over. Rose and I as we saw what the house looked like inside. I turned to make my way into the kitchen when I heard Walter wheezed out "Make sure to take a look up in the attic. Bella. wanting his house to be taken care of and he hoped he could find someone to love it like he did. "Wow" "Shit" "Bingo" came from Bella. It was really sweet. shaking his hand as he introduced himself as Walter. spotting me getting hyper ordered me to get out of the car and 'cool myself down'. if we were to live here. not all dusted up like you see in the movies. I promise" I spun back to look at him. Bella would probably take a look around the garden. He'd turned to look out the window. I saw him sitting in one of the old comfy looking chairs by the French windows that over looked the garden. She'd said that he was a nice guy. Rose and Bella joined me as skipped my way up the pathway to the front doors. I guessed Rose would make her way back out and around to the garage. no doubt it belonged to the old owner guy Bella had told us about. we could cast interviews and stuff! It'd be so much fun! I started getting excited of the prospect of casting interviews and bounced up and down in the passenger seat. "Let's do this ladies" Rose murmured behind me as I turned the door knob and pushed the door open. but I could see a smile playing -9- . After quick pleasantries he told us to have a wonder around the house. All three of us stepped up to him and introduced ourselves. designs full of water features and decking were probably running through her head as she looked around. "I take that as a sign that you young ladies like it?" came a raspy voice from down the hallway.

but I'm willing for you to move in as long as you can get the money to pay for it. Rose and Bella were there too. we really do. "I'm sure who ever you . if that makes it easier on you. "Do what you got to do" Walter smiled at us. I began sizing up the rooms. and it's perfect but…" Walter raised his hand to stop Bella's explanation "Girls. Nothing a lick of paint couldn't fix. I could see Bella kicking leaves about and peering over the fence into next door's garden. It was like fate that we'd found it. I did as Walter told me to and made my way up into the attic… I felt my mouth open and my breath whooshing out as I took the room in. getting up out of his chair. interview people to see who we'd like to live with?" I asked him. The three of them were chatting away as I got to them and sat next to Rose.10 - . looking a little glum "We love it. The rooms needed to be freshened up a bit. My job and passion being an interior design. I expected it to be small and gloomy.on his lips. "Walter. That meant that the window on the other end of the room over looked the garden! I ran over and looked out. it had white walls. it was the one that overlooked the street in front of the house. It was full of character. but this was amazing. and I could decorate it to be even more gorgeous than it already was. wooden floors and wooden beams across the ceiling. "I'm glad you ladies like the place because… I like you" he chuckled. This house was perfect! Bella had the garden. I can't lower my price on the rent. hoping he'd say yes. I don't mind who you get. I shrugged and began looking around. I'll permit up to six people to live in here. looking for heir potential. I couldn't believe how Bella could have found this gem in a matter of two days of flat hunting. I looked out one of the windows. I made my way slowly back down to Walter. as long as they're clean and take care of my house… How's that for you?" The three of us looked at each other and nodded "Sounds good Walter!" I spoke for the three of us "Can we put an advertisement in the paper or something. we can't afford this place just the three of us" Bella started off. looking at Rose and me as she continued. but other than that it was perfect. Rose had the garage. some rooms were covered in old lady flower wallpaper.

review . "Let's get going. Here's my number if you want to ask any questions and here" Walter pulled two keys out of his pocket and held them out to me to take "These are the keys to the house. The three of us stood. I've got to go. frozen in shock until I heard Bella whisper "This is soo cool ". "Yup" Walter chuckled again as he made his way to the door. At this the three of us began to giggle and snap back into reality. "It's… it's ours then?" Rose choked out from behind me in awe.11 - . you can move in when your ready" Walter was now beaming at us.choose will be just fine. "Remember to lock up on your way out. got a date with the wife and I can't afford to be late or she'd kill me!" he waved to us as he closed the door behind himself. Please let me know if you think it's any good… and if you want to know what happens next. I trust you. probably amused by all of our stunned faces that he'd handed us the keys already. we should get an advert made ready as soon as possible for the local news papers… and start packing!" I said looking around the living room… our living room.

If we do the interviews in separate rooms.Q and A A/N: Umm…. (Bella POV) [About a week later "Ali… how are we gona work out these interviews? Have you seen how many people answered to our ad in the paper?" Rose shouted as she made her way through the door of our beautiful new home. We can take notes and then compare them at the end. "Nice one cookie! So what day are we doing the interviewing?" Rose asked her as she went to have a peek through the cupboards in the kitchen.12 - . "Chill Rosie! I've got it all sorted! We split them up so that we all interview 5 people each. How does that sound?" Alice replied. Getting ready so that she could start planning on what she could buy and make sure it'd all fit. I heard Rose opening the creaking door to the garage. telling me at super speed to take notes on their clothes. "Let the games begin" I . Taking it all in I stepped out through the French doors into the back garden. Alice ordered me to go outside to do the interviews. probably checking the hinges or something. Just read okay? Hope you like! Q&A. she was going to do her lot in the kitchen and Rose could be in the garage. Hearing the door open. "You are such a weird pixie". in about… now" before grabbing the tape measure and going to the windows. job and if they were cute or not. 'Ding-dong' "What is it with you and the future?" Rose muttered as she went to let in the interviewees. She handed me a clipboard. She was writing down the measurements of the room. ceiling to floor. wall to wall. we won't talk over each other and stuff. sitting Indian style on the floor in the living room. Getting up off the floor and dusting herself down Alice stated simply "Today.

The next was a girl called Jess. She was a bit quiet. losers or deaf fuckers who played drum and bass loudly till 4am every night! We were ecstatic to say the least. (Bella POV) "Let's get this done so I can go back to the hell hole and get my stuff ready for tomorrow" Rose sighed as she sat down on the floor next to Alice and I. The third I'd interviewed was high. I saw Alice had picked one out and thrown the rest into the bin that she'd bought over next to her. waiting for the poor innocent people to arrive to get interrogated. Making two piles: one being the 'keepers' and the other 'going-to-the-bin' pile. asking my where the hippo's were and when was it going to rain. She was the best I'd gotten all day so I thought she might be the one I'd chose. Annoyance in a shell that girl. I leafed through the candidates that I'd questioned. He left pretty quickly. The three of us were moving our stuff in tomorrow. The Fourth was nice. dropping the clipboard in front of her. I sent him packing telling him the hippos were hiding down the street in Never Never Land. debating between two candidates but she finally settled on one. complete dumb ass. with no hippies. she was called Angela. The one called Leon was a definite no… all he did for 5minutes was check me out.murmured to myself. throwing the rest in the bin as Alice had. and placed it on top of Alice's choice. quieter than I was and mumbled a bit. I knew which ones were definitely going. Every other word was "like". .13 - . our two weeks notice was up and we couldn't wait! We would live in our own place. ask if I was single and "up for it?" sleaze. The three of us started shifting through our notes. Alice went into business mode and told us both to sort through our notes on the interviewee's. Rose took a little longer.

We both trusted her judgment about the house. I was about to point this out to Alice before I saw her reaching up and trying to grab something that was dangling from the ceiling. finally getting grasping it. Alice was the only one who had had a proper look around the place. and it seemed exactly the same to them too. it would have been stupid to even question her. which lead up to an attic. I could tell the three of us would get along with him great. probably thinking the same as me by the looks of her glum face. Being so short she couldn't quite reach it so she jumped. She pulled on a cord with both hands and told Rose and I to step back. don't you remember…" she trailed off. Eyes widening. . she the slapped her palm to her forehead "Stupid Alice" she murmured before standing up. Rose had looked around downstairs quickly too and in the garage. We all looked up. "Come with me darlings! I've got a surprise for you. throwing the rest in the bin. noticing there were only 4 doors… meaning 4 rooms. can we?" I asked as I looked at the interview sheets lying on the floor between us. I asked him what his job was and what his favourite book was. It had been pretty easy choosing which one I wanted to keep. matching mine. Alice looked at me with a confused look on her face. I'd only looked downstairs and out in the garden. She looked around to look at Rose who was looking on the papers on the floor. We made it up the stairs to the 1st floor. I thought back to the day we'd come to view the house and remembered that Rose and I hadn't actually looked around the whole house. I really hoped that the one I interviewed stayed. Pulling his interviewing sheet out. I saw that Alice and Rose had smiles on their faces.That was until the last interviewee came along and blew me away. She'd managed to pull down a set of stairs.14 - . her profession being interior design. I think this room was made for you" she grabbed at mine and Rose's hand and pulled with all her might to get us off our bums and to follow her: wanting to know what the hell she was talking about we both made to follow her. especially you Bells. not with only 4 bedrooms. I placed it on the "keepers" pile. Both answers fitted in the "correct" category and he was good looking to boot. "What are you on about…" she asked. confusion still marked on her face "There are 5 rooms. "So what now? Are we going to narrow it down to two? We can't keep the three of them.

having rolled the papers into a tube and shouting through them. I could get a good view of the garden… "EARTH TO BELLA… HELLOOOO!" Alice boomed through a makeshift microphone. "Oh good. "Thought you'd like it" she gasped as I set her down on solid ground. The floors were wooden and there were also wooden beams protruding across the ceiling.She giggled at Rose and me.15 - . we probably had goofy looks on your faces from the shock of a hidden room. I spun her around. I began fantasising how I'd decorate the attic. I could her Rose giggling away as she watched and I could feel Alice's little body vibrating in my embrace as she laughed too. "What else you been hiding from us?" Rose questioned Alice. she's back with the living" she laughed as I swatted her playfully on the arm. smirking as she saw how excited I was. I gasped at the view. making herself down stairs while shaking her head in amusement. I turned around and ran towards her. I could see the entire garden from where I stood. I looked out. making the room even lighter. Reaching the window. Alice lead the way up. the three of us had decided that I'd get the room seeing as it was. as Rose put it "made for [me" I could see myself putting my desk in front of the window that overlooked the street. I walked across the room to look out the back window as I heard Rose saying "You can see the street from up here" she must have been looking out through the front window. The room was huge! It had a window at the front and back which let in beams of the sunlight. leaning against one of the walls. eyeing her suspiciously "Do we have a helicopter pad hiding on the roof too?" she laughed as she pushed herself off from the wall. Gathered back on the living room floor Alice grabbed the papers and looked through them quickly. "As we 'cough' were saying" she grinned "We've decided to let the three live here" . I'd put my bed in the furthest corner so as I woke up every morning. I followed her and almost fell when I saw what was hiding up there. so I'd get plenty of light while doing my work. my voice rising in excitement. picking her up in my arms. "Alice… this room is amazing! I can't believe you kept it hidden from us!" I said. the walls were white.

"I'll ring the lucky lucky winners to tell them they've won a place that our humble abode tomorrow morning" Chirped Alice as we filled out of the house.16 - . we all rose from the floor." Rose high-5'd Alice as she shouted "Sorted!" looking glad we'd gotten things done at last. "Um… okay then. That means we won't have to pay as much rent… SCORE!" I shouted the last bit. I rolled my eyes as I made my way into Alice's car. Emmett and Jasper in the next chapter! I think you'll like that… right? I know you so well. more to herself than to Rose and I "We can go shopping for paints and fabric in the afternoon… and get to work on giving this place a facelift" she added. clapping her hands and jumping up and down like a very 'special' person. Rose waved as she made her way to her car. I could hear her mumbling under her breath all the way till she dropped me off… Edward. Review please! . her BMW that was her baby. getting ready to make our ways back to our crappy flats for one last night "I'll need to sort out their characters a bit so I can make they're rooms perfect for them… few simple questions should do it" she muttered on. That sounds good.her grin had now developed into a huge smile "You're getting the attic. Smiling. the 3 who are gona move in will have a room each and Rose and I will share the biggest bedroom. amazed at the discovery of the attic room and that I wouldn't be spending as much money on rent as I'd thought I would. dusting ourselves down.

rubbing his eyes." I said while I added a cube of sugar to my coffee "But she was down to earth. by the looks of her I thought she'd be a complete bimbo.The early bird catches the worm A/N: WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE OF HOTNESS COMING UP! (By that I mean Jasper. Edward and Emmett…) The early bird catches the worm (Edwards POV) "Did you two get a wacky phone call at around 8am" I asked as I made my way over to Jasper and Emmett who were already sitting with steaming mugs off coffees in front of them. like it was a life or death question. If they read good books. body language and actions. you do it every time!" I sighed as I leant back in the chair feeling tired from waking up at stupid o'clock in the . I thought it was kinda strange to ask just two simple questions when your trying to see if that person would be suitable to live with.17 - . trying to wake himself up some more by the look of him. "It was that little pixie I was telling you about from the house interview we had yesterday. "The one who interviewed me was nice. "Yeah. Did she ask you random questions too?" Jasper asked. adding two sugars. "Keep stirring it dumb ass. complaining it was too hot as he burnt his tongue and cursed. Jasper told us that the one who interviewed him just asked him what his job was and what was his favourite book. you can tell a lot just by appearances. it was one hell of a wake up call. it's a bonus I guess. "So when do we move in? Did the pixie tell one of you?" asked Emmett as he went to drink his coffee. it'll cool down faster. She seemed into cars… her first question was 'What car do you have'" I chuckled to myself as I remembered her asking mw the question: she had the most serious look on her face. and easy to get along with. I'm telling you guys she's really cool! I'm so friggin' glad we got that place! I just hope the other two we're gona live with are as cool" Emmett trailed off as he stirred his coffee. But then again.

smiling in satisfaction. She taught me how to play and how to read music. He'd left all his responsibilities and done a runner… the coward wasn't worthy of my mom Esme's love. They'd married a year after meeting. if that'll be okay with the others" I answered. "You gona tell Mom and Dad Ed?" Emmett asked. I'll be in walking distance to work too! I won't have to get the bus and anymore taxis!" he finished. living on top of a pizza place aint all it's cracked up to be. Teaching children the piano was what I chose to do as a profession. They managed to find Emmett. she'd told me when I was older that it was love at first sight. placing his glasses back on. I'll call them later.18 - . I thought back to when I started to play the piano. as he raised the mug to his lips again. I'll tell them they can come visit once were settled in. my mother met Carlisle. When I was about a year old. my biological father left my mother when he found out she was pregnant with me. Emily was the 8year old girl who lived down the road that I taught to play the piano. Most of the kids were forced by their parents to learn. and seeing her play so effortlessly made me want to start. he's been nothing but a true brother to me since. He can be a pain in the arse sometimes but that's what . and play it when I wanted. my mother Esme could play amazingly. Carlisle couldn't have kids and so he and my mother decided to adopt. when he was 5 and adopted him. but I tried to make it as fun as I could. we could move in then" I shrugged taking a sip of coffee.morning "She said that we could move in as soon as we want. don't want her to be disappointed if I'm late" I laughed as I finished my coffee quickly. So I guess if we all give about 2weeks notice. "Yeah. taking a sip to see if it had cooled down enough for him not to scorch his mouth. Most of them had come around to enjoy our little sessions… bringing some candy to share with them tended to soften them up a bit if I had to give them difficult pieces to practise. Got a Emily waiting down the road for me. Carlisle wasn't my biological father. I loved my job. looking at my watch "I gotta go guys. Carlisle bought me my own baby grand piano when I was about 13 years old so that it could be put in my room. By the time I was 16 I had written a few pieces myself. Jasper who was sat cleaning his glasses on his shirt muttered "I can't wait to move in.

fabrics… and anything else that I might find that we'll need…" I finished off. Coffee machine… microwave. I'm just going to get some fabric to cover them with so they'll go with the room. the boys agreed to pay another third. Get the kitchen stuff though.siblings are for right? Emmett and I were lucky enough to become best friends 16years ago with Jasper. Grabbing a trolley of my own I headed off towards the paints and fabrics section… "I'm in heaven". toaster…" I flipped the page over to where my job kicked in "And I'm going to get all the paints. but don't buy anything for the living room yet! Just make a list. (Alice POV) "Okay… lets all split up. fools! "Sooo… get too it!" I shouted. I just hope that we three guys get along with the three girls. Bella you go to the garden department. We're keeping the couches in the living room. . looking at Rose she had her eye brow raised in question. seeing her eyes wide. they're cute little faces had smiles on them. (Bella's POV) "Honey's I'm ho-ome" called Alice as she staggered through the front door. her arms laden with tins of paint. the guys said that they've got their own stuff. I looked up at Bella. "What?" "How are we gona pay for all this?" Bella asked a little frantic while Rose said at the same time "You popped your lid pixie? I haven't won the lottery you know!" "We will pay with money…" I said slowly so that they would understand what I said the first time and so I could get to work "Walter said he'd pay a third of decorating and gardening costs. get whatever we need…" I looked down at my list again "Rose you go to technology. You need to chill out ladies! I've got everything covered". and we pay the last third of costs. They both relaxed as I explained to them and by the time I was done. and there's quite a bit at the house already. I started to think they were doubting me for a second. grabbing a trolley each and laughing. They both headed off in different directions. Us going to live together now is the best thing that I can think of happening.19 - . As for furniture. while we were at school. putting on my serious 'mother-hen' face as I pretended to shoo them away with my hands.

as only I can do. making her way back to her can and coming back in with another three tins. "You really have a talent of falling over your own feet… is it like some subconscious sign of self harm?" Alice giggled as she helped Rose to pry my face off the floor. blue and brown amongst other various colours. hearing Alice and Rose giggling back in the living room. "Bugger off" I mumbled at them as I sat. cream.20 - . reading the names of the colours which were on the labels. "Oi lazy bum" she called out from where she was panting "Go get the rest of the stuff from the car would you? I think I've shrunk from them tins weighing me down" I made my way out to the car laughing. "Same old same old" I chocked out in between fits of laughter. I watched as Alice dumped the tins by the rest. "You should have seen your face" Rose gasped as she clutched her side laughing so hard. black. heaving from carrying such weights. I managed to grab hold of all the rolls and waddled my way back in the house.Rose and I rushed over to her before she'd fall or get crushed to death by the tin's weight. The trunk of the car was open and spilling out were rolls of fabric. "How much did you get" I asked as I helped take three tins from her while Rose took the other two. "Not much" she replied. (Bella POV) . I managed to trip over my own two feet. gold. The three of us sat in silence for a few seconds before bursting out in laughter. right from the beginning. scattering around the room as my face went to meet my good old friend… the floor. Getting to the living room. Rose was crouched down by the paints. and fall. I could tell that living with my girls was going to be fun. "I knew something like that would happen!" Alice added laughing just as much as Rose. Rolls of fabric went flying out of my arms. "There she goes again" said Rose as she scrambled from the mound of paints and over to where I was sprawled. rubbing my face.

I could go and buy her one of those straight away. filled with a goldfish each… I'd call mine "Jaws"… Alice would probably name her by some designer like "Gucci".Alice. He was a teacher at the local high school. Maybe I could get a pond in. I never knew she could come up with such a variety of terminology for being so pissed off! She was coming up gold in there! I'd checked out the garden… and the neighbours one's too. Alice had told us how he'd made her laugh through the whole interview and given her the biggest hug. she'd drilled into me the name of the car. She was a pro at what she did and I knew she'd decorate each perfectly and they'd love it. Emmett. I'd planned to keep our garden simple… get a garden shed for the furniture and BBQ. Alice. doing the complete decorating within the house had specific colour schemes for each bedroom according to what she thought would suit each of the guys. After about five hours of cleaning the garage she'd come across a window. Rose was mostly out in the garage. the one Alice interviewed was a personal trainer. because we didn't have time to cook ourselves proper meals. Rose had interviewed Edward. we'd change into our scrubby clothes and get to work on cleaning the house down and painting the place. Checking out the competition. something called a 'wrench'… and a wasps nest! That got a few fruity profanities out of her. She had finally let us known half way through the week of cleaning each of their names. at which we all 'Awww'd'. but at least I'd know what to buy her if I ever got stuck for Christmas… a toy model of one.21 - . there wasn't any. We kept referring to them as the guys and not knowing each of their names was getting a little annoying to say the least. It was amazing! We'd get takeaways every night. oiling the door hinges. He was into classical music and taught children to play the piano. teaching history and apparently had a passion for the civil war in particular. lifting her a good few feet off the floor before he'd left. cleaning the work tables down and killing all the spiders that were squatting in there. Rose and I were now living in our own house together. He seemed like the quiet and serious type but we guessed that if he was Emmett's brother. then there would probably be a . "The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish" just in case that if I ever did win the lottery. The one I had interviewed was called Jasper. Once each of us got back to the house. She wasn't subtle about it. Rose would probably go for… "Vanquish" or something.

I.P in fishy heaven xx Review if you like the story so far please! . I couldn't wait to actually meet them all! Jasper seemed really calming at the interview. Edward… I'd have to see about him… A/N: How do you like it? Should I keep going…? P.playful streak in there somewhere. R. Jaws mentioned in this chapter is in memory of my family's ancient goldfish's Jaws and Free Willy who both died at very good ages… around 15-18 years old I think. Almost like the big brother that I didn't have but had always wanted.S. and I thought it'd be good to see him again.22 - . Emmett had sounded great from what Alice had described him.

One wall was almost wholly covered with a large mirror. which had an ensuite. Alice had bought up the empty bookcase that used to be in the living room up so that it could hold most of my books. Edward's room was beautiful. black . Emmett's room was decorated in a rich blood red colour with a large.And then there were 6 A/N: EmoTWiLiGHT this is for you! Thank you for your great comments on my first story. and I hope to see more of them on this one… as well as everyone else's! And then there were 6. the bed sheets were burgundy with gold rimming. My attic had been kept the same. Emmett and Edward's rooms once she had finished them. There was a desk on the right hand side of the room with a large closet next to it. covered with all their cosmetics. I'd put my desk underneath the front window.23 - . she really had outdone herself. The room was decorated in pale colours with bold canvas paintings and curtains hanging on the walls. The room looked simple yet very comforting and classy. My bed was at the far corner next to the back window as I'd planned. Two empty shelves stood in the far left corner with a long black comfy couch next to it. wherever I could find room for them. with the wooden beams on show and wooden floor. I also had my easel in my room. so I could get away and paint in piece when the mood took me. where my laptop lay as well as my gardening designs for my clients. (Bella's POV) It took us lot a whole two weeks to clean and redecorate the house from top to bottom. with a long table underneath. the rest were scattered around the room. Alice had show Rose and I Jasper. The walls were painted in burgundy with a gold coloured carpet. Alice had done an amazing with decorating each room. Alice and Rose had decided to share the largest bedroom.

Spouting random rude words was Rose's way of calming down in situations she couldn't control. bugger bum" I heard her mutter as she got closer to the door. I didn't see him… What I did see was a Greek God. I said a quick hello. We'd described each one to each other since interviewing them. I said hello and Alice went to help him manoeuvre the wheels of the suitcase over the door's threshold.sheeted bed. I immediately took in a huge mound of muscle… must be Emmett. dragging a suitcase in was a blond guy with blue eyes which were hiding behind his glasses. Emmett and I would have to share the bathroom on the ground floor which was quite small and the other that was on the first floor which was quite a bit bigger. his head bent low and his hair dishevelled from the force of the wind. There were some weights and other gym equipment scattered about and I could see that on a table by a couch there was a handheld game console. waiting to see Edward walking up the pathway. I could easily see him liking it. Behind him. Alice had just ended her little tour of the rooms for Rose and me when the front door bell rang. covering the left wall was an enormous map of the world. the definition of perfection walking gracefully towards me. unmoving and wide eyed. We all stopped walking and looked at each other. Jasper's room was painted in a chocolaty brown shade. Jasper. I remembered him as the one I'd interviewed. a model. I looked out the door. as did Alice while Rose went to help him get his stuff through the door and into the living room. shit. From the way Alice had described Emmett. . "This is it then" Rose commented as she snapped out of the trance and made her was down stairs to let the boys in "Oh fuck.24 - . Again. and this was obviously one of them! Alice and I quickly hurried down stairs after her to see what they finally looked like. these were very pretty pictures indeed! Catching up with Rose who had opened the door already. He too had his own ensuite like Alice and Rose. Jasper's room was last to see. And from what I'd heard from my girls. A desk was placed underneath the window with a few historical books littering the top and encased in a glass fronted box on the wall as an array of different war medals dating from the civil war. but pictures speak louder than words as they say. Edward.

.I immediately felt like a complete frump standing in the doorway! There I was. running a hand through his amazing hair. seeing him smiling down at me. the most dazzling brilliant green eyes I had ever seen. I loved it from the first time I saw it and knew it'd be perfect. so smooth and… warm? I looked up at him. Breathe Bella! Breathe! I chanted in my head. The voice was like velvet. this is going to be like hell on earth! Me mega queen of klutz living with him Mr suave. Jasper made his way after him and I followed behind. I looked down. We'd finally made it back to the Victorian house… our house… my home I thought to myself as I gave it a quick once over. (She knew I was a huge fan of mythical creatures and wasn't a fan of drugs.) While he was perfection in a package. but having him in my sight. I noticed as I lowered my eyes just how tall he was. I felt like running up to my room and changing quickly. Oh my God. I felt so inadequate standing before him. I stopped breathing. He had a kinda crooked smile… but it looked perfect on him. His eyes… his eyes! They were green. he set his bags down. I'm Edward" I heard the most beautiful voice speak from right beside me. taking in a breath before I passed out. and they were looking at my boring. I'd fall… probably break my neck and never live to see him ever again. He looked up at me. He must be about 6'2 and I noted the distinct ripples of muscles lining his chest and abs under the fabric of his tight t-shirt. wearing my comfy sweats and "Vampires on Drugs" T-shirt that Alice bought me for my birthday a year ago.25 - . pushed his hair out of his eyes. (Edward POV) Emmett parked the Jeep outside and got out. dull brown ones. Life sucks! As he got to the door. She thought it'd be funny… I loved it. "Hello. why do I have to live with him. Was karma coming around and biting me on the ass? What did I do that was so frigging bad? I snapped out of my jabbering thoughts and managed to whisper "I'm Bella" trying to smile back but thinking that I probably looked like I was trying to work out a difficult math problem in my head or something… not my strongest attribute. my thoughts went all mushy and I knew if I tried to run.

She was quite short too. I looked back to her face. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. the both of us sat in a garden with a bunch of kids running about.26 - . she was wearing a cute t-shirt which read "Vampires on Drugs" guess she liked vampire movies too I thought. captivated by a pair of chocolaty brown sparkling eyes. half carrying. someone must be waiting for me to finally get my butt through the door I thought. The two of us sat on rocking chairs. looking down so that the wind wouldn't get in my eyes. Pulling my bags out the back of the Jeep I made my way up the pathway slowly. noting just how beautiful her face was. (Alice POV) I watched as Rose helped Emmett with his bags. I'm Edward".I heard the door bell ring and looked over to see Emmett and Jasper already there. Now that my eyes weren't glued to hers I looked her over quickly. all old and gray. Hmm… it could be him helping me over the threshold in the future… my thoughts trailed off to fanaticise of me in a wedding dress. She was an angel before my very eyes. about 5'4. Living here got even better I thought to myself as I tried to think of something sensible to say… introduce your self you lemon I thought as I tore my eyes away from hers. half dragging them toward the living room. Her voice sounded like bells. Setting my bags down I pushed my rebellious hair out of my eyes and looked up. I hoped. holding hands… . I'm Bella" I heard her whisper back to me. I could feel a pair of eyes boring into me. As I got nearer. only to be paralyzed. She had gorgeous large brown eyes. set in her cute heart shaped face with the most temping full pink lips I had ever seen. but she looked perfect… "Hi. How had I been so lucky to have the chance to live with her? Must be karma coming back around and rewarding me for some past good deed of mine. waiting to be let in. I turned my attention back to Jasper… God he was handsome! I wonder if he'll like his room… I thought as I went to help him get his suitcase over the threshold. She looked down and I took the chance to say "Hello. like a symphony.

She looked so excited. I might actually enjoy being around him when he's being all 'calm'. He seemed so calm. the door open beside them were you could see the sun shining and leaves blowing about. and she could take him to them noisy boring car shows she loved. I looked back to see where Bella had gotten to. I noticed his eyes stopping to look at Bella's chest. he was staring straight into her eyes. I turned to look at Jasper. looking happy and quiet. and mumble something. Good boy I thought as I saw her looking him over too… Good girl. It looked like something out of a movie. tall with bronze. I went over to stand by the door and told him to go in.. come over here" I stood up making my way over to the staircase "Let me show you guys your rooms… I hope you like them" I added as I made my way up. Edward was in fact reading the text on her shirt. she'd actually have at least one person to talk to about cars from now on. I was always so sure of what people would like but got so nervous as I showed them my work. Calm people usually meant boring in my world. I was bought back out of my little bitch-fest when I noticed that Bella was wearing the t-shirt I'd gotten for her. Lord knows how energetic I can get. Why you little scum… I though No one looks at my girls inappropriately. I decided to step in before things got a little awkward between them "Hey Edward. I heard the clamour of footsteps from behind as they followed me up. he was sat in the arm chair to my left. I'd always get . but neither of them made a move to say anything else or make their way over to us.. messy hair standing in front of Bella. I winced at the thought of maybe she'd fallen again or something… at least the guys would know what they were getting themselves in for from the beginning I mused. Next was Emmett's. Rose was asking Emmett some mechanical question about his jeep I think. I smiled to myself. I noticed that she was staring straight back into his eyes too. might calm me down a bit too. The both of them standing together. but him… I could never think of him as boring. I continued peeking and saw Edward look down.Jasper and I went to join Emmett and Rose in the living room. not perving at her ample chest.27 - . First room up was mine and Rose's which I quickly pointed out. She mumbled something back. Nothing like a nice welcome than a trip to ER! I spotted someone good looking. This was strange… it was as if they were reading each other… drinking each other in or something. I closed my eyes as I heard the door being pushed open.

"Alice. distantly. I'd worked so much harder on this room than I had on any other in the house and I didn't know why. filled with battle scenes and images of soldiers medals always came to mind every time I walked passed the room. pride. scared. I felt crushed. A hand rest on my lower back as I felt tears beginning to form in my eyes. I instantly felt a wave of calm wash over me. I opened my eyes to find myself in another of Emmett's bear hugs. I turned back to the troop and motioned Jasper over. The air got pushed out of me and I felt like I was spinning. and I heard Emmett murmur "duuude". looking at me. I could hear Edward gasping behind me. I could hear.28 - . thank you" Emmett chuckled. I couldn't handle my emotions. his eyes alight with joy. probably to stop me from toppling over. I felt excited. They were going haywire. I was so nervous. I looked from his hand to his face and smiled when he glanced down at me. proud and a bunch of others that I couldn't pin point. I made my way over to the next door. I realised that my shoulder suddenly felt cold… I felt a loss without Jasper's hand resting there. Jasper had placed his hand on my shoulder at some point. I turned away when I saw him grasping the door handle. I couldn't speak.afraid that they'd turn around and tell me I was useless at my job. He instantly went to his bed and lay down. My ear drums being abused as Emmett shouted "Thank you" over and over in my ear. I couldn't hear any noise coming from Jasper… my head slumped down as I thought that he obviously didn't like it or he would have said something by now. astonishment and… passion? There was the biggest smile plastered on his face as he lowered his . nauseous. I knew at that point that I had to get some old authentic war medals for this room to complete it. I kept having strange dreams. this is great. I can actually lie down and fit on the bed! This is amazing…" he got back up and made his way over to me. everyone laughing as Emmet placed me down and ran into his room. probably seeing how out of it I felt after being almost crushed by his exuberance. Sitting up on it he announced "It's big enough! Look. Jasper was stood. I turned and looked up to see the most breathtaking sight ever.

like a true gentleman he raised my hand to his lips and kissed it. A many few drinks later. I felt shivers running down my back as his lips touched my skin. I love it". and more than I could ever have dreamt of. he looked back and me and said simply "Thank you Alice. well. I decided it was time to get down to business. I'd asked him over the phone what he enjoyed doing and that was one of them. I raised my hand to my mouth. so quickly… as was I" he grinned as he stood back up and looked towards Edward. coming to a halt on the comfy looking couch that I thought would come in handy if he ever wanted to just sit and listen to music. thank you so much Alice" and. ready for my signal. about to bite my nails when I felt Jasper resting his hand on my shoulder again.head. starting them off easy. I was so amazed at how he could make me calm down in an instant just by touching me. It was interrogation time! "So… are you three brothers or just friends?" I asked. I'm adopted but…" he shrugged.29 - . "Me and Eddie here are brothers. a smile still on his face. I nodded my head as he slowly opened the door and looked in. Edward and Emmett were finishing unpacking when Rose decided to get the drinks out for a welcome toast… and a few more for luck. (Alice POV) Jasper. He leant down again and whispered "He loves it. whispering in my ear "It exactly. taking every detail in. He finally moved and stepped into the room slowly. I promise. His mouth was agape. taking another swig of beer while I swear I heard Edward mutter 'Ed-ward not Ed-die' . he didn't move a muscle as his eyes scanned the room. He stood upright again. He hadn't said a word and I tried to analyze his reactions to see if he actually liked it or not. as well as Emmett's and I decided to distract myself from Jasper's mesmerizing eyes by going to show Edward his room. Edward was already waiting at the door. Bella meanwhile was getting some snacks from the kitchen while I made the living room comfortable. My eyes followed his as they set upon Edward who was also grinning. he's just a little overwhelmed that you got his character evaluated so well.

Bella and I were on our way home from one of the evening classes when my car decided to die out on me. as are Alice and Rose. thinking she would try her cell or drive us somewhere to call a mechanic. We met about 4years ago" she looked back over at Rose and I and smiled one of her brilliant smiles. I had finally chosen to be an interior designer and do things my own way. The day I met Bella. I do and it worked! Bella and I thanked her over and over and invited her to go out for drinks with us the next night. I tended to befriend the more outgoing type but something about Bella intrigued me and I had to get to know her." "Oh. Bella had started at the same time as me and I saw that she was quiet and reserved. happy to know some of they're family dynamics. I met her at an evening business class and Rose met her while she stopped to fix Ali's car on the side of the road" I smiled as I remember both days. She turned back towards the boys and continued our little tale "Alice managed to get us three together. Bella saves the day by answering the question while I gawp like a fish at Jasper's unearthly beauty. but next thing she pops the lid and tinkers with the engine. that's sweet!" I smiled. After about 7classes we were on our way to being best friends. After two minutes of twiddling with all the dirty metal bits she tells me to try starting the car again. saying hello. so I attended the evening business class that were held in Port Angeles. his eyes piercing right through me. I point out into the garden where there lay a pile of wood . which she did and we've been friends since."we've been brothers since we were tiny so yup. I brought myself out of my memories and back into the room. I did it slowly. by just sitting by her.30 - . Rose pulled up in her sexy red BMW after about an hour and a half and asked if we needed help. where there was no signal for my cell. Jasper's been our best friend from about the same time too. Of course we said yes. Bella and I had no idea about cars and decided to sit and wait it out until someone came along and rescued us damsels in distress. "What about you three ladies?" Jasper asked suddenly. I decided to ask the next question on my list "Are you guys any good at building garden sheds?" I smile as they look a little lost. "Well I'm and only child. smiling. The day I met Rose.

Rose quickly puts one of her fake smiles on. other that Bella and I are male. Emmett chuckled that . I felt worried about what his reply might have been. Her father bought her up all on his own after her mum ran off while she was still in diapers. "Hell yeah! We can build that easy" Emmett grinned back at me. She grew up around cars and seeing men as friends other than boyfriend material. "Single" comes from Edward and I see him peeking over at Bella as he answers. "Taken" Emmett chirps in lastly adding "But I've only been with Lauren for about 2weeks… it's early days so…" he trailed off looking down. "What about you three" Emmett asks us back "Single. shrugging. they got instantly hostile around her. his eyes shining enjoyment "Next question" he asked as he grabbed another beer from the table.and two doors. We learn that Jasper has a huge passion for the civil war. but not quick enough that I didn't see the crushed look on her face. she didn't have a mother figure so was never into make up and shopping… until I came along! Rose also said that women got bitchy with her because they were jealous of Rose's beauty. All of her other friends. Rose is twenty three and Bella is the baby of the group just having turned twenty one. I'm sure I can see a smile tugging at his lips. She told us how she felt more comfortable around them.31 - . taken or gay?" It's a need to know question if you're going to live with someone so might as well get it over and done with in the fist day. she doesn't see him because she's busy trying to wedge the cork out of a bottle of wine. she doesn't usually take much interest in guys. "Single" I hear Jasper say and instantly feel relief wash over me. Emmett is twenty four as is Jasper. and I can still see it lingering in her eyes. She must like him. As the day and night wore on we learnt that Edward is twenty two as am I. "Okay…" now moving on to the most important question "Are you guys single. taken or gay?" A chorus of "single" rings out from the three of us and as I glance at Jasper. which will transform into a garden shed "We need someplace to keep the BBQ now don't we".

and it would complete the whole look of the room! "I knew there was a reason I left that corner empty" I pointed it out to him.he thought Jasper was a reincarnation of one of the soldiers who battled back then. Emmett is a personal trainer..32 - . knowing that I'd know what to put there once I saw it. it really makes my day! . guys & girls meeting each other… bet you guys love me big time now! Haha! Review please. so i had to delete it and repost it.. behind him "It would look perfect in this room!" A crooked smile spread across his face as he said a quick thank you and looked back towards the corner again. sorry dear readers! Nice rooms? There you have it. Edward loved his job which was teaching children how to play the piano. He told us quickly about how well his mother played and he found that he had a real natural talent when it came to music. When I was decorating the living room. I knew now that Edward's piano was the missing piece. He mentioned also that he had his very own baby grand piano stored at home. I could just see it there now. "Why don't you bring your piano over here?" I asked him. I felt the need to leave one of the furthest corners empty... he liked to work with patients who were recovering from injuries because he said he felt like he was really making a difference to getting they're lives back on track. A/N: I did a woosie.

(Bella POV) "Come on! Put some muscle into it" I hear Rose laughing at Emmett as he pulls the weeds. I've got to change one of the wheels on my BMW before I go to work tomorrow.Feelings A/N: I likes this chapter. fine! But hurry before Bella spots that your skiving from your duties!" I watched as the both of them run through the garage door. "Fine. clutching her sides. She was just able to see over the top of the sandwiches.33 - . She spots me looking in and holds up a plate. "I'm sorting the garage out so I can bring all my tools in there. she placed them on the garden table that I'd bought two weeks ago when we went shopping for the garden. Alice smiled at me sheepishly and I smiled back. pouting and ringing his hands like a four year old. They'd both almost finished by the looks of things. almost breaking the sound barrier. I was just finishing off marking where the decking would go and the pond when Alice came out with lunch. I smile at her. hope you likes it too! Feelings. giving her the thumbs up. cutting some branches back so that the garden shed would fit between two trees. Rose breaks from her stern. . Edward was busy at the far end of the garden. by my orders as 'boss of the garden'. business like facade and laughs. Jasper was mowing the lawn. only to find her in the kitchen. standing up. laden with a mountain of sandwiches. I covered my ears. "Can't I help you instead? I'll hold the car up for you if you don't have a jack in there… pretty please?" he pleads. waiting for the ringing to stop. "FOOD!" she shouted. happy?" she shouts back making her way towards the backdoor of the garage that lead from the garden. laughing. "Hey! This is a tough job okay! What are you doing anyway?" he asks. I turned to look where Alice had gotten to. brushing the grass and dirt off his pink flowery garden gloves.

He rubbed her back. I groaned as I felt two hands on my shoulders. trying to loosen them. She kept relaxing more and more in his embrace as the minutes wore on. I took a deep breath as I made my way over. Jasper was sat in a chair. Today had been brutal. I heard a breathtaking noise from behind me. I couldn't get enough of her. Rose and Emmett trooped out of the garage. the trees were old and the bark as tough as old boots. it was like a melody. the only seat left being next to Bella on the sofa. Her favourite food. what got her into landscaping. They felt stiff. like they were burning under my skin. I wanted to know everything about her. It was agony and blissful both at the same time. It was Bella laughing. Her voice was so much more tantalizing when mixed with humour. resting my head against the back of the sofa and closing my eyes. She wiped her hands on her clothes and dived into the sandwiches. Everyone else followed. sore. hysterical and emotional at the same time. There was something about her than enticed me.rolling my eyes. I felt the weight shift from the sofa. Rose had put her boiler suit over the trousers and wrapped it around her middle. I rolled my head around. closing the door behind me. I made my way to sit down. and I opened my eyes and looked up. She had oil smeared on her hands and even someone her forehead where she must have brushed her hair from her face. I'd cut my arms a few times against the pesky branches and my hands felt like they were cramping because I'd held a paintbrush in them for so long. My attention got distracted from Alice to my shoulder muscles. Cutting all those branches had been difficult. I sat down. sighing in satisfaction as the stuffed they're faces. . Bella had gotten up and I could hear her bare feet on the wooden floor. but they just strained even more. (Edward POV) I staggered in after everyone else. soothing her as he whispered comforting words in her ear. her views on Shakespeare… everything and anything. slowly massaging my stiff shoulders.34 - . with Alice still in his arms.

35 - . Ashamedly. But I could tell that by his actions around Alice yesterday and now today. tickling my neck and sending shivers down my back. I remembered standing beside our garden shed. Without a word Bella made her way to the house with Alice and Rose in tow. the girls made their way over to us. "This should be fun" Emmett voiced my thoughts from beside me. sitting herself down before us all. A smug smile was still on Bella's beautiful face. Alice decided that she wanted to paint the inside of the shed. building was a men's job. He never usually made any effort with a woman. we had the mission of erecting the garden shed. staring at her as she made her way back towards us. After half and hour still battling with the instructions.I closed my eyes and groaned again when she made her way across my shoulders "I'm sorry for working you so hard today" I heard her whisper into my ear. and Jasper offered to help her. Us men and our big mouths I'd thought to myself as the girls walked away with smug looks. we had gotten the shed completed within 15 minutes with the girl's help. something Emmett and I hadn't been able to achieve. Did she have no idea how she effected me I thought before she carried on asking rhetorically "Am I forgiven?" chuckling before standing back up again and continuing the sweet torture on my worn out body. I relaxed under her touch. from when Emmett and I first met him till now. he always used to get shy and intimidated by them and shied away from the attention. breaking me from my gawping as we waited for them to reach us. That in its self was amusing. I'd never been as stunned by a woman's beauty before as I had with her. Emmett. Alice took hold of the direction from off the grass. there must be something special about her that was bringing him out of his shell. She took control of directing the rest of us while reading from the instruction leaflet. Once we'd finished doing our first tasks. so that he could to the ceiling inside and any other parts she couldn't reach. after a few minutes they each came back out with a tin and two paint brushes in each hand. Jasper had always been quiet. Not the best idea of ours by far. . Jasper and I had taken the task upon ourselves as we told the girls that they could go ahead and plant a few flowers or something. thinking back to the events of today.

they wouldn't co-operate. effectively relaxing my whole body just from her touch alone. I went back to thinking about the time we all had painting the shed. I smiled. thinking that she'd finished. only to find her pulling her shoes off. "Lets get you fixed then Mr" Bella announced as her little hands got to work. Rose and I decided to do the outside wall panels and Bella had offered to paint the roof. each leg on either side of me. Did I have a deformed back that no one had bothered to mention to me? She looked back at to my face.36 - . I slowly pulled my shirt off. "Would you mind taking your shirt off? It'd be much easier for me to massage you… but you don't have to… its just…" she trailed off looking down. I saw that Emmett had bought his little portable TV from his room and Rose was helping him set it up. "What is it?" I asked. I tried getting my arms out but they felt like lead. working their way down to the muscles that ached around my shoulder blades. She smiled but then frowned a little when she looked back at my back. turned back around to face in front of me. I looked down. looking sheepish and not meeting my eyes.I was pulled out of my thinking as I felt Bella's small magical hands move. as well his DVD player. seeing that Bella had taken my shirt off with ease. Alice and Jasper were now sat on the floor sifting through a box that I guessed was filled with DVDs. Emmett. Bella had slipped a few times but managed to stay on the roof. She looked back at me and stated simply "Don't want to ruin the couch or Alice'll have my ass" and made her way to sit on the back of the sofa. my shoulders being stiff made the job feel like a chore. Everything was going well. Alice had a weak smile on her face but I could see that some colour had returned to her face. I leant forward in the seat so that she would be able to reach better. Alice and Jasper had taken the task of painting inside. As Bella's nimble hands got to work on my body. worn out and aching until I felt two small hands running down the skin of my arms. Hearing her gasp each time her foot slipped caused me to have repeated . I noticed how her cheeks held the most beautiful blush to them as she got embarrassed at asking me to undress for her. She stopped massaging and I looked around quickly. I slumped forward.

"No sweat" Emmett replied. smiling at her. towards the doorway. dropping the paint brush from her hand. painting away. can you stand here and be ready to catch Alice?" "Ali. into a corner. They were both chatting and laughing away and must have been distracted because neither had noticed that they were painting away from each other… Jasper was paining his way back. The thought of her injured pained me. I kept one eye on what I was doing and the other trained on her as she sat on the roof. Trapping herself in the shed. "Emmett. Rose and I finished off the outside panels. her eyes staying fixed on Alice. took one look at Alice who had now gotten to the state of having a mini panic attack in the shed. He followed Bella's gaze. Wont you Emmett? And then you'll be back in the open again okay?" she added in a calm. "You can do it Alice" Jasper added. They had finished doing the ceiling and the sides and were on to painting the floor. "Emmett. Alice had seemed to be always happy. ready to answer her question when she finally noticed her mistake. Bella must have noticed her little lapse in common sense as well and said "Ali… how long do you think that floor is going to take to dry?" Alice looked up to Bella. She gasped and stood up panicking "I can't be stuck in here all night!" she squealed "I'll freeze to death or something! Help me Bells!" Her eyes widened and she palled "I'm trapped Bella… let me out!" she began to sob. She managed to get the whole roof finished just as Emmett.37 - . full of confidence. can you come here please" Bella called. composed tone. Emmett made his way to her side looking confused at Bella's serious tone and the look of determination on her face. Turning her attention to Emmett she looked at him straight in the eyes. picking up on Bella's unvoiced message that this was a serious matter. just think that… you're at the mall and someone is trying going for the last pair of Prada shoes in your size and you need to make a jump for them okay? Emmett will catch you. I was shocked at her reaction. telling him with his eyes that this was no time to play about.heart attacks. while Alice was painting her way back. optimistic and I had expected her to have laughed at the situation she was in. We made our way around to the front of the shed to see how Jasper and Alice were getting along. .

Alice still hadn't relaxed her grip on him as he walked. The sight had reminded me of when I had seen a father at the local park. rested his hand on her back and whispered something into her ear. She made her way from Emmett's arms into Jaspers without a hesitation. He silently made his was up to her as the rest of us had begun to retreat. I opened my eyes. and readied herself. coming back out of my thoughts to find the movie classic "Ice .38 - . Resting her head on his shoulder and burying her face into the crook of his neck. passing his wailing daughter to her mother. She wouldn't let go even after Bella. Emmet. stunned at how Alice had reacted to being stuck in the shed. straight into Emmett's arms. Jasper simply reached out. Jasper was stood quietly to the side as he watched us try to coax Alice off. She tucked her head into his chest. Emmett made his way slowly from the shed towards the house. Jasper then followed with Alice in his arms. rubbing the back of his neck which looked a little red. She managed to jump from the corner. getting worried that she was paralyzed by shock or in a panic attack. Alice's hold around Emmett's neck and waist instantly slackened. whispering as they glanced back every now and again. Bella counted down from three and Alice jumped. Bella and Rose shot each other a confused look but left Jasper to it.She took a deep breath closing her eyes "Just concentrate on Emmett Ali" Rose said in a comforting tone. They then made their way towards the house. Jasper stood next to Alice and had managed to get her to turn her head and open her eyes to look at him. her eyes scrunched tightly shut. I followed in after. She had calmed down once she was protected in her mothers arms. Alice took a few deep breaths. Rose and I tried to pull her off. We whispered a few words to her again and opened his arms to her. Emmett made his way back to the house. Her arms wrapped themselves tightly around his neck while her little legs held on to Emmett's waist in a vice grip.

She kept massaging my shoulders slowly as the movie wore on. leaning herself forward against my back and seemed comfortable enough. but not close enough. Her hands had moved as she had slipped down. I shuddered a breath and then heard her breathing clearly. They're chins . with Alice sat in between his legs on the floor.39 - . which featured Scrat the sabre toothed squirrel. the curtains drawn and the lights off. They must have gone through my box of movies I thought. Emmett and Rose were lying beside each other on the floor. The movie had gotten to one of my favourite parts. right beside my ear. waiting for her to make a move. At the same time I could feel a warm. and would only move if she made it clear that she wanted me to. I saw Jasper sitting back in the arm chair. She had rested her head on my shoulder. I saw the pictures moving on the screen but didn't hear a word. it felt amazing. I felt something resting on top of my shoulder as I felt her body pressing itself up closer against my back. I held my breath. I concentrated hard to watch it. I knew how much Jasper shied away from physical contact so seeing him sitting so comfortably close to another person. on their stomachs like Emmett and I used to do as kids when we watched TV together. I was sure that I could feel her eyes roaming my back a few times too. I could hear her breathing. was new to me. knowing she was watching it too. in sync with mine. soft. Diego and Manfred story. the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I couldn't bear to move away from her. My concentration on the movie on the other hand had vanished. Hear her quiet laughter as something on screen entertained her. The room was full of laughter and then I heard a quick intake of breath behind me. It was like my body was hyper aware of hers which was so close to mine. My laughter died off as I realised that she must have slipped down while laughing and was now pressed between the sofa and me. they'd moved from my shoulders to rest on each side of my waist. keeping contact. Her hands had begun to caress me more than massage as she got drawn into Sid. I could feel Bella's hands slow down as the movie started. Both were staring intently at the screen and I thought I could see Jaspers hands moving… playing with Alice's hair. Bella's body. I heard her muffled giggles behind me and felt her shaking with the laughter she was trying to contain.Age" starting up. luscious body pressed up against me.

knowing that we would all enjoy living together in this house. A/N: Tell me what you think! I was going to make the movie "Monsters Inc"… but my dear little twin stole my idea and used it in one of her stories… cow! Go pick on her for me! Thank you. I sighed. Thank you! .40 - . swigging about. Life was good. Thank you.resting on their hands and legs bent up at the knees.

talking in some weird language… technology I think it was called.41 - . Emmett's little portable TV wasn't so great for movie nights. Damaged goods. his eyes were alight with mischief and his booming laughter echoed around the jeep once he noticed the look of terror on my face in her rear view mirror. I could see that she thought this was amazing. I know my way through these woods". (Bella POV) Jasper. I tuned out of they're conversation and took in the view passing outside the window. Once we'd gotten a few miles away from our house the view changed drastically. it probably reminded her of those car shows she went to every few months. I nodded mutely. We bounded along the dirt track in the forest at high speed dodging tree trunks. to never go in the jeep with 'Evel Knievel' again. climbed into the jeep in my case. I started to make a mental note to myself. . "Chill Bella!" he chuckled "I'm just taking a short cut. Looking over at Rose. Once the three of us had gotten into Emmett's jeep. Alice and Edward had to go back to work the next day. don't worry. Rose and Emmett sat up front. we were on our way. if your going to read this. I looked around confused… was the road blocked… but we were the only ones going this way… I looked up front at Emmett. trying to convey that I heard and understood him.Damaged goods A/N : Just a tip. lovely Monday morning. which left Emmett. get some supplies… aka food & drinks ready! It's my longest chapter to date and I hope you'll like it. All roads and houses had disappeared to be replaced by a sea green and brown. we were driving through a forest… with only a small track to lead the way. and to make up my will as soon as I got home… if I managed to make it home. Rose and I to head to the mall and buy some electronic equipment for the living room.

answering the questions that seemed to be hurling towards him from the person on the other end of the line "I'm just out buying a TV with… yeah. but she seemed just as clueless as I was. otherwise my face would have surely had another visit from my good old friend Mr. BREAKING. I turned to see his brown curly hair and Rose's blond sleek hair over the top of the displays behind me. As I reached them. Floor. look at the display. his empty hand going to rub the back of his neck "NO! I live with 3girls… shit… I just live with them babe!" Emmett had now gone to pace back and forth while trying to get a word in through the other person's rant "Hang on… no! Lauren. shut up a minute!" he finally said quietly. . Looking at Emmett I watched as he pulled his phone from his pocket. thinking maybe she'd know who he was speaking to and why he didn't look so pleased about it. wishing I could find the remote control that went with it so I could actually hear what was going on. taking a breath and looking up at Rose "I am now. Bye" and he immediately switched his cell phone off. "Babe… I know… n-no…" Emmett stuttered out. with a huge sigh of relief. RIGHT. YOU. I heard a cell ringing. but it's always better with sound effects. cringe and walk a few steps away to answer it. I managed to find one TV that was playing the Spiderman movie so I stopped and began watching it. two girls…" he closed his eyes. I knew the story.42 - . I'd been watching the movie for about 40 minutes when I heard Emmett's voice calling my name. "Are you okay Em?" I heard Rose whisper beside me before she went over to stand beside him. placing her hand on his back in comfort. WITH. thanks" he smiled at her before he turned to me "Where did you go to Bella? I started to think you'd gone back to sit in my jeep" he chuckled at me before turning around to look at a stunning black wide screen plasma TV. but in a menacing voice "I've had enough of you wanting my attention all the time. trying to find something good to watch while I waited for the electronic boffins to find something suitable. I passed by the rows and rows of different TVs in all sizes and colour. I clambered out of the jeep with Emmett's help. UP. I waddled my way on shaky legs after Rose and Emmett into the store and they headed straight towards the displays of wide screen TVs. "Yeah…" he nodded. I just live with them…" Emmett groaned and banged his head against a wall with a loud thud "You know what… no YOU shut YOUR face for a minute and listen to ME" he took a deep breath before speaking slowly and clearly into the phone "IM.Finally getting to the mall's car park. NOW. I looked over at Rose.

The ride home took much longer because we had to stop every couple of miles to make sure that the ropes securing the boxes in the back were still doing their job. pointing the TV out and nodding his head. having the TV in the back meant that we had to follow the road all the way home. really we can't-" he cut me off by raising his hand and saying with a stern voice "Don't be rude. indicating both were still working. It took about an hour to get all the equipment into the jeep and strapped in securely. Rose and I stared at each other and then back at the money. So go…" he motioned with his hands for us to go to the check out while he walked off towards one of the staff. we were… until us guys saw all the work you've put into the house. to Rose's face and back to Emmett's face again. knowing he'd get distracted at home one way or another. "I guess so" I said as I began making my way over to the counter with Rose by my side. accept it gracefully and everyone's happy. "Yeah. . Rose spotted it so were getting it and we've already picked out the DVD player and stereo so were done. Jasper probably wouldn't be home for some time.43 - . I was ecstatic when Emmett told me. No short cuts through the woods. Don't try to change my mind. Now pay the man" he pointed at the staff member standing at the till "please" he added smiling at Rose as she obediently handed the money over. he sounded a little glum though! We reached home around 3.30pm. Alice's car was missing as well as Edwards. "Well… we did spend every spare second working on the house" Rose mumbled as she looked at the money in her hands "And it would be rude of us to not accept it I suppose…" she trailed off looking up towards the check out counter which Emmett making his way to. it must have spent you days to get all that done. "Emmett. once that was done we set on our way. So were paying for all this as a thank you. I looked from the money. he usually stayed on at school to get his marking done."I was watching Spiderman…" I shrugged before asking him "Is this the TV were getting? It's a beast!" I smiled at him. If you girls can go pay…" he asked before pulling out a wad of cash from his pocket and handing it over to into Rose's hand "And I'll carry the stuff to the jeep". "What's all this? I asked motioning towards the money that was being held in Rose's hands "I though we were splitting it all!" "Yeah. liking his choice in TVs. because it's final.

but being such a sweet guy. I heard a screech of a car's brakes and saw a little white car pull up behind the jeep. "Yeah.44 - . You're my boyfriend! Now say sorry and like take me out for like dinner kay!" she said with the most annoying nasally voice on the planet before turning around and marching back to her car. standing closer to Rose than Emmett. he didn't have it in him. "Um… babe. Rose looked comfortingly at Emmett before turning her attention to Lauren. Rose's glare never shifting from Barbie's empty dull eyes. I.As Emmett lifted me out of the jeep. You are dumped so get your little arse into your scrap of metal and piss the fuck off!" she spoke quietly enough so that Emmett wouldn't hear but menacingly enough for Lauren to understand that it was a threat. Emmett hung his head in defeat. okay. red talons attached to her hands and a big fake silicone chest. Out of the car strutted a woman who had bleached blond hair. Rose strode right up to Lauren. Lauren was now on the other end of one of Rose's famous 'I'm takin' no shit from you lady' death glares. just loud enough for her to stop walking and turn to glare at him. he was such a softie that he couldn't stand up to the plastic hussy that was busy ordering him about. I'm not taking you out to dinner" Emmett said. it's over" he added. He looked beat from probably knowing he should stand up to Lauren. "You listen to me Barbie doll. Just pick me up at 7pm okay. take me to the new fancy restaurant that opened in town" she ordered. totally ignoring Emmett's reply. "I don't want to go out with you anymore. Rose took a step forward which caught Emmett's attention. I felt like I should stand up and defend Emmett. "Emmie. Rose's hands which were rolled up in fists . so not to confuse her with who she was talking about. like what the hell was like the phone call about? You can't like dump me. standing inches from the orange tinted face. "He does NOT want to go out with you anymore. could hear some bits of what she was saying to Lauren. watching the action unfurl. her hands balled into fists. Rose and I had been standing on the sidelines. But I felt like I didn't know him well enough to get involved in his personal life. I felt torn to speak up and keep quiet. Emmett…" she pointed back to Emmett's form. She swaggered over towards Emmett who I saw had a grimace on his face and took a few steps back from the plastic figurine who looked like was going in for the kill.

his hands in his pockets. I slipped my way into the house unnoticed.45 - . running through my veins and blurring my brain. I could hear the distant sound of birds chirping in the trees. I felt rage boiling in my chest. he probably only went out with her out of pity… or she managed to manipulate his sensitive nature. Looking back to see that Lauren hadn't moved a muscle Rose leant in closer "You've got 5seconds to get into that hunk of junk or…" she whispered warningly. eyes showing hurt and thanks. and knowing Rose she must have raised one of her eye brows to convey that she meant what she said "You have me to deal with". "Rosalie?" I heard Emmett call my name from behind me. placing her fists on hips as she watched Lauren stumble her way back to her car. Deciding I should leave the scene for Rose and Emmett to talk about the little fiasco that has just played out. the skin on my knuckles where straining white with tension. She looked back at Emmett who was stood a few feet behind her. he must have taken a few steps closer at some point. locking her doors as soon as she managed to close it after her. I tore my eyes away from the road before me and looked down. I noticed that my hands had reflexively clenched themselves in tight balls. Knowing that Emmett was still standing behind me. How dare she speak that way to Emmett! She used the knowledge of his kind nature to her advantage to get her own way. All my thoughts were stuck on Emmett's girlfriend… or ex-girlfriend as she was now. he sounded closer to me than he was earlier. and my own breath.were trembling slightly from what I guessed took a lot of effort to not swing for her. (Rose POV) After watching the hussy doing probably the only clever thing in her existence and driving away I took deep breaths to calm my nerves. coming in through my mouth and back out quickly. He deserves so much better than a trollop like her. Sounds were slowly reaching my ears as I began to calm myself out of my bubble of rage. probably watching me I unclenched my fists. car engines rumbling along the roads. I noticed my chest was heaving from the rush of adrenaline that . She struggled with starting the car as she repeatedly dropped her keys in her anxiousness to get away from Rose and her threats as quickly as she could. feeling my hands tingle as the blood ran back through my fingers. Rose took a step back.

Growing up surrounded by men had made me into a strong spirited. afraid what Emmett would think of me. I didn't share any interests with the girls that went to school with me. They saw me as being sly. calling me just about every insulting name under the sun. scratching and pushing me at any . I was about 16years old. not wanting to seem weak to anyone. not being able to stand seeing the disappointment I knew would pass through his eyes at any moment. I was fine with the way I was. make up and being all sensitive didn't suite me at all. The girls weren't much different either in they're ways either. Emmett's voice had burst the bubble that was containing me from hearing anything and feeling any emotion other than my own rage. I'd always been the 'tom-boy' at school. as they did to me. They thought I was playing a game to get all the guys. Playing with dolls. I hid any emotions other that happiness. who were caked in make up. they used to ignore me when I was younger. I had the natural beauty that they had to pay good money for and so they bullied me. His face held some remaining shock from what I had done to Lauren. pretending that I liked soccer and cars so that the boys would be more attracted to me. The boys didn't fail to notice as they liked to put it my "great rack". getting all the sleazy attention from those who used to be my best friend and treat me as an equal rather than a trophy to be won. his voice making it clear that he wanted my attention. I felt disappointed in myself. rather than who I was. I even held my guard around Bella and Alice most times. when I was one of the boys. cars and I enjoyed poking fun at the guys. Taking another deep breath I slowly spun myself around to take a look at him. hitting. but as soon as the boys began to notice me as a girl. long blonde hair. all my friends had been boys. "Rose" he stated simply. threatened her like a common thug. who flirted madly with anybody who had a dick had it in for me. they saw me as one of the 'hotties' and not like they used to as 'one of the guys'. The girls. I had always been tall and lanky. tough woman. the hormones had kicked in and my friends saw me in a new light. they did manage to break me when they caught me unexpectedly. wore sluttish clothes. as were my peers until things changed. but now all guys saw were a pair of classic long legs.46 - .surged through me as I had confronted the plastic figurine. the girls noticed too and grew jealous. embarrassing me. I was a huge fan of soccer. would he see me as I saw myself? I tore my eyes away from his face. I felt like a different person.

trying to clear it of the memories. I could hear the taunts that I suffered echoing in my ears.47 - . He shouldn't have to suffer from cows like Lauren. I suffered from their wrath and so I felt the need to protect Emmett from having to suffer it any further. They finally managed to get their own way. I used my status as being the outsider to my advantage to concentrate on cars. "Rose" Emmett whispered this time his voice sounded questioning. Trying to end the conversation so I could get away I managed to croak out "I don't think you'll be hearing from her again. hiding it too. And so seeing Lauren attacking Emmett in such a way really pained me. selfish…" my thoughts trailed off again. the boys overlooked me. it bought back my own memories of the pain I'd suffered. halting me in mid-step. not letting it fall down my back and be free. It bought back the bad memories that I worked hard on keeping hidden deep inside me back up to the surface. "Wait" Emmett whispered. in my head. hiding my body from everyone's eyes. He probably guessed I'd been stuck in my thoughts. my nightmare. and I wore my hair up. trying to force a smile on my face to back up my statement "I'm just pissed off with the way that hussy talked to you. myself. where I felt safe. I finally became a loner kid. my memories. Taking another deep breath I looked up to see Emmett walking towards me slowly. remembering my teens. After a few steps away from Emmett I felt a large warm hand wrapping around my upper arm. Home and the garage were the only places I felt like I fit in. your free" I made my way as fast as I could in the general direction of the garage. no one should. I went to work there full time. clutching at my heart till I felt physically pain. the hurt. I started coming to school wearing baggy clothing. she had no right to be so mean. Cars had always been my passion and so I studied hard. I shook my head. got a job at the local garage helping out and once I graduated. his voice husky with . "I'm fine Emmett" I sighed. and the popular bitches had their way.given moment. like I had to. clouding my vision and threatening to spill at any second. the girls smirked at my appearance. like I was a dangerous caged animal on the loose that needed to be caught. I needed to get away from Emmett so that he wouldn't witness me being so weak. it hard to see the way properly because of the tears that were forming in my eyes.

emotion. What was it… pain? Shock? "Look at me Rose, please?" he begged when I made no move to turn. Wanting to tell him to bugger off and leave me alone I turned and found myself looking directly at his chin. I averted my eyes away from his face, not wanting him to see me upset and vulnerable. My eyes skimmed downwards slowly. I looked at his neck… his throat seemed to hypnotize me, making me want to lean forward and press my lips to his skin. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to get the thought out of my mind. I opened my eyes, only to have them lock on the triangular hollow at the base of his throat… what I'd love to run my tongue over it, taste his skin in my mouth… I took a shuddering breath, trying to calm my breathing which now felt laboured due to the almost overpowering urge I had to kiss him, take him. But I couldn't! He's your flatmate! I reminded myself. Looking at him again my eyes ran over his broad shoulders and down his chest which I didn't fail to notice was toned… large and seemed to be chiselled out of stone. I could feel the heat radiating from his body, from his tanned smooth skin. The warmth seemed to be inviting me to him, wanting me to melt into his embrace and have his arms wrap around me, keeping me prisoner there. Breaking my gaze from his torso I locked my eyes on the ground. I felt dazed... hazy. My legs felt weak and my breath was short as if I'd run a mile. I had to stop thinking of him this way! I lived with him. He'd just broken up with his girlfriend… which I practically made happen. Snap out of it Rosalie, you're acting like a little girl, tough up! I tried to think of why he would make me feel this way. Being in his company had managed to unearth unpleasant aching memories that I'd kept locked up deep with in me since I was at high school. My anger which I had been fighting to keep control over for the fast few years too had raged to the surface. I had been so close to physically hurting Lauren, that' why I sent her on her way, because I knew that if I punched her once for Emmett, I'd punch her a million times for all the pain that she stirred up from my past. I immediately felt intimidated by Emmett's his height and size which seemed to be looming over me. No man has made me feel like this before, intimidated. I've been protecting myself my entire life from men who have come too close, thinking I would be an easy target, that I'd be too dim-witted to understand their advances. I could handle any one that came my way, but right now, with Emmett, I felt like he was a bear standing over me, a kitten. "Rose, why are you so upset? Talk to me. I'm not mad at you for threatening Lauren, I'm grateful! I didn't know how to tell her no, I froze… and you stepped in
- 48 -

and saved me. I really owe you one…" he took a deep shuddering breath "I'm not mad Rose" he added in a whisper. He placed his hand on my shoulder and I reflexively looked up. The tears were beginning to form in my eyes again and I knew I had to escape, I needed to release the pent up frustration that was bottled up inside me. Taking a deep breath I smiled one of my 'I'm fine' fake smiles that seemed to be able to fool everyone, even Alice and Bella fell for it. "I'm fine Emmett, really. And I'm glad I managed to help you out, I didn't know if it was the right thing to do, but when she started laying into you, I couldn't take it." I glanced down, taking another deep breath, trying to control my emotions in front of him. He was a strong guy, and I could be just as strong, and I doubt he'd know how to handle a woman that broke down into a blubbering baby. My eyes began to blink quickly, trying to keep the tears from spilling over. But it was no use, I could feel the tears streaming down from my eyes, down my cheeks and probably making a huge puddle on the ground around my feet. Emmett noticed my tears and tilted my face up so that he could take a look at me in my pitiful state. I felt battered, tired from fighting with having to be strong, composed. I wanted to release all the tension that was pent up inside of me, over due to be released. I bit my lip, trying to keep my sobs from escaping; my body went ridged from my trying to keep myself composed, at the same beginning to tremble at being overwhelmed with emotions. I heard a low growl coming deep from Emmett's chest before he pulled me roughly up against him. I felt my composure shatter as soon as I felt the warmth of his body seeping deep into mine. I hadn't noticed how cold I had gotten from standing outside for so long. "Wrap your arms around me" he ordered me, I'd been standing with my arms at my sides while he'd cased me in the closure of his arms. I did as he said and wrapped my arms around his large frame as well as I could. The sobs began; they wracked my body as I let my guard down freely for the first time since I had started getting tormented at school. His arms which were draped around my shoulders pulled me tighter against his solid chest as I began to shudder more violently from the force of my crying; one of his hands ran up and down my back, creating a soothing trail and managing to warm me up further. I pulled myself tighter to his comforting strong body, having him holding me tightly felt like he was supporting my whole body, keeping me together while I shattered inside. My tears began to dampen his shirt while my hands grabbed at the fabric tightly, not wanting him to let me go.
- 49 -

After what felt like an hour I began to feel relief wash over me, I felt tired from the onslaught of emotions which had over ridden my body. My sobs quietened and the tears began to dry up in what must now be blood shot eyes. My breathing had slowed down to match the rhythm of Emmett's; the air was coming easier into my lungs. Feeling almost normal I pried myself from Emmett's comforting chest, his arms dropped from my shoulders as mine released their death grip on his shirt. I shuddered as I took a shaky step back, the wind chilling me straight to the bone now that I wasn't hidden inside Emmett's protective shield. I wiped my eyes quickly, trying my best to compose myself after breaking down but gave up as soon as I knew that I was fighting a loosing battle. He must have seen me giving up on trying to be strong again and grabbed hold of my hand; he gave it a quick squeeze before leading me behind him into the house. I watched him as he lead me to the living room; he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He picked up the blanket that lay on the back of the sofa with his free hand and pulled me over to the arm chair with him. He sat down and gave my arm a quick tug, making me loose my balance and fall ungracefully on to his lap like a sack of potatoes. I squealed at the surprise of the fall and saw Emmett's face light up with a smile, which in turn caused me to return his smile with a wobbly one of my own. I adjusted myself into a more comfortable position on his lap, with my head rested on his chest, my legs hanging over the side of his and one hand resting on his chest. He threw the blanket over us, making sure I was well covered and started to rub my back again in a soothing motion. I felt wanted, cared for even though I didn't know him for more than three days. It felt strange to have someone care for me who wasn't Alice, Bella or my father. Stupid emotional tears began to well up in my eyes as I thought of Emmett actually caring for my feelings. I didn't want him to see me cry again and I felt the need to have him pressed closer to me; I wrapped both my arms around his neck, pulling myself chest up against his and hiding my tear filled face into his neck. His arms snaked themselves around me again and pulled me even tighter and closer to him, crushing me into his chest even further. I felt myself calm down, like he was holding me together in one piece with is strong muscled arms. I sighed as I felt the tears run down my face, but felt some small piece of happiness begin to shine inside me from somewhere… somewhere new.

(Emmett POV)
- 50 -

Rose was sat with me on the arm chair. I could feel her tears dampening my shirt and neck, her chest heaving while she struggled with her breathing in between her sobs. I felt so weak and powerless that I couldn't help her; all I could do was sit here like a lemon and just hold her. I couldn't take the pain away or make her forget, but I could comfort her and if that was the only thing I could do, I'd do it to the best of my abilities. I couldn't understand why she was so upset. I'd told her that I wasn't angry with her for getting rid of Lauren. I was so stunned when Rose stood up for me, she showed so much rage over the situation, but managed to control herself at the same time. Rose and I had been hanging out and having a good time since I moved into the house, which was only three days ago, I'd learnt a bit about Rose's character, she was strong, fearless, funny, and easy to talk to and she loved anything and everything to do with cars. Her being beautiful was an added bonus to her amazing personality. Beautiful didn't describe her beauty well enough, but it was the only word I could think of. No doubt someone like Edward and Jasper would know some fancy words to describe her, but to me she was just: beyond beautiful. The first time I saw Rose I was paralyzed by her splendor and every time since then I have been too. Each time I see her, I stop moving, my eyes lock on her, my mind goes blank on anything that doesn't involve her. A bunch of crazy butterflies attack my stomach, making me feel like I wana hurl, but don't want it to stop at the same time. She makes me smile too, when I see her, hear her, talk to her or even think of her I can stop a goofy smile spreading across my face. I feel her taking a deep breath, her crying had stopped a few minutes ago and she was probably trying to calm herself down some more. She suddenly shifted on my lap, causing me to loose all train of thought, this girl was sending me crazier and crazier with every passing second I spent with her. She moved herself again, wiggling her cute butt which was rested on my thighs… I finally understood the true meaning of torture. Was she trying to push her luck? I thought to myself as my jaw clenched at the feeling she had created that was surging through my body. She relaxed her arms that were wrapped tightly around my neck and had been almost suffocating me move, I felt her flex her little fingers and then felt them roaming the hair at the nape of my neck. My breath hissed out of me as I tried to keep control of my body. The way she was making my body react I'd either have to carry her to my room and make her pay for it or take a long cold shower… repeatedly. I felt her lips brush against my neck as she pulled her head back a little to take in another deep breath. I couldn't believe how my body had suddenly decided to become hyper aware of Rose's, now of all times, when I was supposed to be a good friend to her and comfort her. All I could think of were her lips at my throat, trailing warm and hungry kisses down my throat… down to my shoulder… her little hands undoing the
- 51 -

buttons of my shirt, exposing the skin on my chest for her to continue her eager kisses down… Stupid testosterone fueled body! SNAP OUT OF IT! I shouted in my mind, hoping my body would listen. "Thanks Emmett" I half heard, half felt her say into my neck. I rub her back some more and pull her into a tighter hug, probably crushing a rib or two in the process "Any time Rose, anytime" I say quietly. Hoping that she couldn't feel how my body was reacting to hers. That would be embarrassing, she'd probably think I was a sex crazed maniac or something. I needed to stop thinking of her body and think of why she was so upset earlier. I still hadn't had an answer from her and something in me wanted to know what the reason was, wanted to know what could have caused her to react that way. So caged one minute, and break down the next. I decide to be bold and ask her, if there was anyway I could help her, I would "Rose… what made you so upset? You know you can tell me right? Did Lauren say something to you?" I wait for her to answer me when another thought comes to my mind, a painful thought "Did I say or do anything wrong?" I whisper, sorrow laced in my voice from my conflicting feelings of wanting and not wanting to know her answer now that I'd asked. As I spoke, I could feel her beginning to pull her hands away from the back of my head and lift her head away from my neck. She placed her hands on her lap, which where clasped together tightly; her eyes were directed to look at her hands, away from my face. When I asked the question about if I had done anything to upset her, she turned her gaze towards me and I saw her eyes shining with moisture, red and widened. Her eyes looking so big and glossy from surprise reminded me of the saying 'like a deer caught in headlights'. I had a little surprised deer in my lap, my own little Bambi. I chuckled at the thought, I really did think the most random things at times and this was one of them. Rose's expression I noticed had transformed from miserable to confused by my laughing. This made me laugh even harder; I now had a confused, surprised Bambi in my lap. Lowering her head to look back at her hands I heard Rose whisper "Why are you laughing at me?" hurt evident in her voice.
- 52 -

My laughter abruptly ceasedat hearing her question. "Rose, I wasn't laughing at you, not really, I was just… amused…" I stop to collect my thoughts, would describing her looking like a deer be wise? She turned her attention back to my eyes, her eyes radiating question and hurt. Not answering her fast enough, she raised her eye brow in such a way that she was physically telling me she was getting impatient at waiting for the answer. "Fine… I laughed because when you looked at me earlier, your eyes were wide and… cute… and you reminded me of a deer… like Bambi" I explained. I heard her snort, thinking she wasn't amused by my answer, taking it as an insult. I added in a slightly childish way "I really like Bambi". That made her giggle and I knew I was off the hook, I smiled at the sound of her voice, and it was the best. Edward could bust some pretty cool tunes on his piano, but this… this was another level, top level, there was no beating this. "So I'm Bambi now huh?" Laughed Rose, shaking her head in disbelief, probably at my foolish train of thought. I nod my head in agreement, doubting that my voice would be steady enough to answer her now that her eyes had captured mine and was clearing my mind off all sensibility. We sat together for a few more minutes, in silence. But the question of why she'd gotten so upset was still unanswered and it was beginning to claw away at me. I needed an answer. "Please tell my Rosie" I asked, deciding it would be the last time I'd ask her tonight, but also knowing she probably wouldn't answer this question if I asked her at another time. She'd have her guard back up again ready for any battles that came her way. This was the last chance. She ran a hand through her hair, an action I knew and did myself. She was anxious but was trying to calm herself, trying to sort her thoughts. She might actually tell me I thought for the first time tonight. "Just listen okay? Don't stop me till I get it all out… I'll say it once, and I don't want you bringing it up either." She whispered, her eyes had locked back at the hand that rested on her lap while the other was cupping on the nape of her neck. I agreed to her terms and she let spill her story. She told me about how it was for her growing up, how she was treated by her friends, family, peers at school and how she felt about it all. A hundred different emotions felt like they were running through me as she described her memories to me. She explained how she had turned her attention to working on cars and I felt pride swell in my chest, even though she didn't feel accepted at school, she found a place that she could be. A place where she could thrive in what she loved, enjoyed, and was able to prove
- 53 -

and pain washed away as she got up off my lap and stretched. "Well Bambi does grow into a strong character. She did that for me. humour and… cunningness? "Fine. wanting to see what emotion ran through her eyes and saw annoyance. so I think it applies to you… and anyway it's stuck now. It must have bought all her memories crashing back down on her. She explained how her life improved so much more once Alice and Bella had gotten into her life. "I really am going to be called Bambi? Why do I have to be named after such a… vulnerable character? This sucks!" Rose made her way after me into the kitchen. but she managed to control them to stick up for me. how she found herself. "Women… Bloody women" I muttered under my breath as I made my way back to the living room. I stood stunned for a moment "Peaches? NO WAY! That's so girly!" I called after her and heard her laughter fading with each step she took away from me and up the stairs. you owe me big time Bambi" I chuckled and got up after her and made my way to get a soda from the kitchen. all signs of tears. No changing it anymore madam. turning the TV on. I pulled her tightly to my chest one more time once she'd finished.herself. "I guess I owe you one too now huh? Or do we call this quits?" she asked me. My throat felt thick with emotion. I'm Bambi… but I'm going to call you…" she thought for a moment before pure glee shot across her face "Peaches" she quipped and stalked off towards the stairs. sadness. "No… you still owe me… and seeing as you've ruined my shirt with all your runny bogies. She pulled herself away from my embrace and smiled a breathtaking smile at me. I realized now why she reacted as she did towards Lauren. grabbing a soda of her own. I listened intently throughout her explanation. . sorry" I looked at her face. knew who Rosalie Hale was at last and was proud of how she turned out. playfulness and a hint of cheekiness. "World of their bloody own" I added with a low growl of annoyance and satisfaction.54 - . She was back to her same old self I realised and so I played along. Her face was replaced with happiness. I whispered a quick "Thank you" and heard her repeat it back to me.

and why she's so different from the Rosalie we all know and love from the Twilight books! What say you? Thank you for your great reviews so far.A/N:Done and done on this chapter! Just want to say that sorry if I went on a bit in this chapter… but I wanted all of you to understand why Rose reacted that way to Lauren.55 - . those of you who do review! .

Poppy. like the wind. I told her my idea and she laughed along with me so…) For the people who've been asking about why I gave Emmett the pet name Peaches. but this one had a real homely feel to it. showed me around once I got there this morning. (Bella POV) I felt the chilly evening air hit my face as I stepped out and made my way home from 'Bitter Sweet'. simple pleasure.Step it up A/N: This chapter is shorter (don't hate me) but its fun. That didn't deter him from his chase. (But…when my dear sister asked why I was laughing. I'd worked in a bunch of different cafes in my time. 2pm came around and that's when I met the famous Mike Newton.56 - . All the waitresses had a laugh together and joked around with the regulars and it didn't feel like it was a true job in working there. the café that was a few streets away from where I now lived. he would undoubtedly try and go 'in for the kill on the new meat' as Poppy had so kindly put it. when you had to battle with the elements. I knew the basics of how to do everything so she just gave me a quick demonstration on how to work the coffee machine and warned me about a certain regular customer of theirs. When one bit popped into my head (I think you'll spot it) I laughed like a psycho on the loose! You might not find it as funny as I did… I have a simple mind Simple mind. She'd told me how Mike liked to chase after the waitresses and me being new. Knowing his game thanks to Poppy I simply told him I was newly married and had only just come back to work after my honeymoon.that's me in a nut shell. His name was Mike Newton and he was one of those guys who thought he was 'it' because he owned his own hiking equipment store in town. Working as a Garden Landscaper was slow over the winter. rain. I just think it's cute and doesn't really fit… which makes it better and so I like it more. he . As predicted he tried his 'charms' as some would call it. He ordered a coffee from me and then the dim-wit had unashamedly asked me if I was single… no subtlety at all. Step it up. Today was my first day working at 'Bitter Sweet'. one of the head waitresses. fallen leaves and snow.

her cheeks flushed red and she heaved air into her lungs as she laughed her head of short blonde hair off. Her eyes shone with tears. He'd had the most serious look on his face that I'd ever seen in my life. I groaned at her statement. we could always count on him to get it sorted. or if he wasn't around. letting me suffer Mike's slimy undivided attention. The attention I was getting from Mike was clearly unreciprocated. knee him in his 'tender' spot as Emmett had put it and run away. not all men were pigs I thought to myself as I remembered how Edward would always open the door for me or Jasper would offer us girls a drink each time he'd go to the kitchen. Emmett would always remind us that if anyone ever gave us any trouble. . at which Poppy broke out in uncontrollable laughter.57 - . I couldn't believe how much of a sleaze he was. Poppy had kept her distance as well as the other waitresses. but all agreed that it was sweet for him to offer and thought it was really cute of him to feel so protective of us. and someone was giving us unreciprocated attention. Well. having a total dumb-ass fawning after me at work was not what I needed. Perhaps Emmett would help me out of this little pickle I mused as I turned my way up the pathway to the house. I explained to her how I'd told him that I was newly married to make him back away. we should call for him. I'd waited the 3minutes for her to control her breathing and laughing only to be told that I was now "completely and royally screwed" now that I'd set Mike up with such a tempting challenge. After he'd finished his little speech and walked off pleased with himself. Us girls cracked up and laughed for a few minutes. I could tell him next time that I was getting a divorce because I'd discovered that I was actually a fully fledged raging lesbian… but that might just prove to be a juicier challenge for the little rat to get his teeth into. "Men are such pigs" I seethed under my breath.kept hinting that if my 'marriage' ever fell apart or if I got bored that I could always meet up with him for some 'comfort'. Once he'd left… 2hours and a half later I sighed in relief. his hands were rolled up into fists and rested on his hips as he reeled off a list of warnings and rules to us. thinking of Mike and his stupid one track mind. stamp on the guy's foot. any idiot could see that… but clearly not that idiot. His speech entailed of: if ever we were at a club. I'd have to sort it out somehow I thought as I turned a corner and made my way up the street where 'home sweet home' was situated. I chuckled as I remember him lining us girls up last night after we'd finished dinner. As I got ready to leave at 5pm I told Poppy how I'd cunningly come up with a story to deter him.

Knowing her she was probably stuffed to the top. she usually literally licked her place clean. of men playing a recorder to charm the snake out of the basket. followed by Edward and Alice. I couldn't believe how happy I was living here. "Tasty as usual" she murmured. I could see Alice's eyes scanning the table which still held some food that was left. I found Emmett sprawled over the sofa glued to the TV screen playing his x-box as I walked into the living room. She'd been ill for two days after eating the extra slice and was stuck on the couch for 3hours in Charlie's living room moaning and groaning before being helped out of the house and driven home by Rose. Jasper had been in his room finishing some marking since 4. It seemed to charm me like you saw in those movies. A feeling of warmth and contentment washed over me. Karma must have been on a roll that day. "Ma-an I am stuffed! Bells. a dreamy look glazing over his eyes. his voice never ceased to stun me. "I'll keep what's left in the fridge and you can warm them up later if you want?" At hearing this Alice's face broke into a beaming smile "Yeah! I could even take some to work with me tomorrow" she clapped her hands together in glee. she really did love her food and managed to eat a load even for a small pixie like herself "You're the best Bells!" She squealed. Jasper and Rose joined in too. I felt like a mother with a pack of kids as I watched them all playing and laughing in the living room from where I stood by the stove.58 - . especially now that us girls lived with such perfect guys. Seeing it was now 5. you're gona kill me with all your amazing cooking… death by food… what a way to go…" Emmett trailed off. stirring and seasoning dinner.I stepped through the doorway and into the house.30pm I decided to start dinner. Edward laughed to my left. It felt like a dream come true. It was like fate that they were flat hunting at the same time us. but wanted more.30pm. Alice. looking back at the food again. Rose was patting her stomach proudly after having topped her plate up three times and finishing the lot. A satisfied smile was spread on her face too. thank you" Edward added to the complements of my cooking. . I was somewhat surprised that she hadn't licked the sauce that was left on her place off. Rose came home shortly after. "The meal was gorgeous Bella. "Don't push it Ali" I warned "You remember what happened to you back at Charlie's house when you tried to stuff that extra slice of apple pie in you" I saw her face grimace at the memory.

"Me thinks thou shalt…" she stated slightly unsure if her statement made any sense "yes yes darling" she added. Why we sent her each time was a bit of a mystery because she's the smallest and so for her . Rose's and my bedcovers and pillows. Rose would get the DVDs and snacks while we sent Alice to get the bed covers for us to crawl under. "Top idea chum" I said in the best English impression I could muster up. I'd set up the room. Emmett and Edward followed behind Jasper with the rest of the dishes leaving us girls sat around an empty table. Rose and I knowing what was coming next cleared the pillows from the stairs.59 - . "You know the drill" Alice's voice sounded down the stairs towards where Rose and I now stood. "Ready?" Alice's muffled voice reached my ears as I waited for her to reach the top of the stairs. We laughed as we split up. Rose went on the hunt for the DVDs and I went into the living room to draw the curtains. 6 pillows flew down the stairs to land at the bottom with a soft thump in a pile. "Go Go Pixie!" Rose and I both laughed out. getting slowly up from the table "Shall I go get them ladies?" she asked in a posh tone. prickling the guy's curiosity at what we were doing. "Go for it pixie!" Rose shouted back. pretending to be a fine figure of British upper-class. placing them in the cleared area before the TV. Alice ran upstairs and grabbed her. I laughed at the sight of what looked like a walking. A pile of bed sheets formed at the top of the stairs with two small feet in luminous pink socks poking out on the bottom. "What say you to a movie night? I bought two new DVDs on my way home last night…" Rose said. they made their way into the living room and stood behind Rose and I. waiting for Alice to join us. waiting to see what would happen. talking mobile bed."Superb Bella" Jasper simply stated before getting up "Lets do this gents" he said while picking up the dishes from the table and making his way to the kitchen. This was like a little ritual we girls would go through each time we'd have a movie night. push the coffee table out the way and the x-box controllers.

I turned to look at the boys. the covers softening her fall. "Step… step… steady pixie. her eyes ablaze with laughter and mischief. her being so small she was completely hidden. We heard a muffled "Ouch" which only made Rose and I laugh more hysterically. Rose used it to her advantage and said "Step". She turned around to look at me. one foot first and the second foot would join the first. at which her legs buckled from under her and fell to a heap on the floor. I was guessing I knew what Rose was going to do once she reached the bottom. making her stop on the stairs to compose herself. pain fogged his eyes and his forehead burrowed in a frown. Emmett looked like he was enjoying what he was watching and probably wanting to have a go once Alice had reached the bottom. wanting to see what they thought of our little… tradition. but her being blinded by bed covers… she didn't know. Jasper bound forward to try and pick Alice out from the bundled fabric. eyes fixed on Alice. It was a slow but careful process. At hearing Rose's little jest of Alice breaking her back Jasper's eyes grew rounded. Rose and I laughed together. "Step…step…step…steady Ali… step" Rose instructed Alice from beside me. making her and Alice both giggle which set Alice's balance off a bit. . She'd walk down the stairs like a child. trying to hold each other up from the sight of Alice bundled up in the folds of fabric. she gave me the thumbs up. The three of them stood stock still. telling Alice when to take a step because her vision was covered by fabric. Edward I could see was watching with half amusement and half concern. I heard him sigh in relief once he'd managed to untangle her and pick her up in his arms off the floor. I turned back to see Alice two steps away from the bottom. don't want you breaking your back now do we…" Rose said.60 - . which I returned. instead of going on to the next. Alice took what she thought was another step down stairs. "Step… step…" Alice was now safely off the stairs with her feet planted safely on the ground carry a pile of covers is one heck of a mission… but hysterical at the same time.

except that I could see her lips trying their best not to break into a smile "Bi-atch" she said simply. I didn't like to have to suffer idle chit chat.Alice turned to look at Rose and I who were recovering the best we could from the laughter. I feel I can only be myself around those I know and so I use my silence as a kind of defence mechanism from not wanting attention. get quiet and unresponsive. before turning to look at Rose with the same empty expression on her face "Ho-bag". and I couldn't be happier. I know my status there. My students are all easy going.61 - . This was the second time since I had moved in that I'd carried Alice in my arms. (Jasper POV) Where they both crazy? Alice could have seriously hurt herself! Rose had said herself that she could have broken her back. I tend to shy away. Rose was easy to get along with too. in my classes I'm fine. a challenge they want to complete… to break… to figure out. I was going to have to take better care of Alice now that I lived here. They probably think I'm playing a game with them. I've always been shy and uncomfortable around strangers. she asked me two simple questions and left it at that. Bella was different. Edward and Emmett had picked the bed sheets up and had laid them down. she set me totally at ease when I first met her. Even though she was conducting a sort of interview. Rose and I were giggling together at hearing Alice's little lovely sentiment to the each of us before we made our way over with Alice and Jasper to the TV. It was like she knew somehow that I was a quiet person. At work. She had say hello . the students respect me as an authoritative figure and so don't challenge me. ready for us all to climb underneath. especially when she was around those two stupid imbeciles. her face was devoid of all emotion. She turned her little sparkling eyes to look at me. I carried her perfect petite body in my arms as I made our way over to the TV. especially around women who I find are intimidating. they do their work and I like to have some fun in my lessons so all is comfortable there. Women though… they find me to be a challenge.

She let me sit with my thoughts while I took in the house and the people around me. "What hurts?" I asked her instantly. needed and respected that. Her probably being bought up by her father had given her some sort on insight to how men's minds work… or maybe she was just intuitive as Bella was. An angel like her shouldn't have to suffer any pain. Alice though… Alice was completely different. I felt as if reacted wholly different to her than I did to every one else. I think she knew that I wouldn't appreciate it. I smiled back at her as I took a step forward to put her down. I couldn't explain it.with a few other pleasantries and left me to my thoughts. and if she asked me a question I would answer without hesitation. Disappointment seeped through me as I realised I'd have to set Alice down and break the contact between our bodies. I'd felt some sort of… connection to her from the moment I met her. letting it all sink in. . didn't try to talk to me or start a conversation even though Rosalie and Emmett were chatting away like old friends. She was the only female's attention that I sought out. She swung her feet around in the air as she waited for me to make my move and I suddenly saw a slight grimace of pain pass over features before she stopped moving. she'd said hello and kept quiet. "I think I landed a bit funny when I fell… my ankle hurts a little when I spin it around" she said. On the first day we arrived.62 - . a frown was on her face as she moved her right foot again and gasped quietly as it hurt her again. It was as if she knew what I felt. inviting me to look deeper. I straightened myself up and she must have seen a questioning look in my eyes because she whispered into my ear "Don't let me go…" my breath felt like it'd been punched out of me when I heard her "I'm comfy where I am" she added. a smile on her face and her eyes showed warmth. but I didn't get a thrill from conversations with them like I got from Alice. looking shyly down with a light flush on her cheeks. I talked to Edward and Emmett. wanting to take the pain away. She shook her head slowly as I began to bend to put her down. she didn't try and push a conversation on me. I tore myself from my thoughts as I reached the area where we all would watch the movies. she hadn't asked me any questions. I welcomed her conversations instead of dreading them like I usually did with people. I looked down to her face only to fine that she was unashamedly staring right at mine.

her eyes were so deep and captivating. to show her how I cared for her. like a porcelain doll that could be broken at any second. I didn't know what the combination of feelings that were running through my veins meant. I couldn't get over how pretty she was. I placed it as delicately as I could against Alice's cute little injured foot. I was shocked myself. She hadn't told me why she'd reacted that way and I hadn't asked her. She looked stunning with her pale silken smooth skin and gorgeous features. Holding her again. she winced when she touched a part of her ankle which was red. Her little hands were delicate looking as were her feet and she seemed so fragile. "Thank you Jasper" I heard Alice murmur into my chest. you'll only hurt yourself more" I told her as I took hold of her ankle in my hand and tilted it slightly side to side to take a look at the angry red area on her ankle which looked to be a bit swollen. and I knew there was a smile on her from the tone of her voice. closing her eyes. wanted to be near her. I . Edward came back from the kitchen and handed me an ice pack which he'd wrapped in a tea towel. I looked down at her angelic face and found that I was right. He and Emmett had never seen me react this way to anyone. I'd never experienced such variety all at once before. I knew what he was thinking. but I knew she was made of sterner stuff. Her lips were forever shaped into a smile which made me to smile too. "Okay" she murmured and rested her head back against my chest and sighed. I couldn't think of anything to say in response to her thanks. I turned my attention back to the rest of the room. "Please don't poke at it. when she'd had a panic attack from being cornered in the garden shed. her head rested against my chest as one of her arms snaked its way behind my neck. so I did what felt right… I kissed her on her forehead. my undivided attention had been captivated by Alice and her injury until now.63 - . I smiled to myself at my action.I sat us both down on the left side of the pile of blankets. he was smirking at the fact that I actually wanted to speak with Alice. keeping herself upright in a firm hold. but it felt right. Alice was seated on my lap. get to know her. not wanting her to have to remember the memory and all the emotions that went with it. comforting her bought back memories from Sunday. somehow knowing that Alice would have taken it the way I had intended. they always seemed to be mischievous and alive with energy. I saw Edward making his way towards the kitchen and called after him "Edward! Could you get an ice pack or a bag of peas please? Alice hurt her ankle when she fell and it's a little swollen" I asked and saw him smirk but nodded his head and made his way to get it. She bought her right foot up so that she could poke at it.

64 - . I'd noticed lately how I felt as if I could breathe fully when he was around.V which I saw the movie "The Green Mile" starting up and couldn't help but think that this night was only getting better and better. adrenaline. I'm working on chapters 9 and10 already! big smile (No. joy. comfortable. more myself and complete I felt at this very moment in his arms while he cared for me. I couldn't get over how calm. I'm not giving you them all at once! I've got to go to work Thursday. ache. I felt Jasper shift a little around me and then his warm perfect lips press against my forehead in a kiss. A/N: What'd you think? Tell me people. I turned my attention to the T. turning it grey. Friday. like someone had dimmed the lights to the earth. I can read minds or predict your reactions like dear Alice and Edward would be able to… I've got a feeling this story is gona be a long one… I've got so many ideas…. (Alice POV) "Thank you Jasper" I smiled as I spoke into his warm solidly toned chest. I am home I thought as his lips tore away from my skin and into a smile. and I could see everything better. warmth and so many more that I didn't understand run wildly through me. need.could feel rushes of excitement. all colours shone brighter with him. Saturday and Sunday so I'm making sure I got some back up chaptersready for you guys to keep you happy chappies!) . I felt weak and the world seemed like it had dulled in colour and brightness. When he was gone.

but she . it'll be great! I got us passes and stuff from my friend… she owns it!" she took a breath while her little arms waved about. what the six of us would be getting up to over the weekend. you can wear that dress that makes you look bangin' Bells! This is going to be awesome! Do you think the guys are gona want some help with what to wear? I could colour co-ordinate us all so we all compliment each other and don't clash!" her eyes were reeling in her head as she went on about the night. Friday night finally came around and I wondered as I made my way home from work. "Alice. I had a feeling that Alice would ask… demand we go out dancing and drinking. Do you understand me?" I asked as I could see the energy building in her as she had no means of releasing it. I smiled at the thought of dancing with the guys. seeing that she had only stopped talking once to get her breath I took action and clamped my hand over her mouth and held her head steady. I wondered if they'd be able to keep up with us girls.65 - . hearing a mumble and grunt coming from the two kids who were glued to the game as a welcome while Alice leaped up from where she was sat and bounded over to me in one of her hyper fits.Trippin' A/N: Hello peoples! I need to warn y'all that the next 4ish chapters are gona be all one night hangs head I was gona do it into one or two chapters… then I went off on one and well… it expanded… DON'T HATE ME! T rippin' (Bella POV) The rest of our week fell into a comfortable routine of work. calm down or I really will have to slap you. dinner and then us all hanging out together in the evening. having fun watching movies and playing games and learning about each little by little. "We have to go to the new club that opened in town tonight. threatening to whack me in the face "And I can wear my new shirt. When I finally arrived home I found Alice sitting in the living room watching Emmett and Rose battling each other on the x-box "Honey's I'm ho-ome" I called from the door way.

I leant forward. Edward made his way quietly through the doorway and towards the armchair. It was amazing. the kids don't make my life any easier either" he quietly spat out as I kept rubbing his shoulders. As he sat down I went to stand behind him and began to massage his shoulders. he'd done it once… but I couldn't see anything last time because it was too dark. They seemed to be getting on really well and Jasper seemed to be opening up quite a bit. His bronze hair seemed to be more dishevelled than usual and from the way his shoulders seemed to be hunched up I knew he was tense. "Oh God" I heard him groan in pleasure as I eased some of the tension. which wrapped around her and hugged her tightly to him. I'll wear the dress if you want me to. but now… now would be good. I saw a flash of black zoom passed me and heard Alice's giggle as she leapt into Jasper's waiting arms. but don't freak the guys out by telling them what to wear.66 - . he needed to empty his mind and relax. shut up. but please calm down. especially when Alice was around. my mouth to his ear and I whispered "Edward. "That feels so good" he took a deep breath and stretched his back. both looking ragged from a hard days work. I'm sure they'll do fine… they're big boys now" I added and laughed softly. stepping away from Alice as she nodded along with what I said. "Ali. My thoughts were cut short by Edward's acidic laced voice. Maybe I could ask him to take his shirt off again I thought as I watched him squirm around under my hands. "I don't know why I bother" he carried on.nodded none the less and closed her eyes. we can go to the new club. He was able to calm her when she was in one of her overly energetic states like before by just by physical contact like holding her hand or in one of his hugs. Close your . feeling the muscles that had knotted up from the stress under my fingertips. Just as we both were making our way to the sofa's to join the squabbling kids on the x-box Jasper and Edward arrived home. He was making himself tenser by talking about it. rubbing his temples and eyes half closed looking down. his head drooping down so that his chin rested on his chest "I need a hug" he simply stated in a pained and exhausted voice. As Jasper came in he dumped his books and bag on the side table and held his arms open. I took my hand away as she began taking deep breaths to aid calming herself down. "I don't know why some mothers bother to torment their children to learn the piano when they obviously don't want to.

even if I did have to share the bathroom with Bella. I shouldn't be thinking like that about him. I could deal with it fine… I'd just have to block out the thoughts of how Bella had been stood naked in the very same place every time I went for a shower. . Alice turned her attention from Jasper to the room and decided to announce that we were all going out to the new club that had opened in town and that she wasn't taking no for an answer.eyes and lean back. Maybe I could get him to take his shirt off with ease.. but more importantly to pass Alice's inspection. Knowing how childish Emmett could be and not wanting it to blow into a huge debate I left him to it. Taking a deep breath I tried to push the thought out of my mind.67 - . It was as if Jasper was Alice's protector because she looked so fragile and small. okay" he shut his mouth. But that was fine. I shouldn't be thinking such things about my flat mate! Jasper and I stayed in the living room while the girls showered. I mused at how they looked so perfect together. (Edward POV) The girls had taken possession over all the bathrooms upstairs which left the one down stairs for us guys to battle over. I live with him… and his brother… but he's so sexy and single… Laughter bought me from my wicked thoughts and I found that the sound had come from Alice and Jasper who were stood close together by the doorway to the kitchen. Just concentrate on my hands getting rid of the tension and tell me when it feels better. I'd be free from his pirate ships and rubber duckies at least. She wanted everyone back in the living room by 7. I'd have to get rid of everyone else from the room though. Emmett instantly demanded that the bathroom should be his own personal one seeing as Jasper had his own and that he didn't want to have to share with me or a girl. closed his eyes and leant back as I'd ordered and I smiled to myself. Jasper being about a foot taller than Alice didn't make them look silly or anything. Alice was currently in Jasper's ensuite as Rose had taken over their shared one and Bella was in our bathroom.. I went back to work on his shoulders. relax and just forget about everything. they looked right. Darn it.30pm which gave us about two hours to get ourselves looking our best. wild thoughts of how I could make him moan and groan under my hands in other ways flashed through my mind before I shook them out and mentally scolded myself. hearing him groan every now and again which made my body tingle deep within me.

I looked to her face to see her eyes filled with mischief and amusement. A warm. soft form smelling like strawberries bumped straight into my side as I passed the bathroom door. . my eyes. run my hands over her skin. poking my head through his door which was ajar. I knew Alice would pass judgment so I told myself that was the reason. "Enjoyed the view?" she laughed softly before walking away from me. I looked up to see her face scrunched up and one of her delicate hands rubbing at her nose where she must have bumped it against me. I snapped back to my senses to notice that I had been gawping and panting at her stunning figure. I laughed with him shaking my head as I closed his door and made my way to my own room. pulling my attention to her chest which was a mouth watering sight. I had the biggest urge to look my best tonight. My mind churned in motion as I finally figured out that Bella and I had bumped into each other. he pointed towards his bed where I could see the clothing folded neatly. ready and waiting. I decided that I'd go to my room and sort through my closet and find what to wear till Bella was done. Her long brown hair which was wet and dripping was spread behind her back and over a pale smooth shoulder.68 - . halting me in my tracks. damp. making her way up to her attic and leaving me standing frozen in a daze where I was. Jasper got up from the sofa and made his way up to his room. He popped his head out of his bathroom and told me that Alice had laid an outfit out on his bed ready for him. on their own accord scanned her body. I could see the curve of her breasts which were hidden beneath the white fluffy towel wrapped around her tightly. learning every inch of it with my hands and mouth and eyes. As I walked passed Jaspers room I heard him chuckling quietly "What's so funny Jazz?" I asked. My breathing began to feel like a task as I drank in the sight of her exposed skin. She stood before me like an angel fallen from heaven. I tried to speak but found my mouth had dried up. collect her up in my arms and kiss her soundly. my throat felt constricted and I was trying to concentrate on taking air in and breathing it back out again."I'm done Jasper" a shout came from Alice upstairs and I heard the patter of her feet making their way to her room. My mind was busy fighting with my body's urge to run after her. accentuating her curves and reaching only to mid-thigh. giving me a wonderful view of her gorgeous legs.

we'd seen what they looked like early in the morning. (Edward POV) We men were gathered in the living room. I'm sure if we just stick with them. looking at Emmett I saw him running his hands through his hair. something was worrying him too. What torture did women have to go through just for a night out I wondered. Every now and again Jasper. pacing around like caged tigers that you saw at the zoo. finally. we were waiting for the girls to join us so we could be on our way. you know… make sure no one tries to take advantage of them or anything…" I said. "Hey guys…" I started and got both their attention "We should really watch after the girls tonight. my face felt as if all the blood was seeping from it. half asleep with bed-head hair. seen them once they'd gotten home from a hard days work looking worn out. and more importantly so we could see what they looked like after almost 2hours of getting ready. What if Bella did find someone tonight? By the haunting look on Jaspers face I wondered if he was thinking the same. or they . looking at them both as they nodded along in agreement."Yes" I whispered. "Cold shower… freezing cold shower" I muttered as I shook the thoughts of Bella's figure out of my mind. which would be followed by a few profanities. "I'm not letting them out of my sight" Jasper added. I wonder if they were getting all dolled up so that they could find some guys once we were at the club… the thought made me feel like ice had filled my stomach. "I don't think we need to go that far. Having been waiting for 15minutes already. answering her earlier question to myself before heading to my room.69 - . They were only going out with us guys for the night. we'd been able to hear a steady stream of giggles and squeals coming from Alice and Rose's room where the three of them were busy preening themselves. most times it was Bella's voice that rang with pain. "Do you think we should run them through some signs or something? Like you know if they want us to come beat the crap out of the guy that's talking to them they should pull on their ear or something to let us know…" Emmett suggested as he paced back and forth before Jasper and I. making me feel weak. Emmett and I would wince at the sound of one of the girls screaming in pain. a serious look set on his face.

she was dressed simply in a pair of faded baggy jeans which hung loosely to her hips and a tight white tank top which accentuated her bust. Rose made her way down to join us next.70 - . who I'd been waiting for on tender hooks finally materialized on the stairs. She looked breathtaking in a navy blue halter necked dress that reached just above her knees. waiting to view the source of the noise. She pushed his mouth shut as she laughed softly as she reached him "Hey Peaches" I heard her whisper into his ear before she playfully punched him on the arm. just like I used to feel early on Christmas morning once I'd gotten out of bed. A pair of petite feet clad in black heels come into view at the top of the stairs. The sight of her exposed legs triggered the memory of the event that took place between Bella and I earlier. The sound of a door opening from upstairs cut off our little discussion and I heard the clatter of heels making their way across the wooden floorboards. Her hair had been pulled up into a messy pony tail. who was stood to my right stiffened and inched forward a little closer as Alice made her way down. taking slow and steady steps down towards the rest of us. As she came into full view Jasper's eyes widened and changed to look glassy. I was filled with anticipation and excitement.stick together. especially as she made her way away from me and up the stairs to her room. Bella. thankful that I wasn't the only one worrying about the girls tonight. showing off her . a pair of short black shorts showed off her little legs which seemed much longer with the heels added to them. his eyes looked as if they were almost popping out of his head the closer Rose got to him and his mouth dropped open in shock of how beautiful she looked. reminding me of the amazing sight of Bella's legs. My feet. Emmett broke out of his daze and laughed back "Beautiful Bambi" which gained a wide smile from her. Jasper's and Emmett's attention… or it could have just been Jasper's unblinking stare as he drank every detail of her in. Her usual spiked black short hair had been smoothed down to look sleek and classy. My eyes made their way to look over Bella from head to toe. I turned my full attention towards the stairs. Directing my eyes back to Alice I saw that she looked a little sheepish from mine. she wore a tight black shirt which had its top few buttons open to reveal a hint of her cleavage. of their own accord made their way over to the foot of the stairs to meet her. Jasper. they'll be fine" I concluded. the simplicity of her outfit only made her look like a vision. her luscious hair fell down over her back and shoulders in soft waves. She made her way over to Emmett who wolf whistled a little weakly. his arms fell limp to his sides. She did look radiant tonight.

The atmosphere changed from being filled with excitement to being heavy and electrified. it felt like the kind of atmosphere that would be present in a lightening-storm. All thoughts of anyone else other than Bella and I washed away from my mind. Club scene next… (Can I just say. that I'm not your dancing/clubbing type. I unwrapped my arms from around her slowly and took a step back. pulling her tightly up against my chest before she could even begin to fall properly. make me smile… I got 4days of work coming up… sad face . She turned her attention purposely towards the floor. Her eyes flew open once she realised that she hadn't collided with the floor and a small smile played on her lips as I asked her "Good catch?" I needed something to distract myself from the feeling of her warm soft curves pressed up against me so closely. my body shrieked in protest from the space I'd created between us. She nodded her head as her musical laugh sounded from her mouth. My arms instinctively reached out and grabbed hold of her around her small waist. Gimmie some coffee and rock music any day) Review please.stunning curves and mouth watering legs yet again. The pair of high black heels which were strapped to her feet only drew more attention to her legs as she took each step closer to me. floor zero" We all laughed with her as she shrugged her shoulder. ready to brace herself for the fall. her arms came out from beside her. I heard a small gasp come from Bella and her eyes which rounded in shock quickly shut themselves tightly closed.71 - . I looked up and saw a shy smile visible on her pink lips. before she stuck her tongue out like a 3year old and muttered "Bella one. muttering something more about the floor winning and its luck was going to change. Once I'd assured myself that she was safe and steady on her feet. I looked to her eyes only to drown in the depth of my defence if it sucks. A/N: The picture of Bella's dress is up on my profile page if you want a look. she had managed to lose her footing on one of the last steps. moulding into my body perfectly.

sorry in advance if it sucks… I'm not a clubbing person at all. There were two sturdy intimidating looking bouncers dressed in black with clip boards and walkie talkies standing on each side of the doors. Alice was busy telling us all as we looked around how it was the opening night and that one of her old friends from home had invited her to the club. benches and sofa's. making it seem more relaxing and like a totally different place from below. "Alice. Fate. "I thought he was going to pounce at me or something" she added as she turned to look at him. I looked up at the building and found an enormous eye catching sign blinking with lights which read "F8". checking I. Alice handed over each of our passes so that we could get free drinks while I lead the way over to a large corner table that would comfortably sit us all.72 - . her friend owned the place and had told Alice that she and friends could come in for free and have free bar all night. craning her neck to look at him as she handed him six small cards which he looked over. handed back to her with a smile and welcomed us all to 'F8'. you are one amazing little pixie" Emmett laughed out as he gave her a quick high 5 before we all turned towards the door. the bottom level was one large dance floor with a large bar with strobe lights situated to the side. Alice strode up to one of the bouncers.D and letting those old enough in. . (Bella POV) Climbing out of the taxi I looked around to see a long line of people queuing up to get into the new club. The club was split into two levels. The guys instantly declared that they'd get the drinks and that we girls should go find a table for us all to sit at. As soon as we got in we stopped to take a look around. "You guys should have so seen Jasper checking me out when I got down stairs earlier!" Alice giggled as she slid into the chair next to me as I shimmied myself in to sit by the wall. with wooden stools. Alice and Rose made their way up to the upper level and lead us all towards the bar behind them.Fate A/N: Here we go… my attempt of a club scene. The upper level was more like a bar. who stood talking by the bar with Edward and Emmett.

which were only a few of his attributes. Alice had told us how she'd picked out his outfit for him after she'd finished her shower. I couldn't get over how he was so down to earth. and…" she . My mouth dried up and I licked my lips as I looked him over. "I told him Tuesday. "I told Emmett" Rose whispered after a few minutes of silence had spread between us. how would I be able to live comfortably with him. you know. His chest and arms were visibly toned which surprised me a little. with such amazing looks you'd expect someone looking as good as he to radiate arrogance and vanity. Emmett was stood reading some kind of menu. "Edward looks pretty good too…" Alice said. Someone as perfect as him was only real in fictional books. Standing in between them both was Edward. My breath seemed to be laboured as I looked him over. but no… he was charming. her eyes locked on her hands that were rested on the table top.73 - . and him not feeling the same towards me. Alice and Rose. it became undoubtedly obvious to me when I came down the stairs and saw him looking at me. Alice and I both knew what she was speaking about. have you seen his arms? They're bigger than my thighs!" she laughed from where she sat opposite me. but there he was stood at the bar ordering drinks… for me. Rose's voice bought me out of my wondering thoughts of Edward as I heard her say "Emmett looks so hot. and told him about how it was like growing up. I kinda broke down after the plastic bitch pissed off and Emmett helped" she added. he does look good tonight… really good" I whispered as I looked down at the table.Jasper was dressed in a tight long sleeved top and black trousers. The atmosphere I felt between us was… electrifying. I'd never seen anyone as handsome as him before in my life. She'd said how she wanted to his 'sexy muscles' on show for the night and on show they were. the muscles in his biceps seemed to just be straining to fit through his t-shirt's sleeves without tearing the fabric. dressed in black trousers and a black shirt. dressed in a fitted t-shirt and baggy jeans. with his sleeves rolled up to show off the muscles of his forearms. "Yeah. "I cried for ages. I had felt scared and excited at the same time at the rush of feelings that seemed to pass between us. But I couldn't be sure he felt it too… what if he didn't feel the same way and I made a fool out of myself. caring and fun. it wasn't what you'd expect from a history teacher. To live with the both of us knowing how I'm attracted to him. and I couldn't believe how he was actually real. a gentleman. trying to prompt me into adding to the conversation. I couldn't try and deny the massive attraction I had toward him.

I could see him making the hand movements again and distantly hear him explaining the meaning of the motions to Edward like he was a 3years old. Edward kept shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders to convey that he didn't know what he was saying. It seemed like she must really trust Emmett to have told him about such a sensitive thing.74 - . not big fans of straight spirits unless there were games involved. and it was too early for the games to begin. Alice and I were the only ones that knew of the pain she'd suffered growing up. I . Rose looked back up at the both of us. She nodded her head up and down in agreement to the question I'd asked. "So your okay with him knowing?" I asked. but worry not! Your gallant prince shall return… with booze!" he chuckled and made his way back towards the bar. I must love you and leave you. Jasper looking at a menu. when I stupidly walked into him as I made my way out of the bathroom. Alice voiced my question "So you must really trust him if you told him about everything?" she said in a low voice. his large figure bumping into tables and chairs in his excited haste "shots or pitchers first?" his question broke us from our intense conversation before. Rose had always been defensive about her teenage years. why would Emmett calling her Bambi make her happy? Rose noticed our confused looks and explained how her being named Bambi came about and how she decided to call him peaches and his reaction to it which had the three of us giggling by the end. until now. "Pitchers!" the three of us shouted out. her face beaming with one of the happiest smiles I'd seen on her face in a long while "Yeah. "Dumbass" Emmett muttered before turning back to us "I'm sorry ladies. We loved to drink pitchers. With his hands Emmett tried to portray to Edward our choice. "Got it" Emmett turned back to the bar where Edward was looking at him. Alice and I looked at each other in confusion. I really do trust him.looked up with a slight smile on her saddened face "He called me Bambi" she chuckled softly." "Ouch… shit… okay ladies!" Emmett's voice boomed from beside us as he made his way over from the bar toward us. Looking away from Edward's godly form I thought about what happened back at the house. From all I knew.

dripping wet into him. stupid Bella! He's not only going to think I'm a total idiotic klutz for my stunt on the stairs but now he's going to think I'm vain that I thought he'd enjoy looking at me wrapped up in a towel. "It could very well happen" she added. laced slight hope in her voice. I could control my physical urges to get to know him. she said it so naturally.75 - . I know I'm not stunning like Rose or Alice and I know I'm not pug-ugly. don't worry" Alice answered her. my little comment probably didn't help the situation. A gleaming smile broke out brightening her face "Don't you start doubting my freaky little visions as you Rose put it quite nicely before. towards the guys. Rose turned her attention to Alice then and asked her if it was the same between her and Jasper. mentally kicking myself in the process. and I quote ladies 'a fabulous new flat together… and fall in love' so you two . but she asked Alice if it was more than just physical want? Alice's eyes grew a little dazed before she said "One of my first thoughts when I met him was about marriage" she rested her head in her hands as a wistful look crossed her face "I was helping him get his suitcase over the threshold… and I wondered about how it could be him carrying me over the threshold one day" I could actually feel my mouth hanging open at her bold statement. "Could you map out my future for me?" Rose joked. what if I'm not attracted to the person inside? I like him so far. "Hell pixie! Now that you've said it. Knowing Alice and Rose so well I knew that they'd have questioning looks on their faces at my little outburst and so I told them about the massive physical attraction that I had toward Edward and I wondered… what if that's all it is? Just physical attraction. And so I walked. which I concurred. turning to look at me with the same expression. "It'll all fall into place Rosie. it'll probably come true! You know what you're like…" Rose trailed off as she peeked a look over at the bar. as if she were speaking about the weather. "Bella has a problem" I announced to the table top which I was staring intently on. searching deep within me for something hidden. face placid and eyes serious "You too Bells" She added. her eyes felt like they were penetrating mine. turning her head to look at him by the bar. banging my nose in the process. How stupid was I! "Enjoyed the view" I repeated with a churning sensation in my stomach. she said how she'd noticed the connection between them both. I said we'd get.was busy trying to think of which dress Alice meant that made me look "bangin" as she's put it. but what if I find it's all a charade or that some of his habits annoy the crap out of me? "Just get to know him Bells" Rose consoled me. I nodded at her advice. but did I have to sound so friggin' vain? I groaned in my mind.

"Why don't we make this a little more interesting? Two to a pitcher. and sat down next to her. Before anyone could begin to pour the drinks. Alice who was sitting at the head of the table was grinning madly up at Jasper who was stood beside her. and handed me a glass with a straw propped inside. taking part's what counts and all that" Emmett boasted while he stretched his arms over his head. "Rose and me are gona win. what's your plan?" Rose asked from beside Emmett. Emmett placed his pitcher down beside Rose and said "I think you'll like this one. not wanting to push her to get even more hyper. as if he was .76 - . In their hands were 2glasses. it's called "Did You Get The Number Of That Truck" he chuckled as he passed her a glass and a straw. he placed his hand on her shoulder and the result was astounding. "Alice… chill and spill before I have to slap you please" I said in my calmest voice.chill and enjoy the ride… or something like that" she added with a casual shrug. The gents made their way towards us looking like 3 runway models on the loose. but fine you know. He looked over at her and smiled a warm smile. "So spill pixie. her eyes were bulging and she was clapping her hands hysterically. 2 straws and a jug filled with a cocktail and plenty of ice. he placed the pitcher and glasses down before he took the seat next to her and told her the name of the cocktail was "Flying Sunset" Edward took the last seat around the table next to me. whoever finish's first gets the privilege to choose what we all do tomorrow! Oh. Alice instantly calmed down and slumped a little in her seat. and no glasses! Straws only" she added with a twinkle in her eyes. smiling sheepishly at Jasper. "This one I'm sure will taste nicer than what it sounds" he said as he pushed the pitcher over to me smiling "It's called Vile Green Stuff" I laughed at his choice but it did look tasty. did they want us to get brain freeze! Alice stealthily got up from beside me to pull two chairs from a neighbouring table and plonked them on the end so that we'd all have some more room. Alice almost shot completely out of her seat in excitement. "Okay! I got an idea" she bounced beside Jasper in her seat.

her eyes and smile showed her approval. if Alice or Rose win. Alice has taken advantage of that fact. "Don't call me that" Emmett growled back at Jasper. I was sure that at this moment that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. I leant in towards Edward. his usual bright green orbs look slightly smoky. Alice did a countdown with her fingers… 3…2…1. I looked up to see Edward's reaction to the drink. if she were to win we'd all have to go for a full days shopping trip. I could feel my cheeks fill with a blush.77 - . Rose would make us undoubtedly go to some car show event which would be just as bad as the shopping. so we have to win". Emmett and Rose finished soon after . As I instantly began to suck the cocktail through the straw the taste filled my mouth and I couldn't help thinking that Edward's choice in cocktails was good. as if there was a fire burning deep within them. because listen. not wanting the others to notice I was working out a plan of attack "Edward. Once everyone had gotten themselves ready. I noticed his face scrunch up in slight disgust at the suggestion "Good. Edward nodded his head in understanding as he picked up the straws and handed one over to me. my eyes felt as if they were being held captive by his as the both of us sucked rhythmically at the straw. Was it wrong for me to be turned on by the sight of him sucking on a straw? I thought to myself as I couldn't help but watch him. I didn't fail to notice that Rose was taking the opportunity to look Emmett's form up and down. mumbling "Only Rose gets to call me that. I could taste the strong spirits which are hidden by the ice and orange juice. how do you like shopping and car shows?" I asked him innocently. The sound of straws pulling in air reached my ears and I looked down at our pitcher to find that Edward and I had finished. While everyone laughed at Emmett's comment. I turned my attention to Edward.warming up for a run. Raw feelings of lust began to run through my body. Jasper's eyes light up "Bring it on peaches" he mocked Emmett while leaning back in his chair. only to see his eyes fixed firmly on my face. that's what we'll end up having to suffer tomorrow. so don't". I needed to warn him of the seriousness of this wager that the guys wouldn't understand.

78 - . a wicked grin spread across her face. I knew that he too was thinking about something quite serious by the look of his creased forehead. rubbing at his side from where Rose had poked him. "One of a kind" Emmett chuckled softly from opposite me. "I was so shocked guys. both of us like a good laugh and a prank… both of us are tough on the outside. I really want to get to know her more too. we left the men to their own devices. Jasper took his glasses off and went to clean them. she's so amazing…" he trailed off. He took a deep breath and went to explain vaguely what happened between the both of them on Tuesday evening. a promise that it wasn't over in her eyes as she joined us on our way down to the dance floor. but pretending to be annoyed with the loss. but big softies inside" Emmett heaved a heavy sigh. but we listened intently "I like her… really like her. I don't know what it'd be like if they weren't. We've got quite a bit in common what with our love for cars. cursing lightly under his breath before he continued "You know how I hate talking to women. at which Emmett pushed Rose's shoulder playfully. ready to go. "What is it Jasp?" I asked. I was glad that they were enjoying the night. Alice and I had both been on the receiving end of her tickling wrath and it's not a pretty sight. they intimidate me and I get all awkward but Alice… she's just so easy to talk to… I want to talk to her… I feel so much better . she came to me and she wasn't all tough. sensing a tickle fight about to break out between the both of them. she was totally defenceless and she let me help her" he whispered mostly to himself than to Jasper and I. She got her own back by poking him in the rib at which he yelped in shock. rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. Rose broke away from Emmett. "I don't know" he shrugged. taking a bashful look up at Jasper and I after his little confession of his knowing him just as well as I knew Emmett. he told us that he'd promised her that he wouldn't say anything. but felt that Jasper and I should know so that we could be on the lookout if anything like that happened again. "You mean Rose?" I asked him. (Edward POV) I watched as the girls make their way into the crowd hearing them laughing. a gesture that I knew that he was worrying about something "I just don't want her to think she's like a rebound after Lauren or anything. we'd be prepared. Alice's pout from loosing the drinking game vanished at the sound of dancing as she jump up on top of her chair. at which he answered yes. I announced to Alice and Rose that I wanted to dance.

A song was just dying off when the next started up. I was surprised that they were playing it. feeling like I could relate to the both of them on some level. but not as surprised as I was when I saw the girl's reaction to it… A/N: I hope it didn't suck too bad… 2more chapters to go with this one. making sure we all got at least one good meal a day. I vaguely remember it from when it came out a few years ago.s (another one sorry…) if there's anything you don't understand. "Bella…" I thought of the ways she made me feel with her hands massaging my shoulders and back "I've got the biggest urge every time I see her to just grab and kiss her senseless. She's so beautiful and then there's her amazing personality and her cooking!" I added and got hearty agreements from Jasper and Emmett "I just want to get to know her.. "Screw it. asking everyone if they were okay and taking time to talk to each of us every morning before and after work. let's go check on the hotties shall we?" Emmett chuckled as he made his way to get up. caring for us all in her own way. we spotted the girls instantly. (One night 4chapters) is that good or bad? Review me please… it makes me smile and keeps mesane while I'm at work! p.p. "Your turn Eddie" Emmett chuckled as he picked a piece of ice out of the jug and into his mouth. I though of how compassionate Bella was. thinking to ourselves. I don't want to mess up any chance that I might have with her by letting my body rule things".when she's around. Jasper and I trailed behind him as the three of us our way to look down over the dance floor.79 - ..s I am LOVING your comments so far! I never thought you readers would think my writing was any good! p. The boys agreed and we all sat back. Being around her makes me I don't know… complete? Like I've been waiting for her to come into my life to make my whole" he placed his glasses back on his nose. leaning back in his chair "I think I need to get used to the idea that I'm actually not afraid to be around her. I just hope she wont find someone else" I patted his back in a supportive way. and they were right in the middle of the throng of dancing bodies. ask . more myself.

80 - .away. :P . My Britishness might confuse you? I could be meaner and add Welsh in there! Hmm… Edward takes a class to learn Welsh….

Rose managed to catch me twice. Rapture by iio. we went deep to what felt like the middle and started dancing together to a familiar song. but I could sense them being there. I'd always been quite particular about my personal space and if anyone invaded it I tended to get anxious. A minute or two later I felt someone behind me. Rose and I were loosely surrounded by the five . I think that's a first! Hope you like what you read… Drink and Drunk. I concentrated on the music as I moved. I opened my eyes to see that Alice. we must have been loud. Our enthusiastic response to the song managed to attract a group of about five guys all the way at the edge of the dance floor. what with the flat hunting and fixing it all up we hadn't had the time.81 - . The song ended only to be replaced by mine. The three of us shrieked at the sound of the intro of the song. I couldn't remember the last time I went out dancing with my girls. jumping up and down in our excitement. and old classic that always made us freak out when it got played.Drink and Drunk A/N: Hello my devoted readers! I have some good news… I'll be able to get back to my writing come Monday! I have 3 full days where I can write away! OMC! I've done this chapter all in ONE person's POV. (Bella POV) The three of us made our way down to the dance floor. from the agitated feeling running through me I knew that they were a bit to close to me that I'd like. I looked down at my feet and felt myself blushing at us being able to attract their attention from way over here. We headed into the throng of pulsing bodies and joined in. I couldn't see them. We danced together to 'our song' and I closed my eyes listening to the lyrics and beats. I slowed our progress down a little by my stumbling. letting the music seep into me and relax me. like I was starting to get now. knowing that they'd both probably hear me even over the music. Rose and Alice's favourite song for when we were together. "Alice and her stupid shoes" I muttered under my breath.

familiar. but the only thing I could think of was trying to physically hurt them to get away. no one would be able to hear us protesting if these guys tried anything on. I closed my eyes and shuddered from the feeling. both smiling at each other. as if I was expecting the answer to the little pickle we were in to be written there. . strong. complete with step by step instructions. but they'd outnumber and overpower us three easily. I tried to think of a way for us to leave without a fuss. Alice turned to the creeps and poked her tongue out to them before jumping into Jasper's hold.guys that'd noticed us from the edge of the room earlier. I felt one of them who was stood close behind me place his hand on my hip as he stepped even closer to try and grind up against me. Him being so muscled and with a threatening look on his face as a signal of warning was enough to scare the idiots away from us. knowing that we girls would soon be saved by our knights in sexy armour as I watched them making their way towards the stairs. and felt it vibrating from his chest though into my body. closing the space around us. they wrapped their way securely around my waist. "My hero" I heard her giggle from his arms as she then kissed him on the side of the neck and rested her head on his shoulder. my hands balled up into fists ready to swing a punch if the dip-stick decided to do anything stupider than he was already doing. The stupid git is hand and repulsive body abruptly got torn away from me and were replaced by two warm. My eyes got distracted as I looked up by a pair of bright green eyes which turned slowly to a charred green in rage. Emmett made his way to Rose and simply placed his arm around her shoulder saying "Hey Bambi" while she moved closer to him. I saw to my right that Jasper was walking his way towards Alice with open arms. with a smug look on her face and greeted him with a "Hi Peaches". they made their way with their faces plastered with frowns and scowls looking down in disappointment. welcoming arms. sending shivers in its wake. holding me possessively from behind. Being in the very middle of the dance floor made us less visible too. The guys around us take our pleasured smiles the wrong way and advanced on us. The six of us burst out in relief and laughter as Rose proudly stated "We showed them punks who's boss" at which us girls cracked into smiles and giggles. I looked up towards the roof of the club. securing me in their hold. I smiled. but calm none the less.82 - . looking at Alice and Rose I knew they weren't happy about being caged either. grinning madly. Where the hell were our knights? I screamed in my head. Emmett turned his attention to the five 'men'. I heard a low angry growl deep from Edwards's throat.

Edward.Emmett turned to Rose saying "Um… we showed them actually" at which he flexed both his arms.83 - . Rose butted in to mine and Emmett's little performance and declared that she would show us how to really dance "Someone needs to show you amateurs how it's really done". but to their own little tune. Alice and I stood beside them as we watched them pull some original moves. Jasper was running his hand slowly up and down Alice's back in a soothing motion while Alice's arms were wrapped around his neck. tall figure and quiet nature while Alice was dark haired. Edward let go of his hold on me and pulled me toward Emmett and Rose to join in with the dancing. As I got closer to Emmett I saw him playing about and dancing like a lunatic and so I joined in with him. They were such contrasts what with Jasper and his blond hair. but she didn't. Alice and Jasper who had already been swaying slowly together carried on as they were. After calming myself down enough to collect my senses I noticed that Alice and Jasper were dancing together. the other hand outstretched before him. Emmett and Rose were busy dancing together to the pounding beats. Jasper. one arm behind his back as he bowed. Her cheeks blushed in embarrassment as she placed her hand in his. now that I was steady on my feet. I'm going off for a break. They looked so perfect together. Emmett's voice bought my attention to him and Rose. he was stood before Rose. I stepped back to let Emmett and Rose dance away in their own mini dance-off. making the both of us fall against each other in fits of giggles. her eyes closed and I could just see that she was trailing soft kisses up and down his throat. pointing to his biceps "me and these guns" I laughed so hard at his seriousness that tears formed in my eyes and Edward had the job of holding me up from the laughter that was almost buckling my legs. waiting for her to place her hand in his as he asked "May I have this dance m'lady?" I expected Rose to laugh and grab hold of his hand. so here's a slower tune for you all to sway along to" the DJ announced as he changed the music to a slower. like out of a fairytale or from a modelling billboard. "Okay lovely dancing people. whispering "Sure . having a laugh at doing silly moves like holding my nose and pretending I was swimming underwater while he mimed that he was stuck in a box. Alice was still in Jaspers arms as he swayed them both back and forth slowly. calmer soothing song. not dancing to the music that was playing. petite and talkative.

I stood watching them begin to dance slowly. I smiled at his gentlemanly gesture while as he released my hand. "That's no excuse. Edward agreed to join me and so did the others. "Are these barmen blind?" she spat out from beside us. pulling him closer against me. "We should get a few shots too. and his large hands holding her waist. the attraction between the both of us was too strong now for me to even try to pretend that he didn't feel the same way too. almost dream like. I rested my head on his shoulder while I felt him rest his chin on my shoulder and heard him sigh in what seemed like contentment. I looked down to see Edwards hand brushing along mine again.Peaches". lusty gazes I caught in his eyes each time he looked at me. Feeling a little drained by the events I decided to make my way back up stairs and get a drink. "I know which cocktail I'm getting" Alice announced after quickly scanning the menu over in a matter of seconds and handing it over to me to look through. Something warm brushed across my hand as I watched Emmett and Rose poking fun at each other. which sparked through his skin and under mine to the hot. we get to be served first. Being held in Edwards arms I felt warm and comfortable.84 - . spreading through me to alight the rest of my limbs. He took hold of my hand in his and bought it up to his lips. . it's like the unwritten rule of bartending". running it's way as if down the side of a volcano. The way my body was already so attuned to his amazed me. The boys were sent on their way to get a table while us girls would play the hunters and scavenge some drinks. with Rose's hands resting on his shoulders. a small gap in between them. I looked up to see the bar swarming with customers fighting to get served and point it out to her. Rose announced that she'd head to the bar with me and Alice instantly climbed down from Jasper to join us. I saw Emmett breaking the awkward tension between them with a joke and saw them laughing together as they broke into an animated conversation. It was clear to me through his touch. we could play a game" Rose smiled from beside me as Alice tried to get the bar tender's attention. brushing them against the back of my hand in a feather light kiss. The song ended much too soon and the DJ returned to play a beat blasting song. as though my blood was boiling under his touch and spreading like hot molten lava through my veins. making my hand feel as if it was burning when his hand was is in contact with mine and then turned to ice in its absence. were hot. scared me because I knew it was unstoppable. while he held me tightly to him with his arms. I wrapped both arms around his waist. Every part of my body that was under Edwards touch felt as if it was on fire.

"Hi Duncan" I tried to smile seductively at him. Alice who was kneeling on a bar stool to my left had undone an extra button on her shirt which now showed an ample amount of cleavage. resting my arms on the bar as I leant forward. I was left to stand in between them both. her chest pushed out and her back arched. my face reflecting a look of pure innocence as I watched him smile playfully at my questioning him for a 'college fuck'. "Sure… I take it you mean the cocktail… your not a college student are you?" he asked with laughter gleaming in his eyes as he started mixing the spirits for the drink. "Can I get you anything else?" he asked after finishing making the first pitcher. Alice turned to face Rose and me with a plan of action. leaving me high and dry to wonder what they're talking about. accentuating the word 'anything' in a provocative way. His hair was raven black and I noticed he had quite a cute smile too. Shocked by his playing along I stuttered out "N-no. The lucky lad that had the pleasure to serve us was called 'Duncan' from what his name tag read.I laughed at her little rant but after seeing Rose and Alice look sternly at me. not sure that I'd really accomplished it or not. showing off my chest to the passing barmen. his skin was bronzed from what I guessed a newly returned tropical holiday. Stupid Bella acting the flirt only to be met with the definition of 'flirt' I thought to myself. "Yes actually…" I decided to have some fun. He was tall and not bad looking. trying to remember what drink I wanted to order "can I get a… College Fuck please?" I asked him. We did as were told and the three of us lined up before the bar. seeing as I was single and he was willing to play along "I'll have The Drunken Elf too please" . "I'm sure we can get at least one bar tender's attention…" Rose smirked and Alice caught on at her meaning. The effect was immediate as four barmen battled their way to serve us. I knew they meant business. I shook my head. at which we both obeyed. He's cute my slightly drunken mind decided to chime in. the three of us shared sly grins as we saw them making their way over to us as fast as they could.85 - . I'm not a student" I felt a slight blush creep to my cheeks and I looked down. Rose who was stood to my right was standing tall.

he shrugged to himself and went off to complete our order without question. Edward. "What is it? Is that stupid bartender perving all over you?" Emmett asked Rose . he headed to the other end of the bar to grab a bottle while I got spun around by a pair or arms. standing right before me. Once he'd finished mixing the second cocktail he asked "I'm guessing you want something else from me?" lifting his eyebrow in question while his lips twitched from restraining a smile. Hop Skip and Strip please". the three of them with worry carved on their faces. Duncan leant back. nodding his head over toward Alice. pretending to be ashamed and defending my actions like a child. I laughed at his quick wittiness and heard Rose and Alice laughing along too. "Hmm… you're right… clever boy" I spoke softly."Looks like you already got one of those" he chuckled. "Thanks Duncan!" Alice chirped up from beside me "can we get six shots of Vodka. looking down. He was probably trying to figure out who was with us or if we were apart of the Alcohol Anonymous group who had gone wild after a heavy session of therapy. six of Jack Daniels and six shots of Apple Sourz… oh and straws please" she added as he gave her a confused look. "You little minx!" Rose giggled. "What? All I did was order a few drinks" I mumbled.86 - . "Who's got our free drinks passes?" I asked as I watched Duncan filling up the shot glasses with the spirits. making him lean closer to me before I said "Now. Unsurprisingly they were looking at us and so the three of us began waving them over… we were lazy bitches who couldn't be bothered to walk all the way over and back again and then back over to the table a second time. Emmett and Jasper instantly got up and made their way towards us. pretending to look at me in disappointment. "Um… the guys do" Rose replied muttering something under her breath before she turned to face the boys who were sat at the same table as before. "There you go ma'am" Duncan said as he placed the third pitcher before me. shaking his head in fake disgrace at my order as the four of us smiled.

"Meany" I whispered slightly breathless as Duncan came back with a tray loaded with shots. "Is that it? You had us guys freaking out" Couldn't on of you have come and gotten them from us? Tutt tutt Bella" he jested and I felt his hands resting on the sides of my waist "perhaps I should punish you a little?" he squeezed his fingers against my sides. like he'd done when we danced.87 - . making me squirm and he chuckled. what did you want us guys for? Is the bartender really bothering you at all?" Edward asked.slightly franticly as he stood beside her. "Sorry. "Of course" he whispered. "How are you paying?" he asked me directly. "Woops" Alice pretended to be all modest and clapped her hand over her chest. shooting a murderous glare towards Duncan's back. He did the button of her shirt up with ease before picking her up and placing her to sit back on the barstool. leaning over Alice's tiny figure. she fumbled with the buttons and from what I could tell she was pretending that she couldn't do it up "Jasper… could you help me?" she asked quietly looking down at her shirt and heaving a long exasperated sigh as if in defeat. "No. with a smile back on his lips. I was guessing he was watching Duncan. he was stood just behind me and I could feel the warmth of his body just reaching mine. a tickling sensation making my body shiver. what was that you said? I didn't catch it over the music" he whispered into my ear. I noticed him looking over at Duncan and for once he looked a little menacing. "There you go ladies" he smiled as he placed the tray down before me. . "Hey pretty lady. "Your button's come undone Alice" I heard Jasper say while he pointed at her exposed chest. not something I expected from him. I leant back a little to see how close he'd moved forward only to feel my back pressing lightly against his chest. his arm resting around her waist. we just needed the passes for the drinks" I mumbled a bit quietly. his smile faltered as he saw the guys standing with us. hoping he wouldn't have heard and that he would take a step closer to me. "We just needed the passes for the drinks" I told him as he rested his head on my shoulder. From the way his face was directed towards. each of them with an arm around us.

Jasper and Emmett picked up a pitcher and straws each as they made their way after Rose. He only did that to play with my mind and to annoy Edward. She squealed yet again which meant she'd got an . at the head of the table yet again. "Come on Bella" he muttered as he turned to make his way to the table. stupid bartender playing stupid games. My legs had gotten wobbly and my heart was strumming wildly in my chest. I stood still wrapped in Edward's arms slightly frozen. Edward dropped his hands from my sides and grabbed hold of the pitcher and straws. "Lets do this ladies" Rose laughed as she picked up the tray that was loaded with the shots and lead the way back to the table. trying to get the feeling of Duncan's kiss from my body and mind. He turned to leave but then spun back around and held his hand out to me. "How about we play…" Alice stopped to tap her index finger against her lips as she thought of a game to play. with Alice skipping in their trail."Here" Edward passed him two passes while Jasper and Emmett passed them theirs too. I shook my head. Everyone had taken the same seats from earlier in the evening I noticed. I was sure Edward would be able to feel it thumping through my back and against his chest. "Strip poker!" Emmett practically shouted from where he was sat. excitement covering his face. My hand which had been outstretched dropped in slow motion to my side as I took a deep breath to try and snap out of the daze I was in. Rose slapped the back of his head "We're in the middle of a club and we have no cards dumb-ass" she laughed and shook her head at him as he rubbed away the sting from the slap and muttered "Fine".88 - . Rose had lain out the shots for us all so that everyone had one of each lined up before them. Duncan looked them over before saying "Cool" and handing them back to the guys before adding "enjoy the drinks". expecting to shake hands with him but he pulled it up to his lips. "Let's play a game!" Alice squealed from where she was sat. He kissed the back of my hand first and then ran his lips lightly over my knuckles making the hairs on the back of my arms and neck stand up. I got to the table and sat in the same seat as before. I'm sure Duncan didn't miss the protective hold Edward had on me. I smiled and took his hand. He smiled devilishly before turning away and going off to serve another customer.

It wasn't like Edward and I were going out together and I wasn't in any danger from Duncan. Alice began explaining the rules to us "Okay. I hung my head down. before the next one got asked. I was very very drunk and was… vulnerable" I muttered. I could feel my face was ablaze with my frantic blushing and I looked back down at my lap. I hung my head down. The questions are answered either yes or no. I'll ask us all three questions. I blinked my eyes open slowly and looked around at everyone's shot glasses. not knowing what the game was and what it involved. vaguely remembering the events. we all have to close our eyes as I ask them and are only allowed to open them once the three questions are up. He looked a little down… I hoped he wasn't mad at me for flirting with Duncan.89 - . after a few seconds she then said "Okay. I could hear Edward chuckling from beside me. confused at why he had reacted that way. I thought I could hear all six of the glasses being put back down on the table in response to the question. I then heard Rose asking Alice "You kissed a girl Ali? When?" . We all nodded. "First Question is… have you ever kisses a member of the same sex?" I could hear a few of the shot glasses being dropped back on the table top once the question had been asked. "Are you attracted to someone at this table?" at hearing her question I immediately went for the shot glass. you drink a shot if the answer is yes. so he didn't really have any reason to be angry with me. all understanding the rules. open eyes".idea and rushed to say "We should play the 'Have you ever' game!" All of us looked around at each other questioningly. "Eyes closed" she ordered and the game began. "Bella? You kissed a girl? Spill it!" Rose said in an incredulous voice from opposite me. "Explain…" Edward muttered in a slightly bored voice from beside me. I looked up and said "Yes I did. leave the shot if the answer is no. Clear?" she finished off with a dangerous looking twinkle in her crazy peepers. "Last one… Should we all go to out to watch a movie together tomorrow night?" she finished off with a little giggle. I noticed that Jasper and Rose both had one shot glass still filled.

He must have known that he'd really upset her. I'd never have thought Edward would have done such a thing. "Sorry Bambi" he said before grabbing hold of her hand and running his thumb back and forth against the back of her hand. You know how I don't like to lose. He put his arm around her and rubbed his hand up and down her arm. "What? You think just because I'm blond and busty that I'd kiss a girl? You know I'm not like those hussies!" Rose raged beside Emmett. shrugging before he said "I was visiting a few friends at University when I got drunk. I could feel Edward shifting from beside me. probably from the memory. some guys started playing gay chicken and they told me to have a go. Emmett chuckled. She was always being stereotyped as the dumb blond or as a tart and it must have come as a . I backed out of all of them before I was told I'd have to go up against the 'pro'."Um… it was a few years ago. so I did. "We're quits Peaches" she said quietly as he let go of her hand and she leant against his side. and I could see from how Rose was looking at her hands that her eyes were shining from unshed tears.90 - . and I didn't" he said in a casual tone before pointing at Rose and Jasper "you two haven't done it before?" a slightly surprised look came over his face as he looked at Rose. I wont be back here again so I went against him and he backed out of the kiss first" he looked up to see all of our eyes staring at him in awe. My blush which was had just calmed down a bit raged itself in full force. I was a little drunk and the idea popped into my head and I got curious so I kissed the nearest girl I saw… happening to be Bella" she added and giggled. I couldn't help feeling the same. "No I haven't" Jasper simply stated before taking a drink of the cocktail Alice had ordered. "No way… that's so hot" I heard Emmett whispering from the other side of the table followed by the sound of the second slap of the night. "Yeah. So I thought fuck it. no doubt coming from Rose. I got dared to do it. Jasper spoke next asking "You… kissed a guy Edward?" Emphasising the word 'you' in disbelief. hanging his head down and rubbing the back of his neck. He took a sip of the cocktail that I'd ordered before adding "What? Emmett did it too" before he hung his head as I had done earlier. while he cowered back a bit from her.

trying to break the awkward silence around the table. her eyes were probably having trouble on concentrating on one of him and ignoring the other two that she could probably see with her drunken vision "I love you" she said. She turned to look at Jasper.blow to her self esteem to have Emmett do it to her. taking a look at Alice who was looking like a very merry little pixie. playing with the hem of his top in her hand. especially after how he knew about how she suffered the same torture as she grew up. what's its name?" I laughed at how I managed to break his composed self by saying one little word. pointing at herself "Did you hear me Jazzy?" she laughed and almost toppled off her chair again. "Um… yeah… nice" he stuttered out and looked up at Jasper "What cocktail did you get?" "The Drunken Elf" he laughed out. "What's the name of this cocktail?" Edward whispered into my ear. Edward choked on the drink. She kept swaying a little in her seat as she drank away at the pitcher. "Yummy Yummy says my tummy" she said then she stopped and looked around. rubbing her back while she sighed in relief and rested her had on his chest. "Hey. "Come here" he whispered calmly to her as he picked her up with ease and set her on his lap. once he'd recovered he cleared his throat and said "Sorry. "So what movie should we watch?" I asked. I could see that she had a serious face . "I reckon we should just see what's on when we get there. that was funny!" she giggled. "The name of the cocktail is "College Fuck" nice isn't it" I said as I drank some of the cocktail through the straw. I haven't been to the movies in ages so I'm not sure what they have" Jasper replied as he downed his last shot.91 - . much better than my choice" "College Fuck" I shuttered out quietly beside him. I jumped from the feeling of sparks running through me from his nearness "It tastes really good.

Edward announced to everyone that the both of us were going home. I didn't feel like drinking anymore and I knew it'd take most of tomorrow for me to recover. Emmett and Rose were finishing off their pitcher. Rose was telling him that her dream car would be the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. and . a small but unsure smile on his lips as he rocked her slowly and rhythmically. noticing that Edward and I had almost finished it between us. Alice is drunk I thought to myself as I drank some more of the cocktail. and were all made our way out.. I felt tired too.Now this I know is real! I went to visit my friend who's at University. A/N: woooohoooo! Club scene/s done! Rapture by iio .while she'd said it. you basically have no taste in good music (i jest i jest lol) Have you ever game . go youtube it. I could feel the effects of the alcohol hitting me now. but that she loved the BMW that she had at the moment. Emmett still had a comforting arm around Rose's shoulder as I heard them talking about cars and stuff. Alice had fallen asleep in Jasper's arms and he agreed he'd come with us. mixed with deep thought and confusion. Jasper stared down at her.? Gay chicken . closing her eyes slowly.92 - . He kissed her on the forehead before she turned back and rested her head on his chest. I felt like my eyesight had a few seconds delay with when my head moved.if you don't like it. Emmett and Rose got up from the table too. If you dont know it.It was probably the first club-ish song I ever loved and me and the twin loves it to death.I just made that one up. I yawned and Edward must have caught my action because he asked "Do you want to go home now?" I nodded my head. I don't know if there is a proper drinking game like that out there named differently. I always got a bit sleepy after drinking and tonight was no exception.

93 - .. Technically… I didn't see it. (don't ask "how do you pronounce that" because I'm not that good with my descriptive writing!) "Rwyn hoffi coffi" = I like coffee..I was busy working out how to play some music on a laptop while under the influence of beer. but I heard about it later… A little bit of Welsh for you who want to learn. .encountered a game of gay chicken between a few guys. "Mae yr haul allan" = The sun is out. "Da iawn" = Well done.

Perhaps the bitter night's wind would distract me from the angel that I held in my arms… no such luck. Goodbye Sky Harbor (Jasper POV) I was leading our little party of six home from the club. Alice was cuddled up in my arms. then it was definitely on its way to developing into love. I could feel a tear falling from my eye as I confessed to her. Her perfect beautiful face was pressed into the crook of my neck. pulling her too me closer still as I felt her legs lock around my waist and her arms holding tightly onto me. I felt so complete and euphoric with her in my arms. "I meant it Jasper" I heard a sweet voice whisper into my ear. but I wanted to make one of my own.Goodbye Sky Harbor A/N: This chapter wraps up the night (finally I hear you say) so I hope I've gotten away with dragging one night into 4chapters… I'll let you be the judge. I didn't know what all the feelings and thoughts which ran through my mind were. it'd just be a matter of time. (About last chapter) I know about the different types of drinking games. but how could I believe her while she was so drunk? Did she mean it? Did she mean that she loved me as a friend? I doubt she'd remember by tomorrow about her confession. the emotions that were running . She'd said that she loved me back at the club. not that I was that drunk. hoping she meant what she said. "I think I'm falling for you Alice" I whispered. If what I felt wasn't love. feeling her heartbeat thumping against my chest. her legs falling numbly down and her hands loosely wrapped around my neck. I pulled her tighter to me. You lot who reviewed know too much about alcohol games! Shame on you! Haha Read on oh faithful reader…. I almost stopped walking as she spoke. I could feel her every breath and every beat of her heart. the fifteen minute walk would help sober me up a little. I just hoped she felt some what the same as I did for her. entwining with mine. but I knew they were all because of her and about her.94 - .

my voice husky with the passion I felt for her. I was having fun mucking about with Rose. pulling me tighter by her legs. I couldn't take my gaze from her lips as I continued our way back home. My touch must have tickled her because she gasped. I pulled away. and Bella was too much of a klutz to walk. which I took advantage of and plunged my tongue into her mouth. and yet not hot enough. panting while she gasped for breath. feel her. over her ribcage. (Emmett POV) "Neigh" I roared as I ran about the street with Rose gripping tightly around my neck. wanting to taste her. "You're almost as good as Bella" she said before resting her head back against my neck and kissing it softly as she shook with mirth.95 - . My intuitive Alice must have noticed my searing gaze on her lips. which she wiped away with a smile on her sweet lips. she was such a diamond! . I ran my hand which was trembling with uncontrollable lust across her back and up her side. "Whip whip" Rose giggled from my back "that was my whip's sound effect just in case you didn't know. She'd demanded to be carried home just because Alice was too drunk. looking into her eyes I saw them filled with lust and love.through me were so much… almost unbearable yet addictive at the same time. or like now as she was pretending to by my jockey. I wasn't ashamed to let her see my tears. we had a dance off! Not many girls would do something so silly like that. She responded just as eagerly as I. her hands buried themselves into my hair as our tongues battled. hungry for more. Relief filled me by her touch. she was on the same level as me when it came to things like playing around. she leant forward her eyes now locked on my lips before she pressing hers against mine. peaches" I laughed at how serious she sounded when she explained about the sound effect. "I'll just have to keep practicing on you until I get better then wont I" I replied. But I didn't mind. my lips felt as if they were on fire. I felt her pulling back from my tight embrace to look at me. She was amazing at the club. All thoughts about where we were at the moment evaporated from my mind as all I could concentrate was Alice. My body was shouting at me to kiss her.

"Bambi's got a whip?" I asked in false shock as I carried on weaving back and forth across the deserted road. "Oh yeah… cowboy…" she whispered softly into my neck "and I bet you love it too" she added, making me stumble a little. She giggled at my reaction to her sexy words, she was driving me mad. It wasn't enough that she was pressed tightly up against me, but she had to go and saying something like that too. My chest was pounding at the adrenaline that was pulsing through me, the lust and raging passion that was running through me was almost too much to control. I let out a long breath, trying to steady my thoughts. They'd drifted off to her 'riding' me… her dressed in her underwear and a cowboy hat… Damn it Emmett I scolded myself, just thinking of her was making me grow hard. "You'll be the death of me" I shuddered out, more to myself than to her and I heard her giggling again "Behave or I'm making you walk" I said to her, there was only so much I could take. "Yes sir" she replied in her best 'I'm innocent' voice. I groaned to myself, how could she go from being a laugh, talking about cars and stuff to being a teasing sexy little minx.

(Edward POV) Bella and I had talked all the way back home from the club, I took my time, knowing that the others were safe up front and I wanted as much time as I could with her to talk to her and get to know her better. I stepped into the house with Bella still clinging onto my back to find Jasper sitting on a chair, with Alice still in his arms. It didn't seem like he'd acknowledged anyone else in the room other than Alice as he stared down at her, stroking her face every now and again while she looked as though she was asleep. A loud thump came from the kitchen and I went to investigate. Rose was laying on the floor, fast asleep as Emmett ran a hand down his face in exasperation while looking down at her. "Bambi go bye bye" he muttered as he picked her up off the floor. She stirred in his arms before she opened her eyes and said "Take me to bed Peaches!" Emmett let out a loud breath while throwing her easily over his shoulder and making his way to her room "Don't leave me on my own, please" I heard her say as Emmett carried her through the kitchen door "I'll stay as long as you behave" Emmett replied in a strained voice earning a hearty "woohoo!" from Rose's upside down form.
- 96 -

God, there girls really can't handle their drink! I wonder what they'll be like tomorrow… will Bella, Alice and Rose be able to make it out of bed? I though to myself as I listened to Emmett walk away with Rose. "I'm hungry" a sweet voice sounded from behind me. I'd almost forgotten that she was still clutching on to my back. I chuckled at her child like confession and made my way to set her down on the counter top, steadying her a few times before I went to make each of us a nice strong coffee and some toast. "I'm going to put Alice to bed, she's pretty wasted. But um… Emmett's passed out on her bed, so I'm going to put her in my bed… I think I should keep an eye on her too, I don't want her to be on her own in the state she's in" I could see Jasper blushing as he talked to his feet, his hands hidden in his pockets. He turned his attention to Bella, some worry etched in his embarrassment "Is that okay Bella? Do you think she'd be okay with that or should I leave her with you or something?" he looked like he was panicking, poor Jasper. From what I could tell, he was probably panicking about how to deal with the whole situation. Taking a girl to bed, a girl that I knew he cared for, and worrying if she's be okay with it or not. Bella hopped down ungracefully to the floor and stumbled her way to Jasper, she grabbed hold of his cheeks, just like my grandmother used to do when I was a kid "You're a good boy Jasper, you're a keeper" she slurred and followed to pat him on the back. "Shoo… go take care of Ali for me… I'm kinda decapitated… no… no… that's not it" she mumbled as her forehead creased in thought "incapacitated… that sounds better… screw it, I'm drunk at the moment so… no can do Pedro! You go look after the damaged goods alright?" she began pushing him out the door at which Jasper laughed and made his way back to Alice. Dusting her hands off from her hard work Bella made her way back to the counter where she was previously sat, she tried her best to jump her way back up but being as drunk as she was and not quite tall enough, she gave up and settled on the floor, her feet sprawled out before her while she rested her back against the cabinet doors. "I was getting vertigo from up there anyways" she muttered from under her breath like a child who hadn't had their way and was sulking. I chuckled at her and noticed she was toying with an orange in her hands. Where'd that come from? I wondered and looked around. There on the counter top was the bowl of fruits which had been disturbed, a banana was falling out of the bowl, looking like it was holding on for dear life while a pear, a peach and two apples were strewn across the counter top. I turned back to finish our coffee's, between Jasper and Bella's interruptions I still
- 97 -

hadn't finished making them. I could never do Bella's job, I'd run the place into the ground I thought as I concentrated on the task at hand. I found the bread on the counter and decide that toast would definitely be a good idea to soak up some of the alcohol and set to work. I couldn't help but drift off to think of what Bella was doing behind me or was it her looking at me that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end… "Why or-ange?" Bella's voice rang out from behind me and I couldn't help but turn around and take in the look that was on her face, she looked confused yet determined. A fierceness of concentration was on her face as she starred at the orange that she was slowly mauling chunks out of and throwing about on the floor. I grabbed the toast and coffees and made my way over to her. As I got closer she looked up at me and smiled a slightly wobbly smile and patted the floor beside her as she turned back to the orange. I sat myself next to her where she'd designate a spot for me as I hear her starting to ponder the orange again. "Is an orange named after the place in France, Orange or is the place in France named after AN orange? OR is the place and the fruit orange named after the colour orange? Its like a conspiracy… nobody knows!" I couldn't help but marvel at her train of thought, did she think about trivial things like this all the time, or only when she was drunk? Her thinking was so unique from what I'd picked up on so far, I really need to get to know her more, if just to understand how her mind worked. She abruptly threw the orange away from her which hurtled into the kitchen cupboard opposite her and rolled away, that orange must have baffled her I laughed to myself as I handed a coffee and a piece of toast to her. The both of us ate and drank for a while in a comfortable silence, I could hear the clock ticking from where it hanged from the wall and the distant rumbling of Emmett's snoring. "I had fun tonight" I heard Bella break the comfortable silence between us, but it was a welcoming sound "Emmett sure knows how to bust a few moves, I'll give him that" she added, nodding her head as if she was in agreement with herself while a slight smile tugged her lips. "Yeah, it wasn't too bad" I put in, unable to decide if I enjoyed the night or not. I thought back to the events of the night, dancing with Bella was clearly the highlight, but then seeing her with that barman really unnerved me. I felt a full force of rage, jealousy and protectiveness as I watched them speaking… flirting together. That guy took it too far when he kissed her hand, he might have well have had pulled her over
- 98 -

the bar and played tonsil tennis with her right there in front of me. I changed the subject before I could get too enraged by the memory and asked her "What should we do tomorrow? You and me get to choose…" I noticed some movement coming from Bella as I asked her about tomorrow and saw her trying to swallow a piece of toast and flapping her hands about like an air traffic controller gone wild. Finally managing to clear there mouth she said "How about the park? We can all walk, talk and get some fresh air while were at it" she gulped down some coffee "this is good coffee" she added with a smile and drank some more. I thought of her suggestion, it would be a perfect way for me to get the chance to speak with her some more. I hadn't had much chance since we moved in to be able to speak with Bella on her own, there was always someone else in the room joining in with the conversation or taking her away from me. A long yawn came from Bella as I watched her head drooping down a little "Lets get you to bed" I told her as I got up and helped her to stand. She swayed unsteadily on her feet and as she took a step towards the living room, her legs buckled. I grabbed hold of her for what felt like the tenth time that night before she had another visit from her old friend the floor. "I guess this fair maiden needs help to get to her tower?" I asked her as I steadied her on her feet. "If gentle sir would be so kind" she mumbled out while trying to stifle another yawn. I smiled at her reply, I'd have expected her to just nod or say yes, but then she comes out with that articulate reply, even when she's still a little drunk. I picked her slight body into my arms as she wrapped hers securely around my neck and made my way out of the kitchen and to the stairs. I just realized as I took the first step on the stairs that I'd never seen her room, I didn't think Emmett or Jasper had either. I wondered what it would be like… but knowing how Bella always managed to surprise me by reacting totally different from what I expected I decided to just wait and see, I'd be wrong whatever I thought. I reached the top of the stairs that entered her room and noticed a big, sturdy wooden desk which was topped with a laptop, desk lamp, piles of scattered papers and a few thick volume books which seemed to act like paper weights for the sheets of papers. Turning my gaze around her room I noticed an easel standing with a colourful piece that was in the process of being completed. Taking a long look at the picture I noticed that it looked like the pictures that were around the house. They were abstract and in bright colours, I'd looked for the name of the artist on the
- 99 -

pictures and come up blank. But now I knew who'd painted them and she was right here in my arms. Her being an accomplished artist was another thing I didn't know about her, I wondered how much I could learn about her tomorrow at the park. I spotted her bed at the furthest corner of the room and made my way over to it. The bed stood next to a window which was letting in strobes of moonlight which settled across her bed. I also noticed a few battered looking books on the window ledge and on her bedside table. She must really love to read. I placed her down on the bed and took a few steps back to look at her. She was like and angel at this very moment, the light from the moon was shining down upon her as she leant back on the bed to lie down. The light settled across her face, accentuating her features, drawing my attention to her flawless pale skin, her rose tinted cheeks, deep chocolate eyes which were framed by long lashes and her lips, her pink soft kissable lips. I turned around to look on the floor, knowing that the more I looked at her, the more I'd want to ravish her, take her as mine, make her feel the way I felt for her at this moment, full of raging lust, passion, want, need. "Umm… I need to get changed for bed" I heard her whisper from behind me, breaking my fixed stare on the floor and my maddening thoughts of her. I heard her shuffling around behind me as she added "you can come back once I've changed, if you want to that is, you don't have to…" I turned and saw her delicate hands ringing each other in anxiousness and her cheeks held a blush, she wanted me to stay with her. I couldn't help but feel overjoyed that she wanted to spend some more time with me tonight; I just hoped the alcohol wasn't the reason that influenced her decisions. "I'll just get changed and I'll be back to keep you company in a bit" I told her, trying to keep my voice as calm as I could while my stomach felt as if it had turned into a butterfly farm and made my way back to my room to change. I hurriedly changed into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and practically sprinted my way back to her room in my eagerness, remembering myself I slowed my pace as I was half way up the stairs to her room, I didn't want to look desperate or like I was trying to catch her out as she changed or anything… although I wouldn't mind… Bella was sat on her bed in a huge deep blue hoodie with the logo of "Keele University" on it… I wondered where that was. Her legs were bare as she wore shorts, why did she tempt me this way?
- 100 -

I made my way over to her where she was sat up against the headboard of her bed, playing about with the sleeve of her overly large top. As I neared her I noticed her bookshelf… it was more like a library. Books were crammed in to every space available in the shelf and there was a dozen or so on top too. Three or four books were resting on the table beside the bookshelf too. She looked up as I stopped before her collection of books and I could feel her gaze running its way up and down me, burning me with her deep brown orbs. "You look cute" I heard her whisper which was followed by a gasp and from the sound of it, a slap to the forehead. I couldn't help but smile at her as I took my turn to look her over. "You too" I replied and hoped that it eased her embarrassment at bursting out with a compliment. Hoping to break the slight feeling of awkwardness in the room I looked back at the bookcase and stated plainly "You like to read huh?" As I looked over the vast collection, a few titles caught my attention. A vast number of Stephen King books were visible, as well as the classic vampire chronicles by Anne Rice, seeing those books were a reminder to the first time I saw Bella, wearing her 'Vampire On Dugs' top. A few others caught my attention like all seven of the Harry Potter books, Bella was like me, a big fan of fiction I noted. One or two other author's names that seemed to surface a lot in between the mounds of books, Anne Gracie and Julia Quinn. I noticed that the room was quiet… a bit too quiet and turned to see Bella looking down at her hands which were busy playing about with an elastic band. She must have noticed that my attention had been averted to her and she whispered "Yeah, I like to read. Books seemed to be the only thing that kept me going at one time. Going into fictional places like castles, balls, other countries and other era's, it let me escape the agony that I had to suffer every second in the real world" she replied to what I had said as a rhetorical question. I saw her hands tremble a bit as she spoke and I felt as if I'd been punched in the stomach. Why did someone so beautiful physically and personality wise have to suffer so much? I wanted to take all her bad memories away and replace them with happy, carefree ones. But I couldn't and I felt so utterly useless. The atmosphere felt tense and painful, I couldn't think of a way to break it so I just stood there, watching her. After what must have been a minute but felt like days she got up and went to her stereo, searching through the equally as large collection of cd's she had as books. Finding something that I could talk hours about I made my way over to sit next to
- 101 -

her on the floor and grabbed a handful to look through. I'd always felt that you could learn a lot about a person by what music and books they liked. From her book collection I'd gathered that she enjoyed roughly the same genre of books as I did and now I wanted to know if she liked the same music as I did too. I heard a song starting up as Bella made her way back to sit on her bed, covering her bare soft legs with the covers and resting back against the head board again as he studied me, studying her cd's. We stayed this way until I couldn't keep my question in any longer. I wanted… no needed to know what was so bad that she had to escape from. My decision made, I got up stiffly from the floor and sat on the foot of Bella's bed. "Are you okay?" I whispered to her as if I didn't want anyone to overhear us. Not that anyone else in the house would be able to what with them probably being fast asleep. "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked, hoping she'd tell me a little about herself, trusted me enough to. "I'm okay" she nodded then rubbed her creased forehead as she added "it just brings back some memories of my mom… she was my best friend and she bought me up for 17years, then she died four years ago and I was all alone. I mean, I had Charlie, he's my dad, but I didn't have my best friend anymore, I didn't have my mom" she said with a heartbreaking voice while she battled to keep her composure "I miss her Edward, I really miss her. She got taken away from me four years ago and I still think about her every day. Why did she have to die" Bella's voice trembled as she finished off her questioning. There was a sickening sorrow filling me more and more with every word she whispered and I couldn't begin to wonder how she felt. How could she have survived such pain? A single tear slipped from her eye and she finally looked up at me. I almost screamed from the sight of her. Tears were streaming endlessly from her red, angry pained eyes and the tip of her nose was red as were her cheeks from the tears and grief. I couldn't stand the space between us, an urgency to comfort her ran through me and before I could process what I was doing I had her wrapped up carefully and tightly in my arms. Her moist face was pressed into my chest as her hands gripped my shirt for dear life, pulling herself tighter into my hold. Her body trembled from her grief stricken sobbing as I tried my best to comfort her. I rubbed at her back and swept my hand over her hair while whispering comforting words into her ear. I felt weak and empty as I held her and did my best at wiping away the tears from her blotchy face.
- 102 -

Her crying began to ease and I could hear her sniffling and feel her gasping as she tried her best to take deep breaths and stop herself from crying again. She seemed almost calm when I felt her mouth move against my chest and heard her words rise to my ears "My mum wasn't so good at reading… she said that sometimes the words were playing games with her while she tried to read, they'd move around the page and then she couldn't make much sense of what she read… once I got old enough I realized that she was probably dyslexic, just that she didn't know it" she took a deep breath and continued "I remember telling her once as I watched her reading the paper that she was probably dyslexic, then she said in a serious voice 'No Bella honey, I'm not dyslexic. The words move around on everyone's papers, but my eyes are the only ones quick enough to catch them' I actually believed her for a while after that, she said it so seriously and she was my mom. I bet if she told me the sky was actually green through her eyes I'd have believed her" I felt her shake a little, guessing she was laughing to herself before I heard her sweet voice filling my ears again "Mom found out I liked to read when I was about 7 or 8, she totally flipped out. She took me one Saturday morning to a huge book store and told me to have a look around and she'd buy me all the books that I liked" I felt her face move into a smile as she got pulled into her memory "after about an hour I went back to her with three books. She almost cursed in the middle of the store and told me to go find some more, she threatened that she wouldn't let me leave the store until I had put at least twelve books in her hands" she pulled away a little from my body and wiped away at her wet eyes. After drying them the best she could she turned to look at me, her eyes were still red from the crying, but I could see a flicker of emotion in them, something like hope or triumph. "I bought back thirteen books by the end, she kept me there for almost five hours" a wobbly smile tugged at her lips "she did the same thing every birthday and Christmas until…" a single tear ran down her cheek and I instantly wiped it away and pulled her back against my chest tightly. It was like if I held her tight enough, I'd be able to push out all the sadness that was buried within her, push it out and make her free of her grief. "Do Alice and Rose know you still miss her?" I asked her as I rocked her gently back and forth, keeping in time with the music that was playing from her stereo, it seemed like the perfect one for the moment, just repetitive music, no lyrics to complicate the peace. "They know how much I loved her, but they don't know how much I still miss her" she mumbled against my neck as she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling the both of us closer as if we were one "they don't know of how I sometimes have dreams of her, which turn into nightmares when I wake up and realize it was all a dream, that she's gone and isn't coming back. Ali and Rose have been so good to me since I met them." A heavy sigh escaped Bella's mouth as she continued "when I moved to live with my dad, I was more or less a recluse. I wouldn't go out or talk to
- 103 -

anyone unless I had to, I was an empty shell" I thought to myself of how Bella had transformed from being a recluse as she'd put it to sharing a house with her two best friends and three strangers. "I'd only speak a little to my dad, his friend Billy and Billy's son Jacob" as she said the name 'Jacob' one side of her soft lips pulled up as if in attempt to smile "Jake was the one who made me go to the evening business class… I met Alice there and I owe it all to Jake. Alice changed my life, as did Rose. The three of us shaped each other into who we are today" she looked directly into my eyes and I saw pride and care lighting her eyes at the mention of Alice and Rose. I felt indebted to them for all they had done for Bella, to get her where she was today, to be in my life, even if it was only as a friend. A few minutes of comfortable silence filled between us as we sat, holding each other as each of us were deep in our own thoughts. I couldn't begin to try and work out all the emotions that were spinning around inside me. I wondered at how strong Bella must be to have survived such a loss and turned out as amazing as she was. "Thank you" Bella whispered softly as she began to unwind her hands from my neck. Confusion filled me from her thanks, why is she thanking me? All I had done was sit and listen to her while she let me into her past, into a piece of her. She let me learn important and serious information about herself and she was thanking me? Being too confused to think clearly I answered her with an "It's okay Bella" and felt the need too add "Anytime you want to talk, you know you can come to me right?" "I know" she smiled and then her mouth opened into a jaw breaking yawn. "Time for sleep fair maiden" I said as I helped her get tucked into bed after a long night. "Kay" she just managed to say before her eyes closed shut and she turned to her side, pulling the covers up tightly. "Sleep my sleeping beauty" I whispered and leant forward, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Watching her sleep as she did bought my own fatigue crashing down upon me, I tried to stifle the yawns that hit me but gave up, letting them take control and escape me. I took a few steps from Bella's bed but felt my eyes begin to close by their own free will. My mind was filled with thoughts of sleep, and as I spotted a comfortable looking couch by her bookcase, I toppled down on it and drifted away to sleep.
- 104 -

A/N: Now you all know my version of Bella more. The song that I described as being repetitive and mostly just music was the one I was listening to while writing this chapter. It's "Goodbye Sky Harbor" by Jimmy Eat World. The song is so simple and I always listen to it when I need to chill out.

- 105 -

. knowing I wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep now that I was awake. it really is way too early for this I thought as I tried to kick myself free of the covers. Getting annoyed after a few feeble attempts I grabbed hold of the bed cover and threw the lot on the floor. course he wouldn't fall asleep in Bella's bed! Tutt tutt to you lot and your one track minds! Hahaha! Sorry for the delay on this chappy. I yawned at stretched my arms over my head to try and wake myself up further.33am.106 - . (Bella POV) I turned over onto my back under my thick warm blanket only to be assaulted by a blinding light… stupid sun. A walk in the park. my vision swayed as did my legs and my mind felt all fuzzy and slow. It's too early. I didn't know why I drank when I went out. rubbing away the sleep from my eyes I looked back at the clock again and saw it was 9. I looked down at my legs to see them tangled within the bed sheets. it always ended with me having to recover for a whole day after a night out.COFFEE! Coffee drinkers out there will understand my dilemma. A soft mumble and some movement caught my attention as I turned my attention to find the source. Is the house moving? I thought as I felt myself falling slowly to the left. but I had work over the Easter weekend and I apologise if this chapter isn't good… . I couldn't move my feet as I wriggled about. Grunting in displeasure I sat up in bed. Try and tangle me now fool I thought as I looked at the feeble sheets on the floor. Stupid tasty alcohol! I moaned as I tried to steady myself. . Looking over at my clock I saw a blurry splodge of red where the time was supposed to be shown. and then abruptly to the right. Deciding that I was in desperate need of my caffeine fix I got up.A walk in the park A/N: Our Edward is a gentleman.

Alice was making breakfast then. leaning against the sofa with a heaped plateful of food each. She was truly a freak of nature. but it's nothing a bit of coffee can't sort out. prickling my taste buds. even after all she drank last night. Alice on the other hand was bouncing about like a kangaroo until she broke out of her silence and started speaking. and he's still . The cow. the smell of breakfast was getting stronger. invading my senses. I'm feeling half drunk still and half hung-over. Edward was in my room last night. Making my way into the kitchen I found Jasper leaning against the counter. "Hi" I mumbled as I rubbed my eyes some more and headed towards the coffee machine. nothing could decrease her energy. have you seen him? Oh and do you want me to make you and Edward some breakfast?" a glint in her eye showed at she very well knew that Edward was up in my room. "Hi Alice. and one for Edward too and come back to wake him. he looked so peaceful and innocent. Jasper nodded in reply and mumbled a quick "'elo" but never broke his gaze from Alice.A slumbering angel was strewn across my sofa. it was unbelievable. Yawning. how you feeling? What are we doing today? Have you and Edward decided yet? Speaking of Edward… he wasn't in his bed this morning. I headed towards the stairs. I could smell bacon. sausages and… burnt toast. or it could have been to tell me to go away and not interrupt her cartoons. muttering a sleepy hello to Emmett and Rose who were sat on the floor before the TV. except for Jasper's touch perhaps. "Hey Bells. deciding that waking him up right now would be like a sin. Alice was her usual bundle of energy. Emmett grunted his hello back as Rose waved her free hand in acknowledgment of my greeting. forks raised suspended in midair as they laughed along to the cartoons that they were watching intently. Pouring the coffee into two mugs. I wondered why he slept there last night? Was he looking after me? Or was he just to tired last night to make it to his room? I really hoped it was the first but knew it was most likely to be the latter. Edward and I decided that we'd all go for a walk in the park later. As I made my way nearer to the bottom of the stairs.107 - . mouth agape and hair falling over his unearthly face. drinking tea while fixatedly watching Alice as she tossed the bacon in the frying pan. eggs. I'd get myself a coffee. I answered her questions in the order she asked them. Edward was fast asleep on the couch. I staggered through the living room. Alice you can sort things out.

my breathing hitched up in my eagerness. single. My view of the bright green orbs abruptly vanished from view as my face collided with the floor. fine… stupid floor tripped me up though" I muttered as I gave the floor one of my deathly glares. hearing Alice giggling away. a yawn escaped his beautiful enticing lips as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands as he tried to pull himself out of sleep. I sat myself on the floor beside him as I moved a few books to the floor from the side table so that I could set the coffee's down. only to capture mine in the depth of his. He began to stir from my touch and I watched as his eyes began to flutter open slowly. I leant forward. I couldn't believe that I was going to kiss him… he was my friend! A sexy. Edward's slumbering form welcomed me as I walk into my room and made my way towards him. next to him. Stupid Bella Swan! A pair of hands pried me off the floor and set me on the couch "You okay Bella?" Edward asked me as I rubbed my cheek from where the floor abused me Bella1. knowing that Alice had other ideas in mind "And yes. wanting to absorb more from those green orbs which intrigued me. Edward and I will be back down later once he's woken up and I've had my coffee" I answered her interrogation as I picked up the coffee's and made my way out of the kitchen. I felt as if I was surrounded by his gaze and yet. not in deep enough. tempting friend I admit. Our gazes locked and I drowned in the midst of green. can you make some extra food please. He finally managed to open his eyes. with two steaming hot mugs of coffee. It was so smooth. hoping with each step that I wouldn't have my usual klutz moment and trip and burn myself. silky and thick. Being a klutz always kicked in in the most embarrassing times. and what would have happened if I hadn't lost my balance. I brushed the hair away from his eyes and forehead and revelled in the texture of it. an uncomfortable atmosphere surrounded us as I settled on the couch. .108 - . "Yeah.asleep on the couch" I stressed the word couch. it felt as if I could run my hands through it all day and still be amazed by its texture. wanting to dive into them. Sparkling green was filling my vision as I leant forward some more. I groaned as I realised what had happened. floor1I thought as I tried to clear my mind. I turned my attention back to the clone of Adonis that way laying on my couch and went to commit a sin and wake him. I made my way back up to my room.

what would have happened if Bella hadn't had a clumsy moment. all the while her gaze had been locked on the coffee mug she held in her hands. I only got close enough to what I desired to do to her while I slept and dreamt of the goddess next to me. (Edward POV) I thought back to last night as I drank the coffee Bella made me. but I was glad. then she relaxed and melted into my hold. I looked at her as I spoke and saw her nodding her head slowly. a breathtaking . Did her heart brake into a pounding frenzy when I walked into the room? Did she get scatter minded just by the sight of me? Did she feel as if her skin was on fire by my touch? Because that was how I felt each time I saw and touched her. only to see Bella's cheeks fill with a faint blush. I just broke and you were there and I felt… comforted by that. able to feel her lips press against mine as I'd wanted ever since I met her. I had a huge urge to want to learn every little detail about her. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that last night." she finished off. It helped me understand her better. I wondered if she felt the same way.109 - . "Of course I won't tell anyone. She looked so delicate and vulnerable and so I did what was instinctive. smiling a beautiful crooked smile that had me stuttering out my reply. I smiled by her reaction. I wondered what had her embarrassed. you can trust me Bella. but welcomed my embrace. glad that she didn't push me away. She felt stiff under my hold until I kissed her head. Could you please not tell Alice and Rose about my little break down? It'd just upset them. My stomach growled in hunger and I heard Bella laughter breaking the silence "Alice has breakfast waiting for us in the kitchen" she said as she hauled herself up off the couch. I followed suit and got up myself. I was so shocked that she's opened up to me. I'll always be around if you want to talk again. holding her tight against me while I kissed the top of her head. make sure you come to me okay" I answered. Everything about her interested me. I thought to what had happened between us a few moments ago. or to be more accurate.Edward chuckled from beside me as I felt the tension recede from the room into a more carefree feeling. I stepped forward and pulled her against me. "Which one's mine?" he asked me as he pointed toward the coffee's steaming on the table. wanting her to know that she could trust me if she didn't already. I would finally have been able to kiss her. "Thank you" a soft whisper came from her as she took a step back.

leading me to the kitchen. She smiled before I turned back to the TV and I felt her hands begin to move. Alice and Jasper. hands on hips with a look on her face that showed she meant business. We ate as the six of us watched the cartoons that were being shown on TV. I loved that Bella and I didn't have to speak so much. making my mind reel of the things I wanted to do to her. Sleeping on her couch last night had made my back feel a little stiff this morning and I knew with a simple massage from Bella that I'd feel much better. I gathered my wits and made a plate for myself and followed my way after Bella into the living room. feeling their every move and squeeze. but I was enjoying the view that I got from where I was. I made my way over to sit on the floor before her. I set my place down with Bella's and turned to look at her. we would instinctively do things without having to be asked or told. knowing we'd have to be idiotic to ignore her. Alice POV) Climbing my way out of Emmett's monstrous Jeep. We all turned to gape at her as she stood beside the couch. I took it from her without question and placed it on the coffee table and felt her pat my shoulder in thanks. finally feeling more awake now that I had a full stomach. playing with the hair on the back of his head as the both of them had their full attention on the TV too. We all got up and got ready. if I wasn't walking behind Bella. trying to convey to her that I wanted a massage. I had the pleasure of watching her hips sway with every step she took.110 - . I turned around to look at my . Emmett and Rose were lounging together on the sofa as they laughed along to the goings on on TV. Bella sat herself in one of the armchairs and I had a need to stay close to her. I gave her a cheeky smile as I shrugged my shoulders. I'd have ran my way toward the food. I felt her hands resting on my shoulder as I finished off my breakfast. Bella tapped my shoulder softly and as I turned I notice she held her empty place out to me. the tension began to seep out of my body within seconds and I then lost all though and concentrated on her hands as they moved over my body. to join Emmett. The smell of the waiting breakfast hit me as I neared the was on her face before she turned around and made her way down stairs. Alice was sat on Jasper's lap. Rose. "Everyone ready in half an hour" Alice simply stated as she got up off Jasper's lap once the commercials had started.

I'd just have to help them along a little if they don't hurry up! Emmett and Rose were different. it was obvious how they were both totally into each other. waving their arms and legs on the ground.111 - . . We got quickly to work before the others had a chance to catch up with us… "Not yet… hang on… nearly there…" I could hear Emmett's muffled orders as I waited for my que. Bella and I were walking up ahead. It was surprisingly a dry day and the sun was out even though there was a bitter wind. as could Rose. "Perfect" I head Emmett say as he slowly dropped me to the ground and told me the plan he had in mind. I couldn't believe how picturesque it was here.surroundings. I smiled and waved at him and he instantly relaxed. pushing the leaves around. Bella then stood up and looked at what she had created. falling to camouflage the grass and pathway underneath our feet. she turned towards me and shouted as Emmett bounded the both of us further away from her "Leaf angels!" I giggled at the pure joy that rang through Bella's voice. He's such a sweetie. their friendship was undeniable. with the rest following. I knew wearing my big coat would be a good idea. a weak smile spread on his face. but Rose was so vulnerable when it came to men that I knew they'd have to work that out with each other. I noticed some movement in the leaves behind me and looked to see Rose and Bella lying in a mound of leaves. Rose suddenly ran up next to Bella and grabbed hold of her hand while I felt someone large wrapping their arms around my waist before I was lifted up about a foot or two from the ground "Lets have some fun Pixie!" I heard Emmett's excided voice ring out as he bounded forward with me held in one of his arms. I revelled at the simplicity of it. It was my idea to pack the blankets. I knew from the moment I saw them staring at each other when they first met. I made Emmett and Rose sort out the food… god knows what we'll find when we open it. I laughed at how childlike Emmett could be. Looking over Emmett's shoulder I saw Edward chuckling and shaking his head while Jasper looked a little tense. yet knew it would surely get a few laughs. Bella and Edward needed to get a move on. my Jasper had the picnic basket and blankets. as much as it annoyed me. which meant I could snuggle up to Jazzy later on while we had whatever was in the basket. Autumn leaves were falling like confetti from the bare trees.

but it was nothing compared to what I felt now. but in a good way. just like a snow fight. who was sprinting after her. The sight reminded me of a documentary I once saw on TV. Edward stopped running when he saw her loose her footing and then restarted . that's when I saw Emmett and Rose throwing leaves at each other. Seeing him heading in the opposite direction of where I was hiding I looked around. knowing that it'd hurt and at how embarrassing it must be. I smiled as I took in the sight of Bella standing with a shocked expression on her face as she grabbed hold of Rose in shock. he was my big. That was warning enough for me. I saw Edward had moved over to Emmett and was patting his back in congratulations for the original scare before my vision was filled by my love. trying to find where Edward and Bella had gotten to. He kissed the top of my head before taking a step back. His eyes gleamed with playfulness as I watched him bend down and grab a handful of leaves. I felt his hands on my waist as he pulled me closer to him and began pulling stray leaves out of my hair. Jasper was smiling as he set the picnic basket down and blankets and took the few short steps towards me. scattering leaves all around me while I saw Emmett doubled over in laughter to my left. I turned to try and find her and saw her running as fast and cautiously as she could. I jumped up as high as I could. of a lion chasing it's pray. Like he was the one who'd look after me. hiding behind trees as I watched Jasper trying to find me. I felt instantly small as he stood over me. I thought I'd been happy as I was before I'd met him. I ran as fast as I could. probably on a tree's root and landed flat on her face. followed by Edward."Now" Emmett's hiss reached my ears and I did as I had been told to do. After a few minutes of looking I noticed a flash of red to my right and remembered that Bella was wearing her red coat. I cringed as she fell. I felt so warm and happy in his arms. I didn't have to be exuberant Alice. I looked up at him and lost myself in his eyes.112 - . strong protector and I could be as small as I wanted with him. I could be chilled out and quiet instead. I looked back to Jasper to see that he'd noticed their antics too. After weaving her way through a few trees Bella unsurprisingly tripped. closing the distance. "My little leaf pixie" he murmured as he swept the leaves off my coat and hugged my tightly.

I couldn't hear what they were saying. The three of us looked over to see them standing still like they were made out of stone.into a sprint as she fell. the three of us were standing. breaking Edward and Bella's moment. I shouted "Beat you to the tree" as I turned and ran as fast as I could towards the large willow like tree that was about 50 feet before us.113 - . His hand paused on her cheek as I saw him leaning his face down to Bella's. neither looking at the other. fiddling with our hands. but I could see that Bella wasn't moving much and Edward was running his hand over her cheek. I didn't understand why they wouldn't just stop being so guarded and go for it. I knew they were meant to be! Deciding to be charitable. I saw them shaking their heads a little and began to turn. the tension between them felt unbearable to me. They broke their charade and fell into laughter as they shook their heads in disbelief and made their way back to us. heads hung low and faces filled with sadness. Rose and Jasper. waiting for Bella and Edward. and I hated to think what it felt like to them. pushing her hair out of her face. I knew it'd be a perfect place for a picnic and I wanted to destroy the tension between Bella and Edward. "Hurry up you three! I'm getting hungry!" Emmett's booming voice rang through the trees. Rose and Bella went to lay the blankets down on the ground once Jasper and the other two had reached us while I looked inside the picnic basket surprised to find . they kept their shaking heads down as if in disappointment. staring at us. I gasped at the cheek of them and said to the girls "You know the drill" The three of us shouted "Oi" and they spun around to look at us. At last! Some action! I though as I watched them about to kiss. I shut my eyes and groaned as I turned to make my way back to Emmett. They both reached our little troop after a few minutes. I heard giggling behind me as I saw Bella and Rose catching up with me. Us girls reached the tree and did our customary victory dance while we waited for the men to join us. I saw him reaching her side and turning her over. with their hands in their pockets. The boys must have been shocked for a few minutes because I saw that they were trailing behind us.

pulling out some of the candy and some coffee mugs and pointing at the contents. Emmett was lying down on his back and his head resting on his hands as Rose sat beside him. accompanied by candy. I told the rest of my demand and they made haste to clear everything up and head back to Emmett's jeep. looking down at the lake and rubbing his stomach. I worked out that if we wanted to get home and us girls showered and changed that we'd have to leave now. she was that clumsy. rubbing them up and down. just like a kitten. and I hope you lot have checked out the twin's new story! I won't be a happy writer if you haven't! ( BookMe ) . she told us all of how she'd managed to get herself into the emergency room in hospital with a can opener. probably sucked. Rose no doubt packed the drinks while Emmett saw to the food I thought as I went over to where Jasper was now sat. keeping me warm.114 - . Emmett and Rose were next to us. They did not want to suffer my wrath and perfection took time! A/N: As I said. Emmett told us all tales of his top 5 pranks while Bella filled the boys in on her clumsiness. The rest of the afternoon passed in a haze of laughter and stories. The drinks and candy ran out and as I looked at the time. Laughter reached my ears as I saw Bella and Edward looking through the picnic basket.flasks of hot chocolate and coffee. I cuddled myself up to his side and he wrapped his arms around me. but cinema is next! I hope to make that one more exciting than this… there shall be games and action! Oh.

but didn't scare me. punctuating both syllables. . (Rose POV) "Romance" I hissed. He was so stubborn. I couldn't believe him! He was talking to me as if he could rule me! "Bella!" I shouted. in what he hoped would be a low warning voice. He relaxed his stance and looked between the both of us in bewilderment at our simple statements. but not as stubborn as I was. dropping my hands from my hips and waiting for Bella to state the rules to Emmett. Nescafe baby… Nescafe! Now I give you some action… but what type? Let the games begin. chill" she said while looking at him. "Romance" I said slowly. we're watching a horror and that's final!" he spat out. "No… horror" he replied. "We are watching a Romance you numb nuts!" I freaked at him. "'Fraid so" I mumbled to her.Let the games begin A/N: I had coffee for when I wrote this chapter… I now have two different types stocked up so I am good to go! Haha. "Tough Bambi. His threateningly large muscled arms crossed across his broad chest in defiance. "Horror" Emmett growled back at me.115 - . having had enough of arguing with the buffoon that was stood in front of me. Bella made her way from the side lines at stood beside me "Last resort?" she asked while she looked from my angered set face to Emmett's raging form. "Emmett.

looking from me to Emmett. seeing as it was bulky and strong just like him. Edward and Jasper their way and making us girls watch the horror movie. I'll milk this for all it's worth so that next time.116 - . "I know" I smiled at her "But he doesn't have to know that. we can have our way" I added as I saw Alice's face change from looking a little saddened to glowing with mischief. . one go. I was wrong. "Okay. which would defeat his move. Rules are. I wasn't always so competitive. with a slight twinkle of fear hiding in his eyes as he looked over to Jasper and Edward who were stood with Alice. no cheating. but since he moved in and since we'd been playing so many games against each other on the x-box. no negotiating after. It's his entire stupid fault! I sulked as I looked over the choices of snacks. and in turn snipped my paper into shreds. "You guys suck" I muttered quietly as I walked away from Emmett's smug face as he gave Edward a high 5 toward the snack counter. If there's a draw. As soon as I heard her say the word "Go" I shot my hand out. Stupid pig headed muscled dumbo… I muttered to myself as I heard Bella's count down. "Yeah. horror movies were one of my weaknesses. Paper. I guessed that Emmett would have gone for the rock. looking a little uncomfortable. the both of us nodding our heads in understanding "On the count of three…" Bella ordered both Emmett and I as we stood from across each other. and so I went for paper. giving him. As strong as I could be. "It was a fair game Rosie" I hear Alice saying quietly from beside me."What are you doing? Your not gona jump me are you? Because I'm not budging from horror! Right guys?" he said. Scissors. The buffoon went for the scissors. "I'm with Emmett" Edward said. pretend you've never been to the cinema before or something…" he giggled as her voice trailed away with her thoughts. "You could cry a little Rosie. Name of the game is Rock. I was sending him a full force of my death glare while he stood looming over me with all his muscles looking as if they were about to bust from his shirt. probably from the hostility between Emmett and me. my competitive nature has bloomed. sure" came from Jasper. resting her hand on my shoulder. we try again. I hated horrors. You got that?" she asked.

"No can do Pixie. biting her nails now while she shot quick glances toward the crowd of people milling about by the entry way. "Bells. "Um… have I told you about the creep that comes into work?" she asked in a voice that told me that she knew full well that she hadn't mentioned such a thing to us. She took a deep quivering breath and continued "Well he's been bugging me . Bella and I glared at Emmett for his stupid timing at joking around. He looked a little hurt at my aggressiveness. hoping to comfort him and sweeten him up a little to get into his good books.117 - . but could you keep quiet a minute and listen to Bella? She might need your help" I said. tell us please" Edward said as he made his was to stand next to her. Mike. what is it? Who you hiding from?" I asked her in a slight boredom. "Sure Bambi" he smiled as he rested his arm across my shoulder. "What's up with you Bella? You got ants in your pants or something?" Emmett chuckled as he. taking her hand from her mouth and rubbing the back of it soothingly. "Shoot Bells" "Okay… well you know I work at the café now…" she started off. Alice. I told Emmett on the way that I used to go with my dad on my birthday every year" I told her "plus that would be one mean thing to do!" I added with a smile as I watched her shrug in indifference. Guilt filled me and I went over to stand by him "Sorry Peaches. I felt bad for bossing him around as I kept forgetting how much of a softie he was. "Shut up and listen fool" I said in a deadly voice and poked him in the chest. looking down at her hands which she was playing with non-stop in her anxiousness "um… there's a guy that comes in every day. pulling me against his side. Edward and Jasper made their way cautiously toward us. he spends a lot of money and stuff so my boss can't really kick him out…" she trailed off. I turned to look at her and found her trying her best to hide her face from view as she pulled her hair down and also held up a popcorn menu to her face while she peeked over the top. "Bella. "Hey guys" Bella's voice came from my right. She sounded a little agitated. "Spill" Alice simply stated beside me as the both of us watched Bella shifting about uncomfortably.

confusion lacing his voice. "Nah. but I see her as my baby sister. On my first day. it's not that. that he'd try and flirt and stuff" I noticed Edward stiffen at the mention of someone flirting with Bella. but he's driving my mad already. so if you hurt her Jasper. she'd told us that her co-workers were amazing and the place itself was perfect. any man who decides to go up against you isn't right in the head" he chuckled as he turned to look back at the crowd by the door. Alice is in the same boat. Bella had told Alice and I last night about her attraction toward Edward.118 - . "I'd never hurt my angel" I heard Jasper whisper as I leant down and kissed Alice on the cheek. "Well he kept asking me questions like were I lived. earning him a beaming smile from her. But we all knew how she loved the coffee shop. pretending to pout in disappointment. "Your admitting your not right in the head Peaches?" I asked. raising my eyebrow in question while resting my hand on hip. I know I've only been there four days. "No one's quitting anything" Emmett said with a dark voice. I bet he was fuming. I looked up to see his expression to be murderous. no one harasses my little sister and gets away with it" he added as he pulled his arm from my shoulder and clicked his fingers as if ready for battle. I'm coming after you. "I know she isn't biologically. Bella isn't your little sister" Jasper said from beside me. . Polly warned me about him. "Your strong enough Bambi." He said while giving Jasper a half serious. but for him to know that someone was flirting with Bella everyday at work. "What bout me Peaches? You gona let the guys harass me?" I asked. waiting for his response. I was sure he was pissed off with the whole thing at the bar last night. how old was I and if I was single…" at this she looked up. looking a little sheepish and went on to add "I kinda got annoyed and told him I was married…" she trailed off. half joking look. and it was plain to see that he reciprocated her feelings from the way he reacted last night toward Duncan's flirtatiousness with her. "He got more eager… he sees me as a challenge now and I can't shake him off… I might quit…" she trailed off again. now looking at the floor with a mega case of the blush. I just know that I'll win against you every time Bambi" he laughed as he dodged my punch to his shoulder. "Um Em. looking up in hope that one of us would agree with her.everyday since I started. "Point him out to me Bella.

Jasper was stood on Edward and Bella's left with Alice sat on his back. "Bella. I'd only seen that once before. wanting to get a better view of the action probably. I took it without hesitation and he pulled me tightly to his side. holding on to his sides tightly while she buried her head between his shoulder blades. but the idiot continued his way towards Bella. . "Um… hi Mike" I heard Bella squeak out from where she stood. He was the male version of the hussy's that always bitched about me when they thought I couldn't hear them. when I kicked his ass the other day on the x-box. resting her head back against Edward's body. "That him?" Edward stated simply in a lethal sounding voice that matched his facial expression. he had blond hair that looked as if it had taken hours to style it in such precision. his arms were folded over his chest and I could see a vain pulsing on the side of his neck. He faltered in his step a little once he noticed Emmett. He then turned his filthy gaze toward me. he was pissed. "You gona introduce me to your friends?" he said. I'd never have thought that Edward could have looked so intimidating or dangerous. even as she was grabbing hold of Jasper.Bella suddenly jumped and ran to hide behind Edward.119 - . As he got nearer. Edward and Jasper's deathly glares which were directed solely on him. I looked him over. He wrapped me to his side with both arms. Edward pulled Bella from behind him to stand in front of him as he wrapped both his arms securely around her waist. as he made a show of checking Alice out. Emmett turned around toward me. I could almost feel this dirty gaze move it's was from my feet to the top of my head. Emmett was stood on Edward and Bella's right. Bella peeked over his shoulder and whispered yes. how lovely it is to see you" Mike said in a voice that oozed with slime. holding his hand out for me to take. almost making me breathless. I watched as a slimy looking twenty something year old guy swaggered like he was God's gift towards us. his clothes were clearly designer and I could see an expensive gold watch poking into view on his left wrist. Watching this prick be shot down would probably be the highlight of the night.

I'm sure you've heard of me" he smiled at me as he said his little piece. his eyes looked black and full of frustration. Hearing his voice reminded me of raging fires or of a slow and painful death. a feeling of security and comfort washing over me from his words. probably trying to seem all suave like James Bond but coming out more like Frankenstein. "Creep" Alice said with hatred in her voice as she began to massage Jasper's shoulders from where she was still sat on his back. I hugged myself against his solid chest and heard him sigh. "And I'm Bella's big over protective brother" A frighteningly threatening voice said. taking a step forward toward Mike. you don't stand a chance punk I thought as my eyes flickered between Edward and Mike. Edward was stood pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand. adding quietly so that only I could hear "promise me" "I promise peaches" I said to him. "If any of you girls come along him again. Our men's subtle yet obvious threat seemed to have reached the idiot's attention as his face turned pale and his eyes flickered wildly from Emmett. trying to give Edward a superior glance.120 - . Edward is sooo mad. or anyone like him. you tell me" Emmett warned us girls as he looked from Alice to Bella and then finally to me. rubbing his back in calming motions. "My name's Edward" he said with a slight fake smile on his lips "and I'm Bella's husband" he added. "And you are?" he had the nerve to add. his eyes closed and breathing deeply while his other hand held Bella tightly to him. . his face had turned to look clear of emotion by now but his eyes full of self control and irritation. Both her arms held on to him. which I then noticed after a few seconds to be Emmett's. feeling the tension seep out of him along with his breath. "Brother In-law" Jasper stated simply."Who are you?" Edward asked him. I'd never have dreamed that quiet. The six of us stood together once Mike had departed. Mike Newton of Newton stores. calm Jasper could be so menacing. Edward and Jasper's hostility. "Um… I've g-got to go… s-see you around m-maybe Bella" he stuttered as he stumbled his way back to the entrance and tripped himself out the door. "I'm Mike.

Jasper and Edward made their way toward the snack.121 - . if were watching this movie. This was what we tended to do when we went to the cinema together if we had time to kill before the movie started. (Bella POV) So here I sat. on my own in the top right of the cinema. I couldn't see Alice in her seat because she was so small. both eyes were in fact mirrored images of a screaming woman's mouth while the knotted brows were the woman's nose. Two of us would go into the theatre and split up. we better get out arses into gear. Jasper lifted Alice off his back as Edward and Bella took a step away from each other. That person would end up looking like a fool as they tried to find us in a dark room. or I would end up eating the popcorn and blocking out my view and hearing of what was happening on screen. seeing as they were having their own way with the choice of movie playing. I really hoped that we wouldn't be watching that movie. while the last one in would come in after us and have difficulty looking for us. "Get good seats Bambi!" Emmett shouted over his shoulder as he. I took the free time to reflect on . And so Rose had the master plan of playing the mini prank on the guys. us girls are getting the seats" I saw everyone relaxing their tense stances. noticing some movie advertising posters on the walls. ending up disturbing a few couples in the process. I could just see the top of Rose's head as she sat at the bottom right of the room. We'd been waiting for a few minutes already. The poster showed a manic face punctuating from a black background. one poster in particular caught my eye and I swiftly averted my eyes as I felt a shiver of fear run down my spine. guys you get the munchies. long and tilted up into a frightening smile. but when looked at closer. smiles slowly drifting to they're faces. but I guessed she was sat on the bottom far left of the cinema.Seeing everyone so stressed out really put a damper on my night. Pulling back from Emmett I said in a stern voice "Well. "Shall we have some fun ladies?" I asked as we made our way to the screen door. its eyes were large. deep and gloomy looking. but I wouldn't let that last. The lips of the face were somewhat clown like. I looked around the room.

talking to me at every chance he could get. The door behind them was still open and the light flooded in. I felt my cell vibrate in my pocket and took it out. I watched them from my vantage point as I saw the three of them looking around the room. The three of us met at the end of the asile where they sat. but he kept on at me… probably thinking I was playing hard to get.what had happened earlier. even after knowing them for almost 2weeks. But I was sure that come Monday. I heard their distant laughter and watched them tucking into our… shared… popcorn. and I had actually started to dread going back to work Monday morning. always asking to be served by me. the eagles have landed" I laughed to myself at her funny phrase but looked toward the doors anyway. I . I was in lastly and made my way to stand before Edward. A minute or two later my cell vibrated again and I read: "I fold" from Alice. indicating easily who was who. that meant she was out then. Mike hopefully would have gotten the message and would leave me alone… he might not even turn up… I pondered as I thought back to the look on his face as he'd received plain yet deathly warnings from Jasper. I watched in stunned awe as they went and sat coolly together in the middle.122 - . Seconds later came the same reply from Rose. I felt so comfortable with them. after a minute of searching I saw them shrugging and nodding toward the middle of the theatre where there was a wide breach of empty seats. I agreed with them both and sent them a final message: "You know the drill". There they were. making sure that I wasn't shining the light all over the cinema. just because of him. Mike was ever persistent at work. it read: "Head's up. I'd made it obvious for him as many times as possible that I wasn't interested. then sat back and watched the boys as I waited for a reply. in between his legs because there wasn't much room. just as I was with Alice and Rose. I stood up and made my way quietly out of the row where I was sat and started making my way down to the guys. Rose went in first and stood right before Emmett. the three of them standing side by side. as I stopped and turned toward him. I looked at the new txt I'd just gotten from Rose. Edward and Emmett. each holding a drink in one hand. and a tub of popcorn in the other. Alice was next as she did as Rose and stopped to stand before Jasper. "Situation: they are stealing all munchies & I got a feeling were watching a really creepy movie… do we abandon ship?" I sent the message to Alice and Rose. I felt so overwhelmed from the way they had stood up for me and protected me from him. illuminating their silhouette. Rose and Alice were advancing from below too.

or if it was because it was dark and I was aware of his every move and breath. I nodded feebly before he took hold of my hand and lead me to the back of the theatre with him.couldn't help but process that I was standing in between his legs… I could jump him now… Alice and Rose wouldn't be too surprised. Jasper simple lead her out of the aisle behind him and down toward the front. of course it would work! Jasper stood up immediately and grabbed hold of Alice's hand "Can we sit up from Jazzy? I don't want to have to look over the top of people's heads" she said shyly. making it difficult for me to remember to breathe. I knew you'd want to hold my hand in the scary bits" he chuckled as Rose slapped him playfully on the back. his heart melting crooked grin in place. He reluctantly moved over a seat with a sly look on his face "I kept the seat warm for you Bambi. hoping that our plan would work… men were weak.123 - . "Shove over Peaches and gimmie some popcorn" I saw Rose saying to Emmett with a smile on her face. was God out to get me? I thought. First with the encounter with Mike and now this? . "Told you so" he replied. "You really do see more of the screen from up here" I noted as I took in the view. "Which movie are we watching?" I asked. I wasn't standing where I was to fantasise about the Adonis which had his legs spread before me as if welcoming me… NO DAMN IT! I scolded myself and turned my features from what was probably making me look like a 'class A' dunce. I felt uncomfortable with the silence that was between the both of us. "One Missed Call… that one" Edward whispered as he pointed to the dreaded poster that had spooked me earlier. For some reason. I didn't know if it was because I was nervous about the movie. I groaned in displeasure. to looking down innocently at the sticky floor and nod along as Alice muttered out "Can we sit with you big strong guys? Were scarred and need protecting" the three of us were pouting by now. "Do you mind if we head back some more? It'd give us a better view of the screen and it would be quieter" Edward whispered into my ear. they knew I had an attraction to him… and the theatre was pretty dark… "Ahem" a soft unsubtle cough came from Alice and I remembered what I was here to do.

I instantly grabbed one of Edward's hands in a vice grip with both of mine as I hid my face into his shoulder. ready to give him a piece of my mind when my intentions flew out the window. And it's the suspense that gets to me. sensing my utter turmoil pulled me from my seat next to him to sit me on his lap. Why couldn't Rose have had gone for the Rock? I thought as I tensed from the suspense. you've got your own personal big strong guy to protect you" he chuckled quietly "I thought you were a fan or horrors? You seem to like to read them… you've got a good collection of Stephen King novels" his voice rang with question and anticipation. I felt my own mouth fall open slightly at their perfection… one kiss wouldn't hurt? I thought as I continued with my staring match . Relaxation began to seep through me even with the screaming and the suspense driven background music on screen. A shrill scream sounded from one of the characters on screen which made me jump and scream myself. you can just shut the book and go back to read it later. My eyes locked on perfectly sculptured lips which were practically shouting at me to kiss them. I sat as I was for a few minutes until an piercing scream blasted from the speakers near us. I turned to look at him. oh God" the voice seemed familiar as I kept hearing the chant and came to realise it was me. "You make a good point" he said slowly. The movie began and my reflexes kicked in. With a movie in a cinema. I jumped in my seat from the fright while I vaguely thought I could hear someone chanting "Oh God. Emmett must be having fun at scaring Rose I thought. keeping hold of me. calming my nerves. makes me jumpy" I answered him. Edward. if you get scared. He was laughing at me? I sat up in anger. "With a book. ringing my hands as the wide screen lit up with an advertisement. A scream rang from the middle of the room followed by a "Quit it!" from an angered voice.124 - . but the cinema had been thrown into pitch black darkness."Don't worry. you can't pause it until you calm yourself down. I heard a chuckle and felt my head moving a little from the tremors coming from Edwards's chest. I realised that Edward was rubbing soothing trails along my back. rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand as the other rested on my waist. to touch and taste them. One of his hands held mine. I sighed at the feeling of relief and calmness that I felt radiating from Edward and into me.

echoing sighs of contentment escaped from the both of us. Quickly I glanced to look at his eyes.125 - . I felt so overwhelmed by the fact that Edward and I were plainly showing our feelings for one another at last. his eyes were rounded into a slightly stunned look as his mouth was drooped open. It moved its way across my back. I could feel his heart beating frantically within his chest. Edward wrapped both his arms securely around my waist as he continued to watch the movie. causing me to arch from the pleasuring touch. feeling every once in a while kisses being placed on the top of my head… . A gasp escaped the angel's lips before I felt him move his hand which was clasping mine to tangle its way into my hair. a small smug smile tugging at his lips. down back to my hips and over my rib cage. all doubts had evaporated. The hand that Edward rested on my waist began to move. his hand that was tangled in my hair. Pulling away for breath I looked down at my real life Adonis. pulled me desperately toward him. even though we'd only known each other for a fortnight. I almost thought I'd died and was staring at an angel's features. it felt like a lifetime. almost as frantic as mine as the drugging kisses continued. The flawless lips moved and turned into a crooked grin at which my heartbeat stuttered and almost failed. I'd been dreading all this time that he didn't feel as I did for him. my fingers ran their way through his immaculate hair which raised a moan to escape from those kiss-me-now lips. But he was faster. mirroring both of our lust. ready to pull him towards me. not wanting to let my control slip in the middle of a cinema theatre. keeping a firm hold on me. I gave him a few chaste kisses before I rested my head against his chest. My free hand moved itself by its own accord to the back of the must-be angle's head. his eyes were locked on my face… my his lips. breathing in raspy breaths. they'd morphed from brilliant green to a darker colour. Our lips locked in a passion fuelled kiss. but from the way he tugged my lips to his. and as I spent the time breathing in his intoxicating scent. a colour that looked closer to black. Slowly I stilled my hands from running through his hair to grasp the back of his neck.

A/N: Happy now? I wasn't going to let that happen till next week… but you got your way… lol The thing with the hiding in the cinema. I hate looking at it! Please review… thank you. it was hilarious! Check out the picture of the movie poster if you want to know what I meant… it is sooo creepy. my sister and a friend did it to our other friend once.126 - . me. .

you guys are giving me ideas with what I'll do next. but I wouldn't have done anything with her there. I later came to realise that Bella's steady breathing was because she was fast asleep in my arms.Everyone's a winner A/N: May I just say firstly. I felt almost aflame from the raging emotions that filled that one kiss. so much had happened concerning Bella. Everyone's a winner Edward (POV) I thought back to the events of last night. kissing her instead of watching a movie. Also I'd like to let you all know that I have a lot of work coming up in the next week. I reluctantly woke her up. Hope you like….127 - . Not that Bella and I kissed much. Once the movie had ended. warning off the vile rodent who I found out had been after Bella's attention for a few days. felt her heart beating against my chest and breathed in her flowery. I felt fit to kill when she told me…us. and the next… but it's because they were both going to be in one chapter. delight ran through me as I though of how she must have felt safe and comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms. no matter how much I wanted to grab hold of him by the throat and throttle him for any indecent thoughts he had about my Bella. so I wont be able to update for a while…. hypnotizing scent. I spent the rest of the time watching blurred images flicker across the screen as I listened to Bella's breathing. at the back of the cinema with a girl I liked. Watching her doe like eyes . thanks for the beautiful reviews. just the one searing kiss that left me breathless and senseless. First I was her husband. The kiss was unlike any others I had ever had. – sad face – but I'll try my best! This chapter might seem smaller than usual. Then I was practically like a school kid. But I was content with it just as I though Bella was too.

an album that would be calming enough to listen to yet would wake her from her slumber. after last night all I had dreamt about was her. wondering if the aroma of the coffee alone would wake her up. I turned over underneath the sheets to look at the time. No doubt . I thought that they both acted childishly when together. Bella and my questioning looks. I looked around her room to try and find something else that would wake her up without my having to jump up and down on her bed to wake her this instant as I wanted to.flickering open to lock onto mine. Alice. Emmett and Rose made their way out to us all lastly. who I had totally forgotten about as soon as Bella had been in my arms. as a repayment for the coffee she had made me yesterday morning. After looking through about 20 of the nearest cds I found one that I thought would be perfect. I just wanted to see her again. I turned my gaze to Jasper to see that his hair was dishevelled and he too was smiling. Jasper's arm resting itself around her shoulders comfortably. In truth. the clock read 10. I remember giving her a quick kiss before leading her after me to the doors to meet the others. Emmett was picking popcorn out of Rose's hair as the both of them were laughing uncontrollably. I wondered if it would be a good time to go make a coffee for Bella. We found Alice and Jasper standing together. The smile she gave me as the realisation kicked in almost had me gasping for breath. but last night gave evidence that they would always be childish together. a small smile shone from her face and I couldn't help but hope that she was thinking of me while she slept. "Popcorn fight with some punks who thought they could piss us off" Rose had simply stated at Jasper. I knew how much she loved her coffee.128 - . She looked peaceful as she slept.30am. and watching her face change from confusion to realisation made me want to watch her wake up every morning from now on. I spotted her stereo and went over to look through her music collection. I set a mug of steaming coffee down on her bed side table for her. a slightly dazed look was settled in his eyes. I looked the both of them over and found that Alice's lips looked a little swollen and red but were tilting up in a beaming smile. the darkened room seemed to lighten up just by her smile. maybe wake her up myself and watch her… was I sounding creepy for wanting so much to watch her wake up? I thought for a few minutes more before deciding that I wouldn't have anything to loose. I pondered the thought of waking her with a kiss… just like from fairy tales… but perhaps she'd find that a bit weird? The music started and I made my way over to her comfortable couch.

Curiosity was filling me with each second she kept quiet. To lock myself up in her room and read a book from cover to cover on her couch. the memory must have finally caught up with her as she nodded her head and greedily grabbed hold of the coffee mug between both hands and began drinking it. a slightly wobbly smile playing on her lips. touch of her… sound of her. After a few more minutes of non stop typing her printer came to life and passed out three pages. She must have finally noticed my attention on her and seen the curiosity in my eyes because she made her . Dazed a little by her smile I pointed feebly to her coffee mug and stuttered out "Repayment for the coffee you made me yesterday" Confusion passed through her as she looked from me to the coffee and back. her hips swayed gently with each step she took closer my way. Looking up I found her setting her coffee mug down and stretching her arms over her head as she arched her back. The sound of fingers moving swiftly over a keypad drew my attention to Bella as I watched her writing a message.she'd put the sofa here so that she could read for hours on end. leaving me dazed and begging for more… more of the sight of her. I watched as she tossed and turned for a bit then after a grumble she sat up. I went back to the book that I was reading. Minutes later mumbles and movement drew my attention from the book to Bella's bed. finding that I couldn't concentrate on what I saw. she was like my personal angel on earth. I shuddered a breath as she stopped beside me and bent over to press her lips to my cheek. I finally gave up and set the book down as I heard Bella's bed springs squeak a little and the sound of feet touching wooden floor. which as I began to read a book nearby. I looked at her to see that the small smile she had while asleep had transformed into a glowing smile. She stood back up and made her way toward her laptop. I watched as she picked up the papers and looked at each. I licked my chapped lips as the thought of running my mouth over her skin entered my mind. felt like I wanted to do. rubbing the sleep from her eyes as a yawn escaped her. Sounds of feet moving along the floor snapped me out of my desires as I watched Bella walking toward me.129 - . to kiss every inch of her smooth skin and watch her wriggle underneath me in pleasure and yearning. "Mornin''" a tired voice come from the bed. but what looked more like an essay by its length. I grinned at the sight of her. The top of her t-shirt rode up a little to expose some of her smooth enticing stomach.

I made my way back down stairs. seeing a young. instead of Jacob. they go fishing every week. I looked up and saw her looking between the picture and myself. The first was of an old man. He's the police chief of Forks" she said in a proud voice "Billy is my dad's best friend. Looking at them I saw three pictures. Bella mentioned last night that she owed Jacob for making her go to the evening class and meeting Alice and Rose.way to me and handed me the pages that had passed through the printer. to check up on me… you know" her voice was soft and filled with excitement. a relaxed smile on his face along with a few smudges of grease from the car that was jacked up on blocks beside him. but she also said that Jacob. leaning against a cop car with a backdrop of green and brown forestry behind "That's Charlie. putting the pan and spoon on the coffee table as I sat myself in an armchair. sat in a wheelchair with a fishing rod in one hand and a can of beer in the other. What if he stole her away from me before I could even get the chance to be with her? Bella and I both jumped as a sound of metal being pounded frightened us. And this…" she said as I flipped the last page into view "this is Jacob. tanned. slumping onto the couch half asleep. along with her father and Billy was the only person she'd talk to. Indescribable jealousy raged through me as I looked at this Jacob. Emmett calling me 'pixie' made me feel as if he was my big brother. "That's Billy" I heard Bella whisper from my side. "Pixie… why'd you wake me up so early? Some of us like our beauty sleep!" Emmett groaned as he made his way toward me.130 - . I looked the picture over. I pulled her on to my lap before I looked at the next picture. he might be visiting me next week. readying myself for what I was about to do. The second was of a cheery looking man dressed in a police officer's uniform. my dad. well built good looking guy looking back at me. only to be replaced by Alice's squeals "House meeting! Everyone down to the living room NOW!" we exchanged curious looks as we slowly got ourselves up from the couch and made our way to the living room… (Alice POV) "House meeting! Everyone down to the living room NOW!" I shouted as loudly as I could manage and returned to banging the wooden spoon against the saucepan. How I wished I was the one to have had been able to get Bella out of her reclusive state those years ago. I didn't . tall. The sound stopped.

deal with it" I added to break the atmosphere in the room.have any brothers or sisters so I loved it. and then she'd think he was being mean and maybe if she liked him. as soon as the words left his mouth he broke into laughter and held up a cushion to act as a shield to the wrath that Rose would undoubtedly release on him. on top of Emmett and released her wrath of tickles on him. as Rose come in the room he sat himself up. "What was with the 'monkey with the symbols' act just now Ali?" Bella asked as she and Edward made their way to join us. It was a classic case of play ground behaviour. I got myself up from the arm chair in which he then sat down and pulled me to sit in his lap. When would they realise that they only picked at each other because they wanted each other. tugging at the bottom of her pyjama top and running a hand through her messed up mane of hair. screams and grunts were coming from the sofa as I watched them both battle to be the one on top. I shook my head at their playfulness.131 - . Giggles. I let all thoughts leave me as I concentrated only on his warmth. A boy would pull the hair of the girl he liked to get her attention. Edward and Bella… to both couples I thought and smiled to myself. both of them would get the attention from the ones they liked. sitting themselves on the floor beside Emmett and Rose who had finally stopped with the tickling and were now slumped on top of each other as they concentrated on breathing. "Why you cheeky little plonker!" Rose ground out as she launched herself over the back of the sofa. Jasper made his way in lastly. "I just wanted to talk to you guys" I said as innocently as I could. the feeling of him underneath me and around me as he held me in his arms. Emmett chuckled softly. she'd push him back. "Okay. Rose. I just wanted you guys to know that as from last night. your purdy as you are" I answered him in a childlike voice. I kissed his neck quickly before I turned my attention to Emmett. "What you laughing at?" she asked as she shuffled her way over to the sofa's. to get the advantage on the attack. in conclusion. trying my best to stifle my laughter. "Your face" Emmett said quickly. making a bee line straight for me. No one . I am now Jasper's girlfriend" I couldn't control the smile that I felt straining my cheeks "so if anyone doesn't like it. "Aww… you don't need no beauty sleep Emmett.

I could always count on Bella to bring me away from tears. "Behave" Bella chirped in and winked at me which caused me to laugh a little. Probably remembering the surprise birthday party we threw for her last year. "Good" I continued with my little speech "And another thing I wanted to say was that I've booked at table at a restaurant for us all to go to Friday night" a gasp came from Rose as her eyes widened "You really thought I'd forget your birthday Rosie? Tutt tutt.132 - . "Monopoly" I called out. "I don't do birthdays" she said in a snipped tone. "Fine… fine" Rose growled out. I felt the need of some kid of bonding session as I looked at each of them in turn. crossing her arms across her chest and looking down at her legs in defeat. hoping that my little statement at the coffee shop weeks ago would come wholly true. "Freaky fortune telling Pixie" I heard Rose mutter quietly and shaking her head back and forth. "Neither of you could have picked better" Edward said and I felt pride swell in me by their words. "Well were doing this one Rose. her birthday day and the day after. The six of us sat together for a few minutes in silence. . which she somehow found out about and therefore locked herself at home for a whole day before her birthday. I felt my eyes begin to prickle with tears from his complimentary words. and don't bother trying to get out of it" Bella added as she looked pointedly at Rose. shame on you!" I said as I watched her try her best to glare at me. "Bambi! You didn't tell me!" came Emmett's child like whine. I beamed at her statement. "I'm the car!" Emmett boomed out before he made his way to the shelves and pulled the monopoly box free. but at least you found someone perfect" Emmett said as he looked at Jasper. but failing. "At last Jazz. took you long enough to find someone.had spoken yet and I was beginning to dread what they'd say.

Bella made her way back to join the rest of us who were congregated around the coffee table with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a tray carrying glasses in the other. Jasper slid himself from the chair to sit beside me. A bottle of Coke was tucked under her arm too. probably getting a stock of food and drinks for us all.133 - . grabbing hold of the fake paper money and sorting out 5 separate piles. Once everyone was settled. the game began… Emmett managed to end himself in jail 3 times and only had 2 property cards to his name while Edward was winning by having bought almost half of the properties on the board which were topped with houses or hotels. "Jasper will have the battleship Emmett" I said as I made my way from Jasper's lap and to the floor. I'll be the shoe. "I could be the shoe if you want Bambi?" Emmett mumbled as he looked down at the monopoly box in his hands. hoping she'd accept the compromise. moving my pan and wooden spoon to the floor."No way Peaches!" Rose shouted at him "I'm the mechanic. its okay. one for each player. what do you want to be? They don't have a piano…" Emmett laughed as he and Rose sat beside the coffee table. adding the value of rent to a stupidly high sum for when another player was unfortunate to land on them. it'll look better on me" she smiled and tugged him with her back to the rest of us on the couches. "Um… I' don't know… gimmie the thimble" she answered over her shoulder as she headed toward the kitchen. making sure we were all happy. "No. "Ed-ward" he hissed out quietly under his breath before answering Emmett's jest "I'll be the top hat" "Bells?" Emmett asked simply as he looked through the pieces. "Eddie. Rose . so the car is mine!" Uh oh I thought as I watched the both of them bicker about which metal token would be theirs "Rose… I'll be banker so you can have the shoe" I said. adding the one's that had been chosen on the board. giving me a soft kiss on my cheek as he turned his attention to the board game that was set on the coffee table.

"I don't like storms… they make me anxious and scared. I called it quits. I shivered at the thought of a storm and packed the monopoly money away with Jasper helping me. a look of concern showing in his eyes as they pierced mine. especially when it came to who had what metal piece! Haha We got us a stormy night ahead of us… . I felt torn between wanting him to comfort me tonight if I got scared. good memories. so maybe I'm over them?" I said in a hopeful tone. but then not wanting him to see me because I knew how I got. I'll hold you till the storm is over.was doing fairly well. "What is it then?" he asked.. He nodded his head slowly but in a serious voice said "If you get scared tonight. But I wouldn't let my Jazzy go under. "I'll be fine" I told myself more than Jasper. But there hasn't been a storm in a long time. the banker held.. I knew that by him looking into my eyes. I'd hate to see you scared. I used to always be the winner when I played with my family. each time I leant in to give him a little kiss. Once all the properties were bought and Edward had more money to himself that what I. seeing deep purple clouds swirling around. It was drawing to dinner time and was unusually dark out. declaring the storm that was on its way.134 - . he'd see my worry and so there was no point in lying to him. she'd chosen to buy the pink and red colour coded properties while Bella went after the four railways/stations and the 2 utilities. I looked through the windows and out to the garden. He must have noticed my shiver once I'd turned away from the window because he asked "Are you cold honey? Do you want me to get you a hoodie or something?" I smiled at his thoughtfulness but shock my head in a no. but I'd rather be there to comfort you than think of you going through it on your own" he took hold of my hand and pulled me toward him. you can always come to me. wrapping both his arms around me then kissing the top of my head. I'd slip some money into his hand. A/N: There you go… I love monopoly. making sure he'd still be in the game. knew it would only worry him. Jasper was trailing behind with only a few properties and not much money after having to pay hefty fines for landing on Edward's properties.

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? I thought as I shivered. I stopped my counting. I had gotten to 10… meaning the storm was about 10 miles away… getting closer as it was 14 miles away the last time I counted. 'If you get scared tonight. my hands were outstretched. I looked at the time which read 1:17am. my . ready to find the door's handle in the darkness.Thunder and Lightning A/N: I hope you'll like this chappy… it'll help you understand our Alice a little better! Thunder and lightning. I made my way as quietly as I could toward the door so as not to wake Rose. Another shot of lightning illuminated the room. but I'd rather be there to comfort you than think of you going through it on your own' rang in my mind as I thought of Jasper's offer to keep me company during the storm. not wanting her to know just how afraid I was still of the storms. (Alice POV) 'Boom' Why did storms exist? Maybe Mother Nature and God had a falling out one day and Mother Nature sent a storm to reek havoc on God's creation… it could make sense… if you add the classic saying of 'Hell has no Wrath like a Woman Scorned'… maybe Mother Nature did a little deal with the devil. 'Boom' I jamp from the loud explosion like sound that issued from the sky and counted the seconds that went by. to comfort me while I was trying my best to control my heart's hysterical beating and my shallow gasps for breath. I can't wait here on my own I thought as I pulled myself out from my bed. A flash of lighting cracked from the dark. sleeping like a baby while I tossed and turned and hid under the covers like a child. My hands connected with wood as I blindly searched for the handle.. forbidding clouds. casting haunting shadows before my eyes.. I'll hold you till the storm is over. I can do this I told myself. from the sound of the thunder to the sight of the lightning. you can always come to me. I'd hate to see you scared. some noise and light can't scare me! Rose was in her bed beside me.136 - .

probably looking like an escapee from a mental asylum. wanting desperately to block out the sound of the storm. but I couldn't break through my terror to understand it. 'Boom' Thunder rang out again and I felt my body begin to shudder again. A faint noise reached me. An earth shattering noise came from outside and I felt my nerves shatter. my chest felt compressed as I felt something solid pulling me closer from behind to the solidness that was in front . 'Forward… and back… forward… and back" I chanted in my mind as I rocked myself. shocking me by it's warmth against my frozen. I bought my knees to my chest as I held both my hands over my ears. I knew the sound wasn't of the weeping that was like a constant base to my hearing or the rumble of thunder. my body loosing it's strength as it slid down against the wall to the floor. shivering skin. whimpering from the fright that had taken over all my senses. My body.hands brushed against the cold brass of the door handle and grasped it tightly. holding myself to it. leaning against the cool wall opposite it while I debated with myself… do I go to him or do I go down to the kitchen and sit it out? I asked myself. hoping that it hadn't disturbed Rose from her peaceful sleep. I felt my shielding hands being torn away from my ears and being placed around a warm. I clung on to the solid object underneath my hands as if for dear life before I felt myself being lifted. I made my way over to Jasper's door. trying to get my mind to concentrate on something other than the raging storm outside. which had been rocking back and forth in motion suddenly stopped. smooth.137 - . solid object. I rocked myself slowly and rhythmically back and forth. they connected with something concrete and I instinctively wrapped my legs around it. trying to get them to connect with something I could get a hold on. My arms ached from my relentless hold. The task of moving back and forth was in vain attempt to block out the sounds of thunder and the sound of tortured crying that I could distantly hear. Slowly I turned the door handle and pulled it open. This new sound was familiar… inviting… addictive. making my way onto the landing and closing the door behind me as quietly as I could. My eyes clamped themselves tightly shut and hid themselves further be resting on top of my knees. Something strong and steady touched both my shoulders. like I was suspended in mid air. I moved my legs which were hanging limply.

wondering what it was. I tried my best to think of only the sound. wanting me to realise what the feeling was. perfect face that looked almost too perfect to be real… perhaps it was an angel that was speaking to me… did a lightning bolt hit me and send me to heaven? The voice continued. I moved my legs slowly around. wanting to hear what else it would say "there's nothing to worry about… shh… shh love… you're safe…" I knew now that there was nothing to worry about. the warm feather light touches the brushed against the side of my exposed face. wanting to fill my crushed lungs as much as I could with air. yet I couldn't think of who's it was. I felt some foreign feeling beginning to slowly seep through me. enthralled by the inviting feeling. I continued listening to the voice murmuring into my ear as flashes of shining golden blond hair come into my mind's eye followed by a faint image of a man's face. a handsome. dimming down some of the doom that filled every part of me. and after a few seconds my legs rested on something soft and silky. I concentrated on the voice again. warming my frozen body and slackening the fright that had a throttling hold on my entire being. . forgetting the tingling warm sensation that covered my back. I could sense strength within the voice as well as a quiet. which wasn't shielded by the solid form that I held onto. It was safety I felt before by the sound of the voice. the smell sparked a small piece of hope within me. sensuous. My legs and hips screamed in protest from the mammoth effort I put into keeping them securely locked around the beam like object I clung to. The sound finally broke through and I realised it was a person's voice "Shh… shh… you're safe now" the voice was unbelievably familiar. only to be replaced by something warm that ran up and down the expanse of my back. taking my thoughts away from angels to listen. strong. I took a shuddering breath. The realisation that the foreign feeling that hit me earlier came to me by the voice's words… safe. The familiar sound came back again.of me. hidden confidence as I felt something picking away at me more and more with every word the voice spoke. The familiar sound was again trying to invade my senses. the voice made me feel safe and comfortable yet I couldn't recall who the voice belonged to. familiar smell. I felt myself being moved. only to have them filled by a mouth watering. The solid hold that was crushing me from behind loosened and left my back.138 - . the constant weeping from before had subsided to a few hiccupping sobs and snivelling. slowly leading its way through my body.

on either side of Jasper's sitting form. your so cold" I heard his whisper.139 - . husky smell that filled me was his scent and it was him who promised me safety. Before I could protest of their absence. picking up on the smoothness of it "it's not right for an angel to cry and be in such torment" the voice added in a pained whisper. the smoky. wanting to see my guardian angel clearly and felt moisture slipping from my eyes running down my face in hot trails to the bed. I sighed in relief at the knowledge I was in his arms. making me feel cold and open to the storm's torment. but as I felt him begin to pull away from me. my limp body held against his with one of his arms while the other hand drew back the bed covers out of the way. my love couldn't be in pain! I protested in my mind. feelings. sending me a silent message that he'd return. He lowered the both of us down. his voice sounding pained. I blinked them away."All this will be gone by morning love. unlocking them from their vice grip around his body. The realisation that Jasper was holding me hit me as I thought of the warmth that was running over my back was in fact Jasper's hand. yet was burning in amid flames as I though of the one word that caught my attention… love? I asked myself… who did I love? That was easy. Jasper. His hands moved to hold onto both of my hands. his hands grasped onto my legs. My vision blurred from the tears that were forming in my eyes. too weak to voice my thoughts. Did this mean that he finally realised that he loved me too? My hearing. my back touched the soft mattress beneath me. I didn't want him to leave me. "I'm just going to turn the light off" He said as he leant down to me and pressed his lips to mine. making me feel as if I was sinking down in it. senses flooded back to me as fast as if a light bulb had been switched on in my mind. I nodded my head in understanding but asked him shyly as he began straightening . "Alice" I heard Jasper whisper to me as his hands left my back. My legs felt numb as they separated from each other and rested limply on the bed. warming them by his touch and melting my strong hold on him "I'm going to lie is down now to warm you up. you'll be your usually bubbly self…" I heard the voice say. and then you won't be scared anymore. my voice sounded broken and weak. "Don't go" I heard myself gasp in worry. I strained to keep my hold on him as I tightened my grip. My heart felt as if it had been frozen to a halt. My arms were loosely wrapped around his neck. He stood up.

making sure to tuck me in warmly. I moved my legs toward Jasper's and found his legs which felt as hot as coals which warmed my feet. His head hit the pillow before I saw a slight frown crossing his features. Another sounding of thunder broke me from my carefree thoughts.up "Can you leave the table lamp on?" I turned my attention to the lamp on his bedside table as I felt his gaze running over my face. Jasper must have felt my stiffening because seconds later I was being held tighter to him. All my thoughts and feelings would be directed towards the wind. Tears were running down my face and onto his top… I'll have to buy him a new one. calves and thighs. pulling me tightly to his side. I remembered my cold legs which were beginning to tingle from the distant heat that was beginning to reach them. thunder and lightning and I wouldn't have enough concentration to think of anything else… until now. I smiled to myself. . almost on top of him. I turned on to my side so that I could watch every of his graceful movements. I took a deep breath that seemed to clear my mind and though of what I'd just thought… I'd thought about shopping while there was a storm outside… usually I'd get so terrified by a storm that I'd even sometimes forget my name. my Jasper… my guardian angel. The mattress sagged under his weight as he lowered himself on to the bed next to me. He pulled the covers up over the both of us as he lay down. as if searching for the reply he was going to give me. rain. my body stiffened from the fright. I've probably ruined this one… I thought as I continued to sob. only to be surprised by one of his arms siding under my body as the other wrapped itself over me. The hold he had on me made me feel as if he was closing all the gaping holes that the terror from the storm were entering me. one of his arms holding me still as the other rested on the back of my head. He turned the table lamp on just before he turned the room's main light off and came back to me as I shivered from the faint sound of thunder from outside. comforting me. or where I was. knowing that it was all because of Jasper. taking in a deep breath which filled my mind with his scent. I sighed in contentment and snuggled myself deeper into his hold as I heard Jasper groan and flinch from the coldness of my skin against his. He made his way to turn the lights off. After a few minutes revelling in the warm embrace. "Why don't you like thunder and lightning? Why do they frighten you so much Alice?" I heard Jasper's soothing voice ask me. His body heat radiated into mine and I couldn't help but finally relax and slump myself against him. I lifted myself up a little to get a better look at him. keeping me together and keeping me calm and warm.140 - .

trying to listen to listen and feel Jasper's beating heart under my hand and match it "maybe it's because I don't like the dark much… the dark reminds me of my problems with small spaces… being stuck… trapped and cant get out…" I stopped talking as my fearful childhood memory took me over. "What made you uncomfortable in the dark?" he asked. the dark and small spaces so much. trying to scare me. I've never liked them from what I can remember…" I said as I concentrated on trying to calm my heart's frantic pace. Me being a pixie that I was and still am climbed in and managed to just fit. it was the summer holidays and my friends and I were at my house. rubbing my lower back all the time in rhythmic motion. he tried first but was too big. mostly from the lightning. wept and banged within the box for what felt life a lifetime before I heard voices from the outside. By the time the lid had been opened and I had been lifted out. trying to free myself by it wouldn't budge. I buried my face deeper into Jasper's chest as he rubbed by back again. quiet from the torment. which the four of us stood around and wondered what we could do with it.141 - . whispering comforting and soft words as I shivered. Joe had a clever idea of seeing who could fit in there. A flash of light bought me fully out of my memory. screamed. a flash of lightning. dragging a box that he'd found. or how I guessed they'd began."I'm not sure. Jasper listened intently to my every word. but also from my memory. my eyes had closed under the weight of exhaustion and yawns kept battling to interrupt the ending. I took a deep breath. I pushed and kicked at the lid of the box. . as were both of our other friends. making me feel as if I was reliving the event all over again. Joe closed the lid on me and played around with the lock. I was weak and tired from fright. that he of all people deserved the right to know why I feared thunder and lightning storms. probably remembering how I almost begged him to keep some light on in the room. He came out a little later. I trusted him and I wanted him to know. I knew that after what Jasper had experienced with me tonight. I turned myself in his strong hold so that I looked at his face rather than the fabric of his shirt and told the story of how my fears had all began. Joe went to have a look in my father's garage for something for us to play with. I was about six years old. making me feel as if I was being rocked back and forth. We were bored with playing in the woods or playing hide and seek indoors and so the oldest of the four of us. I shouted. He'd seen my reaction to a storm and being trapped in a space so it was only right to tell him. I called to my friends to let me out. only to be met by a deathly silence. The motion soothed me so much that by the time I'd finished telling him of my memory.

. they make me smile! .142 - . so I'm not going to have much time to write :( I'll do my best! Keep sending reviews. His heart's beat ran thought the hand that I had rested on his chest and into me. He placed a kiss on my forehead and nose before I heard a gentle reassuring "I love you Alice Brandon" followed by a soft warming kiss on my lips. making me feel as if the both of us had been moulded into one. safe and happy for the first time ever with a storm still battling outside. I fought to get three words out before I slipped under and into sleep.I let myself fall into sleep as I listened to Jasper's steady breathing and the light patter of rain that hit the window from outside. giving me contentment before I fell asleep feeling comfortable. "I love you" I said as clearly as I could without my need for sleep to distort it.. A/N: Poor Alice… just try and imagine being trapped in a box! And poor Jasper… having to watch the one he loves in so much pain and terror! Warning: I'm working a lot this week.

but Bella and I hadn't done anything to officiate it which left me a little agitated… what if she didn't want to be my girlfriend? Alice and Jasper had done it with ease.V to watch a movie or three before heading to bed. thanks to us guys. but I can't promise you anything (sorry sorry sorry!) But I hope you'll enjoy this chapter. As she let us all pass into the dining room. (Edward POV) The week passed pretty quickly.... in my mind and heart.143 - . The night at the cinema had proven that. so I hope it'll make up for the lack of postings over the week! Enjoy… Xerocide. biggest to date. the six of us seemed to fall into a routine of getting home from work. she was already mine. wolfing down an amazing dinner that Bella had made and then congregating before the T. "It's a thank you to my big strong protective men for a job well done" she'd laughed as she began piling food onto our plates. and nothing like that had happened since… it was pretty hard to get time for the both of us in a house with another four people… .. but Bella and I hadn't mentioned the kiss at the cinema. saying "Can I be the husband the next time Bells?" His joking statement had sent a feeling of unease through me as I thought of anyone else pretending to be Bella's husband. kinda hard with a sister as an author on here too! BUT it's given me a chance to think of a few new stories I have 3 days off next week! Writing cramming sessions I think! I hope to get one or two chapters up during next week. I was in awe of the feast Bella had made. Bella had mentioned to us one night just as she lead us to the dinning room that she hadn't seen a glimpse of Mike since 'running into him' at the cinema. it's a biggie. Emmett had laughed.Xerocide A/N: I'M SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I'm doing my best with getting as much writing as I can done.

Alice had . I looked over at Jasper as he let out an audible sigh.. Emmett never let anyone tinker with his jeep. I'd picked up on the fact that Alice had been sneaking into his room every night this week. She was dressed simply in a tight. Rose was clipping bits of her hair up while grumbling something that sounded like "perfection takes time". I'll go up there". so Rose must mean a lot to him. Emmett's eyes I noticed were raking her attire. with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I personally didn't know why they kept it hidden. just audible over squeals and rushing threats. classy looking black dress. to let her do what she wanted. Jasper and I were waiting patiently for the girls to finish getting ready for our night out at the cinema… just like last Friday. The result was astounding. which would be an excuse for the both of them to touch each other without making it obvious. she'd sneak back before she thought anyone was awake.. it was clear to all of us just how much they cared for each other. short.144 - ."They better not take as long as last time…" I heard Emmett's low mumble coming from the windows that over looked the garden. The sound of a door opening echoed from above. I'd hear her soft footsteps make their way to his door and then it'd be followed by soft talking for most of the night. "This is really taking the piss" I heard Emmett growl as he ran a hand through his mane of curly hair "last week I waited because I was trying to be polite… but if they're not down in two minutes. Emmett. I bet if she wanted to put leopard print seats in there. and they were together. whether your dressed or not" he added. he wouldn't object… "I'm starving! Come on!" Emmett bellowed as he turned to look at the stairs "If your not down in one minute. They'd do things together too like play on the x-box or Rose would call him out to the garage with her if she wanted to fix up his jeep. "Just wait a little longer… it'll be worth it in the end" Jasper told Emmett as he paced in circles around the room. looking flushed from their rushed entrance. us three are coming up there and we'll carry you down. The three of them bound into the living room. I wondered if this would happen each week… a routine in the making. along with three sets of feet clanking toward the stairs. I could clearly see the attraction between Emmett and Rose from the way the both of them would continually bicker and compete with each other and end up in a mini wrestling match.

leaving us three men standing in stunned awe at their stunning sights. a wide grin on her face as she stroked the steering wheel "Such a beast" she muttered as she tilted her head to the side in a show of affection. reminding me of an angel figurine that you'd place on top of a Christmas tree. righting the dress she wore which made her look like the goddess she was. the heels which her feet were encased made her legs look gorgeous. we men were wearing our best shirts and ties. which was the reason. Alice and Bella were talking among themselves as Jasper. she approved of the look. the neckline was pure torture as I couldn't help but stare and appreciate the show of the gentle swell of her breasts. The dress she wore was white. Neither of us was wearing a suit jacket. but I couldn't agree with her about them being stupid shoes. "Oh…Okay…" Emmett answered.decided to book us into a posh restaurant seeing as it was for an occasion.145 - . Alice and Bella hot on her heels. Quiet muttering caught my attention from near the floor. Tonight is going to be hell on earth… yet heaven in hell I thought as I tore my eyes from her luscious body. it was only then that I realised that the girls had already headed towards the door. blinking slowly as if he'd been hypnotized. Emmett and I got out the jeep and made our way to help the girls out as the gentlemen we were. I looked over and down and saw Bella bent down. adjusting her shoes "stupid stupid… need flat… safe shoes…" I heard her murmuring. Rose expertly parked us outside the restaurant which was named 'Xerocide'. before I tore them off her and had my wicked way with her all night… and all tomorrow… "Peaches! Where are your damn keys?" Rose shouted from near the doorway. "'Coz I'm driving tonight" she said with a smile before snatching the keys from his hand and running out the door. Why?" Emmett called back. I couldn't help but stare at her as she finally finished her task and stood up. . Alice was looking beautiful as always in a plain white dress with a contrasting black bow tied around her middle. "I got 'em. followed by "lovely trip to hospital… emergency room here I come… woo hoo!" I couldn't help but chuckle at her quiet ranting. with a black pattern with some red here and there. but from the look Alice was giving Jasper. taking the keys out of his pocket and making his way slowly to the door after her.

securing my hold around her waist as her feet touched the ground. may I escort you?" I asked and bowed a little. I smiled weakly as I helped Bella down from Emmett's monstrous vehicle. I looked up at her to see if she felt it. you may" she responded as she placed her warm delicate hand in mine. Note to self.Jasper opened the door to a ready and waiting Alice who had her arms outstretched. her eyes were shining with anticipation. I held my hand out to her "Madam. in their own little world. Jasper smiled at her readiness and helped her down. welcome to Xerocide" a tan-tastic orange glowing woman . "Come on ladies. her eyes were large with shock as she looked from our entwined hands to my face. Emmett. He opened the driver door and looked up at Rose who had by now turned her attention to the heating controls. my name's Amber.146 - . knowing how unsteady she could be. "Lets do this" Emmett laughed as he pulled the door open and held it for us all to enter. ready for the night ahead. he smiled a little mischievously before he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her from the jeep. The floors were wooden and so were the bottom half of the walls. with the top half in a bold. sending sparks through my body. I could see was stood beside me. "Hi. hiding my ecstatic face from her when I heard her musical giggles "Why yes sir. I looked around and liked what I saw. showing that it catered for all. Bella and I walked in after Jasper and Rose. shutting the door behind him with a shove from his shoulder and carrying a laughing bundle in his arms over next to Alice and Jasper. but with a candle on each table the atmosphere was more romantic and relaxed. I opened the back passenger door to reveal the beautiful Bella. smiling a little weakly back at me before taking hold of my hand and leading me to the rest of our little party who were waiting for us by the door. I'm so hungry I could eat a bear!" Emmett called from beside the restaurants doorway. a mixture of ages filled the table. The place looked welcoming and not too formal. "Thanks" she whispered. Alice knows her stuff I thought as I continued looking around. ready to cling on to him. the both of them staring at each other once they were steady on the ground. deep sea kind of blue which made the place look a little dark. a small smile on her lips.

waiting for Amber to lead us to our table. Emmett and I didn't fail to notice the bartender's hungry eyes as they took in the sight of Bella. "If you'd follow me then please" Amber said in her trained polite voice which didn't hide her boredom and distaste very well. Alice and Rose. of course… Brandon" the receptionist jumped into action from Jasper's look. looking straight through Emmett. "R-right… yes. Jasper held on to Alice's hand and I watched Emmett slowing his stride a little so that his bulky form would hide Rose from their view. "Can I get you anything to drink?" the bartender asked once he'd reached our table. placing six menus on the table before stalking back to reception. Jasper and Alice at the head. glaring at kids to make them listen and was paying off. directing his question to the girls. We were clearly sat as couples. his name tag read Lucas… dead guy Lucas if he carried on this way… I pulled Bella closer to my side as I glared at this Lucas who was probably busy undressing my Bella. pulling her closer to me and trying to give the barmen a warning by my action that she was off limit to them. but that didn't deter the bartender's effort as he came to take our drinks order. the empty end against a window. .147 - . two on each side with two at the head of the table. her face which had been plastered with a fake smile had a deep frown etched into on it by their appearance…she's jealous of their beauty. I repeated my order to the shocked and slightly annoyed looking Lucas and watched as he scribbled down a few notes and made his way back to the pack of perving bartenders. Bella and Rose.announced from behind the reception area before us. looking them over. We all had also sat in the same places. "Brandon" Jasper said. Bella and I one side with Emmett and Rose opposite us. Amber stopped before a table for six. We followed her to our table. "Do you have a reservation for tonight?" she asked and I couldn't help but notice as she looked at Alice. He tore his eyes from the girls at the sound of my voice and looked shock at my presence at the table. passing the bar area on our way. as he glared at the woman's unkind look at Alice as he pulled her closer to him. I ordered drinks for all of us. Jasper and I. having only had noticed me there. Jasper. We all sat ourselves around the table and as I looked around I noticed that the table's layout reminded me of back at the club last week. who wouldn't be I thought as I smiled a little. not wanting the little filthy minded weasel to wait around any longer than was necessary. No doubt he'd mastered the look with his experience as a teacher. I couldn't help myself as I wrapped my arm around Bella's wait.

Emmett laughed at her statement. "Didn't you see him and the rest of them drooling over you?" I asked her. "That Amber at reception was undressing you with her eyes" I heard Bella mumble from beside me. she seemed like the only one that saw the happy side to this little fiasco. playing with a bit of fabric from her dress. Rose and Alice. playing with Alice's hand as he shook his head in disappointment. He reached our table and I was shocked to feel Bella snuggling herself closer to me. She looked triumphant as Lucas placed another drink down."Why were you so hostile to that kid? He was only doing his job!" Bella asked me as she looked toward the bar. he still kept at it… persistent little idiot. He looked away as he placed a drink down on the table but then returned his gaze to her. even after my warnings to him. "No respect or manners" Jasper added. I looked down at her to see her eyes trained on Lucas. Anger began to boil within me. Rose laughed from across me which caught all of our attention "Please don't tell me you haven't noticed all those little waitresses fawning and swooning over you guys?" she asked with a note of surprise in her voice. Lucas made his was back to us. which caused her to look adorable as confusion marked her features. "I thought she was going to jump you Emmie!" Alice chirped in. Rose's elbow connected with his side as she gave him one of her 'eyebrow raised with hand on hip' look and he swiftly added "what I meant was. I saw her frown a little and then her hand moved. "Damn right" she said as she patted him patronisingly on the head as a well done. . only Bambi gets to jump me" now looking cautiously at her. making the rest of us calm a little from our hostility "No one gets to jump me" he chuckled. "Stupid little scum" Emmett mumbled from beside Rose as he glared toward the bar. his eyes trained on Bella. Warmth sparked on my leg and my breath abandoned me as I realised she was resting her hand on my leg. looking away from her with disappointment on his face as he turned to look at Alice. just in case he'd said the wrong thing.148 - .

I followed his gaze to find that Jasper had pulled Alice onto his lap and was busy stroking her face as she played with his tie. "Alice these must have cost you a pretty penny… you shouldn't have" she protested as she placed the shoe back into the box with its pair. Bella's hand slipped from my leg as she reached for her drink. hoping that I looked fairy composed after the surprise she'd given me. undoing it and doing it back up again. her eyes wide in shock as she blinked slowly. I smiled the best I could before taking the menu and giving her a feeble "Thank you" The six of us looked over our menus before Alice broke the silence by clapping wildly and jumping up and down on Jasper's lap. Rose peeked from behind Emmett's form as she asked "Is he gone?" "Yeah. squealing "Present time!" I watched as Rose shrank back in her seat in silent distaste of what was to come. . Disappointment washed over Lucas's face again. "Sleaze" Rose muttered as she pushed on Emmett's shoulder pushing him back into his chair. showing a pair of blood red killer heels. blocking her view to everyone else as Rose played with strands of his curly brown hair on the back of his head. Alice announced that she'd go first and pulled a box from under the table and handed it to her. "Hush your mouth Rose. I did the same. Even the thought of her hand on my lag sparked the feeling of want and need within me. holding out a menu for me to look through. I watched Rose as she tore the wrapping paper away and opened the lid of the box. "Here" Bella's voice reached my ears as I looked at her. they'll look amazing on you" Alice giggled as she pulled another package from under the table and placing it in Jasper's hands. he wont come back tonight" Alice said as she smoothed Jasper's tie and studied it before shaking her head and undoing it again. but then hope sparked in his eyes as he looked over at Rose. Lucas placed the last drink on the table a little loudly and stomped his way off without a word.149 - . the box clearly concealed a pair of shoes. pissed off by being rejected by the three hottest girls who would ever pass throughXerocide's door. I followed his lead and looked to see Emmett leaning over Rose. "Wow" she sighed as she pulled one out and studied it.

glad that she liked it. I smiled at her reaction. "Happy Birthday Bambi" we whispered as Rose began to open the envelope. "What is it?" Bella asked. I'd been a little clueless of what I'd get her seeing as I hadn't know her for long and Bella was thinking about getting her a model of the Vanquish she loved. it fit. a smile plastered on her face as she said "It's a book all about vintage cars. pointing things out to Emmett. holding it up to her face to get a better look at it. Rose set aside the book. looking a little anxious as he watched her unravelling the wrapping paper. facts about them and stuff… I love my cars with all the modern stuff but lately I've wanted to try my hand at vintage models… this is perfect Jasper" she said and looked back at the book. The atmosphere between the six of us seemed tense as we waited for her to pull the contents out and see her reaction. me now!" Emmett chanted from beside her. I looked at Bella to see her smiling too at Rose's reaction. do you see this?" she asked as she pointed to the toy model Vanquish. Rose looked up. how to build them. trying to squint at the title of the book. but the one she wanted to get her was pretty expensive and she wouldn't be able to afford it on her own."This is from me" Jasper simply stated as he passed her the present that was from him and sat back. . so that was when I offered to join forces with her and pay for half so that the both of us would have a present to give her that she'd love. a look of anxiousness and hope on his face. "No shit" Rose whispered as she dropped the wrapping paper from her hands and studied the book Jasper had gotten her. The sound of Alice saying 'Edward and Bella' rang in my mind as I thought of how good it sounded. shoes and car model as Alice handed Emmett an envelope which he then passed to the birthday girl.150 - . "Me now. flicking through the pages. I thought to the gift that Rose would be accepting from me… Bella and I had been debating about what we'd get Rose for a few days. "Fuck a duck!" Rose squealed as she looked at what we'd gotten her "Emmett. "Look at the detail…" she trailed off in a whisper as she turned the model over in her hands. "This is from Edward and Bella" Alice said as she handed Rose the wrapped figuring hidden inside.

I watched as her lips moved as she read the details to herself. my blood to race through my veins and my groin throb from my need for her. worry on his face. her hair styled to perfection and held with way too much hairspray as she stood in her tailored uniform. sadness filling his face by Rose's silence which he'd taken as dislike. Rose or Bella as she stood there. I'll sell the ticket and give you the money or buy you something else. I'll show her I thought as made up my mind to pull Bella closer to me again as I did with Lucas's show of unwanted attention. her hot breath on my neck before I felt her full. I noticed that she kept looking between Jasper. it's the biggest car show of the year! I'm just shocked that you managed to get two tickets last minute!" she said in a quieter tone as she looked back at the ticket that rested on the table before her.151 - . giving her better access to my throat. wanting to feel her lips on more of me. Bella paralyzed me before I could move. starting from my knee to my thigh. I don't mind going on my own" Emmett was looking down at his hands at this point. her chest pushed out. Her hand settled itself on my leg as she pressed herself against me some more. Emmett and I with a polite smile on her face. his face shone with joy as he added "Coz I've booked the day off work for you and I'd force you to come anyway" he chuckled before opening his arms to her and saying "Come here Bambi" Rose dove into his hug. soft lips teasing my throat with feather light kisses.Rose pulled out some kind of ticket and sat silently as she looked it over. but when she looked at the girls it was as if she was fighting the urge to hold back a growl at them. she'd pressed herself up against my side. "Good" Emmett said as he looked up at her. massaging and stroking which was causing my heart to pound. but our attention moved from Rose and her presents to a waitress that had just appeared at our table. "You don't like it?" he asked uncertainty before continuing "You don't have to go. "Like hell am I not going!" Rose almost shouted "Why would I not want to go. I tilted my head back unconsciously. for her to . I was pissed off with the little girl who thought she was better than Alice. looking close to tears before laughing after Emmett said "Guess this birthday wasn't so bad huh?" All of laughed as Rose swatted his arm in fake annoyance. waiting to take our order with her pen poised at the ready. her actions made me insane as her hand began inching it's way up my leg at an agonisingly slow pace. "Peaches" she said breathlessly as she placed the ticket on the table and turned to look at him.

and his eyes blinked slowly and were filled with shock.152 - . Bella's lips had disappeared from my scorching skin. Confused myself by his expression I looked over at Rose who was busy pulling out a mirror and some lip-gloss from her bag. I was sure I was panting for breath by now and as she began to slowly suck at my neck I was sure of it. I turned my attention to Emmett only to see him sitting paralyzed. classy restaurant with children present. trying to stop myself from moaning my desire for her in the middle of a restaurant. He still had Alice in his arms and on his lap and the both of them were busy. looking back at Emmett I saw his lips looked a little shinier too.move her hand to the evidence of my desire for her and do something about it. I opened my eyes slowly and took another deep breath. Distantly I heard another voice but lost all concentration as I felt Bella return her lips to my throat. "She's gone" Alice's voice echoed in my mind as I felt myself take a deep breath. Her teeth grazed my neck which made my eyes to roll in my head from the blissful feeling. he'd admitted a week ago how much he liked her. leaving it cold and tingling from the absence of her warmth. She looked back at Emmett who was still paralyzed and noticed the lip-gloss on his face "Sorry peaches" she said. I could see smudges of the lip-gloss she had on already spread on her lips and around her mouth. trying to get oxygen but only getting the intoxicating aroma of Bella filling my lungs and head. "That showed them sluts… all the same… stupid fake Barbie's" Rose muttered as I watched her glaring toward the waitresses who were gathered by the kitchen. joy and confusion. so that she could kiss. his mouth hung open slightly. trying to steady my composure before looking at the others. I lifted my head from the back of the chair and looked at Jasper. But her hand was still rested on my leg. a safe distance away from the proof of my desire for her. I took a shaky breath. her lips suddenly left my throat which gave me a chance to take a deep breath as her voice reached my ears and I heard her ordering meals for the both of us in a sharp tone. to drive me wilder than I already was. I clenched my hands into tight fists as the thought of pulling her on top of me ran through my mind. No wonder Emmett was in such a state if Rose had kissed him. bite and suck at it. on my knee. blushing a little as she wiped it from his mouth "Didn't . I could feel my chest heaving. leading from my ear where I could hear her gasping breaths which only added to my excitement and lust for her down to the collar of my shirt at which she struggled to pull down to expose more of my skin to her. a small part in the back of my mind kept shouting at me that I was in a busy. kissing softly with so much passion and love that I felt as if I was intruding on their private moment together.

Rose had loved all her presents. He reluctantly let go of me when I wanted to go to the restroom. he'd enjoyed the little surprise present Rose had given him. Mike. I reached over and pulled her hand away and placed my hand on top of hers. I shuddered at the thought of his hand against my leg before I swiftly made my way to the restroom. stilling them as I looked to her face. I had to walk pass him to get to the restroom and almost turned around when I saw him. "I don't mind" I whispered into her ear. and smiled smugly as she shivered. I looked down at Bella. I ran my hand through my hair. pulling to me. to see her biting the nails of her free hand in anxiousness. in disbelief that he'd try anything like that after the . Edward appreciated the little gift I gave him seeing as he had a smile on his face all night and didn't move his arm from around me. a faint blush seeping into her cheeks "Um… that waitress was staring at you… I didn't like it so I um… did something about it" I heard her mumble to her hand which was encased by mine. trying to calm myself down from what Bella had done to me. I made sure to go another route back to my table. (Bella POV) The night had gone well. but I regretted going after I saw who else was at the restaurant. It amazed me how just her lips and hands could spark such a reaction within me.mean to go so far but the hussy was a bit dull and didn't understand… didn't get the friggin' point… bubble head" "Anytime…" Emmett choked out as he shook his head and gave Rose an unsteady smile. drowning in her eyes which were staring into mine. eating with one hand.153 - . we'd all had fun during dinner watching the staff glaring at us and reluctantly dragging their feet toward us when they had to serve us. and from the look on Emmett's face for the rest of the night. he even kept it there when food arrived. but he saw me and I knew it would have been too obvious to turn and make a run for it. having to squeeze by as a waiter with a loaded tray came in my direction at which time I was sure I felt something brush against the calf of my leg. A smile crossed her face and she looked down. A content sigh reached my ears as she rested her head against me and moved her hand from my leg to play with the button of my shirt. I placed a quick kiss on the top of her head before I wrapped my arms around her waist. not wanting to see the sleaze again. I took hold of her hand and began rubbing the back of it in circles with my thumb. I reluctantly made my way passed him.

a little bit of panic in her eyes as she searched the street before her. A bear like Emmett cowering from a few mocking threats from Rose. "I'm stuffed like an elephant" Rose moaned as she stepped out the door of Xerocide beside me. That'll do. I grasped his hand in mine. "Tonight was fun" Edward's voice bought my attention back to him. searching for something. heading toward the park. "I'll just stay here and keep you warm… how's that?" he mumbled to her. Alice was easy to spot jumping up and down next to a bored looking Jasper as she studied the windows of some clothing stores. Edward led the way down the street. pointing to certain outfits and fanning herself at the stunning ones. "Chill Bambi.threat he'd received not even a week before. to see his eyes . "Why an elephant? I thought the saying was stuffed like a pig?" I asked as I watched her shrugging. "That'll do. giving it a gentle tug in acceptance. quoting a part from one of her favorite movies and patted one of his hands. pig. but I could see the smile playing on her lips as she spoke. "Shut it peaches or I'll operate on your beloved jeep and accidentally put it in a coma" she seethed. I'm here" Emmett laughed quietly as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder. "You really are stuffed like an elephant" he chuckled as he rested his hands on her waist. rubbing her stomach in attempt to sooth it. arms flailing around in what I assumed was probably a heated discussion… probably about the up coming car show.154 - . breaking my thoughts about the night and bringing them to the present. "Come for a walk with me" I turned to the sound of the smooth silken velvet voice. I stifled my laughter at how funny the scene before me looked. smiling as I looked into emerald orbs. they're so cute" she smiled as she turned around. "Where'd Emmett get to?" she asked. the both of us strolled along in silence and as we took in the scenery. "I'm not going to call myself a pig now am I… and I like elephants. I looked over my shoulder to see the silhouette of Emmett's bulk and Rose's curves evident from the front seats of the jeep." Rose said.

his eyes raking up and down my body as he folded his arms across his chest. A vibration began running through me. "Not to worry. giving us a hint or three…" he smirked. giving no hint of the pure rage that I could see firing up in his emerald eyes. I'll show you a good time" he stepped toward me. His face I saw was a vacant mask. I turned the corner. he really is stupid enough. "Edward.155 - . How could he say that? I had given him plenty of hints that I wasn't interested and so had Edward. "Bella. deluded in the fact that I'd accept his invitation. I lost my balance from the surprise but as always. "Leave me alone" I whispered out. "Bella" I heard Edward speak my name. but coming off more like a person who was suffering from having eaten some bad sea food. making my body prickle with anticipation at his next words "would you go sit on the bench on the other side of the street please… while I have a little chat with this petty excuse of a man" he asked me as he shifted his eyes slowly and cautiously away from Mike and too me. can we go home now" I whispered as I clamped my hold on his arm tighter. don't be like that sugar" he churned out. Was he really stupid enough to go up against them? I looked up at his face and watched as he smiled at my attention toward him. babe… we have to stop meeting like this… what would your husband think?" he said with a pure conceited tone. free of any emotion. trying his best to look smolderingly sexy. floor 1. I'm sure I'll see you again…" he chuckled as we turned a corner. leaning a shoulder against the wall in a casual stance "Perhaps it's fate trying to intervene. arrogant looking grin. Bella 2. Edward was there to catch me before the floor could gain any points. starting from my arms and moving to the rest of my body. pushing himself off the wall "Why don't you ditch this thing and come with me. failing miserably "my body has other ideas though".sparkling and mouth upturned in his crooked sexy grin. Yes. only to be repelled by the sight of Mike Newton's foul. Emmett and Jasper. even if his voice did drip with a . scared by the frenzied look in Mike's eyes. "Night isn't over yet" I managed to stifle out while battling with a yawn. mortified by his words. only to walk into something that felt slightly solid yet soft. I looked up to see what had thrown me so off balance. I looked at my hands to see them being shook by Edward's quivering form. looking me in the eyes which made me feel secure and protected. even if he didn't realize it was in disgust. "Aww.

my eyes trained on Edward as I studied his every move under the dim street light. I wasn't able to hear the threats that I knew were spilling from Edwards mouth. I watched as he took a step forward toward Mike. I cringed as I saw Edward taking hold of Mike swiftly by the neck and pushing him against the wall. my hands grabbed hold of the seat in a vice grip. I wanted to help him as much as I could after what he had done for me and so I did what I thought would help. I reached my hands up to either side of his face and with my fingers. his body shivering in controlled anger. sitting down facing the both of them. trapping him between himself and the wall behind him. My action resulted in him dropping his hand from his forehead and opening his eyes. one hand rubbing across his forehead. threatening to brake it to shreds. I sat silently still as I watched Edward's stiff composure crack as soon as Mike was out of sight. like a coward with his tail between his legs. I continued staring as I watched Edward release his strangling grip on Mike's throat and push him away from him. looking me straight in the eyes as he made his way across the road to the bench that I was sat. "Thank you… you didn't have to do that… well I'm glad you did…" I mumbled as I looked up from where I sat at Edward. watching with a penetrating gaze as Mike staggered and spluttered away. the palms of his hands and his forehead resting against the wall as I watched him taking big steadying breaths to control the anger that I was sure was pulsing through him. I felt as if Edward was distant from me at the moment. he leant forward. I stood up before him. murderous tone "I wont be long. to stare into mine. . making my legs feel as if they were about to buckle under me. like a lion catching its pray. then we can go home… wife" I looked up as he said the word wife. seeing one side of his tempting lips turned up into a smile. began rubbing his temples.156 - . taking a step back from both men. reflected from the dim street light. But instead I shifted my head as well as I could in what I hoped counted as a nod and pried my fingers slowly from their blood stopping grip from his solid arm. his eyes shut. but I knew they were frightening by the gaunt look that I could see on Mike's face.dangerous. After what felt like hours he turned to me. I marveled on how strong and empowering Edward looked as he pinned a feeble Mike to the wall. hoping to release some of the tension. by not saying anything to me and standing at almost an arms length away from me when all I wanted to do was comfort him. hating to see him in such a state and whispered in question "Headache?" His response was a slow nod and a deep sigh. I did as I was asked and made my way over to the bench.

was he going to finally tell me how much of a burden I was? "Bella… ever since I first saw you. looking at our entwined hands which he was busy playing with while I stood as still as a statue. His eyes held a look of determination and hope as I stared into them. thinking of how long I had wanted him to ask me that question. I looked up at him. I moved my eyes from his sparkling emerald orbs to look at the rest of his face. dropping my eyes from his in disappointment that he hadn't spoken a word to me. looking slightly angry as he burrowed his brows. making me dazed. did he find me a burden to have to watch after all the time what with Mike and my clumsiness? "Bella" he whispered my name.I sighed as I continued rubbing his temples. How could I deny such a God? "Yes. he looked so anxious and afraid for my answer. making think of all the times he'd made me feel this way since we'd met "you still do. making it sound like pure golden honey with his smoldering voice. seeing his 'oh so beautiful' crooked grin in place making my legs feel boneless "At last" I muttered as I looked down at both of our hands. thinking this was all a dream. delving deeper and deeper into him.157 - . I'd love to" I answered him as soon as my stunned mind had caught up with all of the raging emotions that filled me. drawing my eyes to his which were boring into mine "I have to be with you. He couldn't bare my company anymore… was he going to move out? I gulped before taking a deep breath. making me feel as if I had merged into him "How do I say this…" he whispered more to himself than to me. happy. letting me finally wrap my arms around him as he did the same to me. readying myself for what he'd inevitably say next "Bella" he said my name again. I can't stand this anymore. astounded by the look on his face and in his eyes. resting his face in the crook of my neck as he whispered . His face looked as if he was in pain. making me drop my hands from his face. teary. content amongst a load full of others. hyperactive. you took my breath away…" he smiled his breathtaking smile. "Forgive me fair maiden. even vulnerable. I just hadn't known until now. only to be captured within his warm ones. or was he saying this as a joke? Did he and the guys have some sort of bet on…? I knew how Emmett got with his little bets… But the sincerity in his eyes wiped all my uncertain thoughts from my mind. and I can't bare it anymore…" he tore his eyes from mine. I apologise that it took me so long to ask you" he chuckled as he pulled me closer to him. I've wanted you since we first met… I know living together might make it more difficult… it could get too much too soon… and I totally understand if you tell me no… but I really like you Bella… really really like you… so much… what I'm trying to get at is… will you be my girlfriend?" I was stunned by his rambling speech as it seemed to spill out of him in his nervousness… why was he so nervous? I was the one that was nervous. dreading what he'd say next.

Edward placing me on his lap and wrapping his arms around my waist. after probably having had a good show of our affection for each other. "Just drive…" Edward said before resting his head back in the crook of my neck… sending me wild with every breath that tickled my neck. I'll be waiting for the reviews The little quote that I put in. That'll do."but your beauty stunned me for so long that I'd been under your spell… but now your mine… and I am yours…" my mind began to fog up with thoughts of more… more as I felt him press his lips to my neck. Farmer Hoggett: That'll do. was from the movie 'Babe'. Alice and Rose were waiting for us in the jeep. pig. making me remember the feeling of his lips on my skin… being with Edward should be a whole lot of fun… A/N: Hope you liked it. the man who in his life had uttered fewer words than any of them knew exactly what to say. and Emmett. holding me tightly to him. You gotta love Babe! Review me please. make me smile and laugh and giggle! Diolch yn fawr iawn am ddarllen! ('Thank you very much for reading' in Welsh!) . that Rose had said. It goes like this… Narrator: And though every single human in the stands or in the commentary boxes was at a complete loss for words. back to the reality that Edward and I were still on the street. making me squirm and arch under his ungodly lips.158 - . I was about to pounce him from the lust that was building up within me when the sound of a car's horn beeping bought me out of my passion induced manic daze. "Some one call the fire brigade because it's gettin' hot up in 'ere" Emmett chuckled as the both of us joined the others. Jasper. A moan escaped my lips as he continued his slow tantalising torture over my neck. making me melt like butter under his touch.

. still half asleep I saw Emmett standing in the middle. making me think I was actually asleep and having a very random dream… Emmett was stood in all his glory with what must be his own personal apron which read "Kiss the chef" with a white chef's hat perched on his head as he made his way toward me with a plate loaded with raw burgers and sausages. being the highest I could reach without having him to pick me up like a child. (Bella POV) I plodded my way downstairs.Surprise A/N: I forgot to add in the last chapter that the pictures of the dresses are up on my profile page for you to have a look at! They so pretty Hope you enjoy this chapter… Surprise. how I'd felt a rush of pure joy at his words. He spotted me as I tried to stifle a giggle behind my hand but failed miserably. Jasper seemed like a father figure because he was so responsible and calm while Edward was… my husband. His booming laugh followed him out of the kitchen as he made his way with the meat to the garden. I laughed out loud at his playfulness and did a run and jump into his arms. making me crave for them to be real. now being his girlfriend. I was so happy that I had Emmett as a semi big brother figure. I couldn't believe how much fun one person could be.159 - . surprised to see the sun making such a warming appearance in the middle of November. the knowledge of who the . leaving me alone to fix myself a coffee and to admire him and his ways. a huge smile spreading across his face as he held his arms open to me. As I reached the kitchen. not even Rose was as playful as he was. giggling away as he spun me around in his arms before setting me down slowly on the steady ground. but she gave him a good run for his money. "Hey wife" a seducing voice whispered from behind me. but I knew that they were undeniable and so. He put down the plate laden with raw meat on the counter top and spun himself around on the spot as if he were a model showing off the new style for the winter. I'd make the most of it. He pointed at his apron with a childlike look on his face before he said "Do as it says sista". I couldn't believe how strong my feelings for him were after knowing him for only a few weeks. I reached up on my tippy-toes and managed to place a kiss on his chin.. I sighed at the thought of how Edward had called me his wife last night.

naked in a bed shot through my mind. The knowledge that I stirred such desire within him prompted me into moving my leg up between him. making my feel a little dizzy as he pushed himself from the doorway and took the few steps that were between us toward me "that I could get a little kiss… on the lips… that'd shut Emmett up I hope" he smiled at me. biting and sucking.160 - . making put down the spoon I had in my hand… why did I have a spoon in my hand again? He placed both his hands on the counter top. wanting to press myself closer to him. mind blowing motion. I felt so relieved to have him kissing me again. I suppressed the moan that I felt building up within me by the feeling of his strong body against mine and the flashes of him pressing against me. giving me a chance to pant for breath and try to get some coherent thoughts into my mind. my breath desert me and my legs turn weak and unsteady "I thought there was a reason for Emmett's manic laughing fit… he said something about you. dressed in baggy jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. A weak smile spread across my face as I realised that Edward was affected by me as much I was by him. "I want you so bad… it hurts… literally…" I heard him mumble into my shoulder as the both of us stood still. trying not to appear like a sex maniac that I felt myself becoming with each stroke our tongues took in a rhythmic. a muffled moan reached my ears as I felt him slump a little against me and felt his chest heaving from trying to control his breathing and pulsing desire. wanting to see how he'd react to having some pressure placed on his groin. resulting in him wrapping his warm arms around my back. It felt as if last night had only built up our passion for each other which were getting the chance to be released with this kiss. only to receive a sensual bite to the shoulder from Edward. I pulled at his hair again. your lips. breathing deeply as if we'd both ran the marathon twice over. either side of me before pressing himself lightly against me. "Again" he panted breathlessly as he attacked my throat with endless kissing. The moan I'd been suppressing released me as I felt him enter his tongue into my mouth and begin to crack my composure that I'd been trying to cling onto. A . holding me to him before he took my mouth captive by him. I felt myself lean forward and arch. pushing me against the counter behind me. but only achieving to get thoughts of Edward and I… in bed back in my mind… stupid filthy one track mind of mine I cursed to myself before I sank my hands into his hair. making my mouth and lips dry. "So I was hoping…" he added. last night had been torturous after my kissing him only on the neck and him doing the same back to me. A growl sounded deep from Edwards's chest as I pressed myself closer to him.voice belonged to made my heart pound. tugging at it and receiving a pleasured groan from Edward. showing off his strong arms and highlighting the muscles on his chest and stomach that were hidden by the fabric. a kiss and his chin…" I turned to see him leaning against in the doorway to the kitchen. I licked my lips as my eyes locked on to his lips. Edward tore his mouth from mine. I'd wanted him to kiss me ever since the night at the cinema.

inching its way too slow over my shoulder and down my arm. letting my body's senses take over and delve into the maddening feelings that Edwards touch alone could stir within me. still shaken by his kisses.161 - . his touch. his eyes rolling back in his head as he took a deep breath. his eyes and words. "Oh God… you'll be the death of me Bella Swan" he stuttered as I felt him shiver. I didn't know such passion could be so strong and yet controlled. . pausing at my hand. I smiled as I felt him slowly and stiffly wrap his arms around me. The passion I saw burning in his green orbs almost made me collapse. I wrapped my arms around his neck. because I don't want us to rush things… no matter how badly I want to… I want things to be right. what did I tell you Rosie" "True… guess you do know your stuff pixie… you know your stuff" "What the hell are you guys standing in here for when the chef is outs-… oh… I see… Jazz! Come have a look quick!" I smiled as I felt Edward pulling me closer to him. making me thoughtless. I heard the laughter in his voice as he spoke those last words before he pulled my head back so that I could look into his eyes. "But not yet. not a heat of the moment thing… or by your wanton ways" he whispered. biting my lip in what I hoped counted at looking seductive yet innocent. I can't help myself… I've been waiting to do that since the second I saw you… do you forgive me?" I asked. His hand moved from my side. "Do you have any idea how you make me feel?" I heard his husky voice whisper as he took my hand in his and moved it so that I could feel the evidence of his desire "that is all for you Bella. we'll have to control ourselves a little better from now on Bella. His other hand moved from my back. "Your far too sexy for your own good. and I hope you'll be able to do something about it… god knows a cold shower wont do the trick" my body tingled by his words as I fought with the knowledge that he wanted me as badly as I craved to have him. around to my stomach and began to move up and down my side.low hiss reached my ears and I felt his hand tangling itself into my messy long hair. pulling me even tighter to him. We stood together what felt like days yet only a few seconds before I heard someone speak from the far away "At last. making me forget the rambling voices that sounded like an annoying buzz. "Sorry. but I can't help myself" I spoke in a shaky voice. not wanting to have to leave his comfortable embrace and not wanting to push his boundaries now that I knew the extent of his want for me. one of his hands rubbing up and down my back.

"Stupid me" I said in a sarcastic tone. luckily Bella saved the day and managed to throw together some salad and find . I wasn't ready to move from Edward's arms.… ahh… touché Emmett… maybe we should you know… quit ogling at them and leave them to it?" "Good idea. (Edward POV) The next two hours passed with the six of us eating Emmett's attempt at the BBQ. We stood joined together for a little longer before Edward bought me back to the real world "We'd better go join them outside… especially if we want some food…" he spoke into my ear as he continued to rub my back. up and down. I saw Emmett swigging back some beer as he flipped a burger on the BBQ and Jasper was sat in the garden shed. a pair of shorts. reading a newspaper and also drinking beer. "At last Bells" Emmett's booming voice rang out as he noticed Edward and I making our way over to the table where Alice and Rose were sat around. Peaches… is that burning I smell?" "Shit…" The sound of feet scurrying away made me sigh in relief. flip slops and shades."What? I was busy watching after them charcoal sausages that you'd forgotten about dumb-ass! What's so impor. "Duh Bella…" Alice said from opposite me. "Why aren't you two in your bikinis? I'd have thought that the sun being out would have tempted you…" I laughed as I looked the both of them over. both wearing a large hoodie each. and also a quick kiss on the forehead before he lead me behind him out to the garden. rolling her eyes in an over dramatic way "Sunbathing is for December… get it right girls friend" followed by her chiming giggles. glad that I was wearing my sweats and hoodie. on a deck chair.162 - . slapping my hand to my forehead in fake realisation. earning a chuckle from him as he noticed me expression. "Fine" I pouted as I felt him release his hold on me.

Once the meal was over and us men had loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. pressing her lips to mine in a sweet kiss. her lips upturned into a stunning smile. "I'd recognise the round of that car a mile off…" Rose's voice caught my attention as I saw her and Emmett coming toward us from the garden shed. Bella shifted in my hold. She turned in my hold as I revelled in the feeling of how she seemed to fit so perfectly in my arms.163 - . hands on hips in a serious gesture. her hair shone from the sunlight. my thoughts circling the fact that Bella was finally mine and that I was hers. wringing the hem of her hoodie in her hands "I need to go potty" she said in a childlike voice at my questioning gaze. "What's that noise?" Jasper asked no one in particular as he straitened in his chair from opposite me. I pushed the chair in which I sat back so that I could easily pull Bella into my arms. I couldn't begin to believe the massive craving I had to want to hold Bella. feel her skin against mine. I felt a surge of jealousy run through me as I watched Bella placing a quick kiss on Emmett's cheek. her warmth seep into my body. Rose's face alight . we made our way back out into the garden to the girls. making her look like my own personal angel on earth. undivided attention back to her. living together made it easier for us to be together more. I smiled as Bella turned away from Emmett and made her way toward me. "What are you ladies talking about?" Emmett asked as he stood beside the table. even thought I knew Bella was mine and they counted each other as siblings.some burger buns for us to salvage our lunch. making me roll my eyes and chuckle "I'll be right back" she added before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek and heading toward the house. something that I craved for more and more since I first met her. bringing my full. "Um… know what… forget I asked… but…" he trailed off as he pointed to the apron he still wore. She was watching Bella and me with caring eyes and a smile before she gave me the thumbs up and turned her attention back to Jasper who had been busy staring at her. "So cute!" I turned around to look at the person who'd spoken. finding them gossiping away quietly. making each of the girls now roll their eyes and laugh. I heard a distant low rumbling noise as I strained my ears for anything more that would tell me what it was. she'd gotten herself off my lap and was now stood by my side. making my lips tingle as she drew them away. her lips looked as if they were silently pleading with me to kiss them again "Your turn" she whispered in a soft voice as she pulled herself closer to me. and hear her laughter close to me. earning raised eyebrows from the girls. Alice. A few moments passed.

I'm mean. with a touch of pain too… why would he be pained at not seeing her? "What's going on out here that's got you all so serio-" Bella's voice faded off as she spotted us guy's serious. a sadness in his voice matched the sadness that had rung on Bella's as he pressed his lips to the top of her head and ran his hand up and down her back… just as I had done earlier… A/N: I know the chapter is a little short. her arms locking around his neck. come through!" Alice shouted as she jumped up out of Jasper's lap and stood next to Rose. Who was this person that had Alice and Rose jumping up and down in utter excitement? They did behave like this when we got home from work each night… who could be so special to them? How would Bella react to this person…? The sound of heavy. her legs around his waist as he held her up. sounding as if he had spoken through a loud speaker "Where's my Bells?" I watched as his face changed from a gleeful smile to a look of concern. sighing the words "I've missed you" a sadness in her voice that broke my heart. She showered his face with kisses before she rested her head on his chest. reaching up to give her a high five. "I missed you so much too sweetie" I heard his deep voice penetrating the silence that had once again filled the garden. probably the fastest I'd seen her do and jump.with a dreamy look "My baby…" she sighed before turning to look at the gate that led from the front to the back of the house. The sound of a car pulling up before the house caught my attention as did the sound of the engine cutting and a car door slamming shut. She turned her attention to follow where Alice and Rose's eyes were now locked upon "No way" she gasped before I watched her run. cautious looks and Alice and Rose's excited expressions which were directed at the visitor. The sound of the lock being opened rang through our silent waiting. "We're out back. his hands locked together behind her. especially compared to my last one. slow paced footsteps got louder as they neared the gate. but I wanted to finish it there… to give you a little cliffy I know. "Hey ladies" a deep voice seemed to echo around the garden from the man that appeared in the gateway. between the garage and house. But I'm guessing you faithful readers kind of know who it it's going to be… I'd like to also add that I've got a new story in the making. I'm just making notes… but I loves it already can't wait to get this one done so I can start the . as well as her physical reaction to his presence.164 - .

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or I'd be having a few stern words with her… My insides burned as I held back the raging growl that was steadily building within me as I watched Rose stepping her way toward the young pup "Hey big guy" she said as she closed the distance between them. I dropped my eyes from the heart wrenching sight before me to look at the table top. Bella and Edward were meant to be. Read your heart out! Protectiveness? (Edward POV) I felt empty as I watched them both embracing. and felt sooo guilty for giving you all a cliffy! So here we have it… the mystery guest…. but now she'd be taken away from me by someone I knew I could never compete with. not that I thought he saw it. My mind wondered to thoughts of if Bella had just been using me as someone to play with until he came back to her? I'd only just managed to get her. they looked so… in love. gazing at the table top. Bella somewhat reluctantly let go of her hold around the impostor. I always thought that being with Bella was too good to be true… perhaps this would the proof I needed. but theirs was as clear as day. How could Bella do this to Edward? I looked over to him to see his head bent down low.Protectiveness? A/N: Amazing reviews yet again faithful readers… don't think I'll be doing anymore cliffy's after this chapter… you was all meanies to me! (Weeps a little) I've recieved just over 70 reviews on my last chapter so far! me so happy! 'momma2three' your review tickled me! I actually laughed out loud when I read it. Bella better not mess what she has with Edward for the punk that had just come along. I almost turned and left when I . I was no pro with relationships. (Emmett POV) "Bella! Let go ho! You're hoggin' him" Rose's eager voice rang out from beside me where she was practically 'doing an Alice' and jumping up and down on the spot in excitement.166 - .

what with her absolute stunning looks and her even more beautiful personality. supporting her. Images of Rose and I standing in the kitchen in our matching aprons… just our aprons flashed through my mind… I didn't pick up on any cooking being done so we must have been in there to satisfy some other form of hunger… I turned my attention back to the new guy.. glad that I had Rose back where she should be.V. taking her sweet time just to aggravate me no doubt and kissed me on the side of the mouth… all thoughts deserted me as I registered the kiss. anxiously. and no one will take her away from me either. but these last few days I hadn't been able to stop staring at her as she ate. how could these feelings be so strong for someone I hadn't known for long? I'd never felt like this with any of my girlfriends… especially not Lauren. . and maybe a fight with her too. Did she like me more than a friend? Was she just playing with me because of this new visitor? Her hand rested on my chest as she rested the other hand on my shoulder. but I almost broke down with her as she fell to pieces before me. rage and protectiveness filled me.saw her wrap her arms around his neck eagerly and pressed her soft lips to his cheek. directed at him. I'd been starring at her sexy ass too… it should be illegal that her was so hot. I really hoped she meant what she said… I'd go out right now to buy it if she was serious. She made her way over to me. I wondered if she was looking for me… I smiled as her eyes locked on mine and saw in her eyes as she changed from feeling anxious to content. or took note of her face as I watched her reactions to the shows on T. I'd been making a point of it in the last few days to let her go through doors before me. not with out a fight. She was so strong. No one hurts my Bambi. sparkling eyes looking around. I was hooked… I just hoped that Rose liked me somewhat in the same way. She'd been such a great friend to me since we met.. as she told me about her past.167 - . confident and… sexy as she stood up for me. just so that I could have a look. with me. at what I gathered was a run up to the hug she was about to give the kid that was stood with his arms open. I sighed as I watched Rose unravelling her arms from around his neck and taking a step back. resting her head on her hand "Maybe I should get one of those aprons too?" I heard her giggle as I watched her close her eyes and lean against me. Maybe she'd want to be with me… or did she see me too much as a 'best friend' to think of me that way now? I was snapped out of my trailing thoughts as I watched Rose's blue. The overwhelming feeling of jealousy. This punk was going about things the wrong way if he thought this was a suitable greeting to us all. Alice was now in the motion of running. I was weak. my heart feeling as if it was being stabbed repeatedly with a ragged knife as I saw the beaming smile that was on her face. it made me seem the gentleman that I was. deep down too. I smiled as I remembered Rose standing up for me that day we came back from shopping. I wrapped my arms around her instinctively and pulled her closer to me.

needs a check up at the hospital if you don't mind doctor?" Jake answered her cryptic question with some more cryptic mumbo jumbo. He was lucky he didn't drop my pixie. I looked from his hand to Rose's eyes. I turned to Jake and shook his hand. but I saw the smile on his lips as he watched Alice leap into the impostor's arms. a mischievous twinkle in her eye. i saw that he looked a little anxious. was this guy always so happy and calm? He was almost like a mix of Jasper and Alice. the impact almost making him fall back as he stumbled to keep upright. muttering a quick 'nice to meet you too' which earned me a breath taking. living with a hyper pixie was rubbing off on her. She pulled on my hand that I'd just noticed was still clasped around hers and pulled me with her toward the front of the house behind her.ready for her. I looked at Jasper. "Um… Jake. as he put Alice down carefully… now he's learning. satisfied smile from Rose… what ever made her happy… "How's your rabbit? Still up and running?" Rose asked Jake. earning him a kiss on the cheek as Rose had done earlier… I frowned. I started tuning out as she kept walking toward the front of the house. my Pixie and my tough little Bambi… this guy had a lot of explaining to do. don't people talk normally these days? "Alright" Rose said as I swore I saw her jump a little in excitement. her hips swaying back and forth in a seductive way… torturous way… . or he'd be in pieces right now… "Jeez… chill Sprite" I heard him laugh as he patted her on the top of the head. a Volkswagen Rabbit that was her pride and joy. especially because of me and my thick headedness. seeing her silently pleading with me to shake it. What the hell? Was she flirting with him? Was 'rabbit' a pet name for his 'little man'? "Yeah. "Nice to meet you" he smiled at me as he spoke. My Bambi should never be feeling hurt. I waited a few more seconds and watched as she began to look hurt by my reluctance to shake his hand. this is Emmett" I felt Rose's hand squeeze mine as she tugged me toward this 'Jake'. how come the new guy got all the kisses when I was the one wearing the "kiss the chef" apron…? "You look good ladies" he said. He held out his hand for me to shake.168 - . He looked between my practically little sister Bella. I heard her telling me about a car that she and Jake built together. it's out front.

Alice had helped when it came to buying the parts for the car. "And…" I said. Edward rested his head on my shoulder and whispered "Sorry… I felt a little scared that you'd forgotten about me… but I guess not… my gorgeous girlfriend of mine" he pressed his lips to the side of my neck and I could feel the smile on his lips. "This is Edward" I paused. on his lap with her arms around his neck. He moved his lips to the nape of my neck and kissed. I looked to my side and saw Jake standing there. realising that this would be the first time that I'd introduce Edward to anyone as my boyfriend.(Bella POV) I watched as Rose lead Emmett to the front of the house to take a look at the precious car that she and Jake had spent months rebuilding and fine tuning to get it to perfection. failing to remember that I had a boyfriend now. I stayed out of the way so that I wouldn't brake anything. especially to Jake who always loved to see me happy and could report back home with the news "My boyfriend" I snuggled closer to his side. "Um… Jake. how he helped rebuild my life and make me… me again. receiving a nod and a warm 'hello' from Jasper in response. my body shivered from his touch. his eye brows raised as he indicated his head toward Edward and Jasper who were still sat at the table. Those were good time. Edward's . him being to preoccupied with Alice to form any coherant scentances. I on the other hand enjoyed watching Rose and Jacob at work. the both of them talking in what seemed like a foreign language to me as they spoke about all the car's parts and the tools. making me smile even wider. All coherent thoughts evaded me when I saw Jake. the other crossed before him. Pain shot through me as I took in Edward. He looked so defeated. happy to help. He was still looking down as he stood. Edward knew of my past with Jacob. making me stumble a little. his head hung low as he rested it on one arm. and smiled. hoping he'd snap out of his little daze.169 - . making my way over to Edward. this is Jasper" I said. My wish came true and I almost stumbled as I felt both his arms wrapping around my waist tightly and pulling me to stand before him so that I still faced Jacob. taking hold of his hand and pulling him up to stand next to me. or brake myself. Jacob waved to him and muttered a 'hi'. hanging out together… helping me to forget about the painful nightmares that always attacked me late at night. all she needed was a shopping list with all the part's names listed and some money and she was on her way. I needed to fix this mess I'd created. indicating to Jasper who now had Alice back in her rightful place. I looked around the garden.. sending goose bumps over every last inch of my body and making my legs buckle. I did as I usually did and hugged him enthusiastically. the four of us cooped up in Jake's garage. thinking of how happy I was here and how my nightmares hadn't been so bad lately… Something large pushed against my side..

making her cuddle in to his chest and calm down while Jacob rolled his eyes at Alice's enthusiasm and chuckled before saying "Let me guess… the big guy Emmett and Rose are together too…" sounding more like a statement rather than a question. Jasper placed another soft kiss to her temple. looking for any scraps of meat that might have been abandoned.. calm down would you" Jasper chuckled as he placed a soft kiss to Alice's temple. honey… I know your happy and all. I smiled at Jacob's words. "Not yet. "Okay. To Jacob. my body reacted in the same way by shivering and my legs buckling… this could be dangerous I thought as I heard him chuckle from behind me "It seems I've found a very sensitive spot… right here…" he said before placing a third kiss on my neck. Rose had always been his friend. a mirroring smile on both their faces. directing my attention from Edward's tantalizing lips to what was coming out of Alice's mouth. managing to gain a smile from her at his affectionate pet name for her. umm. beginning to make me feel irritated that he had such control over my body with just one kiss. but you got any food left? I haven't eaten for like an hour!" Jacob asked as I watched him opening the lid to the BBQ and inspecting inside. I laughed at the memories of how I'd always have to make food when he'd visit me . the excitement building within her more and more with each word she spoke… making her look like a bomb ticking away.. His words and kiss instantly stopped her hyper jumping and flailing arms and she took a deep breath. That's so cool right?" she said. more like a guy than a girl seeing as the both worked on the car so much together.. "Alice love.tight hold around my waist ensured that I didn't have another rendezvous with the attention seeking ground "Hmm…" Edward murmured in contemplation as he kissed me again. I'm Jasper's girlfriend. ever since he'd met Alice he always called her pixie or sprite. I'm good… okay Jakey boy. but they will be" Alice said as she took off Jasper's glasses and starred into his eyes. making me feel like 'awww-ing' at the sight. "Freaky future telling Sprite…" Jacob muttered as he shook his head.170 - . "Hey! Jakey boy! Guess what… no don't… it'll take too long… okay. I'll just tell you okay…" Alice's hyper and bubbley voice reached my ears. I was always his damaged goods that he wouldn't stop trying to fix… "Bells. her face beaming with a radiant smile.. ready to explode any moment.

He replayed the event of last night to the stunned group of listeners that I knew were hanging on his every word and were appalled that I hadn't mentioned anything sooner. hoping to avoid the topic and keep our conversations on a lighter note.171 - . he knew how unstable I'd been in the early days of loosing my mother and was probably scared that something like this could send me back there. But I knew how Jacob could get. /\/\/\/\ Once I'd fixed Jacob some lunch. He pondered for a few seconds before his eyes grew large as realisation spread over his face "What's on the menu today?" he asked as he laughed. I ducked my head. you've got quit thinking about others and think of yourself more! Promise me that you'll tell one of us" he motioned to . following me inside. I reluctantly unravelled Edwards arms from around my waist and heard him whispering a disappointed "No fair" as I took a step away from him and made my way toward the house. I knew that keeping this from Jake would have hurt him as soon as he found out. I cringed as they all replayed the event of Mike showing up at the cinema and how he cowered away by the threatening looks from the guys. and probably sensing Jacob as the same decided to let Jacob in on my little problem. "Bells. how we all met and some other tid-bits of information. Edward finished his retelling of the situation with Mike. Jasper and Edward being protective over me was enough. the seven of us gathered around the dining table.back home with Charlie. But Emmett being the protective big brother figure that he was to me. talking amongst ourselves as we filled Jacob in about what our jobs were. I didn't want him to have to worry about me all over again. I decided to leave out the fiasco about Mike when it came my turn to fill Jake in about how I was doing these days. knowing that Edward's protectiveness for me was about to kick in. always asking as he'd walked through the front door "What's on the menu today". "Damn it" I whispered. making me shrink back in my chair. and I was right. but I hadn't intended to let him find out. he'd done so much for me that I didn't want to have to be a burden to him all over again. Having Emmett. "What do you want Jake?" I asked from the doorway. rubbing his stomach in added affect of his show of hunger. receiving stunned silences from everyone. you know that Bells!" Jacob raged from opposite me. waiting for the words that I knew he'd remember to speak. talking to myself more than to anyone else. causing a smile to wash over my face at his playfulness. and I appreciated it. "What the hell Bella? Why didn't you tell me? I'd have been straight over to cut that little slime ball's throat… Charlie could have managed to get a restraining order on him. Emmett proudly stated that it must have been his biceps alone that scared the vile twerp off.

I reached my hand over and rested it on his which was on the table top. inhailing in his alluring scent as I breathed in and out against his neck. "Better?" he asked in a whisper. hoping to lighten my spirits as I pulled my hand away from his and rested back in my chair. I sagged in his hold. don't think of it as a burden to us. making me turn and look at why Edward would seem so defeated. revelling in the warmth and comfort his body gave mine. only I knew how he was trying to provoke the guys into their protectiveness again. . resting my head on his shoulder. Promise me okay? Or I'll get Charlie on the phone. not sure if it was because of Emmett's reaction or the fact that I had cliff dived before. making me wipe the traitor tears that had begun to spill from my eyes. His eyes held mine. finding it humorous that I got scolded. Problem shared is a problem halved… you told me that before remember?" he asked. knowing he knew I felt better but wanting it confirmed for his own peace of mind. because I'll be getting all you guys number" he pointed to everyone else around the table with his fork "So I can give you a call every now and again to check up on her" he looked back to me. trying to lighten the mood after knowing that he'd upset me by his truthful words "You know he will Bells…" he goaded.172 - . "I promise" I mumbled as I raised my eyes from my lap and looked at Jacob who was sat opposite me. "Bella? What the hell?" Emmett's booming shout of surprise echoed around the room "You are not going near any more cliffs ever again! Do you hear my young lady?" I cringed into Edward's body and felt him tighten his hold on me. a smug smile on his face "no escape Bells" "Shut up you stwpid overprotective beast" I said in a childlike voice. I managed a weak smile as I got up from my chair and sat on his lap. "Come here" he said simply as he opened his arms to me. you know he'd set up four police cars to follow you around from now on if he thought it would do any good" he chuckled. his usual sparkling eyes looking a little dull and dreary… they looked so wrong.. warm chest inviting me to snuggle up to it. holding my arms to my body as I felt the sudden need to be comforted. his arms securing their hold around me as they pulled me tighter to him. the sight of his broad. A long sigh sounded from beside me. "Good.everyone around the table "if that git come back after you again.. we want to help Bells. I nodded my head. "So Bells… done any cliff diving lately?" Jacob asked me in an innocent voice. resulting in me nodding in affirmative at the distant memory that came into my mind "so take your own advise Bells.

"Ha." he added. smiling at him...173 - . but you know…"he shrugged before adding "it's true" I laughed and waved off his apology with my hand. fury etched on his face. she demanded to go and I wasn't going to let her go on her own. but knowing him as well as I did. right Bells?" he added.. "Don't worry Em. making me open my eyes and pull my head away from where I was shielding it against Edward's body and look at Jasper. I was surprised the pictures hadn't fallen off the walls by the volume of his voice "Don't you know how much of an accident pro Bella is? C'mon man! She cant even walk without hurting herself" he added before turning to look at me apologetically "Sorry Bells. I'd never seen him loose it. "I taught her how to react if there was a current and all that. seeming to bring him out of his little charade as he blinked slowly and lowered himself into his chair. I took her cliff diving. I knew that there was a fury building within him from Emmett's words. knowing that Emmett would blow now that he knew Jacob had cliff dived with me. but I knew that if he did. hoping to turn the conversation into a joke. only when I go back to visit Jake in La Push…" I said. playing with the spikes of her hair as she rested against his side looking calm and happy "looks fun. The table erupted with laughter by his seriousness. dropping his fork to his plate and starring at Emmett. making him look like a stern father scolding his nuisance child. "You went with her? You let her cliff dive? ARE YOU MAD?" Emmett bellowed out. you got into shit" I said quietly enough for Jacob to hear as Emmett turned his mammoth form toward Jake. there aren't any cliffs around here. one of his hands on his hip while the other pointed toward the stairs. looking a . He was sat. questioning his care over me. and she did great… she was almost better than some of the guys on the rez back in La Push. trying to convince him of his sincerity "I never let her out my sight. I could see his anger mounting and knew that joking around was his way at breaking the tension.. I wouldn't want to be there to witness it. "Go to your room young lady!" Emmett fumed as he stood up. I wouldn't just send her off the cliff clueless" he added. with Alice beside him."I've always wanted to cliff dive…" Jasper's speculative voice broke the tension that Emmett's fury had created. especially not in the state she was in back then" I Jacob say in a cool voice. Hoping he knew how grateful I was to him that he hadn't lost his temper. "Damn right" I said. smiling as he continued messing up Alice's hair. "Yeah. "Hmm… maybe we could bring him along next time we go together Jake?" I said. falling. I waited until I knew she would be able to do it.

but his words hit me hard and I couldn't stop the tears that prickled in my eyes and began to pour down my face in steady streams. keep me safe" I mummbled into Edwad's chest. to feel somewhat normal. His words stabbed deep within me. "He was always there to take me to hospital" I smiled.174 - . She was practically a part of the team. better than overprotective Emmett. but he seemed to be taking it okay. soaking his shirt with my tears. I had never been suicidal. They'd always say as I entered the hospital wounded 'Had another Bella moment did we?' or 'Bella. Bells was on first name terms with all the staff. running one of his huge hands through his hair as he closed his eyes in what looked like agony. I shielded my face from everyone's view into Edward's chest. . I could bring your bike here… you wouldn't have to come home to La Push for all the fun…" a twinkle in his eyes told me that he was really enjoying taunting Emmett. Bella. "Oh man…" Emmett groaned at the thought of me being so at home at a hospital. not needing a nurse to direct the way or to bring my medical file with me. happy to be reminiscing about the good old times… even if I had been bleeding pints of blood or delirious from a concussion at the time. a distraction… I didn't know how to deal with stuff when my mum died and doing all that made me forget. not wanting him to worry that I'd do anything like that in the spare of the moment again. "It was just a bit of fun okay. A bit of danger seemed to do the trick and I felt the need to forget every once and a while. wanting to explain to Emmett my reasoning for all I did. Jake broke the silence which followed our laughter "If you want Bells. Jake was always there to look after me. I was glad that I'd told Edward about how Jacob had helped me deal with my loss but felt bad now that I hadn't mentioned the cliff diving or the motorbike to him. and I had just wanted to forget the pain that I carried with me every second of the day. Bella… you know the way right?' at which I'd take myself to the emergency room. Edward's arms tightened around me again. "Yeah. right Bells!" Jacob said.little embarrassed yet shaking his head back and forth as if in disappointment. I knew Emmett was just looking out for me. remembering how the staff at Forks hospital had come to know me and Jake by our first names and how the emergancy staff knew my medical history off by heart. feeling as if he was keeping me together. "Bella… cliff diving and a motorbike? How suicidal were you woman! God! Your not gona tell me that you ran with vampires and chilled out with werewolves just for fun are you? Did you put your foot down at the flesh eating zombies because they were just a little much… didn't want to push your luck?" Emmett fumed as he crossed his arms across his chest.

holding me to his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair. "Aww. Kinda took the big brother role a big seriously huh?" Emmett said. sounding a little sheepish. "Sorry Bells… I just want to look after you… Alice and Rose too. And I do get annoyed when a story gets ruined by a love triangle between Ed & Bells & Jake.175 - . the kiss was full of care and comfort. I'll go get my bag". I felt his hands moving across my back. but love my Edward. his voice sounding final and threatening. He pulled his lips from mine and kissed the tip of my nose before placing his hand against the back of my head. followed by the sound of laughter. only to met with a chorus of approval "Sweet."That's enough Emmett" I heard Edward speak. I moved my face from the warmth of his chest to meet the warmth of his lips on mine. comforting me as I felt his lips on my forehead. "Is it okay if I stay with you guys till tomorrow night then?" Jacob asked hesitantly. I'll try and post another chapter as soon as I can! . tempting me to find his lips. you big softie you" I heard Rose say. A/N: I made him a good guy… I like my Jacob.

with metal clashing and screams of pain ringing out in all directions. they all belong to the mega talented and my personal goddess Stephenie Meyers! All hail Ms Meyers! (Cheers wildly!).Klutz A/N: Sorry for the delay… I had a mega writer's block and my 3week pesky coughing cold has been bugging me (still hasn't had the courtesy to leave me yet either! This chapter is a bit of Edward and Bella fluff. I forgot to write them in my other chapters. escaping the sound Jacob's deep breathing and echoing snores. and it's a longish chapter so I hope it makes up for the wait? I'm gona add a disclaimer here. knowing that Jacob would be able to sleep as soundly now than if he'd been placed to sleep in the middle of a roman battle. sausages and coffee dancing in my minds eye.17am… I had only been trying to sleep for about an hour at the least… great. vibrating snore and got up. The sound of Jacob's snore's grated through me. So for the record (as you all know already anyway) these beautiful characters aren't mine. I picked up a book to take with me. I'd given Jacob my bed for the night. not sure of what it was. I picked up my cell from the floor and flipped it open to look at the time.Klutz. his snoring was one thing I didn't miss at all. (The M rating kicking in (finally I hear you scream). with some slow classical music playing and a nice cup of hot coffee to warm me up. I admitted defeat after I heard another loud. making me edgy and agitated.woops. (Bella POV) I shifted myself for what felt like the hundredth time... not bothering to try and sneak around.176 - . seeing as he was too large to fit on my couch. staring at the beams on my bedroom's ceiling. but knowing I'd be able to read it cover to cover once I was in the living room. where I now lay wide awake. trying to get comfortable on the cramped space where I lay. images of bacon. only to find that it was 1. The thought alone made me snatch up my hoodie and bound for the stairs. listening to the rain pattering against the front window while pondering what the time was… was it too early to get up and make a big breakfast for everyone I wondered to myself. .

His chest… I almost gasped as my eyes ran shamelessly over him and noticed that he was topless. I of all people would manage to accomplish it one way another no matter how unbelievable it sounded I thought as I tried to calculate how I would jump over the back of the sofa with out concussing myself. not concentrating on my footwork. his eyes were closed. fate decided to have some fun with me. on top of his alluring body. I unclenched my grip from the back of the couch and began to slowly take a few steps back. and as I listened for any sign of life. while I though of all the naughty and impure things I could do to tarnish his innocence.177 - . which rose and fell with each breath he took. A faint light was glowing from below. no one could doubt my clumsy abilities about that. My breath caught in my throat as I heard him mumble incoherently as he twisted and turned. I fell as if I was falling in slow motion. I reached the quiet living room. not sure if it was because my legs felt like jelly or if I was readying myself to jump over the sofa. polished wooden floor as I took a slow step back. feeling a little unsteady due to my lack of sleep and from the poor vision I had from the dim light. wanting to find out who was up so late. hiding his emerald eyes from me as his hair sprawled over the cushion under his head. obviously confused by the noise was that had stirred him from his sleep. I paused. I smiled at the sight of him. . Edward stirred before me. drawing me to them. landing with a with a soft thud. staring at his handsome form like a freaky stalker girlfriend that I must have appeared to have looked like? As I took a few steps back. My foot slipped on the slick. One of his arms dangled over the side of the sofa while the other held loosely to a book which was rested open on his chest. taking the stupid floor's side… who I bet was feeling mighty smug at the moment. my book flying out of my hand and landing on the floor before me. calming music that seemed to invite me to it. hoping Edward couldn't hear my pounding heart beat and shaky breath that I could hear ringing in my ears. I edged my way to the back of the sofas and looked over to see Edward laying there. only on Edward's form which was beginning to stir. the song playing had just ended and I was able to hear the sound of soft breathing coming from the sofas. turning onto his side as he adjusted himself into a more comfortable position. which caused the book that had been resting on his chest to fall to the floor. I made my way down slowly. I could pretend to fall on top of him. I steadied myself by resting my hands on the back of the sofa. cursing to myself as I lost my balance. What would he think if he found me standing over him. music reached my ears. slow. A new song started up which covered the sound of my quiet footsteps as I crept my way toward the sound of the breathing.As I reached the top of the stairs which lead down to the living room. looking so cute and innocent while he slept. the sound drawing Edwards attention to me just as my body splattered against the wooden floor.

noting a light stab in one elbow… another bruise to the collection… I moved some more as I lay flat on my back and felt a tender spot on my foot… at least nothing's broken I thought as I sighed and closed my eyes. I groaned as I blinked my eyes slowly. A small smile escaped me.taunting me with its solidness and familiarity. I hadn't heard him move and I couldn't hear him talking anymore. I lay as quietly and still as I could for a few more seconds. My head pounded again and. mind with the scent. I hoped Edward hadn't noticed. I . I'd learnt from my years of accidents and injuries how to block out the immediate pain and try to focus on where it was coming from. hoping that someone like God could hear me and tell me the answer. nose. As my eye lids fell. I tried my best to keep a smile off my face and keep the laughter that was bubbling within me to myself.178 - . "Bella! Are you okay?" Edwards quiet. Why did I have to be so clumsy? I asked myself. Yeah yeah yeah… Bella2 floor2… I know… I friggin' know… you smug piece of old bark! I said in my mind. It tended to help with when I had to go to hospital. feeling as if it was easing the pain in my head. secretly wanting to voice it out loud for the floor to hear. probably unaware he was speaking them out loud "okay… um… do I need to give her a kiss of life if she's knock out?" I heard him ask himself. but not wanting Edward to think of my as a complete fruit loop. beginning to wonder what Edward was up to. are you okay to get up? You haven't knocked yourself out have you? Oh shit…" I could hear Edwards's mental panics spilling from his mouth. filling my mouth. making me feel a little guilty for not opening my eyes and easing his worrying "no dumb ass. feeling stabs of pain here and there. "Mhm… just peachy… fit as a flippin' fiddle…" I said. I moved myself slowly. I heard him gasp before I felt a strong hand grasp my face and the other resting on my chest "she's still alive and breathing" I heard him sight out. trying to distinguish where most of the pain was coming from. hoping he was too wrapped up within his frantic worrying to distinguish it a smile from a grimace of pain. dripping with sarcasm… a headache to the collection. making me cringe even more by his alarmed reaction to my clumsiness. throat. feeling as if someone had just cracked my skull open with an axe. feeling angry at myself for being so unbalanced and for answering Edward's concerned question in such a flippant manner. panic ridden voice reached me. Something sweet and intoxicating filled the air as I breathed. I felt my head begin to pound… great… fabulous… fantastic I moaned to myself. starting with my arms and legs. that's for if she's stopped breathing…" I heard him scold himself. "Bella. or when I had to place bags of frozen peas to my bruises. I couldn't help but groan from the pain that seared all over the back of my skull.

God must have made this one with his own two hands. Perhaps my angel could levitate? I thought as I continued my search for my angel's missing . I wasn't letting go. I hoped that the same wouldn't happen with Edward. closer. I sighed in contentment as I felt the angel's two strong arms wrapping around my limp body and pulling me upright again his strong. but now felt like I was tumbling down hill. his face strikingly handsome with its chiselled structure. "My sleeping beauty awakes" the angel spoke from above me. ripples of muscles playing under my fingertips. it was quiet but I knew that it was close. like a snowball that grew larger as it gained more snow on its travel. but no wings. I sighed as I breathed out. to comfort and to a look that looked faintly like love… I starred as I thought of what he'd be seeing within my eyes. his voice smooth and rich like velvet. I concentrated at his eyes. warmth that I felt for him. The brightness in them dimmed as I watched some emotions beginning to play within them. sparkling green eyes connected with my boring brown eyes… making me feel as if I was being consumed by their sight. The sound drew nearer before I felt something warm pressing. throwing a blanket over me and holding me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I loosened my strong hold around his neck and dropped one hand to rest on my lap. muscled chest. I wondered if he could see the mirroring feeling that I felt for him in my eyes? Would he see that I was falling for him? How I'd began to fall in love with him bit by bit since the day we met. wanting to protest to whoever had stopped the music. a symphony or a masterpiece of Beethoven's… unknown to me but still familiar. for what reason.breathed again. not wanting him to leave me here. I felt myself falling and gripped tighter to my angel. A low. the angel was flying across the room with me in his arms. strong back. I smiled as I felt him tighten his hold on me and setting me in his lap. changing from concern to care. cutting the calm sound from my hearing. shocked slightly when I felt a warmth run over my face. Would he be seeing the want. the need. tingling my skin as it left me. securing myself to him just in case he decided he wanted to leave. searching for the soft white feathers that I could envision being there. Bright. but my eyes drowned within green. deep sound reached my ears. I opened my eyes to look at the angel. moulding against my lips. I felt the angel move and my feet leaving the ground. I open my eyes. this angel that was looming over me. wanting to get more of the calming scent into me when it smelled stronger. like rain running down a window pane during a storm. to demand them to play it again. being memorised and stored within them. I frowned in confusion as all I felt was a smooth. My angel was so considerate and kind. while the other ran down the plane of his back. I didn't know. no one could have created such perfection. to uncertainty and determination. the tinge of love still burning within them. the sound itself seemed like a work of art. if he wanted to fly back to heaven I'd go with him. feeling as if it was caressing me with each word.179 - . but also the slight fear I battled with when I wondered about him leaving me…? My mother loved me and left my life. The emerald colour in them changed… a deeper colour began to seep into them.

almost picking up at the childlike whining in my voice. eager to hear his answer. My angel looked down at me. "Why don't you have wings?" I asked. I wont tell anyone" I promised him as I ran my hand over his perfect face. hoping it would help to shut out the pain too. "My words do not please you?" the angel spoke from above me. from when the floor and I had our little typical falling out… or falling down to be accurate. I shut my eyes. his voice sounding just as pained as I felt. "Because I don't need wings anymore to get back up to heaven. wanting to know his answer. The laughing calmed and my angel asked me with slight confusion and interest "Why would I have wings?" I shrugged before answering his question "I thought all angels had wings" I looked to his face. I groaned as I felt a stabbing pain thump within my skull. and tugging on the corners of his lips. I looked up to see amusement sparkling within his eyes. not when I'm truly in heaven with you" he whispered before pressing his lips to my head. "What are you frowning for?" I heard the angel ask from beneath my searching hands. but more so his voice again.180 - . . the angels that I'd been bought up seeing in monasteries and ancient paintings were nothing compared to him. his eyes radiating concern "Don't worry. my eyes locking on his before I continued "Or do you not have wings in these modern days? Has God updated your wings to levitation or jet packs?" I asked. Anger began bubbling within me as the angel laughed at my question. mocking my ignorance. but gave up as a little motion sickness washed over me "Head… ache" I managed to say through my clamped mouth. I shook my head slowly. But his voice was so melodic that I couldn't help but smile at the way it washed over me and erased the anger from my body.attribute. taking my breath away by its envisioning beauty. threatening to drive me wild with its blinding agony. So this angel thought it was funny that he didn't have wings like normal angels? But then again he wasn't like normal angels. "That explains it" the angel spoke as I felt myself being moved. lain down on the sofa "Delirious… concussion… pills…" followed the sound of footsteps that I could hear advancing the kitchen. My hand dropped from his face and the concern was replaced by a magnificent crooked grin. The contact of his lips on my head bought back the pain from earlier. it didn't.

a feeling I was used to after all the accidents and injuries I'd suffered over the years "that should fix it" the voice rang out again before I felt my upper body being risen. I felt the pills sliding down my throat along with the water. I'd been longing for her for so long."Open your mouth" a command rang out from about me. or to be able to swallow the whole bottle to knock myself out from the pain. "Drink this and swallow" a second command came. wanting the pills to kick in faster. at which again. I lay where I was. (Edward POV) I looked down at her as she lay across the couch. The ache began to dull as I felt a hand running over my forehead and temples. "Mmmm hmmm" she answered "getting a little better" she smiled and I watched in silent awe as she opened her eyes. let alone as my girlfriend. showing me the beauty of her deep chocolaty eyes that never ceased to amaze me. tempting me to press mine to hers. her cute nose scrunching up as she frowned in pain. almost slapping myself on the forehead as I thought to myself of course she's not okay. "Jake was snoring… that's one thing I really don't miss about him" she said. I chuckled as she tried her best to repress the yawn. I was lucky to have such a stunning woman in my life. I opened my eyes to found Edward staring down at me. I felt a smile spreading over my face as I thought of Bella as mine. I followed. followed by a yawn. "You okay Bella?" I asked her in a whisper. and now she was mine. Once I'd composed myself I asked "Why did you come down "Bella? Couldn't you sleep?" wondering why she'd come back downstairs after only gone to bed and hour before. I sighed as I watched Bella move about. I knew I'd done all I could. and rested on something warm. a small smile on her lips as she spoke.181 - . fighting with the pain in my head and the nausea the pain was causing me. "Why were you up?" she asked. My heart ached as I watched her in pain. I . a faint smile on his lips but his worry showing plainly through his readable eyes. but failed miserably. not being able to respond straight away. I nodded to myself at her answer. but I still felt like I was failing my duty as her boyfriend to be looking after her. her head rested on my lap. her face directly below mine so that I could stare at her overwhelming beauty. which I complied to. she's got a headache after bashing her head on the wooden floor you idiot.

She really thought I'd let her sleep here when my bed was empty? I moved my arm under her knee's as the other supported her back and picked her swiftly up off the couch. but deep down I just wanted her to wrap her up in my arms because that is where she belonged. pleasure her until I heard her moan my name in pure ecstasy. My thoughts on the other hand were determined and had a purpose. My heart stammered into a fast pace. cutting off her protest. and won over. My breath felt laboured as I felt my chest heaving up and down. a sound of contentment as a smile spread over her slumberous face. "Time for bed I think" I said as I watched her settle back down. I told myself that I only wanted to keep her close to me to look after her after the bashing the floor gave to her head. her mouth opening wide and her body stretching. A gasp came from Bella from my silent movement "What the hell?" she said in a demanding whisper. "Silly Bella" I said as I made my way toward the stairs. Once she'd heard the click of the door closing she whispered "Just go to bed Edward. you only had to say.182 - . warm voice broke through my wild thoughts. shocked by my reaction to her quiet sound. not bothering to turn the lights on due to the bright light that the moon was shining in through the window. looking like a defenceless little kitten. wondering if she'd picked up on my intention of staying with her tonight. I watched her. I'll be fine…" another yawn battled with her as she spoke. making herself comfortable. "Don't …" Bella's soft. "Mmm… your bed is so soft…" she murmured as her eyes closed and she snuggled herself on the sheets. . A sound came from deep within Bella's throat. ready to go in for the kill as I stood next to the bed. ravish her with kisses. a sign that I knew that she wouldn't leave the bed. as if it'd been still for hundreds of years and was now kicking into action with ferocity. looking over Bella as she curled herself up on my bed. looking around "if you wanted me to get up so that you could go to bed. My eyes widened from the sound and I took a few steps away from her. smiling as I heard her sigh in contentment at its softness. you really thought I'd just leave you on the sofa and head to bed… without you" I said quietly as I pushed my door open with my foot. you didn't have to strain yourself and pick me up" she mumbled as I watched her rub one of her eyes as she battled with herself to stay awake. Bella stayed quiet as I turned to close the door after me. feeling comfortable as I felt her wrap both her arms around my neck "Your sleeping in my room tonight. to pounce her as she lay. trying to suck in oxygen as I felt my head lighten. I felt like a lion. making my mouth water at her delicious sight. letting her go now would hurt. I laid her down on my large bed.watched as the yawn took over her. illuminating the room in a soft silver glow. "Night" I heard her whisper as she turned onto her side.

then both her cheeks. giving her a quick kiss as I felt feeble after the strong show of emotions within her eyes. her pain. "Stay" she breathed against my lips. in a place where people were supposed to be able to escape. unable to stop her crying. An angry growl built within my chest as I watched Bella suffering. careful not to disturb Bella as I picked her up and settled her so that I could pull the sheets above her. opening her eyes at which I saw the need for comfort within them. I kept whispering soothing words to her. brushing one hand over her temple "Sleep my sleeping beauty" I whispered as I placed a kiss on her forehead. I smiled at the look of satisfaction on her face as she gained my promise of staying with her. I pulled back the covers. I reached my hands out. Instinctively I pressed my lips to hers. turning on to my . I began to pull away as I felt her hold on me slacken. the fragility in her watered eyes. holding her face in them as I brushed her tears away with my thumbs. It wasn't enough that she'd already suffered the loss of her mother and had to remember so each day.expecting her to sit up and carry on talking. seeing Bella asleep on top of them. her body shaking as she continued to cry. Silently I walked to the other side of the bed and paused as I picked up the covers. laced with pain and sadness. watching her chest rise and fall with each breath. Dropping the sheet I crawled my way toward her. Having her settled in the bed I slid myself under the covers beside her. looking for something that she'd lost. dropping her arms back to the bed as her lips turned up in a soft grin. I turned to my stereo. finally reaching her lips.183 - . promising I'd stay with her. I nodded my head. promising she was safe and okay while I felt like I was hollow and worthless. "I'll be good… mom… don't leave me" she sobbed. curled up once again as a kitten. but she didn't. Her torturous lips that distracted me each time I saw or thought of them. sitting on my heels as I watched her taking deep breaths in as her nose pressed into the sheets. her voice breaking as she spoke the word 'mom'. Her eyes blinked open and took in the sight of me before she wrapped both arms around my neck and pulled herself to me tightly "Edward" she gasped. hoping that she'd fall back to sleep. "Lets get you into bed" I spoke to myself more than to her as I watched her sleeping peacefully. she only twisted a little and let out a sigh. whispering soothing words to her that I hoped she could hear. but she had to suffer these nightmares too. her hold on me tightening to back up her words "please" she begged. I made my way to her. hoping that music would calm me down "No… no… don't…" Bella's voice rang out from behind me. She loosened her hold on me. the music starting up as reached the bed "Don't leave me… come back" she pleaded as I watched her arms spread out before her.

causing me to gasp for breath. making me aware of the softness of her hip that rested under one of my hands. tugged into a slight smile and seemed so soft. her breath now torturing my neck while she pressed herself closer to me. I looked back to her face and saw the need for comfort clearly written there. I smiled as I thought of how she spoke my name in her dreams. causing her to whimper in pleasure. no creases from a frown or confusion etched on it. in turn. "Edward" she said quietly. making my forehead crease in confusion at her words. "Mmmm… this is better" I heard her whisper against my chest as her legs twined with mine and one of her hands played on the side of my neck. sucking at my skin as she pulled away. my eyes picking up on every detail of her lips as she spoke. stroking up and down. how they opened. Her delicate. to hold her. sending pain and pleasured thrills through my body. and the curve of her back under the other. . at the space between us.side so that I could continue watching her. I continued my staring at her. pushing my gentlemanly ways from my mind. my breath caught in my throat as I realised she was awake "Thank you" she spoke before I could say a word. the length of her eyelashes. down my bare chest. I tried my best to think of anything other than the way her simple touch was sending thrills through my body. until she peeked one eye open "Edward" she repeated again. looking at the mattress beneath us. letting a primitiveness take over. I heard myself distantly moan her name before she bit down again on my shoulder. and the smooth plane of her forehead as she lay still. gaining a satisfied growl from deep within my chest from her wicked way. "For staying…" she answered. slight confusion marked across her forehead as it creased. I gasped as I felt her move her hand from my neck. her full breasts pressing against my chest while she ground her nether region against my thigh. From the way her mouth opened slightly as she slept. "For what?" I asked. teasing my skin with her light touches.184 - . I moaned as I felt Bella's warm mouth at my shoulder and her teeth biting down on my skin. even as she turned on her side to face me. pale hand reached from beside her to rest between the both of us. studying every last detail of her features. while she moved herself up my body. "Come here" I said as I turned to lie on my back and moved closer to her. opening my arms for her to cuddle up to me. an invitation for me to take it.

stilling my actions as I looked into her eyes. Bella began squirming under my intense stare and snail like pace. causing more friction between us. telling me without words of her want of being rid of the fateful garment that was between us. all gentlemanly thoughts having escaped me as soon as I'd felt her skin against mine. revealing more and more of her soft. Knowing not to push my luck. kissable neck.Moving my hands from her back. "No" she whimpered as I nibbled again at her ear. to the hollow at the base of her throat that I longed to dip my tongue into. snowy. throwing it somewhere behind me as my eyes locked on her stunning form. deciding that I felt the need to hear her moan from how I pleasured her. Bella must have caught my confusion as she pressed her rosy soft lips to mine "I want you to take my hoodie off" she breathed against my lips before she ran hers over mine in a feather light touch. and I smiled at my knowing. I knew that it would have driven her wild to be moving so slowly. biting down on my bottom lip when she noticed my squirming beneath her. wanting to see if she wanted me to stop. "I'm hot" I heard her stammer as I felt her pounding heartbeat matching mine against my chest. My eyes ran slowly from her crimson tinted blushing face to her long. mimicking the action that I so dearly wanted to do to her. I flipped us both over so that I lay above her. no regret or discomfort shone within them to show any signs of wanting to stop. as if she were holding on for dear life. already having ridden up to her waist from our fumbling. Holding her hips steady. Having had enough of her maddening teasing.185 - . With one arm propping me up on my elbow. nibbling at her sensitive lobe before I raked my eyes down her body. "Do you want to take your hoodie off?" I whispered into her ear. I moved my thigh up and down against her aroused sex. and feeling my aroused member thumping painfully with want of release I tugged the hoodie from her. I smiled as I my eyes rested at the hem of her hoodie. I smiled to myself as I watched Bella writhing in my hold as I continued moving my leg up and down as I felt her begin to grind herself against me. our roles reversed as my body pressed onto hers. tempting skin. I watched in shock as she clamped her eyes shut and grabbed hold of around my neck with both arms. Her eyes mirrored the lust I felt for her. "Edward" a whimper escaped her lips as she arched her back. My eyes moved further down over her . Her cheeks were flushed from our activities of teasing under the sheets. Inching it up slowly. over her head. I used my other to pull her hoodie up. When I'd managed to expose to above her navel. I grabbed hold of her hips. praying to God she'd say yes as to discard the top. making her look edible as she looked at me with half closed eyes.

my forehead resting against hers and my eyes closing as I concentrated on every feeling her hands sent through my hyper aware body. She bit her lip in attempt to look innocent as she continued to pull my sweats off. massaging and skimming her nails as she roamed. "What?" I asked breathlessly as I noticed my eyes were concentrating on her chest as her giggles shook her body. smiling as I felt her wrap her arms around my neck and pulling my closer to her body. Her actions caused my head for fall. I locked my eyes back on her face. as if I was a peasant laying beside the Goddess Venus in all her glory. looking a little sheepish "It's sexy". causing my muscles to ripple under her touch as she swept them over my skin. kissing. nipping and sucking at her throat until I heard her moan my name breathlessly. making my hands itch to hold them and my mouth water with wanting to taste them. both round and supple. smiling of the thought of her heart that was undoubtedly hammering beneath. "Yes" she gasped as I growled again. as if I was able to caress her with my gaze alone "Touch me or so help me…" she threatened before grabbing hold of my hand and rested it on her stomach. just as wildly as mine was. Finally my eyes settled on the gentle swell of her breasts. only making herself look like the saucy minx . moving slowly back and forth as she inched them down from my hips. Her hands moved from around my neck down over my back. feeling her muscles tighten under my fingertips. I looked to her face and she continued. "You…" she breathed out "Growling like that" she said quietly. feeling overwhelmed by her beauty. carefully. I heard a faint giggle breaking my lust filled mind. her pleasured noises causing me to growl again "Like that" I asked as I liked my tongue over the distracting hollow at the base of her throat. I trailed my lips over her neck.186 - .luscious pale skin as I drank in the sight of her chest rising and falling rapidly with the wild breaths she took. issuing a little pressure between her legs "Yes…" she moaned as she pulled herself even closer to me. My eyes opened in an instant as I felt her fingers edging their way under the waistband of my sweats. the both of us sighing in relief at the contact. I moved my leg which was still rested between her up. I managed to run my gaze down over her stomach which I noticed was flat and over the curve of her enticing hips. "Edward" I heard my goddess break my worshiping thoughts of her as I saw her eyes begin to fill with irritation and ache "Touch me" she gasped as she writhed beneath my eyes. A deep growl issued from the back of my throat as I ran my hand over her stomach. bringing my attention to Bella who was stifling her giggles the best she could.

closing my eyes in disappointment with myself. I closed the door silently behind me before I turned to look at Bella sprawled on my bed. at which I stealthily took off her sweats. "May I?" I asked suavely as I indicated to article of clothing that felt like a barrier between the both of us.that I was beginning to learn that she could be. threw over my shoulder and out of sight. grabbing the bottle of pain meds and a glass of water before heading back to my Bella. "Bella" I whispered as I pressed my lips to her forehead. trying to dismiss it with a wave of her hand. I let out and exaggerated sigh as I got up out of bed "I'll get you some more pills" I said. I felt her warm body snuggling to my side and felt her small hand blindly reaching my face "Don't be sorry.187 - . How could I have let my own lustful feelings over ride the knowledge that Bella was hurt? "I'm such and idiot Bella. the sheets covering her soft skin as she covered her eyes with one of her arms. I watched as her face began to fill with pain "Bella?" "I'm fine… I…" she groaned in agony. God help me and my sanity… Once she'd finally freed me from my seats… the slow paceprobably pay back for my having undressed her so slowly I turned my attention to the sweats that I saw that Bella had on. Her face filled with a blush before she nodded slightly hesitantly in response. letting my lips linger there before pulling away. blowing it out in a ragged breath. "Give it here" Bella sighed from above the bed as she stretched her hand out toward me. I made my way over to the bed before I knelt down by the side and set the glass of water on the bedside table. smiling my crooked grin at her as I rested my hands on the top of her sweats. heading toward the door. I'm not" she said in a whisper as she took a deep breath in. wrestled with the child security cap which baffled me on the bottle of pills. laying on my back as I slapped my hand to my forehead as the memory of Bella's fall and probable concussion rang in my mind. I opened my eyes and saw a faint smile playing on her lips. "I'm just sorry that I was so clumsy earlier and my headache ruined our fun" she said. sounding opposite to the groaning I managed to get from her a few moments ago "have a pounding headache" she groaned out as she closed her eyes tightly. I dropped myself onto the bed. I'm sorry" I gushed as I shook my head. "Got rejected with the age old excuse of 'I've got a headache' how pitiful" I added with a soft chuckled as I exited the room and headed toward the bathroom. and following her hoodie. I handed the bottle to her and watched as .

just above where my heat beat. I ran my hand up and down her back.she opened the cap in one swift motion. "Years of experience" Bella simply stated once she'd swallowed the pills and rested back against the pillows. "Good night my sleeping beauty" I whispered back. A/N: Just want to defend myself if any of you readers wanted Edward and Bella to really 'get it on' but I just want to say… -its my story. P. her eyes still closed. mega writer's block and its 2. the familiarity of Bella snuggling to my side making my sigh in contentment. I made my way back to the other side of the bed and slid back in to its warmth. yet a faint smile tugged her lips none the less at my words. "G'night Romeo" she whispered as she tilted her face toward mine. gaining a weak smile from Bella who had undoubtedly heard my childish remark. running them in circles and silly designs as I looked down at her resting against me.55am right now in Wales-Great Britain… Review please! . I revelled in the feeling of her warm breath fanning over my skin and her delicate hand resting on my chest. so what I write goes… and also -I don't want my Bella to be thought as a bit of a slut and my Edward as player if they just slept together after only just getting together… come on people! Think of the real world. I stared down at her as I watched the pain ease from her face and begin to look more peaceful with each minute that passed.s Sorry if it sucked. sure that she was fast asleep by now by the regularity of her rhythmic breathing.188 - . so count your lucky stars! Haha. -I hadn't intended it to get so hot and steamy. searching for a kiss good night that I quickly complied with before she rested back in my arms. "Show off" I muttered as I spilled two white pills onto my hand.

I . you know how I sleep like the dead" I smiled as I stretched my arms above me. shooting a pretend death glare my way as she spoke. "Awww… Alice…" I said as I got up. "We thought she was still in her room with you" Rose said in confusion as she joined the three of us before the T. causing Emmett and I to laugh "You wouldn't be laughing Emmett if you ever had to wake him up!" Alice almost growled as she planted her hands on hips. which was quite a defeat as she was still sat on the floor "He actually crushed me once when I tried to wake him up. handing Emmett a glass of juice while she drank her black coffee. he turned over and buried me between himself and the bed… I almost died you beast" she added. Bella 0 (Jake POV) "Bells? You makin' breakfast?" I called from the bottom of the stairs as I headed to sit with Alice and Emmett on the sofas. "Yeah. both their eyes trained on some kid's cartoons as they age their cereal. "Nah.V.189 - . humour sparkling in her eyes as she crossed her arms defiantly across her chest and pouted. we know" Alice chirped in. making my way over to give her a hug "You know you liked it" I teased and jumped back before she could get her little claws into me. but I knew how the sprite worked.Floor 1 Bella 0 A/N: Hello stranger(s)! I'm soooo sorry for the humongous delay but I do have to work to get the pennies rolling in I'm afraid! This chapter is a little short. she wasn't there when I got up… wouldn't have heard her leave anyway. trying to shake the fatigue that still lingered in me. Her face looked black as she glared at me. but I hope it makes up for the lack of updates for the last week! Disclaimer: (seeing as I remember) I don't own anyone below :( Floor 1.

they seemed the perfect fit. hugging her back while trying to catch my breath from the blow she gave to my chest. off from me. "Morning love" Jasper's calm voice spoke to Alice as he held her close to him. she just managed to wrap her arms around my neck as she giggled "There. Alice jumped from Jasper's lap which would have given any normal person a heart . "No. No doubt Rosalie had helped to perfect that poker face of hers. I yelped as a bundle of black. her fingers opening and closing as she begged Jasper to pick her up. or transferred from one parents arms to the other. "You're good" I said. have you seen Bella?" I asked him. mostly to myself. you got your hug" excitement dancing in her eyes. "Lets play a game of 'Where's Wally' then" Rose said as she got up off the floor. Only realising I'd spoken when Alice replied. hoping to find where my Bells was hiding in this huge house. to closing her eyes and holding loosely to Jasper as he sat them both down on the sofa. even if he was about a foot taller than her. If she wasn't in her room or in the kitchen then I don't know where she could be. The look of her wanting to get into Jasper's arms reminded me of little children who wanted to be picked up off the floor. I almost passed out as I watched Alice change from her usual hyper sprite way. her hands outstretched. my eyes trained on the floor as I pouted a little and whispered out in a hurt voice "I only wanted a hug Ali…" adding a sigh to top off my little act. giggling mischievously.could see the humour threatening to spill by the look in her eyes. shouting into my ear in the process. She pulled her slight body away from my broad chest and turned on my lap. sorry" he said. I slumped back in my chair.190 - . "Jazz!" Alice called excitedly. I did as I usually did. looking like he'd slipped her a fast acting sedative. knowing it'd break her from her charade instantly. "Jasper. while resting his chin on the top of Alice's head. Alice dressed in her blue flannelled pyjamas adorned with yellow ducks landed on my lap. yellow and blue jumped onto my lap. . I was so happy my little Alice had found someone she was so happy with. "Thanks" I gasped out as I slowly wound my arms around her. "You have no idea" her voice muffled as she pressed her mouth to Jasper's throat.

but looking more like they were trying to cast shadow finger puppets against the wall. but making them back up tidily before joining us back on the landing. turning their beds upside down in their search for Bella. whispering strategic plans to him. his gaze locked on her. pointing feebly toward the door and slumped her shoulders in defeat.191 - .attack. "Lets do this" Alice said. looking like she was going to pounce an invisible pray. best to keep a little distance…" I whispered to a confused looking Jasper and an excited looking Emmett. looking so peaceful as she rested against Edward. breaking out of her sullen mood and skipping to his side. believe me" I said as watched Rose and Alice signalling to each other at the bottom of the stairs. "Don't even think about joining Emmett… I have the scars. leaning against the wall as we watched Alice and Rose diving into their room. "Rose. guessing that Bella would probably be in there. I sighed as I saw Bella fast asleep. Emmett and I stood behind. Alice and Rose filled the doorway as Jasper. Emmett. "Sure Peaches" she said. able to look over their heads and into the room. but keep at least three paces back" I warned them as I made my way to the stairs where Rose and Alice were currently crawling up "Poor deprived children…" I chuckled as I watched Alice rolling across the landing floor on her stomach. Jasper and I stood on the landing. "Just follow them. her eyes narrowing as she crouched. who was running his hand over her hair. Rose opened the door slowly. the result amazed me once again as I saw her excitement drain from her and calmness washing over the closer she got to him. careful as to not wake Edward if he was asleep and Bella if she was in there. could we do that sometime…" Emmett asked. dropping a few hints on how to do a perfect roll and jump. dusting off her pj's as she stood back up. He looked . "Just stand back and observe. trying to look like spies. his voice sounding weak as I watched him staring at Rose with excitement. Jasper simply smiled at Alice and opened his arms to her. The three of us men were stood by Edward's door. "She's probably in there right?" Rose said. "Ah shit…" I whispered as I watched the both of them begin their hunting game. but he looked like he was always ready for her bipolar style mood swings.

then she was safe enough in Edward arms. somehow being able to picture Bella doing that.up once he'd heard Alice. catching a glimpse of the protective. I rolled my eyes and turned to leave. "No" Edward chuckled quietly. but she asked me to stay" he shrugged. It seemed her mind protected itself by distorting reality and coming up with some very unique and random ideas. "No…" Bella mumbled. covering her more and pulling her closer to him. "I'll tell them. and she had a little fall and banged her head…" he said as he looked back down at her. I shook my head. "Thanks" she sighed as I turned back to close the door after us spectators. causing Bella to cuddle closer to his side "I wanted to make sure she was okay after the fall too. don't worry" I heard Edward tell her over the stifled laughter coming from Emmett. knowing if Bella was peaceful enough to dream of chickens.192 - . which I hadn't believed. I knew as soon as Bella introduced us that he'd be a good guy. perhaps Bella hadn't told him of the nightmares she used to get after her mother's death "Tell the chickens tomorrow…" she mumbled. probably remembering back to what Bella had done. even if it was in modern times. so that he can gain my blessing to let him court my Bells. she had a bad headache and was a bit delirious" he smiled. I looked back at Bella. She'd told me that she'd stopped having them a while ago. . Rose and Emmett's joint 'aww-ing' at the picturesque sight before us. "Did she see unicorns or chipmunk fire-fighters?" I asked in a whisper. "She was going to sleep on the sofa last night because of your snoring Jacob" Edward whispered. kissing her softly on the top of her head "so I told her to take my bed. her brow creasing in aggravation as she spoke. I was acting the role of the family member who has Bella's best interest in heart and who he has to impress. Edward strangely looking amused as he ran his hand over the side of her face. some things just stuck. but she got a little angry at me when she couldn't find my wings" he smiled as he kissed her forehead. knowing how Bella's mind worked after a good knock. From the anxious looks on Alice and Rose's face. they felt the same as I did. Jasper. running his hand over her shoulders "She thought I was an angel. I felt the blood drain from my face as I thought of her having one of her nightmares. but I wasn't going to let him or Bella know just yet. caring look that ran from Edwards eyes and seemed to wash over Bella. Alice and Rose. making sure to keep his voice quiet enough as to not wake Bella "But I was there already reading. I watched as Edward pulled the sheets higher up.

saying that he didn't feel like a visit to the hospital after I tripped over a branch and broke and arm or leg. Two can play at that game I thought as my eyes searched through the leaves. leaving Edward and I in the small clearing. branches and the tree stumps. who failed to process the fact that we had no twister mat or playing cards. "Not it" he whispered against my ear and pulled away. And so I'd suggested hide and seek. cursing under my breath at Edward's wicked way. and a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. "Not it!" Jake called as he sprinted his was toward the coverage of the trees. gaining a chorus of 'no's' from all of us and a game of catch. only having my foot collide with something solid. pretending to tip his imaginary hat at me. I smiled as I turned around in Edward's hold "Good catch" I whispered before pressing my lips to his. I turned to look at him. I kicked again at the leaves as I turned to the left. I could just sit it out and wait. sighing as the warmth of . leaving me short of breath and dazed. watching as they scattered back to the ground. Jasper snapping out of his daze of watching Alice as she disappeared out of sight and following suit. His outburst was followed by Alice giggling as she ran after him. I stretched my arms out and clamped my eyes shut. making me loose my balance. nibbling my lobe. ready for the impact. a blanket of fallen leaves beneath our feet. at which I refused to take part in. "Not funny" I growled before heading off in no particular direction. Jacob had backed up my reluctance to play. Opening my eyes I saw that I was upright. thinking that it didn't require much effort and once I'd found a good spot. Rose had suggested we go for a walk. kicking the leaves beneath my feet as I walked on. a crooked grin on his face before he turned and ran away from me. perhaps if I just called out that I gave up they'd have mercy on me I thought as I kicked the leaves some more. dazzling me with his gaze as he stepped closer to me.193 - . After five minutes of unsuccessful searching I sighed.(Bella POV) "Hide and seek?" I added to the list of suggestions that Rose and Emmett where currently spouting out as we stood beneath the canopy of the trees. having given up on much hope of finding anyone. The suggestions so far had been twister and poker from an excited Emmett. earning an ashamed shake of the head from Rose. only to see his green eyes boring into mine. resting his hands on my waist as he leant his mouth to my ear. "Top idea chum" was Emmett's answer to my suggestion. torturing me with his actions. only to be slightly winded as I felt something strong wrap around my middle. Emmett and Rose hastily ran off too.

My fingers twined into his hair. looking at the floor where there lay two large acorns in the midst of leaves. trying to ease the pain. I looked up and laughed as I saw Alice swinging her legs joyfully up on a tree's thick branch. "Ouch" Edward grumbled against my neck as he pulled away. looking around as Edward searched between the trees. "Something hit me… on the shoulder…" he whispered as he looked over my shoulder. silently begging him to kiss my throat. rubbing his shoulder and looking behind him. playing his perfect poker face as he crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow in waiting. I pulled harder at his hair as I felt him dip his tongue into the hollow at the base of my throat which drove me mad. help me down then" Alice said as she held her arms out. panting as he began biting at my sensitive skin. "I didn't want the ground to take the lead with your score keeping" he said. panic beginning to build. "What?" I asked as I pulled my hands reluctantly from his hair to rest on his waist. I arched my back. causing me to tilt my head back. squinting as he searched over the leaves. her eyes shooting from my face to Edwards.his warmed mine. A snort came from Alice as another acorn hit Edward's back. . I gasped as I felt his mouth on my neck. "Ouch" he said again as he whipped his head back around behind him. Edward rubbed at his back again. If you can get yourself up. driving me wild. "Come on big strong guy. sending thrills through my body and a moan to escape my lips. as she toyed with a fourth acorn in her hands. expecting Edward to be forgiving and aid her to the ground… how wrong she was. jump pixie. "You two need to get a room!" she laughed as she threw the fourth acorn to the ground between Edward and I. brushing his lips across my cheek and over my jaw. "No way. causing him to growl seductively against my skin. pulling at it as he bit the sensitive skin that was between my throat and shoulder. you can get yourself down" Edward said.194 - . causing him to curse under his breath and brake away from my hold. "No… Bella… tell him to get me down" Alice squealed as she shifted on the tree's branch. pressing myself closer to his fit body. sucking at it and causing breath to become laboured. A soft giggling that I knew could only belong to Alice reached my ears as I searched the ground.

I watched as he ran passed Edward. his arms crossed under his head as he starred up at the cover of leaves before him. "Your safe now honey" I heard Jasper whisper as he clamped his arms around Alice's slight frame "Bella."Edward. hang on" Edward called as he made his way to her. his arms outstretched ready to catch her. Emmett. not sure if he'd seen me or not and headed in the direction of more trees. holding a branch in each hand to act as camouflage. just loud enough for her to hear and calmly enough as to sooth her. dead leaves in her hands in her boredom. his eyes looking thunderous before they turned softly toward Alice as he spoke "Jump honey. while the rest of us hid. Alice pried her hands from her face. Having found Edward first. I finally managed to find Rose who was crouched behind a tree. looking for any sign of Rose. "I'm coming Alice. it was now his turn to be the seeker. Emmett or Jake. wondering how we'd all find our way back to the car as each step looked like the last. giving him a quick peck on the cheek before I made my way with the others into the vastness of trees. sniffling back her sobs as she readied herself to jump. Edward at my side. having had spread two lines of dirt across his face to act as added camouflage. cutting him off and stood at the base of the tree. wiping a few stray tears as she blinked at Jasper. behind a fallen tree. shredding dried.195 - . Her eyes mirrored the determined set of her face as she jumped from the thick mossy branch of the tree and into Jaspers welcoming safe arms. your safe" he said. "Good luck" I whispered to him. I'll catch you. get her down please" I whispered to him. Jacob we found was simply lying on the ground. Edward and I later found was crouched before a leafy bush. you got three more to look for right?" Jasper said in a voice loud enough to reach Edward and I. trying to look for a good hiding spot while at the same time watching my feet so that I wouldn't fall flat on my face. I walked as quickly as I could. I nodded my head. "Get out the way" Jasper growled. which would give . "Bella I'm stuck… no! Get me down" she began to sob as she dropped her head to her hands. looking regretful at pretending to leave her stranded in the tree "I was only kidding".

196 - .. hurrying to reach it before Edward had a chance to spot me. I turned to look behind me as I took the last couple of steps. desperate to find someplace to hide. I stayed as I was for a few minutes before I heaved a sigh of relief. how stupid would I look standing in the middle of a clearance with my eyes closed? I thought as I looked around me again. I smiled as I got to be a few feet away from the tree. closing my eyes in attempt to pick up on any voices. I couldn't hear or see anyone else and bit my lip in anxiousness. I stopped and looked around after walking for a few minutes in no recognisable direction. Thank you. Would Edward be able to find me I wondered as I spun around. praying I wouldn't fall over in my haste. and not another human being. knowing I'd be able to hide with ease behind the tree. Emmett's echoing laugh reached me and I snapped my eyes open.the ground a gaining point. except I was looking for a hiding space this time. That's when the ground decided to cheat. . A/N: I know! Another cliffy! (Smiles devilishly) I just had to :P Keep those beautiful reviews coming in! I hope to get at least one day off next week so I'll try my best to cram as much writing into my day as I can! Thank you.. A large looming tree a few hundred yards away caught my eye… perfect I thought as I advanced toward it. Thank you.

the left side of my chest aching.Not by me. trying my best to clear my throat before I tried my second attempt at shouting for help. I coughed. green. E&A. I wont keep you hangin' any longer. the pain that wracked my body constricting my vocal chords from working properly.197 - . Great… just great I thought as I panted for breath and looked at my left side. Where the hell was everyone? I wondered as I continued to look up and out from where I was stuck. I clenched both my hands into fists as I tried to control the pain. (Bella POV) "Stu-" groan "pid ground" I spat out as I clamped my eyes shut. trying my best to block out the pain that was surging through me like wild fire "Frigging get one up on me why don't you… big fat cheater" I added as I tried to sit myself up the best I could. roots and bugs. That's going to cost me about two months off work I thought as I sighed. "Help" I croaked out. in a way I had I thought as I looked back at where I was heaped on the muddy ground. leaves. which only bought more as I realised that my left arm was also busted. by Stephenie (that rhymes!) Meyers. no chance to write much I'm afraid. surrounded by dirt. I sat. . I looked up. Sorry for the cliffy in the last chapter! (Not!) Haha just had to do it. yellow and orange. I have been working 12 days in a row.E&A Disclaimer. "Shhhhhiiiittt" I groaned as I wave of pain passed through my left leg. seeing the continuous colours of brown. Why did my clumsiness have to kick in at stupid times? Turning an innocent game of hide and seek into a search and rescue mission. out of the hole that had engulfed me. did they think I'd found a fabulous hiding place? I laughed to myself. I'm sorry. managing a decent volume. read on. Woah… how sad am I lol! A/N: Hope this chapter makes up for the lack of updating since about a week.

My years of accidents and injuries had taught me how to concentrate my attention on where the pain was coming from. tired from all the drama with that Mike Newton and I just wanted to be comfortable. me being me. hitting my head would have been inevitable I suppose. the four guys together last night after our little get together around the table had been warming to watch. the worry that nagged at the back of my mind when I thought of Edward leaving me or that I'd become distant with Jacob now that I'd moved away from home. the adrenaline that had been surging through me body from the shock was probably wearing off. easier on the hospital staff so they'd know where to start looking to fixing up. I'd been down this hole for about half an hour already. or if my injuries were worse. resting my head back. making me conscious of every bruise and cut I could feel covering my skin. I looked at my watch. taking care of me when I fell.I rested my head back against the wall of dirt behind me. I'd either bruised it or sprained it. Men… they had no tact. Emmett and Jasper. "Bella?" the voice of my Greek God rang out above me. This weekend had proved other wise. I felt tired of having to keep myself on my toes when it came to my face colliding with the floor. praying that someone would find me soon. The four of them talking about 'guy' stuff while us girls hushed and scowled at them while we tried to watch a movie. I could feel the pain beginning to pound in my leg. I turned my attention on trying to get Edward and the other's to find me. had a headache as well as other needs. Analysis over.198 - . Had I passed out? I bet the fall from last night hadn't helped matters as I fell. The tears weren't forming because of my physical pain. "Help me! Please!" I shouted as loudly as I could one more time. followed by a stampede of . settled. my eyes beginning to sting from the tears I was battling to hold in. "Help" I shouted again. meaning the pain was seeping through me. but it wasn't agonising to breathe. Jacob had managed to charm Edward. laughter or my name being called out. My side hurt. To iron out all the worries that battled with me when I closed my eyes. Edward had been a gentleman last night. trying to focus my attention on where most of the pain was coming from. I guessed that I'd broken one of the bones in my leg from the pain and from the ache in my wrist. making it easier on myself if I needed to know where to place and ice pack. I clenched my teeth together as I moved my left leg. trying my best to hear in between each shout for any sounds of footsteps. queen klutz Bella Swan I thought as I shut my eyes. From the time that the hands showed on the face of my dirt covered watch. trying to figure out how long I'd been trapped in this God forsaken hole. finding all was ship shape on that side. bruising was probably the cause for the pain rather than any breakages I told myself as I tried moving my right side. they were threatening to spill because I felt so defeated.

footsteps. "Bella!" I opened my eyes, waiting to see Edward's perfection before me. "Bells honey! Where are you?" I heard Jacob call after Edward "Dude, she's not usually this good at hiding…" he added, probably confused at how I'd kept myself hidden for so long. He'd soon find out. "Help!" I shouted one last time, hoping I wouldn't have to do it again. "Shit." I looked up to see Jacob, Alice, Jasper and Rose towering above me. "Good hiding place Bella" Emmett called out as I saw his form inching closer to the hole. I sighed as I saw a pair of green eyes shining down at me. "We'll get you out of there Bella, just wait a little longer okay" the owner of the spell binding green eyes told me, washing away my anxieties. I nodded in reply as I gritted my teeth, a sharp stab in my leg taking over most of my senses.

(Edward POV) I battled with what I wanted to do, and what I knew was the sensible thing to do. My body and mind demanded that I jump down into the hole with my Bella, to comfort her and make sure she was safe, but luckily logic stepped in and finally took over the rains quickly, dismissing my foolish want, reasoning with myself that I wouldn't be much help being stuck down there with her. I needed to be strong and take care of the situation. I turned away from the sight of my fallen angel who was squeezing her eyes shut and clenching her jaw tightly as she tried to hide the pain from the rest of us, she looked so small and vulnerable. I looked around to the others as I tried to think of a way to get Bella out. Emmett was stood with his arm loosely around Rose's shoulder as she stood as still as a statue next to him, one of her hands held to her forehead as she stared unseeingly at the gaping hole in the ground in which Bella was trapped. A sound of a heart wrenching sob prickled my ears and I looked to see Alice
- 199 -

slumped on the dry yellow leaves, clinging to Jasper who had crouched down to sit with her as she cried into his chest, mumbling phrases of "Get her out" and "Stupid ground". I sighed as I shot the hole a quick glance, would Jacob think that I was unable to care for Bella now that he'd seen how she'd been hurt when I could have prevented it, if only I had stayed with her, taken care of her like I should have. A large, warm hand rested on my shoulder as I scolded myself at my neglect toward Bella. I looked at who the owner of the hand was, looking straight at Jacob. "Don't beat yourself up Edward. I of all people know by now that this was bound to happen to Bella sooner or later. She's been experiencing a dry spell when it comes to accidents and emergencies lately. I guess last night was kind of like a trial run…warm up…" he stopped to look toward where my Bella was now trapped, in pain, suffering. When he turned back to look at me, I didn't expect to see a faint smile on his face "you passed that one, so I guess that you can now handle any kind of misfortune that hits our Bella." he smiled wider this time before his eyes darkened and the smile vanished from his face. "How do we get her out Edward…" he asked as he trailed off, his voice a mere whisper as he rubbed the back of his neck in anxiousness. "Emmett" I called as I thought of a plan over in my mind "You and Rose go get the cars, bring them as close as you can" I said as I threw the keys of my Volvo at him. Emmett blinked twice at the keys which he held in his hand before he pulled Rose behind him toward the cars. He'd probably been stunned that I'd handed the keys of my precious Volvo to him. But desperate times called for drastic measures. "What do you want us to do?" Jasper asked me as he pulled a gloomy looking Alice up with him, holding her close. I thought for a few moments. I knew that Alice didn't like small spaces, that time in the garden was proof enough and her thinking she was stuck up the tree earlier had spooked her, but what I needed her to do was necessary. "Alice, do you think you could go down to Bella?" I asked, holding up my hand to silence her as I saw her eyes grow wide and her mouth open, ready to spill forth her rejection "She needs help down there, you're the only one who we could lower down there and keep her as distracted as possible. Please Alice, for Bella" I added, hoping that if she wouldn't do it for me, that she'd do it for her best friend. "No, you can't make me go down that pit. Tell him Jasper" Alice cried as she stepped away from the hole, shooting looks between me, Jasper and the hole. "Don't make me do this" she whispered as her eyes locked on Jaspers.
- 200 -

"Alice love, you're the only one who can help Bella right now. Be strong. I know you can do this, and you will. You trust me don't you?" I heard Jaspers always calming voice speak to Alice. "Of course I trust you, you idiot! It's that hole I don't trust, what if I can't get back out, or it falls in on me? I'll be trapped and buried bloody alive!" she said in hysterics, her hands shaking and as tears ran slowly down from the corner of her eyes, down her cheeks and dropped to the ground. "I won't let that happen Alice. You know I wouldn't" Jasper's reasoning voice rang out, seeming to calm Alice's hysteria with each word. "Do it for Bella…" he added while closing the small gap that had been created between them "Do it for me" "I'll go and try to reason with her too" Jacob's voice made me jump as I came back to reality. I'd been so wrapped up in the goings on of Alice and Jasper and how they were such am amazing couple that I'd forgotten that Jacob was still stood next to me, awaiting orders. I nodded as he took a step toward them both. "Get the tow ropes from mine and Emmett's trunks when he and Rose get here" I added as an after thought before I turned back to the hole where I could hear my Bella's heavy breathing. I sat on the ledge of the hole, careful not to go too close and fall in myself "What hurts?" I asked as I saw her let out a long pain ridden breath. "Nothing, I'm okay. How are you?" she said, unable to hide the pain that laced each word she spoke. "I'm fine and dandy…" I said, laced with sarcasm. I sighed. She was always so selfless, trying to make everyone happy before she got to herself. "Just tell me what hurts Bella, and don't say that nothing hurts again, I can see the pain in your eyes and face and hear it in your voice and with each breath" my voice sounded demanding, even to me. "Fine. My left leg is broken and I think my arm might be bruised or badly sprained…" she said as she kept her eyes down. She was hiding something. "What else?" I asked and watched as she grimaced from my knowledge of her hiding information from me. "My ribs hurt a bit." She said in a sigh, looking up to me and showing me with her eyes that she was telling the truth.
- 201 -

I groaned as I saw her wince again in pain "I'm such and idiot, I should have stayed with you, taken care of you… crappy boyfriend I turned out to be" I grumbled to myself, mentally beating myself up over the situation. A snort came from below and I looked to see Bella laughing quietly. I felt my forehead crease in confusion as I watched her trying to control herself enough to speak… had she hit her head? "You plank Edward! Weren't you listening to Jacob yesterday?" she giggled "You should know by know how much of an accident pro I am, last night was evidence enough" she added, sobering up as she said "Bella Swan, always the klutz". "I'll be there to catch you from now on Bella, I promise." I said as I saw her moving the fingers of her left hand testing it as she flexed them "Calm down Edward, I'll be out of here in no time" shining her breathtaking smile at me "The doctors will patch me up and I'll be back home in a few hours, I could even cook us all dinner if it'll get you to stop being so self loathing. I almost jumped from where I sat when I heard her speak so freely of cooking dinner tonight "Are you mad? You are not getting off that cute bum of yours till you leg is 100 healed, do you hear me?" I growled. "And don't argue back" I added in and after thought, knowing she would. "I was kidding… jeeze" she rolled her eyes before she gasped and clutched her leg with her right hand. "Shit… it" she ground out in between her clenched teeth. The sound of two engines advancing caught my attention. "Bella love, I'll get you out of there as quickly as I can" I said as I got up off the ground "I'll be back in a minute" I said before I turned to see Emmett, Rose and Jacob coming back from the car's, two yellow tow ropes held on Jacobs hands. "Lower me down" I turned to see Alice's pale face looking up at me, her eyes shining with tears from the crying but her eyes shone brighter with the determination that seemed to radiate within them and in her stance. I smiled weakly as I told her of my plan to lower her down to be with Bella, to keep her company, but more importantly to secure the ropes beneath her. She nodded as I told her and gave Jasper a quick kiss before Emmett and Jake began to lower her down, Jasper calling words of encouragement along with Rose as she
- 202 -

descended lower. "Howdy dudey" I heard her chirp as her feet hit the ground, her voice sounding cheerful. "Hunky dory" Bella replied before the both of them laughed and I watched Alice sitting down beside Bella. I didn't miss the way her eyes shot around the small space in which she was caged. "Yeah, if you and Edward take the lower half…" I hear Emmett say and turned my attention toward the rest of us who were stood next to the hole. Emmett was stood on one side of the hole, reeling up the rope that had lowered Alice down as he spoke to Jasper and Jacob "Me and Jake can take the upper half, should be no problem, she's as light as a feather, right Edward" Emmett asked as he picked the second reel of rope up from the ground. "You okay honey" Jasper called as he inched his way back toward the hole, looking anxious as he was probably fretting over how Alice was coping in the small space below. "And you Bella, you okay?" "Push on back up Jasper, Bella and I are trying to have ourselves a much needed girly chat down here! Now shoo, go back to the guys okay". She called from the hole, sounding of all sweetness and sugar as she did her best to hide her fear from him. "Love you" she called out after as Jasper took a few step back toward Emmett, Jacob, Rose and I. A goofy smile spread across his face. Now that little Miss Jasper is back with us…" Emmett sighed before his brows knotted in confusion as he took in Jasper's dazed look. He snapped his fingers in front of Jaspers eyes which caused him to snap out of his daze "as I was saying… back with us… we can get this show on the road" he said as he lead the way back toward the hole. I nodded as I walked around to stand opposite Jasper, next to Jacob. Jasper and I held on to one of the ropes as Jacob and Emmett held the other. They would lower theirs and Alice would snake it under Bella so that it would go under her arms while the lower rope that Jasper and I held would go under her knees. We'd have to make sure that we pulled her up steadily, but I had faith in the four of us, we all wanted Bella out. The four of us lowered the ropes and waited as Alice did her bit, still talking away, something about a 'Twilight' movie that she was going to treat Bella to when it come out to the cinemas as she secured the ropes beneath her. Rose added to the
- 203 -

conversation as they chatted away, just as if the three of them were sat at home in the living room, relaxing and sipping on coffee. "On the count of three" I called as Alice gave us the thumbs up, turning back to Bella as she continued talking, seeming to forget where she was and what situation she and Bella were currently in. The four of us pulled at the rope and made steady progress. Rose was stood the base of the hole, telling us when we were tilting Bella one way or another and calling out encouragement to her as we raised her higher and higher out of the hole. I concentrated on every move I made, making sure I didn't pull to hard or too slack while at the same time analyzing my Bella, from her gasps, to her groans and from the way that her eyes closed tightly every now and again from the pain. "Thank God" I whispered to myself as the four of us began to walk with Bella, to set her down on solid ground, a fair distance away from the hole. We slowly set her down on the blanket of yellow and brown crackling leaves. "Bella" I whispered her name as I fell to my knees and ran my hands over her face, my fingertips tingling as I touched the smooth expanse of her cheek and forehead. "Get Alice out" she croaked as she gulped, her right hand balled into a fist as her left lay resting on her stomach "Get Alice out" she repeated in a stronger voice. I turned to see that Jasper was already standing beside the hole, collecting the ropes back up again while Rose talked to Alice, telling her she did well, that Bella would be fine while also saying it was all due to her and her bravery that she got out safely. I sighed as I thought of how Alice had gone against her phobia to get her best friend to saftely. "Their getting her out now love" I said as I turned back to her "Lets get you to hospital" I added, standing up and turning to look for Jacob, knowing Bella would want him with her as he usually was. "You go" Jacob said quietly, I turned to see him standing behind me, looking down at Bella who lay still on the ground, breathing slowly and deeply. "Stay with her, demand that you stay with her, only leave her side when she has to go to radiology… I've never seen her this bad" he whispered, turning to look at me, his eyes showing the shock that must have just hit him. I nodded mutely as I looked down at my hands, they shook so violently that I had to clasp them together just to still them. I'm in no fit state to move Bella I thought, feeling frustrated with myself. "I'll do it" Emmett said from beside me, clasping his hand on my shoulder as he
- 204 -

I left Jacob. Jasper and Rose to get Alice out as I walked along side Emmett and Bella. no flirting with any of them high flying doctors anymore. so that I could sit with Bella's head rested on my lap. I'm gona go help Rose and Jasper to get the sprite out okay. his voice sounding a little weak. free. I think that would do it" Emmett joked as we neared my Volvo which I zapped open "We could try working on your balance too…" he laughed as I opened the back door for him to slide Bella into the back seat to lie down. a small smile on her beautiful face as she answered Jacob. Getting into the hospital all passed in a blur. We'll meet you at the hospital…" Jacob said as Emmett bent down and scooped Bella up effortlessly into his boulder like arms "You behave now you hear. down the there. old. you've got Edward now" he added in a jest. I'd let Emmett take the wheel. sprained her wrist and bruised her rib. I was now on my way to wait in the family waiting room until the nurses had finished with her in radiology. "Party pooper" Bella sighed.moved to stand next to Bella. your wife's one of those people who I call a fighter. to carry my own girlfriend to safety… stupid nerves.205 - . undamaged hand as they studied her. I demanded to wait with Bella as the doctors checked her over. just like Jacob had said. thankful that Emmett had been here to do what I should have been able to do. I wasn't allowed to go there. you just go wait in the family room. a tough cookie" she smiled as she shifted to one hip "You're a lucky man to have snapped a gem like her up". I smiled as I remembered the words the kind. her name tag reading 'Jean' "Now kid. "Bells honey. confirming her suspicion that she'd broken her leg. Doctors and nurses ran about in flashes of white coats and specific coloured uniform. I held on to her right. . "I'll help you get back on your feet Bells. at no cost of course… but you could pay me back by cooking your lush meals once your healed… for a year. just this once seeing as it was an emergency. I closed the door after her and made my way around to the other side. running my hand over hair and temples instead. only letting go when I had to. possibly sustained a hairline fracture in one rib. just before the coffee machine" she stopped walking and indicated with her withered hand "She'll be fine. third door on the left. mother like nurse spoke to me as she lead me from the room where Bella lay and a few paces down the hall.

wanting him to know that I wanted to be with her. causing Emmett to topple to the floor. one of his hands fell at his side while the other rested on the back of his neck. telling her to sit as he sat himself down beside Jasper and Alice. not wanting to correct the kind nurse as to the fact Bella was just my girlfriend. watching as Jacob paced back and forth. My heart had stuttered as I'd watched the doors opening moments later and Bella's paler than usual form lying on the bed coming out. I knew deep down that I probably couldn't . "You take good care of that one Ludo" Jean called out to the doctor who led Bella toward the lifts. feeling defeated and worn out. I let out a breath as I opened the door. Alice to pounce off from Jaspers lap and Rose to stand up. muttering a quick 'will do'. gazing at the floor as he did so. "Chill" I heard Jacob whisper and looked up to see Alice biting her bottom lip and nodding. for any news on how Bella was doing. he nodded his head. I was so mad at myself that I'd let Bella get hurt like that."I know" I smiled back to her.206 - . "She's just gone up to radiology… I wasn't allowed to go with her" I answered his question. lying across four chairs. I made my way to sit down. Alice sat silently on Jaspers lap. "How is she?" I looked over at Jacob. and being lead away toward the lifts. letting my head drop into my hands. "She's lucky to have you too kid" she added in a soft voice "I can see in those eyes of yours how much you love her. the sound caught their attention. causing Jacob to stop pacing. knowing that the others were probably waiting for me in there. biting her nails as he swayed the both of them rhythmically back and forth. I stood in the doorway. but was prohibited. "Good boy Cludo" Jean then laughed as she passed through a pair of doors and out of sight. pulling at it in aggravation. I pushed the door closed behind me which caused a 'click'. your both so lucky" she added before she waved vaguely before her "Third door sweetie. I grasped the handle of the family waiting room door. I ran my hands through my hair. adding the last bit. they're just checking to see if she's got a hairline fracture in one of her ribs now". "She's broken her leg and sprained her wrist. grumbling as he rubbed his elbow and got up to sit on a chair. not wife… yet. making her way back to Jasper and Jacob gave Rose a quick hug and pointed at a chair. to the left" she turned and made her way back to the room where Bella was. as Rose toyed with Emmett's hair he rested his head on her lap.

so that's good right? Just a little bit of bruising. but the knowledge that I might have been able to bit away at me. We all waited another few minutes before Jean popped her head back through the door "Chin up kid. been askin' for her Edward" she smiled as she looked from me. your wife's been callin' for you. taking in the sight of her bandaged wrist and cast covered left leg. around the room at the others "Well aint she a lucky lady with all you here to see her too. come 'ere" I heard Emmett's voice call out. he'd be able to keep an eye on Bella for me. "Well aint she the luckiest girl alive to have you" she said. I could only imagine that Emmett had pulled her into one of his bear hugs. and hopefully my mother too.have stopped it. I thought of my step father Carlisle. My dad's a doctor. looking a little pale and tired. She hasn't cracked a rib. I could get him to check you over every now and again. "That wont be a problem" I said as I stood before her. but her eyes shone as they met mine. "Jean my lovely. You can go see her now. "Doc says I'm good to go. come on in then kids" she called as she pushed the door open wider and motioned with her hands for us to follow. I felt a little better when I remembered that Emmett had offered to help Bella to get her leg muscles back strong again. resting my hands on her knees before I leant down and pressed my lips to hers. I sighed in relief as I saw her sitting on the side of the hospital bed. my whole body feeling alive with just one touch of her against me. and I'd get to see my parents" I paused before adding the next thought that had been playing on my mind for the last few days "You could meet my parents too… ask them over for dinner… they . wrinkled hand in mine and placing a small kiss on the back of her hand. I've got to take about two or three months off work though" she spoke as I made my way toward her. I didn't see any of it though as I pushed my way through the doors which obscured Bella from me. "I'm going to get my piano bought over from my parents house and I can teach kids from home. probably spinning her around a few times too. she's fine. save us having to commute all the way to the hospital. taking her warm. shooing me toward the door which Bella was behind. that way I can stay home with you too. but nothing that a bit of time'll fix. it'd save her from having to attend all those hospital appointments and I'd get to see more of him.207 - . followed by a round of laughter and giggles. "Thanks for everything Jean" I said as I made my way toward her. supportive and easy demeanour. I smiled and instantly felt lighter from Jean's kind. laughing as I dropped her hand.

catch up with Jasper…" I babbled in nervousness. . you know?" she asked. "In your dreams sunshine" a stern. I could feel her shaking with laughter against me as we listened to their childlike antics. beneath my hands. "She liked me the best" growled a deep voice from the other side of the doors. I-I mean tell someone the instructions to how to cook a um… certain meal…" she trailed off. resting her head against my chest as I draped my arms around her. "Wana take this outside Pixie?" Emmett's voice grew deeper. The sound of them bickering reached Bella and I.208 - . "Good" I whispered before I kissed her again. I wanted to kick myself as I watched her riding out the pain "Sorry" I said feebly. "Me too" I whispered back. revelling on the feel of her against my lips. "Would you two quit it?" Jacob said. pushing all my anxious nerves from me "I could cook. "Shit" I pulled my lips away from her throat to see her holding her left wrist in her hand. her breathing sounding a little raspy as I kissed my way from her mouth to her neck. "Too darn sexy for your own good… husband" she said. high pitched voice rang out defiantly. laughing lightly as I looked back at her "Jean. "That would be nice" I looked down at Bella. darting my tongue into the hollow at the base of her throat. "Bring it" Alice stated simply. the nice nurse. stuttering when she'd seen my stern face. threateningly.could meet Alice and Rose too. looking down as her chanting began to slow. making her gasp and grab hold of my arms. chanting a list of profanities under hear breath. "We should head home" Bella whispered. seeing a stunning smile on her beautiful face. trying to stop the squabbling pair. I nodded in reply "she thought we were married" her smile almost blew my away "I liked it" she whispered as she leant forward. I'd already told her the score on that matter. feeling ten feet tall from her confession.

I turned to see who looked like a new member of staff pointing his hand at a wheelchair and then to Bella who was still comfortably and safely in my arms "You might need one of these… you know. "Soon" I whispered. pretending to be aghast from her statement. "Lets take the kids home" Bella mumbled against me before leaning back and looking up at me "We should let them run around in the garden. young voice called out from behind me as I made my way toward the entrance. "I liked it better in your arms" I heard her mumble as I directed her down the ramp. "Um… sir" a small. "I guess" I muttered as I made my way over to the wheelchair that was ready and waiting.209 - . there was no way I was letting her have the excuse of walking and I couldn't see any wheelchairs in sight. just a thought…" he croaked as he looked over Bella. sorry" Emmett said quietly. ware them out before sending them to bed" she laughed. probably looking down at the floor. I couldn't blame him. I took a step back. rolling her eyes as the sound of continuous bickering seeped into the room from the ajar door. "You could have just gone and asked for a wheelchair you know" Bella sighed as we walked out of the room. gaining myself another one of her stunning smiles as she turned around in the chair. I lowered Bella down. earning a squeeze from my hands form where I held her. "Sure" Alice replied. no doubt with an innocent look on her face."Yeah. I liked it better this way. making sure she was okay before I lead her out before me toward my car. "It was obvious I was her favourite" Jacob said. "Are thee complaining fair maiden?" I asked. passing the others who were still bickering and made our way toward reception. "Oh hell no" she whispered as she pressed her lips to my throat. . Bella clinging on to me as I held her close to me. unable to hold back his laughter. And truth be told. looked at her busted leg and picked her up in my arms. no doubt as stunned as I was by her beauty.

but apparently. How you doin'? You alright? Good… good. I managed to write about 12 pages in a matter of about 4 hours (coffee and cake breaks included) "Hello? Hello! Oh there you are kid! This is Jean speaking to you. your supposed to click on that little button thing down there… that's it kid. she works with her more than me. we kinda got in the habit of calling A&E (Accident and Emergency at the hospital) E&A. just press the button… yeah like that… now write something nice… you've got it kid. you've got it… see. wasn't that hard was it?" . The character 'Jean' is based on the woman I work with at the hotel place.210 - . Now then.A/N: Named it E&A coz it reminded me of some fun times back at school with my buddies. She's the bestest! She's fifty something. says 'shit' a lot when she messes up and calls every young person around the place 'kid'. be good would you and do a review thingy for this story. She so cool! Need to give the band 'Denali' a big shout out! Thanks to them. as does the twin – BookMe. I'm not good with machines and the web and what not.

I closed my eyes. A/N : Work. I groaned as I reluctantly turned as best as I could over in bed. but it's technically all their fault. "Dave. shining merciless through the slit between the golden curtains. wanting to snuggle up to him and hide my face into his chest. so comfortably. hoping I'd be able to lie as I was for a while before the earth rotated some more and the sun found my face again. Stupid sun. it had to peek through and shine down on the exact place where my head rested. I felt my brow knot in confusion as my hands found nothing… absolutely nothing except bed sheets. I grumbled incoherently in disappointment. so go yell at them for me! Haha. I reached my arm out. to the left… no! Not that left! My left. Who the hell were 'Dave' and his friend that was downstairs? In my home. air and some more bed sheets. waking me up from my peaceful sleep. unable to go out for a walk to soak it up and appreciate it.Morning sunshine Disclaimer: Not mine. . for some reason seem to get a kick out of making me work ungodly hours… I apologise for the delay. Stephenie's. it had to be today. only to confirm that Edward was absent. looking for him. I sighed as I breathed in the alluring sent that was undeniably the essence of Edward. blocking the light from burning my eyes. Of all days to be sunny. So yeah.. your right… you complete and utter donkey!" I cracked one eye open again and as before my forehead scrunched in confusion. when I was cooped up in bed. blinding me its bright rays. so sorry for the delay… Morning sunshine. I unwillingly cracked one eye open.211 - . the scent of Edward infused in the sheets would be enough to satisfy me for now I reasoned with myself as I shrank away from the thought of getting out of bed yet. (Bella POV) Sunlight woke me. but most importantly.

at the same time panting for breath. While he got Edward to take a picture of myself with him. managing to hit my damaged hand against the headboard. "Silly Bella" I heard Edward sigh and felt the bed shift beneath me as he lifted himself off "I'll get you pills for the pain" he said just before I heard him heading out the door.212 - . I really couldn't be happier for you sweetie. was my most impressive hospital visit. saying he wanted to show Charlie the evidence of what. "I'm fine. I patted a space on the bed. "Who is Dave. "The men downstairs are here brining my piano over from my parent's house" he said as I felt him running one hand's fingertips over my exposed arm. to my finger tips and up passed my elbow. I looked down at my throbbing wrist as faint memories tugged at my mind. Jacob had whispered into my ear quietly "I'm happy that you've got Edward. This wasn't my room." He'd kissed me softly on the top of the head once he'd said his piece. I hissed as pain ran from my wrist. goose bumps following in their wake. I admired his skill. Alice has Jasper and once Rose stops being so guarded and stubborn she'll have Emmett too. I came up blank. beginning to get a little warm under the thick. The recollection of saying goodbye to Jacob once I'd come back from the hospital seeped back to me. not wanting to open them and officially declare myself awake. Edward pulled back some of the sheets for me. begging the pain to go away. to date. "That's nice" I said before I yawned. I groaned as I held onto my wrist." I simply stated. which as I watched him. it was Edwards. "Bella!" Edward gasped from the doorway."Edward" I called as I tried to recall any of my fellow housemates mentioning anyone called 'Dave' in their conversations. and what are he and his friend doing downstairs?" I asked as I pushed some of the sheets down from around my neck. my eyes still closed. looking around feeling slightly confused. saving me from the struggle as he sat. wanting Edward to calm down. I reluctantly sat up in order to take the pills that were on the way and finally blinked my eyes open. I remembered how he'd taken tons of pictures before leaving. but most importantly wanting to touch him. making my arm feel as if flames were licking away at it. having had ran up a flight of stairs "What is it? What hurts? How many painkillers do you want? One or two? Do you want some breakfast? Do you need help to get to the bathroom?" Edward gushed out. one eye being opened at a time didn't count in my books. Edward managed to capture the moment perfectly with the . I stretched my arms over my head. soft sheets which draped over me.

His eyes watched me with caution as he surely waited for an actual answer. "Huh" I said. sat in his bed while he stood next to me. effortlessly into his arms. I couldn't think of what to say. for me to use.213 - ... knowing that I'd slept by Edwards's side all night "and also I don't think I woke up once 'cause them pills had a real kick to them" I joked as he placed me carefully down on the sofa. I didn't want him to think I wanted to marry him. a perfect representation of a Greek God if ever there was one. But . I watched as he thought the words over in his mind. heading toward the comfy and inviting sofa.30" he added as he descended the said 'No Jean. propping me up as I stretched out comfortably along the sofa. "Here you go" Edwards voice pulled me back to where I was. "Thanks" I whispered as I placed the two little pills in my mouth. looking up at me through his lashes from where he was knelt on the floor beside me. pushing the covers off of me as I readied myself to get out of bed. Jacob with his eyes closed as he kissed me lovingly." he trailed off. washing it down with cold. "Yeah. guessing that I must have said something entertaining in my sleep last night. "Well" he stopped as he did his best to sober up and continue with the telling of my little escapade last night "You sounded like you were talking to that nice nurse Jean…saying something like 'Jean. refreshing water. "Time for you to see my piano I think" Edward chuckled as he leant down and picked me up.flash o f the camera. we'll be married in June'" he said in a soft whisper. a smile on his lips while I smiled a matching smile. sleepy head" he laughed softly as we reached the bottom of the stairs. but as soon as I gave you a quick kiss you said 'thank you' and fell back to sleep" he smiled as he puffed some cushions and placed them behind me. unable to read his face which was plastered in a perfect poker face ". His smile grew broader as I watched him suppressing a laugh. "Spill it" I said simply. ignoring the wheelchair and the crutches that the hospital had sent home with me yesterday. "What time is it?" I asked as I handed him back the water. we'd only been together for two or three days. because you were with me" I smiled. feeling like a complete and utter idiot at being unable to form an articulate response to such a complex and what seemed to be important sentence from the way Edward was looking up at me. placing a soft kiss on my forehead "You slept well last night. the stethoscope goes around the neck' and then after a bit of mumbling you. "You did wake up once. "And also around 11. tears of joy in my eyes from his words.

his angered face turning to confusion as he thought over Emmett's words. receiving another kiss from his tempting lips before he pulled away. calming music was just what I felt like doing. giving me a sly wink as he turned back around in his chair. my body melting from the pleasure "Do you want to read while I play for a while on the piano?" he asked. closing the lid down. pulling me from my imaginative state from where I was deep into as I read about an Angel. soft piece on his black. "Why Edward. before he stood from the piano stool "Just… don't… she'll do it… shut up" he said as he tried to think of a suitable sentence that would dissuade Emmett from ever asking me to cook again while I was in my 'condition'. fast and filling so that I could return to my book. dropping himself down on a stuffed. with fake disgust as he turned his boulder like form so that he was unsubtly blocking Edward from my view "Bella. Once he'd picked a book that fitted my mood. I smiled at how Edward and I seemed to be so in tune with each other. we can't exactly serve them take away food on their first visit to out humble abode now can we? Because that would totally suck!" . comfortable chair next to me. do you not know? Mamma and Papa are going to be gracing us with their presence" he said in a regal voice. his gazed locked on my lips as my eyes locked on his emerald gem like eyes. resting his forehead against mine. Edward made the both of us a simple cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee each. "Please" I answered. shiny baby grand piano. as he pulled his lips away. resting himself in the chair. releasing endless symphonies. "Who's the extra two?" he added. Edward… you're here" Emmett said.214 - . What to say… what to say I though over before I blurted out "It'd be a summer wedding then" with a weak. and he to his piano. pretending to chortle before he added "So… that's why we need our Bells to cook. "Emmett" Edward growled as his hands left the piano keys. a simple yet classic book 'Skellig'. Edward still playing a warming. Emmett made his way into the room. "That it would" he chuckled before he pressed his lips to mine. scanning the endless volumes. We both stopped our activities for some lunch. "Oh. much too soon for my liking and headed to the bookshelf. even if I hadn't planned on it. fancy cooking dinner for eight tomorrow tonight? With all the trimmings of course" he asked. "Honey! I'm ho-ome!" Emmett's booming voice called from the front door as it threw open. baby. unsure smile. Reading while listening to some soft. propping his feet up on the coffee table.then again the both of us did admit to liking Jean's assumption yesterday at the hospital. he planted himself before the piano.

" . along with Rose who was guarding the pots and pans which were simmering on the stove while at the same time trying to block the goodies that were hidden inside the fridge from Emmett." she trailed off as she stood ever closer to him. "Fine" Edward said. his eyes finally turning from Emmett's ecstatic face to fine. "How about I shout instructions?" I asked.. or before I decide to not serve you food!" she threatened as she paced her way toward him. hands on hips and her ever famous death glare in place "or if those wont persuade you to get out of here and leave me alone to cook dinner. I want to make sure that our parents as well as the rest of us get fed a decent meal. checking on the meat.215 - . his eyes alight with humour. "Emmett. Emmett's burly form took up most of the space in the kitchen. threateningly slow. a mere inch or air between the both of them as she tilted her head up a little to look at him directly in the eyes. a scowl in place on his face. "Peaches!" Rose hollered as she spun around once she'd shut the cooker door. seeing his progress of all the steps." (Bella POV) "Do we have enough wine?" I asked as I manoeuvred myself the best I could out from the crowded kitchen in my wheelchair and into the living room. I turned my head back to take a look.He stressed as his eyes turned pleadingly toward me and then Edward. you're not allowed anywhere near the food till its served on the table. her whole left side is busted and you expect her to cook a meal for eight? With trimmings? Did you hit your head again on a low doorway?" Edward growled as he made his way over to me. hoping that Emmett's persistence on "checking the food wasn't poisoned or needed seasoning" wouldn't distract Rose from the sauce that was simmering and the potatoes that were on the boil. I watched as she spotted Emmett inching his was slowly toward the fridge while her attention had been diverted. and ruined dinner for all of us. "But Emmett. hoping to break Emmett's successful jibe at Edward concerning my health and safety "I won't leave the chair…" I added hoping it'd seal the deal. picking my legs up and setting them on his lap once he'd sat. "Damn it! You're worse than a kid! Get the hell out before I kick your ass. a small mischievous smile playing on her lips and a dangerous look sparkling in her eyes "I could always tell your mother that you've been such a naughty boy.

lying open to expose his luscious throat. his face washed with awe. A/N . Ready to make my way as close to Edward as I could. making me fall and brake another bone. Not in excitement. "Get moving buddy or you'll soon find out" Rose simply said as she pointed toward the doorway and stirred the pan which unleashed a mouth watering smell at the same time. I turned my gaze toward the moment only to find Alice hopping from one foot to another. collar bone and a hint of his heavenly chest. playing a serene. I placed both my hands on the wheels of my wheelchair. Edward I found was sat at the piano. knowing my luck. The top three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. I felt nervous at the thought of meeting them. karma would come around once again and bite me on the ass. exposing his muscular fore arms. But what if they didn't like me? I wondered as I bit my lip in agitation. I chuckled to myself as I pushed myself into the living room and away from the goings on in the kitchen between Rose and Emmett.Emmett gasped in shock as he took in the look of seriousness that Rose managed to mask over her mischievous face and voice "You wouldn't" he whispered aghast. or ruin dinner at the least. I was sure they were lovely. no doubt about that. or there lack of. wanting to calm my nerves before the 'meet the parents' night officially commenced. His hair was the usual disarray of bronze locks. quiet tune as he swayed back and forth slowly. having had opted not to go for the crutches on such an important night. But in turmoil. and been able to claim him mine I wondered as I stared unabashed at his more angel like form. seeming lost in the piece. the sleeves of his shirt upturned. would they tell Edward that he could to better than me like I sometimes thought when I let my mind get away with itself? My morbid thoughts evaporated from my mind as fast movement caught my eyes.216 - . How had I been so lucky as to have been able to meet this fine specimen of a man. from the way Emmett and Edward had turned out to be such gentlemen and to have such craving personalities they would have to have been the perfect parents.

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all due to a simple and . A maddened cry came from Rose as I saw her through the doorway.218 - . I bit my lip as I looked back toward the kitchen. what I will do is tinkle with your Jeep when you least expect it though…" her words came out almost like a hiss as she shot a glare toward the sofa where Emmett lay the best he could. shutting the refrigerator door with a slam "You are such a…" she paused as she took a deep breath "MOOSE" she screamed before making her way to the doorway. thank you all for being patient with my slow arse! lol Happy family. it's perfect… but the second is so cute…" I watched as Alice tilted her head to the side as she pondered before the full length mirror. but it was 'meet the parents while you have just come home from a well due visit from the emergency room' night. "This is so hard…" I heard her grumble to herself as she began stomping from one foot to the other as she posed one legged before the mirror. there is no use in you hiding. This meal was such an event. Not only was it 'meet the parents' night. (Bella POV) "Yeah. gaining him a roll of the eyes from Alice. hoping that Emmett's little distraction hadn't messed up the meal. I turned to see him almost jogging out of the kitchen. just wear both!" Emmett's always joyful voice echoed from behind me. I know I don't update often. but I try my best. and so on my days off I sleep/shop or if I'm lucky.Happy Family A/N: Work's a bitch! I work 8-5. yeah definitely the first. aggravation beginning to cloud over her previous panic. a rhythmic banging coming from him too as he hit the back of his head against the arm rest. I'm not gona beat your arse like I want to. 5days a week. happy once she'd heard the list of profanities spilling forth from Emmett's mouth. this one… no no no… this one… no the first one. thinking himself protected from her wrath somewhat by a mere piece of replaceable furniture "Not so happy now are we Peaches" a spine chilling evil grin spread across her smug face as she spun on her heel and swaggered back to check on the meal. throwing a morsel of food into his mouth with a cheeky grin in place and diving himself onto the sofa.sunbathe now that the sun is making a very rare appearance. trying to decide between which pair of shoes went best with her outfit. "Hey pixie. standing with one hand on hip as the other gripped to the doorframe "Boy.

I shot a quick glance toward the kitchen. one of which had entangled itself into my hair and the other which was resting at the very top of my thigh. I pulled him closer as he moved his lips back across the tingling skin of my neck and back to my ear "You're perfect" he breathed. I moaned from the mix of his intoxicating kisses and his lethal words. pulling him away from my ear so that I could kiss him. His lips moved from mine. of the dinner. You and me…" I looked up to see him holding the last note of the song he'd been playing before he got up off the piano's bench and knelt before me. I sighed in relief at his touch. still playing the piano. rather than on the ivory keys of his beloved sleek black piano. how did he manage to break me like this so easily? I moved my hands from his shirt to his perfectly sculptured face. my dress having been pushed up. At least now I wouldn't have to worry about my legs buckling beneath me I rejoiced as my hands moved themselves to grasp on to his shirt. only to get my attention bought back to Edward by the faint movement he made. I watched as he shaked his head back and forth in a no. I'd just blame a disastrous dinner all on him. unaware that I'd been so anxious before his touch. making me for the first time since I'd been contained in the wheelchair. If only I could just slip back into the kitchen… I wondered as I looked from the kitchen to Edward. My eyes fell upon Edward. but his eyes locked on me. "Oh no" Alice's soft gasp pulled me back into the real world. feeling relaxed and content. trying to decipher if I'd be able to manage a stealthy exit without him noticing… No chance. the others in the room.219 - . everything will be fine. His lips nipped their way down my neck. warm summer's breeze against my cheek. of Edwards hands. "They'll be here in seven minutes!" she whispered before her eyes fell to the . glad for it. his eyes daring me to move and inch in the kitchen's direction and regret it. resting his hands on my thighs and leaning his captivating lips closer to mine "that's all that counts… you and me" he repeated against my lips just before he pressed them to mine. "This dress is perfect on you" he whispered once he'd reached my ear. "Dinner will be fine. and trailed agonisingly slowly toward my ear. his breath feeling like a soft. I felt myself blush as I pushed my dress back down and followed Edwards gaze over to Alice who was looking at each of us in the mirror's reflection.innocent game of hide and seek. butterflies fluttering around in my stomach like they'd just been released from their cocoons after decades of being caged. I slumped in defeat and made my way over to him. I wanted to unleash the manic butterflies which had escaped my stomach and invaded every inch of my body.

I wanted to make a good impression.mismatched heels on her feet. wrapping a hand around her waist and looking into her eyes in her reflection. suck and nibble at your smooth skin until I hear you moaning in pleasure. knowing that his shirt was transforming from comfortable to formal in one move. Alice beamed. as if he was telling me a secret. his free hand pointing to which shoe he was commenting on. his eyes mirroring the serious look that covered his face "you wore those when we went to the cinema. "Of course I noticed love. his eyes locked on her feet. trying to undo the damaged he'd done as we'd kissed. failing miserably in my haste. I didn't fail to notice Emmett's slightly deflated look as he followed.220 - . knowing my voice would break my defiance in getting him to look smart for his mother. just by running your hands over me and breathing against my lips. He looked tortured as I made my way to the third button down. not wanting the others to hear. "Why don't you wear those?" I heard Jasper's cool voice speak as he made his way toward Alice. I buttoned up Edward's shirt and retied his tie while he simply stared at me. kicking off the offending shoe and slipping on the matching pair of Jasper's choice. My eyes briefly caught a fire burning within his eyes before I set as much attention as I could on doing up the simple button. seeming to mould into him. That dress alone distracts me from any train of thought… you look like a Goddess. I nodded in reply. my fingers seeming numb as his beauty befuddled me. and I haven't seen you wearing those" Jasper said as he made his way to stand behind her. "You just want to torture me don't you" he whispered quietly. "Do you have to do up so many buttons?" Edward asked as I fumbled with the buttons. Rose and Emmett headed back toward the kitchen. causing my hands to falter even more from the task in hand "your hair falling down over your neck and shoulders when all I want to do is to push it aside and replace it with my lips. having had the painstaking choice made up for her "You noticed" she smiled as she looked down at her feet. a euphoric look on her face as she leant back against Jasper. the both of them becoming one. how could I not notice what you have attached to those gorgeous legs of yours" I smiled as I watched Alice close her eyes. I smiled as I felt Edward running his hands through my hair. And…" he paused as his eyes . no doubt toying with the jeep was the perfect choice of comeuppance for Emmett's misbehaviour. to kiss your neck slowly. "You're torturing me you know. a seductress" he leaned forward.

thankful for the second time in less than five minutes that I was injured and was safely sat. My hands dropped to the arms of the wheelchair. and you know Jasper is just the same.locked steady on mine "to feel you under my fingertips" I felt him resting his hands on my upper thighs as he had muttered the words "to feel the smooth fabric under my fingers. behind a glimmering red BMW. you know as well as I do that we've bought our boys up as gentlemen. more to myself than to my wife as I pulled in beside the Jeep. making me able to hear and feel each of his seducing breaths ripple against my sensitive skin "yes… hear you gasping in ecstasy as I pleasure you" his breath washed warmly across my neck. which I want to tear away at so that I can feel your skin. but also a solid object. The hands which where rested on my legs began to move to knead my thighs. "Owwww" I groaned as I squeezed my already shut eyes tighter. "Esme love. Do you really expect them to let the girls do all the work?" I asked as I shot a quick look at her from the corner of my eye. following the rushed. admitting defeat." She sighed as I spotted Emmett's Jeep and Edwards silver Volvo in a drive of a large. 'Ding dong'. cursing my klutz ways and Edwards sexiness all at one time. finding support. The both of them mixed together really seemed to end me up in physical torture. Jasper and their three housemates lived. . catching her sighing in defeat. causing me to quiver in excitement. white house.221 - . I leant back in my chair. vague directions that Emmett had recited to me a few days ago while he was at the hospital. (Carlisle POV) "They had better not been living on take-outs or making the girls cook… and the cleaning! They had better been pulling their weight around the house Carlisle or I will be having words!" Esme gushed beside me as I turned the car to the street toward where Emmett. I just worry about my boys. my hands fell from his shirt. Edward. "No. your body underneath mine" my breath become laboured by this point. causing pleasure to run through every inch of my body. of course not. "We're here" I said. but then again unthankful that I couldn't jump and ravage him like I was eager to do. My head fell back as I felt his hands move further up my thighs. beneath my ear. I gasped as his lips pressed against my neck.

but for once I was shocked to hear that it had a hint of pride and sincerity. Jasper had always been shy. have you been eating okay? Eating your greens?" my wife worried beside me as she stepped forward and reached her small. just as Esme and I had. noticing the way her eyes scanned him over quickly. followed by heavy stomping footsteps which drowned out the sound of the birds chirping in the trees and cars driving passed a street or two away. stunning young women.Once I'd stepped out of the car. The door ripped open before us. undoubtedly Emmett. "Emmett honey. looking for any signs of him being undernourished. holding them encased within his own mammoth hands. Stood before us were Jasper and Edward. delicate hands to Emmett's face. along with three. your looking a little peaky. "I'm very well thank you Mrs Cullen" Jasper's usual shy voice rang out. but the confidence surprised me a little. "Mom! Chill!" Emmett chuckled as he pried his mother's hands away. one sat in a wheelchair at the end. not expecting an answer as he turned to lead the both of us into the house. hearing it chime deep within the house. A rise of her eyebrows granted Esme an "erm… Esme" from a now bashful Jasper. just managing to reach. I noticed that they all had dressed up a little for the occasion. you know Jasper" Emmett drawled as he waved his hand toward Jasper. My wife had always insisted that Jasper called her by her first name. how are you?" I watched as my wife stood before him. she embraced him in one of her classic motherly hugs. Once she'd approved that he was fine. "'Kay. gotten Esme out and lead the both of us toward the door. "Hello dear. "Alrighty. His comment didn't surprise me. rather than . I rang the bell. rolling his eyes in exasperation at the same time "No one in this house could ever starve or escape any greens with Bella here!" he laughed some more before shaking his head and releasing one of his hands to clasp me on the back "How goes?" he asked me simply. ill or unhappy.222 - . "I'll get it!" roared a voice within. food had always been his number one priority. the smile spread from his lips to his dimpled cheeks. only to be blocked up by Emmett's bulk "Howdy!" he smiled. to his sparkling eyes as he looked us over. lets get this over with so we can get to the food" I heard Emmett sigh under his voice as he placed mine and Esme's coats on the coat stand.

moving her to stand before him. my girlfriend. politely greeting herself to us as Rosalie Hale. who was standing close to his side. dad. but she seemed to be controlling it rather well. her deep brown eyes looking at us as. His voice sounded almost in awe as he spoke and looked at the woman he was greeting us to. no doubt wanting to comfort her. emanating warmth and comfort. begging for her forgiveness "Don't hate me Rosie". but Jasper's proper way always shined through. Her nervousness was easy to spot. 'Bambi' rolled her eyes in contained aggravation before she turned to look at Esme and me. greeting those in a line-up. dark haired pixie like woman beside Jasper. the both of them looking at each other quickly. Rose. their faces shining with happiness before they looked back to us. "My name is actually Alice Brandon" a musical voice issued from the woman enclosed in Jaspers protected hold. other than the blush that was seeping into her cheeks. "Mom. She shook our hands just before she turned to Emmett. his arms holding her to him around the waist as he looked between Esme. Bella.formally as "Mrs Cullen". care for her as her instincts were calling out . her hand safely enclosed within his. caring tone as she looked Bella over. me and the beautiful woman in his arms. Bella craned her neck so that she could look at the both of us who stood before us. this is Bambi" Emmett said as he moved to stand beside a tall. At the mention of her. blonde. "Sprite" Emmett. somewhat rudely pointed at the petite. well. take over would you" Emmett grumbled to his brother before turning back to Rose. a smile filling her face as he held her hand out to Esme and then to me. The both of us expressed our greetings before we moved on down the line. who cowered a little beneath her penetrating death glare and hissed out in a threatening voice "Damn it Emmett! Why'd you introduce me as Bambi? You are such an idiot! I'm so gona start introducing you as Peaches from now on. "Mom. gorgeous young woman who looked a little shy as she stood by herself. feeling as if we were royalty. Jasper changed his hold on her. "It's nice to meet you Bella honey. see how you like it big guy!" "I'm sorry Bam-Rose" he grimaced as he slipped up again "Edward.223 - . my parents" Edward introduced the three of us with a wave of his hand before he rested it on the woman that sat in the wheelchair beside him. but seeming to gain confidence as Emmett stood with her. dad. this is Bella. it would have been nicer for you if you weren't injured" Esme spoke with her motherly.

"It hurts every now and again. "I'm fine. hoping to distract Esme from her mother goose routine and sincerely wanting to know how she was. Emmett had told me the basics of the accident. you better be taking good care of her" Esme's soft voice changed to daring as she turned to speak to Edward. "Sorry… erm… if food ready yet?" Emmett asked. . one hand covering his face as the other clenched his stomach. Edward's been caring for me. cautiously as he eyed between Rose and Esme. Taking in the sight of her cast covered leg and bandaged wrist "How are you feeling honey? Edward. so come help me Peaches" Rose laughed as she got up and headed toward the kitchen which was emanating delightful aromas. probably thankful that I'd successfully managed to avoid Esme's over fussing. playing with a strand of her hair absentmindedly as she stared at him as he lay. "Yeah it is. rolling her head around before she rubbed the back of her neck which must be have been a little stiff from having to look up all the time. "Emmett! Where are your manners?" Esme hissed as she playfully slapped him across the forehead. but it's not so bad" she smiled warmly. "Can we please eat now… please?" Emmett groaned from where he had retreated to lying down on the couch. his lips pulling up on the sides into a smile. Edward instantly noticed her action and Esme and I both watched as he put the brakes on the wheelchair so that it wouldn't move and bent down and scooped Bella into his arms. "How's the leg?" I asked Bella. probably wanting to save Edward from any wrath that she thought that Esme might unleash on him. much" she whispered as she leant her head against his chest while trying to straighten her dress down over the bulk of the cast on her leg. Bella bent her head down. "Better?" he asked her.224 - . so that she was now the same eye level as the best of us. but didn't know at the time what the injuries had been. "Yeah. reminding me of patients that I'd seen at the hospital with various bowel illnesses. her to do. he's even working from home so that he can look after me" words tumbled from Bella's mouth as she looked between Edward and his mother. gaining a triumphant look from Rose who I'd noticed had been sat opposite him.

Emmett must have insisted of having those as I watched him place it right next to where he was going to sit. even if he was unaware of it yet. trying to seem as casual as we could without being caught. offering white or red wine to us all. shouting on the way that we should all go into the dining room and 'Park our arses' in a true Emmett fashion. I watched with interest as Edward's eyes scanned the table. Emmett on the other hand was dishing slices of succulent beef onto her plate "Just one slice Em" she said as she watched him going for a second. Rose and Emmett placed the last of the dishes onto the table which were fluffy looking creamy mashed potatoes and a bowl of fries. Edward. Edward picked the mash potato.225 - . seeming to search for something in particular. We sat at the table. laid back space where we could all get to know each other. I paused as I watched Emmett and Edward helping to fill Bella's plate as she couldn't stand to reach the further dishes and her damaged wrist wasn't strong enough to hold any of the dishes and move well enough to scoop anything up. "'Kay" Emmett said as he did as he was told before sitting himself down and beginning to tuck in to the beautiful feast we had before us. passing dishes left and right as we tried to get a bit of each of the dishes contents onto our plates. not looking up to confirm with Bella. "She doesn't like carrots Em. helping her to straighten out her dress as she settled. her hand taking hold of mine under the table as we watched. get her some of those leaks though would you" Edward said as he poured some gravy onto Bella's plate. Always the child. . baby orange carrots. transforming it from a dining room into a comfortable. I didn't miss his words as he asked her if she was okay or needed any pain meds before he sat himself down beside her."Score" breathed Emmett as he jumped off of the couch and headed after Rose into the kitchen. This continued for a minute or two longer until Emmett went to give Bella some small. We all reached across the table to fill our plates. watching it steadily being covered with different tureens of vegetables. Esme must have noticed my lack of interest on the contents of the table as she followed my gaze. meats and sauces while Jasper circled the table. giving Bella a generous portion at which she didn't complain. Esme and I shared a glance at each other at the sight of our son so helplessly in love. The six of us made our way into the dining room which was glowing with dimmed lights from the walls and a few candles that decorated the long wooden table. who still had Bella cradled in his arms set her down slowly onto a chair.

I felt full to the brim with happiness as I watched Jasper taking hold of my wife's hand and placing a kiss on the back before he pulled her into a hug. temple or hand when he had the chance. sat so close that Alice was almost on his chair and as Jasper pecked a kiss on her neck. all thanks to Rose who shrugged casually and she continued to eat. Esme and I went back to our food. out of the blue as she placed her fork down on her plate and rested her head in her hand. "Calm down Emmett or you'll be ill if you eat too fast. looking like the happiest and proudest man in the world. Emmett had told us of how he'd finally got rid of Lauren. As we ate. love of his life. bandaged and bruised. watching him as he sat casually next to his girlfriend. But now. I watched as she seemed to be deep in thought before her smile resurfaced and she announced quietly to him with a pat on the hand "You're finally you". but he seemed a little lacking. his eyes raking over the contents of the table as he blindly stabbed his fork to his plate and placed it in his mouth. her eyes gleaming with pride at Emmett's praises. remember last Christmas?" Esme said sternly as she looked across the table at him. our faces mirroring each other as we smiled in contentment. Edward told us of how he was getting on with teaching children.226 - . "Oh man. probably remembering how he'd ate way too much and ended up being so full that . Jasper had always been himself. he was finally Jasper Whitlock. I thought over my wife's words. and she was right. "Thank you" he whispered back before he turned back to Alice. like there was a piece of him missing or as if he wasn't shining as brightly as everyone else. looking between Alice and Jasper as she shone one of her glorious smiles at them. we all shared various stories which kept one or more conversations going throughout the meal. "You've changed sweetie" Esme said at one point. and now working from home."Want anything else?" Edward asked Bella as he sat himself down beside her. who kept shooting glances at each other. I watched as Esme continued to look between Alice and Jasper. this food is so good!" I turned to see Emmett almost bouncing in his chair in excitement as he ate his food. Bella had blushed as red as a stop sign as she explained about the accident and told us of a selected few of other accidents which had managed to end her up in hospital. partner. He nodded his head. pulling her close to him as he wrapped and arm around her. gaining a small shake of the head and a thank you for Bella as she picked up her fork.

a small smile playing on his lips as he picked his untouched Yorkshire pudding up with his fork and transferred it to Alice's plate. I noticed that as we all took some second or third helpings that I was able to see the bottom of the some of the dishes. a small pout taking over the smile which had been on her lips all evening. He shot a quick glance toward Alice. Emmett placed his knife and fork down as he stood and spooned some honey glazed parsnips onto her plate before gaining a nod once she'd had enough and sat down to resume his eating. But Rose's asking him to get her some more parsnips so she wouldn't have to make the effort of stopping. reaching and serving broke his ways. I knew that Jasper always saved the best to last. one or two having been scraped clean. he looked back to his plate and his forehead cleared as his eyes locked on the Yorkshire pudding that he had on his almost empty plate. Once he starts to eat. Once we'd all finished with our meal. to make way for the desert. neither of them speaking a word. In my hands I carried eight individual bowls of mouth watering chocolate fondant. Rose was eating. We continued to eat. we each picked up a dessert to carry back out with us to the table.he couldn't go out and play with Edward and Jasper in the snow.227 - . Esme nudged me with her elbow and I followed her gaze toward Emmett and Rose. As we placed the last few dishes into the dishwasher and the sink. nothing can deter him. Rose patting his hand with her free one in thanks. I'd never seen Emmett stop eating voluntary before. tonight it being the Yorkshire pudding. thinking of how Emmett was beginning to change one way or another. Jasper's forehead creased as he looked between Alice and the dish which she had set her hopes on. stuck in the living room on the sofa. gaining a kiss to the cheek and a back to normal joyful Alice beside him. Emmett carried a trifle. groaning from being so stuffed. probably mirroring my questioning thought of 'how and I supposed to fit all that into my already . Alice I saw was wriggling about on her chair. we men cleared the table. her eyes searching the table and finally coming to rest on an empty dish. The girls groaned at the sight of the puddings as we entered. one hand held her fork while the other waved vaguely over the table. I shook my head in awe before I turned away. A bouncing movement caught my eye a few minutes later at which I turned my attention to. I could feel myself gawping as I watched which gained me a subtle kick under the table from my wife to bring me back with the living. Edward had the fruit salad and Jasper carried a jam and cream sponge. After years of having Jasper over for dinner with the boys. Her shoulders slumped in defeat as she lounged back in her chair and played with the remaining food on her plate.

pushing her desert away from her. he hadn't rushed into a . but seeing him with Alice had demolished my worries. but there was something different about her. determined women. Emmett and Rose were next. He'd always been attracted to strong. Yes. I was sat on Rose's other side. rubbing her back as she gave him a thankful look and swallowed the two little pills. but Rose was something else. Jasper took his seat and I finally noticed that we all sat in couples. As we talked. at the other end of the table with Esme to my right followed by Jasper then Alice. I noticed that Bella's glass of wine was empty as Jasper reached her and asked if she wanted any wine. Unlike all of Emmett's other interests. but would only be a matter of time. I noticed that Bella had gotten a little quiet and had set her spoon down. I turned to look back at Esme who had just squeezed my hand which was rested on my leg under the table. how the girls had chosen the boys and how they all got along so well together. I rubbed the back of her hand in circles. followed with water.protesting stomach?' but all of us knowing that it could be accomplished by pure determination. Our conversation moved to talk about the house. I felt content as I sat back in my chair and looked over the occupants of the table. her eyes were shining as she kept her gaze on Edward and Bella. even though they weren't officially a couple. The eight of us picked at the puddings. Emmett I'd noticed during the last few hours had been in sync with Rose. Each time she shifted in her seat. Jasper filled our glasses again. He came back a minute or two later. with Bella to his right. either inching closer to her or to face her. which I took to be a sign that she'd had enough and was admitting defeat.228 - . Edward was sat opposite me at the head of the table. but we kept along with the conversation. heading upstairs. Esme and I seemed to be the only ones that thought this was a little strange. she was strong. heading into the kitchen first and returning to the table with a glass of water. and perhaps a wife and then mother. "I don't think I'm allowed to drink while I'm taking pain meds Jasper. I'd always worried that Jasper would be too shy and intimidated to talk to women to find himself a girlfriend. He placed the water before Bella as well as two pills. gaining myself a quick kiss from her before she threw herself into a conversation with Alice about the design of the house. I watched Emmett moving too. I thought nothing of it until I watched Edward place a soft kiss to her temple and get up from the table. but thank you" she said as she took a bite of the chocolate fondant. knowing that we had all night to get through them. waiting until Edward returned.

but the beaming smile on her face demolished any pity I felt for her as I watched her lean into a content Edward. having to watch she doesn't get injured so often. and having someone like Bella would always make him feel wanted. writers block :( Keep those reviews coming though! Always make the beginning or end of my days better! . he'd kept it friendship. Work is taking its toll on me. and the evidence of her latest misfortune. Poor child. A/N: not my best chapter… hope it was okay though. My boys have done me proud. And Edward… Edward has finally met his match with Bella.relationship. I sighed as I looked over at Bella.229 - . He'd always been caring and protective. I just wondered when they'll see that what they have is actually more than that.

digital camera in one hand and her cell phone in the other.Bear. down the stairs into the living room where Emmett. "Rose! Come on!" Emmett finally bellowed.230 - . Bare. He looked around him. "Okay. 'list' and ' life or death' reaching my ears as I watched him digging blindly into his pockets. "Yeah. "I duno! Check your list Einstein!" Rose's answer filtered from her room. "Beer" looking down at the bags that surrounded him he smiled before bent and patted the cooler box. Bare A/N: You guys are inflating my ego with all the reviews… keep them coming! Insert big smile here So here goes the next chapter. Beer. a faint line etching in his forehead as he thought "Rose…" he waited for a reply before he continued. horizontally. back pack and a small travelling case. the odd words of 'duh'. "Gotcha" he murmured as he pulled out a vibrant pink post-it-note from his pocket and smoothed the crinkles out of it before reading out loud. diagonally. Edward and I were congregated. whispering "Check" to himself. Straightening back up again he looked triumphant as he scrunched the post-it-note back up into a little ball and stuffed it back into his pocket. good" she said distractedly as she packed her camera. placing her phone . Pulling things in and out. (Bella POV) He'd been packing his cooler box for the last twenty minutes. heaving in effort. wanting to make sure she was listening "Have we got everything now?" he scratched his head as he looked down at the cooler box. seeming a little 'simple' as he chuckled to himself quietly. now that the task of packing the cooler box was finished with. simply shoving them in anywhere they'd fit until he finally gave up and closed the lid. so I'm saying sorry in advance (SORRY!) please don't hate me lol Bear. overdose of work and lack of writing time may have made this chapter really crap. we're good!" he said as Rose stepped off the last stair and made her way toward him. Beer. moving them from side to side. "Clever donkey" Emmett gasped as he slapped himself across the forehead.

"Damn it Emmett! You can't just take beer! We'll be gone for three days!" she sighed. "Ed. But err… give Jasper the usual from me yeah… kiss and a squeeze of that cute tush of his. looking sympathetic as his eye settled at nothing. but I wouldn't want Bells to get jealous. If you need me. I really do" she said.231 - . meaning that I knew her number and knew I could call her day or night if needed "Give Ali one too when she gets back from work from me too" she smiled before she patted Edward's shoulder as she passed him. seeming too tired to yell at him. have fun" Edward said through laughter as we watched him make his way toward the door. just like how someone would pat the head of their loyal dog with love and affection. Rose having already gone out to wait in the jeep as soon as she'd heard the first few words out of his mouth. picking up her travel case and the cooler box. you know I'd give you some mushiness. "Poor Rose" Edward sighed. stopping to put a bag down so that he could open the door. you know the drill" she said just before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. smiling at her as she shook her head. but failing miserably. "I do wonder some times Peaches. "Come yonder Bambi. just how he likes it" Emmett chuckled as he turned toward the door. lost in his thoughts of how Emmett would probably drive Rose wild while they were . trying her best to seem irritated. "Bambi" Emmett whispered as he stepped over the cooler box and toward Rose "My bag's in the jeep ready. Once done her forehead burrowed "What are you taking with you?" "Beer" Emmett smiled as he again patted the top of the cooler box. I was just playing. "Toodle pip!" he said just as the door closed after him. I wondered if Emmett's antics had finally gotten to her.into her pocket. gaining an exasperated sigh and a faint smile. we ist got a car show to hither to" Emmett announced in an attempted sophisticated tone. we're off. "Bells. gaining a snort of laughter from her as he pretended to gasp for breath. probably wondering where the heck he did ever come from. on her way back to Emmett. You know I'm not that dumb…right" he paused as he poked her in the side. "Idiot" she mumbled under her breath. "Will do Em. her smile widening as Emmett pretended to be wounded by her words.

down the length of my neck. running its way across my lips like a feather touch. why?" I squeaked out. relishing in the fact that such a small gesture could make me so happy and feel so special. keeping a hold of me. banishing all thoughts other that 'Edward' from my mind. He continued his torture before I began to feel his tongue beginning to taunt me. over the round of my shoulder and resting on my upper arm. I looked to his eyes. your killing me" Edward growled into the side of my neck once he'd figured out my game and given up to tease my neck. the other grasping my side as he slid me off him so that I was rested fully on the couch. brushing against mine. a response out of me. lowering his face to mine as he continued "Your far too irresistible for it to be deemed healthy" his lips brushed mine as he spoke the last two words. I felt myself beginning to melt as he ran his hand from my face. Restraining me from getting up. Edward now laying beside me. causing my eyes to close from the pleasure of it. Suddenly Edward gasped "Bella. sending me mad with want for him. his breath tingling my face as he spoke. spread across the sofa with my head rested on Edward's lap. beginning to panic about what could be wrong with me. . Didn't he know how he was killing me with those delectable lips of his? I gasped in shock as I felt myself being moved. "Yes. the hand that was keeping a hold of me moved to my leg. not letting him have what he finally wanted.away. pressing softly before pulling away when I tried to respond. His lips continued their tortured teasing. I felt fine! I tried to raise myself from where I was lay. wondering why he was keeping me as I was if something was wrong. are you okay?" he asked jumpily as his eyes scanned my face. a fire raging deep within them in its stead. I on the other hand couldn't help but think 'Poor Emmett' as I knew how obsessive Rose could get once around cars. I grinned mischievously as I kept my mouth shut. one of his hands running from my forehead to rest against my temple.232 - . My own smile resulted in the breathtaking sight of Edwards's crooked grin. "Bella. his back against the cushions. tingling my sensitive lips. "Because…" he whispered. a car show in its self would be like Emmett loose in a toy store. A quick kiss from Edward bought me out of my thoughts and I smiled. His eyes told me that the panic had vanished.

meagre body "if you hadn't injured yourself. "If I was Edward. feeling weak just from the sight and sound of him. "Perhaps I should help you ma'am" I bit my lip as I heard his sultry voice against my ear. My eyes ran from his crooked smile to his exposed torso. He ran his fingertips across my skin. smiling as he watched my stomach muscles twitching under his touch. his eyes looking directly at my eyes. wouldn't want you straining that hand of your again would we?" he said as he placed both his hands on my sides. I revelled in the sight of . I nodded my head as I let my hands drop to my side.A wicked grin spread across his face as he looked from the tip of my toes to the top of my head "Bella" he murmured as he began to stroke the top of my leg seductively "you are too good to be true" I felt myself begin to blush at his complementing words. "I think I should help you out a little too. I didn't care. running his hands from my ribs down to the waistband of my jeans. "Better?" he asked as he draped his shirt over the back of the sofa. his eyes looking over my body as I whispered a weak yes. My moving my arm around him resulted in him hovering his body above mine while I tried my best with my busted hand to pull his shirt off. I moved my hand which was trapped beside me so that I reached around to grasp the back oh his neck. into my core. pulling his lips back to where they should be. My stomach tingled under his touch as he pushed my top up a little. making me thankful yet again that I actually did visit the hospital over the weekend.233 - . exposing a slither of skin just above my pants. I felt the need to pinch myself to make sure that as I watched him pull his shirt over his head. one leg on each side of mine. "Ah… but you forget one vital fact…" he whispered as he leant over me. I couldn't help myself. I could feet his chest moving with each breath against my arm and his toned body pressing against my battered. I moaned as his hand moved up my leg slowly. you and I would both be at work right now and we wouldn't be doing this" he added in a husky voice. making me tingle in response. with mine. his breath washing over me. tugging at the belt loop so that he pressed us tighter together. I gazed open mouthed as he sat back on his heels. I wouldn't be Queen Klutz now would I?" I challenged as I tried my best to speak evenly even though my body felt as if it was igniting under his touch. whether I had to shred it to pieces in the process. that all this was real and not a fantasy. inching closer to my hip. My back arched involuntary when he reached the top of my jeans.

How had I gotten so lucky as to be able to have him as mine? I licked my lips as I starred at his chest. escaping his mouth "I can't… I want…" I mumbled as I halted his hand "my leg… I don't know" I muttered as I looked away from his eyes. temping muscular shoulders and pecks. I could hear his heavy breathing and his groan as he entered one finger into me. Was I a tease for leading him on till now? "Bella" he pulled his hand away from my restraining hand and used it to stroke my hair back "you know I care for you. which only drew my attention down to his defined stomach which looked as if it had been sculptured out of marble. Jumping straight to the sex could just ruin it. clouding my vision. one arm propping him up as the other moved to lower the zipper. He kissed me deeper as his hand ran over my stomach and leg. I closed my eyes from the pleasure that was running through me as he kissed and sucked at my throat. a lot. I could feel the evidence of his desire for me pressing against my other leg. his voice husky again which only made me yearn for him even more. My breathing were beginning to become laboured as his hand moved to the zipper again. but I felt that it was too soon. I wanted to be with him. his hand running down from my hair. making me gasp from the pleasure. I shook my head and tired my best to tell him not to stop before I felt one his fingers teasing me and lost all control of speech.his undeniable perfection. "Would you like that?" he asked. "Edward" I gasped as I turned my head to the side. marvelling at his smooth. making me wish they'd disappear "If you want me to stop. just say so…" he whispered against my lips as he moved his hand under the lace slowly. only adding to the experience. My leg being busted would be one heck of a barrier too I though as I blinked back the tears that were pooling in my eyes. I was still learning things about him and I was enjoying the early stages of our relationship. his face inching closer to mine before he kissed me senseless once again. not wanting to see his hurt face or his maddened expression from having to stop him.234 - . please" I gasped as I opened my eyes and rested my hand on his face. I sighed as he teased me. to my neck. My eyes shot up to his face as I felt him beginning to unbutton my jeans. over my breast to rest on the waistband of my jeans again. "Do you want this Bella?" he asked me as he began to pull at my panties. causing me to gasp and pant from the blissful feeling. Slowly he pulled back out and I whimpered from the absence. his teasing was beginning to take its toll on me "Edward. I sighed as I felt his weight pressing lightly against me as he lay down again. pulling it down all the way before he ran a finger over the material of my lacy panties. . but I'm not ready for that yet" he kissed my forehead before he continued "I just wanted to do a little something for you" he whispered into my ear before he kissed me lightly yet full passion.

235 - . "Bella" Edwards velvety voice bought me out of my pleasure induced world back to him. breathing in the alluring scent that was uniquely his as he ran his hand through my hair. our tongues clashing and moving in rhythm as his fingers drove me to the brink of ecstasy. My body. feeling tired after the rush of emotions and feelings that ran through me only seconds before and which were still lingering deep within me. gasping for breath as I writhed in pleasure beneath him. looking a little uncomfortable "Now I got the beer… so off I go again…" he said as he opened the door. which was tensed relaxed and I slumped into the cushion on the sofa. "What do you want?" he teased me again. lingering for a while before he pulled away and moved so that he lay down beside me. "Umm… yeah… forgot the beer…" he picked up the cooler box and indicated to it.hoping he could see the want that was burning within me for his touch. I felt myself begin to tighten around his fingers as he quickened his movements. my breath deserting me as an orgasm ran through me. I closed my eyes in contentment as he kissed my forehead. wanting him to bring me to a climax that I knew that he'd give me. the sensation making me feel slumberous. green and yellow as if I'd starred at a bright light and suddenly looked away. his crooked grin in place and his eyes shining with pride. causing me to repress the growl I felt threatening to escape me "This?" he asked and I groaned as I felt him rubbing against my sensitive clit. I smiled weakly as I turned to look at him. "Honey… I'm ho-ome!" A booming voice came from the front door which caused Edward and I both to jump and stare. my body quivering and my vision blurring with colours of blue. only wishing I could do the same to him.oh" Emmett's little one way conversation halted as he took in the sight of Edward and I laying on the sofa. I was just tell. I shut my eyes as I felt him begin to move within me. I sighed as I snuggled up to his bare chest. Edward topless while I must have had my ever present blush in place. I could feel a slight sheen of sweat across my chest and forehead from the heat his fingers alone were causing. taking a step out before he waved his hand in the air dismissively as he called . turning me so that the both of us faced each other. bewildered toward the noise "I forgot the beer! How stupid am I. my body feeling as though fire was searing through it. "Edward… I think…" I gasped as I felt myself on the brink of a climax. "Please" I moaned. causing me to arch my back and bite my lip. I blindly pulled his face to mine and crashed our lips together. I moaned his name as my eyes shot open.

236 - .toward an amused Edward and my bashful self "As you were!" A/N: I called the title to this story 'Bear. Beer. then the cooler box of beer and then Edward with a bare chest! (Drool) Tell me what you think. Bare' because you get Emmett the bear first. sorry again if it sucks… reviews are always welcome (hint cough hint) .

"No. a chapter devoted to our lovable big bear Emmett and the lovely. Carlisle was still in the house talking with Bella about some pain pills or something. and here you are acting the fool sweetie" I shook my head at her words "Rose is my best friend" I said as I looked down at . (Emmett POV) "Nicotine. hoping to gain some bonus points. sneaking quick looks over at Rose as I thought of the conversation Esme and I had when I had lead her out to the car after the meal they shared with us the other night.. I looked up at her. valium. shocked that she'd stoop so low with such a drastic threat "You wouldn't!" "Just try me" she answered my somewhat rhetorical statement with one raised eyebrow. confused as I told her I was fine. Peaches & Bambi! Some sense of security. The queue to reach the haggard looking receptionist was fairly long so I sent Rose to sit down while I stood in line. I hung my head as I lead the both of us toward the reception desk. I stood waiting in line.. marijuana. gorgeous Rose. what's wrong with you?" My mother asked me as I leaned against my fathers new black Mercedes. ecstasy and alcohol" I sang quietly to myself as I walked along side Rose.237 - . deciding to keep my mouth shut as to not run the risk of finding my precious Jeep in pieces by morning. I swear to God if you don't stop singing that song. not wanting to make a scene now that we were in the hotel's lobby. I'll castrate your Jeep!" Rose whispered menacingly as she pushed subtly into my side. vicodin. Or in my little world. thinking that she was talking about my health. I gasped at her words. loving the song too much to hold it in "Ccccccocaine" "Emmett.Some sense of security A/N: Here we are. "Emmett honey. what I meant was what is wrong with you that you can't see that you need to snap the lovely Rose up before anyone else does. I thought I raised my boys to be sensible.

. an image of my son. so that if I moved my arm a little.238 - . You were my Emmett in there with her. "Men…" I heard Rose's irritated voice break through my thoughts as I noticed that she was now stood before me. followed by Aunty Bella. if you need anything. McCarty. She nodded along to the receptionist words and my heart thumped madly as I watched Rose unconsciously move toward me. with my dark hair and Rose's beauty. her irritation masked to perfection by politeness and warmth. with blond hair after his mother and dimples from his father tumbling around in the garden with Uncle Edward and Godfather Jasper just as my Rose comes into the house." she paused as she poked me in the side when I didn't reply "and if you don't soon. or you could order breakfast in bed…" the receptionist prattled on as I took a step forward to stand next to Rose. and you'll be staying in room 336 which you'll find on level 7. don't hesitate to call us here at the reception desk" the receptionist. My mom reached up on by the tip of her toes to kiss me on the cheek bef ore she patted my arm. hoping she'd forgotten that she was mad at me. How could she be so sure when I was so unconvinced? "No mom. and now look at you. you'd be a fool to ignore what's between you… you're a fool to have ignored it so far. but at least you'll right that. yet again. were… she's just… I don't know" I sighed as I ran a hand over the back of my neck. I hope you have a good evening Mr and Mrs McCarty. as large as a house carrying our next child. not wanting my mother to spot how those words pained me. unsure. Perhaps my mother was on to something about Rose and me… "Well.the ground beneath my feet. that I couldn't say 'Rose is my girlfriend… lover… wife'. changes around you. "Ah yes. I don't want to be a boring old grandmother so hurry" she laughed as she opened the door to the car and closed it after her. talking to the receptionist "McCarty… yes. two nights" she said.. "Trust me honey. who's . becomes herself when she's with you? And you're the same. I will. closing the distance between myself and the receptionist that was chewing the end of her biro in agitation. I thought of the images that had run through my mind from my mother's words of being a grandmother. and quiet. Breakfast is served from 7. Godmother Alice and my daughter. "You can't see it can you? The way she watches you. I took a few steps forward. waving to me as I stumbled back toward the house. Two nights. here you are. You need her just as much as she needs you. confused.30 to 10am. I could easily wrap it around her waist. wants you" she whispered as I looked up to see my mother's eyes looking determined as confident.

romantic music was audible. I smiled along with him as I sat back in my chair. and at the moment I don't care Bambi…" Emmett said a little distractedly as he looked over his menu. resting back in his chair. gawping at her like a fish at her words. a secluded. tempt him. "Thanks a lot Lilly. "How about the chicken curry?" he asked me. the glow of the flame seeming to emphasise his deep eyes. (Rose POV) "What is it with every member of staff thinking were married?" I whispered to Emmett as the waitress handed us a menu each and walked away. "So what you getting' Bambi?" Emmett asked me. but failing to take any of the printed words in. His eyes were alight as they scanned over the page. turning the paper to look at its back. just in case they had any more to offer him. I'm sure we'll have an amazing night" I said to her as I wrapped my arm around Rose's waist who was standing. Looking at a bunch of tables and chairs gets boring and repetitive. hoping that something would jump off the page and grab my attention. not that I was complaining. causing me to jump in my seat as he broke me out of my assessment of him. as he placed his menu down. His large. as well as a bell boy beside the elevator. his hands seeming to shake as he tried to keep them steady. watching the candlelight flicker across his face. but looking Emmett over time and time again was like a new experience each time. guiding her toward our bags which had been loaded up onto a trolley and were waiting for us. candlelit table where soft. I looked up at him.239 - . not caring if his words seemed a little offensive or short "Oh Rose! They have steak!" he said in awe before his dimples appeared on his face again. "Sounds good" I smiled as I too placed . I looked at the table which we'd been tag I noticed read 'Lilly' said with a smile before she handed Rose our room key. showing his pleasure at the sight of the word 'steak' on a piece of paper. taking what might be my only chance to look at him while he was distracted. "Um…" I scanned the menu. muscled 6'5 frame blocking my view of just about the whole restaurant. "I duno.

giving me thumbs up just to make sure that I understood that he meant 'yes'. surprised a little at how he'd picked my favourite dish off the menu. (Rose POV) My breath got rudely pushed out of me as I leant against the bar. a half smile. "Hey! Watch it" I grumbled. why did they think that they could attract even a disease behaving like this? "Just leave me alone" I mumbled as I tried my best to grab one of the bar tenders attention. "Mmhmm" he said through a mouthful of food. which I countered with a step back. noticing his glass was almost empty. "I'm just heading to the restroom. hoping to seem invisible by the men that stood on each side of me. What would Emmett think of me cowering like this if he saw me? I thought as I hung my head. half grimace spreading across his face as he tried to repress a burp "Yeah… and you don't look like you're having a time fun… um… I mean fun time… yeah…" he smiled. . (Rose POV) "You gona finish that?" "Just take it" I said as I rolled my eyes. "I'll be back in five" I told him as I headed out of the dimmed restaurant. showing his vile yellowed teeth as he took a step toward me. want me to bring you a beer on my way back?" I asked as I slid out of my chair.240 - . "Ha… yeah… I am watching you pretty lady" the man next to me slurred. pushing my plate toward him which still had some curry and rice menu down. making me shake in disgust. only to be blocked by a large body from behind "So you want some fun sexy?" the creep laughed as he ran his filthy eyes over me. shooting the drunken idiot next to me a pissed off glare as I took a step away from him as he must have lost his balance and regained it at my expense. without my noticing it to begin with. hoping to grab mine and Emmett's drinks and go. trying my best to grab one of the rushed bar tender as I got elbowed in the rib.

maybe you aint her type!" the creep's friend chortled from beside me. I sighed as I felt myself give up and give in. turning to look at the drunken fool who was so wasted that he looked as if he were drooling. begging myself to wake up from the nightmare I was sure I was trapped in. Why the hell didn't I just leave straight away? Why wasn't my Peaches here? I sighed as I thought of Emmett having to save my from two drunken men. She must have thought that I enjoyed the attention of vile drunken men. I could show you a good time" he said. . why did everyone have to be so quick to judge? "Hey Bert. his voice sounding deep and closer than I wanted it to be. his words breathing against my ear. or feel one or both of their hands on me. "Just leave me alone" I gasped as I felt a hand rest on my lower back. my eyes scanned the bar staff before me. I waited for them to say another of their slimy words.241 - . "Woo… feisty ey? I like that in a woman" he chortled. causing me to shiver once again. I closed me eyes. but silence was all I received. desperately trying to grab someone else's attention. but Rosalie Hale was tired of fighting. How petty. "Just leave me alone okay?" I said louder this time. "Why don't we both show you a good time huh? Bet you'd like that" he spoke again. two guys fawning over me and sniffed. why did I have to always fight against stupid men and jealous women who always stereotyped me as the dumb. sluttish blond? My eyes burned with my tears as I felt utterly defeated.One of the bartenders noticed me. causing my subconscious defences to kick in. his beer laden breath washing over my neck. totally ignoring my statement "Come on sugar. "Who could resist me mate? Just watch this" creep number one spoke again. it'd only excite them. standing at the bar. I bit my lip to keep my tears from spilling. Where was Emmett to save me? Did I want him to? What were two guys against Rosalie Hale? I thought as I took a deep breath. the hair on the back of my neck and my arms standing up on end as I felt a shiver pass through me. turning her attention to another customer.

I'll make you leave" Emmett spoke in a quiet. turning the lights on and locking the door before he pulled me down onto his lap on the couch. one creep on each side of me still. controlled and yet comforting since I'd met him. If you don't leave in the next three seconds. dark. A vein in his neck pulsed just under his jaw which was clenched tightly closed.242 - . I stayed as I was for a few minutes. desperate for his strength. one of his hands outstretched while I noticed the other was balled up into a fist at his side. Now. spine chilling voice. I didn't want him to see me as I was. not asking any questions as he continued to rub my back. I starred at him. I locked my eyes on the familiar face of Emmett's only finding it looking harsher. having turned to look the other direction." a deep. "Leave. "Rose" Emmett turned his murderous gaze away from the guy who's hand had been resting on my back earlier to look at me. come here" at which he pulled me to his chest. "One…" The noise of gasping and thumps echoed in my ears as I buried myself deeper into Emmett's hold. his comfort. his controlled breaths entering and exiting through his nose. slowly turning away from the bar to look behind me. dangerous as he seemed to loom over the three of us who I noticed were leaning back against the bar for support. his warmth. the other wrapped around his waist as I clung myself on to him. one bouldered arm securing itself around my waist as I hid my face into his neck. not saying a word. a . the other probably still balled at his side. hoping to compose my self the best I could. but all I received from him was a sigh and a "Bambi. I tried my best to smile. white knuckled and shaking in restraint. who I noticed had paled and seemed to have sobered up. hoping he'd see that I was grateful that he'd intervened. having not been able to stand up to them? Would he understand that I was tired… tired of my day to day façade? The feeling of Emmett's hand rubbing soothing circles against my back relaxed me as he lead us back to our room. Their eyes looked too large for their heads as they stared before them. causing my skin to prickle and my heart to thump in my chest. I'd never seen Emmett so dangerous. Would he see me as being weak. menacing voice spoke. and all because of me. "I said leave now. wishing I could escape within him and never leave.I pulled my head up. I could feel his heart thumping almost as erratically as mine as I rested my hand on his chest.

I shouldn't have let you go to the bar on your own!" "I'm fine. and his Adams apple bobbing up and down as he spoke. hoping he wouldn't start taking the piss out of me once the sun had risen. I opened my heavy eyes which I hadn't noticed till then had been closed and saw that Emmett was carrying me toward the bedroom. I was too tired to speak but promised myself that I'd say thank you to him in the morning. I shouldn't have let you go on your own… well obviously to the ladies… or you know. Being with him tonight felt as if we were in a different universe where tomorrow. my eyes watching his throat as he swallowed every now and again. "Are you ready for bed? We got a long day tomorrow" Emmett whispered a few minutes later once we'd both relaxed and fatigue had begin to overtake my senses. but he didn't need to see me looking upset. "I'm sorry" I spoke softy as I moved my face from being burrowed into his neck so that my head rested on his shoulder. and if I looked okay.few of my escaped tears would undoubtedly have gone unnoticed. I nodded my head in a 'yes' and mumbled a "Yeah Peaches" before I felt myself becoming weightless. as in two beds… I should have let Jasper or Eddie book it" I heard him mumble as he set me down on the bed. 'seeing is believing' after all. A large bed filled my vision as Emmett swung the door open. flexing his fingers before he wrapped his other arm comfortingly around me. 'why is there just the one?' I thought as the bed drew nearer. I groaned from the heavenly feeling before I heard Emmett call out from the darkness "Night Bambi!" . no foul and everything yeah? Can't we just forget it please" I whispered the last bit as I lazily traced a pattern over Emmett's chest. no blood. my head hitting the mound of fluffy pillows. keeping myself busy with a simple task would keep my miserable thoughts at bay. "What? No! Rose. all of the events would have disappeared from memory.243 - . I'd have been kicked out…" he blustered as he almost tripped over his words "But what I meant was. I could feel my forehead creasing as I thought it over before I voiced my question "Why is there only one bed Emmett?" "Um… I thought when they said double. "'Kay" he mumbled as I watched him unclench his balled first. I'm the one that's sorry. my body sinking into the soft sheets. that they meant for two. it'd only back me up.

seeing it was only 2. I made my way from the living room. I wonder if she snores I thought as I pressed my ear to the door. I reached the doors which Rose was hidden behind. didn't I handle the scene at the bar properly if she was calling them at this time in the morning? Did she want to go . not getting my hopes up as the last 10 attempts were futile. she felt so vulnerable when her emotions came to the surface. happy a person she was. and then my mind sunk to reminisce of how broken she'd been after she'd defended me from the skank Lauren. I growled lowly as I got up off the toy sized couch and stretched. deciding to stop and try to listen to see if she was asleep. I'm not letting her outa my sight today.47am. using the light from the moon which filtered in through the window to guide my way toward the bathroom. A distant sound of rustling sheets prickled my ears and I closed my eyes. trusted me with one of the most important information about her. I sighed as I threw the pesky cushion to the floor. but I'll protect her. I smiled as I thought of how strong and confident. feeling my back ache in protest from the sudden change in position.Smiling as I snuggled into the sheets I didn't my best to reply "G'nite Peaches!" (Emmett POV) Stupid gits picking on my Bambi like she's their pray. I felt sick with pain from the thought. No one's gona hurt my Rose again. the night's event having put me in a foul mood and short tempered.244 - . of the memory of Rose clinging to me as she fell to pieces. trusting me not to judge her. trying to keep my breathing quiet. might as well see what soaps and shampoos Rose and I could swipe while I was there. hoping to concentrate more on my hearing. was Rose okay? Was she awake? Was she on the phone to Bells or the Sprite? Why would she be on the phone to them? She'd only call them if something was wrong… and it was only… I checked my watch. She kept trying to control herself which cut me like a knife. Why did every guy think that Rose would be easy to get with? If only they knew. Now that I was up I decided to take a trip to the wee wee wardrobe. all them men will be feasting their dirty eyes on her. as long as they weren't anger. Mumbles joined the rustling and curiosity ignited within me. get some value for money. not if I can help it I thought to myself as I lifted my head and tried my best to mould the petty cushion into a more comfortable shape. admitting defeat.

"Bambi… Bambi your okay" I whispered as I ran a hand over her hair. looking minute in the midst of the sheets. the moonlight showed her face. feeling as if I was being put through a slow and murderous death by watching Rose suffer her nightmare all alone. deter them from getting any closer. "Peaches" she wept. the tendons in my wrists standing out from the strain. the other . quietly. I sat myself of the bed. one of her free hands waving before her. easy sleep. pillows and the vast size of the large bed. She looked so defenceless and weak all alone. her voice tugging at my heartstrings. Would that be too much to ask? "No… no… leave me alone!" I heard Bambi weep from the bed. even if I was 6'5. I brushed away a tear of my own as I stepped through the doorway to my Bambi. her mouth open as she breathed heavily. as if trying to stop someone. My ears were met by silence and as I peeked through the gap in the doorway my eyes fell upon the bed. her face still looking pained but she'd stopped writhing about now and I hoped that she'd fallen into a dreamless. she always seemed so tall and full when we were together. as if she'd been running… chased. her struggling stopped as her crying took over. beginning to struggle as she began to get tangled. Her forehead was creased as she looked pained. turning her face from the crumpled sheets to face the ceiling. her defences having been evaporated by the simple state of sleep. scooping her effortlessly into my arms and holding her tight to me. rocking the both of us back and forth in the hopes that the motion would help calm her. I watched dumbly as she writhed yet again between the sheets. "Go away… no… don't want…" My Bambi murmured from the bed. feeling as pained as she as I watched her balled back up into a protected position. The moonlight which had acted as my light to guide me to the bathroom now fell upon Rose who lay. I ran a hand over my face. feeling the bed's springs adjust to my bulk and I reached for my Rose.home? I panicked as the thoughts ran through my mind. her features seeming more defined by the brightness of the moon and the shadows of the darkness. she felt equal to me.245 - . Taking a deep breath I opened the door slowly. the skin of my hand straining from my hard grasp. her body wracked by her sobs. my eyes falling back on Rose who'd dropped her arm to the bed. I look a deep breath. hoping to hear some of her words to decipher how pissed she was with me for not taking better care of her. My other hand ached and I looked to see that it was clamped tightly to the doorframe. From the change of her position on the bed. curled up into a ball in the middle of the bed.

agony. her arms hugging her tightly. I sighed as I took a step away. exhaustion. I watched as she unravelled her arms from around her and buried her . "Please… stay" I turned to see Rose standing an arms length away from me. feeling its coldness seeping into my hand. What if she thought that I was trying it on with her if I offered to stay with her tonight? She must know by now that I wasn't like that. but now that I knew she'd calmed down and knew she was safe she'd surely sleep easily. a weak smile settled on her face. "Rosie… you should get some sleep…" I whispered into the darkness. did she think I was just like those men at the bar? I reached the door. closing my eyes and resting my head against her as she rested her head against my shoulder. "Peaches?" she gasped in question in my arms. her head bowed. it's not real" added as she wept. looking down a her as she pulled her legs to her chest. only that her head was rested on her knees. my eyes still closed and I unclasped my arms from around her. my hand feeling thick as I took hold of the handle numbly. Rose slid off my legs before I stood at the side of the bed. feeling her hold on me loosen before she sat back a little and let her hands drop onto her lap. I kept rocking back and forth the best I could. my skin seeming to sting by the contact. Her deep breathing calmed and slowed as the time trickled by.holding her clamped to my body "Shh… your safe. her tears running down her face and dampening my bare chest. I delayed my leave by fumbling with the sheets. her nose skimming my neck every now and again. not knowing what was best to do. I didn't want to leave her. I frowned as I saw that Rose hadn't moved. but the night's events could have distorted her evaluation of me. Once she'd realised I was the one holing her. lifting her head from my chest to look at my face for conformation. shaking them out and throwing them back on the bed. her eyes seeming tired and showing a sense of security before she wrapped her arms around my neck and clung onto me the tightest she could. her voice full with heartbreak. but it didn't constrict my vision of her bottom lip which was being held captive by her teeth as she tried her best to restrain its quivering.246 - . "I'll see you in the morning" I added as I moved. "Peaches… I'm so tired" she sobbed. She had her head hanging low.

defeated "Emmie… I'm so tired" she said so quietly that I only just heard. "I know… but you don't have to anymore. sinking to her knees before me. "Thanks" her eyes finally caught mine before she closed them. I cursed to myself a third time as I realised that I was only clad in my boxers. She notices my half hearted smile and added "Not my fault you men are weak" letting out a small watery chuckle as I let her hands go.247 - . hoping I wouldn't find any bruises marking her flawless skin from the drunken idiots from the bar. not knowing I'd spoken the words out loud until I heard Rose gasp before me and take in a shuddered breath. I swallowed hard as took a deep breath. hoping that she'd notice the small smile which I could feel on my face. The top she wore showed that she didn't wear a bra to bed and I silently cursed myself as my eyes lingered on her chest. "Your too beautiful for your own good. I'm here for you now. before I dropped them to her legs. "S'not my fault" she murmured as she looked up from the dull beige carpeted floor to my face. and admitting being tired from having to pretend all the time. held them in one hand as I brushed her tears away with the other. only to curse some more by the sight of her long. luscious legs which were bare right up to the hem of her short shorts. ordering myself to stay in control and not let the tears that were prickling in my eyes to spill and have their way by the sight of my Rose crumpled at my feet. hoping to catch her eyes which were fixed back on the carpet. I took the time to look her over. I hadn't thought I'd come across Rose on my travels from the couch to the bathroom. she still looked perfect. . Her cheeks were tainted pink from her crying. taking in a deep breath. She sighed a breath before her face turned serious. "Bambi" I whispered again as I leant down and pulled her up by her arms so that she stood before me. "You're a danger to mankind" I added. but in having to keep up the act of strength and independence. you know that?" I spoke softly. I pulled her reluctant hands away from her face. her lips twitching. and possible from her asking me to stay. her body shaking as she cried silently. but on her. I understood that she didn't mean tired in the sense of wanting to sleep.face in her hands. not sure whether to smile of tremble from sadness. Her hair was in disarray from when she'd tossed and turned in bed. you know that right?" I asked as I bent down a little.

She was as light as a feather and the way she let her hand slide from around my neck to rest against my chest warmed me. asleep in the same room as me.248 - . the definition of perfection before me. looking down at her. holding her in place. holding her bridle style and lowered her onto the bed. snuggling herself deeper into my hold then sighing in satisfaction. The feel of her pressed against my body didn't help matters either. "Mmmm…" she murmured against my skin."So will you stay Peaches? Just till I fall asleep or something?" she almost begged and I realised that her deep blue eyes were trained on me. sounding husky from fatigue but making my body react to her voice none the less. almost fully asleep. her arms locking around my neck and her legs locked around my waist. perfect. She's your best friend! My mind screamed at me as I took one ragged breath after another. my own Venus. waiting from me to say something or make a move. "Thanks Emmie" she spoke into my neck. thinking that I'd actually enjoy holding her all night in my arms. . The feel of her bare. I walked us back toward the bed and halted as my legs hit the mattress. her hair sprawled around her like a halo. Once I felt myself somewhat in control I pulled the sheets back and then scooped her legs up. my own angel with a glowing halo. her head resting on the pillow. unable to trust myself to speak in a normal tone now that my blood was boiling in my veins. her body sliding down against mine and I quickly moved my arm back to hold her in place. I undid her hold on me and hissed as her legs fell. which both were locked together behind my back. toned thigh under my hand made me want to throw the both of us on the bed and have my way with her. I chuckled quietly but was cut off as I moved my hand to her leg as to unclasp it from around me. after a minute or two I spoke up "Umm… Rose… you need to let go of me if you wana get into bed. Unless you wana stay like this all night… I don't mind either way" I shrugged as I spoke. The woman who's captured my heart and I crave to hold for eternity. I nodded my head. I gritted my teeth as I ran my hand down from her thigh to her ankle. glad that she was oblivious to the state I was in as she was held in my arms. I let go and straightened back. taking deep breaths as I tried to control my body's reaction to her. "Come 'ere" I opened my arms to her and almost fell back as she jumped into my arms.

Did she really think I'd try it on with her? "Sleep Bambi" I whispered to her as I ran my hand up and down her back. Once satisfied that she was well covered I lay myself down beside her. the moonlight no doubt illuminating my face so she could see me. sad… feel stupid. As my arm brushed against her. laugh. only realising I'd done so when I felt her stiffen against me again. throwing the sheets over me and I turned to pull the sheets over Rose too. angry. Good job Em! I told myself sarcastically as I thought of how she'd think I was trying it on with her. turning on my side so that I mirrored her. I continued . one of her legs draping over mine as she pulled herself tighter to my body. her eyes fluttered open and took me in. She closed her eyes moments later and bought her hand back to her other which was held to her chest. letting her out the house for work almost had me in hysterics every morning. A soft thump pulled me from my delusions and I saw Rose having turned on her side. closing my eyes in hope she'd do the same. I didn't want to scare her. but I hid it. her hand spread before her as if her hand was searching for something to connect with. Was this what you'd feel for your best friend? I frowned as I thought that these feelings never passed through me as I hung out with Edward or Jasper… or Alice and Bella. Anxiousness ran through me as I lay where I was. her hands relaxed from being balled up into fists to resting on my chest. None of my ex girlfriends had sparked a fraction of such strong emotions within me as Rose could do. The protectiveness I felt over her was over whelming. Her posture which had stiffened when I pulled her to me relaxed and I sighed in contentment when I felt her resting her head against me. so that I could stroke her hair again. I could see goose bumps showing on her bare shoulders. Smiling I sat on the edge of the bed. I reached out and pulled her to me. watching as she took each breath.249 - . she bought so many emotions out of me from the simplest of things. wrapping one arm around under her and resting my hand on her waist as I used the other to brush her hair out of her eyes which where now wide open in shock by my sudden movement. feel her supple body under my hands… Screw it. I craved to pull her to me. a couple of inches of space between the both of us feeling like miles. I'd never felt anything close to this about a woman. But Rose was different! She could always make me smile. Confusion blazed in her eyes as she looked from my face to my chest and back up again.I hung my head as the thoughts ran through my mind. I felt washed with contentment with Rose wrapped up in my arms and so I did what felt like the right thing to do and kissed the top of her head.

I held in my gasp as I felt her move her head a little as she pressed her lips to my collarbone in a soft kiss. but I try my best. we refer to restrooms as 'wee wee wardrobe'.to rub her back.S.000 for this story! I am such a happy camper. and those who will start now… hint hint!) Work's a bitch (Sorry for swearing/cursing. I relaxed instantly when I felt her relaxing and my heart pounded in my chest as I felt her shyly stroke her fingertips across my skin. but it's a must in this context) I'm working between 45 and 55 hours each work so you can see why my updating is slow.250 - . Thanks for the reviews! I've had over 1. Would she still be my Bambi. A little disclaimer for Queens of the Stone Age lyrics for 'Feel Good Hit of the Summer'… I had to put that in somewhere! . What would happen in the morning? Would we go back as we were or would our relationship have transformed to be uncomfortable and unknown? I wondered as I looked at the shining strands of her hair. hoping it'd distract her or send her to sleep. you have no idea! (Big pat on the backs to all of you have reviewed this story since it began. glad she understood that I was there to comfort her for the night. It's just something that my friends and I made up one day at school most likely. or would she suddenly be Rose? A/N: I wonder how the night might have changed their relationship… or not…? Just a note about the 'wee wee wardrobe' thingy. P. I pulled her tighter to me in a form of hug before I kissed the top of her head again. murmuring a quiet "Thanks" against my burning skin before she settled back. probably able to feel my heart hammering. her fingertips still running over my chest. threatening to bore a hole in my chest from the ferocity.

wincing when she had to slip back down onto her feet every now and again. "Hey Emmett…" Rose spoke next to me as we stood at the reception desk. Rose staggering more than walking from our long day at the car show. as if they had miraculously disappeared. to act natural. "No they're still there" I smiled and turned my attention to look at the few scattered paintings that decorated the lobby. her face creased in confusion "Are my feet still attached to my legs? Because I think they're so unbelievably painful that they've gone numb" she said as she looked down to her feet.Love Hearts A/N:This chapter and the next were going to be all in one… but then my imagination took over and added about 4pages of new stuff! The joys of an overactive imagination! Love hearts. Rose was still jumping up and down by my side. I chuckled as I watched her. managing to stun all the male staff so they wouldn't concentrate on what she was doing. feeling thankful that that would mean she'd be far away from the bar tonight. setting my mind at ease. I shook my head and leant against the reception desk. leaning her top half over the reception desk as she tilted forward. ready to pick up our key. waiting for Lilly who was again manning the reception area to finish her phone call. and giving all the female staff a blow to their self esteem so that they wouldn't hang around and have to self inflict themselves with the pain of . Rose stood next to me. trying to seem as normal as she could. only to get my attention drawn back to Rose as I saw her moving about at my side "What the…" I began to ask before I saw what she was up to. smiling at the staff who passed us. (Emmett POV) "Can we get room service tonight?" I heard Rose question as we both ascended the stairs to the hotel.251 - . her voice sounded questioning and so I turned to look at her as she looked back at me. "Sure" I answered her. easing the weight off her feet and yet trying her best to not raise any suspicion.

hoping the receptionist would just hang up the phone and help me out a little. I'd decided to leave my digital camera at home. dark looks the wives or girlfriends who'd been dragged along to the show shot her. "But my feet hurt so bad! All the chairs are full and I'm really not gona sit on the floor of the pissin' hotel's reception area Emmett!" she snapped back at me through her almost completely clenched jaw. making sure with her camera to take a picture of her with the car. But in reality. She probably thought I did it because I was trying to protect her from the vast crowd that kept pushing and shoving. only to curse quietly when her elbows began to ache or when she slipped against the desk's slippery marble surface. Rose had been oblivious to all the attention as she was intent on the cars. having any distance between us made me anxious. She was like my happy pill.her perfection within their range. and seen the evidence of my growing addiction to her. my main reason to keep a hold of her was to keep myself sane. I'd done my part of protecting her throughout the day too. outshining everything in sight. that way she wouldn't be able to ask me to see the pictures as soon as I'd taken them. the pain of her feet making her short tempered. Rose had been doing that all day I thought to myself as the memory of the days events came back to me. I rolled my eyes in exasperation as I watched Rose trying to keep herself up on the desk by her elbows. "Rose. "Rose… quit that!" I scolded her quietly as I waited to receive our room key. for once . and more so by looking at Rose's perfection. elbowing and stomping as they tried to get nearer certain models of cars. She inched her way away from me in her annoyance. Her elbows slipped again on the marble. A group of imbeciles followed us… or should I say Rose around the car show for most of the day.252 - . only pulling her attention away from them when she asked me to take a photo of her with the car of her choice. with my camera I concentrated on Rose. talking like a ventriloquist. which was until I intervened and threatened each and every one of them to walk away or else they wouldn't walk again. come here" I ordered. paranoid and basically… I felt like crap. The men themselves were another issue. How she'd been so absorbed in the cars that she didn't notice the scathing. keeping my arm around her as we walked around the cars on show. Rose and I had a camera each and so I took two sets of pictures. pissed off already for being there. capturing her beauty as she stood thrilled by each piece of metal.

but much more beautiful. "What the… Emmett put me down you plank!" she said. I felt a pinch at the back of my neck. her aqua blue eyes gleaming with laughter as she looked at Emmett and I. her head buried into the side of my neck as she panted for breath. oblivious that as she stood as she was. I pulled my face away from his throat as Emmett turned around and we looked down. . Hmm… gotta do something about that I thought as I looked down at her arms. "Oh for…" she looked around her before she cursed. gaining my wishes as she gasped and clung her arms tightly around my neck. her arms still crossed before her chest. the both of us seeing the little girl with the red hair trying her best to muffle her giggles behind both of her little hands. as he must have wondered who it was giggling as I did. this better be worth it bucko" she murmured as she staggered her way back to my side. I loosened my hold on the Goddess in my arms and pretended to drop her. (Rose POV) The sound of muffled giggling reached my ears and Emmett halted his torturous tickling. the tone of her voice backing up the anger that filled her eyes "People are starring!" she gasped and turned her head to look out of the window. I couldn't help the chuckle that was building up within me and felt myself shake as I chuckled as quietly as I could.253 - . what if I lost my hold on her? She'd surely fall if she didn't have a hold on me too. her expression changed from sulkiness to confusion. not wanting to make a scene in the middle of the hotel's lobby. I smiled as I watched her crossing her arms defiantly across her chest. Looking around to check that I didn't have that many witnesses. with her pout in place that she looked like the little girl who stood a few feet away from us. away from me. the pain she was suffering evident on her face. her head tilting up to look so high up. feeling triumphant when I heard her gasp and protest quietly against my throat. Once she looked up to see me smiling. stopping just under her arm and began to tickle her. followed by a second and third and knew that Rose was pinching my skin in retaliation. turning to shock and outrage as I swept her up in my arms. I grinned as I moved my hand higher up her side.feeling like the adult out of the both of rather than the child. spotting a little girl with gleaming red ringlets a few feet behind her and changed her words "twinkle sakes.

my anger at Emmett having had evaporated by the distraction of the child. no doubt realising that the sight of the tiny creature jumping up and down in excitement reminded him of his own personal sprite Alice. do you want Peaches to pick you up like he picked me up? It's really fun up here!" I spoke. and this big bear is Emmett. Emmett set me down slowly on my feet. knowing she'd loved it. A new wave of giggles erupted from the child as she nodded her head up and down. stretching out her hands. "What's your name cutie?" I asked her as I looked down. "Heyo Bambi" she smiled as she waved shyly at me then turned to Emmett. "You ready?" He asked her. "Let's do this then cutie pie" He laughed as he scooped her tiny body into his huge arms and stood up. I watched as he bent down and spoke to the soon-to-be heartbreaker at his feet.254 - . but you can call me Bambi and him Peaches if you want?" I smiled as I spoke to Dorrie. She bit her little lip between her tiny teeth and nodded. I'm Rose. my voice sounding warm compared to just before. his voice sounding the softest I had ever heard it. "Well Dorrie. "Dorrie" the little girl with a ball of fire for hair spoke. Dorrie's little eyes went wide as I spoke. still looming over her as he bent down low. "Hey cutie pie" Emmett spoke. opening and closing her fingers in a gesture that signalled that she wanted to grab hold of him. a wide smile becoming visible from the gaps between her hands. the smile still in place. making me melt in his arms. He must have noticed the pain that passed through me from my aching feet and up my legs because he squeezed my hand. her neck craning more so as she waved and said "Heyo Peacheses". "Dorrie. my smile ruining the effect. comforting me by a slight action. gaining another laugh from her. . Emmett chuckled as he looked her over. making my voice sound as enthusiastic as I could. I felt the muscles in one of his arms shift and guessed he was trying his best to wave."You think that's funny huh?" I said in fake sternness. her cheeks seeming a little rosy as she spoke. looking down as she dropped her hands. her mouth falling open in awe before she began jumping up and down as she clapped her hands and repeated "Ye" over and over.

255 - . "It was my fault" I said "I offered her a ride on this big bear" I added as I clasped my hand on his shoulder. the other covering half her face in exasperation and embarrassment. you wana go?" I asked before Dorrie's mother asked. Why did people assume they were married and now with kids? "I bet he is" Dorrie's mom laughed softly as she watched her little girl giggling as Emmett swayed back and forth. poking her tongue out at him. and taking hold of his little hand."Wowieeee!" she screamed within his arms. his eyes wide and longing. As she stood back up. looking at the hotel's lobby with new eyes from the change in height "Mommy… Mommy!" she called. "What is it honey?" his mother asked as she bent down to hear him whisper into his ear. Her little arms weren't able to wrap themselves around his neck. "Hey. a stranger to pick her kid up and swing him about. probably feeling the air rushing through her hair as he stood up straight. a warm. knowing she'd feel embarrassed to ask Emmett. her eyes alight as she spun her head this way and that. "Err… yeah… well my Emmett is like a rollercoaster ride for the kids what with his side" I spoke after a few silent seconds passed by. one of her hands grasping to Emmett's shoulder while the other grasped to the fabric of his shirt. a boy. to me. to her child. her son. "Dorrie! Dorrie honey don't bother people!" the mother gasped as she stood up from her other child. "Look at me mommy! I'm a big girl" she giggled as she unclenched her hand from his shirt and waved to a woman who had been busy wiping the nose of a slightly older child. From the corner of my eye I noticed her son tugging on her dress and I looked to see him staring up at his sister. "Oh…" the mother said. I noticed a slight blush in her cheeks as she looked between her son and her daughter. "I'm so sorry! She's usually so quiet and well behaved! I'm sorry she bothered you" the mother gushed as she looked from Emmett. looking a little bashful from her prior outburst "Well… you two must be good with your own children if you managed to break my Dorrie out of her quiet ways in just a few minutes" she added. . Dorrie clinging on to his shirt from the movement. motherly smile filled her face as she looked at her child in Emmett's arms who was waving down at her brother. the both of us too stunned to speak from the mother's words. My hand tingled from the heat of his body as it seeped through is shirt and into my hand.

pretending to be at a loss of words as he looked over at Dorrie. but it didn't stop me from feeling the smile that spread . wana stay with me while your brother has a ride on the big bear?" I asked her as she began to look a little disheartened by the fact that she had to leave Emmett's arms. a gap in his teeth showing he'd lost a tooth. but I have to go check us in…" the mother pointed toward the reception desk."Yes please" the boy whispered from beside his mother. sorry Bambi… you're pretty. I know the feeling only too well. "Oh I don't know…" she sighed as she looked between the four of us and the now seeming a little impatient member of staff. "Hey Peaches!" I called over to Emmett who was busy dangling a giggling Max upside down "Dorrie's prettier than me right?" I asked as I wiggled my fingers in a wave to Max. "Thank you" she smiled as she went and checked herself and her two darling children in. "Oh! Its very kind of you both. "Yeah. "We'll keep 'em busy till you get back" Emmett told her a little distractedly as he passed Dorrie into my arms and scooped up Dorrie's brother. Max joining in by the third repetition in my arms as she fixed her gaze on her mother. just ask Peaches. smiling as he looked up at Emmett. you are pretty. "Max" he replied smiling. indicating to the member of staff that was smiling politely at her. your prettier than me. "I wana be prdy like you when I grow up" I heard Dorrie mumble as she twirled my blond hair around her chubby little fingers. he'll tell you" Dorrie smiled in my arms. "Stay" Dorrie chanted over and over. shaking her head shyly at the thought of asking Emmett such a question. "Hey Dorrie.256 - . I thought as I remembered back to Emmett's comforting hold of me throughout the night before. "We'll stay right here" I said to her softly as I swayed Dorrie back and forth in my arms as she played with my hair. "Dorrie. but Dorrie… well… she's just… WOW" Emmett replied. "What's your name big guy?" Emmett asked the kid who was now bouncing in his arms. seeming entranced by it. She hid her face against my shoulder. a sheaf of papers in his hands for her to look over and sign.

it's been a pleasure" Emmett chuckled as he placed Max down beside her. "Hey Dorrie" I whispered to her as she let go of my necklace "you like my little angel?" I asked at which she nodded. his face beaming with a smile. a relieved look on her face. "Emmett… up" I whispered to him as Max's face began to grow a shade more crimson. "Shh okay?" I said quietly as I pressed my finger to my lips "our little secret" I added with a wink. gaining a stunning smile from Dorrie. her eyes fixated on it again as I set her down before me. that was cool right?" Emmett chuckled as Max nodded slowly. "Fankoo Peacheses" Dorrie whispered loudly. the sight widening her smile and causing her eyes to turn dreamy. "Wow" Dorrie gasped as she watched her brother in awe. A few minutes more passed with Emmett spinning Max around like a rag doll at which he cheered and laughed breathlessly. I noticed that he'd stretched his arms above his head and was touching the floor as he was still upside down. a simple chain with an angel pendant hanging from it. probably stunned by his bravery and daring. "Hey buddy. "No worries Jan. quiet laughter.across her face and her soft. "Thank you so much…" Max and Dorrie's mother sighed as she stuffed some paper into her handbag. She turned it this way and that. "I'm Janice by the way" she smiled as she waved quickly toward Emmett and me. his face looking a little read.257 - . "Hey… hey look at me!" Max called and I turned to look at him. . I pretended to play with my hair as Emmett talked to Max and Janice as I unclasped my necklace and swiftly placed it in Dorrie's coat pocket. not without giving him one quick spin before hand. unable to shake our hands as they were full. watching it as its shiny surface reflected and shone from the light. shouting for more. Dorrie clung quietly to me as she played with my hair and studied the necklace I wore. As I stood back up. her eyes bouncing from the gift I'd given her.

grimacing at the sight of her sore. I watched as she hobbled her way toward the bathroom. they look a bit swollen" I said. wishing I could take away . he must have noticed that I'd given my necklace to Dorrie. "Good idea Bambi.258 - . "Yeah" I smiled at him "You found a friend to play with" I added as a joke. red feet. "That was fun" Emmett said softly as he pressed the button to our floor. the both of them jumping up and down. waving madly. Rose in pain due to her feet and me because of my full to the top. Why did I insist on dessert? But more to the point… how had Rose managed to eat just as much as me and still not complain? She's one of a kind! "Screw it. probably remembering the display after display of amazing cars. "Yeah it was" I agreed. wincing as she stood. his expression showing that he was happy. the exact emotions that were pulsing through me. bye big boy" I called to them as Emmett led the both of us toward the elevators a minute later. the agony I am in is in its purest form! I swear!" "You shouldn't have eaten so much!" "Well you shouldn't have walked so much!" Rose and I bickered as we lay sprawled across the sofa. swollen.can't eat no more stomach. (Emmett POV) "It hurts so bad!" "I know. not adding a come back as I thought he would. comfortable and at ease. I turned to look at him and found his eyes locked on me. Im'a go soak my feet for a bit" Rose said defeated as she rose slowly from the couch. "And you had someone to treat" he said simply. not telling her my reasons."Bye cutie. "It was worth it though" she smiled dreamily. waiting for his come back when I heard him chuckle quietly.

As soon as I'd spotted the soft little deer. I shook my head. wondering what I could do to keep myself occupied.. wind blew fiercely at her. throwing myself on to the couch was my number one priority… after making sure Rose was okay of course. which I'd used all day taking pictures of her.the pain in her feet. Next I pulled out some empty wrappers and other junk that Rose and I had munched on throughout the day. Rose's camera which I'd used all day taking pictures of cars and her standing by a few. I held it in my hands and took it to the . where I'd dumped it as soon as we got in. trying to push the images from my mind before I did something stupid.. I wondered if I had any of my sweets left in there… perhaps I missed a packet? I heaved myself up. it would be a little strange… 'Want some help with soaking your feet?' I don't think so! The bag I'd been carrying around all day grabbed my attention by the door. The way she leant against the counter. it would be my reward for making the effort of getting up and taking a few footsteps. If I found the bag was void of sweets… then that was Karma coming around and biting me on the ass.259 - . Another image I managed to capture in my mind and on camera of her as she walked ahead of me around a corner. causing her eyes to sparkle as they watered. like the one I took of her as she ordered mine and her own burger. Let's see her run a mile from you then big boy. Opening the zipper I pulled out a few obstacles that stood between me and my precious sweets. swap mine with hers till they got back to normal. having an amazing day with Rose would surely result in my good luck running out at some point. like jump her in the bathroom or cradle the camera to my chest. This had meant that I could give in to my guilty pleasure and let myself gawp at every inch of the Disney stall that was erected within the car show area. and my camera. the thought of sweets lodged in my mind. A few stood out in my mind. my Bambi soft toy. gawping at it and asking the member of staff who was stood as the representative of the car a million and one questions which he did his best to answer. Rose had been off looking at a Ford Cougar. that would be a bit too 'Frankenstein' though… I tapped an unknown beat against my leg until Rose returned. a smile to spread across her face from the amusing surprise of her own shock and the way her hair blew out behind her. I couldn't go in there and help her. and which sauce I would like in my burger. her brows knotting as she thought of any sides she wanted. leading me to my Disney bag which contained my most prized possession. just as if she were the world's top model at a photo shoot.

fun sweets rolling at the bottom of the bag. "You gotta read 'em as you get them" I instructed her as I handed her the first of the sweets. Taking a deep gulp I nodded my head. purple and green. "What'cha doing down there Peaches?" Rose asked and I almost jumped from the sound of her voice. feigning indifference as I looked about the room. showing her I understood her words. you must" Rose laughed softly as she made her way back to her previous spot on the couch. on my lap. Rose eyed the packet of Love Hearts in my hands as I torturously opened the packet slowly. "If I must" I sighed. I'll bin them when I get home. white. her footsteps being as quiet as a whisper as she walked across the soft carpet. her eyes moving pointedly from my hands to where her feet rested. resting her feet on my lap once I'd sat down beside her. licking her lips which distracted me to no end before she bought me back to reality "Which I am going to share with you Rose…" she added. standing out against the darkness of my black bag. Rose's eyes almost bugged out of her face as she saw them. surviving packet of my favourite. "Oh. handling it softly. shining at me with it's colours of yellow. . almost growling as I watched the stupid idiot behind the till grab it and stuff it rudely into the bag. as though she was reminding me of the last part of the sentence that I'd missed out. not in front of Bambi I'd told myself. brandishing my precious packet of love heart before me. I hadn't realised she'd entered the room. heavy with sarcasm. You thought you could escape me? Fool! I hastily stuffed the Disney bag and camera's back into the bag.counter. "Gimmie the sweeties Emmett…or you get it" Rose threatened. secretly laughing to myself a second later as I thought but which Bambi am I now referring to? Love hearts! I restrained myself from pounding my fist into the air as I found one. After composing myself I smiled. Don't make a scene. shrugging when I added the empty wrappers on top. knowing my dimples were probably like craters on my face "I got sweeties" I said simply.260 - .

feeling deflated. uncontrollable and disastrous. a smile issuing across her face "e-mail me" she said as she waited for me to take my turn. I turned to look at her. reading it out loud. ready to choose one for myself and avoid Rose's eyes. "Lush lips" Rose read out loud. I chose one that I hadn't reserved for Rose before I handed her the next one I had ready for her.261 - . damning myself for ruining . shocked as she looked from her hand to my face. just because you're a complete and utter idiot! My voice rang with the poison tinted words around my mind. "Say yes" she muttered before I felt her eyes scorching my face. I buried my face in my hands and sank to the floor. feeling anxious from her silence and stillness and yet. wiping her tears on her way. waiting for me to take my turn. before her eyes moved to the next I placed on her frozen. beaten. Her face was pale. glancing over at Rose who rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath. Clap hands to you Emmett. ill and went to stand before the window which overlooked the street below. empty. cursing myself for being so dim-witted."Well duh…" she muttered under her breath as I watched her eyes reading the text on the sweet before she popped it in her mouth. waiting hand. Rose held her hand out toward me. What have I done? What have I bloody done? She's your best friend and you just ruined it. meaning that I saw as Rose stood from the couch. Just because Alice and Jasper. Handing it to Rose. knowing Rose would enlighten me with some come back "Cute kid" I read. you are the star of all idiots! Sighing I stood from the couch. It being so dark out transformed the window into a mirror. What have I done? I asked myself as I watched confusion and anger begin to seep into her expression. threw the two love hearts at the wall and stormed toward the bedroom. ready for her next one. I picked up a sweet for myself. hope ran through me like a wildfire. I looked over the text of each love heart and chose one which was true. "Be Mine" I heard her whisper as she read the writing on the love heart. my eyes trained on the reminding love hearts on the arm of the chair. I looked over the reminding sweets. Bella and Edward are together doesn't mean that Rose and you are to be together! My mind added scathingly. not remarking on it before she ate it.

my twilight. What if she ignored me from now on? What if she moved out? What if everyone made me move out? Would she forgive me.262 - . you make my dawn. I knew I'd never be able to go back to normal. to claim her mine. its so wrong! Haha Review please. but I just couldn't write it in my story. not now that I knew in my head and my heart that I wanted to be with Rose.what Rose and I had. would we then be able to go back to normal? I shook my head. my night . my day. Congratulations dumb ass! A/N: After the count of three… One… Two… Three… Awwww! Poor Peaches! Sweets equals candy to you.

sullen and defeated. where had my big bear Emmett gone? I asked myself as I watched him silently throw a bag on the floor and head straight up stairs. I smiled at the thought. I feel all out of practice with my writing these days! Love Sick Fools. taking small. His usual dimple smiling face was pale. I could hear the spoon clinking and clanking against the mugs as he stirred the milk into our coffees. depressed woman walk though it and toward me. meaning that I go out about three or more nights a week… I'm in high demand with my friends… what can I say. the sound of heavy footsteps following in its wake. . our relationship was as if we'd been together for years. his face looking almost like a strangers as his eyes were dull. He seemed a foot or two shorter as he walked toward me. rather than days.Love Sick Fools A/N: Sorry for the slooooow up dating. unconfident steps as if she was expecting the floor to open up and consume her. even though I'm not happy with it. his shoulders hunched as if he was trying to defend. I nodded my head. I'm working so much that I'm semi-ill. His heavy footsteps followed him and stopped once he reached his room. being this cool has its consequences! HAHA! Anyway. My head snapped toward the front door as I heard it crash open. They'd gone from being boisterous and fun filled to deflated and grim.263 - . What had this little car show done to Emmett and Rose? I wondered as I gawped at Rose looking lost and ill. ignoring me as if I was invisible. I hope this chapter makes up for the lack of updating. and my immune system has crashed. small and lifeless. Emmett's burly form filled the doorway. protect himself from something. his head stooped. A slam of a car door echoed from outside and I turned my attention from the stairs to the doorway. holding back my gasp as I watched a blond. My social life has blossomed. His appearance confused me to no end. (Bella POV) "I think they're home!" Edward called from the kitchen. knowing that Edward wouldn't be able to see me but would know that I was doing it nevertheless.

okay love?" I heard Jasper telling Alice as he lean over the back of the chair and kissed her softly. "No idea" I mumbled to myself as I frowned. she concentrated harder if possible on the floorboards as Emmett passed her. confusion etched on his face. causing me to sigh and forget that I was in a strop with him. a proud look upon his face. his eyes scorching as he looked at me from head to toe "You know I'm just looking out for you" he said as he stalked nearer toward me. without recognition of any other presence in the room. "We'll be at F8.264 - . Stupid stupid cast! He pulled away from me. He has a point my mind stuttered as I panted for air. The sight almost tore a hole in me. honey don't be mad" he smiled as he turned his attention toward me. to provoke? The thought rolled around my mind as Emmett left the house and as Rose went to the bag Emmett had thrown to the floor. Neither acknowledged each other. and now? It was as if they were enemies… but then again if they were enemies. without a word. "The sooner you're out of that cast the better" he whispered into my ear before he nibbled at my lobe. wouldn't they speak to each other to taunt at one another. probably looking infantile as I did so.Footsteps came from the stairs again and I watched as Emmett made his way down. you know we're near by. "Awww. heading toward the door. "Sir yes sir" I muttered quietly as I crossed my arms over my chest. Rose's eyes didn't waver from the floor where they were fixated to Emmett like I'd predicted to happen. his gym bag in one hand and his Jeep's keys in the other. only in how they made an effort to ignore each other more than they were already doing. "I have no idea" I answered him simply. or watched a torturous movie. "Alice. make sure she doesn't get up from there unless it's purely a life or death situation" Edward warned as he pointed toward me. practically a couple before they left. unable to find any other words to describe what I'd seen. . What had gone so wrong? They were best friends. so if you need anything. sitting at my side as I recovered for breath. Rose. "What was all that about?" Edwards's voice bought me back to the sofa where I was trapped due to the cast on my leg as he stood in the doorway to the kitchen. I'd been so lost in thought over the sight I'd witnessed that I almost believed I'd been having a nightmare. pulling two cameras out mutely and heading outside as Emmett had.

Jasper.265 - . He was dressed soberly in a black shirt which seemed to make him look more ashen than he was when he arrived home with Rose earlier in the day. a weak smile wavered on my face as I battled with smiling and crying. I found out that she took the two cameras to be developed as soon as she got home. the silence broken as Rose whispered "Peaches". getting up from beside me as Emmett descended the stairs. The house stood silent as soon as the door had closed. The both of them smiled softly at me as I got up from the floor and sat back by the coffee table.A sigh came from Rose as she stood from the couch and went toward the bag which had been left where it'd been thrown on the floor. the second time. "Bye" Edward whispered before he kissed my cheek. his eyes trained on it as if it were worth the world. wanting to show us her new favourite model of car. (Rose POV) I laughed softly to myself before I returned my attention to my two best friends "Bambi" I said as I held up the soft toy which I'd had cradled in my arms to them. dropping a fluffy teddy to the floor. setting Bambi carefully upon it. Edward and I watched in silence as Emmett and Rose tugged at the bag silently. tears running from her eyes. Edward and Jasper followed him hesitantly once they'd said a quick goodbye to us. The trip to the gym hadn't added colour to his cheeks. Alice. Emmett's attention purely on the bag while Rose's was on Emmett's face. . Taking a deep breath and wiping the moisture from the corner of his eyes quickly Emmett turned on his heels and walked away without a word. In one swift movement he grabbed a hold of the bag. picking the soft teddy up in her hands and cuddling it to her chest. His eyes grew wide as he watched Rose open the bag and pull out a Disney carrier bag. The plastic tore from the force. Emmett's face showed how defeated and heart broken he was as he starred at the stuffed object on the floor between himself and a shocked Rose. I'd noticed that she'd been quiet since she came home.

I vaguely remembered getting home and heading out again. The worst. Bella and I. I starred at the pictures as they dropped one on top of each other before me. but found that I couldn't bring myself to speak. I felt too numb to make the effort to use my voice. each one sparking a memory of the time Emmett and I spent together. who then set them on the coffee table before my eyes. Curiosity kicked in when I heard Bella's mirrored shock filled gasp. knowing that it was a likely chance. Please god don't let it be Emmett's bum I thought as I waited silently. jealousy churned in my stomach and awe washed over my features. moving on to the second silently. I wanted to tell her not to bother looking through them. Alice's shocked gasp prickled my attention. Frowning. mystical woman passed before my eyes. I revelled in the silence that surrounded Alice. and it was my entire stupid fault."What are those?" Alice asked quietly as she pointed to the two photo albums I'd had developed earlier today.266 - . grateful for such great best friends who knew my needs without having to ask. Envy pulsed through my veins. flashing images of Emmett at the car show and hotel running through my mind. giving my self esteem a brutal kicking. The pictures of the golden haired. to think much more than was necessary. painstaking image was of Emmett looking out the window of our hotel room. How had I not noticed her around? I couldn't believe that Emmett hadn't actually run away from me to follow that gorgeous woman around. It broke my heart all over again how we'd ignored each other. She was a goddess. Alice picked them up from the coffee table. I concentrated my attention on the space where Bella would inevitably place the photo that seemed to shock herself and Alice. My breath blew out of me as I starred at the coloured picture before my eyes. "Photos from the car show" I whispered as I stroked the teddy before me. the only reminder that was etched in my mind was the memory of passing Emmett as he headed to the gym. but it wasn't enough to make me curious. that this second album was Emmett's and was probably full of stupid pictures. the sight of his reflection in the window would haunt me until I put things to right between us. to move. seeming half the man he was as I stormed out. Hell… I would have if I'd seen her! . opening one photo album first and passing the one's she'd looked at to Bella. happily. "Cute" Alice whispered to herself more than to Bella and me once she'd finished the first album.

" Alice said once I'd finished describing my confused feelings to them and jumbled thoughts. I explained quickly to the both of them about the creeps in the bar.267 - . "All of them are you Rose" Bella said softly from the couch. I explained to them how I'd felt confused. ."Rose…" Alice started as she passed the last picture to Bella. "Yeah" I smiled. how Emmett had looked out for me and then the next night had asked 'be mine'. I shook my head back and forth. finally speaking it out loud "You're so pretty". wanting to know that I understood the situation "That's me… all those are me… Emmett took all those…" Alice and Bella nodded in response. a soft smile on her face as she looked back at the photos and toward my stuffed Bambi. probably wondering if I'd cry or freak out a minute later. "But he doesn't want Rosalie Hale. she looked almost dreamy as she paused. "So maybe its fate" I heard Bella saying with a smile as she looked between Alice and me. I nodded my head slowly so that she could see that I'd acknowledged her "Emmett… he took… they're just…" I finally shifted my eyes so that they fell on Alice. "Emmett can see you as you are Rose" Bella added in a whisper. he wants Rose. "Why were you so mad at Emmett when you came home?" Bella asked me in a cautious voice. Emmett was my buddy and then he'd turned into one of those guys who 'wanted' me. "That's me?" I asked dumbly as I pointed at the picture. gaining the upper hand each time. his Bambi. With my finger still poised pointing limply at the pictures I added slowly. A slight look of distaste fixed on her face as she thought of something over in her mind. he wants you for who you are. The woman in all the pictures was beautiful… I'm me. It was me… but it wasn't. The last photo fell on top of the pile and I looked down at it in confusion. He's taken a lot of shit from you and he still wants you to be his. remembering how I'd been mean to him by threatening him a few times. waiting for my reply.

silly. "What the hell pixie? Where are we going? And we only get twenty minutes? What's wrong with you. the stubborn one was picking up her crutches. breaking the sombre mood that hung above us. I just asked her to be my girlfriend and she said no. "Uh Alice… I'm in a cast… they have stairs…" Bella mumbled as she looked at her busted leg. "Okay… this has been nice and all but we have twenty minutes and then were outa here.. what if Emmett was still pissed off with me for rejecting him and he rejected me back? "Twenty minutes" the sprite hissed.. My pixie has finally snapped… mental institution here we come.268 - ."Told you it'd happen" Alice said with a giggle. stupid Peaches" I smiled as I remembered all the good times we'd had. feeling comfy enough in my worn sweats. causing the three of us to stop in a fit of giggles once Bella had slipped in her haste." she smiled as she punctuated each word. hoping Alice wouldn't make us go. probably thinking of their guys. you always demand two hours!" I asked as I looked at her in bewilderment. Alice and Bella sat quietly while I lost myself within my memories and thoughts. clapping her hands in hope that Bella and I would snap into attention. "Guess 'no thank you' wouldn't work right now' I mumbled as I passed Alice. making sure we caught each one. "Peaches" I sighed his name as I stroked the Bambi teddy which were in my arms "My big. She's gota point I thought as I looked at her. Chop chop" Alice demanded as she jumped onto the couch. her eyes narrowed dangerously as she looked between Bella and me. knowing that retaliation was not an option.. even Bella. now move it!" Alice called from the sofa before she began herding Bella and me up the stairs like a Sheppard. "No shit Sherlock. (Emmett POV) "Look. ". okay" I growled as I .

Happy now?" I spat out. not remembering which 'teenth' I was at… thirteenth… fifteenth… nineteenth shot? "That was quite romantic" Edward said before he drank some of his beer. a low rumble of a growl lacing his voice. "She didn't say anything. placing my drink back down on the table and resting my head in my hands. dropping my hand from my face and downing the shot of vodka before me. well it didn't work did it? You know I'm no good with words like you Romeo" I grumbled as I pulled my pint before me and pushing the empty shot glasses away. asking rhetorically. "That's mine" I heard him say in a deathly voice. "That was such a bad idea… I've just fucked things up between me and my Bambi now haven't I. I wondered what it was Jasper had taken from him. "Yeah. a smile on his lips. Hell. "She hates me and she'll never say yes to me. annoyed that even after drinking so much in such little time that I still felt fairly sober." I closed my eyes as I shook my head in defeat. I would have said no to me!" I moaned as I hung my head. Watching their pitiful looks and hearing them asking me 'You okay' every five minutes was really grating on me.269 - . She just threw them and stormed out the room" I mumbled before I chucked back another shot. The chair beside me scraped back and I knew then that I was left alone as Jasper too walked away. glad that Jasper and Edward were silent for once and letting me spill all my thoughts. beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol kicking in. "Why the hell does it matter? She said no anyway" I almost growled as I spoke. no wonder she said no. "Back in a minute" Edward's mumbled voice reached me and I nodded slowly. she was too pissed off with me to speak. I guessed Edward and Jasper couldn't deny what I'd just said because they were still silently sat beside me. "How did you ask her?" Edward asked from opposite me. I'm such a sop that my best friend and my brother deserted me I sighed. "She actually said no?" Jasper said from my left. I'm such a dumb ass. . The look on my brother's face crumbled my anger somewhat "I gave her a Love Heart which said 'Be Mine' and then a 'Say Yes' one.rested my chin on my hand. curiosity filling his voice. The taunting never ends. and she just stormed out the room.

Her hands fell from my hair and shoulder down over my chest. She almost fell back across the table as she opened her mouth to mine. What the hell am I drinking? I wondered before I lifted my head a little and opened my eyes. making me feel drunk in a different way "Yes" she spoke quietly. my hands running over her legs as she wrapped them around my legs. I'd reached my limit of behaving and holding back. tilting her head back as I teased her lips with my tongue. alluring voice filled my mind. knew as she spoke in that husky voice of hers and didn't resist as I pulled her to me. What if all of this was a dream of mine? A beautiful dream which I'd wake up from and turn into a terrifying nightmare. only attacked me back with just the same amount of enthusiasm. I growled. growing more pronounced each second. tugging at it as she pulled me tighter to her perfect body. She knew what she was doing when she breathed her words across the side of my face. Her pleasured moans drove me wild as I set her on the table. my hand holing her upright as she kept a hold of my belt as I kissed her deeper. She didn't resist as I kissed her. . squeezing and massaging as they travelled from her back to her waist and delectable bottom. A tugging on the back of my shirt pulled a fraction of my attention from Rose. My hands roamed her curves. her voice sounding husky which caught my attention. driving me wild. but I didn't have that much restraint. holding me as her prisoner. that's why my back felt as if it had been alight. spoken to her fist about our feelings. the annoying constant tugging was in my way from being able to give Rose my full attention. neck and ear. I knew I should have been gentle with her. knowing instantly it was Rose. beginning to feel a little light headed from our drugging kisses but not wanting to stop. resting on my belt which she grabbed a hold of and pulled at. I stood quickly.A strange feeling began to spread through me a few minutes after Jasper and Edward had left.270 - . Warmth washed against my ear and before I could turn to look a sweet. my back feeling heated for some reason. Only she could get my body to react the way it was beginning to just by her presence. only to stop when the voice reached me from the other side "if you'll have me" she added. my chair being pushed in some unknown direction as I pulled Rose to my body. I turned my head slowly to the side where the voice came from. hoping she's gain me entrance. holding her tightly "Just try and stop me" I said in a lust covered voice before I crashed my lips to hers. I held her to me with one hand which was sprawled against her back and held her face in my other. Her hand sunk into my hair.

I closed my eyes and tried to control myself.271 - . for me Peaches" she asked with lethal blue puppy dog eyes. I rolled my eyes as I sat down and pulled her onto my lap. "Soon" I whispered to her as I pulled her off the table and setting her on her feet.Tearing my lips reluctantly from Rose's and moving them to her neck I growled "What?" not wanting to stop worshiping the goddess beneath my lips. The thought of having her locked in a hotel room with a few cans of whipped cream almost urged me to throw her over my shoulder and never look back. giggling innocently as she rubbed it after. this little vixen knew what effect she had on me. wanting to hold her close and to never let her go. running her hand over my chest where my heart was beating like a drum. the evidence was currently pressed against her and yet she continued with the torturous teasing. reminding me of where we were and annoying me from the inconvenience of a bed not being nearby for me to be able to continue the worshiping of my goddess for the next few days or weeks. mumbling under her breath "Stupid club… hotel room… whipped cream…" her thought provoking words almost pushed me over the edge. A menacing growl reached my ears and rumbled from my chest. I was about to tell her 'no' and that we were leaving. "Better be… or else" she threatened with a smile as she pulled her face from the crook of my neck and graced me with the sight of her perfect flushed face. Something dangerous flashed through her eyes as she added the last bit and I gasped as she pinched my nipple. and to not expect to see us for a week when Rose answered first "Of course" I grumbled as Rose pulled back from my embrace "Please. not sure if her legs would be stable enough to hold her up yet or not. "Guys were in the middle of a club! At least get a room" Edward hissed from behind me. looking down I noticed Rose resting her head against my chest and heaving for breath. It was hell on earth having her sat on my lap. she moved about every now and . "Do you think you two can control yourselves enough to stay for a drink or three?" Alice asked from somewhere behind Rose. holding her tightly in my arms.

The six of us sat around the table. you were a little distracted earlier" Jasper chuckled before he continued "Edward was a little pissed with Duncan when he saw him carrying Bella up the stairs…" "He had his hands on my girlfriend!" Edward growled as he punched Jasper on the arm. letting me run my free hand up and down her back. After about half an hour of drinking. the slightest movement causing me to 'stand to attention'. Everyone's a winner. the girls insisted on going to dance. "Well he did make sure that Bella got up here unharmed…" Jaspers voice trailed off. she'd taught him how to bake cookies which had unbelievably ended up being edible. Alice told us how she'd visited Jasper at school when she had a slow say. We talked about what we'd been up to over the last couple of days. I learnt that Edward had stayed at home with Bella each day. Rose and I told them about our trip to the car show. "What you two on about?" I asked as I gave Duncan the fourth or fifth nod of the night. her knowledge of this only making her more active. or he would have if it'd . Rose in my arms. the boys in the class because of her beauty and the girls because of her impeccable style. letting the last drips of my beer drip onto my tongue. I do like the guy" Edwards pondering voice reached me as I held my tongue out. we'd give him a nod. talking to Alice who was sat on Jaspers lap and to Bella who was being held in Edward's arms. "Yeah. getting a wave from him that said 'I see you and the beer is on its way'.again. After an hour or so of catching up and joking around. laughter evident in his tone.272 - . meaning that us men were free to drink some more beer that good old Duncan continuously supplied us. but you could have been a little nicer! 'That's mine'" Jasper scoffed as he impersonated Edwards voice "How freakishly possessive is that?" "You'd have reacted the same if it was Alice he carried. Jasper admitted that she was the reason that he let the children have a half lesson. "Oh yeah. she'd surprised him by entering half way through one of his classes and taking a seat in the front row. knowing that having her there distracted him. and he'd give us another pitcher of beer. "As much as I hate the fact that he had his hands on my Bella. laughing and in my case kissing the back of Rose's neck she finally decided to behave and rested herself against my chest.

A/N: Hope you liked it. Iamvamp. you haven't lived! I had 81 reviews on my last chapter alone! How cool is that? Why don't we try and beat it? haha Thank you all.BookMe. Jasper and I were acting like love sick fools. Was it worth it in the end? You lot need to check out my twin's stories. able to see a glimmer of Rose's blonde hair every now and again when the light graced her. "No… he wouldn't dare…" I said slowly after few silent minutes later as I watched a man weave through the crowd toward our women. "Is he really that stupid?" Jasper asked as he leant forward and squinted his eyes in hopes of seeing better.273 - . If you haven't read them. his eyes ablaze with his controlled rage. "I'd have broken his jaw into five different pieces and then imbedded them into his back" I said simply as I looked down at the dance floor. With a clenched jaw he added before he turned to descend the stairs "He's a dead man"." Edwards voice seemed like it was filled with knives and fire as he spoke "This has gone on long enough" he added as he stood. and sorry again for the slow updating. his hands balled into fists at his side. "That's it. sighing and smiling each time we caught a glimpse of our girlfriends below.been Rose" Edward said with a slight sulk as he nodded toward me. me too" Jasper whispered quietly in defeat before turning his attention as mine was on the dance floor. I almost laughed as I thought of how Edward. . "Yeah.

. which might very well be my last! And also. (Bella POV) "See. waving her hand in a beckoning motion "do you want me to have to carry you again" she added with a laugh. Declarations and Debates. once I got to page 6 sucked!) Apology number 2: Sorry if this sucks! After a mega writers block.) I should have used my time a little wiser and done more typing. things aren't flowing too smoothly in the imagination process! Apology number 3: Sorry if there will be some more delay… (I'm not sure where I'm headed with this story next. that wasn't so bad" Alice stated in her chirpy tone as she loosened her death grip on my arm and took a step onto the dance floor. I KNOW… its inexcusable (it kind of isn't. "Piece of cake Bells… piece of cake" Rose added as she let her arm fall from around my waist and followed Alice "Come on" she called over her shoulder at me.. it's my (and the twin's) birthday on the 26th of June. I've got a sketchy idea of the next chapter. Declarations and Debates A/N: Here goes… Apology number 1: The delay… I KNOW. the first one.Threats..274 - .don't expect anything much posted till well into July! Haha) Threats. and were having a 5 day house party to celebrate. but I had some worrying writers block! (This chapter is the second version. I've been working a lot and drinking out with my friends a lot but still.

knowing that an attempt at escaping would be futile. 'What's he doing… thinking… is he thinking of rescuing me?' I wondered. Staying put would benefit me more when it came to Alice and Rose's wrath. one elbow to the face and a dangerous slip of my crutch later) dancing gracefully together with a gaggle of men gawping around them from every direction. I shrugged as I pointed from my foot to the crutch and lastly to myself. shook her head and smiled in response. 'DANCE' Rose mouthed to me. and before another could take its place. Alice's voice filled my ringing ears "Shit…it…all" I turned to look at her.275 - . giving me a thumbs up once she was done."You didn't carry me…" I whined at her retreating form as I took a careful step after her and Alice "You just helped me down… better than what gravity would have… stupid stairs" I mumbled under my breath as I followed after her into the throng of pulsing bodies. as it usually did when it wasn't clouded by worries of falling over. making sure I understood her miming before she continued with 'WITH US' waved her finger between herself and Alice as she mouthed the words. I was never a good dancer even with two fully functioning legs. Alice just rolled her eyes. indicating that the broken leg slowed me down and of course me being klutz Bella was always a hazard. "Bella! At last!" Alice mouthed. I huffed as I stood stationary on the dance floor. but what was I supposed to be hoping for while I was stood on a dance floor with a busted leg? One song finally came to a close. her eyes glowing different colours as the clubs lights passed over her tiny frame. to Edward. so how was I supposed to survive with one leg in a cast and a seemingly third leg in a form of a crutch. I found them (two jabs to the side. her light voice was lost by the beats of the music which drowned her out. slightly optimistically in all honesty. knowing that no one would be able to hear me over the deafening music. My mind wandered. seeing her . It was my turn to roll my eyes as I winced. which in turn meant I lost and arm by having to hold onto it? 'COME ON' Alice mouthed as she bounced beside me.

blinding smiles on each of their faces. deep voice behind me. what the…" I started. "Erm… well… go… th-…b.276 - . pointing to my leg. "I'm on meds" I lit-?" I managed to catch. trying to thing of a quick resort. "Oh… that's too bad" I managed to pick up by reading his thin. the quicker the better in this case. and air of confidence and superiority in their stance. from my leg.eyebrows pulled together into a frown. had he been following me or something? "Do you wana dance?" he asked. trying my best to peek over Rose's shoulder and around Alice's bobbing head. having to strain my vocal chords in hope he'd be able to hear me over the pounding music. and also in hope it'd reach him as Alice and Rose were acting as physical barriers so that Mike couldn't come too close. Alice and Rose turned around. quickly turning into smug smiles before they turned back to Mike. giving him an excuse to come closer "What a nice surprise to see you here" he smiled with a glint in his eyes. "Guys. to my bust and finally back to my face. to my waist. making me quiver from the menacing threat that dripped within the two lettered word. which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. giving him a weak smile. Has someone accessorised badly with a nice dress? "Total… bloody… prick on legs" Rose added with a scowl as she joined Alice's cursing at some object that wasn't privy to my eyes yet. I simply shrugged and pointed at my leg. seeing as the both of them had moved so that they stood before me. "Bella!" he called. hopefully he'd be idiotic enough to take my motion as a sympathetic 'I can't because I unfortunately have a broken leg'. his eyes hopeful and a cocky smile plastered on his lips. "No" I heard a quiet. guessing he wanted me to go with him to the bar to talk from the way he pointed in the bar's direction. I feel so violated! "I can't drink!" I shouted to him. "Umm…" I mumbled. . just as a new song started up. shiver inspiring lips "I'll get you a drink then" he added as his eyes slowly trailed up my body from what he could catch between Rose and Alice's figures. like my own personal misfit bodyguards. for once grateful that the klutz in me was coming in handy. only to finally have my eyes settle on no other that Mike Newton himself.

mouth agape. each with a wish of a slow and painful death written across their features. and the pitch blackness of his eyes scared the crap out of me! I looked past him. One fist balled up as the other ran across its knuckles. walking after Jasper and Mike as if they were stalking their pray. Like wild cats in the . which I'd forgotten entirely about during the event. "Mike… a word?" Jasper's always cool voice came out restrained. For once. which seemed carefree enough. I couldn't be sure if Jasper was calm enough to not kill. The last man. Jasper strode forward. controlled. at least he'd have something in there other than idiocy. Emmett and Duncan stepped away from us girls. My smile grew wider as I watched him begin to take a few small shaky steps back in retreat. their bulk almost as big as an average body. Never had I been afraid of him. not giving away to any surrender of a truce or forgiveness on his part. His hands were both planted in his trouser pockets. but by the strain that appeared at his jaw. mostly because of his handsomeness. I turned to see his face poker straight. unwavering on Mike. Mike looked pityingly like a lost child as he stood. Jasper and Emmett's threatening stance and fierce expressions. Duncan's eyes were locked.Confused by their change I turned around. wild. having lost his voice along with his courage and cockiness. Mike merely nodded in response. Now I knew why Alice and Rose were so smug. And so was I. placing a hand on his shoulder and leading him into the throng of bodies around us. his arms hanging by his sides. Once out of sight.277 - . who stood by Edward's side matched Edward. Emmett stood beside my war like Adonis. only to have my breath stolen away from me by Edward's form. his hands flexing into fists every now and again. but also because the look on his face. I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd pulled a blade or military like gun out of his pockets and blasted a bullet into Mike's head. only to be met by three men with the exact same expressions. as if consoling it that it would soon be hurling into contact with Mike's face. The sight reminded me of how one would expect someone to react if they'd come face to face with a fierce. his forehead burrowed with creases by the severity of his frown. but not on this lethal looking Jasper. Edward. staring at the four warrior like men before him. Jasper was next to Emmett. starving Lion.

The urge to go back and throttle the living day lights out of Mike was tempting… worryingly a little bit too tempting as I thought of my self as a good. leading us back toward the stairs. I felt ashamed. Four. dangerous looking men leading a weak Mike off did have its suspicions. pure person. toward the bar where we'd been sat earlier. I stayed silent. her eyes glazed as she starred at an unknown object. "Think they'll kill him?" Rose asked minutes later. I knew the questions were sure to come… I'd have to be the stupid one to not be expecting that. The four of us made our way back to where we knew the girls were sat. (Edward POV) Go back and kill him. I mentally kicked myself as I thought of how we'd reacted. I sighed. Once we'd managed to get me safely up the stairs and seated I asked "What was all that about?" gaining identical shrugs from Alice and Rose. We hadn't given either one of them an explanation of our actions. they'd have to have been as idiotic as Mike if they hadn't followed our order and gone there. simply pointed up. not bothering to answer what was more rhetorical than anything. She gave him a simple response of a nod and continued to grab a hold of Alice's arm and then mine.278 - . my own voice.wilderness. hoping to shake away the voice that rang in my head. piercing the silence that had settled between us. not the raving murderer want to be that I felt like at the moment. Emmett was . just go back and finish it… no one would miss the weasel… kill him! I shook my head quickly. just Rose speaking what was on her mind. Emmett stopped before Rose. "Can't I just go back and punch him… just the once?" Emmett pleaded as he squirmed within Jasper and Duncan's restraining hold on him. Although her question did match with what was running through my muddled mind. merely let them deal with it and not question us. his eyes locked on hers as he did so. "Maybe" Alice whispered back.

His brow was furrowed as he stood next to the small sofa that Rose was stretched across. Jasper and Duncan. letting go of his grip on Emmett. crossing her arms "Stupid pig headed bull" she added as she turned her face away from him to look at the floor. preferably before we get back to the girls" Jaspers voice sounded monotone as he spoke. Would Bella forget what I'd looked like earlier. and then to Emmett. Jasper loosened his hold. "Oh for the love of…" Emmett cursed under his breath before he knelt down before Rose.only voicing what was running through my mind. his expression back to being relaxed and neutral. gaining him a hellish glare from her.279 - . She looked as if she were in a nightmare as she looked at me. but I noticed that he walked a step behind Emmett. I knew it must be because he was fighting the urge himself to run back to the restroom and finish Mike off. "Shove up and make some room Bambi" Emmett spoke in a gruff voice. My stomach began to feel as if it were doing summersaults. Didn't anything get her down? I wondered as I watched her hop up from her chair and jump into Jaspers arms. probably to make sure he'd be able to tackle Emmett to the ground if he tried to head back. hoping that I was back to some kind of normality after my rage. playfully punched him before she scooted up "Come here you . "Pull yourself together Em. when I'd let my fury take over me? The look of her shocked face filled my mind again as we neared where the girls were sat. Rose rolled her eyes. "Hey yourself" I heard him mutter as he secured his arms around his treasured goods and sit himself on the chair that she had just vacated. taking her face into his hands and reluctantly gaining her to look at him "You can punch me now" he smiled as he let go of her face and braced himself for her punch. causing me to look his way. Duncan headed off toward the bar as we reached the top. "I'll get you three some drinks… and take my break…"Duncan's low voice followed me up the stairs. "Shove yourself Peaches!" she called out defiantly. the cheeriness of it uplifting my black mood somewhat. Would she see me as a monster? "Hey sweetie" Alice's voice punctured my gloomy thoughts. I took a deep breath.

soft lips. squeezing her arms tighter around me as she spoke. some much earned drinks" he announced once he'd reached the six of us. "What have you been up to for so long that you haven't gotten around to telling them?" Duncan laughed as he sat himself down on a chair between Rose and Jasper. I wrapped my arms as tightly as I could around her and buried my nose in her hair. "Missed you too" I whispered into the top of her head before I closed my eyes and pressed a long kiss on her forehead. "Missed you" Bella murmured against my neck. "Alight amigos. I gave her a weak wave and received one back from her. lifting her from her chair effortlessly and sitting down myself. watching her as she watched me. breathing in her scent of mouth-watering strawberries. I smiled and watched. who was holding Alice to him. I walked silently over to her. to remember what the four of us men had done about an hour ago. but not before I placed a soft kiss on Bella's luscious. I pulled away and gave Duncan a nod in appreciation. when he knew full . I felt the anger return to me as I thought of how I watched Mike slither through the crowd to get to our girls. the mere touch of her skin against mine cured me of my erratic emotions. I chuckled as I thought of her mirroring my actions.fool" she smiled as she took hold of his hand and hauled him next to her. "Anyway…" Duncan continued as soon as he realised he had three pairs of beautiful eyes trained on him which were waiting for him to answer the question "Well we took Mike to the gents… to have a little chat…" My mind went back. my heart thundering in my chest as she smiled back. I almost exclaimed out loud as I realised how calm and content I felt now that Bella was in my arms. how he dared to speak to my Bella. "They didn't tell you?" Duncan asked amused. holding her in my embrace. Finally I looked at my Bella. "What did you four do?" Rose voiced the question that I could sense Bella was almost bursting to ask herself. "Oi! Get out the way or you'll be barred… you too" Duncan's voice rang over the bar and I felt my lips turn into a smile as they rested against Bella's forehead still.280 - .

or was speaking to himself and was agreeing with the words he'd spoken. and with Bella. how could it not be?" "Fuck it" those two words rang out like a rehearsed chorus as Duncan. Emmett I had noticed hadn't moved an inch in trying to block my actions. Jasper and Duncan had obviously restrained me from banging his useless head against the wall. do you hear me?" I remember saying as I stood opposite him. adding "You can't stop me of the thoughts I have of her. and no one would be able to walk in and interrupt our little 'talk'. "Why you f-" I'd lunged at him after that remark. I wasn't so sure. with a foot or two of distance between us so that I wouldn't be tempted to wrap my hands around his neck and strangle him at that very second. She's only pretending to be with you to make me jealous…" he added.well that I would be with her. Duncan being a member of staff was able to lock the door after us so that Mike had no way of escape. . "You leave Bella alone. the one's I've had since the first time I met her… thoughts of her have had me very… distracted… from time to time…" a smirk on his face as he casually leant back against the wall behind him. "She'll come to me soon…I'll tell her that I don't want her as a rebound… but then she'll tell me how she loves me… I might add a little argument too" he went on. Bella rubbed circles over my back as she listened to Duncan speaking. Emmett took the three footsteps that divided his hands and Mike's feeble body while Jasper and Duncan's restraining hold on me evaporated as they too closed the distance. Emmett and Jasper spoke them. his eyes locked on mine as he spoke the next words "because you know make-up sex is the best. "I know she thinks about me… I can see it in her eyes. I don't want you so much as thinking about her ever again. "Just try and stop me" Mike had smirked at me. She was responding to my reaction on reflex I realised with a smile. her eyes were fixed on him but she must have noticed how I'd stiffened as my anger grew. nodding his head as he spoke as if he was trying to convince himself. I pushed my mind back to remember what Mike had said when we four had finally gotten him alone in the gents. nodding his head again and smirking.281 - . Although from the way he'd spoken once we'd gotten him into the contained room. stunned that he had the gall to speak such words when he was evidently in no position to pester either one of us.

You hear me?" I asked. sobbing and cursing. Letting him damn himself with a simple no. Two or three drunks later and I stood looking at what could only be described as a drowned weasel. "No… don't… let me go!" he called before his words were drowned out yet again in the same way. it won't be threats that you'll get. Mike stood before me. letting him get away by answering with a simple yes. I snapped. to try and restrain myself from wrapping them back around his neck. a smile tugging at my lips as I thought of what I was about to say next "Bella's own father is a cop… a chief no less…" I let my words trail off as I let go of his throat. Mike's protests were drowned out for a few seconds by the sound of the toilet flushing and some splashing and spluttering.282 - . because if you do. I clenched my hands into fists at my side. pitiful on a grown man."No. "You listen. you won't come near Bella again. no! Not again!" Mike's voice echoed within the stall like a child's voice. "You're going to leave her alone aren't you" I said simply. My hand clenched around his throat before he could even summon up a puff of breath in his lungs to shout. "Oh. "I think he understands" Jasper muttered "Lets get cleaned up and head back to our girls" he added as he turned the taps on and lathered his hands with soap. calm the unbelievable force of rage that I swore was boiling my blood and pounding against my skull. pressing my thumb and forefinger a little tighter on his windpipe so that the seriousness of the situation would sink in. red eyed. I have witnesses on my side for my defence and also…" I paused. "Your all talk… you just let them three do all your dirty work for you… scum" He spat out as he looked at the floor. spluttering. I took the time to try and collect myself. It'll be the end of you. n-n-n-no…. . and I'll do it with my own bare hands. and don't try and go to the cops and turn this around. and you listen good weasel. watching him bent double as he gasped for breath.

conveying to me what she had just said. in my arms. "You're not mad?" I asked her hesitantly. only to find her eyes glowing with lust and a new fierce emotion that I couldn't distinguish. driving me wild. Bella was as still as a statue in my arms as she starred at me. but enough for her to get a reaction out of me. tears filling her eyes. capturing her mouth with vigour. . I looked in her eyes. I closed my eyes as I rested my head on top of Bella's. our tongues stroking until I felt myself begin to feel pained by the restraint I was having to control… in the middle of a club. letting our love be expressed by our lips. to my chest to rest on the buckle of my belt "sexy" she added. seeing her eyes glimmering "Thank you" she whispered softly. running her tempting lips across my jaw and up to my ear "My big strong man" she added as she nibbled at my lobe. pulling away from my chest to look at me "What is it?" she asked. feeling utterly content. feeling as if some weight had been lifted off my entire body by my declaration. down my throat. raising goose bumps "I" she spoke into my skin. I groaned as the temptress on my lap moved again. wondering when she'd realise that I'd acted like a monster. I have Bella. I smiled wider as the thoughts ran through my mind. a slight panic filling her eyes. plunging my tongue into her mouth. only to pause as I thought over the last piece… I love Bella? "Edward?" Bella asked. giving me a soft kiss before whispering the next word "love" she said. her breath sweeping over my skin.283 - . I reacted without hesitation. I turned to her.The feeling of Bella's pink lips against my jaw bought me out of my mind and back to revel in the feeling of her in my arms. "You have nothing to be sorry for" Bella spoke. like a caveman "I snapped Bella… I turned into a monster and I'm sorry you had to see me like that… it wont happe-" my words got lost as she pressed her mouth against mine in a demanding kiss. all to myself and I love her. out of breath from our maddening kiss "It was…" she trailed her finger from my jaw. but matched what I was feeling. planting another kiss on my neck "you" again followed by a kiss "too" which she followed by a full kiss to my tingling lips. "I love you" I whispered. Shit… I shouldn't have said it so soon… does she think I'm over possessive now? Drunk? She nuzzled her faceinto the crook of my neck. moving her hips slightly.

as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice water over my head. taking a healthy gulp of his beer. marry me" Alice's voice broke through my Bella filled vision as soon as we'd pulled away from our drugging kisses. she sounded so flippant… blasé as she spoke… as if she were telling him which kind of coffee she'd like him to get her. . "That's cool" He said with a shrug. "Kay" he spoke. "Oh what the…" Emmett fairly bellowed in exasperation as he watched mine and Bella's declaration of love and Alice and Jaspers marriage proposal "Screw it… I'm not gona be outdone by them two Romeo's" he mumbled before he turned to Rose "Bambi. "Beat that" Emmett smiled as he pulled Rose closer to him. but no more than six" Rose said in a borderline monotone voice as she swirled her drink. Jasper. and only he could pull off "So I bet you're kickin' yourself black and blue on how you missed out on our Bells" he laughed. having witnessed the turn of events. at why he'd reacted so calmly. "You guys always like this?" a different voice broke into our bubble.284 - . lets have kids yeah?" he spoke quickly and. placing a kiss on her cheek with a proud smile on his face. seeming surprised that an 'outsider' would consider the friendship and relationships between the six of us so calmly and understandingly. "Umm… yes?" I hedged. from the smile on his face. and so he continued to explain himself "at least you all know what page you're all on". I nodded my head slowly. sending an over dramatised wink Duncan's way. The look on my face must have been confusion. stunned as he was replied under three seconds. he already thought that Rose had accepted his rather ruff proposition. seeming more interested in the slice of lemon that was spinning within the glass than Emmett's announcement of kids. Alice. Emmett broke our quietened mood in a way only he knew how. Bella."Jasper. with a faint. Jasper. and I ashamedly remembered that Duncan was still sat with us. and I laughed at his comment. dreamlike smile on his lips. "Fine. The tone of Alice's voice shocked me. wondering if he'd run away screaming or just call us freaks.

up the stairs and into bed… our beds. which resulted in us having a debate about who was cuter when sleeping."My heart may never recover from such heart brake. us men having to carry our women from the taxi to the house. one hand resting over his heart while the other rested on his forehead. A/N: So… the verdict? Iamvamp :) (Remember to give BookMe a happy birthday on the 26th of June!) . along with the rest of us. just like a theatre actor. who had the cutest snore and who we thought would suffer the most in the morning.285 - . The night ended with the six of us staggering to our feet. for I shall survive!" Duncan added. but fear not dear fellow. Their deafening snores spread wide smiles on each of us men's faces. "That's my boy" Emmett chuckled.

With that in mind I pulled my trusty little cell from my pocket and dialled Alice's familiar number. Fin. "With cream. knowing that I didn't need to ask the question. . surprised to feel some heat warming my flushed face instead of the feeling of ice like rain drops pelting my face as it did practically all year round. the characters aren't mine… A/N: This is the final chapter! It was fun while it lasted… 'sigh'. bringing me back from my mental cursing of the hazardous mother driver… they should have to take a crash course on buggy driving… "I know! I know!" I laughed as I rolled my eyes. managing to avoid my foot from being run over by the hands of a frantic mother's buggy that just raced by. I wanted. emitting tortured wails and unhealthy fumes. you're cream and sprinkles will be waiting!" I yelled down the phone. yes or no?" I stated quickly as took a quick step to the left. (One Year later).Fin Disclaimer: As you know. (Bella POV) The sun! My mind screamed in joy as I battled through the congested streets toward my destination.286 - .. sticking my finger in my free ear to try and block out as much of the road works noise as I could. "Just hurry and get your petite behind to the usual as soon as you can. 'Duh Bella… why'd you even bother asking?' Alice's amused voice reached me from the other end of the phone. I managed to catch a drowned "See… -oon" from the other end of the line before I hung up and searched my phone for Rose's number. cream and chocolate sprinkles filled my mind. my eyes falling on the coffee shop that was my target for the morning. Don't drool Bella! Don't drool! I turned the final corner. I could feel my eyes starting to glaze over as thoughts of coffee beans. no… needed my fix and I needed my ladies..

I took a small sip of my latte. "I try" I chuckled as I watched her relax back into the soft leather couch next to me. rolling her eyes which held her amusement. hoping onto the replicated soft leather couch opposite us and picking up her hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sprinkles "Thanks Bella. raising her cup in salute before taking a sip. Looking left and right before I crossed the road I said "The usual. hoping to delay the inevitability of having to tell them exactly why I'd called this little meeting. so what's this meeting about?" she asked as she dipped her spoon into the cream. . she took the time and courtesy to smile slightly sheepishly at me and whisper "Thanks Bella". /\/\/\ "Coffee coffee coffee" my idle staring through the window was diverted as Rose's chants reached my ears. I'm getting the drinks in. A repetitive tapping noise drew my attention. what do you want? Single?" "Bella. I could hear the hustle and bustle of the street on her end too and wondered where she was.Sorry. "B. breaking the comfortable silence between Rose and I as she walked into the coffee shop "What have I missed?" she asked in a flurry as she unwrapped her tiny frame from her hat. Wanting to stall for a minute or two longer I spoke to my coffee "This is good coffee". itching to wrap them around the caffeine. "Okay. "Good" Alice smiled. scarf and coat. looking up I saw it was an irritated Alice's foot tapping against her chair."Eww… what a name! Shit. see you soon" I called down the phone.u…tiful!" she sighed in satisfaction. "Nothing Pixie.damn! Yeah.a. Once she was sat with her coffee securely in her grasp. you know I drink doub. hi Bella! Got a bit distracted. better make it single" she growled as I pulled open the door to our usual coffee shop. chill" Rose said in a bored tone. her hands reaching out in front of her in slow motion. I watched her as her eyes fixed on the cup of single shot espresso.e. one handed.287 - . heading to the side so that I could attempt to unbutton my jacket. what's up?" Rose's asked. wondering if Rose had heard me over her grumbling. "I'm here!" Alice called minutes later.

288 - . "Spill it Bells" Rose's soft voice spoke next to me. "You'd have enough after a night of crying and diaper changing Alice" she added with a sigh. I drank some more of my coffee. causing me to bring my eyes to look at her. determined to get my words out "Okay. except that her rolling her hand in an impatient motion.Prickling to my side drew my attention to Rose who was staring at me as if she'd been frozen in place. tumbleweed rolling across my mind instead. We are . probably dreading the sleepless nights ahead. but she hadn't spoken up to defend Emmett in anyway. well living with you guys has been amazing… but I think Edward and I… need our own space…" I paused to look up at Alice and Rose before continuing. you wouldn't need to buy any toys. Taking a deep breath I continued. forgetting the little speech I had rehearsed in my mind in the time I'd been waiting for them to arrive. that I didn't want to live with them anymore. I was worried that I'd hurt their feelings by saying. "Mine and Rose's old room is empty… and Edwards… we could turn one of them into a nursery… just think of how many people the baby would have around to watch it" Alice spoke quietly. watching my fingers tangle themselves into a terrible mess on my lap "well that's to say Edward and I think… umm…" I mumbled. "Um… okay… well you know living together has been great for the last year… but… you know… I think…" I paused to try to collect my thoughts. it would be so cool Rose!" Alice bounced on the sofa like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh "Your baby would have the best life because Emmett's like a walking arcade. swirling it about as I waited for Alice or Rose to speak up. Her eyes were alight with what I knew were frantic ideas. she was probably picking out neutral colours in her mind to decorate the nursery so that it'd work for a boy or girl. you'll have a baby to watch as well as Emmett… no easy task…" I mumbled the last part under my breath. but not so bluntly. Bella could feed your kid healthy stuff and Edward could play the piano to send your baby asleep. telling me silently to 'get on with it' ruined the effect. "No. washing me with calmness. but I knew that we all needed our own space to start our own families. "To watch it and spoil it" Rose chuckled as she rolled her eyes at Alice's enthusiasm. A poke to my side from Rose told me that she heard my little comment. hoping they would be okay with what I said "And Alice. Jasper would be able to calm the baby really easily when it cried… I could dress your little one to kill so that all the mothers at the local park will be so jealous of your kid. you'll be married in four months… Rose. That isn't true a part of me felt.

"Hey Peaches" she sighed as she held her cell to her ear with one hand. "Well said Pixie… but I think Bella's right. twirling strands of her golden hair around her finger with her other "What you up to?" I heard her ask as Alice stepped toward the coffee shop's counter. As Alice rose from the comfortable leather sofa. Alice stopped before she reached the counter and pointed at my empty latte cup. leaning back with a satisfied smile on her face once she'd finished her little rant. Rose having saved it all three times from shattering on the floor. we all need our own space" she spoke. After I almost dropped it three times. her eyes twinkling. thinking over what Alice had mentioned… her words did make sense. "You tell me pixie. plotting our little torture on our men while I played with my cold. empty latte cup. showing her displeasure at the task.sorted Rose" she said. . With a smile on my face I shrugged in response to her question. knowing that she'd take it as a yes as I intended her to while Rose spoke. looking anxiously between Rose and I for our approval. I'm sure I'd want my own place to start a family. "Oh I think it's their turn to do the house hunting" I said smiling. The beaming smile on her face instantly told me that it was Emmett on the other end. Alice declared that another round of drinks were due. yet cunning mind. her face scrunching up. but if I were in Rose's position. "Do you think we should find a place first and just torture them? Then we could tell them that we'll take over and we could pretend that we found the perfect place after looking at the first one on our lists!" a crafty Alice chimed in. rubbing her hand softly across her stomach which in the last two weeks had become a little more prominent. Rose's cell rang.289 - . The three of us sat together for another half an hour. from what I'd learnt over the years was due to the thousand upon millions of schemes running through her little. not surprised as a devilish smile came across Alice's face. "Uhhh… but finding a place to live is going to be such a headache!" she added. leaning back in my seat. you're the freaky fortune teller" The anxiety seeped away from Alice's face as soon as Rose spoke. causing mischief and rebellion to take over her features "Game on" she said. Rose and I sat in silence for a few minutes.

a hint of mischief in her eyes before they rolled toward the ceiling "Of course not as hot as you Peaches". listening to Rose's side of the conversation as she spoke with Emmett. now resting her hand on her swollen stomach. but not the Davidson too!" I couldn't help but giggle behind my hand at their conversation. Alice rejoined us with a try laden with our goodies.asking me silently if I wanted the same again. a smirk on her face as she said "No one messes with my Peaches" I looked over at Alice who was digging through her bag. "What you lookin' for?" I asked her as I watched her steadily becoming agitated as she clawed at her bag. I gave her a nod and kept my eyes on hers as I pointed at Rose then drew my finger across my throat. "How about James" she asked as she took a sip of her orange juice. "We are not naming our child after a motorbike Em… well yeah… Harley is a nice name. After minute of jumbled murmurs Rose laughed in amusement and relief "Yes like Jared Letto… I know he's good… yeah… he's hot too" she said. I saw that she'd bought Rose an orange juice. Alice graced me with a mini salute as she turned around to order our drinks. trust Emmett to come up with some nutty name for his child. Alice and I sat back and relaxed as we munched on our brownies. sending a thankful look Alice's way for looking out for her and the baby. a mouth watering chocolate brownie each. As she set them down. highly distracted as she began unloading her bag across the coffee table and sofa. Her hand had abandoned her hair and was now rubbing softly. her mutterings of "Here somewhere" met my ears. back and forth across her forehead. but I could tell she was uncertain of Emmett's reaction as she captured her bottom lip between her teeth "It sorta stands for a flower too… a rose" she added. having understood my little charade game earlier and understood that Rose wasn't allowed anymore caffeine.290 - . "Wedding… flower… leaflet… thingy" she answered. "No!" I heard Rose's sharp denial and turned to watch her as she talked to Emmett. she'd added a treat for us too. Seconds later her expression changed to unease and she spoke tenderly "We'll forget that one Peaches… yeah he was a prick… did you punch him?" she paused as she waited for Emmett to answer her "How long was he out for?" she added. "Peaches… I was thinking of maybe Jared" I heard her say as a hopeful look came across her face. "Oh thank Gucci" she . on a hunt for something.

alight with hope as she whispered a soft 'yes'. "This sucks Bella! They're either too much. I drank my latte in silence as an idea simmered in my mind. "Sim-ple" she spoke the word slowly to emphasise her word.291 - . or not enough… I just want something simple… I want people to see my dress… then my flowers" she sighed. "You frekin' genius Bella! Why didn't I think of that earlier?" she was now bouncing at a hummingbirds speed as she threw the wedding bouquet leaflet away and added "You can watch after the roses. Alice wanted simple. Her eyes were locked on mine. and I knew she'd want a pink flower and something with meaning. huffing and puffing in agitation as she couldn't find anything that caught her attention. make sure they grow okay and the fact that they are roses will connect the whole thing to you and Rose! It's settled" she smiled brightly as she pulled out her cell and called Jasper. "How simple do you want it to be Alice?" I asked her. "Alice…" I began hesitantly.sighed as she finally found what she was hunting for. a frown clouding her usual cheery expression as she leant back and fanned herself with the scrunched up leaflet in her fist. Feeling a bit left out from my friends as they were glued to their cells. she loved extravagance. seeing her pouting in disappointment. She flickered through the leaflet. but I'd never seen her go for such demanded simplicity before. Will she laugh or will she like it? I wondered as I looked over at her. egging me on to continue "Why don't you just have one pink rose instead of a bouquet? You could pick one from our garden. you remind him that I loved him. throwing the contents of her overly large bag back in. 'I love you' I sat back and picked up on Rose's conversation. hoping she'd like my idea but not fond of the prospect of her shooting it down either. you said you thought the pink roses by the garden shed were cute right?" I bit my lower lip in anticipation to her answer. trying to work out what it was she wanted through her rambling. I pulled out mine and decided to send Edward a quick txt. . To: Edward. This was Alice after all.

Rose having headed off to a book store to look at some more baby books and Alice having run away to meet up with Jasper I received a txt from my love. yeah. reading the words I sighed and picked up my pace so I could get home to him. that our houses would be set within a 10mile radius of each other. As I walked home. We discussed the flowers for Alice and Jasper's wedding. I love you" she shut her cell before she placed it back in her purse. I'll see you later Peaches. laughing over Emmett's Disney and car related names. gaining praising sounds from Alice and I "I know. Alice finished her call with Jasper just as I asked Rose what she was shaking her head for. no matter how long it'd take to find ourselves the perfect home. a faint smile on her face "Okay. agreeing that a single pink rose would be perfect for Alice. so I agreed and he then said that we could name our second daughter Beauty and our third Pocahontas!" She paused to laugh "Trust him to name our children after Disney characters". I can start thinking about what to write next! . we call her Ariel" she explained. While the three of us finished off our drinks and brownies. into his arms sooner."Ariel? Like The Little Mermaid?" she listened to Emmett as she must have been pondering what he was saying "Oh Emmett!" she then sighed. As we got up to leave.they were so poorly written! Now that this one is over. shaking her head with a smile still on her face. "Emmett suggested that if we had a girl. then… I'll return to it one day to fix the ending? I might look over the whole story and improve it. From: Edward. but this was the chapter to wrap everything up. it's a cute name right?" she smiled before shaking her head and returning to her explanation "anyway. we all agreed that when we'd start house hunting. we contemplated on different names for Rose and Emmett's baby.292 - . 'You are my life now' A/N: Couldn't help but add a Twilight quote in there! : I know it's shorter. I cringed when I looked over my first couple of chapters. I hope it was okay? If not.

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Rose and I did the same thing each month. "Jesus! I gotta remember I'm not eating for two anymore!" Rose moaned from my left as she too leant back in her chair. stuffed ourselves silly.everyone else is tho! A/N: I hadn't planned this when I finished the story…when I thought I'd finished the story anyway. "Oh god!" I sighed as I leant back in my chair. We came for food.Sequel Disclaimer: Emmett. "I saw this coming… why didn't I do something about it?" Alice whimpered as she took a sip of water from where she sat opposite Rose and me looking tortured. I nodded silently and gave her the thumbs up as I picked up my wine glass and drained the last of the Pinot Grigio. which meant we'd have to start our ritual diets in the morning which only lasted about three days before we gave in to temptation.30. Alice. The three of us were sitting as if we were 8 months gone and were having twins. Xerocide and were now suffering from their mouth-watering delicacies. my hand resting on my stomach. I hope you all like it… Sequel. My lips were turned up in a relaxed smile as I placed my glass back on the table and sighed in content. F8 for a night cap. Alice's yawn caught my attention and I looked up to see her sporting the same . Alice. before heading over to the local. Rosalie. Year and a half later… Bella POV. We'd just had a three course meal at our favourite restaurant. "I feel like an elephant! Why didn't you stop me from ordering that sex-on-a-plate chocolate torte?" I groaned my rhetorical question at no one particular. "How about we walk this off and head back to the local for a night cap? It's only 10. Bella. Edward. Jasper and Jacob aren't mine." Rose spoke up as she pushed herself up into sitting position and poured water into her glass.294 - .

I blushed within seconds. I instantly fell in love with the house that I'd soon be living in." "You know you have us to help out. "Let's just go pay" I mumbled as I got up from my chair and lead us to the bar to pay. "Earth to Bella! Woo hoo!" Alice waved her little hands before my face while Rose snapped her fingers beside me to snap me out of my little day dream. knowing they'd do anything and everything to make sure Ariel and we three girls were happy. "When are you getting your keys? Should be soon right?" I nodded my head as she spoke and let her and Alice know that I should be getting them in the next two to three weeks also. They always conveniently forgot that I'd caught them doing the same numerous times since the three of us had found our perfect homes to be. "Softies. "I get mine in about a month. "Well hello there ladies." I stated as I looked from Rose to Alice and then back again. the three of us getting ready to leave and head over to F8. she's been so good lately. "And our men too. Images of mine and Edward's soon-to-be house flashed through my mind as I began to dig through my purse for my money.relaxed smile I had. her excitement shining through. "So…" she started as she began to play with the tips of her spiky hair. "The tenants there already are starting to move now and I need to make sure I'm prepared before the move what with Ariel." Her smile stretched into a wide grin and her eyes sparkled brighter as she spoke. he said I could pick up the keys in two weeks." Rose stated as she picked at her teeth. growing old with him and at some point raising the children we'd one day have." I laughed softly. It had a large garden in the back with a stream cutting through it and I couldn't wait to get myself stuck into making it my own. I hope her routine won't get shaken up. uncaring what other customers in the restaurant thought of her some what unlady like behaviour at the dinner table. I controlled my expression the . "Mr Harrison called me this morning. I felt giddy as I thought of the hand made wooden fairytale like bridge I'd have built so that we could gross over the river and the tree's I'd plant around the border of our grounds." Rose sighed under her breath before she turned to look at me and asked." A voice from the other side of the bar caught my attention and I looked up to see Lucas's familiar face. Euphoria swam through me as I though of living there with Edward. knowing that Alice and Rose found it comical when I spaced out and fell into my day dreams of my house to be.295 - .

. he almost gave me a heart attack last time!" Rose growled. shivering and cuddling together as we walked the few blocks that were between the restaurant and the bar. We finally managed to pay our portions of the bill and made our way toward F8. "Rose. "If I find him playing horse and jokey with her when I get back. Rose's voice caught my attention before I could speculate what else Edward might be up to. Alice and Rose were busy talking about what they thought their men would be up to once they arrived home. sprawled across it and probably with his head buried into one of my hoodies. he'll be suffering from the no sex for two weeks punishment! I'm telling I could so that I wouldn't grimace before him and forced a small. yet her eyes misted over with love and affection as she spoke. she would never have fallen off. I sighed in relief as she merely shrugged her shoulders and muttered "Suppose so. polite smile on my face. there was nothing to worry about. You know Edward's a pro at catching Bella when she falls. he did have Edward and Jasper on either side holding her.296 - . "And a fiancé to make love to all night long…" I added. probably because he was pleased with himself that he'd remembered what it was we were patiently waiting for. "I'll uhhhh just get the … bill! Ye." Alice argued. "Leaving so soon?" He asked. "Alice is right Rose… Edward is a pro…" I mumbled with a weak smile as I waited for her to argue once more." Under her breath and let the conversation drop. "I-I'll uhhhh…" He closed his eyes and I watched his adams apple bob as he swallowed hard before trying to speak once more. I knew that Edward would be doing one of three things when I got home to him. his voice sounding strained. trying to sooth Rose some as we turned the last corner before reaching F8. the bill!" his face broke into an awkward smile. as if someone was torturing him from beneath the counter. "Yes. he'd either be hanging out with the boys with a few beers and playing on the x-box – with the volume on mute as to not disrupt Ariel's sleep and so they'd be able to listen to her on the baby monitoror he'd be asleep in our bed. doing my best to hide my smirk at the kid before us turned red and spluttered before us. Or he would be reading a story or entertaining Ariel in some way if she were still awake. "And a child to put to bed…" Rose added as she reapplied her shimmery lip gloss. I have a husband to get home to…" Alice chirped from my left. up in the attic. a frown marring her brow as she spoke.

"She's got her daddy wrapped round her little finger…" Rose smiled and dusted of her shoulder as Finn laughed and said "Well she did learn from the best. hoping that one of the usual doormen was there tonight and not one of the new trainee guys that had started in the last couple of weeks. Rose and I shared a chorus of 'SCORE!' as we recognised the voice and picked up our pace to reach him. you are far too stunning to be stood out here in the cold.The three of us neared the doors.297 - . this old thing?" Alice spoke in a mocking tone as she plucked at her brand new cocktail dress." Finn smiled apologetically as he popped his head out the door and growled in a menacing voice. his long. it's been too long!" He used his smooth." Finn ushered us in to the warmth of the bar and we thanked him as we pulled off our coats and handed them to him. "Good to see you homie! How's my little honey bear doing?" Finn asked as he rubbed his free hand up and down her arm instinctively. brown hair which was on the verge of needing a cut." "Alice. "Ladies." She giggled before reaching up on her tip toes as placing a kiss on his chin. you look cute. Alice. "Oh. "I just threw it on before I left. He stood all 6'3 of himself in his black uniform and short." Finn turned his attention to her as she reached his side before me. "All of you shut you're whining! One more word and you're all banned!" Silence followed his words and he turned back to us and placed our coats in the . he looked her over with a warm expression on his face. ignoring the grumblings coming from the people who were standing in line until it was their turn to enter into the warmth and comfort. "Ladies!" a familiar voice called our as we neared the door. "Finn my man!" Rose called as she broke into a run. He had his hand outstretched already. silky voice as he picked up my hand and placed a kiss on the back before raising my hand and twirling me around once. muscled arm visible from the short sleeve top he wore and he did some manly hand shake and patting of the back greeting with Rose before he slung his arm around her shoulders and held her to him. "Isabella. "Hang on ladies. in you go.

Duncan. Rose and I both knew what that smile was for. The three of us ascended the stairs. Rose and I had been doing this same routine when it was busy since the first time we'd come here. Glassy eyed barmen finished off their orders in record speed and fought their way toward us. kneeling on the barstool and was busy adjusting her bra and pulling down the neckline of her dress. shooting glares at the other barmen who tried to push their way passed him to get closer to us. "A month is too long. Alice. I carefully picked up my pace and followed Rose and Alice as we made a direct line toward the bar. all else be damned. His eyes were alight with mischief and I let out a little laugh as he rolled his chocolaty eyes heavenward and shook his head in false disappointment. knowing that a trip to the hospital at this time of night would not be fun.staff room to keep them safe. He had his usual raven black hair in disarray and his skin was glowing with his natural bronze tan. "At last!" Duncan called as soon as he made his way to us. I couldn't help but smile as one barman stood out from the rest.298 - . can't you come visit me every week?" He asked as he rested his elbow on top of one of the beer pumps and gazed languidly at us. "Have fun ladies! Oh and there might be a little surprise in there waiting for you!" He added cryptically with a wink as we made our way toward the stairs that led up to the bar. "One… two… three…" She muttered. but enjoyed watching the younger barmen drooling and stuttering around us. She didn't have to say a word. "You really think our men would let out us every week? And in your company?" I asked him as he passed me a cloth and I wiped a section of the bar clean. "After three. ." Rose whispered as we lined up at the bar. Alice skipping her way up the steps. The result was instantaneous. Alice was to my left. Alice stopped on step third from the top and spun around to face Rose and me with a beaming smile. I adjusted myself and rested my arms on the bar top and could see Rose from the corner of my eye arching her back and pushing her hair over once shoulder. Duncan always kept his head around us. Rose following her in an easy pace and myself taking care with each step.

.299 - . his eyes begged as much as his words as he looked at each of us. We didn't have to tell him what we liked or disliked. covered with messy dark hair and tensed up shoulders." He pleaded. his eyes trained on my face as he passed my drink to me." I laughed as I helped Alice to sit on the bar top and then moved to sit in her vacated chair. effectively hiding from my eyes. "How long has he been there and how much has he drunk?" I asked as picked up my dark drink and took a long pull through the straw. Duncan nodded at my one word question and inclined his head toward where the piano was located. as if preparing herself for a blow. wondering what it was he was doing here and where he was." He said simply as he poured some liquor into a martini glass with care. "Edward?" I asked. "Just a little. not bothering to beat around the bush with such a good friend of ours. "Well… Bella. knowing it was best not to speak because he'd have definite evidence against me if I did feel inclined to beat him if he displeased me. he'd learnt our tastes over the last two years and always magicked up a wonderfully alcoholic drink each for us." Rose ordered. Why was he feeling uneasy over such a simple question? "Dunc. you're hiding something. "So… busy night?" Alice asked Duncan as he began to make us a cocktail each. Rose crossed her arms over her chest in an Emmett fashion and waited quietly for him to speak. Warily I nodded my head. managing to hear a few distant keys of piano over the music that was thrumming through the speakers. "You hear that noise? You can probably just make it out between songs… the sound of a piano. smiling at the taste of spiced rum with coke. "Ummm…" I watched as Duncan rubbed the back of his neck and played with a bottle of rum in his hand. but always thought it was for decoration. Spit it out. Alice merely sat up straighter. I knew there was an old wooden type piano in the corner. "Well the thing is… that's Edward."Wishful thinking?" He asked with a cheeky smile as he threw the cloth I handed back to him in a bin behind him. "Promise you won't get mad at me. Craning my neck around the people who filled the bar area." I closed my eyes and listened. A sigh escaped me and I shook my head at the sight of his depressing form." He stared. my eyes located a head bend down low.

He'd been perched there as long as Edward had been on the piano and had had a couple of warnings when his discussion over the civil war had become a little heated with the other two. Even though Duncan was a big guy. ." She said in a strained voice before she held one of her hands out. "What about my husband?" Alice asked Duncan as she picked up her pink cocktail which I knew to be a cosmopolitan. waiting for him to finish her drink and hand it to her. The boys never wanted to hire a babysitter. "Oh God Gucci alive!" Alice cursed as her eyes locked onto Jasper." Rose's voice was quiet and held a note of threat that I knew a prized warrior would be scarred of. My lip throbbed as I noticed I'd been biting it since Rose had spoken and panic began to fill me. If Emmett was here too.300 - . "Duncan leant on the bar top so his nose was almost brushing against Alice's and turned his head so that he was looking down toward the furthest end of the bar from where we were perched. "Please tell me that Emmett isn't here. "Duncan. Jasper. Each time we went out. no doubt to emphasise his words as he spoke to two old men beside him who looked as if they were already fast asleep."He's been here for about three hours and he's on his fifth brandy. He sat with a drink in one hand and his head in the other. then who the hell was watching over Ariel! "He m-might be?" Duncan half asked. He moved his hand which held his alcohol around. he wasn't stupid enough to ignore the threat in Rose's death glare. I warily looked at her and saw she had her hands balled into fists. half answered as he cautiously took a step back from the bar and into the safety of being out of Rose's reach once he'd passed her a drink. they didn't trust a stranger to look after their little angel and I was secretly glad of it. Alice." He said as he placed Alice's drink before her. She was trying to control herself. "Civil War?" Duncan nodded and let her know that he was drinking with his good old friend Daniels but was going at a leisurely pace. Alice picked up her Cosmo and took a large gulp as she kept her eyes on her husband who was waving at one of the bar staff to get him another drink. Bashfully Alice glanced at Duncan before she simply asked. Edward and I were almost as protective of Ariel as Rose and Emmett were when it came to her safety. the boys looked after Ariel.

" "Buffoon. I sighed in response to the news. . "I'd better go baby sit him… What's he on Dunc?" "Last I know it was vodka shots with a dash of coke…" Duncan answered her as she nodded her head in acknowledgement of his answer and kissed mine and Alice's cheek before setting off toward her Emmett. relived that someone we all could trust was looking after Ariel."What do you mean might be?" She asked as she pushed her chair back and stood up. Rose POV. "He said when he came in that. Emmett. Jasper and Edward had kept in close touch with him. I hadn't seen Jake in months and the excitement to see him bubbled within me at the thought of going home and being able to hug him. Rose took a gulp of her drink before she relaxed a little and muttered under her breath "He'll be the death of me. all the while trying to guess her reaction." He paused before adding. Duncan rubbed the back of his neck one more and explained. "Lets. So Jacob had come over to baby sit Ariel. especially when I had any unpleasant meetings with the floor or any other hard surfaces and had become like brothers. and I quote 'The mutt's looking after my princess' so I guess you might know what he was talking about?" his worried eyes shot from Rose to Alice to me and back." Duncan's soft voice whispered as we three girls kept our eyes locked on the top of his head." Alice said simply as she manoeuvred herself from the bar top to the ground beside me. his head of curly brown hair was visible in the middle of them all. Jacob had become close friends to all of us in the house since his first visit and my unlucky accident. "The second time. Her eyes had narrowed into slits in her face as she scanned the bar area." Rose murmured under her breath before she looked away from Emmett and picked up her drink.301 - . "He ran home twice to check up on her. "First time he said his stomach felt all funny and he knew something was wrong… turned out she was crying because she'd lost her Bambi teddy. she'd apparently been crying because she fell over. "Regroup and head home?" I lazily asked Alice as my eyes locked on Edward and I slipped off the bar stool." before she asked Duncan to point him out to her. Swarms of women met my eyes as I looked and after much tip toeing and craning of my neck. Duncan told Rose where he was and we three turned to look at where he'd directed us.

resting a hand on his broad shoulder as I leant in and pressed my lips to his temple. resting my fisted hands on my hips as I glared down at him. While his attention was averted." He starred at my picture as I too did.302 - . It was one of the pictures that he'd sneakily taken of me while we were at the car show two years ago. "Looks like and angel doesn't she?" His soft voice washed over me just as the women around him 'aww'd' in unison. "Love you too." Emmett's voice reached me just as he became visible through the throng of attentive women. "Bambi. Before I could melt completely under his gaze I braced myself. Emmett and I laughed and hugged Ariel all afternoon after." Tears prickled my eyes as I looked at the picture he was worshiping.Squeezing passed the drunken women around me. His eyes held tenderness and at the same time hunger while he smiled his breathtaking dimpled smile up at me. I stealthily looked around us and saw that the cluster of women who had surrounded Emmett had conveniently disappeared. getting slightly more aggravated as the cluster of women became denser. standing on her own for a few seconds before she lost her balance and fell into Emmett's waiting arms. stroking it tenderly. "She's my baby girl… she stood on her own for the first time that day. ." I saw a dimple in his cheek just before he turned in his chair to look up at me. I couldn't help but feel some level of anger toward them. "I uh… I can explain?" he questioned as he avoided my gaze and picked up the pictures from the table and carefully put them back into his wallet. harder to push through. confusing her with our strange behaviour." I whispered back. "Peaches. my Rose. I paused a few paces behind him. remembering our little Ariel standing with some help from Emmett and then letting go. My tears brimmed over as Emmett passed his finger over the next picture he held. managing to look over his shoulder to see him with his wallet out on the table and scattered with pictures." I heard him whisper just as I closed the space between us. "Ohh! And this one was taken when we went to the park. "Shouldn't you be watching Ariel? In person rather than through a bunch of photos?" I asked as I looked from his face which was now transforming to a guilty expression to the pictures on the table beside him. I couldn't blame them for falling under Emmett's charm and sensitivity… but he was mine damn it! I could feel a scowl on my face as I neared him. "This is another third of my life along with Ariel.

My smile probably stretched right across my face as he held me." He begged as he pulled away from my neck and locked his determined eyes on my own teary eyes. "You know I love you…" Emmett spoke against my neck as his hands slid from my waist. I couldn't begin to think what state he was in. I felt tears slipping from the corners of my eyes as I held on tight to him. but also knew he'd keep asking for us to have another kid until he had the result he wanted. "What do you say?" He breathed before kissing me again with his hand rubbed circles on my stomach. His dazzling smile was my reward for my three simple words. making myself believe that this wasn't all a dream and that I had my angelic Ariel and my unearthly Emmett who was practically begging me to extend our family. he turned back to look at me. Duncan had already told me that he'd been warned a few . I knew he was a little drunk. his eyes full of sorrow. "We could get started tonight…" His sentence trailed off as his lips met mine and kissed me with such need. His arms wrapped quickly around me like vines and pulled me to him. I weaved through the patrons of the bar. He looked somewhat defeated where he sat. totally relaxed and whole. his shoulders hunched. my eyes locked on my target as I neared him.303 - ." I sighed." He added in a voice which held a slightly dreamy tone. his head in his hand and the whiskey meeting his lips every few minutes. one resting on my hip and the other on my lower stomach. My fingers trailed patterns across the nape of his neck and I closed my eyes. breathed me in and captured me. I loved every second of it. "You left us and Ariel was asleep so… we decided to go out and drown our sorrows. Alice POV. settling me on his lap as he hid his face in the crook of my neck and took in a deep breath through his nose. How could I stay angry at him? He saw my angry façade vanish and immediately took advantage. "Bambi. lets have another kid? Please? Soon. "Let's go home."Me and the guys… we felt lonely Rosie…" Emmett started. "I don't mind if the next one's a girl even though a son would be amazing." I breathed heavily into his ear as soon as I regained some of my mental capability. admitting defeat. He pulled away just as I was getting light-headed.

He paused right in front of me and I spoke loud enough for him to hear me over the new song that was escaping the many speakers in the bar. I spun my simple yet glamorous wedding band around my finger. From my elevated view point on top of the high barstool. But then I always remembered that I was Jasper's wife and felt at ease again. Rose snuggled in Emmett's arms as they kissed softly. he was arguing with the two old men again about the war. I needed to stop him before he made a fool of himself. hoping I'd reassure him that I wasn't going to attack him or anything. he rose up from his bar stool and swayed a little before he headed off into the crowd that filled the bar. trying to pretend that he'd been there.times for being loud. reacting to the familiar sound of Jasper's voice and I hopped off the high stool at the bar just as Jasper was nearing me. trying to spot Rose and Emmett. They must have had a fair few pints I thought as I listened to their drunken slurring and intoxicated burping as the passed me and headed toward the staircase to make their way out. There was a break in the music that the D. that wasn't my Jazzy. "Good riddance. reassuring myself that I was indeed married to my Jasper and not dreaming it all up as I waited anxiously for his return. Edwards fingers flying over the piano was faintly audible but my attention got caught by the sound of a smooth voice speaking. His brows knitted in confusion at the sight of me waiting patiently for him at the bar.304 - . they were so perfect with each other that I couldn't help but feel mine and Jasper's pairing was a little inferior compared to them. A slight commotion to my right caught my attention and I looked over to see the two old men who Jasper had in most probability been bugging all night were slowly standing and finishing off their drinks. A smile spread across my lips at the sight of the happy couple. I spun myself around and scanned the bar. "You've kept me ." a few paces behind me. his step hesitated as he neared me and I smiled. I saw them sitting at a table. My brows knitted as I watched him make his way unsteadily to a far corner and I relaxed as I realised he was heading to the bathroom.J was pulsing through the speakers. fighting as a sergeant during the war. A sigh escaped my lips as I processed his words. My body jolted. "Yeah… well what would you know! You weren't even there…" I heard Jasper slur just as I reached him. Just as I was about to slip onto the chair next to Jasper.

" I teased as I rested back against his chest and felt him slowly moving us back and forth. and your southern accent. as if we were dancing. His words sent a tingle through me and I reached up and kissed the side of his neck. his southern accent washing over me and leaving me breathless. Where I come from." I said.305 - . feeling complete where I stood. With a southern accent. I watched. The Yankees call it dumb. Jasper took my outstretched hand instantaneously and pulled me into his arms. holding me to his warm. my head tilting up so that I could look at his angelic face. A small laugh escaped my lips as Jasper began to whisper into my ear." He stopped singing after the first verse and held me tighter before lifting me up in his arms and placing a soft kiss to the tip of my nose. ma'am". "There's a southern accent. gaining a smile from my fallen angel. strong chest as he ran his hand up and down my back while the other played with the tips of my spiky black hair. his expression . trying to control my laughter as he ducked his head. singing one of the songs he liked to listen to after he'd had a few drinks with the boys. I got my own way of talkin'. "You are my wife. which I guessed he had tried to aim on my lips. I reached up and kissed him back on his nose. "I love you darlin'" Jasper whispered into my hair before his lips ghosted over my temple and pressed a kiss to my forehead. like a good Southern gentleman and said. The young'uns call it country." Jasper spoke out loud. "I'm sorry. Where I come from. But everything is done. "I love you too.waiting a long time.

My legs felt weak and I began to forget everything that was stored in my mind." Edward whispered into my ear in an amused voice as he held tight to me. he still managed to react quickly and caught me around my middle before I could greet the floor once more. Taking a step toward him. Edward was a pro at saving me. Luckily for me. how long would it take for him to understand it wasn't my fault? My feet just didn't get along with the rest of my body. even if I didn't know it and wondered if he could feel the same as I did at this moment. holding him tighter. I huffed in his arms at his words. "Mmmm…" Edward's smooth voice reached my ears and I focused my eyes on the back of his head. I stopped behind him. What was making my Edward so tense? The tune he played came to an end and I wondered if he could feel my presence behind him. Bella POV. I grinned at him. What was my name again? "Come here love. . Had he fought with the guys? With Jacob? I shook my head. giving me time to try and find my balance. A relieved sigh escaped my lips as Edward righted me." His sparkling green eyes caught my own dull brown and captured my entire attention. My teeth caught my bottom lip as I wondered what had him so tense. I lost my balance.looking disbelieving as he looked down at me. Even after all the brandy's he'd drunk. watching as he turned in his seat. "You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met. "Strawberries. as if he were carved out of marble.306 - . something I never had a lot of to begin with and I began to fall. watching as his fingers moved over the ivory keys while the rest of his body stayed motionless. they were enemies I was sure of it. my uncoordinated feet decided to go against each other. I hadn't seen the ground so intimately for a long while now and had been enjoying its absence. as it were all a dream. knowing that Edward saw Jacob as a brother these days. knowing how he felt." Edward crooned as he held his arms open wide to welcome me." I mumbled back. "I know husband. I always felt some kind of pull or spark run through me when Edward was near. Alice had encased my traitorous feet in high heeled contraptions which they suddenly decided to reject. I know. as if the truth was hard to process.

smoothing out the creases. "We were lonely without you. coming up with a hazy image which disappeared as soon as Edward re-caught my full attention with his quizzical look. scorching kiss to my skin before pulling back and looking down at me. "I was just thinking why Jacob had to look after Ariel while you three were getting drunk…" I spoke as I reached my hands up around his neck and played with the hair on the back of his head. coordinated and sure of each step. they'd been sitting apart all night getting increasingly drunk on their own. My imagination worked hard at thinking it over. His large. "What has you thinking so hard.Edward's lips pressed against the side of my neck. Just as I was beginning to close my own eyes and relax he spoke softly against my neck. I could feel the blush on my cheeks. Surely the reason wasn't for them three to have some bonding time. love?" He asked as his fingers danced across my knitted brow. I could feel his lips stretched into a smile before he left a soft. teasing the sides of my breasts and kneading my ass.307 - . I wondered idly as I starred at Edward's perfect features. breathing in the mouth watering scent which was Edward. but each time he was near and I caught a hint of his delectable scent. His eyes drooped. I discarded the idea of telling him what I was really thinking of and decided to find out what he. talented hands began moving. trying to press . I smiled as I turned my head and pressed my lips to his jaw. We missed you. I thought I could have become desensitised to it by now. caressing my stomach. worshiping it with kisses. Ariel was sleeping for so long and we got bored… Jacob turned up and so we decided to go out and drown our sorrows…" I could feel one of his hands playing with the end of my hair which fell half way down my back as the other held to my hip as he spoke. falling over my own two feet never lost its embarrassment factor. I pulled him closer to me. I felt weak at the knees and my heart beat escalated to new heights. Emmett and Jasper were doing here. falling almost completely shut as I continued to play with his hair. licks and nibbles. "Do you forgive us?" Stupid soppy love sick fools. His mouth pressed to my neck once more. what it would like to be normal. His head fell to rest on my shoulder as he began to sway us both back and forth slowly.

escape from the club. Duncan waved from the bar and sent a wink my way as we passed him but Edward was in his own little world and didn't shift his eyes from his main target. . Edward's hot mouth travelled to my ear where he sucked on my lobe. I had to have him now.308 - . Alice." I pleaded as I rested my head on his solid shoulder and tried my best to control my wild emotions. "Do you have any idea how much you mean to me? How much I love you?" He groaned as he pressed my aching centre against his own. they could sort it out while I went to hunt for my little girl. His deep growl shot right through me before he picked me up in his arms and began his way toward the stairs. My pace turned into a sprint the closer I got to our house. Bet she's thinking up some boring names for our next kid… I rounded the last corner to our house and picked up my pace. revelling in the friction it elicited. Bella and Edward were only a minute away from home. His words ignited a fire deep inside me. sexy arms. I stepped inside. Repunzel… Cinderella… Sumba… Aladin… Would Rose kill me if I told her I liked Tinkerbell? I thought over the names as we made our way home. Emmett POV. I fished for my key in my pocket and roughly stuck it into the lock and pushed the front door open. releasing a throaty moan from my mouth. A deep rumbling noise caught my attention as I made my way quickly toward the living room. I could feel the scowl on my face as I thought over my little girl being unhappy. I cursed the fact that we were at F8 and not in our attic room. I couldn't wait to see my baby girl. Rose was laughing as she gripped tight around my neck. Rose holding onto my back and playing with my curly dark hair responsive body as close to his as possible. I saw that I was still dry and wondered why I could hear the sound of thunder so close by if it wasn't even stormy out. If she was crying when I got in there. Jasper. next to our bed rather than an old wobbly piano and surrounded by people. not bothering to close the door or take my key out of the open door. My need for him began to feel painful and I gasped in his ear "Take me. Take us home and take me. yet careful to not cut off my air supply with her toned. It wasn't raining out was it? I wondered and looked over myself to see if I'd missed the fact that I'd been walking home in the rain without acknowledging it. I'd easily castrate Jacob on the spot.

It was closer than what I thought. Rose came back to me and picked up my hand." Rose whispered into my ear. I frowned as I watched Ariel move. I loosened my hold on her and felt a shiver run over my back at the loss of contact from my Rose. covered in colourful scribbles made with crayons. "Let me down Peaches. even thought he was asleep. didn't Jake . "Shhhh!" I looked up and saw Edward. Alice and Bella entering the house. so sure that he'd finally woken her with his unearthly noise.The noise came again. I'm gona go get the camera. She picked up the camera and aimed it at Jacob and Ariel. was holding protectively to my daughter who was curled up on his chest like a purring kitten. In one hand she held Bambi. Alice and Bella's eyes glazed over as they silently "aww'd" over the sight and I noticed Edward and Jasper spacing out as they took in the scene. His right hand. the thunderous sound jolting me by it's volume. one leg hanging off and one arm propping his head up as he lay on his back. I'd forgotten in my worry over Ariel that she was with me. but just smiled as I heard Ariel babble in her sleep before sighing in content. Worry began to fill me the longer I starred at my girl. Jasper. tugging me so that I made my way around to stand with her on the other side of the couch. creeping toward us after Rose's warning. pausing for a second when the noise sounded again. The sound coming from Rose reminded me that she was here with me.309 - . I looked back to Jacobs face and saw a smudge of orange on his tan face as well as a line of sky blue under his chin. what was white shirt. snoring loudly with each intake of breath. being held to my back. Where was Ariel? How could she not be screaming in terror over the deafening noise? Rose gasped just at the same second I did as we looked down over the back of the couch. Ariel had been busy. My eyes didn't waver however. I kept the sight before me in my vision. Jacob was sprawled across the sofa. capturing this moment for eternity. able to see Ariel's bottle on the floor by Jacob's foot and his. Was Jacob's loud snoring damaging her hearing? Was she cold? She was only wearing two layers. right where his heart was. The thunder was coming from the couch. her favourite teddy while the other one rested palm down on Jacob's bare chest. He snored again. Confusion must have been plastered on my face as I cautiously made my way over to the couch.

Jasper had managed to glue the instructions to his hand when he'd mislaid the super glue. a small smile came to her pouting lips and a small dimple appeared on her cheeks. assuring us all that we would get it done for the sake of my daughter and so with new found optimism we headed back to the nursery to conquer the blasted crib…only to find Alice. Jacob and I had putting it together. I'd given us four a pep talk while we were down there. I didn't know what they were laughing about. I made my way to the crib. Her curly blond hair looked as soft as feathers and I brushed it softly. turning it down low as to not wake her up. I cradled her in my arms.think of covering her with a blanket? What if Jacob rolled to his side. Rose and I were going to commit to making another baby… perhaps I could lock us both in the bedroom until the little stick turned to positive… I pushed the door open to Ariel's nursery and turned on the light. dreaming happy dreams I hoped. smiling as I remembered the hassle Edward. I'd tried to push the parts together." Rose whispered into my ear before she pressed her lips to our baby's forehead.310 - . So scared that I wasn't doing it right. hoping they'd just fit themselves into how I wanted them to work. Edward hand hit Jacob on the hand when he went to hammer in a nail and got distracted by the sound of Bella falling. that I should have been sitting down. She was perfection. "Come on baby girl. remembering back to the first time I'd held her. but only managed to cut myself on one of the screws. he'd crush her! Stupid idiotic pup! My protectiveness won over and I stepped forward and pried Jake's hand off of my little girl and carefully picked her up into the safety of my arms. Ariel stirred in her sleep as Rose straightened back up. "Put her to bed. . Bella and my heavily pregnant Rosalie tightening the last screw to the perfect looking assembled crib without any injuries or breaking a sweat. Alice had decorated the room in soft pinks and creams when she found out we were going to have a girl." I whispered as I turned and made my way toward the stairs." I whispered to a sleeping Ariel as I glowered at the crib. let get you to bed so your mommy and me can make you a brother or sister. We had admitted defeat at one point and sulked off to the kitchen to get a drink. Ariel had inherited Rose's beauty and blond hair but my curls and dimples. revelling at it's softness and revelling at the sight of my baby's eyes moving under her lids. "You don't need a silly crib to sleep in do you baby? You'd rather sleep in daddy's arms wouldn't you. ignoring the muffled laughter I heard as I made my way up. the same way as I did now. Jasper. that I wasn't supporting her head right.

Review! . A/N: Did I do good? The idea of the girls finding their men in a bar getting drunk and missing them came to mind when I was in work a while ago. I knew I had to have it in the story somewhere! I've got a few quotes from the book in this chapter too. I was going to hunt Rose down. Making sure that she was covered with the blanket and had Bambi at her side. even though I thought I'd totally finished with it. leaving it slightly ajar just in case someone wanted to pop in later to say good night to her. I pressed a soft kiss to her head and brushed her soft hair before standing back up and making sure that all four baby monitors were on. another child of our own.standing solidly before me. but I couldn't help but work it into this one. "Sweet dreams baby. The song that I had Jasper sing. one for Alice and Jaspers. body braced as I made my way down the stairs starting my hunt. I popped my head into my room to find it empty. She was even more sexy when she was carrying my child and I couldn't wait for her to be that big again. I turned on my heel. capture her and make love to her for as long as needed until I'd manage to get her pregnant again." I mumbled as I pulled back the soft cream blanket and placed Ariel in it. Review. an extension to our growing family. I tried thinking of a new story. hope you like them and find that they work! Review. ready to pop with the greatest gift anyone could ever give me. another for Edward and Bella's attic room and the last for the living room. I randomly typed 'southern accent into youtube and found a Johnny Cash version and loved it. Memories of my Rose with a swollen stomach popped into my head." I whispered as I backed out of the room and pulled the door after me. One for mine and Rose's room. mocking me. "Stupid thing.311 - .

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