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Summary 1. A Shakespeare effect 2. Beige… dull? 3. Beyond All Reason 4. We're Not Superheroes Anymore 5. Je Ne Sais Pas 6. Closer 7. Quits? 8. Some Action! 9. Up The Ante 10. Innocence 11. Game On! 12. Academia 13. Fin


They anoy each other as often as possible yet cant escape the attraction.Summary Edward moves to Forks with his parents and sister-Alice. He instantly gets on the wrong side of Bella during a debate in English over Romeo and Juliet which ends up in detention. -4- .

A Shakespeare effect
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A Shakespeare effect. (Bella's POV) "She's just young, foolish, innocent, and weak and gives herself up for the first guy that shows any interest in her" He drawled out. With a shrug he added "Romeo's not much better, he finds her attractive and acts on it, they're both purely acting on appearances." He sighed as he leant back further in his chair, his voice sounding bored "A modern version of him today would be classed as 'the bad guy': forbidden family. Danes and Dicaprio were thrill seekers." He ended, casually picking some fluff off his shirt sleeve casually. I could feel myself boiling at his words. Had he absolutely no idea of Shakespeare's works? Didn't he have the faintest clue of the tale of Romeo and Juliet before he opened that big mouth of his? I felt myself tremble and couldn't help the words that spilled out of my mouth. "You idiot! This is Shakespeare's classic work you're talking about, not the modernised movie! It's a classic love story; they'd rather go against their family just so they could be together! Hell, in the end they went against life so that they could be together in death! It had nothing to do with either of their looks, it was love at first sight, before they knew who each other were!" I spoke as calmly as I could, but talking about Shakespeare's work with no degree of respect like he was doing was hitting a nerve. Reading books kept me sane, and talking absolute nonsense about them irritated me to no end. Stupid illiterate I thought as I leant forward and held my gaze on his, daring him to retaliate. His eyes blazed under my unwavering stare "They were just a pair of stupid, suicidal teenagers. Both of them needed to toughen up." He growled, his eyes never faulting from my own. I felt my hands shake with the anger I was fighting to control, how idiotic was he? "They had true love, what was the point of one living without the other when they'd

experienced a full life together? Do you really think that Romeo could have lived-" I stopped to correct myself "could have survived without Juliet?" "Of course he could" He spoke, calmer than I was. A small, smug smile played on his lips "if he was a real man. If he'd sucked it up, he could have taken it like a man and found someone else." I gasped at his words. How could he be so careless? Flippant? So cold toward love? "But they were in love; it was love at first sight! Nothing could have beaten that. When she died, a part of him died too." "They were both weak and acted on vanity" he said slowly, leaning forward in his chair to look across to me, poor Angela and Jessica in between us "Love at first sight isn't real, it's just physical attraction". "It was love at first sight" I growled, my hands now balled into fists. "Weakness" he spat between his clenched teeth. "O-o-okay" The forgotten teacher took a shaky step away from her desk, wide eyed at the shock that mine and the new kid's debate had created. "I think that's enough for tod-" "Urgh! How can you be so stupid to believe that" He growled from Angela's right, obviously my side of the debate had prickled him "It's just a load of rubbish that prissy girls fill their heads with" he added, leaning forward even more to glare at me. I raged. "I'm not prissy!" I shouted as I stood up, making my way to stand before him "do I look prissy to you?" I hissed as I glared down at him. The smug smile appeared again "No, but you sure are doing an impressive imitation." A small chuckle reached my ears, coming from him. "You have no idea about what you're talking about new kid, maybe if you had a heart and an ounce of sense or even a set of functioning emotions, you'd understand" I spoke with venom in my voice, his laughing at me pushed me over the edge. I could tell our argument had stepped away from the main topic of Romeo and Juliet and up to a personal level.

My rebuke hit a nerve. He shot out of his chair, rounding his table to stand, towering over me so that barley and inch were between us "If you lived a little, rather than through the pages of your precious books, you'd find that it's all imaginary, total crap!" "Mr Mason! I think that's enough, you too Miss Swan! Both of you back to your seats now!" The teacher bellowed from the front of the class. The faint mummer of whispers trickled through my red, hazy, clouded mind. "The both of you back here at the end of the day for detention" she added. I heard her faint whisper as she turned back to her desk, which only added to the embarrassment I felt for freaking out "I expected better from her". My cheeks flooded with a blush as I sat myself down in my chair, my heart racing from the fierce anger than had almost taken over all of me. I flexed my fingers, letting blood rush back into them after having clamped my hands into tight white fists earlier. I let my hair fall around me, acting as a shield from all the looks and whispers I felt directed at me after my outburst against the new kid. I always did well in my English class, receiving full marks in almost every piece of work I did, keeping to myself, quiet, almost invisible where I sat. I didn't usually enjoy the debates the teacher threw our way, I more often than not ended up caving and agreeing with my opponent if he or she battled their side well. My eyes began to water as I remembered his last words about myself living through books. How had he, a stranger, been able to assess me so quickly and get to the very heart of me with one sentence? Other than my family and close friends, my days revolved around reading. I always carried a book or three with me, I had them sprawled around the house which got in Charlie and Jasper's nerves every once and a while, but they were used to it. They only got annoyed if they tripped over a stray volume or if I scolded them if I caught them throwing one of my books out of their way or using it as a coaster. Once the bell rang, signalling the end of class, I gathered my books and threw them into my bag, in a hurry to leave the presence of the new kid. I didn't know his name, only that his surname was Mason, thanks to the teacher. "Edward, Bella" The teacher called just as I neared the door. I stopped and turned to her "Detention, remember" she called before turning back to her desk, shuffling some papers.

but he'd lived with Bella and her father since he was a toddler and everyone in Forks thought of them as brother and sister. best friends with Emmett and Rose and who I had just found out was Bella's brother. which had been easily rattled just by the memory of the brunette in English. I explained my muddled rambling to her. he was her cousin. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. Did he expect my name to have been Cruella or Ursula or maybe even Scar? I grumbled in my mind as I turned and made my way into the congested hallway. but he'd unknowingly redeemed himself as I learned that he had saved my pixie of a sister from being trampled on in the hallway by the crush of students who ran like headless chickens at the sound of the bell ringing for escape from the four walls of their classrooms. The girl who attracted each male's attention simply by entering a room or passing by. "Um… Edward. Edward. well there was this girl there. Alice and I were sat with Emmett McCarthy and Rosalie Hale. booming voice had managed to capture the school's prettiest girl.I couldn't help but turn and look at him. and she shoots it down… stubborn… bookworm… illiterate… prissy…" I grumbled to table top while I absentmindedly pushed the peas around on my plate "yeah… prissy…" I added as the face of the fierce hellion flooded my mind. -8- . heading toward the cafeteria. sparking the frustration within me yet again. Jasper being Bella's 'brother' had instantly book him into by bad books. Jasper also sat with us. and she had some really idiotic views on the story and so I told her what it was really about and she got all prissy and freaked out" I shrugged. even reaching the faculty. from the nerds. her eyes shooting daggers at me beneath her well trained serene expression. who were the most popular and strongest couple in the school. Technically. (Edward's POV) "I try to make a point. I had English last period and we were doing Romeo and Juliet…" I paused and rolled my eyes as I watched Alice rolling her eyes heavenward and motion me to hurry to the main point of the story "okay. under her watchful eyes. I felt my forehead burrowing in confusion at the expression I read on his face: surprise. you're going to have to explain what you're complaining about or shut the hell up" my sister spoke sweetly from opposite me. "Fine. Emmett with his muscled body and his ever happy. I could feel his eyes on me and felt the need to read the expression that was on his face. feeling the frustration prickling within me yet again. to the jocks.

I rose from my chair as the bell rang. "Trying… to…" he spoke as if each word were a strain to speak as he clasped his hands together as if he were holding a heavy. I couldn't help but watch Bella. my mind reeling with the events which had unfolded. a half smile playing on her rosy lips.Silence met my ears and I looked up from my scattered peas to find the four around me looking behind me. and whispered her simple retort "Imbecile". "I. frustration and delight. Not. unsure if it was from some sort of flattery at my gentlemanly action or at my indented barb. what are you doing?" she asked. and how her face looked fit to crack when she caught me looking straight back at her amused me. The next ten minutes were difficult. causing a reflexive shudder to ripple down my spin and my face to contort into a grimace. agony. her eyes looking lost while they stayed on Emmett as his chuckles died down. Prissy" a deadly voice ground out behind me. wondering what was causing the passing emotions of confusion. bowed low and whispered into her ear as she reluctantly passed by "Until detention". I caught the faint flush of a rosy blush in her cheeks. all deathly tones evaporated and replaced by wariness and humour "Emmett. The way her frown deepened when she looked my way. I revelled in attempting to decipher each emotion that ran within the deep chocolaty pools which were her eyes. highlighting his child like dimples and gaining chuckles and giggles from us all. I sat still. -9- . a goofy grin appearing on his face. Am. answering my wondering question. my eyes fixed on Alice's which were now dancing in glee at my discomfort and I wondered how long she'd been stood there. over and over "cut… the… tension" he said. "Goofball" I heard Rosalie mutter under her breath before a soft sigh slipped past her lips. and from the corner of my eye. Bella's voice finally rang through my ears. She paused just passed me. unable to resist a last barb at Bella before our detention at the end of the school day. I turned to her. "I'm not the one with the idiotic views either" she added in a hiss. While I sat in utter silence. invisible object and bought it through the air diagonally.

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Beige… dull? A/N: I'd planned on updating MUCH sooner… but my virus-riddled computer had other ideas! Anywho…. thinking it was the wall…" she shook her head as she took hold of the door's handle. taking in the view of white. who showed obvious (and putting it lightly) distaste toward each other. Carry on oh faithful readers! Beige… dull? (Bella POV) "I know this detention might seem a little… unorthodox. in a room. nodding to her words. hoping that any of my inbuilt klutziness wouldn't decide to run wild while I was in the presence of the narcissistic idiot. While deep down I seethed at the form of detention. addressing us both once more before she departed "There's some clothes that you can put over yours in the store room if you don't want to risk staining yours. indicating that we understood and agreed. opening it carefully. . so I don't want to find that you haven't done any work on the walls." she whispered the next part to herself as she edged toward the door "at least you wont paint the window pains. I knelt over a tin of paint. she and I stood in the middle of. How are you all doing? Looking forward to this next chapter? Yes? Good. good :. dingy classroom where Edward. What kind of teacher lets two teens. as she looked around the dark. to be quiet while we did something constructive. but Mr. bare walls and the dust sheet covered floor. like reading or doing our homework..11 - . "A little help from the both of you would help Mr Pesca. Pesca is off ill and this room does need to be finished by the weekend" Mrs Reynolds spoke. Why couldn't she have given us the norm? The both of us sat in a room. you are here for punishment. and remember. Edward and I stood rooted to where we were.. You'll be free to leave in an hour". unsupervised with a tin each of paint as our ammo? The click of the door closing tightly shut sprang the both of us into motion.

no effort for him. my mind visualising each step he took from the beige coated wall to the slowly emptying tin and back. but it had stayed the same. Edwards's footsteps were the first noise that I picked up on. hard surface of the wall. began to feel like some kind of deathly wrath that the room was inflicting upon me. I reluctantly admitted. the harder it was to focus on what I was doing. knowing I'd have to swap hands or use both to carry on soon. which I'd always cherished. My arm was beginning to feel like a dead weight and my hand was in spasms of cramps as I tried to hold on to my paintbrush. not myself" I muttered as I dipped the paint brush into the tin. I pondered as I repeated the lazy strokes of the brush back and forth. sounded like silk. This was the misery that all the other children felt when they'd been subjected to detention. smooth and rich. his voice. each inch more of beige winning over the white."Don't you want to cover your clothes?" I heard him speak for the first time since lunch. the sound of the brush sweeping across the smooth. slow. Was an overdose of silence a trigger to insanity? . knowing that if I dared to voice it. I'd show him. His breathing caught my attention. Silence. and so no wonder that I wasn't up to the task. The second noise that prickled me was the sound of the long. knowing that some kind of disaster would occur if we were in close proximity. The longer I worked. wondering why schools were so attached to the colour beige to coat each and every inch of their walls with. We both painted in silence. choosing silently to work at opposite ends of the room from each other. How did he make this seem like such an easy job? I argued in my mind. easy strokes that he brushed the over wall. marvelling in how I could study my progress. I listened to the sound of the paint dripping from the tips of the brush's bristles before I scraped the excess off. Did he have to be so quiet? How was he being so quiet? Is he still alive? I haven't heard him move in the last four seconds… my breath caught as the thoughts ran through my mind.12 - . his answer would some way conclude that it was a man's job. where as the true meaning of detention was finally beginning to dawn on me. How was he managing to keep it even as he worked? I'd heard his breathing increase a little just as he began. "No. where they had to sit silently and be creative in an educational way for a full hour. I plan to paint the walls. if it was some kind of inbuilt survival instinct that the both of us acted upon.

pushing all but contentment from me. warm hand brushed against my limp. His eyes held mine. a feeling of unease seeped through me. He pressed his lips lightly to the back of my hand."Bella" I heard him speak. sentences ready to be used as ammo and defence. seeming to read a lifetime's worth of information in each millisecond. What had he seen hidden in my eyes? I kept to myself most of the time. his voice feeling like a breath of fresh.13 - . I watched in stunned awe as Edward took hold of my hand. yet I didn't look away. The touch of a warm hand brushing against my hand. and still like some one had thrown a bucket of ice over me. warm air within me. The silence stretched on. Harmonious strings. Tinkling piano keys. forgotten hand. daring to turn and smile at him to try and stop any question or worry within him. all thoughts evaporated. but did he manage to work out my whole being by looking into my eyes? Feels like it… I thought as I starred at the paint that was slowly creating a dreary pool of beige at my feet. It all vanished in an instant. I willingly kept his gaze. knotting up the muscles in my shoulders. agitation began to flow through my veins. "Bella?" I heard him question. causing me to drop its sloppy form to the floor. the sound of its impact muffled by the tatty sheets. Plucked harp chords. (Edward POV) . "are you okay?" he asked. raising it in his as he flourished a perfect bow. of likes only seen these days in black and white movies. leaving me blank. gaining information of my own from his green eyes which seemed to blaze with intense colour which stood out from bland beige walls. creating tension in my muscles. Yet when the feel of his strong. 'am I okay?' "Yeah… fine… fine and dandy…" I replied. his voice making me question myself. Seconds or hours later we both looked away. An argument blossomed in my mind. kissing the trembles away. which limply held the paint brush made me jump. I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.

baiting Bella at any chance I could. her warm body felt fragile beneath my large hands. I was hit by the lights of the room. even though I knew how tough and defiant she could be when she got riled up. After blinking a few times to clear my vision I turned my gaze to Bella. I nodded weakly as I tried to think of something to defuse this situation. anyway she ended up with a trip to the hospital. A content sigh seeped past Bella's lips. Her lips captivated me. "Bella" I whispered. to relieve them of some strange agony that they were suffering from the pointless distance. causing my own to shoot up into a smile. stunned by their rosy hue. resting so casually there felt as if it had been carved especially to fit me.14 - . The way they seemed to magnetise my own lips. the plumpness of her bottom lip and curve of her top. hoping not to shock her with my voice after we'd been twirling around for a while in almost silence. hips and waist. thirteen stitches in her head and a concussion! Warn your dad buddy!" Emmett's words which had been followed by a chuckle rang in my mind as I held the supposed klutz in my arms. she is the definition of klutz! There was this one time. she slipped out of my truck. Do something! A voice in my head roared. looking serene as she did so. managing to easily contradict his words. I marvelled at her back. Bella with her eyes closed and a small smile playing on her lips as she stepped smoothly around the room in my arms. in my arms… content… how? I kept us both moving slowly to the music as I thought of how we'd gone from screaming matches against each other to being alone in detention and feeling content in each other's company. How had we gone from where I felt comfortable. mesmerized in how my hand. My hand which held Bella's tingled by the feel of her bare skin against mine. just to watch her fume in anger to holding her safely in my arms. Hearing her incoherent mumble of a . throwing myself into the feeling of contentment I felt. it wasn't even raining so it wasn't like it was slippy. I couldn't help but openly stare at her lips. filling my every cell and each thought. Opening my eyes. and I was glad that Bella was enjoying this little truce between us so much so that she'd closed her eyes. My mind crashed at the thought: Bella. in each other's arms. making them feel as if they were being drawn to them. only to be blinded by a magnificent sight. I closed my eyes. she danced gracefully along to the music that sounded from my ipod."I'm telling you. revelling in the warmth of her body and the smile on her lips.

My heart pounded in my chest. What the hell? I wondered as I continued to stare into her eyes. My hands which had been pointlessly hanging at my sides took a chance and rested themselves at Bella's waist. It worked. her eyes softening from the sharp. Her breath caressing the sensitive skin on my neck. pooling in stupid places like my manic head. "Emmett told me" I decided to add. hoping I'd be able to get us both back on track "You dance well for a klutz" I added in the same soft whisper. filling my lips to make them tingle and pooling in my groin. down to linger on my lips and finally back into my eyes. just managing to keep my knees from buckling as I took in the irresistible sight of Bella resting her head against my shoulder and wrapping her arms around my body. sending an involuntary shiver down my spine. my eyes rolled and my heart stuttered as I felt Bella pressed lushly up against me. ice cold glare she held to a calmer.'yes' I continued. almost jumping from shock as I watched her hypnotizing brown eyes gaze from my eyes. her head bowed down as she took deep breaths to calm her prickled nerves. quickly taking an unsteady step back so that I could see the wrath in her expression and the defiance in her stance. plump and begging to be ravished. her head tilted up to look at me. to retaliate. hoping that the sound of my voice would cause her to turn and look at me.15 - . Seven seconds after my words left my mouth she staggered against me. counting the seconds before she exploded into the fiery demon that I loved to battle. my ringing ears. softer gaze. I took a chance and opened my eyes. She paused before me. My eye lids closed. Each of her curves moulding to fit the planes of my own body. That's more like it my mind cheered as I watched her turn around and place both her hands against the wall. my blood going wild as it rushed through my veins. she spun silently around. I could hear my breath becoming uneven and ragged as my eyes flitted to look at her lips. learning every slope of her curves. fury radiating from her every limb as she closed the small distance between us. Why does holding her feel so good? Why aren't you pushing her away? How did you let things go so far Edward? You shouldn't have let her come close enough so .

breath out… as her small hands traced the lines of my collar bone and paused at the pulse point on my neck. To the rising and falling of her chest to her paint covered hands. almost cursing out loud as the distance between our bodies sent a chill over me. . She moved slightly in my arms and I gasped as I felt her fingertips flitter hesitantly over my face. breath in. I concentrated all my energy on breathing. breath in. What is she doing to you the logic broke through. enjoy the moment… she came willingly to you Edward… all that fighting was resistance from her. closing my eyes and resting my chin on the top of her head. she's all yours… I complied with the voice. I could feel them boring into me even though I had my eyes closed. Hold her tighter! Remember to breath… do you smell that? The aroma of her fragrance! Enchanting isn't it? Close your eyes and relax. From her pinched waist to her curved hips. her ivory skin looked startling in comparison to her dark chocolate eyes. her ruby lips and the pale rose blush that was slowly blooming in her cheeks. Her warm. I looked her over. from her gleaming eyes to her smiling lips. Her hands moved slowly from where they rested on my back to my chest. sweet breath blew over my face as she explored my face with not only her hands but her eyes. directed purely at myself. nose and forehead. shocked I complied yet again. mayhem glistened within her eyes. exploring my jaw. Her mahogany hair glistened under the strobe lighting from above. Open my mind commanded and I complied without as second thought.16 - . Cautiously I took a step away. mesmerised once again by the angelic sight that was Bella Swan. I paused. and the only answer I could thing of was 'I'm too deeply in this sinful bliss to care'. breath out. spurring my fogged mind into motion. I could tell that she felt it too as she crossed her arms over her chest. Mischief.that this could happen! Where are your defences man! The logical side of my mind raged while some distant part of my mind began to drown it out. Eyes my mind demanded me. playing with the fabric of my shirt before they drifted to the exposed skin of my collar and neck. "Checkmate" her voice rang out with a devilish tone. danger. now she's folded.

my eyes hungrily taking in the sight of her as she tilted her head to the right under my touch.Paint covered hands. but wanting to none the less. I let my breath wash over her ear and managed to keep my chuckle from escaping as I watched her shiver. captivating skin and knew I'd remember its frantic beat. The conniving little minx had used her beauty and appeal to fold me into unknown submission. Taking a deep breath I continued my slow torturous pleasure on Bella as I ran my paint covered finger down her elegant neck. her mind racing over the crazy thoughts that must have been filling her overactive imagination. Her eyes shot from my face to the side. as if wishing I'd step away or for any sign of escape.17 - . Her eyes which still held her amusement had a hint of shock and wariness filling them from the edges. Running my fingertip across her collar bone. I licked my lips at the sight. gaining a breathless 'yes' from her. at which they seductively parted. Bella wore a 'v' neck shirt and I smiled as I ran my hand down to meet the fabric of her shirt. smooth. trapping her between my body and the wall. down her jaw and dangerously close to her lips. I felt a low grumbling in my chest and heard a deep growl coming from the back of my throat. awed as I watched her lean her head back slightly and sigh. I could see her chest rising and falling as she took deep. shallow breaths. The little imp will pay. purely to torture her. knowing I couldn't kiss her because it'd be like suicide. I stood there while she painted my face with her tender finger tips. Returning my lips to her ear I murmured her name. giving me greater access to her skin. Bella stopped against the wall. I decided to torture her further and skimmed my nose down the line of her jaw. After four steps backward. I knew Bella was impatient. yet remembered how easily Bella had been able to play me only moments before. so my slow movement must have been killing her. I stalked a few steps forward. . I could feel her heart beat through her pale. I couldn't believe how easy this was. I took a fifth step forward and pressed myself up against her. causing Bella to take a few back in retreat. as lightly as a feather running it down over her cheek. pushing the amusement quickly to the side. I rested my hands on each side of her head and leant slowly forward. I moved my left hand to rest lower down against the wall to keep me steady as I pulled my right away and placed a fingertip at her temple.

I spoke against her skin. using all the control I had to not kiss her as my body begged me to do and my lips demanded. dropping my hand to rest against the wall as the other did and I moved my lips to rest against the creamy skin on her neck.even ten years from now. A/N: Well… what do we think oh loyal readers? Hands up who are fanning themselves! .18 - . with the one word that I knew would prickle her fury better than any other word known to man "Checkmate" and stepped away after a few seconds. I leant forward once more. once I felt her stiffen against me. which very nearly had the effect of a soft kiss.

Lessons were the worst. (Bella POV) "Bella? You gona eat that?" Emmett's animated voice reached my ears and I turned my gaze from staring at the far wall of the cafeteria to look down at my tray. she'd taken it upon herself to pair us up together in English. I'd thought about it every now and again. hungry eyes had spotted my untouched pizza. the hours I spent washing beige out of my hair and the agony of scrubbing my skin red raw to get the paint off boiled my blood. knowing that Emmett would understand that it was his for the taking. All because he'd been too idiotic to understand the works of Shakespeare. like a primitive reflex. I couldn't understand why I was so hyper aware of him. and dropped a hint to Mr Banner that we'd do well to work together in biology. "You're the best Bells" he spoke distractedly as I heard him pull the tray nearer to him. The memory of my ruined. so I chose to use the name of the band that I'm listening to right now… they RULE!) Beyond All Reason. I decided to take my leave. paint stained clothes.19 - . and came to a conclusion that perhaps it was like some hidden sense within me. His quick. Mrs Reynolds had seen the room we'd painted and had thickly concluded that our good progress at managing to paint over half the room together was a sign that we'd 'gotten along famously' as she'd put it. it was . Always ready for an attack. I could feel a pair of eyes burning into my side and knew that Edward was looking at me for the third time this lunch time even though my eyes had been glued either to my lunch tray or the wall at all times. Edward was danger.Beyond All Reason A/N: I had a LOT of hands up in the last chapter… you guys are so easy to please! big smile (I couldn't think of what to name this chapter. even if I would be early for my next lesson. an enemy and so my subconscious was always alert when he was around. In light of our good team work. Turning silently back to look at the wall I pushed my tray forward slightly.

but I had to suffer his presence when I should be able to escape. Mike was the school's most popular guy. a smug smile settled on his face "You can bring your friends if you want. who radiated a trying. come over by 8pm" he added before shocking me once . Most people over looked me. I for one had given up much hope years ago that Mike would notice me. who had fast become a best friend of mine and Rose's over the past week. "I was wondering…" he stared. a highly satisfied look on his face as he spoke of the privilege he was giving me "as my date" he added.better than sitting. Thoughts of what I'd be doing tonight entered my mind.. I could feel my face frowning in thought of who it could be talking to me. My breath caught in my throat as my eyes rested on Mike Newton. confident voice speak from behind me. I thought as I helplessly starred at him. I made my way to drop it off with the others. "Um… n-no. "Hey. Picking up my tray. Why would he be determined? "I'm having a house party and I'm inviting you" he paused. perhaps talking to Alice. Jasper and myself. "Bella… right" he smiled. staring at the mockingly beige coloured cafeteria walls and feeling Edward's hate filled eyes burning into me once more. his eyes finally coming back to my face "are you busy tomorrow night?" Mike Newton was asking me if I was busy tomorrow night. I'd taken to watching him from a distance while he talked to girls like Lauren and Jessica. Isabella right?" I heard an enthusiastic. Jasper and Rose had been the only exception until Alice and Edward moved here. wondering what kind of sick joke he was playing. girls fawned over him and the boys begged for his attention. his smile broadening at my blush and shocked expression. "Bella" I corrected as I turned. He pushed himself from the wall.20 - . I'm not busy" I stammered to answer him. cooking a meal for Charlie. his baby blue eyes looking almost angelic. except for the determination that I could read within them. fake beauty and confidence.. It wasn't enough that I couldn't escape him each school day. "Great" he spoke. his eyes running from my face to my feet. Emmett. then fall asleep which would undoubtedly be a nightmare like any other night. doing some homework. leaning casually against the wall. having Edward interrupt each dream was loosing me sleep. He probably just wants you to do his homework for him while he goes out on some date my brain reasoned with me.

tight jeans and a simple fitted t-shirt. sending a wink my way as he exited the cafeteria. wondering when Jasper or Emmett would turn around to help Bella down. biting her bottom lip relentlessly with a frown clouding her pale face. She hung her head and I couldn't help the feeling of protectiveness that ran through me. readying myself to which ever reaction my helping hand would ignite within her. or chance it and try her best to get down from the jeep on her own. The logical part of me knew that Emmett. in a pair of heeled boots. See? Alice is safe! I told myself as I took a step toward them. I reasoned with myself before I went to help her that I was only looking out for her because she was my friend's sister… and my sister's friend I reasoned when I thought of it. she didn't need to wear frilly dresses or be adorned by any ridiculous accessories. revealing her sat there. She didn't make any effort to make friends and shot anyone's attempt at doing so within a matter of seconds. She swung her legs back and forth as she looked from Emmett.21 - . the back door open. which would cause embarrassment all around over the fact that she'd been forgotten. Jasper and Bella could easily do that. trying to remember why it was I was really here tonight. Rose. laughing together at a shared joke. Would she be grateful? Ashamed at looking weak before me? Maddened that I thought she'd want my help . I watched as Emmett helped Rose out from the jeep and as Jasper and Alice rounded the front to join them. I took a deep breath as I held my hand out before Bella. I was Alice's only friend. Jasper and Alice to the ground beneath her feet. placing a chaste kiss to my blazing cheek. her natural beauty was all she needed. Even though she could be a fiery imp when she wanted to be. she could also be just as vulnerable. by now battling internally with herself over whether she should call out and ask Emmett or Jasper to help her down. she'd also let Emmett and Jasper into her little selective friends group at which in my opinion. Alice had surprised me when she became so close to Bella and Rosalie in a matter of days. At the last school we were at. I made my way over to where Bella was. Rose. I shook my head and got out of my Volvo. The simplicity of her look hit me. I knew that she was probably. in high heeled boots and with a faulty gene that made her the klutz she was. (Edward POV) I pulled up next to Emmett's jeep. to look out for Alice my mind told me while a niggling feeling within me told me that it wasn't true. they should all be very grateful and proud.more.

moon and the house's lights which shone from behind me. I gave her a weak smile as I tightened my hold on her hand and reached my other out to wrap around her waist.22 - . Once I felt her stiffen again I unwrapped my arm from around her and let go of her hand. eyes alight under the glow of the stars. drowning them in a rosy blush of anger. Rosalie and Alice. Bella must have felt it too as she shuffled on her feet and played with her hands before her. brushing her hair back from her face and straightening her t-shirt before she turned to face me. I looked up at Bella to see her eyes filled with caution. I made my way after her slowly. a reflexive smile taking over my lips as I watched the blood rising in Bella's cheeks. me in one piece. Jasper. I knew not to rile her now while she felt defenceless. Her feet finally touched the ground and I kept a hold of her while she steadied herself. glowing with disbelieve. Under my silence she looked up at me. My hand shook as it waited outstretched for Bella to make some sign of recognition toward it and I couldn't help but begin to feel slightly nervous. relief and wrath. steadying it. She stiffly leant into me and let me help her down. in anxiety. I noticed her biting her lip again. holding me prisoner as if with metal chains with her eyes. Did she really hate being so vulnerable before me? I knew that I disliked it. protective lioness. slammed the door of Emmett's jeep shut with an echoing bang and stormed off toward the house after Emmett. feeling immensely relieved that I had managed to . feeling slightly uneasy with the strange tension that had fallen between us. Her head snapped up. "No problem" I spoke softly. She took a few seconds to compose herself. her head bowed down as she whispered "Thanks". Warmth wrapped around my hand. I could do that when she was safely on the ground beside. I decided to do the only thing I could think of to rid us from the tension "I didn't really fancy a trip to the emergency room. as if I were retreating from a wild. it's too early don't you think?" I spoke. She didn't speak a word as she turned around.above no one's at all. taking a slow step backward. I kept silent as I watched her. but was glad that I could rectify the situation by helping her. confused at why she was so shy and uncomfortable standing before me.

I decided that I needed to head outside and get some air. Something bubbled within me that I didn't like. rolling my eyes as I noticed the queue to battle against Emmett was now forming out the door and almost all the way to the study down the hall. I didn't have to question who it was. I spotted someone faintly familiar in a darkened corner. I turned and made my way down the hall. I couldn't blame her for being bored. I propped myself against the door frame and watched as Emmett beat yet another puny boy at an arm wrestle. from the beaming smile on his face as he beat each kid and the fake look of effort he plastered over his face against the most frail looking geeks to give them some false sense of a chance at winning. taking a slow look around the room to see if I'd notice anyone. tall. As I turned to leave. "Next" Rosalie called from where she was sat. more and more kids were entering the kitchen with three guys rolling a barrel of beer in though the back door. I could tell she was getting her amusement from Emmett. sucking and slurping at each other's faces as the alcohol kicked in and impaired their decisions and visions. calling the next challenger to take a seat in an attempt to win against her boyfriend. I knew it was Bella he was looming over and it was the cocky kid that had talked to her yesterday as she'd dumped off her lunch tray. Here and there kids were like leeches. Emmett was about seven times bigger as the children that were eagerly using all their strength against him in hopes of winning. fiery and dangerous. I noticed a few kids from a couple of my classes here and there and waved back to them once they'd noticed me. I could see the geeks getting drunk and becoming rowdy and the jocks chasing after the giggling cheerleaders.get her back to where I felt comfortable to be with her. looking half bored and half amused next to Emmett. During my short walk from the front door to the back room which was where the kitchen was situated. and I didn't want to pause to work . I entered the vodka and beer storage space that was the kitchen and felt a spark run through me. all over each other. lanky with spiky blonde hair looming over someone. There was no sign of Alice or Jasper so I concluded that they must have been hanging out somewhere together in the crowd that had filled the house to almost over brimming capacity. Shrugging it off I walked in and picked a bottle of beer from the kitchen counter top.23 - .

yet meaningful look at Mike. yet his voice rang with disbelief and anger. really Mike I'm fine. just so that I could see Edwards's expression. I peeked a look at Mike who was leaning against the counter top beside me. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Swallowing the last drop of the liquid foulness I tried my best to control my . raising one of his arched brows "Bella" he simply stated my name. Mike too? "I'm fine here thanks" I muttered. Wants to spoil your night my mind reasoned. waiting to see if Bella needed my protection or if she was handling things okay on her own. he turned and focused his emerald eyes on mine. (Bella POV) How dare he? My mind roared as I let Edwards word sink in. drinking heavily from his cup while his blurry eyes danced between Edward and me. Think you can order me around do you? I'll show you. its not strong. Why did he think he had the right to tell me what to do! I argued as I kept my eyes locked on him. I don't really drink" I heard her say as she held her hands up before her. Shooting a quick.24 - . wondering why it was he was acting like my protector all of a sudden. everyone is drinking. void of my rage. I promise" Mike pleaded. "Come on! It's a party. and you can thank me for saving you from this slimy creature' and I knew that Mike would decode my words as "If you don't step away from her. Emmett wants to speak to you" I knew she'd understand my words as 'I want you to come with me so that you and I can talk. He thought he could boss me around. a weak smile on her face that I could tell was fake and was hiding the tinge of annoyance that was evident in her voice. pushing an alcohol filled cup toward her. willing myself not to stop until I'd finished the lot. Didn't he hear her saying no? I took a step forward. "No. trying best to keep my voice even. Spinning around I grabbed the cup brimming with alcohol from Mike's hand and downed the fiery contents. then the big muscle man that is Emmett.out exactly what it was either and so I took slow steps toward them. will come hunt you down and beat you into a bloody pulp". standing just behind Mike and spoke "Bella. along with his chilling glare. Just have one.

expression. grasping his forearms when I suddenly lost my balance after taking a slow step back. silently glad that his solid form would keep me steady and still for a moment. his mouth clamping shut like a vice. wondering why the floor resembled that of a bouncy castle and pressed myself up against his ridged body. I felt myself shrinking under his eyes. his eyes narrowing to threatening slits as he directed his hate ridden glare fully at me. beginning to feel a bit dizzy and hot in the middle of all the drunken kids… or was it because I was under Edward's gaze? I wondered. I think you'll find that you've made a bad move". I took a deep breath. His hands grasped my waist and I watched through hazy eyes as he leant down. the vain in the side of his neck pulsating. Because he stared it! My mind slowly caught up and reminded me. his eyes were locked. "Check again Bella. A/N: Now then… who's waiting on tender hooks for the next chapter? . Smiling smugly up at him I leant closer and whispered "Checkmate". I took an unsteady step toward him. starring at me. pushing my guilt away and filling me with confidence. his mouth slightly agape in shock and his right hand suspended in the air before him. as if he were going to take a hold of me. blocking out the sound of Mike and a few others's drunken cheers at my show of idiocy and faced Edward. His expression darkened. Why did I do that? I asked myself as I felt my head begin to spin. the look in his eyes ashamedly petrifying me by their hostility.25 - . ashamed of my actions. It was as if I'd slapped him.

without fail! We're not superheroes anymore . strike… quickly! Shock opponent…. cupping himself. A spark ran through me which I shrugged off as I took a deep breath of the frigid . I didn't wait around. Mike wouldn't be speaking any words other than a curse or two. indicating my refusal. I closed my eyes. reeking of alcohol. my aim true as it connected forcefully with his groin. I hoped that it'd be simple enough as Mike was distracted. readying myself for the attack. I smiled as I heard him wheezing for breath and tumble down to the floor. taking a further step closer so that I was trapped between his vile body and the wall behind me. wishing he'd leave me alone rather than keep pushing alcohol at me. Be calm… opportune moment. I shook my head. and now you won't have fun with me? Just drink it. "Can't do any better…I'm Mike!. everyone else is. taking a shaky breath in as I struggled to remember what Jasper and Charlie had taught me years ago. not bothering to listen to Mike's endless list of profanities and threats. I jerked my knee up. feeling my eyes roll heavenward in disbelief. knowing that soon. Lighten up" he growled. "Don't you know who I am? I invited you and your stupid friends. prattling on about his favourite subject: himself. (Bella POV) "Just drink it!" Mike ordered as he stepped closer.We're Not Superheroes Anymore A/N: I'm getting a bit rubbish at thinking of titles for my chapters… so this title is from the band I always resort to when I get writes block and gets me back on track. time to run. I remembered key bits of their training through my failing memory. instantly I hid myself within the drunken crowd and made for the door. his breath washing over my face. Slowly I braced myself.26 - . causing him to double over in agony.they love me" I heard snippets of his ranting. Quickly.

Sleep. One minute I was walking fine. Peace. both feet touching the gravelled path with no injuries. one small step at a time. trying to be careful to not move too fast as my head began to pound and my stomach began to churn. Stupid stupid Bella! My mind scolded me as winced in pain. Left foot down. I thought. as well as my clumsy gene kicked in and causing havoc. I pinched the bridge of my nose as I reasoned with myself. doors hanging wide open in the middle of Mike's parents pristine lawn. "Yes" I whispered to myself as I stepped off the last one. taking deep breaths to calm my anger as I thought of how Jasper or Emmett should have taken the position of protecting Bella tonight. finding myself almost at the road. keeping my eyes glued on my feet. My vision was hazy as I made my way slowly. Home. right foot down to join.27 - . We could make it home. Left foot down. the ground. I leant my head back against the headrest. my hands white as they gripped on as if for life to the hand rail. doe like brown eyes… full rosy lips. the image of Bella's shocked face as I walked away and left her in the demon's clutches. A second of lacked concentration was all it took. I looked up. (Edward POV) Large. Shhhh! My mind commanded in a jumble of words as I looked around before me. I knew . wavy hair cascading over her shoulders. I raised my head from the steering wheel. it's not that far and I'd be sober by then too.air outside. I frowned as I wondered where my memory of actually leaving the house had gone. having to stop every now and again to steady myself as I lost my balance. commonly known as Mike Newton. the noise of the house fading into faint thuds from the beat of the music. making sure they were walking correctly. a few had mounted the curb and one had been deserted. Biting my lip in unease I hoped that the alcohol wouldn't continue to leave blanks in my memory. right foot down to join. "Stupid ground" I muttered as I rolled to my side. I took the steps like a toddler who was just mastering the skill of descending stairs. feeling relief from the cool air against my over heated skin. knowing that the music I was listening to wasn't helping with trying to get the image of her out of my mind. Cars were parked here and there along the street. Maybe drinking alcohol isn't that bad? I wondered as I straightened myself and walked down the path toward the road. the next I was welcomed by my frequent companion in such situations. talking to myself as well as my feet. my feet taking each step at a time. parted in shock… cheeks with a hint of crimson… long. I made my way down the front steps.

The shock of the sensation caused me to gasp and sit still while I tried to control myself. As I ran a hand through my hair. rather than inside where my ear drums would be greatly abused by the loudness and poor quality of the music. locking it. which with me sat in my car counted as a failed mission. also glad the Mike hadn't come out after her. She'd managed to loose him inside… or was she looking for him? I wondered as I turned to follow her. I reached for the door. facing me. ending in a run as thoughts of her knocked out or broken and bleeding ran through my mind. After my initial hesitation. She lay quietly. I watched as a shiver passed through her.28 - . wondering what it was that caused it. Frowning. The sight of her almost buckled my knees. feeling slightly uneasy at the thought. not giving up until I'd found her and had her safely under my protection. sending a bolt of adrenaline through me. "Stupid… ground" she muttered as I reached her. tended to make them somewhat confident and loud. deep in thought I looked up and almost shouted out in rage as I saw Bella. I decided to go back into the house and hunt for Bella. I pulled my worn leather jacket off. I stepped out of my car. scantily dressed for the temperature outside walking toward the road.Emmett was with Rose and Jasper was watching after Alice. now seeing her lying flat on the ground. followed by my . she hadn't called out for help. No sleazy teen would get close to her. my pace getting faster and faster. no doubt from the pain and her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. feeling slightly glum that I couldn't stay outside in the quiet. She'd managed to graze her head in the fall and I watched as blood seeped out of the gash and dropped to the ground. I told myself as I opened my eyes. watching anxiously as she turned to her side. and if Mike didn't like the idea of a broken nose he'd keep clear too. I shook my head in exasperation and made my way over to her. yet ashamedly glad she'd come outside so that I didn't have to go inside and search for her. in attempt to control herself. Hearing a noise I looked toward where I'd last seen Bella and grimaced. staining the grass black in the darkness. Her eyes were clamped shut. somehow amazed that after falling and injuring herself. even with alcohol in her system which with any other female. I cursed at her idiocy. In an instant a spark ran from the top of my head to my toes. I'd known from the very beginning of the night that watching after Bella would be my task.

Her hands hidden deep within the leather. My lips parted as I felt her one of her warm fingertips brush lightly across my bottom lip. I watched as she reached her hand up to where I pressed my shirt to her cut. The cold should have bothered me. Bella finally opened her eyes. The confusion began to dissolve as new emotions began filling them. her eyes all the while locked on mine. we'll get you to bed too" I whispered as I sat her back up. I saw the pain and confusion swimming within them and made to comfort her "It's okay Bella. wonder… curiousness… shyness. having to prop her up myself so that she wouldn't end up colliding with the ground again. leaving me in my wife-beater. causing the blood beneath my lip to pound in reaction to her touch.29 - . right before my . I watched as her eye lids began to move and whispered her name once more in encouragement. my voice sounding strained and desperate.shirt. Silently. but my whole concentration was on the little imp at my feet. worried that perhaps she was concussed. My eyes instantly locked on her lips. "How could you have been so silly Bella" I muttered more to myself than her "I'll get you warm and cleaned up" I added. "Bella" I whispered her name. Her hand grazed mine. "Bella wake up. I was mesmerised by the change I saw in her deep chocolaty eyes. awed at how fragile she looked now that she hadn't any defences erected. hoping she wasn't in agony. beginning to feel some panic taking over my rational thinking. drawing down my face as I'd done to her moments before. feeling somewhat amused by the sight of her. She gave up after the first attempt and ended slumping up against me. as fragile as glass. grasping her shoulders and pulling her up into a sitting position. I ran a hand down the side of her face. She dropped her hand suddenly. her arms hanging limply at her side. "Bella" I repeated. you fell and hit your head. "Okay. gaining an incomprehensible mumble for a reply. "Your like ice" I heard myself gasp before I slipped her arms though my large jacket. always causing me trouble and mental anguish. open your eyes" I pleaded as I kept my eyes locked on her face. How do you feel?" I asked. hoping it would stem the flow. the jacket itself seeming to engulf her torso. Instead of dropping her hand as I predicted. I picked my shirt up off the ground beside us and pressed it against the gash on her head. sending the same feeling of electricity through me as I'd felt in the car. My heart thudded as I felt her warm fingers rest on the side of my head. yeah. staring at her fingertips as if they were foreign to her body before she lifted them back up. "Shhhh!" Bella muttered as she feebly tried to push me with her small hands against my chest. gazing at the blood that she'd left on my chest.

I pulled back. The realisation broke the spell she held over me. She was alluring. "Come on Bella… walk with me" I begged as I wrapped an arm around her waist and her hand in the other and led her forward. my only reaction being a mental shrug in indifference.very eyes. walking a bit. She grasped my upper arm. I couldn't control my reaction to her heady presence. sounding like a plead. with no edge to climb out of. only now that her seemingly husky voice sounded pained and weak. taunting me with their seductive shape. noting that what I had taken as the glimmer of her radiating skin was actually a sheen of perspiration across her clammy forehead. How can you feel like this over Bella? My mind questioned me. shuddering breath. wanting to feel release and bask in the relief of touching my begging lips to hers. feeling as if a ton of bricks had been dropped on my head or as if I'd been thrown in the middle of a freezing lake. "Bella" her name slipped passed my lips. A shudder rippled through me as I leant toward her. resulting in me practically carrying her as we walked a fair distance away from Mike's house toward a cluster of trees by the side of the road. "I don't feel too good" she added in the same breathless whisper as she'd spoken my name. I grimaced as I watched her stumble over her own too feet. her words slowly sinking in as if spoken in slow motion. "Crap" I muttered as I stood up. every little detail of their soft surface and seductive shape scorched into my memory. escape. feeling the same torturous desperation and need that left me as breathless as she was. her breathless voice laden with desperation and need. I began to worry about my mental stability as my eyes roamed her lips. her shaking hand running back and forth across her forehead in a repetitive movement. Bella mumbled slurred words as we made slow progress. "Edward" she whispered my name. fast gasps for air. I knew I wasn't strong enough to resist her. Her lips played havoc with my control as they parted and began to move. The usually pale creaminess of her skin tone was tinged with green as her forehead creased in a frown and she began taking short. begging to be kissed thoroughly until they were swollen and red from passion.30 - . her slight fingers pressing firmly as she took a deep. the tone of her voice becoming increasingly frantic and breathless . easily pulling Bella's petite form to her unsteady feet. dripping in understated glamour and sex appeal that she'd kept hidden from me beneath her fiery rage. hoping that having her moving. would help distract her from the nausea she suffered.

Not knowing if she'd cry or shout at me. Would she accept my comfort or push me away? I didn't hesitate to think it through. whether she wanted it or not. not knowing what to say. a faint mumble of "No" and "Away" reaching me. The sound of her retching the lethal mixture back up reached my ears and I felt myself itching to go to her. She sniffled as I came closer. Bella released herself from my hold and stumbled forward. sounding exhausted. brandy and wine and perhaps some vodka to give it a kick. the sound of her hurt freezing me a mere ten feet or so away from her. I wished I could have turned back time and stuck with her from the very beginning. Heading toward the trees. A grown man wouldn't have been able to handle that lethal mixture. her skin deathly white. a mix of whiskey. I spotted.31 - . I picked it up. How was she to know that the drink Mike supplied her would most probably not have included any soft drink at all. I heard her weeping. which had enchanted me earlier. falling to the ground twice before she shielded herself from my view. and now Bella did too. I knew she couldn't handle the nausea any longer. Her lips. I stopped beside her with my jacket hanging limply in one hand. When she noticed that I hadn't moved. one hand on the ground holding her up while the other was wrapped across her stomach. feeling helpless and foolish. knowing that Bella's bare skin must have been cold even if she did feel as if she were cooking within. not letting her in Mike's proximity and especially not letting Mike push the cocktail of spirits into her innocent hands. lay discarded at the trunk of a nearby tree. My jacket. my blood soaked shirt in the other. feeling as if I'd been beaten by a pro boxer as I saw her on her knees. looked paper thin and frail turned up at the corner into a sardonic smile "Guess you were . she slowly turned to lock her gaze on mine. If she'd hear me or ignore me. she was as pale as a sheet and shivering even with my jacket wrapped around her like a blanket. her eyes reflecting the pain she was in.before she suddenly froze in my arms. I'd go to her and give her comfort. somehow knowing that if I thought of it long enough I would either stay exactly where I was like a lemon or I would analyze all the different insults that I imagined Bella would throw my way and work myself into an unhelpful state. Want me… need me? "Leave me alone" she sighed. Mike knew it. "Bella" I whispered her name. The pale skin of her fragile arms stood out as if luminous before me as I reached her in the darkness. a faint light falling though the branches and leaves around us from the moon.

32 - .A Happy Birthday to Bella for the 13th :) . p.s. A/N: What do you think? Iamvamp.right" she whispered. taking a deep breath before she added "bad move".

Feeling uneasy at the sight of her weakness. I should have known that giving Bella options at this stage was pointless. fully charged with fiery tempers and easy come-backs. She needed to be taken care i decided to name it as 'I don't know'. ill. I sighed in frustration as she stayed as she was. come on" my voice was low. Leaning down. I'd do it. I grasped her arms and pulled her to her feet before she could . I reached my empty hand out. Bella's only reaction to my outstretched hand was to grunt in disapproval. unlike this week where I only had the one… sooo… There shall be some writing done! I didn't know what the heck to name this chapter. although all credit goes to Mrs Meyers for her beautiful characters! I have three… YES THREE… days off next week.Je Ne Sais Pas A/N: Howdy all! Thank you to everyone who's reading this little story of mine. like a human shield against my advance. The crying and slurred speech really dented the atmosphere which was usually like electric between us. needed someone to take control and seeing as I was the only one around to do so. a sulky pout lingering on her lips as she crossed her arms across her torso. "Bella. with a bit more rage in her voice as she wiped the tears that wetted her face.33 - . (Edward POV) "Leave me alone" she repeated. but with a French twist! : Je ne sais pas . shivering. hoping that giving her the choice of my help wouldn't prickle her anger and would show her some kind of unspoken peace on my side. on her knees beside me. I grumbled under my breath at her never ending stubbornness and decided to take things into my own hands. and injured yet still as stubborn as the first day I'd met her. but I knew she heard me by the sight of her little shoulders tensing. her head bowed low. barely a whisper.

she slumped against me. hopefully blocking out the night's chill. "Shhh" I cooed over and over as I began to feel the hot. Her body quivered against mine and I unconsciously wrapped my arms around her. finally defeated. wondering to myself if I'd speak any other word tonight. clinging to me with some desperation in her hold. her small and cold as ice hands gripping my arms like shackles. Was she really so drunk that she'd willingly jumped into my arms. forgotten to the ground and sprang at me. only to grasp desperately at the thin fabric of my wife beater. Feeling a little shocked that she'd listened to me. I managed to get her arms through the long sleeves with a little of her help. was she delusional after the hit her head received from the fall? Did Mike spike her drink with something that made her mood swings resemble that of a bi-polar? Once the shock had worn off and I'd ran through many other ridiculous reasons for her strange behaviour. Unintelligible murmurs vibrated against the side of my neck. something the cold wind hadn't been able to manage. shivering body to mine with one arm as I pressed my shirt back to her head once more "Hold this" I demanded. She took at deep breath as she dropped my shirt. all the while worrying about her health and state of mind. her ice cold face causing me to inhale a sharp breath in shock. I held her at arms length. her eyes battling to stay awake while the battle of sleep raged on within her.protest.34 - . wondering if she'd start crying again or maybe screaming this time. reassuring words to her. into the warmth. Unwillingly. "Bella" I whispered. speak. her eyes slowly closing and her body swaying as if ready to topple at any moment. watching my shirt slowly escaping from Bella's feeble hold. her name was the only word I could think of. She looked vulnerable. She buried her face into the side of my neck. just waiting for her to start fighting me. Hesitantly. Unwrapping my arm from around her back and taking my other hand away from the back of her head. A relieved sigh passed my lips as I saw her half awake. gaining some compliance from a weary eyed Bella as she lamely held the shirt in place. I opened out my jacket and slung it over her shoulders. pulling her closer. I pulled her head back from where she'd burrowed her face into my neck. yet Bella had. I reached around to unclasp her hold. I faintly heard my voice as I spoke comforting. Running one hand up and down her back. get out of the cold and get her to bed. she let up her hold on my neck. sending goose bumps down my arms and raising the hair on the back of my neck. Her eyes grudgingly opened and I watched as something inside fell into place. feeling as if I was stabilising her with my hold. wet sensation of tears against my skin and tried my best to stop them. deciding to roll them up for her so that she could see her hands and zipped it up to her chin. Bella quietened after a few minutes. unwilling to let go. clamping her small. small and frail as she . wishing I could find out why she was crying. Her arms wrapped around my neck. I decided that we should leave.

you dad would worry. Tonight. but unable to stop. No. this need to make her safe. once this little ball of instant insults was sober. putting me on edge. in a tired yet defiant voice. "I'm fine… just take me home… where are you taking me?" I ground my teeth as I turned off the road and onto the familiar track that lead to my house. the imp that had me on pins and needles as soon as she entered the room. "Bella" I growled. trying to reason with myself that I was carrying her because I knew it would be faster than trying to help her walk back. I needed to control myself. A small silence stretched. anger at letting my emotions surface so easily "I'm taking you to my house. only to be shattered by Bella's sulky mutter of "Not likely". this weakness. a smile spreading across my face from my prediction. so be quiet and…" I paused once more. there's no point taking you back to yours. knowing that I'd get some retaliation from her. my mother would undoubtedly fuss over Bella. reminding me that I needed to toughen up. fresh and dried blood coating half of her face. Esme. I knew I'd be back on track.35 - . I turned my attention to what was to come. Her casual words of 'having had worse' cutting deep within me. I couldn't feel anything like this toward her. at thinking about her over and over. try and push these feelings away. hidden underneath my giant jacket with a gash on her head. he'd see you in this mess and blame myself or Jasper. control myself. mine. This was Bella I was stressing about. I cursed under my breath as I looked down at her. demanding to know what happened. forget about all of this and concentrate on her and our little game of 'chess'. the anger directed more at myself than her. thinking of what to say "enjoy the ride" I added. it's just a little cut… I've had worse…" she kept ranting. and knew that I couldn't stop the protectiveness over her that had enveloped me. half asleep. like I told you…" I paused to look that the clock that glowed on the dashboard "three minutes ago. creating a juxtaposition of the blackness of the dry blood against the paleness of her creamy skin. ready for her barbs and having a few of my own ready as ammo. safe in my arms. happy. I picked Bella up into my arms and made my way from the cluster of trees toward my car.stood. Deep down knowing I did it for the chance of having Bella pressed up against me once more. clinging to any chance I could at having her close. making me repeat the story three times until she knew it better herself than I did and scold me for not taking . to feel her close to me. Unconsciously. trying my best to ignore the irritation beside me "Better not be the hospital! I'm fine. I shook my head as I rounded my car. I knew the further I walked with her snuggling up to my chest that I was playing with fire. You and Jasper were supposed to stay with us anyway. knowing I shouldn't think of her in the ways I did.

drawing nearer and I heard the ever familiar voice of my mother calling from within "Edward honey. but I retaliated by jiggling her in my arms. frozen in the doorway. calm and collected as he'd gather the vital information. threatening to drop her. when his patient was fixed up. Patiently I waited for her to acknowledge my presence. holding a bleeding Bella to my chest. wondering if my parents had retired to bed early or if they were hidden away in the kitchen at the back at the house. discarding what wasn't necessary for him to asses Bella and clean her up. Carlisle. arms crossed and her eyes locked on some hidden tree in the depth of the night's darkness in the distance. had married my mother when Alice and I were both toddlers. She enjoyed my pitiful begging. anywhere she could pound. I knew after the lethal concoction that she'd drunk that she'd probably suffer all day tomorrow. thankful that my parents hadn't locked it yet and made my way in. hoping she'd give up graciously and let me help her out of the car. arms. my coat wrapped around Bella. but had been my father for as long as I could remember. I stopped the car before the towering white. Should she be this light? I worried as I ignored her words of protest and winced at the pain her little fists spread across my back. prodding with her little fingers. yet didn't hold the threat I was used to by the slight haziness that clouded them.36 - . He would be the peaceful one. I managed to open the front door. shoulder. counting the seconds in my head and gave up on my wilting patience. my shirt missing and bare armed in my wife beater. I smiled weakly before saying "Not really" in answer to her half asked question. having to beg Bella three times to turn the light on. Bella had hidden her face into my neck once again in hopes of hiding. Footsteps echoed from the kitchen. . even if it wasn't my fault. After a few failed attempts. I reached into the car and picked her up. my hands having been full with her body to do it myself. "Where's Carlisle" I asked. while I stood before my mother. studying her palm. chest. seeing the worry filling my mother's eyes and face. gripping the doorframe. She fell silent at the door. causing her to cling onto me and beg me in return not to drop her. familiar house. I waited for a full minute. Silently I got out of the car and made my way to the passenger side and opened the door. But no. if she'd sobered up by then I mused. is that you? Did you have a good ti-" her words fell short as she stopped. She still wasn't sober. her eyes murderous. A sharp intake of breath told me that they hurt under her drunken inspection. Bella sat stubbornly. I could see Bella from the corner of my eye. concentrating on the other details later. revelling in the lightness of her small of Bella.

I placed her carefully in the chair. when Alice had broken her fingers having been knocked by a ball. the dried blood that tangled in her hair and had trickled down her face making her look like a car wreck survivor. I kept Bella in my arms as Carlisle went in search of his medical bag. I now looked to him again. leaving all the other information for later. but calling him 'dad' felt completely foreign on my tongue. relieved that Bella wasn't shivering anymore. to keep her busy so that she wouldn't worry quite so much. asking a bare minimum of questions which would cut straight to what he needed to know. I loved Carlisle and saw him as my father in every sense. Bella shifted in my arms. Carlisle stopped beside Esme. and I knew he was now in 'doctor mode'. I'd also experienced him in 'doctor mode' at home. A small frown flitted across her forehead at the sound of Carlisle's name and I knew it was because I didn't call him 'dad' as Alice did. searching for injuries. I closed my eyes and could stop the groan that vibrated deep in my chest at the sound of her pain.hoping to get Bella fixed up as soon as possible and hopefully get my mother a mission to do. deciphering which action to choose before finally sending orders about and getting the job done. "How . Her hands which she tried to hide in her lap and in my coat were covered in dirt and blood. I'd seen him in action. wanting him to take charge if only for a few minutes. of her safety.37 - . I knew. for when Bella was resting. "Edward?" Carlisle's questioning voice came from the kitchen and I felt like a portion of weight had been lifted off my shoulders by his mere presence. "Bring her into the kitchen Edward" Carlisle ordered in his calm voice. feeling breathless with anxiety as her breath quickened and as I finally saw her for the first time tonight since she fell. he kept her calm and praised her at being brave and when he had patched my cuts up with bandages and band-aids after some serious soccer matches countless times. I hadn't noticed his entrance as I'd been staring down that the top of Bella's head. unlike my mother. my mind filled with thoughts of her. healing people. whimpering quietly as the action caused her pain. turning to my mother and asking her to get a room readied for Bella. silently telling me to let her go so that he could look her over. His eyes quickly swept over Bella and I. at the hospital when I'd visited him. he'd take control of the situation instantly instead of fussing. "You can put her down now Edward" Carlisle's voice spoke from beside me. A dark bruise circled the gash on the side of her forehead. He pulled the chair out from the dinning table. obviously wanting her out the way and kept busy to lessen her worry somewhat. After a moment of readying myself for the separation. I made my way through the door and stood waiting for Carlisle. her jeans torn at the knee. his hand on her shoulder as he offered her some comfort.

I could see the anguish and confusion on his face. young woman in his arms. even if it wasn't in the same way as I helplessly thought of her. a grimace on her face as her head came back into view.38 - . the one person he could depend on to look after him. not bothering to unzip it as she slowly pulled it off over her head. (Carlisle POV) I'd had years of practice at working out peoples emotions. to take on his burdens. troubled and in despair as he looked from the woman in his arms to myself and his mother. Discarding that option I did what I knew she would have done if the situation was reversed and I knew that it would make her think of me. he didn't think I was responsible for this? "Edward" he demanded this time. but I knew from the look in his eyes that he wanted me out of his way too. He looked pained. wary. But when I found Edward stood the other side of the kitchen door. Yet when I asked of him to put the woman down so that I could help her. with a small. I panicked. relationships. I was baffled. and find some clothes for Bella to change into" he spoke. She held it out toward me. thoughts. but I did have a medical degree that meant that I could patch up whoever it was Edward was so obviously trying to protect. the need for some support in his eyes. her eyes still cast down on her lap as she offering my coat back in silence. I readied myself to leave. I caught the sight of her fury blazed eyes before I turned on my heels and left. knowing it would have been stronger. the tone of his voice sounding final. I'd pondered at the time if it would have been so strong if it were Alice in his arms and shot it down. his voice sounding casual and light. I plucked it from her and turned toward the door. feelings.about you go help your mother Edward. I knew I was no match against Esme. a small smile on my lips from my small victory. he looked lost. Bella taking off my coat. My mind quietened as I processed what I was actually seeing. but stilled as I caught Bella moving beside me. stay with her and hold her as Carlisle poked and prodded. wanting to comfort Bella. My eyes were locked on her bowed head as I whispered "Check". but knowing she'd think I was being patronising or playing some sort of game with her. did she want me to stay? Was she going to kick me out herself? Was she in pain? I couldn't stop my imagination getting away from me in its frenzied state. The protectiveness he held over her was astounding. He seemed to relax when he looked our way. My mind reeled. I'd never seen such strong emotions on show with Edward before. but different. probably knowing his mother was there. knowing he would kick me out himself if I didn't comply. .

I tried to understand too the change in the woman by Edward's soft spoken word 'Check' and came up blank, knowing it must have been something between the both of them, some private joke or such. She'd transformed from a small, quiet mouse, to a raged lioness within seconds. The amusement in Edward's eyes had shocked me, the anguish having had been replaced so quickly by the change in her presence. I cleared my mind of the worry and questions, my eyes running over the young woman before me; recording the sight of healing bruises on her arms and some deep bruises that must have come from tonight's adventure. She had faint white and some red scars across her pale skin, making me wonder what luck this woman had. Did her father abuse her, or boyfriend, even mother? How had she sustained so many injuries and yet be so healthy? She seemed to have cowered in the chair as Edward had stood beside her, barley an inch separating them. It was if she was making herself as small as possible, keeping quiet, yet when Edward went to leave, and he spoke, she seemed to change into a totally different person, she was ferocious, confident and had a glint in her eyes that promised revenge. The woman before me shifted in her chair under my examining eyes and I decided it was time to get to work, knowing Esme would be anxious to come back and fuss over the woman and Edward's protectiveness would keep building until he was back with her. "I'm Carlisle" I started "Doctor Carlisle Mason" hoping that her knowing I was a professional doctor would put her on ease. I noticed, the longer in Edwards absence, the more uncomfortable and unsure she'd become of herself. She kept moving in her chair, her eyes shooting toward the door when she thought I wasn't looking, her head down when she knew I was. "Bella" her voice was croaky and weak, she coughed a little before continuing "Swan" she added her surname, leaning back a little as if in exhaustion as she lifted her eyes, finally, to my face. Relief flooded me. I'd been told of the famous Miss Swan, daughter of the Police Chief Charlie Swan. She was popular with the staff at the hospital, knowing them all by first name. She also knew the routine like a well rehearsed play as soon as she passed through the automatic doors, knowing what the procedures were and what was expected from her. "Its nice to actually meet you Bella" I said, as I moved closer to her, taking a closer look at the cut on her forehead "I've read your medical file, quite impressive" I spoke quietly, almost unconscious of my words as I recorded the extent of her head injury on a piece of paper, so that I could write it up later for her thick medical folder.
- 39 -

"Thanks" Bella sighed, her head bowed once more as I moved my attention to her hands, noting the scrapes on her palms and the bruise on the inside of her left arm. She hadn't broken any bones, the most severe injury being the one on her head, that I'd have to keep an eye on, to make sure that she wasn't concussed or that it got infected from the dirt that might have gotten inside. I continued my examining, asking her questions every once and a while, gaining 'yes', 'no' or some other very short, simple answers in return. The only time she'd spoken a proper sentence, was when I'd inquired about the alcohol, voicing my worry of who had made her drink so much alcohol, having concluded that Bella was sensible enough to have not wanted to drink it consciously. "Edward" she'd answered with a frown on her face "he was telling me what to do, and I couldn't stand it. He always thinks he's right! So I decided to go against what he was telling me tonight, to annoy him, see how he liked it. So I drank it, Mike gave it too me" her voice, which had been so filled with fury softened, shame filling her tone. "He said it wasn't strong… I kinda believed him… I just wanted to see Edward angry" I watched as she wiped the tears away from her eyes with her bandaged hands "I didn't mean to cause so much trouble Mr Mason, I'm sorry-" she broke off, sobs taking over her, causing her body to shudder. I sighed, knowing that the alcohol that must have still been lingering in her system was affecting her emotions. Alcohol tended to make people more confident, while at times self-conscious and melancholic. I rose from my chair and headed toward the door, knowing that Esme and Edward were probably waiting on tender hooks on the other side of the door, waiting for permission to enter, to go to Bella. I opened the door, revealing Esme pacing back and forth in anxiousness while Edward sat on the floor, his head in his hands. "Edward" I spoke his name softly, "take Bella up to bed" I added, as I went to my wife, consoling her that Bella was fine. Esme was such a loving woman, I knew that after seeing Bella so helpless earlier, she would worry about her until she saw her back in perfect health, doing anything she could to hasten the process. (Bella POV) I heard Dr Mason's words which were directed at Edward. I had an argument ready in my mind, just waiting for the opportune moment to voice it. I listened as Edward entered the kitchen, heading hesitantly my way as I kept wiping away the tears that wouldn't stop flowing from my burning eyes, down my heated cheeks. My head shot up as Edward stopped before me, his hand held out as he'd done
- 40 -

what felt like days ago in the midst of trees, offering me help, rather than actually demanding it. Carlisle caught my eye, he must have seen the defiance in my own eyes as he said in his calm, soothing voice "I'd do it myself Bella, but I'm not as young as I used to be" a warm smile lifted the corners of his lips, reassuring me. I turned back to Edward, seeing the wariness in his emerald eyes and decided to give him a free move in this little game of ours. I held up my hands, bandaged and useless, gaining a small roll of the eyes from Edward before he bent down and circled his arm around my torso, pulling me to my feet. I groaned, cursing the boots that Alice had told me to wear, having known before I left my house this evening that heels were going to be a bad idea. "Bella?" Edwards's worried voice reached my ringing ears, the volume of his voice so close making my head pound. "Shoes" I muttered, my throat dry as I spoke, making it an effort to speak "Stupid shoes" I added as I frowned at my throbbing feet. The pressure instantly vanished from my feet, along with my balance as Edward picked me up effortlessly in his arms, holding me tight to his chest as he made his way out the kitchen and through a large, white living room, the details passing by in a blur. I awkwardly tried to hold onto Edward as he carried me up the stairs, unable to hold on around his neck as I had before with my hands now like two thick stumps at the end of my arms, making me feel useless. I rested my head against Edwards's chest, shocked that I felt so comfortable where I was, feeling as if I could fall asleep for hours on end. I felt safe with two strong, muscled arms around me, even if they were Edwards, my tormentor. The rhythm of his heart beat beneath my ear sounded like a lullaby, calming my tense nerves as the warmth of his hard body seemed to brining sleep over me like a warm blanket. I sighed in content as Edward paused, the sound of his heart beat more pronounced now that there wasn't the sound of his footsteps in the mix. I listened as the tempo of his heart beat increased, frowning when it seemed to stop, just as I felt something warm and soft press to my forehead, sending a tingle down my spine and a smile to my lips.

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42 - need to check out BookMe 's stories! They'll blow you away! .

Closer A/N: I'm giving this a go in Esme's POV and also an Alice POV. I'm not so sure how much you'll like it. I love doing Edward. the sound of the water dripping into the bowl sounding loud compared to the quiet breathing that otherwise filled the room. I wiped around the gash on her forehead. dosed with pain meds between us under the warm sheets. trying to get her as clean as I could before Carlisle bandaged her up. I twisted the cloth in my hands. but I gave it a try-so it's up to you faithful readers to let me know how I did. What happened to him tonight? I worried as I watched him pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand and rubbing his forehead in a rhythmic motion with the other. wiping away the dirt and blood. a sure sign he was stressed. just to mix things up a bit. sliding across the wooden floor. A pain laced grumble from Bella indicated that her head was tender. My son truly is a mess I thought as I sighed. I closed my eyes and gave thanks to the good fortune that had led my Edward to Bella tonight. I heard him take a quick intake of breath and I looked up to see him stood. I bought the cloth to Bella's face. Bella Swan fast asleep. fragile and weak as I cleaned her up. revealing her beautiful creamy pale skin beneath. He's a mess. he's never been so easy to read as his now. I sat the opposite side of the bed from my son. so this a change and a bit of a challenge. I can see him worrying. Bella. Concentrating on being gentle. (Esme POV) My poor baby. so gentle. watching him as he took the cloth from my hands without tearing his eyes away from Bella. Edward's reaction caught me by surprise. he began to gently wipe her face as I'd done. which they'd been fixed on since he carried her to bed. Watching quietly. I could faintly hear him murmuring as he cleaned her . I find the name of this chapter quite fitting and also it's the name of one of my favourite songs at the moment by the amazing Kings Of Leon! Closer .43 - . Emmett and Carlisle POV's. She looked small in the middle of the bed. his chair having been sent back a little. causing me to wince.

Carlisle stepped away from the wall where he'd been propped against and took Edward's vacated chair. wringing the cloth in my hands until it was almost bone dry.up. passing Carlisle as he made his way out the door and into the landing. complaining for 30 minutes straight to me as he paced back and forth in the kitchen that he'd managed to get detention because of this girl. my mind reeling with questions. "Go wash up Edward. and I've seen on the news that it's common. he looked drained as he stood before me. trying to keep myself composed as worrying thoughts ran wildly through my mind. hoping it'd make her feel somewhat better in the morning and heard as I set the cloth back in the bowl. which she managed. I bit my lip. I waited with my eyes fixed on the door to wait to see who it was. I cleaned her arms and neck. footsteps. she'll be fine" I added. "From what Edward told me" Carlisle whispered as he stood from the chair and made his way over to me "she was given a cup that was brimming to the top with a variety of liquor. but I knew there was some kind of spark that ignited between them each time. I also thought now. get some sleep honey. I would have heard her before she opened . calming me with his touch. Frowning. Silently he turned. Edward surrendered once he'd finished gently cleaning Bella's face. and her supposed stubbornness and idiocy. of tonight. Their slow progress had me wondering who it was. hoping he'd go to bed. his footsteps echoing in the dark corridor as I heard him going to his room. Her clumsiness didn't help her either love. Carlisle was next to me. "She's fine love. "I'll stay with Bella tonight. just a little tired and sore" My husbands calming voice eased my worry as he started to cover the wound on Bella's forehead with some bandages. I would have been surprised if she wasn't in the state she was when Edward bought her here. giving me back the cloth so that I could do her arms. There isn't anything you can do for her now" I whispered as I dunk the cloth back into the warm water in the bowl. "Did someone spike her drink Carlisle? Did someone drug her? She looks so ill. They both clashed when together it seemed.44 - . try not to worry" I leaned into him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Alice cant be home yet. Why would someone want to do that to her Carlisle?" my words quickened in worry as I spoke. how she'd got into this state because she'd wanted to aggravate my boy. I remembered back to when he'd come home from his first day at school. his eyes scanning Bella's face once more. his careful fingers tilting her head toward the light to see her injuries better. checking Bella's pulse and Edward had gone to bed.

Love and hate both being strong emotions which could be easily undeterminable in certain situations. I smiled. a total feeling of content and comfort filling each and every limb of my body. his eyes trained on Bella. as always.45 - . only to have my sense of smell overwhelmed by . I ran my hand over his hair as I passed him. his thumb running back and forth across my skin. but his words cut me off "Thanks dad". He managed to free one of his hands and used it to place his hand on my cheek. both young. grasping my husband's hands in desperation. I couldn't help but worry over my kids. "It's what I do" I whispered to him. the both of us knowing it was true. stubborn and most probably denying their feelings. Carlisle and I made our move to leave. Edward shifted in his chair. "Your not hurt are you?" I panicked his being so quiet and pale making me think of the worst. I'd been wondering all night what the connection between them both was. when he wanted to talk or wanted some support. Did you want something?" I asked as I watched him. Edward made his way to the chair once more. My son was falling in love. ready to answer him. he just didn't know it yet. my loved ones. dirty water. do something!" I whispered. or taking them as being hate toward each other. The tension between them both must be unbearable. pale and distant as he leaned against the door. pulling it as close as he could to the bed before he sat down. I told you to go to bed. hoping he'd understand that I was there for him. his back to us as he kept his eyes firmly on Bella as he talked "Thanks". and she wouldn't be able to move so slow. his eyes taking my sight in first. calmly. I took in a deep breath and sighed with a smile on my face. even with alcohol in her… my mind thought over until I saw a form filling the doorway. "Edward sweetie. and I finally understood. "Don't worry so much" he added with a smile. mirth glittering his eyes. "Carlisle! Edward's hurt. a thankful smile on his face before he turned to Carlisle with the same look.the door. (Alice POV) Mmmm comfy! My mind gleefully analyzed my body's state. "Mum" Edward whispered as Carlisle and I reached the door. "He's not hurt love" Carlisle whispered as always. the both of us paused and turned toward him as he continued. Carlisle collecting his medical case and myself picking up the bowl of now cold. aroma totally foreign to me. letting out a satisfied sigh as the alluring aroma drugged me once more before I went back to the task of remembering the events of the night before. feeding off his warmth as we stared at the stars. I couldn't hold back the smile that took over my face as I remembered Jasper wrapping up both up in the blanket. testing the severity of the sun's wrath. always astounded that he could make me calm. Arriving at Mike's party in Emmett's jeep. Calmness that washed over me as soon as Jasper had my hand held in his. Standing alone in a bedroom as Jasper headed to the bed. He'd settled us both down so that we lay together. not needing to argue with myself. Jasper handing me a drink… then another… feeling hot. only to be blinded by it. silence and some kind of comfort to calm me down. Loosing everyone within the crowd and being rescued by Jasper as he took my hand into his large. I was willing enough to stay where I was for eternity. only speaking a few words and . yet one quick glance frred wild butterflies in my stomach. Flashes of images and conversations began to seep back into my hazy memory and I grasped onto each as I tried to piece them together like a toddler with a jixsaw. Jasper putting my drink down and leading me up stairs. leaving me drowned craving its addiction. anxious in the swarm of swaying bodies. I could feel my forehead creasing into a frown as I tried to remember what I'd done last night. the aroma drugged me. tearing the blanket off and holding it in one arm. smooth and dangerously appealing. his body being the main source of warmth.46 - . Few more minutes… a part of me reasoned and I caved. the music fading with each step. me wrapped securely in his arms. needing some air. but also warm as I mentally cursed the sun. enough that it made me cringe. I basked in the light-headedness and pleasurable feeling the aroma set over me until I decided it was time to get up. I remembered shivering as the chill of the nights air wrapped around me. remembering the loud volume of the music and giggling kids from outside. warm hand and pulling me free. yet as familiar as my name. taking over my thoughts and washing them away. I clamped my eyes shut and buried my face against something both hard and soft. piercing through my clothes and attacking my overheated skin. I took another deep breath. picking me effortlessly up with his other arm. making me wish I was inside instead of having had climbed out a window and on top of the flat roof of Mike's parents garage. Dark. remembering how good he looked in his shirt. The sun had been provoking me for the last few minutes since I gained consciousness. I peeked one eye open.

letting my breath fan across his skin seductively. those lips of his which were slowly nearing mine. a hint of lust clouding them too. pulling me against the same hard and soft object that I'd buried my face into earlier. Jasper finally eased his hold on me. hot kiss. some kind of intensity in his eyes that I couldn't understand. My eyes flew open. only to have something tighten around my waist. throaty groan. brushing my fingertips against his forehead. plump lipped smiles. My eyes left his as they moved to stare hungrily at his lips. thinking he was transfixed on the stars. I stretched in satisfaction. His ruffled blond hair stuck in every direction and. only to his eyes hooded with sleep.stealing looks at each other. bare arms. I shivered as I remembered peeking at Jasper. his weight pressed on top of me. His sinful lips drew my attention and I decided it was time to wake him up.47 - . catching his top lip lastly. He'd pulled me closer. Pulling away from his unresponsive form. I felt a vibration against my lips before I heard Jasper's deep. applying pressure every now and again. with his arms wrapped around me as a human restraint. With a satisfied glint in his eyes and a husky voice he whispered "Morning my little minx" before kissing the tip of my nose and resting my head on his chest. for the feel of his body over mine. I glared at him. kissing his neck with fervour at my wicked imagination. running my lips across his chiselled jaw. My back arched as I desperately tried to get my self closer to him. his lips capturing mine in a desperate. with a shaky hand I brushed it away from his face. my lips nipping teasingly at bottom lip. I moaned quietly at the thought. sporting matching lusty. then the corners. but couldn't help but feel happy about. I pulled a couple of inches back. Still not getting a response I moved to kiss his jaw. . fixed on the fallen angel in my bed. made me crave for his lips to ravish mine. Slowly I leant toward him. promising to end the terrorising desire that multiplied within me each second. Thoughts of kissing his neck and chest came to my mind and I smirked before wetting my lips and pressing them to his throat. One of his arms tightened around me and before I could process what he was doing. his mouth muffling the moans that his kisses and touches burned within me. but meeting his eyes. Feeling the excitement and joy bubbling within me from the memory of Jasper and my kiss. biting lightly and blowing on his skin in turn. cuddling me in his strong. I found as I kissed his neck that the taste of him on my lips and his mouth watering fragrance only turned me on. loosing myself within them. annoyed that he wasn't reacting to me sexy wake up call. he had my face in his other hand. the both of us pulling breathlessly away.

S.K? Let me know! P.48 - .A/N: Hope it was O.BookMe and I decided to invest in a laptop which I am currently using. more writing shall be accomplished! . finishing this chapter so now we don't have to battle our time on the computer.

carefully. nausea winning the little battle by surging over me. I tried to hold in the groan that was building within my chest and threatening to spill from my dry mouth. My body protested. replaced . only adding to my discomfort. Slowly. gleaming under the rays of sunlight and I moved my head an inch or two in its direction. teeth gritted and mind reeling in self encouragement of keeping my unruly stomach under control. the throb of blood pounding in my lip letting me know that I was alive. The sun mocked my weakened state by shinning on the one day I longed for the ever present gray cloudy skies of Forks.49 - . relentlessly attacking my skull like a team of miners tunneling through my head. and protested. I almost moved in shock of what I saw. throbbed. wondering what was so lucky to be that captivating. Edwards incredulous face transforming into shock. my eyes burned. trying to ignore the churning of my nauseated stomach. A weak groan passed my captured lips as I opened one stubborn eye.Quits? A/N: I didn't want this story to be too Edward and Bella filled. pleaded to be returned to the darkness from moments ago. everything else so far indicated that I was in hell. Heat flooded over my clammy. Something bronze caught my eye. The sight of him being so close had me wondering what it was he was doing there. the agonizing pounding of my head. In the direction I now lay. stung. My bottom lip was savagely trapped between my teeth. shocking my body by the sudden change in body heat. threatening me not to move an inch. so that's why the last was in Esme and Alice's POV… makes a nice change to look through someone else's eyes doesn't it? Quits? (Bella POV) I swallowed hard. his head on his crossed arms which rested on the side of the bed where I had thankfully been placed last night. I moved my pounding head to the side. images flooded my hazy mind and I tried to capture and recall them as they flashed by. Breathless after my successfully heroic task. cold skin. Edward sat in a chair. unusual colour. In an instant. My body ached.

feeling full of poison yet hollow at the same time. Edward. Footsteps echoed all around me. pressing the side of my face against it in hopes of cooling me down. My body ached as I recalled myself falling. I felt utterly peaceful and safe. pain filled face and me hurrying away. I thought he liked me. The sight of Mike on the floor of his own party. Doctor Carlisle and his wife Esme's concerned faces. in the darkness and blessed silence? My stomach churned once again. unresponsive arm around her tiny shoulders and heaved me up. I closed my eyes. but I did remember that last night. into a frothing. Pain.50 - . all was black. real grown up Bella! My mind scolded me. out into the cold. wishing to rid myself of the dizziness that was lethal when added to my clumsiness. almost toppling the both of us over. But no. the fumes that I had felt burning my nose told me that. "But we're almost at the stairs Bella! I'll carry you down as soon as we get there. hating the patchy memories that had returned. "No Alice. Liquor will never pass these dry lips again I vowed as I took a deep breath in attempt to control the nausea and wrapped an arm across my stomach.quickly by defiance and cold rage. Why couldn't I be left alone to huddle under the covers. filling every inch of my skull in a pounding tempo which only added to my endless list of annoyance today. I had no image to go with the memory. just before I must have passed out in bed. wild sea . as if it were there before me at this very moment instead of Edwards sleeping form. Walking had always been a bit dangerous. I groaned. anxious of the ones that were missing. You're doing good" Alice lied enthusiastically as she wrapped my heavy. There was one tiny memory that seemed so far away but held some hope for me that the night wasn't such a complete disaster. I took deep breaths. Just stop a minute" I protested as I leant against the wall beside me. but in the condition I was in. hoping to diminish the memories. I had to do something stupid just because Edward had told me not to do it. it was as stupid and horrendous as diving off a monstrously high cliff. Why did I have to be so idiotic in listening to Mike? Sure. hands stinging as I saw the leaf carpeted floor in my mind's eye. The sight of their concern hurt me more than the cuts and bruises did. but I knew when he handed me the fateful drink that it contained a fair bit of liquor.

weak." he shouted. boring into my skin and boiling my blood. remembering to keep her voice at a sensible whisper before she placed a quick kiss on my cheek "I'll have a coffee waiting for you Bells" she added as she walked away from me. speaking words that left me agitated. Bored of being with me are you Edward? I didn't ask you to be here. "Coffee… drink from the Gods" I heard Alice muttering as she came closer. Words failed me. I groaned as the pain intensified. attacking my hidden eyes. Can't you tell? I thought. I grumbled under my breath and finally got my message across by whispering "Shhhhhhh!" and closing my eyes. I knew what he was thinking as he stood before me. Jasper's pinning after you. hoping the semi darkness would help. I'd show him. through all the agony I was in I still managed to register his action. leaving me to her demonic brother. astounded by his stupidity and planned a nice little speech.and being a poor swimmer. hoping it'd reduce the volume and the pounding in my confused head. a complete and utter mess. my tongue feeling heavy and unable to form any words. I slid down the wall. and his shouting now had on my sensitive hearing and throbbing head. "Bella?" his questioning voice blared out "What are you doing?" He asked in confusion. forgetting about him as he stood before me with his assessing eyes. explaining the effects that the alcohol the night before had on my body. going missing as I readied a sentence. My thoughts argued. Stabbing pain surged through my head. his voice ringing louder with each step closer he took. Alice's footsteps faded away and I could feel his eyes on me.51 - . go put him out of his misery would you? Your coffee's waiting too. smooth voice that left me with an ache of longing and fury rang out. He appeared and spoke to his sister "Alice. I heard him sigh. Self preservation kicked in and I shielded my ears with my hands. pressing my agonizing eyes against my knees and my hands clamped to the side of my head in hopes of pushing the pain away or to just keep my head from splitting. feeling as if they were being sliced repeatedly by jagged knives and pinned with skewers. foolish. Great! Another addition to the list I mentally grumbled as a tormenting. .

making me smile for a second or two as I rested my hands on her tiny fists and pulled them effortlessly away from her temples. or how her chocolaty eyes always give her away by their mischievous glimmer or chips of cold anger? "Bella" I whispered her name as softly as I could and watched with an ache in my chest as she stiffened at my voice. I rested my fingertips at her temples. wishing I could turn back time and meet her in a better circumstance. fierce Bella was crumpled on the floor.(Edward POV) I watched as she collapsed to the floor. knowing it wouldn't vanish for hours yet I moved my fingertips slowly down. gasping her head in her hands in pain. anxious to know if she'd fallen or bumped herself during my absence. all the while I was reveling at the smoothness of her skin. My strong. Her skin a translucent. She had me replaying every conversation we had had over and over for hours at night.52 - . All Bella would see me as now was an enemy. the skin on her knuckles white from the intensity. Her chocolaty deep orbs . She had me worrying over her when she wasn't in my sight. Her hands were now two tight fists pressed against her temples. I sighed as I knelt beside her. Her only response was to relax her shoulders a fraction and let out a ragged breath. marveling at the sound of her name rolling out of my mouth as I ran my fingers across her jaw. I suffered from headaches myself. Once I was sure that her headache was subsiding. "Bella" I whispered her name once more. or even so. I should have apologized. I cursed to myself at her reaction to my voice. yet without having done so. My fingers ran across her temples. applying soft pressure so that she'd lift her head. would I have found out about her passion for books. over her cheeks and to her chin. Analyzing each word spoken and every word that could have been said. applying pressure in soothing circles. Her eyes were closed but I could see the purple and red shadows beneath them. her little shoulders bracing themselves as if ready for battle. even though it were a bit clammy from her nausea. Battling with her on my first day had been a big mistake. most of the time it was because of Alice's constant chatter when we were home. weak yet still as stubborn as ever in her attempt to block me out. Images of tearing Mike Newton limb from limb entered my mind. Her lips were desert dry and chapped. but lately it had been the stress from the little vixen before me. someone to battle against and be wary of. testing to see if she'd push me away or let me try my best at helping her. The sight almost had me buckling to the floor and grasping my heart in agony. I shouldn't have been so thick headed that first day. sickly pale.

my head spun around so that I could she her with her arms wrapped around her legs and rocking back and forth. wariness seeping in like cement to fuse it all tightly shut. "Thanks" I felt Bella's words vibrate against my neck as she thanked me. my symptoms being dizzy. her small body shuddering as she wept. or I mused she might show some of the politeness she had possessed last night toward my parents and keep quiet while a visitor in someone else's house. She's actually thanked me for… what? Being quiet? Holding her? Comforting her? Saving . I squeezed my arms around her quickly in recognition of her words as I fought to find my own voice. I wondered.53 - .hesitantly opened and her gaze rose from her knees to look into my inferior eyes. Bella had deflated under my touch. pulling her to me. I let out a frustrated sigh as I waited for one of Bella's little defensive lectures to kick in. Her gaze made me feel as if I were about to pass out. She'd be pissed off. and within a few seconds she'd accepted the comfort I offered her. thoughts of Bella and me forgotten. her usual wall of protectiveness rising and shutting me out once more. I internally shrugged as I made a move to rise. her voice broken and weak. His name popped instantly to my mind as I knew that Alice was preoccupied in keeping Jasper's attention in the living room. Bella's simple word having shocked me. hoping some distance between us both might keep her somewhat calm. Any defenses I thought I was erecting against her and the heart ache she gave me vanished and I returned to my knees. feeling as if the rules of a library applied to the both of us as we sat quietly at the top of the stairs. Bella's sharp intake of breath snapped me back into the real world "Are you okay?" I questioned her in a whisper. as I held the shattered beauty in my arms. start some ruckus and blame it entirely on me. She was never one to be patient so how was she managing to stay away after our beyond 10 minute delay? Jasper. She let me pull her into my embrace and onto my lap as she held on to me as if she'd fall down a black. directing me to keep my nose out of her life and persisting that she was fine and didn't want or need my help. The sound of her broken sob stopped my progress. of Alice. her body shuddering with each breath she managed to catch as she tried to compose herself. I watched as frustration and pain tensed my shoulders as her eyes closed up to me. bottomless pit otherwise. She wept against my chest. breathless and a stuttering heart beat. keeping up the somewhat calming rhythm of rocking back and forth.

I couldn't think straight and knew I had to say something before she'd take my reaction in a bad way. panting in effort as she steadied herself once more and readied herself for another step. unwrapping my arms from her and helping her to her feet. My eyes returned to my target and my forehead burrowed why is she standing at that strange angle? I dumbly wondered. freesia and strawberries. or strength and was falling to the solid.54 - . I rolled my eyes slowly heaven ward as Bella took two steps this time. "I can walk" she grumbled as I moved to take her arm. one arm keeping her stomach steady as it wrapped across her middle as the other kept her upright. I stood to the side. She looked so determined as she took steadying deep breaths. and I noticed the dread in her face as she must have thought the same. . wondering if she felt some achievement in such a small success. fixed on mine with fury and embarrassment within them "No. that she needed my help. but I was too slow to catch my falling angel. "Bella? Are you okay? Did you hit your head?" I panicked. not without taking a good few hours or a trip to the hospital's emergency room. seconds too late to register that she'd lost her balance. I was just waiting for her to cave in. breaking the somewhat comfortable yet strange silence between us and jarring us into some form of consciousness "We're gona be lazy and watch a DVD! Hurry up. her head bent low. waiting for her to accept the fact that I was right. Two steps separated us. "Hey guys" Emmett's holler reached us both. She moaned softly before opening her eyes. grasping the door frame. wondering if her legs felt as stiff and numb as mine from sitting stationary on the hard floor for so long. the paleness of her skin and torture filled eyes ruining her strong persona. the floor hit my head idiot" she ground out between her teeth as she made a move to sit up. "'S'okay" I murmured to the top of her head. She landed on her side. I knew she couldn't walk. We both knew it. I cursed myself as I went to her. The stairs were drawing closer. breathing in the faint smell of her hair. coz I aint rewinding it if you miss the start! Minus 5 minus and counting!" "Come on" spoke softly. She took a step. a soft thump seeming to echo over and over in my mind from where she'd landed. wooden floor.

I helped her the best I could. even though she wrapped her arms around my neck and sighed. uncontrollable beat. "Put me the hell down" she whispered in pure anger. That was the reason that I told myself. Wonder who it could be? . the true reason was that I wanted to keep her in my arms for as long as I could manage. so for once will you just let me help you out without trying to attack me. "Bella. Even after having had fallen clumsily to the floor. trying to hide the smile that I knew was threatening to break out across my face at her words. followed by his deep chuckle. wondering what anger filled words would come spilling out of her mouth. knowing that moving too fast would probably bring back Bella's nausea. I heard her huff. if your not man enough to bring her down then admit it and I'll do it!" Emmett's voice once again reached us both. "Edward. Can't we call it quits?" I asked as I descended the stairs slowly. sending my heart stuttering into a wild. finally realizing I'd picked her up and was making my way to the stairs. A/N: What do you say? (Review please!) Next chapter is in a new POV…. That's my Bella! I rejoiced.55 - . "What the-" she started as looked around. I want to watch this movie. only to be surprised as she breathed an exasperated "Fine" and slumped against my chest. Shaking my head at his words I bent down and threaded my arms under Bella's arms and legs and picked her up swiftly. she still managed to throw in a barb my way.

I felt the couch moving and looked over to see Rose adjusting herself. swinging my legs up so that I took up all of the space. The gleaming smile of thank you and pleasure on her beautiful face reminded me it was worth it… so worth it! Just to see her radiance in my presence. My Rosie was amazing. Some Action! (Emmett POV) "You okay Sweet Pea?" I asked instantly as Edward entered the living room. That smile just because I was behaving myself for her. I sighed at her confession. I love him . he's fun and quite easy to write. shutting out any distractions. it just flows. she's crazy enough to be a freaky fortune telling gypsy. the new kid knew what it was. letting her know I was watching her. curvy. A quick image of Alice cringing sparked back in my memory. getting ready to watch the movie. nibble the sensitive skin just above her tight low rise jeans until she squirmed and . I knew that Rose's favorite seating position was when she was on top. lick my way down her back. I didn't fail to notice the way she'd stiffened in his arms and pulled away from his slightly as I spoke to her. The four of us who had been sitting patiently for the two of them to join us had known what the noise was. which I'd heard from Edward to be suicidal and also watch a movie from beginning to end. nothing could persuade her to change her mind. I opened my arms as I quickly slumped down on the couch. she could fix cars in a blink of an eye. drink any guy under the table. "I fell again Pumpkin" she murmured as Edward rounded the couch. I took a deep breath as I fought the urges that seemed like second nature to me to think of all the ways I would love to kiss her shoulders. she'd cringed about 5 seconds before the sound of Bella's body hitting the ground sounded out. My Rose had focus.56 - . molding perfectly to my embrace as I wrapped my arms securely around her. Bella snuggled up quite cozily in his arms. Amongst other … position… my mind wandered as I felt Rose's warm. Even Alice. survive a whole day shopping with Alice. soft body settle above mine.Some Action! A/N: A few of you did guess right and say Emmett. I shrugged.

holding onto her properly and playing with her tiny hand in his which was double the size. loving the feel of her curves and the feel of her flawless skin between her shirt and jeans. letting it float down on top of Rose like a large soft feather covering her. I moved beneath my goddess. a faint pleased smile on her lips. Motion caught my attention from the corner of my eye and I turned my head to see Edward rising and heading toward the stairs. Rubbing her back or arm to warm her up if she got a bit cold or wanted some comfort from a sad story line in the movie. sprinting up them two at a time.begged me for move. smiling every now and then when her eyes seemed to glaze over like she's just been shown a wad of money to be let loose with in a mall. space out and run my fingers through her sheen of blonde hair. I glanced over at Jasper. causing me to try and recite the alphabet backwards in hopes of controlling myself. I took a hold of the corner and pulled it off in one quick motion. or felt it pressed like a hot poker against her stomach as she looked up at me through her lashes. reveling in its smooth texture and seductive length. She on the other hand sat comfortably beside him. "You okay baby?" she whispered in a low voice as she leant up and kissed my cheek. run my hands up and down her back. as still as a statue. all the while shooting calculating and quizzical looks at Alice. Rose must have sensed my pain. I . I pressed my lips to Rose's head. fumbling with his hands as they lay in his lap. "Just watch the movie honey." I smiled back to her. trying to get myself some degree of comfort after the mouth watering images that my mind had conjured up. it was my number one priority. tell me what happens later. feeling smug that Rose and I were together as he uncomfortably sat beside Alice. he jumped into action and pulled her closer. I looked over to the back of the couch and almost high five'd the thin air as I saw a blanket hanging over it. smiling as I heard her sigh within my hold and pressing her lips to my chest. I would make sure that my Rose was comfortable. Rose shivered slightly above me and I saw the goose bumps rising on her bare arms.57 - . having come down from bed in her pj's. a hint of guilt in her eyes. Once the shock had worn off. pecking her lips softly and returning her head to my chest as I did what I usually did when Rose was engrossed in a movie. She is perfection. having had pulled his arm around her herself. Crazy sprite. A gasp reached my ears and I looked up to see Jasper with a goofy grin and wide eyed as Alice sat at his side.

stored in her vital organs. . but her skin had taken a new.glanced back at Bella. I unwillingly took my arm back from around Alice. eyes closing every now and again in exhaustion. Edward moved slowly as he picked my sister up and stood. having no interest to try and give her sickening skin any tone today. Hail Mary in hell. scary tone. I watched him as he sat down in the free space next to Bella and rubbed the top of her arm softly. Edward looked calm and pleased at what he'd done as he rested his hand on Bella's shoulder. my stomach feeling empty as I took in her appearance. I understood his meaning and stepped forward to pick up the pillow that had fallen off his lap as he stood to place it back on the couch. lets go hunt and gather for our women" Emmett announced just before he kissed Rosalie's head and sat up. Rose and I had learned to do. placing the pillow in his lap and setting her head there. squeezing her hand quickly. My Bells was small and fragile as she lay curled on her side. I used to joke that she was part albino while we were younger. The blush that always seemed to be hiding under the surface was hidden.58 - . glistening her dull eyes a little. It looked thin and translucent. Where 's my little sweet pea gone? I wondered with anger as I saw her shiver and curl up into a ball on the couch next to mine. what did he just do? My mind reeled as I took in the sight of Edward gabbing Bella's arms and pulling her toward him. silky red blanket tucked under his arm and a pillow in his other hand. red blanket over her and tucking her in. while snapping open with some determination behind her eye lids. but I wondered if he knew the extent of his achievement? (Jasper POV) "Men. He stood. watching as he lowered Bells back slowly. stretching lazily before giving pointed looks at Edward and myself. still fast asleep. She closed her eyes and stayed where she was. unhealthy. followed by throwing the rich. pushing her always resulted in a battle. I rolled my eyes as I watched Bella decline to whatever Edward had proposed and waited for him to back away like Jasper. burying her face into the pillow and raising the blanket right up to her nose. giving her a bear hug which I was sure would crush her ribs. she didn't make a sound. Bella had always been pale. gaining a dazzling smile in response before joining Emmett. Edward returned with a soft. the blanket skill covering her as he nodded toward the couch. She didn't protest. leaning over to whisper in her ear.

managing to remember who liked what after only knowing us all after almost a week. I sensed that most of the worry radiated from Edward. but I was too much of a coward to do anything about it. "This way" Edward whispered after insuring that Bella was tucked in and lead the way toward the kitchen. Edward. being protected by my new friend. the light from the plasma TV illuminating her pitying form. "Screw it. I knew from past situations that it was a good idea for Emmett to keep pacing. adding coffee.I'd kept an eye on her during the movie. rather than having to stand stationary while angered. I kept quiet as we entered the kitchen. I could feel tension filling the room. Edward threw a couple of packets of popcorn on the counter before turning to fill up the kettle. the three of us men leaving the girls in the comfort of their seats. silently asking if they were okay to use to hold the popcorn." Emmett spoke up and drew my attention from the rotating bag of popcorn in the microwave and ran a hand over his tight fist "We gotta do something about Newton. "Damn right" I added. All of us guys at school knew of Mike and his play boy reputation. along with anger and worry. My little sister looked so small as she lay on the long couch. I was her voice of reason when she was confused. he was always the protector. I could easily see it in his eyes and the way he moved. Even when we were kids. Emmett. And so Emmett took the roll of her big protector while I was able to help her think things through. helped calm him a little by the constant repetition. coming off the three of us. Turning to look at Edward. he was the sole protector for Bella when kids picked on her because of her clumsiness or her geeky-ness. I hate confrontations and bad emotions stirred my own emotions and confused me. I'd always wanted to be the protective big brother for her." he seethed as he began pacing. Getting her wasted and in the state she'd been in. The anger pulsed from Emmett. I took it upon myself to deal with the popcorn. with a frown on his face opened and closed various cupboard doors until he pulled out three large bowls and held them up to Edward. I watched him nod glumly as he sorted out each mug. tea or hot chocolate. unsure of what to say. but him directing it at my sister meant he had crossed the line. for once looking forward to a confrontation with the little weasel. and still was in was just like some sort of sign that he was .59 - . hoping that keeping myself busy would give me a chance to calm down and think things through. The motion helped him think. angered or scared.

knowing that it was directed at me.suicidal. "Ed-ward" Edward hissed quietly as he relaxed his stance and slumped in the chair opposite of Emmett and I. his hands in controlled fists as they rested before him. His eyes which were usually green looked almost black within his head. let him worry himself into imagining what we'll do to him. feeling more in control of the whirlwind of emotions surging through me. Maybe give him some false sense of security?" Emmett spoke calmly as if he was talking about the weather. "I say we kick the shit into the little fucker and leave him on the side of the road to take his own pathetic arse home" I felt my eyes grow large at Edward's words and slowly looked at him. no matter how deeply they were hidden. I agreed with his whisper. noting that Charlie was a cop. . I chose to stand. No question of what should he do or could he do. Bella was stubborn. Did he really think that Emmett. I knew that he must have accepted his feelings to some degree. or even I would let this pass? "What do you want me to do?" Edward's reply was straight to the point. "In deep" I heard Emmett's whisper and he pulled up a chair to the counter and sat. "I want him to feel ten times worse than Bella does right now. Pure hate and tremendous rage. Now it was a waiting game until Bella put two and two together. I could tell that Edward had some deep feelings for my sister. "Maybe he could pull a few stings… make up some stories of black bears in the woods… put out a warning…he'd do that for Bells…" I mused as my imagination ran wild in my mind. His breathing was shallow as he set the spoon he'd been grasping in his hand down and pinched the bridge of his nose with one hand. but I could pick up on his intense feelings. leaning against the kitchen counter with the other. It was a direct question to Emmett of what would he be doing as payback. closing my gaping mouth.60 - . "Ed mate. I want him to pay" he added as he placed his other hand on the counter and looked up at Emmett and I with murderous eyes. but maybe for now we should just think things over? Let the little dickhead stew for a few days. and I'd begun thinking that Edward might have been more so. I like the way you think. "I'd love nothing more than tear him limb from limb or set a pack of starving rabid wolves at him and watch him scream like a girl… but they aren't really very clever options. especially what with his and Bells dad being the Chief" he said as he pointed at me. But having had seen him caring for my sister.

We got the goods ready. I noticed Edward heading to a cupboard and I paused to watch him pulling out a small box before he poured a glass of water and put both on the drinks tray and followed me to join the other.61 - . What did you think? I think that was my first shot at a Jasper POV and not sure how I pulled it off…. I made my way over to Alice. After helping Edward with handing out the drinks and getting Bella who was now half awake comfortable. I'll deal with her. She's my baby sister. I relaxed as I felt her snuggling up to me seconds later and felt immensely elated as I felt her warm lips press to my jaw. catching Emmett's not so silent whisper of "Good luck" causing the three of us to chuckle softly. She's so friggin' stubborn" Emmett spoke with charging. even though I knew the both of them would agree with me "We have to protect Bells at school. Emmett followed Edwards lead and started pouring the popcorn into the three bowls and I made my way back to the microwave to collect the last packet. She'll argue that she doesn't need protecting or some other shit like that. she needs protecting! "We'll have to be subtle about it. My smile was probably as blinding as hers as I sat next to her and pulled the popcorn as close to the couch as I could then leant over to pull Alice onto my lap. A/N: I didn't expect to have Jasper's POV in there." I could feel the panic building within me with each word I spoke. Review and let me know! . I couldn't help but smile as I registered that he'd added a packet of pain meds to the tray for my baby sister. myself making my way after him with a bowl of my own. but he felt the need to speak up so I gave voice to it.A worry popped into my head and I voiced it. Emmett leading the way into the darkened living room with two bowls of popcorn. finding a dilemma with my little mission. Edward shrugged and poured the boiling water into each mug "I can be just as stubborn. I don't want to find out that they were true through my sister. What would stop Newton from doing something to her in a crowded hallway or pulling her into an empty classroom? I've heard some creepy stories about him. you know how Bella is." he spoke calmly and surely and I couldn't help but feel a weight lift from my troubled shoulders. I felt her stiffen as she settled on my lap and I began worrying if I'd done the right thing or not.

I could only imagine Charlie's face when he found out he'd be home alone and dropped a hint that he had half planned to go over to the Black's to watch a game anyway. glad that Jasper had wisely picked out some of the clean clothes that I'd left on my bed yesterday morning. even thought I was sure he'd have been a bit frazzled at the task. (Bella POV) I stayed at Alice and Edward's house Saturday night as well.62 - . everyone agreeing that it would be best for me to recover and gain my strength some more before I faced Charlie. pausing my movements for a second or two. long sleeved with a scooping. dreading to think what he'd feel like if he had to actually hunt through my closet. Jasper had popped hope last night to let Charlie know we were staying over another night and to pick us both up some fresh clothes. I felt almost human again. My body still ached. but at least now I felt clean. I shook my head slightly to try and get it to work and finished doing my hair in one quick move. my head throbbed and my stomach churned. Giving myself one last once over and deciding I looked some what alive today I made my way to the door. it was deep blue. wondering if he was still there or had made his way back down already. The top he'd picked was one that I remember Alice complementing me on a couple of days ago at school. The purple bruise like shadows under my eyes weren't as . I pulled my favourite pair jeans on. I knew I was a mess. I'm coming" I called back to him. But now that I'd had a shower and brushed my teeth. he did well I thought as I mentally cheered him for picking a matching pair. I saw it in myself when I looked in a mirror and felt it in every cell of my body." Edwards's smooth voice filtered through the door and reached my ears as I pulled my hair up in to a sloppy bun. "Bella? Are you ready? I thought I'd better come warn you that Alice keeps asking for you… she'll come carry you down if you aren't down soon. "Yeah. Up The Ante. I laughed softly at the thought of my brother picking out my underwear. but respectable neckline.Up The Ante A/N: Don't know if you'd be expecting this….

I'd expected him to keep talking. . I reveled in the décor of the house. Taking a hold of the rail again I took a confident step down. I pulled the door open in one swift movement and took a step out into the hallway. "What?" I asked him rather rudely as I turned back and made my way down the stairs slowly. The walls were a neutral. Anger began to bubble in my blood at the thought of him always being there when my klutz gene kicked in. I stopped and turned carefully to see Edward closing a door to my right and make his way toward me silently. "You can let go of me now. my mouth watering for the first time in what felt like a year at the thought of coffee and food. for once. I closed the door behind me and made my way quickly for the stairs.bad as yesterday. It was like a mini gallery. feeling a smug smile of my own tugging my lips as his smile vanished and he took a step away. Alice had told me that her and Edwards mother was an interior designer and I could easily see why. Something hard and warm wrapped securely around my waist just as I felt my head spinning." I said calmly. I stopped to take a deep breath and found myself being supported by Edward. There was a tiny hint of a blush deep underneath the pale skin of my cheeks which made me. watching from the corner of my eye Edward following me. my hand gasping the rail like it was my only life line. I wondered why he'd called my name. dropping his arms to his sides. I stumbled once more by the sudden change and let go of the rail to cling onto Edward with both hands. reading myself to thank him when I felt him pulling me forward with him. "Bella?" Edward's voice reached me as I went to take the first step on the beautiful spiral staircase that lead into the living room. Great I grumbled silently as I knew I'd have to thank him once more from saving me from getting hurt.63 - . I took another deep breath. creamy colour which let the beautiful paintings along the walls stand out and be the hallway's focal point. now that I was actually conscious enough to notice my surroundings. feel a loss for my unconscious blushing. I noticed a smug grin tugging the side of his lips and decided that I needed to shoot him down now before he began to inflate his ego too much. but I still looked like an insomniac. "Could you warn me the next time you start to walk please?" I seethed as I tried to calm my hammering heart and catch my breath. The wooden floor beneath my feet felt smooth and its colour was rich and dark.

only to be cut off by Edward. myself still in his lap. registering everything as if it were being played in slow motion and noticed a pair of stunningly bright green eyes before me. shielding my eyes against the blazing sunlight. Thump-thump thump.About half way down I began to panic. "Bella" I heard my name being spoken. "Alice find some chocolate. I slowed my pace a little and wondered why my vision was blurring and sharpening every few seconds. as if they had ice pressed against them and I tried biting my lips to see if they'd get back to normal. "She almost passed out. my ears beginning to ring as my eye sight began to clear. "Jasper blinds. astonished to find that it was beating at a faster pace than even mine had been. Worried. I recoiled at the brightness of the white room. she needs some sugar to get her sugar levels back up then we'll concentrate on hydrating her and getting her to eat something. My legs finally gave up the loosing battle and buckled beneath my numb body. My lips began to tingle. My vision began to blacken and I stopped suddenly.thump I could hear my heart beat pulsing in my ears and feel it in my fingertips which felt ice cold too." he spoke with some hint of hostility in his voice. "What happened Sweet Pea?" I heart Emmett's almost heart breakingly concerned voice nearing me as he spoke and felt his mammoth hand resting on my knee as he knelt beside me. taking in deep breaths that felt as if were only filling a quarter of my lungs. "I need to get you food… and sugar… how could I have been so careless? Basic requirements… take better care…" I heard him mutter as he made his way with me to the kitchen. I rested my head on his chest and heard his heart beat. Something sparked through me which felt like a shot of electricity that seemed to wake me up for a second before I descended back into slow motion. the warmth from his body warming mine which had gone cold after the surge of heat that hit me earlier.64 - . my tongue feeling swollen and my jaw tired as I made to speak. looking into my hazy ones. I opened my now dry again mouth. . My breath pitched up as I felt my legs weakening and my grip on the rail slacking. I relaxed once I knew I was in Edwards's arms. only to be lifted up easily and held against something familiar." I heard Edward order as soon as he stepped into the kitchen." Edward added another order as I felt him sitting in a chair.

65 - . sending a shiver down my back. noting that he'd added extra 5 slices to the one that I'd be getting myself. I have a feeling she wont be able to handle much more than that.I felt Emmett's hand disappear from my leg. would you eat some of this please?" he whispered into my ear. leaving a piece each for Edward and I on the kitchen counter. She pilled the toast with cheese and popped it under the grill. just make her the one. I took the chocolate from his hands and ate slowly before I hesitantly I opened my eyes. Emmett tried to help Rose. cheese. butter and a toaster before him. That's okay yeah Edward?" Emmett asked. "Thanks Emmett. gaining a nod in response. Rose hurried after him with a piece of her own." Edward replied as I felt him moving around and opening a packet to something. I couldn't help but smile though as I watched him pop the bread into the toaster. grumbling "stupid tray" under his breath as he sulked off into the living room with two pieces of cheese on toast. followed by Alice and Jasper who mentioned that they'd already had breakfast. "Bella. declaring he was the chef but shut himself us as soon as he burnt his finger on the hot try. I eyed Jasper and sent him a thankful smile. "S'up Bells?" he asked rhetorically as he grated some cheese. "She likes cheese on toast" I heard him speak softly before I heard cupboards opening and some one rummaging around the cutlery "I'll make you one Bells. enough to feed 5. With the kitchen now empty. Alice was busy pouring a glass of orange juice next to the fridge and I marveled at her size as I watched her open the fridge and reach on her tip toes to put the carton back on the appropriate shelf. surprised to see him . slapping Emmett's eager hands away as he tried to sneakily pull a piece out and eat it. Rose and I both knew what type of cook Emmett was: catastrophic. as an after thought.000 by the looks of it. I heard Rose huff and make her way over to Emmett and pop the bread out of the toaster which was ready. seeing that the kitchen had been dimmed by some of the blinds having been pulled down. I didn't fail to notice Emmett's burly form as he walked back and forth around the kitchen. A minute later and the food was ready. bread. I finally looked at Edward.

between my neck and shoulder. I could feel the smirk on my lips as I leant closer to him. I leant forward. running back and forth creating a friction but never actually giving me what I ." he spoke with his smooth voice brushing against my neck "your blush is coming back. But today. I took deep breaths as I tried to control my anger and tried my best to cover my anger with what I hoped was a sexy look. I smiled as I thought how this would be easy… too easy. moving myself as inconspicuously as I could. "Now now Bella. "I can tell your getting better.already staring down at me. I felt something squeeze my waist and snapped back to reality to see Edward staring intently at me. I dropped my eyes to my lap and took another piece of chocolate from his hands before he placed it down. My eyes lingered on his lips and I imagined myself being worship by them. his mouth so close to my neck that I could almost feel his soft lips caressing my sensitive skin "I'm only stating facts. as if examining me as he loosened his arm from around my waist. my lips practically brushing his as I moved to his ear. I couldn't help my mind from wondering to thoughts of my lips running across his chiseled cheekbones and jaw. drawing more blood to the surface of my skin. Do you think that if I pressed my lips to you cheek." he mockingly scolded me. Your blush is so unique.66 - . laughing at my words. "Shut up" I grumbled and tried to make a move to stand. every inch of my body being licked. or my lips nipping at his throat. I bit my lip as I felt Edwards's lips on my skin. he would have been busy throwing insults and barbs my way. knock me off track. almost gasping as I felt as sign of his arousal. Why was it a few days ago. only to be anchored by Edwards arms which were securely holding me to him. you know it captivates me. sucked. I ground myself into Edward. his voice husky as he used compliments to derail me. and kissed by that mouth." he added with a slight sly smile as he brushed his fingertips against my cheek. they'll deepen another shade of red? Perhaps bordering maroon?" he spoke so casually and I was confused by his words. He was telling me false complements about the one thing I couldn't control. guessing I managed what I was hoping for as I watched Edwards jaw drop and his breathing step up a notch. that I was self conscious about to unnerve me. he was seductive. making sure to press my chest to his as I brushed my lips across his skin like I imagined doing moments ago. making it sound breathless for added effect and felt him pulling me closer." I whispered his name as huskily as I could. "Edward. That was low. I turned to face him.

Edwards's hips jerking in response. I was quiet where I sat. but told myself it was only for show. half listening to the conversations around me which centered on what we six would be doing today. Just a game I reminded myself a final time as licked my lips and breathed out "Checkmate. Checkmate! My mind struggled to grasp onto the key points I needed to remember. trying to catch my breath as I let it wash over him and got the words ready to be spoken. Without a backward glance I hurried somewhat dazed into the living room. wondering what damage I'd caused by my antics and bit my lip in anxiety as I thought of how I'd undoubtedly upped the ante. Just a game… Checkmate. glad that his hold on my waist had loosened enough and picked up a piece of cheese on toast and a glass of orange juice. trailing hot kisses up and down my neck and I fought to hold in the groan of pleasure that was bubbling in my chest and threatening to spill out. I ate slowly.67 - . . Why couldn't I have had told him to shut up once more rather than having played that stupid and risky game with him? I confessed to myself that I'd almost lost. I almost caved each time his lips were connected with my skin. feeling smug with myself at having had turned the tables on Edward at his own game and won.craved. Just for added measure before I finished this game I ground my hips to his one more time and felt his hands grasping my hips tightly. like I was begging him for something. I sighed as I sat back in my chair. Edward's mouth finally began to move. I pressed my lips to his neck and moaned as quietly as I could. But my concentration was lacking as I kept wondering off to worry about Edward. who hadn't surfaced from the kitchen. letting my stomach become used to the sensation of food entering it for a change and drank some orange juice to sooth my parched mouth. something outdoorsy I think by the sound of their enthusiasm and glances outside toward the gleaming sun. I finally rested my mouth at his ear. "Edward" I spoke his name once more. I was now panting from his kisses. Just a game… just a game…Checkers… Snap… Chase…. this time it sounded like a plea." I stood as fast as I could. I sucked at the skin on his neck and gently bit down. knowing the vibration from my chest and throat would run into him and he'd feel it as well as hear it. a kiss.

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An implement to boil water… metal object to cut food… a thing to look out of… I struggled to form the words to the everyday objects before my eyes. but I hope it was worth it… AND… a big happy birthday to my mum! ('Mam' as we say in Welsh) Without her. but she didn't know how much my control had been straining with each little breath of hers that fluttered against my neck or with each shift of her body against mine. I and this story wouldn't be here… big round of applause to her! claps hands wildly Innocence . Feeling disorientated I walked to the sink and got myself a glass of cold water and looked out over the vastness of our back garden. Sighing. It was just a kiss! It wasn't even a kiss! Pull yourself together you wimp! My mind roared at me like an inbuilt drill sergeant as I shook my head to try and clear my head and focus on where I was. Taking a deep breath I tried to regulate my breathing. A shaky breath left my slack jawed mouth.Innocence A/N: I had a few problems with this chapter. so had to change the whole lot and start again! Sorry for the wait. and I thought you had some intelligence? I growled. more to myself than at anything else and pushed myself off the chair. I thought of how Bella and mine's game had crossed somewhat into dangerous territory. shivered. five or more minutes after Bella's sudden departure. Or did she know? I thought as I gulped a mouthful of water. reminding me to close it so I'd look a little less deranged. astounded by the effort that such a simple task actually took. She might not have thought her actions earlier were that important. stunned and dazed at the overwhelming feelings that were just starting to simmer down within me. (Edward POV) My body burned.69 - . ached and quaked as I sat immobile in the kitchen. the drill sergeant muttered with disapproval in my head. . wondering if it'd ever return to normal after the dreamlike moment I'd just had.

growling under my breath as my feet tangled in the tree's roots and my clothes snagged on the sharp. shaking my head and starting the torturous battle of walking through the forest once more. Bella. a sly grin on her face as she slapped Emmett's behind." A smooth.slowly wiping a drip which was trailing down my chin with the back of my hand. How much farther is this stupid place? I could be reading right now. her head only just visible from where she clung to Jasper on his back. letting us know they weren't too far away. (Bella POV) I trudged along behind the others. "Nearly. Mine. my desire for her and play with me? Just as my little innocent game had ended up as a game toward her? Throwing the water that was left in my glass down the drain I made a decision. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as Emmett galloped faster and deeper into the forest before us.70 - . Did she feel the evidence of my lust. waving wildly. holding me against his solid body. "Yeah! Your own personal pack horse!" Rose turned around from before me. closer and closer with each passing millisecond. using the hand that wasn't currently struggling to keep hold of the blanket under my arm to steady myself as I began to loose balance. vanishing from sight. I would capture Bella. The prospect of her being mine caused a crooked grin to break out on what had been my vacant face. or doing some math revision! I sighed as I stopped. but the sounds of his and Rose's laughter echoing around us. I lost my footing. fairly use all the cunning moves I knew so that I could soundly corner her and finally announce her defeated. you need to find yourself a man!" Alice called from behind me. luxuriously being carried through the uneven terrain. Having stupidly taken my eyes away from my feet. reflected in the kitchen window before me as I ran the idea over and over in my mind. claw like branches of the bare bushes. its owner wrapping his arms securely around my waist and pulling me back upright. as if in slow motion I saw myself nearing the ground. As if I'd willingly do any math revision! I admitted quickly. rich voice breathed into my ear. I could see the determination in my eyes. . "Bella. No more games. yelling a heart felt "Yee-haa!" Which gained a chuckle and some horse sound effects from him. My feet slipped from under me and.

I looked away from him. brining back the memory of his game which had only fueled by my own stupid notion of playing back. but there was no way I could dissuade them any more. He caught my eyes in an instant and looked away. causing my mind to go into overdrive. rest my head on his chest and wrap my arms around him. without my consent. Why would I need him to help me? He hasn't spoken to me since this morning. Some emotion stirred within his deep emerald eyes which sparked uneasiness in me. turning into a puddle at his feet as his delectable mouth spoke my name. it was a reflex for the both of them. heartbreakingly perfect before my eyes. . His voice sounded pleading as he begged. my eyes locking on a thick evergreen with wild flowers at its trunk as I suddenly felt crestfallen." I heard him speak softly against the back of my head as his arms loosened a fraction. my breathing taking on a new quick. His hands dropped from where they'd been softly caressing my back in a soothing motion. angst. enough to let me turn to face him. A frown was set on my face as I looked up at his face. trying to tell myself that it was relief over the fact that I was heading in the correct direction rather than Edward being by my side. The thought of how I left him this morning in the kitchen rang in my mind. My body begged me to lean in and snuggle close to him. when he was playing that stupid game with me. uneasy rhythm. My brother Jasper and best friend Emmett had taken it upon themselves to protect me. I can look out for myself just fine. What was that look? Trouble. Did he thrive on making me feel helpless? Everyone who knew me knew that I liked to look out for myself. My heart was reacting to the intense gaze he had locked on me. battling with myself over whether or not I should look behind me to see if he was following me or not. Without a word I turned and made my way after the others. probably missing the small relieved smile I knew I had playing on my lips.71 - . Biting my lip I subtly looked around. heat was flooding my body by the heat that radiated from his own body even though I had been shivering from the cold moments earlier. let me help you Bella. The stubborn voice in my mind kept thinking of reasons for why I should ignore my body's impulse.I stood immobile as Alice and Jasper passed by us silently. Why is he so adamant? He just wants to see you helpless. "Let me help you." I felt like I was melting at his words. Edward took a step back from me as I pulled the blanket which was attempting to escape my hold tighter under my arm. determination? "Please. I don't need his help.

a satisfied smile on her face. grassy ground. Spreading out my blanket on the green. we reached a vast clearing. Nora Roberts. flooded with light from the sun directly above. I pulled out all the essentials I'd bought with me. 53 pages later. she threw the ball hard. but knew it was by one of my favourite authors. heading toward the clustered rocks. filled with music that I could listen to as I read the book I had with me. but I'd learned a few moves even with my klutz gene. complimenting when they thought something was worth it. The fragrance of the flowers swirled around me. a tap on my shoulder made me jump. I looked over at Alice who .72 - . Emmett's face lit up as if Christmas had come early as he catched the ball. as if we were in a caged field. analyzing and criticizing when needed. beside me and flipped through the magazines they'd bought along with them. I'd bought my I-pod. pumping his fist in the air as he called back to Rose from the middle of the clearing where he stood with Edward and Jasper. I on the other hand flipped through the pages of my book.-/-/After what felt like days to my unstable feet." Eyes locked on Emmett. "Hey honey!" Rose's holler grabbed my attention from unpacking the essentials from my bag and I turned to see her holding a football in her hand. always being the one that got tossed around more than the ball. There were colourful wildflowers dotted here and there among the foliage and some even managed to venture out by a cluster of rocks which were like boulders. I wasn't sure which one I'd bought. trying to find where I'd left off before Mike's stupid party and selected some music to listen to. "Come on Bells. let's set up camp. its sweet scent relaxing my tensed shoulders. "Love you baby!" his booming voice reached us and I didn't miss Rose's little whisper of 'I know' as she set her sunglasses on her proud face and sat herself down. "Catch." Rose said enthusiastically as she gripped my forearm and tugged me behind her. The trees lining the clearing seemed to act like a solid perimeter. Alice and Rose sat next to each other. I'd played with Emmett and Jasper when I was a kid. knowing that her throw would marvelled any man by the speed and distance it was flying. all to ourselves. I watched the ball soar through the air between us three girls toward the three guys. I'd grabbed the nearest book as we all had left this morning. not sure of how long I was going to be stuck outside. I'd sensibly packed my small bag with a bottle of water and an apple.

soft. I ran a hand through my hair. Alice I noticed was bouncing where she sat. when I was in the 'zone'. I frowned as I thought of the few times I'd seen her reading magazines. reading. Rose had long learnt how I was when it came to reading. her eyes darting over every inch of the pictures before her in the magazine she read as she flipped wildly through the pages." Emmett began once more. seeming lost to the world. sat before the mound of rocks. Were they not happy where they were? Relaxing? Curiosity captured me and I turned to look at the three girls. showing her evident exasperation. seeming to go through one a minute. She was now lying on her side. hoping that neither Jasper nor Emmett had caught me drooling over Bella as she lay sprawled on the picnic blanket at the side of the clearing. "I said. concentration ever present in her little sharp eyes. leaving me as I was to carry on listening to one of my favourite Chopin pieces and throw myself back into the book. optimistically trying to catch something that resembled a tan in the dim sunlight that filtered through the trees. turning to look toward the girls. one arm under her head and her legs curled up as she read. exasperation dripping from his voice "why don't we make this a little bit more interesting?" he asked. weak and vulnerable sitting so comfortably before a pile of bone crushingly heavy boulders. I concentrated.73 - .had a little sheepish smile on her face as she held out a packet of Haribo's at me. I couldn't help the soppy smile . Shaking my head to clear my mind. on Bella. snapping me back to reality. Alice must have somehow known how I was as she didn't attempt to talk to me. My eyes finally settled back to the one place they'd been glued to for the most of the day. The continuous strumming of her fingers against the ground didn't go unnoticed. Rose lay still next to Alice. wondering if the girls would play or not. a sly look on his face as his eyes lighted with mischief. I chuckled lightly to myself at the sight of the three of them. (Edward POV) "What do you say?" Emmett's enthusiastic voice broke through my Bella riddled fantasies. "What was that?" I asked. there was no way you could try and get me out of it. her eyes analyzing every inch of the page. Smiling back at her I took a few and turned back to the book.

sending a small shiver down my back and ruffling my unruly hair as I turned back to observe Bella." Emmett's mischievous eyes glittered as if they were made out of diamonds as he began to unbutton his shirt. relaxing my stance. Against me. I grinned as my imagination ran wild over the thought of Bella playing against us men. sharp breath escaped my mouth as I thought of how many times I almost bolted over to her. Sighing I looked up and around myself. bare chested Emmett. Idiot Edward. Bella lay as she was. A soft gust of wind blew from behind me. knowing that forcing Bella away from her book would make her ferocious. although he looked ready to pounce at any second. I slowed my pace. the three of us advanced on the women. muscles coiled. Unlike Alice and Rose who had fled the scene a good 20 seconds ago. Alice on the other hand was practically crouched.74 - . I paused. indicating with a slight nod of his head toward the girls. only a step either way. "If were gona do this. As we made our way toward them. We'd each had singled out a victim and were advancing fast. A shudder ran through . to help make her more comfortable or hold her. always returning to the same spot. Alice had poked Rose in her side. her eyes locked on Jasper as she paced slowly back and forth. I knew there was a deep line of confusion and frustration between my brows as I neared where Bella was on the picnic blanket. noting that Emmett and Rose had disappeared into the cluster of trees somewhere around us while Alice and Jasper stood in the middle of the clearing. I felt like as if we were lions stalking our pray. scoping out the situation before turning away quickly to hide our amused expressions. A low. wondering when she'd snap back into the here and now and notice what was happening around her. trying to get comfortable on the hard ground. lets do it right. puzzled as I watched Jasper standing casually before Alice. Jasper having pulled off his shirt and standing in his form fitting wife beater and myself having unbuttoned a few extra buttons and rolled up my shirt sleeves. "Let's. Perfect.that I knew was on my face as I thought of how she'd changed positions almost each time I'd turned to look at her." I answered Emmett's earlier question simply. the both of them then starring wide eyed at the now mound of muscle. engrossed in the drama within the words on the page. ready to attack at the first sign of attempted escape. Once Jasper and I had modified our outfits. idiot. we need any ammo we can get against those three. Jasper and I shot a quick glance over at the girls.

shattering all of my coherent thoughts. the softness and warmth of her writhing beneath my hands. In seconds the sight behind my closed eyes changed. her legs crossed beneath her and an arm crossed over her stomach. My body shuddered at the visions which ran through my mind. ivory skin to my hungry eyes. pressing a soft. My hands roamed up and down her slim back. The motion of her moving caught my trailing mind. not sit on top of it. glad that my shirt was hanging loosely over the evidence of my desire for the little fiery temptress who was still sat innocently unaware before me. waiting for her to finally tear her eyes away from the book and acknowledge me. lingering kiss to her sensitive skin. pinning her where she sat. returning to where her hips swelled. craving each and every action and sensation to be true. or to come true. I envisioned myself crawling silently up behind her as she sat reading her book. probably chilling her small. frail body. loosing her breath momentarily as I touched my lips to the back of her neck. unaware of my advance. My hands gripping her hips tighter. The curve of her hips as I rested my hands on them. Her back elongated as she sat up straight. She did neither. making her look small as she curled her back at what I guessed was against the faint whisper of wind that passed by her. She should have wrapped that blanket around her. her luscious body sending bolts of electricity through my own. I could almost feel her. to send some witty remark or barb my way. The shudder of her breath as my lips ran to on of her shoulder blades. running my tongue across her creamy skin. exposing her silky. How would she react if I . smiling as she twitched under my ministrations. nipped at her temping neck and bit softly on the skin between her shoulder and neck. fitting perfectly. gaining pleasured moans from her perfect lips.her as the chill of the wind must have passed by and I stopped to watch as she shifted her position on the ground before me. her eyes never wavering from the page as she adjusted herself and the book so that she sat up. no escape. against my body as I rained kisses over her shoulders.75 - . her nose stuck in the book. pulling her back against me. Lazily I opened my lust clouded eyes and took steadying deep breaths. I closed my eyes as my imagination ran wild. The sound of her breathing catching in her throat by my touch. curving in a provocative manner. kissing inch by inch all the way down as my thumbs rubbed in circles on the softness of each hip. My lips returning to her spine. causing the book to fall forgotten from her slack hold. Bella moved slowly. the Bella of my imagination now sat before me had a bare back.

her back curving in ways I'd only just fantasised. at the raging emotions that had my shoulders set. melting beneath my hands. She must have finally sensed my presence as she turned around. my jaw clamped tightly shut. screeching and fighting. her eyes locking on me. my breathing almost erratic and my eyes undoubtedly in flames. The shock vanished quickly to be replaced with a small smile. my hands balled at my side. rolling her head around to stretch the muscles of her neck which looked delectable under the sun's light glow. yawning with content before she placed the book down beside her. probably at the sight of me standing silently behind her. standing an arms length behind her. A/N: Dum dum dum…! What do you guys think's gona happen next? I have the plot set in my mind. She paled quickly as she must have finally looked at me. and I cant see myself wavering from it. craving my touch as much as I craved to touch her? Before I could think of anything much else. Would she push me away. the little seductive imp at my feet stretched.but if I do find that any of you leave an idea or three in reviews.76 - . Shock was the first emotion on her face.were to worship her as I had in my fantasy? I found myself wondering as I took two steps closer to her. I might be tempted to add them to the story! . a hint of blush on her cheeks too.

A prickling in each foot let me know that they were still attached. Also a new story demanded to be written down on paper and to be started so…. it's not my fault! *insert bashful smile here* Game on. I felt a pulse run through my lips before the back of my neck tingled and I sensed that some was standing behind me. My shoulders felt like they had a heavy brick in each of them as I rolled my head around to try and loosen it. Placing the book down carefully by my side. my limbs included. but now that I knew that my legs were alive and my back and shoulders loosened I should look for the others. crossed beneath me. Luckily I was just coming to the end of a chapter and decided that my poor body was in need of some activity to get it to wake up. . I stretched my back. My legs felt as if they'd long gone into hibernation as they sat immobile. I cursed myself as the blood began to flow through them. making the tips of my fingers prickle and butterflies to erupt in my stomach. arching it as much as I could manage to shake away the stiffness.Game On! A/N: I had a little trouble with this chapter.77 - . pulling strands of my hair free from the loose up do I'd thrown it up into earlier this morning. I'd also learnt that standing up straight away after being sat crossed legged for a good ten chapters was not advisable. hope its okay. demanding that they move. my back began to protest from its lack of motion. pieces of my chocolaty hair falling to frame my face and tickle my neck as I read. Using all my mental effort I concentrated on sending an order to my toes. become sociable once more. a familiar feeling seeped through me. I'd learnt from years of heavy reading sessions that my body had adapted to being ignored while my mind reeled in being taken to another place. Once I'd gotten the feeling back in my feet. my imagination leaving everything behind. (Bella POV) I could feel another warmer breeze passing over me. give a sign that they were still hidden within my well worn sneakers. punishing me with unrelenting pins and needles in each foot from making them move from where they'd been happily asleep.

wondering if I had a vivid imagination and was still reading a book. hoping to control myself a little better. Is he going to attack? I wondered as I took in his solid. from strained control to utter freedom. I turned and was shocked to find that my suspicion was correct. . for once not hidden behind a curtain of emerald. controlled stance. begging for contact as my muscles tightened. Desire and hate were battling too. yet looking determined. thankful that no one could read my mind. hear my sinful thoughts at the man who was the only one who could royally rile me. I blushed at the thoughts running through my mind. I took a deep breath. ranging from anger to awe. Should I stay and see what he'll do. tangling with each other to confuse what my body wanted to do and my mind. He'd been stone still moments earlier. loosening the tight fists they'd been. or should I leave. My heart has stopped! I panicked as I watched Edward take a step toward me. His eyes were as black as coals imbedded in his pure white face making him look half demonic and half angelic. discreetly pinching my thigh just to make sure.78 - . I knew I was in danger. only a horror this time. showing himself to be the most handsome man I'd ever seen as he stood with his shirt open almost to his waist. but now I could see that his fingers were twitching. Edward was stood silently behind me. I don't think he's playing. exposing his chiselled chest. biting my lip from the stab of pain once I'd deciphered that I was indeed experiencing this. My mind reasoned. ready to run away. I could feel each single drop of blood that had only just pooled in my cheeks seep out of them. Should I play dead? Look away? Run? My mind was baffled by the situation that I was in. his forearms were packed with muscles. fighting against each other for dominance. My skin prickled. it's thumping vibrating through my bones. Is this real? I wondered. his eyes looking pleading as he relaxed. but I didn't know what the outcome would be. I furiously tried to work out the emotions which were swimming on the surface of his eyes. There were so many different emotions visible. leaving my head bloodless as I looked into Edward's eyes. visible now that he'd rolled the sleeves up. not imagining it.Edward. Shit! What do I do? I thought anxiously as thoughts of running away and staying put spun through my mind. The tension between us was making my heart pound ferociously within my chest.

running my hands through my hair and hearing her sigh behind me. kicking or pinching okay? I want a clean game!" Gaining thumbs up from his Rosalie he turned back to Jasper and I. clawing. I know…" Emmett smiled a dangerous smile. I was glad for some company. "Important rules! No biting. my mind all the while still locked on the little alluring hellion by the trees." He chuckled as he turned back to stare at his girlfriend. the barest hint of a smile pulling at the corners of his perfectly sculptured mouth. The only thing my body was reacting to was the Adonis before my eyes. a childlike grin on his face and joy glistening in his eyes. picking her up to her feet and no doubt whispering game tactics to her. I was happy in my own company. my body all the while was unresponsive to my orders. for once. "We never play a clean game. I wasn't sure if she was sighing in frustration as I'd been growling or if it had been a sigh of relief. "Um… Emmett. just as Emmett and Jasper had been doing to me." Jasper began with confusion lacing his voice. either way I knew I had to get away from her or else loose any control that I was desperately clinging to. taking a second step closer toward me. I remembered turning away from her. "Hey ladies!" Emmett pulled me out of my thoughts which had been unsurprisingly circled around Bella. "GAME ON!" Emmett's echoing holler had managed to break the tension brewing between Bella and I. making sure he had both of our full attention as he added "I didn't mention anything about picking people up or accidentally-on-purposely kissing them… accidental of course. "Yeah. (Edward POV) Usually I liked to keep to myself. Getting their attention Emmett continued. But today.escape before he can piss me off or pull a prank on me? In the space of Edward taking one step toward me. thoughts and emotions. my mind had thought over various actions that I should take. living like a hermit at home appealed to me more than any party or friendly get together.79 - . He turned to both Jasper and I. his ." He spoke as his eyes locked on Alice who was now walking with Rose and Bella at each side toward us. I'd managed to get away from her for just over five minutes as Rose and Alice had gone to her. some music and a book was enough to keep me happy. I had no need for socialising every minute of the day unlike my sister Alice.

She'd slipped. We kept our eyes on them more than the ball. looking confident and radiant. Her feet seemed to work against each other. set to catch it as she began to be closed in by both Jasper and Emmett who were close to her. trying to force two positive ends of a magnet together. cringing as she jumped into the air to reach the ball and land lithely on her feet each time. she'd only trip over her own two feet. Rose. I'd been cringing at that point already. pulling at it. The extent of her uncoordinated feet baffled me. bouncing away as she fell to the solid ground. and as they played they were utterly oblivious to us men's utter devotion. . My body had snapped into attention. I couldn't work out how one person could be so deprived of such a simple necessity. Her body's responses were immediate I noted with a slight sigh. into safety. the worst was when she ran backwards. My breath caught in my throat in an instant as I watched Bella stumble over a little tuft of grass. her face alight with the laughter that was expelling from her mouth and filling my ears. Jasper I'd noticed stiffened each time the ball sailed Alice's way. reminding me of myself as a child. Idiot Edward. unscathed. They were fierce. Alice and I had been stood farther back. somehow managed to unknowingly miss the ball by inches each time it flew straight at her head. debating if I should have taken Emmett's little idea of running over to her and picking her up. failing at each attempt. Her arms had been outstretched. They'd cheer as one of them caught the ball or executed a crafty move.eyes melting to pools of love and lust. slight boredom with a touch of determination. they were weak. I on the other hand felt like a mess. The three girls played with enthusiasm. I ran my hands through my hair at the memory. How was I supposed to survive through this game? I wondered as I turned to watch the girls closing the distance between us. even if the ground was flat and clear. She would always find some object to act as an obstacle as she walked.80 - . to Jasper's piece of mind. continuous ringing of their laughter and curses filling the clearing we were plying in. ready to break the fall. Bella had locked her eyes on the ball. watching the scene unfold. cursed with vocabulary worthy of the gutter if one of us men stole the ball from them or blocked any advance. into my arms. feeling ice cold as the ball slammed into her chest. never achieving to get them to cooperate. I knew Emmett was waiting until he had the perfect excuse to get Rose into his arms and kiss her. her arms had shot out before her. they were warriors. Bella stumbled every other step. I couldn't help to have had marvelled at the look on her face as she tripped.

Emmett. They quietened down as Emmett. her beautiful expressional eyes filled with amusement before she quickly pushed Jasper and Emmett back. My heart soared and broke as I finally was able to see her face once Jasper and Emmett had retreated. stoic I'd watched from a distance. Jasper and my own slow reaction had cost us a point as Bella had ran toward the line and scored a point. Her small hand rubbing away the pain on her chest which rose and fell with each breath she took to steady herself. I'd watched with a hint of dismay as Jasper had caught the ball from a well aimed throw from Emmett. Protect her! Those were the only words I'd managed to process as my mind had reeled at the sight of Bella's small.81 - . keep her safe from others and at times. The six of played for another ten minutes or so before the girls began to play dirty. Jasper and I finally began to play the game. I'd stood well away from her during the game. fragile body falling to the ground. I watched as Rose had danced seductively at Emmett as he ran to catch the ball. Alice had used her killer pout to gain a point. gaining points and setting us well into the lead. Emmett and Jasper had stopped their advance at the sight of Bella's fall. Standing utterly numb. Alice and I had stood frozen where we were. unable to move as we watched Bella finally connect with the ground. it made me feel an immense need to protect her. All the while I'd been worrying over Bella. only to hand the ball over with a kiss to my sister Alice as she'd pouted and declared that she was going to catch the ball before he stole her chance. the both of them fussing as she tried to swat them away. Is she okay? Does her chest hurt? Does it sting or ache as she runs? Did she scrape her hands when she fell? My protective side swelled each time I thought of her. making them stumble before she ran around them toward where the ball had rolled off to after hitting her. the girls cheering as they sent high five's between the three of them and taunted us three stunned men. knowing that if I so much as got . diverting his gaze and letting Alice sprint passed him to catch the ball and score a point. leaving them stood stunned for a moment or two as they watched her. she was laughing. only to pick up their pace to rush to her. Bella's little stunt had me seething with rage.Save her. Rose. I stood stunned at his weakness toward my sister and the girls cheered. Alice had gleefully skipped away and scored a point as Emmett shouted curses. Jealousy and rage had simmered beneath the numbness as Emmett and Jasper took an arm each to pull Bella to her feet. help her. herself. Of course. letting the girls gain a point like that made them cocky.

They'd both ran shaky hands over her. screwing the lid back onto her bottle of water. crouching by her head. She'd been running as she'd played her role. "Ladies. "I'm gona go with the flow. her flushed cheeks from all the running and the mischievous glimmer in her eyes had my mind running through different fantasies of myself and Bella escaping the circle of green we were within and forgetting the little game that was brewing between us. broken. sneaky tactics and planned on what action to take in the second half." Rose announced as she sat up a little straighter. I'd made my way slowly toward her. . Her body glistening under the sun's hot rays." She chuckled as she moved out of the way of my playful swipe at the back of her head." she smiled playfully before adding "What about you Bells? You've played the injured card twice. (Bella POV) 'Water water water!' my mind chanted as the six of us jogged to the edge of the clearing. Rose merely rolled her eyes at Alice's response before declaring that she would simple barge her way passed the boys toward the touch line or to get her hands on the ball. In less than what seemed like a second.within an arms length from her. Emmett and Jasper had reached her first. Emmett and I three shot up and watched with awe as Bella jumped to her feet. feigning injury as she fell to the ground with a loud thump and a call of pain. cheering and hooting as Alice ran like a stray bullet toward the touchline to gain themselves an extra point which put us at 13 points each. a small smile on her lips and a dreamy look in her eyes. we need a game plan. all the while taking quick peeks over at the guys. "Rules be damned. deciding to try and act cool." Alice shrugged as she twirled her half empty bottle of water in her hands.82 - . to hide the utter terror that pulsed through me at the thought of the little vixen crumbled on the floor injured. Alice and Rose finally made it to Bella's side. having had been closer to her as they'd advanced on her and the ball she'd had in her hands. reassuring her everything was fine as she fought to control her breathing and lay still. The three of us congratulated each other on our outstanding moves. I'd probably loose any control I was fighting to maintain and kiss her before everyone else. Jasper. us girls heading to our little camp by the boulders and the guys deciding to set up their own little camp a little way down from us.

(Alice POV) I whispered a prayer to whichever God had created my Jasper. he controlled me better than I did myself. teasing him as ran my tongue over his skin and blowing my cool breath over the trail that lead to the waistband of his low hanging jeans. He is perfection wrapped tightly into one hell of a sexy package! I thought as I watched my muscular Emmett on his feet. I could hear his raged breath in my imagination already as I licked my lips once more. envisioning myself running them over his delectable chest and down to his stomach. . I also hoped that my klutziness would stay away long enough for us girl to gain some points before I knocked myself out or broke a bone or three. but he was the kindest. not hinting any sign of the cuddly teddy bear that I knew was beneath his what could be frighteningly large exterior. easily exposing the rippling muscles beneath his lightly sun bronzed skin. Dad taught me the little trick without Jasper and Emmett knowing… they thought I had a natural skill for it. His bare. I'd worship them until my dying day. Not only was he the most handsome man on the planet. pick me up and carry me into the woods so that I could worship him with my lips and tongue. If I knew who'd managed to sculpture such perfection. no hint of any material beneath them. His body arched this way and that. muscle packed chest only emphasized his strength and sheer size. He taught me to change my direction in seconds. only filling my mind with new and steamy fantasies. I licked my lips."I'll just do what Charlie taught me to do." I smiled over the memory of leaving both Jasper and Emmett slack jawed as I ran circles around them as a kid. I got pulled out of my thoughts by both Rose and Alice's breathless gasps and noticed that they had their eyes glued on the guys who had stepped away from the shadows by the trees and were standing brilliantly in the sunlight. wishing more than anything that he'd come over. He was the only one that understood my energy and wild emotions and had any hold of them. I'll give me the element of surprise over the guys. (Rose POV) I couldn't hold back the gasp that escaped my lips and the sight that left my mouth hanging open like a human version of a Venus fly trap. I only hoped that they'd have forgotten enough to let me gain a few points before they remembered and began to block my moves. God! Oh how I love him and that body of his! I growled in my mind as he turned to face Jasper.83 - . most thoughtful and empathetic man I knew. topless and stretching with ease.

even though my body felt like its limbs had gone on shut down. making my body crave for more. to claim. I watched as his tight fitting wife beater became just about see through as the three of them threw water over each other. The paleness of his skin added with the shadows playing on his stomach only highlighted each and every little muscle packed beneath his snow like skin. only Jasper could do that and so I kept my eyes locked on him. to taste. QUIT IT! My mind held some memory that Edward was my enemy.84 - ." Rose spoke breathlessly by my side. pick at my temper and ignite my fury at any chance he had. I could see the muscles of his arms already. (Bella POV) My mouth felt as dry as bone before it pooled with saliva at the sight of Edward drying his drenched face and neck with the bottom of his shirt. Day dreaming as I thought of kissing every millimetre of his skin… three times over… as we lay on a bed… half naked… with his skin glistening with sweat over the control he was straining with to keep his hands to himself while I devoured his skin. A longing to jump into his arms and be encased within them for the rest of eternity gripped me by his gaze. her voice echoing dimly in my mind as my fantasy kept playing out. I bit my lip as I let go of logic for a few minutes and listened to my 'X' chromosome. he was out to barb me. That's Edward! Quit drooling over him! Quit it. But look at that body! My 'X' chromosome groaned at the dreamlike view before my eyes. to feel. "We are fucked. His smile matched mine and I could help but think… know… that he was thinking the same as he sent a wink my way before turning back to a laughing Edward and a chuckling Emmett. but the sight of his muscular chest and back had my emotions sparking like fireworks within me. exposing his unbelievably muscled and toned stomach and washboard abs.With numbness in my limbs that halted any of my attempts to run to him. a mini water fight waging between them with the remaining contents of their water bottles." She simply stated with myself nodding in agreement along with Alice. quit it. only to feel myself balancing out and feeling utterly loved as he turned his gaze to mine. I didn't know how to control them. "Ladies. . to touch.

A/N: Don't you want to be in Alice. Rose or Bella's shoes right now… or all three? Lovely news… I have taken 7days off work! Just imagine the writing that'll be accomplished! .85 - .

I loved to run. But today. (Edward POV) Leaping into the air she caught the ball. stumbling and tripping away from me. Taking the full impact of the fall as I landed on my back. I was ten paces away when she hazardously threw the ball in the air and turned on her heel. knowing that it wouldn't take much more of their seductive luring to break our straining restraints. my body was anything but calm.Academia A/N: I've got to admit. yet craving the feel of her to complete me. I couldn't think of a title myself. Her body knew there was some kind of danger. free as I chased her. holding her tightly against me and using my free hand to hold her head hidden against my chest. wrapping one arm around her waist just as she began to fall forward. with thoughts and the sight of Bella in my mind. its natural reaction to a predator was to run. shooting panicked looks here and there. making me feel hollow yet full as I felt Bella's warm. I felt wild. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me toward the little alluring creature that was stood uncomfortably with the ball. perfect body pressed up . The sound of her breath catching caught my full attention and I reacted without thought. my breath escaped my chest. Eyes fixed on Bella.86 - . The three of us men had decided to finish this unspoken game between us. her face morphing from determination to delight as she landed back on the solid ground. her breathing quickening and her anxious pacing. charged to capacity. You should all check SIA out! Academia. This was my chance. to save herself and that was exactly what was running through her mind. it was something that came natural to me and I revelled in running to keep me calm. I smiled to myself as I read the note of alarm in her eyes. Running to my full ability I managed to stop before her. I haven't written as much as I thought I would even with all these days off! The problem… socialising and sleeping… and my re-found love for Sims2! The title of this chapter comes from the song I'm listening to right now by SIA.

It does feel nice. I'd forgotten that his shirt was open almost all the way. the scent of freesias. My head felt heavy as it rested on his chest. I knew the prospect of her pushing away from me was likely. (Bella POV) It was his fault you fell to begin with! Yes. wondering if she'd passed out during the fall. curve and line of his body beneath me.87 - . At some point I unconsciously began to breathe. You didn't have the ball and he still chased you! He did catch me when I fell… and he protected me from my enemy… stupid ground… And now he's underneath you and running his hands up and down you! Mmmm. Wouldn't a conscious Bella have had shouted abuse and beat me black and blue by now? I internally shrugged. running my fingers back and forth in a feather light touch.. dark. I bit my bottom lip as I moved my hands which had been balled into fists. the reminder of it making me wonder what it would feel like if I pressed my lips to his skin. I moved my other hand to rest at the base of her neck. With a battle against myself raging in my mind I inhaled once more. vibrating against my chest and acting as a conductor to my own heart. I could feel every muscle. letting myself enjoy this moment for as long as Bella would let it last. The feel of his skin against mine was like thousand bolts of electricity passing through my hands and into my body. but I am a klutz… it was inevitable. Her heart was beating wildly.. pine.against mine. the . Laying with my eyes closed I ran the hand that had secured Bella to me up and down her back. But feeling no resistance from her. feeling utterly lightheaded by the fragrance of Edward's skin. sensual and utterly male. solid as a rock yet moulding easily to fit my own body. opening them up and with a deep breath I rested them against Edward's chest. but I knew that I couldn't take this game much longer. I'd lock my arms around her and keep her trapped with me if I had to. waiting to see if she'd accept my comforting touch of push me away. keeping it in pace with hers. I could feel myself relaxing with every stroke of Edward's hand passing up and down my back and across my neck. strawberry and wildflowers assaulting my nose and watering my mouth.

warm skin. ached and craved for more like an addict as they pressed against Edward's smooth. My body feasted off the sensations that still lingered in my body from the feel and taste of his skin. What is wrong with you Bella? It's Edward! I know… but maybe… what if… He plays games Bella! This is a game to him! Catching you off guard before he pulls one over you! Remember in detention… in the kitchen… That was different! I was playing then too. Those three words ran over and over in my mind as I rubbed circles on Bella's back. it made me feel safe and secure to be held and kept by such a strong and sensitive man. Kissed. Wondering if it would be so bad to accept him. My legs had tangled with his during the fall but I couldn't make myself move to untangle them. The kiss lingered as I prepared myself to tear my lips away from his skin. I'd felt his hands stop as my lips touched his skin. (Edward POV) She. let this game between us go.88 - . felt them tighten their hold on me as I'd kissed him and now as I moved and lay my head down once more against his chest with my cheeks filled with a bright blush. Me.beat of his heart lulling me into semi unconsciousness. stung like they'd been burnt. But would he think I was weak if I accepted so easily? I hadn't known him long. but that's what I'd been doing from the moment I'd landed on Edward's chest. My mind reeled with why's and how's of what I'd done. my eyes wide open and watching the fluffy white clouds pass over. the blue of the sky peeking between the gaps above the two of us. building up courage to do so. pushing any logical thoughts away and I kissed him. You know your not normal when you talk to yourself in you own mind. I couldn't remember having had moved my head so that my lips now rested against his chest but some rebelliousness ran through me. I felt him rubbing small circles at the base of my back. How was it that he'd changed from being readied with plenty of barbs to throw my way to turning my world upside down and ravishing me with compliments and heated glances? My eyes shot open as my lips tingled as if they were numb. all the while the wild thrumming beat of Edward's heart filled my head and fused with my own. I think this could work between us… maybe? Fool you Bella. in our own . clinging to them and storing them to memory. Fool you.

Jasper. Does this mean she wants me? She accepts my affection? Thoughts whizzed through my mind. I pressed my lips to the top of her head. causing me to run my hands up and down her back slowly. Resting my head back on the grass once more I relaxed. I'd been bugging Edward for days to be a man and suck it up. relax and revel in the feel of the little Aphrodite in my arms. After minuets of over thinking I decided to let go. cool from the chilly water and content with our hands clasped together only to stop ourselves from breaking through the last of the trees and into the clearing. Was I a priest in a past life? A war hero? Einstein? I couldn't understand how I'd managed such fortune. making me second guess each word and expression from Bella today. The sun had moved itself into sight from behind the trees. I blinked my eyes open. sensually again. making me feel warm and comfortable. Alice and Rose where nowhere to be seen or heard. I kissed her chastely on the cheek before looking back at where the both of us had been looking earlier.89 - . probably more as we'd come across them after having had splashed in the nearby river. Emmett. but he'd argued about Bella's stubbornness and something about a ." I whispered into Rose's neck before pressing a soft kiss to her skin. unsure what time it was but glad that Bella was still in my arms. only the thought of being someone extraordinary in a past life seemed reasonable to me. gripping my hands tighter as she rested her head back against my shoulder. shining down on the both of us. I looked down at my Rose. sleepy. I glanced down at Bella.little world. my mouth curving into a small smile as I heard a whisper of a content sigh coming from her." Rose whispered back to me. inhaling her alluring scent once more which only sparked my need to touch her. at Edward and Bella in the clearing. not that I was that interested in finding them. Closing my eyes and concentrating on not pulling Bella's face up to mine and ravishing her lips. We'd walked back. "Love you too. unable to fathom how I'd gotten so lucky to have had been able to capture the heart of the beauty in my arms. leaving the two of them alone as they were. (Emmett POV) "I love you. They'd been laying together for about 40minutes by mine and Rose's calculation. I'd told him to just grab Bella and kiss her senseless. waiting to see how long this little truce would last between us. her hair shining with reds and copper hues under the sun's warming rays and leant my head down. her soft breath gliding over my skin.

he'd lost me in all honesty so I left him to it. Resting my head against Rose's." She added before stretching up and kissing me lovingly on the lips. A/N: I know it's short but that's all I wanted in this chapter so that's how it stays! I think there might be one or two chapters left for this story… then I'll start on the next! If you've read this. "They're crazy about each other. "It won't be long. review it! .90 - . a smile on her perfect lips. I closed my eyes and thanked whoever or whatever gave me the privilege to be with Rose and only hoped that Edward and Bella would hurry up and be in the same situation too." Rose spoke with a yawn as she turned around in my arms and wrapped her own arms around me. her head tilted back slightly to look up at me.board game.

He wore a dark pair of jeans with a black shirt. it only seemed to pass over her by the looks of things. even worse since our ball game a few days ago. His sad puppy eyes at Bella hadn't escaped my attention. "Right back at you big guy. I was no cupid. I couldn't help but feel humored by the fact that keeping and eye on Bella when there ." She whispered back before kissing the side of my mouth. "You're all mine. "Thanks Pumpkin. ever the clumsy legged sweet pea that she was stumbled in last. Of course. Bella. knowing that it drove me wild before resting her head on my shoulder. (Emmett POV) I pecked Rose on the lips before closing the door of my precious jeep after her. mirroring his black mood. only jumbling up things between them. I hadn't known Edward long but Alice had mentioned when I wondered aloud about his constant brooding that she'd never seen her brother so withdrawn and short tempered before. I managed to catch her around her middle just as I saw her stub her toe one the lip of the doorway." She mumbled to the floor as she straightened herself out. Our Edward was in deep and Bella was denying what she felt for him. he'd turn it into a scowl which she'd return with added ferocity.91 - . my arms pulling her closer to me. leading her into the cinema after Edward. every time she met his gaze. a small smile on her lips which mirrored mine. but I could tell what the problem was. Since Bella's recovery from Mike's evil clutches I'd noticed that he'd been in a bad mood. Edward's sigh sounded from behind me and I opened my eyes which had been lazily closed as I cuddled my love in my arms to see him storming off toward the cinema." I mumbled against her lips with a satisfied smile on my face as I heard her sigh.Fin A/N: Here it is… THE LAST CHAPTER! Fin. anyone except for the both of them could see how badly they craved each other. Just need to bash their heads together and get it over with I thought as I reluctantly pulled away from my Rose's embrace and took her hand in mine. getting what felt like a hit from my incurable addiction that was Rosalie Hale. a major hazard for her.

a year or two later and Rose showed up. I wonder if he remembers? I thought. Feeling slightly uneasy as if I was eavesdropping on a personal conversation I looked away. her delicate and small to the extreme frame that radiated frailness against his a tall. they were lying on top of each other and practically making out… or at least they should have been… children! Why couldn't she stop being so stubborn and open her eyes? My Bells was so funny. even back then. He'd always try to kiss the girls. He'd tried that game with Bells back then. Pitch black hair vs gleaming blond. I thought they'd kissed and made up the other day. catching them by surprise or telling them a tale that he'd definitely die if they didn't kiss him on the lips. I felt as if I'd taken his job. muscled body that screamed protection and strength. I laughed to myself as I remembered having a god awful crush on her when we were about 7. moving my eyes to where I knew Edward was. I came up blank. . Bella was busy throwing death glares at Edward who was probably too close for her liking and so didn't bother to register the pain in his eyes and his tired stance. "I always got ya Sweet Pea" I chuckled as I pulled her into a quick one armed hug. failing and flying toward the floor. she could hold her own and Jasper could easily be the one to think things through and think of feelings and reactions rather than taking forcible action. I remember pulling her hair and calling her silly names. One of his hands were gripping the back of his neck while the other ran through his messy hair. She was the light of my life at that age. my Rosie too. After years of watching her collapsing. Looks could be deceiving though. feeling somewhat guilty for having had caught her before he could have. How much longer can he hold out for? I wondered as I watched him turn and stare glazed eyed at the listings as Alice and Jasper were doing. looking half comical and half perfect by their extreme difference in appearance. making it look even worse. taken away his right to catch her. Of course. I let go of Bella. I scanned the room and finally noticed that he'd ended up practically at Bella's side. Mike had always been a fool.92 - . protect her. by that time my love for Bella had morphed into brotherly protectiveness and so Rose captured my heart. stairs or corners around was like a reflex reaction of mine. I glanced up to see Alice and Jasper holding hands and looking at the listings of movies for the night. kind and beautiful. the only way a 7 year old knew how to channel their young love. I'd given his lips a sweet little kiss with my fists. Alice was anything but frail. he'd moved. having kept Rose glued to my side the entire time by my other arm. truly. I'd learnt to keep a sharp eye and be ready to catch her.were doors.

. stopping my thoughts from wondering down that path that I longed to dive head first into. My stomach had lurched as I'd watched her beginning to fall.93 - . I sighed somewhat in relief even though I knew that their relationship was purely brotherly and sisterly. kissing away the shock… Back on track Mason…back on track! I ordered myself. At least he has his hands off her now. (Edward POV) Keep it together. imagining myself going to her and capturing her in my arms as I'd done days ago. I shook my head as subtly as I could. seeming to be looking over them. hugging her to him and acting like it never happened. hoping I could control my body's unrelenting need to suddenly sleep. ignoring and hiding from me ever since. Calm down. large cinema chair in the dim lit room. Get a grip! I joined Alice and Jasper who were stood before the movie listings. watch yourself'. but once given a closer look I could tell that the both of them were starring off into space. A week's worth of restless nights had finally caught up with me now that I sat in a comfortable. hoping none of the others. shielding her from any pain or danger.anxious for a chance to let him experience a little déjà vu. especially Bella had noticed my stupid move. How often has he done that to be so desensitized to it? Rage bubbled my blood at the thought. reboot my muddled head. hoping that it'd help clear my tiresome mind and jar me awake. feeling agitated and angry to be surrounded by two perfect couples and the one woman who had managed to capture my feeble heart yet was totally unaware and uninterested. She's made her feelings clear. I told myself. A growl vibrated deep in my chest as I looked away. probably sharing some intimate bond between them. finally letting me breathe easily now that she wasn't plastered up against him. walking away from me while I slept utterly peaceful thinking she was still in my arms. there she goes again. Why's Emmett watching me? I panicked. (Bella POV) Awake… Stay awake… I yawned while I preached orders to myself in my mind. just thinking 'Oh. Of course Emmett had easily caught her like it was second nature to him. feeling his eyes on me as he let Bella go. how many times did you have to witness her falling before you didn't blink an eye.

knowing that I wouldn't be able to watch the movie with her in the same room as me or out of my sight. my head having had slipped from my hand's poor support. Yawning once more I finally accepted defeat and closed my eyes. the walls supported me the three times that I almost managed to fall to meet my old friend the floor. My eyes sprang open as my body jolted awake. Her departure sprung me awake. Or do I ignore her protests and fight for her. varying from being vivid to smudged as lethargy won over my protesting eyes.94 - . (Edward POV) My eyes snapped open as I watched Bella walk out of the isle. she'd undoubtedly fight back with force if she truly didn't want me.Pictures moved before my eyes on the huge screen. Sugar… additives… anything! I slowly got to my feet as the words ran through my mind. Let me go!" Over the ringing and pounding in my head and ears I could hear a whisper of a broken voice pleading from near by. I'd been living these last few days as a shell of what I had been. I gripped to anything I could find as I made my way out. ruining any attempt of understanding what I saw. trying to sort out my muddled thoughts. I rubbed my fingers to my temples as I felt a familiar pressure building in my head. that fact isn't a figment of my imagination no matter how hard I try to convince myself of it. Unable to concentrate on what was before me I headed out after her. . slowly on unstable legs making her way out of the door. snapping me back to some form of myself. the only way I could stick out the night was to fill myself with candy and cola. Do I or don't I. Give her some distance and see what happens? I don't want her to hate me. I stopped near a turn in the corridor and rested my head against its cool surface. hoping that giving my body a minute or two of what it wanted. wondering if I should get myself something to eat or drink. Do I or don't I? "Let me go. craved would sedate it for a while. probably a lover's tiff I thought with a grim smile at the thought of my lack of love life. would Bella think I was following her… like I obviously was? I should leave Bella alone… shouldn't I? She has been distant with me. I'd been training myself to shield any of my actions and emotions when I saw or thought of Bella. I stepped out of the dim room and into the brightly lit corridor.

taking a small step closer. "You better back off Mason. red marks visible already on her alabaster skin. issue his torture on me instead. He finally noticed me as I stepped closer. he moved to protect himself from me to stand behind Bella. I grabbed the second's head while he was distracted by the sight of his friend lying crumpled on the floor and thrust it against the wall. knowing there was a chance I'd crumble at her feet. in my own house! You think I'd let that drop Sugar? No chance. The coward he was. "Let her go Newton. His eyes took on a wild and slightly crazed look as he looked at the solid brick wall painted a faint yellow behind him and at me before him. hoping he'd ease up on Bella. . A sob escaped Bella's lips as Mike tightened his grip on her neck and pulled at her hair. just as solid as the wall. hoping he'd finally understand the threat that I was posing against him. "Let her go. unable to look her directly in the eyes yet. two of Mike's cronies filling my view in an instant. shattering his teeth and hurtling him to the floor where he didn't rise from. Now you'll pay." I demanded again. one which was wrapped around Bella's neck and the other that rest on her hip. My eyes snapped open as the realization that the voice belonged to Bella hit me." I spoke slowly.95 - . his eyes frantically looked over the bodies that I left behind me. I'll go stop their little tiff if he gets violent I told myself as I rubbed a hand over my face. let her go. sounding tired and lacking the hint of determination that was in her voice moment ago. The thought of ripping the piece of filth that was thinking of harming Bella to shreds pushed everything out of my head. knocking him too out in one swift movement. He made sure she couldn't escape his hold. I took a small step back. using her body as a shield." Her broken voice pleaded once more. too much anger in him to think of keeping his voice down like the woman." A cold voice spoke back. having had forgotten that there was a dead end behind him."You think I'd listen to you? You! After what you did to me! You're dumber than you look! You humiliated me! In front of all my friends. gasping a handful of her hair in his fist while the other stayed wrapped securely around her neck. letting him hear as well as see the ferocity within me as I took a step closer to him and Bella. my eyes seeing red and my ears going deaf. My fist connected with one's face. My headache intensified. "N-no! Please don't. With the two little boys out the way I turned toward Mike. my eyes locking on his hands. feeling like a solid punch to my gut. Spasms jolted through my muscles as I controlled myself from punching the wall as I made my way around the corner. Mike backed up against the wall behind him.

causing him to practically carry him with her. it prickled the back of my neck and stung in my mouth. For now. a few ways for her to make it up to me. her small arms wrapped around my neck. threatening to travel down to her chest. "This is how it's going to work Mason. "You're safe. running his index finger across the reddened skin on her throat. I'd let the weasel leave. an uneasy feeling rooted deep within me and intensifying with each second. clinging to me just as I clung to her. running passed the two beat up bodies on the floor of his unconscious cronies. "Agreed.96 - . I craned my head to look around the room. "Enough!" I growled. keeping his voice loud enough for me to hear. knowing I'd never leave him alive if I had my way. "She's worthless. How about it?" He spoke. (Emmett POV) I squirmed in my seat. No touching me Mason or I'll find your little bitch and show her how serious I am about what I've been telling you." I bit off the word just before Mike threw Bella away from him and turned on his heel. I'll let this bitch go in exchange for you letting me leave here. unaware of my words after a while of soothing Bella and listening to her crying into my neck." He spoke into her ear. I could feel a growl… a roar building up in my chest at his words. I couldn't seem to shrug it away. trying to escape. you're okay. holding her off the ground in attempt of having her as close as I could. Are we at an agreement?" he added. "No coming after me. trying to spot if anything out of the ordinary was happening." I chanted over and over. "Or I could always take her with me." His hand which was in her hair tightened as his other hand loosened on her neck. Bella worthless? She must have hurt him bad at the party for him to be able to speak such a lie. What is she to you anyway? You're little play thing?" He had a smug little smile on his face as he pulled Bella up closer against his body. ready to capture her and never let her go ever again. its don't want me to really hurt her now do you? Hurt this little tramp. his grip tightening on Bella causing her to whimper in pain as he began to step around me. I'm sure I could think of a few ways to keep her quiet. I watched raged as he stepped away from the wall. holding my arms out. hollowed my stomach. . becoming breathless as Bella denied his wishes of getting her to move with him. she's nothing.

taking my unrelenting squirming as something else.97 - . I couldn't sit where I was. his only reaction was to point at his ear and then at the corner. Kissing my Rose on the cheek and flashing her my playful smile I headed out. Now my mind was reeling on why he would sound so pained. With eyes that must have had a promise of death in them I glared at Jasper and then at his hand." I said uncomfortably as I turned and lead the both of us down the corridor. Of course Edward would be in agreement! He wouldn't let a coward keep his hands on the love of his life over revenge. I'd noticed he'd been jumpy for the last ten minutes too. stupid male ego. excuses later. Jasper always was the one who took a step back in all situations to think things through."Emmett if you have to go pee just go already! Don't let last autumn happen all over again. it was something I hadn't heard of much in my life. I could see the look in his eyes. totally opposite to my way of thinking. my pity toward him from seconds ago long forgotten. wondering what it was that was making me feel so on edge. I think. What has Bella said now to hurt the poor kid? I heard her whimper. It was Edward's voice. "Yeah. I heard Edward's promise of agreeing to his terms as the sound of footsteps grew louder. He made my Bells cry? I'll rip the little shit apart and feed him to the wolves! My mind raged. . "Is it Bella?" Jasper asked me as soon as we left the screen room. hoping I'd hidden my anxiousness from her. telling me to listen before I acted. Probably. she always ran away to break down or toughened herself up and buried the hurt deep down beneath anger. threatening and dripping with pain. I could hear a wimp's voice speaking. "Enough!" Jasper and I both stopped dead in our tracks at the word that seemed to burst out of no where. demanding to be left alone if he let go of Bells. of that I was sure." Rose muttered under her breath next to me. Jasper laid a hand on my forearm just as I was about to bound around the corner and knock him clear into next week. if violence could be avoided he'd take another option over it. Bella hated to show her weak side. it mirrored what was stirring within me. punch now. I had to get out. asking if Edward was in agreement. On my way out I tapped Jasper on the shoulder.

running her thumb over her blushing cheek and over her brow even as she tried to pull away and do it herself. I looked quickly at Jasper before I stepped passed Mike who cowered to the floor as neared him. the sight of their intimate kiss like a snapshot for one of the magazines Rose read. locking his arms behind his back while I checked on Bella and Edward. Edward wiped away her tears. thanks Pumpkin. Rolling my shoulders in preparation I stepped out from around the corner. giving them some privacy as I helped Jasper haul Mike off the ground and make our way toward the fire exit that lead to the back of the building. At last! My mind preached at the sight. "Yeah." Bella muttered as she wiped the side of her face that wasn't pressed to Edward's chest with the back of her hand. I just get the fun part of hitting Mike senseless." I smiled at the sight of her watery smile and the thought of how I would hurt Mike all the ways I'd been dreaming of ever since we were kids and he tried to trick my Rosie and Bells into kisses.I looked at Jasper. deciding that telling Rose and Alice that Jasper and I had a little business to attend to was a clever idea. Jasper went to him. ready to wrap them around his neck to Jasper who simply stood with a stare locked on his feeble eyes. Edward with his face buried in Bella's hair as she hid into the side of his neck and Mike. just like the cover of Vogue. Edward had agreed not to lay a finger on him. The intensity in his eyes was unbelievable yet undeniable. The love I could simply see in his eyes almost had my knees buckling beneath me as he finally got her to comply and let him wipe away the tears. "You okay folks?" I asked with a small smile on my face as Edward pressed a kiss to Bella's forehead. throwing the both of them into their own little world. just as Newton had demanded. gaining a sly smile and a nod of his head from him. he saved you pretty little butt. He must have been thinking down the same line I had been. Sure. their eyes locking. . But Newton had failed to state anything about Jasper and I keeping our fists to ourselves over our love for Bella. hoping to compose herself. I pulled my cell out. She only managed to smear the tears across her cheek rather than wipe them away. He finally tilted Bella's face up to his with his fingers. I turned away. "It's lover boy you should be thanking.98 - . his eyes practically popping out of his head as he looked from myself flexing my fingers. able to see the two boys on the floor. I peeked quickly over my shoulder to see Bella reaching her hand up to rest on Edward's face just as their lips met.

99 - . E. Honey. Me and Jasper have found a new game. preferably something red and lacy that'll hug your curves before I rip it off you. Why don't you and Alice go shopping? Buy me something nice. not wanting any interruptions with what I had planned. we'll be busy beating the crap out of it for an hour or two. smiling as I read the delivery report I got just before I turned it off. Bella finally gave in honey! Tell Alice that she won the bet and I'll give her the $20 tomorrow! Love you. but that's all I planned on giving! What did you think? PLEASE review! (They make me a very happy Welsh bunny!) I'm going to be writing my next story for a while… it needs a bit more planning and stuff… keep an eye out! iamvamp xx .Turning back to my cell I wrote a message to Rose. A/N: THAT IS IT! You might have wanted more from the story.

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