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Efficacy of Single Dose Mycoplasma Vaccine (PneumoSTAR Myco) in A Commercial Pig Farm.

SasiwimonTalummuk, Pavinee Sriboonruang and Metta Makhanon Novartis (Thailand) Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand, and

Mycoplasma hyopeumoniae (M. hyo) is the etiology pathogens of enzootic pneumonia (EP) and primary cause of Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC)1. Good practice management, vaccination and medication are general strategies for controlling and preventing of productivity losses from the disease. The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of a single dose aqueous inactivated M. hyo vaccine (PneumoSTAR Myco) in water in oil in water adjuvant (ImmuneSTAR) and to compare with conventional M. hyo vaccine used on a farm.

grading of both groups were performed at slaughter house. The mean lung lesion score result was statistically analyzed by ANOVA test at p<0.05.

Figure 1. Percentage of lung lesion score range in both groups

50 40

There were significant differences in mean lung lesions of pigs vaccinated with PneumoSTAR Myco and conventional M. hyo vaccine. The percentage of lung lesion score was shown in Figure 1. There were no differences in the pleurisy between both groups. However, percentage of pleurisy in pigs vaccinated with conventional M. hyo vaccine was

30 20 10 0
LS = Lung Lesion



LS 10

I PneumoSTAR Myco I Conventional MH vaccine

Figure 2. Percentage of pleurisy in both groups

100 80

Table 1. Medication program for control of enteric and respiratory infections

Pig group N1 N2 N3 Starter Grower AQUACIL (Amoxicillin) 300ppm 300ppm 300ppm 200ppm Denagard 10% THF* 200ppm 150ppm 150ppm 150ppm 100 ppm CTC 400ppm Colistin 160 160 120 -

60 40 20 0
No Grade 1 Grade 2

I PneumoSTAR Myco I Conventional MH vaccine

1. Thacker, E.L. et al., 1998. Swine Heath and Production,6,3,107-112. 2. Groth, D. et al., 2001. Proce. of the Swine Conference,41 3. Thacker, E.L., 2006. Disease of Swine. Iowa State University Press, Ames, PP.701-717. 4. Maes, D., 2010. Proce. of IPVS 21Th Congress, 30-35.

Material and methods

The study was conducted in a 2000 sows breeding to finishing herd in Thailand. Farms health status has been free from AD but positive for PRRSv and PCV-2, serologically. The seroconversion of PRRS ELISA titer was 4-8 wks old. Medication program for the control of respiratory and enteric diseases from nursery to fattening period was shown in the Table 1. Two groups of 400 pigs were vaccinated with M. hyo single dose vaccine, PneumoSTAR Myco (1ml) and conventional M. hyo vaccine (2ml) at 3 weeks of age. Pigs were slaughtered at 24 weeks old. Lung scoring and pleurisy

higher than in the PneumoSTAR Myco group, as shown in the Figure 2.

Discussion and Conclusion

The differences of MH vaccines used in this study had effect on the efficacy of MH prevention. It seem to support previous studies1,2 that different MH vaccine can lead to differences in the level of lung lesion score. However, vaccination alone might not be able to eliminate MH from pig herds2. Good management and appropriate medication programs are also play an important role in preventing the disease. Pig vaccination with PneumoSTAR Myco resulted in significantly (p<0.05) lower lung pneumonic lesion in this study.

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