Suyash Garg

23, Male, Indian DOB : 20-July-1989 Education M.Tech (Computer Science) B. Tech (Computer Science) Class XII (RBSE) Class X (RBSE) Technical Skills Languages RDBMS OS CMS Others

470, Krishna Nagar, Bharatpur, Rajasthan - 321001 Phone: +91-8953438081

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur B.K. Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology Adarsh Vidya Mandir, Bharatpur, Rajasthan Survodaya Public School, Bharatpur, Rajasthan

2014 2011 2007 2005

64.16% 64.00% 76.50%

C, C++, C#, ASP.NET, JAVA, Perl (Novice), SQL MS SQL Server, Easy PHP Windows XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003, Ubuntu Wordpress, Drupal Microsoft Office, Net beans, PCSpim, ModelSim,

Projects / Workshops Project 1: Image Convolution using OpenMP and ArBB The aim of this project is to perform convolution using 5x5 convolution kernel and parallelize the code using OpenMP and ArBB . Project 2: Audio Calling on Android Phone Using WiFi The aim of this project is to design a software for android device which is used to call to other device connected to local network over wifi. Project 3: Mall Management System The aim of project is to manage and handle the overall functionalities of a mall. ASP.NET is front end of the project and back end is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Project 4: Packet Sniffing (Network Security & Ethical Hacking) (Internship at Appin Technology Lab, Noida) The aim of this project was to design a network packer sniffer which is used to capture the data packets that travel over the network and analyze them to get some juicy information. Project 5: Video Library Management System The aim of this project was to design software for managing a video library. The software was designed using Java as front-end and Easy PHP as back-end. The details of users issuing the videos are maintained along with the details of all the videos present in the library, user also can search videos with its name. Both the user and issuing authority can view the details according to their scope of visibility. Achievements Academic  GATE – 2012, SCORE-834, Percentile- 99.92  Participate in ACM ICPC Regional Contest  Participated in CODE-JAM conducted by ACM and secured 3 rd Rank. The event involved finding solutions to programming questions of variety of levels. Other Information  I am conversant with English, Hindi.  My hobbies include computer programming, playing badminton, playing computer games, listening to music Declaration: The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. Suyash Garg Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

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