Dear Ma’am, My SIP is on market research on readership acquisition. HT Media has relaunched a weekly newspaper i.e. HT SHOPPER which was previously known as GK CONNECT in Delhi. HT Shopper is a weekly newspaper which covers all the news related to entertainment, lifestyle, education, health etc. It targets the hyperlocal segment of an area. HT SHOPPER advertises shops like Departmental stores, restaurants, salons, healthcare centers, gyms, real estate consultants etc. As most of the revenue of company come from these advertisers, so they are looking for potential advertisers and markets from where they can get advertisements on HT SHOPPER. Our main work in this internship is to do Market Mapping which involves Market survey and Categorization of advertising potential. We have to visit the key markets and do estimation of potential advertisers in area. Also, we have to categorize market advertisers as:  A : Current Advertisers in other Mediums  B: First Advertisers looking to promote store / New Openings  C : Non-advertiser with a fancy visiting card, can advertise basis entry pricing, convinced selling  D: No current advertising need We have to do a brand experience test of HT SHOPPER for mature markets, in this we have to test brand strength in key markets by asking following questions:  Check if htshopper is known to them?  Has anybody from htshopper approached them?  If they advertised, what was their experience!

what will make him come back to this medium – RENEWAL STRATEGY This is what our project all about. After surveying and doing all the work regarding our project we have to make a daily report which includes summary of the day. After completion of all these areas we’ll be going to delhi as per our project leader Mr. consumer behaviour and the first and most important part of marketing and selling – “PROSPECTING”. 36. As I’ll be going for marketing in my majors. Interns have been divided into groups of two and are assigned with different areas of Delhi NCR. analysis of our findings.62. Sharad. 63 and RDC Ghaziabad are the areas we had to cover out of which we have already covered all the sectors of noida and just left with RDC Ghaziabad. . 61.Then we have to take feedback of advertisers by asking following questions:  Is entry pricing right?  Is customer experience satisfactory?  What will bring them on board?  If client was on board. this project would really help me in better understanding of market. I and himanshu kanaujia of our college have been assigned NOIDA as our target area. 40. This is where we all have to start marketing and in this project we are going with practical insight of prospecting. sec. data entry in Ms Excel. 50. 51 to 60.

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