Sai Vichaar Thursday , February 12, 2009 :: Volume 11, Issue 40 (In its eleventh year of publication.

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram Truth is the power and the manifestation. Truth is eternal and indestructible. Truth is the most beautiful and the brightest. Truth is silent because it does not need a voice. Truth remains at the core of the conscience, the abode of Sadguru. Every spiritual aspirant has to confront the entity of Truth, the biggest obstacle. Conquering falsehood, most tiring of all the battles, is the beginning of Baba's expanse. It becomes at one point the task of utmost relevance, to distinguish Truth from the set of other operable facts, the premise under which everyday dealings are carried out, material and even spiritual! Are being devotional and having faith in Sadguru all what on needs? Faith and patience are sure what Baba demanded from His children. However, just faith and having patience did not win the heart of Sai. Stories are plentiful in Sadguru Sainath's abode where Baba whipped up the conscience of those that he wanted to bless. Those who seek Him could never resist the piercing eyes of the compassionate father; the eyes that know the past, present, and the future. The eyes not that of the punishing policeman, but of the benevolent caretaker longing to lead one from the convenient facts to everlasting contentment, Truth! How could one trying to realize that Baba is the indweller attempt to either lie to the self or to others? Baba never always spoke of parables; some of them were literally true figurative. They were the individualized instructions that who deserve it and none else. of all beings even lied to anyone. He while some were Baba provided to those

Lt. Col. M.B. Nimbalkar in his book "Shri Sai Baba's Teachings and Philosophy" wrote as follows: "Sai Baba was always practical and realistic in his teachings. He never told his devotees to lie and asked them always to speak truth. The devotees knew that Sai Baba was antharjnaani (knower of the secrets of every being) and he would certainly catch them if they told a lie. Hence hey dared not speak untruth in his presence. Hemadpanth in his original Marathi Shri Sai Satcharitha rightly says: Untruth does not work before Sai and Sai cannot be procured with untruth. Untruth means downfall. Untruth in the end takes you to hell"

Let us on this beautiful Thursday remind ourselves of that benevolent caretaker longing to lead us from the convenient facts to everlasting contentment, Truth!

CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: The Holy.....The Meritorious... "Mirthful sportive Ram has come, has come with sackfuls of udi. This refrain only, he (Sai Baba) would sing at his own sweet will, full of joy " Shri Sai Sat Charita, XXXIII, 29. The holy meritorious, off-white ash produced by the perpetually burning dhuni in the masjid, which Sai Baba would apply on the forehead of his devotees when they approached him for taking leave to depart, he would call udi. 'U' (as in full) means up and 'i' (as in pin) means to go. Learned men interpret "i" also to mean go up, ascending on high, soaring into heavens. So that which causes the dawn of good fortune in this and the other world for devotees of Sai Baba is called udi. She is the mother of Sai devotees, the divine Kamadhenu (legendary cow mentioned in the Mahabharatha). She removes suffering, destroys fear and calamity, gets rid of pain or sorrow, does not burn, and ever gives happiness. It is not pungent, bitter, sour or saltish to the taste but sweet and pleasing. It has divine medicinal or healing virtues, and it destroys laziness, dullness of understanding, disease, sin etc. Sai Baba has created it out of great compassion for the welfare of his devotees. If it is always taken with singular devotion and loving heart, there is no doubt that it leads to salvation. (Contributed by Source: Shri Sai Baba by Swami Sai Sharan Anand, translated by V.B.Kher)

DEVOTEES SAY: Devotee Baba, Thank you for helping me get acceptance into a good course, close to home. I had also applied for another course which I was really hoping to get accepted into. I came so close thanks to your blessings. I did not get in the first two rounds. There is only a few days left before I find out, whether or not I have been accepted. Please bless me with a miracle, help me to get into the other course. If you have not planned that course for me, please help me to study really well in the current course without any obstacles. I trust in you Baba. Kutty Thanks for the newsletters sending to me every week without fail. I pray BABA to give happy and prosperity to all who are working to make it very successful. This new letter is very supportive and inspiration to many devotees, those who are having faith on him. I really appreciate all the efforts you applied to create amazing site of BABA. Keep it up Devotee Dear Saibaba, Thank you so much for saving me from all my problems. Please bless my children to have right path and help my son to get good project. Nandini Baba, I would like to thank you for all the things you gave me. I thought I would post my thankfulness to Baba on Sai Vichaar. As always, please stay with us Baba every moment of our lives and make us successful in our life and career.

PRAYER CLUB: Devotee I pray for Savitri that she receives the necessary chemotherapy she needs to save her life, I pray that it is given in an administratable form and has few side effects, I also pray that her home life and partner are compassionate to her during this dreadful time in her life, I pray she stays happy and healthy and stress free and makes a good recovery. Ivana I am from Croatia. My friend Vesna told me about You. She and her husband was in India in October visiting your temple and work there. They are happy they can help. I would like to come too, maby one day I will be able to come. I am very unhappy. My husband left me and I am very sad. I would like him to come back, and I would like for him to change and be a better person. I love him very much, and I really want him back. I pray for him every day to became better and to realise that he belong with me and our daughter. I have hope, so I believe You will pray for me too. Thanks with all my heart, thinking of You. Sheeba Baba you always help us get out of any bad situation. This time again I ask your blessings for my brother who is going through a very bad phase of health as you know. He is suffering from breathlessness/asthma from past one month. He is very upset and discouraged at heart. He has a long way to go in life yet. Please don't make him depressed and discouraged because of his bad health. Please take him out of this situation and grant him peace of mind. Please make him healthy soon. Babaji, please be with all of us and grant all of us peace, health and happiness. I fall at your lotus feet. S P Baba I am making a prayer to you. I know everything is possible when your blessing is with me. Baba please show me the way and guidance to find out the right person and family for my daughter's marriage. Baba as the time is passing I am getting depressed and my spirit is going down. Baba please help me to come out from this situation It is only you who can help me and show me the right path. Baba my only hope is YOU. Please forgive me if I have done any mistake. I am your child please help me. Baba as soon as my this work is done I will come to Shirdi. I have come to your sharan and you have promised that one who comes to your sharan you help him without delay. Yes I remember your word of shradha and saburi but Baba it is getting very late and I am loosing heart please help me . Renu Baba namaskar to your lotus feet, my son is only six years old and he got heavy fever and fits, Baba I only depend on you, Baba please help me, Baba please recover my son, Baba please I am waiting for your blessings, Baba please send your blessing to my son, Baba I want to see him in very good health. Baba please accept my prayer.

EXPERIENCE OF DEVOTEES: Jayanthi I have been a devotee of Baba from childhood since my parents prayed to Baba. But I really never understood his worth till after I got married. This was way back in

2000 when I was in the US with my husband. I was not selected in an interview for a contract position as a software programmer. I was so disappointed and sad that I kept crying in bed for hours. My husband who doesn't really pray to Baba had ordered some religious books and one of them was Sai Satcharitra. He told me to read one of the books if it made me feel better and I picked to read Baba's Satcharitra. I remember reading 'If you look to me, I will look to you'. So I started chanting his name continuously for an hour or so and started praying to him. Its also a coincidence that I got a email that evening from a stranger saying Baba will help me and fulfill my wishes. I was surprised to see that email and I never have received that kind of email again till date. I did get an interview call the next day and was signed up for a new job the following day. This was the beginning of my journey of faith in God. Sai Baba has helped me many times. Whenever I prayed to him either for a job or a baby or my mom's good health so on and so forth, he has always been there for me. I have also had moments when i would be upset with Baba when things did not go my way...but I consider him as my father and its okay to show that you are upset with father occasionally. I also know that he is always there by my side even if I did not wish anything. All I can say is, this is a tough world and without Baba's support and blessings I would not be leading a peaceful life. I just wish I could pray more and dedicate more time to thinking about Baba. Chary My daughter is being harrassed by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I started reading of Sri Saisachirtra to solve the problem. After completion, the problem has been solved. This is only because of the grace given by Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: "Go on daily reading the Pothi (Jnaneshwari), go and sit in the Wada, read something regularly every day and while reading, explain the portion read, to all with love and devotion. I am sitting here ready to give you the whole goldembroidered Shella (valuable cloth), then why go to others to steal rags, and why should you get into the habit of stealing?"-Saibaba to Sri BV Dev

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Q. What is the attitude of Sai devotees towards raising their children?

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