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I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in a Multimedia Creative Workshop which is held at Multimedia hall FTSM from 2.00pm to 4.30pm. The first speaker is Mr. Mohd Azrul Mohd Noor, Senior Manager Content Development from Multi Media Synergy Corporation. Multi Media Synergy Corporation Sendirian Berhad (MMSC), a learning technology company, was established in September 1997 to pursue the MSC Smart School Project. It was formed from the synergy of e-learning professionals that possess experience and expertise in the field of courseware design, instructional design, media creation, content development, project management and consultancy. There are 5 main elements of Multimedia such as Design, Animation, Voice Over, Storyboarding and Programming which involve coding and scripting. MMSC production involves more of graphic and programming. These course wares are thoroughly in 2D graphics. There is some software that is mainly used such as Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. We must at least know and master a number of multimedia software to secure for a better job in the industry.

6 Main Courseware Multimedia: (i) learning of subject attractively (ii) learning of song (iii) Learning of experiment (iv) games with moral values (v) zakat (vi) tourism industries

There are some e-learning products that produced involves different levels that are tertiary, corporate, skill base, training content plus drill and practice software. One of the showcases shown is a courseware development services for MRSM students and MDEC project e-content for the new generation of children which consist of teaching and learning content for education and corporate learning environment.

The second speaker is Mr.Ahmad Razuri Roseli, assistant art director of Les Copaque Production. Les Copaque is specialize in producing high quality 3D animation with local images but has global appeal which is well known with the production of 3D animation Upin & Ipin. . He show us a video of Upin and Ipin and the title is Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa which tells a story and also the background of Tan Sri P.Ramlee. The interesting part is that they had invited the involvement of aspecial guest Datuk Aziz Sattar in this series. Les Copaque Production is divided into 3 major departments that are animation, art,and story house.

Animation Department blocking from pose to pose, key moving finalize animation facials & Lip-syncs, make the face movement better

Art Department concept - sketch storyline modeling - 2D virtual/3D virtual rendering - lighting, texture compositing - combine few modelings to form a sequence or a scene, colour correction effect add effect games - action script and coding

Story House Department Script produce script that can matches all the character Audio - music and background sound effects Composer - score music Storyboard - involve audio and script , draw the animated characters, combine all the 2D & 3D movements, match the audio with the complete story Design design character that matches the script