Generating Users & Profiles for Cost Center Responsibility Areas

Ramp-Up SAP BW 3.10 and PI 2002-2 BCT-CO-OM-CCA

Scenario: Motivation
Financial Information Enterprise Portal

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High numbers of new reporting users for the portal Paper Printouts => Strong need for Use SAP BW to automized user achieve good creation and performance administration in BW

 SAP AG 2002





 SAP AG 2002 .Scenario: Description I Responsibility areas of reporting users for cost centers are defined in the cost center hierarchy in R/3. Based on this information reporting users with authority profile assignments are generated by generic tool functions in SAP BW. The information is extracted from R/3 to SAP BW.

Scenario: Description II The generated authority profiles in BW Reflect the responsibility areas of the reporting users within the cost center hierarchy. Can thus be used to personalize the iViews and queries for the portal.  SAP AG 2002 .

Scenario Description: Main Benefits Main Benefits: Highly automized administration of reporting users in SAP BW. Automatic adaption of users to organizational changes in the OLTP system.  SAP AG 2002 . Automatic personalization of iViews and queries according to the actual structure of responsibility areas.

Screen Shot: R/3 Cost Center Masterdata (TA KS02) User PFAEHLER is responsible for cost center 1000  SAP AG 2002 .

Screen Shot: R/3 Cost Center Hierarchy (TA KSH2) Bigger responsibility areas are higher nodes of the cost center hierarchy Cost centers are leaves of the cost center hierarchy  SAP AG 2002 .

.Screen Shot: R/3 Cost Center Hierarchy (TA KSH2) Pressing the „Report Info“ button for a hierarchy node .  SAP AG 2002 ..

..Screen Shot: R/3 Cost Center Hierarchy (TA KSH2) Thus user . a PFAEHLER is representative now responsible for cost center can be entered company 1000  SAP AG 2002 .

Any combination of these two basic types of responsibility area can be used. assignment of a user to a single cost center. a leave of the cost center hierarchy.  SAP AG 2002 . i. e. Two basic types of responsibility area are possible: assignment of a user to a representative cost center for a hierarchy node.Definition of Responsibility Areas in R/3 Responsibility areas for reporting users in cost center accounting are defined in the R/3 cost center hierarchy.

. . using DataSource 0CO_OM_CCA_ USER_1  SAP AG 2002 .Screen Shot: ODS Objects & InfoSource Users and responsibility area assignments are extracted to ODS objects in BW ....

Screen Shot: Report for generating Users & Profiles Based on the information stored in the ODS objects. RSSB_GENERATE_AUTHORIZATIONS genererates Users & Profiles Report  SAP AG 2002 .

to assign ODS objects to generation ...... to analyse generated users & profiles  SAP AG 2002 . to define the authorization object ...Screen Shot: Reporting Authorizations (TA RSSM) Transaction RSSM is used . ..

 SAP AG 2002 .Screen Shot: Define Authorization Object (TA RSSM) Define the authorization object by choosing InfoObjects InfoObject 0TCTAUTHH is used for hierarchy nodes.

Screen Shot: Assign ODS Objects (TA RSSM) Assign ODS objects to the authorization object  SAP AG 2002 .

Generating Users & Profiles in BW Two types of information are used for Generating Users & Profiles: 1. The name of the reference user is specified in ODS 0CCA_003. Is taken from a reference user.  SAP AG 2002 . The default reference user for all users is CO_REFUSER.) Function specific information Such as role assignments and authority profiles for the roles. Is equal for all generated users.

Is extracted from R/3. Is stored in ODS objects. Is different for all generated users. Is used to generate the authority profiles for the reporting authorization for a specific reporting user.Generating Users & Profiles in BW 2.  SAP AG 2002 . 0CCA_002 – hierarchy nodes. 0CCA_001 – values.) Organization specific information Defines the responsibility area of the user.

Screen Shot: Show generated User (TA SU01) User PFAEHLER has been generated in BW Generated users are assigned to a special user group  SAP AG 2002 .

user) specific information: from ODS Function specific information: from reference user  SAP AG 2002 .Screen Shot: Show generated User (TA SU01) Two types of information are used to generate Users: Responsibility area (i. e.

...Screen Shot: Show generated User (TA SU01) The generated authority profile for reporting authorization for user PFAEHLER ... reflects the responsibility area of the user.  SAP AG 2002 .

 SAP AG 2002 .Screen Shot: Show generated User (TA RSSM) Use transaction RSSM to analyse the 0TCTAUTHH Entries.

See note 546281 .Appendix: Enhancements How to enhance and adapt the scenario? Read the background information in the following notes: Note 546281 – DataSource 0CO_OM_CCA_USER_1 Note 502574 – Generating User & Profiles for CO Note 547533 – CO Personaliz.  SAP AG 2002 . Enhancement of DataSource 0CO_OM_CCA_USER_1. for iViews & Queries R/3 Enhancement of cost center master data by user field Use SMOD / CMOD enhancement COOMKS01.

Appendix: Enhancements Enhancement and Adaption of User Generation in BW Use BADI: RSR_OLAP_AUTH_GEN (TA SE19) Enhancement of SAP-EXIT variables for CO Personalization Use BADI: BW_BCT_CO_CCTR_PERS (TA SE19)  SAP AG 2002 .

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