Education Information Campaigns

In the past ten years since Ang Nagkakaisang Mamamayang Kostal ng Balayan, [ANAKBALAYAN] Inc. was formed, of which within these times, was working towards improving municipal waters productivity and fisher folks lives. Such works include among others as fisher folk organizing, education and trainings, municipal waters rehabilitation projects and programs, and livelihood formations. At this point , gradually, we gain the confidence and support of the fishers in the coastal communities of Balayan, Batangas. However we tend to neglect the many important matters interrelated to fishery. Though we are aware of ecosystems, it did not occur to our minds to look beyond municipal waters and around us which are of vital part of the system. At the later years of the ten years we have, though our strength and influence as fisher folk sector in the municipal and community level are getting visible, we find it too hard to do what we aim- improve the fishery resources and the fisher folk lives. At the annual federation’s assessment and evaluation conducted at its office in Tolentino Boulevard, Barangay District#10, Balayan, Batangas on November 19-24, 2005, issues and concerns based on strength and weaknesses during the past years since its formation showed up. Such issues and concerns are summed up as sustainability of the initiatives and gains, inter related factors greatly affecting fishery and municipal waters productivity and small number of people in the municipality and community directly and indirectly working for fishery and fisher improvement. At the end of the assessment and evaluation day, leaders agreed to revise its VMGO to patch up the foregoing loopholes. Where in its former vision focusing alone on the fisher and fishery improvement attainment which is very particular, a more general VMGO has been finalized now essentially the coastal environment and communities, the resources in its entirety and different sectors, and sustainability of initiatives and gains. Coastal environment and resources are facing threats such as but not limited to improper and multiple-use and pollution from domestic, commercial and industrial wastes but with an end adverse effect to fishery and with greater negative impact to fisher lives. With the degrading coastal environment, fisher folk lives were at poverty-stricken condition considering that resources within which has economic value for them is vanishing. Only awareness to these situations and strong determination can reverse the condition. Yet, most people in the coastal areas especially the fishery sectors have little and/or no knowledge of the interrelations and the naturally general systems that is evolving. At this point, while implementing its project Multi-partnership Building for sustainable Resource Management of Balayan Municipal Waters (PHI 121/05), ANAKBALAYAN strengthened its information and education campaigns by not relying on mere distribution of IEC materials but rather directly going to communities, groups and schools to disseminate information and knowledge. In its former years, though also giving information campaigns, beneficiaries of this activity are solely fishers who are members of the federation. This time it becomes non-selective including local government officials in the community.





Federation leaders giving room-to-room information dissemination campaign on biodiversity at Jose T. Unson Memorial, Navotas, and Baclaran Elementary Schools.


A mini-symposium on biodiversity was held in Jose T. Unson Memorial Elementary School Session Hall with Grade 5 and 6 students (about a hundred) and 8 teachers as participants with the able help of the municipal environment and natural resources office personnel (Mr. Cezar De Jesus), Ms. Emily Luceyr (PeaceCorp Volunteer), the faculty head teacher, Mr. Bagunas, and ANAK-BALAYAN leaders on August 27, 2007.


A mini-symposium was also organized at Barangay San Piro National High School which was attended by more than 500 students and teachers last 18th of September who have planted 2,000 trees in Sitio Luya, Barangay Palikpikan, Balayan, Batangas last 15th of September, 2007 as continuing activity in consonance with the celebration of International Coastal CleanUp Week 2007.

These activity gained support from the community itself by community officials, groups, school authorities giving enough assistance as to venue, snacks, and preparations. The municipality through its Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office [MENRO], Municipal Agriculture Office [MAO], and Fishery Management Office [FMO] giving a hand in discussing topics and presenting municipal and community situation. The campaigns focus on global warming, climate change, waste management, water conservation and management, biodiversity conservation, ecosystems, and poverty alleviation.


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