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Aura Photography and Chakra Analysis
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his body. It was the Kirlians, however, who connected the light emanations as actual activity of life. Fast forward several years: Aura photography now combines Kirlian photography with research on biofeedback. Hand-shaped plates serve as sensors that measure your electromagnetic field. The camera converts the energy readings into frequencies. Each By Angela Eward-Mangione, Managing Editor ave you ever thought about having your aura photographed? How about getting a chakra analysis? If you are already familiar with words like “aura” and “chakra;” you are probably intrigued by the possibility of having the former photographed and the latter analyzed. If you are unfamiliar with these terms; fear not. I shall reveal all that you must know before you go. Aura Photography? There is no scientific question regarding whether or not the “aura” exists. The Science News Letter (May 13, 1939), cites, “Aura of Escaping Stars Surrounds Our Galaxy.” It was also in 1939 that Kirlian Photography was invented in Russia, by Valentina Kirlian and another Russian researched named Semyon. Kirlian photography, also known as radiation-field photography, utilized a specially designed device to reveal the light emanations that surround, encompass, and penetrate a given object. It was a highly controversial, though scientific endeavor and discovery; Science News reported America’s interest in the photography in its September 1973 article titled, “Science Focuses on a ‘Light of Life.’” Many intriguing points concerning the Kirlian research were recorded in this article; most importantly: 1.) That a light emanates from, through, and around objects (including human body parts); 2.) That the light relates to the life of the object, since the light becomes distorted or disappears if part of an object is removed and dies (as in the case of a leaf, for example); 3.) That hence, scientific experiments reveal that this light changes according to the emotional, physiological, and psychic state of the individual being photographed (Shawver 203). The concept of radiation-field photography is not new; nor was it altogether innovative in 1939. It originates from Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the inventor of the Tesla coil. With the coil, Tesla made photographs showing sparks emanating from parts of
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tremendous growth spurt, that I was “giving” a lot (to others), and that I was All true~ I found my aura photography session to be extremely insightful. I felt motivated by the affirmation of my growth and encouraged to allay my anxiety and fear by resting more and giving more to myself, not just others. Chakra Analysis I also received a basic chakra analysis. Chakra, in Sanskrit, means “wheel” or “circle.” Chakras are the core of your aura; indeed Kirlian photography produced evidence of the chakras and meridians of Chinese acupuncture. There are seven primary chakras in the human energy system. They align from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. Moreover, each chakra is associated with a certain color. What you need to know before you go is that your chakra analysis will assess your chakras, tell you which ones are out of balance, and give you specific instructions and examples for how to comfrequency corresponds to a particular color. plete your balancing act. I was pleased to A computer processes the information and prints the Aura photograph. The color in- learn that my Root Chakra (associated with terpretations are universal; the placement Red) measured within a good range. The last of color particles on the photo is unique to time I had checked it, several months ago; it each individual. Therefore, each photo and was extremely low. I did learn that my throat chakra needed balanced. I apparently showed analysis is unique! a need to “speak my truth.” When I went for my Aura Photography at I enjoyed my experience and found it Serenity Now, I simply placed my hand on extremely sensible, sound, and productive. the sensor. The photograph was produced by the Biopulsar-Reflexograph, which was ex- It all made sense. Nothing surprised me. I plained to me as based on the latest computer definitely plan to go back and check on my technology, combined with a scientific basis aura and chakras again soon! For more information, or to make an of the reflex zone and meridian teachings. appointment with Guy Larsson and Amy Once my photo printed, I reviewed it with Amy Howard and Guy Larsson. We discov- Howard, contact Serenity Now Books and ered, among other things, a lot of orange, Gifts, 3269 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor; 727which symbolizes both creativity (positive) 787-5400, Toll Free: 877-781-5400. www. and trauma (negative). There was also a Sources: significant amount of yellow, indicating (in Shawver, Lisa J. Science News, Vol. 104, my case) anxiety and fear. It was also clear No. 13 (Sep 29, 1973). from my photo that I was experiencing a