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Boiler Protection System and Burner Management System

The Boiler Protection System in combination with the Burner Management System protects the boiler (including furnace explosion and implosion) from an unforeseen process fault or an incorrect action at the Distributed Control System. The BPS / BMS in combination ensure all the necessary interlocks for a safe startup and shut down of burner equipment. This narrative contains provisions required for compliance with the NFPA 8501 Standard for Single Burner Operation. The Burner Management System is designed to ensure a safe, orderly operating sequence in the start up and shut down of fuel firing equipment and to reduce possible errors by following the operating procedure. In some phases of operation, the BMS shall provide permissive interlocks only to insure safe start-up of equipment. Once the equipment is in service, the operator must follow acceptable safe operating practices. It is essential that all parts of the BMS are in good working order and in service whenever the burner is in service if the system is to provide the protection for which it is designed. Regular maintenance and inspection of the system and its associated hardware is essential for its continued safe operation.

Furnace purge The purge system assures that the boiler furnace, the associated air and flue gas paths, machineries like FD, ID and APH and equipments containing sources of ignition energy like ESP are purged with air to remove any explosive mixture before ignition. The BPS during the purge verifies that the air and flue gas paths are open, fuel shut off valves are closed and no flame is detected.

Master fuel trip: While monitoring the fuel system and the furnace operating condition, a fault is detected, the BPS shall trip the MFT valve and individual burners shut off valves, main and ignitor shut off valves, de energize sparks and other ignition sources. When a MFT is caused by a loss of FD Fan and ID Fan trip signal, all the air and flue gas passages of the boiler should be opened to fully opened condition to provide as much Natural draft as possible.

This condition shall be maintained for a 15 minute period. fans shall be started to perform a post firing purge. Each igniter is equipped with IFM flame proving system using flame ionization principle. Flame sensors: Each ignitor and burner is provided with proper flame sensor (fail safe trip) to continuously monitor the flame presence at any boiler condition. At the end of this period. .